The Bully

Cory gets caught snooping through a jock’s locker – Chapter 1

Cory Taylor opened the door of the men’s locker rooms at Richmond Rugby Club and stepped inside. The familiar smell of sweat and urine drifted up his nostrils as he placed a bucket of cleaning supplies on the floor. It was his job to give the changing rooms a quick scrub down after every practice to make sure the facilities were up to standard. Cory’s father Daniel Taylor was manager of Richmond rugby club and in charge of making sure all club goings on ran smoothly. He gave his son some extra change for cleaning up the locker rooms after practice and Cory was happy to make some extra money.

In all his eighteen years, Cory had never taken up his father’s interest in the sport and had just recently began hitting the gym after being motivated by the big, hulking bodies he had seen on the field over these last few weeks. While he had a long way to go before he’d reach his ideal physique, he had already made good progress and was starting to fill out nicely.

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At 5’10, Cory had always been a lanky kid but was hoping his newly found gym habit would help him to catch the attentions of a hot guy. Cory had never been in a relationship before and had never even been on a date. He was a good looking kid, a healthy complexion with light blue eyes and a great smile, but he didn’t know of any other guys in his school who liked dudes – at least none that he would be interested in.

Cory took his jacket off and threw it on the bench. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt he had recently purchased in the vein hope that people would start to take notice of his growing muscles and ripped blue jeans. He was about to begin mopping the floor when he remembered he had to check the lockers. Rugby players of all ages from teenage kids to men into their 30s used the club and people always forgot to collect stuff from their lockers. A secondary part of Cory’s job was to collect any forgotten items and put them under the desk at reception. The final team of the day had just wrapped up and the last few stragglers that Cory could see had left.

He started opening all of the lockers and checking them from top to bottom. Aside from a pair of dirty socks and a towel, there was nothing there. Cory was about to head to reception when he remembered he had forgotten to check the locker on the top right corner right against the wall. He knew that locker was used by the same person after every one of his practices. Cory walked back and opened the locker of George Johnson.

George was another eighteen year old student at Cory’s school who had played at Richmond for years. Cory had been embarrassed about his attraction to George since the first time he saw him. The boys had been in the same class throughout their years in school and despite being on the cusp of graduating, they had never spoken once. Of course, they knew who each other was. Cory had fantasized about George for a long time and George knew who Cory was by virtue of him being Daniel Taylor’s son.

From his first day, Cory had learned that George Johnson was a bully. He picked on any kid who was different from him. At 6’4 and weighing 260 pounds, he was someone not to be messed with. He was the school’s star prop and everyone expected him to turn professional after he graduated. He had never tried to pick on Cory during school because of George’s close relationship with Daniel except for once when Cory was fourteen and had bumped into him when leaving class and George pushed him.

“Watch where you’re fuckin’ going!” he grunted.

Standing in the changing rooms, Cory began to think back on that day. He felt his face turn red as his blood boil. How dare this asshole push him like that, it was an accident. He remembered glaring at the much larger boy with hatred, furious that he didn’t have the strength to push him back – at least not without getting his ass kicked right after.

Cory had fantasized about George for a long time. Despite his horrible attitude, it was difficult not to. He had broad shoulders, tanned skin, massive arms and thick, hairy legs. When he was dressed in his rugby shorts, Cory would bite his lip, staring at his large, round glutes that were barely contained by his shorts. With his height, size, and severe but handsome face, George cut an imposing figure.

Opening his locker, Cory was surprised to see virtually all of George’s things were still in it. His bag was still filled with the clothes he had worn when he arrived and some of them spilled out onto the floor when Cory opened the locker. He bent down and scooped up the t-shirt and jeans that slipped out and pushed them back into the bag. Looking down, he noticed George’s jock strap laying on the floor. Cory picked it up and stared at it. He had jerked off many times in the past, imagining what George would look like wearing just a jock strap and nothing else. His muscles on display, his hulking body glistening with sweat.

Cory brought the jock strap up to his face and sniffed it. His cock immediately began to stir in his jeans as he inhaled the manly scent of George Johnson’s stale sweat. “Fuck” he whispered to himself as he continued to sniff the jock. He brought his hands down to his belt and got ready to grab a hold of his cock when he heard the door of the locker room close.

“What the fuck are you doing?” a deep, familiar voice said.

Cory looked up and felt his stomach turn as George Johnson stared at him, a furious look in his eyes. His heart began to race. How could he explain this? There was nothing to say, it was blatantly obvious what he had been doing.

“You were sniffing my fucking jock!”

Cory tossed the jock back into the locker and slammed it shut. He faced George again but found it hard to look into his fierce, dark eyes.

“I’m sorry man, I didn’t –”

“What are you, some kind of faggot?” George asked.

“No, I’m not. I just –”

“Just what?” George yelled, taking a step towards Cory. “I watched you. “You were standing there sniffing my jock like a little fucking bitch.” He was now standing an inch away from Cory, he came even closer and nudged him with his chest.

Cory took a step back – he was terrified. He was eye level with George’s bulging neck and he felt his heavy breathing coming down on his forehead. Cory had never felt so intimidated.

“George, seriously, I, I don’t know what I was do-”

“Did they smell good?” George asked. His tone was serious and severe.

“Please, look I’m really sorry –”

“Did they smell good?” he asked again, louder.

Cory could tell he would not be asking him a third time.

“I, I don’t know…Yeah, I guess…Yeah, they smelt good.”

Cory felt sick. What the fuck had he just said? His heart was racing. He knew what was coming next. George was going to beat the shit out of him.

“I’ve been seeing the way you look at me when I come round here,” George smirked. “I see the way you watch me on the field, looking me up and down, checking out my ass.”

Cory’s head was facing the floor, he was too scared to look into his aggressor’s face. He was sure a punch was coming any second.

“I fucking knew you were queer,” he said.

“I’m not queer,” Cory muttered.

“Is this what you fucking want?” George grabbed Cory’s right hand and placed it onto the large bulge in his shorts. Cory froze. He could feel the girth of George’s meat in his hand as it started to grow. Was there any part of this guy that wasn’t huge?

“No,” Cory said and tried to remove his hand before George immediately placed it back.

“George, please, I really don’t-”

“Shut the fuck up!” George grabbed a clump of the weaker boy’s hair and dragged him across the changing rooms to the benches. George sat down and spread his legs. He places his large hands onto Cory’s shoulders and pressed down. Cory’s legs immediately gave way and he found himself on his knees between the stud’s muscular thighs. He could make out the mushroom head of the stud’s dick. He couldn’t believe how big his meat was flaccid.

“Take my cock out, faggot,” George demanded.

Cory immediately did what he was asked. He was afraid what might happen if he tried to refuse. But he didn’t want to – Cory wanted to see George’s cock. He had wanted to see it and touch it for so long. He wanted to feel it slapping against his face, turning him into a bitch.

The scared teen obeyed the command and pulled down George’s shorts. The rugby player’s hard cock sprang out and stood up straight, throbbing. Cory stared at the impressive piece of meat before his eyes and licked his lips. George laughed.

“Look at you, licking your fucking lips like a girl,” he sneered.

George grabbed Cory’s head and shoved him down onto his throbbing cock.

Cory gagged as he felt the head hit the back of this throat. He had never sucked dick before. George’s grip on the bitch’s head tightened as he forced his mouth up and down.

“Suck it good, fag boy.”

Cory licked the shaft of George’s dick, his lips working on overdrive to please the hunk looking down on him. He couldn’t believe how good George’s dick tasted. It was better than he had ever imagined. Cory could smell the manly scent coming from his balls as his mouth took in the massive God cock.

“Does it taste good?”


“What’d you say?” George pulled Cory off his dick and stared into his eyes. Cory’s mouth hung open, a strand of saliva ran down his chin. “What’d you say?” he repeated.

“It tastes amazing Sir.”

George smirked and forced his cock back into Cory’s eager mouth. What had Cory just said? George had not asked him to call him Sir, but he felt he had to. Cory could hardly understand the feelings that were washing over him as he sucked on the throbbing dick. He wanted to please him so badly – he would do whatever he was asked.

“Say, ‘I’m a cocksucking faggot'” George ordered.

Cory tried to bring his head up to speak but felt George’s strong hand bring it back down again.

“Mmacukskinngfaggt” Cory coughed and gagged as he attempted to obey the command. Saliva ran down George’s nuts as the scared boy did what he was told.

George threw his head back and laughed. He pushed Cory off his dick and watched him fall back onto the floor. He pulled his rugby shirt off and kicked his shorts off from around his ankles.

“You need to get better at that, boy,” he said. “You’re an average cocksucker at best. I’ve had much better.”

“I’ll improve, Sir,” Cory muttered, ashamed.

Turning around, the boy was greeted with a magnificent view of George’s thick, muscular ass.

“Kiss my ass, fag.”

Cory crawled on his hands and knees back over to the man he had spent his entire teenagers years fantasizing about. He brought his head up and kissed the beautiful mounds before him. George laughed again.

“Do you know how fucking pathetic you look back there?”

He pushed Cory back onto the floor and squatted down – sitting on his face.

“Clean my hole queer boy,” he grunted.

Cory’s rock hard cock was throbbing against his jeans as he fulfilled his greatest fantasy. He pushed his face between George’s glutes and licked his hairy hole like it was the last thing he would ever taste. George relaxed his body and pressed all his weight down onto his target’s face.

Cory’s underwear was damp with precum oozing from his dick as he felt the full force of this muscle God’s body pressed down on him. He continued to look his hole and inhaled the sweet, musky scent of his ass.

“You having trouble breathing?” George asked as he rubbed his hole against the boy’s face. The athlete rocked his hips back and forth as he forced Cory to worship his hairy ass. “This is the only fucking thing you’re good for, faggot,” he said.

“Yes Sir, this is all I’ll ever be good for,” Cory agreed. “You’re ass tastes so good Sir.”

“Does it taste better than pussy?” George asked.

Cory had never tasted pussy but he was sure it must. Nothing could taste better than this hot jocks sweaty hole.

“Yes Sir, it tastes better than pussy Sir!”

“Of course that’s what a fag like you would say. You’d rather eat man hole than pussy.”

Cory continued to lick and kiss the rugby stars sweet hole. “Thank you for letting me worship you Sir. I’ve wanted this for so long” he said.

The teenager could feel his face turning red as he admitted his devotion to this cruel, nasty jock who took pleasure in humiliating him.

George stood up and turned around. He looked down at the flustered eighteen year old boy on the ground. He noticed the dark stains on his crotch. He saw how heavy he was breathing and the hopeful look in his eyes as he stared up into the stud’s face. He wanted more. George smirked as he thought about how easy it was to turn this guy into his cocksucking plaything.

“You want more cocksucker?” he asked.

“Yes Sir!” Cory pleaded. “Please fuck me Sir!”

The teen got to his knees and looked up at the cold-hearted bully with longing in his eyes.

“Please, please, please fuck me Sir.”

George smiled down at the boy. “Open your mouth,” he ordered.

Cory complied and opened his mouth wide and let his tongue hang out. Leaning over him and staring directly into his mouth, George spat onto the boy’s tongue. Cory eagerly swallowed it and opened his mouth again.

“Please fuck me Sir,” he repeated.

George picked up his shorts and shirt and got dressed again. “That’s all you’re getting boy,” he said, picking up his bag from the locker and heading for the door.

Cory crawled after him and grabbed his leg. “But wait sir, please fuck me,” he pleaded.

George kicked the boy’s hand away and opened the door and walked out. “Don’t ever touch my shit again.”

Cory remained on his knees, staring breathlessly after the God who had humiliated him. Who had degraded him beyond what he could have ever imagined. “Wait!” he shouted into the evening sun. “Please Sir! Please fuck me! Please fuck me! Please fuck me!”

Cory is ordered to pay a naked visit to the Bully’s house – Chapter 2 – Taking Control

A month after the incident in the Richmond Rugby Club locker room, Cory Taylor still couldn’t get the bully George Johnson out of his mind. With only two more months left till he graduated, Cory was eager to make the most of it. He dragged himself out of bed with the sound of his alarm and trudged towards the shower. He admired his body first in the mirror. He had gained more muscle definition in the last few weeks and had put on another ten pounds. He hoped men would start to take notice of his growing body. He stepped into the shower and turned the water on. Cory closed his eyes and fantasized about his encounter with George Johnson.

His muscular body, his thick arms, his sculpted legs. The sweet taste of his hole. The girth of his massive cock. Cory couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened between them. The pair had not spoken since that evening.

Cory had decided it was for the best that he stopped working at the club and told his dad he needed to use the time to study. The truth was, Cory just couldn’t face going back there again. He was embarrassed at how he had acted. He had let George completely control him – he had humiliated himself. The boy was afraid that if he stuck around Richmond he might end up doing the same thing again. He cringed with embarrassment whenever he thought of himself on all fours, alone in the locker room, screaming into the evening for George to come back and fuck him.

It was tough to forget about George completely, especially since he saw him all the time in school. He was trying, however. He really had been spending a lot more time focusing on his school work for a change – and he had invested more time with his friends to keep himself busy and prevent his mind from wondering to places where it shouldn’t.

As he ran his soapy hands through his maple brown hair, he considered whether George had spent any time thinking about him. No, definitely not, he thought. Why would a stud like that give someone like me a second thought? He could have anyone he wanted – and practically had. Pretty much all the half descent looking girls in school had been with George before. Some had even been lucky enough to have the status of his girlfriend for a while. Although they never lasted long.

Cory stepped out of the shower, dried himself and began to get dressed. By the time he got to school, class had already started. He rushed into English class and took a seat at the back of the room.

“Nice of you to join us Cory, fifteen minutes late,” his teacher said.

“Sorry Ms. Watson,” Cory replied. Looks like I spent more time in the shower than I realised, he thought.

The day dragged on as normal until the class before lunch time. Cory’s phone vibrated. He slouched down and brought it out of his pocket. He had a new Facebook message. It was delivered to his Other inbox, meaning it had been sent by someone he wasn’t friends with. Cory clicked into the message felt his stomach drop. It was from George.

-Hey faggot. I’ve noticed you haven’t been hanging around the changing rooms after practice lately. I asked your dad about it and he said you don’t have the time cause you’re too busy studying. Like fuck I believe that. I know you left cause of me and because of how you so eagerly humiliated yourself in front of me like that. The truth is, I’m disappointed. I thought maybe you had the guts to stick around and face me again but then I remembered what a wimpy little bitch I’m dealing with here. I’m going to give you one more chance to prove yourself to me, boy. At lunch, go into the girls bathroom, take your clothes off and send me a picture of you sitting on the girls toilet with your legs in the air. Make sure the camera can see your hole. Don’t you fuckin’ dare go into the boy’s bathroom instead – that’s for real men to use. I’ll expect the picture within ten minutes of the bell ringing. If I don’t get it – I wont be happy.

Cory read the message three times, back and forth, taking every word in. His heart was racing. What would George do to him if he didn’t obey the order? And why was he contacting him now, a month later when they hadn’t spoken to each other at all since. And what did he want a picture for? Granted, he had never seen Cory naked, but Cory didn’t think he had wanted to. Their encounter was all about pleasing George.

He thought once more about how embarrassed he had felt the last few weeks. He had never expected himself to act so submissive around the stud, no matter how intimidating he may be – but it was instinctive. He felt he had to do it.

Putting his phone back into his pocket, Cory decided that none of these thoughts were important. Putting his pride aside, he reasoned that the only thing that mattered was doing whatever George Johnson told him to do.

With the first ring of the bell, Cory waited around for a few minutes for his classmates to make their way outside for lunch. His heart was racing as he made his way towards the girl’s bathroom. He was about to push the door open when three girls filed outside into the hallway. Cory darted down to a locker against the wall and pretending to be searching for something as the girls passed him by.

Taking a deep breath, the eager boy crept into the girl’s bathroom and locked himself into one of the stalls. He quickly pulled his pants down. As he sat on the toilet and kicked his legs in the air, he felt blood rushing to his face. He was mortified. He was naked in the girl’s toilets with his legs in the air and all because some scary bully had told him that’s what he had to do. Cory knew the only reason he had made him go to the girl’s room was to emasculate him even further.

He took the picture of his hole like the rugby stud had asked. Cory quickly sent it to the bully and immediately received a response.

-Be at my house tonight for 8pm. My parents are out of town.

When school ended, Cory rushed home. He wondered into the kitchen and grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl. After climbing the stairs to his room, Cory lay on his bed and began sucking on the banana. George had told him he needed to get better cock sucking skills so every day for the last month he would spend at least thirty minutes practicing on a banana and picturing George’s magnificent cock in its place.

He grew hard thinking about what the evening had in store for him. He had quit the rugby club so he wouldn’t be tempted to humiliate himself in front of George again but this was different. George had directly contacted him and given him an order. Cory just couldn’t bring himself to refuse. He had to do what the muscle bound stud told him to do. It was a compulsion he couldn’t control no matter how ashamed he may have been of it.

Imagine if his parents knew – what if his father found out? Could George tell him? No, surely he wouldn’t.

At 8pm, Cory walked up the footbath to the front door of George Johnson’s house. It was a magnificent house. A red-bricked two story with a fountain in the garden. As he walked up to the front door, the nervous teen saw a note taped to the handle waiting for him.

Don’t knock, let yourself in – it read.

He grabbed the note and clumped it into his pocket. Opening the door, Cory took a deep breath and stepped inside. The interior of the Johnson family home was just as impressive as the exterior. Mahogany wood lined the floor leading up to the grand staircase. The walls were a deep maroon and several photos of the family hung from them.

Cory admired a photograph of George with his mother and father. His mother was petite and blonde with a delicate face. George’s father was like a more mature version of his son. Similar bone structure with an almost identical build except for a little more excess weight and a generous amount of dark stubble.

“Take your clothes off,” a voice commanded. It was deep and authoritative. George.

Cory’s eyes darted around. He couldn’t see anyone. He noticed a door beyond the staircase was ajar and there was light coming from inside. Doing as he was told, Cory unbuttoned his jacket and took his school jumper off. He was about to hang them on the coat rack when the man in charge spoke again.

“On the floor,” he said.

Cory hurried his pace and pulled his shoes off, followed by his trousers. His pulse was quickening and he could feel the hairs on his neck standing up. He had no idea what he was in for. When he was down to his underwear, he took one more deep breath and dropped his briefs to the floor. George had never seen Cory naked before. The boy hoped that the stud would be happy with what he saw.

“Get down on your knees and crawl in here,” George ordered.

Cory bent down and shivered as his knees touched the cold wooden floor. He began crawling along the foyer, past the stairs and towards the open door before him. His cock began to stiffen as he pushed the door open to meet the man who captivated him so.

The door led into the Johnson’s dining room. Cory peered above the large rectangular table and saw George at the end sitting in what he assumed would be his father’s chair. He was shirtless with his tight school pants still on. Cory could make out George’s glorious bulge in the groin of his pants.

“What are you waiting for cock sucker?” George asked. “Get the fuck over here and worship me.”

Cory crawled underneath the table as his mouth began to water. Once again he was greeted by the exquisite sight of George’s thick, muscular legs. The dark hair that coated his thighs and calves that made him so masculine. It didn’t matter how hard he tried to work out or bulk up, he’d never be half the man George was.

The boy crept out from under the table and was greeted by the breath taking sight of the stud’s massive bulge. Reaching his hand to the button of George’s tight school pants, Cory prepared to take his cock. George grabbed his wrist and stopped him from unleashing his dick. His wrist ached as George squeezed it. The boy wasn’t even sure if he was squeezing it hard or not, it was difficult to tell – he was just so strong.

“Not yet,” he said sternly. “I made you crawl under the table for a reason faggot.”

George raised his right foot and stamped it.

“Kiss my fuckin’ feet.”

The rugby god put his hands in his lap and waited expectantly for the boy to begin his worship. Cory put his hands around George’s shoes and helped him take them off. His feet were huge. Cory couldn’t be sure but they looked like at least a size fourteen.

George was wearing white socks. Cory cupped his right foot in both hands and bent his head down to begin worshipping them before being kicked back onto the ground.

“Take the socks off too, queer boy. What are you, stupid?”

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir,” Cory replied. His face turned red with embarrassment. He wasn’t normally this dim. It was just something about being around George that turned him into a blubbering fool.

Cory pulled George’s socks off to reveal his gargantuan feet. They were covered in dark tufts of hair and upon removing his socks, Cory immediately inhaled their scent. They weren’t unclean, but had been put to good use that day.

The smell was hot and manly.

Bringing his head down once more, Cory began to lick the soles of George’s feet. He brought his tongue up to his toes and brought them into his mouth, savouring the salty taste.

“How do those feet taste faggot?”

“They taste amazing George,” Cory muttered, kissing each toe one by one.

“The fuck did you just call me?”

“Shit, I’m sorry Sir!”

George brought his right foot back and hit Cory in the face with it. He fell back on the floor and groaned with pain. His eyes winced and filled with water from the stinging sensation taking over his face.

“Lie the fuck down,” the rugby player ordered.

Cory crawled directly underneath George and lay on his back. His breathing was slow and heavy. Although he was excited – he was scared of what could be coming next.

George brought his right foot down on Cory’s face and placed his left foot on top of his cock.


Cory inhaled deeply and basked in the masculine stench of the stud’s feet. His dick immediately began to stiffen and soon was aching under the weight of George’s body.

“Are you starting to get hard, boy?”

George laughed and began rubbing his foot up and down the shaft of Cory’s cock. He looked down at the naked boy worshipping him and smirked.

“Queers like you are so fuckin’ pathetic. It’s just too easy sometimes. I catch faggots checking me out all the time. All I’ve gotta do is give ’em one firm look and they’ll be on their knees slobbering over my dick like it’s their last meal.”

Cory’s cock was throbbing and precum was beginning to run down his groin. He continued to inhale the scent of the God’s feet.

“Just remember boy, from here on out all you are is a worthless fag. You’re not a man and you never will be. Your only purpose in life is to be a cum dump for real men like me.”

George brought his muscular arms behind his head and laid back in the chair as he continued to rub Cory’s cock with his foot.

“And get this fucking shit off my foot fag.”

George brought his left foot down on Cory’s face and rubbed it all over him. The boy quickly licked off all traces of his precum that had been left on his sole.

With no warning, George lunged forward and grabbed a tuff of Cory’s hair. Standing up, he pulled the boy up from the ground and stood him upright. For a moment the pair stood facing each other, staring into each other’s eyes.

Cory longed to kiss his handsome face.

George pushed the boy back onto the dining table. Cory immediately brought his leg back and displayed his pink hole for the stud before him.

George smirked at Cory’s eagerness.

“You want me to fuck you like a little bitch?” he asked.

“Yes Sir! Please,” Cory pleaded.

“Beg me for it you fucking queer.”

“Please fuck me Sir! Please, I want it so bad! I’ve wanted your dick for so long.”

“Louder, boy.”

“Please Sir!” Cory raised his voice, his breathing was beginning to quicken. He could feel his hole twitching in anticipation for the thick piece of wood mere inches away from him.

“Louder,” George spoke in a low voice as he unbuttoned his school pants, letting them drop to the floor.

Cory could hardly take it anymore. He hadn’t just been waiting for this since that unforgettable evening in the locker room. He had wanted this since the first time he laid eyes on this muscle bound hunk years before. He licked his lips as he saw George pulling down his boxer briefs to see his thick, veiny cock spring out.

“Please Sir!” Cory roared. “Please fuck me with your big, fat cock! Fuck me like the fag that I am!”

George smiled. Not a smirk, a smile. Cory’s heart melted at the sight of a grin on his chiselled face.

“That’s what I like to hear.”

George clasped his hands around Cory’s thighs and pushed his legs back as far as they would go. Cory bit his lip as he watched the muscles of the stud’s arms flexing. George bent down and spat on Cory’s hole.

“Rub it in,” he ordered.

Cory brought his hand down to his hole and began to gently lube it with George’s spit.

“You ready for the fuck of your life boy?” George asked as he began to jerk his growing cock.

“Yes Sir,” Cory replied as he gently pushed his index finger into his tight hole, preparing to take George’s monster cock.

George stepped forward and pressed his mushroom head against Cory’s hole. Cory peered up at the thick slab of muscle towering over him. He had never felt so small.

George thrusted his body forward and Cory groaned loudly as he forced the girth deep inside him.

“Oh fuck,” Cory moaned.

George moved his hips back and forth, working his dick in and out of George’s hole. Cory grabbed the edges of the dining room table with his hands. The pain was intense. He had never been fucked before. He was expecting his first time but he never thought it would be this painful.

“Sir, it hurts!” he exclaimed.

George brought his cock out of George’s hole and then thrust it back in, hard and fast. Cory yelled in pain.

“I don’t give a fuck if it hurts! Take it you fuckin’ fag. I know you like it.”

Cory felt like his hole was being torn open by the sheer girth of George’s cock.

“Please Sir, please, it hurts so bad!” Cory gritted his teeth and continued to clench the edges of the table as he tried to take the pain.

George raised his left hand and grabbed Cory by the throat.

“Take it you fucking bitch. This hole is mine now. I’m gonna wreck your fucking cunt.”

Cory’s body rocked back and forth on the dining table as the giant rugby jock forced all his strength into pounding the boy’s virgin hole. He coughed as he tried to swallow with George’s powerful hand still firmly around his throat.

“Take it, take it, take it,” Cory whispered to himself, trying to ignore the pain.

George brought his cock out of Cory’s asshole and glared down at the boy.

“Suck it,” he growled.

Cory crawled around onto his stomach and brought his head over the edge of the table. His whole body was in agony. George gripped his face and forced his cock down the boy’s throat. Cory could taste his ass on the shaft of the stud’s dick.

George put his fingers on Cory’s nostrils and squeezed them shut as he fucked the eager boy’s mouth. Cory opened his mouth wider as he tried to breath, saliva running down his throat and forming a puddle on the floor beneath him.

“You’re messing up my fuckin’ floor. You having trouble breathing faggot?” George laughed. “How does it feel to taste your own ass on my dick?”

Cory tried to respond to the hunk but ended up gagging on his dick even more severely.

“Poor boy. You just can’t get enough can you?”

Still gripping Cory’s face, George eased his nine-inch cock out of the boy’s mouth. Cory gasped and burst into a fit of coughing as he began to breathe again.

“What do you say?” George asked.

“Th-thank,” Cory burst into another fit of coughing.

George slapped his cock against Cory’s face.

“Fucking spit it out! What’s wrong, fag? You can’t take it?”

Cory took a deep breath and regained composure. “I can take it Sir,” he said. “Thank you for fucking me and letting me taste my ass on your dick, Sir” he said, looking down at the floor. Cory still couldn’t bring himself to look at George’s face when he said things like that. It was how he felt – but it still felt shameful.

“We’re not done yet,” George said. “Get on all fours like a dog.”

Cory crawled around on the table and raised himself up on his knees – doggy style. Arching his back and raising his ass in the air – he made sure he gave the rugby stud a good view of his asshole.

“Look at you, archin’ your back like a girl,” George laughed. “I didn’t even need to tell you.”

“I know my place now, Sir” Cory replied.

“Who owns that hole?”

“You do Sir. This is your hole.”

“You bet it is, faggot.”

George put his hands around Cory’s waist. The boy’s dick immediately began to leak precum again with the sensation of the stud’s strong, manly hands around him. George eased his cock into Cory’s hole more gently this time, before picking up his former aggressive pace.

“Oh shit!” Cory panted. His whole body jerked back and forth from the power of George’s body.

“You like getting fucked doggy style boy?”

“Fuck yes, Sir! Fuck me!” Cory yelled.

George pounded his cock deep inside Cory’s hole, his balls slapping against the boy’s ass. Cory yelled in pain. The pain was just as excruciating as before – but Cory didn’t want it to stop. There was something satisfying about having his hole stuffed with rugby jock cock, no matter how much it hurt.

“You like having a cock up your ass don’t you, fag boy?”

“Fuck yes Sir! I’m a faggot who worships studs like you!” Cory panted as the rugby player continued to stretch his asshole with the girth of his meat.

“What are you boy?”

“A fag Sir! I don’t want pussy, I just want cock. I want cock all the time. I want your cock Sir. I need a real man like you to show me my place.”

“Fuck yeah, faggot.”

George groaned deeply as he ploughed the boy’s tight hole. Sweat ran down the chiselled muscles of his chest as he made Cory’s hole his. George knew he was ready to come. He slapped Cory hard on the ass.

“Come on queer boy,” he grunted. “Work your hole on my dick.”

Cory arched his back further and pushed his ass back on George’s monster cock until all nine inches were stuffed inside him.

“Fuck Sir, your cock is so fucking big!”

Cory squeezed his hole as tight as he could on George’s meat. The stud let out a loud groan.

“I’m gonna come. Get on your fuckin’ knees.”

George drew his dick out of Cory’s ass and stepped back. He threw his head back and began to jerk. Cory crawled off the dining room table and got down on his knees beneath George. He looked up at the hunk jerking his massive cock before him and once more marvelled at his appearance. His tight crew cut, his chiselled jawline. His enormous torso that gave way to his thick, manly legs. He was a god among men. Cory waited beneath him patiently.

Breathing heavily, George let out a loud groan as he shot his load onto the boy’s face. Cory jerked his own cock as the spurts of hot, sticky man juice splattered across his face.

George’s chest heaven up and down as he jerked the last few drops of come onto the fag who kneeled at his feet. He grabbed a tuft of Cory’s hair and pulled his head back – using the boy’s chin to wipe the remainder of his seed off his cock.

George Johnson had marked his territory.

“Thank you Sir,” Cory said.

George sat back down on the head dining room table with his legs spread wide, his cock still standing to attention. Every part of Cory’s body was in pain from the thrashing the bully had given him. His asshole pulsated from the terrifying force of the dick that had taken his virginity.

“Sir, can I cum?” he asked.

“Fuck no. I don’t want your fuckin’ pussy fag juice on my floor,” George said.

Cory looked up at George. His head was laying back against the chair with his arms held behind his head. Cory spoke again.

“Sir, did you like the photo I sent you?”

“What photo?”

“…The one of my hole. The one you asked me to send you earlier from the girl’s bathroom.”

“Oh yeah, that. I didn’t really look at it that long. It wasn’t for me,” he said.

Cory frowned. He was confused.

“Oh…but if it wasn’t for you then who was it for?”

“Not that it’s any of your fuckin’ business, but I sent it to my dad.”

Cory felt his heart skip a beat. His face grew hot and sweaty. He began to panic.

“Your dad? But Sir…wha-what would he want with it? Is he mad? What’s he going to do to me?”

The jock smirked.

“You stupid faggot. He’s not mad. I told him about the little queer who’s been chasing after my dick so he asked me to send him a photo of you. He’s away with my mom at the minute but then they get back, he wants a piece of your fag ass.”

Cory couldn’t believe it. He had seen George’s father Will before, but only from a distance. He often saw him dropping George off at Richmond or sometimes he would see him chatting to his father at the reception desk. He could only imagine what it would be like to be fucked by a hairy stud like him. If George was this powerful at just eighteen years old, his father must be out of this world.

George stood up and looked down at Cory who hadn’t moved from being on his knees. He was afraid to move in the bully’s presence without being told to do so first.

“Get up and get dressed bitch. I’m done with you now,” he said.

Cory put his clothes back on, slowly. Every tiny stretch was agony. When he was finally dressed he plucked up the courage to ask George where the bathroom was

“Just so I can wash your cum off my face Sir,” he said.

The stud raised an eyebrow.

“Are you kidding? You’re not wiping that shit off your face. You’re a gay fucking faggot, getting cum on your face is the only thing you’re good for. You’ll walk home like that.”

“…Yes, Sir.”

“You can go now. It’s almost ten and I’ve got a girl coming over in half an hour,” he said.

Cory nodded and headed for the door, a little jealous. Of course a muscle god like George Johnson would have somebody else coming over. He was a stud – he could have anyone he wanted. That must have been why he waited a whole month to contact Cory. He probably had plenty other sluts and fags to fuck. Cory stepped outside into the night air and shut the front door behind him.

As he walked towards the road, he wondered when George would next summon him to be used by him and his father Will. Cory could only imagine what it would be like.

He dreamt of the day he would service both men with every fiber of his being as he walked home covered in cum.

Written By: Sean Ford

Picture: Google+

More to come! Let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to comment me ideas of what you’d like to read next. Thanks for reading, I hoped you enjoyed it.

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