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Overnight in Jail

Damn my common name! Another guy with the same name as me was wanted, and the cops came to my house and thought I was the guy and I was arrested. Damn!


Alec knew he was different from a young age. Always looking at the other boys differently. Always looking at older guys with an air of desire. he wasn’t sure what it was until

How I Got Started

How I learned to enjoy sucking cock. I was introduced to the pleasure of guy/guy interaction back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Back then, there was a conference in Boca Ratan

A Dark Ride

I was trying to make the best of it. There just wasn’t enough alcohol at the bar to make me forget I was a fish out of water. It wouldn’t hurt to

Blissfully Hooked

One was in for his brother, the other for the money… right? – Chapter 1 – Kyle Parker vs. Aaron Hunter – The Contract! Kyle Dylan Parker was what most people would

Bicurious Boy tastes his First Dick

I’m 24 years old and I’ve always called myself straight even though I’ve fantasized about dick since I was 14. I’ve had girlfriends and I like pussy but the attraction to dick