Ask: Dr. Nerdy-One Night Stand

Ask: Dr. Nerdy! Casual sex isn’t anonymous sex – i.e. when you don’t talk, don’t know each other’s name, don’t particularly want to. Casual sex takes place between two people who talk,

A Bisexual Uncut Fantasy

My friend from college was visiting us, and we let him go to bed in the guest room. My wife and I went into our bedroom and decided to have sex. I

When Dad got out of Prison-Part 1

My early childhood was a pretty happy one. Mom, Janice, was a housewife and my Dad, Hank, worked on the Railroad as a conductor. We had a nice house in the suburbs

Taking It All In

The morning after the first night I spent with another man. It’s not every day one gets caught by one’s own son being anally pleasured by another man, but that’s how Saturday

Sweetest Sin

They knew it was wrong but couldn’t get enough of each other. “Oh fuck, fuck…” Oliver gasped as he felt fingers wrap around his cock, jerking him with sure strokes. “Adrian…” He

Savage Desire-Final Chapter 10

Feral attraction in the midst of hatred…perfect new life! – Chapter 10 – Perfect New Life! ‘Oh my god…’ Jeremy’s wolf panted as he crawled over Ryan’s wolf. ‘Ryan?’ The alpha wolf tried

Savage Desire

Feral attraction in the midst of hatred…seeing red! – Chapter 1 – PROLOGUE Somewhere in the southern part of California, thirty-one years ago… “It’s a boy.” The elderly woman smiled. “Just as

In The Dressing Room

Taken with the latest fashions in underwear. I had a late lunch hour and decided to spend it at the mall. While wandering through the big department store, I found a display

The Bully

Cory gets caught snooping through a jock’s locker – Chapter 1 Cory Taylor opened the door of the men’s locker rooms at Richmond Rugby Club and stepped inside. The familiar smell of


The mate ran away, but this Master Vampire found his lover. Caleb ran down the alley trying to make it back home. Lucien was in town and the master vampire wasn’t very