The New Boy at Work

The New Boy at Work

He kept pushing me… Flirting with me… Giving me those sly winks and little comments…

And there’s only so much a man can take, after all.

Of course that went on all of the time. Working where we did… I won’t say where… being around the people that we had to deal with day after day… some of them little more than animals… you learned to develop a kind of twisted sense of humor. The kind of humor that would make so-called “normal” people quite a bit uncomfortable. We messed with each other all of the time, giving each other armor to keep away the shivers. It was our own twisted little coping mechanism.

One of my good friends even came up with a name for the game we played. He called it “Gay Chicken”. See if you could out-freak the other guy and make him back down first.

But this… went a little beyond that.

As I said, there’s only so much a man can take.

He was a little taller and a little thinner than the ones that usually catch my eye. But he was definitely pretty and I was always a sucker for the pretty ones. He had short brown hair and big wide brown eyes that he didn’t let me see often enough for my liking, but there you were. His voice was deeper than his age and size intimated; almost a young country singer kind of voice, but without the prerequisite accent. Not much of an accent, anyway. I couldn’t see much of how he was built under those baggy work clothes but what I could see combined with the way he stood and the way he moved I could infer that he was in pretty good shape.

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Good enough shape that I would really enjoy getting my hands (and other things) on him.

Mostly I just kept my real thoughts buried deep in my head. If my true wishes and desires were known… Well, I don’t think anybody would really be too surprised, but it might make things a little uncomfortable for me. This was, after all, the middle of the bible belt.

But I digress.

His name was Jacob and he was young and pretty and fairly intelligent (which is another big turn on for me) and also fairly cocky, which was going to be his downfall. Every time I tossed a challenge his way he always smiled behind those Walmart sunglasses and said “All right! Bring it on!”

I got a bit of a peek into his psyche one day completely by accident. I’d made a joke and he said “Nobody puts baby in the corner!” I gave him a mock frown, pointed and said “In the corner, young man!” He said “Awww… nuts.” Then walked into the corner and stood there until I told him to come back out again. While he was there an image popped into my head of him kneeling in the corner with his hands behind his head and big red hand prints all over that snug little butt. The smile I was wearing when he turned around again made his eyes go a little wide.

The turning point, I think, was when I decided to give him a chance to bow out gracefully. I stepped close enough so he was the only one who could hear and said “If you had half a clue how much of a real pervert I was, you’d be really frightened right now.” The boy just smirked at me and said “I really like that in a man.”

So I decided it was going to be all out war until he gave in or ran away, whichever (or whoever) came first.

The following day he challenged me again.

I walked into the lobby to get another cup of coffee. Jacob was standing there and saw me come in. With a big smile on his face, he held out his arms to give me a hug. Of course he also saw the boss sitting in his office right there only a few yards away. Did he really think that was going to deter me from grabbing an armful of that sweet little body?

Oh hell no.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him tight, then leaned into his ear and growled, deep and low in my throat, letting him know exactly how much I was enjoying that. If the boss hadn’t been watching, I’d have also grabbed hold of both of his ass cheeks and given them a squeeze. I think the young man realized that and let go of me pretty quickly and turned away under the pretense of getting something out of his lunchbox.

Reaching up, I pulled down the back of his collar and ran two fingers up and down the nape of his neck, right below the hairline. Leaning close again, I whispered “When you are mine, I’ll put my mark on you right there, boy.” He stiffened and pulled away, his skin flushed a bright red from his neck up, his ears especially a bright pink as he gasped and stammered.

My pal Lenny let out a loud guffaw at his discomfiture. “I don’t know what you just said, but whatever it was it worked! I’ve never seen him blush like that before!”

I counted that one in the victory column.

A few minutes later when the lad had quit blushing, he came out to the smoking area to hang out before we started shift. I told him “I’ll bring you a print-out of what my mark looks like. So you can see it before I have it tattooed on there.” All he could say was “I hope you have it done by a professional.”

So the following day I did just that. Brought in a little folded piece of paper with three things printed on it. The first was a copy of my mark, the steampunk triskele with a little latin phrase around the outer edge. It said “In totus mores, in totus res, ergo sum Suus.” Beneath that I printed the word “Interpret.”

On the next line it said “CB-6000. Explain why you would wear it.”

The third line said simply “Tell me your safe word.”

He folded it back up and stuck in in his pocket. Gave me another inscrutable look through those sunglasses and said “All right.”

I was pretty sure when he looked up any single one of those things, that would be the end of it. Especially the CB-6000. Having his stuff locked away in a little plastic tube with someone else holding the key would probably give him a case of the awful never-get-overs. Especially since I was always threatening to be mean to him.

But oh… the thought of that did make me grin…

The following two days were my days off and when I returned for my Monday Jacob was still off for his weekend. Many things had happened in between and the assignment I had given him had slipped my mind. So I was taken unawares the day after that when he walked up and handed me back my piece of paper without a word. I couldn’t see his eyes behind those sunglasses, but there was a faint blush high up on his cheeks as he gave it to me. I could see Lenny watching through the corner of his eye and grinning. Being on the fringes of the whole thing had given him a good idea what was going on and he was enjoying the show immensely.

Stepping back from the crowd, I unfolded it and looked. I could see Jacobs scrawl and it took me a moment to read his handwriting.

The first line read: “A search led me to a story. Someone named kitten wearing a mark just like that. Hers read ‘In all ways, in all things, I am his.’ Is this you?” The word “you” was underlined several times.

The second line read: “Because you would love to tease me with it. But I don’t believe you could leave me locked up for very long. I’d probably cry.”

The third line read: “Red/Yellow/Green.” I smiled. Obviously he had done some research.

Leaning over the end of the table, I got out my pen. Under the question on the first line I wrote: “Yes, it is me. Go back and read the whole story and leave a comment.”

Under the second line I wrote: “Yes I would and probably not, but I’d enjoy making you cry.”

Under third line I wrote simply: “Good boy.”

Folding the paper back up, I stepped back over to the lad and held it out, waiting for him to take it. As he did I smiled and said “Good boy.” He blushed again then when he stepped away to read my responses, and even deeper as he thrust it into his pocket.

Watching from the sidelines, Lenny laughed again.

Of course those were almost exactly the responses I had been looking for. It was almost as if I’d written this story line myself, it was so perfect.

As I turned away to head off to work, I said “I gave you another assignment. Tomorrow evening at the latest, boy.” He muttered something behind my back as I walked away. It was probably just my imagination pairing itself with my hopes, but it sounded just like he said “Yes, sir.”

The following morning before I left for work I checked the site where I published my stories on the off chance the young man had actually gotten on there. I was pleasantly surprised to see not only had he commented on the story I directed him to, but all 17 of the others as well!

Holy snap, he must have been up all night. I’d have to find a suitable way to reward him for his efforts. Or tease him.

Either way I’m sure it would be enjoyable.

I was about halfway to work before I realized that I had a wolf-like leer plastered across my lips. Those people that I worked with often knew that smile, though none of them really knew what it meant. Some of them would see it and laugh.

Some of them would see it and be a little bit nervous.

When I was in that mood I had that effect on some people. That smile meant something was going to happen, either good or bad. But whatever it was, I was planning on enjoying it immensely.

So I got inside and went on the hunt. The young man and I never worked in the same place. He was usually on one side of the place and I was on the other and I only had a few minutes each day to interact with him. If we both got in early enough, I had maybe fifteen minutes.

Of course I was really hoping that was going to change soon.

And there he was, right where I expected him to be. Out in the smoking area hanging out with Lenny and all of the others, waiting to start work. My grin grew even wider. Lenny noticed the smile and his eyes got a little wider and he smiled, waiting for it.

Setting my lunchbox down on the table, I stepped behind the young man and grabbed him by the ear. As he squawked, I said “Excuse me, I need to borrow this lad for a moment.” The others laughed and Jacob followed me protesting, obviously not wanting to get separated from his ear. I towed him away from the others into the corner and as I let go of his ear his head came up and I snatched his sunglasses off of his face. Those big brown eyes went wide and I put a hand into his chest and pushed him back into the corner, gently but quite firmly.

“Did you really stay up and read all of those stories?” He was halfway between being startled and being mad and the question caught him of guard.

“Yes, I did!” I saw his jaw set as he tried to rally his defenses. I stared at him for just a moment then replied “Good boy. I can tell that you did. You look tired.”

“And did you enjoy them?” His eyes shifted away and he just shrugged. I leaned closer and lowered my voice into a growl. “Did you play with yourself afterward, Jacob?” He turned a deep red and said nothing. I leaned even closer and hissed. “Did you?” He had backed as far into the corner as he could go and I could see from his body language that he was real close to either punching me in the face or collapsing on the ground.

Deciding to give him some breathing room, I stepped back a little, while still blocking his escape from the corner and stood with my hands on my hips.

“You did, didn’t you?” He still wouldn’t look at me.

“Y-yes…” It was barely a whisper. I had to fight hard to keep a smile from spreading all over my face.

“Very good. That makes me extremely happy. Now…” I raised two fingers. “Two last things. One… you may read those stories as often as you want. But two…” I held out a folded slip of paper and he took it from my grip. He opened it to see my email address. “If you want to play again you have to ask my permission. Understand?” His mouth came open but nothing came out.

“Do you understand?”

“Y-yes…” I lowered my voice again.

“Yes, Sir.” He blushed again and lowered his eyes.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good boy. Now let’s get to work.”

Slipping the earpiece of his sunglasses in between two of the buttons in his shirt, I turned abruptly and walked away, leaving him standing in the corner a bit forlorn with this “What the hell just happened?” look on his face.

One person still standing at the table whom I’m sure I don’t need to name, found this hilarious.

Some days it is just seriously fun being me. You should try it at least once.

Of course I didn’t get to see him again for the rest of the evening. I amused myself with imagining him arguing with himself over whether or not he was going to follow my directive or ignore it or give it lip service and lie about it or what. And on the way home my leer was replaced by a self-amused grin.

And of course there wasn’t anything in my email when I got home either. It was way too soon to expect him to knuckle under. Even if he didn’t do what I told him to, I had planted a seed in his mind that one day I might have control over his body like that and if he was as thoughtful as he seemed to be, I’m sure it shook him deep down inside. That thought kept me amused while I wound down before going to bed.

Then, just as I was reaching for the mouse to shut my computer down for the night, a notice popped up in one corner of my window, letting me know an email had just dropped into my inbox. I sat and stared at the little “Inbox (1)” without moving for a few moments. My mind whirled around in little circles like a dog chasing it’s tail.

“Surely not.” I said aloud to myself. “I’ll bet it’s just another spam.”

I wanted to look but was afraid I’d be disappointed.

Finally I couldn’t take it any more and clicked.

Holy snap. It was from him. Incredulously, I clicked it open.

There were only three words.

“So. Ummmm… please?” I chuckled loud and long before I could compose both myself and a reply.

My reply said: “The correct form is ‘Please, Sir.’ But yes, boy. You may. -Sir.”

Seconds after I sent it a reply came back stating merely “Thank you, Sir.”

With a wide smile on my face, I went off to bed. That smile stayed there all night long.

Push and pull. Dig and poke. Carrot and stick. That’s what it was all about.


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At some point it changed from being a game to being a real desire. I went from just wanting to make him blush and admit that he lost to actually wanting this hot bodied young man and decided that he was either going to be mine all the way or I was going to give him the biggest case of the heebie-jeebies that he had ever had in his life. If he didn’t actually become my plaything he was going to look back on it like a semi truck that had almost run him over and thank god he was still standing while his whole life flashed before his eyes.

And I did have to behave myself now and then, too. I didn’t want to scare him away as he was one of our best employees and I also didn’t want him filing sexual harassment paperwork on me either.

So while I did let up on him now and then just to keep him off balance, I never let him forget that I was there… wanting him.

On one of his weekends his truck had gotten hit while it was parked in front of his house. The insurance company had written it off as a total loss so he had to take their check and find himself another vehicle. Jacob and his friends were discussing what he should buy and of course when you get more than two guys together in a discussion about vehicles none of them could agree on the same thing. Ford or Chevy… car or truck… back and forth.

Guy stuff.

I waited for a lull in the conversation and spoke up quietly.

“One day soon you won’t need to worry about it, Jacob.” They all turned and looked at me. I smiled softly with my eyes inscrutable behind my own sunglasses.

“Pretty soon you’ll just ride to work with me.”

Bluuuuuuuussssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Yes!

In my mind, I was pumping my fist up and down in the air and doing a victory dance.

The second evening after I had given him the directive about asking for permission to play, I didn’t get a request in my email. I was a little disappointed, but I wasn’t expecting one every night. The thought flitted through my mind that he might just have been humoring me that first time anyway.

I decided to let it play out and see where it went.

But the third evening there was an email in my box as soon as I got set down at my computer. It was from the lad, of course. And it said simply “Please, Sir?”

Grinning almost uncontrollably, I took a minute to formulate my reply, imagining him sitting there waiting. I so badly wanted to see the look in his eyes. I also wanted to reward him, both for asking and for being so formal in his capitalization.

It was a small thing, but it pleased me.

After a moment, I typed a reply: “Yes boy, you may play tonight. However there are conditions. Get used to it. There will always be conditions.

First: before you play you will strip naked and kneel down on the floor with your hands behind your head, thumbs resting on that spot where my mark will go. You will count aloud to thirty. Loud enough but not so loud that someone else might hear.

After you do that, you may play.

Second: When you are done you must look up as if I was there and say (aloud once again) ‘Thank you, Sir.’

When you have gotten my permission, you must do this each and every time you play, until I give you other instructions.

Enjoy yourself, My pretty boy.


It only took a few seconds for his reply to come back again.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Oh, it was a very good night. And once again I slept with a smile.

Either he was just humoring me or the lad was a true submissive who had just been waiting for someone to come along and take charge of him and that sweet little body. Personally, I didn’t mind that at all. I was having a lot of fun both teasing him and teasing myself with the daydream of getting my hands on him to play with. To be completely blunt and candid about it, fucking his mind was almost as good as fucking his body.

Of course I’m terribly greedy and really wanted to do both of those things.

I kept up the pressure, both at work and when he was home. Pushing until he was almost uncomfortable and then slacking off and giving him some wiggle room. One night he even got moved over to my section to replace someone who didn’t show up and we spent most of the night talking about mundane things and just doing our jobs.

Most of the night, that is. I just couldn’t let an opportunity like that pass me by without adding a little flavor of my own to it. I’d have hated myself in the morning if I had.

At one point we were just standing and waiting in case something happened, which was quite a bit of what we did there. Leaning casually up against a wall, I looked at the lad and gave him the slow up and down scan while he wasn’t looking. I could feel a growl building in my throat and bits of my anatomy were stirring in a way which rarely happened at work.

“So tell me…” I said casually “What frightens you more? The thought that I might be serious about making you my pet or the thought that I might just be kidding?”

Without hesitation he replied “The thought that you might be kidding.” As soon as those words left his lips a faint blush appeared on his cheeks and he looked away.

The noise that came out of me unbidden was a cross between a low chuckle and a growl. It sounded so sensuous that it almost startled me. I said “Good boy.” then thought for a moment and quoted myself out loud. “Of course those were almost exactly the responses I had been looking for. It was almost as if I’d written this story line myself, it was so perfect.”

His blush got even deeper and he had absolutely no reply to that.

While I did attempt to restrain myself at work (as much as I was able to, anyway), our email conversations were another matter entirely. Aside from the play time ritual I had given him another one to do each day before work. When he was finished getting clean in the shower I instructed him to get himself hard but told him in no uncertain terms that he was not allowed to finish without permission. When he was nice and hard for me he was to kneel down in the shower, look up at me (pretending I was there) and say out loud “Your boy is hard and clean for you, Sir.”

The look of utter consternation on his face when he got to work that first day was priceless. I have a feeling it’s a good thing we wear loose fitting pants to work.

I also had him clear out one corner of his bedroom for my use only. When he (politely) asked me why I explained. “If you disobey me or disappoint me, I am going to send you into that corner, pet boy. Sometimes standing and sometimes kneeling. Now… I have two requirements and one accommodation. Requirements: Put two hooks in the wall off to the side. Each at eye level for standing and kneeling. Find either a wristwatch, kitchen timer or cheap clock to hang there so that you will spend the allotted time. The second requirement is that you always keep that corner clean and available for when I send you there. The one accommodation I will make is that you will be allowed to keep a pillow on the floor there to make it easier on your knees.”

I half expected some kind of argument on the point. After all, it was his room. But he merely replied “Yes, Sir.” Then immediately after he sent a message that just startled me.

“Sir- I have all of those things and will have it ready in a few minutes. When I have your corner ready, may I try it out, Sir?”


Holy snap.

Could this boy be any more perfect?

I almost couldn’t type fast enough. “Yes, you may, my pet boy. Provided you follow my instructions. You are not allowed to wear clothes in my corner unless given permission, so first you must strip. On your knees, shoulder width apart, hands behind your back. Five minutes, boy. Tell me when you are finished.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Exactly five and a half minutes later I got another email saying “Please, Sir?” That made me smile and smile and smile. If kneeling in the corner, which was supposed to be punishment, got him that excited then my life was going to be more fun than I originally anticipated.

I almost said “Yes” immediately and had typed the first two letters when a thought stayed my hand. Another wicked smile crept across my lips. Two presses of the backspace button and I started over.

“No, pet boy. You may not.”

“If you want to play tonight you must ask me in person.” It only took a second for his reply and I could almost see the sad look in those big brown eyes.

“Yes, Sir.”

And once again I drove to work with that wolfish smile on my face.

There he was, as he was every day. Standing out in the smoking area with his buddies, hanging out and smoking a cigarette. The poor lad had kind of a frustrated look on his face and when he saw me, a hint of color appeared high up on his cheeks. Lenny was looking back and forth between us, a supremely amused smile on his face. I don’t think he really knew what was going on between us, not unless Jacob had been spilling secrets, but nevertheless he was enjoying the show from the sidelines.

Setting my lunchbox down on the end of the table, I just waited.

At first he wouldn’t even look at me. He just kept his attention on something in the other direction, as if he was trying to stare a hole in the ground.

Lenny’s eyes went back and forth between us, and his smile kept getting wider.

After a minute I could see Jacobs eyes darting my direction behind his sunglasses. Inscrutable behind my own darkened lenses, I just waited. The color on his cheeks deepened.

Another minute and he actually looked directly at me. A faint smile appeared on my lips and I waited. He looked away again.

Another look. I shrugged my shoulders and spread my hands as if to say “So?”

Almost imperceptibly he shook his head and I raised an eyebrow.

I waited another moment until he looked once more. I stepped back two paces from the table and crooked a finger at him then pointed to the ground by my side. I could see his eyes go wide and his blush deepen. He shook his head again. I smiled and shook my head and turned my back on him, stepping a few more paces away from the table, just looking out across the yard and enjoying the sun on my face.

Either he would or he wouldn’t. It was entirely his choice. Of course it had been just that from the very beginning. I wasn’t going to force him to do anything he didn’t really want to do. It was a decision point that he was going to have to make up his mind about what he really wanted.

I just waited. A few of the people wandered off to start their shift. Lenny walked by and waggled his fingers at me and gave me a grin. I winked and grinned back.

Just about the time I’d decided that he had chickened out and left, I turned and there he was, eyes down on the ground and a furious blush making him red all over.

“Yes, boy?”

“Ummm… please?” he muttered.

“Please what, pet boy?”

“P-please… Sir?” I turned fully and smiled.

“Do you want to play when you get home, boy?”

“Y-yes, Sir.” My smile got even wider. I leaned closer and whispered into his ear.

“You are such a good boy. So yes, you may play tonight.” I raised a finger.

“However… since you told me no twice you must spend ten minutes in the corner first. Kneeling… hands behind your head. Do you understand me, pet boy?” He almost gasped.

“Y-yes, Sir!” He started to turn away and whispered “Thank you, Sir.”

“Such a good boy you are, Jacob.”

And with that I went off to start my day. The grin lasted until I woke up the next morning.


All of this was leading, of course, to the day when I could finally get my hands on him in person. To the day I could take him and make him my pet and for him to declare out loud that he was Mine. I wasn’t really sure that was what he wanted. Not yet, anyway.

But I was damn sure going to give it the old college try.

So I set about driving him towards that goal. A rigorous schedule of tease and denial, while being somewhat miserly about allowing him any play time, making him work harder and harder for his release.

I’d made a collar for him. In my leisure hours I played with both leather and chainmail and I’d learned a way to combine the two, making a leather collar that was connected on the sides with lengths of brass and copper rings that looked pretty cool and felt pretty awesome against your skin. One day I brought it into work in my coat pocket and, after getting my young pet alone for a moment, I slipped it into his hand. He was somewhat impressed and not more than a little bit intimidated by the feel and the import of such a thing. It left him a bit speechless. I let him look at it just for a moment, then took it away and slipped it into his coat pocket.

Taking him by the upper arm, I leaned in close and whispered into his ear. “You will wear this each and every time you play, pet boy. Without fail. Do you understand?”

He shivered just a little and said “Yes, Sir.”

“Good boy.”

And off I went, smiling and whistling.

The emails led to phone calls, which were quite entertaining. I just loved hearing his voice crack just a little when I made him shiver. He tried to be so tough. In truth he was really strong, both in mind and body. I wouldn’t have been interested in him otherwise. If he’d been some sort of soft little wimp there would have been no challenge and I would have quickly lost interest. Jacob was smart and strong and self assured and very well balanced, aside from being cute and sexy. But when I got him on the phone and pushed his buttons and his boundaries he became delightfully awkward, like a big sexy puppy. I could hear his blush and it made me smile.

In the first phone call I got him naked, wearing nothing but my collar. The shiver in his voice made me shiver in anticipation. I had him standing in front of the mirror while we talked, not allowing him to close his eyes or look away. It didn’t take long to get him stammering and make his voice crack.

“Just imagine that the person looking at you is me, pet boy. When you are here and mine this is the way I will keep you most of the time. Dressed in nothing more than my collar. Perhaps a leash to keep you close by at all times.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Do you think you are beautiful, Jacob? Sexy?”

“Truthfully? No, not really.”

“Well I do, boy. Even in those baggy work clothes I think you are hot. Every time I see you it makes me a little warmer inside. And the thought of you standing there… naked before me… wearing nothing but my collar…” I growled, deep in my throat. “That thought just makes me hard all over, pet boy.” I paused for just a second then added “Just so you know… every time I see you from now on I am going to imagine you that way. You will always be naked in my mind.”

He made a little squeak then stammered “Y-yes, Sir.” I could hear him blushing again.

“Imagine my eyes on you right now.”


“And the smile on my face showing how pleased I am…”


“I’ll slip one finger through the ring in your collar and pull you close to me. Stare into those big beautiful brown eyes.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“My other hand will slip behind your neck, holding you in place. My fingers will go from you collar… down over your chest… down across your belly…”

“Uhhh…Ummmm…” I could hear a rustle over the phone as he shivered.

“And I’ll reach down and see if my pet boy is hard for me.”

“Oh…” He shivered hard again.

“Are you hard for me now, pet boy?”


“Are you, boy?”

Nothing but an embarrassed silence.

“Answer me now, pet boy. Or I will hang up and leave you with no play time. Five… four… three… two…” Quickly he muttered something and stumbled into silence.

“What was that, boy?”

“I… I…” He muttered again.

“Speak up, Jacob.”

“I… I was…” I could hear the embarrassment in his voice. I knew I was at a small crisis point and had to do something quickly.

“Jacob! Listen to me.”

“Yes, Sir…” He sounded pretty down.

“That does not make you weak, boy. The fact that I got you hard does not make you weak or soft or a pansy or anything like that. If you were any of those things I wouldn’t want you.” I dropped the volume in my voice so he would be forced to listen harder.

“I know you, Jacob. I know who you are, both inside and out. I know where you work and I know how strong you have to be to do what we do there. You are not weak, Jacob. You are strong and intelligent and if things went sideways you are one of the first ones that I would want at my back. I know I can trust you, and I don’t say that to a lot of people.”

“Do you believe me?”

“Ummm… yeah… I guess.”

“Don’t guess, boy. Know it for a fact. If you were a weakling we wouldn’t be having this conversation. And you sure as hell wouldn’t be wearing my collar. So…” I let a pause hang in the air.

“Here is your decision point, Jacob. Look in the mirror. Look at yourself. Look at my collar around your neck.”

“Ummm… yes, Sir.”

“If you really think you are that weak, then tear it off, throw it away and we will be done.”


“Done. Over. Through. You will be free to do as you wish. Play as you wish, be as you wish. You will no longer be mine.”

“Umm… but…”

“But what?”

“I… ummmm…uuuh… I don’t…”

“Tell me.” His voice dropped to barely a whisper.

“I don’t want that…”

My heart leapt around in my chest like a wild thing for just a moment and I realized that I had been holding my breath. A slow smile spread across my face so wide that I was afraid if anyone had looked at me at that moment I would have looked just like the Joker. It took another moment to compose myself before I could say anything.

“You… are a very good boy, Jacob. And you are more than worthy to wear my collar. Not that I am anyone particularly special, but you just proved that you are. I am very proud that you are wearing my collar, boy. Prouder than I can even relate.”

“Thank you, I think…”

“No. Thank you, Jacob. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When you put my collar on, you made me happier than I have been in a very long time. Even happier than the first time I made you blush…”

I could almost hear it happening again over the phone.

“And I want that collar to make you horny, boy. Every time you put it on. Every time you play. Until one day you won’t want to play without it. Indeed, you might not be able to play without my collar around your neck.”

“That collar shows who you belong to, boy. You belong to me. Whether I make you a pony or a puppy or just a sweet little pet boy of my very own, you are mine.”

“Isn’t that right, pet boy? Are you mine?”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Good boy, Jacob. You are a very good boy. Now… because you have been such a good boy, you deserve a special reward. As soon as we hang up, I want you to take my collar off and get into the shower. Get yourself hard and perform your shower ritual. Will you do that for me, pet boy?”

“Yes, Sir!” He sounded a little more cheerful at the thought.

“Good boy. When you are out and dried off, put my collar back around your neck. And then, my good boy, you may play all you want. But…”

“But?” I could hear him waiting for the inevitable condition I was going to put on his play time. He was quickly learning what an evil bastard I was. And I’m pretty sure he was enjoying it as much as I.

“But before you come the first time, you must look up and say “I only come for you, Master.”


“Yes, boy. Now say it back to me.”


“I only c-come for you, M-master…” It was just above a whisper. There was a shiver in his voice. I whispered back.

“Good boy. Now go play.”

“Thank you, Master.”

When I hung up the phone I discovered that I was so hard I had to go have a little play time myself. With the image of my boy clad in nothing but my collar and his whispered voice echoing in my ears, it didn’t take long at all to echo back “I’ll come for you, my pet boy…”



I had him sending me pictures.

Just the fairly vanilla stuff at first.

I wanted a good picture of those big pretty brown eyes, since I complained he was always hiding behind those sunglasses when I saw him at work. That was easy.

I had him send me pictures of his room and his dog and his new truck when he finally got one. Those were easy too.

The pictures of the shower where he washed and knelt and got hard for me and the corner (which still got him excited, even though it was meant to be punishment) came a little more reluctantly. But I got them anyway, of course.

The first picture of him wearing my collar took some coaxing. I had to make many repeated promises that it was only for my personal viewing and that I would never post it on the internet.

“The way I see it, young pet boy, is that you have two options. You can either give me the pictures that I am asking you for…”


“Or you can come pose for me here in person. And I will still get what I want. I will tell you right now, my pet boy, if you come here you will not be going home again for quite some time. Your first time in my home will be an education that I am not sure you are quite ready for yet.”

“Y-yes, Sir. Okay. Just one moment, Sir.”

And I got my first picture of My softly blushing pet boy in his collar.

I was pleased and told him so. He seemed to enjoy his reward.

The pictures of him naked took the same amount of gentle coaxing and stern firmness. I eased him into them slowly. At first they were in the mirror, only showing him from the waist up. The blush spread all the way down to his chest. He grudgingly admitted that even though he was embarrassed, he had found himself getting hard while taking them. Of course I smiled. I always did.

“I’ll make you a deal, pet boy. Take three steps back from the mirror. You may turn away to hide your modesty if you wish, but take a picture from there. If you do so then you may play.” I could hear him nodding.

“All right… I can do that.” Moments later I got a picture from head to his knees, turned away from the camera to hide his erection, but I got an excellent pic of that snug little butt so I considered it a win.

My imagination soared.

I had learned that his laptop computer had a built-in camera that took both video and stills. Since the still mode had a five second delay built into it, I got him to pose himself in my corner, both standing and kneeling. Aside from some hot pics that showed me that being in the corner still excited him, I also got a few funny ones where he was rushing to get there before the timer flashed. I “tsked” while softly smiling over his report of banged knees and elbows and chuckled aloud over the one of him kneeling in the corner holding his mashed nose.

I’d purchased a few things for him over the internet, which I had passed to him in the parking lot after work. A soft cloth for a blindfold. Two pair of leather cuffs, one sized for his wrists and the others for his ankles. A ball gag.

Naturally, those came with the conditions that I get pictures of him wearing them.

The final piece I gave to him came with instructions as I handed him the box.

“Do not open this until after I tell you to, boy. Go home and shower. Remember what you are supposed to do.” He blushed and nodded a little eagerly. He was starting to like that shower ritual a lot. “After that put your collar on but nothing else. Turn on your laptop and open the video chat program. I will be wanting to talk to you face to face, boy. Understand?”

He nodded again and I stepped forward and put my hands on his face, as close as I dared to get while still on company property. Patting his cheek softly I whispered “Good boy.”

As I had hoped he was blushing and a little eager looking when I left him.

This was turning into so much fun…

So much fun in fact I went home and performed my own little shower ritual. Fortunately for me I didn’t have any restrictions on my own pleasure so I was able to enjoy the moment to the fullest. And all the while I was in there getting both clean and happy I was imagining my pet boy waiting impatiently for me to get online so he could discover what his new toy was going to be.

“Master…” he still colored a bit when he called me that. “I’ve been waiting.” I smiled warmly.

“I know you have, my good boy. You always do. Hopefully this will be a rewarding night for both of us.” A flicker of a smile raced across one corner of his lips. He did so like being rewarded. I could see the little box I had given him in the parking lot close at hand.

“You haven’t peeked, have you?” He shook his head.

“No, Sir.”

“Good boy. We will get to that in a few minutes. There’s a few things I want to go over with you first.”

“Yes, Master.”

Oh, I did love hearing him say that. I very nearly growled in pleasure.

“We are working closer and closer to the first time when you will come here in person. Have you been keeping that in your mind, boy?” He nodded.

“I think I’m ready for that.” I shook my head.

“No you aren’t, boy. Not even close.” A small frown creased his brow and his jaw clenched just a little.

“Why do you say that?”

“I’ve been watching you, obviously. Despite your brave front you are still quite uncertain of how you feel about me and my desires. I’ve seen your body language, young pet.” I leaned closer to the screen. “I frighten you more than just a little. And I wonder if you have really thought about what I plan on doing with you once I can get may hands on you and that sweet little body.” A deep flush spread down to his chest and he looked away.

“I’ve spoken of keeping you naked and collared and on a leash. Do you think that will be all of what I want from you? Nothing more than a decoration?”

He still wouldn’t look directly at me. “N-no… Master. I… know… that you will want more than that.”

“Are you willing to give your Master what he wants, pet boy?”

“I… don’t know, Sir. I’ll… try.”

“Look at me, Jacob.” It took a bit of an effort but he turned and looked at me. I raised a hand to the screen, as if I were trying to touch him.

“I know that this will not be easy for you, young man. It will require all of your strength and a complete trust in me as your Master.” I shook my head slightly. “I don’t know for sure that this will work out. But I want it… I want you… very badly. I will promise you two things right here and now. One: I will never do anything that will endanger your life. And two: I will do everything in my power to make sure that you enjoy your experience because I will want you to come back again and again until one day you will just decide not to ever leave.”

There was a hint of a smile on his face.

“I can see you working hard for that…” he bowed his head slightly. “Master.”

I chuckled. “You have no idea how hard I am willing work.” A wolfish grin appeared. “I will want you naked at the end of my leash for a very long time, boy.” He blushed again.

“So tell me, young pet. Would you rather be thought of as a pony or a puppy or just a pet boy?”

“I’ll leave that decision up to you… Master. Is there a difference?”

“Yes, there is a difference. Mostly procedural. Different care and feeding and dress and… accommodations. Different harnesses and accessories. Puppies are kenneled. Ponies are caged. Boys just curl up on the floor at my feet. Puppies eat from a dish. Ponies from a bench. Boys get to sit at the table when they are good, but they have to be exceptional for that.”

“And of course, their tails are completely different.” His eyes went wide.

“Ummmm… t-tails, Sir?” I grinned a bit evilly.

“Yes, pet boy. Tails. Ponies have long tails to match their hair. Puppies have a rubber tail that stands up and wags. A boy would wear whatever pleased me at the moment. All attached to a plug in that snug little bottom of yours that would remind you with every movement… with every beat of your heart and breath you take… who you belong to.”

Eyes wide, he shivered hard. “Oooohhhh… shit.”

“Are you ready for that?”

“I… I… Ummm…”

I laughed. I couldn’t help it. The look on his face was too much.

I’m sure the look on his face when I introduced him to his very first tail was going to be just as good. That and all of the other firsts we were going to encounter together.

Oh yes, this was going to be fun. I don’t know if he was going to enjoy it quite as much as I was, but I was willing to do my very best to keep him coming… back for more.

The lad was still over there stammering so I waved a hand and tapped on the screen to get his attention.

“Let’s leave that subject for later, boy. It will be awhile before we get to that point. Although I do want you to keep the thought in the back of your mind, pet boy. The picture of you kneeling by my chair at the end of my leash… proudly displaying your fine tail… just for your Master. That would make me very happy.”

“Y-yes… M-master.” He said quietly, eyes down and face red.

“Right now I want to go back to the day that I showed you my mark. Do you remember that? The paper that I gave you with the three things on it?”

“Yes, Sir. I still have it here.” To my amazement, he actually did, too. He pulled it off his desk and held it up. I smiled and purred.

“Mmmm… good boy. That pleases me. Have you looked at it often?” He nodded.

“Quite a bit, actually. I’m… not sure why. But I look at that all of the time.”

“What do you think about when you look at it?” He held the paper with one hand and ran his finger over the little printed picture of my mark there.

“Mostly I think about having that mark on me. And… what it would mean.”

“Does it make you feel good? The thought of wearing my mark?” He nodded, then shook his head slightly.

“Yeah… Yes, Sir… but…”


“It scares me a bit, too.” I nodded back, trying to be reassuring.

“I understand, boy. It’s not something we are going to be doing today. It’s a decision that you will make in your own time. Tattoos are sort of permanent, so we don’t want to rush into anything.” He smiled at my understatement.

“Have you thought about your safe words and how you might use them?” He nodded again and lowered his eyes a little.

“Yes… Master. I have. Quite a lot.”

“And what color are you right now, pet boy?”

“Kind of… a yellow-ish… green.”

“Nervous but okay?” He nodded. “Why is that?” He didn’t even hesitate.

“Because I am here and you are there, Sir.” I laughed. I couldn’t help it. And he smiled a little more easily as well.

It was good that he relaxed because in a moment I was going to make him nervous as hell. If he reacted the way I thought, he’d be red and stammering and probably sweating very quickly. I promised myself an extra prize if I made him sweat.

“So… since it seems you have thought about items one and three on that list, I assume you have also give item number two some thought as well.”

The transformation of his face in those next couple of seconds made all of this time and effort worth while. The lad’s face went from white to pink to red then to a sort of mottled cross between the two as his eyes flicked back and forth between the sheet of paper in his hand and the little box sitting on his desk. Those gorgeous big brown eyes were wider than I had ever seen them before and I could see the paper tremble in his grip. As I watched the blush spread from his face down his neck and down his chest as his mouth flapped open and nothing at all came out.

I swear, even if he hung up and ran away and never spoke to me again… After that reaction I would have counted it as a win.

“I… did… Ummm… A… you…” I laughed again.

“It’s not a CB6000, Jacob. Open the box.” A flicker of relief passed across his face. I only let that live for the briefest instant.

“It’s a Curve, which is a little longer and would probably be more comfortable.” The pieces spilled out onto his desk. A clear curved plastic tube about 3-1/4 inches long. Several different sizes of plastic rings, some pins, a handful of numbered plastic security seals, an instruction sheet, a small brass padlock and a single key. When he glanced up at me in shock, I held up the other key in my fingers and smiled.

“One day soon Jacob, you will hand me that other key to keep forever.” He dissolved into stuttering again. I awarded myself whatever prize I had promised when I saw the sheen of sweat on his forehead.

Taking advantage of his discomfiture, I spent the next couple of minutes instructing him on how the device went together while he fumbled the pieces in his hands. How the ring closed around his balls and shaft. Then inserting the pins through the holes and adding the spacer. Then lightly lubing up his cock and sliding it into the tube, sliding it onto the pins and locking it securely in place. When the little padlock snicked closed he shivered hard as if it was actually locked onto his cock instead of just held in his hands.

“The little plastic seals are for days when you might have to pass through a metal detector, like the one we have at work. On those days you will send me a picture of the number on the seal every morning, so I can be sure that you have been behaving yourself.”

Of all the pictures I had him send me, I’d never once demanded a picture of his prick. I could tell that was a sticking point with him, so I had just flirted around the subject, getting closer and closer each time and teasing him unmercifully. But now I was telling him that every morning he was going to have to send me a picture of his manhood locked in a plastic tube and it shook him to the core.

“Are you s… I mean… do you really…” I knocked on the desk in front of me to break his train of thought.

“Yes, boy. I do expect you to wear that locked around your cock. Not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But one day soon that delicious prick of yours will be locked away and I will hold the only keys. I’ve been pretty easy about letting you have play time when you asked for it, Jacob. But from now on you are going to have to work harder and harder each time. One of these times I am going to tell you that the only way I will let you finish is when you are… here. And at that time I will open the lock with my own hands.”

A little moan escaped his lips before he could clamp them shut and I saw him squirm in his seat. As he lowered his eyes, his gaze went to his lap and I saw him flush a deep red again.

“What is it, boy?” He shook his head and then he froze, remembering what happened the last time he denied me.

“There’s ummmm… there’s…”

“There is what, pet boy?”

“S-sir… ummm… M-master… there’s no way… that I could… wear that thing… not right now, anyway.” I suppressed a maniacal laugh.

“Are you nice and hard for me, Jacob?” He wouldn’t look me in the eye.

“Y-yes, Master. I am.”

“What a good boy you are, pet. Do you want some play time?”

“Yes, please.”

“Yes please what?”

“Yes, please Master.” I smiled.

“Good boy. What will you say when you come, pet boy?”

“I…” His voice dropped to a whisper again. “I… only come for you, Master.”

I could only smile again hearing those words come from his mouth. And ached for the day when I could hear him gasping them in my ear. Over and over again.

It was time for a hard push.

“You have earned your play time, my pet. However… before you can begin you must make a choice. One: you can either leave the camera on so I can watch and listen while you play…” His eyes got wide and he paled. “Or two: you can leave the camera on and I will watch you spend five minutes in the corner. Shackles and ball gag, hands behind your head. After which you may turn it off and play unobserved.”

“Which do you choose, pet boy?”

“Number two… Master.” He didn’t hesitate. The he added. “I… hope you aren’t too disappointed.” I shook my head.

“Not this time, boy. You have done well. Now go get ready. And make sure the camera is pointed the right way.”

He went over to his bed, rising carefully so I couldn’t see how really excited he was. I could hear little jingles and noises as he strapped the shackles around his wrists and ankles. As I instructed him earlier, he was always supposed to have his toys at hand when we were playing. Even if we weren’t using them, they would be nearby so they could always stay in his thoughts. And now he had that little cock cage to ponder as well. Ponder and dread and perhaps anticipate…

There was a noise and the camera shifted, pointing into the corner. I got a fine view of his snug trim little butt as he stepped into view. Turning slightly towards me to look over his shoulder I could see his mouth plugged tightly with the red ball gag as he pointed one finger first up then down. Standing or on his knees? Such a good boy…

“Down, boy.” He nodded and went to his knees in the corner, reaching behind him first to clip the ankle shackles together then put his hands behind his head and clipped those together. Even though he had tried his best to keep his body turned away from me, I got a few tantalizing glimpses of how hard my pet boy actually was during the process. Just knowing that I could get him that hard without even touching him made me smile.

And I smiled even wider as I got to watch him kneeling in the corner. The lad had a fine body. He stayed active, working out and playing basketball with his friends several times a week and it showed. Even though he had a slight frame, Jacob was nicely muscled and had just enough definition to make me drool a little. I couldn’t wait to explore every inch of him and find all of the ways I could make him squeak and moan.

As I had discovered before, being put in the corner seemed to turn him on considerably. That combined with the amount he was turned on before and my boy put on a very nice slow motion show for me there in the corner. Despite the fact that he was trying his very best to remain still, his whole body was in slight motion. I’m sure the knowledge that I was sitting there watching him was adding to that. Those slim legs and tight little ass were flexing and clenching, which made the muscles in his back ripple and flex which in turn made his arms tighten and his fingers clench as they were locked behind his neck…

If I could get him here and keep him even half that excited in person, I could be happy for the rest of my days.

I sat quietly and enjoyed the show. I could see that his eyes were on the clock hung on it’s little hook, agonizingly counting each second of his sweet torture. When the second hand finally reached ’12′ of the fifth minute he turned and looked over his shoulder at me pleadingly. I nodded and said “Good boy, pet. Now you may go and play.”

As the ball gag freed his lips he said “Thank you, Sir.”

Somewhat regretfully, I turned off the camera to break the connection.

He admitted to me later that he had barely made it to the bed before his hand was on his prick and stroking.


To say that my boy developed a love/hate relationship with his newest toy was an understatement. Every time I even mentioned it he got immediately hard and shivery, begging me not to make him wear it. It was quite amusing. And I used his reticence to my advantage, of course. The first time I forced him to show me how hard he was, holding the little plastic tube alongside his prick for comparison. That made him blush all over. And the second time I pressed him I got to watch him play, stroking that fine prick until he came all over a towel draped over his hips. When he recovered I said that since he had gone soft, perhaps we could try again, which immediately got him hard once more.

I was both impressed and amused. His powers of recuperation would come in handy one day soon.

In a frank conversation, I informed the boy that he would indeed be wearing that device as often as I pleased, whether he liked it or not. When he tried to protest I raised a hand for silence and when I got it I also informed him that I would be letting him out of it as often as I pleased as well, but if he wanted unrestricted play time he was bloody hell going to have to work for it. He shamefacedly admitted that I had been more than fair and that he was, of course, willing to do what he was told.

Because, after all, being told what do do turned him on just as much as anything else did. Otherwise I wouldn’t be telling this story.

But Oh lordy we did have fun getting him into that thing the first time. Usually by the time he got the ring, the spacer and the pins in place he was hard as a rock and begging for release. As it was, the tube was snug when he was soft so it would take a considerable amount of his self control to get the thing on in the first place.

Finally I had him play for me three times in succession. He almost went to sleep after the third time, he was so worn out. But get him into the device I did, coaxing and demanding over the camera and the first time the little lock clicked shut he woke right back up again with the implications. The boys eyes were wide and staring as I tied my key to a bit of string and looped it over my head. And they got even wider as I smiled and dropped the key inside of my shirt, hiding it from his view. Perhaps the fact that he still had his own key had slipped his mind or the very real fact that I might not allow him to use it had entered his mind.

Either way I was good with his reaction.

“How…” he croaked.. “How long… Sir?” I smiled.

“Until you can’t stand it anymore, pet boy. Until you beg me to let you play again.” He mulled that over in his mind for a few seconds, then nodded.

“I’m good with begging now.” I laughed softly.

“Ready to play again so soon? I thought I had worn you out.” He shook his head.

“It’s not so much that as just the idea…” he glanced down into his lap. “It’s just not fair, is all.” I raised an eyebrow.

“Really.” I stared at him long enough without speaking that I could see him start to get uncomfortable and shift around in his seat.

“I’ll tell you what then, boy. If you think it’s so unfair, I’ll let you have some time to find out exactly how unfair it is. Call me back in…” I glanced at my watch. “Four hours.”

As I reached for the mouse he had just enough time to squeak “What? Wait…” before I broke the connection and got up from the computer.

Whistling softly to myself, I walked down the hall to find me some dinner. Perhaps I’d watch a movie…


Once again, to say that he was unhappy with that new toy was an understatement.

The lad had so much to learn. He thought I was just being cruel to him without reason. I, on the other hand, was planning on continuing to be cruel to him until he figured out the reason. After all, I wasn’t going to lock his prick away and never let him play with it again. I myself had lots of plans that involved all of his sweet little body, including that pretty prick of his. He wasn’t understanding the whole tease/denial/release cycle yet.

That first four hours almost killed him by his account, and he complained about it bitterly. I told him sternly to quit being childish and said if he couldn’t stop playing with himself for four hours at a stretch then two things were probably going to happen. One: I was going to leave him in that thing until he learned to behave and two: he was probably going to lose his job, as they took a dim view of that sort of activity at work.

Sarcasm: The best tool in any Dom’s toolbox.

I left him free for a week after that first time, but made sure that the little plastic cage and what it meant was always on his mind. All I would have to do is walk past him at work and say “Click”, as if clicking the lock shut, to make him blush all over.

The first time he played for me after that I watched I had him assemble the cage in his hand, including the lock, and set it on his belly while he stroked his cock. Every time it fell off I had him stop and apologize and set it back before I would allow him to continue. That had him needing release so badly by the time he was done that he would have done just about anything I wished at that point.

Even though I really wanted to force him to wear it to work underneath his work clothes, I never did, up to that point. It was a nice thing to think about and I did let him know every time I saw him what was on my mind. I threatened him with it often, much to his chagrin.

But that would have been way too distracting and I always wanted my boy to have a level head at work and to keep himself and everyone around him safe. Just my being there was distraction enough.

So I kept pushing, of course. Teasing him and denying him pleasure when I could. Controlling his play time until he begged me to let him come. Adding more and more rituals to his daily life so that each hour of the day I was in his thoughts.

I wasn’t planning on spending the rest of my life controlling him through a computer screen. My ultimate goal was to have him here. In my life. In my arms. In my bed. Kneeling at my feet looking up at his Master and begging to please me to earn that sweet release that he was learning would only come from my permission. I reminded him every single day that one day it was going to happen.

And then it did.

We were both taking a weeks vacation from work. I’d set up the date and told him to put in to take the same week, under the pretense that we needed some quality time for some extra intensive training I was planning. On the last day before our vacations started I called him on the phone right before I left for work.

“Is your cage clean and assembled, pet boy?”

“Y-yes, Sir. As always.”

“Is the lock open?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good boy. Bring Me the key, Jacob.”

“Th-the key? B-but…” He swallowed hard. “Yes, Master.”

“Good boy.” I hung up.

When I got to work he was already there, as usual. Smoking with his buddies and waiting to start his day. Looking a little paler than usual, but that was understandable. As I approached, he walked towards me so we stood a little apart from the others. Hands shaking a bit, he reached into his pocket and handed me his key. I pulled the string up out of my shirt and slipped it over my head, then untied the knot and threaded his key next to the first one. Making sure he was watching, I slipped the loop back over my head and dropped both keys down inside my shirt again.

Leaning forward, I whispered into his ear. “When you get home tonight… put it on, boy.”

As I strode past him I heard him whisper back. “Yes, Master.”


When I got home that evening, I could see him waiting there online, as always. Smiling, I took my time changing out of my work clothes and into sweats and a t-shirt and getting something to drink, letting him stew and wonder.

Sometimes a Dom did his best work by doing nothing at all.

I really did want to see his face, but a video chat would not have had the same effect, so I just pulled up the little chat box and typed: “Tomorrow. 3pm. Bring all of your toys.” Then included my address. There was a long pause and I could just imagine his wide eyes and shaking fingers and the little sheen of sweat breaking out on his forehead.

After a long moment he replied “Yes, Master.” And I signed off.

When I slipped into bed a little while later I laid there with a dreamy smile on my lips and my hand moving on my prick as I imagined what the day would bring…


Whoever it was that decreed that a Dom must never look nervous in front of his sub was a jerk. It was completely true, but it was still annoying.

I woke up early and all full of nervous energy. Unless he chickened out, my boy was coming here today. I would have full hands-on unrestricted access to that sweet little body with nobody else watching or intruding for as long as I wished. To see exactly how far I could take him (and how often), what reactions I could get from his body and what noises I could wring from his lips.

For the first time in decades, I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

To burn off some of that energy, I put some Pink Floyd on my MP3 player, jacked in my headphones and set to work cleaning the house from top to bottom. That made me think about the day when I would have a pet boy doing chores around the house for me. Perhaps with a cute puppy tail wagging behind him or a long pony tail sticking out of that snug little ass and a tight harness or just an apron or perhaps nothing but his collar. Working just to please his Master and perhaps to earn a suitable reward.

A busy pet was a happy pet, after all.

I found myself constantly hard while I worked. Especially when I got out the gym bag that held my toys, browsing through wondering what all I might need. Rope… yes, definitely. Lots of it. I made sure there were lengths of it snugged to all four corners of the bed. The long leather leash, another yes. That one would go into my back pocket right before he arrived. A small handful of clothespins… another yes there. They were always so much fun. I browsed through my collection of whips, crops and paddles. The crop for sure. And a couple of the paddles that I had made myself and had yet to use on anybody. I was kind of proud of those. I was sure they’d make an… impression.

More than once I found an evil grin had crept across my face. With an accompanying chuckle.

Insertable toys? Perhaps a few of the smaller ones, just for fun. I didn’t know if we’d get that far, but it was fun to think about how he would react. Unless I was mistaken, he’d never tried anything like that before.

And lube, of course. That just went without saying.

We’d take it slow. We had nothing but time, after all.

Hopefully, anyway.

At 2:30 I found myself with nothing left to do so I took a long hot shower, letting the water beat on my back and shoulders, rinsing away the sweat and the tension. I also stroked my cock, imagining him there with me. As my sticky come shot against the shower curtain and washed down the drain I heard the words “Mmmm… yes, pet boy…”

Fifteen minutes later found me pacing. Wishing I was psychic for just a few minutes so I could read his mind and find out if he was coming or not. Thinking that listening in to his inner conversation might be as amusing as mine was annoying. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was acting like a teenager on his first date, which managed to bring a bit of a blush to my own face.

I’m sure glad the boy wasn’t there to see that.

Then there he was.

The window over the door has a curtain over it, blocking out the sunlight. I could see his shadow standing there, wavering back and forth. I held myself immobile while I waited. Through the curtain I could see him looking left and right, as if wondering if anyone was watching him at my door. Like my neighbors had a clue.

I don’t know exactly how long we stood there, each on our own side of the door waiting. It was probably only thirty seconds or so, but it seemed like forever. Long enough that I wanted to scream and snatch the door open and drag him inside. I aged a thousand years while he stood there in indecision. And frankly, I was old enough already. I didn’t need the extra time added onto my looks.

Then… there it was. That tentative knock. So soft as if his mind were already thinking “Well, he’s not home, I better go!” I practically had to nail my feet to the floor to keep from racing over there and tearing the door from it’s hinges. Despite my own urges, I counted to thirty slowly and waited for him to knock again.

And there it was.

Outwardly calm, I opened the door, a measured smile on my face.

“Pet boy… do come in.” Nervously, he stepped inside.

“Thank you… Sir.” His eyes only met mine for a brief second. I closed and locked the door securely. There was no way I was going to let anyone else distract me from this moment. I’d already turned the ringers off on both of the phones.

Speaking of which…

“Do you have your phone on you, boy?”

Kind of a ridiculous question in this day and age.

“Yes, Sir.” He pulled it from his pocket.

“Turn it off and put it away.” He startled and gave me a look and I added “Unless you have already set someone up to call you to get you out of here, of course.”

The blush on his cheeks told me that he had considered it. If I was in his shoes, I would have. But he did as he was told, turning it off and returning it to his pocket. I noticed a small gym bag in his other hand.

“I am assuming you brought all of your toys, pet. Not just the one you are wearing at the moment.” Another blush.

“Yes…” His voice dropped to a whisper. “Master.”

My heart gave a mighty thump in hearing those words from his lips for the very first time in person. I leaned forward and put a hand against his chest, feeling his heart beating a bit fast as well.

“You are a very good boy, Jacob. And I want you to know that you have already made me very very happy. Now…” I moved my fingers up under his chin and looked him in the eyes. “Put your collar on, pet boy. It’s time.” A little exhalation… almost a gasp came from his throat and he fumbled in the bag to extract his collar. Knowing he needed both hands to put it around his neck, I took the bag from his hand and laid it on a table. I was trying hard not to be mesmerized by the sight of him putting on My collar.

When he was done, I tapped the table next to his gym bag. “Phone, wallet, keys. Right here, boy.” He complied without a comment or complaint.

I made sure he was looking at me. “When you decide to leave… whenever or for whatever reason… your things will be right here, Jacob. Okay? I will not stop you.”

That seemed to make him feel a little more comfortable, which was what I was hoping for. Some of the tension leaked out and his shoulders dropped just a smidgen.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Quite welcome, pet boy. Now…” I pulled the leash from my pocket and clipped it to his collar. “Come.”

I turned and led him into the house. He stumbled a little, but followed along behind me. We walked through the kitchen and down the hall, past the bathroom and the bedroom into my office. With a hand on his chest, I stopped him at the door and said “Take your shoes off and leave them here. You are not allowed to wear shoes in the bedroom or in my office.” I gave him a wry smile. “I will allow you to wear clothes in here… for now. That will change very soon.” That gave him a shiver as he kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks. And it made me secretly proud that he tucked his socks into his shoes and set them side by side, just by the door frame out of the way. Apparently I wasn’t going to have to train him to be tidy. I liked that.

During my fit of cleaning, I had rearranged some things in my office to have a bit more space. Normally there was just enough space to walk through the room to my desk and around to the various counters and cabinets. It wasn’t really mess, but large amounts of clutter from my various projects.

It wasn’t just boys who needed to be kept busy. I was sincerely hoping that we could both keep each other busy in may ways for a long time to come.

In the center of the open floor space I’d placed a black mat. Tugging on the boy’s leash, I led him to it then stopped him there with a hand on his chest. I slowly released my grip on his leash and let it dangle down the front of his body. A little grin twisted one corner of my lips.

“I do like the way you look at the end of a leash, pet boy.” Before he could reply I added “Hands behind your head, boy. Fingers interlocked.” As he moved to comply I walked slowly around him, looking him up and down while he colored under my gaze. The second trip around him, I stopped behind his body and grasped his thumbs in my fingers, pointing them down the sides of his neck. This action also made him tip his head slightly down which I found quite fetching and appropriate in a pet. I put two fingertips against the smooth skin of the nape of his neck now framed by his thumbs.

“Your thumbs will frame this spot, pet boy. The place where my mark will go one day. The mark that will show everybody who you belong to.”

“Y-yes, Sir.” I felt him shiver.

“What color are you right now, boy?” I walked around in front of him and sat down in my chair.

“I’m a very definite… orange… Sir.”

“Scared half to death and ready to bolt at a moments notice?” He nodded and nodded.

“Yup… That’s pretty much it right now.”

“Then why are you here, Jacob? If you are that frightened, why are you here at all?”

“You… you told me to come… Master. A-and…”

“And what, boy?” His face went a bright red again and his voice dropped to a whisper.

“And you took my key, Sir…” It was all I could do to keep the smile off of my face. I leaned back in my chair to compose myself and to show him that I was completely comfortable in the situation, despite the way my mind was racing around in little circles.

“Surely you realize that two seconds with a pair of wire cutters would snap through that cheap padlock. That you could probably bust it with your fingers if you tried hard enough.” He nodded.

“I’ve… thought about it. Several times, believe me.”

“And despite all of that… despite being scared. Despite wanting your dick to be free instead of locked away… you left it there and came to me because I told you to.” He barely glanced up at me, then down back at the floor.

“It… sounds crazy when you put it that way… but yeah. Yes, Sir.”

“You do realize that if you asked me for the key, I would have given it to you.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And you do realize that if you took it off and refused to wear it ever again and stomped it into the floor even though it cost me over a hundred bucks that I would have been good with that too, right?”

“Really?” I shrugged and grimaced.

“Well, I’d have been pissed off, but you get the general idea anyway. If you absolutely hated it that much I would be open for discussion about it. But frankly, I don’t think you hate it as much as you say you do.” Another deep blush crept up his cheeks.

“The bottom line here Jacob, is that everything we have done together… and everything we have yet to do together… and believe me, there are plenty of brand new things we are going to do very soon… every thing I do to you and every thing you do for me… is because you want it to happen. Whether you want to admit it to me or even just to yourself… you want this, pet boy.”

“You want to be mine.” He didn’t verbalize a reply to that, but I could see from his body language that it was all true.

“If I do something you don’t want me to do, you can tell me to stop and I will. Or you can knock me down and run away or scream ‘RED!!’ at the top of your lungs. And I… will… stop.” Even though I could tell his arms were getting tired it looked like my words were having an impact and his body was relaxing slightly. While I wanted him to be at ease around me, I didn’t want him getting too comfortable just at the moment. Rising from my chair, I stood right in front of him.

“Look at me, pet boy.” Those gorgeous scared-looking brown eyes flickered up and down until I took his chin in my hand and tilted it upwards.

“You want to be mine, and that embarrasses you.” The color bloomed on his skin once more. “Don’t you, Jacob?” His eyes went back to the floor, despite my grip.

“Y-yes, S-sir. I… I think so, anyway.” My fingers caressed his cheek lightly.

“Such a good boy.” My other hand went back and touched that spot on the nape of his neck again. “When I put my mark on you, all of you will be mine forever, boy.” My fingers spread to cover his as they locked behind his neck. “These fine strong hands will be mine.”

“Yes… Master.” My hand ran up and entwined in his short brown hair.

“This fine, quirky and extraordinary brain will be mine.” That almost elicited a wry smile.

“If you say so… Master.” One finger traced down his forehead, over his nose and lips. I cupped his face in both hands and patted him, almost hard enough to be a light slap on both cheeks. I leaned close enough that his eyes widened and he very nearly pulled away.

“This beautiful face and those very sexy lips will be all mine.” He was almost frozen.

“Yes…” Chuckling softly, I pulled back just a little and ran one hand down to his chest, where I could feel his heart hammering against his rib cage.

“Your heart… your heart will belong to nobody but me.”

“Y-yes, Master.” If he knew how much hearing those words turned me on, he’d probably be too scared to ever say them again.

My hand slipped lower, just to the base of his rib cage and the top of that firm, taut belly. I lingered there, then both hands went to his waist.

“This awesome body… This amazingly sexy little body will all belong to me. To do with as I wish. To please or to punish. All of it will be mine.”

“Yes… Master. Yours.”

As those words left his lips my hand snaked down and grabbed his plastic-encased prick through his jeans and held onto it tight. Not tight enough to cause him any pain, but enough that he couldn’t get away. The boy let out a muffled squawk and his hands started to move as he tried to pull back from the unaccustomed touch down there. My other hand came up and one finger pointed between his eyes, making them cross slightly.

“Don’t… you… move.” I put as much menace and intolerance for any disobedience into my voice as I could muster. Wide eyed and shaking, he froze as well as he was able, like a deer in the headlights.

“This is mine too, pet boy. All mine. Nobody else touches it. Nobody else plays with it. Not even you, little pet. Nobody touches what is mine without permission. Are we quite clear on that, boy?” All I got was some inarticulate squeaks. I leaned into his face and growled “Do you understand me?”

“Y-yes! Yes, Sir!” I let go of his crotch just as suddenly and patted his cheek.

“Such a good boy.” I turned and sat back down in my chair. “Now, strip.”

“Ummm… w-what?” I raised an eyebrow. Reaching inside my shirt, I pulled the keys out and over my head and laid them on the table beside my chair.

“Strip. Do it now. I want to see you. All of you. Or do you want to stay locked up forever?”

“No, Sir! I mean… yes, Sir! Umm… I mean…” His hands paused at he bottom hem of his t-shirt. I picked up the keys again and swung them gently by the string.

“I told you Jacob, that the next time I would be taking to lock off myself. I wasn’t kidding. Either you ask me nicely and I take it off myself or you go home and cut it off.”

“Now, strip!”

“Y-yes… Master.”

And he did, just for me, while I sat and watched.

So many firsts, all at one time. It was almost overwhelming. For both of us, from the look on his face. I, of course, had to keep my demeanor calm and cool and seemingly in control. But the tucked away part of my brain was doing back handsprings and whooping like a lunatic. Grinning like one, too.

The culmination of several of my daydreams was standing right there on that little black mat in my office, looking at me from the corner of his eye as I walked a few laps around him, just enjoying a leisurely survey of what I now owned.

My pet boy. Here. In my office. Naked but for collar, leash and his little cage. He’d locked his prick in that cage himself… Willingly, even if he didn’t want to admit it out loud. He’d come here willingly. Stripped for me willingly.

And he’d also, without any force or coercion, called me “Master.”

That tucked away part of my brain underneath my cool mien was still acting like a crazed version of Daffy Duck. It was quite difficult to keep that under control.

I walked in front of him and stopped my pacing to lay a hand on his shoulder. His skin was soft and warm and smooth. I could almost feel a little crackle of electricity pass between our skins before they made contact. I was probably imagining it. My other hand went under his chin and tipped his head up so that he looked me in the eyes.

“I just want you to know, that no matter what happens next, you have made me very happy and I thank you for that. If… nothing else happens… if you decided you were through or I died or whatever…” I was rambling so I just stopped and gave him a little smile.

“Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, pet boy.” That earned me the first real soft smile of the evening.

“You are quite welcome… Master.” I tried to suppress the shiver of delight that ran through my body, but I’m sure he felt it.

My hand slid from his shoulder down just a little ways onto his chest. My thumb traced over the simple tattoo he had placed there, right over his heart. “Love Is All.” Of course he hadn’t put it there for me. It was his decision long before we met. But I allowed myself a moment of fantasy to imagine that if he had that to do over again, he would have chosen the exact same words.

“So… here you are, boy. Standing naked in front of another man. Outside of the gym locker room, have you ever done this before?” He shook his head slowly.

“No, Sir.”

“But you have thought about it, haven’t you?” His eyes rolled a little sideways and he colored slightly.

“Ummm… maybe?” I chuckled softly.

“So… let’s make the scenario quite clear, then. You are standing naked in front of another man. Specifically me, who has shown a definite interest in you and your fine little body and stated a very clear intent to do kinky things to you and that aforementioned fine little body.” I pointed. “Around your neck is a collar that I made for you. A collar that would tell anybody who saw it that you were definitely Owned. Attached to that collar is a leash. Just another sign of my ownership of you, pet boy.” My fingers went to the back of his neck again. “Then of course there’s going to be my mark. That will be there very soon, pet boy. And I hope… that you will as proud of wearing that as I will be to see it.” I could feel him shiver just a little at my touch there.

“So, I’m guessing you’ve never done any of this before, either.”

“That’s a pretty definite no, Sir.”

“Never been naked in front of a man who wants you?”

“No, Sir.”

“Never been Owned or collared or leashed before?”

“Nope. Never.” At my look he hastily added “Sir.”

“Ever been kissed by another man before, pet boy?” He colored deeply but the set of his lips changed as he tried to rally his defenses.

“On the lips? No, Sir.” The lad was constantly amusing. I grabbed the handle of the leash and slipped my hand inside of it, pulling it out of the way as my eyes swept down his sweet body. Very pointedly, my gaze stopped at his crotch.

“And then… there’s this.” My look flicked back up to his eyes and back down again. “One of the reasons you claim you are here today, boy. Before you met me, had you ever had your cock locked away?” He visibly shivered.

“N-no, Sir. I…” Jacob blushed and looked away.

“What is it?”

“Until… ummm… before you gave me that first piece of paper… I didn’t even know those things existed. They… it…” His face was almost crimson and he looked away. “It… scares me just a little bit… Sir.”

I cupped his face in my hands gently, then leaned forward and kissed him on the forehead. “Jacob… if I told you I was going to lock your prick away forever, would you have even put it on in the first place? Let alone give me the key?” His head shook back and forth.

“N-no, Sir.” I leaned closer and whispered directly into his ear.

“Believe me, pet boy. I have no intention of keeping that sweet cock of yours locked up. I want it out so I can see it… and play with it… as often as possible.” A little moan which was partly a squeak and partly a gasp escaped his lips. I gave him my best low evil chuckle and kissed his ear then patted one cheek.

“So… let’s get on with the program for today, pet boy.” I pointed. “On the table there is a skein of rope. Give it to Me.” When he did, I said “Turn around, boy. Hands behind your back.” He was shaking a little, but did as he was told. I had him hold his wrists about six inches apart. Shaking out the rope, I found the middle and started wrapping it around his wrists. After four loops around, I began wrapping the rope around the loops starting from the outside working in, turning it into a rope handcuff.

Of course I talked to him while I worked. I wanted to keep him constantly distracted.

“Have you ever been tied up before, boy? Ever tried any bondage?”

“N-no, Sir.” He couldn’t see my smile, but that was okay. It might have frightened him even more.

“As you may have guessed, I’m a big fan of it myself.” He almost chuckled.

“It was subtle, but I’d kind of guessed that. Yeah.” Even as nervous as he was, he never lost his snarky sense of humor. I loved that.

“Just so you know, I will be using it on you all of the time, pet. Rope… leather… steel… wood. Even plastic. I once made some pretty cool shackles from PVC that worked out pretty well. As a matter of fact… I can’t imagine a time when you will be here that you won’t be in bondage of one sort or another.” I finished wrapping the rope cuff, snugging the ends in and checked his wrists. “Not too tight?” He flexed his hands back and forth.

“No, Sir. It’s fine.”

The distraction worked. I’d gotten him naked and now snugly bound for the very first time and he wasn’t freaking out. Rising behind him, my hands went to his shoulders, fingers and thumbs working into his trapezius muscles. Little sounds of mixed pleasure and mild pain came from him as I worked them roughly, forcing the muscles to stretch and relax.

“What color are you right now, pet? Still orange?” He shrugged against my grip.

“Maybe. I dunno. Still nervous, but I’m okay. Not quite as red as before. Maybe… a gold…ish?” I leaned closer to his ear, my fingers still working on his shoulders.

“One day I hope your heart will always be ‘green’ with me, lad. I want you to be comfortable and happy so that one day you will come to Me and never leave again. But sometimes… sometimes I want you a little nervous. Sometimes I want you wondering what I might do to you next… wondering how I might punish you or what I might make you do or how long I’ll leave you locked in that little plastic cage… I want that little thrill running up and down your spine. So even if your heart is ‘green’…” I leaned even closer to his ear. “I want you… to always… stay golden for Me… pony boy.”

He laughed. Loud and long and hard and said “Oh fuck!” several times. Perfect.

While he was winding down I turned him around, slipped a hand behind his neck and kissed him. Hard but quickly. Our teeth grated together for just an instant and he let out a little squeak of surprise. Then I put my hand on his chest and pushed him away.

“Now…” I said as my fingers unclipped the leash from his collar. “Let’s attend to this other issue.” Before he could react I grasped the padlock holding his plastic cage shut tight and clipped the end of the leash to it. His eyes went wide and he squeaked again. Letting the slack of the leather slip through my fingers, I stepped back and sat down in my chair, the leash now fully extended, spanning from my hand to his imprisoned cock. The two brass keys on their string dangled from the fingers of my other hand.

“Come… here… pet boy.” I said slowly as I started tugging gently on the leash. “Come here and beg your Master to set your cock free.” Gasping softly, he naturally followed my tugging and walked slowly towards me as I reeled the leash in through my fingers. Obviously he wasn’t going to fight against my pull, not wanting his genitals to go anywhere without him. And, after around fifteen hours with his prick locked in that little plastic cage, I’m sure he was getting pretty desperate to have it free again and get some relief. Spreading my knees, I pulled him closer and closer until the fronts of his shins rested against the padding of my chair.

My pet boys eyes were wide and his mouth was slightly open. He panted softly, trying hard not to make any noise, but I could tell he was right on the verge of either crying or moaning or possibly both at the same time. His whole body was tensed up and slightly in motion as he struggled with the whole ‘fight or flight’ thing embedded in his brain. Despite what they claim, men’s existence centers around their cocks 99.9% of the time. The frightened little reptile in the back of my boy’s brain was telling him that his reproductive organs were in danger and he was struggling hard not to try and pull away or hit me and run.

One more reason why I had tied his hands behind his back before I tried this. I didn’t want to get punched in the head, even by accident.

As one hand unclipped the leash from the lock, my other one came up from beneath and captured his cock and balls in my fingers and held on to him securely, not allowing him any avenue of escape from my grasp. He made a little worried noise in the back of his throat.

Looking up into his frightened eyes, I said “This belongs to me, pet boy. This pretty cock belongs to me and only to me.”


“Say it, pet boy.”

“M-my cock b-belongs o-only t-to you, M-master.”

“All of you belongs to me, pet boy. I own you. All of you. You are mine. Say it.”

“I… I am y-yours, M-master. A-all of m-me. I belong t-to you.” I smiled softly.

“Such a good boy you are, Jacob. Would you like me to free your cock? Take it out of it’s cage so it can play too?” He nodded, somewhat jerkily.

Before I could instruct him, he spoke up. “P-please free my cock, Master. Please, Sir.” I couldn’t help but smile. He was learning so quickly to please me.

Damn, this was going to be fun.

His eyes watched my every move as I slipped the key into the lock and turned it. As the lock snapped open a little moan came from his lips and he shivered. Keeping my hold on him firm but not painful, I pulled the lock pin out and laid it and the lock on the table, then grasped the tube encasing his prick and slid it slowly off. He sighed happily as his prick came free. I blew a little stream of air from my lips across his skin and he shivered. As my fingers removed the other pins and removed the ring from around his shaft and balls, his cock started getting hard in my hands.

Naturally, this was the reaction I was hoping for. Even if having him get hard in my grasp seemed to be the last thing he ever wanted. His body showed me what my boy wanted, no matter what his macho exterior tried to relate.

And if he thought for an instant that once I got my hands on his prick that I was going to be letting go of it anytime soon, he was sadly mistaken. I transferred my grip from his balls to his shaft, stroking him slowly as he got harder and harder. He was about average sized. Maybe about six inches long and four and a half inches around. He’d been circumcised, as so many were these days, but it took nothing away from the beauty of it. My fingers slid up and down and I could see a little bit of precum oozing from the tip. One finger from my other hand reached out and gently spread the slippery fluid all over the head of his prick, making him shiver and moan softly.


It was time for m pet boy to earn his reward for bringing himself to me.

At least the first part of his reward, anyway.

I kept him securely in my grasp, standing up slowly while my other hand on his chest made him step backward. Even though I was only a few inches taller than him, it felt like I towered over the boy at that moment. My mind was swimming with the power and joy of Owning him so completely. My fingers still wandered up and down his hard shaft.

“Do you want to come, pet boy?” Eyes wide, he nodded jerkily.

“Yes, Sir.” he whispered.

“Ask Me nicely, Jacob.”

“Please Master…” he whispered. “Please let me come. Mmmmff…” He squirmed under my ministrations.

“Follow me, boy.” Towing him by his prick, I led him into the hallway just outside my office door. On the wall hung a long mirror that went almost all the way to the floor. I reversed my grip and pulled his back into my chest and we faced the mirror with my chin over his shoulder. My free hand came up and gripped his chin, turning it towards the reflection.

“Look at yourself, pet boy. See how hot you look right now. How hard you are in my hand.” A small moan came from his lips as he squirmed again in my grasp. “You are going to come for your Master, sweet little pet.” I stroked him harder. “You are going to come for me.” His whole body shivered hard.

“Y-yes…!” he gasped. “M-master! Ahhh…!” His whole frame went rigid and he let out another gasp and shake and suddenly his hot sticky come began spewing from the tip of his prick to spatter all over the glass of the mirror. I held him tight while he writhed against me. I could feel his hands between us, fighting to be free of the ropes while I stroked him and he shuddered and shot his load onto the mirror.

At long last he trickled to a stop. He’d made quite a mess. I was going to have to make sure that he cleaned that all up before he left. Still supporting most of his weight, I pulled him around the corner and into the bathroom where I propped him up in front of the sink. Turning the water on cold, I first rinsed off my fingers then got a handful of cool water and cleaned of his prick. He shuddered again at the feel of the water against his flesh. I could have made him do it himself, of course. But then I wanted another reason to touch that sweet cock again. I planned on doing it often.

During that process I turned and placed my lips against the side of his neck and bit him just hard enough to make him squeak again and shiver all over. The salty taste of sweat along with the delicious flavor of pet boy made a rumble of pleasure bubble up from my chest. Oh my… I’d gotten my pet boy all sweaty.

It seemed like a good time to do something about that.

Pulling him back slightly from the sink, I wet a washcloth under that tap and started wiping him down all over, starting from his face down. Some of the process relaxed him and some did the opposite. When I rinsed off his now soft prick and balls he tensed up again and he was clamped down tight on that snug little ass of his. At this point I would have had to fight him to get him to relax enough for that so I let it go by.

After all, we had nothing but time.

While I worked, I talked to him, trying to gauge his mood and reactions. I could tell that my bringing him to orgasm so quickly bothered him some. That and the fact that yes, I was a man and I made him come with my hands.

Jeez… why do we raise our boys to think that simple pleasure is inherently “nasty?” Who decided that sort of thing would make you less of a man?

I certainly didn’t. “Jacob…”

“Yeah?” He was still a little muzzy so I let that slip by.

“When I told you I wanted you, did you think less of me?”

“Ummm… What do you mean?” A little more aware now.

“When I told you that I wanted to make you my pet boy and you realized that I was serious, did that make you think I was less than a man? Did I suddenly turn into some flaming prancing fairy or am I still someone that you would want at your back if things went wrong? Did I lose your respect when I said I wanted you, boy?” Eyes wide, he shook his head.

“No no, Sir. I didn’t think any of those things. You are still… quite large in my thoughts, Sir. You are sort of my hero.”

Damn, he made me blush.

“Then what is bothering you, boy? Don’t think any less of yourself because you wanted the same thing I did.” I put a hand on his shoulder and threw him a curve ball.

“You were nervous as hell standing in front of my door this afternoon, weren’t you?” He nodded vigorously.

“Oh hell yeah. I almost… Yes, Sir. I was.”

“But you found your courage and knocked anyway. Because this is what you wanted. Because this is what will make you happy.” Both hands went to his shoulders, gripping them tightly. “Jacob… what you did today took great strength and courage. Bringing yourself here, knowing in your heart what I wanted. There aren’t many men who would have had the… balls…” I grinned. “To do what you did. Hell, I’m not sure I would have. You know…” I paused and took a breath.

“When I opened the door and let you inside I wanted to tell you how proud and happy you made me, pet boy. I wanted to grab your hands and dance around in a little circle. Of course…” I coughed slightly. “That would have spoiled the mood I was trying to set there.” He smiled and I put my hands on his face. “Don’t ever doubt your strength, pet boy. Don’t ever doubt your strength or your heart or your manhood.” I moved a little closer and looked into those big brown eyes. “Because I have seen them all… and they are amazing.”

As I moved even closer, he tipped his head up and I leaned down and kissed him again. This time he didn’t squeak. I only let it go on for a second, then pulled my lips away and gathered his head under my chin and hugged him to my chest.

“If my hands were free, I’d hug you back.” I chuckled and patted the back of his head.

“I’ll take it off soon enough, pet boy. There are other things I want to do with you today. Besides, you have to clean that mess off of my mirror before you leave.”

“Yes, Master.” I kissed him on the forehead.

“Good boy. Now come with me. I want to show you a few things.” Slipping my finger through the ring in his collar, I led him back into the office and pointed. One corner of the room was cleared out with another small black mat on the floor and two little shelves at different heights. One of them had a small kitchen timer setting on it. It was quite obvious that it was a corner for my boy. He shivered just a little. I was pretty sure if I had looked down I would have seen something that pleased me.

“I can imagine you will be spending quite a bit of time there.” He shivered again.

Grabbing up the leash once more, I clipped it to his collar and led him into the living room. “Pets are not allowed on the furniture unless invited. Say… up into Masters lap. Otherwise..” I pointed to a spot just to the right of my recliner. “You will be here. Or in front of it. Either leaning against my legs or kneeling in front of me. Depending on what I wish.”

There was that cute little blush again. I pointed to the dining room.

“The same goes for in there, as well. If you are especially good or if we are in a hurry, then you will be allowed to sit at the table. Sometimes I will allow you to eat by yourself off of a little stool in front of you to keep your plate off the floor. Sometimes when I wish it I will feed you myself.” I chuckled. “I always enjoy feeding a pet with my fingers.”

Looking down, I could see that he was about half hard, his prick twitching a bit. The excitement of the situation combined with the thoughts about what his new life is going to be like had him swaying back and forth between horny and a bit frightened. Excellent.

“You had better take good care of your knees, pet boy. You are going to be spending a good part of your life on them.” That made him get both pinker and harder.

“Y-yes, M-master.”

Damn, it was so much fun being me. I can’t imagine being anyone else. It would be so boring!

Pointing through the garage door nonchalantly I said “There’s another room that we will be spending a lot of time in out there. But you aren’t anywhere near ready for that room yet, boy.”

Tugging on the leash, I led him back into the hallway and stopped just outside my bedroom door.

“Unless it is an emergency or some special circumstance, you are never allowed to wear any clothes inside my bedroom. Do you understand, boy? Nothing more than your collar or restraints or whatever I have assigned you for the day. And if I haven’t specified, you will wear nothing but your collar in here.”

“Yes, Master.” I smiled.

“Good boy.” I opened the door and led him inside. The toys and things I had selected earlier were laying on the bed. Jacobs eyes widened at the sight and they darted back and forth looking at each item and his prick was twitching again. I pulled him in front of me, then pressed his thighs up against the side of the mattress. My hands went around his waist, palms against his lower belly. The boys hands were just at the level of my crotch, though I don’t think he realized that yet.

But I did and I liked it.

“This is about one quarter of the toys I have, pet boy. The rest are in a box under the bed. One of your chores will be to always keep My toys clean and stored neatly. If I open that box and find a mess, you will be spending quite some time in the corner with some bright red stripes across that skinny little ass of yours. Is that quite clear?” He shivered against my body.

“Y-yes, Sir. I understand.” He paused and then asked “Will… will you be using all of these?” I leaned my head sideways and took the top of his ear between my teeth, nipping it. He squeaked and shivered again.

“Oh yes, pet boy. All of these and more. Over and over again. I want to find all of the things that make my pet boy squeak and shiver. Both in pain and delight. And just to keep things fun on payday next week, you and I will be taking a shopping trip to Dr. Johns and we will pick out a few brand new toys just for you.”

“Oh… fuck.” I chuckled evilly. I couldn’t help it. I had a feeling he was imagining being towed through the adult toy store at the end of his leash.

“But we don’t need expensive toys to entertain ourselves, boy. Some of the simplest things can be quite useful. For example…” I reached past him and grabbed a long black silk scarf. Before he could react, I draped it over his eyes and tied it securely behind his head, blindfolding him quite effectively. The boy made a muffled little moan in the back of his throat. My hands went across his chest and my fingers found his nipples and I softly scraped each one with a fingernail, making him shiver and his nipples harden into little nubs.

“See how that heightens your senses? Feel how it makes the slightest touch…” My fingers pinched his nipples lightly and he jumped and squirmed. “Feel so much more intense?” Reaching once again, I picked up two clothespins. And what if I did… this?” One clothespin on one nipple made him moan and wiggle. “Or… this?” Another one on the other side and he moaned again, a deep flush spreading down his chest and his hips churned against the side of the bed. “Or even… this?” One hand against his chest held him in place while I moved a little to the side and drug my fingernails slowly down his back. Not hard enough to hurt or even leave more than fleeting red streaks, but it was enough. The boy arched his back and moaned as goose bumps appeared all over his body.

I was sure enjoying those little sounds he was making.

I was also enjoying the fact that he was hard as a rock again. Oooh boy.

The hand on his chest started sliding downwards. The boys arms moved, as if he were trying to stop me and he said “Uhhhh… I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Then hastily added “Sir.”

“A little wound up are we, pet boy?” He nodded and nodded.

“I’d probably end up doing your laundry too, at this point.” That brought a chuckle to my lips.

“Then let me do something to cool you down a bit, my pet. Well…” I chuckled again. “Cool down parts of you, anyway. Stay quite still, boy.” Moving quickly, I scooped up all but two of the toys and tossed them over to the other side of the bed in a heap. There was a stack of large towels in the master bathroom and I grabbed one and spread it over the bedspread in front of him… just in case my plan went awry.

And that… wouldn’t have been a disaster, really.

One of the toys I had saved back was a black rubber dildo shaped just like a cock about six inches long and maybe five and a half around. Holding it sideways, I grabbed the back of Jacobs blindfold and growled “Open your mouth, boy. Do it now.” When he did I placed it in his mouth crossways like a bit gag and said “Hold that.” He made a little muffled protest but I ignored it.

“Now listen very carefully, My little pet. In my other hand is a wooden paddle that I made myself. I’m rather proud of it. In a moment I am going to lay ten stripes with it across your skinny little ass. Not because I am unhappy with you. Not because you are in any sort of trouble. Just because I really enjoy recreational spanking now and then and it’s something that you will learn to get used to.” He made another muffled little sound.

“So here’s the deal: That toy in your mouth is one of my favorites. If you drop it before I’m done, the ten stripes will turn into twenty and I’m sure you don’t want that, do you?”

“Mmmmmm-mmmmm!” He shook his head.

“And if you get teeth marks in my favorite toy it will turn into thirty. Do you understand?”

“Mmmmmm-hmmm!” He nodded.

“And one more very important thing, Jacob. If you wiggle around too much I might miss and hit you in the nuts and I’m pretty sure you don’t want that.” He stiffened up and shook his head vigorously.

“Mmmmmm-mmmmm! Mmmmmm-mmmmm!” I chuckled.

“Yeah… I didn’t think so.” Turning slightly, I raised my leg and put one foot up on the mattress in front of him. I bent his body a bit forward until his chest rested against my knee. That allowed me to reach down his back and grab the rope between his wrists and pull upward, keeping his hands out of the way. I knew even the most dedicated pain slut had to fight the urge to put their hands in the way of the whip or the paddle or the crop, especially when it started to really sting. Perhaps in a few months when he had gotten more used to being over my lap I’d allow him to be hands free. But on this inaugural paddling I didn’t want to risk smacking his fingers with the wood.

This method held him fairly immobile and lessened his ability to make me miss my mark. Besides, with that tiny butt there wasn’t much room for error. The lad really was not much more than skin and bones. But watching his ass cheeks clench in anticipation made me appreciate what he had so much more…

“Are you ready, boy?”

“Mmmm-mmm..” He shook his head and I laughed softly.

“That’s too bad. You best get that way quickly.” With that I raised the paddle in my hand and brought it down with a loud “Smack!” on one ass cheek, scoring directly in the middle. The lad stiffened and raised his head and very nearly spit the rubber toy out of his mouth as he squeaked.

“I wouldn’t lose that if I were you…” And a second blow landed on the opposite ass cheek. He made a pained noise and wiggled some. “You don’t want it doubled, do you?” I brought the paddle up under the curve of his cute little ass and scored a strike right on the sweet spot, making him go up on his toes. His mouth opened as far as it could without losing the toy and he made the cutest little noise.

“Mmmmmmowwwww… Mmmm-mmm…Mmmm-mmm…” He shook his head.

I’m guessing he didn’t want the number doubled.

The fourth, fifth and sixth blows came in rapid succession. The first two just low of center and the last nailing the sweet spot under the opposite ass cheek. Up he went on his tip toes again and I could see his jaw muscles clenched and he tried to shoot me kind of an angry look over his shoulder. I could see the frown between his eyes.

I placed the paddle under his chin and barked “Are you leaving teeth marks in my toy, boy?” I saw his jaw open slightly as he shook his head in denial.

“Mmmmmm-mmmmm! Mmmmmm-mmmmm!”

“Good boy. Four more.” He nodded resignedly then stiffened and squeaked as I laid all four one right after another going from cheek to cheek. His hands were clenched and he did try to pull away from my grip to protect his poor stinging bottom but I was both too strong and too quick and he never got a chance. Each one struck flesh and left a mark on his little butt, which by now was pretty much a uniform shade of pink.

Now his ass matched his face. And I do admit it was quite a fetching color for the lad.

“There… That wasn’t so bad, was it?” I tossed the paddle aside and gently rubbed his poor stinging butt with the palm of my hand. He shivered a little and his hips moved back against my touch as it soothed him. He also mumbled something, but I couldn’t quite make out what it was.

“Oh, yes. Here… let me have that back, boy.” I pulled the rubber toy out of his mouth and checked it closely. “Hmmm… some indentations, but no teeth marks. Good boy. You’ve earned a reward.” Grabbing him by one arm and one leg, I tipped him over onto the bed and rolled him on his side while he squawked. Then he squawked again when he knocked the clothespins off of his nipples. I’m sure that stung a little.

I have a feeling that he was fine just standing by the bed, but the thought of actually being in my bed terrified him. Considering today was the first time he had ever even kissed another man, I guess it was understandable. However if things went as I hoped they would, he was going to be spending a lot of time in this bed with me and he better get used to the idea. Aside from the fun we were going to have out of bed, I was planning on using every inch of that sweet little body as often as I possibly could.

I had this picture in my mind… not sure exactly where it came from. Lying in bed on a Sunday morning. A fresh steaming cup of coffee in one hand and the morning paper in the other, my reading glasses perched on the end of my nose, as always. And lying across the bed clad in nothing but his collar, my pet boy with his head laying on my belly using his mouth and hands on my cock, trying his very best to make sure his Master started the day with a smile.

That thought always made me glow a little inside.

I was planning on pushing this boy until we got what we both wanted.

When I freed his hands, he started to reach for the blindfold. “Leave it!” I slapped his hands away then grabbed his chin firmly. Even if he couldn’t see me, I made sure he knew that I was inches away from his face.

“Jacob Samuel!” He froze. The middle name thing always did the trick.

“Do you want me to stop, boy? Do you want to go home?”

“I… uhhhhh… I don’t… I’m… not sure.” My grip on his chin softened.

“I am not going to hurt you. Not… any more than I just did, anyway. That spanking is about as extreme as I get when it comes to pain, boy. I’m not a sadist.” My hand went from his chin to the center of his chest.

“I’m not going to rape you, either, pet boy. Anything we do here is with the consent of both of us. I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do. Are we clear on that?”

“Y-yes. Yes, Sir.”

“Good boy. And as long as we are being very clear on the subject, you do need to be advised, boy.” I hissed into his ear. “Very soon young man… maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but soon, my prick is going to be in your mouth and you are going to beg me for the privilege.” He gasped and turned pink. “And you are going to suck your Masters cock until I come in your mouth, boy. You will swallow every bit of it because if you commit the cardinal sin of wasting even a drop of it I will blister your ass with that paddle and put you in the corner for an hour.” He shivered and made a strangled noise in the back of his throat. The tip of my finger traced across his chest, almost casually.

“Then once you have had plenty of practice swallowing my come, I will have you face down on this very bed, begging me to fuck you in that snug virgin little ass of yours, pet boy. And believe me, I will do that quite often.” He writhed underneath me.

“Is that completely clear, pet boy?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Master.”

“So since I have been very clear with you, I need to ask you a question, Jacob. I told you when you came that you could leave any time you wanted. So I’m asking. Do you want to leave?” He turned his face away from me and he turned that shade of red again. I leaned closer to ask him again but before I could speak his lips parted.

“N-no, Sir. I d-don’t want to leave.” I smiled, though he couldn’t see it then patted his chest softly.

“You are such a good boy. And you constantly amaze me. Now… hands over your head, boy. I’m not finished yet. Not by a long shot.” His arms shook a little as he stretched them over his head and I hear him mutter “Oh, fuck…”

Even though I moved slowly, savoring the moment, it didn’t take me long to get his wrists and ankles tied to the corners of the bed. The boy writhed and pulled against the ropes, but not in a panic mode. I stopped after each knot and asked him if he was okay. He actually seemed to be more than okay because by the time I finished snugging down the last knot on his right wrist, his prick had gotten completely hard again. It stood there at a slight angle, twitching softly. I smiled again.

He’d saved me the trouble of getting him hard. What a sweet young man.

And now I knew something else that got him aroused.

Oh, this was going to be so much fun…

I chuckled softly as one finger traced down the skin of his chest, making him wiggle.

“Nervous?” He nodded and nodded.

“Oooohhhh… yeah.” I chuckled again.

“Excellent. Well this time you won’t have to do anything but lay there, pet boy. I’m going to do all of the work. The only thing you will have to do is make sure you don’t do the one thing you are not allowed to do.”

That one took him a second or two to figure out.

“And what is that?” My fingers tickled the inside of his thigh, making him shiver and his ball sack draw up.

“Come without permission.” That made him shiver again.

“Oooohhh… Yes, Master.” he breathed.

I spent the next fifteen minutes walking around the bed from one side to the other, touching him without warning. His hands and arms, his chest. My fingers curling in his pubic hair and tugging lightly. Fingertips running up and down his thighs. Lightly pinching his nipples. Grabbing his chin and slipping a finger into his mouth, which made him squeak.

I’d always prided myself on being able to walk quietly. It often came in handy. And today it really paid off. Even though he tried to anticipate where I was I almost always managed to surprise him by coming from an unexpected direction.

That was highly amusing.

And he stayed completely hard the entire time.

Every time I touched him I said something. Something to make him shiver.

“Mmmm… you look delicious, pet boy.”

“So helpless, all tied up like that.”

“I could do anything I wanted with you.”

“I wonder how long I can keep you hard. Hours, maybe?”

“That pretty little mouth. It’s going to give me so much joy.”

My words and touches kept him hard and shivering and pink all over. Several times I managed to raise goose bumps all over his body, which made me chuckle in a most evil way. He was learning that my evil chuckle didn’t always mean good things for him and that alone would make him shiver harder.

Great googly moogly, I was having fun.

After I had driven him to distraction, I slowly climbed up on the bed and straddled one of his legs. Jacob was trying his very best to develop a superpower and see right through the blindfold. Try as he might though, I managed to keep him completely in the dark as to my intentions. I leaned over and fiddled with the toys on the bed, making sure to make just enough noise so he could tell I was doing something but not exactly what. I also leaned the other way and grabbed the pump bottle of lube off of the nightstand and slipped it beneath his other thigh to keep it warm.

“Do you remember what you are not allowed to do, pet boy?”

“Yes.” I cocked my head and waited for him to continue.

“C-come without permission… Master.” I patted his thigh.

“Good boy. And when you get my permission, what must you say before you come?”

“I…” Beneath the blindfold, his face turned a deep red.

“I only come for you, Master.”

“Such a good boy you are, Jacob.” I slid both hands up the insides of his thighs and framed his crotch with My fingers, not actually touching his cock but tantalizingly close. He writhed his hips, as if trying to make contact with my hands.

“Just so you know, pet boy… I am going to allow you to come. It would be horribly cruel of me to keep you this hard and not allow you any release. Besides…” I paused and gave out another of those evil chuckles. “I’d never get you back into your cage in this state.”

The boy shuddered and moaned and whispered “Oh, please, no…”

“I will allow you to come, pet boy. Eventually.”

“It’s just…”

“Going to take…”

“Quite some time…”

He moaned softly again, still trying to make contact with my hands and muttered “Oh, fuck…”

I won’t go into all of the details of the next twenty minutes, although I’m sure you would like me to. Suffice to say that I kept him hard and moaning the entire time with a stream of precome constantly leaking from the tip of his prick. We brought definition to the word “edging” during our play. I coated his prick with a light layer of warm lube and used my hands and fingers and a couple of small vibrating toys to bring him as close to orgasm as I could then backed off, making him pull hard at the ropes and once almost cry.

I thought I’d pushed him too far once when I lifted his sack and set one of the vibrators underneath, almost pressing between his ass cheeks. He lifted his butt up off of the bed and struggled hard against the ropes, crying out between gritted teeth. I had to lean up and grab his chin, almost shouting.

“Jacob Samuel!” He froze in place and I said in a low menacing voice. “Don’t you dare come without permission, boy…”

That brought him back down to earth and we continued.

When he was just about exhausted and I decided he couldn’t take much more, I asked him softly. “Do you want to come, pet boy?”

“Oooohhhh… please please please…”

“Please… Master.” I said evenly.

“Please, Master. Please let me come.”

“Such a good boy.” I wrapped my hand around his shaft and started stroking him up and down. His hips moved up and down in counterpoint to my movements and I knew it would only take a few seconds.

“What do you say, pet boy?”

“Unnnhhhh…! I only c-come…”

“F-for you…”

“Master! Aaaaaahhhhh…!”

I wish I could have taken a picture of that moment. The boy wasn’t a “perfect” physical specimen, but in my eyes he was more than beautiful. In the midst of his orgasm every single muscle in his body stood out in sharp relief as he pulled against the ropes and ribbons of sticky come shot out, spattering all over his belly and chest. I could see his heart hammering against his ribs and the veins popping out of his arms and neck.

If I were Michelangelo I would have carved that moment out of the finest marble, minus my hand of course, and titled it “A boy in ecstasy.”

I’m pretty sure that piece wouldn’t have ended up in a Catholic church anywhere.

Heh… heh…

I held his hard cock in my hand, stroking him as he writhed and panted and moaned. I’m pretty sure he came at least twice, which he told me later was a first for him. My movements slowed with his and as the final dribble of his sticky seed left his prick I gave him one final squeeze which almost made him hiccup before releasing him and climbing down off of the bed.

I murmured “Good boy, Jacob. Good boy…”

One finger touched his chest and ran lazily through one of the sticky puddles of his come, coating the tip of my finger. I raised my hand and cupped his chin gently, then slipped the finger past his parted lips and into his mouth. It only took a second for him to realize what I had just done and he made a strangled noise in the back of his throat while trying to pull away from My grip. Holding him firmly, I leaned in and hissed into his ear.

“Swallow it, pet boy. Swallow it all, as if it was mine. Do it now, boy.”

He struggled against my grip for just a moment then finally took a deep slow breath and I could feel his tongue moving against the tip of my finger in his mouth and his adams apple moved as he swallowed.

“Good boy, Jacob. Good boy…” I moved in closer and as my finger slipped from between his lips I kissed him. He startled me just a little when his mouth parted to mine and he kissed me back. He even made a contented sound when my tongue slipped into his mouth.

I’m guessing he had decided that neither taste was all that bad.

That didn’t hurt my feelings one bit.

I removed the ropes as slowly as I had applied them murmuring “Good boy… good boy.” the entire time. The blindfold came off last. He flexed each limb as it came free and when he tried to rise I stopped him with a gesture.

“Be advised, young man. If you get your mess all over my bed, you will be staying late to do laundry. Get up carefully.” I pointed into the bathroom. “Go and shower and get cleaned up. I think…” I added with a wry smile. “That you can skip your shower ritual just this once.”

I couldn’t resist stopping him on the way, holding him by the face so he wouldn’t get stuck to me and kissing him again. Those lips were full of such promise.

Besides, that was something he was just going to have to get used to.

Then came the decision point. The boy needed a nap, and frankly so did I. Of course what I really really wanted was something that involved staying very much awake.

But he wasn’t anywhere near ready for that yet.

Dammit all, anyway.

After his shower I had my pet boy clean up both his plastic cock cage and the mess he had made in the hallway. He looked so fetching kneeling there wearing nothing but his collar scrubbing his come off of the mirror and the few drops that had soaked into the carpet. I vowed to myself then and there to have him dressed like that as often as humanly possible. Even if I had to invent chores for him to do.

When he finished I said simply “Fetch your clothes and follow me, boy.” He shot me a look.

“I… Ummm… Yes, Master.” When he followed me out to the table where his things sat I said “Take off your collar and get dressed.”

“But, I…” he sighed. “Yes, Sir.”

The boy looked a little forlorn once he was dressed again. I took him by the shoulders, then turned him around and hugged him back into my chest while his arms covered mine.

“I’m not sending you home because you did anything wrong, pet boy. I’m sending you home because you need rest. And because… I need and want things that you aren’t ready for yet. I think you know this.” He nodded.

“I understand. But…”

“But you want to stay anyway?” He nodded again and I kissed him on the side of the neck then bit him in the same place. He jumped and squeaked.

“You will be ready sooner than you think, my sweet pet boy. And when that time comes we will have my mark put on your neck.” I kissed him on that spot and he shivered. “And after that you might never get to leave. So…” I turned him around again. “I want you to go home and rest. Think about what we did here today. And…” I raised a finger. “You may have unlimited play time tonight if you wish. You earned it.” That brought a little smile to his lips.

“Thank you, Master.”

And our first day together was over. It was briefer than I had wished, but still it had been an amazing day.

It got even better once I allowed myself the relief I so desperately needed.

The way our work schedules were structured, the lad and I only had one day off together which, in a word, sucked. We had one day to be together, two days where I only saw him over the internet, then four days somewhat together at work. I had to wait an entire week to get may hands on him again. And oh… I burned to get my hands on him. And his on me.

Not like I wasted my time in between, though.

Oh, no.

After that first evening when I sent him home, the boy was no longer allowed to play at all without me watching over the web cam. Naturally, I made him work harder and harder for each earned orgasm. I’d watch until he was just at the brink then shout “Stop!!” and make him count to sixty out loud before being allowed to start again.

Three or four cycles of that usually had him begging.

When my boy played he draped a small hand towel over his hips to catch his mess.

On the third night I had him do something different.

On My orders, he fetched a large beach towel and spread it across his bed and was not allowed to use another to catch the mess.

“I want it all over you, pet boy. I want you to feel it and smell it and taste it.”


“Just like you did the other night, boy. Yes, taste it. That’s a taste you are going to have to learn to love, boy. Trust me. Or would you prefer to just spend the next two days and nights locked in your cage?”

“N-no, please! I… oh, fuck…”

I drove him unmercifully that night. He was so tightly wrapped by the time I finally let him come that he almost passed out. But I kept him aware and cognizant enough to know exactly what he was doing when he dipped a finger in one of those sticky puddles on his belly and slipped it into his mouth.

I ached for the day that he first tasted mine. Not to make an intentionally horrible pun, but that was coming soon.


While I still wasn’t too keen on the idea of having him wear his cage at work, I took one step at a time and pushed him farther and farther.

On the first day I had him carry just the ring in his shirt pocket. It was just enough to know that it was there. He told me later that he was thinking about it all day, but that it didn’t distract him from his work.

On the second day I had him lock the ring around his shaft and balls, closing it with the pin and one of the plastic numbered seals. Naturally, I had him send me a before and after picture to ensure he didn’t remove it without permission.

On the third day since he was still locked in the ring, I had him bring the cage in his inside jacket pocket. He said it worried him, but since I hadn’t had him bring the other pins or another seal, he was sure I wouldn’t order him to lock his cock away that day and he felt better. But he also said that it kept me on his mind all day long, which was what I wanted.

On the fourth day, since he had performed so well for me the evening before, I let him go free and unfettered, leaving his toys at home. But I did have him get on cam and play for me once more before he went to shower and leave for work.

Along with the requisite taste, of course. I was determined to get him used to that.

On the fifth day, my boy startled the hell out of me.

He was waiting for me on the internet when I woke up and got to my computer. I’d barely gotten the first sip of my coffee when I saw the icon flashing that he was trying to contact me on the cam. I blinked a few times, then opened the program.

Without any “good morning” or anything he blurted out “I want it, Sir.”

I blinked again. “And a good morning to you too, pet boy. Now… beg pardon?” The lad was already blushing this early in the morning and having a hard time meeting my eyes.

I was a little confused, but I liked seeing him this way.

“I… thought about it all night, Sir. I barely slept.” I could see that in his eyes.

“Take a deep breath, pet boy. Calm down and tell Master what the problem is.”

He took more than one long breath and I could see just a smidgen of the tension leak out of his shoulders. But he still couldn’t meet my eyes for more than an instant. It worried me more than a little.

“Master, I…”


“To be locked in.” With that he finally managed to look me in the eye.

“Until I see you again.”

Really. I blinked several more times and took a sip of my coffee to hopefully forestall the insane grin that was trying to spread across my face.


Holy fuck.

And once again I had to stop myself from doing cartwheels in the office and yelling “Whoo hooo!” I’m sure it would have frightened the neighbors.

Okay mac… stop and think. And… okay. I composed my face again.

“I’m not so sure that’s a good idea, boy. As much as I like the thought of it, I’m afraid you might be too distracted at work. I don’t want you getting hurt because your mind is elsewhere.” He shook his head.

“I won’t be too distracted, Sir. I promise! And if it becomes a problem I’ll call you and ask to take it off. I…” He lowered his eyes and shook his head again as if in disbelief. “I can’t really believe I’m saying this…” His eyes met mine again. “But I do want it… Master.”

I tried to look concerned and sympathetic. “You know how needy that makes you when you wear it, Jacob. Come Wednesday you are really going to want some relief.”

“Yes, Sir. I know.”

“You realize that I am going to make you work for it, boy. I’m going to push you hard. Very hard. Harder than you might realize…” He nodded.

“Yes, Sir. I’ll be ready.”

I really wondered if that was true. Push again.

“Of course if your cage isn’t clean and ready as it should be…” Hastily, he held it up to the screen.

“It’s right here! Clean and ready like you told me.”

Such a good boy.

I had one last tactic.

“Could you put it on right now while I watched, boy?” His eyes rolled and he colored just slightly.

“Ummm… no, Master. Not at this very moment.”

“And why not, pet boy?” I asked, knowing full well the answer.

“I’m… hard… Sir.” I chuckled softly.

“Mmmm… Imagine that. So I’m guessing you are also wanting permission to play so you can take care of that problem.”

“Yes, Master.” I nodded.

“Take your cage apart and get it ready, young man.” Moving quickly, he disassembled the cage and laid the parts on the table. He was getting to be quite an expert at that.

“Then get a small towel, boy. And be snappy about it. I want to see your cock locked away and waiting for me.”

“Yes. Sir! I have one right here!” I smiled. He was already needy. This was going to so work out in my favor. I’d see exactly how bad he wanted free again the day after tomorrow. He moved the camera and scooted back up on the bed with the towel draped over his hips, just waiting for my command. He was nice and hard and I could already see the tip of his prick glistening with precome.

My… he was in a state.

“Take it in your hand and stroke it slowly, boy.”

“Mmmm… yes, Master.” The slim strong fingers moved up and down his shaft.

“This is the last time you are going to touch it until you see me again. I do hope you realize that.”

“Mmmm… Yes, Sir. It’s… I need that, Master.” His hand moved a little faster.

“I told you the other night some of the things I was going to do to you, boy. And some of the things you are going to do for me. Some or all of those things may happen before I let your cock free again.” His eyes went a little wide.

“Mmmm! Aaahhhh… oh, fuck… Yes, Master!” He was already very close.

“Who do you come for, boy?”

“Aaahhhh… I… only come… for you… Master! Mmmm…”

“Then come for your Master, pet boy. Do it now.”

“Ye… Aaahhhh! Yes!” His hand was a blur and his hips convulsed. The boys whole body was a nice shade of pink and his sticky come started shooting from the tip of his prick, spattering onto the towel across his belly. He spasmed over and over again, making quite the mess.

I don’t think I’d ever get tired of watching that.

In that post-orgasmic bliss, the lad had sunk back down against his pillow, panting. His hand was still clutching his softening prick as he lay there with his eyes closed. If I’d left him there for more than thirty seconds he probably would have dozed off.

But that would never do.

Tapping the screen I said “Jacob Samuel!”

That always got his attention. His eyes popped open and he half sat up in a start.

“Go get cleaned up and get back here pronto, boy. Go!”

“Yes, Sir!” Somewhat tiredly, he rolled off the bed with the towel in his hand and headed for the bathroom. I could hear water running and he was back in under a minute.

“Lock it up, Jacob. Put that cock away until I let it out again.”

“Yes, Master.” Even though I could see he was working quickly, I could also see that if he didn’t hurry he was going to be hard again. He had to stop and take a deep breath before he could slide his cock into the tube and it took a little bit of effort to get it all the way in and slip the pin in place.

Taking the plastic seal in his hand, he slipped one end through the pin then stopped and looked at me, a little bit of discomfort and apprehension on his face.

“Lock it, boy. Do it now.” He swallowed hard then closed the seal. A long slow sigh leaked from his lips.


“Yes, Sir?” I let a proud smile show clearly.

“You are a very good boy. And don’t worry. You have earned a reward when you see me again.” That eased some of the worried look from his face.

“Thank you… Master.”

“See you at work.”

And with that I broke the connection and went back to my coffee, a wide smile on my face.

To say that he had a couple of hard days would be misleading. Semi-hard and uncomfortable would be more accurate but let’s just say “difficult” for the sake of accuracy. Even though I did worry about him, I secretly enjoyed every single instant of it.

Lenny pulled me aside after I first got in asking “What did you do to him? He’s acting funny.” That got a laugh.

“Just trying to soften him up a little. He’s been playing hard to get.” I said, trying not to choke on my own puns. “I sort of grounded him for a few days.” Lenny gave me a quizzical look and a smile.

“Whatever you’re doing, it’s working. You should see his face! Wow…”

The lads face was a study in many expressions. He was trying to be stoic and poker-faced but it was quite obvious that something was making him uncomfortable. While he normally stood fairly still out in the break area I could see even from a distance that his whole body was in subtle motion as he fidgeted.

When I set my lunch box down I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. The boy let out a sigh and nodded.

Sidling closer I said “All right, then?”

“I’m fine, Sir. Really.” He replied softly. I leaned closer and whispered into his ear. “Call me and check in at least twice tonight, boy..”

“Yes, Sir.” He said then lowered his voice to a whisper and added “Master.”

He did call me twice and each time assured me that he was fine. In return I assured him that he was a good boy.

That evening when I returned home there was an email message that said “I really want to say “Please, Sir”, but I won’t… Can’t.”

To which I replied: “At this point, I’d say no anyway, lad. You got yourself into this and now you are going to have to work very hard to get yourself out again. Literally. On Wednesday afternoon you will be here asking me “please” in person with those big brown eyes. I always find those hard to resist, but I will try my very best to make it a memorable evening.

On that note, be here at the usual time. Bring all of your toys and be prepared to stay until morning. -Sir”

I could almost hear him shiver through the internet.

“Yes, Sir. I’ll be there.”

Climbing into bed, I closed my eyes with the thought of waking up next to my sleepy little pet boy and how good that would feel.

As was becoming more and more common lately, I slept with a smile on my face all night.

Tuesday… passed. It was a long day for me without being able to talk to or see my favorite boy while he was at work. There’d been an early morning email expressing his lack of sleep and more than a bit of regret about his possibly hasty decision to place himself in chastity awaiting my approval and removal.

At least I got to start my day with a smile.

After he returned home in the evening I got to see his face over the cam. The poor lad was tired after a long day and a night of no sleep. I’d briefly considered winding him up but chose instead to calm him down. As he sat in front of the camera wearing nothing but his collar and his cage, I had him close his eyes and imagine my hands on his shoulders, massaging away his tension and fears. Reassuring him that I would always keep him safe and that I would do anything in my power to ensure that as many of his dreams as I could came true.

The lad visibly relaxed and when I finally had him open his eyes again, I could see that they were tired and heavy with sleep. That night I had him sleep with his collar on for the very first time and I sent him to bed.

As I signed off, I murmured “Love you, pet boy.”

He replied “Love you too, Master.”

And we slept.

The first word out of my mouth when he stepped through the door caught him by surprise.

Actually the first two words did.

“Strip.” He just stopped and stared at me for a moment.

“Now.” His brain finally caught up and he started stripping off his clothes, stacking his wallet, keys and phone next to his clothes.

“Good boy. Collar, shackles, ball gag.” As he started putting his things on I added “I missed you, pet boy.”

Right before the gag went into his mouth he said softly “I missed you too, Master. I… wanted to come here right after work instead of waiting.” His cheeks tinged. “I… wanted you.” That made me smile.

I stepped forward and patted his cheek softly then reached down and pinched both of his nipples between my thumbs and fingers, making him groan and wiggle.

“Snap your fingers three times, boy.” He looked at me quizzically. I held up one hand and snapped. “Snap your fingers three times. Do it now.” Confused, he did so.

“Can you say your safe word?” He shook his head, a light slowly dawning.

“If your mouth is gagged… or taped… or full of something…” He blushed a little. “And you feel the need to get my attention or stop completely, snap your fingers three times, boy. Understand?” He nodded and I patted his cheek again. “You are such a good boy, Jacob. I am going to have to keep you chained up forever, I think.” He blushed and shivered again.

That thought made me shiver a bit too… in anticipation.

Of so many things.

Walking slowly around, I surveyed my handiwork. The leather shackles around his wrists were suspended from chains hanging from the ceiling, holding his hands high above his head. The shackles around his ankles were held shoulder length apart by a wooden spreader bar that I had made myself down in my workshop. The boy was, in a word, immobile.

And nervous about it. He was already starting to sweat.

“Snap your fingers, boy. Three times.” He did so and I stood right in front of him, looking into his eyes. “That is the signal. If you want to stop or need to stop or just want to ask me something, you can always do that. And I will stop. Do you understand?” He nodded. I put one hand against his chest.

“Take a deep breath for me, boy.” He did so.

“Now one more. Deeper.” Another deep breath. In through his nose of course, since his mouth was fully occupied by the ball gag.

The third breath left him visibly more relaxed. That was pretty good as I hadn’t even begun to frighten him yet.

“I’m wanting to get inside your head a little, pet boy.” I cocked an eyebrow at him. “Not just inside your body. That will come later.” A grin suddenly twisted one corner of my mouth. “Not too much later, though. Your Master is seriously horny, young man.” A worried little squeak came from around the edges of the gag.

A small table covered with a towel stood off to one side. My hand rested on it, one finger tapping. I could see him looking at it wonderingly.

“This game that we play centers around two basic things, Jacob. Pain and pleasure. There are times when the two of them get mixed and interchanged. Today we are going to explore both.” My finger tapped the table again and he made another little worried noise.

Since I had a captive audience, so to speak… heh… I pulled the towel off of the table, exposing what lay beneath and gave him a minute as he stared wide eyed. Another one of those worried noises that sounded like a muffled “Oh, fuck” came from his throat. The lads whole body tensed up and he moved as much as the restraints allowed. Probably without him even realizing it, his hips did a slow grind in the air as if he were trying to fuck something that existed only in his imagination.

I had a little bit of everything laying there. All of my toys were represented from pain to pleasure. Including a rather large bottle of lube and a glass of ice cubes. While he looked I fished the keys out of my shirt and laid them on the table. It was quite obvious that he was getting hard even with that cage inhibiting the process.

A long, slow groan came from his throat and the boy begged me with his eyes. That evil grin crept across my lips.

My fingers walked slowly down his chest and over his rippling belly to stop in the little patch of pubic hair, tickling and tugging. He moaned and wriggled. His eyes were getting a little desperate.

“Getting a bit uncomfortable?”

“Mmmm hmmm! Mmmm Hmmm!” He nodded. My hand slipped further down and grabbed him, holding his encased prick and balls in my grip. The boys eyes went wide and he squeaked through his nose.

“I suppose you’d like for me to set you free wouldn’t you, pet boy?” Eyes wide he nodded quickly and mumbled something that sounded a lot like “Yes please, Master.”

“Would you be horribly disappointed or surprised if I told you not yet?”

He made almost a sad squeak then took a long breath in and sighed a little bit dramatically, shrugging as well as he could in his position before he shook his head.

Imagine that… trying to make me feel guilty for being mean to him. Luckily for me, I knew how to toss that ball right back into his court.

“You know… I could just milk that pretty little cock of yours, boy. That would relieve some of your tension for the moment, I think.” Gripping him a little tighter I asked “Would you like that, boy?” Eyes wide, he gave a slow cautious shrug.

“Do you know what I mean by milking?” A shake of his head. Two fingers from my other hand laid against the ball gag in his mouth and tapped softly. “I’ll take one or two fingers… or one of those vibrating toys there…” I nodded towards the table. “And run them up your ass…” His eyes went wider, which I didn’t think possible. “Then I’d massage your prostate gland until all of your come shoots out of your prick. Thus relieving your pressure.” I gave him a quick smile. “All of the release with none of the orgasm. That way I can keep you locked up as long as I want.” A small whine leaked out of his nose and throat.

“You think that’s a lovely idea, don’t you, pet boy?” His head shook back and forth almost frantically. I couldn’t understand everything, but quite a bit of it sounded like “Please, no.”

“You don’t think so?” Another frantic shake of the head. “Really.” I cocked my head. “And what are you willing to do for me boy if I freed your prick and let you come the regular way?” The nod “yes” was almost as frantic as the “no” was.

“Anything, you say.” Another nod. One hand went to the center of his chest. “You don’t really mean that, Jacob.” He nodded again and I leaned closer, my voice dropping. “You know what I want, boy. Are you really ready to give me that?” He flushed a dark red and shivered, suddenly unable to meet my eyes. Dropping to a whisper I said “You are going to please me in so many ways, boy.” He made a little moan, almost of despair. But he never even moved his fingers.

A couple of laps around, touching him here and there while he groaned and wiggled, watching me. The occasional smack on his ass or pinch of a nipple and a quick shake of his trapped manhood kept him wide awake and attentive.

Pausing for a moment, I gestured at the table full of toys like a stage magician, the sweep of my hand encompassing all of the items there.

“Just so you know, before I let you down from there I am going to use each and every one of these at least once.” His eyes swept the table again nervously and he made a little squeak. I’m not sure which of them made him more nervous, the pain toys or the pleasure toys. When I laid them out I made sure that there was one medium sized butt plug right in the front of the array, right next to the bottle of lube.

As I watched his whole body tensed up and relaxed into goose bumps in waves.

“Of course the question right now is what should I start with first?” My finger tapped my chin thoughtfully. “Pain or pleasure? Always such a dilemma…” He made some noises and I smiled, then reached for the table.

“This is always a good first choice.” Stepping behind him, I tied the blindfold snugly over his eyes and leaned in close to his ear. “That way whatever I choose next is always a surprise.”

He shivered and moaned a little but once again, he never snapped his fingers.

It was about half an hour later when I finally decided to let him out of his cage for some fun. I’d seen him trying to get hard several times in the interim and figured his balls were probably starting to ache from the built up pressure. The poor lad was also a bright pink from the top of his ass down to just behind his knees and even the insides of his thighs were pink and stinging. Of course everywhere I had brought the fire, I’d also brought the ice afterward, cooling his inflamed flesh down again.

It seemed I had lit a fire inside of him as well. The poor lad had suffered bravely through his first anal penetration ever. First gently with a well lubricated finger while he moaned and groaned and wiggled. Then a small vibrator which buzzed inside of him as I slid it in and out and finally I had him take a series of deep breaths and I slid the plug up into his snug little ass and left there for the time being. That whole ordeal left him panting and covered with goose bumps.

From the way his body was moving, it left him aching with need as well. The boys prick was trying desperately to get hard inside that little tube and as I watched, his ass cheeks clenched and relaxed over and over again while his hips were in constant motion. Little tiny moans and squeaks were coming constantly from his chest. It was pretty obvious that while he wasn’t used to having something in his ass, the feeling excited him just a little. I’m sure the fact I had informed him I was going to fuck that tight little ass one day real soon was looming large in his mind.

Anticipation… another favorite of my tools.

Moving slowly, I walked behind him, my hands on his body all the way, across his chest and around his waist. A soft kiss on the back of his head just below the knot of the blindfold, taste of sweat from his hair on My lips. Another further down as my fingers wandered over his tender nipples, brushing against them softly. One more on the back of his neck which made him shiver, my voice whispering “Soon, pet boy. My mark here. Forever. Mine… forever.” He moaned and shivered, his head nodding.

One hand slid further down to just above his pubic bone, pulling his body against Mine. My crotch ground into his tender butt, making him squeak and moan as it pressed the plug deeper inside his ass.

He knew what I wanted… he knew what I was going to have… the thought both excited and terrified him. Made him shiver with anticipation and burn slightly with embarrassment. He also knew that unless he chickened out and ran away it was inevitable. I was going to take him… make him totally mine.

Really when you came right down to it, he had no choice at this point.

One more good push, then I was going to get at least some of what I wanted. The first step, anyway. Which was going to lead to the next and the next and the next…

Lips still against the back of his neck, I chuckled softly. My fingers wandered further down and enclosed his cock and balls, pressing him further into my body while the boy moaned and wiggled. I don’t know for sure if he was just reacting to stimuli or doing it on purpose but the feel of him humping his ass back into my crotch was starting to make me sweat as well.

“Do you want your cock free, my pet?” My lips brushed against his skin as I spoke, making the hairs stand up.

“Mmmm hmmm…” He moaned softly and mumbled something that sounded like “Oh, please…”

“Do you want to come for your Master, boy?” He nodded.

“Mmmm hmmm! Mmmm hmmm!” I squeezed him a little harder. Not to hurt, just to press him back closer to me.

“If your Master lets you come boy, will you give him what he wants?” He shivered hard, all over.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhh…” There was only a slight hesitation then he lowered his head and mumbled “Mmmm hmmm…” Another kiss and a little nip of my teeth on his skin.

“Good boy.” I released his crotch then stepped in front of him. Deftly, I unstrapped the ball gag and slipped it from his mouth. As he worked his jaw to loosen up the kinks, I took the towel and wiped the saliva that had dripped down his chin. As entertaining as ball gags were, they were still a bit messy. The glass with the ice cubes had melted down to a glass of ice water so I slipped a straw into the glass and held it to his lips. He drained the glass with a satisfied sigh and when the blindfold came off, his eyes were grateful.

Putting both hands on his face, I leaned in and kissed his lips while they were still cool from the ice. “Such a good boy, Jacob.”

“Thank you, Master.” The ice had given me a good idea and I slipped into the bathroom and ran a bowl half full of cold water and put a washcloth in it to soak. Setting it on the table, I pulled my chair around until it was right in front of the boy and sat down, keys in my hand.

“Do you still want your cock free, boy?” He nodded.

“Yes, Master. If…” He paused then added “Only if it pleases you, Master.”

He was such a good boy. Learning so quickly.

I’d have to give him a special reward.

“You know…” I mused idly. “Since you enjoyed wearing your cage so much…” One hand slipped behind him, pressing the base of the plug in his ass, making him groan and arch his back. “Perhaps we can set aside a time when you can wear both toys for me while you are away.” The firm little ass cheeks tightened up into two rock hard half moons and he gasped “Oooohhh… fuck…”

Smiling, I patted his ass then slipped the key into the lock.

“We can discuss that later. Right now we have other things to do.”

He gave a happy sigh when he heard the lock click open and another as each piece came off until his prick was free. I’d had to tug a little to get his prick out of the tube and it started getting even harder in my hand. I smiled and reached back for the washcloth, wringing it out in the water, then bringing it up and to cup his sack. Jacob gave a squeak and came up on his toes as his sack tried to retract inside his body.

The boy spent the next few moments gasping and breaking out in goose bumps as I proceeded to dip the cloth over and over, wiping him down from his waist to his knees. His hardon had faded some, but it didn’t take long for my hands to start bringing him back to life again. I did enjoy touching and teasing that proud bit of my boys body. He got so hard so quickly when I touched him.

“So… I got sidetracked. Where were we again?” I could see his breathing get a little harder as I stroked his flesh in my hands.

“Y-you were… going to let me come?”

“Really now.”

“Please, Master? I’d… unhhh… I’d really like to come for you, Sir.”

“I’ll bet you would, boy. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?” I squeezed him a little harder.

“It’s… been… unhhh… forever, Sir. Please?” I looked up into his eyes.

“You know what I want, boy.” He closed his eyes and nodded.

“Yes, Master. I do.”

“Look at me, pet boy.” His eyes opened and I gave him another squeeze, making him groan.

“What will you do for me if I let you come, boy?” His face flushed red and he hung his head, trying to look away from my gaze and my hand stroking his cock.

“What will you do for me, boy?”

“An… anything… you want… Master.” A few drops of precome were leaking from the tip of his cock and I took a moment to spread it all over the head with my thumb, making him shiver again before I resumed stroking up and down his shaft.

“Remember you said that. Because I certainly will.” The boys hips were starting to churn, fucking himself into my touch. I knew it wasn’t going to be too long.

Unless I stopped, of course. That was always an option.

But, no. He’d earned his reward. My other hand slipped between his thighs, cupping his balls and placing two fingers on the base of the plug in his ass, manipulating it gently. That deep flush spread down his chest and he groaned again.

“Who do you come for, pet boy?” I pressed a little harder, making him arch his back.

“Oooohhhh… I… only for you, Master. I… Only come for you!”

“What a good boy.” With that I leaned forward and took the head of his cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around and sucking on it. One hand stroked up and down his shaft and the other cupped his balls and pressed the plug up deeper inside of him and moved it around. Jacobs whole body was in motion against the restraints and he made little gasps and moans and shivered all over as I sucked on him.

My fist wrapped around his prick kept him from thrusting too far into my mouth as he bucked his hips. Even if I was sucking his cock, I was by Gawd going to be in charge. It was obvious from his movements and breathing that this wasn’t going to take long at all. He was alternately gasping and holding his breath as his body arched harder and harder.

Finally he gasped “M-master! I… only for you!!” And his sticky come started flooding my mouth. I held on and breathed through my nose as I sucked and swallowed all of the boys load. There was so much it seemed like he would never stop. I vowed then and there to always keep him wanting as long as possible.

I couldn’t tell you how many times he came that first occasion. It seemed like each time I let up the pressure on the plug in his snug little butt then pushed in he arched his back and released another load. I just kept sucking and swallowing, savoring the taste of my pet boys pleasure as it shot across my tongue.

At long last the flow trickled to a stop and I released him from my grip and my mouth, standing to to kiss his gasping lips. I sent my tongue into his mouth and once again, he didn’t seem to mind the taste so much.

Which was really good, as he was going to be getting another good taste of that salty fluid again real soon.

This time it just wasn’t going to be his.

It’s one thing to be bound and naked inside when all of the doors are locked and the curtains pulled. Inside the house, even if you are a bit nervous about the situation, you feel warm and protected from the outside world that might choose to judge or mock your choices in life.

But outside that door… that is something completely different.

To be exposed outside… first naked, second bound and leashed and third still plugged and completely erect… that was almost too much for him.

When I unhooked the shackles from the chains on the ceiling and the spreader bar I had let him stretch and unkink his muscles before I secured his wrists behind his back and clipped the leash to his collar. As I led him through the house the lad discovered the plug in his ass moved with every step and with every step he got harder and harder. So by the time we got to the back door he was completely erect and shivering. The boy was bright red from his hairline down to the middle of his chest and his nipples were both hard enough to cut glass.

I pretended not to notice but you can be sure that I did. That amused grin kept cramping one corner of my mouth.

As turned on as he was, the boy would have followed me almost anywhere, as long as I assured him I was going to let him come again.

Until I opened the back door.

The boy stopped dead in his tracks with his eyes wide and he gulped several times. “Ummm… Ummm… Uhhh… Sir?”

“It’s all right, Jacob. There is a privacy fence around my yard tall enough that nobody can see. And trees taller than that around it. No one will see you, boy.” I tried to be as calm and reassuring as I could. “Come now, boy. Three steps down and ten across and then you will be inside again. Come.” I put a hand on his elbow to steady him down the steps.

He gulped again and muttered “Yes, Master.”

When originally built, the little structure had been a single car garage for the house back when cars were fairly new in this part of the country. It had been added on to and enclosed by succeeding owners after the new garage had been constructed, turning it into a utility building.

Me, I’d spent the last few years anticipating the day when I would have a full time pet and turned it into a playroom. Shock absorbing rubber mats covered the hard concrete floor. Soft on bare feet and durable enough for easy cleanup in case of any… spills. The windows were tightly covered and electric sconces that looked like candles lit the room from around the walls. They emitted out an orange glow giving the room a dungeon-esque ambiance. The boys eyes were wide and staring again as they swept from one corner to another and around the small room.

In one corner stood a stand-up cage that would hold one pet or two if they were awfully close to each other. Diagonally opposite was a cabinet with it’s doors open wide to display another collection of toys. Whips and paddles and shackles and cuffs and chains and all sorts of fun toys hanging from hooks inside. One wall had a St Andrew’s cross and the other a prayer bench which would hold the captives legs wide open while suspending his wrists from shackles above. Planks bolted to the bare spaces in the walls had metal eyes as attachment points here and there. Sturdy beams that I had added to the structural frame of the building also crossed the ceiling for any attachment from above.

Of course one corner was left vacant with nothing but padding, just in case a boy needed to be put there. I was sure it was going to come in handy, given the way being cornered affected him.

Down the center of the room was a padded spanking bench that was adjustable in several of different ways and a small metal frame that was a set of metal stocks set to keep a pet immobile bent over on their knees with attached shackles to hold their ankles in place as well. Right in front of the spanking bench was a stand-up mirror on wheels.

Sometimes I liked it when they could watch, too.

Reaching down with my free hand, I grabbed the boy’s hard prick, making him squeak and shiver as I led him around the room by leash and cock. We lingered long enough at each item for him to get a long look. He stayed hard the entire time and I delighted in feeling the little quivers that ran through his body.

“Keeping this room tidy will also be one of your responsibilities, boy. Your Master will be quite displeased to discover any mess in here.”

“Yes… Master.” He breathed, then muttered “Oh… fuck…”

Completing the circuit of the room, I released him from my grip and positioned him in front of the metal stocks. One hand on his shoulder urged him to his knees as he eyed the apparatus dubiously. I unhooked the shackles behind his back and his arms and shoulders flexed with a bit of tension. He watched nervously over his shoulder as I knelt and placed each ankle in a metal shackle and pinned them securely closed. The boys mouth came open and he made a little moan when I pulled the pin and swung the top half of the stock open, exposing the holes for his neck and wrists.

“In here, boy. Now.”

“Oooohhhh… gulp… Yes, Master.” Trembling, he bent and placed his neck and wrists in the half moons of the lower stock, arranging the shackles on his wrists and his collar on the outside of the device. Another little gasping moan and he rolled his eyes as I lowered the top half and pinned it securely shut, trapping him inside.

“What is your safe word, boy?”

“R-red, Master.”

“And if you cannot speak?” He snapped his fingers three times. “Good boy.” One hand patted him on the back as he trembled. My other hand cupped his chin softly. “I will not hurt you, Jacob.”

“Y-yes, Master. I k-know…”


“I’m… still nervous. A little… scared of… what you might do to me. But… I’m okay, Master.” Chuckling, I patted his bottom fondly.

“That’s just the way I want you to be, pet boy.”

“Oh, fuck…”

It was serendipitous since the contraption the boy was locked into was facing the back of the room he couldn’t see what I was doing in the cabinet, crane his neck though he might. It amused me to watch his efforts.

Put as much effort into what is coming next, boy. We will get along just fine if you do.

A loop of thin rope went around his waist to cross in the small of his back and dangle between his ass cheeks. An end of each side looped around the base of the plug sticking from his ass, tugging on it and making him grunt and wiggle. I tied a knot resting on his perineum then threaded the rope between his thighs and looped it around his shaft and balls. The loose ends of the rope then got tied to the original loop around his waist, putting just a little more pressure on everything.

During this process his hardon never lost any of it’s temper. The pet boy’s prick was like a bar of steel, glowing hot from the forge and waiting to be molded by my expert hands. His whole body was taut with desire and I could see goose bumps all over his back and sides.


Topping it all off, I slipped a vibrator from my back pocket and slipped it between the ropes just above the knot between his ass and balls. When I turned it on low he jumped and shivered, raising his head and moaning. His ass wiggled back and forth as his whole lower body hummed with the vibration. When I turned it up one more notch his moans and wiggles got more intense.

When I sat down on the rubber flooring in front of him and took his face in my hands, the boy lifted his face to me eagerly and sought out my lips as I kissed him. His eyes were a bit clouded with unspent lust and his fingers clenched as if he were trying to reach out to pull me in tighter.

Pulling away from those delicious lips after a moment, I whispered into his ear. “You know what I want, Jacob.” He moaned into my ear as I spoke.

“Yes, Master. I know.”

“I’m going to fuck you.”

“Mmmm! Aaah! Oh, fuck… Yes, Master!” He writhed against the restraints. It was a good thing I had built them sturdy. I’d had to teach myself a lot of things over the years to get to where I was now. Woodworking and welding not the least.

I leaned back a little to see all of him trapped there in the stocks.

“If I remember correctly, you have come three times at my hands, boy. And at least three times that at my direction. Yet I haven’t come once yet with your help.”

“I’m… I’m sorry, Sir…” I patted his cheek then tipped his head up to make him look me in the eyes.

“Just so you know, Jacob. Before you leave… Before you leave this room… I am going to come inside of your body… twice.” He shivered and his hands clenched up tight.

“Yes… Aaah… Master. I … want it.” I slipped my thumb into his mouth and he closed his lips on it, sucking on it hungrily.

“I am going to come in your mouth, pet boy.” He moaned around my thumb. “You are going to suck your Masters cock like a proper pet boy should. You are going to learn to please your Master with that sweet little mouth, boy. And don’t you even dream of wasting a drop of my come. You will swallow every bit of it, like a good pet should.”

The boy moaned and shivered and nodded his head, mumbling around my thumb again. I slipped it from between his lips and patted his cheek, leaning close to whisper in his ear again.

“And after I have fucked your mouth Jacob… I am going to fuck you in your tight little virgin ass.” He moaned aloud and shivered.

“Oooohhh… Yes, Master… Mmmmm… I… want you in my ass.” He looked up at me, a little desperation in his eyes. “M-make me Yours, Sir. P-please…!”

“What good boy you are.” I could still hear the buzzing of the vibrator as it sent it’s little waves of sensations through the boy’s body. Rising on on my knees, I slowly unbuttoned the top of my jeans. His eyes tracked every centimeter of the zipper as it came down, exposing the patch of my pubic hair and the top of my shaft as it disappeared down my pant leg. Slowly, my hands slid the waist of my jeans down until my prick sprang free of the confines and pointed right at him.

His eyes were wide and a little gasp came right before he swallowed hard. I’m not porn star proportions, by any stretch of the imagination. I’d always considered myself to be about average sized when it came to that. Guessing having the boys first prick right there in front of his face made it a little imposing.

But I wasn’t going to give him too much time to reflect on that.

Master was seriously horny.

Wrapping my fist around the shaft, I pulled back the foreskin exposing the purple head of My cock. It was already glistening with precome. After all, I’d been rock hard all morning and frankly, I was tired of showing so much restraint. I’d already tasted his lips and knew how soft they were. Now I wanted to feel them wrapped around my prick. I wanted him to show his Master how far he was willing to go to please me.

The fingers of my other hand tangled in the boys brush of short brown hair and tipped his head up to look into my eyes. It took all he had seemingly, to tear his gaze away from my prick hovering inches away from his mouth.

“Do you want it, pet boy?”

“I… Yes… Yes, Master.”

“Do you want my cock in your mouth, boy?”

“Yes, Master! Please!”

“Ask me nicely, boy.” His eyes went back to My prick.

“P-please, Master. Let me suck your cock. I… want you in my mouth.”

“Such a good boy you are.” I leaned forward and fed it into his mouth. Not all the way, just a little more than the head. The lad was inexperienced and I didn’t want him choking. As often as I planned on him sucking on my prick (which was practically all of the time) I wanted his first experience to be a good one.

His movements were a little hesitant, at first. Which was entirely understandable. I’d just broken through so many of his barriers this afternoon that his world was being reshaped even as he learned that having my cock in his mouth wasn’t an entirely horrible thing.

“Breath through your nose, lad.” He took a long shuddering breath and then another and I could feel him relax into the act, his tongue sliding around the head of my cock as I slowly pumped in and out of his sweet little mouth.

“Mmmmmmm… that feels so good, Jacob. I am going to have my prick in your mouth all of the time, boy. Going to keep my pet boys tummy full of Masters come at all times. Mmmmm…” My movements got a little faster, stroking in and out of his mouth. He made little sounds around my prick as he sucked on me greedily.

“You are going to swallow all of my come, aren’t you, boy?” His eyes glanced up at me and he nodded slowly.

“Mmmm Hmmm…” Fingers tousled his hair fondly.

“Good boy. Oooohhh… very good boy.” Looking down his back, I could see that his whole body was in motion, especially his hips. I briefly wished that I had turned the vibrator to high before I had started.

I was having too good a time to stop and remedy that right now, however.

But what I could do was lean forward just a little without choking him and grab hold of the end of the rope tied to his waist and tug on it, putting just a little more tension on everything down there. The lad swirled his hips and moaned a little around my prick, which felt really good.

It became sort of a back and forth motion. Me pulling on the rope then thrusting into his mouth as he moaned. The boys hands were clenched and his whole body was pink and covered with goosebumps. Each time he moaned around me it sent little sparks into my brain.

“Mmmmm… Aaaahhh…” I gasped. “I’m going to come in your mouth, pet boy. And not long after that I am going to fuck you in your sweet ass…” He shivered hard and his mouth close tighter around my cock which finally sent me over the edge and I started spurting into his mouth. The sounds he made and the feeling of him swallowing with his mouth full brought me to the brink over and over again. After what seemed like hours of orgasm, I fell back on the rubber matting, my prick slipping from his mouth. We both just panted and I wiped the sweat from my eyes.

Once we had caught our breath, I grabbed a small towel from the cabinet and wiped the sweat from his face before I released him from the stocks. The little vibe was still buzzing away and when his hands were free he tried to reach for it.

“Leave it, boy!” He jumped slightly and looked guilty.

“B-but… Yes, Master.”

When I leaned the other way to release his ankles I saw something I wasn’t expecting.

A puddle of sticky come right below his body.

Once his ankles were free I grabbed the front of his collar and glared into his eyes.

“You came.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Without permission.” His face flushed red and he lowered his eyes.

“Y-yes, Master.” I frowned and released his collar. Standing up, I tucked my spent prick back into my pants and fastened them once more. The boy looked both sad and sorry kneeling there.

I snapped my fingers to get his attention and pointed to the corner wordlessly.


“Until I decide your punishment.” His hands reached for the rope around his waist.

“Can I…”

“No! I said leave it. If you lose it, I will double your punishment and send you home.”

“Yes, Master.” Halfway to the corner, one hand holding the still buzzing vibe in place, he turned to look at me once more. I headed off his question.

“Standing. Hands behind your back. Nose touching the corner.”

“Yes, Master. I’m… I’m sorry, Sir.” To his credit, he looked really upset about disappointing me. Hopefully we could develop that eagerness to please into a lifelong habit.

I’d enjoy that.

While I spent a few minutes rummaging through the cabinet, I pretty much did that just to keep him waiting and wondering. I’d already decided what I was going to do. It wasn’t that I was angry with him for coming without permission, it was just that we had to play the game. Actually I was pretty pleased that he had managed to get so wrapped up and come so easily.

It gave me hope.

There was a small rolling table I’d bought at a garage sale that I placed in there just for carrying toys around and keeping them handy. Making sure my back was to the boy so he couldn’t see, I laid a few items on there and covered them with a towel then tucked one more item in my back pocket.

“Take one step back from the wall.”

“Master, I’m…”

“Quiet, boy. I’m working.” Deftly, I slipped the blindfold back over his eyes and tied it snugly behind his head. A little shiver ran through his frame. I wasn’t exactly sure if it was from the loss of his sight or the fact that I’d cornered him or the fact that that damn vibrator was still throbbing away at his nether regions.

Perhaps all three.

Or maybe… he was remembering I told him I was going to fuck him before he left this room today. And maybe he was looking forward to that with expectation. Or dread.

I was planning on find out which real quickly.

“Hands behind your head. Spread your feet apart.” He did so and I knelt down and removed the vibrator and slowly removed the rope. He wiggled a little while I was unwinding it from around his shaft but he stayed hard the entire time.

Once again, I took that as a good sign.

I’m just an optimist like that.

“I’ve decided your punishment, boy.” I said, standing up behind him and grabbing his bicep. “It will be ten and three.”

“T-ten and three what, Sir?”

“You’ll find out when you get there.” Understandably the boy was a little tense as I led him blindfolded over to the spanking bench and arranged his body across it. That delicious little ass was sticking off the end of the padded bench with his still stiff prick pressing against the back as it hung down. Metal eyes set into the wood connected to the shackles around his wrists and black leather straps made from salvaged leather belts secured his thighs and his calves. One more long belt went around his waist, making him almost totally immobile, at least from the waist down.

Standing there right behind his body, I looked down and came to the conclusion that I had made that bench exactly the right height.

For so many things.

Without warning, I reached down and grasped the base of the plug sticking out of his butt. The boy jumped as much as he could and moaned, his ass tightening up.

“This needs to come out first thing, boy. But don’t worry. You’ll get something else in there, I promise.”

“Ohhh… fuck…” My other hand went to the small of his back, thumb and fingers pressing into and stretching the muscles there.

“Take a deep breath. And another.” I rotated the plug and tugged on it gently while he moaned. “One more, pet boy. Long deep breath…” On the third one I managed to slip it out of his ass and wrapped it in the towel that had been covering the other things. One more thing he would be cleaning up when we were done here.

“Good boy.” I patted his ass. He panted and moaned again.

The tawse was one of my favorite punishment tools. I’d spent hours and hours working the leather until it was nice and soft and supple. Of course that was just the handle end. The working end… that six inches of leather split down the middle like twin flat tails… that part was supple enough… but nobody ever said that end was too soft.

I hadn’t had any complaints, anyway.

Idly, I softly swished the tails across the boys snug little mounds. Nothing more than a tap and a touch and little pats.

“Do you know why you are being punished, boy?”

“Yes, Master. I do.”

“Tell Me.” The boys ass wiggled a little under the soft pats of the leather.

“Be… because I came without permission, Sir. Aaaahhh…!” A light swat across one ass cheek made him flinch.

“You came while you were sucking My cock, didn’t you?” When he didn’t answer right away, I gave him another swat across the opposite cheek.

“Aaaahhh! Yes Sir! I… I c-came while I was s-sucking your cock, Master! Aaaahhh…!” I gave him three light pats and a swat on the inside of his thigh. Moving to the other side, I ran the leather up and down his opposite thigh, making him writhe against the restraints in anticipation.

“Do you remember what I said your punishment was going to be, lad?” Pat… pat… pat…

“Mmmm… y-you said t-ten and th-three! Aaaah!” The swat caught him unawares and left a little pink mark against the white of his thigh.

“Good boy. It will go like this. Three and one and three and one and four and the last. Do you accept your punishment?”

“Y-yes, Master.”

“Just so you know… those earlier ones didn’t count, boy. They were just a warm up.”

“Y-yes..Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! Oooohhh…” The first three blows came as a surprise once again. I imagine that if I had let him watch through the mirror, he could have seen them coming and been prepared.

But that wouldn’t have been as much fun.

For the first set I concentrated on just one side. In the center of his ass cheek, just below in the “sweet spot” and the last down on his thigh, being careful to miss his balls. Each one left a nice red mark.

I laid the tawse across his back, making him flinch again at the touch.

“That was the first three. Now here comes the one.” He flinched again as a cool glob of lube dripped into his ass crack, right above the entrance to his anus. I pressed the tip of a dildo a little bigger than the plug he had worn earlier there and steadily levered open his tight ass with it. Naturally his sphincter fought against the intrusion but I was persistent. With each breath he took I gained another millimeter until we reached the widest point and it slid inside of him all the way.

The boy gave out a constant stream of moans and groans with the occasional “Oh, fuck” and “Oh my god…” as I worked the dildo in and out of his asshole, twisting and turning it this way and that. After about a minute of this action he actually started humping his butt back into me, even if he wasn’t aware of it.

To my amusement and delight, the boys prick, which had gone a little soft during the strapping, had sprung right back to life again. Just for my own amusement, I lightly ran the fingers of my other hand up and down his shaft and balls while I dildoed his ass, making him shiver and moan even louder.

I let this continue for almost two minutes before I abruptly stopped and slowly pulled the toy out of his ass while he moaned in dismay, his ass clamped down hard, trying to keep it inside of him and he let out a sad cry when it finally slipped loose. He was completely hard and panting, laying with his face pressed against the faux leather of the padded top while I laid the toy next to the plug for later cleaning.

“That was the first one. Now for the next three.”

“Oooohhhh… fuck.. Oh, no. Please… I can’t…”

“Do you wish to stop, Jacob? Say the word and it will stop right now.” He writhed against the restraints, seemingly trying to rub his prick against the end of the bench.

“N-nooooo… Master, please…”

“Take a deep breath, boy. Tell me what you want.” He took a few long shuddering breaths then arched his back, lifting his ass up into the air the little bit the leather belts allowed.

Turning his head as if trying to se Me through the cloth over his eyes he said “More, Master. P-please. The next three.”

“What a good boy.” He broke out in goose bumps when I lifted the tawse from his back and ran it softly down the unmarked side, like the leather was sowing little seeds of desire in his flesh. When I lifted it he made a small squeak and then a louder one when I brought it down hard on his ass. The “crack” echoed through the little room.

The second one made his whole body clench up, all of his muscles tense and straining. The third on his thigh made his leg spasm as he cried out and he shook all over. But even as he trembled in pain he turned his head to me and whispered “And one…” I smiled fondly.

“Yes, boy. And the next one.” This time his shiver was almost with delight as he felt the cool lube dripping between his cheeks and even though the second dildo I had chosen was even larger if only slightly, I didn’t have to fight as hard to get his body to relax enough to take it all of the way inside him. He moaned and humped his ass back into the thrust, his whole body flushed pink. I worked the toy in and out of his ass, imagining what was going in there next.

This time it only took about a minute before he said “M-master! Stop, please!” I stilled Myself.

“What is it, boy?” He was trembling all over.

“If you don’t stop I am going to get more punishment.” I hadn’t even touched his cock this time.

“Oh, really?” I raised an eyebrow. He nodded, face down against the padding.

“I… don’t think I could take much more, Sir. No more than that last four, anyway. And..” He tried to look over his shoulder again. “And the one…”

Oh my.. he was such a good boy. Especially when he’d been bad.

One palm stroked his lower back while I slowly eased they toy from his tight little hole. The boy moaned and shivered again when it finally let his sphincter squeeze shut once more. My fingertips traced the reddened patches on his ass and thighs then up his back as I walked around to the front of the bench. I laid a hand on his head.

“Four more, Jacob. And one… Do you know what that last one will be?” He shivered again.

“I think I do, Master.” He shivered again when I pulled the blindfold from his eyes and he saw My erect cock once again mere inches from his face. A small moan came from his lips. He watched as I pulled the foreskin back, exposing the purple head already glistening with my need. His tongue snaked out and licked his lips.

“Get this last one nice and hard, boy. Get it slippery and ready for my boys ass.” He moaned again and I leaned forward as he sucked me into his mouth greedily. Even though he couldn’t move very much. He made use of all the slack he had, bobbing his head up and down on my prick and swirling his tongue around and around.

That felt good enough that I almost wanted to just stay there and get to the next part some other time. For the moment I just considered shooting off in his mouth.

But, no.

This other thing needed to be done.

For both of our sakes.

When I pulled my cock from his mouth I leaned down and kissed him hard then pointed to the mirror, where he watched me walk back behind him and pick up the tawse for the last time.

“Four more and then one, Jacob.”

“Yes, Master!”

To his eternal credit, my boy watched the rise and fall of the tawse and counted each one out loud and after he husked “Four, Master!” he added “And one!”

“Yes, boy. And one.”

I didn’t give him any time to reflect or even anticipate. After I dropped the tawse across his back I shot another dollop of lube between his cheeks and pressed the head of my cock between those soft cheeks and to his opening. As with every time I had penetrated his ass thus far, with my finger or a toy and now with my cock, his body resisted the intrusion while he struggled to relax enough to let me inside. The boys sphincter spasmed as I pressed against it slowly. I could feel that each time it relaxed I gained another small step.

Jacob groaned in a mixed collection of desire and pain as my prick opened his ass larger than it had ever been before. His hands were clenched and he gasped “Oh god… oh, fuck… oh, fuck…” over and over again. Silently, relentlessly, I wrestled with that little ring of muscle tissue, gently demanding entrance.

When the head finally popped inside, he let out a yelp of pain and we both held our movements while he whined and panted. “Oooohhhh… fuck…!”

“Deep breath, Jacob.” He gasped like a drowning man and puffed it back out.

“One more… deeper.” As he inhaled, I leaned inwards a little, feeding him more of my cock.

“And again.” I looked at him in the mirror and mimicked breathing. “Deeeeep breeeaath…” This time when he finished inhaling my crotch pressed into his soft little ass cheeks as my cock slid all the way into his butt.

This time I had to stop before I shot off inside of him way too early. I’d waited so very long for this moment. Eyes closed, I leaned my head back and just held onto his slim hips while my prick throbbed and twitched inside of him. He was still making sounds of mixed pleasure and pain, but it sounded like pleasure was winning out rapidly.

It certainly was with me.

I leaned down and kissed the center of his spine.

“There it is, pet boy. Your Masters cock all the way inside your ass. Just like it was in your mouth. Filling you up. Owning you. Now you are all mine, boy. All mine.” Slowly, sinuously, I bucked against his soft cheeks moving my prick just a little inside of him. He moaned beneath me and I continued. “Mmmm… yeah. I’m going to fuck this tight little ass of yours often, pet boy. Mmmm… day and night.” I pumped a little harder, making a longer stroke. He moaned louder as he watched and felt me move inside of him.

“Yes, pet boy. This feels so good I’m going to fuck this tight little ass and that sweet little mouth over and over again… Mmmm… yes…” Two fingers stroked that spot on the back of his neck. “Soon my mark will be on the outside just as I am leaving my mark on the inside…” He shivered and moaned and I could feel him pressing back into my thrusts.

“Ohhhh… fuck. Oh yes… Master.” He whispered as he pressed back into My body. “Ohhh… fuck… me…” His eyes looked at Me in the mirror. “Please, Master… please fuck me… Oooohhh… fuck… please.. Ohhh…fuck…”

The slap slap slap of my hips into his stinging welted little bottom was loud in the small room. As were his increasing gasps and cries of pleasure. It took me a second to realize what he was saying.

“Please please please Master… please please please… oh, god, please, Master.”

“Tell Master, pet boy.” I grunted as I thrust roughly into his ass.

“Please let me come. Please let me come. Oh please oh please oh please…” I growled with pleasure, feeling my own orgasm nearing. My fingers tightened on his hips almost hard enough to bruise.

“Come for me, pet boy. Come for your Master. Come… unhhh… come now, boy.” Jacob howled and his body convulsed beneath me as I thrust into him as hard as I could. It was almost unintelligible but I did hear the words “I only come for you, Master!” His tight little hole and his ass cheeks clamped down on my cock so hard I almost feared I would lose it inside of him. That added friction sent me over the edge and I added my howl of pleasure to his and began filling his wiggling ass with my come as he spattered the end of the spanking bench with his own.

For the very first of many many times.

The remainder of the evening was lost in a light erotic fog of happy weariness. After we cleaned up the mess in the playroom, we took a long hot shower together and rinsed away the sticky residue of our fun. Not long afterward he knelt by my chair in the dining room, one hand on my thigh while we took turns eating dinner from my fork.

As much as I wanted him constantly, we actually just fell asleep together that night. Jacob laid his head on my chest with one arm across my waist and was soon snoring lightly. I followed not long after.

The next morning I was awakened by a wonderful smell and a soft voice.

“Master?” The boy was kneeling there by the side of the bed, clad in nothing but his collar and a steaming cup of coffee in his hand. I took the cup and a sip, then set it down on the nightstand and hooked a hand behind his neck for a kiss.

“Come back to bed, pet boy.” I raised the covers and he wiggled his way over my body and curled up next to me as I covered us back up again. He raised his lips for another kiss and I felt his hand slip down over my belly and close on the shaft of my cock. That little soft hand moved and I could feel myself getting hard.

“Mmmm… you are supposed to ask for permission, boy.” He looked up at me and kissed me again quickly.

“Master? May your boy suck your cock, Sir?” I managed a mock frown and a sigh.

“I suppose it would be okay this once, boy. If it will make you happy.”

As his head disappeared under the covers he sighed “It will make me very happy.” My fingers caressed the back of his neck as his lips closed around the head of my stiffening cock.

My mind reflected back on a fantasy that had once loomed large in my mind.

I didn’t even miss having the Sunday paper on hand.

“What a good boy.”

Written By: Justrex

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More to come! Let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to comment me ideas of what you’d like to read next. Thanks for reading, I hoped you enjoyed it.

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