Past Becomes Prologue

Past Becomes Prologue

After Thanksgiving dinner, I sat in front of the TV with my boys enjoying the post feast bliss. We had helped with the cleaning and everyone except our children and their partners had left leaving quiet in their wake. I took a moment to look at each of my sons in turn feeling nothing but pride.

Staring at DJ — Douglas, Jr. — who was my oldest, I couldn’t believe that he was already twenty-four years-old. It seemed like only yesterday that his mother and I were changing his diapers and chasing him around the house. Now he was six feet four inches tall with a fiance. Though he was named after me, he had only inherited my full lips and slightly upturned, button nose. From his mother, my wife Mary Ellen, he received many of his features. He had her thick, dark brown hair atop his head and a good amount of the same colored hair covering his body. Like her, his eyes were a bright jade that always seemed calculating though he had not a single deceptive bone in his thick body. At first glance, he was a massive wall that strangers mistook for softness and sluggishness due to his untoned state, but those of us who knew him understood knew he could burst into action at any moment with a speed and strength that could easily bulldoze any obstacle.

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His mother and I had been worried our parents were going to kill us when they found out she was pregnant. We had only been fifteen at the time but after the anger and dust settled, both sets of parents had helped us through high school until we could get married. Shortly after I turned twenty-five and had proven myself capable, my parents handed over their farm to me and moved away in retirement. By that point, I was also father to a daughter, Delilah, who was now twenty, and a second son, Donovan, now nineteen.

While Douglas and Delilah had been perfect, model children growing up, Don was — and still is — the hell-raiser. With the same green eyes as his mother and my blonde hair, he had used his lean body and handsome features to get whatever it was he wanted. At six feet five inches tall, his body was fit and toned with the look of tight, sinewy muscle that was no less strong than his brother’s bulkier body. He kept his body hair trimmed and shaped to accentuate his form, though he let the hair on his head grow out and it now reached the middle of his back. While his brother wore a neatly trimmed full beard on his square face, Don kept his shaved clean in order to display his perfect jaw line and cheek bones. Beneath his triangular nose he had a pair of thin lips from which a smooth voice issued that could talk the Mona Lisa into giving up her secrets. Because of that, we had caught him more than once over the years with a girl in his room submitting to the whims of his teen libido. Thankfully, he had been better armed against pregnancy than his mother and I had been. And when, after graduation, he had said he wanted to marry his girlfriend of two years, we talked it through but unreservedly gave them our blessing. Now, after a year of marriage, he was the father of an eight month-old daughter and had a second child on the way.

Though my sons lived in the city less than half an hour away and we saw them regularly — Don actually worked the farm with me — it was nice having them here for the holiday with their families. We were moving from that parent-child relationship to something that was less top down and more friendly. For all their faults, all of my kids had good heads on their shoulders and were people I enjoyed talking to and spending time with.

Eventually, as often happened when the three of us were together, the boys and I migrated to the barn to talk about equipment and animals, and to visit the beer refrigerator while the women huddled together spoiling the children and making fun of us. With the suds flowing, we sat facing each other on bales of hay while our talk meandered and roamed through different topics that often had little relation to the immediately preceding subject as one phrase reminded us of another and non sequiturs were thrown out with abandon.

Eventually the topic of sex came up. Because there was no hiding our youth at DJ’s birth, we had always been open about sex with our children. While we didn’t like Don fucking everything in sight, we also made sure he had the tools necessary to protect himself and his partners. They knew and had come to us with any questions and for advice. As they got older, the boys and I had become less formal about things and often shared raunchy tales, though they cringed and begged me to stop whenever I talked about their mother and not previous girlfriends. I knew Mary Ellen and Delilah did the same, with my wife telling me she often gave tips to our daughter to spice up her own relationship.

“Tina begged me to take it out,” DJ said with a hearty laugh. “And I begged her to let me keep going.”

Don asked his brother, “What did you end up doing?”

DJ shrugged and his deep voice sagged with disappointment. “I took it out, of course.”

“Damn.” Don shook his head in commiseration. “Sorry man. I wish I could give you advice but Amy loves getting fucked in the ass.”

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. At the same time DJ cursed then asked, “Really?”

Don smirked smugly. “Yep. Every fucking inch, too.”

It was my turn to ask in disbelief, “Amy? Your wife?”

Amy, Don’s wife, was a petite five feet two inches tall. In contrast to Don’s outgoing, assertive personality, she was a quiet woman that liked to maintain an air of respectability. That’s not to say she didn’t hold her own against Don. Quite the contrary. She was the only person that we had ever known that could cow him into submission, which was one reason why we didn’t protest their marriage. We had been certain that he hadn’t talked her into doing something she didn’t want to do.

Aside from Amy’s diminutive size and reserved personality, it was the fact that she could take Don’s dick up her ass that was shocking. Having walked in on him more than once as he pulled out of a girl as well as having been witness to his morning wood when he got out of bed and shuffled to the bathroom when he lived at home, it was no secret that our youngest son was hung. He had a thick cock that was slightly more than ten inches long. Because of that, there was a bit of jealousy of him from DJ, though DJ also had nothing to be ashamed of with his dick being slightly thicker than his brother’s but just below the ten-inch mark. My wife and I both knew that their endowments also came from her side as my own was a significantly smaller seven and a half inches long. Despite the differences in our sizes, when they first became sexually active they often came to me asking for advice on how to wield their tools. In short order, they found their way and I often heard them giving advice to each other.

DJ gave a snort of incredulity. “No fucking way she takes you up the ass. Your dick would choke her if you did that.”

“She chokes on it anyway,” Don said with the same smirk plastered on his face. “But she loves it.”

“Shit. That’s just downright unfair.”

Trying to lighten the mood, I suggested, “If you want a piece of ass, maybe you should give Henry a call. You know he’d bend over for you.”

Henry was one of our farmhands. The twenty year-old was openly gay and we all knew he had a crush on the boys with DJ being his favorite. It didn’t cause a problem because he was respectful of DJ’s space and, honestly, DJ liked the attention. Even though we lived in a rural area and had a strong religious life, Mary Ellen and I had raised our children to be as progressive and accepting as we were and they embraced friends and family of all backgrounds and beliefs.

DJ nodded in thought. “Hell, I just might.”

DJ’s tone was more serious than expected and Don and I looked at him with some surprise.

“You’d really fuck him in order to get some ass?” Don asked his brother.

DJ responded, “Yeah, I would. I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while.”

“Never saw that coming,” Don muttered. Out loud he asked, “Why?”

“Just to do something different,” DJ said honestly. “I think it’s being engaged, knowing it’s going to be Tina for the rest of my life, you know?”

Don nodded sagely, having also had that thought.

“I get it,” I said. And I did. Even though I loved my wife with all my heart, as I had shared with the boys often it didn’t stop me from looking and fantasizing. While I let them know I would never cheat, I did let them know that it was healthy and natural to wonder about what if. But I always reminded them that if they crossed that line, they’d have to accept and deal with the consequences. “That one last fling.”

“A fling I understand if it’s pussy,” Don said. “But with a guy? Really?”

“Why not?” I took a breath in preparation to share something they didn’t know. “I did it.”

Both boys looked at me with textbook expressions of shock.

“Oh, close your mouths. You know I grew up around here. For the longest time, there was nothing remotely close until they built that mall about ten years ago. After I got your mother pregnant, we weren’t allowed to be alone together for some time after that. I didn’t want to see any other girls, but I still had needs. So I did what I had to do.”

“Seriously?” DJ asked because Don — loquacious Don — was still staring at me speechless.

“Yeah,” I shrugged dismissively. “It wasn’t a bad thing. Actually, it was pretty good. Your mother knows that I messed around with some guys bef—”

“Guys?” DJ interrupted me. “Plural? As in more than one?”

I smirked. “Yeah. It wasn’t just the women that were after me.” Though I had softened up some, I was still a pretty good looking guy. In high school, I had been a baseball player with looks to match: side-parted blonde hair with bright blue eyes set in a square face. My lips were full and, at the time, I kept my face shaved clean though now I had a thick, blonde-brown beard that had a few stray strands of gray in it. Though I was only five feet ten inches tall, Don had gotten his lean frame from me. I was still in shape from long hours around the farm, but wasn’t as toned as I had once been. And while I still looked slightly younger than my thirty-nine years of age, I could see the faint lines at the edges of my eyes and in my forehead getting deeper every day. My blonde hair was still mostly bright, only at the temples were strands of gray just starting to creep in. “I hooked up with a few different guys, most of them were my teammates.”

“No shit?” Don finally verbalized.

“Yeah. Not gonna lie, it was a pretty damn good way to bust a nut. In the hierarchy of things, I’d take fucking a guy in the ass over getting some head any day.” I paused, slightly amused by their continued expressions of disbelief. With that disclosure out of the way, I figured I may as well put it all out there. “And — this’ll really throw you for a loop — Amy’s not the only one in this family that can take a big dick.”

With that DJ jumped up, knocking his beer over in the process, and walked away shaking his head and repeating the word no.

Don just stared at me and I shrugged and took a long drink from my bottle.

After a moment, Don narrowed his eyes. “I don’t believe you.”

“Ask your mother.” I said simply. “She knows all about it. In fact, there was this one guy on the team, we called him Pony, that I hooked up with a lot. He was a year ahead of me and had the biggest dick in the school. I was the only one that could take him without complaining too much and, I’m not shitting you, it was pretty damn good. After we graduated and I married your mother, he came out as gay. We’re actually still pretty good friends. He always says I was the one who got away.”

“Mom knows about this?” DJ matched his brother’s skepticism.

“Yeah.” I took another breath in advance of another admission. “In fact, when she and I got together again, she said I could keep messing around with the guy because it fulfilled something she couldn’t give me.”

“You’re fucking lying,” Don said with certainty.

I looked him in the eyes. “I promise you it’s true. I never did, though. It just didn’t feel right. Instead, we got her a strap-on and she uses that on me whenever I get the itch. It’s nowhere as big as he was — hell, it’s not as big as either of you — but it gets the job done.”

Don shook his head and downed his beer then asked DJ to grab him another. There was a bit of nervous tension in the air as my boys tried to process what they had just learned about their father.

I wasn’t embarrassed by it, but at the same time I wondered if I had shared too much. It was just sex after all and something that I hadn’t done in years, but I could understand how it would change their view of me.

After a few minutes Don began to laugh.

DJ looked curiously at his brother. “What?”

“He’s messing with us. That’s a big fucking pile of horse shit he’s shoveling. There’s no way any of that’s true. Because, if it is, then that means he messed around with Uncle Matt.”

Don scrunched up his face. “How do you figure?”

“Think about it.” Don leaned forward and looked me in the eyes as he rattled off his evidence. “The guy was on the baseball team, like Uncle Matt. He was super hung and they called him Pony which is not too much of a stretch from Horse,” which was Matt’s nickname. “And ‘the one that got away?’ Uncle Matt says that all the time about a guy he hooked up with in high school. There’s no way that’s you,” he directed to me.

With a sigh of resignation, I said, “Call him.”

“I will.” DJ already had his phone out and was dialing.

The phone barely rang before Matt, my wife’s brother, answered the phone. “Deej! How’s my least favorite nephew?”

“Doing better than your ugliest,” DJ replied with a small smile on his face. It was a greeting Matt had shared with my sons since they were little and it still made the boys smile. “You’re on speaker with that ugly son of a bitch and Dad.”

“Hey, guys,” Matt acknowledged us. “Miss me already? I just left there.”

“We know,” DJ said. “It’s just that Don and I got a question for you.”


“So the one you say got away, what was he like? What happened to him?”

There was a lengthy pause. When Matt spoke it was slow and deliberate, as if he were choosing his words carefully. There was also a hint of wistfulness in his tone.

“He was cute. Really cute. The quintessential all-American boy next door. He had golden blonde hair that radiated like summer sun and bright blue eyes that sparkled like the ocean. He had this smile that could light up any room and melt the ice on any mountain road. And boy, with his looks he could talk his way into and out of anything. But he wasn’t a trouble maker like someone I know.”

We laughed at the reference to Don.

“He was a good, really good kid,” Matt continued. “Like ‘aw-shucks’ good but it wasn’t an act, which is what made him so likeable. We were friends for the longest before teen hormones took hold and we started messing around. I had been mostly with girls at the time so he was only the second guy I had been with. And, boy, did he open my eyes. You know they call me Horse now but back then I was Pony. He was the only person — guy or girl — who didn’t run away from it. He was on the baseball team with me and our teammates couldn’t believe that he could handle me. There were times in the showers or locker room… But you don’t really want to hear about that. Anyway, he and I hung out a lot and whenever we could we messed around. I never told him, but he’s the person that made me realize and accept that I was gay. Being with him made me understand that two guys could have something special, that it wasn’t wrong to want that. Admittedly, the great sex helped me get to that point, but it was also more than that. There was an emotional connection between us that lasts to this day. It crushed me when he married a woman. But even then I knew that she was the love of his life. But I also knew that I held a special place in his heart. He didn’t have and never would have the same feelings for me that I had for him, but he never denied what we shared and I thank him for that.”

“Holy shit,” Don muttered, pausing between each syllable. “That was you.”

“Cat’s outta the bag, Matt,” I said to my brother-in-law.

“They know?” Matt said sounding a little worried.

“Yeah. I told them. They just wanted confirmation.”

Matt chuckled. “I guess it was bound to come out. So what now?”

I looked at the boys for an answer.

After a tense silence Don was the first to speak. “Well I for one wish I had known this sooner. It would’ve made me hate you a little less knowing you weren’t an uptight asshole when you were lecturing me.”

DJ agreed. “Right? It kinda makes him a little bit cooler. Dad’s done some shit.”

“If you only knew,” Matt said with a hearty laugh. “I could tell you some things about what happened in the locker ro–”

“Okay,” I cut him off. “That’s enough sharing for one night. Bye, Matt.”

“Don’t worry boys,” Matt said through his amusement. “We’ll get together and I’ll give you some dirt.”

After disconnecting the call, DJ said, “You sick, son of a bitch. You fucked Mom’s brother.”

“Actually, it sounds like Uncle Matt fucked him,” Don corrected lightly. He gave me an appraising look. “That’s some nasty, kinky shit. And you gave me hell about fucking the Miller sisters.”

DJ retook his seat next to his brother. “That’s right! Boy, he rode you hard over that.”

“That was different,” I said with paternal authority. I had nothing to back it up, but years of fatherhood made it sound like I did. Unfortunately, they called me on it.

“There he goes,” DJ said. He pointed a mocking finger at me. “Look at him. Getting all ‘Dad’ on us because we caught him.”

Don said contemplatively, “If I weren’t married, I’d look those girls up and finish what he interrupted.”

“Fine. You’re right,” I said grudgingly. “It’s not different. So, you think you’re going to give Henry a call?” I asked DJ hoping to move the focus off me.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Don said. “We’re talking about you. What other kinky shit have you done?”

Other than my wife fucking my ass with a strap on and those teenage locker room stories, there honestly wasn’t much more that I had to share. They saw the truth in that and were soon off sharing their own tales. In the next few minutes, I found out both of my boys liked piss play. However this time it was Amy who wouldn’t indulge her husband and Tina who shared the enjoyment with DJ.

“She even gets off on sitting on my face and pissing on me while I lick her.”

“I fucking hate you right now,” Don said with mock jealousy to his brother. “Can I borrow her? She’s too good for you anyway. I don’t think you can handle a woman like that.”

DJ beamed with the love he had for his fiance. “I don’t disagree. She’s a great woman and I don’t deserve her.”

“And this one doesn’t deserve me.”

I turned to see my wife walking toward us with a slightly annoyed look on her face. Hoping I wasn’t in serious trouble, I said lightly, “Hi, honey.”

“I just got a call. Wanna guess who it was from?”

That hope was instantly dashed. “Shit.”

“Yeah,” she said as she stopped next to where I was seated and folded her arms. “I thought we agreed we weren’t going to tell them that?”

“I know. But they’re older now. We were just talking and it came out.”

“And it was necessary to call Matt to confirm it?”

“That was me, Mom,” DJ admitted trying to save me. “I didn’t believe him.”

Mary Ellen responded with her maternal tone. “And he should’ve left it there.”

It was Don’s turn to come to my defense. “It’s cool Mom. We don’t care.”

My wife took a deep breath and I saw a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. “Did he tell you how I found out?”

The boys looked at each other then leaned forward sensing something juicy about to come out. “No.”

My wife grabbed the bottle out of my hand, took a swig and kept it. “I came home one day after cheerleading practice and saw your father bent over on all fours with Matt giving it to him. Hard.”

“No shit?” Don whispered.

“She stayed and watched,” I said accusingly though I didn’t know exactly how that would help me get out of trouble with her.

“I did,” Mary Ellen said unapologetically. “It was actually kinda hot. But mostly I watched because I never thought anybody could get enjoyment from Matt’s endowment. He’s not a small guy.”

“So we’ve heard,” DJ muttered.

“Your dad was loving it. But somehow I knew that it was just sex and nothing more for him. Matt I worried about, but your father –” she finished the sentence with a shrug.

DJ asked, “It didn’t bother you?”

My wife sat on my lap. “No. Not at all. After they finished, we talked and he told me as much. Selfishly, I also thought that if he was having sex with my brother then he wouldn’t find another woman. I’m not really a jealous woman, but your father was a catch — still is, most days — and as long as he was getting his needs fulfilled with Matt I didn’t have to worry about him running off with someone else.”

“Just…damn,” Don said. “This is just some shit to find out. Is it true you told him he could still mess around with Uncle Matt?”

Mary Ellen didn’t hesitate. “Yes. As I’m sure you know, I don’t have a penis so there are things I can’t do for him. I understand and respect that. But, your father being the good man he is, instead of taking me up on the offer, he cut things off with Matt. Not just for me but because he knew that if he didn’t it would end up hurting Matt in the long run. Even though he didn’t admit it until a few years later, we all knew back then that Matt was gay and that he loved your father as well. So now we have toys that your father says satisfies him, but I know it can’t be the same. I’ve told him if he wants to find someone else –”

DJ interrupted, “Seriously?”

She shrugged. “Yeah. Why not. It’s just sex, not love.”

“These are our parents,” Don said in disbelief. “Anything else we should know? Does Mom eat pussy on the side, too?”

Mary Ellen smacked our youngest on the arm. She tolerated a few four-letter words but hated crude sexual terms. “Language, Donovan. But no, that’s the extent of our sexual deviancy.”

“You guys are so much cooler than you were an hour ago,” Don admitted.

My wife got to her feet. “And with that praise, I think we should head back to the house. The girls, for as nice and polite as they are, it’s obvious they are ready to go.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the three of us said as we stood and followed her out.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.” I put my hand on DJ’s shoulder “Anything and always. You know that.”

“So, I’ve been thinking about it and I am going to hook up with a guy. I wanted to know if there’s anything I should know ahead of time.”

Of all the things I had expected, that was not it. In the days since our Thanksgiving conversation, I had seen and talked to each of the boys but the topic of my previous exploits had not come up. I could see the questions and curiosity on their faces but also knew that they’d come to me when they were ready. I thought the questions would be more about my own mental state and sexuality and not my firstborn asking me for advice on being with another man. “Well, first of all — and this seems like a given — there’s no pussy. Only ass and dick.”

DJ looked at me like I was crazy.

I explained, “I only say that because it’s one thing to know that, it’s another thing to be confronted with a hard dick and a guy looking to use it on you. Even if you’re not bottoming, it’s kinda expected that you’ll suck him off or at the very least jerk him off and if you’ve never touched another dick before — which I’m assuming you haven’t — it’s a weird experience. Not bad, just different. I mean you know what to expect from an erection but when it’s not yours it has a completely different feel. And just think about how your crotch smells after a rough day compared to Tina’s. That’s what you’ll be dealing with if you decide to suck it.”

DJ nodded his head slowly as understanding sunk in. “Oh.”

“Yeah. I assume you’ll probably be topping so that part, the mechanics of it are pretty much the same as when you tried to get inside Tina’s ass. But again, there’s a difference between knowing you’re going to be fucking a guy’s ass and doing it. The good part is if a guy is willing to bend over for you, then he’s not going to make you stop because you’re too big. When I was with Matt, one of the things that made it so hot was the challenge of taking him. You’ll probably find that to be true with your eventual partner.”

“And what if I want to bottom?” He asked quietly, almost embarrassed.

“Hey,” I said sternly. “Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all. It’s just sex, not a measure of your masculinity. But, I promise you, it takes a man to be able to take a dick in the ass for the first time and be able to admit he liked it. No matter how much you prep and stretch, it’s going to hurt. Just accept that. I don’t want to tell you to power through it or anything like that because you have to do what you’re comfortable with, but don’t let the pain stop you. Once you get used to it, boy howdy, it’s a whole different world. You ever have your prostate stimulated?”


“Shit, Deej. That’ll be a nice surprise. You’ll know it when it happens. But aside from that, just feeling a hard dick in your ass is a pretty special thing. I’m not going to say that you should do it once. Getting fucked in the ass is not for everyone and that’s something you have to decide. It’s a level of vulnerability — not submission, vulnerability — that you’ve probably never experienced. If you try it and don’t like it, you don’t like it. But if you try it you might like it. I’m glad I did. And I miss it. Like your mother said, having a piece of plastic up my ass isn’t the same as a warm piece of flesh but it gets the job done.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

A few days later I was surprised to have a similar conversation with Don. He had never given any indication that he was interested in fucking guys and after the conversation in the barn, I thought he’d be the one to talk his brother out of it. However, unlike DJ, Don told me he was going to be hooking up over the upcoming weekend with a guy to try it out. So when he asked, I gave him pretty much the same advice I had given his brother.

“Dad. It was fucking awesome,” Don said to me Monday morning as we rode some horses to survey the farm. “I had never felt anything like that.”

“You went through with it,” I said only half surprised.

“Yeah. And I kinda wish I had done it sooner.”

“Top or bottom?” I asked out of curiosity, though I expected him to have only wanted to top.


That did surprise me. “Both?”

“Yeah. It was his first time, too, so we both wanted to try things out. I fucked a load into him, then he fucked one into me. We even swapped blow jobs and came in each other’s mouths. Sucking dick isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Cum, that’s definitely an acquired taste but, surprisingly it’s not something that I would avoid.”

I couldn’t help smiling at the happiness Don was radiating from his first male-male experience. “Sounds like you had a good time, then.”

“I did. We both agreed we’d do it again sometime. Might even become a regular thing.”

“Nice.” While I was happy he was exploring his sexuality, the father in me didn’t want to see him hurt his family. “Just remember, you are a married man with kids. Be safe, be careful. And, if you haven’t talked to Amy about this and have her okay, please don’t get caught. I’m not advocating lying and cheating, but I also know that not everyone is as understanding as your mom.”

“I get it,” Don said thoughtfully. “And I appreciate the concern. I’ll be careful.”

A few days later, I was out with DJ having lunch and he told me he had also hooked up with a guy over the weekend and had a long night of man sex. His partner had also been new to it and they had shot multiple loads into each other.

“And it was amazing feeling his cum inside my ass,” he said finishing his story.

“You didn’t use a condom?” My voice was tight with anger.

“I know,” DJ said placatingly. “But I trust this guy. He was clean and so am I. I understand that you can’t believe everyone about stuff like that but he wouldn’t lie to me. Not about that or anything.”

I had been concerned when his story matched Don’s a little too well but hearing his unwavering expression of trust put me on edge. There was no one in DJ’s life that I knew of that he trusted as much as he trusted his brother.

Over the next few days and weeks, each of my boys came to me sharing details of their most recent encounter with his new friend. With each story, I became increasingly convinced that they were fucking each other. I wanted to ask, knew I should, but part of me really didn’t want to know. And because they both seemed to be happy about it, I left it alone. After all, they were adults and could make their own decisions.

“Fuck you! You did no such thing!”

Don laughed at his brother as we sat on our bales of hay in the barn after Christmas dinner. “Fuck you, back. I did. I swear it happened. We were sitting in the booth at the back of the restaurant. She got me so hot and bothered that she opened my jeans and started stroking me. When I came, she put her mouth on me and swallowed it down. The server came up during the middle of it — it was James, the guy who took Rachel Peterson to prom. He didn’t even bat an eyelash as he dropped off new drinks.”

DJ asked, “Is that why he’s so friendly with you now?”

“Yeah. He’s hoping to maybe get in on a threesome.”

“Would you?”

Don thought about it for a second. “With the right person, sure. With him, hell no.”

“Hmm.” DJ looked thoughtful. “I could do it. But only with the right person.”

“I bet Dad’s had a ton of threesomes.” Don gave me a knowing look. “Haven’t you, big guy?”

“Surprisingly, no,” I responded.

DJ looked surprised. “Really?”

“Why would you think that I had?” I asked out of curiosity.

DJ shrugged. “Because of the dicking around you did with the guys on your team back in the day. I mean, that seems ripe for at least a circle jerk or two in the showers or locker room. Something like that.”

I tilted my head in thought. “I guess some of that would qualify but when I think threesome, I think bed and making out. There was none of that in the showers. And with Matt when we weren’t in the showers it was just us.”

“That’s kinda surprising,” Don said. “Would you ever?”

I chuckled. “Your mother’s pretty open-minded but I don’t think she would go for that.”

“Without Mom,” DJ suggested. “If it were you and two other guys. Would you?”

I actually thought about that for a moment. “Sure it might be fun. I mean hypothetically since I’m not hanging around guys like that anymore.”

While I spoke, I saw Don glance at his brother. He then gave me a sly smile. “Want to?”

“What do you –” I broke off as Don reached over and placed a hand on the back of his brother’s neck then pulled their mouths together to share a kiss that was wet, deep and completely unrestrained.

Not knowing what to say or do, I stared at them in silent shock. I had suspected it was happening, but it was not the same as seeing it happen in front of me. I knew that as their father I should stop them, lecture them, be angry, do something, anything to prevent this from continuing. But the guy in me, the one who had enjoyed and missed being with another man, watched the display. I saw DJ’s full lips pull and suck on Don’s thinner ones, watched their tongues tease and fight each other shining with the spit they shared. I heard the soft moans of pleasure they each emitted as well as the softer wet sounds of their moist kiss. Don’s hand had remained on his brother’s head and was slowly running through the thick locks. DJ’s hands removed his brother’s cowboy hat and pulled his hair out of its low ponytail. As I watched them make out without displaying any awkwardness, I had the sense that this was not as recent of a thing as I had thought. When they finally separated, panting heavily from both arousal and diminished air flow, I asked the question that had come to mind. “You’ve been doing this for a while, haven’t you?”

As he placed a hand on his brother’s leg, Don was the one to answer. “No. It went down the way we told you. We didn’t start doing anything until that weekend. It’s just we really liked it. We didn’t know the other had been feeding you the same info, but when DJ found out I had talked to you, we knew you knew. From there it was a short leap to figure you didn’t disapprove and that, maybe, you’d be interested.”

I stared at them speechless, again warring with myself. I was definitely flattered that my sons were interested in messing around with me, but I was their father. There was no permutation of the order of things that ever made that okay. Brothers fucking each other could be dismissed as youthful exploration, even though DJ and Don were well beyond what would be considered an acceptable age for that. The moment that I touched or even looked at one of my sons that way, I would be entering a situation that could only end badly.

Yet I continued to stare and said nothing while they looked at me in a way I had never seen before. There was a look of arousal and desire in their eyes that was unmistakable. But each of them also stared at me with the look of a man that knew he was going to get what he wanted. Not in a nonconsensual, rapey way, but in a way that men have when they know they aren’t going to be turned down. Despite my hesitation, it was obvious they viewed me as a sure thing and the lengthening bulges in their pants were testament to that fact.

I could not say I wasn’t a little curious. From the moment the thought entered my head that they were messing around it stirred up those old feelings that I had suppressed. Mary Ellen had learned to work magic when she wielded a dildo but it wasn’t the same. There was something special about having a hard dick inside me that a piece of plastic or rubber, no matter how lifelike, just could not replicate. And knowing that my sons were discovering that pleasure only made the lack of it in my life that much more acute.

It wasn’t until I felt DJ’s lips on mine that I realized that he had moved. The kiss was soft and hesitant but had more than a fair bit of insistence in it. The longer his lips remained pressed against mine, the more my restraint lowered. When I felt the firm tip of his tongue peek out of his mouth and trace along the closed crevice of my lips, my will to resist dissolved. I opened my mouth slightly in a sigh and he used the small breach to push his tongue all the way inside. As he gently massaged the inside of my mouth I couldn’t hold back a moan of pleasure. DJ kissed me gently and without the initial hesitation and I found myself melting into it as I returned the kiss. I couldn’t believe it was happening but any reluctance I had felt about doing it faded into the distance. When he finally pulled back to break the kiss I found myself leaning forward not wanting it to stop.

“Don’t worry,” he said with a chuckle between a few more pecks. “There’s more of that coming.”

“My turn,” Don announced from behind his brother.

I watched him approach over DJ’s shoulder until my oldest son moved away. My eyes went wide as I saw Don step between my legs with his balls and erection sticking out of his fly. His hard cock seemed to defy gravity as it pointed upward toward the top of my head. He had refastened the button of his jeans and belt above them, framing his genitals like the work of art they were. From having caught him in the act a number of times and having seen him navigate the house before school with his morning wood, I knew he was hung. But seeing a hard dick in an objective, dispassionate, paternal way was much different than seeing it hard and pointing in my direction knowing that I was its eventual target. And feeling it was a whole different thing. Don leaned down to kiss me and as he did, he grabbed my hand and moved it to his dick. His hand was slightly larger than mine and his long, callused fingers covered mine as I curled mine around his length. Despite his thick length, I was surprised to find that in my hand his dick actually felt noticeably narrower. When I didn’t immediately begin stroking him, he moved my hand along his length and even after I began to do it under my own power, I could still feel him gently guiding me. For as large as he was, I expected there to be some give in his erection. However, he was at least as hard as if not harder than my own smaller dick ever got. The skin covering it was velvety smooth and the whole thing radiated the heat of his arousal which was amplified by the cool winter air around it.

While I came to terms with feeling my nineteen year-old son’s cock, he kissed me every bit as gently and thoroughly as his brother had. Where DJ’s mouth had tasted mostly neutral, Don’s mouth was slightly spicy and I found it matched his natural scent. He was also more confident about it, which I assumed had to do with the fact that DJ had been the one to break the ice. His thin lips were firmer against mine than his brother’s had been but were no less pleasurable and we both moaned into each other from the sensation. When he finally broke the kiss and stood upright, I continued to slowly stroke him.

After a few tense, silent moments, Don moved his hand from guiding mine to place it on my head. With gentle pressure, he pulled me forward while his other hand pressed his upward pointing cock down to aim at my lips.

I gave slight resistance as the moral part of me reasserted itself. I might have kissed each of them and even been stroking Don’s hard dick, but sucking it would be crossing into a world from which there was no return. When his blunt tip touched my lips, I felt a small point of wetness against my skin. Don began to rub the end of his dick over my lips, painting them with his precum. I resisted the urge to lick it but it was difficult because of the heady and enticing scent wafting up to me. His dick and crotch smelled exactly like I remembered a man smelling. Even in the coolness of the winter air, there was the salty smell of sweat that mingled with the complimentary scent of old piss. The strong, spicy muskiness that characterized his natural body odor was stronger here and it reminded me of the way his room had smelled when he lived at home. When I finally parted my lips intending to use my tongue to taste the fluid coating them, he used the opportunity to press forward.

Don’s thick bullet pried my lips open further. When it pressed into my partially closed teeth, I reflexively opened my mouth to allow him entry while keeping my lips closed around his hardness. With his entire large crown in my mouth, I was treated to the full flavor of my youngest son. Everything I had smelled was matched on my tongue with the intensity of directness. His musk, sweat and dried urine all assaulted my flavor receptors along with the slightly fermented flavor and grittiness of day old dick cheese from his uncut dick. It was not an unpleasant taste. In fact, it was exactly how dick should taste after a day trapped in jeans and, like an addict who gets a long awaited hit, I let go of any restraint and began working his dick seeking out more of his flavor. As I serviced him, his dick flexed and twitched in my mouth with all the strength and virility of youth. Each time it happened, a momentary surge of precum would enter my mouth. The mostly bitter fluid had a slight sweetness to it that perfectly complimented the flavor of his cock. I wanted more of it on my tongue but muscle memory was taking over and drove me to push his tip to the back of my mouth. I began bobbing on it, gradually taking it deeper. Out of practice, it took some time for my passage to relax but each time his spongy head encountered tightness, it receded with the next thrust. Then suddenly, with about three-quarters of his length in my mouth, my throat opened up and he slid all the way in.

“Holy fuck,” Don said with shocked breathlessness as my lips came into contact with his jeans.

Next to him, DJ echoed the sentiment. “Goddamn.”

Needing to prove that I could do it more to myself than to them, I pulled back until the ridge of Don’s crown left my mouth then slid down his length until his dick disappeared again. A third go had my throat completely relaxed and there was only the pleasant sensation of my son’s hardness gliding along the walls of the passage. After pulling back, I took him in fully one last time then began to swallow around him letting the contractions massage him. It was obviously something he had never experienced as he let out a cry then pulled out and stumbled back a few steps.

“Shit, man,” he said looking at me with surprised, but horny eyes. “What the hell was that? Deej, you gotta get in there.”

Even as DJ took up position in front of me, he asked, “What happened?”

“You’ll find out,” Don responded as I opened my mouth for his brother.

Looking at them it was easy to see that DJ’s dick was thicker than his brother’s though it was more difficult to spot that there was less than an inch difference in their lengths. However, as I took more of his dick into my mouth, I could easily feel the difference. My jaw had to stretch just a bit wider to accommodate his larger girth and I was just a bit closer to his root when his tip reached my throat. I was happy that I had taken Don first as it was good way to ease into deep throating DJ. It was not as difficult as my initial attempts at taking his brother, but I still had to work some to get him into my throat before I completely opened up for him.

“Shit,” DJ muttered as I began swallowing around him. “Shit, shit, shit!”

“Right?” Don said from where he stood stroking himself while he watched. “Ain’t that some shit?”

DJ pulled out then leaned down to kiss me. After he pulled away he said, “I’m sure we have Uncle Matt to thank for that.”

I passed my hand over my mouth and chin to clean the spit that had escaped my mouth. “He’s not the only one. But, yeah, he had a lot to do with it.”

“We gotta start getting him better gifts,” Don said.

“Maybe not just yet,” I said. “Let’s keep this between us for a bit.”

“Sounds reasonable,” Don said.

“I’m okay with that.” DJ pushed his dick into my mouth again. Not going too deep, he began to fuck my mouth with short, steady strokes. “Don’t want to remind him of how good this is and have to fight him for time.”

Despite being mostly cleaned by my throat, I could still taste DJ’s flavor lingering on his dick. It was not as spicy as his brother’s, being more of a woodsy musk. There was still a good amount of saltiness from old urine and sweat on him and I was surprised by how sweet his precum was compared to Don’s. In it, the bitterness seemed to take backseat making the clear fluid seem more syrupy.

At one point, he moved to the side, turning my head with him. Almost immediately, I felt tugging at my waist as my jeans were opened. Looking down, I saw Don on his knees working to free my dick. Even though my mouth was occupied, my hands weren’t and I tried to stop him.

“Cut it out,” Don said forcefully as he grabbed my wrists and stopped their movement. “Don’t act like you don’t want this. I can see your dick twitching like a motherfucker. Stop being Dad for one fucking minute and just be a man. We want to do this. We came to you, remember?”

With my mouth still full of DJ’s dick, I couldn’t respond verbally. Instead, I let my arms go limp signaling my acquiescence and Don resumed pulling out my dick.

“Fuck, that’s nice,” he said as he began stroking it.

I was nowhere near their length but my girth was somewhere between theirs. Instead of the bullet shaped ends that they had, my cock had more of a helmet shaped crown that mostly rested above my shaft. Like them, I was also uncut and my dick had the same mostly straight shaft that angled upwards, though mine did so at a greater angle because of the lack of weight pulling it down.

Around the cock that was moving in my mouth, my eyes watched Don stroking me. I could see the desire on his face but there was also a bit of hesitation. It was obvious he was now realizing it would not be as easy as he thought to suck my dick, his father’s dick.

DJ saw it as well and asked, “You gonna do it or what?”

“I’m getting there,” Don snapped back.

“Not like that, you aren’t. Shit, Don, this was your idea. You can’t back out now. You want me to do it?”

Don took a deep breath. “No, man. I got this. I just needed a minute. It’s not every day you’re faced with sucking the dick that made you.”

“Fuck,” DJ said drawing it the word as he paused his hips. “I didn’t even think about it like that.”

“I know. It didn’t hit me until I was down here. It’s one thing to say you’re gonna suck your dad’s dick. It’s another to actually suck your dad’s dick.” A sly smile began to pull at Don’s lips. “But I think that’s gonna make it even hotter.”

DJ laughed and I let out a whimper as Don dived down onto my dick.

“You sick fuck,” DJ said to his brother as he resumed thrusting into me. “I’ve just been thinking about you and him as cool guys, but you like knowing you’re fucking around with your brother and father, don’t you?”

Without pulling off, Don looked up at us and winked as he responded affirmatively, “Mmm-hmm.”

It was obvious Don was new to cock sucking. He was eager and responded to my moans and twitches, but it wasn’t the best blow job. There was a mechanical aspect to it like he was going through a checklist instead of enjoying my dick for what it was. Admittedly, as he said, it was one thing to have a dick in your mouth but a completely different thing to have your father’s dick in your mouth. Having now had both of theirs in my mouth, I felt an awkward pride about doing it myself. Not from knowing that I had taking their entire lengths into my throat, but from knowing these were my sons who were now men. I had made and raised these two to become what they were. Even with the missteps along the way, they were each loving, caring men who were also beautiful, handsome specimens of masculinity. It was easy to see why, physically, they had been popular with the girls and now I could see how they had easily gotten as much pussy as they had. With little effort, they had moved me from loving father to fuck buddy. Maybe a part of me had always wanted that, but it was them and their confident sexuality who had made it happen.

For some minutes I sucked my oldest son’s dick while my youngest sucked mine. It was one of the hottest experiences I had ever had, yet when they switched positions that was a new high. DJ took my dick into his mouth and, for what Don had lacked in finesse, DJ more than made up for it. Even when his eyes didn’t meet mine, I could feel the respect he had for my dick in his work. He still had the technique of a novice, but there was an art to what he was doing that his brother had not possessed. I wasn’t sure if it was just because he had discovered a love of dick or if it was my dick, his father’s dick in particular, but it was markedly better than what Don had done.

When Don pulled out of my mouth, I looked up at him with a question on my face and he just smiled back enigmatically. He got to his knees, shifting DJ slightly in the process, then began mouthing me in conjunction with his brother. One licked and sucked my balls while the other worked my shaft before they switched tasks. Sometimes they pressed their lips together around my length and used them as a makeshift fist to stroke me or kissed each other around my hardness. After a few moments of that, Don continued moving downward and took his brother’s dick into his mouth. While DJ continued to fellate me, his brother did the same to him before they again switched positions. Eventually, I was ignored for a moment as shoes, boots and jeans were removed before they lay on the ground and worked each other. For as arousing as it had been watching them kiss, being witness to them simultaneously sucking each other off was an image that would live in my mind forever.

DJ’s larger, hairier body lying next to his brother’s leaner, trimmed one with each other’s large dicks in their mouths was a sight to behold. Again, a surge of pride that I should not have been feeling surged through me upon seeing the open desire they expressed for each other. Like most siblings and young men, they had had their share of minor disagreements and all out warfare. While their mother and I never doubted that they loved each other, there were times we wondered if they actually liked each other. In this moment I no longer worried about their relationship. Even if there had been animosity in the past, it was gone now. There was no way that even with only pure arousal coursing through them could they take care each other the way they did if they didn’t like each other.

“You’re over dressed,” DJ said to me once he pulled away from Don and rose to his knees. His brother was already removing my shoes and I lifted my ass when DJ pulled at the legs of my jeans. After I was bottomless, they pulled me to kneel on the ground between them and each of them took me in another kiss as our hands gripped and grasped at each other’s dicks.

I was in the middle of making out with DJ when I felt Don move behind me. He pressed his torso against my back and I felt his cock sandwich itself between my ass cheeks. He began to slowly hump against me and I felt his warm breath on my neck.

“We’ve seen what your mouth can do,” he said softly into my ear. “Let’s hope your ass is just as good.”

Even when I initially felt his cock on my ass, I never expected that either one of them would want to have sex. It was delusional and made no sense considering what had already happened but it was the thought in my mind. I pulled my mouth away from DJ and said, “We can’t. That’s too much.”

“Dad,” DJ said with a tone similar to the one his brother had used on me earlier. “I didn’t hear him ask a question that required a response. You know you want a dick in your ass again and we’re going to make that happen. And when the time comes, just so you know ahead of time and we don’t have to go through this again, I’m taking your load. Mouth or ass, it’s your choice, but I’m getting this one inside me.”

“And in the spirit of full disclosure,” Don whispered into my ear, “we’re both going to be breeding your ass.”

I couldn’t stop the whimper that left me. For all the preaching I had done about safe sex, I was now not only not about to protest the lack of condoms, I was eagerly looking forward to feeling the heat of their cum inside me.

DJ smiled fondly. “You put up a good fight and it’s something we expect of you. You’re a good — no, great man and father. But it’s time for you to enjoy yourself. And next time one of us comes to you –”

I couldn’t help interrupting. “Next time?”

“Fuck, yeah,” Don said as he gave me a slightly harder hump. “At the very least there’s no way you’re not gonna suck my dick again. I know that’s selfish, but that was some fucking hot pornographic cock sucking you did.”

“And I think I’m gonna enjoy riding this thing,” DJ said as he stroked my dick. “A lot.”

“He’s got a damn nice ass,” Don said to me. “I’m wondering if the fucker might be gay, though, ’cause he took my dick like a champ the first time. Couldn’t get enough of it.”

DJ narrowed his eyes in challenge. “And if I am?”

“I’ll be fucking pissed,” Don said with a laugh. His hips stopped moving against me but he didn’t pull away. “You could’ve been playing with my dick for a lot longer than a goddamn month.”

DJ and I rolled our eyes but couldn’t help chuckling. With Don, it always came back to sex.

“Bro,” Don said seriously. “I don’t give a shit if you are or not. I’ll always have your back and I know you have mine. If you’re gay or just like dick, that’s your business. Just figure it out before you get married. It’s one thing to come to me or Dad for some cock every once in a while, it’s another to hide who you really are.”

I saw DJ blink with surprise at his brother’s words and knew my face reflected what he was feeling. DJ asked his brother, “When the hell did you get so wise?”

“I’ve always been and so have you. I just never needed to tell you something like that.”

DJ nodded. “Well, okay. And just for the record, I do like pussy. A lot. But I’m learning that dick is pretty good, too.”

“Yeah, it is,” I said, finally interjecting. “Especially when it’s attached to two hot fucks like you guys.”

“Did our father just call us hot fucks?” Don asked.

DJ smirked. “He did. Dad just said we were hot fucks.”

I shrugged. “Hey, it’s your own fault. I didn’t give you guys a second look until about half an hour ago. Pushing your big dicks down my throat kinda made me look at you a little differently.”

Don resumed humping against me. He kept one hand on my hip and reached out with the other to stroke his brother’s dick. “So we’re being blamed for our having big dicks and him apparently liking them.”

“I blame your mother for the dick thing,” I said lightly. “Because you sure as hell didn’t get those from me. As for my liking the size, that’s Matt’s fault.”

“We are definitely going to have to thank Uncle Matt for that,” DJ said.

My oldest son placed a hand on my neck and pulled my head down and back onto his dick. In the process, I was shifted to all fours. Behind me Don grabbed my hips and thrust against me a few times before his dick left me. His hands remained on me and slid over my globes, feeling them and squeezing them randomly for a moment before the fingertips focused on my crack and pulled my cheeks apart. It was the only warning I received before I felt the stiff wetness of his tongue against my hole. Even though my wife played with my ass, not since the last time her brother fucked me had I been rimmed. I let out a deep moan as my youngest son began to eat my ass with a vigor that was unexpected. There was no hesitation in it and for the finesse he lacked sucking dick, he more than made up for it while tonguing my hole. He was not shy with his work and he moaned loudly over the wet sounds of his tongue licking my asshole and his lips sucking against the puckered opening. While his mouth worked, I felt him press first one finger into me then in quick succession a second and third followed.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” DJ said above me. “Fucking face buried in his ass while you finger bang him. That ass taste good?”

Before he answered, Don gave my ass a hard slap. His voice was muffled when he spoke into my ass. “You don’t even know.”

“Don’t get carried away and slip into him,” DJ warned his brother. “Remember, I called dibs.”

“I know.” Don sounded disappointed as he pressed a fourth finger into me. “This fucker’s ready whenever you are. Hell, he’s been ready since before I touched him. His ass opened nice and easy. I’ve practically got my fist in him and he’s not complaining.”

“Fuck, Dad,” DJ said. “What kinda toys you been playing with?”

“Doesn’t matter now,” Don answered for me as he slapped my ass again. “He’s got two new ones that are going to keep him nice and full.

DJ pulled out of my mouth and moved behind me. “True. May as well get started. Get outta the way. You can eat his ass later.”

I heard Don grumble as his hand left me. While he moved to my head, DJ guided me onto my back. Once in position, DJ kneeled between my legs lubing his dick with spit. It was both a horny and frightening sight and I couldn’t believe he was about to fuck me.

“That’s what I wanted to see,” DJ said darkly in response to my facial expression. “That little bit of fear and disbelief. But, guess what, Dad. This is happening. Both of your sons are about to fuck you. Starting with me. And I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you feel me inside you. Don and I have a bet going. I say you’re going to hold it together and be a man who likes a rough fuck and has no problem telling us what to do; he thinks you’re going to turn into a little bitch who does whatever the cock wants you to do. While I don’t want to lose the money, I also kinda hope you bitch out on my dick.”

“Stop talking and fuck him already.” Don was now at the top of my head and had his balls resting on my forehead while he stroked himself. “I’m about ready for some ass and if you don’t get in there, I will.”

“Oh, hold your horses. I didn’t rush you when you took your sweet ass time going down on him.”

I rolled my eyes. “You know, both of you really need to shut the hell up. I’ll listen to you bitch at each other any other time, but right now, I want the dicking you promised so shut the fuck up and stop teasing me. You,” I pointed to DJ, “put that thing in my ass. And you,” I pointed to Don, “get that thing back in my mouth.”

There was silence for a moment as they looked at each other with smirks on their faces.

“He’s going to be a bossy bitch getting fucked,” Don said to his brother.

DJ grunted appreciatively. “That’s going to make it that much more fun breaking him.” Having said his peace, he lined himself up and with one hard thrust buried himself in my ass. As I let out a combined moan and grunt from the sudden attack, he said, “Got anything else to say? Dad?”

I had never heard any of my children use such a disrespectful, mocking tone in addressing me. We were very informal and each of them had occasionally addressed me or their mother by our first names and it hadn’t bothered us. But the way DJ had said “Dad” hit something in me. It was like I could hear the change in our relationship in that one word. I was no longer the man that had raised him and cared for him, I was now just another bitch on his dick to be used for his pleasure.

I opened my mouth ready to dress him down, but was stopped before I could get a word out.

“Shove your cock down his throat,” DJ ordered his brother. “If he wants dick, let’s give it to him.”

While DJ set a quick pace in my ass, Don fed me his cock. I was stuffed at both ends and, despite the worry of how I was going to deal with my sons and their disrespect afterward, I was loving it. DJ pounding my ass was better than how I remembered getting fucked felt. Don’t get me wrong, he was hard and rough and I could hear his grunting over the sound of his hips slapping against me but it was just what I needed. My son’s thick cock remained in constant contact with my prostate making it unnecessary for me to touch myself, though I doubt I would have been allowed to if I had tried. The feel of his hairy, thick legs and callused hands holding my legs open while he dominated me was an added pleasure that was unexpected.

At the same time, Don fucked my face with no concern for the random gagging sounds I made. Unguided by either of our hands, his cock occasionally hit my throat the wrong way as he thrust into me. In this position, it was actually easier to swallow him but the ricocheting of his dick head made it difficult. When he finally adjusted himself so the tip remained at the back of my tongue to glide in and out of my throat rapidly I received some relief and began to enjoy it.

I began to hear the wet sounds of kissing come from above. With my vision filled with a combination of Don’s balls and ass, I couldn’t see it but there was no denying that my sons were making out with each other as they used me. They swallowed each other’s moans as they sucked on lips and tongues. Indeed, the entire barn sounded very much like a porn movie with the slapping of flesh and sounds of pleasure and I was happy to have a starring role.

“Fuck.” DJ’s words were broken as he panted for breath. “Can you come get me ready? I’m about to blow and want to sit on his dick after I finish.”

Don answered just as breathlessly. “Yeah. I can do that.”

As violently as DJ had slammed into my ass, Don pulled out of my throat. He practically disappeared as he took up position behind his brother’s larger body.

With his brother eating his ass, DJ’s hips slowed but were no less insistent as he continued to fuck me. Able to meet his eyes again, he stared down at me with deep arousal. “Oh, shit. That’s it. Fucking eat my ass, Don. Feels so good. Gonna make me blow in Dad’s ass. You ready for that? Ready to feel your boy’s nut inside you?”

I didn’t hesitate and my voice was hoarse from Don’s assault. “Oh, fuck, DJ. Yes, I want it. Heaven help me, I want it. I need your cum. Fuck me, man. Fuck my ass like the stud you are, son.”

DJ let out a groan and began to pound into me with renewed force.

Unable to continue working on his brother, I saw Don’s head peek over his brother’s shoulder and his hands moved to begin playing with DJ’s nipples. “That’s it. Fuck his ass, Deej. Give it to him. Harder. Fuck him, man. Fuck him!”

DJ began to grunt and despite the cool winter air, sweat dripped from his forehead and nose onto me. His breathing became heavier and more erratic before he finally let out an almost pained groan and slammed into me, burying himself fully.

My raw hole registered his cock growing larger and harder just before I felt the warmth of his cum enter me. The sensation was even more amazing than I remembered, most likely due to the fact that it was my firstborn seeding me. Even if nothing else ever happened between us, we were now connected in a way a father and son should not be. He had marked me as his and the memory of that would remain with us forever. Even without his disrespectful tone earlier, there was no way to pretend this hadn’t happened. We could not go back to the same father-son dynamic.

DJ held himself still inside of me while his cock unloaded and I did nothing except let it happen. Against my ring and inside my fuck chute I could feel his cock pulsing rapidly in orgasm, pumping more of his cum into me. It seemed like he went on forever yet too soon he took and expelled a deep breath then pulled out of me. “Goddamn, that was hot.”

“Get out of the way,” Don said shoving his brother to the side. “I gotta get in there. I’m about ready to blow myself and I’m not gonna miss out on his ass tonight.”

With all the finesse of a teenager, Don pushed into me and set up a steady pace long dicking me. “Damn, Deej. You flooded his ass good.”

It was true. As Don’s dick moved inside me, I could feel DJ’s cum seeping out of me around Don’s cock and trickling down the curve of my ass. I hadn’t seen him do anything to his dick before he entered me so I was certain that Don was using nothing but his brother’s cum as lube. After DJ’s larger girth, it was a minor relief feeling Don’s narrower shaft against my ring. But what he lacked in width, he more than made up for in length. That difference of less than an inch was much more significant as my ass swallowed him completely. I could feel his hard tip reaching an area inside me that hadn’t been touched since their uncle had dicked me decades ago. The sensation took my breath away. Not from pain but from the knowledge that my son, both of my sons, were giving me a pleasure that I never thought I’d feel again.

It was compounded when DJ straddled me and lowered his ass onto my dick. Showing only the barest hint of discomfort, he rested on my lap for the briefest of moments as he adjusted his legs before he began to ride me. As he did, his slowly softening, semi-tumescent cock moved languidly on my stomach like a wet eel. It was slickened with a mix of his cum and my ass juices and the strong smell of our sex wafted up to me from it. Around my hardness, his ass was tighter than anything I’d felt on my dick in ages yet felt like velvet and molded around me like a glove. My body and mind were overloaded with the dual sensations of my oldest son riding my dick while my youngest fucked me. I wanted to tell them how good it felt, wanted to express my gratitude for making me do this, yet all I could squeak out was a whispered, “DJ. Don.”

We lapsed back into a silence filled with the sounds of flesh moving and moans. Don again wrapped his arms around his brother and played with his nipples while his dick continued to slide through me. Unlike the blow job he had given me, he used his dick like a pro inside me. In addition to the in and out motion, he rotated his hips at random points. It caused my ring to stretch in different directions and his cock pressed against my prostate at unexpected intervals. It all pushed me closer to the edge and before I knew it I gasped as my orgasm hit. It came on so quickly that I couldn’t even warn DJ that it was about to happen. It was so strong that my eyes closed tight and my breathing stopped while my body tightened causing my back to arch.

“Oh, shit,” DJ said. “You’re coming in me, Dad. I feel it.”

At the same time Don cried out, “Goddamn! Your ass, man. Fuck me that’s tight!”

Through the haze of my orgasm, I felt Don’s dick began to pump his load into me. Whether it was more or less copious that his brother’s, I didn’t know. For an unknown amount of time, my world was reduced to a rush of blood in my ears and the blackness of my eyelids. All I knew was that I now had a load from each of my son’s inside me and I couldn’t be happier.

Once I caught my breath and my body relaxed, I registered the pressure of a heavy body on my chest. Upon opening my eyes I saw that DJ had laid down on top of me and Don was laying on top of him causing me to essentially support both of their weights. I met their eyes in turn and they each gave me a wary but satisfied smile. Without hesitation I pressed my lips to DJ’s and gave him a kiss before pulling Don down next to me to share one with him. I watched with happiness and pleasure as they then shared one before we separated to replace our pants.

Ever the one to break a silence, Don asked, “You okay, Dad?”

I stopped dressing and sat on a bale of hay having replaced my jeans but only having on one untied shoe. I clasped my hands between my knees and looked at the ground in thought for a moment before I looked at each of them. “No. No, I’m not okay. We just did something a father should not do with his boys. It’s something that’s fundamentally changed us and we can’t come back from that. I’m sorry, but I can’t be your father anymore. There’s no way I can just go back to acting like I’m your dad and I can’t say you’re my sons. And that hurts. I no longer have the two boys that I once knew.

“But more than that, I’m happy. I just met two strong, confident, courageous men who don’t need someone to tell them how to live. Two men who took the chance to make themselves happy and who wanted to share that happiness with their old man. It’s not a knock on your mother but you made me feel something I haven’t felt in years. I may have lost a pair of sons but, as I look at you now, I see two handsome men that I hope will fuck my brains out every chance they get and won’t judge me too harshly for saying that.”

DJ closed the distance between us and wrapped his arms around me. “I love you. Dad.”

Don joined his brother, wrapping his arms around both of us. “I love you, too, Dad. And even you, Deej.”

DJ heaved a put upon sigh. “Now I’m going to look like an asshole if I don’t say I love you.”

“Then say it,” Don said as he squeezed us tighter.

“I’d love you to leave me alone and stop touching me,” DJ countered.

Don rolled his eyes, as I did as well, and released us. “You say that now, but two days from now you’ll be calling me begging for some dick.”

“No, I won’t,” DJ said confidently. “I’ve got a buddy here that will happily fuck my ass if I ask.”

Getting into the spirit of their banter I shrugged noncommittally. “Maybe, maybe not. I refuse to be just a booty call for you guys.”

DJ smiled and gently punched one of my shoulders. “Fuck, man. You will never be just a booty call.”

“Never,” Don echoed.

With a smile, I also offered, “Never.”

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