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Gay Handshakes

Ask: Dr. Nerdy! It has been said that anal sex is the gay man’s handshake. To some, maybe. Other men don’t want to go so far so quickly. If this is you,

Fighting the Flu

Ask: Dr. Nerdy! Flu season is right around the corner. Every year, the CDC makes an announcement when the flu season officially starts and ends, with the span of months being from

Ask: Dr. Nerdy-Compulsive flirts

Ask: Dr. Nerdy! Is he looking at you? Does he want you? Has he shimmied up, put on his best, most seductive smile, then, cat-like, rubbed an exploratory hand on a not-quite-un-intimate

Ask: Dr. Nerdy-One Night Stand

Ask: Dr. Nerdy! Casual sex isn’t anonymous sex – i.e. when you don’t talk, don’t know each other’s name, don’t particularly want to. Casual sex takes place between two people who talk,

Intimacy Anxiety and Touch

True intimacy can be a challenge to achieve and many people are wary of risking it. A lot of guys we meet are up for sex and many interpret the slightest touch

4 Myths About Coming Out

Coming out can be an awesome experience. But it isn’t one that every teen is ready to dive into before graduating high school, or even college. Sometimes teens feel pressure to come

When Someone Close to You is Homophobic

Sadly, at some point or other you will likely come across someone who want to argue with you about being queer. Maybe they are claiming that being queer is “gross.” Or that marriage