How I Got Started

How I Got Started

How I learned to enjoy sucking cock. I was introduced to the pleasure of guy/guy interaction back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Back then, there was a conference in Boca Ratan every year and, since I was responsible for all the computer work for the company I worked for, I went to the conference every year. About the same time, I learned how enjoyable it is to be a nudist, and I found a couple in Boca that allowed other nudists to stay with them when they came to town.

They were a warm, gentle, loving couple and the first year I stayed with them, I could almost feel the sexual electricity in the air. The second year I learned why. It turns out that the wife enjoyed a different partner every once in a while. They asked me if I wanted to watch the 11PM news with them right after I arrived that second year. Of course I agreed…who wouldn’t like to watch the news while in bed with a naked couple?

This story is a work of fiction. All characters are older than 18. They have fun having gay sex. If gay sex is not allowed in your country, you should consider moving to another one. The characters are not having safe sex, please use condoms while exploring your sexuality. As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Thank you for choosing to read my story and I hope you enjoy! You may contact me at , also if you have your own story. Please send to this email , or click SUBMIT YOUR OWN STORIES! at the top right corner of HOME SCREEN. Also, If you include your name. I will give credit as due, otherwise, it will read as – Read By: Bobby Newberry. THANK YOU for helping to build Gay and Nerdy Archives Library of Erotic Stories and more. Note: We do not own these stories, only share. If you believe this story should not be here. Email and explain. If so, we will fix this mistake. Don’t forget to check out our New Adult Toy Store. Store link: Gay Nerdy Toys.

As soon as we all got settled on the bed I noticed that she had her left hand wrapped around her husbands hard cock. He suggested that I should massage her shoulders as her neck had been stiff all day. Naturally, as soon as I started massaging her shoulders, her right hand started stroking back and forth on my leg, and it wasn’t long before I managed to slide down enough that the side of her hand was brushing my cock on the ‘up stroke’.

Everything followed in the ‘correct’ order, and my cock was soon buried in her pussy. Her husband, meanwhile, was encouraging both of us while he moved around to get the best view possible. When he asked me to spread my legs a little further, I naively thought it was so he could see better, but that wasn’t exactly right. When I felt his hand gently cup my balls I came harder than I had in years, and that ‘pushed’ her ‘over the top of orgasm mountain’.

A little later, I watched curiously as he licked and sucked his wife’s pussy right after I had cum in it. I finally decided that he was licking and sucking my cum out before he fucked her himself. The next day, I sarcastically suggested that he could get it ‘fresher’ by sucking me off. I was very surprised when he took me up on my ‘offer’, and even more surprised when I saw her using a large dildo to masturbate herself while he was sucking me off.

The next day he asked me if I wanted to suck him off. I was surprised, and a little flustered, so I tried to not answer him while I frantically attempted to come up with a good answer. When no good answer came to mind, I decided I’d try sucking him a little, then move my mouth off his cock before he came.

FYI, that did NOT work! As soon as I started sucking on his stiff cock, I learned how enjoyable another man’s cock feels when your own lips are wrapped around it, and how nice his ball sack feels if you’re stroking it. While I was marveling about the good feeling of the contrast between the soft, spongy head of a man’s cock and ‘rock hard’ feel of his stiff shaft, I heard him make a loud groaning sound. I felt his cock start to soften at the same time as I felt his balls jerk. Then I noticed that his cum was flooding my mouth and I discovered that another man’s cum doesn’t taste bad like I had thought it would.

At the same time this was happening, his wife was moaning through her first orgasm of the evening.

As you can probably imagine, I had a very strong erection by that time. While they calmed down, I stayed busy enjoying the feel of his slowly shortening cock, and realized that I was also sucking the last of his orgasm, unintentionally ‘cleaning’ him up.

As soon as his wife saw how hard my cock was, she happily put it into ‘service’. In but a short time, we both came, her for the second time that night, me for the first time. Of course, he ‘helped’ make mine better by holding my balls again, then cleaned first me up, then his wife.

As the remainder of that week progressed, he got me off more times that I thought possible by introducing me to the pleasures of being sucked off by another man or of sucking another man off. All while his wife watched and played with herself then screwed whoever still had a stiff cock.

The visit the next year, and the years after that were fabulous! One of us would suck the other one off, then fuck his wife, and it was all very enjoyable for every one of the three of us.

Unfortunately, like all good things, the conferences came to an end, and with that, my trips to Boca Ratan. And, on a sad note, he died a few years ago, and his wife moved back to Ohio where she has family, and we lost touch with each other. I WILL have very happy memories of my many visits with them, and I hope you have enjoyed reading how I got started sucking cock and loving it!

Written By: Bobby Newberry

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More to come! Let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to comment me ideas of what you’d like to read next. Thanks for reading, I hoped you enjoyed it.

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