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Country Boy

I looked up from my corporate provided Blackberry to see my little sister walking up. She pushed the handle of her rolling carry-on suitcase in and plopped down in the seat next

Fucking My Son For The First Time

The neighbor seemed nice enough. Although Charles had to admit that socializing was more Susan’s job and now that she had left and was busy with her new, much more hip friends

A Tale as Old as Time

Conservative Christian boys find each other and love – Chapter One To have an idyllic childhood in a small Texas town, all you have to is love God, love guns, and hate

Blissfully Hooked

One was in for his brother, the other for the money… right? – Chapter 1 – Kyle Parker vs. Aaron Hunter – The Contract! Kyle Dylan Parker was what most people would

Bait a Hook

Bobby has to switch high schools weeks before senior year – Chapter 1 – Relocation   “I can’t believe you are doing this to me!” I shouted as I stormed up the

Jocks of the South

High school twinks gets dominated by ripped farm-hand. Nick Evans loved Mondays. It was the one day he could skip class-the excuse of volunteer work had gotten him off school more times