Road Trip

Road Trip

Sitting in the family van I felt my brother, Chase, kick my foot closest to him. It wasn’t hard, merely hard enough to get my attention. Pulling out one of my ear buds, I turned to ask, “Wha—”

I didn’t even finish the word as I saw him facing me with his hard dick sticking out of the waistband of his shorts.

With our parents in the front seats talking above the quiet radio, we were on our way to our grandparents’—our mother’s parents—house for a visit over a long weekend. It was a sixteen-hour drive to a rural area that we made every few months. The van we used had four swiveling chairs in two rows behind the driver and passenger and a bench at the very back that could be stowed in the floor and Chase and I occupied the first two behind our parents.

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Hearing our parents still talking and unaware of what was happening behind them, I slid out of my chair as Chase turned his to face the back then got to my knees between his legs. As one of the tallest guys in school, his long legs naturally spread wide when his knees were bent so there was plenty of room for me between them. Without hesitation or fear I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth and felt it twitch a few times as he got used to the feel of me on him. With a soft, barely audible sigh he slouched down slightly in his chair and stretched his long legs out on either side of me. After placing one of his large hands on my head as a counterweight he closed his eyes while he listened to the music playing in his earbuds.

Chase, like many eighteen-year-old guys or really just guys in general, loved getting head and he had a great cock to receive it. It was just over ten inches long and thick with a sharp downward curve from years of wearing a cup for baseball that slid easily into my throat. Having sucked him off for so long I had no problem deep throating him while his girlfriends choked and gagged attempting it. There were times I had spent more than an hour bobbing on his cock before he pumped his load into my stomach and, with plenty of time to kill, it looked like this was going to be another of those moments.

Keeping my motion slow and deliberate, I took my time bobbing up and down on him while I slipped a hand into my own shorts to massage my own suddenly hard dick. Occasionally, I stopped to run my tongue over the ridge of the wide bullet that capped his shaft or inside the fold of retracted foreskin. Even though we had showered before starting the trip less than four hours ago, there was already a faint, musky flavor trapped in the fold. It matched the scent of his balls wafting up to me from inside his shorts and a part of me couldn’t wait to taste him again after a few more hours once he ripened further. My favorite time to suck his dick was right after he had practice or a game because of how pungent his junk would be. Whenever we could, I would spend as much time as I could running my tongue between his legs trying to clean him of the sweat and funk trapped in the hair there. His body, like mine, was covered with a generous dusting of dark hair that, depending on its location, hid or enhanced his fit musculature.

As his identical twin, my cock was similar, only without the curve, and he was slightly more muscular and tanned than me from his time outside on the diamond while I was lean and sinewy with the body of a basketball player. We both had the same straight, dark hair on our heads but mine was long enough to graze my shoulders while Chase kept his short and spiky. A pair of ice blue eyes that we had often been told were slightly disconcerting in their intensity rested in each of our faces above angular noses. I liked to keep my square jaw shaved clean while Chase’s was covered with perpetual stubble that he worked on entirely too long so it would appear casual. Additionally, he wore a pair of small diamond studs in his ears while mine were unpierced.

I glanced around Chase’s body and chair to glance at the rearview mirror a few times. At one point, I saw my father watching us with a slightly displeased look even as he continued talking to our mother. Over the years he had caught us a number of times while we were messing around. The first time he cursed in surprise upon finding us in our shed in the backyard but quickly moved passed his shock to simply say that our mother probably wouldn’t like catching us in such a position. We were a fairly religious family and our mother was the arbiter of all things sinful so we understood his warning. Having not been chastised by him as harshly as we had expected, we continued fooling around with each other and, over time, we received nothing more than a look and shake of the head the subsequent instances he found us engaged in something sexual. Only recently had we started messing around in the van during the trips and still he said nothing though we were going at it right behind them.

Despite the fact that my brother and I hooked up almost daily, neither Chase nor I was gay or even bi. We didn’t mess around with other guys and had not even fleetingly considered it. As twins we were understandably close and we had been each other’s first out of curiosity and prepubescent exploration. Finding that we liked it, we kept it up because it was better than masturbating.

Zoned out with my rhythm of working his dick, it wasn’t until I felt Chase tightly grab a fistful of my hair that I realized he was close. Moving my eyes upward, I saw him looking down at me with nothing but horniness in his eyes. Normally that look was accompanied by a litany of foul fuck words but here in the van, with our mother completely oblivious to what we were doing, his mouth was silent even though it hung open as he breathed heavily through it. His upper lip twitched slightly just before I felt his cock stiffen and jerk upward as it prepared to begin shooting. I pulled back to lock my lips around his crown just as the first watery shot left him. With practiced ease I rapidly swallowed his load without losing a drop. Even after his dick began to soften, I kept him in my mouth to catch the dregs of his load and to clean him so there would not be even the hint of the scent of sex in the air.

Without a word, he pushed my head off him and slid to the ground and I replaced him in the chair. With his characteristic enthusiasm, Chase began to work my cock. For as much as he liked getting head, I often joked that he liked giving it more. When we were alone he was very vocal when he sucked me off, letting out moans and sighs of pleasure as he tasted my cock. Even now, despite the need to be quiet, he was an eager cocksucker who cleaned my own fermenting cock with unrestrained zeal. At one point he had begun bobbing on my dick so rapidly that the sound of broken suction interrupted the quiet of van with three rapid-fire reports.

Just as he pulled off, our mother turned around. “What are you boys doing back there? What’s that sound?”

With my legs spread wide and bent at the knees, Chase was able to lean around me while I tucked away my dick to answer, “Nothing. Chance just forgot how to use a straw.”

Grabbing the cup—actually Chase’s cup—from the holder in the armrest, I turned slightly in her direction and held it up along with the magazine that Chase had tucked into the side of his chair to help cover my midsection. If I didn’t or turned too far she would easily see the hard tip of my dick tenting my t-shirt where it pointed upward out of my shorts. That, combined with Chase’s wet, swollen, red lips would most likely invite more questions. “Sorry.”

“I thought you were over there,” our mother said pointing to the chair I had vacated.

“No,” I lied. “Chase was. He came over so we could look through the magazines.”

It was plausible only because of the pile of magazines on the chair directly behind the seat I was now occupying. Glancing in the mirror, I saw our father purse his lips with disapproval. While he had no problem with what we were doing, lying was something he took seriously yet it always surprised us that he didn’t rat us out in moments like this.

She gave a half shrug and didn’t question further. “Well don’t drink too much. We won’t be stopping for a while.”

“I’ll be fine, Mom,” I said with a good measure of teen attitude, barely holding back the eye roll. “We always are.”

She looked between us again then turned back to the front and resumed her conversation with our father about whatever it was our parents talked about.

Chase gave me a salacious smile as he reached out and freed my cock to finish the job he had started. I didn’t argue and sat back to enjoy his mouth on me. With his skill along with the fear of our mother catching us still coursing through me, I soon gave a sigh announcing my orgasm. While I reveled in the bliss of my dick pumping cum into my brother’s mouth I didn’t care if our mother led our high school’s marching band passed me as she yelled at us about the sin of incest.

Chase swallowed my load then cleaned me even more thoroughly than I had done to him before pulling off. With quiet movements, we retook our original seats. In the comfort of my place and with post-orgasmic contentment I put my earbuds back in and zoned out.

About an hour later, I felt the pressure in my bladder that our mother had warned us about. Unconsciously, I began holding my crotch as I ignored the call of nature. My method of coping didn’t help much and the need to relieve myself steadily grew to the point that I began rhythmically opening and closing my legs as I fought against my bladder. When I could no longer ignore it, I turned my chair around and cautiously moved out of it to stand in front of Chase, who was facing the rear with a foot resting on one of the other chairs. Not waiting for an invitation and with my back hunched over due to the low roof, I lowered my shorts revealing my piss-swollen dick and pulled Chase’s head onto it. His lips had barely closed around the end when I gave up holding back the flow.

“Are you okay?” Our mother turned her head upon hearing me let out a deep sigh practically in her ear.

I had placed a knee on the seat of Chase’s chair and had leaned forward over him resting my arms and chest on the back of the chair above my brother’s head as he held my hips and drank the contents of my bladder. Because of my height, in this position my head was inches away from our mother’s. With unrestrained relief I responded, “Yeah. I’m fine.”

“What’s going on? Why are you on your brother like that?” She asked unable to see my midsection.

“I needed a stretch.” I stifled a moan as Chase did something with his tongue that had nothing to do with swallowing the heavy stream of piss flowing out of my dick. “He’s pulling on my back to help.”

Chase and I frequently massaged and popped each other’s backs so it wasn’t a stretch to believe and our mom accepted my statement without question. Looking down at her watch, she said, “We’ll be stopping in an hour or so for dinner. You’ll be able to walk around for a bit to stretch those muscles. Sometimes I feel bad that you guys are so tall. But if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be such a basketball star,” she added with maternal pride.

I didn’t refrain from rolling my eyes. “I’m not a star, Mom. I’m a starter but definitely not one of the best on the team.”

“But a few colleges have said they’re interested,” she said undeterred. “That’s something.”

“It is. But I still have to do tryouts.”

“And they’ll all see how great you are. Just like I do.” She reached up and patted my cheek before turning back to the front.

My bladder was so full it took another moment before the flow stopped. By that point, my dick was fully hard again and Chase was working it over looking for something more substantial than piss. Still draped over his chair I began to lightly thrust my hips, fucking my dick in his mouth even as I was drawn into a conversation with our parents about the drive.

“Do you remember how small this town used to be?” Dad asked rhetorically. “Now look at it. And there’s traffic everywhere.”

Despite there being highways that we could take that would easily shave two or three hours off our journey, our parents preferred to take the back roads and enjoyed the slower drive.

“I remember that used to be a cow pasture”—I pointed to what was now a big box store—”where we pulled off the road and Chase fell face first into a cow patty because he had to go so bad. Ow!” As I recounted the memory, I neglected to take into account the fact that my dick was still in his mouth and it wasn’t until he bit down that I realized my mistake. Despite that, he didn’t release me after his attack and I resumed thrusting into him.

For all the times we’d done stuff in the van, this was by far the hottest and riskiest. I was slowly fucking my brother’s mouth, edging steadily closer to release while talking to our parents. As usual, our father was well aware of what was going on as he could see my dick moving through my brother’s mouth in his mirror while our mother had no idea. Not for the first or last time I wondered if our dad secretly got off on watching us. He never gave any indication that he did, and even now a quick glance at his crotch didn’t reveal any telltale tenting. And when I gave a soft grunt that I quickly covered with a cough as Chase began to drink my cum, he gave me a quick side-eye but didn’t otherwise react.

I wasn’t complaining, though. I couldn’t imagine being restrained to uncertain, erratic encounters with my girlfriend like our friends and not being able to get off as often as we did. Not only that, but Chase gave the best head I’d ever had and not being able to indulge in his mouth would probably send me into a depression.

After my balls were empty and my dick cleaned, I pulled back and saw Chase’s dick tenting his shorts. I reached down and began to sink to my knees intending to reciprocate but he denied me.

“I’m good for now,” he said softly.

I matched his low volume. “You’re such a fucking cocksucker. Satisfied just from sucking my dick.”

“And you like it,” he said without shame or embarrassment as I sat.

Despite his declining me, I could see him playing with his erection as we continued down the road. At one point I glanced over and saw that he had adjusted his dick so it pointed up out of his waistband. His hand was absently playing with the head as he read through a magazine and chatted with our parents while still facing the back. There was some clear precum seeping from the tip that he occasionally swiped away with a finger. He would then put the digit in his mouth to clean it before returning to play with himself. When we finally stopped for dinner about half an hour after I dropped my load, Chase’s cock was red and it made me feel uncomfortable thinking how painfully hard it had to be.

Leaving the van, Chase angled his curved cock off to the side securing it under the waistband of his shorts. It wasn’t very noticeable but I could tell which fold in the fabric had nothing to do with the free movement of the material as he walked into the fast food restaurant.

After Chase and I finished eating, we went for a walk to stretch our legs while our parents stayed in the restaurant having coffee. Unintentionally, or so I thought, we found ourselves in an alley behind the adjacent strip mall. There were a few dumpsters placed against the wall between doors that served as rear exits for the storefronts on the other side. We were about halfway down when Chase pushed me back against the building and began grinding against me.

“Ready to suck some dick?”

I rolled my eyes. “I should’ve known.” Chase liked having sex in public and had often told me how he had gotten his girlfriend on his dick with other people around yet no one knowing. Not counting our parents being present, I had also been pressed into public service for my brother a few times and while I wasn’t as into it as he was, I understood the draw of fucking around in public. Because of that, I willingly dropped to my knees sandwiched between him and the wall taking his shorts with me. With his cock free, I eagerly took it into my mouth.

Chase didn’t waste any time and set up a fast pace face fucking me. He held my head in one of his hands while leaning forward and bracing the other arm on the wall for leverage. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it? Take that fat cock. Fucking swallow my dick,” he said as he unceremoniously slammed his dick down my throat. “Who’s the cocksucker now, bitch? Can’t answer? Mouth too full of dick? Fucking smug asshole.”

I glared up at him as he taunted me for my earlier comment but didn’t otherwise resist.

“Wanna keep making fun of me because I give you the best fucking head you ever had? I oughta choke your ass with my cock. But you’d probably like that too much. Cocksucker.” He said the word emphatically. “Look at you, down on your knees in an alley sucking your brother’s big dick like a two-bit whore. Now that’s a fucking cocksucker. And look, your dick’s hard, too. You just dumped a load and now you’re ready to go again? Really? Or is it that you like sucking cock so much that you’re getting off on this shit? You like sucking dick, Chance? You like having my dick fucking your mouth? Are you a cocksucker?”

When Chase pulled completely out of my mouth, I knew what was expected of me. “I like sucking your big dick because I’m a cocksucker.”

“That’s what I fucking thought,” he said as he slammed back into me and resumed fucking my face. “Ya fucking piece of shit. Bet if I stopped giving you head you’d change your tune and be more appreciative of what I do for you.”

We had been so into what we were doing that it wasn’t until I saw a young woman out of the corner of my eye that I realized we had an audience. A few steps down, one of the doors was now partially open, obviously her exit into the alley so she could have her cigarette. I tried to pull off Chase but he held my head tight in his hands. After seeing the crazed way I was looking behind him, he turned his head and saw her.

“Hey,” he said to her without breaking his rhythm.

“Um, hi.” The woman looked from my face up to Chase’s and back.

“Yeah, he’s my twin brother,” Chase said nonchalantly. “And he called me a cocksucker because I gave him a blow job so I’m showing him who the real cocksucker is.”

“Uh, okay.” She took a drag of her cigarette and a beat passed before she asked, “Should you be doing that here, though?”

“Probably not,” Chase acknowledged. “But it’s kinda hot, right? I mean how often do you see a cocksucker”—he practically yelled the word—”working his twin brother’s dick?”

“Not often.”

All went quiet as Chase continued to fuck my face unconcerned about the woman. She walked a few steps away and mostly ignored us but I could see her occasionally turn toward us to watch before shaking her head and turning away again.

As if things couldn’t get crazier, my phone began to ring. Obviously I was in no position to answer it but I pulled it out of my pocket and saw that it was our mother. Passing the phone to Chase, he let out a curse then answered, easily passing as me.

“Hey, Mom,” he said using my usual words and intonation. “Okay. … We’re at some store inside the strip mall. … About five, maybe ten minutes. … Okay. See you soon. Love you. Bye. Fucking mama’s boy,” he growled down at me after disconnecting the call.

I rolled my eyes because, of the two of us, Chase truly was the mama’s boy and he knew it.

Chase smacked the back of my head. It wasn’t hard but got my attention. “You still wanna give me shit, cocksucker? Really? Let’s see how much you like drinking my cum.”

Chase redoubled his thrusting and I soon saw the signs of his impending orgasm. He gave a deep grunt and tossed his head back as his cock swelled in my throat and began to pump his load straight into my stomach. As I took it, I glanced over and saw the woman staring at us with undisguised shock on her face. Despite myself, I gave her a wink as I raised a hand and began massaging my brother’s balls through his orgasm.

After his cock began to soften, he pulled back slightly and I began to clean it. Without warning he let loose a stream of piss and, unprepared for it, some of it dribbled out of my mouth before I began to swallow it.

“I knew a cocksucker like you wouldn’t turn down a piss chaser,” Chase said with a smirk.

Unlike Chase, I wasn’t a fan of drinking piss but did it for him on occasion. He normally didn’t surprise me like this but I knew he was enjoying giving a show to the woman who was still staring at us in disbelief.

When his bladder was finally empty and his soft dick cleaned, I stood and pulled up his shorts. As he fixed himself, he leaned in and kissed me deeply. It wasn’t something we did often, but from the way he had really gotten into showing off for our audience of one, I wasn’t surprised when it came.

After separating, we walked back toward the van which was beyond the woman who was staring at us with wide eyes.

I dramatically licked my lips then wiped them with the back of my hand as we drew near her. With a shrug of self-deprecation, I said, “I guess I shouldn’t have called him a cocksucker.”

Once we left the alley and had turned out of her line of sight, Chase and I laughed heartily.

“Thanks for going along with that,” Chase said. For as relaxed as he had been when I sucked him off in the van, it was just as common for him to be as rough as he had been in the alley. Even the way he spoke to me wasn’t out of character and was something he did on occasion. I didn’t mind because there were times when I treated him just as rough. It was one of the reasons we liked messing around with each other. We did things to each other that many of the girls we dated would protest or not even consider.

“It’s cool. I’m glad she didn’t call the cops or anything. But fuck you for pissing in my mouth, asshole.” I punched his shoulder in retaliation harder than I normally would have.

“Fuck you,” he retorted, punching me back. “You say you don’t like piss play but it didn’t stop you from pushing your dick in my mouth earlier. And I can’t believe that you don’t like it at least a little from the way you’re all over me when I’m sweaty and smell rank as hell. That’s about the only time I can get you to eat my ass, you raunchy motherfucker.”

“Look who’s talking, you sick son of a bitch. You’re the one who like’s eating his load out of my ass after you fuck it.”

Chase gave me a patronizing grin. “No, you dumb fuck. That’s you.”

“Oh, yeah,” I said as I wrapped and arm around his shoulders and pulled him close. He did the same and we held each other close as we laughed and began to talk about other things as we continued our journey to the van. It was a sharp contrast to the harsh way we had spoken to each other just moments before but was the perfect example of our relationship. No matter what, we were twins and nothing would ever come between us.

Chase and I were physically affectionate with each other even in public and, despite the incestuous relationship we had, we kept things family friendly most of the time. Our friends often teased that they suspected we fucked each other because we were so close, though none of them actually knew how true it was. But even with our open affection and sexual relationship there was nothing more than fraternal love between us. Chase was my twin and I loved him more than anything in the world, but I wasn’t in love with him and couldn’t be. Despite the enjoyment I got from being with him, I loved pussy too much to give it up. Though I would always choose my brother over any girl.

Back in the van, we took our seats, inserted our earbuds and settled in for more road time.

A few hours later, with another eight or so left in the drive, Chase kicked my foot again.

“Help me with the bench. I wanna lay down.”

Even though it was something we did every trip, our parents talked us through the process while repeatedly telling us to be careful unlocking the bench and folding it to place beneath the floor. Admittedly, it would have been easier and safer to do if we pulled over for five minutes, but Dad was the type who liked to make good time on road trips and tried to keep to a schedule.

With the bench out of the way and feeling tired myself, I stretched out on my side spooned behind Chance. We laid with our feet near the back door along the center of the van between the four chairs. There was enough space for one of us to lay on his back and the other on his side but it was more comfortable and natural for us to lay with me behind him as we had done when we were younger and had slept in the same crib and bed. A shared blanket covered us as we settled in to nap.

While I hadn’t planned it, it didn’t take long for my cock to harden against my brother’s ass. The vibrations from the road, the heat of his body along with his increasing teen body odor soon had me gently humping him as I sought comfort.

“Stop messing around and dick me if you’re going to,” he whispered harshly. “I’m fucking tired and want to take a nap but can’t if you keep humping me like a dog in heat.”

With the invitation extended, I lowered first my shorts then his. While glancing toward the front of the van to make sure our parents weren’t watching, I reached around and stuck two fingers into Chase’s mouth and he wet them without complaint. Though he probably wouldn’t have needed it, I used them to open his hole before reaching back around to have him spit in my palm so I could slick my own dick. As lubricated as we were going to be, I slowly worked my cock into his ass receiving only minimal sounds of discomfort from him as my blunt, thick crown pried him open. When his ring finally clamped down around my head, I let out my own soft sigh and quickly buried my remaining length inside him.

Ignoring his statement of fatigue, I took my time long dicking him. It felt too good for me not to have the entire length of my cock moving in and out of his tight ass. Feeling a bit frisky I whispered into his ear, “I might be your cocksucker for sucking your dick in that alley, but you’re proving that you’re my bitch. Look at you: Taking my dick up your ass so calmly that even Dad doesn’t know it’s happening. Ten fat fucking inches of cock in your dry hole and you don’t even blink? Only a bitch used to getting dick up his ass can do that.”

“You can stop if you don’t like it,” he said over his shoulder.

“You wanna give me lip, bitch? Really?” I pushed my dick as far as I could into him then rotated my hips. It was a move that I knew would work his prostate as well as give him some pleasurable discomfort from the depth I reached. If we had the privacy, I would’ve been slamming into his ass enjoying the sounds of his whimpering and while it wasn’t what I heard now, the soft, pained moan he let out was enough to make my cock jump inside of him.

I reached around, slipped my hand into his shorts and grabbed the hard cock I knew I would find there and began to slowly stroke it as I resumed fucking his ass. “Why’re you hard, Chase? It can’t be because there’s a big dick in your ass. That’d be so gay, wouldn’t it? Maybe it’s because you like being my bitch. Do you like being your brother’s bitch? Having me slip into your ass whenever and wherever I feel like it and knowing that you’re not going to do a goddamn thing about it? And do you know why I know you’re not going to do anything about it?”

“Because I’m your bitch,” he said softly but with obvious arousal.

“That’s right. You’re…my…bitch.” I was surprised by how quickly my orgasm hit and suppressed a moan as I pushed all the way into him and let my dick fill his ass. For all the times we had sucked each other off in the van, it was the first time we actually had sex and it was so much hotter than I expected. In the haze of my orgasm, I glanced toward the front to check on our parents and I was surprised that even our father still was unaware of what we were doing. It didn’t hurt that the dark, unlit country road we were on helped to obscure the back of the van where we were from them.

After my cock calmed I pulled out of Chase using my hand like a squeegee to make sure everything was milked out into his hole. Rolling him onto his stomach, I straddled his legs then began to quietly eat my load out of his hole. My cum was as bitter as my brother’s but when eaten out of his ass it had a more pleasant flavor. Admittedly, it was mostly tempered by the flavor of his ass, sweat and musk, but either way I loved eating my load out of his wet, warm, freshly fucked hole.

As I quietly licked and sucked at his hairy hole, Chase thrust back into my face. I reached under him and snaked my hand up a leg of his shorts to grab his cock and heard him let out the soft whimper I had wanted earlier. Less because I finished eating his ass and more because I could tell he was getting close, I allowed him to roll over then took his cock into my mouth so I could swallow his load.

“Fuck, man,” Chase said once we were tucked away and laying against each other again. “That was fucking nice.”

“Yeah, it was,” I agreed.

With the calm of an orgasm coursing through us, our warm, comforting bodies beside each other and the hum of the road, it wasn’t long before we were lulled off to sleep.

The next thing I was aware of was the sound of the back doors of the van opening at my feet.

“Look at them. They’re so cute. It’s hard to believe that my babies are so big now. Soon they won’t even want to be near each other.”

I kept my eyes closed hearing my mother talking to our father and probably our grandparents outside. I could still feel Chase in front of me and wondered if he was awake now as well.

“I don’t know,” Dad said. “They’re twins. I think they’ll always want to be with each other.”

“They still fuckin’?” Our grandfather asked with his no nonsense demeanor.

His words made me tense involuntarily and I felt Chase do the same in front of me. However it was Mom’s response that really surprised me.

“Like rabbits,” Mom said with a sigh. “And they actually had sex this time on the way up instead of the oral stuff they usually do. I hope we can get the van aired out before we head home.”

“Well,” our grandmother said, “I think you ought to let ’em stay out here. They ruined a set of my sheets the last time y’all were here. And if they’re gonna to lay here pretendin’ to be asleep instead of givin’ their grandmother a hug, then I’m gonna pretend to not know that there’s waffles and bacon in the kitchen for ’em.”

As I was still debating what to do, I felt Chase move to sit up.

“Hi,” he said sheepishly as I sat up as well.

I gave a timid wave. “Hey grandma, granddad.”

Our grandmother put her hands on her hips and set her jaw. “Before you two go at it again, go get showered and change clothes. I’m not gonna have you smellin’ like a brothel sittin’ at my table. And you’re sleepin’ in separate rooms this time,” she yelled at us as we grabbed our bags and slinked away toward the house.

“Don’t be too hard on them,” I heard our grandfather say as the van doors were closed and they followed behind us. “Ya know, your brothers still mess around and it doesn’t seem to have hurt them.”

“I’ll never forget the first time I walked in on them,” our grandmother said. “Hoo boy was Tim givin’ it to Thomas. Still makes me blush.”

I nearly stumbled going up the porch steps hearing about our twin uncles and saw Chase turn his head to look at me with the same shock I felt. Our uncles Tim and Thomas were big, burly, country guys who took no crap from anyone. They were each married to women and had nine children between them. I couldn’t imagine them—guys who wore camouflage, drove old pickup trucks and liked hunting and fishing—messing around with each other but apparently they had and still did.

“I can’t get the image of the time I caught them out of my head,” Mom groused as we entered the house. “Even after all these years, every time Tim says something, all I hear is him begging Thomas for more.”

“It’s the way with twins,” our grandmother said in resignation.

She was right. Despite our embarrassment and being given separate rooms, Chase and I couldn’t stay away from each other. We still found time and places on the farm that weekend to be with each other. During the drive back home, we didn’t mess around in the van, though we did during our stops for food and gas. And once we arrived back home, with the knowledge that both of our parents knew and halfheartedly accepted what we were doing, we didn’t even try to keep our fucking quiet when we were together.

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Video Title: Bathroom Orgy

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