Alec knew he was different from a young age. Always looking at the other boys differently. Always looking at older guys with an air of desire. he wasn’t sure what it was until he got into his teens. His father was a jack ass. he was verbally and physically abusive to him as a kid. Probably because his father somehow knew as well that Alec would turn out gay. He hated his short fat father and it was with some relief that his mom Lori divorced his sorry ass when Alec was about 12. The abuse had stopped and he could enjoy being with his mom, who even though she seemed totally clueless to the fact that Alec was gay, she loved him.

Alec enterer junior high and then again high school. he came to realize in junior high after seeing his studly PE coach standing there one day that he indeed was a gay boy who wanted men. his coach was in his 30′s or so and in great shape. he would always wear those requisite coach shorts that showed off his sexy hairy legs. Alec remembered the day the coach was giving the team all a pep talk as they were gonna play some basketball. the coach had leaned over near Alec and placed his foot up on the bench before the boys and this motion pulled up the mans shorts and pressed them tightly to his crotch. before Alec was a beautiful bulge where the coaches cock was pressed nicely to the material of those lucky shorts. Alec’s 15 year old dick sprang to attention.

This story is a work of fiction. All characters are older than 18. They have fun having gay sex. If gay sex is not allowed in your country, you should consider moving to another one. The characters are not having safe sex, please use condoms while exploring your sexuality. As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Thank you for choosing to read my story and I hope you enjoy! You may contact me at , also if you have your own story. Please send to this email , or click SUBMIT YOUR OWN STORIES! at the top right corner of HOME SCREEN. Also, If you include your name. I will give credit as due, otherwise, it will read as – Read By: Bobby Newberry. THANK YOU for helping to build Gay and Nerdy Archives Library of Erotic Stories and more. Note: We do not own these stories, only share. If you believe this story should not be here. Email and explain. If so, we will fix this mistake. Don’t forget to check out our New Adult Toy Store. Store link: Gay Nerdy Toys.

He had to sit there for a while until his dick calmed down. Then when he went home he jerked himself to a nice cum orgasm at the image of his hot coach.

Sometime later, his mother began to date again. Whether it was because she may have thought that Alec needed a father figure in his life or just because she was horny. Alec didn’t know and didn’t’ care. Yuval was her new man.

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After a few short weeks his mom was seeing this guy a lot. Sometimes she would come home very late or Yuval would sometimes stay over. It was apparently becoming serious. Not that Alec didn’t want his mom happy, but he wasn’t ready for a stepfather by any means. He was not very attractive by Alec’s standards. At least no where near as hot as his coach, but the
guy kept himself in fairly good shape. He would go to the gym almost every morning, at least when he stayed over at Alec’s house he noticed the guy with a gym bag each morning. Alec always noticed Yuval’s meaty hairy legs when ever the guy wore shorts. It was pretty hot to see. And the shorts always hugged Yuval’s beefy ass. So at least it was something to look at
every other day when the guy stayed over. He noticed how small his mom looked next to this big guy. Alec immediately wondered about his mom’s sex life with this dude.

Of coarse it wasn’t long before Alec found that out. After a few weeks of Yuval staying over. One night when Alec couldn’t sleep he was up and trying to study for an upcoming test at school, he heard some bumping noises coming from down the hall from his room. It was coming from his mom’s room. Alec stopped what he was doing and wondered what the sound was. Then he heard a muffled cry. It sounded like his mom. Being a concerned son he was worried that something was wrong. He was about to call out to his mom when he heard her call out.

“Fuck, its so fucking big Yuval”

It didn’t take Alec but moments to realize what the sounds he was hearing were now. Those were the sounds of sex coming from his mothers room. Alec noticed a twitch in his shorts as he pondered the fact that his mom was getting it at the moment. Not for his mom mind you, that was a disgusting thought. It was the fact that Yuval was fucking his mom right now. And the comment of ‘its so big’ had Alec curious as too how “BIG’ was big. He quietly crept out of his room to get closer to the sounds from his mom’s room. he tiptoed lightly over the hall rug as to not make any creaking noises. When he reached the door to his moms room the sounds were a bit louder, but he could tell that his mom was trying to keep it down. Alec
placed his ear to the wall next to the door to listen to the sounds. He could hear his moms muffled cries as Yuval fucked her. he could also hear the grunts of the guy behind that fucking going on in his moms room.

Alec wanted to see what was going on in the room as his dick was getting hard in his own shorts. He reached for the door knob and very slowly turned the knob. Luckily there was almost no sound and the hall he was in was dark. He pushed open the door just so and was able to peer into the room just enough to see the bed. The angle provided him a great view of Yuval’s
backside. And the curtains on the window across the room were opened, so moonlight cascaded in and over Yuval’s body. His mom was on her back and from where she was she could not see the door clearly, so Alec was safe from being discovered.

The sight he looked upon as he gazed into the room was glorious. Because of the moonlight, Alec could see Yuval’s big beefy ass as he banged away at his mom. The thick hairy thighs looked delicious. Alec’s cock sprang up instantly from looking at that hot hairy ass. He watched intently as Yuvals butt bounced up and down as he slammed his moms pussy. Alec instinctive grabbed for his own cock as he imagined shoving his face in between those big hairy butt cheeks the man had. How he wanted to just rush in there and feast on Yuvals big gorgeous ass. Alec started to jerk his cock madly as he was so damned excited from seeing his mom get it by this awesome stud. Within moments he could feel his balls start to shift , readying the orgasm to come. But then he was awoken from his fixated trance to the heavy breathing sounds coming from Yuval. The man was thrusting at speed now. Then Yuval stopped his motions abruptly and he made a guttural sound and Alec could hear him say to his mom that he was cumming.  Then he thrust hard on her and his butt cheeks tensed up. Yuvals body jerked and stabbed at her repeatedly as he blew a load into her. Alec watched, mesmerized by the sights. But then he saw Yuval move to get up. He reached for his big
cock. Alec could see the silhouette of a large tube sticking out before this man. And then Yuval peeled off a condom from his cock.

“Throw it in the trash” His mom said.

That was Alec’s cue to get back to his room before he was discovered. He left the door to his room ajar so that he could see when Yuval came out of the bedroom. Would he be naked, as Alec could only hope. Alas when he did he had on boxers. But the boxers were having difficulty containing the meat that bounced around in them. He was holding something in his hand when he went into the bathroom. Alec could hear moments later as Yuval peed. When he was done he left the bathroom and went back to Alec’s moms room. Alec watched as the big full ass that those shorts held moved as the man walked.

“Damn” Alec said to himself quietly as he watched Yuval go into the bedroom and close the door.

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He waited just another moment before stepping out into the hall quietly and heading towards the bathroom himself. When Alec got into the bathroom he went straight for the waste basket. he had an idea what Yuval had had in his hand when he went into the bathroom. And as he did not have it when he left, Alec had to investigate. he quietly walked into the bathroom and closed the door. He turned on the light and looked for the waste basket. There next to the sink was the silver metallic basket. He reached for it and pulled it out from its location. He looked into the basket and to his delight the object of his interest was sitting on top of an old q-tips box. There before him was a used condom and it was loaded with a
creamy white substance. Alec reached in and pulled it out to look at it. He held the full rubber pouch before him. There was a substantial load inside the condom too. Alec quickly turned off the light and left the bathroom and headed back to his room. He jumped into bed and turned on the lamp next to his bed. Alec stared in awe at the substantial cum load that was in the rubber pouch of the condom. He took a finger and slid it in through the opening of the condom and pushed it into the thick creamy goo inside. It did feel creamy and it was still slightly warm to touch. He pulled it out and brought it to his face. He pulled his wet finger to his nose and inhaled. The smell was oddly strange yet intoxication. Then he brought his
finger to his lips, remembering seeing the gay videos that showed guys eating cum from other guys. He stuck out his tongue and tasted the gooey cum. he thought it would taste awful as he had never had any mans cum. But the sweetness in the cum that now lingered on his palette made his want more. He licked his lips at the delicious taste he had. He took the condom
and held it over his head. Alec opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue as he waited for the goo to fall out from the used condom and to his mouth. He looked and watched as Yuvals cum oozed from the opening of the condom and then fell to his lips. A long gooey string hanging from the condom as a glob of the elixir fell into his mouth. The taste was incredible as Alec swallowed the thick creamy. He wanted more, he needed more. he took his fingers and grabbed the tip and squeezed out as much cum from the rubber as he could. He even pressed his hungry tongue into the opening and tried to dig out more.

“Ohh my God that’s soo awesome” He said.

He now had his first taste of man cum, and Alec wanted more. He wanted to rush into his moms room and climb into bed with Yuval and suck on his cock. But he knew he could not. He reached under the blanket and started to grabb at his now rigid dick. Alec began to jerk himself madly at the thought of possibly getting his hands and or mouth on Yuvals big dick. It
didn’t take long before Alec was over the edge. He was flailing his dick fast and furious. He started to moan as he felt his balls pulling up getting ready to blast out.

“Fuck me man” Alec groaned

“Do me daddy” He said , wishing that he could get Yuvals cock

“Aweee fuckkk” He cried out

Then Alecs dick spit up the orgasm he had due to the taste and smell of Yuvals cum. It was the best and he wanted so much more. he could drink Yuvals cum every day. Alec slumped down in his bed once he erupted….

Written By: Bobby Newberry

Picture: Google+

More to come! Let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to comment me ideas of what you’d like to read next. Thanks for reading, I hoped you enjoyed it.

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