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Fucking My Son For The First Time

The neighbor seemed nice enough. Although Charles had to admit that socializing was more Susan’s job and now that she had left and was busy with her new, much more hip friends

When Dad got out of Prison-Part 1

My early childhood was a pretty happy one. Mom, Janice, was a housewife and my Dad, Hank, worked on the Railroad as a conductor. We had a nice house in the suburbs

Taking It All In

The morning after the first night I spent with another man. It’s not every day one gets caught by one’s own son being anally pleasured by another man, but that’s how Saturday

Bathhouse Heaven

Getting a real taste of earthly delight. His rimming tongue had brought me to the point of deciding to do a hit of rush, for only the second time today. Several men

A Vacation to Remember

I was on a bench on the promenade at Playa Las Americas with my coffee and the latest English language newspaper. Looking out over the beach and the clear blue Atlantic. Enjoying

Dominated by my Ex and his Boyfriend

Taylor’s foot descends on me, a giant dominating his small slaveboy prey. I feel his toes crunch around my nose, trapping it, claiming it, owning it. All I can breath was the

Teen Lust

I remember when I first met Mr. Vaughn, I thought he was a TA. He looked young, mid 20′s as everyone always guessed, but he was well into his 30′s. He always

The New Boy at Work

He kept pushing me… Flirting with me… Giving me those sly winks and little comments… And there’s only so much a man can take, after all. Of course that went on all

His Touch of Ice

Hi, he said. How r u? Normally, butchering English would’ve turned me off, but since he was on a phone, I could excuse it. Fine, I replied. You? I didn’t expect an