Sweetest Sin

They knew it was wrong but couldn’t get enough of each other.

“Oh fuck, fuck…” Oliver gasped as he felt fingers wrap around his cock, jerking him with sure strokes. “Adrian…” He breathed, opening beautiful green eyes which were glazed with lust to gaze up into the intense amber eyes above him.

“Let go, baby.” Adrian whispered as he rocked his lower body, plunging into Oliver faster, deeper and harder, his thrusts growing more frantic. His compelling eyes, which were dilated from breath-stealing bliss, never left Oliver’s lust-filled eyes even once. “Come for me.”

Raw whimpers spilled from Oliver as his entire body locked into that moment of exquisite tautness that came before release. Their eyes remained locked together. And then Oliver felt it…a warm tightening inside his chest, a feeling so overwhelmingly intense it rendered him breathless. And at that very moment…that split second just before he fell off the edge, Oliver Bennett knew he’d lost his heart to Adrian Graham. Shit!

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Ropes of thick cum exploded from Oliver’s cock onto his belly in long hard spurts, some going above his head to splash against the headboard. His mouth opened in a silent scream as his body convulsed violently on the bed. He’d never come so hard…ever.

“Oh my God.” Oliver gasped as he tried to take deep breaths. His cock was still spurting onto his stomach. “God…” He felt so overwhelmed with emotions it felt as though his chest might explode along with his cock.

And looking down at the man lost in so much pleasure, Adrian was awed. Goddamnit, Oliver was something to behold when he came. He wished he could hold off his own impending orgasm and keep his cock within the nerve-rich tissue of Oliver’s channel for a while longer. But he didn’t stand a chance against those mind-blowingly sweet contractions around his cock. He felt his orgasm start in his lower back, race up and then down his spine, slam into his balls, and then explode through his cock.

“Fuck.” Adrian roared as he gave in to his own urgent release, filling the condom with his hot cum. When the last spasm faded, Adrian collapsed partially onto Oliver. “Gonna fucking kill me Olly.” He murmured breathlessly. He was feeling satiated and utterly boneless. When Oliver didn’t respond with his usual flippant comeback, Adrian leaned up on his hand and looked down at Oliver’s flushed face. His eyes were closed. “Hey, you okay?” Adrian whispered.

Oliver nodded and then opened his eyes. “I’m fine.”

Adrian stared down into beautiful green eyes. Those eyes never ceased to amaze him. They were eyes which pulled a person into them. And that was exactly what it had done the first day he’d laid eyes on Oliver. Oliver hated it when he was called beautiful but…those eyes, that face, his sexy model-like body, and even his sandy blonde hair with its casual messy haircut, made the man simply beautiful. And as if that wasn’t enough, those dimples just made Oliver so fucking adorable. Adrian tenderly brushed away the wet lock of hair that had fallen over Oliver’s eyes and closed the gap between them to touch his mouth to Oliver’s. Then he gave him a kiss so sweet a shiver passed through both of them. When he released Oliver’s lips, Adrian ran his thumb slowly against his lower lip, almost as if he was trying to lock them into memory.

Adrian gently pulled out of Oliver, shifted onto his back and got rid of the condom. He then reached for the hand towel on the bedside table and tenderly wiped the cum off Oliver, himself and the headboard. When he was done he flopped onto his back beside Oliver and flung his arm across his eyes, trying very hard not to feel guilty. Both men lay there in silence, each lost in thought till Adrian’s cell phone started ringing. He didn’t need to pick up to know who was calling. He sat up on the bed and picked it up.

“Hey.” He said softly but the surprise in his voice couldn’t be masked. After listening for a while, smiling the whole time, he stood up. “I’ll be there soon.” He slowly placed the phone on the bedside table and then turned to look down at the gorgeous man on the bed. “I have to go.”

Oliver nodded but didn’t move. He watched as Adrian walked towards the en-suite bathroom, admiring his gloriously tight body. The man’s muscles were hard, well defined, boldly masculine and undeniably virile. Adrian Graham was sexy as fuck. With a sigh, Oliver rolled out of bed and reached for his sweatpants and t-shirt. After pulling them on, he headed for the bathroom, knowing instinctively that Adrian needed him.

In the bathroom, Adrian threw the hand towel into the laundry basket, washed his cock and then just stood there staring at this face in the mirror. What the fuck had he gotten himself into, he asked himself for the umpteenth time. His heart was pounding so hard he was scared he might be coming down with something. Why should it be so difficult to pursue some happiness? He deserved it like any other human being, didn’t he? Adrian saw Oliver enter the bathroom and dropped his head to stare down at his hands. He’d gripped the basin so tightly his knuckles had gone white. When he felt Oliver’s hands wrap around him from behind, he let out a deep breath and leaned against him. He needed him so bad. They hadn’t been together for long but Oliver kept him sane. He kept him grounded. He’d become his rock. Oliver had filled a hole inside him that Adrian hadn’t even known was there.

“It shall be well.” Oliver said softly, sensing the struggle going on within the man he’d just realized he loved with all his heart. He felt him trembling and wished he could take his pain. But Oliver had his own pain to deal with too. He wanted Adrian for himself…just for himself. But that was not possible so he had his own burden. He rested his head on Adrian’s back and held him till his trembling subsided.

Oliver unwound his arms from around Adrian and pulled a towel from the drawer. Then he turned Adrian to face him and proceeded to wipe the water from this crotch. Then leaving the towel on the marble counter, he took Adrian’s hand and drew him back into the bedroom. Oliver sat on the bed and watched as Adrian pulled on his clothes. And as he watched him, Oliver had to suppress the moan that threatened to burst from his throat. Dr. Adrian Graham was not only compellingly gorgeous, he was also sexy as sin.

Adrian was absolutely, completely, totally male and utterly yummy. From his beautiful silky black hair, his strong handsome face, the broad expanse of his shoulders, muscled chest, flat firm stomach, his strong firm muscled thighs, flanking that startlingly massive cock, his long masculine legs dusted with dark hair, right down to his toes…he was a work of art. And Oliver had never seen a man look sexier in a suit. Adrian was one sexy hunk. Oliver’s eyes lifted up to meet Adrian’s amused ones when he heard him clearing his throat loudly.

“Done looking? ‘Cause I want to sit and wear my shoes.” Adrian drawled, a smoldering look in his eyes.” At Oliver’s embarrassed groan Adrian laughed. “You know if you continue to look at me like that it’s going to create problems don’t you?”

“Fuck you Adrian.” Oliver muttered, looking away from Adrian’s mockingly handsome face. He still watched as he pulled on his shoes.

Oliver never got tired of watching that hot specimen of male body. And as if Adrian’s good looks was not enough, he was a brilliant doctor who had accomplished so much for himself he was respected and admired by everyone who knew him. It was not surprising his hospital was one of the most patronized private hospitals in the country despite how expensive it was. Oliver felt he was lucky to even hold the man’s attention for five minutes. Although they always made sure not to draw attention to the fact that they were together, Oliver lived for the moments he got to spend with Adrian. Who wouldn’t? The man was an amazing person…both in and out of bed. Oh he had it real bad, Oliver thought chuckling and drawing Adrian’s attention to him.

The corners of Adrian’s mouth lifted slightly in a smile as he stared at Oliver. “Do I want to know?” He asked in that sexy voice that never ceased to melt Oliver.

“No.” Oliver said drawing a chuckle from Adrian.

Adrian picked up his car keys and cell phone and went to pull Oliver off the bed and into his arms. “Fuck, I’m missing you already.” He groaned. “Till tomorrow.” He said, still not letting go of Oliver.

Oliver nodded, knowing very well that Adrian was not going to wait till the following day to get in touch. He would find a reason to call or text him during the night. Oliver never complained. He looked forward to those moments. It felt good to know Adrian was thinking about him even when he was with…her. Oliver sighed.

“See you tomorrow.” Oliver said, rising onto his toes to kiss Adrian softly on the mouth. “Drive safe.” He said quietly as he sat back on the bed.

Oliver watched the sadness on Adrian’s face as he nodded and headed out the door. When he heard the front door close, he buried his face in a pillow and let out a scream. Oliver Bennett never pictured his life like that…being a side chic…twink…man….whatever. He never dreamt he would be a home wrecker. Jason, his best friend had warned him never to call himself a home wrecker but that was what he was. Adrian was a married man for fuck’s sake. What they were doing was wrong. But he couldn’t bring himself to call it quits no matter how hard he tried. Oliver had always been a just person…well till he laid eyes on the sexy doctor for the very first time. It had felt like he’d been hit by a thousand volts of electric energy. Oliver remembered that day as if it was just the day before…


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It hadn’t been love at first sight. More like lust. Oliver had literally gasped for breath when he first laid eyes on Adrian. The man was breathtakingly gorgeous. He looked to be in his early-thirties. He was about six’ two, had jet black hair cropped low and the most intense eyes Oliver had ever seen. Even as he fought for breath like a fish out of water, he couldn’t tear his eyes off Adrian Graham. Of course he automatically reached for his ventolin inhaler and pretended to take a hit so that the people around wouldn’t know the truth behind his gasp. Oliver groaned when he realized that his pathetic action had rather attracted Adrian’s undivided attention. That was obviously the doctor in him.

“Better?” Adrian came closer to him and asked in that sexy voice of his, his eye full of concern and yet so soft. And in that very moment, Oliver had been a goner.

“I’m fine, thanks.” Oliver had responded breathlessly, fighting the urge to shake off the gentle hand on his elbow that was causing his insides to go all fluttery. It didn’t help matters when Adrian pulled out a chair for him and sat beside him. Oliver had to suppress a groan.

They were in the conference room of Adonna Hospital, which was adjudged one of the twenty most luxurious and expensive hospitals in the US. It was a private facility offering top-notch medical and surgical services. One would definitely feel as though they’d checked into a five-star luxury hotel the moment they entered Adonna Hospital. Patients who could afford were accommodated in deluxe suites with huge bathrooms, large LED flat screens, in-room minibar, massage, personal stylist and even a celebratory cocktail party for ten people. Even single rooms came with their own LCD flat screens, telephone, internet connection and private nurse services. Adonna Hospital was guaranteed to make anyone’s stay feel like a pampering medical holiday, with world-class amenities. It was no wonder the hospital grossed an average of one million dollars a year, from renting out its deluxe hospital rooms. And it was owned by Dr. Adrian Graham, who Oliver was there to have a meeting with. Infolink, one of the best ICT firms in the country, had been contracted by Adonna Hospital to completely change the hospital’s ICT infrastructure and replace with new software for their operations.

Oliver and his colleague and best friend, Jasper, both senior managers at Infolink, had been assigned to handle the contract. Jasper, who had been the one dealing directly with Adrian since inception of their contract, had a family emergency so Oliver had to quickly step in for their final meeting. Emergency or no emergency, they had to meet the deadline. Their meeting that day was to go over the framework for the final time and get Adrian to sign off, before Oliver and his team started the work the next day. They also needed to tell Adrian exactly what they needed to enable them do their work thoroughly. For instance in order to successfully install the latest high-tech equipment, they needed the maximum corporation of the staff. Oliver also wanted to introduce himself to Adrian before he showed up to start work the following day. After all, he was a very big and important client. What Oliver hadn’t anticipated was meeting a man who would turn his insides to mush with just a glance.

Oliver was gay. He’d known he was since he was fourteen. He’d been the typical nerd but fortunately for him, he’d never been bullied in school because of his looks. His beautiful face, coupled with his tall, slender and graceful body, made him look so adorable the kids just loved him. Even the jocks and bullies in school were so impressed with his brilliance and sweet gentle nature that they never bothered Oliver Bennett. To top it off, he’d been an only child so had been dotted on by his parents. He’d gotten a full scholarship to MIT and had graduated top of his class. His job was waiting for him even before he’d completed school. Oliver had been hired by the biggest ICT company in the country and had made the firm even more rich with his smartness and innovation. At the age of twenty-eight, Oliver had more money than most people his age.

Due to the nature of his work, his love life had virtually been nonexistent. Yes, he’d been with men before. But he could count the number of men he’d been with on one hand. And that was not because men didn’t find him attractive. He was a handsome man…one who radiated a vulnerable sensuality to which men…and women alike responded helplessly. Oliver just didn’t have time. Jasper had gotten married right after school and already had a kid so Oliver made sure he stepped in for him whenever necessary, to enable his friend have some time for his family. Oliver didn’t have any problem with doing more than his share…he loved his job. Till he saw Adrian for the first time, he hadn’t been with anyone in almost seven months. ‘There are more important things’ was what he always said whenever Jasper or his mother told him to take his love life seriously. After all, he was only twenty-eight. And for a man, life was supposed to begin at forty…right?

So his reaction to Adrian Graham had shocked Oliver like nothing ever had. But for his brilliance at what he did, that meeting would have been a disaster. Eventually, they’d agreed on the parameters and work had started the following day. Oliver’s team had been all over the hospital, installing what they had to. Oliver himself had been given an office in the hospital where he was to work from. Apart from the fact that he needed peace to concentrate on the part he was working on…which was the main server, he was bent on completing before time.

The first time Adrian came to Oliver’s office to ask him how the work was progressing, Oliver had stared at him for a moment without answering. His belly tightened and his hole twitched as he stared, unable to tear his gaze away from the hot male standing at the door. Was it even legal for a man to be that mouthwateringly sexy? The man exuded a powerful sexual magnetism that made Oliver’s insides quiver with lust.

“Oliver?” Adrian prompted with an amused smile.

“Oh…yes. Yes, everything is on course.” Oliver almost groaned when he felt the heat traveling up his neck and onto his face. Shit! Adrian remained at where he stood, his eyes sweeping the room. “Was there something you wanted?” Oliver croaked, looking down at his laptop.

“Nope. Just checking up on you.” Adrian responded, leaving the doorway and moving into the office till he got to where Oliver sat.

When he stretched his neck to look on the screen Oliver was staring at, Oliver almost groaned at the instant need that slammed into him. Adrian smelt divine. Oliver knew he had to get the man away from him before he disgraced himself when his breathing began to speedup. With a choked sound he sat back in his seat and looked up at Adrian.

“Don’t you have lives to save or something?” He asked sharply and then almost bit off his tongue at his tone. Damn, he sounded rude. He hadn’t meant to though.

With a chuckle, Adrian raised his hands with both palms out in a gesture of peace. “Sorry if I’m being nosy.” He said. “I just find it fascinating that you can even understand what you’re looking at that’s all. Didn’t mean any harm. I’ll get out of your hair.” And with that Adrian had stepped out of Oliver’s office.

Oliver had groaned, running his fingers through his blonde hair in frustration. What the fuck had he done? Adrian was for the duration of the project, his employer for fuck’s sake. Talking to him like that had been totally out of line. Shit! But he’d panicked. Just seeing that face had been enough to give him a delicious thrill within…and it had scared him. And as if that wasn’t inappropriate enough, he’d wanted to do more than just look at the man. He’d wanted those sexy lips on his, those hands on him, that body rubbing against his, that cock which he just knew would be big and beautiful, fucking deep into him till…

“Fuck…” Oliver swore darkly, getting to his feet. He was so hard his cock could have drilled holes in hard concrete with cheeky ease. Shit. Shit. Shit.

He needed to get laid, he told himself. He needed to feel a big hard cock plowing deeply into him. As a total bottom, simply jacking off was not satisfying enough. It had been too long. Why else would he lust after a married man? Yes he’d seen the wedding band on Adrian’s finger that day in the conference room and had felt so guilty for lusting after a married man. Oliver had always thought it was the most stupid thing to lust after a straight guy. He’d vowed never to ever make that mistake. So why the fuck was he still lusting after the man even though it was obvious he was very married and very straight? He’d overheard him telling someone just a day earlier that his wife and kids were doing great. So Adrian was obviously very straight. Oliver looked down at his tented cargo pants and went back to his seat, taking deep breaths to bring his body under control. Thanks to his current contract, he didn’t have the time to go get laid. He didn’t have any choice but to hold in his lust till Adrian’s job was done. He prayed the man stayed out of his way till he was done and out of there.

But unfortunately for Oliver, his prayer didn’t work as Adrian made it a habit of popping into his office every day to ask how the project was going. Adrian however made sure never to attempt to look at whatever Oliver was doing on his laptop again, obviously assuming that had rubbed Oliver the wrong way on his first visit. Despite himself, Oliver began looking forward to those short visits. He began to talk to Adrian more, explaining exactly what he was doing. They soon became completely at ease in each other’s company and began to talk about other things besides their mutual interest…which was the job Oliver was doing.

Oliver realized Adrian was a very lovely person. Despite the fact that he sometimes had a faraway look in his eyes…almost as if he was sad, he was great company. The first time Adrian had brought a Chinese takeout for them to eat after work, Oliver had been surprised but very grateful. He hadn’t eaten anything since morning. He’d gotten to a crucial point in his build-up and had been so engrossed he’d totally forgotten he hadn’t eaten. They’d shared the food in his office whilst talking sports. They both loved soccer. After the meal, Adrian packed the boxes and headed home, leaving Oliver to get back to his work.

After four weeks, Oliver’s job was almost done. He was left with two major installations to be done with the whole setup. That was supposed to take another two weeks. One installation was to be done in Adrian’s office. Adrian’s office, which was different from his consulting room, was huge, elegant and cozy. Adrian explained that he spent a lot of time in there so he wanted the place to be as comfortable as possible. To get to Adrian’s office, or his inner sanctuary as he jokingly called it, one had to go through the secretary’s office, then his consulting room, with all its gadgets, and then finally that luxurious space he called an office. Oliver called it a Flat. There was an en-suite bathroom and a bedroom. The office itself was part office part living room. One could be there and not know there was a war going on outside. It was that cozy.

Oliver was waiting in the nurse’s office when Adrian got to the office that morning. “It’s about time.” He muttered, making Adrian burst into laughter.

“Sorry about that.” Adrian said, entering his consulting room. “Come on in. My little girl insisted I take her to school this morning.” Adrian opened the door to his office. “So…it’s all yours. Eaten this morning?”

“No, I’m good.” Oliver said, dropping his bag on Adrian’s desk.

“Hey, I wouldn’t want you dying of hunger in here.” Adrian muttered.

“Food distracts me.” Oliver laughed.

“Dude, you need to put more flesh on that body of yours.” Adrian retorted, drawing a soft laughter from Oliver.


“No, it’s perfect.” Adrian responded without thinking. At least Oliver didn’t think he had. Neither did he notice the shocking look Oliver threw his way. “Should I turn on the TV?”

Oliver swallowed hard. “No. I’d rather not. I can see a PS4 down there. I wouldn’t want to get tempted and forget about your work.”

Adrian laughed. “I have Fifa ’16 right there.” He pointed to the CD lying on top of the PlayStation. “No one would hear you if you decide to play. The room is soundproof.” Adrian said, looking intently at Oliver. “Let’s make a deal. Dinner later this evening in here, and then we go head to head after.”


“Scared I’ll kick your arse?” He smirked. “Don’t be a killjoy. It’s Friday. Tomorrow is not a working day.”

“It is for me Adrian. I work on Saturdays.”

“Ow come on, Oliver. This time it will be Italian. If you don’t accept the deal, I’ll insist you eat before you start work.”

“Alright, alright.” Oliver laughed. “Now get out of here so I can work in peace.”

And that evening, they sat on the plush rug in front of the couch and ate their yummy Italian meal with a bottle of red wine which was finished by the time they were done. Afterwards, still on the floor, they played a game of soccer on the play station, with Adrian playing for Arsenal and Oliver playing for Liverpool. They screamed like little boys whilst playing, trying to score each other. After three games, Adrian conceded defeat and collapsed against the coach laughing.

“Yayyy.” Oliver shouted, throwing his arms in the air. “Where’s my champagne?”

“Coming right up.” Adrian laughed, getting to his feet and heading for the bar.

Adrian came back with a bottle of Moet, which he popped open and poured into their empty wine glasses. They sat beside each other on the rug, with their backs comfortably against the couch and downed the bottle of champagne whilst talking about everything and nothing.

“What do you do for fun?” Adrian murmured at a point, his head on the couch and turned towards Oliver.

“Fun?” Oliver, who like Adrian had his head on the couch, turned his head to face Adrian. Fuck, he didn’t know they were that close. He looked into Adrian’s eyes and felt a shiver of pure excitement snake down his spine. He gave a shaky laugh. “Dude, I’m a nerd. I have fun all the time staring at my computer.” He told himself to look away from Adrian’s eyes but he couldn’t for the life of him obey his brain.

“That’s no fun.” Adrian whispered, his eyes on Oliver. “You have to try other things.”

“Like…” Oliver breathed, licking suddenly dry lips. He heard a tortured sound rumble out of Adrian’s chest and watched as his captivating eyes dropped from his eyes to his mouth.

Oliver suppressed a gasp when he saw Adrian’s eyes, filled with sudden lust, follow his tongue till it disappeared back into his mouth. That was hands down the most erotic look anyone had ever given him, Oliver thought, totally floored. God, he wanted Adrian to kiss him so bad.

“I don’t know.” Adrian’s breath was coming out harshly. “You’re young. You could go clubbing.”

“How old are you?” Oliver turned his body to the side so that he was fully facing Adrian, the action bringing their faces so close they could feel each other’s breath on their faces.

“Thirty-Seven.” Adrian responded, also turning his body to face Oliver so that the side of his knee rested on the side of Oliver’s. Their lips were virtually touching.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” Oliver breathed without thinking, his lips brushing against Adrian’s. The hunger surging through him at that moment was too intense for comfort. He tried to suppress it but it just wasn’t working. Oliver scolded himself inwardly for his lack of control but even that couldn’t help snap him out of the lustful haze he was under.

“You think?” Adrian whispered, his eyes fluttering shut. “You’re the most gorgeous man I’ve ever met.” His tongue came out to slowly and sensually lick at one corner of Oliver’s mouth.

Oliver moaned as an intense shiver passed through him. “Adrian…” He whimpered brokenly as he opened his mouth and captured Adrian’s wet tongue. Then he began to suck on it.

A ferocious growl of lust tore out of Adrian’s throat as he allowed Oliver to blow his mind with that erotic sucking. When he was eventually released, he sucked Oliver’s lower lip into his mouth and bit it lightly.

“Oliver?” Adrian breathed against Oliver’s lips. “What are we doing?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care.” Oliver was going out of his mind with want. He was so hard he was about to blow. “I want you,” he whispered shakily, not caring that the man was straight and married. He just wanted him.

“Oh God, Oliver…” Then with a sound that was a cross between a sob and a moan, Adrian fully claimed Oliver’s mouth in a deep, hungry kiss.

Adrian took complete control, his mouth gentle and yet desperate…soft and yet strong against Oliver’s, applying just the right amount of pressure and suction that took Oliver’s breath away. His hungry tongue caressed the insides of Oliver’s mouth, trying to taste every corner of his mouth. Damn, the man could kiss, Oliver couldn’t help but think. Adrian was driving him mad with desire. Oliver moaned into the kiss as he shuddered with complete surrender, melting against Adrian. When Adrian eventually released his lips, Oliver felt as though he would go insane if Arian didn’t take him right there, right then.

“Adrian please…” He whimpered desperately, his body tense with arousal. He’d never been so desperate for sex as he was at that moment.

Neither knew who started stripping the other first. But in no time at all, they were both gloriously naked, their pulsing cocks rubbing against each other’s. And Oliver was not surprised at all when his suspicions were confirmed…Adrian was huge. Desperate to reach that pinnacle of pleasure, they didn’t have time to admire and worship each other’s bodies as they would have wanted. They had just one goal in mind…to seek relief.

“Fuck, I don’t have condom and lube.” Adrian groaned. “I have to go get….”

“I have a condom in my wallet.” Oliver breathed shakily, reaching for his pants. “It’s been here for a while but I’m sure it can still do the job.” He rasped, handing it over to Adrian who smiled when he noticed it was magnum. “It’s lubricated so you don’t need lube.” He said almost desperately as he watched Adrian roll the condom over his huge long cock. Fuck, the guy needed an extra, extra large, Oliver thought as he lustfully licked his lips. Magnum just didn’t cut it. He would have loved to take that beautiful big cock into his mouth but at that particular moment, Oliver felt his arse needed it more. “Hurry…” He whimpered. He was getting desperate.

Adrian leaned over Oliver, his eyes glazed from intense lust. He rubbed the head of his cock against Oliver’s puckered hole. “I don’t want to hurt you, Oliver. I need to use something slick. I have to…” He trailed off as his head turned towards the paper bag that still held the Italian bread and butter which had been part of their meal. They hadn’t touched it.

Adrian reached for the bag which was lying on the center table and took out the small plastic box of butter. Opening it, he scooped out a generous amount and proceeded to slick himself, kissing Oliver the whole time. He didn’t remember wanting anyone more. And when Adrian’s slick finger penetrated Oliver’s hungry hole, Oliver had almost gone insane with need. It felt so good he’d groaned, grunted and whimpered for the fuck.

“Oh God, that feels so good.” Oliver tore his mouth away to moan helplessly when two thick fingers entered him. He started to buck against the delicious assault, fucking himself on those fingers until he thought he’d go crazy. “Adrian…” He gasped when Adrian’s thick fingers brushed over his prostate. His breath came in ragged gasps, his body sweating as he shamelessly begged Adrian with his body to fuck him. “Please give me your cock, Adrian. I can’t wait any longer.”

And Adrian had given it to him…hard. He’d fucked him so good Oliver’s entire body quivered with mind-blowing pleasure. He’d never felt more full or more dominated by another person. Oliver didn’t remember ever enjoying a fuck as much as he’d done that day. When he’d seen the utter ecstasy on Adrian’s face, Oliver had felt a jolt of pleasure so intense he’d clamped down on Adrian’s plunging cock with his arse muscles, causing Adrian to throw his head back and roar with pleasure. Their climax, when it finally hit, had been so powerful they’d both cried out with rapturous gratification. Adrian Graham could fuck. Damn! It had been so good Oliver had been utterly boneless afterwards. He’d returned slowly to a sense of who he was, where he was, and who he was with, never having experienced anything so wild and wonderful in his life before. His body was still quivering from pleasurably aftershocks. Oliver would have requested for seconds but apart from the fact that they’d run out of condoms, he was too spent. His eyes actually widened when he saw the load of cum covering his flat tummy. Oliver didn’t remember ever spurting that much cum. And neither of them had even touched his cock once. Oliver had never orgasmed that way before…just from having a cock inside him. Hell, he didn’t even know that was possible.

“Fuck!” Oliver gasped when he finally caught his breath. “That was fucking amaz…”

“Shit.” Adrian swore darkly and rolled off Oliver, dislodging his spent cock from his body in the process. He jumped to his feet whilst pulling off the condom. “You have to go.” He threw over his shoulder as he turned towards the bathroom.

“What?” To say Oliver was shocked at Adrian’s sudden aloofness would be an understatement. He wondered where the man who had so sweetly rocked his world just moments ago had disappeared to.

Adrian stopped at the bathroom door but didn’t turn to face Oliver. “Please…I need to think. Just…go.” With that he entered the bathroom and closed the door.

With his face suffused with embarrassed heat, Oliver dressed quickly and left Adrian’s office for home though he hadn’t planned on going home that evening. Fuck. That was what happened when you fucked the wrong person, Oliver thought, angry at himself as he drove his sleek black Jaguar out of the hospital. What the fuck had he been thinking? He couldn’t see Adrian again. In fact he couldn’t possibly go back to the hospital to work again. He dialed Jasper’s number with shaky fingers but then cut the line before it even rang. Maggie, Jasper’s wife was to undergo a C-section in two days. Jasper, who got scared at the mere mention of a dentist, was going out of his mind with worry. That definitely wasn’t the time to tell his friend to take over as he was not in the right frame of mind. Damnit!

So Oliver had no choice but to go back to the hospital the following day. The nurse had opened the door to Adrian’s office for him and told him Dr. Adrian wasn’t going to come in that day because he had other engagements. Oliver knew better. For the next five days the same nurse had opened the door to Adrian’s office whenever Oliver went to the hospital, and left him to do his work. There was no sign of Adrian. Around six p.m. on the sixth day, Oliver heard a tiny knock on Adrian’s door and called for whoever it was to enter, without looking up. Adrian’s cologne hit Oliver’s senses before he even heard his footsteps. He froze.

Oliver’s head shot up just as Adrian shut the door behind him. He didn’t bother shutting down his laptop. He simply closed it and got to his feet. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would be coming in.” He said as he slipped the laptop into his backpack. “I’ll just get…”

“Oliver, I’m sorry.” Adrian said quietly. “I know I acted badly and I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

“You don’t have to apologize.” Oliver said as he packed his stuff. “I shouldn’t have…done whatever I did to encourage what happened. I’m the one who’s sorry. You’re married and I should have known better.”

“I’m the married one Oliver. I should have known better. This is not on you.”

“Well, I’ll just…” He slipped his backpack onto his back, picked up his phone and car keys and went to the door which was sorta being blocked by Adrian, who had a determined look on his face. It was obvious he wasn’t going to allow Oliver to leave.

“Oliver…” Adrian couldn’t hide the plea in his voice.

Oliver knew there was no way he could push Adrian aside to enable him pass. Not with his lean figure. He’d never been a big person. To get Adrian out of his way he had to act nonchalant.

“I’ll be back tomorrow.” Oliver said coolly, and then sighed when Adrian remained where he was. “You’re blocking the way, please…”

“Oliver please…” Adrian wouldn’t budge from the door. “Just hear me out.”

“What the fuck do you want from me?” Oliver bellowed, his eyes blazing with anger.

To say Oliver was shocked at his own outburst would be an understatement. He realized only then just how angry he was at Adrian. And that fact alone pissed him off even more because he’d always been this sweet and gentle guy who never allowed himself to get upset by anything. Within the short time that he’d known Adrian, the man had managed to bring out the worst in him and Oliver didn’t like it one bit. He’d treated him like some whore after their encounter. He may have acted wrongly by having sex with a married man but he sure as hell hadn’t deserved that treatment.

“Please, please, please….I know you’re angry but hear me out. Please.” Adrian looked and sounded desperate. “If after my explanation you still want to leave, I won’t stop you. Please Oliver.” He whispered.

After glaring at Adrian for a while, Oliver took a step back from him and went to place his backpack back on the desk. Then he followed Adrian to the living area where they both sat on the coach and stared straight ahead for a while. Then Adrian took a deep breath and turned to face Oliver.

“My wife is Tetraplegic, sometimes called Quadriplegic.” Adrian began quietly. “She’s…”

“Listen, I’m not interested in some sob story about your wife.” Oliver growled, getting to his feet. “Don’t know what tetra-whatever is and frankly, don’t care…”

“Oliver please…” Adrian’s hand shot up to take hold of Oliver’s wrist. “I just want you to understand why I reacted like that the other night. To do that, I need to tell you everything. Please Oliver. Listen to me. That’s all I ask.” Adrian looked so desperate and so vulnerable, Oliver just couldn’t leave.

With a frown on his face, Oliver sat back down and placed the ankle of one foot on the knee of the other. “Make it fast.” He muttered.

“Thank you.” Adrian said in a small voice. He didn’t sound at all like the confident Adrian that Oliver respected and admired. Oliver suddenly felt sorry for him. Adrian cleared his throat and stared at a spot on the floor. “My wife has been paralyzed from the chest down for the past fifteen years. We grew up together, were even in pre-school together. We became high school sweethearts and got married right after she was done with collage. I was still in medical school. We were both twenty-two at the time and had so many plans for the future. She was so full of life.” Adrian’s voice cracked. He cleared his throat and went on. “But four months after our wedding, she developed a medical condition… She’s been paralyzed ever since. I was completely shattered. I did everything I could to get her a cure. Studied so much just so I could help but…I couldn’t find a cure. Thanks to a new treatment, she regained use of her left arm. I didn’t stop. Donna insisted that life must go on so I should stop trying but I never did.

Unfortunately, no good came out of it…unless of course you count this…” he swung his arm in a wide arc, indicating the hospital, “…as an accomplishment. I worked so hard, researched so hard, made promises to God…I never rested. Not only was she my wife, she was my best friend. On our fifth wedding anniversary, she said she wanted to do something special for me. At her insistence, we had our son, Josh, via surrogate. He’s almost ten now. Then on our tenth anniversary, again at her insistence we had Pearl. She said she saw how happy Josh made me and wanted me to have another child to dote on.” Adrian shrugged and stared down at his fingers. “I love her. She’s the only girl I’ve ever been with. I’ve never had sex with any other person. And I’ve never cheated on her…till now.” He looked up at Oliver with suspiciously bright eyes. “I…When I realized what I’d done, I was distraught. I couldn’t believe I’d actually done that to her. I wanted to tell her when I got home that night. God, I came so close. But I just couldn’t.” He went quiet for a moment. “But no matter how shitty I felt, the way I reacted wasn’t fair to you and I’m very sorry about that Oliver. I’m so sorry.”

Oliver stared at Adrian. First of all he couldn’t believe he’d ever had sex with just one person his entire life. Then he couldn’t help but wonder how Adrian had been able to rock his world like it had never been before, when he obviously didn’t have enough experience. After all, from what he was saying, he hadn’t even had sex in the past fifteen years. Oliver didn’t know what to say. He felt sorry for Adrian but he also had questions.

“You…that night you…for someone who has been with just one woman and never been with a man you…” He groaned. “Dude, you can fuck!”

Adrian’s eyes widened in surprise at Oliver’s words. Those were definitely not the words he’d expected from the handsome computer geek. He burst into laughter despite himself. When Oliver joined in the laughter, Adrian relaxed into the couch.

“I’m a doctor Oliver. I know where and how to find the prostate.” Adrian laughed.

“Great. Now I don’t know whether to be happy I got fucked by someone who knew what he was doing, or feel violated…like I’ve been used in a medical experiment.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better guinea pig.” Adrian chuckled. “Not that you’re a pig.” He raised his hand in a sign of peace when he heard Oliver’s mock growl.

“I’m sorry about your wife.” Oliver said quietly, watching as Adrian nodded. “So… Donna huh?”

Adrian smiled. “Yeah. Adonna. Adrian and Donna. She’s a really lovely person, Oliver.” Adrian said quietly, looking down at his fingers.

Oliver suppressed a groan. “I’m so sorry I did that to her.”

“You didn’t do anything to her, Olly. I did.” Adrian shook his head. “For the past three months she’s been very sick. She’s not getting any better. It’s not good Oliver. I’ve been so worried and stressed. You don’t know but you’ve…you’ve in a way helped me de-stress, Oliver. When I’m with you, I’m able to forget about all my worries and just let go. I love hanging out with you and just having fun. I look forward to sitting with you every evening. I live for those moments. I’m sorry I’ve dragged you into this but…I don’t know what I’ll do if you cut me off. These past five days have been hell. Not seeing you, not talking to you…Oliver, you have no idea what I’ve been through. Yes I felt guilty for cheating on Donna so I wanted to punish myself by staying away from you but…I can’t do that anymore.” He breathed.

“How have you been able to survive all these years without…” Oliver knew it was the wrong thing to be dwelling on at that particular moment but he just couldn’t get past that.

Adrian sighed. He knew what Oliver was asking. “I have these.” He raised his hands. “Besides I work too hard I don’t even get the time to think about that. Hell, I sometimes forget my cock can do other things besides peeing.” Adrian chuckled. “She used to offer to help.” Adrian gave a short humourless laugh. “Said she still had her mouth and hand. But I couldn’t do that to her. I couldn’t allow her to bring me pleasure when she couldn’t get any. She encouraged me to take a mistress. I said I couldn’t do it. She suggested prostitutes. I told her no. Then she broke down and begged for a divorce, saying she was holding me back. I’ve never loved her more than I did in that particular moment. She has a beautiful soul. No one understands me better than her. Seeing her waste away is killing me Oliver. I just can’t think straight. What will the kids and I do if she leaves us? She’s been a constant in our lives since we were all toddlers. I just don’t know what to do.” Adrian’s breath caught on the last sentence.

Before Oliver knew what he was doing, he’d pulled Adrian’s trembling body into a tight embrace, holding him as silent tears coursed down his cheeks. His heart ached for Adrian. No one should go through that. He was younger and smaller compared to Adrian but he suddenly had a strong urge to protect him. He wanted to protect him against the world…keep him safe from the harshness of the world.

After what felt like hours, Adrian moved out of Oliver’s embrace, looking embarrassed. He noticed how soaked Oliver’s shirt was with his tears and groaned. “Sorry for wetting your shirt.” He croaked.

“Don’t worry about it. Are you okay?”

“Much better. Thanks.” Adrian stood up. “A moment please.” He said as he headed towards the bathroom.

When he came back to his seat, they’d sat in silence for a moment, both lost in thought. Oliver couldn’t help but feel shitty for allowing himself to be the one who made Adrian fall off the wagon. He would have felt better if he’d said his wife was a monster rather than the nice person she obviously was. After a while, he moved to the edge of his seat and turned his head to look at Adrian.

“Why me, Adrian? I mean you’re not gay. And I can bet my last cent you don’t go around fantasizing about guys. So why me?”

Adrian stared back at Oliver for a moment. He really didn’t know how to answer that question. Oliver was right…he’d never been curious about any guy. Neither had he planned on sleeping with Oliver. He liked him, liked their talks, liked how he felt free around him. Adrian always kept to himself. He wasn’t a happy person. No one in his shoes would be happy anyway. But he didn’t even have time to talk to the few friends that he had. He couldn’t stand the pity in their eyes so he kept to himself. The little fun he had was with his kids. And there was so much he could talk about with a kid. So when he started hanging out with Oliver who didn’t know anything about his problems, it had been nice and refreshing. Oliver had managed to slide right past his defenses and unknowingly, made him come out of his shell. Maybe it was his sweet and adorable nature, but he just felt so free around Oliver. As for the sex, it had just happened. And it had been amazing. He’d regretted it after but he knew he’d do it again if given the chance.

“I really don’t know Oliver.” Adrian finally said quietly. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“That’s sweet but…”

“It’s not sweet.” Adrian snapped. “It’s a fucking problem. I can’t sleep. If I do, I wake thinking about you. I’m talking to my kids, I’m thinking about you. I’m taking care of my wife, I’m fucking thinking about you.” He gave a humourless laugh. “For the past weeks that we’ve been hanging out, I’ve come to like you very much. Too much. And it scares me.” Adrian watched as Oliver nodded slowly.

“I like you too.” Oliver said quietly. “I like everything about you. I like the way you look, the way you think, the way you talk…hell I don’t even care what you’re saying.” He groaned. “I just like listening to you. If it makes you feel any better, I’m thinking about you all the time too.”

“It doesn’t make me feel any better, no.” Adrian groaned. “Fuck. What we did felt perfect and right, and at the same time terribly wrong. It can’t happen again, Oliver.” He whispered the last sentence. “I would appreciate it if we could remain friends.”

Oliver nodded slowly and then gave a deep sigh. “I have to go Adrian.” He said quietly and almost smiled when Adrian rubbed the back of his neck in a sign of frustration. He was beginning to associate that gesture with Adrian. He thought it was adorable.

“God… Please don’t go.” Adrian’s voice was barely above a whisper. “Stay. For a while at least. Please.” He looked miserable.

“Listen Adrian.” Oliver began. “I’m going to be very honest with you. I’m very attracted to you. From the very first day I saw you, I had the hots for you. I wanted to know what it felt like to be underneath you. I’m sorry, I know I’m a terrible person but…that’s just how I felt. I don’t know about you, but what happened here the other evening was absolutely amazing. There’s no way I’m going to forget that or pretend it didn’t happen or stop myself from wanting more. I thought I’d feel different about you after the way you reacted after blowing my mind but…I want you even more. And I don’t think it’s fair to Donna, me or even you. If I keep hanging around you, spending time with you, I can’t promise to keep my hands to myself. I’m human. And you’re the sexiest man I’ve even met. You can choose to grow a gut or stop showering or something but I don’t think that will even work. I don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting you.”

“What are you saying?” Adrian whispered.

“I guess what I’m saying is that I can’t be your friend, Adrian. It’s not a good idea for the two of us to be around each other because I can’t promise what happened the other night is not going to happen again. We just can’t be together, Adrian. You see…I love chocolates. But it’s bad for me. So I try to stay away from it. I don’t like seeing it at all…it’s too tempting to resist. Sorry but…”

Adrian swallowed hard. He’d later told Oliver that under any other circumstances, his analogy of the chocolate would have been hilarious but at that very moment, he didn’t find it funny at all. He felt wretched, distressed…totally desperate. The thought of not being able to talk to Oliver, not laughing with him, not eating with him…the mere thought of not being around Oliver was panicking.

“If I say I’m willing to be with you in that way, will it change your mind?” Adrian asked quietly, shocking Oliver.

Oliver froze. He hadn’t been expecting that question. He stared at Adrian, his heart pounding so hard within his chest. Christ, what was the man doing to him? Surely he couldn’t be a home wrecker…do that to that poor woman. Besides, he’d promised himself never to get involved with a straight man. Such relationships brought nothing but heartbreak. Why the fuck was he even hesitating in giving his answer? Of course there was no way he could ever agree to be with Adrian under the current circumstances. Oliver took a deep breath.

“Yes.” He whispered, saying a quick prayer of forgiveness in his mind. He was definitely going to burn in hell for this. “It will.”

Adrian stood up and held out a hand to Oliver, who took the hand and got to his feet. Then Adrian took Oliver into the bedroom and made mad sweet love to him.

And they’d been fucking ever since.


Oliver was lost in thought as he toweled his hair after his shower. He still felt shaken inside after that mind-boggling realization that evening. He was in love with Adrian. Oliver pulled on boxer briefs and a t-shirt and climbed into bed. His worst nightmare had materialized. He was totally and irrevocably in love with a straight married man. How stupid could he be? Oliver pulled the covers over him and switched off the light. He stared into the darkness, wide awake. They’d been together for three months and had grown to care so much for each other. Somehow they just couldn’t function well without each other. Adrian spent a lot of time with his kids but whenever they were away visiting his mum or Donna’s parents, Adrian spent all his free time with him. Of course it only became free time after Adrian had seen to Donna who according to him had taken a turn for the worse.

Oliver sometimes felt so much guilt inside. It felt as though he and Adrian were enjoying each other whilst Donna was fighting for her life. But how could something wrong feel so right? To make matters worse, he wanted Adrian to himself. He was only human. For now, he remained Adrian’s dirty secret. But for how long would he be okay with that? The only way he could freely have Adrian to himself was if Donna was out of the picture. And that killed Oliver even more because it was almost as if he was waiting for Adrian’s wife to die in order to get what he wanted. Sometimes it made him physically sick to think about the fact that indirectly, he was a very bad person. It got so bad at times that he contemplated breaking things off with Adrian. But Oliver knew that with the way he felt about Adrian, there was no way he could ever break things off with him. He was too far gone in what they had, and so damn hot for the man, he would accept whatever kind of connection he could get. He also knew that Adrian needed him then more than ever. The desperation and urgency with which Adrian had been taking him in the past few weeks showed just how stressed he was and how much he needed him. And despite how difficult it was for Oliver now that he knew how he felt about Adrian, he vowed to himself to stick by Adrian’s side to help him through the tying times. His man needed him and he was going to be there for him.


Adrian sped home as if the hounds of hell were chasing him. He would have stayed with Oliver longer but for the call he’d received from Donna. She said she wanted to talk to him before she slept. She was supposed to be sleeping at that time anyway but she’d surprisingly sounded alert and strong. It had been a while since he heard Donna sound so well. Adrian increased his speed. He wanted to see her.

As he sped through his gate, he met Elise, the doctor who took care of Donna, driving out. He stopped when he got to her side.

“Is she okay?” Adrian asked with worry in his voice.

“She’s okay. Begged me to give her a shot of clavenol so I did.”

“What?” Adrian bellowed. “You know she’ll be weak after it leaves her system.”

“I gave her the tiniest dose, don’t worry.” Elise chuckled. “She said she wanted to talk to you so you better hurry before she crashes out. You know how it is when she goes to sleep after the magic of clavenol. Florence and Catherine are with her in the room, watching TV. See you in the morning, Adrian.”

When Adrian entered the foyer of his state of the art mansion, he met the cook who asked whether he wanted dinner.

“No Alex, I’m good.” He said and bounded up the stairs.

The kids were at his mother’s. As much as possible he made them stay with their grandparents to spare Donna the screams and ruckus. She needed peace to rest as most of the time she was in pain when she was awake. Adrian entered their suite and heard the laughter of the nurses coming from the bedroom. He knocked softly and pushed the door open.

“Hello ladies.” He greeted, his eyes going to the beautiful woman sitting in their bed, propped up with pillows.

The nurses said hello back and hurried past Adrian to give him some privacy with his wife. The respect they had for Adrian was clear in their eyes. “Have a lovely evening Doc.” One of them said when they got to where Adrian stood by the door.

“You too Florence Nightingale.” Adrian chuckled as the nurses burst into laughter. He closed the door behind them and started to strip out of his clothes as he made his way to Donna’s side. He bent down and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “You look well.” He murmured.

“I feel well.” She grinned and then burst into laughter when Adrian smirked. “That snitch. She told you didn’t she?”

“I should tan your hind lady.” Adrian gave a mock scowl. “I thought we agreed you weren’t going to take that anymore. You always get so weak after that bout of energy.” He was down to his boxers.

“She gave me just a little. Come sit beside me.” She patted the space beside her.

“Don, please let me take a quick shower. It’s going to be the quickest shower ever…promise.” There was no way he was going to sit beside her when he hadn’t taken a shower after being with Oliver.

“Okay. Hurry.” Donna gave a brilliant smile.

Adrian was back into the room in no time at all. He pulled on a grey sweatpants and white t-shirt and went to sit beside Donna on the bed with his back against the headboard. “Now what was it you wanted to tell me?” He asked running his hand through Donna’s fiery red hair.

“It’s more like what you have to tell me actually.” Donna said, leaning her head against Adrian’s shoulder.

“What do you mean?” Adrian frowned, confused.

“Isn’t there anything you want to tell me?” Donna asked.

“Nothing comes to mind.”

“Are you seeing someone, Adrian?” She asked softly.

Adrian froze, his hand stilling in Donna’s hair. “Don…” He’d never lied to her before. He couldn’t start now.

“Who’s Oliver?” Donna tilted her head to look at Adrian’s face and watched as all the blood drain out of his face.

“What?” It was a whisper. Adrian looked as white as sheet.

“For the past…two months, you’ve been mentioning that name in your sleep. Initially I thought nothing of it but then it became frequent. You mention that name almost every night. I don’t usually sleep much at night thanks to all the sleep I have during the day. I can see the change in you, Aid. I know you’ve been worried sick but there’s this…joy…contentment…positive energy around you. You know I’ve always been able to read you like a book. I just know you’ve met someone and that person makes you happy. I’ve waited for you to tell me but you’ve said nothing. Adrian you know I’ll be the last person to condemn you if you decide to be with someone. I must admit it was a little shocking to know you liked a guy but hey…at least I don’t have to compete with a chic.” She laughed softly. “Hey snap out of it.” She shook Adrian. “I’m not angry. Well, maybe just a little bit that you didn’t trust me enough to tell me.”

“Donna…” Adrian couldn’t recognize his own voice. He didn’t even know what to say.

“There was a day about three months ago when you came home looking completely devastated.” She said softly. “The guilt on your face. Christ! I just knew. There were moments I thought you were going to tell me but you always chickened out. I wanted to ask you then but I knew asking you would worsen it for you. Why do you put yourself through so much unnecessary torture? You know me. And you know where I stand on this. And it hurts that you couldn’t confide in me. Have I ever given you cause to be wary of me?”

“Oh my God, I’m sorry Donna.” Adrian groaned. “I just couldn’t bring myself to…”

“Who is he?”

Adrian swallowed and cleared his throat. “He’s the guy who came to install the new software. We just hang out sometimes.” It was the truth. “I…I like him.” Adrian placed his hands in his lap and stared at his fingers.

“You more than like him Adrian.” Donna chuckled. “For the past month you’ve been saying you love him in your sleep.”

“Oh fuck.” Adrian gasped. “I don’t love…”

“Shhh…you totally do darling. You’re head over heels in love with the guy. You’re a doctor. You know how the subconscious works. It brings out what your mind and heart tries to suppress or hide. Does he love you, Adrian?”

“I don’t know.” He whispered. His fingers were shaking so bad.

Donna entwined her fingers with Adrian’s and squeezed it as tightly as she could. “Tell me exactly how you feel about him. And don’t bother lying ’cause I’ll know.” Her eyes were so soft and encouraging Adrian found himself telling her what he hadn’t been able to put into words himself.

“I don’t know how to describe it, Donna. I…” He took a deep breath. “When I’m with him, I’m happy. I can’t imagine not being with him.” The words tore out of Adrian. “It’s… There’s this feeling I get in my stomach that’s unexplainable whenever I think of him. I more than like him I guess…” He shrugged, clamping his mouth shut because he really didn’t want to tell Donna that he sometimes felt like the luckiest person in the world for having Oliver in his life. Though that was exactly how he felt, he thought it would rather be insensitive to tell his sick wife that. After all, she didn’t have Oliver in her life. “I just can’t get him out of my mind, Donna.”

“If you can’t get someone off your mind, they are probably supposed to be there.” Donna said softly. “Don’t even bother trying.”

“Yeah but…he’s a guy, Don.” Adrian breathed. “I don’t swing that way and you know it.” He gave a humourless chuckle. “But Oliver… it just happened. I knew I shouldn’t. I tried hard to fight my feelings, but I just couldn’t. Fuck!”

“Hey, relax.” Donna whispered, squeezing Adrian’s hand. “Love doesn’t mind the sex of a person. You love him. That’s all that matters. You never lose by loving, Aid. You rather lose by holding back.” She said, and then grinned.

Adrian raised an eyebrow when he saw his wife’s grin. “What?”

“Just…trying to picture you with a guy that’s all.” Donna managed to look amused, curious and excited at the same time. She couldn’t suppress her laughter when Adrian groaned. “Seriously Aid, you have to tell me exactly how it started. At what point did you realize you had the hots for him? Did you freak out? Come on, tell me everything. I’ve been going crazy for months trying to imagine your reaction when you realized you were attracted to a guy. Please tell me.”


“Ow come on. Please. I mean I know I’ve probably put you off women but… Unless of course he’s a… Is he a queen?” She gushed with wide eyes.

“No, no he’s an ordinary guy.” Adrian signed. He knew Donna wouldn’t let up till he told her what she wanted to know. She’d taken the shot to ensure she stayed alert for all the deets too. “Very handsome guy.” He added with a shy smile.

“Okay, how did you react when it dawned on you that you wanted him? How did both of you react? Who made the first move?”

“You’re not going to let this go are you?” At Donna’s ‘not on your life’ look, Adrian leaned the back of his head against the wall and mumbled something unintelligible. His relationship with Donna had always been more of friendship. And as friends, Donna was very easy to talk to. “Okay so… Oliver is your normal sweet…nerd who I began hanging out with after work.” Adrian began. “I enjoyed his company very much. Admittedly, I thought he was adorable and handsome but I’d never thought about us in that way.”

“What way?”

“Do you want me to continue or not?” He growled, shaking his head when Donna mumbled a sorry whilst trying not to laugh. “Then one evening, after we’d had dinner in my office, we just…fuck!” Adrian swore. “It was insane the way it happened, Donna. It wasn’t planned. We hadn’t been giving each other any longing looks or anything like that. He knew I was married with kids. I saw him as a friend. But that night I don’t know what happened. We…kissed. And I felt this bolt of electricity course through me. I just couldn’t help myself Don. It was terrifying but it was wonderful.” Adrian whispered the last sentence. “Even afterwards, I tried to tell myself he was only a friend and nothing else but deep down, I knew it was a lie. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” She said softly. “At least now you can accept the fact that Oliver is not just a friend. Neither is he just a fuck buddy.” Donna saw Adrian wince at her words and grinned. “I think it’s beautiful. I want to meet him Adrian.”

“What?” Adrian couldn’t suppress the surprised gasp that tore out of his throat. His eyes widened. Was Donna insane? “That’s not gonna happen.”

“Oh but it will happen Adrian.” Donna said with conviction. “We both know I don’t have much time. I really would love to meet this person who makes you go all mushy inside, and who’s going to help you fight through what is coming. He’s also bound to be around my kids at some point right? Who knows, he just might help you raise my children when I’m gone…”

To say Adrian was shocked at his wife’s words would be an understatement. Yes, he did feel something strong for Oliver. After all, all he could think about was being close to him, touching him, being naked with him, getting away from everything and just being with him. He felt as if he’d been asleep for years and then suddenly, there was this person who made him feel alive and… Adrian groaned and rubbed the back of his neck in a clear sign of frustration. They were definitely more than fuck buddies. But despite all the feelings that he had for Oliver, they were not where Donna seemed to think just yet. Hell, they hardly spoke about their relationship. It was almost as if they’d both silently agreed not to talk about it. They just enjoyed each other and tried not to bring up the future. So Donna’s talk about Oliver helping him raise their children was way off.

“Listen Don…”

“Now look at it this way, Aid.” She went right ahead as if he hadn’t even spoken. “If he’s nice…which I’m sure he is…because I trust your judgment, I’d really love to meet him. If he’s a monster on the other hand…which I’m again sure he isn’t, it will be a fine opportunity to put the fear of God into him. Tell him something along the lines of haunting him from the grave if he dares stress my kids.”

“Donna…” Adrian groaned, rubbing the back of his neck with the hand not linked with Donna’s. “I don’t think…”

“I’ve already thought about it and that’s what I want to do.” Donna said sternly. “You owe me for hiding this whole thing from me Adrian Graham. I’m not asking. I’m telling.” Her tone would have made a military commander proud. Then she ruined it by whimpering… “Please Aid…please.”

“Oh shit.” Adrian threw his head back, not even feeling it when the back of his head hit the wall with a thud. He never could deny her anything. “This is a bad idea Don.” He groaned.

“Just tell him I want to meet him, that’s all. You’re just a messenger here. What can he possibly do to you? Kill you?”

Adrian turned to look at Donna as if she’d suddenly sprouted horns. Then she gave him that silly puppy-eyed look which always made him laugh. This time he didn’t. He only grunted.

“Alright, I’ll talk to him.” Adrian sighed.

“Great. Thanks.” She pulled him forward and pressed a kiss against his cheek. They sat in silence for a moment, with Adrian thinking about how to break the news to Oliver. “So…he must be rocking your world if you’re mentioning his name so much in your sleep.” Donna yawned. “Sometimes the way you moan… Jesus…”

Adrian growled, drawing laughter from Donna. “Now I’m seriously considering not sleeping beside you again.” He groaned. “I can’t be possibly mentioning his name as much as you claim.”

“Alright, alright want the truth?”

“Hell yeah.”

“Okay so I’ve heard you say you love him twice. And that was in the last month. And yes you do moan his name and go hard sometimes.” She ignored Adrian’s embarrassed groans. He was blushing so hard. “Thanks to Oliver and your obviously raunchy dreams, I now know you’re not impotent or anything like that. I was beginning to wonder.” She laughed.

“Fuck you Donna.”

“The last time I checked I wasn’t Oliver, thank you very much.” She retorted, drawing a chuckle from Adrian. “As for mentioning his name almost every night in the last two months, I did exagger…”

“I knew it.” Adrian shouted.

“Hold it, hold it…” Donna couldn’t stop laughing. “The part about the last two months is true. In fact I think it’s even more than two months. I swear I’ve heard you mention him more than twenty times. That should count for something right?” She was laughing so hard she started to cough.

Adrian quickly reached for the glass of water on the bedside table and held it to her lips so she could sip. “You’re crazy, woman.” He gave a mock growl.

“I’m so happy Adrian.” She said when Adrian took the glass away from her lips. “Know why?”

Adrian could take a wild guess. “Why?”

“You’re finally getting some.” She grinned when Adrian groaned. “It’s been my biggest worry. I’m thrilled someone is taking care of you. And from the bounce in your step and the glint in your eyes, he’s giving it to you good. Err…are you the one giving or taking? How does it work?”

“If you think I’m going to discuss sex with you, you’re crazier than I thought.” Adrian growled making Donna laugh softly. “Now go to sleep.” He said, helping her to lie down comfortably. “I love you Donna.”

“I know. I love you more.” She responded softly, her eyes already fluttering shut. “And Adrian?”

“Yes Donna?”

“When you talk to Oliver in the middle of the night, tell him I’m looking forward to meeting him.” When she felt Adrian go still, she opened her eyes and gave a slow wink. “Touch down!” She murmured and closed her eyes. By the time Adrian began to laugh, Donna was already asleep.

He slowly shook his head as he looked at his wife’s innocent face in sleep. Whenever they argued, the one who had the last word screamed ‘touch down’. He hadn’t heard it in a long while due to her illness. He’d missed her so much. Adrian leaned closer and kissed Donna lightly on the cheek. With the shot she’d taken, she was going to have a deep sleep and wake up around noon the next day. Still laughing softly, Adrian rolled out of bed and headed down to the study. He felt as if a heavy load had been taken off his shoulder. He had to speak to Oliver but this time, he wasn’t going to use the bathroom or the balcony as he usually did. Donna was fast asleep but he didn’t want to take any chances. His wife was a sly fox. And he loved her to bits.


Oliver opened his eyes and looked at the time. It was a quarter past eleven p.m. He wondered who was calling at that time. Adrian usually called around two a.m. Oliver lowered the music playing, reached for the receiver on his bedside table and mumbled a sleepy hello.

“Hey, sleepy head.” Adrian said softly.

“Adrian, what’s wrong?” Oliver sat up in bed.

“Does something have to be wrong before I call my boyfriend?” Adrian drawled.

Oliver froze. Adrian had never referred to him as his boyfriend. “Really Adrian, are you okay?”

Adrian gave a deep sigh. “I honestly don’t know.” He groaned. “Donna…Donna…”

Oliver’s heart pounded. “Tell me she’s okay, Adrian.” He said urgently. He was actually trembling.

“She’s okay.”

“Thank God.” Oliver breathed, feeling so much relief which surprised him. “What…”

“She wants to meet you, Oliver.” Came Adrian’s quiet voice.

“What?” Oliver gasped.

“She wants to meet and talk to you.”

“But how…”

“She knows me Oliver. I forgot that very important fact. We are more attuned to each other than your usual couple. We’re like twins. Since we were kids, I’ve never been able to keep anything away from her.”

“So you told her about us.” It wasn’t a question.

“I didn’t have to. She knew.”

“She knew you were fucking a guy?”

Adrian chuckled at Oliver’s choice of words. “Err…yes.”

“How did she know?”

Adrian groaned as he rubbed the back of his neck. “She came right out and asked me who Oliver is, Olly.”

“What?” Oliver screeched, making Adrian wince.

“Apparently, I’ve been mentioning your name in my sleep, and I look happy and have a bounce in my step…oh and I have some sort of energy around…do you really want me to go on?”

“No, I get it.” Oliver said quietly. Adrian had obviously outed himself. “Was she angry?”

“What do you think? Anything but. Will you meet her, Olly? For me?”

“Oh God, meet her and say what Adrian? Oh hi, I’m the guy fucking your husband. I know you haven’t had him in a while but trust me, he’s a sex god. I’m so sorry you’re sick and all but don’t worry, I’m taking care of your husband’s needs. How the fuck…”

“Calm down Oliver.” Adrian said quietly when he realized Oliver was getting hysterical. “She just wants to talk.”

“How are you even so calm about this, Adrian? Ever heard of women intuition?” Oliver’s voice had raised. “She thinks we’re just fucking so she seems okay now. All she has to do is talk to me to know that I’m madly in love with her husband. And do you have any idea how she’s going to react to that?” He was virtually screaming now. “How am I supposed to react? What am…”

But Adrian was no longer listening to Oliver. He didn’t even notice exactly how and when his legs had carried him out of his study and into his foyer. All he could think about was wrapping his arms around Oliver. He went to the garage and grabbed the key to his black Mercedes Benz E-Class, got into the car, and tore out of the garage at break-neck speed. He called one of the nurses from his car phone and asked her to keep an eye on Donna as he was going out for a while. It was only when he parked in front of Oliver’s condo that Adrian realized that not only had he forgotten to take his key to Oliver’s condo, but he was also barefoot. But he didn’t give a rat’s arse about his state of undress. As for his keys, Oliver had to let him through.

When Oliver heard the doorbell, he just knew who it was. When the phone had gone dead in his hand, he quickly remembered what he’d screamed at Adrian on the phone and cursed. How could he have blurted that out to Adrian? The man already had a load heavier than Mount Everest on his shoulder. Now his thoughtless declaration was only going to add to his load. He wouldn’t be surprised if Adrian was going out of his mind with anger at that very moment. It was only to be expected. How could he have been so stupid?

With heart pounding and face filled with trepidation, Oliver unlocked his door. The first thing he noticed was Adrian’s bare feet. “I’m sorry…” Oliver whispered shakily. “Much as I can’t help how I feel, I didn’t mean to blurt…”

“Shut up.” Adrian said huskily as he gathered Oliver into his arms.

They stood there for a long moment, with Oliver trembling within Adrian’s arms and Adrian just folding himself around Oliver like a cocoon. It was almost as if he wanted to shield him from everything. After what felt like hours, Adrian walked Oliver inside and closed the door behind them. Then he picked Oliver up as though he weighed nothing and entered the bedroom. He gently laid Oliver on the bed, climbed in and pulled Oliver’s head onto his shoulder. And with his arms tightly around Oliver, they lay there in comfortable silence, listening to each other’s breathing and the soothing sound of Emeli Sande, belting out ‘Clown’. And as the lyrics of the song washed over Oliver, he just knew that he was too far gone not to play ball.

Oliver couldn’t help but feel like he was being called to face the judge, jury and executioner. And from where he stood, it definitely wasn’t a small feat. He felt so helpless he didn’t know what to think. He was the one in the wrong as far as he was concerned. And it looked like he had to answer for what he’d done. And just like the singer, he’d definitely be less anxious and scared if it was his decision to make rather than it being a summons that he couldn’t ignore.

Adrian could feel Oliver trembling against him, knew exactly how he was feeling and wanted so badly to tell him that he loved him too. But it just didn’t feel right. Somehow, declaring his love to another person whilst he had a wife didn’t feel like the right thing to do. But he hoped Oliver could feel what he couldn’t say with his mouth. Surely his actions spoke for him. They lay entwined on the bed for a while till Oliver broke the silence.

“I’ll meet her if you really want me to.” He said in a small voice.

“I’d love for you to.” Adrian said softly. “She won’t bite.” There was a smile in his voice which Oliver didn’t miss.

Oliver chuckled. “If she does, I’ll come right back to you and bite. And I sure as fuck won’t care when my teeth would land.”

Laughter rumbled within Adrian’s chest. “I have a few preferences. You know them. Just try and keep those in mind will you?”

“Like here?” Oliver murmured and lightly bit Adrian’s nipple through his t-shirt.

“Oh fuck.” Adrian’s arm tightened around Oliver in reaction. “You better stop that or else I won’t be responsible for my actio…oh shit…” Oliver was chewing on that taut peak through the t-shirt.

Oliver pushed Adrian onto his back and rolled on top of him to straddle him. Then he pushed up his t-shirt and attacked in earnest, taking hold of that same nipple between his teeth and pulling on it. Adrian was going out of his mind with pleasure. He was rock hard, tenting his sweatpants. Speech wasn’t necessary. Oliver flexed his butt over Adrian’s savagely hard, sweats-covered cock in a fucking motion, loving the erotic sounds that were coming out of Adrian’s throat. Oliver desperately wanted to forget, if even for a moment, the dread that Adrian’s news had brought into his heart. He wanted to lose himself in sex. With a frantic growl he moved down, pulling down Arian’s sweats as he went. He didn’t bother completely taking it off. He swallowed that throbbing cock to the hilt.

“Fuck…” Adrian gasped, unadulterated ecstasy slamming into him. Oliver’s mouth on him felt indescribably amazing. His hands moved down to entangle inside Oliver’s hair. He still didn’t know how Oliver could manage to get his huge dick down his throat as though it was no problem at all. It never ceased to shock and blow his mind. Adrian moaned uncontrollably, totally lost in pleasure. “Come here Olly.” He gasped. “Turn around. Give me that sexy arse.”

Oliver didn’t hesitate. He turned around without getting off Adrian’s cock. Neither did he stop sucking when he felt Adrian urgently pulling off his boxers. When he felt the wet flick against his twitching hole, he moaned around the cock lodged within his throat, causing Adrian to curse loudly. The vibration around his cock was killing him. He concentrated on the sweet hole that smelt of Oliver’s lovely scented lemon soap. Adrian ate the hell out of that arse. He would take Oliver’s dripping cock into his mouth and suck for a while, then suck his balls into his wonderfully warm, wet mouth, then lick at his sensitive taint, and then go right back to that sweet hole. It was pure torture for Oliver. He was on cloud nine.

Oliver moaned lustfully around the cock in his mouth as Adrian thrust his tongue relentlessly inside him. He bucked back insistently against Adrian’s mouth, begging for more. That wicked tongue was driving him crazy but he wanted Adrian deep inside him. He pulled off Adrian’s cock and turned around. His face looked flushed and his breathing was erratic. He pulled off his t-shirt and leaned to the side to open the bedside drawer to take out a bottle of lube and a condom. But when he made to open the condom, Adrian grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

“Don’t use it.” He said huskily. “I want to feel you and not some latex. Please.”

Oliver stared at Adrian in surprise for a moment. Then he nodded and tossed the condom back into the drawer. He poured a generous amount of lube onto the already wet cock and got it real slick. Then bracing a hand on Adrian’s chest, he held the slicked up cock around the base and then aligned his hungry hole with it. He didn’t think it was necessary to prepare himself. Apart from the fact that Adrian had gotten him slick for his cock with that rimming, he’d already fuck him about three hours earlier so he was still loose enough to accommodate that big cock.

“Are you sure?” Adrian breathed, sounding as though he was in pain. As much as he was dying to be buried deep within Oliver’s tight heat, the last thing he wanted to do was hurt him. Oliver nodded and took Adrian deep in one smooth slide. “Ahh fuck, yeah.” Adrian’s eyes rolled back into his head. He was thick and hard and so, so deep, Oliver couldn’t help the cry of ecstasy that tore out of him.

“Ohh God… Adrian…” Oliver cried, totally lost in the pleasure of feeling that huge hard cock penetrating him. He’d never barebacked before. And the feeling was like nothing he’d ever experienced. Oliver could have sworn he could feel the thick veins throbbing beneath the smooth skin of that cock. A ragged sound tore from his throat as sweat misted his brow. He’d never felt anything so raw and exquisitely heavenly. And he’d never been harder. He whimpered sexily as he tried to stop himself from blowing. “Oh fuck.” He gasped, going very still. When he felt Adrian attempting to move he growled… “Adrian don’t you dare move.”

When he eventually removed his grip on the base of Adrian’s cock and finally took his whole length, they both moaned their pleasure.

“Holy hell…feels so fucking good.” Adrian gasped, loving the feel of that tight, wet, heat on his unsheathed cock.

They both looked down at where they joined, watching the clear string of precum that linked them from the tip of Oliver’s cock to Adrian’s stomach. It was a beautiful thing to see. With a groan Adrian reached up to pull Oliver down for a kiss so wild, wet and passionate it took their breath away. They kissed with every ounce of pent-up emotions they’d both suffered all evening.

“Ride me Oliver.” Adrian breathed. “Ride me hard.”

And ride him, Oliver did. None of them was ever going to forget that fuck. It was fast, it was deep, it was furious and it was hard. The obscene sounds of furious sex was all that could be heard in the room. Oliver rocked and gyrated against Adrian like a man possessed. He would slide up Adrian’s length until his cock was almost all the way out, and then impaled himself hard, filling his fiery channel with that throbbing hardness that had easily become one of his favourite parts of Adrian. The sounds that fell out of his mouth was nothing Adrian had ever heard before. He didn’t think Oliver noticed he was even making them.

“Oh fuck baby.” Adrian growled as Oliver began to whip his hips back and forth and side to side. It felt so damn good.

Oliver locked eyes with Adrian and whispered hoarsely, “fuck me.”

Adrian didn’t need to be told twice. He took hold of Oliver’s hips and slammed up, right into that pleasure button hidden deep inside him. Adrian watched in amazement as Oliver’s already hard cock turned almost purple with blood and swelled even more, the thick veins standing out along its length, with the precum gushing out as though Oliver was actually spurting.

“God, yes, take me Adrian…” Oliver gasped, watching with dilated eyes as the clear liquid oozing from his pulsing cock dripped onto Adrian’s stomach.

In the past three months, Adrian had given him some fantastic fucks. But what he was feeling that very moment was simply mind-boggling. Maybe it had to do with the fact that they both knew he was in love with Adrian. It could also be due to the fact that he was being fucked raw for the very first time in his life. Whatever it was, Oliver never wanted it to stop. He felt Adrian change his angle, thrusting up hard and nailing his gland over and over. Oliver screamed, his head snapping back as his entire body shuddering.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…right there Adrian…please…harder… oh damn that’s so good…” He whimpered brokenly, going wild on Adrian’s cock. “Don’t stop…please make me come…” He writhed, begging with his body, feeling his orgasm build like white heat. “Ahh fuck…so good.” His balls squeezed and pulled up ultra-tight to his body. “Fuck I’m gonna come…gonna come…gonna…” He was sobbing, his cheeks wet with tears.

When Oliver erupted, he screamed as his body convulsed in ecstasy, his toes curling almost painfully. Adrian hadn’t even touched his cock. Ropes of cum shot up over his head before splashing down onto Adrian’s chest. Adrian never let up even once. He kept thrusting up into Oliver, nailing that button…milking it. Oliver couldn’t stop coming. It was so good it was almost frightening.

Then Adrian was surging up and turning them over so that he was on top. He kicked off his sweatpants which had still been around his knees and began to pound into Oliver, his weighty, cum-filled balls slapping heavily against Oliver’s arse.

He didn’t have to thrust for long. “Fuck, I’m coming.” He roared, his entire body shuddering as he began to flood Oliver with his hot essence. “Ohhh, fuuuucckk!” He shot with such great force it felt as if the head of his cock was actually exploding.

Adrian slanted his lips over Oliver’s in a hot kiss as he kept spurting inside him. For long moments, the only sounds that could be heard in the room were the sound of their kissing and of their heavy breathing. When the kiss ended, Adrian licked the tears off Oliver’s cheeks. Then he took his mouth again, sucking languidly on his lower lip.

“Adrian?” Oliver breathed against Adrian’s lips.

“Yes baby?” Adrian turned on his back and drew Oliver head onto his chest, smiling when Oliver slipped a hand beneath his t-shirt and began to play with his chest hair which he always said was so sexy.

“You have to go.”

Adrian stiffened. “What?”

“Hey, if I’m going to meet Donna, I don’t want to compound my offenses.” He said, tilting his head to drop tiny kisses against Adrian’s chin.

Laughter rumbled within Adrian’s chest. “You have to stop kissing me and playing with my chest hair and get off me then.”

“Hmmm…I don’t want to.” He whimpered, tightening his hold on Adrian who laughed as he reached for the hand towel that was always readily on the bedside table, with an obvious intent to wipe Oliver like he always did. “Why don’t we take a shower instead?” Oliver murmured and took Adrian’s mouth in a deep kiss. “I missed us taking a shower together earlier this evening.” He whispered against Adrian’s mouth.

“Alright, come on.” Adrian got out of bed and pulled off his t-shirt. “And for the record, I missed it to.” He murmured as he drew Oliver into the bathroom.

And in the shower, Adrian took Oliver again. This time he went slow, fucking deeply into Oliver from behind, with Oliver’s head thrown back against his shoulder in sensual abandon. When Adrian’s hand slid around to pull on Oliver’s engorged pulsing flesh, his head snapped back and his entire body shuddered in exquisite pleasure. With erotic cries, Oliver wantonly thrust back against Adrian, loving the feel of his hand stroking him, and the feel of his hot cock sliding out and pushing back in nice and slow, brushing his gland every fucking time. It was hot, intense, good and simply magical. When their orgasms eventually hit, they both cried out their pleasure as Oliver shot milky lines against the tiled wall of the shower whilst Adrian filled his gripping channel with a second load.

“Oh my God, I can’t get enough of you Olly.” Adrian groaned. Sex with Oliver was always absolutely euphoric. He was always hard and ready to go whenever he was with Oliver. It never ceased to amaze both of them. He had no control around the man. As many times as he had Oliver, Adrian always wanted more. “You’re like an addiction in my system.” He turned Oliver’s head and kissed him tenderly as the warm water poured over them.

Oliver turned within Adrian’s arms and pressed against his solid body. He wound his arms around his neck and pressed his cheek to his heart, enjoying the sound of his steady heartbeat. He made a sound of contentment when Adrian tightened his arms around his waist and rubbed his hand on his back soothingly. Oliver just loved the way he felt whenever he was in Adrian’s arms. He loved him so damn much and wanted to tell him…this time not mistakenly. But Oliver felt it would be better not to. Telling Adrian he loved him would be disrespectful to Donna and he really didn’t want to do that. Fucking the man was bad enough. He still hated the fact that he couldn’t tell Adrian how he felt though. Fuck, this was all so difficult, Oliver thought feeling a tightening in his chest. Why did he have to fall in love with a married straight guy, he asked himself for the umpteenth time. Why did his wife have to be in such an unfortunate situation? Why did the world have to be so unfair? He suddenly felt so overwhelmed with emotions he felt his eyes sting. Unbeknownst to him, Adrian felt him tense up against him.

“You’re thinking too hard.” Adrian whispered, tightening his arms around Oliver. “Relax.”

Oliver took a deep breath and exhaled. “Let me know when she wants to meet me okay?” He choked.

“Will do. And hey, it’s going to be fine.” Adrian said softly, lifting Oliver’s head to claim his mouth. And when he tasted the salt of Oliver’s tears in the kiss, Adrian almost died. “Oh God, baby please don’t.” He breathed, pulling back to cradle Oliver’s jaw. Then his lips were moving desperately over his, devouring him, licking deep into his mouth, almost as if he wanted to absorb Oliver into himself.

Oliver kissed him back for all he was worth, his fingers sinking into the silky wet mane of Adrian’s hair to hold him to his mouth. The kiss was passionate, deep, furious and meltingly hot.

“God, Oliver…” Adrian breathed against Oliver’s lips when they came up for a much needed air. He rubbed the tip of his nose against Oliver’s as he pressed his fingertips against his parted lips. “I need you, baby.” Adrian breathed, unable to suppress the ferocious swell of emotion within. He had a strong urge to reassure Oliver in a way…let him know just how much he valued what they had. Let him know that he meant the world to him. “I can’t not have you in my life. It will kill me.” He licked at Oliver’s lips and then caught his kiss-swollen bottom lip between his teeth and bit gently. Oliver groaned. “You make me feel alive. You are my strength. I adore you Oliver. I…”

“I know that.” Oliver whispered, gently cutting Adrian off.

“Do you?” Adrian searched his face, looking for even a spec of doubt. He exhaled audibly when he found none. “Good. Never forget that. Now let’s get out of here.”


For a moment, Oliver thought he’d stepped into a page of a fairy-tale. The garden was simply magnificent. The perfectly preened hedges, the unprecedented wealth of spectacular floral displays planted in endless varieties, the slick modern landscaping alternated with the beautiful works was so breathtakingly beautiful it actually kept Oliver stunned for some time. He could see peacocks proudly prancing around. A soft splash drew his attention to a beautiful fountain to his left but a gasp tore out of his throat when he saw the man-made waterfall further up the huge garden. The sound of the splashing water attracted different types of birds, bringing life and motion to the whole setting and in effect, connecting a human to nature.

Though the superb well-executed, integrated design of the garden made it look effortless, it was obvious that a great deal of immense skill and razor-sharp attention to detail had gone into its construction. The passionate serenity of that garden soothed and calmed Oliver so much so that he totally forgot all the dread and apprehension that had made him feel sick on his way to Adrian’s house.

“Calm down, Oliver.” Adrian had kept telling him as he drove them towards his house. He’d held Oliver’s hand throughout the drive.

Unlike Oliver, Adrian was okay with the meeting because he had the advantage of knowing Donna and what she wanted to do. Oliver didn’t have that luxury. When they entered the gate of the large estate, Oliver’s eyes had widened in shock.

“Dude, this is not a house. It’s a villa.” He’d gasped, making Adrian laugh. “Just how wealthy are you?”

“I guess I was rich even before I was born.” Adrian chuckled. “My filthy rich grandfather died when my mother was pregnant with me. He willed all his wealth to his unborn grandchild. So…”

Adrian drove them into the large compound of the outstanding fifteen-bedroom villa. The residence oozed luxury and glamour, its exteriors alone revealing exquisite tastes and sophisticated facilities.

“It’s fabulously magnificent.” Oliver breathed.

And when Adrian drove him to the back of the house, right into that big marvelous garden, Oliver’s jaw had dropped. And even as he led him to the beautifully displayed outdoor rattan tables, chairs and recliners on the black limestone patio, Oliver had still not been able to utter a word. That was how overwhelming the garden was. It took your breath away.

Oliver sat alone, taking in the beautiful scene as he waited for Donna. Adrian had asked him to wait whilst he went inside to fetch his wife. Oliver looked down at himself, hoping he was dressed okay. He’d changed his outfit about four times before finally settling on blue jeans, white Henley shirt and black boots.

“You look totally hot.” Adrian had murmured huskily when he’d come to pick him up.

“Shit, that’s not the look I was going for.” Oliver had moaned worriedly.

“Hey, no matter what you wear, you look hot.” Adrian had drawled. “So don’t bother.” He’d tenderly pushed back the strand of hair falling in Oliver’s eyes. “You don’t have any idea just how sexy you are, do you?” He’d whispered, leaning forward to kiss him.

So there he was, in a simple jeans and top, sitting on a stylishly classic patio, smack in the most beautiful garden he’d ever seen, waiting for his boyfriend’s wife to come and hand him his arse. And Oliver was absolutely calm. One of the peacocks attracted his attention by opening its beautiful colourful tail wide into a splendid fan, and showing off by doing a complex dance. The shimmering tail vibrated, making a rattling sound. It was enthrallingly to watch. Oliver was so engrossed in the spectacle before him that he didn’t even hear the sound of the electric wheelchair till it was close to him.

“Hello Oliver.” Oliver heard a sweet voice call out and tore his eyes off the peacock to look at the beautiful redhead in a wheelchair. Donna. “Show offs aren’t they?” Donna nodded towards the peacock.

Oliver chuckled. “What can I say? If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” He turned back to look at the peacock as both of them laughed.

“I read that the female peacock usually chooses the male with the most impressive tail. They admire the eye markings on their tails and are said to mate with the male who has more ‘eyes’.” Donna said. “The more the better.”

“Typical.” Oliver turned to look at Donna who burst into laughter.

“I know right. Come on, let’s walk.” She said, and then promptly gave a sheepish smile. “Well, you walk and I…you know what I mean.”

Oliver fell into step beside Donna. “You have a beautiful home Donna.” Oliver said. “I’m in love with this garden.”

“Thank you.” Donna chuckled. “I love being here. It gives me a sense of peace.”

“How are you doing?” Oliver asked softly. “Adrian said you’ve been sick.”

“I’m better today because I bullied my doctor into giving me a super energy shot. Don’t tell Adrian. He worries too much.” She chuckled. “I mean look at me. I’m enjoying this again.” She threw her hand up indicating the garden. “I’ve been too weak to come down here in a while. Those killjoys.” She said in a voice that was so funny Oliver burst into laughter.

“Seriously this garden is really cool.” He said. “Love, love, love the waterfall.”

The two of them went around admiring the colourful birds and talking about general stuff. It was obvious they enjoyed each other’s company. It almost felt as though they’d known each other for a while.

“So how’s work?” Donna asked at a point. “I hear you’re an IT genius.” She chuckled.

Oliver blushed, grateful she hadn’t called him a nerd like most people did. “Work is okay. It’s fun so I enjoy it.”

“There’s nothing like enjoying what you do.” Donna said. “I’ve always had this impression that all you IT people do is…play games.” She laughed when Oliver burst into laughter. “Educate me Oliver.”

“I can understand why you’d think that.” Oliver laughed and then went ahead to tell Donna exactly what his work entailed. At a point, he crouched in front of Donna and used the buttons on her wheelchair to describe a process. “This electric wheelchair for instance is controlled by a handle, a joystick, a motion sensitive tube and a computer screen controller. Just like a video game.” He laughed. “The controller is a computer interface which is responsible for speed control and…” He trailed off when he felt Donna’s soft palm against his cheek. He looked up at her.

“You’re gorgeous.” Donna said softly. And when Oliver blushed, she grinned. “And so adorable. I see why he loves you. You know he does right?” And at the shocked expression on Oliver’s face, Donna sighed. “You don’t. You men are so dense at times. Do you love him Oliver?”

Oliver swallowed audibly. Was that a trick question? If he told her yes would she rain curses on him? Should he lie and say no? What was the appropriate thing to do?

“I don’t know how to answer that.” Oliver whispered.

“Then say yes. ‘Cause I need you to love him, Oliver.” Donna said softly.

“Yes. I do.” He whispered the truth. “I’m sorry…”

“Hey, you don’t have to be.” Donna snorted, cutting him off. “You fell in love. There’s nothing wrong with that, hon. You shouldn’t be sorry because there’s nothing criminal about loving someone. You didn’t kill anyone. Nothing to be ashamed of.” She rolled her eyes, making Oliver chuckle. “Besides, he’s very easy to love.” She added softly. “And I’m so happy you do.”

“Are you really okay with this?” Oliver asked with eyes filled with incredulity.

“You have no idea just how much.” Donna gushed. “You’re shocked.” It wasn’t a question. “My relationship with Adrian is more like that of siblings now, Oliver. You have nothing to worry about. I know you feel guilty. Probably ask yourself what kind of person would be with a man when his wife was dying.” Donna watched as shame and embarrassment filled Oliver’s eyes. “Don’t. I admire your strength.”

Oliver nodded, understanding that Donna wasn’t judging him. “I was afraid to come.” He said quietly.

“I know.” Donna chuckled. “I’d be scared too. I’ve thought about you a lot, Oliver. And I must confess I actually liked you though I hadn’t seen you. Weird don’t you think?”


“I’m happy Adrian has you.” She said softly. “I’m sure he already knows you care about him. But you have to tell him you love him, Oliver.”

“He knows.” Oliver said. At Donna’s raised brow, he explained. “Well, I blurted it out by mistake when he told me you wanted to see me.” He watched as Donna’s mouth widened with a grin. “I told him you’d probably take just one look at me and know that I’m in love with him. I could have bitten off my tongue after I said that.”

Donna burst into laughter. “Oh my God, that must have been painful. What did he say?”


“The silly man.” Donna muttered.

“I did apologize though. It hadn’t been my intention to drop it on him like that.”

“I need a favour from you Oliver.”

“Anything Donna.” Oliver said before he could check himself.

“I don’t know whether Adrian has told you the seriousness of my illness. I don’t have much time. That is why I wanted to meet you. I need you to do something very important for me after I’m…hey it’s okay.” Donna said, noticing Oliver’s eyes well up with tears. “I’m at peace with it. Everyone’s going to take that trip. I’m just taking it earlier.” She shrugged.

“What do you want me to do?” Oliver asked shakily, wiping at his eyes. He’d never felt as sad as he did at that very moment. “I’ll do anything.”

“Adrian doesn’t deal with grief well.” Donna said quietly. “He just doesn’t. He’s going to push you away. Don’t let him, Oliver. Because he’s going to need you more than ever then. He can be very stubborn and headstrong when he wants to be. If you don’t take a firm step and stay strong for him, force him to live, he’ll hide himself in a cocoon of grief and refuse to come out.”

“I’ll take care of him Donna.” Oliver said quietly. “I promise.”

“It’s going to be difficult. But you love him and he loves you right back so you can do it. The kids will need him. But he won’t be able to be there for them if he’s busy grieving.” Donna furiously wiped at the tears on her cheeks. “Shit, sorry. I’m usually not so emotional. I just…I want to know that my family will be okay. And you’re the only person who has the power to do that, Oliver. I’m sorry if… Oh God…” Donna paused and covered her eyes with her left palm, which was the only limb that actually worked. Tears leaked out from beneath the hand covering her eyes.

Donna didn’t feel it when Oliver’s arms wrapped around her waist but she heard his sobs and removed her hand from her eyes to look at him. Oliver’s head was in her lap and he was crying his heart out.

“I’m so sorry Oliver. I know I’m putting a lot of burden on you and that is selfish of me but…you’re my only hope. I don’t have the luxury of being tactful at this point. Please love him like you’ve never before when the time comes. Please Oliver…”

At that point Oliver was sobbing so hard he couldn’t even speak. Donna cupped the back of his head with her hand and cried too. Anyone witnessing the spectacle would think something really terrible had happened… And that was exactly what Florence, Donna’s nurse thought when she decided to check on Donna by looking at her patient and her visitor on the surveillance monitor.


“Doc.?” Florence burst into Adrian’s study where he was going through some files. “I th…think something’s wrong.” She stammered, her eyes filled with worry.

“What is it Florence?” Adrian shot out of his chair.

“It’s Mrs. Graham.”

“What’s happened?” Adrian was already rushing out of the study past Florence.

“I’m not too sure but she and her visitor…”

But Adrian wasn’t even listening. He ran as fast as he could towards the garden. His heart was pounding. What was going on, he thought as he ran. He shouldn’t have left them alone, he silently berated himself.

Adrian came to a halt when he rounded the corner and saw the most heart-tugging sight ever. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were both sobbing, he would have taken out his phone and captured that image. How was it even possible to love two totally different people so much and at the same time, he wondered. But he acknowledged the fact that though he loved them both, it wasn’t the same. Somehow what he felt for Donna wasn’t romantic at all. Clearly, they’d grown out of such feelings for each other. They acted like siblings who were very fond of each other. What he felt for Oliver on the other hand was the kind that made his heart pound, caused butterflies in his stomach and made him hard as rock.

Adrian leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss against Donna’s hair when he got to where they were. He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped her face. Then he kissed her forehead.

“It’s okay Don.” He murmured. “It’s okay.” At Donna’s nod, Adrian gently pulled Oliver off her and into his arms. He kept crying. Adrian didn’t stop him. He watched as Donna gently rubbed Oliver on the back and smiled at her, mouthing an ‘I love you’ to her. She mouthed it right back.

When Oliver eventually quieted down, he stepped back from Adrian and accepted the handkerchief he held his way. “Thanks.”

“Feeling better?” Adrian murmured as he watched Oliver wiping his face.

“Much.” Oliver croaked and turned to look down at Donna with eyes filled with tenderness. “Thank you Donna.” He bent down and kissed her on the cheek. But before he straightened up, he whispered in her ear. “I promise to do my best. But if he gives me shit, I’m gonna kick his arse.”

Donna burst into laughter despite herself. She laughed even harder when her eyes landed on Adrian’s comically confused face. And when Oliver saw Adrian’s expression too, he couldn’t help but join in the laughter.

“Err…care to share the joke?” Adrian asked as they all started towards the house with Donna riding in their middle. And when they both answered, no at the same time, he growled and gave a mock scowl, making them laugh even harder.

And at that moment, Adrian couldn’t help but feel he was the luckiest man on earth.


“See you on Saturday, Uncle Oliver.” Josh, Adrian’s nine year old son called out from the back seat of the chauffeur-driven car as he and his sister, Pearl, waved excitedly at Oliver.

“Can’t wait.” Oliver called back, waving till the car disappeared. And truly, he couldn’t wait to see Adrian’s kids again. He hadn’t planned on going out with the kids that day. They’d shown up with their chauffeur out of the blue and asked him to go with then to get pizza.

They had been hanging out and having fun in the past two months since Oliver met Donna for the first time. At her insistence, he’d begun spending time with the kids whenever he was free. Oliver made it a point to make time for the kids, sometimes taking them with him to the office on Saturdays when he had work to do. The kids, especially Josh, enjoyed such days. They played different types of fun computer games which kids his age loved to do. Four year old Pearl was simply adorable but her interests laid in watching movies filled with princesses. That was not a problem for Oliver at all. The kids adored him and he’d grown so attached to them within that short time it actually surprised him.

Sometimes they went out with Adrian or simply hang out with Donna in their home. But they didn’t hang out with Donna much since she seemed to be getting worse and worse. Even her left arm could no longer function as the paralysis had now moved up to her neck. Oliver hated seeing her so helpless because it always left him depressed. He’d grown to like Donna so much. She was just a beautiful soul and it pained him to watch her suffer. His respect for Adrian had multiplied a hundredfold since it finally dawned on him what Adrian had to go through every day. Though Adrian virtually spent all his time with Donna, they still managed to have some alone time once in a while. But it was obvious he wasn’t himself. The only times he really let go was when they were making love. Oliver understood and tried as much as possible to give him what he wanted. Sometimes they would simply fuck each other desperately and wildly as if the world was coming to an end. Sometimes too they would make slow sweet love which always left them emotional. And other times they would just hold each other naked, without actually having sex, which was even more intimate. Oliver always allowed Adrian to determine how their encounters would go depending on his mood. He wanted to support Adrian in any way he could. Suddenly his whole world was centered around Adrian. Jason, his best friend and colleague, didn’t mince words in telling Oliver just how dangerous he thought that was.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt Olly.” He’d said when Oliver had gone to his house one day to visit their new born baby. “When you give all your heart and soul to something, it’s difficult to bounce back should anything go wrong. Be very careful just how deep you allow yourself to sink into all this Oliver.”

“I’ll be fine Jace.” Oliver had responded. “I just want to be there for Adrian. He needs me and I love him.”

“I understand that you want to be there for him. All I’m saying is that do not get in way over your head. ‘Cause touch wood but should anything negative happen…and this is a complex relationship so anything can happen…you will crash hard bro. Just…be careful.”

“I will. Thanks.” Oliver had nodded, knowing that his friend only had his best interest at heart.

“I’m always here for you, you know that.”

“I do.”

Oliver understood why his arrangement with the Grahams would seem complex and even weird but he loved what he had with them. It almost felt as if he had a family and that was great. He shook his head in amusement as he entered his condo, a brilliant grin on his face. Those kids were just adorable. He shut his door and started stripping to go take a shower. Adrian was on his way to him and that was making him giddy with excitement. He hadn’t seen him in a whole week and hadn’t fucked him in almost three. Oliver was crazy horny. He wanted the man with every bone in his body. Though he made it a point to always allow Adrian to dictate the pace, Oliver planned on making what he wanted known subtly.

He took a quick shower, resisting the urge to jack off. His cock was semi-hard even as he entered his bedroom naked, still toweling his hair. He heard footsteps coming towards his bedroom and knew Adrian was in.

“Hey.” Adrian greeted when he entered the room.

“Hey yourself.” Oliver responded as he opened a drawer to take out boxes briefs. He couldn’t suppress his gasp and the shiver of arousal that flashed within him when he felt Adrian’s arms wrap around him from behind. “Adrian…”

Only his name, but the longing, pleading and sheer need with which it was mentioned couldn’t be masked or overlooked. Adrian didn’t say anything. He just acted…propelling Oliver toward the couch in the room, even as his hand reached for and began to stroke Oliver’s hard leaking cock. When he got to the couch, he turned Oliver around and pushed him to sit down. Then he went down on his knees in front of Oliver, bent down and took him into his mouth, swallowing him to the root.

“Oh fuck. God, Adrian…” A cry of pure pleasure tore out of Oliver as he bucked uncontrollably into Adrian’s hot mouth. “I’m so fucking horny for you, baby.” He gasped.

Adrian’s goal was to bring Oliver a quick relief. He bobbed his head fast, taking Oliver as deep into his throat as he could. Oliver had taught him well. He took his balls into his hand, gently squeezing and rolling them expertly. He loved the needy and erotic sounds falling out of Oliver’s throat. Those sounds traveled up Adrian’s spine and pooled down in his balls, making him rock hard inside his pants. He sucked hard.

“Jesus Adrian…” Oliver breathed, looking down to meet Adrian’s hungry and determined gaze. He thought Adrian had never looked hotter. With his mouth filled with his cock, tongue sliding and flicking against his blood-darkened head, and his hungry eyes looking up at him, Adrian looked so insanely sexy a porn star would envy him. “Fuck…” He gasped.

Oliver felt as if he was drowning in sensation. Adrian’s mouth on him felt so damn good. He threw his head back in rapturous pleasure as his fingers tightened inside Adrian’s hair. And when he felt Adrian swallow around his cock, he gave a strangled cry and started coming, shooting deep into Adrian’s mouth, filling that wicked mouth with thick hot cum which was so much some leaked out.

“Oh my God…” Oliver gasped shakily. It was so fucking good. There was nothing like Adrian’s mouth. The only thing better was Adrian’s cock buried deep in his arse, and that was what he wanted next.

Adrian kept sucking until Oliver was a shaking mess, his toes curling almost painfully with sensory overload. His skin tingled and he trembled, unable to stop the soft whimpers that tore out of his throat.

“Adrian…” He breathed shakily as he gently pushed Adrian’s mouth off his cock.

Adrian stood up and drew Oliver out of the seat. Then he sat down and pulled Oliver down to straddle his lap. Oliver coiled his arms around Adrian’s neck and leaned his head down to lick at the cum which was at the side of his mouth. Then he took Adrian’s mouth in the most passionate kiss, loving his flavour on Adrian’s tongue. As they kissed, Oliver grinded on Adrian, feeling his hardness beneath his arse. He wanted that cock deep inside him.

“Want you…” Oliver moaned against Adrian’s swollen lips. “Want to feel you inside me.” Fuck subtleness. His hands were already moving down between them to Adrian’s belt buckle. “Please.” He whimpered.

“Hmmm?” Adrian leaned forward and started sucking up a mark on Oliver’s neck. “I never would have guessed.” He murmured teasingly, moving up to swirl the very tip of his tongue against the outer shell of Oliver’s ear.

Oliver’s eyes rolled back as he moaned. “Shit… Adrian, come on…” He groaned and then abruptly moved off Adrian’s lap to kneel at his feet.

With determination he reached up and unzipped Adrian. Then he started pulling down his pants together with his boxer briefs, smirking when Adrian raised his butt to help him. Then he was freeing that beautiful, savagely hard cock. Wild horses couldn’t have stopped Oliver from taking that cock into his mouth.

“Fuck.” Adrian growled, his hips thrusting up uncontrollably as Oliver’s moist lips flowed over the velvety, mushroomed head. He watched through heavy-lidded eyes as Oliver licked the little tear-shaped slit at the tip of his cock, from which dripped pre-cum. “You’re driving me insane, babe.”

But Oliver’s aim wasn’t to suck him off though he loved the feel of Adrian’s cock in his mouth. He always had. This time, his aim was to get Adrian slick and that was exactly what he did. Oliver moved off the now very wet cock and went back to straddling Adrian, his knees on either side of Adrian’s thighs.

“Baby we need lu…Oh fuuuuck.” Adrian lost his train of thought when Oliver slid all the way down his cock. “Christ, you feel so fucking good.” He groaned as his eyes fluttered close. That arse was so fucking tight and glorious Adrian knew he wasn’t going to last. But then almost immediately his eyes shot open when realization hit him. Oliver had already been lubed up. “You…” Again Adrian lost his train of thought when he focused on Oliver’s ecstasy-ravaged face. His lovely green eyes were dilated and glazed with utter pleasure, his kiss-swollen lips slightly parted, face flushed… Adrian had never seen a sexier Oliver. “Damn, you’re so fucking hot, Olly. So sexy and beautiful.” Adrian whispered, almost as if the moment was sacred and needed to be kept as such.

Oliver licked his lips, his breath coming out harshly. “I’ve missed this so much.” His voice was barely above a whisper. “God, you feel so fucking good Adrian.” He filled him like none other, searing him from the inside, giving him so much pleasure he felt goose bumps flash across his skin. “Fuck.” Oliver slowly lifted off Adrian and slammed back down with a husky gasp. “Oh my God, I need to touch you Adrian.” He breathed as his fingers began to quickly unbutton Adrian’s shirt.

After undoing two buttons, Oliver impatiently and forcefully pulled the shirt apart, not caring at all that buttons were flying everywhere. He needed to touch Adrian and some buttons were sure as fuck not going to stand in his way. And even as he bounced wantonly on Adrian, he pulled the ruined shirt off with Adrian’s help. Then he quickly pulled off Adrian’s undershirt and dipped his head to latch onto a taut nipple.

“Fuck!” Adrian gasped, almost crawling out of his skin when Oliver started working that nipple. Whatever Oliver was doing to that pebbled flesh felt so heavenly, exquisite sensations slammed into Adrian, sending him directly to the edge. He felt his balls draw up. Adrian knew he was about to blow but he wasn’t ready to end it. “Shit…shit…stop moving Olly.” He growled as his hands went to Oliver’s arse to hold him still. “Oh fuck…kiss me baby.” To stop himself from tumbling off the edge, Adrian needed Oliver’s mouth off his nipple. And he knew the only way he could get him off was to ask for a kiss.

“I need to move.” Oliver whimpered, sitting upright to take Adrian’s mouth as had been requested. But then the change in angle caused Adrian’s cock to graze that walnut-sized gland inside him that emanated so much pleasure, causing him to groan into the kiss. He was rock hard and dripping with precum.

With his dripping cock trapped between them, Oliver rode Adrian hard. From his position, he controlled the fuck, knowing the perfect angle to get that sweet gland inside him, nailed. The stimulation to that pleasure button, and the friction between the hair on Adrian’s torso and the sensitive underside of his cock was so exquisite Oliver lost control. Grabbing both of Adrian’s hands off his arse cheeks, he entwined his fingers with his and brought their linked hands to the sides of Adrian’s head. Then with an erotic cry, he began to gyrate on Adrian. Oliver set a brutal pace, his hips moving fast as he rode Adrian, his head thrown back in ecstatic abandon, his cries growing louder and louder with each thrust.

“So good…Oh God, yes.” Oliver was delirious with pleasure. When he felt his orgasm right there beneath the surface, he began to move almost frenziedly, desperate for that euphoric release.

“Fuck Olly…”Adrian breathed in awe as he looked at Oliver. He thought he looked totally hot and absolutely stunning. The man was the definition of sex, Adrian thought awed. Oliver was the reason the word was invented.

Adrian felt he could watch Oliver that way for the rest of his life and not get bored. He burned that image into his memory, wishing he had the talent to paint. He would have captured the way Oliver looked right then and framed it. He was simply breathtaking and Adrian knew he was the luckiest man on earth to have the attentions of such a wonderful and beautiful person.

“Oh shit.” Adrian gasped when he felt Oliver suddenly tighten up on him. Sensations slammed into him as his eyes fluttered closed despite his attempts to keep them open. He didn’t know what hit him.

Adrian cried out his pleasure as a powerful orgasm slammed into him without warning. One moment he was thinking about how hot Oliver looked and the next, he was filling his channel with his hot cum. And even as he writhed against Oliver in utter bliss, he felt Oliver release his hands, cup his face and crash his mouth against his. Then Oliver started convulsing rhythmically against him, spilling his hot essence between them, the exquisite contractions of his arse muscles on Adrian’s cock totally blowing Adrian’s mind. Adrian wrapped his arms tightly around Oliver, kissing him back and drinking in his lustful cries even as they writhed against each other, both floating on glorious pleasure.

They held each other in a strangling embrace, kissing and nipping languidly till their breathing returned to normal. And for long moments, they just held each other, with Oliver’s face hidden against Adrian’s neck.

“Good?” Adrian asked softly, smiling when Oliver nodded against him.

“Needed that. Thanks.” Oliver murmured, kissing Adrian lightly on the neck.

“I missed you.” Adrian said softly. “So damn much.”

“How are you?” Oliver asked and then promptly winced when he felt an intense shudder pass through Adrian. He wished he could tell him all would be well but he just couldn’t. Not with what they both knew was coming.

“Hanging in there.” Adrian muttered shakily, causing Oliver’s chest to tighten with such physical pain he gasped.

With a sound between a groan and a moan, Oliver cupped the sides of Adrian’s face, locked eyes with him and then did what he’d vowed to himself not to do…

“I love you, Adrian.” He whispered with so much emotion. He couldn’t have stopped himself from blurting those words even if a gun had been held to his head. “Every time I think it’s impossible to love you more, I do. Every-fucking-day.” His voice shook. “I love the way you make me feel. The way you take me…ravage me…I just…” He shook his head in wonderment. “It’s indescribable Adrian. I love you more than life itself. I just thought you should know.”

Adrian tightened his arms around Oliver. “Fuck!” He already knew how Oliver felt about him. He would be a fool not to know. But it still shook him to the very core, hearing those words coming from Oliver. Hearing those words also loosened something within him, making him almost light-headed. Adrian wasn’t surprised when he felt the moisture on his cheeks. And when he felt Oliver kissing away his tears, they came even faster. “I know baby.” Adrian breathed shakily. “I know.”


Two weeks after Oliver declared his love for Adrian, Donna passed. It was peaceful and in the presence of Adrian and her doctor, Elise. Adrian was lying beside her in bed, holding her so close he could feel when she took her last breath. He started sobbing. The sounds tearing out of him were so gut-wrenchingly pitiful Elise decided to give him his privacy and left the room.

Adrian shocked himself. He thought he would take it well as he’d known what was coming for a while. But it still hurt. He couldn’t believe Donna was actually gone. And the fact that she had to suffer for such a long time made the sadness within even worse. Twenty-two was too young an age to have something such as what happened, to befall Donna. It just wasn’t fair. Adrian cried like he’d never cried before. When Elise came back in after an hour, Adrian was still sobbing.

“Adrian, we have to take her away.” She said softy. Her own red eyes betrayed the fact that she’d had her share of tears. She’d been Donna’s doctor for years. It was only to be expected.

“Elise please…” Adrian sobbed. “Gi…give me…”

“I’ll come back later.” Elise gave him another thirty minutes.

Eventually Adrian quieted down, pressed a kiss to Donna’s forehead and got out of the bed to enable the body to be taken out.

A private burial ceremony was held for Donna. Adrian, their two children, his mother, Donna’s parents and her brother, and then Elise and Donna’s two nurses were the only people in attendance. Adrian didn’t invite Oliver. He hadn’t spoken to him since the death. Oliver had tried to reach out by calling and sending messages but Adrian neither picked his calls nor answered to the messages. Besides the fact that he felt he had to show Donna some respect so soon after her death by not being with his lover, Adrian just didn’t feel like talking to Oliver. Josh and Pearl had asked on different occasions that they wanted to go visit Oliver but Adrian had stopped them, telling them he would let them know when it was okay to go visit.

Just as Donna had predicted, Adrian had totally drawn away from Oliver.


“Adrian please. Call me back. I miss you.” Oliver cut the line and sat back in his chair. He’d lost count of the number of times he’d left messages on Adrian’s phone.

It had been six weeks since Donna’s death and eight weeks since he’d last laid eyes on Adrian. To say he was hurt when Adrian had not invited him to the burial ceremony would be an understatement. But Oliver understood. After all, he wasn’t family. But what hurt even more was Adrian’s silence. Oliver had made an effort by going to the hospital but had been told Dr. Graham was on leave. He’d gone to the house but had been told at the gate that Adrian was not accepting visitors. He’d insisted and told the security personnel that they should tell Adrian it was him. And it had been even more humiliating when they’d told him that Dr. Graham said he would get in touch with him later. Oliver had been devastated.

After waiting for a week with no word from Adrian, he’d gone back to the house but had been told that Adrian was on vacation somewhere they couldn’t disclose. The kids, he was told, were with their maternal grandparents. Oliver had stood there staring at the security guy for a while, a myriad of emotions running through him. Anger, frustration, humiliation but most of all, Oliver was hurt. He’d never felt so frightened and alone in his life. He’d gone home and bawled his eyes out so hard he hadn’t been able to go to work for two days. Jason would have gone ballistic if he’d seen him then and Oliver didn’t want that.

“Hey.” Jason popped his head into Oliver’s office. “The guys are in. We’ll be meeting in…hey are you okay?” He asked when he noticed the abject expression on Oliver’s face as he stared at the phone in his hand. Jason stepped into the office and closed the door. “What’s wrong Olly?”

“Nothing, I’m…”

“Bullshit.” Jason cut him off. He already knew Adrian had gone MIA on Oliver. “What did Graham do? I knew…”

“Jace please.” Oliver groaned, rubbing his hand over his face. Jason had always been protective of him. Oliver was therefore not surprised at his reaction to seeing him so unhappy.

“Has he finally called to say someth…” Jason began between clenched teeth.

“He hasn’t alright?” Oliver bellowed. “He’s done nothing at all.” He whispered and then furiously wiped at his eyes. “He still wouldn’t talk to me, Jace. I’ve kept calling, sending messages… Nothing.”

“That son of a bitch.” Jason muttered, drawing Oliver out of his chair and into his arms.

“He’s grieving, have some respect.” Oliver said shakily. “He’ll come around.”

Jason snorted. “The woman has been dead for over a month now. How long is it going to take him to grieve? Shouldn’t life go on? What about you? Doesn’t he care at all?”

“I don’t know what else to do Jason. I promised her. Now I’m just…” He gave a deep sigh when Jason released him from his embrace.

“Don’t waste your time on someone who isn’t willing to waste their time on you, Olly.”

“Jason please…”

“Do you still want to pursue this relationship? Wouldn’t you rather forget about him and move on?”

“I love him, Jace.” Oliver moaned.

Jason snorted as he sat in one of the chairs in Oliver’s office. “More often than not, people fall in love with people they can’t really have.” He muttered, drawing a soft sigh from Oliver.

“I was told this would happen and that makes me rather want to reach out even more.” Oliver sat down too. “I already feel as if I’ve failed Donna. But I wasn’t even given the chance.” He groaned. “I need to see him and be there for him. Do you understand?”

Jason sighed. “Unfortunately I do.” They sat quietly for some time, each lost in his thoughts, till Jason broke the silence. “I guess we have to take matters into our own hands. Why don’t you give me some time to check things out?”

“What are you going to do?” Oliver asked with narrowed eyes. Jason was called The Snoop when they were in school. He had a knack for snooping around and uncovering things that people wouldn’t have known ordinarily. He always said it was his talent.

“Hey, what’s the use of having a talent if I can’t use it?”


“Relax. I just want you to surprise the good doctor wherever he is.” Jason said getting to his feet. I know people like Graham, Olly. If you don’t push, you’ll lose them forever. Pussies if you ask me.” He muttered as he turned towards the door. At the door he stopped and turned to look at Oliver. “He’s going to have the shock of his life. All you have to do is be your sweet self, but this time, with a touch of aggression. He won’t know what hit him. Coming?” Jason left the office.

Oliver stared at the door for a moment and then felt himself smile for the first time in he didn’t even know how long. He felt better somehow. But then Jason always knew how to lift his spirits. And even as he left his office for his meeting, there was a glimmer of hope in his heart.


“I’m sorry, Dr. Graham is indisposed.” The Scorpion King lookalike with a scowl on his face, told Oliver at the door of Adrian’s luxury lake house.

Oliver stared at the man. He’d seen him in Adrian’s hospital about twice. He was supposed to be the head of Adrian’s security detail but Adrian didn’t usually allow him to stay by his side as he was supposed to.

“Listen man, I’ve travelled all the way from Florida to see Dr. Graham.” Oliver said with a deep sigh. “It’s a life and death situation, Sir. I need to…”

“I’m only doing my job buddy.” The huge man scowled as he looked past Oliver to the sleek rented Audi parked in the driveway. “The boss told me not to allow any visitors so…”

“Mr…” Oliver waited for the man to supply his name but he didn’t. “Look, you seem like a very nice fellow.” Oliver said with a smile. People liked his smile. He hoped The Scorpion King in front of him would. “Can I call you…’The Rock’?” He asked with a slight tilt of his head. “You look so much like him. I…”

“Name’s Mark.” The man finally gave his name. “So what do you want from Dr. Graham?”

“My name is Oliver. I’m sure you’ve seen me before…” When Mark remained quiet, Oliver went on. “I need to see him.” Oliver said urgently. “You’ll be saving a life if you allow me to see him. My life.”

“You don’t look sick.” Mark snorted.

“You have no idea. Please, just allow me inside to talk to him. This is my i.d.” Oliver pulled out an i.d. from his wallet and held it out to Mark but the scowling man didn’t even attempt to take it. “I don’t mean him any hard. I just really need to see him.” Oliver sounded desperate.

Mark stared at Oliver. Of course he knew him. There was very little that Mark didn’t know when it came to his employer. And he definitely knew the relationship between Oliver and his boss. A relationship that no one else knew about apart from his boss’ late wife. Well, Mark had his instructions. No one was to be allowed to see Adrian. But just like every other staff in the lake house, he was worried about his grieving boss. The man needed to start living. He needed to come out of his bedroom. He wasn’t eating at all. All his boss did was call him to send up a fresh bottle of whiskey whenever he emptied a bottle. No one had even been to look for the man in all the weeks that he’d been holed up in there because Adrian had created the impression that he was going on an important business trip. That had been the first time Mark had heard doctors could also go on business trips. He wondered how Adrian’s loved ones could have bought that. Maybe Oliver was the answer. Maybe he could at least get the man to take a breather from his self-destruction quest. Mark knew just how much Adrian liked Oliver. He’d seen how he looked at Oliver whenever he thought no one was watching. Yes, Oliver was definitely the answer.

“Alright I’m going to allow you in.” Mark said.

“Oh thanks Ma…”

“But for a totally different reason from your so-called sickness.” Mark extended his hand, indicating that Oliver dropped his car key in his palm. “Now, let’s get something straight here buddy. If you make me, in anyway, regret allowing you in, I’ll serial kill your arse.” He growled, making Oliver take a step back in fear.

“Easy there big fella.” Oliver’s hands shot up in a sign of innocence. “I promise I won’t give you course to kill me.”

“Who’s there Mark?” Oliver heard a female voice ask from somewhere behind Mark.

Mark pushed the door open. “Oliver. Here to see Dr. Graham.” Mark drawled, beckoning Oliver to enter the huge elegantly decorated foyer.

“You know he can’t see any…” The elderly lady hissed at Mark.

“Well, I think he should, Ms. Sandra.” Mark hissed right back. “The man is wasting away. If…”

“What did you say?” Oliver gasped as his heart began to pound like a son of a bitch.

“Noth…” Mark began but got cut off.

“Take me to him.” Oliver commanded in a shaky voice, his eyes suspiciously bright. Both Mark and Sandra’s eyes widened at Oliver’s tone. “Take me to him now!” He growled, the command in his voice brooking no argument.

“This way.” Sandra said, turning to lead the way.

“Ms. Sandra, maybe we should inform…” Mark began but no one was paying him any attention. He shut the door and followed the two up the stairs.

Oliver could feel himself shaking as he climbed the stairs behind Sandra. He dreaded what he was about to see. What had Mark meant by ‘wasting away’? Oh God, please. He prayed.

“This is his room.” Sandra paused when she got to a closed door. “I’ll just knock and…” But before she could finish what she was saying, Oliver reached out and opened the door. Then ignoring Sandra’s gasp, he stepped inside.

The room was dark, very cool and reeked of alcohol. Oliver could tell it was a huge bedroom. There was a seating area and a dining area for four. It was already noon but the blinds hadn’t been drawn. His eyes landed on the bed and its lone occupant. When he took a step, his foot hit a bottle. He really hoped that wasn’t all what Adrian did…drink.

“Don’t tell me that’s all he does.” Oliver rasped. “Drink…”

Sandra nodded. “No food. Just alcohol.” She said quietly when she noticed that Oliver wasn’t looking at her.

“Fuck.” Oliver swore as he abruptly moved towards the windows. He drew back all the blinds and began to open the windows. “Put off the air condition, Sandra.” He threw over his shoulders.

“What the fuck is going on here.” Adrian croaked from the bed.

Oliver turned to look at him and froze. Adrian looked nothing like the Adrian he knew and loved. For one, he looked skeletal and his beard and hair had grown so long one would think he was a character from the Old Testament. His Adrian. Oliver didn’t even feel the tears as they poured down his face.

“Adrian.” He whispered. Then he was running to the bed. He didn’t pause to take off his shoes. He climbed onto the bed and pulled Adrian into his arms. Then he completely broke down.

Mark and Sandra stood by the door watching the spectacle on the bed. Oliver was crying so hard the bed shook with his violent heaves. Adrian remained silent, just staring at a spot on the wall unseeingly. Sandra sobbed silently till Mark led her out of the room to give the two men some privacy. Somehow they knew their boss was in good hands.

Oliver wept for what felt like hours. When he finally quieted down, he realized that Adrian was fast asleep on his shoulder. He gently lowered him onto the pillows before getting out of the bed. Adrian needed a shower badly, Oliver thought as he went into the en-suite bathroom. It was already wide open so he didn’t need to wonder which door it was. It was a huge bathroom. The bathtub could hold about ten people. Apart from the tub which actually had stairs and a seat of sorts…obviously to help Donna, there was a shower and an actual seating area with comfortable chairs in the bathroom. Well, they were definitely not going to use the shower, Oliver sighed. He started filling the tub with look warm water and then left the bathroom. Then he went out of the bedroom, in search of Sandra.

“Need something?” The elderly lady asked before Oliver even got to the bottom of the stairs.

“Could you please prepare some chicken soup for him?” Oliver asked. He didn’t even recognize his own voice. He didn’t remember ever crying so hard.

“I’ll get right on it.”

“Thanks. Oh and Sandra? Sorry for being a bother but…I want to tidy up his room. Could you please give me stuff to use…”

“Bella?” Sandra yelled. “That’s Bella’s job. She hasn’t been able to do it for weeks because Dr. Graham has stopped any of us from entering his room.” She grimaced. “Well, except to send up fresh bottles. Mark will help you move him so that Bella can do her job.”

“I don’t need Mark’s help.” Oliver said quietly. The old Adrian, he wouldn’t have dared try to move. But that skeletal Adrian in there…he could manage just fine. “I wanted to bathe him anyway so we’ll just be in the bathroom whilst Bella tidies up.” Oliver said just as a lady in her mid-twenties, who Oliver assumed was Bella, entered the foyer. “Hello, Bella.” Oliver said with a smile and then turned to climb back up the stairs.

“The soup will be ready by the time you’re done Oliver.” Sandra called out, smiling when Oliver gave a thumbs-up.

Oliver entered the room and began to strip. Adrian was still passed out on the bed. After stripping to his boxer briefs, he went to the bed and stripped Adrian completely. He threw Adrian’s stuff into the laundry basket in the room before going to pick Adrian, fireman style. Fuck, he’d lost weight, Oliver grimaced as he headed for the bathroom. He closed the bathroom door behind him and gently placed Adrian in the seat in the bathtub. Though he was still out, Oliver wasn’t worried he would fall because the seat had been designed in such a way that its occupant could actually relax and not fall.

Oliver’s plan was to first shave Adrian’s face and cut his hair before he bathed him. He wanted to see that gorgeous face again so bad. By the time Oliver was done bathing Adrian, his eyes were opened but he still hadn’t said a word. He simply stared at Oliver from beneath his lashes. Oliver dried him up and sprayed his underarms, wrists, and the back of his neck just as he knew Adrian applied his body spray. Next, he applied Adrian’s aftershave and then gently pushed him into one of the comfortable chairs in the bathroom. The familiar fragrance of Adrian’s aftershave and body spray was so heady it almost made Oliver dizzy. Fuck, he’d missed the man.

Shaking his head to clear his foggy brain, Oliver stripped out of his wet boxers and quickly bathed himself, feeling Adrian’s eyes on him the whole time. He dried himself and wrapped a towel around him waist. Then he went to open the bedroom door to check whether Bella had finished her work. She had. The room looked spotlessly clean. Sheets were fresh and crisp and the room smelt lovely. Oliver went into the room and pulled on his jeans and undershirt which had been neatly laid out on the bed. He grabbed his shirt and hung it on the back of one of the dining chairs before going back to the bathroom. After hanging the towel, he went to Adrian, whose eyes never left his.

“Can you walk?” Oliver asked quietly.

“What are you doing here?” Adrian rasped. He didn’t look angry…just curious.

“Can we talk about what I’m doing here after we get some clothes on you and some soup into that empty stomach of yours? Come on.”

“I can walk.” Adrian croaked, getting to his feet. But he swayed when he tried to move.

“And can you please shelve your stubbornness whilst I’m here?” Oliver muttered as he coiled Adrian’s arm around his neck and wrapped an arm around his bare waist.

When they got to the room, he helped Adrian into bed and went to the walk in closet to find something for him to wear. After opening several drawers, he found boxer briefs, sweats and a t-shirt. He came back to the bed and dressed Adrian up. Then he left the room to go and check on Sandra.

By the time Oliver came back to the room, Adrian wasn’t on the bed where he’d left him. He heard water running in the bathroom and went to see what he was up to. He was brushing his teeth. Adrian came back to the room and climbed back into bed. But this time, he sat with his back against the headboard and stared at Oliver who sat quietly on the coach.

When Sandra knocked on the door, Oliver went to open the door for her and watched as she wheeled in a trolley to the bed. Oliver wondered how she’d gotten a trolley up the stairs but didn’t ask. He’d asked her to add some mashed potatoes as well when he’d gone down to tell her they were ready. Hopefully Adrian would be able to eat a little bit with the soup. After feeling his ribs in the tub, Oliver was furious but knew it was the wrong time to react. His top priority was to get as much food as he could into Adrian. Hell, he was scared the man might need medical attention. If he had to scream, beg or even cry to get Adrian to eat, he was prepared to do it.

“Thank you Sandra.” Oliver said quietly to a beaming Sandra.

“No. Thank you.” She said with a smile that showed her respect and admiration for Oliver. “He looks great.” She said, leaving the room.

Oliver sat on the bed, between Adrian and the trolley and looked at Adrian. “How are we going to do this?” He asked quietly.

Adrian shrugged and dropped his eyes. “I don’t think I can eat anything now.” He said.

“Well, too bad.” Oliver said almost without emotion. “Because I don’t care what you think. You’re going to eat this food. I only wanted to know whether you’ll feed yourself or I would have to feed…”

“Olly, I’ve gone without food for a very long time. Anything that gets in there will cause pain.”

“Does that mean you’re never going to eat again?” Oliver raised an eyebrow. “What’s a little pain now for the greater good? Besides no one asked you not to eat. You’re a medical doctor. You should have known better. Fold your legs.”

Oliver picked up the tray, noticing from the corner of his eye that Adrian had folded his legs as he’d instructed. They’d eaten in bed together several times so Adrian knew just how Oliver wanted him. Oliver opened a bottle of water and thrust it into Adrian’s hand. He didn’t have to tell him what to do. Adrian took a sip and gave it back to Oliver. He could tell Oliver was trying very hard to hold in his anger and didn’t want to break that control by acting stubborn. Without wasting any more time, Oliver picked up a spoon and scooped some of the soup. He tasted it. It was good.

“Open up.” Oliver instructed. Adrian did.

After a while, the expected pains started. But Adrian neither complained nor refused to take any more food. Apart from the fact that he didn’t want to upset Oliver, he felt he deserved the pain…he’d brought it upon himself just as Oliver had pointed out. By the time Oliver realized just how much Adrian was suffering, the soup was gone and the mashed potatoes was almost finished. Adrian was suddenly sweating profusely.

“Fuck, Adrian…” Oliver placed the tray back onto the trolley and pulled off Adrian’s t-shirt. “How bad is it?” He used the t-shirt to wipe Adrian’s brow. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…why didn’t you stop me sooner?”

“What’s a little pain for the greater good, remember?” Came Adrian’s shaky voice.

“You’re an idiot, know that?” Oliver groaned. “Come on, let’s go sit on the balcony. The fresh air might help.”

“And where did you learn that? MIT?” Adrian mumbled, pressing a button beside the bed.

“Fuck you, Adrian.” Oliver muttered as he helped Adrian out onto the balcony.

They sat in the comfortable swing, with Adrian’s head on Oliver’s lap. Oliver heard a knock, and then heard the door to the bedroom open. He heard the sound of cutlery and knew the plates were being cleared. After about twenty minutes, Adrian could no longer suppress the urge to throw up. Oliver helped him to the bathroom and rubbed him on the back throughout his heaves. Afterwards, Adrian assured a worried Oliver that not everything came out.

“Relax.” Adrian said hoarsely as they left the bathroom. “I can still feel the potatoes in my stomach.”

Oliver didn’t say anything to that. He quietly pulled another t-shirt on Adrian and then tucked him in. Adrian was asleep before Oliver was done tucking him in. He closed the windows, released the blinds and then switched on the air-condition. Then he left the room and went downstairs.

“Is he okay?” Sandra asked when she saw Oliver.

“He’ll live.”

“Thank God.” She muttered. “Are you a doctor too?”

“More like a miracle worker.” Mark said as he entered the foyer. “I’m glad I let you in.” He grinned. “Here are your car keys. I’ve parked it in the garage.”

“Thanks. Good to know you’re not going to serial kill my arse after all.” Oliver drawled as he turned to follow Sandra into the living room. “And no, I’m no doctor. Just a friend of Adrian’s.” Oliver said, missing the knowing look on Sandra’s face. He couldn’t possibly out Adrian by admitting their relationship to his workers. That was Adrian’s prerogative, not his.

“We all need friends to look out for us once in a while.” Sandra said with a bright smile. “What would you want to eat Oliver? Anything you want.”

Oliver chuckled as he dropped tiredly into the comfortable couch. “Just a cup of tea will do Sandra. I really don’t feel like eating anything.” He rubbed his eyes.

“Now, we can’t have you falling sick Oliver.” She admonished. “You need a good meal.”

“Oh I ate on the plane.” Oliver laughed. “I’m okay.”

“If you say so. Your bag has been placed in the room next to Dr. Graham’s. Why don’t you go on up and relax in bed? I’ll bring the tea up.”

“I’d rather stay down here and work if you don’t mind. If I see a bed, I’ll sleep. But there’s some stuff I have to see to.” With his kind of job, working never ceased because it could be done from anywhere.

“Work?” Sandra’s eyebrow almost shot up to her hairline. “How old are you hon?”

Oliver looked confused at the line of questioning. “Twenty-eight.”

“Well, I’m forty-seven sugar-pops. And I’m telling you to go to bed.” Sandra gave Oliver a stern look. “Now, I don’t care if you decide to work in bed. But if sleep comes knocking, you damn well have to heed that call. Now be a good boy and head on upstairs. I’ll bring your tea…and some freshly baked cookies up.”

Oliver shook his head in amusement as he stood up. “Who am I to challenge a forty-seven year old?” He laughed. “Thanks Sandra.”

When Sandra took Oliver’s tea up, he was sitting in bed, busily typing away. He said thanks as she placed the trey with tea and cookies on the bedside table. At the door, Sandra turned to look at Oliver with a fond smile on her face.

“Hey?” She waited till Oliver looked up. “There’s a connecting door between this room and his.” She pointed her thumb at the door. “Makes it easier when you want to check on him.”

“Great.” Oliver said and instantly felt his face heat up as he watched Sandra’s knowing grin. Fuck! Could she tell? “Thanks.” She obviously could.



Oliver opened the connecting door around two a.m. to check on Adrian. He was fast asleep. Oliver pulled up the covers which had been pushed down to Adrian’s waist and tucked them around him again. For about ten minutes, he just stood by the bed and watched Adrian sleep. He still couldn’t believe he was actually standing that close to Adrian after not seeing him for over two months. It was almost surreal. He’d missed him so fucking much. He was still angry at what Adrian had put him through, but also felt joy within that definitely trumped his anger. He reached out to gently run his fingers through Adrian’s hair. It was very short after the haircut he’d given him before his bath. But its silky texture still felt heavenly against his fingers.

“What am I going to do with you?” Oliver whispered with a sigh. The love he felt inside for Adrian was so intense it sometimes left him breathless.

When he eventually went back to his room, he didn’t sleep. There was work to be done. And Oliver worked till around six a.m. He knew he had to catch some sleep if he planned on taking care of Adrian the whole day. When he got ready to sleep, he decided to check up on Adrian first. Oliver smiled as he got closer to Adrian’s bed. He’d flung the covers off his body again and had rather coiled himself into a ball. Adrian never could sleep under the covers. But the room was cold so he adjusted the air-conditioner and then went to cover Adrian again. As Oliver pulled the covers over Adrian, he opened his eyes and grabbed his wrist.

“Stay with me.” Adrian said in a voice roughened with sleep. Oliver thought he sounded so sexy. It made him want to fuck Adrian, long and hard. “Please.”

Oliver climbed into the bed but stayed on the covers. For a moment Adrian looked as if he was going to protest but he didn’t. His hand however never left Oliver’s wrist. His eyes closed again, though but he was obviously not asleep. Oliver didn’t have the luxury of staying awake though. He was fast asleep in no time. When Adrian heard Oliver’s even breathing, he opened his eyes and stared at his tired gorgeous face. He never thought he could miss someone so much.

When he opened his eyes the day before and saw Oliver standing in his bedroom, he’d thought he was dreaming. But when Oliver held him and sobbed his heart out, he’d known it wasn’t a dream. He’d hated to see Oliver cry but couldn’t even bring himself to tell him to stop. Not only had he been drunk, he’d also felt so weak. He must have passed out at a point because the next thing he knew, they were in the bathroom. He knew he should feel ashamed…Oliver seeing him at his lowest, but he just didn’t had the energy to feel ashamed.

To Adrian, Oliver Bennett was an angel and he didn’t think he deserved him at all. He’d virtually cut him out after Donna died. He knew Oliver was hurt and angry…could see it in his eyes and knew he didn’t deserve his kindness or forgiveness. Well, his mind was made up. He didn’t plan on being a burden on Oliver at all. And the only way he could ensure that, in his opinion, was to end their relationship. But not wanting to burden Oliver was not Adrian’s only reason for wanting to end things between them. Donna was gone. To him, she’d been like a falling star. She’d flared up for the briefest of moments, and then disappeared into an endless night. Life had not been fair to Donna at all. As he held his wife’s lifeless body in his arms moments after feeling her breathe her last, it had suddenly hit him… It wasn’t fair to Donna for him to have any happiness in the world. He was a doctor, and had seen people die. But seeing Donna die had killed something within him. He’d suddenly had a reality check. Suddenly what he felt for Oliver seemed very unimportant and silly. Adrian hated life, and also hated death… And everything in between just didn’t interest him.

He’d sent his kids on a trip to Disneyland. From there, they were to go and spend time with their grandparents. He spoke to them every day. And they asked of Oliver every time. That killed Adrian even more because he wanted to forget about everything…especially Oliver. Coming to his lake house had been his way of escaping. The last person he’d expected to see was Oliver. Seeing him had only brought back feelings that he’d tried to bury very deep. There was no question about it. He was insanely in love with Oliver. If anything, he’d fallen even harder for what Oliver was trying to do for him. But with death around to snatch people away, who needed love? Adrian felt angry at the universe and sheer misery was eating at him like cancer. So as much as he wanted Oliver limp and panting beneath him…completely at his mercy, he’d rather set Oliver free to lead his life…a life away from Adrian’s own desolation.

Adrian’s plan was to thank Oliver for his help…for pulling him back from the brink of destruction. He would forever be grateful to him. But he would also inform him that he was out…done…no longer interested in pursuing what they had. As mean as he might sound, Adrian was convinced that Oliver would be better off without him and he hoped they would be able to part ways without any unpleasantness. He owed Oliver that much. Adrian released his hold on Oliver’s wrist and wrapped an arm around his waist instead. If they were going to part ways, he might as well enjoy having him in his arms if even for a short while, Adrian thought.

And even as Oliver slept peacefully, Adrian held him, staring at his face and listening to him breathe. It was almost as if he wanted to commit every breath and every pore on Oliver’s face to memory. And despite his resolution, Adrian wished they could stay that way forever.



When Oliver woke up the next morning, he was alone in Adrian’s bed. He looked at the clock on the bedside table and saw that it was already past ten. He groaned. So much for taking care of Adrian, he thought sitting up to stretch. And that was when he noticed Adrian, obviously already showered and dressed, sitting on the couch staring at him.

“Hey.” Oliver greeted. “How are you doing?”

“I’m good. Thanks to you.” Adrian responded in a quiet voice. “Did you sleep well?”

“Sure. Had breakfast?”

Adrian nodded. “Sandra gave me some cereal. She insisted I do cereal instead of coffee. So bossy.”

Oliver chuckled. “She cares about you. Speaking of Sandra, I’d better leave before she finds me in your bed.” Oliver mumbled getting off the bed.

“Don’t bother.” Adrian chuckled. “She’s already seen you. She brought me breakfast. You were dead to the world.”

“Oh fuck, I’m so sorry.” Oliver groaned.

“Don’t worry about it. I wasn’t. Should I ask her to bring you some food?”

“No. I’ll go downstairs after I shower. Thanks.” Oliver said and then left Adrian’s bedroom via the connecting door.

Oliver couldn’t help but feel the tension between them. Maybe it was due to all the anger and hurt he had inside him towards Adrian, Oliver thought as he took off his boxer briefs and t-shirt. He really needed to let go if he wanted their relationship back on track.

After he’d had his breakfast, Oliver went for a walk with Adrian. They didn’t say much to each other though. Lunch was good. Oliver made sure Adrian ate enough. Afterwards, he listened as Adrian spoke to his kids. Oliver didn’t ask to speak to them though he’d really missed them and wished he could. Adrian didn’t offer. Adrian went to bed after talking to them and woke up late. Again, Oliver made sure he ate supper. Some colour was coming back to his cheeks.

“You’re looking better.” Oliver muttered when Adrian came to sit with him in the living room that evening. He was working on his laptop.

“I feel better, thanks.” Adrian murmured. “Work?”

“Yes. Just some stuff I have to sort out.”

“Okay.” Adrian grabbed the remote and turned on the TV.

He watched CNN as Oliver worked. But Adrian’s attention wasn’t solely on the TV. How could he possibly concentrate on news with Oliver beside him? And after a while, he totally forgot about the TV and focused solely on Oliver. He’d always loved to watch Oliver when his attention was elsewhere…like then. He could ogle him without making his infatuation blatantly obvious. The man was amazingly hot and it was totally driving Adrian crazy. Those eyes, those amazingly kissable lips, the way he scrunched up his cute nose whenever he was concentrating too hard, the scent of his cologne… Being close to Oliver was causing all sorts of sensual havoc within his body Adrian could feel himself getting hard. Fuck! He stood up abruptly and told Oliver he was going to bed.

“Okay.” Oliver nodded without looking up. “I’ll work for a while before I come up. Good night.”

“Good night.” Adrian responded as he turned to go. He’d wanted to have a talk with Oliver. But he seemed engrossed in whatever he was doing so he hadn’t been able to. He’d want to tell Oliver what was on his mind during their walk that afternoon but had been too chicken to bring it up. There was always tomorrow, Adrian told himself.

Oliver finally went up around one a.m. After taking a quick shower he went to check up on Adrian. He was asleep but came awake when Oliver opened the connecting door. Oliver sat at the edge of Adrian’s bed and looked down at him.

“Can’t sleep?” He asked quietly.

“I was. But not too deep. The sound of the door opening woke me up.”

“Sorry about that.”

“Don’t be. Done with your work?”

“For now.”

“I didn’t thank you for the shave and the haircut…and everything. Thanks.”

Oliver chuckled. “That was my third time cutting hair. Like it?”

“You did it like a pro. Love it.” Adrian grinned.

“You don’t mind that it’s shorter?” Oliver asked.

“Does it look good on me?” Adrian looked at Oliver with soft, amused eyes.

Oliver reached out to run his fingers through Adrian’s hair. “Everything looks good on you.” His voice was barely above a whisper.

An intense shudder passed through Adrian. The combination of the feel of Oliver’s fingers in his hair and that sensual voice did insane things to Adrian’s already raging sex drive. He went hard as rock.

Oliver froze when he heard Adrian moan. His eyes fell to Adrian’s face and saw his eyes closed, his lips parted sexily, and his face flushed in arousal. Oliver’s eyes moved down Adrian’s body till they came to rest on the tiny wet patch where the head of his bulging leaking cock touched his sweats. His eyes went back to Adrian’s, which remained shut. Oliver didn’t think. He just acted.

Rolling onto the bed, Olivier pulled Adrian’s legs apart and sat between them. Then taking hold of the waistband of Adrian’s sweats, he pulled it down, releasing that throbbing leaking cock and balls he’d missed having in his mouth. He could feel himself salivating. With his eyes locked on Adrian’s now open ones, Oliver leaned forward and breathed in the scent of Adrian without touching him. That act alone was so erotic Adrian moaned. Oliver was as eager to taste him as Adrian was to have him do so. Without wasting any more time, Oliver brought out his tongue and flicked the tip against the leaking tip of Adrian’s cock, loving the feel of the satiny softness of Adrian’s heated flesh against his tongue.

“Oh fuck, Olly…” Adrian breathed as his hips shot up. And when Oliver’s lips flowed over the wide crest, Adrian almost went insane with pleasure. “Fuck…” He’d missed the feel of Oliver’s mouth on his cock and the tenderly possessive way he usually took care of him. “Suck me please.” Adrian pleaded shakily.

Before he even completed his request, Oliver swallowed him deep into his mouth with an erotic slurping sound. Then he went to work. Oliver didn’t just suck Adrian’s cock…he worshipped it.

“Yes.” Adrian hissed, his hands moving down to hold Oliver’s head. He was completely focused on his own pleasure. He wanted to come so bad. “That’s it baby.” He moaned, his eyes fluttering shut. “Suck it. I fucking love your mouth.”

Oliver pumped the thick root with his fist as he sucked hard and quick, driving Adrian relentlessly toward orgasm. He hollowed his cheeks and took him to the back of his throat, massaging his heavy balls with his other hand. The sounds falling out of Adrian’s throat was like nothing Oliver had heard before. Spurred on by those erotic sounds, he sucked him hard and fast. His hunger for the taste of Adrian’s cum was too great Oliver didn’t think he would have stopped even if someone had entered the room at that particular moment.

“Oh God, feels so good.” Adrian moaned as his hips thrust up mindlessly into Oliver’s mouth, wantonly seeking relief. He was delirious with pleasure. “Please don’t stop.” Sweat poured off his body as he struggled for breath. “You’re going to make me come so hard.” His fingers entangled in Oliver’s hair, guiding him. That was something Adrian never did…guide Oliver when he was sucking him off. But he was completely out of control and frantic not to lose the delicious feel of Oliver’s mouth around his cock.

Oliver didn’t mind at all. He gave himself over to Adrian, allowing him to set the pace and depth. He loved the feel of that big cock plunging into his throat. Loved the feel of thick veins beneath the smooth skin. His jaw hurt, his eyes were wide and wet, and his lips were red and swollen. Be he loved it so much he was on the brink of coming himself. Oliver had positioned himself in a way that his own throbbing, boxer-covered, rigid length ground against Adrian’s leg with every bob of his head. Oliver began to whimper when he felt himself about to fall into that bliss that he hadn’t experienced for months. The feeling was electrifying…almost as good as an actual orgasm…almost. When his orgasm hit, he screamed around the cock in his mouth, causing a delicious vibration that Adrian felt all the way to his toes. He erupted before he even knew what was happening.

“Christ…” Adrian roared as he shot his load down Oliver’s throat. And what a load it was. He couldn’t stop convulsing or shooting.

Oliver pulled his head back to catch some of Adrian’s essence on his tongue. He’d missed that uniquely salty but sweet cum of Adrian’s so bad. He tightened his grip on Adrian’s cock, causing more cum to spill out, and then he sealed his lips around the wet head and just sucked greedily at the spurting tip as if he were a baby sucking milk from its mother’s nipple. Oliver sucked and licked till Adrian had no more to give, and then laid his head on Adrian’s thigh, willing his raging heartbeat to slow down. When their breathing returned to normal, he gently pulled Adrian’s sweats up to cover his junk, and then rolled off the bed.

“That was fucking amazing.” Adrian gasped, looking up at Oliver. “I’d forgotten how incredible that sexy mouth of yours is.” He breathed as his heavy-lidded eyes fell to Oliver’s lips which were red and swollen from blowing Adrian’s cock and mind.

“Glad I could be of service.” There was a note of bitterness in Oliver’s breathy voice that made Adrian wince. “See you tomorrow.”


“Sleep Adrian.” Oliver rasped as he left the room.

He needed to think. Did Adrian feel anything for him at all besides lust? Maybe he was just a body he could escape in to find bliss and nothing more. Donna had said Adrian loved him but Oliver couldn’t help but find it a little bit strange that a person could just cut off someone they truly loved. Admittedly, Donna had said Adrian would push him away, but…maybe Adrian just didn’t love him enough to want to be with him. Oliver stripped out of his soiled boxers as went to the bathroom to clean up. Maybe he should even be grateful that Adrian still got turned on by him. He hadn’t said much to him that day. Hadn’t said anything about his disappearance, hadn’t apologized for treating him as he had… In fact Adrian had said nothing besides stare at him with an odd resigned expression in his eyes all day. Oliver on the other hand didn’t know what to talk to Adrian about. What was he to talk about? His wife, his kids, or his work?

“Fuck.” Oliver muttered as he climbed into bed. He was going to do his best for Adrian just as he’d promised Donna. But he hoped Adrian opened up to him soon because he really didn’t know where they stood.

With a deep sigh, Oliver pulled up the covers over him and shut his eyes. Tomorrow was another day.


“What?” Oliver raised an eyebrow curiously. “What’s on your mind?”

They were sitting in one of the comfortable couches in the plush living room around mid-morning, watching the newscaster give unnecessary warning about the weather. It was already pouring for goodness sake. Maybe if those warnings had come earlier, most people wouldn’t have ventured out in the first place. Sandra and Mark had left to go shopping before the rains had started. Sandra had insisted she needed some stuff to prepare a nice lunch for Adrian and Oliver. Bella was nowhere to be found. They obviously had the house to themselves. Oliver had been in the house for four days, ensuring that Adrian ate well and stayed away from alcohol. He was proud of what he’d been able to accomplish. Adrian had gained some weight back. He looked well and surprisingly, even more sexy. They hadn’t done anything intimate since he’d blown Adrian on his second day. And they had still not spoken much but Oliver just loved being with Adrian. He loved the guy.

As usual, he’d caught Adrian staring at him so had finally decided to ask him what he was thinking. Whatever was on his mind…troubling him, would be better out in the open.

“I asked you a question, Adrian.” Oliver said softly as he turned his body to face Adrian on the couch.

“Nothing that can’t wait.” Adrian mumbled.

“Say it.” Oliver said sternly and watched as Adrian nodded.

“First of all, I’d like to say a big thank you for what you’ve been doing for me Oliver. I can never thank you enough.”

“Josh and Pearl need you, Adrian.” Oliver said softly. “Try to remember that the next time you feel like…indulging.”

Adrian nodded. “I’ll remember that. I would also like to apologize for my…behaviour after the…”

“You were grieving. I understand.” Oliver said quietly.

“Really?” Adrian tilted his head and looked at Oliver who nodded slowly. “Well, the other thing I wanted to tell you was that…” Adrian took a deep breath. This was it. “I think it will be better if we don’t…continue with…what we had, Oliver. I enjoyed every moment we spent together. It was pure heaven. But now I just want to concentrate on my children, just be there for them. I know this may come as a blow but…that’s what I want. That is the right thing to do. There’s no room for…” Adrian trailed off, stifling a groan at the stunned and hurt expression on Oliver’s handsome face.

But though Adrian hadn’t completed his last sentence, Oliver didn’t have to be a genius to know what he’d been about to say. There was no room in his life for Oliver. To say Oliver was devastated would be an understatement. His chest grew tight and hot. There were a myriad of emotions running through him at that particular instant. Sadness, shock, anger, humiliation but most of all, Oliver was hurt. Yes, Donna had warned him. But that had still not prepared him for the pain in his chest. He’d thought Adrian disappearing on him after Donna’s death was what Donna had warned him about. He’d never thought Adrian would actually open his mouth and say something so cruel and hurtful like what he’d just said, to him. It felt as if his heart was being ripped out of his chest. He knew he had to fight. He’d promised Donna. Even if he hadn’t, he had to fight for what he wanted…and that was Adrian. But at that very moment, Oliver felt so shattered he just needed to get away. Maybe he would find the strength to fight another time. But definitely not that day. He knew he would breakdown if he didn’t get away fast. That would be the ultimate humiliation. And he really didn’t want to give Adrian that satisfaction.

“I…” Oliver stood up. “I’ll…just give me a moment please.” His voice remained steady, but he was anything but calm. Then totally ignoring the confused look on Adrian’s face, Oliver headed for the stairs.

In his room upstairs, Oliver sighed and looked out of the window at the rains. “Just great.” He muttered.

He quickly pulled on a hoodie, threw his stuff into his back pack, and then went back downstairs with his bag strapped to his back. Adrian was still sitting on the couch, where he’d left him, staring at the newscaster who was saying something about the unexpected rains already causing havoc in some areas.

“Tell Sandra and Mark I said thanks.” Oliver said to Adrian as he headed for the door.

He neither had a rain coat nor an umbrella but with his head covered with his hoodie, he hoped he wouldn’t get too wet from the door to the garage. When he tried to open the door however, it wouldn’t open. He looked up in surprise to see Adrian’s hand on the door.

“Don’t go.” Adrian muttered.

“What?” Oliver asked, turning to look at Adrian with an incredulous expression. “You just said there was no room in your life for me, Adr…”

“I never said tha…”

“Don’t insult my intelligence, please. Just…”

“It’s raining.” Adrian stated the obvious, his heart pounding within his chest. “At least wait till tomorrow.”

Oliver gave a humorless chuckle. “Don’t worry, man. I’ll be fine.” He said turning to the door again.

“Please Olly.” Adrian whispered. “I don’t want you to go.”

For the life of him, Oliver didn’t understand why the damned tears sprang to his eyes at those words. He knew if he attempted to talk he would completely lose it. So he stood there quietly for a while till he felt composed enough.

“Listen Adrian, I appreciate what you’re trying to do here. Trying to keep me out of the rain and all. But let’s face it, a little rain won’t hurt me.”

“I didn’t mean you should leave when I said what I did Oliv…”

“What the fuck did you mean then?” Oliver suddenly whirled around to face Adrian with fire in his eyes. “Tell me Adrian.” His voice shook. “You told me exactly what you felt. It hurts to hear it but I have to respect it.” Oliver furiously wiped at his cheeks when he felt the wetness. “Don’t strip away the little pride I’m managing to hold on to.” He sounded so wretched. “Please. Just let me go. I’m begging you.”

Adrian almost died at those words. “Oh my God, Olly…” Regret hit him hard. Adrian could feel himself shaking. He pressed Oliver against the door with his body, and then pressed his temple to Oliver’s. He could tell that the only reason Oliver hadn’t moved was because he was trying to compose himself. With a groan, he began to drop kisses all over Oliver’s face. “Please don’t cry.” He whispered between kisses, regret clouding his eyes. “It kills me to see you cry.” Adrian cupped Oliver’s cheeks. Then his lips were grazing Oliver’s, tasting his tears…

Oliver flipped…

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Oliver growled furiously as he pushed Adrian with such force he took some steps back. “You don’t get to do that anymore. You don’t get to treat people as if they don’t have feelings…hurt them, and then expect them to stick around by kissing them. Only a soulless sadist would expect that. Maybe this is how you’ve always been. I was just blind to it. Shame on me for expecting more. Just stay away from me Adrian.”

“Please don’t say that, Olly.” Adrian sounded so anguished all the fight went out of Oliver.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized with a sigh. “But the worst feeling ever, is sitting next to the person who means the world to you, knowing that you mean nothing to them.”

“Oliver…” Adrian groaned, but Oliver held up his hand to stop him.

“If you truly love someone, then the only thing you want for them is to be happy…even if it’s not with you.” Oliver said softly. “And I love you very much, Adrian. That’s never going to stop.” And with that, Oliver opened the door and dashed into the rain.

Adrian was so stunned at Oliver’s words he couldn’t move. By the time he snapped out of his numbness and ran outside, Oliver’s rented Audi was driving through the gate.

“Oh fuck.” Adrian groaned, his face etched with raw anguish. “What have I done?” He breathed, wishing he could turn back time and take back everything he’d just told Oliver. Watching him go was more painful than he’d imagined. “Fuck, what was I thinking?” He couldn’t believe he’d actually told Oliver all that crap. It felt as if some scales had suddenly fallen off his eyes. And the thought of losing Oliver was actually freaking him out. Surely even Donna would think him foolish for thinking he didn’t deserve any happiness, Arian thought with a groan. Why did he even think he could live without Oliver and remain sane? “Shit, shit, shit…” Adrian muttered as he went back in and dashed up the stairs. He needed to catch up with Oliver…needed to make things right…needed to make him know just how much he meant to him.

Adrian dialed Mark’s number as he pulled on his sneakers. He was already in jeans and a t-shirt so he didn’t need to change. Unfortunately he had just one car at the lake house…and Mark was out with it.

“Doctor Gra…”

“Come back to the house immediately Mark.” Adrian barked into the receiver. He had to try very hard not scream at the guy as he really wanted to.

“Is everything…”

“Just come home now.” Then he hung up and dialed Oliver’s cell phone. It was off. “Fuck.”

Adrian paced as he waited for Mark and Sandra to get home. He had to wait for about forty-five minutes as they’d been at the fish market when his call had come through. And that was a really far place. Immediately Mark parked and got out of the car, Adrian slipped behind the wheel and waited impatiently as they took their stuff out of the trunk. The rains had finally stopped.

“What happened Dr. Graham?” Sandra asked with a look of alarm. “Where’s Oliver?”

“I did something very stupid.” He knew he didn’t have to explain himself to his employees but he felt he owed them some explanation. They all loved Oliver. “He left. I need to go after him. Are you done?” He asked when he heard Mark close the trunk of the car.

“Yes Sir. But why don’t you let me drive?” Mark asked looking worriedly at his boss. He didn’t think Adrian was in the right frame of mind to drive.

“I’ve got this.” Adrian muttered as he backed out.

“Bring him back home, Dr. Graham.” Sandra called out but Adrian was already speeding off.

And even as he sped towards the airport, he prayed that was where Oliver was headed. If he wasn’t there, then he would have to check the hotels till he found him.


“Do you have any flights leaving for Florida today?” Adrian asked the smartly dressed airline lady at the counter.

“Sure. At four thirty p.m.” She smiled when she saw Adrian’s sigh of relief. “It’s your lucky day. The flight is not full. The one that just took off was though. Would you want me to book…”

“Did you say one just left?” Adrian frowned.

“Yes. But it was already full so you wouldn’t have gotten on anyway. Well, unless of course you would have been lucky enough to convince someone to sell you their seat.”

Adrian stared at the lady, the gears shifting in his brain. “Do people get that lucky? I mean get people to sell their seats.” He knew he couldn’t ask whether Oliver had been on board because they never divulged such information.

“No. That doesn’t happen often.” She shook her head. “But if you’re desperate enough, and someone feels sorry for you and think they can delay their flight to help you, it happens.”

Adrian felt his hands shaking. Oliver had looked desperate enough. “Did a young man by any chance take someone’s seat to be on the flight that just left?” He asked quietly. “Please.” He whispered. “I need to know.”

The lady looked up from her monitor to stare at Adrian’s face. Something on his face must have gotten to her because she swallowed, and then nodded slowly.

Adrian took out his cell phone and clicked on a picture of Oliver. “Was this him?” His voice shook. At her nod, he rubbed the back of his neck. “Fuck.” He swore under his breath. “I’m sorry. Thank you.” Adrian told the lady and then turned to stare at the tarmac.

He looked lost. He would give anything to be on that plane that very moment. He wished he hadn’t dispatched his pilot back to Florida. He would have been on his way to Florida in the next thirty minutes. Adrian really didn’t have the patience to wait for the guy to come and pick him up as that would mean he would probably have to wait and travel the following day. That wasn’t good enough. He turned back to the lady behind the counter.

“I’d like to book a flight please.”


Oliver left his backpack on the floor by the door and started stripping as he made his way towards his bedroom and the shower. The water was cold when he stepped under the spray but he didn’t care. He felt so cold inside a little cold water against his skin was nothing he wouldn’t handle. He just stood under the water, the pain inside so intense his hand lifted to his chest to rub at the ache that shortened his breathing. It all seemed like a bad dream. He didn’t want to think about it but he couldn’t help himself. All Oliver could see when he closed his eyes was Adrian’s face as he told him he had no room in his life for him. Those words, though not completed, kept running through his mind. Had he done something wrong? Why was Adrian rejecting him? Maybe the powers that be were punishing him for not only fucking but actually falling for somebody’s husband. If only he’d never set eyes on Adrian Graham, Oliver thought bitterly. But he had no one to blame for all his pain but himself he couldn’t help but acknowledge. He’d willingly broken all of his own rules by getting involved with not just a straight man, but one who was married as well. What amazed Oliver was that despite the fact that Adrian had broken his heart, he still couldn’t bring himself to hate him. He still loved him with all the little pieces.

When Oliver went back to his bedroom, he just flopped facedown onto his bed, still naked, and then replayed what Adrian had told him that morning, in his head. He couldn’t believe it was over. He’d failed Donna. But worst of all, he’d failed himself because the love he had for Adrian was the kind you fought for… His Adrian was the kind of man you fought for. Oliver thought miserably. He’d failed. And as if a floodgate had been opened suddenly, the gut-wrenching sobs began. Great heaving sobs that sounded like they were coming from a wounded animal, shook his frame. He cried like his heart was breaking. It was painful and he wished he could stop but he couldn’t. Oliver cried himself to sleep.


When Adrian entered Oliver’s apartment around seven that evening, his eyes landed on the clothes strewed all over the floor. He remembered they were the clothes Oliver had been wearing when he left the lake house that morning. He bent to pick up each discarded clothing as he made his way towards Oliver’s bedroom. He went directly to the bathroom to put Oliver’s clothes into the laundry basket. Then he came to stand beside a naked sleeping Oliver. Adrian almost died when he saw the ventolin inhaler clutched in Oliver’s hand. He knew Oliver only became short of breath when he was very upset. The light from the bathroom lit his face, revealing dried tear marks on his face.

“Fuck.” Adrian swore.

Oliver had obviously fallen asleep crying. He’d done that to him. He’d allowed his own stupid resolution to push Oliver away. He’d degraded what they had by dismissing it as nothing important. And Adrian had never regretted his actions more.

Adrian gently pulled up the covers over Oliver. Then he took off his shirt, leaving on his undershirt, and then went to the kitchen to prepare some food. Besides the fact that Adrian needed to do something to get his mind off the regret and guilt within him, he also wanted to prepare something for Oliver to eat when he woke up. And Adrian knew just what Oliver would love. Oliver loved his creamy light pasta with shrimps and mushrooms. The first day Adrian had prepared it for Oliver, he’d stuffed himself to the extent that he’d fallen asleep right after instead of working as he’d planned. Oliver had been pissed at Adrian when he’d woken up but had never missed an opportunity to cajole Adrian into preparing that dish for him whenever he could. In fact, Oliver always made sure he had the ingredients for that dish in the house for days he could convince Adrian to cook. What better way to show remorse and apologize to the man he loved than preparing for him the food he loved, Adrian thought as he took the ingredients out of the fridge.

As Adrian cooked, what he’d said to Oliver weighed heavily on his mind. The memory of Oliver’s pale face etched with shock and defeat haunted him. He just couldn’t get that look out of his head. He hoped Oliver would forgive him and ignore his silly talk about not continuing what they had. Because he was nothing without Oliver.


“I thought I told you to stay away from me.”

Adrian straightened from putting the cooked food into the oven and turned at the sound of Oliver’s voice. He stood in the doorway to the kitchen, looking disheveled from his sleep. With his arms folded across his chest and his sexy arse covered in a hot red boxer briefs, Oliver looked as sexy as all fuck!

“Listen Oliver, I’m sorry.” Adrian said quietly. “I really don’t know what else to say besides sorry. I made a mistake. A huge one. But you have to forgive me.” He dropped the napkin he was holding onto the Kitchen Island and relaxed against it with ankles and arms crossed. “You don’t have any choice. Know why?” Adrian had to suppress the urge to laugh at the confused and incredulous look on Oliver’s face. “You’re mine.” He stated simply.

Oliver’s face flushed with anger and indignation. For a moment he looked lost for words, then his lips began to move. “I can’t do this right now.” Oliver spoke through gritted teeth. “You have to leave.”

“I’m not going anywhere Oliver.”

“What?” Oliver looked surprised at Adrian’s response. “Did your mother drop you on your head when you were a baby? I said I don’t want you in my home. Just…”

“I never meant what we had to go this far.” Adrian said quietly. “I never meant to let you in. But then I should not have kissed you that first time. And certainly not the second.” They both clearly remembered the unbridled sex that had followed their first kiss. “There’s this light in you so bright it makes me feel like I don’t even deserve to be in your presence. But I feel lucky that I get the chance to be. And although of late I’ve been feeling as if I don’t deserve all the joy and bliss I know you can give me, I’ve decided I do. And I’m never going to let you go.”

“Well, good for you.” Oliver rasped sneeringly. “And good luck in holding on to me.”

“I love you Oliver.” Adrian’s voice cracked, the unmistakable vulnerability sifting through his intense amber eyes, shocking Oliver. “I’ve been in love with you for a long time.” He swallowed hard. “I think I loved you the moment I saw you. And when we made love for the first time, it became something more. I was just too blind to see it. I need you in my life, Oliver. I can’t live without you. I made a stupid mistake. Don’t give up on me. Please.” The vulnerability etched on his gorgeous face undid Oliver. He gasped. It was obvious Adrian was being truthful.

Oliver’s legs almost buckled, the enormity of hearing Adrian say those words to him almost stole the strength right from his body. He stared at Adrian. The man he loved more than anything in the world. The man who had shattered his world with just a few words. Hearing Adrian say he loved him should have blown him away. He’d waited to hear those words for what seemed like an eternity. But now that he finally had, he was too hurt to feel that joy. All he wanted to do was hurt Adrian too. Give him a taste of his own medicine. Make him experience what it felt like to be rejected and hurt by the one you loved.

“I didn’t come directly home from the airport.” Oliver began quietly. “I needed to forget. So I went to visit an old acquaintance. We had sex.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “I needed that. And it was really good.” He watched Adrian’s face, saw the flash of pain in his eyes, saw how suspiciously bright those intense suddenly became, and felt an answering pain in his own heart but ignored it and went on. “He’s coming over to spend the night so…you have to go.”

Adrian went very still, eyes narrowed to steely slits…suddenly glittering dangerously as he stared at Oliver…almost as if he was trying to read him. For a moment he looked like he was going to raise hell but a calm settled over his features and he visibly softened.

“I don’t believe you.” Adrian finally said softly.

Oliver shrugged indifferently. “I don’t care what you believe. Just telling you how it is since we’re all being honest here.”

“I don’t care who you’ve fucked.” Adrian straightened from the Island and started walking towards Oliver, his stride loose and easy, yet entirely predatory. “I love you, Oliver. And I want you like I’ve never wanted anyone. Much as the mere thought of you with someone else kills me inside, some passing fuck is not going to change how I feel about you.”

Oliver’s breath hitched in his throat. The combination of Adrian’s sexy swag, the way he was staring at him with such scorching hunger and possessiveness, and those heart-meltingly sweet words was driving him insane. He wanted Adrian with a ferocity he couldn’t fight…or hide. But he quickly tried to cover how affected he was by Adrian by giving a short humourless laughter.

“Why am I not surprised? Of course you want me.” Oliver’s shoulders tensed as he felt Adrian’s breath on him. “You need me for the fast, hard, makes-your-toes-curl sex that no one else can give you.” He was totally unnerved by Adrian’s close proximity despite his show of bravado. “You think you can just waltz in here and use me like I’m some gigolo? Well, this…” Oliver pointed at his body, “is closed for business. Oh and news flash Adrian… I don’t want you.”

Adrian reached out and pulled Oliver into the kitchen so fast he felt dizzy. He found himself pressed against his fridge with Adrian pressed against his back.

“Done with your lies?” Adrian asked huskily against Oliver’s ear. “‘Cause I know you still want me.”

“Oh you think so highly of yourself.” Oliver winced at the betraying tremor in his voice. He was so aroused it wasn’t funny.

“No.” Adrian rasped. “I just read your body. Those goose bumps on your neck.” Adrian felt a shudder pass through Oliver and licked along his neck, smiling at his gasp. “How fast your heart is pounding.” Oliver’s eyes fluttered close and his lips parted sexily as he trembled with need. “How you’re dying for me to kiss you…slow…deep…my tongue against your ear…” He licked the outer shell of Oliver’s ear and then blew softly into his ear. This time Oliver couldn’t suppress his moan. He was rock hard and leaking like a faucet. “My fingers on your nipple…” Adrian licked his thumb and forefinger to get them wet, and then slipped his hand between Oliver and the fridge to twist and pulled on a taut nipple. Oliver’s head fell back against Adrian’s shoulder, his arse pushing back against Adrian uncontrollably, grinding against the massive bulge he felt there. “My hands sliding down your tummy, all the way to…you know where.” Adrian’s hand slid down Oliver’s flat rippling tummy and came to rest on the band of Oliver’s boxer briefs. It wasn’t going any further down as Oliver was dying for it to. He stifled his groan of protest. “My tongue and fingers sliding inside that hot tight channel of yours… Too bad that’s not happening tonight. After all, not only don’t you want me, you’re expecting your…”

Oliver spun around so fast Adrian stumbled back. “Shut up and kiss me.” Then he yanked Adrian’s head down and slammed his mouth on his, kissing him as if the world was coming to an end.

The kiss was desperate, aggressive and hot. A moan of ecstatic relief escaped Oliver as his arms wrapped possessively around Adrian’s neck. The joy of finally being where he belonged was so great it made his heart swell. As they kissed, tongues and lips fighting for dominance, Oliver climbed up Adrian’s body, locking his legs around his hips. His fingers pushed into Adrian’s hair to hold him to the kiss, his leaking erection soaking through his boxers and Adrian’s t-shirt. Adrian turned them away from the fridge to the Kitchen Island which he’d fortunately cleared after cooking. He laid Oliver on his back, and then buried his face in his neck, sucking up a mark. Oliver was his and he wanted to leave his mark on him. When Adrian was satisfied with his handiwork, he nuzzled his way down Oliver’s chest. Then he attacked the hardened peaks of his nipples.

“Fuck.” Oliver moaned, his hands going to Adrian’s head to hold him to the flesh he was worrying with his teeth.

But Adrian had other plans. He worked his way down, kissing Oliver all over till he got to the band of his boxers. He didn’t take them off…he sucked Oliver through it.

“Adrian…” His name on Oliver’s lips sounded orgasmic. That definitely didn’t sound like someone who didn’t want him…or didn’t love him for that matter, Adrian thought with a smug smile.

In a fluid movement, Adrian pulled off Oliver’s boxers and then swallowed his cock to the hilt.

“Holy shit…” Oliver’s entire being went up in flames as he bucked into the wet heat. Adrian’s lips on him felt divine. His thighs ached with strain as Adrian stroked over the throbbing ridges of his cock with soft, playful licks from root to tip. “You’re driving me insane, Adrian…” Oliver gasped, looking down at Adrian through hooded eyes that were dilated with lust.

At Oliver’s words, Adrian lifted his eyes and gave him a slow wink which drew a moan from Oliver. Then pulling off that wet and pulsing cock, he moved his lips down to lick Oliver’s taint, driving him crazy. Whatever Adrian was doing with his tongue down there felt absolutely heavenly, Oliver thought as he writhed on the Island in ecstasy. And when Adrian moved down to that twitching puckered hole, Oliver gave a lustful moan and lifted one leg high and wide, to give Adrian better access.

“Ahhh fuck…” Oliver sobbed with pleasure. One of Adrian’s skills had to be rimming. The man ate arse like a pro. And this time wasn’t any different. It was so good Oliver saw stars. “Oh God, don’t stop,” Oliver’s head thrashed from side to side on the Island, “please don’t stop.” He couldn’t stop himself from thrusting back against Adrian’s mouth, pleading for more. “Oh Christ, Adrian…” Oliver gasped, his whole body twitching hard. Adrian teased his hole for a while before his tongue sank into it. Oliver arched violently, a cry leaving his lips as Adrian tormented the tender flesh. “Ahh… that…feels so good. Need more baby…please…”

Adrian dealt quickly and efficiently with the fastening of his jeans as he knew that he couldn’t wait a moment longer to sheath himself inside Oliver. His cock ached to sink into that snug heat, knowing how amazing it felt…craving that heavenly constriction. Oliver groaned in protest when Adrian’s mouth left him, that groan turning to a soft aching sound when he felt the wet, hot, tip of Adrian’s hardened mammoth dick rubbing against him.

When Oliver heard a popping sound, he opened his eyes just in time to see Adrian opening a bottle of cooking oil. He would have laughed at the ridiculousness of the whole thing if he hadn’t been so drunk on lust. He watched as Adrian tilted his arse up slightly and poured some oil into his already wet hole. Adrian always insisted Oliver got extra slick before penetration as he didn’t want to hurt him. God knew he had just the right weapon to do some serious damage. A whimper of hunger tore out of Oliver’s throat as he watched Adrian oil himself up. He wanted that cock so bad.

“Ready for me?” Adrian asked huskily as he slipped a finger inside Oliver, his other hand stroking Oliver slowly. Oliver gasped but nodded. “Good,” Adrian breathed as he stared down at Oliver, taking in his flushed face and his kiss-swollen lips that were parted sexily. Oliver looked totally fuckable. “I’ve missed you so damn much.” He rasped, adding another finger to the one slowly fingering Oliver.

Oliver felt as if he was under a spell. He couldn’t look away from Arian’s eyes. Those intense amber eyes stared at him with so much tenderness it made him feel like crying. He wondered how the man could manage to look so tender and yet so fucking sensual at the same time. But then, that was Adrian.

“I’ve missed you more handsome.” Oliver whispered shakily, his eyes fluttering shut as Adrian pushed in a third finger. Whimpering, Oliver spread his legs more and lifted his hips, forcing a delicious friction against the nerve-rich tissues. “Oh fuck.” He gasped, grinding into the thrust of those wicked fingers, fucking himself shamelessly. Oliver was delirious with pleasure. He craved the slide of Adrian’s big cock inside him. He’d never wanted Adrian more than he did that very moment. Oliver didn’t just need a fuck. He needed Adrian. “Give me your cock dammit.” He growled.

With a naughty grin, Adrian withdrew his fingers and the lined his cock up with Oliver’s slick hole. Then slowly, inch by pleasurable inch, he entered him to the very hilt.

“Ahhh…” Oliver’s mouth opened in a silent scream. He whimpered at the pure, physical rightness of Adrian penetrating his body and making them one. He knew his body was on the verge of a complete meltdown. The pressure, the heat, the stretch, the friction, the sensation of being filled so completely, and the exquisite pleasure of Adrian pressed against his sweet spot…it was just too much. He lost it… Just fucking lost it. Oliver erupted before he knew the orgasm was on him, gasping Adrian’s name as pleasure racked his body violently.

Adrian didn’t know what caught his attention first. The ropes of cum that shot out of Oliver, his orgasmic cries or the agonizingly exquisite, rhythmic, tightening on his cock. As Oliver came, his channel tightened and rippled along Adrian’s cock, almost sending him over the edge too. Adrian gasped and gritted his teeth as his vision blackened. But through it all, Adrian could think of just one thing… He wanted a taste of that cum. He instinctively directed the spurting cock towards his opened mouth and caught some of Oliver’s sweet cum in his mouth.

“Fuck, I missed that.” Adrian groaned, bending over Oliver who writhed on the Island, still in the throes of passion.

Adrian cupped the sides of Oliver’s face, enthralled by the look of total bliss on Oliver’s face. He looked absolutely stunning. There was nothing sexier than watching Oliver come and though Adrian had seen it dozens of times, he never tired of it. He thought Oliver are too beautiful than any man had a right to be. Adrian closed the gap between them and fitted his mouth over Oliver’s in a kiss that was so tender and passionate. Oliver was too dazed to kiss him back initially but Adrian didn’t mind. He plundered that succulent mouth to his heart’s content.

With a shaky whimper, Oliver coiled his arms around Adrian’s neck and opened his mouth to allow Adrian’s tongue to slide in deep. Pleasure consumed him, filled him as he kissed Adrian back. Nothing else mattered but being in Adrian’s arms and he never wanted the pleasure to stop. When Adrian’s tongue rubbed the roof of Oliver’s mouth, a bolt of pleasure flashed through him, causing him to clench around the thick length still embedded inside him.

“Fuck.” Adrian tore his mouth away from Oliver’s and cursed. With his eyes locked on Oliver’s, Adrian pulled out till just the head of his cock remained inside Oliver. Then he thrust hard, putting the weight of his body behind his drive, surging right through the tight ring of restrictive tissue, diving deep inside until his balls smacked against Oliver’s arse.

Oliver couldn’t stop the scream that tore out of his throat. Having Adrian that deep inside him felt so good it hurt. He had never felt so completely taken, never felt more possessed by another person’s body, or more connected to one either. The connection was startlingly intense. He clung to Adrian as his body trembled in ecstasy.

“Fuck, you’re tight.” Adrian hissed as he buried his face against Oliver’s neck, hips circling, driving even deeper into Oliver. There was nothing more exquisite as being inside Oliver.

Adrian groaned as if he were in the greatest pain. Then he began to hammer into Oliver hard and relentlessly. All the emotions he had pent up inside him…his grief, his pain, his love and his joy were released into that fuck. Every thrust took him deep inside Oliver, hitting his sweetest spot again and again, driving so much ecstasy into Oliver he became a blabbering mess. Their combined groans and sighs of pleasure filled the kitchen.

Oliver felt his cock thickening again as tingles raced across his skin. Loud moans tore out of him as his lungs heaved for air. Adrian’s thrusting cock massaged every sensitive nerve inside him, bringing his so much pleasure it was dizzying.

“Damn, you’re sweet.” Adrian growled raising himself off Oliver. He gripped Oliver’s hip and pulled his arse to the edge of the Island. Then he lifted that creamy arse slightly, giving his cock the perfect angle. Adrian plowed ruthlessly into Oliver who grunted with each thrust, the new angle causing his prostate to take a battering it had never taken before.

“Oh my God…” Oliver cried out. “So good…” He was back to full mast, rock hard and dripping. “Ah, God Adrian…” He panted as his whole body jerked violently on the Island.

“You’re so fucking hot.” Adrian breathed, looking down at Oliver. He wanted those lips…didn’t know why he wasn’t kissing those lips.

Adrian gripped the back of Oliver’s knees in each hand and pushed his legs onto his shoulder, virtually bending Oliver in two, thereby sinking even deeper into him. Then he leaned over him, pinning him to the Island, open and defenseless for his onslaught.

“I love you Oliver.” Adrian whispered, linking their fingers together on either side of Oliver’s head and looking right into his eyes. “I really do.” He saw Oliver’s eyes well up and felt a tightening around his heart. “More than life itself.” Adrian watched as the tears fell, mingling with the sweat on Oliver’s face and sliding into his hair. He loved him so much it was scary. Adrian held Oliver’s gaze, keeping him prisoner with just his eyes. “You mean everything to me, baby. Never doubt that.” Then taking Oliver’s mouth in a spine-tingling kiss, Adrian started to move his hips, fucking deeply into him just as he knew Oliver loved.

Oliver felt so overwhelmed with emotions he didn’t think he could have even uttered a word if Adrian hadn’t captured his mouth in that hot kiss. He moaned loudly into the kiss with every pounding against his pleasure button. And when he felt Adrian’s hand on his cock, his orgasm crushed through him like a tidal wave, so powerful it was agonizingly phenomenal. He cried out as he rode every contraction with a tightening of his channel around Adrian.

“Oh fuck…” Adrian breathed feeling his own orgasm burst out of him, its grip too powerful to resist. He threw back his head and roared like an animal as he spurted hotly inside Oliver, filling him like never before. Adrian’s groin pressed tight to Oliver’s arse, screwing deep as he climaxed with a violence that left him trembling in Oliver’s arms.

When they both eventually stopped coming, Adrian slowed the thrusts of his hips and buried his face against Oliver’s neck, breathing hard. He’d never felt so close to someone during sex like he did that particular moment. It felt like he was inside Oliver…was literally one with him. Sex with Donna had never been anything like what he had with Oliver. They’d started experimenting when they were kids so it was really nothing special by the time they were grown. Sex with Oliver, on the other hand, was something else. But what they had was not just about sex. Oliver had alluded to the fact that he only wanted him for sex and Adrian hated that. He couldn’t blame Oliver for thinking that though. He’d made him think that with his thoughtless actions and words.

“I’m sorry, Oliver.” Adrian murmured against his neck. Then he raised his head to look down at Oliver. Though he looked thoroughly fucked, his eyes showed that he’d cried too. “I’m so, so, sorry I put you through all that. Can you ever forgive me?”

Oliver looked at Adrian, his eyes brimming with tears again. He couldn’t speak. Now that the lustful haze had passed, he couldn’t help but feel the pain all over again. Even though Adrian had said he loved him, his comment about having no room was still ringing in Oliver’s ears. Was Adrian ready to be in a real relationship with him? Or he merely wanted to continue their previous arrangement. He wanted to ask Adrian what he had in mind for them but he was afraid to.

“I’m hungry.” Oliver said instead.

Adrian’s eyes widened in surprise at Oliver’s response. But he recovered quickly and pushed himself off Oliver. He reached for the big roll of kitchen towel, tore some off and then slowly pulled out of Oliver, who moaned low in his throat. He’d covered his eyes with an arm and it remained in place as Adrian thoroughly cleaned them up. Adrian zipped himself up and stepped away from Oliver to wash his hands. With a naughty grin that Oliver didn’t see, he pushed Oliver’s sexy red boxer briefs into his back pocket. Much as Oliver looked hot in those tiny boxers, Adrian preferred him naked.

Oliver sat up, wincing at the slight discomfort in his arse. It was only to be expected. Apart from the fact that Adrian was huge, that had been some pounding. He got off the Island and cursed when his legs buckled beneath him. He heard Adrian’s shout just as his creamy arse met the cold tiled floor.

“Fuck, what happened.” Adrian asked as he placed the plate of food he was holding on the counter behind Oliver and crouched before him.

“Couldn’t feel my legs.” Oliver muttered, moving back so that his back rested against the wall.

Adrian’s eyes shone with mirth as he brushed Oliver’s hair from his face with his fingers. “Sorry. Are you okay?” At Oliver’s mortified groan Adrian grinned. “Should I pick…”

“No.” Oliver knew Adrian had been about to offer to pick him up. “I…” But he trailed off when his stomach grumbled loudly, making him blush. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” He growled when Adrian finally succumbed to the urge to laugh and burst into laughter. “Do I have to beg for the food?” Oliver snapped, looking anything but amused. He was obviously still angry. And falling on his arse had only worsened the situation.

Shaking his head in amusement, Adrian got up and grabbed a fork and a bottle of water. Then he picked up the heaped plate of shrimp and mushroom spaghetti and came to sit beside Oliver. He placed the food beside him and then pulled Oliver into his lap, ignoring his protests.

“Where the fuck are my boxers?” Oliver muttered, looking around.

“I prefer you bare-arsed.” Adrian husked, pressing a kiss against Oliver’s temple. “Open up.” Adrian commanded and then proceeded to feed them both.

“Damn, this is ridiculously good.” Oliver moaned after the first bite, leaning his head against Adrian’s shoulder. “Trying to bribe me?”

“More like appease you. Is it working?” He pressed a kiss against Oliver’s hair.

“Does it look like it is?” Oliver retorted breathlessly. “Just make sure you don’t drop any on my junk. It’s spicy.”

“I can always lick it off if I do.” Adrian said with mock seriousness, looking pointedly at Oliver’s exposed dick.

“Fuck you.” Oliver laughed. “God, this is good.”

Adrian laughed softly, his eyes dropping to Oliver’s lips which were still swollen from the fierce intensity of their kisses. And there was a rosy flush to his cheeks that made him look so fucking adorable. Adrian leaned in to kiss him on that sexy mouth before he even knew what he was doing.

“I love you.” Adrian said softly against Oliver’s lips. He couldn’t stop telling him.

A delicious shudder flashed though Oliver, his eyes fluttering shut. It felt so damn good to hear those words from Adrian.

“Tell me again.” He whispered.

“I love you.” Adrian’s eyes sparkled with so much love. “Now open up.”

By the time the food was finished, Oliver was straddling Adrian, his face stuck against his throat. He felt satiated in every way possible. And there was no place he’d rather be more than in Adrian’s arms. They sat in a comfortable silence till Adrian broke it.

“Was it okay?” He asked, his voice hesitant.

Oliver frowned in surprise. “You really need to ask? You know I love your spaghetti and…”

“Not that.” Adrian said quietly. Oliver had never heard Adrian sound so unsure of himself. He lifted his head from Adrian’s shoulder to look at him with curiosity. “You said…you said what you had earlier today was good…”

“You know I didn’t fuck anyone, Adrian.” Oliver snorted. “I only wanted to hurt you.”

“I know you didn’t fuck anyone but I just wanted to… Maybe I’m not as good as others you’ve…”

“Oh my God, baby.” Oliver took a closer look at Adrian and saw the uncertainty and raw vulnerability in his eyes. He’d actually made the sex god question himself. “Listen to me. When it comes to grieving, you’re the worst human being. But when it comes to fucking, none compares with you, baby. Trust me on that. You rock my world like none other. Hell, you’ve ruined me for anyone else and you know it.” Oliver groaned as his forehead dropped to Adrian’s. “I’m sorry for saying that. Fuck!” He whispered roughly, his heart constricting at the pain he knew he’d caused Adrian.

“So…no one’s coming tonight?” Adrian asked in a quiet voice. Though he hadn’t believed anything Oliver had said earlier about his ‘so-called’ lover, Adrian somehow needed reassuring. And when Oliver slowly shook his head, Adrian let out a breath he hadn’t even known he was holding. “That was mean as hell of you.” Adrian eventually said quietly, finally admitting just how much Oliver’s words had affected him.

“I’m sorry.” Oliver said, scattering small kisses all over Adrian’s face. “You did deserve it though for all the heartache you’ve put me through these past few months.” Oliver murmured, biting at Adrian’s lower lip lightly. “Especially this morning.” He gave a deep sigh.

“I know. I’m so sorry.” Adrian said hoarsely, cupping Oliver’s face in his palms. He’d almost ruined the best thing that had ever happened to him. He’d been such a fucking idiot. “I hate thinking about what I did to you. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?”

“Christ, I’ve never felt so much for one person before. And I’ve never hurt in the way I did when you said what you did this morning.” Oliver’s eyes were suspiciously bright.

“I’m an asshole. I…”

“That you are.” Oliver kissed Adrian lightly on the lips, seeing how regretful and miserable he looked and hating it. “But you did blow my mind not too long ago like never before, and then fed me a meal to die for so… I can forgive you.” Oliver laughed softly when Adrian rolled his eyes. “How are the kids?” He asked quietly.

“They’re very well. Shipped them off to Paris when they kept asking of you.” Adrian said with a shamed look. “Sorry.” He saw the hurt look that flashed across Oliver’s face and hugged him tightly…too tightly, but Oliver didn’t complain. “I’m so, so, sorry.” He groaned, pressing his cheek to the top of Oliver’s head, breathing in his scent.

“Why?” The anguished curiosity in that one word couldn’t be masked.

Adrian sighed and released Oliver. “When Donna died, I told myself I didn’t deserve any happiness. You make me happy Olly. So in effect, I didn’t deserve you. It was the most stupid decision but…” he shrugged.

“You’re such a stupid fucker.” Oliver whispered, wanting to hit Adrian and kiss him at the same time. But instead, he turned his head to press a kiss into Adrian’s palm, which still remained on his cheek.

“I thought it made sense at the time.” Adrian said quietly. “But when I watched you walking out of my life…” Adrian had a faraway look in his eyes that actually communicated just how terrified he was at whatever thought was running through his head… “I just couldn’t have that. It felt as if my chest had been cut open and my heart was being yanked out. You are my heart Olly. And I can’t live without you. I did try but…see where that left me.”

They sat in silence for a while till Oliver broke it with a question. “Are you ready to do this now?” He asked in a small voice. There was a note of fear in his voice. It gave Adrian no pleasure to hear it. Hell, Oliver couldn’t even look Adrian in the eye. “‘Cause I’m really scared.” His voice was scarcely a whisper, but Adrian heard it.

“Don’t be.” Adrian turned Oliver’s face by the chin to face him and then leaned forward to kiss him…a soft and gentle caress. “I’ve never been more ready for anything in my life.”

“I love you Adrian.” Oliver breathed. “So much.”

“I know.” Adrian said in that throaty voice that never failed to make Oliver hard. “That love gives me strength, Olly. I’m lost without you.” He leaned his forehead against Oliver’s. “And you know it.” Adrian added in a whisper.

“Try not to break my heart again please.” Oliver husked and then sensually licked at one corner of Adrian’s mouth, drawing a moan from him. “I’m not that strong.” He moved his mouth to Adrian’s ear and then licked the outer shell.

“Fuck.” Adrian moaned as his eyes fluttered close.

“I can’t take it.” Oliver sucked his ear lobe into his mouth.

“You have my word.” Adrian gasped. “But you’re one of the strongest people I know.” He added huskily and then promptly growled when Oliver began to slowly…maddeningly, dip his tongue into his ear, mimicking the act of sex. Adrian was completely aroused. “Jesus, Olly…” Adrian’s voice held a subtle warning note. He opened his eyes to look at Oliver, his eyes moving down, as if by magnet, to Oliver’s erect cock. “Oliver, I don’t want to hurt you.” He groaned even as his hand moved down to wrap around that pulsing flesh, his thumb rubbing slow circles against the leaking tip. Adrian loved the erotic sound that fell from Oliver’s lips. A sound that shot directly to Adrian’s cock. Fuck, he wanted to bury himself deep inside Oliver again but he knew that fucking Oliver again so soon after the rigorous sex they’d just had would only result in Oliver getting very sore. And Adrian didn’t want that. “You have to stop.”

Oliver looked down at Adrian’s hand wrapped around his cock and smirked. “Sure you want me to?” He breathed, taking Adrian’s lips in a fierce kiss. “I want you, Adrian. You’ve starved me long enough.” He rasped. “Have any idea how close I came to demanding a fuck when I saw you four days ago?” Adrian saw the determined fire in Oliver’s eyes and knew that he couldn’t stop Oliver from doing what he’d set his mind on doing. He didn’t want to. “And even then you looked like shit.” Oliver tore Adrian’s under shirt down the middle and latched onto a nipple.

“Oh fuck…” Adrian’s eyes closed as his head fell back in pleasure. His sexy boyfriend was making it very difficult to stay unaffected. He was so hard his cock was beginning to fight behind the zipper that confined it. The sight and feel of Oliver’s erect and leaking cock wasn’t helping matters. “How did you know where I was by the way?” Adrian opened lust-glazed eyes to give Oliver a curious look.

“I’ve got my sources.” Oliver mumbled as his fingers went to Adrian’s zipper. “Just don’t ever bother to go into hiding again. Up.” He instructed and waited whilst Adrian lifted his arse.

Oliver pulled down Adrian’s jeans, together with his boxer briefs to his knees and then moved up to line his hole with Adrian’s pulsing cock. He didn’t need any lube as he was still slick from the earlier oil and Adrian’s cum. Locking eye on Adrian’s, Oliver pushed just the tip inside his tender ring, drawing a whimpering gasp of need from Adrian.

“I’m never going to let you go, Adrian. I hope you know that.” Oliver rasped, twining his fingers into Adrian’s hair.

“I’ll die before I allow that.” Adrian responded huskily, reaching around Oliver to grip his cock. Then with bated breath, he held himself steady as Oliver began to slowly sink down his throbbing length. “Oh fuck…” Adrian groaned as if he were in pain. The feel of Oliver’s tight heat around him was so good he would have gladly remained in there forever.

Oliver’s legs shook as the thick crest of Adrian’s cock pushed inside him, stretching him. “Damn, I do love your cock…” Oliver gasped as he impaled himself on that massive cock, keeping his eyes open despite the urge to close them in pleasure. He licked his lips, drawing a moan from Adrian whose dilated eyes followed Oliver’s tongue. “But that’s not why I’m not letting you go, in case you’re wondering. I can’t live without my soul. And you are my soul, baby.” He felt Adrian’s balls against his arse. “Ohhh my God.” Oliver bucked, a rough moan emerging from his throat.

“I love you Oliver.” Adrian looked so overcome with emotion. “I love you more than I could ever put into words. This is forever, I promise you.”

Forever with Adrian? Oliver smiled, eyes filled with joy, lust and love. What more could he ask for? “I won’t have it any other way.” Oliver whispered as he started sexily gyrating his hips, working Adrian with exquisite fervor. “God, I can’t have enough of you.” He whimpered brokenly, closing the gap between them to kiss Adrian with every ounce of love in him.

And even as both men rocked against each other languidly, slowly building up to that exquisite orgasmic bliss, they couldn’t be more grateful for having each other. They both knew in their hearts that they were indeed together forever.


Epilogue: Five years later…

“Seriously Dad, he won’t say no.” Fourteen year old Josh laughed as he looked out of the window. “Relax.”

“What if he does?” Adrian groaned.

He really didn’t know why he was so scared. But he just was. What if Oliver turned down his proposal? The past five years of being together had been pure bliss. Adrian sometimes felt as though he were high on drugs. He felt on top of the world…as if he could conquer anything with Oliver beside him. The feeling was almost euphoric. Oliver did that to him. Yes, they had their share of arguments and fights like any other couple but their love had grown stronger and stronger over the years. Oliver was his world. Adrian had decided to make their relationship legal. Though their relationship was very strong, Adrian felt that was the only way he could completely have Oliver as his. He was finally ready to take that plunge but…he was terrified. Not because he thought he was doing the wrong thing. Hell no! Adrian’s problem was that he was scared of rejection.

Adrian could picture Oliver saying something like… ‘We are happy as we are now. Why change it?’ Adrian didn’t want to hear anything like that. Josh, Pearl, his mother, Jason, and Oliver’s parents knew what Adrian planned on doing that day. Oliver had been out of the country for two weeks on business and was to come back home that afternoon. Upon seeing how panicky Adrian was, Jason had insisted on picking Oliver from the airport himself, to give Adrian some time to compose himself. It hadn’t worked. Adrian never thought asking such a simple question could be so terrifying. He’d never had to ask Donna because it had been assumed that they would get married. They’d simply planned and done it. This time however felt so…different, important and scary…and Adrian was dying of anxiety.

“They’re here.” Nine year of Pearl screamed excitedly when she saw Jason’s car pass through the gate.

They’d all missed Oliver so much. That was the longest he’d been away from home. He’d travelled to India to handle the work of a big client. He usually travelled on business for a maximum of one week. He would just see to the main work and leave the rest to his subordinates. His latest job had however been a major one. Oliver therefore had to stay longer. Adrian had insisted he travelled on his private jet but Oliver hadn’t thought it was necessary as he was going to be away for a whole two weeks. Adrian and the kids had been so miserable at Oliver’s absence that Adrian had planned to fly to India with the kids to see Oliver, had it become necessary for him to stay longer than the two weeks. He couldn’t be happier Oliver hadn’t had to.

“Careful, Princess.” Adrian called out to Pearl but she didn’t slow down at all as she ran to where Jason had parked his car.

They lived in a house that Adrian had purchased when he’d started dating Oliver. It was just as big and classically beautiful as the house he’d shared with Donna. The only difference was that it didn’t have that magical garden the other one had. Adrian hadn’t sold that house though. It was being used as a guest house and was virtually always fully booked due to that spectacular garden.

“Dad, you’re sweating.” Josh’s eyes widened in surprise. “I’m so gonna laugh at you after all this.” He chuckled.

“Shut up Josh.” Adrian growled as they both stared out the window at Oliver carrying a laughing Pearl on his back. Mark, who was following them with Oliver’s bags, was laughing too. Their laughter was so infectious, father and son laughed too. “Okay, here goes…”

When Oliver entered the foyer, his eyes went straight to Adrian’s. He couldn’t help but notice how tensed he looked. But he also couldn’t help but appreciate his man’s sexy look. Only Adrian could manage to make the casual attire of shorts and t-shirt look stunning. The man looked hot in anything. He seemed to be getting even sexier as the years went by.

“Welcome back Uncle Olly.” Josh said, skipping towards Oliver.

Oliver tore his eyes from Adrian’s with difficulty and helped Pearl down from his back. “Hey Josh.” He grinned as he hugged Josh. “I can’t believe I won the bet.” Oliver laughed when Josh groaned.

Josh had bragged that he was going to get to the end of a particular game before Oliver’s return. Oliver rightly assumed that Josh hadn’t succeeded since he hadn’t called him whilst he was in India to gloat about his success.

“Just give me till tomorrow morning.” Josh said with confidence. “I will defeat that silly giant and get to the end. I missed you, Uncle Olly.” He added with a wide grin.

“Me too…” Pearl screeched, hugging Oliver.”

“You two have no idea just how much I missed you.” Oliver drew Josh into the hug. “Hope you were good for Daddy.”

“You know we were.” Josh grinned. “Just as we know that this particular bag is filled with stuff for us.” He said, grabbing the handle of Oliver’s big rolling duffel bag and pulling it out of the hand of an amused Mark. “I’ll take that Mark. The stuff in here is for Shorty and I.” He said and then promptly rolled his eyes when his sister immediately protested at being called shorty.

“Josh…” Oliver admonished, but then couldn’t help the smile that brightened his face as he watched Josh and Pearl easily maneuver the bag up the stairs. Of course he’d informed them when he’d called them from the Indira Gandhi International Airport the day before that his big duffel bag was filled with stuff he’d gotten for them. “Please take the other bags to the bedroom, Mark. Thanks.”

He turned his eyes onto Adrian who looked almost frozen in the middle of the foyer. God, he’d missed him so fucking much. Two whole weeks away for home…from the love of his life…from Josh and Pearl who he loved as if they were his… Never again. Next time, he would either go with Adrian or come back home in between. He never wanted to put himself through such torture again. Oliver started towards Adrian.

“Hey.” He whispered when he got to Adrian, his hand moving up to cup his cheek. Adrian’s eyes fluttered close as he turned his face into the caress.

“Hey.” He pressed a kiss into Oliver’s palm.

“Are you alright?” Oliver asked softly. At Adrian’s nod, he smiled. “I missed you so much.”

With a groan, Adrian dipped his head and took Oliver’s lips in a kiss of such gentleness that it made Oliver melt inside. Quivering in response beneath the gentle onslaught, Oliver kissed him back with everything in him, moaning as their tongues tangled in a fast dance. How the fuck had he survived for two weeks without these lips, Oliver thought as he lost himself in the kiss. After what seemed like hours, they came up for a much needed air.

“Next time I’m going with you.” Adrian growled against Oliver’s kiss-swollen lips. “You have no idea how difficult these past…”

“I do actually.” Oliver murmured breathlessly, scattering tiny kisses all over Adrian’s face. “I couldn’t stand being apart from you for that long.” He muttered amidst kisses. “I missed you terribly.” His skin had longed to feel Adrian’s touch, and his eyes had wished to gaze into his. “All that phone sex helped but…I wanted you in my bed.” Oliver murmured, making Adrian laugh softly.

“Those were more like Skype-sex.” Adrian rasped, a shudder passing through him when he recalled some of their intense sessions. “Fuck, you’re sinful.” He moaned. “I lost count of the number of times we…” He trailed off when Oliver burst into laughter.

“Yeah, and you’re such a perv.” Oliver sucked Adrian’s lower lip into his mouth. “I didn’t know my hole was such a turn on for you.” He murmured against Adrian’s lips, recalling how hard Adrian had shot his load when he’d exposed his twitching hole to him in one of their sessions.

“Everything about you is a turn on for me, love.” Adrian laughed shakily. “I’m so hot for you right now.” He growled into Oliver’s ear, his voice husky with want.

“Fuck.” Oliver breathed, stepping out of Adrian’s embrace with an effort when he noticed Mark coming down the stairs.

“Thanks Mark.” Adrian said as Mark passed them on his way out.

“Anytime Doc.” Mark grinned. “Welcome back Oliver. The house wasn’t the same without you.”

Oliver laughed breathlessly. “Thanks Mark. Good to know my absence was felt.”

“Oh it was, trust me.” Mark drawled. “The good doctor was a mess.”

“Fuck you Mark.” Adrian growled as Mark and Oliver laughed. They could still hear Mark’s laughter even from outside.

“If it’s any consolation, I was also a mess.” Oliver said softly, his eyes still twinkling with mirth. “I want to ravish you so bad right now.” He said huskily. “Maybe I should eat. Is it ready? I decided not to eat on the plane because I didn’t want to fill my stomach with any…”

“Are you very hungry?” Adrian asked, the undercurrents of arousal in his voice making Oliver’s blood hum.

“Nope.” Oliver shook his head. “I just wanted to eat to get my mind off what I really want.” He grinned. “The kids are around and I need to spend time with them.”

“I need to ask you something very important, Olly.” Adrian’s voice remained steady, but he was anything but calm.

“Shoot.” Oliver folded his arms across his chest and stared intently at Adrian, who just looked back at him as though he’d forgotten what he wanted to ask.

After a moment, during which Oliver contemplated putting a shaky Adrian out of his misery, Adrian swallowed hard and reached out to take one of Oliver’s hands so that he had to unfold his arms.

“Please don’t say no, Olly…” Adrian started shakily instead of asking his question.

“Oh fuck…” Oliver groaned. “Yes, I’ll marry you Adrian.” He said dryly.

“What?” Adrian’s gasped. “How did you… Really? You will? But how did…who told you? Jason?”

“You look so fucking adorable when you get flustered.” Oliver grinned. “And no, Jason hasn’t told me anything. I’m surprised to know he was even in on this. Is that why he’s remained in the car pretending to be making an important call? The silly man.” Oliver shook his head in amusement. “I’m guessing I never told you my mother is bad at keeping secrets…”

“Oh fuck.” Adrian groaned.

“Looks like she actually did you a favour though. You were beginning to turn green.” Oliver grinned. “Now I know one more thing that you suck at besides grieving. Proposing.” Oliver laughed when Adrian flipped him off.

“You have no idea how happy and relieved I am right now.” Adrian said softly, his eyes suspiciously bright. “Thank you Oliver.”

Oliver shrugged. “I can’t imagine not spending every day of every year forever with you. So thank you for asking. No scratch that…you didn’t have the balls to…” Oliver burst into delighted laughter when Adrian suddenly grabbed his wrist and drew his hand to his crotch to rub his balls through his shorts.

“What does that feel like if not balls?” Adrian husked and then promptly moaned when Oliver squeezed his cock.

“Christ, you have nothing on beneath these shorts.” Oliver gasped, stroking Adrian’s rapidly hardening dick through his shorts. “You’re such a slut.”

“Fuck, that feels so good.” Adrian moaned huskily, thrusting into Oliver’s touch.

“Did he say yes?” Josh asked excitedly as he bounded down the stairs, his sister hot on his heels.

Adrian quickly turned Oliver around to face the kids, using him as a shield for his aroused body. “Yes.” Adrian answered with a breathless laughter. “He said yes.” He rubbed Oliver’s shoulders as he watched his kids dash towards him and Oliver.

“Well, he…” Oliver began but gasped when Josh and Pearl slammed into him, hugging him tightly. “He didn’t even ask.” He grunted.

“Shut up Oliver.” Adrian laughed as he wrapped his arms around his family. He felt like the luckiest man alive. “Thanks.” He murmured against Oliver’s temple. “I was so afraid you would say no.”

“You big chicken.” Oliver laughed, bending down to kiss Josh and Pearl who giggled delightfully. “So you kids…”

“Are spending the night at Jason’s.” Adrian cut in quickly just as Jason entered the foyer. “Pearl wants a sleep-over with Missy and Lisa, and Jason has promised to help Josh defeat some giant in some game. I believe you two had a bet…”

Oliver gave Adrian a brief suspicious stare, and then turned to glower at Jason. “You…”

“Said yes, didn’t you?” Jason asked with an amused smirk.

“He did, Uncle Jace.” Josh said excitedly.

“Congratulations.” He grinned, then turned to the kids before Oliver and Adrian could respond. “You guys ready?”

“Yes.” They both screamed and grabbed their backpacks off the glass table in the foyer. “See you Uncle Olly. See you Daddy.” Josh added as he and Pearl ran towards the door.

“Josh, keep an eye on your sister please.” Oliver called out to the two who were already rushing out the door. “I’ve missed them.” He groaned, coiling both arms around Adrian’s neck. “I wanted to spend time with them.”

“You can do that another time.” Jason drawled. “You have this whole house to yourselves tonight.” He swung his arm in a wide arc. “I shudder to think about all the nasty business that’s going to go down.” He turned to go. “Hope you’re on the pill Olly.” He called over his shoulder.

“Fuck you Jace.” Oliver laughed and then squealed like a girl when Adrian suddenly picked him up bridal style and started up the stairs.

“Tomorrow is Sunday, Olly. All four of us will be spending the day together.” Adrian murmured, pressing a kiss against Oliver’s mouth. “But tonight, I just want to be with my husband-to-be.” Adrian kicked the door to their bedroom open. “Is that too much to ask?”

Oliver actually giggled. “No it’s not.” He laughed as Adrian set his feet gently on the ground. Oliver’s arms remained around Adrian’s neck, eyes filled with so much love smiling up at Adrian.

“God, I love you.” Adrian husked. “If only you could see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me.” He breathed. “Oliver…” He whispered with so much feeling and reverence Oliver’s breathe hitched in his throat.

“Fuck, I love it when you say my name.” Oliver moaned as Adrian walked him backwards towards the huge bed. Adrian was the kind of guy who made him love his name just by mentioning it. “Say it again.” He whispered.

“Oliver…” The back of Oliver’s legs touched the bed.

Oliver sat down on the bed and watched with a smitten smile on his face as Adrian pulled off his boots and socks. In no time at all, Adrian had stripped him out of everything, baring his hard leaking cock to the cool air in the room. Oliver moved back till he was in the center of the bed, grinning as he watched a still clothed Adrian crawl up after him till he knelt right on top of him, his knees on either side of Oliver’s hips. Then he just stared down at Oliver.

“What are you doing?” Oliver whispered.

“I just want to look at you.” Adrian whispered back. “Some years ago, just looking at you was okay for me.” He pressed a soft kiss against Oliver’s lips. “Because I hadn’t tasted these lips.” He dipped his head for a deeper kiss as his thumb and forefinger moved to grasp and roll a taut nipple. “Tonight, even a kiss is not enough.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Oliver moaned. “But if I remember correctly, unlike me, you never spared me a lustful thought before that first kiss.”

“I think you’re wrong there.” Adrian husked. “The feelings were there, just not recognized. There was this time…this moment at the very beginning…before our first kiss, when I was walking away from you. You grabbed my hand and pulled me back to you. I thought you wanted to show me something. But you just looked at me. You really looked at me.” Adrian looked lost in some memory. “That was the most perfect erotic moment of my life. And I sometimes feel like everything that has happened since then was…inevitable.” He shrugged. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Olly.”

“I remember that day.” Oliver rasped around the lump inside his throat. “I meant to show you something. But then I made the mistake of looking at you and…you were so close. I got so giddy when you met my eyes, and then a simple glance turned into a stare I couldn’t break.” Oliver moaned as he recalled that feeling all those years ago. “I wanted to kiss you so bad but I couldn’t…didn’t want to freak you out.” At Adrian’s groan, Oliver smiled and kissed him softly. “You were straight and married remember?”

“Well, what’s that saying? Que sera sera.”

“Whatever will be, will be.” Oliver translated with a nod. “I love you Adrian Graham. If life is for living, then I live mine for you, if it’s for giving, then I give mine to you. And if hearts are for beating, then mine beats for you. I’ll never stop loving you. Always and forever.”

“Always and forever.” Adrian choked.

“Now will you please make love to me?” Oliver purred seductively.

“Oh I intend to.” Adrian chuckled. “Bad news is I plan on taking my time.” He closed his teeth around a taut nipple and worried it deliciously.

“Oh my God…” Oliver gasped as his eyes fluttered close in ecstasy.

Adrian pulled off the nipple in his mouth and moved down Oliver’s body. “Good news is we have all night.” Oliver’s throbbing cock jerked at the feel of Adrian’s breath on its wet head. “I plan to use it.” Adrian swallowed Oliver’s cock to the hilt, loving the erotic cry that tore out of Oliver. He just loved how his man responded to him.

And the two lovers proceeded to show each other with their bodies, just how deep their love for each other ran. They fell in love when they shouldn’t have. They had to face obstacles in their bid to be together. And after all the years, their love remained strong.

For Adrian and Oliver, love was their addiction to an eternal longing for each other…a thirst which they couldn’t ever relinquish.


Written By: adjoaq

Picture: Google+

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