Blissfully Hooked

One was in for his brother, the other for the money… right? – Chapter 1 – Kyle Parker vs. Aaron HunterThe Contract!

Kyle Dylan Parker was what most people would call enthralling. He was at least six -feet-three, good-looking and extraordinarily sexy. With his captivating soft hazel eyes, long dark eyelashes, dark blonde hair cropped very short, and his heart-stopping smile, Kyle looked like he belonged in the movies. His cool and calm personality added to his sex appeal. Kyle came from old money but was also a very successful business man. Though he had enough money to last him at least three lifetimes, he had to learn the hard way that, money couldn’t buy everything.

Ken Dion Parker, Kyle’s twin brother, was dying of cancer. To say Kyle was devastated was an understatement. After all, they had been together the whole of their twenty-nine years on earth. Kyle sometimes cried himself to sleep because he didn’t know how he was going to survive without his twin. Orphaned since infancy, they always told each other, it was them against the world. They were fraternal twins, born twenty-six hours apart and Kyle never missed an opportunity to remind his brother that he saw the world, twenty-six good hours before he did. Whilst Kyle was tall and muscular, Ken was rather smallish. People usually called them ‘the twins’, after the popular Schwarzenegger / DeVito movie as like in the movie, Kyle was Ken’s protector. Kyle took his big brother role very seriously, always ensuring that Ken was okay and didn’t need anything. Thanks to Cancer, however, for the first time in his life he couldn’t provide Ken with what he needed most…healing.

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Kyle wished he could do something to save his brother’s life. But he couldn’t. What bothered him even more was the fact that Ken had stopped taking his chemotherapy treatment, saying it rather drained him. Kyle was even more scared because he felt that was the only chance his brother had of living a longer life. But Ken was as stubborn as a mule. He wouldn’t budge on his decision. Much as Kyle would want his brother to go through with the treatment, he knew he couldn’t force him. All he could do was pray for a miracle every day.

Kyle made sure he spent at least two days out of every week with Ken no matter how busy he was. On one of such visits, Kyle barged into Ken’s room to find him watching porn. It wasn’t just any porn…it was gay. Kyle knew Ken was gay so was not shocked to see that. Kyle himself had fucked a guy or two during his college days so his brother watching gay porn was nothing strange to him. What did surprise him though was the way Ken was engrossed in what he was watching. Even the open bag of Doritos in his lap seemed to be forgotten.

“Dude, isn’t it too early to be watching this?” Kyle asked with a chuckle.

Ken laughed. “Fuck you. Is there a particular time for porn? Ky come on, check out this guy. He is simply beautiful.” Ken pointed to a handsome dark haired boy on the screen, who, at that particular moment, was being sucked off by a blonde twink. “Be honest Ky, isn’t he delicious?” Ken asked staring at the screen.

Kyle chuckled. “Sure he is. But it doesn’t look like he’s enjoying what is being done to him. Is the guy blowing him that bad?” Kyle asked in an amused voice, standing beside Ken’s bed with his arms folded across his chest.

Ken shook his head. “He always looks bored in his videos. He still has a lot of fans though, thanks to his good looks. I have all his videos.” Ken drawled, turning to give his brother a playful lewd smile.

“Really?” Kyle sounded even more amused.

“Yep. You see, most of these guys are actually straight.” Ken turned back to the screen. “They just want to make a quick buck. I once read an article on this guy. He never hooks up with any man no matter the amount of money offered. Oh and according to the article, he gets a lot of propositions. He’s not gay. Obviously needs the cash that’s all.”

“So why not hetro porn then?” Kyle asked his brother.

Ken shrugged. “Beats me.”

“Hmm. I bet with the right guy, he would show some interest. Maybe he’s a bottom.” Kyle said looking at the handsome boy, fucking the other guy in a new scene.

“He’s not a bottom Ky. Never bottoms. He doesn’t kiss too. Doesn’t rim, doesn’t allowing rimming. He has a whole lot of rules. It’s obvious he’s not gay.”

Kyle smiled. “Sure? I bet with an experienced person and the right kind of stimulation, your gorgeous twink over there will forget all about his silly rules and play ball. Wouldn’t mind hitting that. He’s hot. And I really would love to prove you wrong. What’s his name?”

Ken laughed. “You’re crazy you know that? When was the last time you were with a guy? That was back in college. You’re now a ladies man. Stick to that.” Ken popped some Doritos into his mouth.

“Are you saying I can’t hit that?” Kyle asked dipping his hand into the bag of Doritos.

“I’m not say…”

“‘Cause I can rock his world. Make him forget his own name.” Kyle was now staring intently at the handsome face on the screen. “What’s his name, Ken?”

“Ron Hunt. You really wanna nail that?” Ken asked, turning to look at Kyle. “Trust me, I don’t think you’re gonna get him. He’s been known to turn down some pretty shitload of cash. He only wants to get paid for the videos he makes.”

“A porn star with a conscience. Interesting!” Kyle snorted.

“Just principled I guess.”

“I will fuck him Ken. And I’m gonna make him scream for more.” Kyle sounded dangerous. “Wanna bet little brother?”

Ken chuckled. “Hell yeah. What’s it gonna be?” Ken looked excited.

“I get him, you go back to chemo.” Kyle looked dead serious.

Ken groaned. “Kyle…”

“It’s a bet Ken. I thought you were confident I wasn’t gonna get your guy. What are you scared of?” Kyle drawled.

“And if you don’t get him?”

“Hit me brother.” Kyle said crossing his arms over his chest. “And make it good.”

“You find a nice lady and settle down within two months.” Ken deadpanned.

“Are you shitting me? Come on dude! How the fuck can I possibly get hitched in two months?” Kyle looked incredulous.

“It’s a bet bro. Scared?” Ken gave all his concentration to the bag of Doritos.

Kyle had never gone out with anyone for more than a week, and Ken needed to know his brother was settled or getting there, before he left this world. Kyle did have his friends, who were really good guys, but he needed a companion. Ken felt this was his chance to ensure that at least, Kyle made an effort and he was going to grab the chance with both hands, because he knew there was no way his brother would get to fuck the great Ron Hunt. Kyle didn’t know what he was up against and that greatly pleased Ken.

“Ken…” Kyle sat beside his brother on the bed, wondering why he had suddenly gone quiet.

“You know how I hate chemo, Ky.” No way was Ken going to let his brother in on his real worries.

“But you need it. I don’t fucking wanna lose you. I can’t.” Kyle added in a whisper, drawing Ken into his arms and burying his face in his hair.

“Good luck with getting the guy then. ‘Cause I’ll give anything to see this stunning creature lose himself in passion.” Ken said around a mouthful of Doritos. “Wait…even if you make that happen, I can’t get to see it. Too bad.” He sighed.

“What if you can?” Kyle asked quietly.

“What are you saying Ky?” Ken turned his hazel eye, so much like Kyle’s on him.

“What if you can watch him lose it on tape?” Kyle repeated, watching Ron Hunt spill his cum all over the other guy’s face on the screen. “Damn, that’s a lot of cum.” He muttered.

“What are you going to do? Record an encounter that you might not even get?” Ken looked incredulous.

“I’ve got a better idea. You said he’ll only do it for the camera right? Well, say hello to your new porn star. Dick Shlong!” Kyle said, pointing both thumbs at himself.

Ken burst into uncontrollable laughter, laughing till tears ran down his face. He’d been jokingly calling Kyle, Dick Shlong since they were kids, because of his scarily huge dick. Ken always teased his brother that if he were a porn star, his acting name would be Dick Shlong. It looked like his brother was finally going to put that name to use.

“So do we have a bet?” Kyle couldn’t help but join in Ken’s contagious laughter. He loved it when Ken laughed like that.

“Hell, yeah.” Ken said trying to bring his laughter under control. “You’re on brother.”


Aaron Hunter got as far as the director’s door, and then turned back.

“Shit!” He swore under his breath.

Aaron had never been this unsure of anything in his life as he was that very moment. He always thought things through before he took any action. But for the first time in his life, he was confused because he knew what he was about to do was wrong and yet, he thought it was for the best.

Aaron Hunter was a twenty-one year old final year college student. He was drop dead gorgeous. With his dark hair, flawless skin, dreamy grey eyes and a height of almost six feet, he was simply delicious. Like many other college students, Aaron had to work to see himself through college. But unlike most college students, however, the job Aaron decided to do was act porn. And he had been acting porn since he was nineteen years old.

All Aaron was interested in was making enough money to take care of his sick mother and to pay his college fees. When he was approached by Max Viggo to act porn, he had automatically refused. But after numerous entreaties and cajoling from the famous porn movie director, Aaron had relented. After all, it paid well and he needed the money.

On his very first day on set, however, Aaron had had the shock of his life. He knew MV Productions produced all kinds of porn movies. What he hadn’t known was that, he was to act gay porn. He had been so angry he had turned to leave. Max had however pulled Aaron into his office and again managed to convince him to re-think his decision.

“Listen kid, this is just acting.”

“Yes but I’m not gay. No one gets near my arse. I can’t…”

“Yes you can. You don’t have to give up your arse. A hole is a hole. You go in, come out, make money, and everyone is happy.” Max had said making it sound so easy.

After a lot of talk and an increase in his emolument, Aaron had agreed to do it. But he had laid down his own rules. Aaron Hunter didn’t bottom, didn’t kiss, didn’t rim, didn’t get rimmed…that was so gay, and never barebacked. He was very particular about his ‘No condom No fuckin’ rule. Finally, he had opted to go by the name Ron Hunt, which was sort of a short form of his real name, Aaron Hunter.

So when Aaron was called into the office of Max Viggo one fine morning, and told he had to bottom and fuck without condom for an obscenely huge amount of money, his immediate answer had been…

“Go fuck yourself Max.”

“Come on Ron, go and think about this okay?”

“There’s nothing to think about.” Aaron had bellowed and stormed out of Max’s office.

That night Aaron couldn’t sleep. He had tossed and turned the whole night thinking about the offer. His plan was to quit acting immediately he made enough money to pay the remaining college fees, and find a good job. He hoped that with a good salary, and no college fees to pay, he and his mum would be okay. Peggy Hunter was all Aaron cared about in the world. He didn’t have a girlfriend or any close friends. He spent all his time, either studying, sitting with his mum or on set. Of course he dated once in a while, but those relationships were nothing long term. He did get a lot of propositions from all kinds of people, the rich, the not so rich, senators, clergies, psychos and lots of guys who claimed to be in love with him. He however always made it a point to politely turn them down. After all, he wasn’t gay…merely acting. And Aaron Hunter was no prostitute or an escort.

Max’s outrageous offer went against all of Aaron’s principles. But with that kind of money, he knew he could quit the acting business. Now the question was whether he was ready to give up his arse and have sex for the very first time in his life, without a condom. Max did shout after him that the guy he was to fuck was clean, but that still didn’t make it right. By the next morning, his mind was made up. He was going to take Max’s offer. With that kind of money, he could clear all the bills on his mother’s dialysis treatment, pay all his outstanding college fees, pay their rent for the next two years, and take care of both his and his mother’s up-keep till he got a good job. Simply put, with that money, he could live. It was time to get out of the porn business. He had called Max the following day to accept the offer.

Now standing behind Max’s door, on the day set for the shooting of his ‘virgin video’ as he sarcastically called it in his head, Aaron was torn between going back in to change his decision and going to the set to get ready as he had been told to. He had almost backed out when the slime ball had added as an after-thought when he accepted to do the video after all…

“Oh and Ron, we know you never rim and you don’t allow it, but you’re gonna have to allow yourself to get rimmed this time. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it. Trust me on that.” He had said with a devilish grin. The jerk!

“Shit!” Aaron swore, running his fingers through his hair in frustration.

He might as well get this over and done with. Hell, if he was going to bareback and bottom, he might as well get a rim job. It wouldn’t make what he was about to do any worse would it? All that mattered now was the money and what it could do for him. With a sigh, Aaron headed for the set and his final show down.


Kyle sat on the couch in Max Viggo’s office, drinking a bottle of water. Today was the day he got to fuck Ron Hunt. He had paid a lot of money to accomplish that, throwing in a clause of his own…barebacking and rimming. Kyle made it a point to always use condoms but for some reason, he couldn’t think of having Ron any other way. He wanted flesh on flesh. Of course he had given that bastard of a producer/director, his medicals showing how clean he was. And he had been given a copy of Ron Hunt’s medicals too. As for the rimming, he intended to rim the hell out of Ron Hunt. If he was going to blow Ron’s mind, make him dissolve into a puddle from exquisite pleasure, he definitely had to give Ron the tongue-fucking of his life. Kyle couldn’t wait to have that gorgeous body beneath him…dominated, out of his mind with ecstasy. Max had told him that Ron didn’t allow kissing and didn’t rim others. Kyle had chuckled at that piece of information. Ron didn’t have to worry about that. Kyle didn’t mind not kissing and didn’t expect to be rimmed either.

Not only did he want to make Ken happy, but just like Ken, he also wanted to watch Ron Hunt lose it. He had seen all the videos Ken had given him of Ron, and the more he watched him on screen, the more Kyle wanted to watch him explode with pleasure. Kyle couldn’t help but notice that Ron hardly made a sound in his videos. He planned on changing that. He couldn’t wait to see the look on Ken’s face in two week, when he presented to him his dream porn video, on their birthday. What his brother wanted, his brother got!

The door opened and Max entered, followed by Aaron. Kyle’s breath hitched in his throat. He thought Ron was even more handsome in person.

“Ron, meet Dylan.” Max said looking from Kyle to Aaron. Kyle had decided to use his middle name for this project. “He’s the one you’re…err…going to be working with today. I’ll leave you two to get acquainted. I’ll let you know when we’re ready for you.” With that, Max beat a hasty retreat.

Max Viggo had never made as much money on a video as he had made on the video they were about to shoot. And he didn’t even need to sell the video to make that money. All he had to do was hand over the film to Dylan after the shoot. Max was a very happy man.

Kyle stood up and moved closer to Aaron, who finally got a good look at the sex god who was going to fuck him. Aaron gasped. The man was mouth-wateringly gorgeous.

“How tall are you?” Aaron asked staring up into the most captivating eyes he’d ever seen.

“Six feet-three.” Kyle answered with a chuckle.

“And how big are you?” Aaron asked still staring at Kyle with grey eyes so dreamy, Kyle blinked so he wouldn’t get lost in them.

“I weigh…”

“Not that. How big is your cock?” Aaron kept his eyes locked on Kyle’s. If he was going to get fucked, he needed to know what he was getting.

The surprise in Kyle’s eyes was clear for Aaron to see. “I’ve never bothered to measure. Wanna do the honours?” Kyle drawled and then gasped when Aaron’s hands promptly went to the zipper of his jeans.

Aaron smirked. “You’re new at this aren’t you?” He asked unzipping Kyle, his eyes still locked on Kyle’s.

It was only when his hand delved into Kyle’s boxer briefs and touched his semi-hard cock, that Aaron tore his eyes from Kyle’s and looked down at the thick long cock in his hand. For the second time since he saw Kyle, Aaron gasped.

“God, you are huge.” Aaron stared at Kyle’s cock. “I…I don’t think I can…I’ve never done this.” Aaron was rambling.

“You will be fine.” Kyle said quietly.

“Easy for you to say dude. I’ve never bottomed before. This monster will split me into two.”

Aaron looked very worried. “Shit!” He whispered. What had he gotten himself into? “The asshole who paid that shitload of money to see this is a sadist, a pervert, a jerk, a…”

“I won’t hurt you…much. I promise.” Kyle said softly, enjoying the stroking of Aaron’s hand. Kyle didn’t think Aaron even notice what he was doing. No way was he going to admit that he was the asshole the troubled porn star was referring to. Aaron’s eyes looked glazed. He seemed to be far away, worried but obviously enjoying stroking the rapidly hardening flesh in his palm. “Hey, Ron?”

At Kyle’s mention of his name, Aaron quickly came to himself and stopped stroking the now hard cock, licking suddenly dry lips. Kyle’s dick protested at being forced back inside his pants but Aaron eventually succeeded in doing just that and zipped him up.

“Sorry. I’m Ron.” Aaron extended his hand.

“And I’m Dylan.” Kyle said taking Aaron’s hand in a firm handshake.

“So, we know the rules. I don’t do kissing and I don’t rim.” Aaron said in a hard voice. The clause said he had to bareback and bottom. It didn’t say anything about kissing and him having to rim someone so he sure as hell wasn’t going to do that.

“I don’t care about the kissing but I’m looking forward to rimming the fuck outta you.” Kyle drawled making Aaron flush.

“Knock yourself out dude. It’s your…”

The door opened then and a young lady stuck her head in to tell them Max was ready for them.

Aaron looked at Kyle. “Let’s do this. But hey, go easy on me will you?”

Kyle stared quietly at Aaron for some seconds and then gave a brilliant smile. “Okay.”

“Shit. What have I gotten myself into?” Aaron muttered, turning to go out of the office.

One was in for his brother, the other, for the money…right? – Chapter 2 – Getting down!

It was a day…and a fuck both Kyle and Aaron were never going to forget for as long as they lived. It was fireworks!

After a quick make-up by a make-up artist, they entered the room in which the video was to be shot. Max told Kyle and Aaron to get ready to start as Kyle had opted out of the initial interview that usually preceded most porn videos. Max was however shaking with excitement, as were the two camera men in the room. They were all eager to see the action start…they couldn’t wait to see Ron Hunt get fucked. There were three main cameras set up in the stylishly elegant room. Two were on the sides of the bed and one was facing the foot of the bed. The cameras, which were obviously very high powered, had been mounted on the walls and were being controlled by a computer device sitting on a table in front of one of the two guys in the room with Max.

Kyle and Aaron stood in front of the couch in the room, staring at each other. The wary look in Aaron’s eyes, almost made Kyle groan.

“Hey, relax.” Kyle murmured. Lots of people showed panic at the first sight of his cock, but Aaron looked terrified. Was it just the size of his cock or something else? Kyle wondered.

Yes, Aaron was terrified of allowing Kyle’s mammoth cock inside his virgin arse. But what Kyle didn’t know was that, a whole lot of other emotions were going through Aaron at that very moment. He felt sorry for himself, felt sorry that he had to bend his principles in order to get out of that whole porn business. And as if that wasn’t enough, Aaron couldn’t help but feel a strong attraction towards Kyle and that scared the shit out of him. He didn’t understand or know where that was coming from. He wasn’t gay. He’d never been attracted to any man.

Fucking on screen was really not a big deal… you got stimulated, got a hard-on, fuck whatever hole you were presented with and then that was it. More like ‘wham bam thank you’, with cum-shots. But what he was feeling for the hot hunk standing in front of him was something totally different. Neither Kyle nor any other occupant of the room was aware of the irrepressible turmoil going on inside Aaron. Aaron was grateful for that because he knew he wasn’t very far from a breakdown. The least pity or care shown towards him right then, was bound to break the dam. Aaron knew this and was therefore as tense as a bowstring.

When they heard Max shout ‘action’, they started undressing each other. They had already taken off their shoes so Kyle first took off Aaron’s t-shirt, and then allowed Aaron to unbutton his shirt. Their jeans came off next leaving both men in their boxer briefs. Kyle began to walk Aaron backwards in the direction of the comfortable looking bed, till the back of Aaron’s legs hit the bed. Then he lowered his lips to the sensitive point at the base of Aaron’s neck and sucked at the skin. Kyle gave a slight smile at Aaron’s sharp intake of breath.

Aaron had no idea what he was in for. Kyle Parker had just one goal in mind…and that was to pleasure Ron Hunt, to make him lose control. He hadn’t paid all that money to seek just his own pleasure. His main goal was to grant Ken his wish. And to do that, he had to rock Ron Hunt’s world. Kyle Parker planned on getting his money’s worth. Ken was in for a surprise. But Ken’s boyfriend, Stephen, was definitely going to rip Kyle a new one when he got to know what he’d done. Kyle knew his brother’s soldier boyfriend, Stephen, would absolutely frown upon Kyle going to such lengths to win a bet. Well, Stephen could go to hell, Kyle thought. He was doing this for his brother. Stephen would be back in town in time for their birthday and Kyle couldn’t wait to see the look on both Ken and Stephen’s faces when they saw the video. ‘Cause knowing his brother, he was going to watch that video with his boyfriend. With a deep breath, Kyle closed his mind to every other thing and focused fully on the sexy man in his arms.

Aaron knew he had to take over as he usually did in his videos but for some reason, he couldn’t. There was something about Kyle that made Aaron want to give up control. He tingled all over. And Kyle’s mouth on his neck felt divine. Aaron gasped when he felt fingers twist his nipple, then moaned uncontrollably when Kyle leaned down and took the other nipple into his hot mouth. His eyes closed in bliss.

Max and the camera men looked shocked at what was unfolding before their eyes. Ron Hunt looked totally aroused. If the wet spot on his boxer briefs and the bulge behind it was anything to go by, he was already rock hard and leaking. The Ron they knew, had to be coaxed and played with for a while before that happened.

Aaron reached for Kyle’s boxer covered cock and shuddered again at the size.

“I have to get acquainted with this monster.” He murmured, sitting down on the edge of the bed, facing the huge bulge.

“I thought you already did.” Kyle drawled.

Aaron chuckled and reached into Kyle’s obscenely tented boxer briefs and drew out his stiff mammoth dick. The collective gasp that went up from those gathered inside the room made Kyle smile.

Aaron wrapped a hand around Kyle’s cock, shaking his head slightly when he realized his fingers couldn’t go around his cock. He gave it several strokes, with one hand whilst the other cupped and fondled his heavy balls. When he saw a drop of precum leak out of the big flared mushroom head, he leaned forward and swiped it clean with his hot wet tongue, smirking at Kyle’s sharp intake of breath. Then taking a deep breath, Aaron closed his mouth over the head of Kyle’s cock and sucked hard.

“Oh Jesus, that feels so good.” Kyle muttered as he threw his head back in ecstasy. He reached down to cradle Aaron’s head with his hands.

Aaron swirled his tongue over the crown of Kyle’s cock, and then moved down to lap at the whole length of his shaft, getting it real wet. Then with amazingly practiced skill, Aaron slowly, swallowed it almost to the root.

“Holy Fuck!” Kyle bellowed. No one had ever been able to take him like that. Ron didn’t even gag. Shit!

Kyle got the blow job of his life. Aaron sucked him off like the porn star that he was. Don’t let anyone say Ron Hunt couldn’t suck cock. He sucked Kyle like his life depended on it. He moved slowly and sensuously on the cock in his mouth, sliding up and down, sucking hard and using his tongue in fast sweeps over the head and the underside. As he moved his mouth up he followed with his hand, getting the whole length wetter. Aaron tugged on Kyle’s huge balls and bent to suck them into his mouth, stroking Kyle the whole time.

“Damn, this is good.” Kyle growled. “I love your mouth. Suck me, Ron.”

Aaron looked up at Kyle, sending him a slow wink as he took his hard cock back into his throat, humming deep in his throat. Right then, there was nothing he wanted more than to drink every drop of cum from the throbbing cock filling his mouth. He rolled Kyle’s balls in his fingers and hummed even harder.

The intense sensation that flashed through Kyle’s spine made him cry out…then he took control. He held Aaron’s head exactly where he wanted it and started to thrust into that hot mouth, watching Aaron’s face the whole time. The feeling of his cock hitting the back of Aaron’s throat was simply mind blowing. He thrust slow but hard, careful not to go too deep, loving the sounds Aaron was making in his throat. When Kyle felt his balls tightening, he knew he had to stop before he came down Aaron’s throat.

“Don’t wanna spend myself down your throat even though it feels fan-fucking-tastic .” Kyle gasped, pulling that magical mouth off his cock. “I want that arse.”

Bending to slip his hands under each of Aaron’s armpit, Kyle picked him up and threw him onto the bed. Aaron bounced and landed on his back, laughing in surprise. Kyle crawled onto the bed till his knees were on either sides of Aaron’s thighs, then he leaned down, buried his tongue in Aaron’s belly button and gave him a tongue fucking he wasn’t going to forget anytime soon.

“Fuck!” Aaron moaned and weaved his fingers into Kyle’s hair.

“Like that?” Kyle raised his head and asked Aaron.

“Hell yeah.” Aaron breathed.

Kyle moved down, taking the head of Aaron cock into his mouth through his boxer briefs, wetting the fabric even more. Aaron writhed on the bed, his fingers moving in Kyle’s hair. In a fluid move, Kyle pulled down Aaron’s sexy boxer briefs and swallowed his cock deep into his mouth. Aaron couldn’t control the lusty cry that tore out of his throat, shocking their audience.

“I’ll be damned.” One of the cameramen breathed, his hand squeezing his own erection. “This is so hot.”

“Shut up.” Max Viggo hissed, his eyes stuck on the two men going at it. They had just started but there was something different about the way they were acting. Something almost…sensual.

Kyle pulled off Aaron’s boxers completely and took his balls into his mouth, enjoying the sounds Aaron was making.

Aaron was going out of his mind with pleasure. He knew the cameras were rolling and he was supposed to put up a show but his limbs wouldn’t obey him. So when Kyle flipped him over and pulled him onto his knees, Aaron simply knelt there, breathing hard, his bare creamy arse in the air. Kyle knelt behind him and then palmed each cheek, giving each cheek a light slap. Kyle separated the slightly reddened cheeks and stared at Aaron’s winking puckered hole. He blew lightly on it and Aaron shivered. Then Kyle pushed in, burying his face between the twin globes of smooth flesh. Then Aaron felt it… the flick of Kyle’s tongue on his hole.

“Oh fuck!” Aaron cried out and grasped desperately at the covers beneath him.

The wet swirl of Kyle’s tongue on his hole felt unbelievably good. Holy Moses! Aaron didn’t think he could describe the feeling. It was that good. He moaned in pleasure and his stomach tightened as Kyle rimmed his twitching rosette. He had never been rimmed before, had never allowed it, didn’t know it felt that good. Kyle’s tongue, on his virgin hole, was something else.

“Oh shit!” Aaron cried out, and winced. Shit? Was that the best he could come up with at this particular time?

He almost lost his mind when the tip of Kyle’s tongue speared inside. Aaron hissed and arched his back, letting out an uncontrollable moan, which went directly to Kyle’s cock, making him groan behind Aaron. God, he loved how responsive Aaron was. Kyle stiffened his tongue, gripped Aaron’s hips and pulled him back onto his stiffened tongue, penetrating his entrance and dipping inside again and again.

“Dylan…God, please.” Aaron gasped brokenly, thrusting back onto the tongue invading his arse, pleading for more. He looked down between his legs and saw a thin string of clear liquid dripping from the tip of his full and heavy erection. “Fuck.” Aaron whispered. He had never seen his cock weep like how it was at that moment.

Aaron felt like he was standing outside his body, watching himself getting pleasured. His balls and cock were throbbing, the covers beneath him was wet with his pre-cum, he could hear himself make sounds he’d never heard himself make before, he was…fuck, he was going to come. Aaron was a professional and he knew he wasn’t supposed to orgasm that early in a shoot. But he just couldn’t help it.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna come.” He cried out.

“Don’t.” Max shouted just as Aaron shot onto the covers beneath him, the tearing sound of the comforter in Aaron’s fists, reverberating through the room. “Hot damn!” Max gasped.

Aaron came with such force and intensity that Kyle could feel the contractions against tongue which was still buried in Aaron’s arse.

Kyle pulled out and allowed Aaron to fall onto the bed and into his own cum. Kyle Parker looked smug. That was just the beginning, he told himself silently, smirking at the writhing body on the bed. He reached for the lube on the bedside table and poured a generous amount onto his thick, long fingers. Then bringing Aaron’s back onto his knees, he gently rubbed his lubed finger against his slightly loosened hole, and then pushed in a single finger. Aaron knew what to do…he pushed out, opening like a flower, making way for Kyle’s seeking finger. Kyle’s finger moved gently inside him, stroking deeper and deeper until the full length of it was buried inside his channel.

“Ahhh” Aaron moaned.

“You okay?” Kyle couldn’t stop himself from asking.

“Fuck yeah.” Aaron groaned, pushing back against the invading digit.

“I’m going to make you feel so good.” Kyle husked, sliding a little deeper till his fingertip glided over Aaron’s prostate.

“Dylan!” Aaron cried out as his cock got instantly hard.

Kyle groaned when he heard his name on Aaron’s lips. Aaron sounded so sexy and his name on his lips…Kyle didn’t know how to describe it. The way Aaron said his name made his stomach flutter. When Aaron started moving erotically against his finger, Kyle added a second finger, scissoring them around, massaging that spot inside Aaron that caused a bombardment of sensations to flow through Aaron’s body. Kyle watched as Aaron moaned and writhed on the bed, growling his approval as he stretched him out as fast as he could without hurting him.

“Oh God.” Aaron sobbed, understanding why some guys liked getting fucked so much. “Feels so fucking good…” He breathed. “Just fuck me, will you?” He ground out.

“Not just yet.” Kyle muttered, pushing in a third finger. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from Aaron’s rocking hips. Fuck, he was hot.

Aaron pressed his face into the pillow, his head twisting from side to side, lost in pleasure. He rode Kyle’s fingers until he thought he’d go insane, his body sweating, his breath coming in ragged gasps. The feel of Kyle’s long fingers moving, massaging his sweet spot, was so mind-shattering, Aaron begged without thinking.

“Please. God, Dylan, please…” He words trailed off into a long lustful moan. “I need more Dylan.” He growled.

“With pleasure.” Kyle pulled out his fingers and paused long enough to take off his boxer briefs and lube his cock, then he lined up his pulsing cock with the twitching hole waiting in front of him. “You know what to do.” He muttered and started to push in.

Aaron pushed out as he was supposed to but instinctively, tightened up when the head pushed in past the ring. “Fuck!” He gasped. It hurt.

“Christ!” Kyle groaned, when he felt Aaron clench on him. “You are tight. So fucking tight.”

“Oh, fucking hell.” Aaron cried out as his muscles contracted and his sphincters squeezed. He lost his erection.

“Relax,” Kyle ordered in an unsteady voice. If Aaron didn’t stop clenching on him, Kyle knew he was going to come. The feeling of Aaron’s clenched heat around his cock was mind-blowingly wonderful.

“Fuck, I’m trying. You’re so… thick.” Aaron gasped, hoping the cameras wouldn’t pick up his comment. The man was huge.

“Oh God, baby.” Kyle gasped. He was so drunk on pleasure he didn’t even notice when the endearment rolled off of his tongue. The almost painful squeezing of Aaron’s channel on his cock had such intense pleasure flooding his senses that, he couldn’t keep his eyes open.

With his eyes tightly shut, Kyle pushed in slowly till he was fully seated inside Aaron’s clutching heat.

“Holy fuck!” Aaron gasped, feeling so full and stretched.

“Tell me when you’re ready for me to move.” Kyle husked, opening his eyes to look at the sexy man impaled on his cock. He caressed Aaron’s back soothingly. His arse was exquisite and so tight, it felt as if his cock was being strangled.

After a while, Aaron wriggled his arse and ordered in a hoarse voice, “Move.” The pain had receded to a dull ache, but still Aaron couldn’t hold in his gasp when Kyle started to pull out slowly. It burned.

“Ah, God,” he gasped, squeezing his eyes tightly closed. What surprised Aaron, however, was the fact that the pressure inside him was painful and thrilling at the same time.

When Kyle pressed forward again, Aaron gasped and shifted his legs further apart to give Kyle better access. Kyle took him slowly with shallow strokes, wanting Aaron to get used to the feel of his cock, for his body to adjust to his size. When he noticed that Aaron was moving slightly to meet his thrusts and was able to accept his thrusts without whimpering in discomfort, Kyle leaned over him and asked softly;

“Better?” Though he knew there was definitely going to be pain and discomfort, Kyle wanted as much as possible, to ensure Aaron didn’t go through avoidable pain. Ken would kill him. The cameras wouldn’t lie.

At Aaron’s nod, Kyle straightened up and changed the angle of his thrusts. He slid almost all the way out and then pressed back in deeper, nice and slow, brushing that gland filled with pleasure-inducing nerves with the head of his cock. The dull ache inside Aaron was instantly replaced by blinding pleasure.

“Oh God.” Aaron squealed, stars bursting behind his eyes as the line between pleasure and pain got mixed up. His cock got instantly raging hard.

Then Kyle really went to town! He nailed that pleasure button inside Aaron, hitting that same spot over and over, causing Aaron’s entire body to shudder in pleasure. Aaron went wild as Kyle kept hitting that one spot inside of him, crying out at the powerful feeling and rocking back against Kyle.

“Oh, God right there. Give it to me, Dylan.” Aaron cried out and knew he had never meant anything more. Every word that tore out of him was not a mere porn talk, it came from somewhere deep inside. He wanted Dylan with a passion he hadn’t known he was capable of.

He felt Kyle’s fingers digging into his hips and knew he would get bruises but didn’t care. The feeling of Kyle’s hands on his body, his hard cock thrusting into him and the sound of his hips slamming against his arse was blissfully mind-blowing. Sensations slammed into him with every thrust and every sound Kyle made. He was completely under Kyle’s control, but Aaron welcomed his dominance, thrusting back vigorously against Kyle.

“Oh God, you feel so good.” Kyle gasped, wincing at the tremor in his voice and hoping it was missed.

Aaron arched his back as Kyle thrust his cock so deep into him he could not take a single centimeter more. Kyle coiled an arm around Aaron’s stomach and pulled him up so that Aaron’s head flopped back on Kyle’s shoulder, his eyes tightly shut in bliss. Kyle reached around and took his stiff leaking cock into his hand and stroked him.

“Please…” Aaron gasped brokenly as pleasure spiralled up his spine. He didn’t know what he was begging for. He just felt so many emotions within him he didn’t know what he wanted. He didn’t have any control left. Aaron just gave himself over to the overwhelming feeling, the pleasure, and the man taking him where he had never been before.

“What do you want?” Kyle growled into his ears, holding him tighter around the waist as he pounded his prick in and out of his flaming channel. He stroked Aaron’s cock but not enough to take him over the edge.

“I don’t…” Aaron whimpered as he gasped for air and continued to moan on each in-stroke. “Please, need to come…” He mumbled incoherently. He couldn’t have stopped making all those needy noises if he’d tried.

Kyle stopped thrusting into Aaron and pulled out of him.

“What…why…” Aaron gasped, turning to look at Kyle. He found himself staring right at Kyle’s lips. How would those sexy lips feel against his, Aaron thought. Shit!

“Lie on your back.” Kyle said quietly. He didn’t know what was happening to him but what he knew for sure, was that Ron Hunt was getting to him…in a hot way.

Aaron lay on his back and stared up at Kyle. When his eyes fell on Kyle’s wet, shiny and huge cock, he gasped, not believing he’d actually had that inside him just seconds earlier.

Kyle stared back at the beautiful man lying on the bed and shuddered. He knew he was hooked. He would never have enough of Ron Hunt.

The two stared at each other, hazel eyes locked with grey ones. They both knew something was happening between them, something special, something unstoppable, something beyond them… both could feel it but had no power to fight it. And that was when they stopped acting for the camera. Kyle and Aaron completely forgot about the cameras, the people in the room and the fact that they met that very day. They completely lost themselves in each other.

With a growl and a pounding heart, Kyle leaned down and captured a taut nipple between his teeth and bit down hard, just as he positioned himself at Aaron’s entrance and entered him with one smooth thrust that pressed his cock, hard against Aaron’s pleasure button…

And just like that Aaron started to shoot, coming hard without warning, his hot cum erupting between their bodies, and with it, an intensity of emotion.

“Oh My God!” Aaron screamed, his fingers reaching down of their own accord, to tangle in Kyle’s hair, to hold him to his nipple. The sweet pain of those teeth on his taut flesh, and the milking of his prostate by Kyle’s cock, was agonizingly phenomenal.

Kyle raised his head and stared down into Aaron’s ecstasy-glazed eyes. He watched Aaron fall apart, and it was the most erotically beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Aaron in the throes of passion was a thing of beauty.

“God, you’re beautiful. That was so hot…” Kyle whispered, staring down at Aaron with reverence. There was nothing more erotic than a man coming without a touch to his cock. If Kyle had been conscious of what he was saying, he would probably have stopped himself because that was definitely not porn talk.

Then to the utmost shock of everyone in the room, especially Kyle, Aaron pulled Kyle’s head down and took his lips in a spine-melting kiss.

“Holy fuck!” Max exclaimed. “We got more than we bargained for.” Ron Hunt had actually initiated a kiss…and a hot one at that.

Aaron continued rocking uncontrollably against Kyle, riding out his orgasm. Feeling an intense toe-curling pleasure throughout every part of his body, Aaron moaned lustfully into the kiss, fully impassioned.

The muscles of Aaron’s channel clamped down, massaging Kyle’s cock throughout his orgasm. Kyle grunted as pleasure whipped though him. He closed his eyes, praying the torment would end soon. He wasn’t ready to end the exquisite feeling of being inside Aaron, around him…tasting him

With a groan, Kyle slipped his fingers into Aaron’s hair and took over the kiss. And boy, could he kiss!

Kyle’s tongue plunged deep into Aaron’s mouth, so fiery and at the same time soothing, Aaron was lost. Pleasure exploded throughout his body as he eagerly joined Kyle in an erotic duel of lips, teeth and tongues. Kyle’s erotic sucking on his tongue was nearly more than Aaron could survive and he whimpered into the kiss. He felt possessed…taken. It was like nothing he’d ever experienced.

“Oh shit!” Whispered Max Viggo. “They’re making love.”

Aaron’s arms twined around Kyle’s neck, holding him close, his fingers biting into Kyle’s scalp as a rapturous pleasure spread through him. Somehow he could sense Kyle’s utmost desire was to pleasure him, and that knowledge filled Aaron with an emotion so palpable he trembled. The combination of Kyle’s slick tongue moving inside his mouth, the cock moving inside him, and the touch of tenderness he was being shown caused a dam to break within Aaron. He felt stripped…drained. Hot tears formed in his eyes and spilled down his temples. And once they began to flow, they wouldn’t stop.

Kyle raised his head to look at the man who was driving him insane with feelings he had never had for another human being, and gasped when he saw tears running into Aaron’s hair. The intensity of the feelings he saw in those grey eyes and the ones he felt could not be mistaken. The tightening feeling in Kyle’s chest told him all he needed to know. He wanted Ron Hunt for himself. He wanted to care for him, to protect him, to be with him…to be his anchor.

“Fuck!” Kyle swore, staring down at Aaron. “Leave us.” He bellowed, still staring at Aaron. “Now!”

Kyle didn’t need to repeat himself. Their dumbfounded audience quickly scrambled out of the room, closing the door firmly behind them.

And then Aaron burst into tears.

“Oh shit!” Kyle muttered. “Ron, are you okay?”

“Aaron.” Aaron corrected through his sobs. For some reason, he didn’t want Kyle to address him by his porn name. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s come over me.”

All Aaron knew was that he had never felt such overwhelming emotions before. The tension building within him that very moment had to do with a lot of factors. His personal problems, such as his mother’s illness, having to resort to acting porn to take care of their home and himself, having to bend his principles to get out of porn, and finally having feelings he didn’t understand for the man in his arms right then. All those pent-up emotions overwhelmed Aaron so much he couldn’t help but let it out though his tears. His entire body shuddered and trembled as great sobs tore out of him. He just couldn’t help it.

“Please tell me I didn’t hurt you, Aaron.” Kyle murmured worriedly, and then heaved a sigh of relief when Aaron shook his head indicating he hadn’t.

Kyle held him tightly, whispering soothing words to him till he calmed down. He just knew that whatever the reason that had caused Aaron to breakdown as he had, had to do with more than what was happening in that room. And for reasons he couldn’t fathom, Kyle felt an overwhelming sense of protectiveness towards the man in his arms. He wanted to take his pain away, make him forget all his problems, make him happy. Kyle wiped Aaron’s tears with the edge of the sheet and made to pulled out of him but Aaron tightened his hold on him, stopping him from pulling out.

“You haven’t come yet.” He said in a hoarse shaky voice.

Kyle chuckled and dropped a kiss on Aaron’s swollen lips. “Today was for you. I just wanted to give you pleasure. Damn, I didn’t know what I was letting myself into.” Kyle whispered the final part.

“What?” Aaron whispered. What did Kyle mean by today being for him?

“Never mind.” Kyle muttered. “You sure you’re up to this?”

Aaron knew he should demand an explanation for Kyle’s words but felt too dazed to pursue it. Maybe later, he told himself.

“Positive.” Aaron said, and then cleared his throat nervously when Kyle kept staring at him. “Listen, I know you’re probably freaked out but trust me, I’m never like this. I’m not some cry…”

Kyle leaned down and captured Aaron’s lips in a sensual kiss, cutting off his tirade. He then started moving inside Aaron, drawing a gasp from him. Aaron felt his body open for Kyle, and he cried out at the wondrous, solely pleasurable feeling Kyle’s cock was giving him. When Kyle changed the angle of his thrusts, hitting Aaron’s gland every time he plunged inside, Aaron moaned, ecstasy erupting inside him, blazing up his spine to tear through his senses. His already hardened cock leaked as it got rubbed between their bodies. Looking at Aaron, Kyle saw the pleasure and lust Aaron felt for him on his face and smiled. And that was all it took for Aaron to lose it again.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Aaron gasped in shock as he felt a sharp pulse of sensation race along his spine, felt the familiar tightening inside him and braced himself for the explosion that was about to come.

To say Aaron was surprised by the fact that he was about to come again after two intense orgasms…mere minutes apart, was an understatement. That had never happened to him before. And all it took was that sexy smile from Kyle. Damn! He could feel it deep within him, slowly and steadily building up as Kyle insistently nailed his button.

“Pease Dylan. Please…” Aaron moaned, thrusting up to meet Kyle’s slamming hips.

Kyle slid his hand between them and stroked Aaron’s cock, watching Aaron’s entire body convulse as pleasure whipped though him.

“Come for me, Aaron.” Kyle husked. He couldn’t hold on any longer. He needed Aaron to come so that he could embrace his own over-due release.

Kyle bent his head and licked the outer shell of Aaron’s ear with his hot tongue, dipping in to mimic the movement of his cock inside Aaron, till with a scream, Aaron erupted onto his stomach and Kyle’s fingers. Aaron didn’t shoot as much, but the feeling was much more intense as Kyle didn’t relent on his stroking; working that cock as he kept slamming up into Aaron. Aaron’s body tingled with agonizing ecstasy as each nerve ending sent electrical shockwaves through his body. He couldn’t help it…his screams reached a crescendo.

Kyle began making slow, controlled, shallow thrusts, seeking to drag out his impending explosion. But he didn’t stand a chance as Aaron’s muscles rhythmically contracted and clenched around his cock so tightly it was almost painful. Those clenching muscles pulled him deeper, milking him, blowing his mind…he was lost.

“Oh Christ, baby.” Kyle whispered just as an intense orgasm thundered through him and he cried out. “Fuuuuck!”

Kyle’s entire body shuddered and trembled as his cock lurched inside Aaron, shooting jet after jet of hot cum into him. The waves of pleasure kept washing over him for what seemed like hours. He pressed his face into Aaron’s neck, trying to get his breathing under control. Kyle felt like he was floating, drunk on orgasmic bliss and never wanted the euphoric feeling to end.

Kyle came down from his orgasmic bliss to a lingering sweet kiss from Aaron, his fingers stroking Kyle’s hair, soothingly. Kyle just about melted from that kiss and had to take deep breaths to be able to focus when they came up for air. Damn, for someone who didn’t want to kiss, Aaron could kiss!

“You know the expected thing to do was to have pulled out and cum on my face or something right?” Aaron laughed softly.

Kyle chuckled, still breathless. “Wild horses couldn’t have pulled me out of that exquisite heat, baby.” Kyle drawled, and then added in a husky voice, “You feel so perfect around me.” What he didn’t add, was the fact that he wished he didn’t ever have to leave Aaron’s warmth. He didn’t want to scare him with such talk because the mere thought scared even him. He slowly, pulled out of Aaron, not missing his blush. God, he was totally adorable. “Wait.” Kyle said to Aaron when he attempted to get up.

Kyle went to the adjoining bathroom and found a new washcloth as he had requested. After quickly cleaning himself up, he wet it with warm water and went back to the room to clean Aaron up. Kyle carefully wiped away the semen and lube on Aaron’s stomach and thighs before instructing him to turn over. Then he spread the slightly reddened cheeks to gently clean the cleft between them. Kyle winced when he saw the reddened gapping entrance, with his cum still spilled from it. Aaron was going to be very sore down there. Shit!

“You do that for all the people you fuck on set?” Aaron asked around the lump in his throat, floored by the tender care Kyle was giving him.

“No. Just the ones I like.” Kyle said softly. Aaron had assumed he was a fellow porn actor as he was supposed to. “Listen, we need to talk.” He sighed, watching as Aaron turned onto his back.

“Okay. I don’t usually chat with my ‘co-workers’ much.” Aaron said, giving the word quotations with his fingers. “But it’s the least I could do to show my appreciation to you for cleaning me up.” He smiled at Kyle who promptly mouthed his thanks. “You know, there was something I’d wanted to ask you. But I can’t remember what it was.” Aaron said with a slight frown on his beautiful face.

“Really? Let’s hope it comes to you then.” Kyle chuckled.

“Yeah, let’s hope it does.” Aaron responded with a soft laugh. “Damn, constipation will be a blessing right about now. Fuck!” He groaned.

Kyle threw his head back and roared with laughter. Aaron laughed along but then, got serious.

“Dude, you must be some star. Though I could have sworn you were new to all this.” Aaron muttered, then looked up into Kyle’s eyes and said in a serious voice. “You asked them to leave and they did. No one orders Max Viggo about like that. Certainly not a mere actor. You got something on him?”

“That’s what we need to talk about.” Kyle said as he got dressed. He felt he owed Aaron the truth at least. “What gave you the impression I was new at this? Was I that bad?” Kyle asked.

“Fuck no.” Aaron gushed. “You’re one hell of a fuck, man. The best I’ve ever had. You were…” Aaron trailed off staring at Kyle with so much desire.

Kyle laughed softly when he saw Aaron’s lustful expression. He was still lying on his back, slowly stroking his cock.

“Do you want me back in that bed with you?” Kyle asked, giving Aaron a teasing grin. “You can’t look at me like that and expect me to behave myself.” Kyle chuckled, moving to disconnect the cameras.

“What? Oh shit.” Aaron swore and flushed when he realized what he was doing, making Kyle bark with laughter. “What the fuck have you done to me? I’m usually not like this.” Aaron jumped out of the bed and instantly staggered back. His legs felt weak and his arse hurt.

Kyle was beside him in a flash to coil an arm around his waist. “Are you okay?” He asked in a voice filed with concern.

Aaron leaned into Kyle, burying his face against his neck, probably trying to hide his red face. “I’m sorry, my legs…” He trailed off.

Kyle dropped a kiss on Aaron’s hair and rubbed him on his back gently. “Better?” He asked after a while. Aaron nodded and stepped out of Kyle’s arms to pull on his jeans, not even bothering with his boxers. “As for the question of what the fuck I’ve done to you, I’ll take that as a compliment.” Kyle drawled, giving Aaron a slow wink. “Now tell me, why did you think I was new at this?”

“I don’t know…your actions I guess.” Aaron pulled on his t-shirt. “When you came for instance…you should have automatically pulled out. The viewer wants to see you shoot your load, not just deposit it inside the ‘bottom’.” He said, giving the word quotations with his fingers. “Of course if you hadn’t driven the director out, he would have probably made me push out your cum, for the camera. Also, you show too much concern. You asked me more than twice whether I was okay. I saw the shock in your eyes sometimes when I made some moves. Like when I touched your dick in Max’s office for example. You just feel…fresh.” Aaron shrugged looking at Kyle. “So…are you?”

“Maybe I was just overwhelmed by you.” Kyle drawled moving to stand in front of Aaron. “Shaken by you beauty.” Kyle cupped Aaron’s cheeks in his palms. “Blown away by your sexiness.” He ran his thumb over Aaron’s lower lip. Then he bent down and sucked on his lower lip so erotically Aaron couldn’t stop the moan that tore out of his throat. “Have a drink with me.” Kyle whispered against Aaron’s swollen lips.

“Listen dude,” Aaron swallowed hard, “much as I’ve never met anyone as sexy as you before, I don’t…”

“It’s just a drink. Come on, humour me. After all, I did clean you up.” Kyle gave Aaron a look so penetrating and sensual Aaron groaned and squeezed his eyes shut. “Please.” Kyle added in a whisper.

Aaron moaned when the whispered plea in his ear sent a shiver down his spine. There was something about Kyle that caused a flutter inside his chest, wound him up. Made him aware of his presence, gave him a blissful feeling inside. He opened his eyes and instantly got lost in heated hazel eyes.

“Okay.” Aaron whispered. He just knew he was in trouble.

“Thanks.” Kyle said and leaned down to captured Aaron’s lips in a fiery kiss that left Aaron breathless. “Come on. Let’s go wash this make-up off and get outta here.” They both turned and made their way into the en-suite bathroom.

Both men were already lost in their own thoughts, each man’s foremost thought being…What the fuck was going on?

One was in for his brother, the other, for the money…right? – Chapter 3 – The explosion!

When Kyle and Aaron eventually came out of the room it was to find Max, the two camera men and another young man who Aaron had never seen before, waiting patiently for them in the lounge. Aaron wondered who the stranger was. Probably a new actor, he thought. He was built like a wrestler and had this…’no nonsense look’. Where the fuck was Max getting all these hunks, Aaron wondered.

“Well, well, well, it’s about time.” Max drawled starting to walk towards them.

“You know what to do, Nick.” Kyle ignored Max and addressed the Triple H look alike. “Keep me posted.”

“Sure Boss.” ‘Triple H’ responded and started towards the room Aaron and Kyle had just fucked in.

“I’ll be in touch, Viggo.” Kyle said, giving Max a firm handshake.

“Good show, man.” Max said with a kiss-arse smile which made Aaron frown in confusion. Had he missed something?

Aaron was getting more convinced that his earlier thinking, that Kyle had something on Max, might be right after all. He also noticed that there was something about Kyle that screamed power. Well, he did say they had to talk. Aaron couldn’t wait to hear whatever Kyle had to say.

“Shall we?” Kyle said to Aaron as he gestured towards the door.

“I’ll be right out.” Aaron told Kyle and turned to Max. “I need to discuss something important with you. I’ll pass by tomorrow. Two p.m. okay with you?”

“Sure Ron. That was some hot shit my boy.” Max laughed giving Aaron a pat on the back. “See you tomorrow.”

With a nod to the other guys, Aaron went out. When he saw Kyle in a sleek navy blue Range Rover, he grinned. The guy obviously did something else besides acting porn. Aaron whistled as he got in the passenger seat.

“Nice.” He drawled, clicking the seat belt in place.

“Thanks. Hey are you okay?” Kyle hadn’t missed Aaron’s wince when he adjusted himself in the seat and couldn’t shake off the feeling of guilt. Aaron was obviously in pain.

“What do you think?” Aaron muttered, turning to look at Kyle.

“Sorry.” Kyle said quietly.

“Don’t be. You were just doing your job.” Aaron said, reaching into his back pocket to pull out his phone.

Just as Kyle turned on the engine, his own cell phone rang. He couldn’t keep the smile off his face when he saw who was calling.

“Hey little brother. What’s up?”

“Someone seems to be in high spirits. What are you up to?” Ken asked with a chuckle on the other end of the phone.

“Just work. You okay?”

“Yeah. Just thought I’d check in.”


“Don’t panic Ky. I’m fine. Wasn’t feeling too good this morning but I’m better now. Can’t find my Spiru…”

“I’ll be right there.”

“You don’t…”

“There’s a new box of Spirulina on the top shelf in the bathroom. See you soon.” Kyle hanged up and Aaron couldn’t help but notice his hands were shaking.

“Who’s sick?” Aaron asked quietly. “Your brother?” He’d deduced from the short conversation and Kyle’s reaction that someone close to him was not well.

Staring straight ahead as though he were in a trance, Kyle nodded. He wanted his nerves to calm down before he eased the car into traffic. He could feel himself shaking. Fuck!

Kyle turned to Aaron. “Listen, I…”

“I know. Go take care of him.” Aaron said quietly.

Kyle nodded and reached out his hand to Aaron. “Give me your phone.”

After a slight hesitation, Aaron handed over his cell phone to Kyle, who promptly keyed in his number and dialed himself. Then he handed the phone back.

“Kyle?” Aaron asked looking at the saved name.

“That’s my name. Dylan too. But that’s my middle name. Everybody calls me Kyle. Kyle Parker.”

“Aaron Hunter.” Aaron said softly. “Ron Hunt is only my…”

“I figured. So…I’ll call you.” Kyle said looking at Aaron. He didn’t want to leave him. There was an inexplicable tightness inside Kyle’s chest at the mere thought of not seeing Aaron again. It just didn’t feel right. And that feeling scared the hell out of Kyle. He cleared his throat and asked in a hoarse voice; “Where can I drop you off?”

“Oh no, you don’t ha…” Aaron started reaching for his seat belt buckle.

“I insist.” Kyle stated. “Where were you going to go from here?”

Aaron shrugged. “Home.”

“Give me your address.” Kyle eased his car into the traffic.

Aaron stared at Kyle. No one from his ‘work’ knew where he lived. Even as he rattled off his address, Aaron couldn’t believe he was actually giving a total stranger his home address. Stranger? Yeah right. If only his sore butt had a mouth.

Kyle parked his car in front of Aaron’s apartment block, which was in a very decent neighbourhood and turned to look at him. On the ride there, Aaron had confided that he lived with his sick mother and therefore understood what Kyle was going through. He’d encouraged Kyle to take it easy and hope for the best.

“Thanks for the ride.” Aaron said as he released his seat belt. Then he turned to face Kyle and had to suppress a gasp…Kyle’s desire-filled eyes were on his lips. Aaron bit his lower lip nervously and heard Kyle groan low in his throat.

“I want to kiss you so bad right now.” Kyle whispered, staring at those kissable lips.

Aaron let out a shaky breath. “Gotta go. Take care.” Then Aaron got out of the car and broke into a run.

He ran to save his sanity. Kyle Parker made him crazy, made him want to gladly break all his rules, made his world tilt with just a look. Aaron didn’t stop running till he got to his room. Then he flung himself onto his bed and let out a loud, frustrated scream into his pillow. What in blazes was happening to him?

Kyle watched Aaron run into the building and sighed. He was hard as rock. He wanted Aaron Hunter with a ferocity that surprised him. They really needed to talk. Kyle wanted to explain his part in their encounter and why he had to go to such lengths to do it. He wanted to explain before Aaron heard it from another person. He wasn’t as concerned about making him angry as he was about hurting him. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt Aaron. He was going to see to his brother first, and then come back for Aaron. And with that resolution, Kyle sped off towards Ken’s house.


“Tell them I’ll be there in the next twenty minutes, Bertha. I’m coming straight from the airport. See you in a bit.” Kyle hanged up. Then to his chauffeur, he said with a sigh, “Let’s pass through the office please, Henry.”

“Roger that Sir.” Henry responded making Kyle smile. Once a military man, always a military man. Henry would never change.

Kyle called Ken to tell him he was back in town and relaxed against the seat. He was very tired and wished he could just relax in bed but duty called. He’d had to go on an emergency trip three days earlier. On his way to Ken’s after dropping off Aaron, he’d gotten an emergency call from one of his companies in Germany. So after making sure that Ken was okay, he’d flown out of the country. Immediately he’d touched down back home in LA, however, Bertha, his executive assistant had called to remind him of a meeting scheduled for that very day. She claimed she hadn’t bothered to cancel it because he was supposed to have come back from Germany a day earlier. Well, shit happened, Kyle thought with a groan.

What worried Kyle even more was the fact that he hadn’t even gotten round to calling Aaron. He hadn’t expected Aaron to call him, as he’d rather promised to call Aaron. Kyle felt what he needed to say, couldn’t be said on phone so had decided to wait till he got back into town. Though Kyle had been very busy throughout his stay in Germany, Aaron had been in his thoughts day and night. He knew he had to see the sexy porn star. Kyle therefore planned to call him after his meeting, to arrange a meeting with Aaron for that evening. He had, rather surprisingly, missed Aaron. How was that even possible? He had only met the guy just once…and what a meeting it had been. Kyle felt his cock twitch. Fuck!

When he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, he groaned. But when he saw the caller, his heart missed a beat. Aaron! ‘Talk of the devil’. More like ‘Think of Sexy’. Kyle’s cock went from twitching to rock hard in an instant. He was surprised Aaron had taken the initiative to call though. The last thing Kyle was expecting was for Aaron to call him.

Kyle answered with a husky “Hey.”

“Hey yourself.” Aaron answered right back. “I want to see you.” He added without preamble. “Where are you now?”

Kyle was a little taken aback by Aaron’s forwardness. He could also detect something slightly off in Aaron’s voice but couldn’t tell exactly what it was. Whatever it was though, Kyle didn’t see any harm in telling Aaron where he was. Was Aaron missing him too? He sounded like he really had to see him.

“I’m on my way to the office.”

“And where’s that?”

“Know the KYPA Building?” Kyle asked.

“Who doesn’t? See you soon.”

“Wait…” Kyle started but Aaron had already hanged up.

Kyle stared at the phone in his hand and shook his head. He had wanted to tell Aaron to give him an hour or two before coming as he was going straight into a meeting. Kyle hoped Aaron was okay. He had sounded rather…abrupt.


Aaron was furious. Kyle Parker was a low life slimy bastard and he intended to tell him that to his face. A day after their encounter, Aaron had used the money he had been paid to do exactly as planned. He’s gone to clear his outstanding collage fees, cleared all his mother’s medical bills and paid their rent for the next two years. They still had enough to get by till he got a job. Then he had passed through Max Viggo’s office to tell him of his intentions to quit the acting job. Max hadn’t been around so Aaron had dropped a letter, stating that he’d quit the job. Fortunately for him, he didn’t have any contract in place so could quit at any time. It had been one of his conditions actually. In the letter, he’d thanked Max for all he’d done for him.

A day after leaving the letter, Max had called him and pleaded with him to come and see him.

“Listen Max, I know…” Aaron had stared but Max hadn’t even allowed him finish.

“Ron, please. Just come and listen to what I have to say. Please.”

After a little hesitation, Aaron had promised to go and see Max the following day. When he got to Max’s office, Max had sat him down and spoken non-stop for about thirty minutes. About how Ron was throwing away an opportunity most people would kill for, about how talented he was, about how he could use his new acquired skill to get a really high ranking in the porn industry…he had gone on and on.

Aaron had however stood his grounds and told Max that he’d only acted porn for the money. He had what he needed to survive now so he would concentrate on his education and hope for the best. By the time he was leaving, Max had tears in his eyes.

People loved Ron Hunt. And Max Viggo made a lot of money out of that. Now it felt like he was losing his prized bull and that made him really sad. But he understood the boy. Naturally, he had to stop at a point and do something better. Max actually thought the kid had balls and admired him for that.

“Hey Boss, are you ready to…” Lucas, Max’s younger brother who also worked as his assistant barged into the office, saw his brother wiping his eyes and trailed off. “What’s going on?” He asked, looking from Max to Aaron.

“Aaron is leaving us.” Max said gruffly.

“But why?” Lucas asked, looking at Aaron. “Don’t tell me you’re signing up with ‘Cocky Productions’.”

“No, no. I’m just going to concentrate on school that’s all.” Aaron told an irritated Lucas. But then the guy always did look like he had something stuck up his arse, Aaron thought. Lucas was not a friendly person.

“But how are you going to pay your…oh I get it.” Lucas looked like a light bulb had gone off in his head. “You now have enough money so you don’t need us huh? You ungrateful little shit.”

“Lucas…” Max warned. But Lucas was on a roll.

“You, with your holier-than-thou attitude and all those silly rules that couldn’t be bent. I’m not gay, I don’t accept propositions no matter the amount of money offered, I don’t do this, I don’t do that. What happened to those rules last Tuesday? All it took was a rich guy to destroy them.”

“Lucas enough.” Max shouted.

“Listen Lucas, I was only doing my job.” Aaron said patiently. He understood that Lucas was upset at the fact that he was leaving them and therefore tried not to get angry. “The fact that some idiot of a producer decided to pay a shitload of cash for that video, is not my problem.”

“Producer? Is that what you think?” Lucas snarled.

“What is he talking about?” A confused Aaron turned to Max.

“Take no notice of…”

“Oh but I think he should, Max. That Dylan guy who fucked you…did you really think he was a fellow porn star? No, little Ron. He just wanted to fuck you. So he paid big. Just to get you in the sack. And from what I heard, what a blast he had. With you squealing like a little bitch. Oh, yes I’ve heard everything. Too bad he took everything away and wouldn’t allow us to have a copy. What a title it would have had. I can see it.” Lucas looked up and spread his hands in the sky. “‘The great Ron Hunt; The rich man’s bitch.’ Or better still, ‘Ron Hunt Whores Himself.'”

“Is that true?” Aaron asked Max in a deadly quiet voice.

“Listen Ron…” Max started but almost jumped out of his skin when Aaron bellowed;

“Answer me.”

“Yes.” Max whispered. “But…”

“See?” Lucas sneered. “You’re now nothing but a man-whore. At least he paid good money. You ignora…”

Aaron didn’t wait to hear the end of Lucas’ insults. He stormed out of Max’s office. Outside, he leaned over a bench and took deep breaths, trying to calm himself. Now he understood Max’s kiss-arse attitude. Kyle was not who he pretended to be at all. No wonder, the man hadn’t called him as he’d said he would. And to think he had finally resolved, after sleepless nights spent thinking about how strongly he felt about Kyle, that he was going to give it a chance if Kyle wanted a relationship. How stupid he had been. All that he’d felt, all that had passed between them…had been one-sided.

Aaron told himself he didn’t have to dwell on it. After all, as far as he was concerned, he had been acting. And he’d gotten paid for it. No big deal…right? But it hurt. Especially with the bond he’d felt between them, all that chemistry…he’d never felt that with any other human being and that made Kyle’s treachery hurt even more. Aaron knew he couldn’t let go. He had to confront Kyle Parker. Face to face. He had nothing to lose. After all, he was now a whore and might as well act like one.

When Aaron heard Kyle’s husky voice on the phone, he’d almost melted. Almost. God, he was crazy about the man. When he felt the spasm in his cock, he had almost groaned. Thanks to Kyle, he was like a bitch in heat. That’s how badly he wanted the bastard. Shit!

He had to force himself to remain civil when he talked to Kyle on the phone. Kyle had obviously bought it because he’d told him where he worked. It was going to be fireworks in that office, Aaron vowed to himself. Kyle Dylan Parker, get ready, Aaron told himself silently as he got out of a taxi in front of the massive ‘KYPA’ skyscraper.


“Calm down gentlemen. Shouting is not going to accomplish anything. Now Peter, what were your exact instructions to those guys? Oh and Franklin, wait your turn. No need to turn this into a screaming match.” Kyle said in a hard voice.

There were five men in the meeting with him. He sometimes wished they were ladies instead of men. They would have been more tolerant. He turned his attention to Peter, his Operations Manager. But just as Peter started talking, the door to the conference room burst open and an angry looking Aaron barged in, to everyone’s surprise.

“You bastard!” Aaron bellowed at Kyle, moving slowly and menacingly towards where he sat at the head of the table.

“I tried to stop him Sir.” Bertha shouted, running in after Aaron. I told him you were in a meeting in here so he should wait but he went right ahead and…”

Oh shit! Aaron knew, Kyle thought, tuning out Bertha’s indignant voice. Kyle took a deep breath and stood up. “It’s okay Bertha.” Kyle said looking at the gorgeous man walking towards him. Even furious, Aaron looked mouth-wateringly hot. He thought Aaron looked simply delicious in his cargo pants and Henley long-sleeved shirt. All Kyle wanted to do was kiss him. Even angry, the guy turned him on. Damn!

“You just had to do it didn’t you?” Aaron asked walking slowly towards Kyle. “You can have anyone, but you just had to throw your money around didn’t you?”

“Gentlemen, please excu…” Kyle didn’t see it coming. When the blow landed on his jaw, he staggered back. “Fuck!”

“Oh my God.” Bertha screamed. “I’m calling security.”

“Bertha, don’t.” Kyle ordered and brought up his hand to block another blow from Aaron. “Just leave us.” He said, pushing a still furious Aaron into a chair and turning to move towards the door whilst messaging his jaw. At least the gentlemen had left as he’s requested, Kyle thought.

“Reschedule this meeting for tomorrow. And hold all my calls. Do not disturb me under any circumstances. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Sir.” Responded a bewildered looking Bertha.

“Good. Now scram. I’ll be fine.” Kyle said closing and locking the door behind his worried assistant.

He turned to see Aaron back on his feet. Kyle reached for a remote device and clicked it, closing all the blinds, then he shrugged out of his jacket and loosened his tie. Then both men just stood still and stared at each other across the distance. Aaron, with his grey eyes filled with so much pain and anger, and Kyle’s hazel ones filled with so much regret and want. When Kyle’s eyes dropped to Aaron’s lips, he felt like he’d been hit with an electric bolt. Aaron was angry and hurt…but those lips… Kyle had a feeling, if he didn’t taste those lips, kiss Aaron right then, he would probably die. Three long strides took him to Aaron.

“How could you?” Aaron whispered. “I thought you…”

Kyle’s slammed his lips on Aaron’s, stopping Aaron mid-stream. A surprised Aaron automatically tried to push Kyle off when he felt his lips on his. He raised his hands to Kyle’s chest and futilely tried to push him away but like a tree, the guy wouldn’t budge. Aaron gasped in indignation, and Kyle immediately took the opportunity to plunge his tongue into Aaron’s slightly opened mouth. The instant Aaron felt Kyle’s tongue touch his, all the fight fled out of him. The thrill that passed through Aaron felt like nothing he’s ever experienced, it felt like a shock to his system and just like that, all the resistance faded as he’d submitted to Kyle’s will. Kyle proceeded to kiss Aaron with a fierce pent-up passion that surprised Aaron. Those hands that had tried to push Kyle away, now fisted in his shirt, holding him close. Moaning helplessly, Aaron kissed Kyle back as if his very existence depended on it.

They both felt each other’s erections through their pants and rubbed against each other. When Aaron felt Kyle’s fingers unzipping his pants, he was powerless to stop him. When that hand burrowed into his boxers and pulled out his weeping cock, Aaron moaned into the kiss. Then Kyle was stroking that cock, rubbing the wet tip with his thumb, driving Aaron crazy with his touch. Aaron tore his mouth from the kiss to give a lusty wail.

“Kyle…” He moaned brokenly. His head thrown back in helpless abandon as he bucked wildly against Kyle.

Kyle could feel Aaron was about to lose it. And if he remembered correctly, Aaron could spurt a whole shit load of cum. He let go of the cock in his palm, smiling when Aaron groaned in protest. Then he pushed him backwards to lay face-up on the huge conference room table, with his butt on the edge. Then Kyle bent and swallow Aaron’s cock whole.

“Jesus.” Aaron cried out, one arm covering his eyes whilst the other held on to the edge of the table.

With the way Kyle was sucking on his cock and pulling on his balls, Aaron simply couldn’t hold it. His entire body began to shudder and tremble as his orgasm travelled up his spine. When Kyle pulled him into his throat and swallowed around him, Aaron didn’t stand a chance. He lost it.

“Kyle I’m gonna…” Aaron’s hands moved down to tangle in Kyle’s hair.

With a loud cry, which made Kyle thankful for the soundproof nature of the conference room, Aaron erupted, flooding Kyle’s throat. Kyle messaged his balls as he continued swallowing around the pulsing cock in his throat.

When he eventually pulled off Aaron’s cock, Kyle moved up to take Aaron’s mouth in a kiss so sweet Aaron thought he’d died and gone to heaven. When they both came up for breath, Kyle smiled that sweet sexy smile that never failed to cause Aaron’s heart to miss a beat and winked at him.

“Ready to listen to me now?” Kyle husked.

“Fuck you.” Aaron whispered.

“Come here.” Kyle said, pulling Aaron up into a hug. And Kyle just held Aaron to his chest, enjoying the feel of him in his arms. “I’m sorry.” Kyle said softly.

“Oh shit!” Aaron muttered, pulling out of Kyle’s embrace. He was supposed to be angry, not drooling over Kyle Parker. He angrily pulled up his pants, staring daggers at Kyle the whole time.

Kyle stepped back and sat in one of the chairs, watching as Aaron zipped himself up. When he finished, he chose to lean against the table with his arms folded across his chest, still staring at Kyle.

“Now keep an open mind and hear me out.” Kyle started, running his fingers through his hair in frustration…both sexual and dread for what he was about to reveal.

Aaron gave a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes and shook his head at Kyle. “You really think everything is about sex don’t you? You give me a hand-job or blow me and I’m to listen to whatever crap you have to say?”

“Aaron please just listen to…”

“No you listen.” Aaron hissed. “If you were a decent person, you wouldn’t have done what you did. I know no one forced me to accept your terms but that’s my own problem. I had my reasons. I thought I was doing what I always do…act. You merely wanted a fuck. And knowing very well I didn’t accept such propositions, you went out of your way to pay to fuck me. Are you psycho? You don’t know me from anywhere and yet you were willing to do all that. Just for a fuck. Are you for real? Wait…was it a bet or something? ‘Cause this doesn’t make sense.” Aaron looked incredulous. The guy had gone as far as rimming him for fuck’s sake. Who does that with a total stranger?

“You fuck strangers all the time.” Kyle murmured.

“Yes, but that’s my job. That’s not your job. You didn’t have to do that. You are a good looking guy and can get any guy or girl you want. But you kissed, rimmed and fucked a total stranger. And after paying a shitload of money too. Why?” Aaron looked genuinely confused. “In fact, no explanation will make this seem right. Look, I don’t ever want to see you again. I’m going to pay back every penny.” Aaron saw Kyle stiffen but went on. “I’ve used most of the money already. I did before I got to know what you did. And I’m out of work now. But if it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to pay that money in full.”

“You earned it fair and square.” Kyle said quietly.

“I did, didn’t I? But guess what, I feel used. At least because I actually earned it fair and square as you so gracefully put it, I’m going to pay that money at my own pace.”

“You don’t have to.” Kyle said, running his fingers through his hair in exasperation. “I won’t take it.”

“We’ll see about that, won’t we? Now let me the fuck out.” Aaron said straightening up to his full height.

“Aren’t you at least going to listen to why I did it?” Kyle asked quietly. His heart was breaking.

“If you had wanted to tell me, you would have done so before today. I’m not…”

“I travelled.” Kyle cut in. “After I dropped you off last Tuesday, I got an emergency call to go to Germany. So I quickly went to Ken, my brother, to make sure he was okay and went to Germany that very day. I didn’t want to tell you this over the phone so I planned on talking to you when I got back into town. When you called, I was on my way here from the airport. I’d planned on seeing you today. I’m so sorry you had to find out from someone else. I really was going to tell you.”

“The door please.” Aaron’s voice sounded lethal.

“Aaron, please.” Kyle whispered. If Aaron was this angry already, how was he going to take the news that the whole thing had been a bet, Kyle wondered.

At Kyle’s whispered plea, Aaron took a really good look at him and was shocked at the look on Kyle’s face. He actually looked scared shitless. But why? “Why did you do it?” Aaron whispered.

With his eyes downcast, Kyle told Aaron everything. He told him about the bet, how he’d gone about making it happen and what he intended to do with the tape.

“All for your brother.” Aaron said, staring at Kyle.

Kyle nodded. “All for Ken.” Kyle murmured, the added with a slight smile, “You know, if you had shown a little feeling in your videos, we wouldn’t be in this situation?” He drawled.

“Oh, you’ve got jokes.” Aaron raised a brow.

“I’m sorry.” Kyle sighed throwing his arms up in the air. “I didn’t even know you at the time. I just wanted my brother to go back to chemo. And also, to make him happy.”

And just like that, Aaron remembered. “That day you…you said the fuck was for me. You said something about wanting to give me pleasure. I’d wanted to ask you what you meant by that but…”

“You forgot.” Kyle finished Aaron’s sentence.

“And you didn’t have to know me to know that what you were doing to me was wrong, you jerk. Not knowing me then doesn’t make this right. That’s not how you treat people.” Aaron was getting worked up.

“Listen, I’m not going to show it to him if you don’t want me to. I don’t think he’s ever going to go back to chemo anyway. He’s a very stubborn man. So I’m not going to use it.” Kyle said softly.

Aaron stared at Kyle, lost for words. At least he had his answer. Whatever he had felt that day had been one-sided. For Kyle, it had only been a bet. How stupid he’d been to think…Never mind what he thought. It was all in the past now. So why did it feel like his heart was being ripped out of his chest? He needed to get out of there…to be alone.

“Door.” Aaron stated simply.

Kyle stood and went to open the door for Aaron, who simply left without another word. Kyle knew he was screwed.


“Darling you have a visitor.” Peggy Hunter, Aaron’s mother called from the living room immediately Aaron entered the house.

Aaron wondered who would be looking for him at that time of the night. He’s met with his study group to finalize their presentation so had gotten home late. It was already past eight p.m. Aaron came to an abrupt halt when he entered the living room and saw the man who had been hunting his dreams every night for the past few weeks, sitting on the couch with his mother.

“He’s been here since five p.m. Aaron. He’s such a gentleman too. He helped me make dinner. You didn’t tell me you had such…”

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Aaron asked Kyle in a cold voice.

“Language, Aaron.” Peggy Hunter admonished her son. “Be respectful, Kyle is a guest.”

Aaron gave a short humourless laugh. “Some guest.” He snorted.

“Aaron…” Peggy raised her voice.

“I don’t want him here mum.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Peggy replied. “He’s here now. And you will show him some respect.”

“Sorry mum.” Then Aaron turned and walked off to his room.

Peggy watched his son go and sighed. “He’ll come around. He’s as stubborn as his father, bless his soul. Just let him know you’re sorry for whatever you did. Keep telling him.”

“Thanks Peggy. Do you mind if I go and talk to him in his room?”

“Not at all. Go right ahead. Second door to your left.” Peggy Hunter knew a good person when she saw one. And to her, Kyle gave off good vibes. She liked him.

“Thanks.” Kyle said and went off in search of Aaron.

He gave a small knock on the door and entered the room to see Aaron lying face down in bed. Kyle stood looking at him for a while, willing his heart to slow down. He hadn’t been able to sleep since he last saw Aaron about a week earlier. All he could think about was Aaron, especially now that Stephen, Ken’s boyfriend was back in town and Kyle had to give them their privacy. Aaron had been ignoring his calls and messages, shattering him even more. He didn’t know what to do, didn’t know how to go about getting Aaron to talk to him. Out of desperation, he’d made a conference call to his friends, excluding Michael who was in theatre at the time, and Tyron who was out of town. He needed advice from his ‘squad’ as they affectionately called themselves.

Kyle got Damon, Dean, Matt, Chris and Cole on the line and told them what he’d done, leaving out the racy details of course. They were a really close group…almost like a family. All the guys were successful and very well to do but when they got together, they always acted like kids who didn’t have any care for the world. And that was what made it fun. Kyle loved his boys but just knew they were going to give him hell this time.

“Did you use a condom?” Dean asked.

“Of course he used a condom you moron.” Chris gushed. “Why should you even ask that? Listen dude, let it go. Forget about him.”

“He said he couldn’t, Chris. And that is the problem.” Cole drawled. “Now come up with something sensible.”

“You said you know his house right?” Damon asked.

“Yes.” Kyle said.

“Go there. Make him listen to you.” Damon said.

“I don’t want him to think I’m stalking him.” Kyle growled.

“Dude, he’s just a kid. What can he do? Just go and demand he talks to you. Simple.” Dean said.

“Hey asshole, I thought Tristan taught you better.” Cole drawled. “You really think you can order someone like Tristan about? This guy obviously has balls. Storming into that meeting… ”

“Giving the idiot a killer punch…”Dean added sounding too thrilled. “That’s definitely something Tristan would do.” He added with a chuckle.

Damon laughed softly. His husband, Tristan, was a spitfire and he loved him to bits. “Tell me about it. But hey Dean, why don’t you go ordering Kayla about and let’s see what happens, you twerp.” Damon drawled making all the guys erupt into raucous laughter. No one, who valued their lives, dared order Kayla, Dean’s girlfriend about.

“Listen, Kyle.” Matt, who had been quiet throughout their exchange, boomed when the guys eventually calmed down. “Go to his house and talk to his mum. Get her to like you. Tell her, her son is angry at you for something silly you did, and you want to apologize. She’ll help you.”

“Brilliant.” Cole chipped in. “Oh and invite Aaron to the party. At least then, we get to see him.”

“Who says I’m going to wait till then?” Damon drawled. “I just bought his videos on-line. He’s hot, guys.”

“Damon…” Kyle groaned and all the guys promptly dissolved into laughter.

“Where the fuck is Tristan?” Dean asked trying to catch his breath.

“He just walked in. Hey love.” The others heard Damon greet Tristan. Then they heard the unmistakable sounds of kissing and they all groaned.

“Get a room, boys.” Chris chuckled.

“We are in our room, Chris.” Tristan laughed. “Hi guys.”

After a chorus of hellos, Chris said in a serious voice; “On a more serious note, Kyle, I think you should let this go. He’s a porn star for fuck’s sake. Are you ready for all that baggage?”

“He quit, Chris.” Kyle said quietly. “He’s in college. He’s a good kid, from the little I’ve gathered. And I genuinely like him.” Kyle sighed.

All the guys went quiet, hearing it all in Kyle’s voice. He actually sounded like he more than liked the boy. Who could stand in the way of that? Even they, could feel the emotional attachment Kyle already had for the kid.

“Go for it, man.” Tristan said quietly. He didn’t need to be a genius to know what they were talking about. And if it was truly the juicy twink his husband was pointing at on his computer to him that very moment, then Kyle falling for him was not surprising. “He’s totally hot.” Tristan added making all the guys burst into laughter.

So there Kyle was, in Aaron’s house, inside his bedroom, staring down at the man he wanted more than he’d ever wanted anyone, and what does he see? Aaron’s body shaking. Next came very faint snivelling sounds. Fuck it! Aaron was crying and Kyle’s heart broke all over again. He couldn’t stand it. He closed the door and got onto the bed. Then he covered Aaron’s body with his and just held him.

Aaron got even more emotional when he felt Kyle’s weight on him. It felt like he was sheltered…cocooned in a place where nothing could touch him. He loved it. And God, Kyle smelt divine. He hadn’t been able to get Kyle out of his mind since he last saw him. Ignoring his calls and messages had been very difficult. One message especially had gotten to Aaron. It had read:

‘There’s no taking back what I did. How I wish I could just say ‘I’m sorry’ and watch as what I’ve done wrong disappear before our very eyes. I know that won’t happen. But I want you to know I am sorry. There’s just no excuse for the way I’ve made you feel. So even though I can’t take anything back, I hope you know how much I’m sorry and forgive me. Please pick my calls.’

He had actually almost called Kyle when he read that, but had stopped himself. Had told himself he was better off without people like Kyle in his life. He knew he had to be strong and stay away, no matter how much he was dying to be in Kyle’s arms. Now he was here, in his house, looking as sexy as all fuck in a black button-down shirt, black jeans and black boots.

Aaron had prayed for strength from all the angels, to stop himself from going to give those kissable lips of Kyle’s the fierce kiss they deserved, when he saw him sitting with his mother. He’d felt a flood of emotions brake free in his body: lust, desire, anger, and they were all for the man holding him that very moment. Kyle wasn’t helping the situation by lying on top of him, as all that had accomplished was to make Aaron as hard as a rock. And to think he was actually angry at the guy. His body sure did know how to betray him.

“I’m sorry.” Kyle murmured into Aaron’s hair when he felt him calm down.

“Just leave me alone.” Aaron growled, wiping at his eyes with his sheets.

“I can’t.” Kyle muttered dropping tiny kisses on Aaron’s neck.

Aaron’s breath hitched in his throat. “Made another bet?”

“Shut up.”

“Make me.” Aaron said before he could stop himself.

The next thing Aaron knew, he was on his back and Kyle was plundering in mouth with his. Aaron sighed and melted into the kiss, kissing Kyle back with a fierceness that surprised both of them. He couldn’t have stopped himself even if his life had depended on it. All Aaron could think of was how much he’d missed Kyle’s lips and how those lips felt good against his.

“God, I’ve missed you.” Kyle murmured against Aaron’s swollen lips when they eventually came up for air.

“I want you to give it to him, Kyle.” Aaron said against Kyle’s lips.

“Give what to who?” Kyle looked confused and oh so handsome, Aaron pulled his head down for another kiss. “Can’t get enough of me huh?” Kyle drawled huskily when Aaron released his lips.

Aaron ignored Kyle’s question and rather locked eyes with him. “Ken. Give him the video.” Aaron stared up into captivating hazel eyes, losing himself in them.

Kyle’s heartbeat increased. “What?” He stared down at Aaron in surprise.

“I said…”

“I know what you said and the answer is, no. And that is final. Let’s talk about something else.”

Kyle actually felt angry. The mere thought of someone…even his own brother, seeing Aaron in that way was upsetting. Unbeknownst to Aaron, he had paid to take all his videos on-line, down. He couldn’t do anything about what people had already bought, but he sure as hell could do something about what was on-line. After all, Aaron was no longer in the business. Max Viggo had already been handled. That slime ball would do anything for money and had been all too happy to give up his rights and everything that had Ron Hunt in it, for a huge sum of money. When Damon had easily bought Aaron’s video on-line during their conference call, Kyle had resolved to do exactly that…take everything down. He sure didn’t need Aaron’s permission to do that, Kyle had thought, Aaron had nothing to lose.

“Please.” Aaron whispered.

Kyle frowned and looked down at Aaron with surprised eyes. “You really want me to give it to him don’t you?” He asked sounding incredulous.

Aaron nodded his head, looking solemn. “I do.”

“Listen, I know my brother. Even if I win, that won’t make him do something he doesn’t want to do. So forget it. Let’s just assume I couldn’t…” Kyle trailed off.

“Fuck me.” Aaron finished Kyle’s sentence quietly. “But you did. Look at it this way, at least one of my fans will know that I’m not stiff.” Aaron murmured, then gasped when he felt Kyle’s fingers wrap around his stiff cock through his pants.

“But you are.” Kyle whispered teasingly, undoing the buttons on Aaron’s pants, whilst pushing his shirt up to exposed Aaron taut nipples to his greedy eyes.

“Well, don’t blame me. I never seem to go soft around you.” Aaron groaned.

“Feeling is mutual, baby. I want you so fucking much it hurts.” Kyle husked, dropping his lips to the sensitive spot at the base of Aaron’s neck, delighting in his long lustful moan. “God, I love it when you make those sounds. Makes me wanna drive you out of your fucking mind.”

“You already do. So…you going to give it to him? For me?” Aaron breathed.

Kyle had no intention of doing any such thing. But he saw an opportunity and decided to take it.

“On one condition.” Kyle husked, drawing a pebbled nipple into his mouth. Meanwhile his hand kept stroking Aaron’s leaking cock, which he’d pulled out of his pants.

“Oh God.” Aaron moaned, his hand going to the back of Kyle’s head to hold him to his nipple. Whatever Kyle was doing to that taut flesh felt heavenly. “What condition?” Aaron whimpered, his eyes tightly shut. That was so not the time to negotiate, he thought. But he couldn’t have stopped Kyle even if his room had chosen that moment to go up in flames.

Kyle pulled off his nipple long enough to husk. “You don’t pay me back my money.”

“Oh no, you…” But Aaron’s words turned into a wail when Kyle bit down on his nipple. Aaron bucked uncontrollably against Kyle as the exquisite pain from the bite to his nipple went straight to his throbbing cock. And just like that, Aaron felt his cum churning inside his balls. “Oh God, I need to come.” He gasped.

Kyle’s other hand went to Aaron’s other nipple to twist and pull on it. “Do we have a deal?” Kyle asked against Aaron’s stiff nipple.

Aaron could have promised Kyle all the gold in the world that particular moment. Never mind the fact that he didn’t have any. Anything, to make Kyle get him over the edge. He thrust his hips up, fucking his cock into the tight circle of Kyle’s fist, not able to stop himself, and not wanting to. He could feel Kyle’s hard cock against his thigh, trying to rub right into his skin through both their pants.

“Oh fucking shit. Oh God, Kyle, gonna come, need more, please Kyle need to come…”

“Do we have a deal, Aaron?” Kyle husked, watching Aaron’s ecstasy-ravaged face. He was so fucking sexy, Kyle’s hunger for him multiplied a hundred fold.

“Yes…yes…oh please.” Aaron panted and trembled, totally out of his mind with the need to release. Then Kyle begun to twist and pull on the nipple under his fingers, twist the weeping head of Aaron’s cock on each up-stoke, and pull on his other nipple with his teeth. Aaron didn’t know what hit him. With a loud cry, he came in shuddering jerks, cum splattering on his stomach, as far up to his chin and even soiling Kyle’s shirt. “Holy fuck!”

Aaron couldn’t stop coming. He moaned loudly as his entire body shook in bliss. Kyle raised his head from the nipple in his mouth and moved to cover Aaron’s mouth with his. Starting with a tender swipe of his lips, Kyle watched Aaron’s face as he kissed him, loving the way his eyes fluttered beneath the lids. God, he loved everything about this guy, Kyle thought with a feeling akin to shock swirling through him. Fuck! With a growl, Kyle pressed his mouth harder against Aaron’s, giving him such a deep passion-filled kiss, he stole Aaron’s breath away.

When they pulled apart to take a much needed breath, Kyle trailed his mouth to Aaron’s ear and whispered with so much emotion;

“Oh fuck, Aaron. What the hell are you doing to me?” Kyle felt like he was on a roller-coaster, he could neither slow it down nor stop it. The scary thing was that, he didn’t want to.

Kyle drew back and stared down into Aaron’s glazed eyes. God, he adored him. Aaron had come to mean so much to him in such a short time it was amazing. Giving Aaron pleasure actually felt good. It felt terrifyingly good. Kyle pulled him into his arms and rocked him as he would a child.

“I should be asking you that.” Aaron gasped, still panting and trembling. “You don’t play fair.” He accused.

“What did you expect? I’m a business man. I never miss an opportunity.” Kyle drew back to smile at Aaron.

Aaron just stared up at Kyle and shook his head in wonder. He pulled off his shirt to wipe off his cum and then threw it into the waste basket. Kyle looked at Aaron’s sexy abs and almost groaned. God, he wanted Aaron so bad, he could taste it. Almost as though Aaron knew what Kyle was thinking, he reached down between them to squeeze Kyle’s erection through his jeans. Kyle groaned as if he were in pain, almost coming there and then. He was that close. Watching Aaron come had pushed him to the edge.

Aaron pushed Kyle to lie on his back and went to kneel between his thighs, and then attacked his zipper. Immediately he released Kyle’s huge pulsing cock, Aaron went to town on it. He first licked the precum spilling from the tip, loving the glistening string of precum hanging from the tip of Kyle’s cock to his own mouth.

Kyle watched the string of clear liquid too and unconsciously licked his own lips. Then he saw Aaron throw him a naughty look and start to engulf his cock, inch by agonizing inch, swallowing his cock like a python would swallow its prey.

“Aaron, oh God.” Kyle grunted, shaking. It was too much.

Kyle’s entire body shook with pleasure. He couldn’t remain still, and nothing pleased Aaron more. Aaron let him slide slowly out, looking up at Kyle briefly as he let the head of Kyle’s cock rest against his lips, swirling his wet tongue around the mushroomed head.

“Christ, you’re good at this.” Kyle gasped shakily as his hands moved down to entwine inside Aaron’s hair.

Aaron proceeded to lick Kyle’s cock from the head all the way down and back up. Then hollowing his cheeks, he sucked him with deep pulls. A harsh cry ripped out of Kyle as his back arched and his fingers tightened inside Aaron’s hair. Aaron tightened his hold on Kyle’s hips, pinning him to the mattress and swirling his tongue around the head of his cock before bobbing his head up and down and again, sucking on him hard. Kyle’s eyes closed in bliss. It felt so fucking good. When Aaron reached down to tug gently at Kyle’s balls, squeezing gently, rolling them between his fingers, Kyle flew into bliss.

“Aaron, shit, gonna come,” Kyle gasped. He felt everything in his body tense, could feel his orgasm race from his skull down his spine and up his cock in a rush. With a strangled cry, he shattered into oblivion as he came hard, shooting deep into Aaron’s throat. “Oh fucking shit, Aaron!” Kyle gasped brokenly as he kept shooting deep into Aaron’s hot mouth, feeling Aaron swallow it all. The sensations were so intense Kyle thought he could very well die from the pleasure of it. That was the fastest he’d ever come and he was floored.

Aaron sucked Kyle dry. He kept sucking and licking, till he felt Kyle stop shaking. Even then, he kept working Kyle, teasing him till his cock softened and turned so sensitive he couldn’t help but gasp and shiver.

“Oh Christ, Aaron.” Kyle panted. “You’re amazing. Nothing better than you.”

Aaron released his prick with a kiss to the tip and then moved back up to lie on top of Kyle. Then Aaron took Kyle’s mouth in a hot and wet kiss, sharing Kyle’s flavour with him. Kyle thought it was so erotic. Aaron kissed him so deeply and thoroughly Kyle felt his cock start to twitch. They devoured each other’s mouths till they had to come up for air.

“Fuck, you’re so hot,” Aaron said running his hands over Kyle’s face. “So goddamn sexy.” Aaron took another long kiss and Kyle moaned. “And yes, I can’t get enough of you.” Aaron whispered.

“You can have me anytime you want, anyhow. Just don’t hit me again please.” Kyle said softly, looking at Aaron from beneath his long lashes. “That was some mean punch.”

Aaron chuckled. “I’m not sorry I hit you. You hurt me.”

“I know and I’m sorry.”

“If it had been any other person, it wouldn’t have hurt this much. But you…you, I had a…connection with that day. When I heard you paid just to fuck me, I told myself that was probably why you never bothered to call like you promised. I felt…used, betrayed, deceived. Do you understand me?”

“Perfectly. I wanted to explain everything to you myself and in person. That’s why I asked you out for a drink that day. I didn’t want you to hear this from another person.”

“I’m sorry I interrupted your meeting.” Aaron muttered.

“I’m not. I’d missed you so bad. Besides, it could have gone much worse.”

“How so?”

“You could have come with a gun. I would.” Kyle said with a smile.

“I love it when you smile.” Aaron whispered.

“Dude, if you keep saying stuff like that, I’m gonna fuck you.” Kyle laughed.

“And what’s stopping you?” Aaron’s eyes went wide as the words left his mouth. “Oh fuck, forget I said that.” Aaron groaned getting off Kyle. His face was pink.

Kyle couldn’t hold in his laughter. “Oh my God, you’re so fucking adorable. A porn star who blushes at the mention of sex.”

“No I don’t. And that’s ex-porn star to you, you jerk.” Aaron muttered, zipping Kyle up.

“How’s your arse?” Kyle asked softly.

“It’s okay.” Aaron mumbled, pulling up his pants and buttoning up.

“Good.” Kyle husked. “You need to eat.”

“Yeah. Did you eat with my mum?” Aaron took a white t-shirt from his closet and pulled it on.

“A gentleman never refuses a good offer from a lady.” Kyle drawled.

Aaron laughed. “Yeah right. Some gentleman you are. Going around fucking porn stars.” Aaron muttered.

“Ex porn…”

“I wasn’t an ex then, asshole.” Aaron laughed. “Wait here, I’m going to bring my food.” He said, bending down to give Kyle a quick kiss. Then he was gone.

Kyle watched Aaron go and groaned silently. How the fuck was he going to convince Aaron that he’d given their video to Ken when there was no way in hell he could ever do that now? It looked like he just kept manipulating Aaron in one way or the other.

“Fuck!” Kyle swore, running his fingers through his hair in frustration.

He had to talk to Ken. Ken was the only one who could help him out of his current predicament. Kyle didn’t have any intention of pissing Aaron off again and he knew Aaron would never trust him again if he found out that he hadn’t kept to his part of the deal…that he had agreed not to pay back the money, for nothing. And Kyle sure didn’t want that because he planned on keeping Aaron in his life for…life. Shit!

Kyle Parker didn’t need anyone to tell him that he’d got it real bad! Aaron made his heart race, made his knees week… How the hell had Aaron managed to get past his defences? He was irrevocably crazy about Aaron Hunter and even had a feeling he might have actually lost a piece of his heart to the sexy ex porn star. Not to mention his sanity. In that moment, Kyle just knew Aaron had the power to break him, to complete him…to make him the happiest man alive.


One was in for his brother, the other, for the money…right? – Chapter 4 – Acceptance!

As Aaron dished his food in the kitchen, he couldn’t keep the goofy smile off his face. Kyle brought out that in him. Made him forget about his problems and just…be. In a way, though it had hurt to find out, he was grateful to whichever force that had made Kyle do what he did because he wouldn’t have gotten to know him otherwise. But whatever force it was must have been one kinky, naughty force, Aaron thought with a soft laugh. He was happy.

“I take it you forgave him.” Peggy Hunter drawled, leaning against the kitchen door.

“Oh my God, mum.” Aaron gasped, his free hand going to his chest. “You startled me.”

“Sorry but don’t blame me. I made enough noise to raise the dead but you were obviously too far gone in your thoughts to hear me. And if that look and laugh is anything to go by, it must have been some really good thoughts.” Peggy said with a grin.

She rarely saw her son this happy. It was like there was an…inner glow. When he came in earlier and saw Kyle sitting with her, his first expression had been unguarded, showing so much desire and joy, she had known instantly that her son was in love. Then a mask had quickly dropped to cover that look, turning it hostile and that had really worried her because besides the fact that her son had a really mean temper sometimes, Peggy thought Kyle was an extraordinarily likable and pleasant person. At least now she knew for sure her son was gay.

To say it had never crossed Peggy Hunter’s mind that her son might be gay, was not true. She had thought about the possibility. Aaron was a really handsome boy. In fact so handsome that, when he was a kid, strangers would give him gifts and show them kindness whenever they went out. Peggy knew lots of girls were dying to call Aaron their boyfriend. Some went as far as stalking him, to his annoyance. But Aaron seemed not to have any interest in them. Of course she knew Aaron had sex with some of the girls once in a while, but he was never ready to enter into any relationship with them as boys his age did. She used to wonder whether it was so because Aaron spent almost all his time between his studies and her, but realized her son was simply not interested in the girls. So yes, she had considered the possibility of him playing for the other team but since she had never seen him get close to any boy, had brushed it off. Now she knew better. Her son was in love with that Kyle Parker guy. And if the look in Kyle’s eyes whenever he mentioned Aaron’s name or whenever Peggy told him stories about Aaron was anything to go by, the feeling was mutual, Peggy thought. She just wanted her son to be happy and she had a feeling Kyle was a good person and would treat her son well.

“So… You love him.” It wasn’t a question.

“Mum…” Aaron groaned. “I hardly know the guy.”

“That doesn’t matter, hon.” Peggy stepped into the kitchen to lean against the Island. “You can’t control or choose who you fall in love with. It just happens. I like Kyle. I think he’s a good person.”

“And you came to that conclusion in what…three hours?” Aaron drawled.

“Hey, I’m older and wiser. I don’t need to be with someone for years to know they have a good heart. He adores you, hon.” Peggy said softly. “Just know that I’m always here for you, baby.”

“I know mum. Thanks.” Aaron said around the lump in his throat. His mother had always been able to read him like a book. “And yes, I love him.” God it felt good saying it out loud, Aaron thought. “I’m just…scared, mum. It happened too fast and I don’t know whether I’m doing the right thing, whether he’s going to hurt me…I just don’t know anything.” He finished with a sigh.

“Come here.” Peggy said, opening her arms to her son, who placed his filled plate on the counter and went into those loving arms. “That’s the fear of the unknown my dear. You just have to think about how badly you want it, and then take a leap of faith.”

“I want him with every breath in me, mum.” Aaron murmured into Peggy’s hair.

“Then go for it and make it work. Give it all you’ve got. Okay?” Peggy’s eyes, which looked so much like her son’s, were filled with understanding.

“Okay mum. Thanks.” Aaron answered, squeezing his mother briefly and then stepping out of her embrace. Talking to his mum always made him feel better. “Did you remember to call a taxi for tomorrow?”

Peggy was going to spend two weeks with her sister in Florida. She had been dying to do that for a while but because of their finances, couldn’t. Now that Aaron had some money they could live by, he’d encouraged her to go for that visit. It would do her a lot of good. Her flight was at five a.m. the following day.

“Yes. It’ll be here by four.”

“Good. Have you packed all that you’ll need? Your drugs, enough dresses, underwear, your books…”

“Yes Father.” Peggy chuckled. Aaron sometime unconsciously treated her like she was the kid and that never failed to amuse her. She loved it. “Thank you.” She whispered.

“Thank you for having the patience to wait till now.” Aaron said, reaching up to push Peggy’s hair back from her face lovingly. His mother thought he worked for a movie studio and nothing more. He had explained that he had quit and taken all his entitlements since he had to prepare for his finals. She had bought it. But then, there was some truth in it…right? What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. “Please wake me up before you leave okay?”

“I will. Good night.” Peggy said drawing Aaron’s head down to kiss him on both cheeks.

“Night mum.” Aaron said as he watched his mother leave the kitchen. Then he took his food and a bottle of water and headed for his room and the man who had his heart.


Aaron felt someone shake his shoulder and slowly came awake. The first thing he saw was a hairy male chest on which his cheek comfortably rested. He raised his head and saw Kyle’s face, so peaceful in sleep. Then he turned, wondering who had been shaking him and saw his mother standing there gesturing that she was going. Aaron slowly and quietly got off the bed and followed his mother out of the room.

“Take care, hon.” Peggy said hugging a still sleepy Aaron. “I’ll call when I get there.”

“Where are your bags?” Aaron asked, rubbing his eyes.

“The driver has already taken them out. Go back to bed. I’ll call when we land.”

“Say hi to Auntie Helen and everyone.” Aaron said walking his mum to the door.

“I will. And tell Kyle I’ll see him when I get back.”

“Will do. Have a safe trip.” Aaron said hugging Peggy tightly. He was definitely going to miss her.

After the taxi sped off, Aaron locked the door and went back to his bedroom. At the foot of his bed, he stood and stared at the gorgeous hunk in his bed. The dark rakish overnight growth of hair on Kyle’s face was so sexy Aaron groaned. They had talked till after three a.m. Talked about their lives and a whole lot of things. He’d told Kyle about his life and all the significant events that had taken place in it…which wasn’t much. His dad had passed when he was only two years old, through a car accident. It had been just him and his mum ever since. And they had been okay till his mum’s condition had robbed them of their little savings and peace of mind.

Kyle had told him about his business, his brother, his friends, his greatest fear which was the possibility of losing his brother, and his expectations in life. By the end of their talk, Aaron felt like he knew exactly who Kyle Parker was. And those crazy friends of his sounded like an interesting bunch. Kyle had invited him to his and Ken’s thirtieth birthday party which he said was going to be fun. Though Aaron wasn’t used to partying and being around lots of people, he’d promised to come.

Then Kyle had apologized to him for having to reveal to his ‘squad’, as he referred to his friends, that he used to act porn. Aaron had merely shrugged. After all, till just a week ago, that was the work he did. Kyle had explained that he had sought their opinion on how to go about getting him to talk to him. And that’s how the whole story had come out. Aaron really didn’t mind. He couldn’t say same for Kyle though. He had sounded like he wished he could turn back the clock, probably to even before Aaron had gone into that line of work. But Aaron had laughingly told him not to beat himself up. It wasn’t Kyle’s fault he had resorted to acting porn for a living.

“Had it not been for my acting porn, we would never have met, Kyle. So whatever happens, does for a reason.” Aaron had said quietly.

He realized he was falling harder for Kyle with each passing minute and there was nothing he could do to stop it. It was terrifying because Aaron knew that if he allowed it, Kyle Parker would steal every ounce of his independence. He would own him. And Aaron couldn’t see himself allowing that as he’d been independent for as long as he could remember.

“It’s just that the mere thought of you having to go through all that hardship with no help is…ugh…” Kyle had trailed off, running his fingers through his hair in frustration. A gesture that Aaron was beginning to adore about him.

“Hey, I’m okay. Things happen in life just to strengthen us. I’ve learnt a lot this way. Really, I’m fine.” Aaron had whispered, as he took Kyle’s cheeks in both palms and stared into his lovely hazel eyes. Then Aaron leaned in and took Kyle’s lips in a sweet kiss, a kiss that couldn’t mask just how strongly he felt about Kyle.

When they came up for air, Kyle drew Aaron’s head onto his chest and gently rubbed him on his back, soothingly. Kyle’s hold, the way he all but wrapped himself around Aaron, was so tender and sweet, Aaron wanted to remain inside those arms forever. He felt a connection, a bond which had not been there before their talk and he knew Kyle felt it too. Aaron yawned and snuggled even closer to Kyle.

“I didn’t see your car parked out front when I got here.” Aaron muttered against Kyle’s chest.

“I’m sure you did. Black Audi.” Kyle muttered, yawning too.

“Oh, that.” Who could have missed that sweet latest model of Audi Q7 parked out front? Aaron just hadn’t known it was for Kyle at the time.

“I don’t plan on leaving if that’s what you’re driving at.” Kyle chuckled.

That got a laugh out of Aaron. “Of course that’s not what I’m driving at, you jerk. Look at the fucking time. I wouldn’t allow you to go even if you wanted to.”

Aaron felt Kyle’s hand still on his back where he had been stroking his spine. Then he resumed stroking, using just his fingertips, drawing a moan from Aaron.

“Aaron…” Kyle breathed, then pressed a kiss into Aaron’s hair.

Aaron could sense Kyle wage a battle within himself for a moment, visibly struggling to keep his emotions reined in. Then with a deep sigh, obviously accepting whatever decision he’d been silently contemplating, Kyle had relaxed against him and they had drifted off to sleep.


And that was how they remained till Peggy shook Aaron awake at four a.m. after a mere twenty minutes of sleep.

Now standing at the foot of the bed looking at the man he had come to love within such a short time, Aaron couldn’t help but run his eyes over that sexy bared flesh. That powerful hot body looked good enough to be licked all over and Aaron’s mouth watered to do just that. They had both slept in their boxer briefs, enjoying the feel of flesh against flesh. It had felt so good.

Aaron’s eyes suddenly got drawn to the growing bulge behind Kyle’s boxers and quickly moved up to Kyle’s face. Aaron gasped when his eyes landed on brilliant hazel eyes. Shit! How long had Kyle been watching him ogling him?

“Unless you plan on doing something about that, I suggest you come to bed and stop looking at me like that.” Came the sexiest voice Aaron had ever heard. Kyle’s voice sounded deeper and rougher than he’d ever heard it. Sounding all slow and sleep-roughened, it sent a delicious shiver of awareness through Aaron. He got so hard so fast it scared him.


Aaron moved into Kyle’s outstretched arms to lie on top of him. Of its own accord, his hips began to move, rubbing his hard-on against Kyle’s through their boxers.

“Oh fuck, baby.” Kyle groaned, coiling an arm around Aaron’s waist to hold him still.

Kyle then reached down with his other hand to pull Aaron’s boxers off. Then raising his own hips slightly off the bed, Kyle wiggled out of his boxers, both men gasping when their bare erections touched. Then Kyle gripped Aaron’s hips and both instantly went to work, humping each other, sliding and rubbing together, their cocks already slick with pre-cum.

“Oh God, Aaron.” Kyle gasped brokenly when he felt Aaron’s lips at that sensitive spot at the base of his neck. Aaron was definitely trying to get him to lose control and that’s exactly what happed. Kyle lost it.

Groaning, Kyle let his head drop back in pure bliss as he rocked against Aaron, relishing in the erotic sliding and grinding of their slick cocks together. Kyle brought Aaron’s head up from where it was stuck on his throat tormenting him, and sought those sweet lips with his, devouring Aaron’s mouth hungrily, moaning lustfully into the kiss even as they continued to rock against each other. It was fast, it was furious.

Aaron kissed Kyle back for all he was worth, his hands moving to the sides of Kyle’s head to tenderly hold him as he passionately sucked on Kyle’s lips, never once pausing in their rocking. They writhed together, humping like teenagers, and it felt fabulous.

When they came up for air, Aaron buried his face against Kyle’s neck, moaning uncontrollably as he thrust against him. Then Kyle brought a finger to his own mouth, licking it and getting it wet and slick. Then pulling Aaron’s legs apart with his own, Kyle slid his finger down along Aaron’s crack till he got to that puckered hole. Then he gently slid his finger deep into Aaron’s heat, going as deep as he could.

“Oh fuck, Kyle.” Aaron moaned, opening his thighs even wider to give Kyle better access. Till then, he didn’t know just how much he’d missed having even a piece of Kyle inside him. It felt so good. Oh God, it was so good.

When Kyle found what he was looking for…that bundle of nerves inside Aaron…that sweet spot, and rubbed hard against it, Aaron went wild.

“Oh hell, gonna come,” Aaron just couldn’t stop his orgasm. He was totally out of control, bucking wildly against Kyle, his rhythm totally off. With a scream, he erupted, covering them both in a hot, sticky puddle. “Fuuuuuk!”

Kyle kept rubbing against that gland, milking Aaron till he felt like he was going to pass out. Aaron screamed so hard, Kyle was thankful his mother was not in the house. Before long, however, Kyle couldn’t stand the erotic smell of cum and the pleasurable feeling of his own cum churning inside his balls. He just had to come. He eased his fingers from the tight, convulsive grip of Aaron’s channel and grabbed at his hips with barely controlled strength. Kyle moaned brokenly as desire unfurled hot and deep in his chest and then spiralled lower, urgent and demanding. Growling deep in his throat, he thrust hard a couple of times, then came so hard black spots danced in his vision.

“Oh fuck.” Kyle shuddered and shook as he felt the wet heat spreading between them. Pleasure didn’t even come close to what he felt. His hands kneaded Aaron’s hips as he tried to bring his breathing under control. “God, what you do to me, baby.” Kyle gasped.

Aaron, who had regained some of his senses, grinned at the drugged look on Kyle’s face and leaned down to kiss him soundly. “You are so fucking delicious.” Aaron murmured against Kyle’s lips just before he sucked Kyle’s lower lip into his mouth erotically.

“Fuck, baby.” Kyle growled when Aaron finally released his lip. He couldn’t talk, couldn’t think of the words to tell Aaron how amazing he thought he was. He just stared at Aaron.

Before they had gone to sleep at dawn, Kyle had been so overcome with the feelings Aaron brought out within him. He was flooded with so many emotions he wasn’t used to and that scared the shit out of him. Even now, Kyle could feel his hands trembling, could feel the control he prided himself on, melting from the inside out. He was losing it. Losing it in a wave of heat and pleasure that made no sense. But there was one thing he knew for a fact…

He’d lost his heart…and not just a piece.

“That was fucking incredible.” Aaron whispered. “You good?” He asked a still dazed Kyle.

Kyle could do no more than nod. At his nod, Aaron leaned down and took another kiss, this one very gentle and so sweet. He could still see how shaken Kyle was and loved the fact that he could do that to Kyle. Aaron relaxed against Kyle, dropping tiny kisses on his chest.

“Wanna have a shower?” Aaron asked between kisses.

“Will it be with you?” Kyle asked, his voice slightly shaky.

“What do you think? I won’t have it any other way. Ready?” Aaron asked rolling off Kyle.

“Do you have lectures today?” Kyle asked.

“Yep. Why?”

“I’ll miss you.” Kyle said gruffly.

“Me more. Will I be seeing you this evening?” Aaron kept his fingers crossed behind him. He knew Kyle was a busy man but…

“Tell you what, why don’t you drive me home, take the car to school and come pick me up from the office after school so we can have dinner before we go back to my place? What do you say?” Kyle looked at Aaron with so much hope in his eyes, Aaron smiled.

Then his eyes widened when Kyle’s words struck home. “Wait. You want me to drive your car?” Aaron asked, stunned.

“Sure. Why not? Have lectures tomorrow?”

“Nope. No lectures on Saturdays.” Aaron’s voice sounded hoarse. Did Kyle really want him to drive that sleek, obviously newly purchased Audi Q7? And even take it to school? Seriously?

“Alright then, pack something. So you can sleep over tonight and tomorrow night too, after the party. Okay?” When Kyle noticed that Aaron was just staring at him and not saying anything, he added softly, “Please.”

With a sigh, Aaron stood up and stretched his hand out to Kyle without answering. “Come on, let’s go take a shower. Then we can discuss it. I can’t think with you looking like that.”

Kyle laughed and swung his legs off the bed and allowed Aaron to pull him to his feet. “I’m not taking no for an answer you know?”

Aaron chuckled and nodded his head to indicate that he knew Kyle wasn’t going to accept anything but a yes from him. What was he going to do with the gorgeous hunk driving him insane with every single word and action? He loved the man so fucking much it was scary.


“You have to work with me on this one Ken.” Kyle groaned?

He was sitting at the beautiful pool area in Ken’s house, trying to convince his brother to give Aaron the impression that he’d seen their video, if Aaron should ask him when they met at their birthday party the following day. He had to prepare Ken because he didn’t know whether Aaron would ask Ken about the video when they saw each other.

“Ky I don’t think this is a good idea.” Ken said, running his fingers through his hair, the gesture much like his brother’s. “This could blow up in your face. Just tell him the truth. That you can’t allow another person to watch you two…fucking your arses off.”

“Jerk.” Kyle chuckled. “You have no idea how stubborn he is, Ken. He will insist on paying me back.”

“So give him a fucking job.” Ken exclaimed.

“You’re missing the point. I don’t want him to think I’m a manipulator. He…”

“Aren’t you?”

“Fuck you.” Kyle said darkly, frowning even more fiercely when his brother burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“How do I even bring this conversation up? Hey Aaron, I saw you and my brother fucking like rabbits. It was really…”

“You don’t have to say that, you idiot. Wait till he brings it up. Then just drop hints that you’ve seen it. Be subtle dude. Even you should be able to swing this.” Kyle drawled.

“Ow come on Dick Shlong, at least give me something to work with. Some details would…”

“I can’t.” Kyle whispered. “Maybe I could have given you details right after it went down. But not now. I just…” Kyle trailed off, a faraway look in his eyes.

“You’re in love with him.” Ken said softly. When Kyle neither admitted nor denied it, Ken sighed. “You should be very careful Ky. Have you told him you’ve taken his videos down?” Ken asked quietly.

“Why does he have to know? It’s not like he’s still in the business. I’m only…”

“Listen to me Ky, it’s his ‘life’.” Ken gave the word quotations with his fingers. “You owe it to him to tell him what you’ve decided to do with it. From the little I know about him and what you’ve told me, Aaron is a no-nonsense kind of person and won’t take crap from anyone. You have…”

“Lunch is ready guys.” Stephen called from inside the house, interrupting Ken. Stephen loved to cook and the brothers never missed an opportunity to enjoy his scrumptious meals whenever he was in town.

“Coming, Love.” Ken threw over his shoulders. “Look here bro, for any relationship to work, there should be communication and honesty. Don’t fuck this up.” Ken stood up and stretched. “Come on, let’s go eat.” Ken turned towards the house.

Ken had been a bit skeptical when he realized just how far gone his brother was on Ron Hunt. The guy was a fucking porn star…no pun intended. But then he had quickly realized, as Kyle kept talking about Aaron, just how much his brother adored Aaron. He never dreamt he would ever see his brother that crazy about anyone. He had immediately accepted it. All he hoped for was that Aaron felt as strongly about his brother as he did about him. The icing on the cake had been when Kyle told him that Aaron was no longer in the porn business but was rather concentrating on his education. He had been even more thrilled when Kyle had told him he’d taken Aaron’s videos off the internet and paid to ensure his videos never went out again. That was a brilliant move. He didn’t want any scandal racking their lives.

“So, you going to go back to chemo?” Kyle asked his brother, tongue in cheek.

“Hell no!” Ken exclaimed.

“But I won the bet.” Kyle whined pitifully.

“And where’s the evidence?” Ken drawled and then burst into laughter at the look on Kyle’s face. “Oh my God, you should see your face Ky.” Then he erupted into more laughter.

“You’re an asshole you know that?” Kyle growled, coiling an arm around Ken’s neck.

“Hey leave my boyfriend alone, you bully.” Stephen called out from inside the house.

“Stay the fuck out of this, Stephen.” Kyle shouted back, trying to keep a laughing wriggling Ken from escaping from under his arm.

“Please, please.” Ken laughed delightfully till he finally pulled away from Kyle. “On a more serious note Ky, you knew very well I wasn’t going to go back to chemo.”

“I know.” Kyle muttered, looking resigned.

“Fuck this.” Ken muttered, all the laughter disappearing from his eyes at the look on his brother’s face. “Listen, I’m okay. Don’t worry too much about me. Remember what Josh said?”

“Well, that’s dependent on you going through the full treatment.” Kyle growled.

Josh Broody, Dean’s big brother and Ken’s doctor, had told him once that there was a chance of recovery for the type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that Ken had. He had explained that generally, a patient was likely to be cured if their non-Hodgkin lymphoma was in their lymph nodes, like in Ken’s situation, rather than their bone marrow or lungs. Besides, the fact that Ken was young and healthy, and the cancer had been caught early, was also a plus, Josh had encouraged. All the excruciatingly painful treatments Ken had to undergo was to help cure that type of cancer, which according to the experts, was very possible.

“I’m good Ky. I went to see Josh last Monday. And he said there was massive improvement. Of course he did say I should complete the treatment but you already know my stand on that.”

“So why the fuck don’t you just complete it?” Kyle bellowed, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. He could already feel a massive headache coming on. He wanted to literally shake Ken till his teeth rattled inside his mouth. He was too fucking stubborn.

“You.” Ken said softly.

“What?” Kyle whispered. “What do you mean, me?”

“Why do you think I stopped the chemo?” Ken asked softly. “Yes it is painful. But the look on your face each time I had to go through that…it always killed me inside. Besides, I was almost done with the treatment schedule anyway, right? I’ll keep taking my drugs, Ky. Promise!” Ken said with a smile, so much like his brother’s.

“Don’t fucking put this on me bro. You know I want you to be well. And if that’s what it takes, then we both have to be strong and endure.” Kyle said drawing his brother into a tight hug.

“I won’t do it Ky.” Ken muttered.

Kyle sighed. “I know.” He whispered, tightening his hold on Ken. But then, he had always known Ken wasn’t going to change his mind. He just had to try…even go to outrageous lengths to try and change Ken’s mind. “Come on, let’s go eat before your boyfriend comes after us with a gun.

As the two headed back inside for lunch, they both had grim looks on their faces. For Ken, he hated that he had made his brother sad but he honestly didn’t see himself going through that terrible experience again. And for Kyle, at least he could hold on to the fact that there was an improvement in his brother’s case. He made a mental note to talk to Josh Broody after lunch. He just wished Aaron were there to hold him and tell him everything would be fine. Kyle froze! Where the fuck had that come from? What scared Kyle even more was the fact that he really wished Aaron was with him right then.


“Hey, why the sad faces?” Stephen asked quietly at the door, looking from one brother to the other. “You’re both alive, and that’s the most important thing so cheer up.” He said, drawing Ken into his arms for a sweet lingering kiss.

“Okay, get a room assholes.” Kyle growled. “Where’s the food?” Kyle ruffled Ken’s hair as he squeezed past the love birds.

“I love you.” He heard Stephen whisper to Ken and smiled to himself. Stephen was a good man. Too bad he couldn’t convince his stubborn brother to continue his treatment.

Kyle sighed as he headed towards the dining area. “Please send down an angel to convince him.” He muttered under his breath, hoping that his short prayer had been heard.


As Aaron parked beneath the huge KYPA building, he groaned, wondering what Kyle’s secretary or assistant or whatever she called herself…Bertha, was going to think when she saw him. He did create a scene that day…fuck. He contemplated calling Kyle to come down but decided in the end to go up instead and damn the consequence.

“You!” Bertha exclaimed immediately she looked up and saw Aaron. Then she reached for the phone. “I’m calling security.”

“Please you don’t have to.” Aaron talked fast. “Bertha right? Kyle is expecting me. I promise I don’t mean any harm.” Aaron’s eyes widened when he noticed Bertha wasn’t buying what he was saying.

“Alex, hold on. I might need your help.” She said to whoever was on the line, glaring at Aaron the whole time. “Keep talking.” She hissed at Aaron. She didn’t care if he looked as sweet as ice cream. He had assaulted her boss and that was all it took not to like him.

Aaron cleared his throat nervously. The little lady looked very intimidating. “Listen Bertha, I’m sorry for the way I acted. Not for hitting your boss…he deserved it. But I’m sorry for barging in there when you tried to stop me. Please forgive me.”

“Yes, he hit him.” Bertha said to whoever was on the line. He’d obviously heard Aaron say he’d hit Kyle. “No Alex, don’t come up. He doesn’t look like he’s here to murder anyone today. Just stand by okay? Good.” She finally hung up and pursed her lips. “Why…”

“Aaron.” They both heard Kyle’s deep voice and turned towards it. “Come on in.” Kyle said, gesturing for Aaron to come into his office. He was actually about leaving his office for another when he saw Aaron talking to Bertha.

Aaron almost drooled at the sight of Kyle. His elegant designer suit fitted him perfectly, hinting subtlety at all sorts of muscles. And there was an air about him that screamed power and magnetism which was totally sexy. Christ, the man looked good enough to eat. Aaron cleared his throat, noticing from the corner of his eye, how closely Bertha was watching at him. She probably thought he was nuts.

“I’ll be right there Kyle.” Aaron said, and shifted his attention back to Bertha. “I’m sorry.” He said with all the sincerity he could master. “Please forgive me.”

Bertha glared at Aaron for a full minute. “Don’t ever do that again.” She finally said quietly. “He’s a very good person. Whatever he did, I’m sure he hadn’t meant to hurt you. Don’t ever hit him again.”

“I won’t, I promise. Now, am I forgiven?” Aaron gave Bertha a dazzling smile which she simply couldn’t resist.

“You are.” She said, getting to her feet to take Aaron’s outstretched hand.

“Thanks. I’m Aaron.” Aaron said.

Bertha shrugged prettily and responded, “Bertha.”

“Good to meet you Bertha. May I see Kyle, please.” Aaron asked with a grin.

“Please.” Bertha responded with a soft laugh, gesturing towards Kyle’s office.

“Thanks Bertha.” And with a slight bow of his head at Bertha, Aaron turned towards Kyle’s office. He could still hear Bertha laughing softly behind him.

Whew, that went well, he thought. He knew he definitely had to do something about his shitty temper. He was still smiling to himself when he entered Kyle’s office, then he gasped in surprise when Kyle pulled him fully into the office, closed the door, slammed him against the door and covered his mouth with his. Aaron’s gasp turned into a moan as he kissed Kyle back. God, he’d missed those lips.

“What the fuck took you so long?” Kyle husked when they came up for air. “What were you saying to her?”

“Bertha? I…” But before Aaron could finish his sentence, Kyle was kissing him again, rubbing his hard-on against Aaron’s rapidly hardening cock. “Fuck Kyle,” Aaron groaned when Kyle eventually released his lips. “You’re going to make me cream my pants if you keep this up.”

“I’d love to see you do that, baby. I’ve missed you so fucking much.” Kyle said gruffly, drawing Aaron towards the cozy coach in the office. “What the fuck did Bertha want?” Kyle growled, pulling Aaron to sit beside him on the coach.

“I was apologizing for my disgraceful actions the other day.” Aaron chuckled.

“I thought it was hot.” Kyle drawled.

“Who’s asking you?” Aaron laughed. “You’re so fucked up dude. And I missed you too. Couldn’t concentrate on a word the lecturers were saying.” Aaron moved to straddle Kyle. “I just wanted to be with you.” He whispered, leaning down to draw one of Kyle’s ear lobes into his mouth, the warmth of his breath a caress against the sensitive shell of Kyle’s ear.

“Oh fuck, baby.” Kyle groaned, thrusting up against Aaron, wishing there were no clothes between them. “God, I want you.” He whispered, just as Aaron took his lips and kissed the living daylights out of him.

“I want you too.” Aaron gasped when he came up for air. “Let’s get outta here.”

Kyle groaned. “Give me some time to calm down. Then we can leave.” Kyle drew Aaron’s lower lip into his mouth and sucked erotically on it, causing Aaron to give a lusty wail.

Aaron tore his mouth away from Kyle’s with a groan. “Is that the best way to calm down?”

“Sorry.” Kyle chuckled shakily. He was damn close to tearing the clothes off Aaron and having his way with him. “Can I just…hold you?” There was something in Kyle’s voice that Aaron couldn’t put a finger on.

“Sure. You okay?”

“Never better.” Kyle said softly and wound his arms around Aaron.

And that was how they remained till Bertha knocked on the door a while later. Aaron stiffened and tried to move but Kyle wouldn’t allow him.

“Shhh, I’m not done holding you.” He husked softly, then called out, “Come in.” He already knew it was Bertha.

“Sir, I’m…” Bertha trailed off when she saw the position her boss and Aaron were in. No wonder her boss was never with the ladies for long. He was gay after all. What a waste! But she knew for a fact that he’d had steamy but short affairs with some of the ladies. That made him…bisexual…right? Cool, Bertha thought with a smile. Her dad claimed he was gay now after being separated from her mother for ten years, so she could relate.

“You’re off…right?” Kyle asked with a smile in his voice. He could see the wheels turning in Bertha’s head.

“Yes Sir. Is there anything you want me to do?”

“No. See you at the party tomorrow. All set?”

“Everything is on course. Happy birthday in advance, Kyle.” She said, making Kyle laugh softly. She did call him Kyle whenever they were alone, though Kyle had insisted she called him by his given name all the time.

“Thank you Bertha.” Kyle responded.

“Bye Aaron.” She said with a grin.

Aaron raised his head from where it lay on Kyle’s shoulder and turned to look at Bertha. “Bye Bertha. See you tomorrow.” Aaron smiled at the little lady. He liked her. “Oh and save me a dance.”

Bertha laughed. “You got it.” Then with a little wave, she was gone, leaving the two sexy men to go back to their cuddling.

“You wanted her to see.” Aaron said softly.

Kyle chuckled. “More like I wasn’t ready to let you go. But yes, I wanted her to see. It felt good to let someone know you’re in my life now. Do you mind?”

Aaron shook his head. “That’s okay. But a little too late to ask though, don’t you think?” Aaron drawled, leaning forward to drop a kiss on Kyle’s lip and getting off his lap to stand. “I’m hungry Kyle. Can we go now?”

“Sure.” Kyle stood up and rolled his neck from one side to the other with a grimace on his face.

Aaron didn’t miss that. Kyle looked tired. “How about I give you a massage when we get to your place? My mum says I give the best massages.”

Kyle chuckled. “Did she?”

“Is that a challenge I detect?” Aaron chuckled. Both hands were stuck in his back pocket and his head was tilted to the side.

Kyle’s breath hitched in his throat as he just stared at Aaron. Aaron looked so sexy right then, Kyle had to make an effort to remember what he’d asked.

“A massage sounds good, thanks.” Kyle gulped. God, the kid was sexy. Talk about ‘hotter than hot’. “Shall we?”

Aaron hadn’t missed Kyle’s look. It felt damned good to be appealing to the man who rocked his very soul. He didn’t think it was necessary to tell Kyle the feeling was mutual. Aaron knew for sure, Kyle was already aware.


At the restaurant, they ordered steaks, mushrooms, baked potatoes and salad. The food was good but Kyle couldn’t concentrate on it. Heat flared in his eyes whenever Aaron popped anything into that sexy mouth of his. All Kyle wanted to do was give those lips something else to do. He could either plunder it with his tongue, or feed his cock…

“Fuck!” Kyle swore softly.

“Don’t you like the food? Or would you rather I fed you.” Murmured Aaron, voice low and suggestive, sending a thrill directly to Kyle’s cock.

Kyle’s nostrils flared and his eyes went dark with lust. Aaron dipped a mushroom into the sauce and offered it to a dazed Kyle. With a growl, Kyle opened up and took the offered mushroom. But before Aaron could retrieve his fingers, Kyle captured his wrist in his fist, and then gently and sensually, drew Aaron’s fingers into his mouth.

“Oh my God.” Aaron gasped as he felt his cock jerk inside his pants.

When Aaron felt Kyle’s tongue flicking over his fingers, light and easy, he started panting, completely hard. He willed Kyle to stop, but didn’t have the will power to pull his fingers free. He could feel the precum ooze out of his cock, soaking his boxer briefs. His eyes locked on Kyle’s, getting totally lost in their hazel depths. Aaron couldn’t sit still as Kyle licked each finger clean. A soft exhalation parted his lips as pleasure whipped through him, sending sharp flares of sensation rushing through his system. He knew he was on the verge of creaming his pants, knew he had to stop Kyle…

“Kyle please…” Aaron could barely recognize his own voice. He was drunk on pleasure. He was so close… He tried to control it. He fought it…

Then Kyle drew one finger into his mouth and started to suck on it. Aaron lost it! His whole body jerked hard as he shot his load, low sounds gurgling in his throat as he shuddered uncontrollable. He was blown away by the intensity of the orgasm that tore through him. His eyes glazed over with a look of helpless pleasure and a touch of raw vulnerability as they remained trained on Kyle’s.

Kyle felt and saw everything and almost creamed his own pants. “Fuck baby,” he breathed, releasing Aaron’s fingers, “that was fucking hot.”

Aaron couldn’t talk. He couldn’t believe he’d actually come in his pants like a fucking teenager. He was mortified. He wished he could hide the heat in his cheeks but there was nowhere to hide.

“Sorry.” He murmured.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for, baby. That was the most erotically beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” Kyle said huskily.

“You got your wish.” Aaron whispered, referring to Kyle’s earlier comment in his office, about loving to see Aaron cream his pants.

“I sure did.” Kyle grinned and then promptly groaned when Aaron’s tongue came out to lick his slightly parted lips. “Fuck. Let’s get outta here.”

And that’s exactly what they did after Aaron made a quick dash to the restroom.


The ride to his house was Kyle’s most tortured ride ever. His cock was so hard and painfully straining against his zipper, he was sure he’d get a stroke if he didn’t find relief soon. He would have given anything to be inside Aaron’s heat that very moment. His cock was weeping at the thought of fucking Aaron and his balls ached so bad it felt as though weights had been attached to them.

“Slow down Kyle.” Aaron said softly beside Kyle and he instantly eased off the gas.

“Sorry.” He croaked. All he could think of was getting them home…fast. “The fuck…” Kyle exploded when he saw the lights ahead.

“Maybe there’s been an accident.” Aaron said. “I can see police cars up ahead.”

“Shit!” Kyle muttered. That was all he needed. A fucking hold up. He stopped behind the last car and put his gear on neutral.

Aaron looked at Kyle’s dark expression for a while and sighed. The man was wound up real tight. “I’ll be right back.” He said getting out of the car.

Aaron run forward till he saw an elderly policeman and asked what was causing the hold up.

“It’s just a truck that overturned. We’re trying to get it off the road so that you people can move. Give it about thirty minutes, son.”

That was more than he needed, Aaron thought. “Thanks Officer.” Aaron said and sprinted back to Kyle.

“It’s a truck. They’re getting it off the road so that we can go.” Aaron said as he leaned across Kyle’s thighs. “Now look out for any approaching cops.” He said reaching for Kyle’s zipper.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Aaron?” Kyle couldn’t keep the incredulity out of his voice.

“Getting the edge off.” Aaron replied smoothly, pulling out Kyle’s pulsing wet cock. “Cry me a river.” Aaron muttered teasingly, stroking his thumb over the leaking slit.

“Fuck you.” Kyle gasped. “Baby, I don’t think…”

“Shhh. If I’m going to massage you, I need to get the edge off first.” Aaron murmured, running his hot tongue against the sensitive flesh just beneath Kyle’s ear. That touch sent a surge of blood racing through Kyle’s body, straight to his dick and in that instant, every sense of caution fled from Kyle to be replaced by the need for release. “You’re strung as tight as a bow.” Aaron murmured, stroking Kyle’s cock, which he felt had grown even bigger and harder.

Kyle’s uncontrollable moans were music to Aaron’s ears. He turned Kyle’s head and took his lips in a breath-stealing kiss, a hard, hot, passionate kiss that Aaron had been dying to land from the moment he’d orgasmed inside the restaurant.

Aaron broke off the kiss and in a lithe move, leaned down and sucked the head of Kyle’s wet cock into his mouth.

“Oh fuck baby.” Kyle could barely hold back a gasp of delight as Aaron suck him hard and fast.

Kyle’s backside came off the seat, his eyes sliding shut despite his attempts to keep them open as he knew he had to watch out for cops. To hell with the cops, Kyle thought. A tsunami could happen that very moment and Kyle knew he wouldn’t notice a thing, with Aaron’s lips around his cocks. It was hot, wet and perfect. What Aaron was doing to him felt so good it was indescribable.

Aaron’s goal was to get Kyle off before the line started moving. He was on a mission. Taking in a deep breath, he took Kyle in, swallowed him down, his throat working around that cock even as it entered his throat.

“Christ baby.” Kyle gasped. “You’ve got an amazing mouth.” Kyle’s muscles rippled, his thighs trembled so violently he knew he would have fallen had he been standing. He could feel Aaron’s suction all the way to his toes. His hands moved down to tangle in Aaron’s hair, not to direct him, but just to hold him.

When Aaron swallowed around his cock and hummed deep in his throat at the same time, Kyle knew it was over. With a shout of Aaron’s name and a snap of his hips, he erupted into that hot mouth. Aaron didn’t miss a drop. He sucked and swallowed till he’d milked Kyle dry, before he pulled off the cock that was making his puckered hole twitch. He wanted Kyle inside him so bad he shivered.

Blowing that cock, and the thought of having it deep inside him, got Aaron so hard and uncomfortable, he had to unzip his pants to give his dick some relief. Kyle pulled Aaron up and crushed his mouth on his, tasting himself on Aaron’s lips.

“Better?” Aaron asked huskily when Kyle finally released his lips.

Kyle nodded. “That was amazing. Thanks.” He felt so much better.

Aaron tucked Kyle’s cock away and zipped him back up. “Anytime.” He said quietly and moved back to his seat. He wanted Kyle so bad, he couldn’t even sit still. Fuck!

“Hey, are you okay?” Kyle asked, his voice full of concern.

“I’m good.” Aaron responded, leaning across the space between them to seek Kyle’s lips. Their mouths met in a soft kiss which drew a moan from both of them. “I just want you so bad right now, it’s almost painful.” Aaron muttered against Kyle’s lips.

“Oh baby.” Kyle groaned, noticing that the cars had started moving. Aaron noticed too and reached down to zip up but Kyle stopped him. Aaron’s dick looked painfully hard. Kyle shrugged out of his jacket and threw it over Aaron’s lap.


“Don’t thank me just yet.” Kyle chuckled. His chuckle turned into outright laughter at the wary look that appeared on Aaron’s face. “Don’t worry. I’m only going to try and help you.” Kyle said, driving past the police point. Then he slipped his right hand under the jacket covering Aaron’s erection and touched him.

“Oh, sweet Jesus.” Aaron gasped. “Kyle please stop. I want us to get home in one piece.”

Kyle’s heart missed a beat. He loved how Aaron had called his place home. Kyle groaned silently. He was such a sappy fool. But what he wouldn’t give to make it real.

“I’m the one at wheel here dude. Relax.”

And Aaron did just that. With his eyes closed and head thrown back in bliss, he enjoyed the soothing strokes of Kyle’s hand. It was obviously not meant to get him off, but it felt damn good.

At his gate, Kyle typed in a code and the gate opened. He lived in a really classically modern three-story house with a huge compound. He’d told Aaron in the morning when he’d come to drop him off that his friend, Dean, had designed the house. It was absolutely beautiful.

Kyle drove into a garage which had opened automatically for then and parked. Aaron zipped up and got out of the car, counting the cars parked in there. He counted seven luxury cars and two powerful looking motorbikes.

“Do you really need all this?” Aaron breathed, still checking out the cars.

“No I don’t.” Kyle chuckled. “I like them.”

“Spoilt brat.” Aaron muttered.

Kyle laughed and coiled an arm around Aaron’s neck. “What’s your favourite car?” Kyle asked as he walked Aaron towards the elevator.

Aaron shrugged. “I’m not really into cars.”

“Ow come on, there must be a car that you like.” Kyle persisted.

“Nope.” Aaron laughed.

“Alright, give me a name of any car you think is nice. Think about all the cars you’ve seen. Which one do you feel is…cool?” Kyle asked craftily as the elevator started its ascent.

Aaron couldn’t control his laughter. “What am I? Three years?” He laughed even harder when Kyle dissolved into laughter at his question. “Alright let me think.”

Aaron tried to look like he was lost in thought. He bit his lips in mock concentration as he stared into space.

“Don’t do that.” Kyle said huskily, all laughter gone from his voice.

“Do what?” Asked a confused Aaron.

“What you were doing to your lips. Makes me wanna fuck that mouth.” Kyle breathed, taking a step towards Aaron. He however paused mid-step when the elevator pinged and opened on the top floor…where his bedroom was. “Come on.” Kyle turned and left a stunned and aroused Aaron in the elevator car, staring after him.

“Christ.” Aaron breathed, his cock so hard he didn’t know whether he could walk.

What was it about Kyle Parker? With just a sentence, he could turn his insides to mush. Taking a deep breath, Aaron walked slowly out of the elevator and down a short corridor to Kyle’s huge bedroom.

“You can go take a shower if you want to.” Kyle said from a corner of the bedroom. “I’ll bring out the stuff that you’ll need for the massage. Then you can set it up whilst I take a turn.”

Aaron walked up to Kyle, reached up to tug his head down, and captured his lips in a toe-curling kiss, a kiss so hot both men moaned uncontrollably. “Shower with me.” Aaron husked when they came up for air.

But Kyle started shaking his head even before Aaron finished his request. “Bad idea.”

Aaron nodded and went up on his toes to drop a kiss on Kyle’s lips. God, he loved kissing Kyle. He was like a fucking drug to his system. Damn! In the en-suite bathroom, Aaron stripped and got into the shower, leaving it on cold. He needed to regain some control damnit!

By the time he was done with the shower, Aaron felt much in control. Using a spare brush, he brushed his teeth and left for the bedroom with just a towel around his waist. Kyle stood up from his perch in front of a tiny music console and met Aaron in the middle of the room, then leaned down to nuzzle Aaron’s neck.

“God, you smell divine.” He breathed. “Alright, my turn. That, in the jar, is a massage gel.” Kyle pointed to a big jar beside a wide air mattress at the foot of the bed. “I’ve already warmed it so just add the amount of water you want. You’re welcome to choose the music you prefer.” Kyle pointed in the direction of the music console. “See you in a bit.” With that, he disappeared into the bathroom.

When Kyle stepped back into the bedroom in all his naked glory after his shower, he was amazed at the transformation. The lights were all off save for the light from candles placed at vantage points in the room. There was soothing classical music playing, the surround sound effect and its melodious power could be felt within the very soul. The ambiance alone got Kyle hard before his eyes landed on a now naked Aaron, sitting on the couch in the corner of the room.

“Fuck!” Kyle breathed.

“Why are you standing there?” Aaron chuckled to cover his breathlessness at seeing a naked Kyle. God, Kyle was gorgeous. His body was hard from head to toe, lean, muscles flexed with power without being ungainly. Aaron stood up and walked towards the air mattress, praying silently to all the angels for strength, to enable him concentrate on the job at hand. “Come on. I won’t bite.”

“Could have fooled me.” Kyle’s voice sounded odd even to his own ears. He moved slowly towards the air mattress at the foot of the bed, and sat down on it. “How do you want me?”

“Deep inside me.” Aaron drawled.

“Aaron…” Kyle groaned.

“Sorry. On your back for now, with your head on the towel. I want to work on your head and neck before I get to your body which will need the gel.”

“Oooh someone sounds real professional.” Kyle purred as he did as Aaron requested.

“And who says I’m not?” Aaron sounded amused. “I took lessons so I could do it right for my mum.”

“Really?” Kyle’s eyes widened in surprise. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I just did.” Aaron laughed softly.

“You are one hell of a son.” Kyle said quietly, staring at Aaron.

“Why, thank you kind Sir. Now if you would just relax and shut up.” Aaron said making Kyle laugh.

Aaron moved to the head of the air mattress and started working on Kyle’s head. He started by rubbing Kyle’s temples in slow circular motions. Then, he ran his fingers through his hair, applying gentle downward pressure, using his short nails to lightly scratch Kyle’s scalp the whole time for added pleasure. From the sound of Kyle’s increased breath and irrepressible gasps, he was enjoying it. Aaron massaged Kyle’s entire scalp in that manner for about five minutes and then placed his hands underneath Kyle’s jaw and pulled the head gently upwards, to stretch the neck muscles. Before he moved to Kyle’s body, Aaron leaned over to drop a light kiss on Kyle’s parted lips.

“Liked that?” He asked softly.

“Uh-huh.” Kyle’s eyes remained closed. He felt so relaxed already.

“Good. Now turn over onto your stomach.” Aaron instructed.

Then moving to the foot of the air mattress, Aaron scooped a handful of the massage gel and started to work on Kyle’s feet, working his way up to the calf with relaxing strokes. When he got to Kyle’s thighs, he kneaded them firmly, loosening his muscles. Aaron skipped Kyle’s buttocks and poured a generous amount of gel onto Kyle’s back, quickly spreading the super-slippery, odourless liquid all over Kyle’s back. To do a better job, Aaron threw a leg over Kyle and straddled his back, making sure his knees where on the bed to avoid placing too much weight on Kyle.

Kyle’s moans of pleasure increased as Aaron worked on his back, working the larger muscles on either side of Kyle’s spine, before fanning his hands outwards across his shoulders, to knead out all the knots.

“Fuck, you’re good.” Kyle breathed, his moans, music to Aaron’s ears.

Aaron’s own body kept sliding sensually against Kyle’s back due to the slippery nature of the gel. Though his cock was so hard he could have used it to drill a hole in a wall, Aaron concentrated on what he was doing. He worked on each arm, wrist, palm and finger.

After working thoroughly on Kyle’s back and arms, Aaron tuned so that he faced Kyle’s buttock… and what a tight butt it was. Pouring some gel onto Kyle’s butt, Aaron placed his palms on those erotic mounds and massaged in circular movements.

“Oh God, that feels so good.” Kyle groaned.

Aaron increased the pressure gradually as he covered every area. When he was satisfied that he’d given Kyle’s butt enough attention, Aaron stood up from behind Kyle and moved to the side.

“Turn over.” He instructed.

Aaron’s eyes instantly went to Kyle’s pulsing erection when Kyle turned to lie on his back. He’d never seen a cock leak so much. Aaron swallowed audibly. He wanted that cock. So bad. Shit!

“See something you like?” Kyle drawled, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Shut up.” Aaron muttered, drawing a chuckle from Kyle.

Kyle cleared his throat. “Listen, I feel relaxed already. What do you say we end this massage and…move on?”

“I thought I told you to shut up.” Aaron growled as he poured a generous amount of gel onto Kyle’s thighs.

“Killjoy.” Kyle muttered. He knew he was very close to losing his mind. Having Aaron’s hands on him that way felt so amazing and arousing.

Aaron massaged Kyle’s thighs firmly, stopping at his hips. By now, Kyle was panting harshly, having a hard time keeping his hands from grabbing the Adonis tormenting him. Aaron moved up to straddle Kyle’s lower waist and poured more gel onto Kyle’s body. He spread the gel all over Kyle, kneading his abs gently but firmly. Aaron moved from Kyle’s breastbone to his nipples, pinching the nub and rolling the flesh between his thumb and index finger.

“Fuuuuck!” Kyle cried out.

“Like that?” Aaron asked shakily as he felt Kyle’s cock jerk against his butt cheeks. He wanted to taste Kyle so bad.

“Fuck you.” Kyle growled.

“Soon. Very soon.” Aaron husked, then leaning down, he took one of Kyle’s distended nipples into his mouth and sucked.

“Christ.” Kyle bellowed, his hands moving to tangle in Aaron’s hair to hold him to his flesh. A deep-throated growl sounded from his throat as greedy hunger and a wave of heat raced over his flesh like a wildfire out of control. His cock jerked and throbbed furiously with each pull on his taut flesh. “Aaron…” Kyle breathed, trying very hard to hold on to his control.

Aaron moved to give equal attention to the other nipple, and then raised his head to look down at the writhing man beneath him. He had never wanted any human being like he wanted Kyle at that very moment. He gasped when Kyle reached up and drew him down onto his slippery body, then captured his mouth in a spine-tingling kiss. Aaron held on tight and kissed Kyle back for all he was worth. Then tearing their lips apart, Aaron swiveled around to face Kyle’s mammoth, fiery, throbbing, wet hard-on. He swallowed hard. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

“Please touch me Aaron.” He heard Kyle whisper behind him. “Please.”

Aaron reached for the jug of gel and poured some onto Kyle’s cock. Then he reached down for his heavy balls, gently rolling then in his palm. It nearly drove Kyle mad.

“Oh God, baby.” Kyle moaned.

Then Aaron lightly dragged a fingernail upward, from Kyle’s balls, on the midline seam on the underside of his cock which is exquisitely sensitive, toward the head of his cock. Kyle was shaking so badly at this point, Aaron feared he would unseat him as both their bodies were already slippery and sliding against each other. He took Kyle’s cock into his hands and firmly stroked the underside from base to tip for a couple of minutes.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Kyle panted. He knew he didn’t have the strength to wait till Aaron deemed it fit to give him what he wanted. “Fuck this.” He growled so fiercely, Aaron just knew it was over.

Kyle’s arms went around Aaron from behind and pulled him to his chest, sliding Aaron’s back against his front erotically.

“Kyle…” Aaron, breathed, his grey eyes shutting on their own accord as he enjoyed the feel of his body moving back and forth against Kyle’s.

When Aaron felt Kyle’s hand directing his cock to his needy hole, he was powerless to stop him. He rather opened his thighs wider, bracing himself for the pain which he knew was to follow, especially as he hadn’t been stretched out for Kyle’s cock. But when he felt Kyle’s huge cock penetrating him, there was no pain, thanks to the slippery gel…just fullness and unbelievably exquisite pleasure.

“Oh. My. God!” Aaron cried out and went into total meltdown.

With the help of the gel, Kyle slid deep inside Aaron to the very hilt, sliding against his prostate and almost causing him to pass out from sensory overload.

“Fuck, you’re so tight baby.” .” Kyle husked into Aaron’s ear, as he tightened his arm around Aaron’s stomach and started sliding him up and down his body. That was all Kyle needed to do to keep fucking deep into Aaron. It was the deepest fucking ever.

“God, Kyle. Fucking amazing.” Aaron gasped brokenly. Compared to what he was feeling that very moment, he and Kyle’s first fuck had been a joke. “Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.”

With a groan, Kyle moved his fingers to Aaron’s nipples, to pinch and pull on them, whilst his tongue came out to lick the outer shell of Aaron’s ear. The pleasure Aaron felt was so extreme he couldn’t control the scream that tore out of his throat. He went wild. Planting each foot firmly beneath Kyle’s thighs for leverage, Aaron started vigorously gyrating his hips, thrusting against Kyle, getting that cock to hit his gland over and over again.

“Feels so good, Kyle.” Aaron whimpered, almost sobbing. “Feels so fucking good.”

“Damn!” Kyle whispered. He had never seen anything so riveting and hot in his life. Aaron was losing it, bucking uncontrollably on top of him, going wild on his cock, his hips gyrating sensuously, his cock pointing straight up like a loaded gun…it was a sight Kyle would never forget for as long as he lived. “Fucking gorgeous, Hunter!”

Aaron’s cock was like a rock, dripping precum and so ready to blow that Kyle wondered how he’d managed to hold off that long. Time to rock the boat, Kyle thought mischievously. He brought his own legs up around Aaron’s hips such that, Aaron’s cock was sandwiched between the soles of Kyle’s feet. Then Kyle started fucking up into Aaron with an almost inhuman speed. As if that wasn’t enough, he rubbed Aaron’s cock between the soles of his feet, pulled on his taut nipples, and stuck his tongue into Aaron’s ear, mimicking the thrusting of his cock. Aaron didn’t stand a chance.

“Kyle, oh God…please…” Aaron gave a strangled moan as his whole body shook, his senses reeling. He felt like he was drowning, losing it. He needed his anchor…needed to know Kyle would be there to keep him safe.

“I’m right here, baby.” Kyle rasped into Aaron’s ear as he let his hand drift down to rub at Aaron’s lower abdomen in soothing circles, never faltering in his thrusts for even a second. “Let go.”

With a scream, Aaron erupted straight up high into the air, coming in shuddering jerks, cum splashing and pooling on his stomach, shaking so hard Kyle thought for a second, he was having a seizure. Aaron totally lost himself, coming so hard and so long he wondered whether it was normal. He didn’t really care. He just allowed himself to be swept away in the tides of pure bliss.

“Fuck, baby.” Kyle muttered when Aaron went slack against him.”You’re too sexy for your own good.”

Aaron’s erection didn’t even go down for a moment after that intense orgasm. He so wanted to turn his head and kiss Kyle but didn’t have the strength. But as if Kyle could read his mind, he tuned Aaron’s head and slammed his mouth on his, giving him a fierce kiss. Then pulling Aaron off his cock, Kyle rose up to cover Aaron’s body with his so that they were face to face, hazel eyes locked with grey ones, then in one smooth move, Kyle entered Aaron, hitting that pleasure button head on. Aaron’s eyes glazed over with pleasure, his lips parted alluringly. Kyle couldn’t have resisted those lips even if his life had depended on it. He leaned down and captured Aaron’s lips even as he slammed into him, fucking him like there was no tomorrow.

“Fuck, Kyle!” Aaron tore his mouth away from Kyle’s and cried out.

He could feel another orgasm dancing along his spine and thought it was too soon after the draining one he’d just had. Surely it wasn’t healthy. But of course the last thing on his mind at that moment was good health…he just wanted to experience that ecstatically exquisite feeling of going over the edge again. Then Kyle leaned back, gripped Aaron’s hips tightly as it was still slippery, changed the angle of his thrusts and speared his cock into that gland again and again.

Even as Aaron cried out in ecstasy from the assault on his prostate, Kyle totally lost it. Being inside Aaron and so close to a release felt so mouth-wateringly good, he actually lost his rhythm. Kyle felt like his whole world was flying apart. Aaron watched as Kyle bit his lip and tossed his head back in blissful abandon and thought he’d never seen anything sexier in his life. Kyle was sexy as all fuck!

“Fuck, I can’t hold it together. Want you to come again for me, baby.” Kyle groaned, reaching between them to stroke Aaron’s hard pulsing cock.

“Ah Kyle…” Aaron wanted to scream Kyle’s name, but it only rasped from his throat. He couldn’t talk, couldn’t cry out, couldn’t focus. It wasn’t just the sex. It was the emotion. It was the overwhelming feelings he had towards the man fucking him, the way his heart pounded just by being in Kyle’s arms. The feeling of euphoria over him at that particular point was so powerful, he knew if he died that very moment, he’d die the happiest man in the world.

“Are you close?” Kyle asked in a voice that sounded like he was in pain. “God, please tell me you’re close, baby.”

Growling deep in his throat, Kyle reached out to grab Aaron’s shoulder for leverage and thrust into him so much harder and deeper than before, rotating his hips to intensify their pleasure. He stroked Aaron hard and in time with his thrusts the whole time. Then Kyle heard it…a small needy wail, a sound he found so surprisingly erotic he gasped. He glanced up and met Aaron’s heated look, the intensity on Aaron’s face burning into him. Aaron was quivering, obviously so close to release as Kyle could practically feel his cum traveling up, through the cock in his fist.

“Fuck, so hot, Aaron. So fucking beautiful. Come for me baby. Want you to come for me.” Then Kyle lightly squeezed the head of Aaron’s cock.

“Kyle…” Aaron screamed Kyle’s name as he fell off the edge.

Aaron’s eyes rolled back into his head as an explosive orgasm tore through him. Every organ in his lower body clenched in hard spasm, relaxed, and then clenched again. It was perfect, intense and mind-shatteringly fantastic. Kyle stared at Aaron’s face, captivated. Whatever sensation that was humming through Aaron’s body must have been really powerful, he thought, because that look on his face was so enthralling it held Kyle spellbound. But much as Kyle loved watching Aaron lose it, he couldn’t for long though, as Aaron’s contracting channel gripped his cock so tightly Kyle’s eyes closed in delirious pleasure. When the ecstasy hit, Kyle could do nothing but gasp as he convulsed, spiralling into a release so powerful it left him spinning out of control.

“Ah, God.” Kyle thrust into Aaron harder and shuddered against him with a hoarse cry as he flooded Aaron with his hot cum. His whole body trembled with an orgasm so mind-blowing it left him entirely disoriented. He had never known anything so intense, so erotic and primal. “Aaron!” Kyle cried as he kept riding out his orgasm.

Aaron heard Kyle cry out his name, distantly. He felt like he was having an out of body experience. Kyle’s cock kept rubbing and stimulating that pleasure spot inside him even after Aaron had spent his load, sending fireworks dancing over his nerves, prolonging his orgasm for what seemed like forever.

“Oh God, Kyle, what are you doing to me?” Aaron gasped brokenly. “I can’t stop coming.” He whimpered as he writhed and trembled beneath Kyle.

The pleasure was too much…too intense…he forgot to breathe, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t seem to find the instinct to draw enough oxygen into his lungs as everything, conscious and subconscious, centered on the orgasm imploding inside his. He shook his head desperately, fighting for air, his eyes opened wide. For a moment, the world stopped turning…

Kyle didn’t know what made him open his eyes at that moment. When he saw Aaron’s face, his heart nearly stopped. It was either of two things…slap Aaron to get him to breathe or scream at him to do so. Kyle did neither. He leaned down and covered Aaron’s mouth with his and exhaled into Aaron’s mouth. When he felt Aaron take a gulp of air, Kyle didn’t release those sweet lips, but went right on kissing Aaron softly, breathing with him, gently sliding his still spasming cock in and out of him. When he felt Aaron’s shivers cease, Kyle withdrew gently from Aaron and drew him tenderly into his arms, scattering light kisses all over his face the whole time. They curled around each other, lying quiet and still. Kyle didn’t have a doubt in his mind at that point…

He’d fallen utterly and irrevocably in love with Aaron Hunter. Aaron moved him. He made him wish for things he’d never believed he would want. Made him dream of things he’d never believed he would dream of. Things like his soft smile filling his heart before he slept each night, the warmth of his body curled against his. He wanted to protect him, he wanted to laugh with him. If anything bad ever happened to Aaron, Kyle knew he would totally lose it. When he realized Aaron couldn’t breathe earlier, he… Kyle didn’t want to think about it. The love he felt for Aaron was so fierce, it was terrifying. Surely this was too fast, Kyle thought. What if whatever he was feeling for Aaron was only one-sided? But Kyle realized he didn’t really care if it was one sided. He was just grateful that he had Aaron in his life. Kyle couldn’t supress the groan that tore out of his throat. God, he had it real bad.

Aaron heard Kyle’s groan and drew his head back to look into Kyle’s eyes with his own dazed ones. There was a look in Kyle’s eyes he couldn’t place. Fear, acceptance, possessiveness…

“Hey, you okay?” Aaron asked softly, entwining his fingers with Kyle’s.

Kyle shook his head slowing, staring into Aaron’s eyes. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again.” Kyle breathed, his voice shaky.

“What?” Aaron whispered, confused. “What did I…”

“You wouldn’t breathe. And it scared the shit out of me.” Kyle’s voice told just how scared he’d gotten.

Aaron’s eyes widened. He didn’t realize… “I’m sorry.” Aaron whispered. “But what I felt…I’ve never felt that way before. It was…exhilarating. It was…” Aaron trailed off.

“I know.” Kyle murmured, burying his face in Aaron’s hair. “I felt it too, baby.” He growled and started to shake within Aaron’s arms. He felt overwhelmed by feelings he hadn’t ever felt before. “I love you, Aaron.”

“Oh fuck!” Was all Aaron could say.

One was in for his brother, the other, for the money…right? – Chapter 5 – Revelation!

Aaron woke up to the delicious smell of coffee and instantly sat up.

“Wow, wow, easy baby.” He heard Kyle’s chuckle before he turned to see him sitting on the edge of the bed, dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt, with a tray filled with breakfast on his lap.

Aaron’s eyes widened as he stared at the content of the tray. There was coffee, juice, latte, cereal, toast, syrup-drenched pancakes, bacon, sausages, Spanish omelet, butter and a jar of Nutella.

“Wow. Isn’t that rather too much?” Aaron muttered, looking up at Kyle who looked like he’d already taken a shower. His hair was still wet.

“I didn’t know what you’d prefer so…” Kyle shrugged.

“It’s your birthday, dude. I should be giving you this treat not the other way round.” Aaron smiled, touched by the gesture.

“My cook does it for me every year…if I’m home. This time, I just asked her to make it for two. Come on, let’s eat.” Kyle said, placing the tray between them.

Aaron chuckled softly and jumped out of bed, naked. “Be right back.” He said, flipping Kyle a bird when he whistled.

Aaron disappeared into the bathroom, laughing. When he came back to the room, Kyle was drinking coffee and staring at the wide LED TV on the wall, opposite the bed. It was on the news channel. Aaron made a beeline for his backpack to get something to wear, ignoring Kyle’s “Do you have to?” comment.

“Pervert.” Aaron threw over his shoulder.

“Killjoy. Look to the left side of the closet and get something to wear.” Kyle said.

“Thank you very much.” Aaron replied sarcastically and did just that.

After pulling on a gray t-shirt and sweatpants, which looked big on him, Aaron walked to Kyle, took the cup of coffee from his hand, placed it on the tray and leaned in to give him a spine-melting kiss.

“Happy birthday.” Aaron murmured against Kyle’s lips.

“Thanks.” Kyle replied huskily, tightening his hold around Aaron’s waist when he made to pull away.

“Now be a good boy Kyle, and release the nice man.” Aaron spoke softly and slowly as though he were talking to a child. “It’s your birthday. If you want your present, you have to be a good boy.” Aaron’s placating talk turned into laughter when Kyle growled.

“Fuck you, Hunter.” Kyle muttered and stole another kiss before allowing Aaron to pull out of his arms.

After breakfast, they cuddled on the bed as they watched news on TV. Before long, they were kissing each other and Kyle was moving to cover Aaron’s body with his.

“Fuck, I want you.” Kyle husked, grinding his hard cock against Aaron’s.

“I thought I told you to be a good boy.” Aaron’s breath was harsh with arousal.

“I thought I was.” Kyle groaned, as he reached down to release Aaron’s hard leaking cock. “I can’t get enough of you, baby.”

To Kyle’s surprise, Aaron rolled him onto his back and attacked his pants. Pulling it down, he took hold of Kyle’s pulsing erection and slapped it against his own cheek.

“Ever thought of becoming a professional porn actor?” Aaron purred. “You’ve got the goods for it. You could give Jeff Stryker a run for his money.”

Kyle laughed shakily. “I did try once but fell in love with my co-star.” Kyle didn’t miss the stiffening of Aaron’s body against his but he didn’t comment on it. He gasped when Aaron drew the head of his cock into his hot mouth and sucked hard. “Fuuuuuck!”

Aaron didn’t waste any time. He opened his mouth wider to let Kyle in, playing his tongue around the head, teasing that sensitive ring under the fat head. Kyle moaned as sensations slammed into him with every lick. When Aaron made a tight seal around that ring of sensitive flesh with his lips and started to suck hard, Kyle couldn’t stop the ecstatic cry that tore out of his throat. Aaron started rolling Kyle’s balls with his fingers, sucking harder every time he heard Kyle moan. Aaron’s own cock was heavy between his thighs, aching with need as Kyle groaned lustily above him. But he tried his best to ignore it, his main goal being to get the birthday boy off. He licked and sucked, pressing his tongue into the slit at the tip of Kyle’s prick.

“Oh fuck, Aaron.” Kyle gasped breathlessly, his hands dropping to Aaron’s head to stroke his hair.

He let his head fall back as his hips moved with Aaron’s mouth, just letting the sensations drive him. When Aaron took one of Kyle’s balls into his mouth and sucked gently, Kyle almost jumped off the bed.

“Fuck. Like that…” Kyle breathed and arched up.

Aaron licked at Kyle’s sac till he was sure Kyle’s domestic helps could hear his cries wherever they were inside the house, then he moved back to his cock. Taking in as much of Kyle’s cock as he could, he swirled his tongue around it, sucked it and swirled his tongue some more, rolling those huge balls in his palm the whole time. Kyle was going out of his mind, thrusting up and moaning loudly.

“Goddamn, your mouth…so fucking hot.” Kyle gasped. “Oh God, Aaron, suck me.”

Aaron bobbed his head faster, getting Kyle’s cock very wet, then relaxing his throat muscles, he dropped straight down, taking Kyle as deep into his mouth as he could. Then he sucked him hard. As he moved his mouth up he followed with his hand, never leaving any part of Kyle’s cock untouched. Those hard sucks turned into swallows as Aaron took Kyle in deep till he felt the thick cock sliding back to hit his throat. Kyle’s entire length disappeared down Aaron’s throat.

“Holy fuck!” Kyle bellowed as his lashes drifted closed and his body tightened in ecstasy. “Damn baby, that’s world class.” Kyle husked. Aaron had never taken him in as deep as he had right then.

Even as Aaron’s eyes watered due to the thick prick lodged inside his throat, he smiled at Kyle’s words, and then cupped Kyle’s balls, relentlessly rolling them between his fingers, squeezing and tugging on them roughly. Sparks flashed behind Kyle’s now closed eyes as his back arched in pleasure. When Aaron hummed deep in his throat, Kyle shuddered and gasped, his hands twisting in Aaron’s hair so tightly it was almost painful. Aaron loved it.

“Do that again…” Kyle breathed.

Aaron did it again and again, bobbing his head faster and faster till with a loud cry, Kyle exploded, flooding his mouth with his hot, thick cum. Aaron could feel every twitch of Kyle’s shaft as he spurted, and found that very erotic. Even as he swallowed every drop of Kyle’s cum, Aaron’s hand dropped to his own throbbing cock. He was so close his balls ached, drawn up tight with the need to release. He stroked himself, starting under his balls and up to the hot, sensitive tip. Jesus. The slippery fluid seeping from the slit was as hot as blood as he smeared it around the head, circling the tip. With a moan he started stroking fast as he continued to suck Kyle.

“Oh fuck, Aaron.” Kyle breathed shakily when he realized what Aaron was doing.

Kyle pulled out of Aaron’s mouth with a slurping popping sound and moved down to where Aaron was now furiously stroking his cock. Kyle pushed Aaron’s hand out of the way and grabbed his almost purple cock.

“Fuck!” Aaron groaned as Kyle encircled his cock with his hand. “Kyle…”

Barely applying pressure, Kyle pumped. Aaron mouthed ‘fuck’ again as if his voice had failed him, and thrust his hips up, his eyes practically rolling back in his head with the pleasure of Kyle’s strokes. It felt so good. Against the soft sheets, Aaron writhed. His pelvis tilted up, fucking up into Kyle’s fist. Kyle was trying to drag it out, prolong Aaron’s stay on the brink of pleasure.

“I gotta come, Kyle. Please.” Aaron moaned, seeking that elusive end. He grew frantic, hips thrusting erratically.

“Soon, baby.” Kyle said huskily. “Fuck my hand.” He crooned. “Just like that, baby.”

“Please Kyle…I can’t take it…I need to…”Aaron almost sobbed as he thrust his hips vigorously, driving his cock into the precum-slick fist of Kyle’s.

Even in his desperate state, Aaron couldn’t wait to get his hands around Kyle’s neck to squeeze the life out of him. He couldn’t believe the jerk was actually making him beg. A red flush of excitement spread over Aaron’s cheeks and neck as he flung his head from side to side, chanting Kyle’s name, begging for a release. Then Kyle tightened his grip around Aaron’s cock, gave it two quick tugs and Aaron was coming, shuddering and twitching with pleasure as his hot cum spilled over Kyle’s hand. The world disappeared as the long-denied orgasm ripped out hard and fast.

“Oh Christ, Kyle.” Aaron cried. He jerked spasmodically in agonized rapture as he shot and shot.

“Fuck, yeah!” Kyle husked as he gathered Aaron into his arms, holding him tightly as aftershocks shook and rattled his wrung-out body. “You’re amazing.”

Then licking Aaron’s cum off his hand, Kyle slipped his tongue deep into Aaron’s mouth, sharing his cum with him. Kyle devoured those sweet lips, falling even harder for the sexy man in his arms. He wrapped strong arms around Aaron, holding him tightly as he could feel him shaking.

They were silent for a while, curled up together on the bed. Kyle stroked a hand along Aaron’s spine, wanting to tell Aaron again that he loved him, but scared Aaron would clam up again like he had when he’d told him the night before and even moments earlier, when he stated that he’d fallen for his co-star. Kyle hadn’t expected Aaron to say it back the night before, but he had also not expected him to go mute like he had after his rather…odd response to his declaration of love. Aaron hadn’t uttered another word after that. Not even as they showered together after that full body massage or as they cuddled up in bed after. Kyle had done all the talking till they’d both drifted off to sleep.

He hadn’t planned on burdening Aaron with how he felt. It had slipped out probably because he just couldn’t hide it anymore. And it had felt damn good putting it out there. Now that he’d said it, he felt like saying it every minute, screaming it to the world. He loved Aaron Hunter and that was never going to change.

“If we don’t get going, you’re going to be late.” Aaron said softly.

Kyle had to meet the organizers of the party at the venue to see for himself that everything was in order. Bertha, the chief organizer, was to meet him there. He’d asked Aaron to come along simply because he didn’t want him away from his side. God, he was crazy about the boy. Who would have thought…

“Hey what are you thinking about?” Aaron asked interrupting Kyle’s thoughts. “You have a smile on your face.”

“I do?” Kyle asked surprised. At Aaron’s nod he chuckled. “I guess I’m happy that’s all.” He said, entwining their fingers together. “Ready for a shower?”

“Thought you already had one.”

“Not with you.” Kyle husked. “I want one with you. Come on.”

After a rather relaxed and cuddly shower together, they were ready to leave. When they got to the garage, however, Kyle remembered their conversation the night before.

“You know, you never did give me an answer on your preference of a car last night. What’s your answer?” Kyle asked, clicking a remote to open the door of his Hummer H3 Alpha.

Aaron shrugged. “I think the most important thing is for the car to be able to get you to and from your destination. Definitely not a car that’s going to leave you stranded in the middle of a highway.” Aaron chuckled.

“Hmm. So, no preference. It just has to work, right?” Kyle drawled. “Good. So take your pick. Which one would you want?” Kyle threw his hand to indicate the cars in the garage.

“What?” Aaron laughed thinking Kyle was joking. But when he looked up at Kyle, he realized he was dead serious. And just like that, all the amusement drained from Aaron’s face and to Kyle’s surprise, Aaron flipped. “Dude, I’m not some twink you can keep with expensive giveaways, nor am I a gold digger, hanging around for…”

“Settle down cowboy.” Kyle’s hand lifted, palm held out. “I meant no disrespect.”

“Well, making such offers has their implication. I’m not some silly girl whose head gets turned with promises of love.” Aaron was getting hysterical. “And contrary to what you think, I’m not a gigolo or a hustler, though I know the circumstances under which we met say otherwise. I know I’ve acted…”

Kyle had heard enough. He clamped a hand over Aaron’s mouth to stop his tirade, and then pushed Aaron backwards till his back was against the Hummer. Then Kyle just held him. Kyle could feel Aaron shaking, breathing harshly, obviously worked up. Kyle held him till he felt Aaron was calm, then decided to deal with the real issue…which he knew had to do with his declaration of love.

“What just happened?” Kyle asked calmly.

Aaron took a deep breath. “I’m not a hustler.” He muttered.

“I never said you were.” Kyle responded. “Just wanna pick a fight huh?” Kyle asked, voice still calm.

“I don’t want that.” Aaron mumbled.

“Good.” Kyle said and then leaned down to give Aaron a hot open-mouthed kiss. “I don’t want to fight either.” Kyle muttered against Aaron’s mouth when he broke off the kiss. “So let’s talk about the real problem here, Aaron.”

“Your meeting…” Aaron started.

“Can wait. Now, the main issue here, we both know, is what I said last night and this morning.”


“Shut up. We both know what I’m talking about. I love you Aaron. I’m completely in love with you and that’s not going to change whether you like it or not. I plan on telling you every day if you’ll allow me. I know you don’t feel that way about me and that’s fine. I don’t expect you to tell me something that you’re not feeling. In fact I’d hate it if you did. Please don’t think I said it to deliberately place a burden on you because I didn’t. No pressure. Okay?”

“Okay.” Aaron nodded, his heart pounding so hard. Why the fuck couldn’t he just tell Kyle that he loved him too, he wondered.

“Now about the car… I’ll be very pissed off and hurt if you ever think I want to treat you as a kept man or my play thing. I’ve never been in love, but from the little I know, when you love someone, you want to give them everything, protect them, make them happy. You hurt when you know they’re in trouble, when you feel they’re in need, when you feel they’re going through unnecessary stress. I love my brother very much, Aaron. So I know how it feels to love someone though I’ve never been in love till now. It’s the same love. The only difference is that, we get to rock each other’s world. That makes ours even more intense.

So you see, if I have cars at my disposal, and you have none, why the fuck can’t you use them? I plan on getting you one. But since you don’t know what you want, we’ll look around till we find what you want. In the meantime, all I’m saying is that you pick and use one of these. Now tell me…is that an insult?”

Aaron shook his head slowly. When he blinked, a tear escaped to slide down his cheek which Kyle caught and wiped off.

“I love you, baby.” Kyle said softly. “Never doubt that. Okay?”

“Okay.” Aaron whispered.

“We cool?”

“Yes.” Aaron smiled through his tears. “We’re cool.”

“Good.” Kyle husked. Then slipping both arms around Aaron’s waist, Kyle picked him up so that they looked directly into each other’s eyes. “Now give me a kiss. Like you mean it. Even if…”

Aaron didn’t allow Kyle to finish his statement. He tangled his fingers in Kyle’s hair and took his lips in a kiss that said everything he couldn’t. He kissed Kyle as though he was drowning, and Kyle was his only anchor. By the time he broke off the kiss, they were both shaking with need.

“Oh Christ, how I wish we could go back upstairs.” Kyle muttered against Aaron’s lips.

“If you show up late, Bertha is going to assume I had something to do with it.” Aaron dropped tiny kisses all over Kyle’s face. “I’d rather stay in the little spitfire’s good books, thank you very much.”

Kyle burst into laughter. “You’re nuts you know that?” He shook his head in amusement as he put Aaron back on his feet and opened the front passenger door for him.

They were both still laughing as Kyle backed out of the garage.


“Kyle…” Aaron called out, trying to get Kyle’s attention.

“What?” Kyle snapped out of his intent staring and brought his eyes up to look into Aaron’s eyes.

“Why are you staring at me?” Aaron asked, sounding confused.

“‘Cause you’re so sexy it’s ridiculous.” Kyle groaned. “Damn, baby, you look edible.”

That got a laugh out of Aaron. “Really? Have you looked at yourself?” He asked, turning off the game.

Aaron hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off Kyle since Kyle had come downstairs, busily talking on his phone. Aaron had taking a shower first because Kyle had been busy on his phone. Then he’d dressed up and gone downstairs to play a video game whilst Kyle was still in the shower. Kyle had been so engrossed in his phone conversation when he’d gotten downstairs, he hadn’t noticed how Aaron had ogled and admired him. Whilst Kyle talked on the phone, Aaron had taken the opportunity to check out his funky yet classy look. Kyle looked absolutely hot in his black jeans, black slim-cut button down shirt, untucked, and a brown blazer. His classy brown leather shoes completed his suave look perfectly. Kyle looked like a fucking wet dream. By the time Kyle got off the phone, Aaron had successfully talked himself out of demanding they fuck each other senseless before leaving for the party. Kyle needed to be there early to greet the guests.

Kyle on the other hand, couldn’t suppress the gasp that tore out of him when his eyes landed on Aaron after hanging up. Of course Aaron was by then back to playing his game so hadn’t noticed Kyle’s reaction. But when he couldn’t hear Kyle’s voice for a while, Aaron turned to see what he was up to and caught Kyle just standing, with his mouth slightly opened, staring at him. Was something wrong with what he was wearing, was it not appropriate, Aaron wondered.

All Kyle could think of at that moment, was tearing that sexy outfit off Aaron and having his way with him. Aaron looked simply delicious in white jeans, which was riding low on his hips, tight white t-shirt, with just the front tucked in, and a maroon leather jacket, its grey knitted collar matching his dreamy grey eyes. And those maroon and grey boots…they looked so unique and powerful, it made you want to take a second look.

Kyle walked slowly towards Aaron till he was standing so close to Aaron, their bodies were almost touching. Then his hands came up to cup Aaron’s cheeks tenderly, smiling when Aaron closed his eyes and leaned into his touch. As though he were being pulled by an unseen force, Kyle bent his head and gave Aaron a kiss so hot and desperate, both men were breathing hard by the time they broke apart.

“Oh shit.” Kyle groaned, his forehead against Aaron’s. “Let’s get outta here before I drag you back upstairs.” Kyle muttered against Aaron’s swollen lips. “My brother will kill me if I show up late. Come on.”

With a deep shaky breath, Aaron followed Kyle out of the house.


These people sure did know how to have a good time Aaron thought, looking at the guests, numbered about two hundred and fifty, chanting ‘cut’ to Kyle and Ken who were standing behind a beautiful huge birthday cake. Two huge cakes in the shape of the numbers, three and zero, had been mounted on a really enormous rectangular shaped cake. In lovely red, white and blue colours, the cake was absolutely beautiful.

Aaron watched as Kyle and Ken cut into the cake amidst cheers and applauds. Both Kyle and Ken looked happy and that made Aaron happy. He’d met Ken earlier and thought he was a really cool and lovely person. Aaron thought Ken’s boyfriend, Stephen was a very pleasant person too. They’d all shared a few drinks till Ken had to reluctantly leave with Kyle to welcome their guests.

“We’re going to have a long chat later, Aaron.” Ken had told Aaron, then he’d kissed Stephen and left to welcome their guests.

Aaron liked Ken but he was definitely not looking forward to that chat. It was one thing, wanting to show himself losing it on camera for a good cause. It was however another thing showing himself rutting like a bitch in heat, to his boyfriend’s brother. Fuck! He should have asked to see the video first, Aaron thought, then he might have known exactly what Ken had seen. Now he sort of felt like he was flying blind. At least Ken hadn’t looked like he was disgusted with him and that was a good thing. Aaron almost jumped out of his skin when the sounds of fireworks went off, brightening the sky as though it was a fourth of July celebration.

Right after a delectable dinner in the elegant banquet hall, they’d all been asked to move outside into the beautiful botanical garden, with its lovely fountain, where the cake was to be cut. The fireworks in the gardens was an absolutely lovely idea. It made the celebration unique and distinctive. People screamed in delight and waiters started popping bottles of champagne all over. Then glasses of champagne were passed around to the guests. Chris, one of Kyle’s friends stepped up closer to the twins and screamed to everyone’s hearing;

“To the ballsiest twins I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. We drink to those who love you, and to those who fuck you. Fuck the rest! To Kyle and Ken!”

“To Kyle and Ken.” Everyone responded with raised glasses even as they laughed uncontrollably. Aaron couldn’t help but laugh too. That was so fucked up but funny.

But then, Kyle’s squad looked like they were a bunch of fun guys though Aaron had the impression they didn’t like him…


At dinner, earlier in the evening, Aaron had met all the guys except Damon and his husband, Tristan. Kyle had explained that Damon had been out of the country for the past three days and would be coming to the party directly from the airport. Tristan was to pick him up from the airport so they could come together.

“Where the fuck are those two?” A dark haired hunk had growled as they were getting seated for dinner, obviously referring to Damon and Tristan.

“I think the flight delayed a bit due to weather conditions.” A handsome hunk who kept kissing a really beautiful young lady paused long enough in his kissing, to respond.

Aaron was a bit surprised when Kyle didn’t make any attempt to introduce him to the guys, who were obviously the friends he’d told him about. Was it possible it had escaped him, Aaron wondered. Aaron could however guess who Matt was because according to Kyle, Matt was the only African amongst them.

“Happy birthday Kyle.” An elderly woman, who Aaron realized was Senator Julia Quinn, said beside them and Kyle left the table to go and talk to her.

“Hi. I’m Dean.” The dark haired guy who’d asked about Damon and Tristan said abruptly to Aaron.

A surprised Aaron cleared his throat and stuck out his hand for a hand shake. “Nice to meet you Dean. I’m…”

“I already know who you are.” Dean drawled, looking down at Aaron’s outstretched hand. “You have to earn that buddy.” He said without touching Aaron’s outstretched hand, and then turned around, raised his palm and slapped it against the already raised palm of the kisser. Aaron was dumbfounded, so was the beauty who was being kissed.

“What…” The beauty started but her man quickly turned to capture her lips in a hot open-mouthed kiss, which Aaron knew was only meant to shut her up. It worked.

“I’m Chris.” One of the guys growled, the scowl on his face so deep Aaron wondered whether he’d done something wrong.

“Aaron.” Aaron said automatically but this time, didn’t attempt to stretch forth his hand.

They were joined by two ladies then, a pretty blonde and a really hot lady with a stylish Halle Berry haircut, who was busily talking to someone on her cell phone. Immediately the pretty blonde went to sit beside Matt, Aaron guessed correctly that she was Jen, Matt’s fiancée. The other lady bent and dropped a kiss on Dean’s lips. That made her Kayla, Aaron thought, Cole’s PA and Dean’s girlfriend, who, according to Kyle, the guys sometimes referred to as their Drill Sergeant due to her bossy nature.

Matt introduced himself with a smirk on his face. Tyron, with a hard glare that actually made him look like a mafia boss who had finally caught someone who owed him. Michael looked downright bored when he mentioned his name and Cole didn’t even look towards Aaron when he mentioned his. At least Aaron finally got to put a face to each name and could correctly conclude that, the gorgeous young lady Cole couldn’t keep his lips off was none other than Briana, his fiancée. Kayla was still on her phone but was at that moment, staring open-mouthed at guys.

“Listen Danny,” Kayla said to whoever was on the line, “I’ll call you right back.” Then she hung up and planted her fists on her hips in an angry pose and glanced from one man to the next. “What the fuck is wrong with you guys?”

Five pairs of eyes turned towards Dean, the look in them clearly saying, ‘control your woman’. Dean however didn’t seem like he wanted to risk doing any such thing.

“Kay, are you done going over the song choice with Rihanna and U…” Cole started but got cut off before he could finish his sentence.

“I don’t think I have to tell Rihanna and UB40 the songs to sing do I?” She snapped, impressing a still confused Aaron. “You bunch should be ashamed of yourselves.” With that, she stepped closer to Aaron. “Hi, I’m Kayla.” Kayla said with a brilliant smile at Aaron.

“I figured.” Aaron replied, smiling right back. “I’m Aaron.”

Then to Aaron’s surprised, Kayla bent and kissed him on both cheeks. “Why don’t you come with me to check on the artists? I could really use your help. You see, these guys don’t have taste.” She said throwing her hands to indicate the squad, ignoring their growls and protests. “And since law has nothing to do with music, Jen can’t help. Briana, who actually could, is tired from just finishing her exams. So that leaves…you. Please…” By now Briana and Jen were cracking up with laughter whilst the guys scowled some more…well, except Michael who actually looked amused.

“I’d love to help you, Kayla.” Aaron said, standing to take the hand Kayla stretched to him.

“Hey, wait up.” Briana said, getting up to give Aaron a hug. Jen didn’t hesitate to do same.

“Take no notice of them.” Jen whispered into Aaron’s ear. “They’re a bunch of assholes. But they are great. You’ll see for yourself later.”

“Really?” Aaron whispered back. “I doubt that.”

“You’ll see.” Jen said with a wink.

Kyle came back to the table then and sat down, taking in the amusingly stern faces of his friends. “What did I miss?” He drawled.

No one answered Kyle’s question. Without a word to Kyle, Aaron allowed himself to be pulled away by Kayla, whose last dark scowl, was towards Kyle.


Aaron smiled in amusement, remembering the look on Kyle’s face as Kayla pulled him away. At least dinner itself had been great. The assorted foods ranged from first class haute cuisine to good value family meals. It was lip-smackingly scrumptious. And the songs dished out by the Foxgen Band, the duo from LA, whilst they ate was outstanding. People actually stopped eating just to stand and dance to the good music. So far, Aaron had enjoyed every minute of the party…well except for the hostility from the squad…but even that, he had a feeling, was a test of sorts. If that was really the case, Aaron wondered what their main goal was. Did they want to see how quickly he would get angry, or whether he had a sense of humour…or what? Well Aaron wasn’t going to give the guys the satisfaction of getting angry. Though he was known to have a mean temper sometimes, Aaron definitely didn’t go around getting angry simply because people were not nice to him. Hell no!

Aaron laughed softly as Kyle and Ken were dragged onto the dance floor by about seven ladies. He could see Briana, Jen and Kayla amongst the ladies. The stage was being readied for the musical performances in the garden. Whoever had decided the musical show take place in the garden was a genius, Aaron thought. The garden, with its lovely flowers, lights and that spectacular fountain, was remarkably beautiful. Aaron understood why Ken had insisted the party be held at the five-star Complex. Even though he wasn’t really a party person, Aaron couldn’t help but love the whole setting. Kayla had said UB40, who the twins loved, was going to perform first, and then Rihanna would be next. He couldn’t wait for Rihanna’s performance. It was going to be explosive.

Aaron walked around the beautiful grounds, enjoying the music being played and allowed his thoughts to drift onto Kyle. He loved Kyle with all his heart. But his problem was that, he had a hard time trusting people. The only person he’d ever loved and trusted since he was a kid, was his mother…and that didn’t really count. He was learning to trust Kyle and though he knew for a fact that he loved Kyle, he probably didn’t trust Kyle enough to admit it to him. What if Kyle took advantage of the knowledge of his love and hurt him? He had to guard his heart till he knew for sure that Kyle wasn’t going to hurt him.

Their talk that morning had in a way reassured him. Looking back, Aaron wished he hadn’t acted as rashly as he had. But if Kyle hadn’t opened his mouth the night before to declare his love for him, that ‘fight’ wouldn’t have happened, because Aaron wouldn’t have been on edge as he had been, he thought dejectedly. For a moment, when Kyle made that offer, he had felt very insulted. How did Kyle perceive him? As some kid who could be kept, given gifts and told what to do? He had seen red. He was not a kid. He could take care of himself…had been doing that for a very long time and expected to be treated with respect. He hated it when people took him for granted, as though he wasn’t sensible or smart enough to know better.

That was why he’d been so angry at Kyle when he had gotten to know that he’d paid to sleep with him. But all that was in the past now, Aaron thought. At least something good could come out of it. Ken could see the video, keep to his word and continue his treatment. It was good to know that a stubborn Ken’s life could be saved by Aaron’s rather fucked up choice of career.

“Where the fuck am I?” Aaron muttered to himself and stopped to look around. He could hear the sounds of the party from afar. But he could hear something else…sounds like moaning, coming from his left. Aaron walked cautiously towards the sound and found himself in an alcove. The lights in the alcove though dim, clearly showed its occupants. Aaron froze! A male blonde of about his age sat in a chair. In front of him, stood a really handsome man, older than the blonde, over six feet tall, with his head thrown back in ecstasy, obviously enjoying getting blown by the younger guy.

Aaron couldn’t move. His eyes remained riveted on the spectacle in from of him, captivated by what Blondie was doing at that particular moment. His tongue swiped over the head of the cock in front of him, which even from where Aaron stood, looked huge and wet. Then that tongue paused to pay particular attention to the silver barbell inside the piercing in the head of the cock. Blondie rolled his tongue over it, gripped the small locking ball with his teeth, and tugged at it gently.

“Oh fuck, baby.” The stud groaned. Even Aaron couldn’t help the soft moan that tore out of his throat. He thanked his stars both men were too engrossed in what they were doing to hear him.

Blondie parted his lips further and slowly lowered his mouth onto the straining, engorged crest of the stud’s cock and sucked it deep into his mouth, which looked soft and wet, his lips already swollen…probably from kisses. The younger man watched his lover’s face the whole time as he worked that cock. It was so erotic. There was something sensual about the act, something… loving. It didn’t take a genius to know that those two were in love with each other. Blondie came off the cock till only the mushroomed head remained in his mouth, then let his tongue worry the little ball at one end of the bar. Then with a slow sexy wink at the hunk, he sank his mouth down and again, sucked deep.

“Fuck, I missed this, baby.” The hunk growled as his lashes drifted shut, and his fingers gripped Blondie’s hair tighter. “Oh, that’s so good, angel.” Aaron heard the hunk groan and knew he was telling the truth. Blondie sure did know how to suck cock.

With a shake of his head and a smile on his face, Aaron turned to go back to the party before he ended up with a full boner.

Immediately he got back to the dancing guests, he spotted Kyle talking to a waiter, who promptly looked in Aaron’s direction and pointed at him. The relief on Kyle’s face when he turned his head and saw him made Aaron flash guiltily. He’d obviously been wandering around longer than he thought, thanks to Blondie and Pierced Dick. Then Kyle started towards Aaron, moving like a predator, the look in his eyes…captivatingly possessive. Aaron’s eyes widened. Just before Kyle got to him, Aaron started to explain…

“Dude, I just wandered…”

But before he could complete his sentence, Kyle swooped right down on him and crushed their lips together, delivering Aaron a hot, voracious, deep kiss that left him breathless. Aaron could hear people close to where they stood, gasp but it didn’t even occur to him to pull away…he didn’t want to. God, Kyle could kiss. With a helpless moan, Aaron fisted a hand in Kyle’s shirt and kissed him back, sucking Kyle’s tongue into his mouth. Aaron melted completely against Kyle, moaning softly into the kiss. For that fraction of time, it was just the two of them, and Aaron gave himself completely to Kyle, helpless against the sweeping sensations working through his body.

A piercing whistle penetrated Aaron’s consciousness, bringing him quickly to the present and the fact that they were being watched by over thirty pairs of eyes. Some started applauding as if the curtain had just come down on a show in a theatre. With a groan Aaron buried his face against Kyle’s neck, but then raised his head to lightly bite Kyle on his ear lobe when he felt Kyle start to shake with laughter. Laughing even harder, Kyle gave the outer shell of Aaron’s ear a quick swirl with his tongue.

“Oh fuck!” Aaron gasped, stepping back from Kyle. “Are you trying to drive me insane?

Kyle grinned and nodded. “Is it working?” He rasped, drawing Aaron to a more quiet part of the garden, where the squad was gathered.

“Kyle I don’t think your friends want…” Aaron started but his voice got drowned in the booming voice of Tyron.

“Kyle, I thought you said you’ve seen Damon and Tristan.” Tyron was clearly irritated. “Where the fuck are they?”

“Beats me.” Kyle drawled, taking out his cell phone, probably to call Damon, Aaron thought.

“There you are, twerps.” Cole said loudly beside them. “Where the fuck were you?”

Aaron turned his head to look at who Cole was addressing and froze. It was Pierced Dick and Blondie. So they were Damon and Tristan.

“Fuck.” Aaron muttered but no one heard him as all the guys were busy hugging Damon and Tristan.

So the guy had been out of the country for three days huh? No wonder he hadn’t been able to keep his hands…and dick off Tristan, Aaron thought. Kyle didn’t hug the couple as he’d already seen and hugged them. But Tristan surprised Aaron by actually hugging him too.

“Hi Aaron. I’m Tristan.” His grin was bright and friendly. He sure was sexy, Aaron thought.

“Hey. Nice meeting you.” Aaron grinned back.

“Likewise.” Tristan replied, stepping back.

Damon then turned to stare at Aaron, his unsmiling face, unreadable. Aaron hadn’t been able to see Damon’s face fully in the alcove but even then, he’d known the hunk was strikingly good-looking. Then Damon’s face broke into a knowing grin.

“Damon…” Kyle groaned.

“Zip it Shlong.” Damon addressed Kyle without taking his eyes off Aaron, drawing chuckles from all the guys. Ken had told the guys the story behind the name Dick Shlong some years ago, so they teased Kyle with it sometimes. “Damn, you’re gorgeous.” Damon said, his eyes never leaving Aaron’s face.

“I think he’s got swag.” Chris drawled. “But then, they usually have coaches.” He added with a smirk.

Dean laughed dryly. “But that face…too damned good to be natural. Of course without actors, what would plastic surgeons do?”

Aaron almost gasped at that. But he took a deep breath and tried to calm down. All the guys were staring at him. It was like they were watching to see his reaction, goading him, pushing him to do his worst… He had a feeling losing his temper would probably mean, failing the test which he was by then positive the whole thing was. A test! Why else would Kyle be busy on his phone, doing God knew what, pretending not to hear what his friends were saying. The Kyle he knew would have jumped to his defence by now. And Aaron didn’t miss the slight smile on Kyle’s face.


“Well, I’m more interested in the course he’s reading in college.” Michael chipped in. “Maybe a therapy of sorts…maybe sex therapy. Can you guys imagine a sex doctor in that line of business?”

“Or vice versa, doc.” Cole drawled. “A porn star in a sex class. Straight As.” Cole smirked. “Beauty with brains. Deadly combination.”

Aaron couldn’t believe they were actually discussing him as though he wasn’t standing right there. And the insults. Jesus!

“You don’t think cat’s got his tongue do you, guys?” Matt chuckled. “Shouldn’t he be saying something?”

“Wait for it boys…wait for it…” Tyron chanted in a low voice. He could see the fire in Aaron’s eyes.

“You guys done?” Aaron stuck both hands inside his back pockets and stared at the group.

In that pose, Aaron looked simply delicious and all the guys silently acknowledged that fact. It took all the restraint Kyle had, not to tackle Aaron right there and then in front of all his friends. Surely it was illegal to look that smoking hot, Kyle thought.

“Want more?” Dean drawled.

Aaron shrugged. “Bring it on.” He said.

“How about this?” Chris said folding his arms across his broad chest. “What the fuck would a porn star want with a wealthy business man? Huh? It’s obvious but I should be grateful if you could give me an honest answer.”

There was a collective gasp from the guys. And just like that, two things became clear to Aaron. The first was that, all the comments and questions, except the last, had been mere jokes to test how he would carry himself. The second, unfortunately, was that Chris didn’t trust him. Damn!

“Really, Chris?” Kyle growled, taking a step towards Chris, who didn’t even spare him a glance. Kyle knew that of all his friends, Chris was the one opposed to the idea of a relationship between him and Aaron. Now Kyle knew why. And he was pissed.

But one of Aaron’s hands shot out of his pocket to hold Kyle back. Then beautiful grey eyes turned on Chris. Aaron and Chris stared each other down.

“I like the fact that you’re looking out for your friend, Chris.” Aaron started in a hoarse voice. “That is brilliant. Wish I had a friend to do that for me sometime. I’m just an ordinary guy who is very much content with what I have…even though it’s not much. I’ve always prided myself on my ability to plan…to weigh the pros and cons before I let myself do anything. That ability has failed me just once…and that was the day I met Kyle. I didn’t know he was wealthy then. Maybe if I’d known, I would have guarded myself better. But I didn’t. It was just one day…not even a full day…but I lost it.” Aaron looked like he was in a trance. For a moment he forgot about the people listening to him.

“I lost my heart.” Aaron whispered, feeling a sense of calm within him. He felt Kyle grip the hand that was out of his pocket but didn’t even turn to look at him. “I wish it wasn’t so. I really wish I could undo it but…I can’t. You see, we’re totally different, and I should be sensible enough to know that this won’t work but…”

“Aaron…” Aaron heard Kyle breathe beside him.

Aaron shrugged, and went on as if Kyle hadn’t spoken. “I can’t seem to bring myself to stop loving him. I love him so much it scares me at times.” Aaron took a deep breath. “But I don’t want anything from him. I’m not after his money, Chris. I don’t want it. I might be poor by your standards, but I’m very proud. I don’t take what is not mine, neither do I accept pity or charity. I make do with the little I have.” Aaron saw Tristan wipe at his eyes and also noticed Michael’s eyes looking suspiciously bright, but went ahead.

“You guys obviously didn’t get the memo. I’m no longer in that line of business. And the fact that I was, doesn’t mean I’m a man-whore. Kyle doesn’t have to pay me to sleep with me though that’s how it all started.” Aaron heard Kyle groan beside him and squeezed Kyle’s hand reassuringly.

“And just for the record, if he so much as offers me money, ever…” Aaron turned to look Kyle in the eye. “You’ll never see me again.” Aaron saw the blood drain from Kyle’s face and wondered why he looked so terrified, but didn’t dwell much on it. “So, rest assured guys. He’s safe.” Aaron said with a slight smile. “As for your first three comments, I’ll take them as compliments because I’ve never had the kind of money that is needed to see a plastic surgeon.”

That got chuckles from some of the guys, the others still looking very solemn. Though it had all started as a joke on their part, Chris’s question had quickly turned it into an inquisition. But each and every one of the guys was convinced at that point, that Aaron was the real deal and they liked him.

“And Michael, if you must know,” Aaron went on, “I read Banking and Finance. It’s got nothing to do with sex as you all know. So I’m neither a gigolo-ologist nor a hookerologist. Oh and Cole, brains…yes, as from the look of things, I’m going to be graduating top of my class…”

“That’s what I’m talking about.” Cole laughed. “Put it up there.” He said, slapping his palm against Aaron’s.

“Beauty, not too sure because I remember my mum calling me an ugly mosquito lots of time.” Aaron chuckled when the guys scoffed at that. “But what you didn’t add, was skill. Kyle can attest to the fact that I’ve got lots of skills.” The guys erupted into laughter, with Kyle shaking his head with amusement.

“I guess the sex therapists could come to you for tutorials then.” Michael laughed.

“They should.” Aaron laughed too. “Oh and as we’re paying compliments, I have one of my own.” Then with an apologetic look at Tristan, Aaron turned to face Damon. “That was some off-the-hook blowjob back there.” Aaron drawled, and then grinned when Tristan gasped and Damon’s jaw dropped. “I should know. I’m an ex porn star.” The look on Damon’s face was priceless.

“Oh fuck!” Tristan exclaimed and turned to look at Damon. “He saw us.” He stated simply.

There were shouts of “Saw you doing what?”, “Saw you where?” “When?” and others but Aaron was laughing so hard at that point, he wasn’t even paying attention to the squad. Aaron felt strong arms go around him as he shook with laughter. Then he was turned around to face a sombre looking Kyle.

“I love you, Aaron.” Kyle said in a hoarse voice. “Thank you for loving me back. And I’m going to make sure this thing works if it’s the last thing I do.”

Aaron went on his toes and kissed Kyle with all the love he felt and everything in him. Kyle kissed him back with a melting passion that left both of them weak. Even when the guys started whistling and cheering them on, they kept right on kissing.

“Okay, break it up, you two.” Tyron said. “We need to do this before the show starts.” With that, he pulled Aaron to him and gave him a bear hug. “Welcome to the crazy house.”

All the guys gave him hugs. When it was Chris’ turn to hug Aaron, he cleared his throat and actually looked serious. “Listen Aaron, I needed to be sure. I’m sorry.” He said quietly.

“No worries, Chris. You rather helped me. You see, I couldn’t bring myself to tell Kyle I loved him. But putting me on the spot like that made it very easy admitting it to him…and it felt good saying it out loud. Thanks.” Aaron smiled at Chris, who then drew him into his arms.

“He’s not the only one who’s going to make sure this works, you know.” Chris murmured into Aaron’s hair, not breaking his hold on Aaron. “If you so much as attempt to leave him, I’m gonna chain you to his bed. And that’s a promise.”

Aaron laughed softly. “I’ll try to remember that.”

“If you ever have any problem, come talk to me. Okay? Anything.” Chris said, releasing Aaron and pulling a tiny card holder from his pocket. “If that idiot fucks up, talk to me. I’ll handle him. Got that?”

“Got it.” Aaron responded, laughing.

Chris took out a card, and slipped it into Aaron’s jacket pocket. Aaron’s response to his question had awakened such an intense protective emotion inside him, Chris somehow felt it was his duty to make sure Aaron never wanted for anything. Aaron sounded like he would rather die than ask for or accept anything from Kyle. Chris didn’t like it. What if it was an emergency? What if Kyle really needed to help? The stubborn boy standing in front of him didn’t look like he would accept anything from anyone…especially Kyle.

Chris’ mind was already racing…Aaron did say he’d read banking and finance in collage, right? He owned two big investment banks and was a partner in a third one…his partners being his seven friends. Chris made up his mind there and then. Aaron was going to work in one of his banks. That way, he could have access to facilities that would help him in his time of need, and also quickly rise through the ranks. At least till Aaron got it into his stubborn head that when someone loved you, they want to share whatever they had with you, Aaron would have something to fall on, Chris thought with a sigh, trying not to remember. He definitely knew what he was talking about.

Chris’ mind was made up. He planned on having a talk later with Aaron about coming to work for him, before he even talked to Kyle about it. He didn’t want Aaron to think Kyle was doing him any favours for fucking him.

Chris then gave Aaron another quick hug.

“Can I have my man back, Chris?” Kyle growled making the guys laugh.

“He’s all yours, Shlong. And if you so much as hurt a strand of his hair, I’ll smash your face in before I ask for your side of the story.” Chris said quietly, his voice lethal, his eyes full of fire. Then he turned on his heels and left, leaving the guys staring after him in surprise.

“Well, he’s not the only one who feels like that, bro.” Michael chipped in. “I have my eyes on you.” He added, pointing the index and middle fingers of his right hand first to his own eyes, and then to Kyle’s.

Whilst the other guys gave Kyle threats that ranged from castration to dismemberment, Tristan stepped close to Aaron and said with all sincerity, “I don’t care what your mum says, my husband is right you know. You’re gorgeous.”

This time, it was Aaron who burst into laughter. “Not as gorgeous as you, Tristan. And I’m sorry I had to bring that up. Couldn’t resist.”

“You could have done better, buddy.” Tristan said with all seriousness. “You should probably have said something like the guy has a tiny dick or couldn’t get it up. That would have been classic.” The two erupted into laughter, which was so contagious the other guys laughed too though they didn’t know the reason behind the laughter. “Seriously dude, I got off easy compared to what these idiots did to you.” Tristan added.

“What did they do to you?” Aaron asked curiously.

“You’re not going to believe it but Dean…” Tristan started but got cut off by Kyle.

“Sorry to interrupt but you’ll have to excuse us, Tristan.” Kyle said, pressing a kiss to Tristan’s hair. “We’ll be with you soon, guys.” Kyle grabbed Aaron’s hand and started walking towards the elevator on the side.

“Where are we going, Kyle?” Aaron asked.

“We need to talk.” Kyle said simply. He needed to come clean. What Aaron had said about leaving him if he offered him cash had scared the hell out of him. If Aaron ever found out that he’d manipulated him into not paying back the contract money, Aaron would definitely leave him. Ken was right, he needed to come clean.

“Hey don’t be too long.” Cole shouted after them. “The show is about to start.”

“Fifteen minutes.” Kyle shouted back just as they stepped into the elevator. He didn’t think he needed more than that to confess to Aaron. He just hoped Aaron would understand him and accept his decision.

When the lift stopped midway, Kyle gasped, surprised. He’d been so engrossed in his thoughts he hadn’t seen Aaron move. He looked up and saw Aaron’s finger pressing down the stop button. “What are…” But Aaron’s lips stopped Kyle’s question by claiming his mouth in a kiss so passionate Kyle’s knees buckled.

With a groan, Kyle gave in to the temptation and allowed his lips to once more taste Aaron’s sweet lips. They devoured each other’s mouths, hunger building fast. Aaron’s mouth was hot and wet, claiming Kyle’s for his own. Kyle groaned as his tongue duelled with Aaron’s, melting each other with the heat of the kiss.

“Oh God, baby.” Kyle groaned, moving his lips down to Aaron’s jaw and neck, harsh sounds of want and need spilling out. Aaron moaned helplessly. “We need to get out of here before we’re caught doing something scandalous in here.” Kyle reached out to release the button and slanted his lips over Aaron’s in a kiss that was wild, wet and passionate, his tongue fucking Aaron’s mouth deep and fast as he ground his hips against him.

They both moaned in pleasure and desire. Kyle felt like he was starving, needing more and needing it now, his cock impossibly hard in his pants. Kyle had to remind himself that he was up there to talk to Aaron and not for a quickie. When the lift stopped on the top floor, Kyle reluctantly tore his mouth from Aaron’s and drew him out of the elevator, down a long corridor and into a beautiful glass room, locking it behind them. It was a room in which couples usually paid heavily to have romantic dinners. The plain glass enabled anyone inside to see the beautiful lights of the city, and the spectacular view of the garden below, where at that moment, UB40 was getting ready to start their show. People outside could also see the people inside, if the light in the room was on. Kyle turned it off.

“Need you, Kyle.” Aaron husked breathlessly, pushing Kyle against the glass wall and sliding his mouth over Kyle’s cheek and down his throat. “I need you so fucking much right now.” Aaron knew he was acting like an utter slut, but hell, he wanted Kyle inside him, his big, beautiful cock pounding into him hard and fast. He had to have him. He wondered why Kyle was holding back.

Kyle was torn between giving Aaron what they both wanted and telling him what he’d done…which he knew was more important. He gave a deep sigh. First things first, Kyle thought.

“We need to talk first, baby,” Kyle said shakily, groaning when Aaron started pulling his clothes off.

“No. Now, Kyle.” Aaron almost sobbed as his hole twitched with need. “Please…” His breathing was erratic.

Aaron was sure of one thing; If he didn’t have Kyle there and then, he was going to go out of his fucking mind. He’d been horny since Kyle had come downstairs after dressing up. Then he’d seen Damon and Tristan going at it. Letting Kyle know just how much he loved him had also surprisingly left him even hornier. He wanted Kyle. And he was going to have him.

“Oh fuck.” Kyle swore huskily when he saw the determined look in Aaron’s eyes. Then they were tearing at each other’s clothes, both getting gloriously naked in no time. “Need lube, baby.” Kyle gasped shakily.

“What?” Aaron panted.

“Lube. There’s no lube.” Kyle groaned in frustration, just as UB40 started playing their first track: ‘Red Red Wine’.

“There must be something in here we can use.” Aaron groaned, moving to the minibar with his cock bobbing impressively in front of him. He opened the fridge and shouted, “Got it.”

Aaron came back to Kyle holding a small bowl of butter. Kyle took the bowl from Aaron and spun Aaron around to face the glass wall.

“Brace yourself.” Aaron heard Kyle whisper into his ear and slapped his palms against the glass, looking down at the spectacular view of people dancing to UB40’s ‘Red Red Wine’ below.

“Kyle,” Aaron panted shakily, “people…”

“Can’t see us.” Kyle said as he knelt behind Aaron, with one knee on the floor and the other leg bent so his foot was planted solid.

Kyle placed the bowl of butter beside him and lightly snacked Aaron on his bare creamy arse, chuckling at Aaron’s surprised gasp. Then Kyle palmed each cheek, separating them to reveal Aaron’s sweet puckered hole.

“Perfect.” He breathed, just staring at the twitching hole, which he could see clearly, thanks to the lights from outside. Then he pushed in, his face buried between the twin globes of smooth flesh, and flicked Aaron’s puckered entrance, with the tip of his tongue.

Aaron gasped loudly, closing his eyes in bliss. Kyle’s tongue on his hole felt wonderfully good. Aaron moaned with pleasure as Kyle’s wet tongue swirled against his hole, getting it wet and lose. When Kyle blew onto Aaron’s wet rosette, he cried out.

“Oh Christ, Kyle.” He gasped as his whole body twitched hard. “Please…feels so good.”

Kyle just knew Aaron wanted him to do that again so he blew on the wet hole again and speared his tongue into it, fucking deep into Aaron. He just loved the ecstatic sounds Aaron was making. It made Kyle’s own cock pulse and leak so much he knew he would definitely leave a puddle of precum on the floor. Kyle wished he had the time to tongue fuck Aaron longer. But since they didn’t have enough time, he withdrew his tongue and inserted a finger covered in butter. Aaron moaned loudly, his head thrown back in pleasure, his stomach tightening as Kyle added a second and a third finger. Aaron thought he’d go mad with pleasure.

“Fuck!” Aaron couldn’t stop himself from thrusting back against those thick fingers, pleading for more. “Fuck me, Kyle. Fuck me now.”

Kyle didn’t need any further prompting. Getting up on his feet, he stroked his hard cock with one hand, smearing it with a generous amount of butter whilst his other hand slid around Aaron’s waist from behind. Kyle spread his legs further apart to enable him line up his slick cock with Aaron’s hungry hole. Aaron’s breath hitched in his throat when he felt the rigid length of Kyle’s cock slide between the cheeks of his arse. He moaned lustfully when he felt Kyle tease his puckered entrance with the head of that slick cock.

“Kyle…” Aaron breathed as a pleasurable feeling sliced through his spine, making him shiver.

“I love you, Aaron Hunter.” Kyle said in a hoarse voice. “I love you so fucking much.”

At that point, Aaron knew he would have fallen if Kyle’s arm had not been around him to hold him up. “I love you too, Kyle.” Aaron breathed. “Always.” He added softly. And Aaron knew he’d never meant or been surer of anything more.

“Oh fuck.” Kyle’s legs almost buckled, hearing Aaron say those words to him. With a sob, he thrust against Aaron, slowly, almost imperceptibly, penetrating his body and making them one, just as the band started playing, ‘Many Rivers To Cross’.

“Kyle…” Aaron moaned as he felt Kyle’s cock move deeper, all the way inside him.

The feel of Kyle inside him, and the heart-melting song, flowing over them, totally floored Aaron. He could barely catch his breath. He felt so full and good, his precum spilled non-stop from the tip of his cock like a string. With a lustful cry he pushed back against Kyle, his eyelids sliding close as his head fell back against Kyle’s shoulder in pure ecstasy.

Kyle surged up with his hips and fucked his cock deep into Aaron. He knew they had to be fast as he was supposed to perform a track with UB40 but Kyle took it slow, thrusting to the rhythm of that lovely song, working Aaron like he had nothing else to do. For the very first time in his life, he was making love to someone he loved deeply, who also loved him back. Kyle never wanted to stop. He wished he could stop time. With a moan, he thrust deep and hit that sensation-filled button.

Aaron’s eyes popped open as he gasped at the exquisite feeling, one arm sliding up to coil around Kyle’s neck. It felt so good he actually felt himself drool and had to quickly lick his lips. Kyle fucked him so deep, sliding out and pushing back in nice and slow, brushing Aaron’s gland every fucking time. The exquisite sensations Aaron felt was too intense, he whimpered brokenly.

Kyle’s heavy balls slapped against Aaron’s arse as his lips sensuously brushed against Aaron’s temple and flicked the outer shell of his ear with his warm tongue. Though the scene outside, of the brightly lit city and the talented Ali Campbell, the lead singer of UB40, singing his heart out below was captivating, Aaron couldn’t keep his eyes opened. They fluttered shut as he blocked out every single thing except the thick length of Kyle’s cock pounding deep into him and that beautiful song. Aaron’s whole body tightened up in bliss.

“Fuck!” Kyle swore as Aaron tightened his muscles around his cock. He could practically feel his cum traveling from his balls up into his… “I’m gonna blow if you do that, Aaron.” Kyle gasped, willing his body to calm down.

But Kyle knew there was no way he could halt that feeling at the base of his spine. He could slow it down, but just didn’t have the power and control to stop the explosion that was building inside. Kyle started thrusting faster and deeper into Aaron. He needed Aaron to come.

“Christ, Kyle…” Aaron moaned when he felt Kyle’s hand slide around his pulsing cock to pull on the engorged flesh, working magic on his dick. Aaron’s head snapped back and his entire body shuddered in exquisite pleasure under Kyle’s mind-blowing assault.

Kyle bent Aaron slightly forward so that his arse pushed more firmly against his groin, loving how hot and tight Aaron felt around him. Then he changed the angle of his thrusts, nailing Aaron’s sweet spot with each forward thrust. Rough and hard, he gave Aaron what he asked for, loving the erotic sounds spilling from Aaron’s mouth.

“Oh fuck,” Aaron moaned, losing it, going wild on Kyle’s cock. He pushed back desperately, taking Kyle as hard as he could, hips bucking. He couldn’t think. He could only feel. And when Kyle latched onto that sensitive spot between Aaron’s neck and shoulder and sucked hard, Aaron threw his head back and cried out as he begun to explode, coming so hard he saw dark spots. “Kyle!” He cried out as his body convulsed in ecstasy. He shot with such great force he felt like the head of his cock was actually exploding.

Kyle felt the cock in his hand pulse as Aaron released, then heard his name on Aaron’s lips and knew he could get off just from the rhythmic feeling of Aaron coming, and hearing Aaron say his name like that. When Aaron’s channel clamp down on Kyle’s cock, a growl tore out of Kyle’s throat as he thrust deep into him and froze. Kyle’s eyes rolled back as he flew over the edge, filling Aaron with pulse after pulse of hot cum as uncontrollable spasms wracked his body.

“Ah God, Aaron.” Kyle bellowed as waves of pleasure exploded like fireworks in his head. His whole body tensed up as his toes curled almost painfully. It was so good it was almost frightening. “Oh fuck.” Kyle muttered, trying to calm down his racing heart. He turned Aaron’s head and captured his lips in a kiss so sweet, it brought tears to Aaron’s eyes.

“Damn, I needed that, so fucking much.” Aaron whispered against Kyle’s lips. “I love you, baby.”

“Don’t stop please.” Kyle whispered, staring into Aaron’s glazed eyes. “Don’t ever stop.”

“I couldn’t even if I wanted to.”

Before Kyle could answer to that, they heard Ali Campbell’s distinctive voice, say loudly;

“The next song is dedicated to Stephen and Aaron.” The voice announced. “I’m sure each person knows who dedicated the song to them. Enjoy!”

Then the captivatingly beautiful voice of Ali Campbell, started belting out the first line of ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’, which was originally sang by Elvis Presley.

Aaron laughed softly and melted against Kyle. He was on cloud nine. But when Kyle started softly singing along and swaying Aaron to the music, Aaron was sure he’d already died and gone to heaven. “Oh My God!” He whispered, feeling himself trembling. “Pull out, Kyle.”

Not pausing in his singing for even a second, Kyle pulled his semi-hard dick out of Aaron.

“Ah…” Aaron moaned at the delicious pulling sensation of Kyle withdrawing from his clutching heat and turned around swiftly to lean against Kyle, his arms coiling around Kyle’s neck and his head resting on Kyle’s chest.

Kyle wound his arms around Aaron and swayed them to the music. He couldn’t begin to describe the emotions Aaron aroused in him. He had never loved anyone as much as he loved Aaron that very moment. The lyrics of the song said it all.

‘As the river flows – gently to the sea

Darling so we go – some things were meant to be

Take my hand – Take my whole life too,

But I can’t help falling in love with you.

I can’t help falling in love with you.’

Soon the song ended but the guests screamed for a repeat so the band started again.

“Fuck!” Kyle swore when he heard his phone ringing, the tone indicating that it was Ken. “That’s Ken. I’m sure it’s time to perform with the band.” Kyle grunted as he grabbed a roll of tissue and started cleaning them up. He wished he could just snuggle up against Aaron and hold him but he’d promised Ken, to sing their favourite UB40 track with Ali.

“You’re going to perform with them?” Aaron asked wide eyed, making Kyle laugh.

“‘The Way You Do The Things You Do’. I love it. Ken told the guys to call me up stage to perform with them.” Kyle explained as he reached for his phone which had started ringing again. “I’ll be right down, Ken.” Kyle said to Ken and hung up before his brother could scream at him.

They dressed hurriedly and left the room. It wasn’t till they got out of the elevator that Kyle remembered why he’d taken Aaron up in the first place.

“Oh shit!” He muttered.


“I wanted us to talk, remember?”

“I’m not going anywhere, baby.” Aaron chuckled. “We can talk later.”

Kyle stopped walking, turned to cup Aaron’s cheeks in his palms, and took Aaron’s lips in a lingering kiss. A kiss, full of promise and love.

“Hey dickhead!” They heard Ken’s voice but Kyle refused to release Aaron. “They just mentioned your name you idiot.”

Kyle released Aaron’s lips slowly and rested his forehead against his. “I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.” Aaron whispered back. “Now get up there and make me proud.”

With a last kiss to Aaron’s swollen lips, Kyle started running. When he got to Ken, Kyle ruffled Ken’s hair teasingly, ducking the blow his brother aimed at his shoulder and then ran towards the stage.

Both Ken and Aaron were laughing at this point. Then Ken turned to give Aaron a good lingering look and blurted out;

“You know, you look completely and totally well fucked, right?”

“Oh fuck!” Aaron muttered, then laughed softly. He couldn’t control the blush that stole up his neck and onto his cheeks as he looked around self-consciously.

Ken laughed, surprised at Aaron’s behaviour. One would have thought someone with Aaron’s experience wouldn’t be shy about a comment like that.

“Come on.” Ken said to Aaron. “We can watch better from that side.” He said pointing to the area near the fountain.

Aaron cleared his throat. “Where’s Stephen?”

Ken chuckled. “Trust me, you don’t wanna see him. Don’t want you turning into a tomato.” Ken knew Stephen was going to notice Aaron’s just-fucked look and tease the hell out of him.

“That bad huh?” Aaron chuckled.

“Yeah.” Ken drawled, and then promptly burst into laughter when they heard Kyle scream…

“Hello people.”

The guests cheered and whistled excitedly.

Aaron shook his head in amusement. “Your brother is crazy.”

“Tell me about it. We’ve loved UB40 since we were kids. Kyle can actually sing all their song.”

“Really? And he’s got a great voice too.” Aaron said adoringly.

Ken turned to look at Aaron’s face, and saw all the love shining in his eyes. Ken had all the answer he needed. Aaron was absolutely in love with his brother. He didn’t have to worry about his brother’s love being unrequited.

“Ow come on, his voice is not that great. You’re just blinded by love.” Ken drawled, making Aaron burst into laughter. “You guys are great together by the way.”

Aaron didn’t know what to say to that comment so he just kept quiet. He didn’t know whether Ken was referring to their relationship or their sex tape. Kyle started singing then and all the guests started clapping.

“See?” Aaron said to Ken. “He’s good.”

Ken laughed and sang along, obviously happy his brother was impressing the guests. Kyle’s dance steps were so damn sexy Aaron almost drooled. And when Kyle looked right at Aaron, and with that killer smile, sang the line, ‘The way you stole my heart – You know you could have been a crook’, Aaron just melted inside like butter under the sun.

“God…” He breathed. His eyes were riveted on the handsome hunk singing his heart out on stage, stealing his breath away, making him fall even deeper in love with him.

When the screams, whistles and the clapping finally penetrated Aaron’s consciousness, he blinked. He’d been so busy imagining running his fingers through Kyle’s hair and kissing those salacious lips, he hadn’t even noticed they’d finished singing. Aaron knew he was totally lost in lust.

“Kyle before you go,” Ali started, “why don’t you help us do, ‘Stick By Me’? Would you like to hear Kyle again?” He asked the guests.

The shouts of “yes” were deafening. As the band started playing the song, Aaron turned to Ken with a cheeky smile.

“I’m not blinded, Ken. Your brother is something else.” Aaron couldn’t help the delighted laughter that tore out of him.

“You know, I’ve never seen him this excited and carefree in a long time.” Ken said. “Thanks for whatever you did. He deserves some happiness.”

“I should rather be thanking you, Ken. ‘Cause if it hadn’t been for your silly bet, I would never have met him.” Aaron responded. He felt at ease around Ken because Ken was very easy to talk to.

Ken laughed. “Dude, even if we hadn’t made that bet, my brother would have still come after you. The very first time he saw you on that screen, he was a goner.”

Aaron chuckled. “At least I wasn’t as stiff with him as I was in my videos. Sorry about that by the way. I haven’t seen the video yet but I hope it was better.”

Ken looked confused for a moment, then he burst into laughter that sounded false even to his own ears. He was going to kill Kyle slowly later.

“Oh it was perfect.” Ken gushed. “Right from the interview to the end. Spectacular performance.

Aaron froze. What the fuck was Ken talking about? What interview? There had been no initial interview preceding his and Kyle’s encounter like what usually happened in all his videos because Max Viggo had told him, Kyle had opted out of that. Wait a minute…

“So,” Aaron cleared his throat, which had gone suddenly dry. “Did the interview sound convincing enough?”

“Oh it did. You both did good.” Ken said simply. Where the fuck was Stephen when he needed him, Ken thought, stretching his neck to look around.

“Good to know. ‘Cause when I said I’d been watching him for a while and wanted to…you know, I thought he was going to puke. Did you see his face?” Aaron laughed tightly.

“I thought so too. He’s crazy.” Ken laughed. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

“I think, the director, is an idiot.” Aaron stated with a frown. “That part where I fell off the bed should have been edited out. I hear it was hilarious.”

“It was actually.” Ken quickly stated. “I laughed my head off. But you got back on the bed and everything was okay. Oh look, here he comes.” Ken said with a relieved look Aaron couldn’t miss.

Aaron had never felt more humiliated as he was at that very moment. Kyle had lied to him. And the worst part was that, Kyle had obviously asked his brother to lie to him too. Aaron’s heart sunk. His eyes started to sting and he was scared he was going to cry or something.

“Hey, how are my two favourite people?” Kyle said excitedly when he finally got to them.

“Kyle…” They heard a shrill scream just before a red head threw herself at Kyle, rubbing her huge boobs against him. “Oh my God, that was orgasmic, Kyle.” She gushed.

Aaron’s eyes widened at the bolt of jealousy that flashed through him at seeing the woman rubbing herself all over Kyle. For the very first time in his life, Aaron wanted to tear a human being apart with his bare hands. And all the woman had done was to hug Kyle. Fuck! And to think he was actually feeling that way over Kyle, a lying manipulator, who obviously didn’t care about how other people felt…even when he claimed to love them.

“Thanks Jolene.” Kyle laughed even as more people came around to tell him how they’d enjoyed his performance.

Aaron leaned closer to Ken and informed him that he needed to use the restroom. “I’ll be right back.” And with that, Aaron left the garden and its delighted guests behind.

Aaron walked steadily away, the sounds of the music and the people just outside of his awareness. He needed to get away. There were a myriad of emotions running through him at that particular instant. Anger, betrayal, humiliation but most of all, Aaron was hurt. The mere fact that Kyle had not only lied to him but had gotten Ken to lie to him too, was enough to let Aaron know that Kyle would never allow him to be his own man. Kyle would always treat him as a brainless kid who could be manipulated whenever and however it suited Kyle.

Aaron couldn’t live with that.

One was in for his brother, the other, for the money…right? – Chapter 6 – Regret!

“Fuck!” Kyle swore darkly and threw the almost full bottle of Hennessey against the wall.

“Are you okay?” Brandon, his butler rushed into the hall and stopped abruptly to look at the remnants of the liquor on the wall.

“I’m fine.” Kyle said gruffly and turned towards the stairs. “Please tell Rosie to clean that up for me. Thanks.” Kyle grumbled as he climbed the stairs.

“Is there anything I can do for you, Kyle?” Brandon called out after Kyle.

Without pausing, Kyle responded, “Bring me another bottle.”

Brandon gave a deep sigh and turned to go and bring his boss the requested drink. He hated that Kyle was hurting. And he hated Aaron for being the cause of that sadness. Kyle had enough problems with the illness of his brother and didn’t need some sadistic twit to compound issues. Brandon Baker had been Kyle’s butler for the past three years, and had been in love with Kyle for the same number of years. The only thing that had prevented Brandon from making his feelings known to Kyle was the fact that Kyle was straight…or so Brandon had thought. Till that fateful day, on the eve of Kyle’s birthday, when Brandon had had the shock of his life.

His boss had come home with the sweetest twink ever, who looked familiar to Brandon. But no matter how hard Brandon tried, he hadn’t been able to remember where he’d seen that beautiful face. Brandon had shrugged it off, knowing it would definitely come to him. It was when Brandon went upstairs during his final check of the house, and heard the erotic sounds coming out of Kyle’s bedroom, that he’d remembered who the twink was. He was Ron Hunt, the porn actor. And from the sounds that came from Kyle’s bedroom that night, the two had fucked each other’s brains out. To say Brandon had been jealous of the twink, is an understatement. He wanted to kill the boy.

The following morning, which was Kyle’s birthday, Brandon had been in the kitchen, watching as the cook busily prepared her usual birthday morning treat for Kyle, when Kyle came into the kitchen. Then to Brandon’s surprise, Kyle had actually helped the cook prepare the food, saying that he was going to share with his visitor. Kyle’s ‘lady visitors’ were never allowed to stay till the following morning. Brandon had therefore been shocked to learn that not only had the twink been allowed to sleep over, but Kyle actually planned on feeding him breakfast. If only Brandon could get his fingers around that boy’s neck, he fumed. Then Kyle had made matters worse by actually choosing to take the tray filled with food, upstairs himself, to eat with his ‘visitor’. Brandon’s jealousy had increased a hundredfold.

Brandon however consoled himself with the fact that Kyle’s flings never went beyond a week. Aaron was a porn star to boot. Theirs was probably just a one-night stand. Now that he knew Kyle wasn’t as straight as he thought, Brandon planned on making a move on Kyle immediately. After all, he already had a friendly and comfortable relationship with Kyle. Taking it to another level, would therefore not be too difficult, right? He was going to show Kyle how well Brandon Baker could take care of his man.

When Aaron came back from the party alone to pick up his backpack, Brandon had gladly handed it over, feeling a step closer to his goal. From the snippets of conversation Brandon overheard between Kyle and Ken the morning after the party, Aaron had broken off whatever relationship he had with Kyle and didn’t want to be found. Brandon had smiled with joy, calling Aaron an idiot in his mind. Who in his right mind wouldn’t want to be with Kyle? Time to do his thing, Brandon thought gleefully.

Brandon’s only problem however, was that Kyle looked devastated and was determined to find the sexy twink. And for the past week and a half, no matter what Brandon did, even going as far as getting caught naked and wanking off by Kyle, Kyle Parker looked right through him as though Brandon didn’t exist!

Brandon Baker was not amused.


When Kyle got to his room, he pulled off his t-shirt, leaving on just his jeans and boots, and flung himself across the bed, looking up at the ceiling unseeingly. He felt like his world was coming to an end. Shit! It had been almost two week since he’d last seen Aaron. And that had been the evening of his and Ken’s birthday party. Kyle still got so angry at himself whenever he remembered how that fateful day had ended…


One second Kyle was looking at Aaron and listening to some guests praising him for how well he’d sang, the next second, he couldn’t see Aaron.

“Relax,” Ken had assured him for the third time. “He’s only gone to the restroom.”

“Well, I need to use the restroom too anyway so…” Kyle started but got cut off by a laughing Ken.

“Ow come on, Ky. Give the guy a break.” Ken said, taking hold of his brother’s hand. “He’ll find you when he’s done. Let’s go dance.”

And looking longingly towards where he knew the restrooms were, Kyle allowed himself to be dragged onto the dance floor. After dancing for a while, he realized Aaron was still not back, so he moved to a quieter area in the garden and tried to call Aaron’s phone. But Kyle’s call went straight to voice mail. With a frown, Kyle sprinted to the restroom but Aaron wasn’t there. He checked both the ladies and gents, but there was no Aaron. By then, Kyle’s heart was already pounding. Rihanna had started performing and he knew Aaron had been looking forward to that performance in particular. So where the fuck was he?

Kyle quickly went around asking each member of the squad and their partners, whether anyone had seen Aaron, but no one had. Then he went to find his brother. He found Ken sitting with his head on Stephen’s shoulder, enjoying the show.

“Hey, can I talk to you for a second?” Kyle said to Ken, who quickly got up and followed Kyle into the main hall. “Did Aaron say he was going anywhere else besides the restroom?”

A frown marred Ken’s delicate features. “Just the restroom. Don’t tell me he’s still not back. Have you checked…”

“I have. And I’ve tried calling him too but it goes to his voice mail. Do you think he might have gone home?” Kyle was starting to look desperate.

“Why would he leave before the end…let’s go find out.” Ken said, starting towards the reception area. “Excuse me,” Ken said to the doorman. “Have you by any chance seen a young guy in white jeans and a maroon…”

“Jacket?” The doorman completed Ken’s sentence. That face wasn’t a face anyone could forget, the elderly man thought. That boy was beautiful. At Ken’s nod, the doorman went on, “Sure. He’s already left. Looked pretty angry to me. Left about thirty minutes ago.

“Angry?” Kyle spoke for the first time.

The doorman shrugged. “Well, angry, sad…just not a happy face that’s all.”

“Thanks.” Ken said to the doorman and pulled a confused Kyle outside. “Do you know any reason why he would be angry, Ky?” Ken asked urgently.

Kyle shook his head and whispered, “No. His mother is out of town so maybe…but Aaron would talk to me if…wait… What did you guys talk about when I went to sing?” Kyle’s hazel eyes stared into his brother’s.

“We talked about…God, I hope…but he was okay…even laughed…” Ken was mumbling to himself.

“What did you say Ken? Please tell me everything.” Kyle sounded worse than desperate. He never once interrupted Ken as Ken replayed the conversation between him and Aaron. But by the time Ken finished with his revelation, Kyle just wanted to die. Ken saw the look on his brother’s face and felt his heart sink.

“What gave me away?” Ken groaned.

“The interview, Ken.” Kyle whispered. “There was no interview. And he never fell off the bed. He obviously just wanted to know for sure that you hadn’t watched the video.”

“But there’s always an initial interview in his videos. Oh my God! I’m so sorry, Ky. I didn’t…”

“Hey come here.” Kyle said, drawing his brother into his arms. “It’s not your fault. I did refuse to tell you. And I could have prevented all this by coming clean as you advised. Don’t beat yourself up okay.”

“But I should have known he was tricking me.” Ken muttered.

“Shhh. There’s no way you could have known. Now go back to Stephen. I’m going to look for Aaron and apologize. Everything will be fine. Okay?”

“I’m so sorry, Ky. So, so sorry…”

“Hey, snap out of it.” Kyle growled. “I’m going to find him. I’ll keep you posted. Now go have fun for the both of us.” And with that, Kyle signalled for his car keys, got into his car and sped off towards Aaron’s home.


Aaron hadn’t been home when Kyle got there that night, and after a week, Aaron had still not returned home. When Kyle had gotten back home that night, he’d been told that Aaron had come for his backpack. He’d come in a waiting taxi, asked Kyle’s butler to get his backpack, and left, without actually getting out of the taxi.

Kyle had gone to Aaron’s college to look for him but had been told he’d already submitted his project work so didn’t really need to come around. Kyle was beside himself with worry, the knot in his belly getting worse with each passing day. He couldn’t eat or sleep and had to drink himself into oblivion each night. Ken was very worried about him, calling him all the time to check up on him. Kyle wished he had Peggy Hunter’s number but he didn’t so Kyle did the only thing he could…hire a private investigator. Hopefully, Smith would locate Aaron wherever he was hiding.

“Kyle,” Kyle heard Brandon call tentatively from the door and looked up, wondering why Brandon was topless.

“Come in.” Kyle sat up as Brandon entered and reached for the glass on his bedside table. That was the best he could do these days.

Drink. “Fuck!” Kyle swore when his phone started to ring. He didn’t want to talk to anyone. Well, except Ken…and Aaron, if he would have a change of heart and call him. Kyle picked up his phone and without looking at the caller id., barked into it; “What?”

“I’ve found him, Mr. Parker.” Smith, the P.I. he’d contracted to look for Aaron, sounded pleased with himself.

“Where?” Kyle hissed, shooting off the bed and reaching for his t-shirt.

“Biggy’s Bar.” Smith replied. “Near fourth Avenue.”

“I know the place.” Kyle growled, pulling on his t-shirt. “Keep an eye on him and don’t fucking lose him. I’m on my way.”

Kyle was already running down the stairs at a breakneck speed, totally forgetting that Brandon was standing there, waiting to pour him a drink. Had Aaron really thought he could run and he wouldn’t give chase, Kyle thought. In the garage, Kyle jumped into his Maserati Mc12, the fastest car he owned, and reversed out as though he were in a race. There was no time to waste.


Aaron looked at the blonde bimbo in front of him and reached for his glass of cognac. He’d already told her three times that he wasn’t interested. But she seemed determined to talk him into changing his mind. At a point, he’d tuned out her voice completely and simply concentrated on his glass of Remy. Now, that was some good booze. He turned around to check whether the man pretending not to be staring at him had left. He was still there. Aaron seemed to have gotten himself some admirers. A man of about medium height, in horn-rimmed glasses and dressed in simple jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket, kept looking at Aaron. But he would always quickly look away whenever Aaron turned in his direction. Aaron was sure the man was gay and had probably seen some of his videos. He got such admirers once in a while. Why else would he be watching him like that? Aaron drained his glass and signalled the waiter for another.

Thanks to Kyle, he was now an alcoholic. He could afford to drink now as he didn’t have to study. Time to fully join the working class. Too bad he wasn’t going to be working as a banker after all, Aaron smiled sadly. At least not now. He needed to pay Kyle back and the only way he could do that immediately was to go back to acting. Aaron’s skin crawled just at the thought of touching someone else besides Kyle or allowing himself to be touched, but he knew that was the only way. He’d called Max Viggo the day before, to arrange a meeting but Max was out of town. He’d promised to give Aaron a call immediately he got back into town. At least Max had sounded happy to hear from him so he was sure he was going to give him another chance. Of course, knowing how slimy Max was, he was probably going to throw in his own clauses this time around, but Aaron didn’t care. His plan was to take some money, if possible, from Max to pay Kyle, then work to pay off the loan.

Aaron knew it was going to be difficult but it had to be done. As for the humiliating way Kyle had treated him, Aaron didn’t want to think about it. He had surprisingly, not shed a single tear since the revelation. But then, when you realize you’ve been fooled, you feel more humiliated than sad. Of course missing Kyle didn’t make it any easier. The more Aaron missed Kyle, the more humiliated he felt.

Aaron couldn’t believe he’d actually gone a whole week and a half without Kyle. It had been very difficult. When he left the party that evening, he knew Kyle was going to come after him immediately Kyle realized he’d left. So Aaron had quickly gone home and packed some stuff, gone to Kyle’s house for his backpack, then gone to Samantha, his childhood friend’s house to hide out. At least he could be there till his mother returned from her trip, he thought. By then, Max might have been able to loan him the money to pay Kyle so that Aaron could live the rest of his miserable life in peace. Oh and it was definitely going to be miserable with Kyle out of his life.

Aaron saw movement from the corner of his eyes and turned to look. His horn-rimmed admirer was now on his feet, talking to someone on his cell phone. As Aaron was turning back to his drink, his eyes fell on the last person he’d expected to see in that bar…Kyle. Aaron gasped! Then he saw Horn-Rimmed signal Kyle and then turn to look at Aaron. Aaron was out of his seat and out of the back door so fast, he felt dizzy. Fuck! There was no time to waste…Aaron ran. Just as he stopped a taxi, he saw Kyle and Horn-rimmed, burst through the back door onto the street.

“Drive.” Aaron screamed at the driver before he even closed the door.

He looked back through the back windshield and saw Kyle, running his fingers through his hair in that familiar gesture of his that showed how frustrated he felt. God, he’d missed Kyle, Aaron thought, soaking in Kyle’s sexy image even as the taxi sped off.


“Fuck!” Kyle swore, kicking at a box on the ground. “I can’t believe we lost him. How the fuck am I going to find him again?” He growled.

Smith filed away the cab’s number in his mind and turned to look at Kyle, still wondering why the guy had ran away from them. He’d known Kyle Parker for years, but had never see him look so vulnerable and defeated like he did that very moment. Finding that boy was obviously very important to Kyle.

“I’ll find him, Mr. Parker. I promise.” Smith responded quietly, seeing the number of the taxi cab in his mind’s eye. He was that good. “I’ll find him again.” Smith vowed.

“Please.” Kyle pleaded, his voice hoarse. “I’ll pay anything. Just…find him.”

With that, Kyle turned on his heels and left. He didn’t go home. He went to Ken and for the first time in a really long time, he cried his heart out.

“Shhh.” Ken cooed, rubbing Kyle soothingly on his back. “It’s okay. Smith will find him again. Even if he doesn’t, Aaron will come back to you. Love always wins, Ky. And that boy loves you.”

Kyle shook his head even as his whole body shook with gut-wrenching sobs. “He hates me, Ken. Why else would he run from me? I’ve lost him. I’ve…”

“Don’t say that. Shhh… He’s angry that’s all. He’ll come around.” Ken almost hated Aaron for reducing his strong brother to tears.

Kyle had always been the strong one amongst them. Both physically and emotionally. The only other time Ken had seen Kyle cry so hard was when Ken was diagnosed with cancer. And even then, Kyle hadn’t known Ken was standing at the door listening to him cry. Kyle had assumed Ken was asleep and Ken didn’t intrude on his brother’s private moment. But this heart-broken Kyle sounded like his world had come to an end. And Ken wasn’t happy.

After ensuring that Kyle was calm, Aaron cajoled him into eating some salad. His brother looked so terrible, with bags under his eyes and a defeated look in his eyes. He was obviously neither eating nor sleeping well. Ken tucked Kyle in after he fell into a fitful sleep and went to call Smith. Aaron Hunter had to be found…and fast!


“Hey, are you awake?” Samantha asked at the door.

“Sure.” Aaron cleared his hoarse throat. “What can I do for you?”

“You can tell me what’s going on with you.” Samantha said, entering the room. “You don’t look too good, Ronnie.” She added sitting beside Aaron on the bed.

“It’s noth…”

“Don’t give me that crap, Ronnie. Come on spill it.” Samantha ordered curtly.

Although they had been childhood friends, she’d always treated Aaron like a little brother as she was older than him. Till Aaron had come to her door a little over a week ago to hang out in her home till his mother returned from Florida, Samantha hadn’t seen Aaron in almost a year, though they did talk on phone once in a while. Samantha had been glad to have Aaron around since she lived in that big house alone. The house had belonged to her parents who had died when she was in her teens. It was good to have someone to talk to for a change. But Samantha couldn’t help but notice that Aaron wasn’t happy. Something was bothering him. From all the movement Samantha could hear from Aaron almost every night whilst she read, it was obvious the boy couldn’t sleep. She wished Aaron could share his problem with her so that she could try and help however she could.

Aaron smiled. Samantha talked like she was seven-foot tall and not as tiny as she actually was.

“Sammie, I’m going through something now but it’s all under control. I’ll be fine.” Aaron responded, looking everywhere but at Samantha. He wouldn’t meet Samantha’s eye.

Samantha sighed. “Here.” She said, giving Aaron some valium. “You need to sleep.”

Aaron stared at the tablets in his palm. Even with all the alcohol, he’d been having a hard time sleeping. He found himself in the kitchen at odd times, trying to get warm milk, hot chocolate or anything to help him sleep. But nothing worked. Samantha had obviously noticed.

“Thanks, Sammie.” Aaron said softly.

Samantha drew him into her arms, giving him a tight hug. “Aaron, yo…your heart is beat…” Samantha started but shook her head. “Remember, you can talk to me anytime you’re ready.”

“I know. Thanks.”

After Samantha left, Aaron just stared unseeingly at the door. He still couldn’t wrap his head around what had taken place in that bar. His heart was still pounding and Samantha had obviously noticed. Had Kyle actually made someone look for him? And the look on Kyle’s face…guilt and frustration. Of course Kyle was a smart man. Aaron knew Kyle would definitely figure out why he’d left the party. But God, it had taken all of Aaron’s will power to run from instead of to Kyle, when he’d seen him that evening. He wanted to be in Kyle’s arms so bad, wanted to kiss those lips, wanted to feel him moving inside him, wanted to look into those beautiful hazel eyes and tell Kyle how much he loved him… Aaron missed Kyle so fucking much!

But he had to be strong, was determined to do what needed to be done. He knew Kyle’s type. In his line of work, he’d gotten to see such controlling men. He’d seen how they emasculated the men they dated. He’d always pitied such guys, been grateful he wasn’t gay and was therefore never going to end up with such a man. Boy, was he glad he’d never betted on that.

Aaron grabbed a bottle of water and quickly swallowed the valium. If he didn’t sleep, he was going to give himself a headache over Kyle. His mother was due back in two days and that meant he had to go back home. Aaron just knew Kyle was going to get him then, but he was determined to stick to his guns and let Kyle know it was over. He just hadn’t been ready that evening. That’s why he ran. Because he knew that all Kyle had to do was touch him, and he would just melt and forget about his anger and resolution.

But even as Aaron drifted off to sleep, the last thing he whispered was Kyle’s name.


Kyle felt his phone vibrate on the boardroom table and turned to check out who was calling. When he saw the caller, he grabbed the phone.

“Talk to me, Smith.” He bellowed, causing the people in the meeting to look at him.

“Mr. Parker, I’m in his house…”

“What do you mean you’re in his…”

“Not his real house. It belongs to one Samantha Bruce.”

Kyle paused with his hand on the door knob and stared at his hand. How the fuck had he gotten to the door? He turned his head to look at the others and realized all eyes were on him. He turned around slowly to face the people.

“Samantha?” Kyle breathed into the phone, feeling a sharp pain flash through his chest. Who the fuck was Samantha?

“I asked around. They’re childhood friends.” Smith said quickly.

Kyle breathed a sigh of relief. “Please excuse me gentlemen. Something urgent has come up. Robert, please chair the meeting and keep me posted. Thanks.”

And with that, Kyle’s dashed towards the stairs. “Bertha, tell Patrick to bring the car around.” And without waiting for a response or turning to look at his PA’s reaction, Kyle swiftly ran down the stairs. He couldn’t deal with an elevator at that very moment, neither was it safe to drive in his current state.


Aaron stood in the kitchen with a glass of water in his hand, staring at the radio on the counter as if he was in a trance. John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’ was playing, and Aaron couldn’t help but think of Kyle and wish he were in his arms, swaying to the music as they’d done at Kyle’s party.

“God, I’m going nuts.” He muttered to himself.

Samantha had left for work about an hour earlier. She worked as a pharmacist assistant in one of the big pharmaceutical companies. She had wanted to stay with Aaron instead of going to work but Aaron had assured her that he was feeling better as the valium she’d given him the night before had knocked him out.

“I feel fine.” Aaron had said in his sleep-roughened voice.

“I just might be back sooner than you think, Ronnie.” Samantha had said, giving Aaron a kiss on his forehead. “I’m only going because Sandra might not come in today. If she shows up, I’m coming right back. Okay?”

“Okay.” Aaron had replied with a soft laugh.

Now, an hour later, he was wishing he’d agreed and made Samantha stay. He’d never felt so damned lonely like he was at that particular moment. It was that song. But he couldn’t bring himself to turn it off. It brought out feelings within him that he’d rather were suppressed.

“Fuck!” Aaron swore softly, startled by a knock on the kitchen door.

Though the main front door was always locked, the back entrance, which opened into the kitchen, was usually left wide opened with just its screen door, locked. It was probably one of Samantha’s neighbours, Aaron thought. They were a friendly bunch, those neighbours. Aaron gulped down the water in the glass as he reached out to unlock the screen door. Then he pushed it open without bothering to look at the person standing on the other side. When his eyes clashed with sad hazel eyes, the glass slipped out of his suddenly limp fingers and crushed onto the floor, shattering into pieces.

“Kyle…” He breathed.

“Don’t move.” Kyle commanded and picked up a dazed Aaron as he was barefoot.

Kyle walked further into the kitchen and deposited Aaron on the Island. Then shrugging out of his jacket, he reached for a broom and swept the remnants of the broken glass. After dumping the shredded pieces in the bin, he washed and wiped his hands and then went back to where he’d left Aaron.

All the time Kyle worked, Aaron had stared at him, frozen. The way Kyle’s muscles moved under his shirt, that sexy arse, that gorgeous specimen of maleness, that damned song being replayed by the silly DJ… Aaron didn’t stand a chance. He ached for Kyle with a clawing hunger he simply couldn’t suppress. He wanted to tear Kyle’s shirt off him. Aaron could feel his hole quiver in response to watching that handsome stud work. He saw a flash of himself bent over the Island with Kyle pounding into him senseless from behind. Aaron was rock hard.

Aaron’s sexy boxer briefs, which was the only thing he had on, couldn’t hide his raging erection. His heart was beating erratically, he was breathing harshly through slightly parted lips. All Aaron could do was pray Kyle wouldn’t touch him, but it looked like even the gods were against him. When Kyle came back to stand in front of him, Aaron couldn’t suppress the lustful moan that tore out of his throat. God, Kyle smelled divine. Aaron’s tongue, wet and tempting, came out to flicker over his lips. The gleam of moisture on those sensual full lips was so enticing, Kyle groaned. He knew Aaron wanted him, saw how aroused Aaron was but decided not to dwell on that.

“Baby, I’m sorry.” Kyle whispered, drawing Aaron off the Island and into his arms. “I fucked up, Aaron. Please forgive me.” He rasped as his head lowered, his lips moving to the sensitive column of Aaron’s neck.

Aaron wanted to tell Kyle to stop but he was too turned on to think. It felt so good to be in Kyle’s arms he couldn’t muster the brainpower to get the words out. Aaron made a sound so erotic, Kyle shivered as his lips traveled to that point between Aaron’s neck and shoulder. God, help him, he just couldn’t resist that carnal call from Aaron. Kyle’s lips settled there, his tongue licking, his teeth scraping over Aaron’s flesh. He’d missed Aaron so fucking much.

Kyle’s hot lips and wet tongue sent fiery trails of sensation racing through Aaron. Aaron could feel his precum soaking the front of his boxers. He tried not to but of its own accord, Aaron’s hips started thrusting uncontrollably against Kyle’s thigh, grinding his hard cock desperately against Kyle. It felt so good. A sexual hunger, impossible to deny, created a wave of lust so intense Aaron was only distantly aware of his actions.

“Oh baby, I missed you.” Kyle moaned huskily as Aaron’s head tilted to the side to give Kyle better access to his neck.

Aaron moaned loudly when Kyle latched onto that sensitive spot on his neck, sucking up a mark. It felt so good but Aaron wanted more. With his eyes shut in abandon, he sought Kyle’s mouth. The need for Kyle’s kiss was overwhelming, an addiction Aaron couldn’t fight. When he finally found Kyle’s lips, he kissed Kyle fiercely and so passionately. He’d missed Kyle…he’d missed this.

Both men lustfully moaned into the kiss. They were completely drunk on each other. There was a hungry roughness that fed Aaron’s passion as he rutted against Kyle. Aaron lost himself in the pleasure, lowering his guard. He gave up thinking and focused on getting off.

Aaron tore his mouth away from Kyle’s to cry out brokenly when he felt the beginnings of an explosion within him. He couldn’t do anything but hold on and feel. It felt so damned good, Aaron was damn near seeing stars. Kyle stared at Aaron’s passion-glazed face, as though he wanted to imprint Aaron’s image on his mind forever. God, he loved Aaron. Loved him until he could think of nothing but Aaron.

“Damn, I love you so much it’s ripping my guts to pieces.” Kyle husked shakily.

Kyle’s voice and those words sent Aaron into orbit. He sobbed out a lustful breath and buried his face against Kyle’s neck. The need for release tightened through him with a violent hunger that sent his pulse racing. With a cry of passion, Aaron opened his legs wider, clinging desperately to Kyle, waiting for that feeling, that glorious fall, that…

‘Fuck!’ Aaron cried out as he came so hard his world went white.

Aaron’s entire body convulsed in unadulterated pleasure. Wave after wave of ecstasy rolled through his body as his cock pulsed inside his boxers. The intensity of Aaron’s orgasm surprised him. It left him blissfully satisfied, but yet, wanting more. Eventually, the tension eased from Aaron’s body and he sagged against Kyle, spent. And that’s when the self-condemnation started. God, what was the matter with him? He had no control around this man, no self-respect, no sense of…

“Aaron…” Kyle breathed.

And just like that, Aaron started shaking uncontrollably with deep heart-breaking sobs. He buried his face against Kyle’s chest and cried. Sobs, that had been building up for over a week finally burst forth. It felt like a flood gate had been opened within Aaron, bringing with it all the hurt and humiliation he’d felt since getting to know that Kyle had conspired with Ken to lie to him.

“Oh God, baby don’t cry.” Kyle muttered, burying his face in Aaron’s hair. “I’m so sorry. My intention wasn’t to play you, I swear. Please forgive me.” Kyle couldn’t stand seeing Aaron cry. He knew he’d caused Aaron pain and it was killing Kyle inside. “Aaron please…”

With a shaky breath, Aaron tore out of Kyle’s clasp, backing away from the drugging pleasure of Kyle’s touch.

“I think you should leave.” Aaron whispered shakily, shocking both of them. “I want you to leave this house.”


“I’m not in the right frame of mind right now. Just leave, please.” Aaron weakly pointed to the door.

“We need to tal…”

“Now.” Aaron’s bellow surprised Kyle.


“You heard him.” Kyle heard a female voice say from behind him and turned around to meet the meanest eyes he’d ever seen on a woman…well maybe except Kayla.

“You must be Samantha.” Kyle said wide-eyed. He hadn’t heard the little lady come in. “Listen, I mean no harm. I’m…”

“Aaron wants you to go. So I’ll appreciate it if you respect his wishes. “You okay, Ronnie?” She addressed Aaron without taking her eyes off the hunk in front of her. The guy was so fine it wasn’t surprising he was breaking people’s hearts, Samantha thought. That’s what such guys always did.

“I’m okay, Sammie.” Aaron muttered and turned to leave the kitchen, but stopped at Kyle’s next words;

“I love you very much, Aaron. Never forget that.” Kyle said in a voice filled with so much emotion, even Samantha gasped.

Aaron fled.

Kyle turned to pick up his jacket off the kitchen stool, looking so defeated Samantha unconsciously stepped closer to him and touched him on the arm.

“Give him time.” She said softly. “He’ll come around. I don’t know what you did but it must have really hurt him. He’s been like a shell this past week and a half. Let him ride it out okay?”

Kyle gave a slight nod and reached into his wallet for his card. “Please call me if…if he… whenever…fuck!” Kyle swore, driving his fingers through his hair in frustration. “Just keep my number. Thanks.” And with that, Kyle left, looking even more dejected than he’d been when Aaron had run from him the night before at the bar.


When Aaron came back to the room from its en-suite bathroom, it was to find Samantha leaning against the door.

“Sandra came after all.” Aaron’s voice sounded so hoarse it wouldn’t have taken a genius to know he’d been crying. His red eyes definitely didn’t do much help either.

“You’ve been crying.” Samantha stated the obvious.

“It’s nothing.” Aaron muttered.

“Since when do you cry over nothing?” Samantha went to sit on the bed, watching as Aaron pulled up his jeans beneath the towel around his waist. “You better tell me what’s going on Aaron. That man loves you and it’s obvious you love him right back. So why can’t you just forgive him for whatever he’s done to you and move on? No one is perfect. If you love someone, you have to love them plus all their imperfections.”

“It’s complicated Sammie.” Aaron muttered as he pulled on a t-shirt. “He’ll just keep on hurting me I know.”

“But that didn’t stop you from inviting him over.”

“I didn’t.” Aaron groaned. “He hired a private investigator to look for me.”

“Wow!” Was all Samantha could say.

“They found me at Biggy’s last night but I ran. I’m sure the guy must have taken down the car number of the taxi or something.” Aaron said, slowly shaking his head in incredulity. “Damn, the guy is good. And I’m stupid. I shouldn’t have come straight here. Or better still, I should have changed cabs. Fuck!”

“Tell me this darling, how did you feel when you saw him here? Kyle.” Samantha asked, and then shrugged at Aaron’s raised brow. “He gave me his card.”

“I…I just…I can’t think straight when I’m around him. It’s like he has this…hold over me that I’m powerless against.” Aaron groaned as he threw himself on the bed beside Samantha. “I love him so fucking much it breaks me, Sammie.”

“I guess this is simply an ego problem then. ‘Cause you love him, he loves you, he’s obviously dying to be by your side, you’re running away from him though it’s hurting you so damn much…did I leave out anything? You’re so on an ego trip, Aaron. Unless of course the guy is some…psycho or stalker, I think you should just forget your pride and go be happy.

“It’s not that simple, Sammie.” Aaron whimpered.

“Oh you’re so cute. And when did you turn gay by the way?” Samantha asked with raised brows.

“I knew that was coming.” Aaron shouted, thanking his stars Samantha hadn’t walked in on him humping Kyle’s thigh. He would never have been able to live that down. “You are so fucking predictable.” Aaron chuckled as Samantha burst into raucous laughter. “I’m so glad you came back home.” Aaron said softly.

“And I’m so, so glad I didn’t get here sooner. ‘Cause looking at the size of that thing on your neck, it must have been pretty hot in the kitch…”

“Oh my God!” Aaron groaned, throwing an arm over his eyes. The blush that covered his neck and cheeks could, however, not be covered, and Samantha’s laughter, Aaron was sure, could be heard in the next state. “Samantha…”

“You’re so busted, Handsome.” Samantha laughed even harder.

“And you’re so crazy.” Aaron said, joining in the laughter.

Samantha wiped at her eyes, her expression sobering. “I’m glad I got to see the hunk, little Ronnie is head over heels in love with. And I must say he’s absolutely delicious.” Samantha added with a brilliant smile.

Though his heart felt heavy, Aaron was happy he had his friend by his side. He remembered clearly, telling Kyle’s friends at the party that he wished he had a friend who would look out for him. He did after all. Old friends sure were the best.


“What the fuck do you mean he doesn’t want to see you?” Chris sounded extremely irritated. “What the fuck did you do this time?”

Chris had called, asking for Aaron’s number. He wanted to talk to Aaron about coming to work in one of his banks. Though Chris knew Aaron was yet to graduate, he thought he would make Aaron an offer, take him through a form of orientation so he could understand their processes and know exactly what was expected of him. With all the plans he had, Chris was pissed off to hear that Aaron didn’t want to see Kyle again.

“Chris I’m not in the mood…”

“Well get into it and tell me what the fuck happened.” Chris said cutting Kyle off.

Kyle knew Chris wasn’t going to give up till he spilled. He wished he didn’t have to talk about it as the more he talked about what had happened, the more depressed he got. It had been two weeks since he’d last seen Aaron. His calls to Aaron still went to the voice mail, indicating that Aaron had blocked Kyle’s number. Kyle could have called Aaron with another number but felt that, whenever Aaron was ready to listen to him, he would unblock him.

Fortunately, Samantha had called him once, just to tell him to hang in there. So Kyle had resorted to calling Samantha almost every day to ask how Aaron was doing. She’d informed him that Aaron had moved back home as his mother was back from her visit. In one of their conversations, Samantha had hinted that Aaron suddenly appeared angrier at Kyle for whatever reasons, she didn’t know. Kyle wondered what the fuck he’d done again to bring that on. His first instinct had been to go to Aaron and demand they talk but since Aaron was preparing for his graduation, which was in two days, Kyle had resolved not to bother him.

With a deep sigh, Kyle explained exactly what had happened, to Chris. Then he braced himself for the tongue-lashing he knew he was going to receive from Chris. Kyle was therefore shocked when Chris rather burst into laughter.

“What the fuck is funny?” Kyle growled. Chris had remained silent on the other end of the phone as Kyle had recounted everything. Now the best he could do was laugh?

“Dude, tell me again. He actually made up stories about the video to Ken?”

“That’s what I said.” Kyle grumbled.

“And he even said he fell off some bed?” Chris was having a hard time trying to suppress his laughter.

“Yep. And Ken thought he was being smart by agreeing it was hilarious. The idiot even added that when Aaron got back on the bed, it was good or some shit like that.”

By the time Kyle was done talking Chris was laughing so hard, Kyle couldn’t help but join in the laughter. The two friends laughed as though they were in a comedy club.

“Oh my God, that boy is smart.” Chris gushed. “I wish I’d been there to see Ken’s face when you told him Aaron had tricked him.”

The two promptly barked with more laughter.

“God, I haven’t laughed like this in like forever. You’re an idiot, Chris.” Kyle groaned, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes.

“So what are you going to do?” Chris finally controlled his laughter enough to ask.

“I’m gonna give him up to his graduation, which is in two days. Then his arse is mine. I know he’s probably busy with his speech and all since he did graduate top of his class after all, according to Samantha.”

“You sure he ain’t hitting that?” Chris drawled in a fake Texan accent.

“Oh hell no.” Kyle growled, making Chris laugh.

“Alright, buddy. I’m going to give you till two days after graduation. Then I’m stepping in. So you better turn on the charm. You’re going right?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Kyle drawled.

“Good. I’ll see you before then. Going to call Ken now.”

Kyle laughed. “Go easy on him, Chris. He feels bad enough.”

“I’ll try.” Chris laughed and hung up.

Ken and Chris had actually been friends before Chris and Kyle had become friends. The two had met about a decade earlier in an art school, where they’d both taken a crash course in art, which was a hobby of both men. Whenever those two teased each other, it was fun to watch. Kyle knew his brother was in for a hell of a ride this time though.


Aaron knew he should be happy. Anyone in his shoes would be happy. Besides the fact that he’d been able to complete college amidst all the challenges he’d faced, he completed as the ‘top man’. That was something everyone should be grateful and happy for but he was not, thanks to that jerk, Kyle. Aaron just wanted to give his speech and get the fuck out of there. If it hadn’t been for his mother, he wouldn’t have come to the graduation ceremony at all. But he couldn’t deprive his mother of that joy. Even as the Chancellor and the guest of honour gave their speeches, Aaron’s mind was wandering. He couldn’t help but think about Kyle…

First of all, if it hadn’t been for Kyle, he wouldn’t have been able to graduate because his fees wouldn’t have been cleared by the time of graduation. And thanks to the same Kyle, Aaron was so angry he was probably developing a High Blood Pressure condition at that very instant. Fuck! So it had all been a sham…all those heartfelt declarations of love had been…fake. How could one profess to love another when they were obviously ashamed of that person? Hell, for all he knew, Kyle was disgusted by him but was only fucking him because he thought he’d already paid for Aaron’s services. And to think he’d planned on going back to Kyle when Samantha had given him all that talk about forgiveness after Kyle showed up in her home. Aaron gave a silent groan when he remembered how slutty he’d been that day. It had been so good. But now all he felt towards the man was anger. Blinding anger!

Aaron had resolved, after Kyle had come to see him in Samantha’s house, to look for a good job instead of going back to the porn industry. He knew he couldn’t stay angry at Kyle forever. Aaron planned on going to see Kyle to talk things out, make Kyle grovel a bit, and then forgive him. His plan was to work and save towards paying that money to Kyle, instead of borrowing from Max and having to go back into porn. There mere thought of someone else touching him in that way was sickening anyway. God, how he missed that man’s touch. His mother had noticed how unhappy he was on her return but he’d assured her that he and Kyle would be okay so she shouldn’t worry about him. So when he got a call from Max Viggo, saying he was back in town and that Aaron could come see him in his office, Aaron had told Max that he didn’t need to see him anymore.

“I just needed a favour but it’s not important anymore.” Aaron had explained.

Max gave a deep sigh. “For a moment there, I thought you wanted to come and work for me again.” Max had said with a small laugh.

“Oh no. I don’t want to do that.” Aaron had responded with a chuckle, sounding all confident now that he’d resolved not to act porn again.

“Good, good.” Max sounded relived, Aaron thought. “‘Cause that man would have killed me after all the trouble he went through just to take all those videos down. Paying all that shit-load of money just to erase all traces that you’ve ever been in porn. Crazy if you should ask me but hey…it’s his money.” Max rumbled on, not noticing that Aaron was deadly quiet on the other side. He went on to talk about the new actors he’d recruited, saying they were not as good as Aaron but by then, Aaron wasn’t even concentrating on what Max was saying.

Kyle had paid to take his videos down?

When Aaron heard Max mentioning his name loudly and asking if he was still there, Aaron came back to himself and thanked Max for the call. Aaron’s heart was pounding like a son of a bitch, his whole body, numb. His initial feeling had been joy, when Max released that piece of information. Kyle had done that for him. But then it downed on him that Kyle probably had a totally different motive. Kyle hadn’t told him he had done that, right? That simply meant Kyle was making sure that people wouldn’t associate him with Aaron’s porn-acting image. What better way to ensure that than to wipe the slate clean?

“Oh my God!” Aaron muttered to himself, staring unseeingly ahead.

Kyle had paid to erase part of his past. Aaron didn’t care for that part of his life, but the ideal thing Kyle should have done was tell him. Doing it behind his back meant only one thing. Kyle was ashamed of him. He would have told Aaron about what he’d done or wanted to do if he had any good intention. Kyle obviously did that for himself. So that no one would ever connect him and his cozy, rich, spotlessly clean life with a porn actor. He couldn’t fault Kyle for looking out for himself but…it still didn’t change the obvious. Kyle was ashamed of him!

Suddenly, Aaron felt dirty. He’d been taking a stroll in the park when Max’s call had come through. Aaron twisted his head around to see whether people were looking at him. Could they tell how dirty and disgusting he was? Would they want to breathe the same air with him if they knew what he’d done? That he fucked for a living. Aaron felt his stomach heave and rushed to crouch under a nearby tree and promptly emptied his stomach. He was yet to have lunch so there wasn’t much in his stomach to throw up. It felt like hours before Aaron’s gut decided that there really wasn’t anything to bring up and stopped spasming.

“Hey are you okay?” A woman pushing her baby in a stroller, stopped to ask Aaron.

Aaron nodded his head, wiping his mouth with a tissue he took out of his pocket. “I’m fine, thanks.” He muttered and stood up to leave. For a moment he felt a fierce shaft of pain in his chest, as if his heart were actually breaking.

By the time Aaron got home, he felt nothing. Numbness had taken over, pervading every part of him, dulling that pain to just a nagging ache. It was over. He locked his door and just laid face-up on his bed, staring at the ceiling but seeing nothing. He heard his phone ring at a point but didn’t answer. He didn’t know when he fell asleep. But when he woke up, his phone was still ringing. Samantha.

“Hey.” Aaron croaked.

“Why are you not picking my calls?” Samantha demanded.

“Was asleep.”

“All this while? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

Samantha wasn’t convinced. “How’s your mum?”

“She’s fine, Sammie.”

“Have you spoken to Kyle yet?” Samantha had asked softly.

Hearing Kyle’s name was all it took for Aaron’s numbness to turn into blinding anger. White-hot anger blazed through him. He was angry not only at Kyle, but at himself too for allowing his head to be turned by words of love like a teenage girl. Well, he knew better now. Better late than never…right?

“It’s over, Samantha.” Aaron’s voice sounded dead. “I don’t want to talk about it please. Okay?”

There was something in Aaron’s voice that stopped Samantha from pushing. She gave a deep sigh. “Okay. Do you want me to come over?”

“No. I’m going to work on my speech so…” Aaron trailed off.

Samantha just knew he wanted to be alone. “Alright then, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Okay.”



And Aaron had been angry ever since. He’d never been that angry in his life. And as he’d kept everything bottled up inside, that anger had festered…worsened…was totally lethal now. He just…

“Hey Aaron, your name was just called.” The girl sitting beside him nudged Aaron with her elbow.

“Oh. Wish me luck, Ruth.” Aaron said, standing up.

“You don’t need it.” The girl giggled. “Show time!”

Immediately Aaron got on stage, the room erupted into applause. The Chancellor took his seat and Aaron placed his papers on the lectern. He launched eloquently into his speech with so much confidence and calm, clearly not intimidated by a thousand people gawping¬ at him. Aaron’s speech was interspaced with funny little stories about his time on campus, which made the audience erupt into laughter. He would pause and look up at the captivated audience with a sweet smile on his face whenever they burst into laughter.

On one of such pauses, Aaron looked to the left side of the hall and froze. Kyle stared back directly at Aaron, his eyes intense and unwavering. And on Kyle’s handsome face was a totally captivating look of pride, love and joy. Kyle’s body started to thrum, first with desire, and then with anger. What the fuck did the jerk want at his graduation? Beside Kyle sat about five of his friends. Aaron noticed that the laughter had died down and everyone was looking at him curiously, wondering why he wasn’t continuing with his speech. He briefly closed his eyes and took a deep breath, cursing Kyle for trying to ruin not only his life, but his speech too. Aaron opened his eyes and resumed his speech, making it a point not to look in the direction of the lying bastard.

Looking composed and slightly more serious than he was before he started speaking, Aaron continued with his speech, urging his colleagues to believe in themselves and to never give up. Aaron concluded his speech with a flourish, smiling at his mother, who was already up on her feet. Everyone stood up spontaneously, applauding and cheering. Peggy Hunter went to hug her son when he came down from the stage, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks.

Kyle Parker had never felt as proud of anyone as he did at that particular moment. Aaron had not only been eloquent, he’d commanded the room and taken his audience with him. Kyle had seen the way Aaron looked at him when his eyes had found his. The initial surprise, then the longing, and then finally, the anger. For how long was that sexy brat going to stay angry at him? He’d given Aaron enough time…a whole month. Well, no more. Kyle meant to reclaim his man that very day.

The long, tedious process of collecting the degrees began. There were over three hundred to be given out, and it took almost an hour before Aaron’s name was mentioned. He made his way up to the stage to collect his certificate, happy that it was finally over. The ceremony soon came to an end and Aaron went directly to his mother to tell her they had to go.

“But don’t you have to hang out with your friends?” She asked but Aaron shook his head vigorously.

“I’m tired, Mum. I just want to go home.”

“Hey, Handsome.” Samantha said, drawing Aaron into her arms. “I’m so proud of you.”

“I’m happy I’ve made you proud, Sammie.” Aaron said in a tense voice. “I was just telling mum that we have to go home.”

“Oh hell no.” Samantha gasped. “We’re going to party. Auntie Peg, you can go on home. Aaron will come later.”

“That’s more like it. I want you to…” But Peggy’s words got drowned in the booming voice of Tyron, who came to stand beside the trio, with Kyle and the other guys.

“Great speech, buddy.” Tyron said, giving Aaron a one-armed hug.

“Congratulations, Aaron.” Tristan said next, hugging Aaron tightly. “That speech was brilliant.”

“You know, you could actually run for office.” Chris drawled, making everyone laugh. “Congrats.”

“That was off the hook, man.” Matt added. “Impressive.”

“You have a very fine son, Ma’am.” Damon addressed Peggy, who was talking to Kyle.

“Oh thank you very much Mr…” Peggy was all smiles. The proud mum.

“Call me Damon please. And I think you deserve the congratulations more than this silly boy here.” Damon said, hugging Peggy Hunter and making every one laugh.

As Peggy and Samantha talked to the guys, Kyle moved closer to Aaron. “Congrats.” He said quietly, not attempting to hug Aaron as he was dying to.

“Thanks.” Aaron mumbled and quickly moved closer to where the guys were gathered, talking to his mum and Samantha.

“We have to go, Aaron.” Chris said. “Michael’s wife gave birth last night so we’re off to visit her at the hospital. You’ll receive your graduation present later.” With that, the guys said their good byes and turned to leave.

Kyle kissed Peggy and Samantha on their cheeks. “I’ll see you ladies later.” He said to them and turned to gaze down at Aaron, his gaze warm but guarded. Then with a slight tilt of his head at Aaron, Kyle left.

Aaron couldn’t describe how he was feeling at that instant. He was completely devastated by the knowledge that, in spite of everything, he was still deeply in love with Kyle. How was that even possible, he wondered. Seeing Kyle like that had caused a mixture of nerves and desire within Aaron which he had a hard time suppressing. But the anger he felt towards Kyle was even more. Though Aaron had wanted to kiss Kyle so badly in front of his mother and Kyle’s friends, his entire body itched to ram Kyle into a wall and take a swing at his face even more. And he could have done that with cheeky ease too. The black belt hanging inside his closet said so. But Aaron hadn’t wanted to embarrass his mother and ruin a day that was supposed to be a happy and perfect one. He knew what to do. He had to purge Kyle out of his system. And by God, he was going to do that even if it killed him.

“Sammie’s right, Mum. Go on home. I’ll see you later.”

“Alright, son. Have fun. You deserve it.” Peggy said, drawing Aaron’s head down to give him a kiss on his forehead.

Aaron watched till Peggy disappeared and then turned to Samantha. “Okay, this is how it’s gonna go down. I have to hang out with a few guys. Go home and wait for me. I’ll come pick you up later so we can go celebrate. Okay?”

“Who are these guys you’re going to hang out with?” Samantha asked suspiciously.

“Sammie I have a lot of friends.”

“Yeah right.” Samantha scoffed.

“Hey, till you saw me a month ago, we hadn’t seen each other for like a year, right? That’s a long time to make friends, Missy. Now run along. I’ll call before I come.”

“If you say so. Take care.” Samantha hugged Aaron and left for home.

Aaron took out his phone and made a call. “Hey Scott, I’m on my way.”

When he hung up, he took off his robe, spotted Ruth, his course mate, and handed it over to her to keep for him. Time to have fun and forget about assholes like Kyle. There was a group of crazy guys in his college who always invited him to join then to have fun but Aaron always turned down their invitation. Just before the graduation ceremony, they’d approached him and told him to allow them to give him a treat for topping his class. They had been so persuasive Aaron had told them he would join them, though he had no intention of going with them at the time. But now, Aaron thought it was the perfect outlet. He was going to have fun with those crazy boys and forget about his sorrows. Fuck Kyle Parker!


“Oh hi, Kyle.” Peggy smiled when she saw Kyle at the door.

“Hello Peggy.” Kyle smiled back at the woman whose eyes looked so much like Aaron’s. “Can I see Aaron please?”

“Aaron is not back.” Peggy said, opening the door wider. “Do come in. He said he was going to have fun with some friends.”

“Since this morning?” Kyle asked, surprised. The ceremony had ended around eleven a.m. And it was already past eight p.m.

“Yes. Do make yourself comfortable, Kyle. I’m glad you’re here. I need to talk to you.” Peggy said, taking a seat opposite the one Kyle sat in. “What’s going on, Kyle? Since I came back from Florida, Aaron has been different. He looks troubled. Initially it wasn’t so bad. But suddenly, he became this…angry, bitter human being. I’ve tried talking to him but he always clams up and says he doesn’t want to talk about it. I’m not a kid, Kyle. It’s obvious it has something to do with you. What is going on?” Peggy looked very worried.

Kyle took a deep breath. “Peggy, I hope you understand but whatever is going on…it’s not my place to tell you. Aaron is angry with me because of something I did. I didn’t do it with any bad intention but he wouldn’t even allow me to explain. For the past…” Kyle trailed off when the front slammed shut.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Aaron drawled when he entered the hall. “Look what the cat dragged in.”

“Honey, are you okay?” Peggy asked, staring at her son. There was something a little bit off about Aaron. He wasn’t slurring his words so it was obvious he wasn’t drunk. He looked… “Aaron what is wrong with you?” Peggy stood up, her heart pounding. Aaron looked like…Peggy Hunter didn’t even want to complete the thought.

“Oh relax, Mum. I’m cool. In fact I’ve never been better.” Aaron said, throwing his jacket onto the couch. Then he turned to look at Kyle with a grin that looked like he’d just won the lottery. “So… what do you want in my house?”

“Listen, Kyle,” Peggy said, picking up her bag from a nearby table. “I’m going to see a friend of mine. Give you guys some time to talk.”

Aaron gave a short laugh. “And who says we need to talk? I don’t. Do you?” He asked Kyle with his eyebrows innocently raised.

Kyle stood and walked Peggy to the door. At the door, Peggy turned eyes which were swimming with a myriad of emotions…worry, anger, sadness…and something else Kyle was surprised to see…hope, on Kyle.

“Have you seen his eyes?” She whispered, looking at Kyle’s face till he nodded slowly. “I don’t think I need to tell you what’s going on here.” Peggy’s voice was shaky. “I want my son back. Whatever is happening to him, fix it.” She said in a deadly quiet voice. Then she opened the door and left, leaving Kyle alone with Aaron.

Kyle closed and locked the door behind Peggy and turned to look at Aaron. “What did you take?” Kyle asked in a hard voice.

“Wow!” Aaron exclaimed, bursting into laughter. “What is it to you, what I decide to take?”

“You know the danger in taking drugs, Aaron. I don’t think I need to tell you that.” Kyle congratulated himself on his outward calm because inside, he was a quivering mess. Was that what he’d reduced Aaron to? Drugs?

Aaron gave a nasty laugh and folded his arms across his chest. “So what are you going to do about it? Destroy all the drugs in the world? Or buy out the rights to manufacture drugs from all pharmaceutical companies?” Aaron growled.

Aaron watched the confused look in Kyle’s hazel eyes, and then saw those eyes widen with realization, and then Kyle’s eyes were filled with guilt. Aaron knew the very instant Kyle figured out that Aaron knew what he’d done. He watched as the colour drained out of Kyle’s skin. Kyle’s mouth open as if he was about to say something, but nothing came out. Aaron had all the confirmation he needed. The guilty look on Kyle’s face said it all. Anger, so ferocious, flashed through Aaron, he almost gasped at its intensity.

“Get the hell out of my house.” Aaron growled, then turned on his heels and stormed into his bedroom, not waiting around to listen to whatever bullshit Kyle was going to come up with after the initial shock he was under wore off.

In the room, Aaron first took off his shoes and pants. Just as he took off his tie, Kyle appeared at his bedroom door and cleared his throat.

“It’s not what you think Aaron.” Kyle said quietly. For the very first time since he met Aaron, Kyle was scared of him. For one, he didn’t seem to be in the right frame of mind. It would therefore be very difficult to reason with him. “I swear to you I didn’t have any bad intentions.” Kyle said as he walked toward Aaron who was standing beside his bed.

“Oh really?” Aaron’s lips curled in a little half sneer. “And what, may I ask, were your intentions great Sir? ‘Cause from where I’m standing, you went to a whole lot of trouble to ensure that I wouldn’t ruin your perfect life. Who would want to be associated with a poor, filthy porn star like myself?”

“I was trying to make the wrong in your life, right.” Kyle said quietly.

“By controlling my fucking life?”

“I’m sorry but that was how best I could do it. I did it for you.” Kyle looked and sounded frustrated. Why would Aaron think he had any other intention besides trying to protect him?

“Cut the crap, Kyle.” Aaron roared in anger. “You did it for yourself.”

“I swear…”

“Spare me the fucking lies, you jerk.” Aaron growled, cutting Kyle off. “You know what gave away your true intention? You didn’t tell me. You see Kyle, if you want to do something for someone…as you claim…something this sensitive, something this important…you tell them. That shows you have their interest at heart. Failing to tell me, shows two clear things…that you were looking out for yourself and that whatever you’ve told me this far, are lies.”

“Listen to me, Aa…”

“No, you listen to me you asshat!” Aaron bellowed, anger shining in his eyes and radiating from his body. “You maneuver your way into my life, violate my principles, my body, manipulate me as if I’m your puppet, pretend to love me and silly as I am, I fall for you. Fall for all the lies and devious scheming. Only to find out that it’s not so after all. I probably disgust you. All you’re obviously trying to do is get your money’s worth…”

“You idiot.” Kyle said tightly, trying very hard to hold on to his own rapidly rising temper. “You need to be very careful about the words you’re putting in my mouth.”

“The truth hurts huh?” Aaron snickered. “And to think you actually expect me to believe even for a second, that you did this for me. How the fuck do you even see yourself as a good guy? You are so fucking bad, you give the word a new meaning.”

“You’re twisting my motives to make it seem awful.” Kyle’s voice was barely above a whisper. “I know you’re not thinking straight right now, but you’re not being fair.”

“On the contrary, I’m seeing everything more clearly now. Me? Not fair? Oh poor Kyle. Mean Aaron is not being fair to him. So what are you going to do about it, Kyle?” Aaron’s head tilted to the side as he watched Kyle visibly struggle to keep his emotions reined in. “Will you put every video back on the market? Or hire a private eye to keep an eye on me twenty-four-seven so that your ‘investment’ wouldn’t…disappear?” Aaron said, giving the word investment, quotations with his fingers. “I seriously believe those are your only options.”

“You need to stop this, baby.” Kyle whispered, sounding desperate. He couldn’t believe the crap that was spilling out of those sweet, kissable lips. Kyle felt like his heart was being ripped out of his chest. “Please, Aaron…”

“I’ve had enough of your lies and manipulation. No more. This hold you have on me ends now. Whatever you’ve taken from me, I’m going to take it right back. Starting, right fucking now.” Aaron said and shoved hard at an unsuspecting Kyle, who fell facedown onto Aaron’s bed.

Kyle had been so shocked at the words coming out of Aaron’s mouth that, he hadn’t even seen Aaron move and was therefore not able to hold his balance. As he fell onto the bed, Aaron pounced on him and tied his hands together with the neck tie, which Aaron still had in his hand. Aaron definitely had the element of surprise on his side.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Aaron?” Kyle gasped, struggling to get back on his feet. But having Aaron sitting on his back and his hands tied behind his back was however making the escape a tad difficult. Kyle was surprise at the sheer strength of Aaron. Was the guy a wrestler or something, Kyle wondered.

“What does it look like? I’m taking back what you took from me. Some, I can’t take back…like my dignity.” Aaron said, keeping Kyle pinned to the bed. His taekwondo tutor would be so proud of him, Aaron thought. He reached for his pants, which was lying on the bed, to pull out his belt from the loops. Then Aaron tied Kyle’s right foot to his bed post with his belt. “But some, I definitely can. Say goodbye to your cherry, Kyle Parker.”

“Aaron, stop this before you do something you can’t undo.” Kyle said quietly. He’d stopped struggling, hoping that Aaron would come back to his senses. He would have laughed at the absurdity of the whole situation but for the fear of infuriating Aaron further.

Aaron snickered, his whole body hyped up like someone had injected adrenaline into him. “What is one more thing to regret?” Aaron scoffed, his left arm firmly on Kyle’s back, holding Kyle down.

When Aaron reached beneath Kyle to undo his belt, Kyle tried to talk to him again. “Aaron, this is not how to solve problems. Please let’s talk.”

“I’m not in the mood for talking. I just want your arse.” Aaron growled. He’d been hard since he’d seen Kyle’s car parked in their driveway. He was going to enjoy that sweet arse of Kyle’s and nothing was going to stop him. Though there was a niggling feeling at the back of Aaron’s mind, telling him that what he was about to do was wrong, Aaron couldn’t seem to be able to control the feeling of lust and anger driving him. He undid Kyle’s zipper and pulled his jeans, together with his boxer briefs down, exposing his arse. “You schemed to steal mine, now I get to steal yours. And guess what…I don’t have to scheme.”

“Stop this, Aaron. Please.” Kyle pleaded, hoping Aaron wouldn’t go through with what he had in mind. It wasn’t the fact that he was about to be fucked up the arse that worried Kyle, it was the fact that Aaron was going to do it out of anger, and was bound to regret it afterwards.

“What is good for the goose…” Aaron purred, releasing his hard cock from his boxers. “Oh how I’ve dreamt of fucking this sexy arse.” Aaron felt as though he would die if he didn’t get inside Kyle soon. He wanted inside that arse not only to take something back from Kyle, but also for his peace of mind.

When Kyle felt Aaron’s hot erection on his arse cheeks, he knew he was fucked! At that point, he knew Aaron was going to go through with it. All Kyle could do was hope Aaron would take it slow because that cock, was definitely bigger than average and could do a whole lot of damage to Kyle’s virgin hole. The guy played the top in gay porn for years for fuck’s sake, Kyle groaned silently. He wasn’t small. Kyle tried one last time…

“Aaron, please…”

But Aaron didn’t even acknowledge Kyle’s plea. With his right hand, Aaron jerked Kyle’s arse slightly up to give his cock better access, his left arm still firmly keeping Kyle’s chest, pressed to the bed. Aaron spat into his right palm and rubbed it over his cock. And that was all the lube Kyle’s virgin arse got. Aaron slammed into Kyle’s tight, dry, virgin hole without enough lubrication and without preparation.

Oh God, the pain! It was so excruciating, it tore, burned and ripped Kyle apart. Kyle couldn’t help the scream that tore out of his throat.

“Oh fuck!” Aaron whispered when he heard that agonized scream, snapping instantly back to his senses. What had he done… “Oh my God.” Aaron gasped and immediately started to pull out of Kyle even as he felt his own cum traveling up his dick. That tight grip on his dick, the exquisite friction as he pulled out…

By the time Aaron pulled completely out of Kyle’s tight heat, his cock was already spasming, shooting his cum all over the bed and Kyle’s arse.

“Oh God, baby I’m sorry.” Aaron whimpered, as his body shook with unwelcomed, regrettable pleasure. “I’m so, so, sorry. Please, please, please…” He chanted even as he reached out to untied Kyle’s wrists. Aaron was virtually in tears as he released the foot attached to the bed post.

When Aaron rolled Kyle over and saw the shock, rage, agony and so much hurt on Kyle’s handsome face, Aaron shivered at the answering pain that raged through him.

Till the very last moment, Kyle had thought Aaron wouldn’t go through with it. That Aaron would snap out of whatever influence he was under, to know that he was about to hurt him. To say Kyle was disappointed was an understatement. Even as Aaron kept repeating how sorry he was, Kyle got off the bed without looking at Aaron. He pulled up his boxers and jeans without bothering to wipe Aaron’s cum off his arse, fixed his belt and pushed his right foot into the loafer that had come off during his ordeal. Then without a word to Aaron, Kyle turned and left the room. He knew he had to stay and see to Aaron. He had to help Aaron, somehow make him understand, but Kyle was angry and hurt. Much as he loved Aaron, Kyle didn’t know what he was going to do to the boy if he stayed around him another minute. He’d raped him for goodness sake. And Kyle was only human. Without a backward glance at Aaron, Kyle left the house, got into his car, and drove home.

Back in his room, Aaron sat on the floor with his head in his palms, tears streaming down his face as he kept whispering to himself;

“What have I done?”

One was in for his brother, the other, for the money…right? – Chapter 7 – Despair!

“Aaron?” Peggy Hunter called out her son’s name.

The house seemed awfully quiet. Maybe Aaron was sleeping. She’d been gone for about two hours, hoping Kyle and Aaron had sorted out their differences by then. She’d noticed that Kyle’s car was no longer parked in the driveway so she knew he’d already left. Peggy also noticed that the light was on in Aaron’s bedroom so she tentatively pushed the door open. What she saw broke her heart.

Aaron was sitting on the floor, still in his shirt, with his head in his palm and his body shaking with painful sobs.

“Oh my God, Honey…” Peggy gushed as she rushed to gather her son into her arms. “Shhhh. It’s okay, Mummy is here. Don’t cry.” She crooned.

But the more Peggy rocked and talked to Aaron, the harder he cried. Peggy was furious…furious at Kyle. She’d only left Aaron with Kyle because she thought Kyle would sort out whatever problem there was. But from the look of things, the situation was rather worse. What the hell did that Kyle do to her son, Peggy fumed. No mother wanted to see their child hurting like Aaron was. Peggy realized she actually preferred an angry and sulking Aaron, to the Aaron who was crying as though his life had come to an end. The front of Peggy’s blouse was all wet by the time Aaron calmed down. And even then, his tears kept flowing silently.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Peggy asked softly, still rocking Aaron in her arms.

“I hurt him.” Aaron croaked, sounding like he had a frog stuck in his throat. “I hurt him really bad, Mum.”

“Well, that’s what happens when people are in a relationship.” Peggy said softly. “You hurt each other but it’s not intentional. You just have to give each other the chance to expl…”

“I raped him, Mum.” Aaron said quietly, cutting off Peggy’s tirade.

Aaron felt his mother stiffen against him and pulled out of her arms. He drew his knees up and hugged it as though making himself small would somehow make everything go away.

“What?” Peggy whispered.

“I knew what I was doing was wrong but…I just couldn’t stop.” Aaron muttered shakily. “It felt like I wasn’t in control of my body, my mind…I just don’t know. He pleaded, Mum. He tried to talk me out of it but I…”

“Oh my God!” Peggy sounded horrified.

“I’m sorry, Mum. I’m so sorry.” Aaron whispered. “I know I’ve disappointed you.”

“You took drugs.” Peggy said in a tight voice. It wasn’t a question.

Aaron cleared his throat. “I went out with some guys. But I just couldn’t bring myself to loosen up and have fun. They said it would help me loosen up. I just wanted to forget…forget everything for at least a while. I…”

“What was so bad?” Peggy’s voice shook. “What was so bad, you had to take drugs to forget, Aaron. Tell me. Help me understand.” Tears were sliding down Peggy’s cheeks. She knew her son had a really nasty temper sometimes. But this…was over the top. “Please.”

Aaron finally turned to look at his mother. His beautiful mother. The one person he’d loved since he drew in his first breath. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. But Aaron knew that not telling her anything would hurt her even more. She was his mother. She would understand. Taking a deep breath, Aaron told his mother everything.


It was Sunday morning and Chris Donovan had just finished working out in his gym. He planned on relaxing in bed the whole day as the day before had been hectic. They had to go for Aaron’s graduation, and then to see Michael’s sweet baby boy, and then to hang out in Matt’s house. And that idiot always made them play soccer whenever it was his turn to entertain. What a workout that had been, Chris grimaced. He’d been so tired when he’d finally gotten into bed, he’d actually surprised himself for being able to wake up early for his usual workout.

As Chris made his way into the bathroom to take a well-deserved shower, he heard his cell phone ring. With a groan, we went back to pick up his phone from his bedside table. He didn’t know the number so he almost ignored the call, telling himself he could call the person back after his shower. But on second thoughts, he decided to talk to whoever it was quickly, and then get into the shower before the sweat dried up on him. He hated that.

“Chris here.” Chris said in his deep voice.

“You said if I ever have any problem, I should come to you.” Said a disembodied voice. “I need your help, Chris.”

Chris’ mind raced. The only person he’d told that to was… “Aaron?”

“Yes.” Came Aaron’s quiet voice. Hell, he didn’t even sound like himself, Chris thought.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m…” Aaron went quiet.

“Where are you?” Chris asked.

“I’m home.”

“Give me your address.” Chris said, picking up a pen to write down the address Aaron rattled off. “Give me thirty.” Chris hung up and rushed into the shower.


When Chris parked his sleek metallic silver Mercedes-Benz SL-Class in Aaron’s driveway, he saw Aaron sitting dejectedly on his stairs. The boy looked like he’d been run over by a bulldozer. God, he hoped Aaron’s mother was okay. Chris remembered Kyle saying the woman had a medical condition. Chris got out of his car and went to stand in front of Aaron, looking down at Aaron’s bowed head.

“Hey.” Chris said softly.

“Thanks for coming.” Aaron muttered, his head still down.

“No problem.” Chris said, crouching down in front of Aaron so that their faces were at par. “Is your mum home?” Chris asked.

Aaron nodded his head. “She’s sleeping.”

“Is she okay?”

“She’s fine.”

Chris heaved a sigh of relief. So if his mother was well, then what was causing the boy to look like his favourite dog was dead? It couldn’t possibly be about his fight or anger towards Kyle, Chris thought. Kyle had told Chris everything and much as Chris thought Aaron deserved to be angry with Kyle, he didn’t think it was such a big deal. Seriously, why would Kyle want to take money from Aaron?

“Would you want us to talk here or go somewhere else?” Chris asked. Though Aaron had called him, Chris has a feeling it was going to take a little coaxing to get the boy to talk. At Aaron’s shrug, Chris stood up. “Come on. Do you need to get anything from in there?”

Aaron shook his head. He already had his wallet, phone and keys on him. He stood up and followed Chris to his car. When he got into the front seat, Aaron just sat, staring straight ahead. On any other day, he would have admired the car he was sitting in but at that point, Aaron wouldn’t have noticed even if it was a horse-drawn carriage.

“Buckle up, Aaron.” Chris said softly. He unconsciously treated Aaron as though he were handling a skittish cat. The boy looked totally beaten and terrified. Chris was beginning to get very worried. He backed out of Aaron’s driveway and drove straight to his house.

When they got to Chris’ stylishly designed home, Chris ushered Aaron into a cozy room he called his personal sanctuary. It wasn’t a big room. The deco in there was classically elegant. The only thing besides the sparse furniture in there was an aquarium and a bar. Chris only went in there when he wanted to be alone to think. The way Aaron looked right then, that soothing feel of the room would help calm down his nerves…Chris hoped.

“Should I get you anything?” Chris asked.

“No. I’m good.” Aaron sat in the couch like a zombie.

Chris took a seat opposite Aaron and hunched over with his forearms resting on his knees and then stared at the bowed head of Aaron. Whatever problem Aaron had was obviously killing the boy, Chris thought grimly.

“Okay, let’s hear it.” Chris said and waited for Aaron to speak.

After a full minute of silence, Aaron finally looked up at Chris, swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and dropped the bombshell;

“I raped him.”

Chris looked confused for a moment, then asked curiously, “You raped who?”

“Kyle. I…last night he…we were talking…he came…”

“Take a deep breath, Aaron.” Chris said in a controlled voice. “Now tell me how the fuck you were able to rape or think you raped Kyle.” Chris was totally confused. Was Aaron okay? How could he possibly rape Kyle? Kyle was over six-foot-two and Aaron was…

“When I got home last night, he was there. My mum left us to talk. I was so angry I…I took him by surprise. I wanted to stop but…couldn’t. Now he hates me and I don’t know what to do.”

“You’re serious.” Chris stared at Aaron incredulously.

Aaron nodded, feeling like his throat was being squeezed.

“Fuck!” Chris muttered and stood up. Long strides took him to the bar, where he poured himself a stiff drink.

He gulped it down at a go. Damn, he wished he’d already had something to eat. Booze on an empty stomach wasn’t a good thing. But Chris needed it. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed Ken’s number.

“Hey.” Ken answered quietly on the other side.

“Hey yourself. Have you spoken to Kyle since last night?” Chris asked Ken.

“I’m in his house now, Chris. I don’t know but…I think something happened. He’s not talking much. Do you know what happened to him?” Ken sounded very worried.

“No. I was expecting a call from him last night but it never came through. And I think his phone is off so thought I’d call you and find out.” Chris lied. “Listen, what do you mean you think something happened?”

“Well, for one, he keeps staring into space. His eyes look dead. He’s not himself, Chris. I think something might have happened last night but he’s not saying anything.” Ken definitely sounded desperate. “Maybe I should take him to the hospital.”

“Ken, I don’t think he needs a hospital. Just encourage him to have a good sleep. I’ll pass by later. Okay?”

“Okay.” Ken responded and hung up.

“Son-of-a-bitch!” Chris muttered to Aaron’s hearing. “You actually did rape him.” Chris watched Aaron’s bowed head from behind the bar for a while, and then poured himself more booze. “Fuck!” He swore and emptied his refilled glass.

Aaron had never hated himself as much as he did at that very moment. He just wanted to die. Maybe Chris would do him the honours and beat him to death.

“Here, take this.” Aaron heard Chris’ voice beside him and looked up.

Chris was holding out a half filled glass to him. Aaron took it from Chris and took a sip.

“Drink all. You need it.” Chris urged and sat down beside Aaron, staring up at the ceiling.

Aaron downed the drink and placed the glass on the table.

“Was it to punish him or you were too aroused to think?” Chris asked in a deadly quiet voice.

Aaron groaned. “I guess it was both.” Aaron muttered. “I was angry and I…I wanted him.”

“Fuck!” Chris cursed and turned his head to look at Aaron. “Why?” Chris whispered.

And before Aaron knew it, he was spilling everything. Chris already knew the part about how he’d met Kyle so he didn’t have to go over everything like he had to do with his mum. God, he’d never seen his mother cry so hard, blaming herself for everything. Aaron had to assure her that it wasn’t her fault the choices he made. They hadn’t slept till morning. At least she was okay now. She’d wanted to go to Kyle’s house that morning to beg for forgiveness, but Aaron had convinced her to sleep instead since that was his duty and not hers.

Now as he related everything to Chris, Aaron couldn’t help but feel everything sounded silly. His reason for leaving the party, his reason for running away from Kyle, his reason for getting even more angry at Kyle and his reason for accepting those pills from Scott. All those reasons paled in comparison to what he’d done to Kyle. And if the look on Chris’ face was anything to go by, Aaron was going to burn in hell.

“You fool.” Chris growled. “You stupid, arrogant, sadistic fool. Everything he did, it was because he knows how stubborn you are. Hell, the very first few minutes I met you, I could tell you were a stubborn prick.” Chris stood up and begun to pace. “That man loves you. I’ve never seen him act that way about anyone before, and I’ve known him for years. Kyle will do anything for you. I don’t know what you did, or whether you even deserve him, but he’s crazy about you. Did you really expect him to take money from you?” Chris gave a short humourless laugh.

“What the fuck do you have? But of course Kyle knew you would insist on paying him back if he didn’t do as you demanded. You know the only other person I know who’s as stupidly stubborn as you? Ken. That’s right. One would think just one stubborn person in Kyle’s life was okay. But no…he had to fall for someone just as stubborn.” Chris poured himself another drink.

“If Ken says he wouldn’t do something, even wild horse cannot get him to do it. Kyle knew some video wasn’t going to change Ken’s mind. But silly as he is, he had to try anyway. Now put yourself in Kyle’s shoes for a second, you idiot. Would you be okay with your brother seeing the man that you love, naked? Doing God knows what on camera? Well, of course you would be. Why am I even asking? That’s what you did for a living. Jesus, you’re a fool, Aaron Hunter. Nothing would have made Kyle give that tape to Ken, with the way he felt about you. And even if he had, it wouldn’t have made that idiot go back to chemo. But could Kyle make you understand this? No, because you’re just as stubborn as his brother.

Know what Kyle told me the other day? He said he wished he’d known you earlier, before your mother got sick, before you went into porn, so that he could give you a better life. Spare you that decision of having to go into porn at that tender age, just to make ends meet. Unfortunately he didn’t know you then. And the harm had already been done. He was only trying to make it right. Do you know the amount of money he had to use to accomplish that? I’m his banker so I know just how much. You really think he would tell you all that, with that silly stubbornness of yours? Would you have allowed him to use that kind of money and not feel you were being bought or feel obligated to pay back? Fuck!” Chris sounded so angry, Aaron was shaking in his seat.

“Do you really think he gives a rat’s arse who knows he’s fucking you? You really think anyone would be bold enough to do what he did? Go to the lengths he had to go to fuck and even date a porn star? Hell no! I was the only one amongst his pals who was opposed to him pursuing you afterwards. Why? ‘Cause I just knew you would give him problems. Well, not this kind of problem…this is even worse. I didn’t want you two together. But it was obvious he’d already fallen for you so…I let it go. Now you pull this stunt?” Chris bellowed.

Chris stopped pacing and faced Aaron, his eyes blazing with fury and indignation. When he spoke again, his voice was low, deeper and lethal.

“Contrary to what you think, Kyle is one of the softest and sweetest guys out there. Do you know what his brother just told me? That his eyes look dead. You just had to do it didn’t you? Ruining his birthday was not enough. You had to rip his heart ou…”

“I’m sorry okay?” Aaron screamed, his face buried in his palms. “I’m sorry.” He added in an anguished whisper.

“Not as sorry as you’re going to be if you don’t fix this.” Chris growled. “You’re going to pull every trick in the book to get Kyle to snap out of his current state. You’ll grovel, do every fucking thing he asks of you, if he says you should jump, I want to hear you ask how high. If you fuck this up, so help me God, I’m gonna make you regret the day you laid eyes on Kyle. Oh and one more thing…no matter what you do, don’t ever let Ken know what you did to his brother. Even the devil himself, cannot save you from what that man will do to you if he finds out. Do you hear me?” Chris roared.

“Yes.” Aaron answered quietly.

“Good. And if you ever do drugs again, I’m going to beat the shit out of you and personally, send you to rehab…”

“It was just that one time, Chr…”

“I don’t fucking care.” Chris growled. “Just don’t ever do that again. Got it?”

“Yes.” Aaron answered with a sigh.

“I’m glad we understand each other. Now we’re going to eat, then you’ll get some sleep ’cause you look like you’re about to fall over. If you wake up…’cause I just might kill you in your sleep, we’ll go over to Kyle’s. Then it will be up to you to show the man just how sorry you are and how much you love him. Fortunately for you, that guy doesn’t stay angry for long. Come on.”


“I can’t sleep.”

Chris looked up from the documents he was looking through on his bed and stared at Aaron, who was standing in the doorway of his bedroom.

“You mean you’ve been up all this while?” Chris asked incredulously.

Aaron nodded. “I’ve tried but…”

“Dude, you’ve been in there for the past three hours. Maybe if you had eaten something small like I insisted, you would have been able to sleep.” Chris looked at his wrist watch. It was already four p.m. “You really need to get some sleep, Aaron.” Chris said as he got out of bed.

“I can’t. Whenever I close my eyes, I see his face, filled with so much pain and rage. I don’t think he’ll want to see me, Chris.” Aaron said quietly.

“We’ll see about that. Go freshen up. We have to go now. The earlier we sort this shit out, the earlier you can get some sleep.” Chris said, pushing the documents back into its envelope. He had a plan, and he hoped to God, Kyle wasn’t going to be as difficult as Ken or Aaron. He was banking on the fact that amongst all the guys, Kyle was the one who could never hold on to a grudge for long.


Kyle sat on his massive bed with his back against the headboard. He was just staring unseeingly at the huge flat screen TV on the wall. Though the TV was on the news channel, it was on mute so Kyle couldn’t hear a thing. His mind was blank. For some reason, he just couldn’t think. He felt numb inside, as if he’d lost something… like something had been taken out of him. The night before, he hadn’t been able to sleep when he’d gotten home from Aaron’s house. Unfortunately for Kyle, he’d developed a terrible headache from all the thoughts that had run through his head then. Did Aaron hate him that much? Aaron couldn’t possibly love him if he was able to hurt him physically as he had. His verbal lashing had been just as bad but that was only to be expected from someone who was angry and embittered as Aaron was. But to hurt him physically? That was a very big deal. Fine, he was under the influence of drugs but still… Shit!

Kyle was grateful his mind was completely blank now. At least he wasn’t going to suffer a migraine from thinking too much. And thank God, Ken had finally left because Kyle couldn’t stand the worried look on his brother’s face. The last thing Ken needed was to be worried about him. Kyle heard a sound at the bedroom door and turned his head to look. When he saw Aaron enter the room, Kyle didn’t even bat an eye. He just turned back to look on the screen. Maybe if he kept quiet, Aaron wouldn’t give him another tongue-lashing as he had the night before, Kyle thought. Aaron would hopefully leave him alone to wallow in his misery. Hell, he couldn’t force Aaron to love him, right?

Aaron looked at how Kyle sat dejectedly on the bed. He didn’t even look like his tough Kyle, his bad-ass Kyle, he looked…broken. And he’d done that to him. Aaron didn’t even notice the tears streaming down his own cheeks. Kyle was wearing grey sweatpants and a white body-hugging t-shirt, and as usual, he looked sexy. Aaron closed and locked the door behind him, kicked off his loafers and walked over to the bed.

“Kyle…baby, I’m sorry.” Aaron was shaking, his very soul dying for Kyle’s forgiveness. “I’m so sorry.”

Aaron knew that Kyle might shove him away, beat the crap out of him or scream at him to get the fuck out of his house and his life but he didn’t care. All he wanted to do was to touch Kyle, feel his heart beating against his, get Kyle to show some emotion…any emotion. Aaron climbed onto the bed, and then moved closer to kneel beside Kyle. Kyle still didn’t show any emotion, he just kept staring at the TV. Aaron threw a leg across Kyle’s thighs and straddled his lap, one knee on either side of Kyle’s hips. Aaron then wound his arms around Kyle’s neck, buried his face between Kyle’s neck and shoulder and cried his heart out. Great heaving sobs shook Aaron’s body as desperate sounds tore from his throat. In no time, Aaron’s tears soaked Kyle’s t-shirt.

Aaron had never cried like that in his entire life. He sounded like his heart was breaking and there was nothing he could do about it. But Kyle sat rigidly against Aaron, not making any move to touch him. It felt like Aaron cried for hours instead of minutes. And when he finally felt Kyle’s arms go around him, he cried even harder. Misery poured out in a flood, and it felt good, so very good, to let it go. When the shudders ended and the sobs gentled, Aaron still clung to Kyle. And when he felt himself drifting enticingly toward sleep, Aaron didn’t fight it.

Kyle continued to hold Aaron for a long time after he slept. It felt so good to have Aaron in his arms. He still wasn’t sure about what was going on though. Kyle definitely wasn’t surprised that Aaron regretted what he’d done and wanted his forgiveness. He had known that was going to happen and that had been his main reason for trying to stop Aaron from doing it. Much as Kyle was upset at what Aaron had done to him, he simply couldn’t stand all that anguish coming from Aaron. Kyle just wasn’t good at staying mad at people…especially not people that he loved, no matter how wicked or unfair they were to him. Now, his brother was a totally different person. That guy was a mean fucker, Kyle thought with a grimace. When someone crossed Ken…especially if whatever it was affected Kyle…Ken could really show his dark side. Kyle had always been glad he wasn’t like his brother in that department.

There was the possibility that Aaron was going to end things with him, Kyle thought bitterly. Aaron wanting his forgiveness didn’t mean Aaron still loved him. When you loved someone, you don’t hurt them physically no matter what. He knew for a fact that he would never hurt Aaron physically.

Kyle was still very angry at Aaron. Who wouldn’t be if they were in his shoes? But much as he was angry and also doubted Aaron’s love at that point, he couldn’t help but enjoy having Aaron in his arms. He was going to enjoy it whilst he could, Kyle thought as he pushed back the covers with his feet and shifted Aaron onto the bed. When he tried to move away from Aaron to pull the covers up, Aaron tightened his hold on Kyle, refusing to let him go even though he remained fast asleep. Kyle didn’t have any choice but to lie down beside Aaron on top of the covers. He combed his fingers tenderly through Aaron’s hair, watching his tear-streaked face looking all innocent and vulnerable in sleep and listening to the occasional spasm in Aaron’s breathing due to crying for so long. And Kyle Parker knew one thing for sure… he was still crazy about Aaron and there was nothing he could do to change that. And with that thought in his mind, and the glorious weight of Aaron’s head on his chest, Kyle drifted off into a peaceful sleep.


Aaron’s eyes opened slowly when he felt blinding light seep into the room from the windows. When he came fully awake, he realized he was nestled in the covers on Kyle’s king-size bed. Aaron felt like he was being watched so he moved to sit up in the bed and almost gasped when his eyes clashed with the angry eyes of Kyle’s butler. What the hell?

“What the fuck are you doing back here, you little shit?” The butler growled with fiery hostility in his eyes.

Aaron was confused, staring at the man, who couldn’t have been a year older than Kyle. “What? Bradley, right? I…”

“Just answer the damned question and stop trying to guess my name, dickhead. You think you can just go around playing with people’s feelings? You think everyone is playing a part in some filthy porn video? Some of us have real feelings, you slut. What is the plan? To get your claws into Kyle? Suck him dry? Over my dead body, you stupid gold-digger. I know your type. You think your looks…”

“I don’t want his money.” Aaron gasped.

“Yeah right. And pigs do actually fly at night. Listen here, Aaron or Ron or whatever your name is. I’ve got your number. And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll get you slutty self out of that bed and get the hell out of…”

“You’re in love with him.” Aaron gasped, staring at Brandon.

“We’re not talking about me here, asshole. It’s people like you who…”

“What the fuck is going on here?” Kyle growled from the doorway. He’d heard Brandon call Aaron an asshole and he was pissed. “Brandon?”

“Nothing, Kyle.” Brandon breathed, still staring Aaron down.

“That didn’t sound like nothing to me.” Kyle said tightly. “Wait for me in the office.”


“You heard me.” Kyle’s said curtly and watched as Brandon turned and left the room. Brandon was a great guy and had been one of Kyle’s best employees…almost like family. Kyle was therefore trying to understand his inappropriate behaviour.

Kyle looked at Aaron sitting in bed with the covers tangled around his legs. Then he looked up at the drawn curtains. Aaron obviously hadn’t drawn the curtains. Why would Brandon draw the curtains when…

“What happened?” Kyle asked, trying very hard to suppress the moan that was threatening to erupt from his throat. Aaron looked totally delicious in his disheveled state.

Aaron gave a slight shrug. “He’s in love with you.”

“Really?” Kyle asked with an incredulous look.

“Uh-huh.” Aaron replied with a nod.

“Well, at least someone is.” Kyle muttered and turned around to pick up a file on the table in the room.

Aaron’s heart tightened at Kyle’s words. Did Kyle think he didn’t love him? Oh fuck! Aaron’s heart started to pound. Would he be in Kyle’s house wearing his heart on his sleeve if he didn’t love Kyle? But then, no one would physically hurt someone they loved. And all the ugly, hurtful words he’d flung at Kyle were definitely bound to give Kyle the impression that he didn’t love him anymore. Shit!

“I’ll be in my office downstairs if you want to see me.” Kyle said and turned to go.

“Kyle?” Aaron called out softly.

With his hand on the door handle, Kyle turned his head to look at Aaron. “Yes?”

Aaron swallowed hard. “Do…do you want me to go?” He asked in a small voice.

Kyle shrugged. “Suit yourself.” With that, Kyle left the room.

Aaron couldn’t help but gasp at the intensity of the pain that reeled through him. “Jesus.” He breathed.

That didn’t sound like his Kyle at all. He’d lost Kyle, Aaron thought. Shit! Of course he couldn’t blame Kyle if he didn’t want to be with him anymore. But Aaron felt he had to at least let Kyle know that he still loved him. If leaving Kyle alone was going to help Kyle handle what Aaron had done to him better, Aaron was prepared to do exactly that…but not before he made Kyle know just how much he loved him, Aaron thought. He hopped out of bed and dashed into the bathroom to brush his teeth and then go tell Kyle exactly how he felt about him.


“What the fuck was that all about, Brandon?” Kyle was leaning against his desk with his legs crossed at the ankles and his arms folded across his broad chest.

He’d decided to work from home since Aaron was around. But Kyle found himself checking up on Aaron every fifteen minutes, just to see whether Aaron was still sleeping or awake. Fuck, who was he kidding, Kyle groaned. He just wanted to look at Aaron, sleeping peacefully in his bed. It was on one of those trips to his bedroom that he’d heard Brandon call Aaron an asshole. Now Kyle really wanted to know from Brandon, what the problem was.

“He doesn’t deserve you, Kyle.” Brandon muttered.

“What?” What the fuck did Brandon mean by that, Kyle wondered.

“He doesn’t love you. You don’t need him in your life. He’s a fucking porn star for fuck’s sake…”

“Brandon…” Kyle growled warningly.

But Brandon was on a roll, speaking with so much passion. “What else is he after but money? You need someone who will not hurt you. Someone who will be there for you at all times, someone who will love you.”

“And who’s that someone?” Kyle drawled, suddenly realizing what was going on. “You?” Kyle asked quietly. Maybe he was wrong, Kyle stubbornly told himself. Maybe Brandon wasn’t after him.

“And why not?” Brandon asked boldly.

“Seriously?” Kyle looked stunned.

And just like that, as though in a movie, Kyle started remembering all the weird encounters he’d had with Brandon in the past month. Catching Brandon swimming naked in the pool, Brandon wanking off where he knew Kyle would definitely be passing, Brandon talking to him in an intimate tone…now, that had been weird, Kyle frowned. And all that extra attention…How the fuck hadn’t he realized what was going on, Kyle wondered. The guy had actually been dropping not too subtle hints and he hadn’t even noticed. Kyle almost groaned. Just how far was Brandon prepared to go in his quest, Kyle mused. He willed himself to stay calm to see just how far Brandon would go.

“Give me a chance, Kyle.” Brandon moved to stand in front of Kyle. “Let me show you how great it can be between us.” Brandon was now in Kyle’s personal space, his legs on either sides of Kyle’s crossed legs, straddling Kyle. “How unconditionally I’m going to love you.” Brandon rubbed his cheek against Kyle’s, his hand moving up to touch Kyle on the arm. “I saw what that boy did to you.” Brandon whispered. “How you’ve suffered for this past month. He doesn’t care for you, Kyle. I love you…”

“Oh fuck!” Both Kyle and Brandon heard Aaron gasp at the door and turned their heads to look at him.

To say Aaron was shocked is an understatement. Was Kyle already hooking up with his butler, Aaron wondered, dazed. Of course he was, Aaron scolded himself silently for even bothering to wonder. Kyle hadn’t exactly been pushing Brandon away, had he? Aaron’s heart lurched with the shock of what he’d seen. He was filled with such an intense feeling of searing jealousy it felt like he was going to be sick.

Kyle saw the look in Aaron’s eyes and cursed. “Fuck, Aaron…” He unfolded his arms and stood up straight, slowly but firmly pushing Brandon back.

“The do…door was opened.” Aaron muttered. He wanted to retreat but his feet felt rooted to the spot. The sight of Brandon touching Kyle in that way got Aaron’s blood boiling. His fingers curled into fists at his sides. He really wanted to hit something…preferably, Brandon’s face but he didn’t do that. He just stared at them.

Kyle’s eyes widened and his heart raced with a pang of guilt. He’d seen Aaron angry, hurt, sad, happy, aroused, but never jealous. Unlike people who got off on seeing others jealous because of them, Kyle hated seeing that look on Aaron. He watched as a myriad of emotions chase across Aaron’s handsome face. He saw the initial look of shock, then a murderous glint entered Aaron’s grey eyes, then Kyle watched as Aaron’s eyes dulled with a look of resignation. Finally, Aaron simply looked so helpless and defeated, Kyle’s stomach tighten up. His hazel eyes softened slightly, warming as he gazed at Aaron. Was it possible that Aaron actually felt something for him?

“Well, if you’ll excuse us, little boy.” Brandon sneered, moving closer to Aaron.

“Brandon.” Kyle said sharply, dying a little inside at the devastated look on Aaron’s face. He saw Aaron’s lips tremble slightly and growled at Brandon… “Stop.”

“Ow just let him go, Kyle.” Brandon purred, surprising Kyle even more with his flaming queen attitude. “You’ll be better off without him.” Brandon scoffed, adding even more provokingly offensive words but Kyle didn’t even hear him. All his focus was on Aaron. Kyle tuned out Brandon’s voice and totally forgot there was a third person in the room besides him and Aaron. God, even in his vulnerable state, Aaron was gorgeous, Kyle acknowledged silently. Aaron was not merely good-looking, he was the epitome of male beauty.

But even as Kyle stared at Aaron, Aaron felt his heart tighten almost painfully inside his chest. He became aware of his accelerated breathing, each inhalation seeming not to be quite enough air. He swayed slightly, almost light-headed. Shit, was the lack of food finally taking its toll on him, Aaron wondered. He hadn’t eaten since breakfast on the morning of his graduation, which was two days earlier. He hadn’t been able to eat the food Chris had given him the day before either. He felt breathless and his skin felt heated. He knew Kyle had every right to hate him but allowing Brandon to treat him like that was something else.

Aaron took a deep, steadying breath and unclenched his fists but they were shaking so bad he quickly clenched then again. Who was he to lay a claim on Kyle anyway? He’d been gone from Kyle’s life for the past month and anything could have happened within that month. Kyle and Brandon had obviously hooked up. Brandon was a very good looking guy, long dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, great body which could easily pass for a model’s…what was not to like? Well, he was going to leave them alone to resume whatever they had been doing. But first…

“You’re right, Brandon.” Aaron said quietly, now feeling a physical pain within his chest. “He’s better off without me. But let’s get something straight here…well as straight as we can. I might be a filthy porn actor, a slut or even a gold-digger as you nicely pointed out to me upstairs, but…I’m also human, and I have feelings too.” Aaron’s voice broke. Maybe talking hadn’t been such a good idea after all, he thought glumly. But he took a deep breath and went on in an even more quiet voice. “And I love that man over there so fucking much. You wanted to know what I was doing here, right? Well, I’m here to ask for his forgiveness. And I hope he can find it in his heart to forgive me for all that I’ve done to him and…love me again.”

Aaron’s voice was shaking so bad, he had to pause and swallow against the huge lump in his throat. “Well, I know he can’t love me again and I don’t deserve him but…I should be grateful if he could forgive me.” Aaron’s breath hitched in his throat at that point. “I don’t… I am…” Aaron paused and stared down at his feet, suddenly wondering why he was even bothering. What he did was unpardonable. There was no way Kyle was ever going to forgive him. No one would. Aaron just knew it was over.

“I…I shouldn’t be he…here.” Aaron stuttered. “I’m sorry I bothered…”

When Aaron saw a tear drop onto his loafer-covered foot, he stared at it. He hadn’t even known when those tears had started to flow. Fuck! Shouldn’t his tears be finished by now, he groaned silently? He’d shed too many tears in the past two days. Did he have a medical condition or something? Was he becoming a wimp? He raised his eyes to look at Brandon, whose eyes were no longer filled with hatred as it had been when Aaron had initially entered Kyle’s huge but cozy office. They were filled with pity and something else Aaron couldn’t figure out. Aaron knew that if he wanted to maintain any semblance of self-respect, he had to leave. He couldn’t breakdown in front of Kyle and Brandon…give them something to laugh about.

“I’m sorry.” Aaron apologized to no one in particular in a shaky voice, and then abruptly turned to go.

“Aaron.” Kyle’s voice held a command which made Aaron stop mid-step. “Come here.”

Aaron neither turned around to do as Kyle demanded, nor moved out of the room. He just stood rooted to the spot.

“Now, Aaron.” Kyle said, with that familiar authoritative bite that Aaron had always found so sexy. That day, however, it rather sounded as though he was being summoned to his death.

Aaron turned around slowly and walked towards Kyle, tears silently sliding down his cheeks. He felt drained and tired. Too tired to even wipe off his tears. What did Kyle want, Aaron wondered. To humiliate him even more in the presence of Brandon? He couldn’t blame Kyle if that was his aim because Aaron knew he deserved whatever humiliation Kyle threw his way, for acting like a monster. He also knew he didn’t have any choice but to accept whatever Kyle had to say. He couldn’t force Kyle to forgive him. In fact, he didn’t have any right to even expect any forgiveness from Kyle. Chris was probably going to castrate him but…there was nothing Aaron could possibly do.

When he stopped in front of Kyle, Aaron’s eyes stayed on Kyle’s chest. He couldn’t meet Kyle’s eye. And when Kyle reached out to touch him, Aaron actually flinched. He was that terrified. Of what, Kyle couldn’t tell. But he hated that Aaron seemed scared. Kyle cupped Aaron’s cheeks in his palms just as a gut-wrenching sob tore out of Aaron. His chest heaved with each gasping breath he took. Kyle just couldn’t stand it. He leaned his forehead against Aaron’s and just held him there as Aaron’s body shook with heart-breaking sobs.

“I’m so sorry, Kyle.” Aaron kept repeating. He really didn’t know what to do or say besides saying sorry. He’d never felt so wretched and shameful in his life. “Please don’t give up on me.” He sobbed. “Please.”

Neither man even noticed when Brandon left the room, closing the door quietly behind him. He leaned the back of his head against the door for a moment, his eyes tightly shut. That scene in there, between Kyle and Aaron had been too intimate he’d felt like an intruder. Brandon had a feeling Aaron had done something really bad to be that miserable. Whatever it was, he hoped Kyle would forgive Aaron because much as he disliked the porn star, Brandon had never seen anyone regret something they’d done so much. Even he, felt for the boy.

When Aaron had shown up at the house the day before, Brandon wouldn’t have allowed him in but for the presence of Chris. Now, that was a man with a mean glare. Chris had brushed Brandon’s reason that Kyle was sleeping and didn’t want to be disturbed aside and stormed up the stairs with a guilty-faced Aaron behind him. Brandon had followed them, ready to explain to his boss that he’d tried to stop them. But at the bedroom door, Chris had stayed back, and with a stern, “don’t disappoint me…again” to Aaron, had allowed Aaron to go in alone. And neither Kyle nor Aaron had come out of the room till Kyle had come downstairs, to his office at dawn to do God knew what. Brandon had not been able to resist going upstairs to tell Aaron his piece. He’d just acted without thinking about the consequences.

But looking at those two in there, it was obvious they cared about each other. Who was he to interfere with that, he asked himself bitterly. Those two obviously loved each other. He knew there was no way Kyle would allow him to continue working for him after the stunt he’d pulled. With a deep sign, Brandon left to go and pack his stuff.

Back in Kyle’s office, Aaron’s face was buried in his palms as his body trembled with shame, regret, fear and pain. Much as Kyle hated seeing Aaron like that, he felt a warm glow within. He never thought he would ever hear Aaron say he loved him again. He wanted to tell Aaron that he loved him too but the words got stuck in his throat. He just couldn’t say them. Kyle knew they both needed to work on salvaging what they had. Aaron obviously hated himself for what he’d done and that alone could destroy a person.


Kyle also knew that much as he was the victim here, he’d contributed massively to what had happened. He should have known better. He’d fucked up what he had with Aaron with his high handed attitude of doing things without telling the people that mattered. No more. He wasn’t ever going to take anyone for granted again, especially not Aaron.

“I’m sorry for keeping things from you. It won’t happen again, I promise.” Kyle murmured, pushing some tissues into Aaron’s hand.

Aaron murmured his thanks and attempted to wipe his face but the tears just wouldn’t stop flowing so he gave up. Of course it wasn’t going to happen again, he thought wretchedly. How could Kyle possibly do that again if they were no longer together? Kyle had obviously moved on.

“I overreacted.” Aaron said shakily. “But God … it hurt like hell.”

“I’m sorry.” Kyle whispered.

“And I’m sorry I totally ruined a gift that actually means a lot to me.” Aaron breathed shakily. He still couldn’t bring himself to meet Kyle’s eye. “Thanks for wiping the slate clean for me.” Aaron said in a voice barely above a whisper.

Kyle nodded. At least Aaron seemed to now understand and believe why Kyle did what he did. “Not as clean as I would have liked. People still have copies in their homes.”

“It’s as good as new.” Aaron whispered. “Thanks.” A fresh tear slipped down his cheek and Aaron reached up to wipe it away but Kyle beat him to it.

“You’re welcome.” Kyle said quietly. Shit, the boy couldn’t even look him in the eye. There was a lot of work to be done if they were going to stay together, Kyle thought.

“Kyle, about the…”

“Shhh. We’ll talk about that later.” Kyle said softly. He intended to sit Aaron down later and talk about that violent act. Though Aaron had been under the influence of drugs, he’d been driven by anger and that was a really serious thing.

At that, Aaron raised up his head and swollen blood-shot eyes looked straight into Kyle’s hazel ones. At least Kyle was willing to talk. Aaron drew in a shaky breath and nodded his head. “Okay. I’ll leave you two to…”

“There’s nothing there, Aaron.” Kyle said in a low voice, staring at the top of Kyle’s head. “I’m not with Brandon.”

Aaron didn’t even look up at Kyle. “Oh.”

Kyle looked at Aaron. He wanted to tell him everything was going to be alright but didn’t. Though he was ready to forgive Aaron, there was a disturbingly uneasy feeling within Kyle…he felt like he couldn’t trust Aaron, had to watch his back around him, had to be cautious what he said or did around Aaron. That kind of feeling, Kyle knew, would hurt their relationship. So they needed to talk it out, seek help if they had to and move past the nastiness.

“What kind of fight have you been trained in?” Kyle asked Aaron as he reached out to wipe the fresh wetness from Aaron’s cheeks.

Aaron didn’t miss the true meaning of Kyle’s question. Kyle was clearly referring to how Aaron had been able to pin him down during his drug-induced violence.

“Taekwondo.” Aaron said quietly. “I’m sorry.” He added softly. He knew that no number of apologies was ever going to make what he did right. But that didn’t stop him from saying sorry to Kyle every chance he got.

“It’s supposed to teach you self-control, Aaron.” Kyle muttered.

“I know. I’m sor…”

“Will you stop with the apologies already? Jeez!” Kyle growled, running his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“I’m so… God, I don’t know what to do.” Aaron whimpered as his eyes welled up again.

“Dude, seriously, in order for my forgiveness to mean anything, you have to forgive yourself first.” Kyle muttered.

“I can’t.” Aaron whispered. There was a lost anxious expression on his face. And Kyle’s heart melted at that little-boy-lost look on Aaron’s face.

“Oh for fuck’s sake! Come here.” Kyle muttered as he drew Aaron into his arms and buried his face in Aaron’s hair. It caused him so much anguish to see Aaron so distraught. The Aaron he knew and loved was strong and confident. Kyle wanted his Aaron back. “Everything is going to be okay.” Kyle murmured into Aaron’s soft hair.

Then Kyle just held Aaron, his fingers sifting through Aaron’s hair and gliding gently down his arm. He was going to book an appointment with Dr. Murray for Aaron, Kyle decided. He was going to help Aaron if it was the last thing he did. Kyle felt Aaron try to pull out of his embrace and allowed him to go. He thought Aaron actually looked sick. But just as Kyle was about to ask Aaron whether he was okay, the office door burst open.

Both men turned to look at who it was and Kyle immediately froze. Ken stood there looking from his brother’s anxious face to Aaron’s puffy-eyed one. Kyle knew that if Ken got to know what Aaron had done, he would go ballistic. That could never happen, he thought. This was between him and Aaron and no one else. Kyle plastered a smile on his face, even as Aaron wiped at his puffy eyes.

“Hey, little brother.” Kyle greeted cheerfully, and instantly a brilliant grin lit up Ken’s face.

“Has he forgiven us?” Ken asked with his eyes on Aaron. God, he looked miserable, broken and…too pale, Ken thought.

“Fight for yourself, dude. He’s forgiven me, not you.” Kyle drawled and Aaron couldn’t help but smile at Ken’s horrified expression.

“Ow come on Aaron. He made me do it.” Ken whined making Kyle burst into laughter. “You know you’re also actually to be blamed for this mess. The man took you to the glass room to confess everything on our birthday and what did you do? Distract him with sex.”

“Ken…” Kyle groaned just as Aaron’s eyes widened.

“Oh my God!” Aaron breathed, remembering how Kyle had insisted that he had to talk to him. And how he’d assured Kyle that he wasn’t going anywhere so he should go sing first. “Oh fuck.”

“Hey, forget about it.” Kyle mumbled, glaring at his smug-faced brother.

“So I hear from the grapevine that someone graduated top of his class.” Ken purred, walking closer to Kyle and Aaron. “Do you mind, big brother?” Ken asked, drawing Aaron into his arms. “Congratulations. That was really cool.”

“Thanks, Ken.” Aaron responded in a hoarse voice. His throat actually hurt.

“Now, tell me what you want as your graduation present. Just name it and it’s yours.” Ken said with all seriousness, folding his arms across his chest and staring intently into Aaron’s puffy eyes.

Aaron just stared back at Ken. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to say anything. The two men seemed to be communicating without talking.

“Done.” Ken said softly and Aaron pulled him into a fierce hug.

“Thanks.” Aaron whispered.

“What?” Kyle asked, looking confused. “You wanted a hug? What’s this all about?” Kyle looked from Aaron to Ken.

Aaron stepped out of Ken’s arms and turned to look at the man he loved more than life itself.

“He’s gonna do it.” Aaron said softly.

“Gonna do wh…Oh my God!” Kyle’s jaw dropped and he turned to look at his brother. “Are you serious?” He whispered?

Ken shrugged. “He was ‘top man’ for fuck’s sake. He deserves whatever graduation present he wants. In fact, whatever he asks of you, you have to do it for him, Shlong. I…hey, come here.” Ken pulled a suddenly shaking Kyle into his arms. “Come on, if you don’t want me to do it, all you have to do is say the word.” Ken teased, holding his sobbing brother tightly.

“Fuck you.” Kyle said through his tears, making his brother laugh softly.

Ken held Kyle, rubbing him on his back till he calmed down before he released his hold on his emotional brother. Aaron felt his throat tighten up with emotion when he heard Kyle tell his brother that he loved him. Oh what he wouldn’t give, to hear those words from Kyle’s lips to him, Aaron thought longingly.

“I love you more, Biggy.” Ken said right back. “Now I’m gonna leave you two to catch up ’cause I know you have a lot of ‘catching up’ to do.” Ken said, making the sign of quotations with his fingers. “And you better stop crying Aaron. You look like a badly beaten Evander Holyfield.” Ken said loudly as he turned to leave them.

“Asshole.” Ken heard Kyle growl as he closed the door behind him. He smiled all the way to his car. He was glad Aaron was back. He hoped they were able to work out their issues. His brother had been through enough heartache to last him a life time. At least he’d made Kyle happier with his decision to go back to chemo, thanks to Aaron. Kyle deserved to be happy. Even as Ken sped off in his sleek, custard-yellow Porsche, he took out his phone and dialed Josh Broody, his doctor’s number.

Back in the house, Kyle was looking at Aaron with eyes filled with gratitude. “I don’t know how to thank you.” Kyle whispered, shaking his head slowly.

“I know how.” Aaron said quietly.

Kyle gave a short laugh. “What do you want…wait, didn’t my brother just ask you the same question?” Kyle drawled, making Aaron smile.

Aaron nodded his head and looked up into Kyle’s beautiful hazel eyes. “Forgive me, Kyle.” Aaron said, going down on his knees in front of Kyle. “Please, forgive me.”

Kyle just stared at Aaron dumbfounded.

“I know I don’t have any right to ask that of you. Believe it or not, I know that I’m not always the easiest person in the world to get along with. And I just can’t understand what someone as wonderful as you could see in me but I can’t bear the thought of life without you. I wish I could go back in time and undo what I’ve done. But I know I can’t go back, I can’t take away my monstrous act, can’t erase my mistakes. But I can assure you of one thing…I love you…as I did before and as I always will.”

“Get up, Aaron.” Kyle whispered shakily but it looked like Aaron didn’t even hear him.

“God, there’s just no excuse for what I did.” Aaron whispered, picturing what he did in his mind’s eye. “I…I really wish I could take what I did back, Kyle. I really wish I could. I just…I just hope you know how much I love you and you can somehow find it in your heart to forgive me. I’m begging you, Kyle.”

Kyle wiped furiously at his cheeks and reached down to pull Aaron up. “I forgive you, Aaron. Okay? I forgive you but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that you need help, baby. Anger drove you to act as you did and you need to work on that temper. Much as I admit what I did was wrong, I really didn’t deserve that.”

“I know.” Aaron whispered.

“The other time, at my workplace, you hit me. I deserved it, I know. But then again, did you really have to? You have to learn to control your temper, Aaron. Otherwise you will always end up regretting your actions and hating yourself. I know a doctor who can help you. I would very much like it if you could see him and talk to him. Will you do that for me?”

Aaron nodded his head. “Yes.” He whispered.

“Good. I’m going to book an appointment for tomorrow. Is that okay with you?”

Aaron nodded again. “Will you come with me?” Aaron asked in a small voice.

“If you want me to, I will.” Kyle assured Aaron.

“I want you to. Thanks.” Aaron said quietly.

“Anytime.” Kyle responded, getting more worried at how weak Aaron looked. “Is there any other thing you want?” He asked softly.

Aaron nodded slowly. “I know the last thing you want right now is to be around me but…go away with me, Kyle.” Aaron’s voice was barely above a whisper. “Please. Just for two days. Chris gave me…a pass for two nights for two at the Four Seasons Hotel.”

Kyle’s mouth opened in surprise. “He did huh?” Kyle looked down at Aaron with raised eyebrows.

Aaron nodded. “I just…I want to be alone with you.” Aaron was struggling with how to put his thoughts into words. “I want us to talk, Kyle.” Aaron groaned with frustration, at a loss as to what to say. “I need to…”

“Okay.” Kyle said quietly, cutting Aaron off. “I’ll go with you.” Kyle knew that talking would do them a lot of good. But he also knew that Aaron needed to forgive himself first, otherwise they could never move on. And he intended to work on that. Maybe a getaway was necessary after all.

“Thanks.” Aaron said quietly. “I need another favour.”

“Shoot.” Kyle said with a grin. Aaron was actually asking him for a favour. Amazing!

“I need to borrow one of your cars to drive us to the place.”

Kyle threw his head back and laughed. “You got it.”

Aaron went quiet for a while, and then looked up at Kyle with a serious look on his face. “Thanks for not killing me or beating me to a pulp.” Aaron said quietly.

Kyle instantly sobered up. “I could never do that to you.”

Aaron’s breath hitched in his throat at Kyle’s words. What Kyle said, simply meant he couldn’t hurt Aaron. Too bad Aaron couldn’t say same for obvious reasons. He felt like he didn’t deserve to live. That must have been how Cain felt after killing his brother, Aaron thought. He felt like a heel and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

“I’m sorry.” Aaron whispered.

“We will have to deal with Dr. Murray before we go away though. Besides, I need to put things in place at work if I have to leave.” Kyle said. “How about I talk to the good doctor first, then we will know how to play this?”

Aaron tried to smile but failed miserably. “That will be fine.” He whispered past the lump stuck within his throat, wondering whether he would ever be able to repair the damage, get them back to how they were before.

“Come on.” Kyle took Aaron’s hand in his. “Show me which of the cars you would want to drive us in.”

With his heart heavy and his whole body feeling numb, Aaron allowed himself to be drawn out of the office. When they stepped out of the office, they saw a neatly dressed Brandon sitting on a chair with a miserable look on his face. He stood up when he saw them.

“Kyle, I need to talk to you.” Brandon said looking anywhere but at their faces. “I know you wouldn’t want…”

“You’re not going anywhere so don’t even think about it.” Kyle drawled, looking at Brandon’s bowed head.

Brandon quickly looked up at his boss’ face as his own face lit up at Kyle’s words. “Do you mean that?” He gushed.

“Hell yeah. We all make mistakes. All we have to do is make sure we don’t repeat them, that’s all.” Kyle said.

“I swear it won’t happen again.” Brandon said and turned to face Aaron. “I’m so sorry, Aaron. You have my word…”

“Don’t worry about it, Brandon.” Aaron said quietly. “And I’m sorry I called you Bradly instead of Brandon.”

Brandon laughed, genuinely amused and relieved. “No problem.” Brandon said, stretching out his hand to give Aaron a firm handshake.

“Thank you, Kyle.” Brandon said and left the two alone. He wasn’t very happy with the turn of events but there was really nothing he could do about it because at the end of the day, it was who Kyle wanted that really mattered. The fact that he was the same age as Kyle and therefore more matured and loved Kyle, didn’t really matter, Brandon thought sadly as he walked away.

“This way, Aaron.” Kyle said to Aaron but just as Aaron turned to follow Kyle, a wave of dizziness rushed over him and he saw the ground rising up to meet him. Then everything went black.

Aaron never saw how Kyle lunged towards him and grabbed him before he hit the ground. Neither did he hear Kyle’s anguished scream as he cradled him in his arms. He was dead to the world.

One was in for his brother, the other, for the money…right? – Chapter 8 – Reconciliation!

“Why the fuck is he not waking up?” Kyle growled. “It’s been nine fucking hours already.” Kyle felt like kicking at something.

“Calm down, Kyle.” Michael said calmly. “He will wake up…eventually.”

“What the fuck do you mean by eventually, dude? You said he collapsed due to dehydration. You’ve given him enough IVs. Shouldn’t he be up by now?”

Kyle and Ken were in Michael’s office, with Kyle pacing like an angry bull. Aaron had been out for hours and Kyle was going out of his mind.

“Sit down, Kyle.” Michael said in a low but firm voice and waited till Kyle sat down. Then taking a deep breath, Michael addressed his frustrated friend. “I don’t know what is going on in his life Kyle, but the guy is…not fighting. Yes he should be awake by now. All his vitals are good but it looks like he just doesn’t want to wake up.”

“And why’s that?” Kyle growled.

Michael shrugged, staring his friend down. “You tell me. Let me explain something to you. Know how the brain sometimes forgets things…when people sometimes suffer from amnesia…because the brain doesn’t want to remember something painful?”

“You mean…” Kyle whispered.

Michael nodded slowly. “Uh-huh. He doesn’t want to wake up, Kyle. He probably thinks he’s better off wherever he is. What the fuck is going on?”

“Oh my God!” Kyle groaned.

“Listen Michael.” Ken spoke for the first time since entering Michael’s office. He was worried about his brother. Kyle was losing it and Ken wasn’t happy. “If we talk to him, can that help?”

“If he talks to him,” Michael said, pointing his pen at Kyle, “‘Cause I have a feeling, whatever Aaron is running away from, it has to do with him. Dude, what did you do to him?”

Kyle just stared at Michael. His heart was pounding, he was breathing hard. He didn’t know what to say.

“Could you please excuse us for a moment, Michael?” Ken asked quietly, looking at his brother.

“Sure. I have some rounds to make anyway.” Michael said, standing up. “But you better let the guy know he has something to come back to, asshole.” Michael growled, glaring at Kyle. “Take all the time you need.” He muttered as he headed for the door.

When the door closed behind Michael, Ken turned to face Kyle. “He did something to you, didn’t he?”

Kyle looked into his brothers eyes and swallowed hard. “Ken…”

“Tell me, Ky.” Ken’s voice was low and clipped.

“We’ve resolved it, Ken. We’re okay.” Kyle said quietly.

“No you’re not. At least Aaron isn’t. What happened, Ky? It was that day wasn’t it? Whatever happened must have happened on Saturday, the day Aaron graduated. Tell me, what did he do?”

“Listen, Ken…” Kyle started but got cut off.

“I won’t do anything to him, Ky. Jesus, I’m not a monster. Besides you were never in love with any of those other people. Hell, they were not even your friends. This is different. I like Aaron. And I know he loves you. That day…in your house…he was asking for forgiveness wasn’t he?” Ken asked softly.


“Well, to err is human; to forgive, divine. He’s obviously regretted whatever he did and that’s good. Now I want to understand how serious whatever it is, was. Well, it must have been, if someone’s life is on hold because of it. What did he do?”

Kyle took a deep breath. “He took drugs and…got violent with me.” He muttered.

“How violent?”

“He…had sex with me.”

Ken’s eyes widened. “You mean he raped you.” Ken said in a flat voice.

“He wasn’t himself, Ken. And immediately he started, he stopped.” Kyle sounded defensive.

“And what made him stop?”

“What?” Kyle looked at his brother as if he’d suddenly sprouted horns on top of his head. “What do you mean what made him…I don’t know. I…I must have screamed or something. What has that got to do with anythi…”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

“Fuck!” Ken cursed and then stood up. “Fuck.” He muttered again as he run his fingers through his hair in frustration. A gesture so much like his brother’s. Ken took a deep breath and turned to look at Kyle. “Okay, did you forgive him?” Ken rasped.

“Yes. I told him I’d forgiven him.”

“Did you mean it?”

“What, you’re a shrink now?”

“Just answer the damned question, Kyle.” Ken said in a hard voice.

“Yes. I felt sorry for him. He was…well, you saw him. I meant it.”

“We both know he loves you. But do you still love him?”

“Of course I still love him. That’s never going to change.”

“Did you tell him?”

“What?” Kyle asked, looking up at his brother.

“Did you tell him you loved him after you had forgiven him?”

Kyle took a deep breath. “No, I didn’t. I couldn’t. I wanted to but…I just couldn’t.”

“And how often were you telling him you loved him before all this?” Ken threw his hands in the air.

After a moment of silence, Kyle answered quietly. “All the time. I was telling him every fucking chance I got. Fuck!” Kyle stood up and started pacing.

How the fuck hadn’t he been able to figure it out, Kyle groaned. He’d told Aaron to expect those words from him all the time and get used to it. Now, he claimed he’d forgiven Aaron, but he hadn’t even managed to utter those words.

“Maybe you should remind him, Ky.” Ken said quietly.

Of course he had to tell Aaron again, Kyle groaned. Aaron probably thought he’d fallen out of love with him. Kyle didn’t need another person to tell him how ashamed Aaron had been. The guy obviously hated himself for what he did and had probably assumed Kyle hated him too…

“Fuck!” Kyle growled and stormed out of Michael’s office. Then he broke into a run on the corridor with one goal in mind.


Aaron heard a door open. He felt numb all over. He tried to open his eyes but couldn’t. What was happening to him? He tried to move his hand but it wouldn’t move. Then he felt someone touch his hand.

“Baby, come back to me.” Aaron heard someone say…Kyle. No, he couldn’t face Kyle. Not after what he did…hurting him like that. “I’m sorry if…”

Sorry? What was Kyle sorry for, Aaron wondered even as unconsciousness claimed him once again.


“…I gave you the wrong impression, Aaron.” Kyle said softly as he gently squeezed Aaron’s fingers. “I love you, baby. What happened is not going to change that. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I loved you earlier. ‘Cause I really do.” Kyle’s breath hitched with emotion. “I really do.”

Kyle felt Ken rub him on the back and actually felt comforted by his brother’s presence. Who said people didn’t change? People did change. He’d seen how his brother had struggled to come to terms with the news. Kyle had instinctively known that Ken would pardon Aaron after his speech about Kyle not being in love with people Ken had mischievously dealt with in the past. He was grateful for Ken’s understanding and support.

“Keep telling him, Ky.” Ken said softly. “I gotta go. Chris is here.”

Kyle nodded and wiped at his eyes. He’d had to persuade Peggy Hunter to go home and get some rest. He’d promised to take good care of Aaron. After a slight hesitation on her part and a shaky apology, for which Kyle hadn’t known why, Peggy had given him a hug and left. Could Aaron have told his mum about what he’d done, Kyle had wondered. He really hoped not. But why else would the woman be saying sorry to him?

Kyle stood up just as Chris walked in. They hugged each other fiercely. Kyle remembered Chris’ accusatory question that morning when Aaron had collapsed. He’d burst into the hospital room and promptly demanded to know what Kyle had done to Aaron. Michael had explained what had happened and Chris had instantly calmed down. And just like that, Kyle knew that Aaron had gone to Chris. He was grateful for whatever his friend had done. Because from the way Aaron acted the night before and that morning, Kyle could tell it had taken a lot of push and courage for Aaron to come to him to ask for forgiveness. Chris could do that to a person.

“You okay?” Chris asked Kyle. At Kyle’s nod, Chris patted him on the back. “Hang in there, buddy.”

Damon, Tristan and Dean came next, then Matt and Cole. Tyron had travelled so he couldn’t be there with them. Aaron’s room was a private executive room and was big enough to make all the guys comfortable. The perks of having the owner of one of the classy private hospitals in the country as a best friend, Kyle thought with a chuckle. The guys watched a live soccer match in Aaron’s room, laughing and teasing each other till it was about eight p.m.

“I just knew Arsenal was going to get whipped.” Tristan laughed.

“Yeah whatever.” Matt fumed.

“Just tell old man Wenger…”


“…to start buying players, man.” Aaron heard…Cole’s voice?

Everything felt heavy. His limbs and eyelids refused to obey him. Nothing would move. He heard the guys teasing Matt, who was obviously an Arsenal fan and wanted to tell them to go easy on Arsenal because even Tottenham, who bought players all the time, were still not able to make it to the top four. Aaron really wished he could partake in the fun the guys were having but…his eyes and mouth remained resolutely shut, unwilling to open. Those guys sure could have fun.

Even as the guys kept arguing amongst themselves, Aaron felt hands combing through his hair. Kyle. Then he heard Kyle whisper something he never thought he would ever hear Kyle say to him again;

“I love you, Aaron. Wake up please. I miss you.”

Aaron willed himself to respond. To tell Kyle that he loved him too. He tried…he wanted to scream his love to the whole world. God, why couldn’t he move? Even as he felt the darkness closing over him, Aaron tried to scream ‘help’ but he fell into oblivion.


“Oh my God, he moved.” Kyle gasped, making all the guys go quiet.

“I’m going to get Michael.” Tristan said as he dashed out of the room.

All the guys gathered around Aaron, staring down at him, each person looking intently at a motionless Aaron to see whether he would indeed move something.

“You sure he moved?” Cole asked, staring down at Aaron.

“I know what I saw.” Kyle muttered, willing Aaron’s fingers to move again. “He mov…”

“Oh for fuck’s sake allow the poor boy to breathe.” Michael bellowed from the doorway.

“Fuck off, Dr. Dickhead.” Dean growled, sitting down beside Aaron on the bed.

“Why do I even bother?” Michael muttered and proceeded to check Aaron’s vitals.

“What’s happening?” Kyle sounded worried.

“He’s fine.” Michael assured the guys.

“Why isn’t he waking up if he moved?” Chris asked.

“He’ll wake up when he’s ready.” Michael spoke slowly as if he were talking to children. “Just give him some time…and space. In the meantime, be assured that he’s fine. Aren’t you idiots going to work tomorrow?”

“And aren’t you supposed to be helping Mary change diapers at home, asshole?” Damon retorted.

“Okay, I give up.” Michael laughed. “Keep doing whatever you’re doing, Shlong.” Michael said as he patted Kyle on the back.

After making sure Kyle had eaten a good meal, all the guys left, leaving Kyle to take a quick shower and jump into bed beside Aaron. He lost count of the number of times he told Aaron he loved him before he fell into a fitful sleep.


God, he was thirsty, Aaron thought, turning his head to look around the quiet room. The light was on so he could clearly see that he was in a hospital.

“Fuck!” He muttered, wincing at the dryness of his throat and mouth.

He needed to brush his teeth and drink some water pronto, he thought urgently. When he tried to lift his right hand, he realized he was connected to an IV. What the fuck happened to him, he groaned. Then he turned to his side and his eyes widened. Kyle was fast asleep beside him, breathing softly. Aaron couldn’t help the smile that lit up this face. He’d heard Kyle say he loved him lots of times but couldn’t respond. Now he understood why. He’d probably passed out or been in some sort of coma. Shit! What a wimpy thing to happen to him, Aaron thought with a moan.

“Aaron…” Aaron heard Kyle whisper and lowered his eyes to stare at Kyle’s sexy lips. Oh how he wished he could devour those lips right then, Aaron thought longingly. But Kyle was still fast asleep.

Well, Aaron needed to use the bathroom so he slowly and carefully sat up so as not to disturb Kyle. He swung his legs off the bed and planted his feet on the ground without a hitch. But when he attempted to stand, his legs wouldn’t support him so he sat down hard on the bed, waking Kyle up in the process.

“Oh God baby, what are you doing?” Kyle gasped, hopping out of the bed and moving swiftly around to the other side of the bed to stand in front of Aaron, who was surprisingly, smiling. Kyle couldn’t help the answering smile that widened his own lips. “Hi.” He said softly.

“Hi.” Aaron whispered back. “I love you too.” He added softly.

“I know.” Kyle shrugged. “Now where were you going?” Kyle asked, looking up at the clock on the wall. He’d fallen asleep for almost thirty minutes.

“I want to pee.” Aaron muttered. “And I need to brush my teeth. It feels like something crawled in there and died.” Aaron scowled when Kyle laughed. “And I’m damn thirsty.”

“Which one do you want to do first?” Kyle stared at Aaron, the look on his face partly amusement, partly relief and partly pure, unadulterated love. He couldn’t believe he was actually talking to Aaron. He’d missed him so fucking much.

“I want to kiss you so bad right now, Kyle.” Aaron moaned. “But I need to clean my mouth first.”

“You don’t need to clean your mouth to kiss me, bab…”

“Oh please. I can’t do that. Can I pee first?”

“Okay let’s do it this way. You have a catheter so just go ahead and pee whilst I get Michael and the nurse okay?” It didn’t even occur to Kyle to simply press the bell to summon the nurse.

“A what? Shit! That’s…eww…”

“Hey shut up. You’ve been using it for the past seventeen hours…well, almost.” Kyle chuckled, ruffling Aaron’s hair. “Better do it fast before the nurse gets here. She’s hot.” Kyle threw over his shoulder as he went out, making Aaron laugh softly.

By the time Aaron’s IV and catheter came off, some feeling had returned to his legs so he felt strong enough to move to the bathroom on his own. After brushing his teeth, he couldn’t resist taking a quick shower. When Kyle heard the shower running, he rushed into the bathroom and drew aside the shower curtain.

“Are you nuts?” Kyle sounded incredulous. Aaron stood under the shower, head bent, his back to Kyle and his palms planted on the bathroom wall, with water cascading down his body.

“I’m fine, Kyle.” Aaron said, turning his head to look at Kyle. “I’m starving though. Could you please tell them to get me something to eat?” Aaron asked.

Kyle almost groaned. Aaron standing under the shower with water cascading down his face and body was so sensual and hot, Kyle felt his cock hardening up. Fuck, it had been too long, Kyle thought, lustfully. Since their last encounter in the glass room on his birthday, he hadn’t gotten any release as he hadn’t been in the right frame of mind. It was therefore not surprising that his body was reacting as it was, though he knew Aaron wasn’t strong enough for anything. Kyle swallowed hard and left the bathroom to go place an order for Aaron. He called one of the top restaurants to order chicken noodle soup, and then decided to throw in strawberry milk shake and red velvet cake, which he knew Aaron loved. Then he called his driver to go and pick it up as he didn’t want any delays. Michael had promised to come and check out Aaron himself immediately he was done attending to an emergency case. Kyle hoped he would okay it for Aaron to indulge. Eating some cake wasn’t going to send the boy back into dreamland was it?

Kyle turned around to face the en suite bathroom when he heard Aaron enter the room and almost dropped his phone. Aaron had around his waist a white towel and he was using another to dry his hair. Before Kyle knew what he was doing, he was already in front of Aaron, pushing Aaron’s body against the bathroom door, with his lips hovering over Aaron’s.

“I’m sorry, baby.” Kyle muttered huskily against Aaron’s lips. “But I need to do this.”

Then slowly and so tenderly, Kyle covered Aaron’s slightly parted lips with his. It was the softest and sweetest kiss ever. Kyle was tentative, he didn’t want to cause Aaron any discomfort so he kissed him softly, teasing him with his tongue. He moaned low in his throat when Aaron opened his mouth to join in. The first touch of Aaron’s wet tongue against his felt so goddamn good it made Kyle dizzy. The kiss became greedier when Aaron sucked Kyle’s tongue into his mouth. Kyle moaned lustfully…he couldn’t get enough. The kiss was an odd mix of desperation, tenderness and fierceness with both wanting more whilst still savouring that first taste… that first kiss. And it went on for God knew how long, both men totally lost in each other. Aaron moaned brokenly and curled his arms around Kyle’s neck. Teeth clashed, noses collided, and tongues tangled. Both knew they needed to come up for air but were unwilling to part.

“Are you kidding me?” Kyle and Aaron heard Michael’s incredulous tone and reluctantly broke apart and turned their heads to look at a surprised Michael, standing at the door with his mouth opened in shock. “The guy wakes up after hours in lala-land and all you can think of is a face-fuck? Jeez.”

“Fuck off, Michael.” Kyle growled, trying to calm his breathing, whilst Aaron laughed shakily. “Your timing is shitty, man.”

“Yeah, sue me. Get on the bed, Aaron.” Michael laughed.

Kyle lovingly wiped at Aaron’s swollen lips. “God, I missed these lips.” Kyle whispered, bumping his forehead against Aaron’s whilst willing his hard-on to subside. His balls ached, heavy with cum, needful of release.

“Hmmm…I love kissing you.” Aaron whispered back.

“Aaron, bed, now.” Michael growled but both guys could hear the laughter in his voice.

Kyle flipped Michael off and helped Aaron onto the bed. Michael went to work, checking everything he had to until he was satisfied.

“You’re okay. But you have to take in more fluids. It’s important to stay well-nourished and hydrated. Eating smaller portions of food more frequently will make it easier to steadily fuel yourself through the recovery process. And contrary to what you think, food is important, buddy.” Michael said sternly. “Listen to your body to determine when you’re actually hungry and give it the food it needs no matter how upset you are, got that?”

“Got it.” Aaron responded.

“Good. Now is there anything you’d like to ask or tell me?”

Aaron shrugged. “Congrats.”

Michael burst into laughter, reaching into his pocket for his cell phone. “Wanna see the little tyke?” He asked as he sat on the bed beside Aaron, ignoring Kyle’s groan. “There he is.” The proud father said, scrolling through the pictures of his son on his phone. “Sweet isn’t he?”

“Too cute for words.” Aaron said with awe.

“Can’t wait to get home and hold him in my

arms.” Michael muttered.

“Isn’t he supposed to be asleep by now?” Aaron asked with surprise.

“Dude, he’s a baby. They don’t sleep at night. They just make our lives a living hell. And we love it. Gotta go.”

Aaron and Kyle couldn’t help but laugh at Michael’s words. Michael ruffled Aaron’s hair and got off the bed to give Kyle a one-armed hug.

“I know you want to. But don’t fuck him.” He whispered to Kyle. “He’s still weak.” Then Michael quickly turned towards the door before Kyle could regain his senses after that incredibly shocking directive, and tell him off. At the door, he paused. “Just to be safe, I’m going to leave instructions that you’re not to be disturbed.” Then with a wink, he was gone.

Both Aaron and a still surprised Kyle could hear Michael’s laughter outside the door.

“What did he say?” Aaron wanted to know what Michael had said to bring that look on Kyle’s face.

“Err…he said you’re still weak.” Kyle muttered.

“So don’t fuck me.” It wasn’t a question. Aaron simply put two and two together. That look on Kyle’s face and Michael’s final comment and laughter said it all.

“I wasn’t going to, Aaron.” Kyle mumbled.

“Come here, Kyle.”

“You have to put something on first.”

“I thought you weren’t going to fuck me. Why should my not wearing clothes worry you?”

“It’s been a while, Aaron. I’m only human.” Kyle responded quietly.

“Oh…” Aaron said with understanding and got off the bed. When he opened the closet, he found new clothes in there…all in his size and some others that were obviously for Kyle. He stared at them for a while but said nothing. He simply pulled on a white t-shirt and blue sweat pants and closed the closet just as a knock sounded on the door.

Aaron watched as Kyle arranged some food on a table and pushed it to the bed. Aaron looked at the milk shake and cake and grinned.

“If I were a doctor, I’d tell you to drink the soup. But I’m no doctor so…” Kyle drawled, sitting down beside Aaron on the bed.

Aaron burst into laughter and picked up the milk shake. He moaned, closing his eyes in pure bliss when he drew on the straw. Kyle felt that moan directly inside his cock and almost groaned when his cock jerked inside his sweats.


“It’s so good. Damn!” Aaron gasped, oblivious to Kyle’s agony.

Kyle gave a short laugh which sounded almost pained. “That good huh?” Kyle asked, watching as Aaron took off the lid along with the straw and started to drink directly from the large cup.

By the time he removed the cup from his lips, it was empty. “Have I told you how much I love you?” Aaron moaned, making Kyle burst into laughter.

“You mean how much you love the milk shake.” Kyle drawled.

“No. I mean how much I love you, Mr. Parker.” Aaron responded, licking his lips.

“I don’t believe you have, Mr. Hunter.” Kyle laughed.

Aaron put the cup down and then turned towards Kyle. Kyle couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Aaron’s funny milky moustache. His laughter was however cut short when Aaron reached up to pull his head down and proceeded to give Kyle a ravishing kiss. By the time he released Kyle, Kyle was shaking. God help him, he wanted Aaron more than the air he was breathing.

“Aaron…” Kyle groaned. “Not fair.” He muttered, trying to control his harsh breathing.

Aaron stood up, walked to the door and locked the door. Then he pushed the table away from the bed and went down on his knees in front of a dazed Kyle. But just as Aaron reached for the drawstrings on Kyle’s sweatpants, Kyle snapped out of his lustful haze.

“Aaron,” he choked out, “don’t…” Kyle managed to get out even as the thickened flesh between his legs throbbed evilly. And just like that, Aaron froze, suddenly remembering Kyle telling him the exact same words not too long ago, and what had happened when he hadn’t listened.

Aaron’s hands fell bonelessly off Kyle’s thighs as he sat back on his heels and looked down at his fingers, rapidly recalling all that had happened. His violence against Kyle, his mother’s tears, Chris’ anger and directives, begging Kyle for forgiveness, Brandon… Aaron couldn’t remember anything that happened after seeing Brandon in Kyle’s arms. He buried his face in his palm and started groaning as though he was in pain.

Kyle gasped when he realized what was happening. “No, no, no, baby don’t think about it please.” Kyle groaned, pulling Aaron up onto his lap. “It’s okay. That’s all in the past. Hey…”

But Aaron was shaking his head, hating himself all over again. “Are you okay?” Aaron’s voice was barely audible.

“I’m fine, Aaron. Listen to me…”

“I’m so sorry… Oh God, you’re with Brandon now.” Aaron breathed, feeling a sharp pain within his chest. It felt so unbearably unsettling he gasped.

“What?” Kyle sounded incredulous. “Just how much do you remember, Aaron?” He asked, wanting to shake the man in his lap.

“I have to call my mother. You said I’ve been here for…” Aaron sounded totally down.

“I’ve already called and informed her that you’re awake.” Kyle assured Aaron quickly. “She’ll be here in the morning to see you, baby. She’s fine.”

“Chris. I have to…”

“I’ve told him too, Aaron. Listen baby, I’m not with Brandon. You have to trust me here, Aaron. Can you do that for me?” Kyle sounded desperate.

After looking Kyle in the eye for some seconds, Aaron nodded. “Please don’t be afraid of me, Kyle.” Aaron groaned suddenly. “I’ll never do anything you don’t want me to. I promise on my life. Please don’t be afraid of me.”

“I know you won’t do any…”

“Bullshit!” Aaron exploded, cutting Kyle off. “You’re human, Kyle. I know you can never trust me again. I just know it. But please, I’m saying I’ll never hurt you again. Never again. I’d rather die than ever hurt you again. I know I don’t deserve you and I fucked up bad. But I’m crazy in love with you and I’d like a chance to prove to you that I mean it when I say I won’t ever hurt you again. You have my word on that, Kyle. I don’t have anything except my word. I hope it’s…”

Kyle covered Aaron’s lips with his, cutting off his words. It looked like all he probably had to do was say ‘no’, ‘don’t’ or ‘stop’ to get Aaron to stop anything sexual. Kyle didn’t like that one bit. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, people said things they didn’t mean. Just a while earlier, he’d told Aaron not to give him that blow-job but he hadn’t meant it. But that’s all it had taken to stop Aaron. Kyle’s initial uneasiness about Aaron evaporated into thin air, just like that. He knew Aaron wouldn’t hurt him again. Now the problem was getting Aaron to let go, to loosen up enough to get them back to where they used to be.

Kyle shifted Aaron onto the bed and covered his body with his. Then with their lips still locked together, he ground his hard cock against Aaron. Aaron wasn’t hard which was only to be expected. Besides the fact that the guy was still weak, he was on a guilt trip. But that didn’t stop Kyle. In no time, he was shooting ropes of cum into his sweatpants. Exquisite tremors rocked Kyle’s whole body as the lower half of his body jerked rhythmically.

“Fuuuck!” He growled against Aaron’s lips. “I didn’t mean it when I said you should stop a while ago. Now sit up and drink your fucking soup.” He rolled off Aaron and headed for the bathroom.

Kyle was angry. He didn’t know why but he just was. Though he had already taken a shower, he still stepped under the shower, craving the soothing feel of water. Even as he allowed the water to wash over him, Kyle thought about what had just happened and knew that though a shrink could help them, he personally needed to work on Aaron…steer him back to how they were before the shit went down.

He stayed under the shower for a very long time. Even when the water turned cold, Kyle still stood under it, lost in thought. Why the fuck did Aaron still think he was with Brandon? Was it possible he’d lost part of his memory? Fuck! He needed to have a serious talk with Michael in the morning. Did Aaron remember that Kyle had forgiven him at all? Kyle hoped he hadn’t confused the guy even more with what he’d just done. Apart from the fact that he’d needed that release, he’d also wanted Aaron to know that he actually did want him…and some half-hearted protest shouldn’t stop Aaron from doing what his instincts had told him to do. Why did everything have to be so complicated, Kyle groaned with frustration.

When he went back to the room in all his naked glory, Aaron was sitting in bed, watching TV. He’d finished drinking his soup and had packed the bowls neatly on the table. Without a word, Aaron got off the bed and went to brush his teeth whilst Kyle pulled on clean sweatpants and t-shirt. When Aaron came back into the room, Kyle was sitting up in bed with his back against the headboard. Aaron climbed into the bed and hesitantly moved closer to Kyle. When Kyle raised his arm to draw Aaron against him, Aaron snuggled against Kyle with a sigh, resting his head comfortably on Kyle’s chest. Kyle leaned down to press a kiss on Aaron’s hair.

“Are you okay?” Aaron asked softly.

“I’m fine. How about you?” Kyle asked, running his fingers through Aaron’s hair.

Aaron was quiet for a moment. And then with a deep sigh he said the last thing Kyle was expecting. “I still want to suck you off.”

Kyle got so hard so quickly, he got dizzy. Hunger surged through him, a need for Aaron he couldn’t control or fight. “Aaron…” He groaned. “You don’t have to.”

“But I want to.” Aaron mumbled as he pushed Kyle’s t-shirt up and turned his head to latch on to Kyle’s nipple.

“Oh fuck, baby.” Kyle moaned. He started breathing hard, his face flushed with lust.

Aaron licked Kyle’s nipple and watched as it tightened, then sucked on it, rubbed the tip of his tongue back and forth across the nub. Kyle moaned as a shot of pleasure pooled low in his belly. He put his hand to the back of Aaron’s head to hold him to that taut flesh. Aaron scraped his teeth roughly across the nipple in his mouth as his fingers reached out to work the other one.

“Oh God.” Kyle whispered. Aaron’s mouth on him felt so fucking good.

When Aaron leaned over to take the other nipple into his mouth, Kyle trembled all over. The overwhelming pleasure made him jerk and buck as he could feel every touch and pull on his nipples, right down inside his cock. Aaron’s tongue was fucking magic, Kyle thought as he let go of Aaron’s hair and grabbed onto the sheets instead, twisting them in his fingers as he tried to hold on. Aaron worried those tight buds till Kyle squirmed all over the bed, unable to keep still.

Then Aaron moved slowly lower…as though he had all the time in the world. His hot breath against Kyle’s flesh sent an electric longing jolt through Kyle, causing Kyle to thrust his hips up into the air uncontrollably, ready to scream with need. By the time Aaron reached Kyle’s belly button and sank his tongue into the little dip, Kyle was making tiny gasping shuddering sounds that sounded so erotic, Aaron moaned. He looked up at Kyle, his grey eyes clashing with Kyle’s passion-glazed hazel ones. Aaron thought Kyle looked undeniably as sexy as fuck! Aaron finally moved to lie between Kyle’s legs and took hold of his mammoth erection through his sweats. He squeezed it slightly and watched as the damp spot on the grey sweats, where the tip of Kyle’s cock pressed against the material, darkened with pre-cum.

“Shit. Aaron. Fuck.” It wasn’t what he’d meant to say, but it was all he got out.

Aaron tugged Kyle’s sweats down and licked his lips lustfully when the man’s prick leaped right out at him. “Fuck, yeah.” Aaron breathed.

When Aaron’s hand closed around Kyle’s impressive length, Kyle cried out wordlessly. Aaron’s hand touched Kyle’s dick, tenderly…almost reverently. He blew on the wet tip and slowly stroked Kyle, looking up into Kyle’s dazed eyes the whole time. The look on Kyle’s face was so lustful, so full of need and desire, that it was probably the best compliment Aaron had ever had. Kyle’s eyes closed briefly in bliss, and then he leaned down and kissed Aaron deeply. He groaned into Aaron’s mouth, an erotic sound of pleasure and need that vibrated through Aaron.

“I love you.” Kyle whispered against Aaron’s lips when he broke off the kiss.

And with that reassurance, Aaron smiled with contentment and slipped his lips over the crown and down Kyle’s cock. Damp heat engulfed Kyle, surrounding his length in an exquisite wet suctioning that pulled him in till the tip of his cock lodged firmly inside Aaron’s throat. Life ceased to exist, Kyle’s surroundings receded…there was nothing left but the sensation of Aaron’s mouth closing over him, swallowing him down, rocking his world.

“Jesus!” Kyle growled as his head snapped back, his throat working as he tried not to be too loud.

Oh, fuck, that mouth was as hot as Kyle remembered. Felt even better than he remembered on his cock, too. Kyle gently slipped his fingers into Aaron’s hair, stroking his skull with caressing movements, moving along the rhythm that Aaron had set. When Aaron took one of Kyle’s balls into that hot mouth, Kyle was reduced to sounds, to moans and groans and little whimpers that would be embarrassing if he didn’t feel so fucking good.

“Oh, yeah. Fuck.” He groaned, seeing stars behind his eyes. Kyle was already near mindless with the need for an orgasm. If anyone had walked into that hospital room right then and found him writhing with his cock deep inside Aaron’s throat, he knew he wouldn’t have care.

Aaron just loved the sounds coming from Kyle. It was unbelievably exciting to suck him; he loved the feel of that hard rod and the smooth surface of the glans on his tongue. He’d missed having Kyle in his mouth. As he sucked that cock like his life depended on it, Aaron played with those big cum-filled balls with his hand, smiling when Kyle moaned lustfully and spread his legs wider.

“Feels so damn good…” Kyle moaned brokenly.

Aaron pulled his mouth off Kyle’s cock with an erotically slurping sound and took a deep breath. “God, you always taste so fucking good.” He muttered.

Then Aaron started stroking along the sensitive ring at the crown of Kyle’s cock, twisting his wrist on the upward movement. At the same time, his other hand rolled Kyle’s balls between his fingers, and he watched as Kyle bit his lips hard to stop himself from crying out.

“God, Aaron, please,” Kyle whispered brokenly. “Please, baby, please…”

“Please what, Kyle?” Aaron asked huskily. “Tell me what you want me to do to you…”

“Aaron…” Kyle whimpered, torn between the danger of working Aaron too much and the need to feel that wet mouth around his cock.

Aaron went still. He did nothing but hold Kyle’s cock in his hand, feeling it pulse with heat, waiting for Kyle to tell him what he wanted. “Tell me…” He husked.

Kyle thrust his hips up shamelessly. “Your mouth…want it…on me…Aaron, please…”

Unable to ignore such a plea falling from Kyle’s lips, Aaron ran his tongue across the profusely leaking slit, teasing the tip of that pulsing cock. Then hollowing his cheeks, he took Kyle to the back of his throat, swallowing that huge cock to the hilt. Spurred on by the helpless sounds of pleasure coming from Kyle, Aaron held Kyle’s throbbing cock in his throat and swallowed around it, humming the whole time. Kyle didn’t stand a chance…

“Fuck, Aaron, gonna come. Hot damn… gonna come…”

With a muffled cry, Kyle stiffened and erupted, creamy spurts of cum spilling into Aaron’s throat. The pleasure was strong and sure, making Kyle gasp as his cum churned inside his balls. His orgasm roared through him, shaking him with wave after wave of ecstasy. Aaron pulled slightly off the spasming cock to caress the tip of the spurting cock with the tip of his tongue.

Kyle released such a gushing torrent that made it hard to believe he’d come mere minutes earlier. He had never felt anything so mind-blowingly exquisite. His fingers tangled inside Aaron’s hair and his whole body trembled with pleasure as Aaron took him in deep again. Kyle’s eyes practically went crossed as he felt the ripple of Aaron’s throat on his tip, knowing each time he felt it that Aaron was swallowing down every drop of his cum. Aaron didn’t hesitate to drink everything down and lick Kyle clean.

With a groan Kyle seized Aaron and dragged him up the length of his body, to straddle his hips, and then his mouth was plundering Aaron’s, his tongue thrusting deep into Aaron’s mouth, tasting himself on Aaron and loving it. The kiss was hard, deep and desperate but also sweet, wet and loving.

When they finally came up for air, they bumped their foreheads together, Kyle’s eyes still glazed and unfocused. His heart beating hard in his chest as his breath slowly came back to normal.

“Damn, I needed that. Thanks.” Kyle breathed shakily, trying to breathe his way back to reality.

“You’re so fucking hot.” Aaron muttered, kissing Kyle from his jaw down his neck. Then his lips came back to capture Kyle’s lower lip and sucked sensually on it. “And you taste so fucking good.” Aaron moaned.

Kyle just looked at Aaron from under his lashes with a stunned look on his face, still trembling slightly with aftershocks.

“What are you thinking?” Aaron asked softly.

“That I love you.” Kyle whispered, framing Aaron’s face in his hands and covering it with small, moist kisses. “That you’re unbelievably amazing. And I can’t believe I almost ruined us.”

“Don’t leave me please.” Aaron buried his face between Kyle’s neck and shoulder. “I will be good. Please don’t leave me for him.”

For the first time in his life, Kyle didn’t know what to say. Aaron obviously didn’t remember. With a deep sigh, he tightened his hold on Aaron. “I won’t leave you, Aaron. I promise.”

Aaron must have felt reassured by Kyle’s promise because he simply sighed and drifted off to sleep. When Kyle felt Aaron’s steady breathing, indicating that he was sleeping, he shifted Aaron onto the bed and dropped a soft kiss on his lips. Even in his sleep, Aaron held on to Kyle tightly. Almost as if something had scared him badly and he was afraid to let go. Kyle covered them with the comforter and held Aaron close to him. God, he loved the guy. As Kyle drifted off to sleep, he had a contented smile on his face. He knew everything was going to work out just fine.


“Mum, I’m okay.” Aaron said for the umpteenth time. Peggy Hunter was doing what she did best…fuss over her son.

Kyle couldn’t help but smile at Aaron’s exasperation. He honestly didn’t know what Aaron’s problem was. At least he had a mother to fuss over him. Chris entered the room and saved Aaron from his mother’s fussing as Peggy promptly turned to hug Chris. The two had obviously become fast friends during Aaron’s hospitalization. On the day Aaron went to Kyle to beg for forgiveness, Chris had gone back to Peggy’s home to assure her that Aaron was with Kyle so she didn’t have to worry. He’d been the one to tell Peggy that her son was in hospital, and had even taken her to see Aaron. Chris had gone further by hiring a personal nurse, to check up on Peggy, morning, noon and night.

To say Kyle was amazed at what his friend was willing to do for Aaron, is an understatement. He knew those two had a bond which had started from that day at the party and he was grateful for it. He knew that Chris would always look out for Aaron…just as Dean always looked out for Tristan, to Damon’s annoyance, Kyle chuckled. He remembered how Dean had gone ballistic when Tristan had gotten drugged and hurt by an ex-girlfriend in France, under Damon’s watch. Now, that had been something else.

“Ready to go?” Chris asked Aaron. He’d insisted on coming to pick up Aaron from the hospital as Kyle had an emergency meeting. He claimed he had a lot to discuss with Aaron anyway.

“Sure.” Aaron said with a grin. Much as his room in the hospital had been comfortable, he couldn’t wait to get home and into his own bed. He reached out to grab the hand Kyle had stretched out to him and followed Chris and his mother out.

But at the door, Kyle held Aaron back and gave him a lingering kiss. “I’ll be there as soon as I’m through okay?” Kyle husked against Aaron’s lips.

Aaron looked totally hot in his navy blue cargo pants and white Henley shirt. On his feet were sandals, which made Kyle want to suck on those exposed toes. Since when did he even start noticing people’s toes, Kyle groaned. Just a look at Aaron and he was ready to melt no matter where he was. What he wouldn’t give to be out of his suit right then, and rather in bed with a naked Aa… Kyle groaned.

“What?” Aaron asked curiously. Kyle looked flushed.

“Nothing. I’ll see you soon. And get some rest.”

“I will.” Aaron murmured and went up on his toes to drop a soft kiss on Kyle’s lips. “I love you.”

“Love you too, baby.” Kyle pulled Aaron into a fierce hug.


That morning, Aaron had woken up with his memory intact. But though he remembered everything that had gone on in Kyle’s home, he’d still apologized for his actions all over again. Kyle told him to officially accept his forgiveness and never mention it again. But Aaron had told him that he couldn’t promise not to ever mention it as it was still fresh in his mind. Aaron just couldn’t bring himself to stop gritting his teeth anytime he remembered what he’d done.

“With time, you will forget it.” Kyle had said softly, but Aaron had shaken his head slowly.

“I can never forget it, Kyle. I’m really sorry but I can’t. I hurt you, Kyle. I hurt my boyfriend. There’s nothing easy about that.” Aaron had replied quietly.

“You know…” Kyle started but Ken chose that moment to enter the room.

Aaron looked up from where he sat on the couch, into Ken’s eyes and just knew. Aaron’s breath hitched in his throat. He stood up slowly and walked towards Ken. Kyle watched as his boyfriend and brother move towards each other from his perch on the arm of the couch and held his breath.

Ken stopped and opened his arms to Aaron, who went into the opened arms with a wretchedly guilty look on his face.

“I’m sorry.” Aaron whispered into Ken’s neck, where his face was buried.

“It’s okay.” Ken said softly. “Just don’t ever do that again.”

“I won’t.” Aaron said. “Never again.”

“Good.” Then Ken turned his head so that his next words were whispered directly into Aaron’s ears so that Kyle wouldn’t hear. “‘Cause you if you ever hurt my brother again, I’m gonna make you regret the very day you were born. Got that?”

Aaron gave a deep sign. “Got it.”

“Good.” Ken said, giving his oblivious brother a wink that made Kyle smile. Ken gave a slight nod when Kyle mouthed his thanks. “So tell me, how are you feeling now?” Ken asked, reaching out to push Aaron’s hair back from his face.

“I’m okay.” Aaron said, moving back to his seat.

“You gave us a scare.” Ken drawled. “You should have seen him.” Ken pointed at Kyle. “He was an ugly mess.”

Aaron laughed softly and turned to look at Kyle. “I’m sorry I scared you.”

“You scared all of us. Until this, I didn’t know my little brother here had medical skills.” Kyle drawled.

“Fuck you.” Ken laughed.

“And it worked too.” Kyle turned so serious, Aaron wondered what he was talking about. But then he saw a look pass between the brothers and knew that whatever it was, was between them. Aaron was still grateful to Ken for whatever he’s done to help him. Whether it was beginners luck or experience, all he knew was that whatever Ken had done or said had helped.

“Thank you, Ken. For whatever you did…”

“Oh I did nothing.” Ken actually blushed.

“My boyfriend says you did. And I believe him.” Aaron had said with a smile. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, Aaron. So when are you getting out of here…?”

To say Kyle was thrilled with the understanding and acceptance between his brother and boyfriend is an understatement. He was on cloud nine.


And even as Chris drove them home, Aaron couldn’t help but think how lucky he was, to be surrounded by such forgiving and loving people. What made it so overwhelming was the fact that he’d never had people around him, ready to help him since he’d been a kid. It had always been just him and his mum. Now he knew how it felt like to be part of a big family. And he was grateful to God for bringing Kyle into his life.

“We’re here.” Chris said, parking his Nissan Amada in Aaron’s driveway.

There was a motor bike already parked and Aaron wondered whose it was. He didn’t have to wonder for long. The door promptly opened and Samantha and Tristan stepped out with grins on their faces. Aaron couldn’t help the delighted laughter that burst out of him.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work, young lady?” He shouted to Samantha whilst he got out of the car. He had to brace himself so he wouldn’t fall when Samantha threw herself at him.

“I’m so glad you’re okay, Ronnie. Welcome home.” Samantha murmured against Aaron’s chest.

“Thanks Sammie. I’ve missed you.”

“Me more.” Samantha gushed. “Tristan is an angel.” She added. “Well, a crazy angel, if there ever was one.” She said making everyone laugh.

“Hey.” Tristan grinned as he hugged Aaron. “You cool?”

“Peachy.” Aaron laughed. “You know, you really need to get off Arsenal’s case, man.” Aaron gave a mock scowl.

“Oh my God, you heard that?” Tristan laughed.

“I sure did.” Aaron couldn’t help but laugh too.

“What else did you hear?” Tristan asked as they all entered the house.

And from the raucous laughter that went on inside the house for a while, it was obvious everyone was having a blast.

By the time Chris finally gave up and left, everyone was full and sleepy, thanks to Peggy’s scrumptious meals. Tristan insisted on taking some to Damon, teasing a surprised Chris to settle down with one of his numerous model girlfriends so that he could have someone at home to pack a good meal for too. Chris didn’t even wait around for them to finish laughing at his expense. It was a fun-filled afternoon. It was only after he’d gotten back to his office that Chris remembered he hadn’t even discussed the job offer with Aaron.


“What?” Aaron asked, around a bite when he caught Kyle watching him with a grin.

“I love watching you eat.” Kyle’s grin widened.

“Fuck you.” Aaron mumbled with his mouth full, making Kyle burst into laughter. “This is so good.” Aaron moaned. “Come on, open up.”

Kyle chuckled and opened his mouth to accept a juicy piece of prawn from Aaron.

“Hmmm. It’s so good.” Kyle gushed exaggeratingly, making Aaron laugh.

They were at a seafood restaurant for lunch. Aaron had been back home from the hospital for three days and was doing okay. It was a Saturday and Kyle and Aaron had decided to spend the day together, simply enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other better. Their relationship had mainly been based on sex as that had been the genesis. They had fallen in love with each other rather quickly and hadn’t taken the time to get to know each other as a couple in a relationship was supposed to.

Dr. Murray had given them an appointment for the coming Monday. But after having a lengthy chat with Kyle, the doctor had advised that they get to know each other better. He’d suggested that they go out, have fun like any regular couple, get to know the likes and dislikes of each other, and simply have fun without sex and the more serious stuff. At the elderly doctor’s words, Kyle had stared at him with amusement and stated bluntly;

“I can’t promise to keep my hands off him, Doc.” Kyle watched as the good doctor’s eyes widened at his words. “I mean…the guy is my addiction. He’s in my blood. I can’t be around him and not want to have sex. And the feeling is mutual. Please find another way to fix us other than to suggest abstinence because that’s never going to work.”

“My God Kyle, you’re crazy.” Dr. Murray had burst into laughter. He’d known Kyle and Ken for years but none had ever been his patient. “The whole idea is for the two of you to get to know each other whilst at the same time, giving each other space. I simply want you guys to connect on things other than…sex.”

“I can’t not have sex with him. I’m being very honest here, Doc.” Kyle had said with a frown, beginning to regret his decision to go to therapy with Aaron.

The doctor sighed. “Alright, how about this…you can do anything but penetration. Can you manage that for me?”

“I’ll try.” Kyle sighed.

“I promise you, if you tune your mind off sex and just be with him, you’ll enjoy it so much you might not ever have sex again.” Dr. Murray had said teasingly.

“I wouldn’t bet on that. But I’ll give it a try because I want the best for us.” And Kyle had done just that though it had been difficult not to fuck Aaron’s brains out every minute.

Aaron’s very first night at home from hospital had been the most difficult for Kyle. When Kyle had attempted to leave Aaron’s for home on that first night, which had also been the very day Kyle had met with Dr. Murray, the lost look on Aaron’s face had stopped him.

“Hey, what is it?” Kyle had asked, worriedly.

“I hate sleeping without you beside me, Kyle.” Aaron had groaned. “I feel…protected when I feel you beside me.” He had whispered the last part, making Kyle smile.

“How about I get you a guard dog?” Kyle had drawled.

“Jerk.” Aaron had laughed. “Seriously, don’t go, Kyle.” Aaron had pleaded.

“Tell you what I’m going to do.” Kyle had said as he got back on the bed beside Aaron. “I’m going to sleep here beside you till you fall asleep before I leave. How about that?”

“Do you have to?” Aaron asked with a grin. “Leave I mean.”

So Kyle had told Aaron about his conversation with Dr. Murray. And though Aaron had groaned in protest, he’d also agreed that they had to at least meet the good doctor half way. So Kyle had stayed till Aaron had fallen asleep before leaving for home. And that had been the routine since then. Kyle would go to Aaron’s after work, sleep beside him till Aaron would fall asleep, and then leave for home. They never went beyond a few kisses. Aaron was just grateful for Kyle’s presence.

Kyle had taken Dr. Murray’s advice a step further by booking them into the Penthouse of the Four Season’s Hotel for five nights. They already had two nights on Chris so that made it a whole week. They were to go on Monday and check out on Sunday, to enable Kyle be with Ken, who had been scheduled to undergo chemo the following Monday. He knew Aaron would freak out if he knew that a night at the Penthouse of the Four Season’s Hotel actually cost forty thousand dollars. He would have loved for them to have rather travel outside the country to say, Venice or The Bahamas or Africa, just to have fun and see more of the world and other cultures, but they had to be in town because of their appointment with Dr. Murray.

For the weekend before their get-away, both Kyle and Aaron decided to simply enjoy each other’s company. They planned on going to the movies, go for a John Legend concert, which Aaron was actually looking forward to, go to the beach and basically get to know each other. That had been just what the doctor had ordered…right?

“Fuck, I don’t think I can eat another bite.” Kyle groaned, watching Aaron munching on a piece of squid with his eyes closed as though he were having an orgasm. “Dude, where do you pack all that food?” Kyle asked with chuckle.

“I sometimes wonder.” Aaron laughed. “Since I came back from the hospital, I’ve had a really good appetite.”

“Hmmm. Good to know. Do you want more wine?” Kyle asked, filling his own glass.

“Nope. I’d rather have desert.” Aaron said with all seriousness.

“Seriously?” Kyle asked with a raised brow, and then promptly burst into laughter when Aaron nodded his head vigorously. “You know, for someone who plans on dancing his arse off at Legend’s concert tonight, you’re really stuffing yourself.”

“That’s just means more energy, darling.” Aaron purred, making Kyle laugh even harder.

Kyle was actually seeing another side of Aaron that he’d never knows existed. The guy was an easy-going, fun-loving person. And Kyle found himself falling even harder for Aaron.


“Our ticket says ‘Alcove 4′” Kyle said. They were at the John Legend concert and the place was already packed. “This way.”

The two followed the directional signs to the alcove section. Aaron had wanted them to get Floor seats but Kyle wasn’t comfortable with Aaron having to stand throughout the concert.

“Kyle, I want to dance and not knock into chairs.” Aaron had insisted quietly.

“Baby, please. It’s too soon for you to be doing something as strenuous as standing throughout a concert. It’s a popular show and other fans will be looking to being in front. You’re going to get shoved and squished. I can’t have that. Maybe another time but…not today. Please?” Kyle said softly, looking intently at Aaron. The last thing he wanted to do was to dictate to Aaron. But this…

Aaron knew what Kyle was saying made sense so he gave a deep sigh and nodded. “You’re right. I didn’t think about that. Thanks.”

And they had an alcove to themselves. It was small but cozy, just as it was meant to be. That part of the auditorium had obviously been created as an intimate setting for couples who wanted to enjoy a concert without having to share their space with anyone. And their tickets had cost a hell of a lot more than the regular ones. There were two chairs, bottles of water, a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket, some chocolates, a box of tissues and a phone if they needed to call to order anything. There was also a rail against which they could lean whilst watching the show. And from the comfort of their premium seats, Kyle and Aaron enjoyed one of the best concerts ever.

Kyle had never been to a John Legend concert because generally, concerts were not his thing. Well, he had the shock of his life. The energy was electric and it was clear that the audience were charged. There were no words to describe how melodic and charismatic John Legend was. And as for the opening act by Foy Vance, it was off the hook. Kyle had always loved Vance’s song, ‘Guiding Light’ but he fell even more in love with it that night. And the look in Aaron’s eyes as Vance belted out the lyrics, was worth every cent he’d spent for them to be there and more. Kyle couldn’t wait to see Aaron’s reaction to the surprise he’d planned for him.

“Damn, he’s a fantastic performer.” Kyle murmured into Aaron’s ear. Aaron was standing in front of him, with Kyle’s hands on Aaron hips, swaying him to the melodious song.

Aaron nodded, his expression, enthralled. Then Legend himself came on stage and Kyle saw a totally different Aaron. He was charged, dancing his heart out. And those sexy moves were seriously getting Kyle hot and bothered.

The whole auditorium was electrified as Legend belted out popular tune after popular tune. He started with a song from the album, ‘Made to Love’, before rewinding back to his earlier albums. It was amazing. Kyle lost count of the number of songs Legend performed. He completely captivated the audience with his deep, beautiful melodies. Then came the part Kyle had been waiting for. Legend was about to sing ‘All of Me’. The hall was so quiet one could hear a pin drop. Kyle could already feel Aaron shaking. Wow! Kyle leaned down and lightly licked at that sensitive spot between Aaron’s neck and shoulder. When he felt Aaron shiver and moan softly, Kyle smiled.

“The next song,” Legend started in his sexy voice, “is dedicated to Aaron Hunter.” Aaron gasped. Then looking up in the direction of where Kyle and Aaron stood, Legend added with a wink, “You are his addiction.” Almost all the ladies in the auditorium sighed, which actually made Legend laugh softly.

And from behind the piano, the multi-talented R&B artist excited the crowd with a four-person orchestra and an electrical guitarist. He sang each word of the song with every ounce of his being, enthralling the audience with his powerful, passionate, strong, sexy and smooth voice.

Aaron was in seventh heaven. He remembered the last time he’d heard that song as if it were the day before. How the fuck had Kyle known he loved that song, Aaron wondered. The feeling within him at that very moment was so intense he didn’t have the words to describe it. He felt such overwhelming love for the man holding him, he knew if he attempted to say anything, he would burst into tears. Kyle must be tired of seeing him lose it, Aaron was sure. So he didn’t say a word…he just enjoyed the song. But when Legend sang the chorus…

‘Cause all of me, Loves all of you

Love…all your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you

You’re my end and my beginning, Even when I lose I’m winning

Cause I give you all of me, And you give me all of you…’

And Kyle whispered in his ear…

“I mean every word”, Aaron couldn’t stop the tears from spilling down his cheeks. So much for not losing it, he thought, giving in to the tears and leaning against Kyle.

After the performance, there was utter silence for almost five seconds. Then all hell broke loose. The cheer that went up was deafening. Everyone was on their feet. The applauds was thunderous and it went on for minutes. Aaron turned around to face Kyle.

“Kyle…” Aaron breathed, staring at Kyle, entranced. Kyle said he was his addiction right? Well, Kyle was his drug, and Aaron had no desire to kick off that particular exhilarating habit. He was insanely and obsessively in love with Kyle. Aaron tried to speak but couldn’t. So he did what he could, and that was to kiss Kyle with everything in him.

Aaron reached up and slid his fingers into Kyle’s hair, moaning lustfully as he sucked on Kyle’s tongue, leaning heavily against him. His lips grew wetter and hotter as they kissed each other as though it was their last kiss. Needy sounds spilled from Aaron’s throat as he passionately devoured Kyle’s lips with that hot kiss. A kiss that said all that he felt too emotional to voice out.

Kyle kissed Aaron right back, greedily and yet gently. He initially dipped his tongue into Aaron’s mouth, lightly touching and teasing him with velvet licks. It was deceptively unhurried and so frustrating Aaron growled deep in his throat as he sought a deeper contact, needing more. That sound…that erotic sound of pleasure and need vibrated through Kyle and his control slipped. Tilting his head, Kyle deepened the kiss, their tongues stroking, their breaths quickening. Tension gripped Kyle’s powerful frame as his tongue plunged into Aaron’s mouth, hungrily seeking a deeper taste…wanting to crawl into Aaron’s body and become one with him. He wanted Aaron so fucking much he could actually picture them together in bed, naked. Kyle’s hands ran up and down Aaron’s spine, trembling and restless.

“Kyle . . .” Aaron breathed brokenly into the kiss, his voice filled with lust. He wanted Kyle. Wanted him bad. Aaron’s body was coiled tight. For the first time since waking up in that hospital bed, he needed to come.

Kyle’s arms tightened around Aaron, pulling him closer as his hand slid beneath Aaron’s shirt, cradling his spine in his warm palm. Their kiss grew wild as Aaron arched into the caress, loving Kyle’s touch against his bare skin, loving the feel of Kyle hard erection against him.

“I want you, Kyle.” Aaron almost sobbed into the kiss, grinding his erection against Kyle’s thigh wantonly.

“Shhh,” Kyle soothed. He could tell from the way Aaron was trembling just how insanely aroused he was. He tugged on Aaron’s lower lip, sinking his teeth into the swollen and sensitive flesh and caressing it with his hot tongue. “Look at me baby.” Kyle muttered, waiting for Aaron to open his eyes.

And that was when they heard it…the chanting. The audience wanted a repeat of Legend’s ‘All of Me.’ And even as Aaron turned around to look at the audience, the lights dimmed and Legend’s smooth voice started belting out the lyrics again.

Aaron closed his eyes, focusing on the feel of the man behind him and the breath-taking voice of Legend. The feeling was incredibly euphoric. He could feel Kyle’s erection pressing against him, Kyle’s tongue slipping into his ear and fucking it slowly, that hot tongue occasionally pulling back to swirl around the shell, stopping every so often to blow the wet skin dry… Aaron was so hard his cock was almost bursting out of his pants. He knew he’d probably go insane if he didn’t get any relief there and then. With a moan he made to turn around to face Kyle but Kyle stopped his movement.

“Kyle…please.” Aaron whimpered as desire pounded through him.

When Aaron felt Kyle’s fingers on his belt buckle, he didn’t try to stop him…couldn’t have stopped him even if his life had depended on it. His belt came undone and he felt his zipper being lowered. Then without wasting any time, Kyle pulled Aaron’s hard dripping cock out. Aaron looked down at himself and gasped. Seeing his hard leaking cock in Kyle’s hand, and in such a public place was more erotic than anything he could possibly have imagined. He was so swollen and sensitive it felt like he was going to erupt any second. He wasn’t alone in his thinking.

“Hold on.” Kyle bit Aaron’s earlobe to distract him with a little pain. “Don’t lose it yet.”

‘Easy for you to say’ Aaron thought as his eyelids slid closed and his head fell back against Kyle’s shoulder in abandon, his breathing coming out hard and fast. He thrust his groin back and forth, searching for any kind of friction that would help him come.

“I can’t.” He whimpered. “I need to come. Please make me come.” Aaron was virtually sobbing with helpless need, totally enthralling Kyle.

“Oh my God,” Kyle breathed into Aaron’s ear, riveted. “You’re so fucking hot.”

Kyle looked down at the hard pulsing dick in his palm, and the trembling sexy man in his arms and knew he was never going to forget that sexy sight ever. He started stroking Aaron, twisting his wrist on the upward movement, just as Aaron usually did whenever he stroked Kyle’s cock. Kyle knew it felt good so he wasn’t surprised when Aaron moaned loudly.

“Oh shit.” Kyle muttered and slanted his lips on Aaron’s, drinking in the sounds he made. The last thing Kyle wanted was to get caught jerking off his boyfriend during a concert. The tabloids would have field day with that, he thought.

Kyle’s hand quickened, sliding rhythmically up and down on that silky wet dick, squeezing lightly whenever he got to the wide head of Aaron’s cock. He felt and heard Aaron cry out into their kiss as his hips pumped frenziedly into Kyle’s hand.

It felt so good Aaron wanted to scream. Exquisite sensation rushed through him as Kyle stroked his slick cock in time with Legend’s singing. He ached all over with the need to come. Then Aaron felt Kyle stop stroking him and almost went mad with frustration. But before he could react, Kyle dragged his hand up the length of Aaron’s erection and pinched the supersensitive tip…hard. Aaron didn’t know what hit him…

He came with a hoarse cry of Kyle’s name as blinding pleasure raced through him, tingling every nerve ending in his body to life. With a lustful groan of his own, Kyle swallowed those cries of ecstasy. Aaron’s entire body convulsed in fierce tremors as the ecstatic relief exploded through him. The orgasm lasted forever and Kyle extended that exquisite pleasure by continuously squeezing the throbbing spurting cock head, milking Aaron’s cock. Nothing else mattered at that moment to Aaron except that he didn’t ever want Kyle to stop. He wanted, ached, for the pleasure to go on and on.

That insanely powerful climax stole the strength from Aaron’s muscles and he lost all feeling in his legs. He would have fallen, had Kyle’s arms not been coiled firmly around his waist. Kyle turned Aaron around to face him and pulled him into a strangling embrace. Practically boneless, his whole body humming with pleasure, Aaron clung to Kyle and waited for the world to stop spinning. For a long moment, Kyle just held a trembling Aaron till his raging heartbeat slowed and his breathing returned to normal.

Aaron returned slowly to a sense of who he was and where he was, never having experienced anything so wild, voyeuristically public and mind-blowingly naughty in his life before. Damn! His body still quivered from each pleasurably memorable caress.

Finally, Kyle spoke with his lips pressed against Aaron’s hair. “Are you okay?”

Aaron nodded against Kyle’s chest and then looked up into Kyle’s eyes with his own grey eyes shining with such adoration and wonder that Kyle’s breath hitched in his throat. With a groan Kyle buried his face against Aaron’s neck, humbled by that look. What he wouldn’t give to be buried balls deep inside Aaron’s heat that very moment.

“Goddamn, I need you so fucking much.” Kyle rumbled, breath hot on Aaron’s neck.

“Let’s get out of here.” Aaron whispered, making Kyle groan even harder as though he were in pain.

“What am I going to do with you?” Kyle whispered as he tried to think about stuff that would get his mind off his throbbing dick.

“Whatever you want, baby.” Aaron whispered back as he stepped out of Kyle’s embrace to zip up. “That was…that was…I don’t know how to describe it.” Aaron sighed and threw his hands up in a gesture of surrender. “It was off-the-charts a-ma-zing!” He finally gushed, making Kyle chuckle with amusement.

“That good huh? I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Kyle smirked, reaching for tissues to wipe off Aaron’s spunk which was still captured in his palm.

“That was fucking magical.” Aaron husked softly. “Thanks.”

But when Aaron made to move away, Kyle grabbed him by a belt loop and tugged him back against him. Then he proceeded to kiss him long, hard, and deep till Aaron was breathless and pliant against him. Then Kyle let him go.

“God, I love you like this.” Kyle murmured, looking at a dazed Aaron.

“Prick.” Aaron grumbled breathlessly, making Kyle laugh softly.

The concert had come to an end. They heard a small rap outside and a young man with a shy smile entered and turned his gaze on Kyle.

“Ready to go Sir?”

“Sure.” Kyle responded. “We’ll just make a quick stop at the washroom first.” Kyle said, stretching out his hand to Aaron. “Shall we?”

“Where are we going?” Aaron asked, taking Kyle’s hand.

“I need to use the restroom.” Kyle said with a straight face.

“I heard that bit but where are we going with him?” Aaron whispered curiously, looking from the man to Kyle.

“You’ll see.” Kyle chuckled making Aaron groan.

After a quick stop to the restroom just to wash their hands, they followed the young man till they got to a door marked ‘private’. The man knocked lightly on the door and opened it for them to enter.

“Fuck!” Aaron muttered. John Legend was getting to his feet and moving towards them.

“He finally comes to one of my concerts.” The singer said, giving Kyle a one-armed hug. “I thought concerts weren’t your thing.”

Kyle chuckled. “But they are his.” Kyle said, pointing his thumb at Aaron, who was looking from one man to the other.

“You actually know him?” Aaron sounded bemused.

“Yep.” Kyle grinned. “So…” Kyle shrugged, watching Aaron with a look of amusement and affection.

“I’m a huge fan, Sir. You are the best.” Aaron gushed.

“Call me John. And thanks.” Legend laughed.

After talking for a while, Aaron and Kyle said their farewells and left. In the car, on their way to Aaron’s house, Aaron seemed lost in thought.

“A penny for them.” Kyle drawled.

Aaron chuckled. “Too cheap.”

Kyle laughed softly. “What do you want?”


“You already got me.”

Aaron leaned over and dropped a quick kiss on Kyle’s lips. “How did you know I liked that song?” He asked when he sat back in his seat.

Kyle laughed softly, looking straight ahead. “Samantha’s kitchen.”

“You remembered.” Aaron whispered.

“Dude, that song charged you up. In fact you were already charged before I got there.” Kyle drawled teasingly.

Aaron laughed. “No I was not.”

“You so were. I did watch you through the window for a while before I actually knocked on the door, you know.” Kyle drawled.

“Stalker.” Aaron muttered with a soft laugh. “I was thinking about you.”


Aaron nodded. “Uh-huh. I was wishing you were there with me. Wishing I were in your arms. And then I opened the door and…”

“I’m sorry I made you cry.” Kyle said quietly. “I hate it when you cry.” He growled.

Aaron remained quiet. “Will you stay the night?” Aaron’s voice was barely audible.

Kyle went quiet for some time, and then gave a deep sigh. “I don’t think I can even wait till you sleep tonight, Aaron.” Kyle said.

Aaron turned his head to look out his window but not before Kyle saw the sadness on his face. Kyle groaned and reached for Aaron’s hand.

“Baby, I just might fuck your brains out immediately we step into your room. Hell, I could end up fucking you right outside on your porch steps.” Kyle growled. “Right now, I don’t trust myself around you. It’s that bad.”

“But we could…”

“I told you what Dr. Murray said, Aaron.” Kyle sighed, bringing Aaron’s hand to his lips to drop a kiss against his knuckles. “Let’s work with him. Let’s help him fix us, okay?”

“Okay.” Aaron mumbled, squeezing Kyle’s hand lightly.

Aaron missed sleeping in Kyle’s arms till morning. He missed seeing Kyle’s face first thing in the morning. He missed that early morning killer smile of Kyle’s. That smile always made Aaron feel like he was worth the world. He knew as a guy, he wasn’t supposed to have such mushy feelings but Aaron just couldn’t help it. Kyle was his world. Aaron couldn’t wait to get through therapy quickly enough. He was ready to do anything if it meant fully getting his man back.

When Kyle parked in Aaron’s driveway, he didn’t cut off the engine, indicating to Aaron that he wasn’t getting out of the car at all. They stared at each other for a while, each knowing exactly what the other was thinking. Aaron bit his bottom lip to stop himself from begging Kyle to forget about Dr. Murray and fuck his brains out. Kyle’s eyes fell to Aaron’s sexily captured lips and instantly got dilated. Fuck!

“Thanks for a great day.” Aaron said with a sigh. “I enjoyed every second.”

When Aaron made to open the door, Kyle leaned across and pressed a ridiculously sweet kiss on Aaron’s forehead. The gesture was so tender and sweet, it got Aaron teary eyed.

“Tomorrow, we’re having fun at the beach.” Kyle husked. “Ready?”

“Hell yeah.” Aaron croaked but managed to smile. He didn’t want Kyle to go but it was for the best.

“Good. I’ll call when I get home.”

Aaron nodded. “Drive safe. I’ll be waiting for that call.” Aaron mumbled. “Fuck, I don’t want you to go?” Aaron couldn’t help the whimper that tore out of his throat. “I’m sorry.” He quickly added.

“Come here.” Kyle said and drew Aaron into his arms and just held him. “Hang in there. Okay?”

At Aaron’s nod Kyle pressed a kiss on his cheek and let him go. With the way Kyle was feeling right then, he knew that if he so much as touched his lips to Aaron’s sweet kissable ones, no force on earth could stop him from fucking Aaron senseless.

“Fuck!” Kyle swore as he eased out of Aaron’s driveway.

Murray had better be worth all the money he’d paid him, Kyle thought darkly.

One was in for his brother, the other, for the money…right? – Chapter 9 – Healing!

Who ever said therapy was easy? Both Kyle and Aaron found out the hard way that it wasn’t. They had checked into the lovely Four Seasons Hotel three days earlier and already, both were wishing they didn’t have to be alone with each other.

Dr. Murray had scheduled their sessions in such a way that each person would see him individually for the first three days, then both would see him together for the remaining two days. After that first week, they would meet the doctor together twice every week till both Kyle and Aaron were sure they were alright.

Things came to a head on the third and final day that they had to see Dr. Murray individually. Both men had been tiptoeing around each other since their sessions started. Whilst Aaron was virtually dying of guilt after coming to terms with just how wrong he’d been about Kyle and how badly he’d treated Kyle, Kyle was trying to accept the fact that he’d been violated. Kyle had buried everything so deep, he thought he was okay. But after talking to the doctor, he’d realized that not only did he feel violated, he was still hurt. Murray had made him understand that till he opened up and talked about it with Aaron, till he understood what had pushed Aaron to act like that…which actually went beyond the drugs, Kyle would never be completely over what had happened. Kyle really didn’t know how to go about talking to Aaron about something he’d rather forget. Aaron on the other hand didn’t think he could ever bring himself to talk about what he’d done to Kyle. Both men struggled with how they felt. Both were being eaten alive by their thoughts, be it guilt or anger. For the first time since they got together, Kyle and Aaron didn’t even have the urge for sex though they slept together in the same bed.

On that fateful Wednesday, Aaron’s session had been in the morning and Kyle’s, in the afternoon. Aaron was taking a shower after having a swim in the glorious pool downstairs, when he heard Kyle enter their suite. Immediately, his heart started pounding. Kyle treated him as lovingly as he always had but Aaron couldn’t help but notice that Kyle seemed to withdraw more into himself with each passing session. Aaron really didn’t know what to expect anytime he had to face Kyle. He could see the pain in Kyle’s eyes sometimes and it killed him inside, knowing he was the cause of that pain. He wished he could do something…anything to make it better. Aaron had never felt so helpless in his life. Kyle was his world and Aaron had a feeling his world was crumbling around him and he couldn’t do anything but watch as it did.

When Aaron walked into the elegant living room after pulling on jeans and t-shirt, Kyle wasn’t there, but Aaron couldn’t miss the unmistakable smell of smoke. His eyes widened in surprise. Was Kyle smoking, he asked himself worriedly. As far as Aaron was concerned, Kyle didn’t smoke. Aaron quickly made his way towards the balcony, where he could see an outline of Kyle through the curtains. Lo and behold, Aaron found Kyle smoking on the balcony.

“Kyle…?” Aaron started tentatively.

“Give me a moment please.” Kyle rasped, cutting off whatever Aaron had been about to say. His back was still to Aaron.

With a heavy heart, Aaron went back into the living room and sat on the edge of the couch knowing the shit was finally about to hit the fan. Kyle was going to leave him. Aaron wanted to kneel over and die. He couldn’t see himself living without Kyle. He loved and needed him more than the air he breathed. That day Aaron went to Kyle’s house to ask for forgiveness, he was ready to let Kyle go if that would make Kyle feel better. Now, he didn’t think he could let go…not without a fight. With that resolution, Aaron took a deep breath and stood up with the intention of going out onto the balcony, to talk to Kyle. He gasped when he saw that Kyle was standing just a few feet away from him, staring at him. He’d been so deep in thought he hadn’t heard Kyle come inside.

“Baby…” Aaron started but stopped when Kyle raised his hand, demanding silence.

“I never forced myself on you.” Kyle’s voice was quiet, hoarse, cold. “I’m trying to understand why you felt you had to do what you did to me. I never did anything you asked me not to. We had an agreement. I respected that agreement. I didn’t even kiss you though I was dying to do so, because you said you didn’t want that. So why did you feel you had to do what you did to me as payback? If I’d forced myself on you, hurt you amidst your protests, I would have understood your actions. I know I misled you by posing as a porn actor. I did wrong by deceiving you into giving up what you were not ready to. But I never hurt you physically. Besides, I apologized and we moved past it. Or, so I thought.” Kyle shrugged. “So why did you have to resort to that as payback? I know you were under the influence of drugs but…you must have still felt that I deserved to be punished in the worst possible way for something that you had already forgiven me for, to be able to do what you did. I need to understand, Aaron. Should I never take you for your word if you tell me things like, you’ve forgiven me? Because I’m human and I’m bound to make mistakes. Does this mean I shouldn’t believe you when you tell me you’ve forgiven me for whatever it is I might do? I need to be able to trust what you tell me if we’re going to be in a relationship. So please, help me understand.”

Aaron didn’t know what to say. He swallowed hard and quickly wiped at his cheeks which were wet with tears. That gesture drew Kyle’s attention to the fact that Aaron was in tears. He went from angry to furious in a heartbeat.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” Kyle growled. “Don’t even…fuck!” He swore darkly and stormed out of their suite, leaving a devastated Aaron to slum back into the couch with his head in his palm.

“God, is this ever going to end?” Aaron moaned pitifully.

After sitting quietly for a while, Aaron reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone and dialed. Ken picked up on the second ring.

“Talk to me.” Ken drawled jokingly.

“Ken…” Aaron paused to clear his hoarse throat. But before he could continue talking, Ken jumped right in, having detected the worry in Aaron’s voice.

“What is it Aaron?” Ken asked, hitting Steven’s hands away. He didn’t like how Aaron sounded. And when Aaron went quiet, Ken felt a sense of foreboding. “Aaron…”

“Does he smoke…sometimes?” Ken heard Aaron ask in a small voice.

“My brother is smoking?” Ken gasped.

“Yes.” Aaron replied simply.

“Shit.” Ken swore. “Where is he?”

“He…he stormed out of here in anger not too long ago.” Aaron said quietly. “Ken about the smo…”

“If he’s smoking, then he’s very upset, Aaron.” Ken cut him off. “What happened?”

“He came back from a session and wanted to know…” Aaron trailed off not knowing how to tell Ken.

“Know what, Aaron?” Ken prompted.

Aaron gave a deep sigh and plunged ahead… “He wanted to know why I did it.”

“You mean why you…”

“Yes.” Aaron whispered when Ken couldn’t bring himself to complete his question.

“Fuck.” Ken growled. “Let me try and get him on his phone. Sit tight yeah?”

“Okay.” Aaron said quietly. “And Ken?”

“Yes, Aaron?”

“I’m sorry.”

“I know.” Ken sighed. “Just…wait for him to come to you okay?” Ken said quietly, feeling sorry for Aaron.

“Alright. Thanks.”


Kyle felt his phone vibrate inside his pocket and pulled it out to see his brother’s name flashing across the screen. “What?” He barked into the phone.

“That’s not how to go about it and you know it.” Ken growled without preamble.

“So sue me.” Kyle growled right back.

“Kyle please…”

With the phone held tightly in his hand, Kyle squeezed the bridge of his nose in frustration. “Fuck! Listen Ken, I’m about to enter Murray’s office. I’ll talk to you after, okay?”

“Okay. But please calm down. For me.” Ken said softly.

Kyle gave a deep sigh. “I hear you, bro. Stephen there?”


“Okay. Talk to you later.”



“Don’t smoke again.”

Kyle gave a short soft laugh. “He told you.”

“He did. He’s worried. You’re scaring him, biggie.” Ken’s voice was soft, cajoling. He knew how to get through to his brother.

“I’m sorry. I just…”

“I know. Just don’t do it again.”

“Okay boss.” Both Kyle and Ken laughed softly and hung up.

When Ken pushed Dr. Murray’s door open, the older man was sitting in his couch with a smirk on his face. “I knew you would come back. Storming out of here like that…”

“I needed to think.” Kyle muttered, sitting down in the couch opposite the doctor. “I’m sorry I walked out. I just…” Kyle trailed off shaking his head.

“Kyle, all that I’m saying is that you have to face that thing head on. Burying it inside isn’t going to help. You’ve got to let it out, and then deal with it. That way, you kill it once and for all.”

“I understand.”

“Have you ever discussed what happened…really discussed it with Aaron?” Dr. Murray asked.

“No.” Kyle muttered. “Well, I tried doing that today when I left here earlier. I sort of asked him why he did it.”

“I see.” The doctor said with a raised brow. “And what did he say?”

“I didn’t wait for an answer.” Kyle mumbled, looking down unseeingly at his shoes.

“Wow!” The elderly man whispered. “Now listen to me carefully, Kyle. If you don’t handle this right, you’re not going to like the person that Aaron is going to become.”

“How do you mean?” Kyle asked, looking up at the good doctor.

“If you don’t do it right, you’re going to leave him permanently on a guilt trip. If he feels guilty all the time for what he did, he’s going to try very hard to please you all the frigging time. He’ll totally lower himself, do everything for you…not out of love, but with the sole aim of placating you…paying his ‘debt’.” The doctor gave the word quotation marks with his fingers. “He’s not going to be himself around you, he won’t be free. Simply put, Aaron is going to become a robot. Is that what you want?” The elderly man tilted his head to the side and watched Kyle closely.

“No.” Kyle whispered. “I don’t want that. I don’t want him to please me all the time. I want him to do what will make him happy and not… I want him just as he is.” Kyle concluded heatedly.

“No you don’t. Not with the way you’re going about things. What comes after being a robot for a while is even worse, Kyle. He’ll grow to hate you. Because no human being wants to feel indebted to another, for life. Definitely not Aaron.”

“I don’t want that.”

“Then watch what you tell him and how you say it.”

“How should I talk about it then?” Kyle growled. He felt so helpless and frustrated.

“Sit him down. Get him to tell you how he was feeling. What drove him to that anger? What exactly was going through his mind when he found out that Ken had lied to him with your blessing? Try to get him to talk about it. Put yourself in his shoes. Try and feel exactly what he was feeling. Then and only then, can you understand him and really forgive him.”

“But I’m sure he’s told you. Can’t you just tell me what he said?”

“He needs to tell you himself. That’s all part of the healing process. If you love him and want to be with him, you have to try and understand him first, Kyle.” Dr. Murray said. “Then you have to tell him how you feel about him taking you against your will. Talk about it. Can you do that?”

Kyle nodded. “I can.”

“And try not to get angry whilst you’re at it. He will clam up if you do.” Murray said, preferring not to tell Kyle just how scared and uncertain Aaron was. “Get him to open up, Kyle. I don’t care how you do it…just get it done.”

“Ow come on doc.” Kyle groaned. “You’re the expert. You should…”

“You don’t pay me to spoon-feed you, Kyle.” Dr. Murray said evenly. “You pay me to help you see the right path. Now, how you walk that path, is your own show. You could skip along it, run, do cartwheels, hell you can even do what these gymnasts do on the ropes…”

“Alright, alright I get it.” Kyle growled, running his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“Thank God, you do. You love him. You know how best to get through to him. Use it.” The doctor chuckled. “You’ve always been a smart kid, Kyle. You’ll figure out the right way to go about it. I have confidence in you. Why do you think I waited for you to come back, though my wife kept calling me, threatening to kill me if I got us late for our Opera date tonight? Now get the hell out so I can go save my own marriage.” Dr. Murray growled, getting to his feet and reaching for his keys. “Thanks to you, I’m already late.”

Kyle chuckled and stood up too, suddenly feeling an insistent need to get back to Aaron to repair the damage he’d already done. “Thanks doc.” Kyle grinned. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“All the best.”


When Kyle entered their suite, it was to find Aaron in darkness, sitting on the same spot he’d been sitting earlier when Kyle had gone inside to confront him. Kyle had been gone for the past three hours. Had Aaron been sitting there all that while? Kyle’s heart broke.

“Aaron?” Kyle rasped, switching on the light. “Baby…” Kyle gasped, watching Aaron blink rapidly as he tried to adjust to the glare of the light. Kyle went on one knee in front of Aaron and took both of Aaron’s hands in his. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Aaron answered quietly.

“Have you been sitting here since I left?”

Aaron slowly shook his head. “I went in there to pack and came back here to wait for you.”


“I know I hurt you Kyle. I told myself I wasn’t going to give up. I wasn’t going to let you go no matter what.” Aaron looked into Kyle’s eyes. “But I have to…”

“No, baby…”

“I don’t know what to say or do or how to get out of the mess I’ve created.” His self-deprecating laugh scratched across Kyle’s senses, igniting his heart. “I have to allow you to deal with this the best way that you can. Maybe that’s what you need. I want you to heal, Kyle. I have to be strong and let you go for the greater good.”

“I’m not going to allow you to walk out of my life, Aaron.” Kyle growled but Aaron only shook his head sadly.

“It’s not up to you to decide, Kyle. It’s just not going to work. I don’t want to be a constant reminder of what happened. I want you to be happy. It kills me inside but I have to do the right thing. You wouldn’t have come to meet me here but I didn’t want to repeat what I did the other time. If you don’t mind, we can remain friends. I’ll like that.” Aaron gave a tremulous smile.

Kyle just stared at Aaron. Was he for real? Did he really think he was going to let him go? Kyle had to clench his jaws to physically stop himself from bursting into incredulous laughter. If Aaron Hunter thought Kyle was going to let him go, he had another thinking coming.

“No problem.” Kyle responded sweetly. He did remember distinctively, something Dr. Murray had said just before he’d sacked him from his office some minutes ago. The shrewd doctor had advised him to try and get through to Aaron the best way he knew how, right? Well, Kyle knew only one sure way. Show time! “But before you go, I’d like you to do something for me. Will you do it?”

“Kyle, I can’t say whether I can or cannot till I hear…”

“Do you trust me, Aaron?” Kyle asked softly.

“You know I do.”

“Than just promise to do this one thing for me before you walk out of my life. That’s all I’m asking.”

Aaron looked into Kyle’s eyes for a while, and then nodded his head. “I promise. Now tell me what you want me to do.”

Then Kyle said the last thing Aaron expected. “I want you to make love to me.”

“What?” Aaron looked shocked.

“I want you inside me, not just fucking me, but making love to me. I want to…erase that image. I want you to make it better. Help me forget the violence. Fix me, Aaron.” Kyle whispered.

But Aaron was shaking his head. “I can’t, Kyle.”

“You promised.” Kyle reminded him pitilessly. Sex. That was how they communicated best, and by God, that was what Kyle planned on using to break the ice with Aaron.

“Please don’t make me do this.” Aaron said quietly. “Please, Kyle.”

“I’ve thought about this, Aaron. I thought about it all the way from Murray’s office to here. And I strongly believe that the best way to heal, is to create new memories. Good memories. Help me create them. You owe me that much.” Kyle stood up and turned towards their bedroom. “I’m going to take a shower.”

Kyle’s strategy was to bring down Aaron’s defences the best way he knew how, and then have a heart to heart with Aaron. And the only way Kyle knew, without a doubt, that he could connect with Aaron was when Aaron was in his arms, drunk on bliss… Kyle planned on fucking Aaron’s brains out.

Immediately the door closed behind Kyle, Aaron’s first instinct was to run. But he couldn’t move. Much as the thought of going anywhere near Kyle’s arse was scary, he knew he had to give Kyle what he wanted. He had said that was the way he could heal, right? Anything Kyle wanted him to do, he didn’t really have any choice but to do it. Not because he wanted to do it, Aaron thought dejectedly, but rather because he felt he really didn’t have any right to say no. Aaron sat in the couch till he heard the bedroom door open.

“Coming?” Kyle called from the doorway.

Aaron stood up and walked slowly into the room as though he were walking into a slaughter house. He closed the door and watched as Kyle tore up one of his t-shirts and threw the strips onto the bed. Then Kyle dropped a bottle of lube on the bed and deftly removed the towel wrapped around his waist. Aaron couldn’t suppress his gasp when he saw Kyle’s fully aroused body. Oh, God…he was so stunningly beautiful. It had been an unspoken rule between them since they checked into the hotel…one never went fully naked when the other was around. It was just to help them keep their hands off each other. That rule was obviously off if Kyle’s current state of undress was anything to go by. And that body…the way his chest muscled, his sexy six-pack, his thighs…firm and muscled as they flanked his blatant arousal, his long muscular legs, lightly dusted with dark hair was…Damn! Kyle Parker was absolutely, completely and totally male, utterly beautiful and ruggedly compelling. Just looking at him made Aaron’s senses reel in awareness. It took Aaron a moment to realize Kyle was actually talking to him.

“What?” Aaron whispered, looking up into Kyle’s amused smoldering eyes with his own dazed ones.

“Can I move now or do you want to look some more?” Kyle drawled.

Aaron’s face heated up as his mortified gaze returned from Kyle’s mocking handsome face back to his erect throbbing cock as though he were being controlled by a mobile device. Aaron gave a helpless little moan when he saw Kyle’s hand drop down to fist his cock. His eyes remained riveted on the movement of those long thick fingers. And even as Aaron shifted restlessly from one leg to the other, Kyle pleasured himself, stroking that beautiful cock slowly, squeezing the wide head whilst reaching down with his other hand to fondle his heavy balls. The pleasure on Kyle’s face was erotically captivating. He watched Aaron the whole time from under heavy-lidded gaze as if he wanted to devour Aaron right there. The gleam in Kyle’s eyes told Aaron he knew exactly what he was doing to him and he was pleased with the effect he had on Aaron.

“Kyle…” Aaron whispered as he swayed, his eyes fluttering as though he was drunk.

Aaron was so hard he wished he could unzip his jeans to ease the pressure off his swollen member, but he couldn’t move. He felt his boxer briefs stick wetly to his cock and thought for a moment he’d already creamed his pants. What was Kyle trying to do to him, Aaron groaned silently. Suddenly Aaron felt a daring mischief rise inside him as he looked into Kyle’s stark face. Two could play that game. Aaron slid his tongue leisurely along his full lips as if he could taste Kyle’s cock, and then caught the full lower curve between his teeth, his eyes showing blatant sexual hunger.

One moment, Aaron heard Kyle growl, in the next, he was in front of Aaron with his eyes blazing with pure need. Aaron could see as Kyle took deep breaths, showing how close he was to losing control. Kyle reached out to tilt Aaron’s chin up and looked into Aaron’s lust-filled eyes.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me?” Kyle asked in a husky voice that almost sounded pained. “When I look at you, I can’t even think straight.”

Aaron swallowed hard, feeling emotions well up inside him. “That’s because you’re not straight.” Aaron whispered shakily in an attempt to lighten the intense mood surrounding them. But his attempted joke didn’t even register with Kyle. “You’re so fucking hot.” Aaron moaned. “God, I…” But Aaron trailed off, stopping himself just in time from adding just how much he loved Kyle.

What Aaron didn’t know was that he couldn’t stop his eyes from conveying his thoughts. And Kyle saw them clearly in those dreamy grey eyes. The surge of emotion that Kyle felt in that moment was simply devastating. Kyle’s eyes squeezed shut as he tried to gain some control of himself. When they opened again, the unconcealed love in them stole Aaron’s breath away.

With his gaze riveted on Aaron’s sexy wet lips, Kyle took a deep breath. “Ready?” He whispered, instantly bringing Aaron’s mind back to the task ahead…and with it, panic.

“Dr…Dr. Murray said we shouldn’t.” Aaron whispered, suddenly unnerved by Kyle’s close proximity.

“He also said we should work this out.” Kyle countered softly. “But I see you’ve already given up. So I…” Kyle reached down to lightly squeeze Aaron’s erection through his jeans, making Aaron moan lustfully. “…or should I say, WE might as well do whatever we want, don’t you think?” With that, Kyle captured Aaron’s lips in a kiss so earth-shattering, Aaron was trembling by the time his lips were released.

Then without any hesitation, Kyle proceeded to strip Aaron of his clothes. But he did it so sensuously that, by the time the last item came off, Aaron’s cock had swelled even further, turning red, the thick veins standing out along its length. He was hard as stone.

“Kyle…” Aaron moaned, unconsciously thrusting against Kyle.

Then Kyle decided to arouse Aaron even more by teasing his already burning body. He began kissing his way down the base of Aaron’s throat till he got to his pert brown nipples and slowly traced their outline with his wet tongue. Aaron cried out lustfully and arched his back hedonistically, whimpering softly. Taking one taut pebble gently between his teeth, Kyle reached down and closed his hand around Aaron’s impressive length.

“Oh God, Kyle…” Aaron moaned uncontrollably, closing his eyes in bliss as Kyle stroked him languorously. “I need you inside me.” Aaron whimpered shakily.

“Not today.” Kyle whispered, letting go of Aaron and turning towards the bed.

Aaron’s cock protested the loss of contact immediately but he suppressed the groan of protest that threatened to erupt. He watched quietly as Kyle climbed the king-size bed and turned to lay on his back, his hard cock pointing straight up. He was simply glorious.

“Come here.” Kyle husked as he stroked himself, gazing at Aaron’s profusely leaking cock.

Though Kyle dreaded what was about to happen, his cock seemed to have a mind of its own where Aaron was concerned. Kyle clearly remembered the pain he went through at Aaron’s forceful penetration on that fateful day. But he was determined to face his fear. After all, he didn’t plan on being the top in their relationship all the time. Aaron had been a top before they’d gotten together. Kyle therefore knew for a fact that Aaron would sometimes crave the feeling of being buried inside a tight arse.

He’d also seen how Aaron loved it whenever he was inside him, stretching him, pounding into him…it must feel really good, Kyle thought. Well, it was time to find out just how good it felt to be stuffed full of cook. Dr. Murray did say he had to face his fear head on and deal with it, right? Well, that was how Kyle wished to face and deal with his fear. And he didn’t have any intention of letting Aaron off the hook.

When Aaron got on the bed, his eyes went straight to the strips of t-shirt scattered on the bed. Then he looked up at Kyle with confusion in his eyes. Was Kyle asking for what he thought he was, Aaron wondered.

“You know what to do.” Kyle said quietly, seeing the question in Aaron’s eyes. “Tie me up.”

“Kyle…” Aaron groaned.

“I’m not asking you to rape me, Aaron.” Kyle looked into Aaron’s worried eyes. “Make love to me. Erase what I remember. I’m trusting you to fix this…inner fear. Please.” Kyle whispered his plea.

With shaking fingers, Aaron reached for the strips and proceeded to tie Kyle up. He tied each wrist to a corner of the bedpost. Then he did the same to each ankle. Though the knots were tight enough, Aaron ensured that the cords were long enough to enable Kyle freely move his limbs.

“Tell me if they are too tight.” Aaron said in a voice he barely recognized as his.

“They are okay.”

“You…you need a safe…safe word.” Aaron stuttered, not meeting Kyle’s eyes.

“No I don’t.” Kyle countered. “This is not a BDSM session, Aaron. You’re only making love to your lover. I don’t need a fucking safe word. I trust you to know what I’ll like and not hurt me.”

Aaron nodded and allowed his gaze to rake over the gorgeous male body tied to the bed. Kyle didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him Aaron liked what he saw. That heated gaze made him even harder despite the pain he knew was to come.

“You’re so beautiful.” Aaron whispered reverently. “Care to tell me why there’s no music?” His eyes went back to Kyle’s.

Kyle shrugged. “Just thought I’d make sure you’d hear every tiny sound I make. So you’ll be able to tell when I’m…”

“I won’t hurt you, Kyle.” Aaron said in a small voice, cutting Kyle off. “I know it’s difficult but I need you to trust me not to hurt you.”

“You don’t even trust yourself. How do you expect…” Kyle knew he was being mean but he wanted Aaron to face his fears too.

But Aaron was shaking his head vigorously. “That’s not it. I can assure you I’m not going to hurt you. I trust myself. I’d rather die than hurt you, Kyle.”

“Then why don’t you want…”

“I’m just…what I did the last time…”Aaron trailed off.

“Don’t think about it.” Kyle whispered. “Will the music help?”

Aaron shrugged. “I just thought the room was too quiet that’s all.”

“Go play something, Aaron.” Kyle said softly.

Aaron got off the bed and went to slot in classical music, which he left rather low. But it still changed the atmosphere to that of a soft intimate one. When he got back on the bed, he murmured his thanks to Kyle.

“Hey,” Kyle called softly and waited till Aaron looked into his eyes, “for what it’s worth, I trust you. I wouldn’t ask you to do this if I didn’t.” He said softly.

Aaron nodded, and then proceeded to drive Kyle out of his mind. He started by dropping tiny kisses all over Kyle’s face, and then he fucked his tongue slowly into one of Kyle’s ears.

“Fuck.” Kyle breathed as his eyes fluttered close on their own accord.

After giving the same attention to the other ear, Aaron moved down to Kyle’s pits. Kyle had never known that stimulating the armpit could feel so good. He couldn’t hold back his moans of pleasure. When Aaron moved down to his nipples, Kyle thought he would explode. Aaron licked and nibbled each tight peak in turn until Kyle was arching up wildly underneath him, close to coming, just from the wet slide of Aaron’s mouth on his nipples.

“Aaron, please…” Kyle pleaded shamelessly as he writhed on the bed. He didn’t even know what he was pleading for. All he knew was that he needed more.

Aaron went further to give Kyle’s belly button a tongue-fucking he wasn’t going to forget anytime soon. By the time he moved down to engulf Kyle’s mammoth cock into his warm mouth, Kyle was trembling so hard he didn’t think he could hold it for a second more.

“Oh fuck, Aaron,” Kyle moaned as he felt his balls tighten up. He just knew he was going to lose it. His back arched with pleasure as Aaron slowly slid up and down his throbbing cock, teasing the ridge of skin around the head with each stroke. God, he’d missed Aaron’s mouth. Then Kyle made the mistake of looking down at Aaron. The sight of his man’s head bouncing between his legs and the exquisite suction of his lips was Kyle’s undoing. He completely lost it. With a guttural groan, he shot his load into Aaron’s hot mouth, wishing his hands were not tied so he could tangle his fingers in Aaron’s hair.

Even before Kyle stopped shuddering, Aaron turned around to undo the knot on one of his tied ankles to Kyle’s surprise. Kyle could however not catch his breath quickly enough to ask what Aaron was doing. But when he saw Aaron lie between his legs and raise up his freed leg onto his shoulder to open him up to Aaron’s hot gaze, Kyle tried to squirm away because he knew what Aaron was about to do.

“Baby, no.” Kyle gasped. “I know how much you hate that.”

“I never said I hated it.” Aaron replied, holding on to Kyle firmly. “I just wasn’t okay with doing that to strangers…unlike you obviously.”


“Shut up, Kyle and enjoy.” And with that, Aaron proceeded to blow Kyle’s mind with a rim-job that was simply out of this world.

Not only had Aaron seen enough rimming in his former line of work, but he’d also had the pleasure of feeling Kyle’s magic tongue sending him into orbit. He was therefore determined to give Kyle the ultimate pleasure…a rim-job that would blow Kyle’s mind. Aaron bent forward and flicked his tongue over the sensitive wrinkled skin between the base of Kyle’s cock and balls, loving Kyle’s gasp of pleasure.

Kyle’s cock was filling up rather rapidly, obviously loving the teasing flicks of Aaron’s wet tongue on his sac and the sensitive skin of his perineum. Though Kyle tried not to, he started squirming, wordlessly pleading for some touch to his quivering hole. His hands clenched into fists as his back arched in need. When Kyle finally felt the wet flick against his twitching hole, a harsh needy sound escaped his chest as his hips shot up. With a low throaty moan, Aaron lapped over Kyle’s rosette leisurely with his wet tongue, getting it wet. Kyle’s fists clenched tight, willing himself not to cry out. He’d always known rimming felt good but he’d never experienced just how good as it had never been done to him before. It felt so fucking good.

When Aaron opened Kyle up with his thumbs and dipped in with his tongue, Kyle thought he’d die from the pleasure of it. Aaron smiled when Kyle bucked back insistently against his mouth, crying out deliriously, without a doubt enjoying the thrusts and twirls of that slick muscle inside him. All of Kyle’s senses were charged, fixed on the feel of Aaron’s tongue fucking him and the erotic sounds of that wet muscle flicking in and out of his hole…Kyle went berserk.

“Oh my God, Aaron…” Kyle cried out lustfully as he rocked his hips wantonly, his cock totally hard again, his balls already rock-hard and aching. “What are you doing to me, Aaron?” Kyle was genuinely surprised at how quickly he’d gotten hard after that first orgasm. His skin was coated in a fine sheen of sweat and his vision blurred as his channel spasmed against Aaron’s tongue.

Aaron stiffened his tongue and tongue-fucked Kyle like his life depended on it, penetrating his entrance and dipping inside again and again. Oh holy hell, and fuck. Kyle’s whole body felt like it wasn’t his…the sensations were too much. He’d never experienced such unselfish pleasure before. His pulse was thrumming, racing… Aaron would pause with his tongue-work and simply blow air onto Kyle’s wet hole sometimes, and Kyle would smile deliriously with pleasure…that felt so damned good. And when Aaron slowly pushed in a lubed finger and brushed over that bundle of nerve embedded deep inside him, Kyle could not help his reaction.

“Aaron!” Kyle’s entire being went up in flames. “Oh fuck.” His cock, which actually went past his belly button, swelled even further, pre-cum spilling onto his stomach. “Don’t stop,” Kyle ordered hoarsely, “please don’t stop.”

“You have my word.” Aaron said huskily, overwhelmed by the raw vulnerability on Kyle’s face. Aaron wished he could kiss Kyle so bad that very moment. But since he couldn’t do that from his position between Kyle’s thighs, Aaron concentrated on driving Kyle out of his mind instead. He rubbed the hell out of that button.

“Christ.” Kyle shook violently. “Fuck that feels incredible. Need more, baby.” He bit out, writhing wildly and fucking himself on that finger.

Aaron added another finger and rubbed relentlessly against Kyle’s pleasure button, instantly reducing Kyle to a whimpering incoherence. Kyle nearly went out of his mind. His head thrashed left and right on the pillow as cries of ecstasy poured out of his mouth.

“Fuck, Aaron…oh God…please…no more…Ah God, so good…” He babbled, sobbing at the incredible friction Aaron wreaked on his sweet spot. “Too much…” Kyle gasped even as he thrust against those fingers, his head thrown back in sheer bliss as his eyes rolled back. “Ohh, fuck, it’s too much.” He struggled for his very breath.

Kyle’s passionate cries aroused Aaron so much that he couldn’t help but rub his own stiffened cock against the finely-spun cotton of the sheets, moaning softly at the stimulating friction against his aching erection. But even as Aaron rocked his hips lasciviously, seeking relief, he reminded himself that his ultimate goal was to give Kyle pleasure. And he was damn well going to do just that. Time to reel this in, Aaron thought, surprising himself with just how badly he wanted to see Kyle completely lose it.

Keeping the two fingers inside Kyle pressed firmly on that delightful gland, Aaron bent forward and pressed his tongue inside Kyle alongside his plundering fingers. The ensuing flood of sensations that slammed into Kyle absolutely arrested his will, his senses, his very being and demanded his total submission. Kyle had no ability or desire to fight the overpowering explosion…he came completely unglued. He threw his head back and shouted Aaron’s name as an ecstatic convulsion that he’d never experienced before, ripped through his body again and again. Kyle couldn’t hold in his screams of unadulterated ecstasy as his wildly quivering cock spewed forth thick cum, painting his chest with the force of his release, without even a single touch to his cock.

Kyle must have spaced out for a moment, because the next thing he knew Aaron was wiping him up with a warm washcloth. Kyle tried to bring his erratic breathing under control. He felt drained, sated, awestruck, in a state of euphoria. Kyle almost felt drunk. He turned his head to look at Aaron and gasped when he saw Aaron’s cheeks wet with tears.

“Baby…” Kyle whispered, instinctively reaching for Aaron but the binds held him back. “Aaron?”

“I can’t do it, Kyle.” He whispered, looking down at the washcloth in his hand. “I just…”

“It’s okay baby.” Kyle said softly. “Please untie me.”

But Aaron didn’t look like he even heard what Kyle was saying. “I’m sorry I couldn’t do it. If there’s any other…”

“Aaron?” Kyle called Aaron’s name louder and finally got his attention. “Untie me, baby.” He added softly.

Wiping his cheeks with the heel of his palm, Aaron moved to quickly undo Kyle’s restraints. He released his ankle with a quick tug at the knot. Then he massaged the muscles to restore the blood flow and ease the pain. Kyle wanted to tell him to forget about the massaging and just free him to enable Kyle hold him, but kept quiet because he didn’t want to upset Aaron any further. Aaron suddenly looked so small and helpless Kyle’s heart hurt just by looking at him. Aaron moved up to free Kyle’s wrists. But before he could massage Kyle like he’d intended to, Kyle quickly sat up against the headboard and pulled Aaron into his arms. And just like that, the dam that had been building up within Aaron for days broke and he burst into inconsolable sobs.

“Oh God, baby I’m sorry.” Kyle crooned. “I didn’t mean to upset you please.” Kyle rocked Aaron in his arms even as tears streamed down his own face. “You don’t have to ever do that if you don’t want to, angel. I’m okay. Please don’t cry…please. You know how I feel about you crying. Please Aaron. It’s okay.” Kyle kept murmuring soothingly to Aaron, rocking him the whole time.

By the time Aaron quieted down, both men felt drained but also felt a sense of peace, relief and lightness as if a burden had been taken off their heads. They sat quietly till Kyle broke the silence…and with his words, watched his strategy fly out the window.

“Tell me exactly how you felt when you got to know I’d lied to you.” Kyle said softly.

After remaining quiet for a while, Aaron raised his head from Kyle’s chest and looked up at him. “Which of the lies?” He croaked.

Kyle’s confused eyes stared back at Aaron for a moment, then he shrugged. And just like that, both men burst into laughter. Then they proceeded to have a good talk…a talk that was long overdue. Both men talked about how they felt when the other wronged them. Each disclosed the thoughts that were running through their minds at any point in time, giving the other the chance to explain or correct any misunderstanding. Where they had to laugh, they laughed. For instance, both men couldn’t help but laugh at Ken’s answers to Aaron’s questions about their video. When Kyle told Aaron that he’d almost burst into laughter in Samantha’s kitchen when he turned around to find a tiny lady behind him, Aaron had laughed so hard, he’d almost fallen off the bed.

“I’m so gonna tell her.” Aaron threatened and laughed even harder at the terrified look that appeared on Kyle’s face.

Both apologized to each other for all the wrongs done and agreed to open up and discuss anything that went on not just in their lives, but also in their thoughts, with each other. They knew it was going to take time to work things out but both men were determined to work at it.

“So…do we go back to Murray tomorrow as scheduled?” Kyle husked, trying not to get distracted by Aaron’s innocent light pulls on the hairs around his nipple. He was getting hard…and fast.

“Why not?” Aaron turned his head to give Kyle’s other nipple a quick bite. “After all, there’s still not been any penetration.” He drawled, smiling at Kyle’s sharp intake of breath.

Kyle’s breath quickened. “Sure about that?” Kyle whispered, feeling his hole twitch deliciously in remembrance.

Aaron laughed. “Well, it’s debatable. And guess what…”

“What?” Kyle husked. He couldn’t believe he was ready to go again after those intensive orgasms.

“I hate it when things seem…unclear.” Aaron said, moving onto his knees and pulling Kyle down so that his butt was in the middle of the bed.

Kyle was by then completely hard and leaking profusely. “Oh shit…”

“We have to be certain so that we can answer emphatically if the good doctor asks don’t you think?” Aaron kept on with his soft chatter even as he reached for the bottle of lube that was still on the bed.

Aaron poured a generous amount into his hands and reached for Kyle’s cock with one hand whilst he lubed up his hole with the other, to get himself ready for Kyle’s cock.

“Christ!” Kyle gushed as a delicious shiver ran down his spine. The feel of Aaron’s hand on his cock was simply blissful. But the sight of Aaron opening himself up for his cock was too hot for words. He watched as Aaron eased a third finger into his hole. “Oh shit, Aaron!” Kyle gasped, his breath coming out faster as he watched Aaron fucking himself. Aaron’s eyes looked glazed, his lips were parted slightly in obvious pleasure and his leaking throbbing cock had turned almost purple with blood. It didn’t look like Aaron needed any stimulation at all to explode. Kyle had never seen a sight more erotic. And he’d never felt such overwhelming lust and love like he felt at that very moment.

Aaron watched Kyle sexily from beneath his lashes, fucking himself with his fingers the whole time and never once faltering in his stroking of Kyle’s cock. Aaron knew he had to stretch himself very well in order to take Kyle’s cock as it had been very long since he’d had it inside him but he just couldn’t wait. Having watched Kyle come twice already, Aaron was virtually on the edge and knew he wouldn’t last. But he wanted that cock inside him before he blew. He wanted it bad! Maybe if he took Kyle in slowly, he would be able to last longer, he thought

Aaron moved up to kneel astride Kyle, guiding the strong length of Kyle’s straining cock to his entrance, brushing it tantalizingly against his twitching hole. Looking intently into Kyle’s eyes, Aaron balanced himself with one hand planted on Kyle’s shoulder and slowly eased himself down, feeling the thick hard length probing eagerly at his tight channel.

“Oh God…” Aaron breathed as his eyes fluttered close. Kyle was so big and he was stretching Aaron, filling him, taking him beyond pleasure. The sensation was so incredible Aaron shook his head from side to side as his mouth opened in a silent scream. He was in seventh heaven.

“Fuck, Aaron.” Kyle’s voice was a husky gasp. The tight heat surrounding him was so agonizingly exquisite, it demanded that he moved. Kyle didn’t remember ever feeling like how he was feeling right then. Aaron’s slow descent felt like torture. It was too much. “I’m sorry, baby. I can’t wait…I just can’t.” Kyle growled as his body took complete control.

Before Aaron could fully sink down, Kyle’s hands closed around his hips to hold him still. Then with an aching groan, he surged upward, driving deep into Aaron’s quivering hole, his cock pressing firmly against that sweet spot inside Aaron.

“Oh God, Kyle no…” Aaron screamed as he flew apart.

With his head thrown back in sheer ecstasy, and his hand on his cock…trying futilely to stop his climax, Aaron shot out thick ropes of cum that went as far as the headboard. And he continued shooting and screaming.

“Oh fuck!” Kyle whispered, riveted.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He knew Aaron could churn out a lot of cum. But the load that was shooting out of Aaron’s throbbing cock was simply unbelievable. Kyle’s face and chest were covered in cum. And Aaron was still stuck in the throes of his orgasm, shaking as wave after wave of ecstasy slammed through him. When Aaron finally collapsed onto Kyle’s chest, Kyle simply wrapped his arms around him and cradled him to his chest as he panted in repletion. Aaron’s face was wet and it wasn’t with sweat. And the little tremors that continued to shake his body were not all aftershocks from that intense orgasm Aaron had just had. Kyle’s heart melted even more for the emotional man in his arms.

“Shhhhh, I’ve got you. I’ve got you.” Crooned Kyle as he stroked Aaron’s back until his silent tears stopped and his careening heartbeat slowed to a normal rhythm.

“I’m not ever going to allow you to leave me…I won’t let you go…” Aaron whispered shakily. “I can’t.”

Kyle was totally floored by those words. He tightened his hold on Aaron. “And what makes you think I’ll ever want to leave you? You’re stuck with me, Ron Hunt.” Kyle chuckled softly. “You okay, baby?” Kyle asked softly, running his fingers soothingly through Aaron’s hair as his body continued to quiver with aftershocks.

Aaron nodded. “I missed this.” He whispered. “God…I’d forgotten just how good you feel inside me, Kyle. Don’t ever make me forget again.” Aaron said softly against Kyle’s neck. “Please.” He turned his head to nuzzle at Kyle’s chin, working his way toward the corner of Kyle’s mouth.

“It will be my pleasure. Pun intended.” Kyle moaned, tightening his hold around Aaron. “How about if I schedule sex with you into my daily schedule?” He drawled. “Morning…before work, lunch time, evenings and in-betweens?”

Aaron laughed softly and nipped Kyle with his teeth. “Asshole.”

“And a very lucky one at that, if I may say so myself.” Kyle laughed. “‘Cause this asshole loves being inside this asshole.” Kyle husked, pushing up into Aaron, who moaned lustfully.

“Fuck, you feel so, so good.” Aaron gasped as he sat up and started undulating slowly, sexily and erotically against Kyle, his cock still hard. With his eyes heavy-lidded, passion simmering just below the surface, and his lips slightly parted in pure bliss, Aaron relished the exquisite fullness. The erratic press of Kyle’s cock against his prostate built his arousal to levels he’d never felt before.

“Goddamn, Aaron.” Kyle growled. It felt as though it had been ages since he’d been that deep inside his Aaron.

Aaron leaned down and started licking his cum off Kyle’s face. When he was done, he kissed Kyle, sharing his essence with him. Then sitting back up, he took Kyle deep inside and started riding him, setting both of them on a path of a pleasure-filled explosion. Kyle couldn’t help the ecstatic cry that tore out of his throat. Aaron rode Kyle like he would a wild stallion, feeling Kyle’s hard muscles and driving energy beneath him. His knees tightened around Kyle’s waist as he felt Kyle’s exhilarating response.

Kyle gave himself up to the intoxicating rhythm Aaron set, his eyes fixed on Aaron’s leaking cock which was pointing straight up. He thought Aaron had the most beautiful cock ever. His fingers dug into Aaron’s hips as he thrust upward…over and over…plunging into Aaron with fast, powerful lunges. The friction of Kyle’s thick cock rubbing and surging over Aaron’s prostate was too much. Aaron mewled with pleasure, his channel clenching against the thick penetration as he fiercely rode Kyle. For an endless time, everything around them ceased to exist. There was only the two of them that moment.

When Kyle reached up and took Aaron’s nipples between his fingers to twist and rub, a rough sound of delight tore out of Aaron as he involuntarily tightened his arse muscles on the cock embedded inside him.

“Fuck!” Kyle growled at that exquisite feeling of being squeezed by Aaron’s tight hot channel and fluidly turned them over so that he was on top, staring down into Aaron’s passion glazed eyes. Then he proceeded to give Aaron an earth-shuttering fucking the ex-porn star wasn’t going to forget any time soon.

Kyle tried very hard to hold on to his control but couldn’t. He’d never tried to hide the effect Aaron had on him. Kyle knew that he sometimes lost control and got rough with Aaron but he always made it a point to rein in his own hungers to satisfy Aaron’s. This time however, Kyle completely lost control. With a savage growl that made Aaron crazed with desire, Kyle resumed his thrusts into Aaron. He held Aaron down, preventing him from moving as he powered into him, plunging his cock deep, hard and fast. He was thick and hard and so, so deep.

Aaron whimpered with need. He looked down between them and saw Kyle’s prick, slick with lube moving in and out of his body, and almost salivated at that erotic sight. He wanted to wrap his legs around Kyle, wanted to open himself up to give Kyle better access to his prostate. Wanted to…

“Oh Christ.” Aaron cried out, his eyes fluttering shut.

It felt like they had been speaking to each other without words. How the fuck had Kyle known what he wanted that very instant, Aaron wondered. Kyle knew the exact hip angle and speed of thrust needed to hit at that pleasure button inside Aaron and he’d done just that when Aaron needed him to. Aaron gasped, amazed at the connection between them that seemed to grow even stronger, causing their thoughts to fly almost simultaneously. He almost went crazy when Kyle sucked his big toe into his mouth as he continued to pound into him. Kyle’s cock plunged into him over and over, his heavy sac smacking against the curve of Aaron’s butt as every muscle in Kyle’s body flexed on his down strokes. The obscene sounds of furious sex would have made a sex addict blush. Every thrust took both men higher…closer.

Aaron almost sobbed with pleasure at the grinding he was taking against his button and the feel of Kyle’s warm mouth on his toe. He couldn’t stop the whimpering cries that tore out of him. He never wanted Kyle to stop…never. But he could also tell Kyle had lost control, that Kyle was channelling all his energy into giving them pleasure. That was great. But though the hard thrusts of Kyle’s body on his felt mouth-wateringly good, Aaron wanted his sensual Kyle back. The Kyle who made his heart sing, the Kyle who could bring tears to his eyes with just a kiss…Aaron needed that Kyle that very moment. Aaron knew he somehow had to calm Kyle down, bring them back onto the path of sensuality. He opened his eyes just as Kyle threw his head back in ecstasy, his jaw clenched with aching force as he moved above him.

“Kyle…baby?” Aaron called softly and waited till Kyle opened his unfocused eyes to look down into his grey ones. Then Aaron crooked his forefinger, beckoning Kyle closer. “Kiss me.” Aaron commanded softly, loving that he could affect Kyle so fiercely, that his body felt so good to Kyle, that being with him always made Kyle lose control.

Immediately Kyle leaned forward, Aaron wrapped his legs around him and pushed his fingers into Kyle’s hair, cupping the back of his head to hold him still as he plundered his mouth. Throughout the kiss, Kyle didn’t even falter once in his thrusting, his cock continued to move relentlessly inside Aaron, hitting that prostate with each thrust. Moaning uncontrollably into the kiss, Aaron sealed his lips over Kyle’s, and fucked his tongue into Kyle’s mouth, mimicking the movement of Kyle’s hips. It was so hot, erotic and spine-tingling, both men knew they weren’t going to last long. Aaron felt his climax build…felt Kyle’s climax build. He couldn’t tell the difference anymore. They were so in sync with each other.

“I love you, baby.” Aaron whispered against Kyle’s lips. “I love you so fucking much.”

Kyle just melted on hearing those heartfelt words. The feeling coursing through him that very moment made his throat close up. He couldn’t have spoken even if his life had depended on it. His eyes got suspiciously bright instead. He might be deep inside Aaron at that moment, but there was no doubt that Aaron was in total control, Kyle thought awestruck. Not only did Aaron have his heart, Aaron was his very soul. And there was no way Kyle could live without his soul. There were no words for what he felt for Aaron and that realization blew Kyle’s mind.

“God…” Kyle gasped. Aaron saw what was going on, knew exactly how Kyle felt and couldn’t help but fall even more in love with his man.

“I know.” Aaron whispered, bumping their foreheads together. He didn’t need words to know how Kyle felt about him. It was all there in his eyes. “Now, come with me.”

Reaching between them for Aaron’s cock, Kyle began to move faster, the head of his cock gliding over Aaron’s gland again and again. Neither man took their eyes off each other. Aaron started whimpering, the attention being paid to his sweet spot and his cock arousing him to a fevered state.

“Kyle…” He cried shakily as his channel started squeezing Kyle’s cock rhythmically. His face was strained in concentration.

That was all Kyle needed to know Aaron was ready to shoot. “Let go, baby. I got you.” Kyle whispered hoarsely.

“Feels so good, Kyle.” Aaron almost sobbed.

Kyle’s hips moved faster, his thrusts going deeper and harder, his hand almost a blur around Aaron’s cock, his thumb sweeping over the head again and again.

With a shout of Kyle’s name Aaron spilled over Kyle’s hand, just as Kyle thrust deep and froze. Then he was flooding Aaron with the warm evidence of his passion. Kyle simply gave himself up to the hot climax, hearing Aaron’s cries as his muscles tightened around him. It was almost unbearable. Every cell in Kyle’s body exploded in pleasure, overloading him with sensations until he couldn’t think.

Kyle’s hand didn’t stop even once in its stroking of Aaron’s cock throughout their orgasm. Aaron almost passed out from too much pleasure. His shimmering release took him to the edge of consciousness, his body shuddering deliciously. Aaron returned to earth, to the feel of Kyle scattering kisses all over his face. He laughed softly and held Kyle’s face still to give him a sweet lingering kiss.

“Oh God, I missed you.” Aaron couldn’t wipe the besotted smile off his face. “So damn much. And not just for this.”

“I know.” Kyle replied softly. “I missed you too.” He pressed a kiss to Aaron’s forehead. “And I love you too, Aaron.” Kyle said huskily. “More than life itself.”

“I’m really sorry I couldn’t…” Aaron trailed off, looking away but Kyle held his chin and brought his face back to his.

“It’s okay, baby. Give it time. I’m okay. I never thought I could ever allow anyone back there…especially after that. But that was fucking incredible, baby. I guess I forgot who I was dealing with. Once a star, always a star.” Kyle drawled, making Aaron laugh softly and give him a light punch on the shoulder. “Ouch.” Kyle gave an exaggerated groan.

“You’re such a jerk.” Aaron laughed.

“Well this jerk can’t wait for his boyfriend to tap his arse.” Kyle drawled, slowly pulling out of Aaron’s warm channel.

“Fuck.” Aaron moaned, closing his eyes in pure bliss. “Even that feels fantastic. I think you have a miracle cock or something…”

“What?” Kyle looked at Aaron with an incredulous look in his eye. “What’s a miracle cock?”

“Yours, fucker.” Aaron said, pointing at Kyle’s wet soft dick which looked huge even in its flaccid state. “That cock can make a person forget their own name, dude.” Aaron said with all seriousness, making Kyle burst into laughter.

When Kyle got out of the bed and turned towards their en suite bathroom, Aaron couldn’t help but admire that specimen of male beauty. The exciting thing was that it was all his. Aaron heard Kyle switch on the Jacuzzi and smiled. Kyle obviously wanted them to soak in the hot bubbling water, to soothe their aching bodies and muscles. He already felt deliciously sore in all the right places. Aaron was totally sated and didn’t even think he could move.

When Kyle re-entered the bedroom, his gaze slid over Aaron lazily, his mouth curving in a ghost of a smile laced with undeniable masculine triumph. What man wouldn’t love to see his lover looking thoroughly well fucked like Aaron looked right then? Kyle went directly to the bed and picked Aaron into his arms as if he weighed nothing. Aaron laughed and snuggled into Kyle’s warmth. By the time they got to the Jacuzzi, Kyle’s cock was getting hard again thanks to the tiny bites Aaron was giving to the sensitive spot on his neck.

“Baby, stop that before…” Kyle’s warning trailed off into a moan when Aaron’s mouth moved up to latch onto his ear lobe.

“Before what?” Aaron purred. “I can’t get enough of you. Sue me.” Then Aaron started sucking erotically on Kyle’s ear lobe.

“Oh fuck.” Kyle growled, and then released Aaron’s legs to enable his mischievous boyfriend stand inside the Jacuzzi. Aaron’s arms remained curled around Kyle’s neck as Kyle’s tightened around Aaron’s waist. “I warned you.” He said huskily as his eyes darkened with desire.

Then still standing outside the Jacuzzi, Kyle proceeded to kiss the living daylight out of Aaron. By the time they came up for air, Aaron was boneless and felt almost drunk. All he could do was just leaned against Kyle, breathing harshly. Kyle laughed softly and caught Aaron’s lower lip between his and gently sank his teeth into the swollen curve.

Aaron whimpered but didn’t have the strength to move away. “Vampire.” He murmured as Kyle soothed the sting with rhythmic strokes of his tongue.

Kyle chuckled. “Much better.” He murmured. “I love seeing you this way…drunk on bliss. I can do anything to you and get away with it.”

“Jackass.” Aaron whispered, pulling off Kyle’s chest to sit in the bubbling water.

“I did warn you.” Kyle laughed, getting into the Jacuzzi beside Aaron. “Hey, come here. You’re too far away.” Kyle grumbled, drawing Aaron to straddle him.

Kyle and Aaron sat in a comfortable silence, enjoying the soothing massage the jets provided to their sore muscles and joints. When they heard Kyle’s cell phone ringing a while later, they both groaned.

“Ken.” From the ringtone, Kyle knew it was his brother. He pressed on the Bluetooth device on the Jacuzzi to connect the call so that they could both listen to what his brother had to say. “This had better be good.” Kyle growled, wiping Aaron’s face with a small hand towel.

“Why, are you guys fucking?” Ken laughed. “Let me make this quick then. Stephen wanted to know if you guys can join us for dinner on Sunday night. Of course if you’d rather remain indoors and keep fucking your brains out, we’ll understand. After…”

“We’d love to.” Kyle cut Ken off. “Now just give me the place and time and get the fuck off.” Kyle drawled, making Aaron burst into laughter.

“He says to give him the place and time and fuck off.” They heard Ken telling Stephen. “Knowing my brother, he has his cock so far inside Aaron the poor guy can probably feel it in his throat. I mean why else would he be sounding so peeved at my interruption?”

“Ken…” Kyle growled warningly. At that point, they could hear Stephen laughing uncontrollably in the background.

“Yo Ken.” Aaron called out loudly. “I can think of something besides fucking that can piss a guy off. Ever been interrupted when your man was rimming the bejesus out of you? Fucking comes nowhere close. Now get the fuck off!”

“Wh…what? You…you mean you…” Ken was stuttering.

Aaron didn’t want to laugh and ruin what he’d accomplished so he quickly reached out and disconnected the call. Then both Aaron and Kyle burst into irrepressible laughter.

“Oh my God, that was mean, baby.” Kyle laughed so hard he started coughing. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done to my brother?”

“Stephen will be the lucky man tonight.” Aaron laughed, reaching for the bottle of water on the side. “‘Cause your brother is going to fuck the hell out of him. I can bet my last cent they’re fucking right now.” Aaron had unscrewed the cap on the bottle of water whilst he spoke. “Open up.”

Kyle drank more than half of the water from the bottle. Aaron quickly drank the rest and threw the bottle down.

“Better?” Aaron asked Kyle with concern in his eyes.

“I’m good, thanks.” Kyle pulled Aaron into a tight embrace and pressed a kiss to his temple. “Are we okay?” Kyle’s voice was soft but the underlining hope in that question couldn’t be missed.

Aaron nodded against his neck. “I’m good. You?” Aaron whispered.

“As long as you don’t ever threaten to leave me.” The warning was clear in Kyle’s voice.

“Same goes.” Aaron warned right back, making Kyle chuckle softly.

“Deal.” Kyle pressed a hard kiss to Aaron’s forehead, never wanting to let Aaron go. “I love you, Aaron. Even when I’m messing up, that’s probably the time I love you even more.” Kyle gave a deep sigh. “Don’t you ever forget that.” He added in a whisper.

Aaron nodded against Kyle. He knew he couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend. Both men couldn’t be more content with the understanding and love shown by the other.

“Your birthday is in five weeks.” Kyle murmured. “Let’s go away together.”

“Kyle I need to look for a job, you know.” Aaron sighed and sat up to look into Kyle’s eyes.

“How about I help you look for one when we get back from wherever?” Kyle rubbed his thumb lightly against Aaron’s kiss-swollen lips. “Because if you should find one now, you might not be able to get away in five…”


“Think about it, baby. If you start a new job, the probability of getting time off so soon is zilch.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about, Kyle.” Aaron sighed. “You don’t have to help me look…”

“Don’t even start.” Kyle growled. “You are mine, Aaron. Just as I’m yours. Hell, the first time I got deep inside you I just knew that you were meant to be mine. You insult me by behaving as though my helping you means I’m…interfering in your life or crossing a line I’m not supposed to.” Kyle looked hurt. “I take care of what is mine.” Kyle choked on his last words. “I’m…”

Aaron placed a finger against Kyle’s lips to still his words. The swell of emotion behind those choked words nearly undid Aaron, and he felt his resistance crumbling just like that. How the fuck could the man get to him with just a few words? Damn it.

He smiled tremulously at Kyle. “How can I say no to the most gorgeous, fantastic, incredible boyfriend ever?”

Kyle raised his eyebrows in surprise at Aaron’s change of heart. The smile that split Kyle’s face came straight from his heart and seeing that smile, Aaron’s heart turned over in his chest. He’d never felt anything like this. Ever. For anyone. With just his smile, Kyle could turn Aaron’s world on its axis.

“So where would we go?” Aaron grinned.

“Where do you want to go?” Kyle asked, leaning forward to press a kiss to Aaron’s lips. “It’s your birthday so you get to choose where we go. We’ll be gone for just a week. Now tell me…where have you really dreamt of going?”

“Hmmm.” Aaron squeezed his eyes shut and wrinkled his nose. Kyle couldn’t help but laugh at the adorable look. “Kakum National Park.”

“Where’s that?” Kyle chuckled.

“Ghana. It’s the only park in Africa with a canopy walkway.” Aaron gushed. “It’s 350 meters long and connects seven tree tops which provide access to the forest. And you get to see lots of animals. There are…”

“Wow, wow slow down, baby.” Kyle laughed. “You seem to really like the idea of this…canopy walk.”

“Took a non-scoring course in my freshman year and read all about it.” Aaron said excitedly. “I told myself I would visit that park if I ever got the chance.” A shy look suddenly crossed Aaron’s face. “I’m sorry I got carried away. We don’t have to go there if you…”

“Oh, but we do. And we will.” Kyle drawled. “Ghana it is, baby.”

With a squeal that would have made a girl proud, Aaron threw himself against Kyle. “Oh my God, thank you.”

Kyle laughed. “I do have a surprise for you on your birthday.”

“What is it?” Aaron gushed without thinking.

“I can’t believe you just asked that. It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, would it?” Kyle chuckled. “I’m only telling you because from the little I’ve seen, you don’t take surprises very well…good or bad.” Kyle drawled making Aaron groan.

“At least I never took a shot at you on any of those occasions. I need to get myself a gun.” Aaron purred, making Kyle roar with laughter. Much as Aaron was mortified to be reminded of his past mistakes, he was happy that he and Kyle could actually joke about the past. That was a positive thing. “Hint?” Aaron started scattering kisses along Kyle’s jaws.

Kyle laughed softly. “Let’s just say you’re going to love it.”

“Can’t wait to see what it is.” Aaron sighed.

“Me neither actually.” Kyle stood and pulled Aaron up. “And whilst we’re at it, you better think of what you want as your graduation present.”

“I already got that.” Aaron said following Kyle out of the Jacuzzi, both men feeling invigorated by their soak in the Jacuzzi.

“You did? What was that?” Kyle asked, bending to release a knob to enable the water in the Jacuzzi drain out.

“You.” Aaron said, turning towards the shower.

“Dude, you had me way before your graduation.” Kyle drawled, following Aaron into the shower that was big enough to hold about six people. “Just think of something you really want…besides me. Please.” Kyle said as he poured shampoo into Aaron’s hair. Kyle wanted Aaron to feel free to tell him if he wanted anything. “Tell you what, why don’t you talk to Tristan? Maybe he can help you think of something.”

“You guys just want to spoil us don’t you?” Aaron leaned against Kyle, enjoying the feel of Kyle’s fingers massaging his scalp.

“I’d love to spoil you rotten but you’re not giving me the chance. Tristan, unlike you, loves getting spoilt.”

“Comparing us now?” Aaron closed his eyes as Kyle rinsed the soap from his hair.

“I wouldn’t bother. The two of you are totally different. Tristan is a spoilt brat. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth so that’s how he rolls. Turn around.” Kyle concentrated on washing Aaron’s body.

“You see, that’s just it. Tristan was born into money. He’s had a great life from birth. So he doesn’t feel guilty when someone spends on him. He’s used to it. I, on the other hand, find it difficult to accept favours. Makes me feel like I’m leeching off someone. Get what I mean?” Aaron reached for the soap to return the favour.

“I’m not just someone, Aaron. I’m your boyfriend. And I happen to love you very much and want to give you everything. Hell, I would give you the moon and stars if I could. You have no idea the joy it gives me to do things for you, baby. Please don’t rob me of that joy. Please.” Kyle quickly rinsed himself and drew Aaron out of the shower.

Aaron nodded. “I’ll talk to Tristan.” Aaron said as Kyle started drying his hair with a big towel. “Maybe he can suggest a car that I can use.” Aaron’s words sounded muffled under the towel so Kyle wasn’t sure if he’d heard him right.

“Did you say something about Tristan suggesting a car?” Kyle asked, uncovering Aaron’s head.

“Yep.” Aaron affirmed, raising up his hands to enable Kyle dry his arms.

“You can talk to Tristan to suggest options for a car.” Kyle said with a frown as he quickly dried himself. “But know that you were supposed to tell me the car you wanted before the graduation so a car doesn’t count. You still get a graduation present besides that car.” Kyle said firmly as he drew Aaron into the room.

“Kyle…” Aaron groaned, flopping down on the bed and watching as Kyle dressed up.

“Get used to it.” Kyle drawled as he pulled on a black jeans and a sexy black polo shirt that stuck to him like a second skin. Aaron had said something about craving for KFC the day before so that was where Kyle planned on taking Aaron that night for their late dinner.

Kyle could feel Aaron’s eyes on him so he turned his head to look at Aaron and almost gasped at the look of pure lust on Aaron’s face. Kyle shook his head in amusement but also couldn’t help but feel good. He walked to where Aaron’s packed backpack sat on a table and opened it to pull out a boxer brief, khaki pants and a sexy white Henley shirt. Kyle turned around and started towards an obviously aroused Aaron, with a smirk on his face.

“Hey, snap out of it.” Kyle said huskily as he went down on one knee in front of Aaron and drew his legs through the boxers. He stood and pulled Aaron to his feet, and then pulled up his boxers to cover his sexy arse. “Damn, you’re hot.” He growled slapping Aaron lightly on the arse.

“You’re a fine one to talk.” Aaron chuckled, leaning forward to flick his tongue on the side of Kyle’s neck.

“Baby, stop that.” Kyle moaned brokenly. “We need to go get…”

But even as he protested, Kyle’s mouth sought and captured Aaron’s in a searing kiss. Aaron didn’t hesitate to open to him, accepting the hungry thrust of his tongue in a devastating dance of seduction. Aaron’s knees weakened in seconds. The kiss was simply intoxicating. Kyle left no part of Aaron’s mouth without his attention. He eat at Aaron’s mouth, small nibbles of his lips, long swirls of his tongue against Aaron’s mouth, swallowing Aaron’s hungry moans. When Kyle eased his lips away from Aaron’s, Aaron clung to him in protest.

“We need to go get something to eat, baby.” Kyle groaned huskily.

“I’d rather eat you.” Aaron whispered shakily against Kyle’s lips.

With great effort, Kyle pulled away from his sexy boyfriend, panting as though he’d just run a marathon. “How does KFC sound?”

When Aaron’s stomach chose that moment to growl, they both laughed. “Get dressed. Gotta feed ya.”

And even as they got ready to go out for a very late dinner, both men had their minds on Aaron’s birthday…wishing that day would come quickly. For Aaron, not only was he looking forward to going on that exciting canopy walk, but he also couldn’t wait to see Kyle’s surprise for him.

Kyle on the other hand couldn’t wait to see the look on Aaron’s face when they finally got to watch their first time together on tape…on his birthday. It was going to be fireworks!

And despite their hunger, neither man could keep the smile off his face.

One was in for his brother, the other, for the money…right? – Chapter 10 – Epilogue

“Happy birthday, Lazy Bones.” Kyle chuckled as he watched Aaron stretch on the bed without opening his eyes.

“Ow come on, Kyle.” Aaron moaned, drawing a pillow to cover his head. “It’s not even morning yet.” Aaron’s voice sounded muffled under the pillow.

Kyle burst into laughter as he pulled the pillow off Aaron’s head. “Says who?” Kyle couldn’t stop laughing at the expression on Aaron’s sleepy face. “I just got back from my jog. The sun is already up.”

“Ten more minutes please.” Aaron whimpered, still refusing to open his eyes.

“But I’m lonely.” Kyle couldn’t suppress the whining in his voice.

Aaron gave a deep sigh. “Come here.” Aaron said and pulled Kyle on top of him. Then Aaron coiled his arms around Kyle’s neck and hugged him to him tightly. When he released his hold on Kyle, Aaron bumped his forehead against Kyle’s and murmured, “Let’s sleep for ten more minutes.”

Kyle chuckled. “Go right ahead, baby.” Kyle said, interspacing each word with a kiss. “I’ll go take a shower. And next time, when I tell you to come to bed, do it.”

Kyle pulled up the covers and tucked Aaron in again, and then went to take a shower. He knew Aaron was tired. Kyle had gone to bed early without Aaron because Aaron was spending time with the three very interesting fun-loving brothers who had become pals with them. Kyle had been with them too, enjoying the Ghanaian hiplife songs till he’d started feeling sleepy. Aaron, however, had wanted to stay out and listen to more historical stories so Kyle had gone to bed alone. He’d heard Aaron come to bed at dawn. His boyfriend was something else, Kyle shook his head in amusement as he stood beneath the shower. Kyle had gone for a forty minute jog along the beautiful beach before coming back to wake Aaron up. He’d wanted them to take a shower together, go for breakfast, and then come back to relax in bed with his surprise. Well, thanks to his lazy boyfriend, Kyle had to change the plan.

Their beach resort was simply beautiful. The atmosphere was so serene and refreshing Kyle couldn’t have enough. Their chalet was the biggest and most luxurious on the resort and they had all the privacy they needed. The food was to die for. Kyle particularly loved the jollof rice with fried ripe plantain. It was simply heaven. They had been in Ghana for the past four days and so far it had been fun, fun and more fun. The canopy walk had been so scary, exhilarating and exciting Kyle and Aaron had fucked each other’s brains out immediately they’d gotten to the privacy of their chalet. With all that adrenalin pumping, it had felt like they were high on drugs. They hadn’t even gotten to the bed. They’d fucked right there against the door, standing up. The fact that they were both still fully clothed except for what needed to get out of the way made it all the hotter. That had been hands down one of the best fucks of Kyle’s life. Just thinking about it was making Kyle hard. He quickly rinsed himself and got out of the shower before he got tempted to jack off. He wanted to save himself for what was coming.

Kyle pulled on cargo shorts, a sexy black polo shirt and a baseball cap, completing his casual look with flip flops. Kyle decided to allow Aaron to sleep in for a while without any disturbances. So he quietly stepped out of the chalet to make some important business calls and to change his laid down plans. Kyle also wanted to call and check up on Ken. His brother was on holidays in Britain with Stephen, spending time with Stephen’s folks. Ken was cancer-free after completing his treatment. They’d had a small party for a few close friends, to celebrate his good health. When Ken stood up to give a speech during the party, he’d entreated everyone to say a big thank you to Aaron for saving his stubborn arse. Ken had explained to the guests that had it not been for Aaron, his life would have still been in an uncertain balance.

“Thanks Aaron…for being the smart devil that you are and saving my arse.” Ken had toasted softly with a hitch in his throat.

Ken’s speech had been so touching some of the guests had wiped tears from their eyes. And Aaron…let’s just say most of the tears that had sprung to guests’ eyes had been a result of Aaron’s genuinely floored reaction. Kyle had remembered then, that he’d once prayed in Ken’s house, asking for the help of an angel to convince his stubborn brother to undergo treatment. Well, Aaron must have been that angel sent from up above to grant him his wish. Aaron sure did grant more than his wish though, Kyle couldn’t help thinking. He’d turned and looked at his gorgeous boyfriend with so much awe and love, people who’d noticed his reaction hadn’t been surprised when he’d walked to where Aaron stood and openly kissed him with so much passion. And amidst the cheers that had gone up, Kyle had whispered his thanks into a beaming Aaron’s ear.

Kyle chuckled as he waited for Ken to pick up his call. He sure did have an angel. And who in their right minds let go of an angel? Definitely not Kyle Dylan Parker. Aaron was stuck with him for life!


Aaron woke up about two hours later to an empty room. God he was famished, he thought as he stretched. He got out of bed and went to where his backpack stood and drew out a nicely wrapped box and placed it on the bedside table. Then he headed directly to the bathroom to take a shower. When he later heard the bathroom door open, he turned around to see Kyle leaning against the door with his hands stuck in his pocket and his ankles crossed. The smile on his face caused a delicious tingling inside Aaron’s body. Oh fuck, the man was too sexy for his own good, Aaron thought with a groan.

“Wanna join me?” Aaron asked with a grin, which turned into a groan of protest when Kyle shook his head, no.

“I’m hungry.” Kyle laughed.

“What has that got to do with being in the shower with me?” Aaron pouted making Kyle laugh even harder.

“Dude, besides the fact that I’ve already taken a shower…”

“When has that ever stopped you?” Aaron retorted.

“…if I should get in there, we’re not going to get out anytime soon and you know it.” Kyle concluded as though Aaron hadn’t spoken.

Kyle walked to where the towels were stacked and took one for Aaron. But instead of handing it over, he held it open so that Aaron could step into his arms. Then Kyle proceeded to wipe Aaron dry amidst hot kisses.

“Fuck, I love kissing you.” Aaron moaned against Kyle’s lips.

“Feeling is mutual baby.” Kyle husked. “What I wouldn’t give to have you eat breakfast in your birthday suit.” He murmured.

“I could. If we request for room service…” Aaron whispered, capturing Kyle’s lips in another searing kiss.

The minty taste of Aaron’s mouth, his scent which was lemony because of the soap he’d used, and his warmth was driving Kyle crazy. Kyle tore his mouth from Aaron’s and looked down at his flushed skin, his glazed eyes, swollen lips… Aaron looked as turned on as Kyle felt. They needed to get out of the chalet, Kyle thought desperately. He could only think of one thing…he wanted to thrust into Aaron’s body and never stop. Bury his cock in his slick, warm channel and pound into it so deeply they wouldn’t know where he ended and Aaron begun. Aaron must have been of the same mind because his hands were already reaching for the fly of Kyle’s cargo shorts.

“Baby, we need to get out of here.” Kyle panted, taking hold of Aaron’s wrists. “Much as I would want nothing more than to be buried deep inside you right now, I have something else in mind. Come on.” Kyle said, turning around to pull a grumbling Aaron into the room.

“Kyle, come on don’t be like that.” Aaron groaned even as Kyle pulled him into the room. “I ache with wanting you inside me.” He let go of Kyle’s hand and wrapped his arms around Kyle’s waist, looking up seductively at the man whose sexiness had gotten him so hard. “Just a quickie, come on.” Aaron whimpered.

“Stop tempting me, Hunter.” Kyle groaned, bending to press a quick kiss to Aaron’s pouted inviting lips. “Now, get dressed.” Kyle laughed softly and turned Aaron around to face the walk-in closet, slapping him lightly on the butt.

“Killjoy.” Aaron muttered, drawing more laughter from Kyle.

“Love you too, baby.” Kyle said, adjusting himself in his shorts. “Fuck.” He muttered to himself. “Oh, your mum called.”

“May I have the phone please?” Aaron demanded with a sigh. “Knowing her, she’s probably staring at her phone, waiting for it to ring.”

Kyle gave his phone to Aaron with a chuckle and went to change his flip flops for sandals, leaving Aaron to talk to his mother and dressed up. Kyle was shaking with excitement. He couldn’t wait to see the look on Aaron’s face when he finally hit play on their video. When he sat on the bed to buckle his sandals, he saw a parcelled rectangular box with his name on it.

“The fuck…” Kyle’s eyes widened in surprise. He reached for the parcel as he turned to look at Aaron who was busily dressing up and talking to Peggy Hunter.

With shaky fingers, Kyle tore off the wrapper and opened the box inside. Then he carefully took out the beautiful glass plaque that was nestled in there. It was exquisite. Taking a deep shaky breath, Kyle started reading the inscription on it:

‘To Kyle, My very reason for living.

Having you in my life is a beautiful feeling…

You make me feel so special with all that you say and all that you do…

You’re one in a million, my most special Kyle. Your smile makes all the problems in this world insignificant. And my heart really sings when I’m wrapped in your arms.

It’s all the big and little things you do that make me feel completely loved by you.

When you put your arms around me, I know I’ll never be alone.

When you kiss me, I feel kissed forever.

I’m happy you chose me from all the rest, and I’m proud because I know I got the best.

We may fight, and we may cry, but my love for you will never die.

I love you.

Your Ron.’

After reading it twice, Kyle finally looked up and saw Aaron leaning against the wall, smiling uncertainly at him. Aaron looked like he didn’t know whether Kyle would like it or not.

“I mean every word.” Aaron said softly. “Do you like it?”

Kyle continued looking at Aaron without answering his question. Then slowly, he fixed the stand behind the plaque and displayed it on the bedside table. Then for about two minutes, Kyle just sat on the bed admiring the plaque. He didn’t know Aaron had moved from where he stood till he felt the bed dip beside him as Aaron sat down. When he felt Aaron take his hand, Kyle turned his head to look at the love of his life and gasped in surprise when Aaron reached up to wipe tears from his cheeks.

“Oh shit.” Kyle murmured. He honestly hadn’t felt the tears on his cheeks. “I love it, baby. Thank you.” Kyle said hoarsely. The emotions rolling through him at that very moment was so overwhelming, he didn’t know what else to say.

“I’m glad you love it.” Aaron grinned.

“You have no idea just how much it means to me.” Kyle whispered.

“Oh but I think I do.” Aaron countered. “I see tears for fuck’s sake. The last time I checked the cry baby in this relationship was me.”

Kyle laughed and leaned forward to press a kiss to Aaron’s lips. “There’s just one problem though.”

“What is it?” Aaron asked between dropping tiny kisses along Kyle’s neck.

“I need more than one of this. This is going to be on my desk in the office. I need one for my study at home too because I spend as much time in there. Can you get me another?”

Aaron burst into laughter. “Sure baby. I’ll arrange for a second one. Is that all?”

“Yep. That’s all.” Kyle said, leaning down to lightly bite Aaron’s earlobe, making Aaron squeal. “Let’s go get something to eat.”

And throughout their meal, Kyle simply couldn’t keep his eyes off Aaron. At a point, Aaron laughed and asked, “What?”

“You know it’s your birthday, right?” Kyle murmured.

“Uh-huh. So?”

“You’re the one who should be getting the presents, not me.”

“I’ve already received mine, remember?” Aaron’s eyes lit up. “This trip. Oh and the surprise that’s to come. What I gave you is not a present. It’s just how I feel. I should tell you every day. So that’s for days that I’m not able to tell you.”

“You mean days that my sexy banker will be too busy to tell me he loves me?” Kyle asked with a raised brow.

“Asshole.” Aaron guffawed. “I’ll never be too busy to tell you I love you, Kyle. That’s a promise.”

“I’ll hold you to it.” Kyle winked sexily at Aaron.

Aaron shook his head slowly with a besotted look on his face, remembering all that had gone on in their lives after weeks of therapy with Dr. Murray. All Aaron could say was that, he was very much content with his life because he had Kyle in it. He just couldn’t believe how good Kyle had been to him. Chris had also surprised both him and Kyle by giving him a superbly attractive offer to work in one of his banks. For a moment, Aaron had thought Chris was merely joking with him. He’d been over the moon when he realized it was no joke. Chris had made Aaron start work immediately but not before Kyle had made Chris promise to give Aaron a week off for his birthday.

“Who am I to say no?” Chris had growled with a mock scowl.

Aaron smiled, remembering that scowl on Chris’ face. Chris was such a sweetheart. The bank had given Aaron options of loans he was entitled to, so he’d quickly taken out a loan, even before officially starting work, and purchased a car for his mother.

“That’s one of the perks of having the owner of a bank as family.” Chris had flashed a grin and winked at Aaron.

Peggy Hunter had been so overwhelmed she’d remained speechless for the whole day. Later, she’d tell anyone who would listen that she was the luckiest mother in the world.

After finally getting tired of Aaron’s whining…that Tristan’s choices of cars were too expensive, Kyle had overruled all objections and purchased the latest Mercedes-Benz CLS, which actually ranked nine, out of twelve Super Luxury Cars, for Aaron.

“Oh my God, Kyle.” Aaron had whispered when the car was delivered to him one fine afternoon. He was to start work the following day. “No, no, no…”

But when he’d gotten behind the steering wheel and seen the extravagantly crafted interior, felt its powerful engine and experienced its fourteen-speaker Harman Kardon stereo system, Aaron had instantly fallen in love with the car. That first drive had been a totally exhilarating experience. After getting back into his driveway from that test drive, Aaron had called Kyle, who was then in a meeting, and simply breathed into the phone…

“I love you so fucking much it hurts.”

“You like it.” Kyle had murmured with a smile on his face, gesturing to the people in the meeting to go right ahead with their discussion.

“I LOVE IT.” Aaron’s voice was barely above a whisper but there was so much heat in his words.

“Awesome. I’m glad you loved my choice.” Kyle chuckled. “Now if you’ll excuse…”

“No wait, wait…” Aaron said quickly, stopping Kyle from getting off the phone.

“Uh-huh?” Kyle couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his face. Just hearing Aaron’s voice could do that to him…make him behave like a smitten fool.

“I…I’m sitting in the car. And I’m hard.” Aaron breathed huskily.

“Oh fuck!” Kyle groaned when he felt his own cock stiffen inside his pants at Aaron’s words. “Damnit Aaron, I’m in a meeting.”

“How about lunch? I want to take you out to lunch…in my new car.”

“Come now.” Kyle growled softly. “Go directly to my private parking area and wait for me in the car. I’ll leave instructions.”

“I’m on my way.”

“Good. Oh and Aaron?”

“Yes Kyle?”

“It will save both of us a whole lot of trouble if you went commando. Wait for me in the back seat.” Then Kyle hung up.

And when Kyle opened the door to the back seat of Aaron’s car about thirty minutes later, it was to the glorious sight of Aaron stroking his profusely leaking erection, with his already lubed up hole ready to swallow Kyle’s already hard cock.

“Oh fuck, baby.” Kyle breathed.

And those were the last coherent words either of them had spoken for a while. If only that car could talk!

Unbeknownst to Aaron, his eyes had glazed over and his face looked flashed. Kyle didn’t miss it.

“What are you thinking about?” Kyle smirked. From the look on Aaron’s face, it was obvious that whatever it was he was thinking about, was very naughty.

“What?” Aaron whispered, his cheeks reddening. He was so hard he was grateful they didn’t have to leave the table till they were ready. Those memories…damn!

“You heard me.” Kyle chuckled. “Just now. What…”

“About how much I love you.” Aaron murmured quickly.

“Oh honey, I know you love me.” Kyle purred. “But right now, you’re blushing so hard, I’m…”

“I was thinking about the car, okay?” Aaron groaned. “In your office parking…”

“I get it.” Kyle grinned. “You have such a filthy mind, baby.”

“Well, yours is even filthier, my love. But seriously, there’s no way I can look at that car without remembering…” Aaron’s voice trailed off.

“Me too.” Kyle shook his head. “All I need to do is hear the sound of that car, then BAM, Mr. Bonner. If even the mere sound of a car can do that to me, then you can imagine what you do to me.” Kyle said, looking intently at Aaron.

Aaron squirmed in his seat, trying to get as comfortable as he could with the bulge in his pants. It didn’t help when he looked up and saw Kyle licking his teaspoon with a mischievous smoldering look in his eyes. “Kyle please don’t. I’m already horny as hell…” Aaron groaned.

“God, you so need to get laid, dude.” Kyle purred.

“Fuck you.” Aaron laughed and stood up. “Shall we? I want you in bed.”

“Let’s take a stroll along the beach first, baby. The weather is perfect.”


“Come on, that was too much food. Let’s walk it off.”

Kyle knew they had to stay outdoors and cool off before they went back to their chalet because with the way they were both feeling right then, they would probably be on each other before they got inside their chalet. Besides, he had a little surprise for Aaron before they went back to their chalet. So they strolled along the beach, enjoyed the serene atmosphere. They even joined some kids to play soccer, before they made their way back to the restaurant area of the resort.

“Why are we going back to the restaurant?” Aaron asked just as Kyle pushed the glass door to the restaurant open. “Shouldn’t we be heading for the chalet so we can wash off this sand and sweat…?”

“Happy birthday!” Shouted about twenty people inside the restaurant. They were made up of the resort’s management, workers and some few friends that Aaron and Kyle had made during their stay. The few guests who were having lunch joined the workers to clap excitedly.”

Aaron laughed, looking genuinely surprised. His eyes fell on a big lovely cake with lighted up candles…which Aaron was sure were twenty-two.

“You.” Aaron wagged his finger at a laughing Kyle. “Thank you everyone.” He said loudly to the still clapping audience.

Aaron blew out his candles after making a wish. Then the cake and assorted drinks were shared amongst all of them including the guests who were having their lunch. A local Rastafarian band started playing lovely tunes to everyone’s enjoyment. Aaron wasn’t surprised when they signalled Kyle to join them. His boyfriend had obviously planned everything, Aaron sighed with amusement. And as Aaron already expected, Kyle’s sexy voice captured everyone in the restaurant. There was one particular song…Sweet Sensation by UB40, which was originally sang by The Melodians…that Kyle sang so beautifully and sensually, Aaron had to physically stop himself from going to give his man a sensual kiss right there in front of everyone. He stopped himself by accepting to dance with a really pretty girl, who’d actually insisted on dancing with the birthday boy anyway. Aaron knew he was never going to forget that birthday ever. It was simple but fun.

When Aaron and Kyle got back to their room, they found champagne on ice and a bowl of fresh strawberries waiting for them. Aaron headed directly for the strawberries whilst Kyle dashed into the bathroom to take a quick shower. By the time Aaron finished eating some of the delicious strawberries and entered the bathroom, Kyle was already done and wiping himself.

“It’s all yours.” Kyle grinned as he went back into the room.

Aaron merely shook his head in amusement and hopped into the shower. Kyle was obviously up to something but Aaron was determined not to give him the satisfaction of asking him what it was. By the time Aaron got back into the room, Kyle was sitting on the couch in sexy black boxer briefs, with a glass of champagne in his hand, watching CNN on the forty-two inch LED on the wall. The blinds had been drawn, leaving the room slightly dark and with a touch of intimacy. Aaron didn’t miss the tube of lube lying beside the ice bucket on the center table. Opting to remain in his birthday suit, Aaron went to sit beside Kyle on the couch, smirking when he felt Kyle’s heated gaze on him. With a naughty grin, Aaron accepted a glass of champagne from Kyle.

“You’re driving me crazy, Hunter.” Kyle murmured.

“You’ve been driving me crazy all day.” Aaron retorted, making Kyle smile.

“Happy birthday, love.” Kyle toasted. “May there be many, many more happy birthdays.”

“Thanks darling.” Aaron grinned and clicked his glass against Kyle’s and promptly drained his glass. Then he held out his glass for Kyle to pour him more champagne.

“Wanna get wasted huh?” Kyle chuckled, filling Aaron’s glass. “How about a movie?” Kyle murmured, filling his own glass.

“Which one?” Aaron asked, lifting Kyle’s left leg onto the couch, thereby opening Kyle’s legs wide. Then he moved back till he sat comfortably between Kyle’s thighs and leaned his back against Kyle’s fabulous abs, sighing with contentment. “Okay, which one?”

Kyle coiled his left arm around Aaron and run his fingers lightly over his nipples in a slow caress, smiling when he heard Aaron’s breath hitched in his throat. “Well, there’s one I’ve already slotted in but I don’t even know the title.” Kyle lied through his teeth. “Let’s check it out.” Kyle said clicking on play.

Aaron leaned his head back on Kyle’s shoulder. “It had better be good. Wouldn’t wanna watch anything boring on my birthday you know…” Aaron said and then promptly groaned when he saw the title… ‘Blissfully Hooked’ written boldly across the screen. “Ow come on, is it a chick flick?”

Kyle laughed. “Don’t worry. We can always stop it if it’s boring.”

“We sure…” Aaron trailed off when he saw an image of Kyle’s handsome face fill the screen. “What…” He breathed but Kyle remained silent.

Next came Aaron, with his hot body in just a pair of jeans which was sexily riding low on his hips, showing his happy trail. Then a picture of the two of them, topless, standing in front of a bed…Aaron remembered that particular scene as if it had taken place just the day before. They were gazing into each other’s eyes, and Aaron remembered exactly what had been going through his mind at that very moment. Fuck! The words which appeared on top of the picture drew an involuntary moan from Aaron. He didn’t even know he’d made that lustful sound.

‘They were hooked from the very beginning…but they didn’t even know it.’

Then the sexy voice of John Legend started belting out the lyrics of ‘All of Me’, filling the already sexually charged room with so much passion and emotion.

“Oh God…” Aaron breathed, his eyes riveted on the screen.

One thing both men knew for a fact was that what they watched, was NOT porn. It was the hottest, sexiest and most heart-tugging love video that either man had had the privilege of ever watching. There were no fake moans or crass porn talk…just genuine uncontrollably blissful loving. It was beautiful.

“Have you already…”Aaron started in a whisper.

“Never.” Kyle answered before Aaron could finish his question, his voice hoarse with arousal. “This is my first time too.”

As both men silently watched the video, all that could be heard…besides the low background music in the video and their erotic low moans and grunts, was their harsh breathing. Arousal was an understatement to how they felt. Aaron was strung so tight from the myriad of emotions coursing through him that as he watched himself come for the second time on screen, his cock just erupted… And neither man had touched that spurting cock even once. Moaning uncontrollably, his body writhed against Kyle’s in pleasure as ropes of cum shot into the air and onto his stomach, surprising both of them.

“Oh fuck.” Kyle breathed, staring at Aaron’s spasming cock even as he instinctively tightened his arms around Aaron, holding him tightly till his shivers passed.

“Shit.” Aaron moaned shakily. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help…”

“What’s with you and apologies whenever you let go unexpectedly?” Kyle growled. “You apologized when you creamed your pants in that restaurant too. Don’t you know it’s the highest compliment you can ever pay me?” Kyle murmured into Aaron’s hair as he reached down to ran two fingers through the cum pooled on Aaron’s stomach and brought it to his own lips.

“Oh fuck, Kyle.” Aaron moaned brokenly as a hard spasm rocked his body at the erotic sight of Kyle licking his cum. It was so fucking sensual.

Kyle turned Aaron’s face to his and kissed him soundly, sharing Aaron’s essence with him. His hand stroked Aaron’s still throbbing cock slowly throughout the kiss, making Aaron shiver and moan with pleasure.

“Damn, you taste good.” Kyle murmured against Aaron’s lips when they eventually came up for air, his hand not leaving Aaron’s cock for even a second. “Now back to business.” Kyle whispered, turning to watch the screen.

They watched as Kyle crooned softly to Aaron on screen as he cried. By then, Kyle had already sacked Max Viggo and his guys from the room, Aaron recalled. He wished he could have seen the look on Max’s face when Kyle ordered them out. Not that It would have appeared in the video anyway. Aaron could bet his last cent that it hadn’t. When Kyle started kissing Aaron whilst fucking deeply into him on screen, it was so erotic Kyle moaned helplessly and thrust against Aaron’s bare arse, his boxers wet with precum. When he felt Aaron wiggle against him, he almost lost it.

“Baby, stop that.” Kyle groaned, his breath coming out harshly. He was virtually at the edge of his control. And Aaron moving that sexy arse on his cock was not going to help matters. “Here, take this.” Kyle handed Aaron a glass of champagne, which Aaron promptly drained. “Now let’s watch. Because the probability of getting distracted and never ever finishing watching this video is about ninety-nine percent.” Kyle said, reaching back for Aaron’s cock.

“Then you have to stop that.” Aaron looked down pointedly at Kyle’s hand on his cock till Kyle removed his hand. Then Aaron stretched his empty glass towards Kyle for a refill, making Kyle chuckle.

They both drank their champagne whilst watching their meltdown on the screen. Songs like Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’, UB40’s ‘Many Rivers To Cross’ and ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ were some of the tracks on the video. The songs only ended up getting both men even more aroused to the extent that even before the video ended, Aaron and Kyle were already passionately kissing each other on the couch. When Aaron reached out to pull off Kyle’s boxers, he raised his arse to enable Aaron pull it off and free his leaking mammoth erection. Aaron gripped Kyle’s cock firmly and watched as it throbbed in his hand. He never ceased to be amazed at Kyle’s size. Just watching it made his mouth water. Aaron moaned softly as he watched a thick drop of precum slide down the length to pool at the top of his fist. Aaron felt as if he would die if he didn’t taste Kyle. Licking suddenly dry lips, Aaron bent to slowly lick at Kyle’s wet slit with the tip of his tongue, before opening wide to take Kyle into his mouth.

“Fuck.” Kyle growled as his back arched in pleasure. “Christ, I love your mouth.” He breathed as his eyelids grew heavy with pleasure.

Kyle couldn’t take his eyes off Aaron as he pleasured him with that magic mouth. Neither could he mask the lust and tenderness in his own eyes as he looked down into Aaron’s. Aaron melted at that look. It felt damned good to know just how crazy Kyle was about him. Even in his state of lust, his love for Aaron shone through. That perfect blend of love and desire… Aaron’s mouth curved in a wicked smile as he moved on to Kyle’s balls next, knowing how his mouth on those balls always drove Kyle out of his mind. Then he gave them such a sensual tongue bath, Kyle couldn’t hold in his cries of pleasure. This time when Aaron flicked his wet tongue against Kyle’s twitching hole, Kyle welcomed the pleasure and rather spread his legs wider.

“Oh baby, that feels so good.” Kyle moaned, his eyes fluttering shut in bliss. “So fucking good.”

Aaron tongue-fucked Kyle like a man possessed. When he felt Kyle had had enough, he reached for the lube on the table and lubed up his fingers. He slipped in a finger and smiled with triumph when Kyle moaned loudly. But when Aaron added a second finger and rubbed on that gland, Kyle went crazy. His body writhed as he rode Aaron’s plunging fingers. He whimpered brokenly with pleasure as Aaron’s fingers pushed at the swollen hot spot inside him, sensation shooting through him like lightning.

“Christ.” Kyle cried out as he shamelessly fucked himself on Aaron’s fingers, his eyes still tightly shut. “Baby, I need more.” He gasped, reaching for his cock and groaning when Aaron swatted his hand away.

“That’s mine.” Aaron growled. Then without missing a beat, Aaron added a third finger as he poured more lube into his other hand to slick up his own hardened cock. When he pulled his fingers out of Kyle, Kyle groaned in protest but that groan turned into a gasp of surprise when he felt Aaron’s cock breach his thoroughly lubed up channel. Kyle trembled when he felt the warm, hard head of Aaron’s slippery prick press very slowly, into him.

“Oh God…” Kyle breathed as his eyes opened. The last time he’d offered his arse, Aaron hadn’t been okay enough to take it. The Aaron on top of him that very moment, inside him, fucking deeply into him was in total control and was as sexy as fuck. Kyle was simply mesmerized. Instinct took over and Kyle’s hips begun moving of their own volition, as he focused on Aaron and nothing else. There was no pain, just unbelievable fullness. Till Aaron’s cock brushed that bundle of nerves embedded inside Kyle…then there was so much unadulterated pleasure, Kyle couldn’t stop the lusty moan that tore out of his throat. “Aaron.” Kyle whispered, his glazed eyes gazing up at Aaron with a look of reverence.

Aaron pressed deep and held there a moment, leaning down to spread kisses over Kyle’s face. “Fuck, you’re tight.” Aaron groaned. “Are you okay?” He whispered.

Kyle didn’t utter a word. He didn’t think he actually had the ability to speak. He was that overwhelmed. He simply leaned forward and took Aaron’s lips in a kiss so passionate and sweet it was almost surreal. And that was all the answer Aaron needed. With a final lick at Kyle’s parted lips, Aaron started to move, keeping hold of Kyle’ hips as he thrust. It started out slow and tentative, more about sensation than anything else, but soon began to build. Before long, Aaron was hitting that pleasure button relentlessly as he fucked Kyle soundly, plunging into him over and over. Aaron’s thrusts were so gut-wrenchingly delicious it made Kyle crazed with desire. Aaron had complete control of Kyle’s body and he couldn’t do anything but lie there and take it…take Aaron’s lust and hunger. It was totally maddening.

Kyle’s head dropped back onto the armrest as he gave himself over to just feeling, loving the feel of Aaron on him, in him, sending him to cloud nine. He welcomed it. “Ahh..” He moaned loudly when Aaron started rotating his hips, grinding that cock even harder into Kyle’s swollen gland. “Right there, baby.” Kyle whimpered brokenly, his eyes rolling into his head in uncontrollable ecstasy. “Right there. Please.”

One moment, Kyle was begging, the next, he was babbling incoherently. His voice was almost hoarse from crying out so much. He thrust up fervently to meet Aaron’s thrusts as he felt a warning tingle spread through his balls and travel up his spine. Kyle’s world grew hazy as his body started to spasm, his ass clamping down on Aaron’s cock.

“Aaron…Aaron…Ron… baby!” Kyle kept chanting Aaron’s name helplessly. He was panting hard, his breath coming out so harshly it almost felt like he was sobbing. “Coming,” he whimpered. “God…so good. Can’t hold…” His neck arched and he gasped Aaron’s name.

“Let go.” Aaron whispered, watching as Kyle shook violently, raw moans spilling from him. Then Aaron saw a look of such helpless vulnerability on Kyle’s face he just wanted to hold him to his chest and never let go. “I love you.” He whispered and leaned down to capture Kyle’s lips in a kiss that was soft, coaxing, wet and so passionate.

And the unmistakable love in Aaron’s kiss was all it took for Kyle to lose it. All the intense sensations, the relinquishing of control, the love and care he felt radiating from Aaron, and the pleasure of those exquisite lips of Aaron, coalesced into one breath-taking, exploding fireball of ecstasy. Moaning ecstatically into their kiss, Kyle shot between them, coming with such force it felt like his cock was exploding. Aaron never let go of those sweet lips even for a second throughout Kyle’s release. Kyle rode his orgasm as Aaron repeatedly drove into him hard and powerfully, relentlessly grinding into that pleasure button as Kyle continued to shoot, keeping the orgasm rolling on endlessly. Kyle’s ecstatic cries were swallowed by Aaron, who continued his erotic assault on Kyle till Kyle was left boneless and gasping for breath. Aaron stopped his thrusts, released Kyle’s lips and raised his head to look at Kyle’s face. God, he was gorgeous.

Kyle had no idea how long it was before his senses came back to him. He opened his eyes to dreamy grey eyes filled with so much love, looking at him. Kyle licked his lips and watched as Aaron’s eyes dropped to the movement of his tongue. He felt the cock embedded inside him jerk in reaction.

“Damn.” Aaron whispered as he looked at the most beautiful man he’d ever seen. And he was all his. What melted Aaron even more was the look in Kyle’s eyes…a touch of awe, ecstasy, love, vulnerability and possessiveness…it shook Aaron to the very core. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?” Aaron asked with so much feeling. “Do you have any idea what you do to me, Kyle?” Aaron actually looked shaken. “I don’t know how to describe it. You destroy me Kyle. I…” But then Aaron gave a strangled gasp and paused.

Then Kyle felt it. Felt Aaron’s cock vibrating inside him. His eyes widened as he stared into Aaron’s. “Fuck…” Kyle finally found his voice and whispered.

“Feel that?” Aaron whispered.

Kyle was floored at the transformation that took place on Aaron’s gorgeous face. He felt Aaron’s body tighten. Then there was a look of pure rapture on his face. He wasn’t even thrusting into Kyle, for fuck’s sake…he was still. Aaron was actually struggling to keep his eyes open. His breath started coming out harshly from lips that were swollen and sexily parted. Kyle was enthralled by the helplessness on Aaron’s face. He’d never seen Aaron stripped bare as he was at that very moment. It was mesmerizing.

“Aaron…” Kyle breathed, his eyes locked on Aaron’s. He couldn’t have looked away from those captivating ecstasy-glazed eyes even if someone had chosen that moment to budge into their room. Kyle’s pulse quickened in response to the change in Aaron. He was so hard one would have thought he was yet to come instead of the fact that he’d actually spent his load mere seconds earlier.

“I love you.” Aaron gasped and then started coming, shooting hotly into Kyle. His pleasured groan tore out from his throat irrepressibly as he flooded Kyle with his very essence. “Ah…God.”

And right there, Kyle watched Aaron totally lose himself. Aaron never looked away or closed his eyes. He was an open book…there was nothing between them. And damn, did Aaron flood Kyle with his seed. He couldn’t seem to stop coming. In the end, his eyes fluttered shut on their own accord. The pleasure Aaron felt was too much it was euphoric. It lingered on the fringe of his consciousness, tantalizing him, totally taking over his senses. With a cry, Aaron leaned down and buried his face in the crook of Kyle’s neck. Kyle wrapped his arms tightly around Aaron’s trembling body, holding him close till he calmed down.

“See what you do to me, Kyle?” Aaron breathed into Kyle’s ear and then started to trace his hot tongue on the shell of Kyle’s ear, his breath gushing out in hard pants. “I’m totally yours.”

Kyle shuddered as he tightened his hold on Aaron. He was so hard he couldn’t help thrusting against Aaron’s stomach.

Aaron wasn’t surprised when he felt Kyle’s hardness against him. He knew he had to pull out of Kyle otherwise Kyle would be very sore. With a groan, he leaned up and slowly pulled his softening cock out of Kyle. He quickly reached for Kyle’s boxer briefs and wiped Kyle clean. Then he dropped the boxers and went right back to his earlier position…with his face buried against Kyle’s neck.

“You okay, angel?” Kyle murmured, wrapping his arms around Aaron. When he felt Aaron nod against his neck, Kyle smiled. “Look at me.” Kyle ordered softly.

Reluctantly, Aaron brought his face out of its hiding place and looked down into Kyle’s gorgeous, satisfied face. Aaron felt such pride that he’d put that look there. “Did I hurt you?” He asked softly.

Kyle shook his head slowly. Yes, his arse throbbed…a relentless ache that pulsed all the way up his spine but it was totally worth it. “I can still feel you inside me.” He rasped. “That was fucking incredible. And the way you came like that…totally hot.” Kyle looked amazed and Aaron revelled in the praise.

Aaron grinned and reached between them to stroke Kyle’s hardened cock. “I want this.” He whispered and drew his swollen bottom lip into his mouth and sexily worried that luscious flesh with his teeth.

Kyle moaned with lust when he looked up from the hand stoking his cock and met Aaron’s eyes staring down at him, his teeth biting at his lower lip. “Aaron.” Kyle whispered, and then almost died when Aaron gave him a slow sexy wink. That was so fucking hot. “Oh you’re gonna get it.” Kyle breathed.

Aaron reached for the lube and poured a generous amount onto that huge cock in his hand. Then slowly, he stroked it. Kyle watched from beneath his lashes as Aaron stroked him. If he had his own way, he would be buried inside Aaron twenty-four seven. He simply couldn’t get enough of the man. Siting up, he gave Aaron a lingering kiss and swung his legs off the couch. Then picking the lube off the table, Kyle stood up, wincing slightly at the slight twinge that flashed within his channel. He reached for Aaron’s hand and pulled him up to follow him to the back of the couch. Then Kyle bent Aaron over the couch so that Aaron’s stomach was folded over the headrest of the couch. Kyle slowly caressed Aaron creamy butt, and then leaned down to scatter tiny kisses all over his back. As he kissed Aaron, he worked his lubed up fingers inside his warm tight channel, opening him up nicely.

“I’m going to show you just how much you drive me out of my fucking mind, Hunter.” Kyle growled. “Gonna fuck you good, baby. Make you come with me all the way inside your tight hole.” Kyle murmured in between dropping kisses on Aaron’s neck.

“Oh fuck.” Aaron gasped as he felt his cock jerk and his precum gush out. He never knew he could get so aroused from dirty talk. He felt a rush spread through him at Kyle’s words, his voice, his touch…everything about the man turned his insides to mush.

“Do it, please.” Aaron begged. “Fuck me.” He turned his head and gave Kyle a smoldering look, moaning at the sight of his love, standing behind him like a warrior. Aaron felt the most amazing high. “Show me.” Aaron purred, with so much lust in his eyes.

Kyle rubbed the head of his slick cock against Aaron’s twitching hole. “Feel how hard I am for you? Are you ready for me?”

“Always,” Aaron moaned, pushing back against Kyle, wanting that hard cock deep inside him.

With a groan, Kyle entered Aaron with one long, slow thrust, burying himself in the soft, tight, heat.

“Oh yes,” Aaron gave a strangled groan as he felt Kyle’s cock stretching him, plunging deep. He cried out breathlessly as he tightened around Kyle. “Feels so good.”

“No, Aaron no…” Kyle could feel his balls start to climb their way into his belly. “Oh baby don’t clench on me. Just…God, just stay there for a minute, love.” Kyle ground out, the muscles in his jaw clenching. If Aaron tightened any further on him, Kyle knew he would lose it. “Oh fuck, you’re too tight.”

“No. You’re too big, dude.” Aaron retorted, hips automatically rocking as he tried to get that hard flesh embedded inside him to move. He knew the pleasure he would derive from that and he just wasn’t ready to wait. “I need you to move, Kyle.” Aaron groaned. “Please.”

“Jesus, Aaron hold the fuck still.” Kyle growled. “I’m gonna pop if you keep that up.”

“I don’t care, Kyle.” Aaron growled right back. “Just fuck me, please? I need you so bad.”

With an agonized groan, Kyle started to move, slowly at first, then a little faster, a little deeper. “Fuck, you feel so damn amazing, baby.” Kyle growled as he threw his head back in blissful abandon, his breathing quick and rough. “You’re squeezing me like a fist.”

Aaron pushed back, hunger and need spiralling in him, his own cock throbbing. “Oh fuck,” Aaron moaned as a shudder ran through him. “I want it hard and fast, baby.” He growled. They’d already done slow. Now he wanted fast and hard. “Give it to me, Kyle.”

At Aaron’s words, Kyle’s control flew out the window. He totally lost what little control he had left. He withdrew till he was virtually out and then rammed home.

Aaron’s back arched as a scream tore from him throat. His cock leaked profusely against the couch as Kyle’s iron-hard length plunged in and out of him. Kyle’s hands gripped Aaron’s hips, almost bruising in their strength as he fucked him so hard and fast Aaron could have sworn he could feel Kyle’s cock inside his stomach. He grunted and gasped for air as Kyle set up a brutal rhythm, riding him hard. It was so good. Oh God, it was so good. Aaron groaned with need as he lunged back into each stroke, driving Kyle harder and deeper into him with each thrust.

“Damn, Aaron…” Kyle groaned and reached down to raise one of Aaron’s legs, opening Aaron even move for his erotic assault.

“Kyle…” Aaron breathed as that position caused his prostate to take a direct hit. And so it remained till he was sobbing with pleasure. He was dying. Kyle was thick and hard and so, so deep. Aaron felt his body tighten, felt fire erupt in his spine, his balls… “Kyle…so good.” He just knew he was going to lose it. Then Aaron wanted to hold it…drag it out…savour the magic feeling of being on that precipice. “Please, stop,” he gasped. “Oh fuck, don’t stop. Never stop. Never.” He shuddered violently as he started gyrating wantonly against Kyle. “Oh God, you have to stop.” Aaron kept babbling as he thrust back hard against Kyle. The intensity of what he was feeling was too much. His entire body shook uncontrollably. “Damn.”

Kyle kept fucking into Aaron deep. He’d pull out completely, and then slam back in, nailing Aaron’s gland over and over. Fast and hard, he gave Aaron what he asked for, listening to Aaron broken moans as he plunged in and out of him.

“Is this how you wanted it, baby? You feel so damn good.” Kyle groaned, folding himself over Aaron and plastering their bodies together. He coiled an arm beneath Aaron’s neck and latched onto his ear lobe. The wonderful pleasure wreaking havoc in Kyle’s body was totally blowing his mind. He was like a man possessed, wild, drunk on ecstasy. Kyle probed his tongue into Aaron’s ear, fucking it rhythmically to mimic his unrelenting thrusts into Aaron. “Damn, I love fucking you.” He said hoarsely into Aaron’s ear.

With a sob Aaron turned his head to seek Kyle’s mouth with his, fusing his mouth to Kyle’s for a voracious, deep kiss. Aaron took total control of the kiss, thrusting his tongue into Kyle’s mouth wildly and almost desperately. Erotic sounds of Kyle’s heavy grunts and Aaron’s muffled moans filled the room. Then Kyle started to suck on Aaron’s tongue, knowing how that always blew Aaron’s mind… Aaron froze and tore his mouth away from Kyle’s.

“God…Kyle…I’m…” Aaron was writhing, begging with his body as his hips rocked relentlessly against Kyle, his orgasm building like white heat. He felt his cock swell, knew he was going to shoot his load. He gasped shakily as he felt his climax travel down his spine, felt his balls tighten up, felt his body tense up in anticipation of the explosion that was almost upon him… “Fucking hell.” Aaron’s voice came out in a shocked whimper when he felt Kyle squeezed just under the head of his cock with an expertly applied pressure, stalling his climax. Then as if that wasn’t enough, Kyle pulled out of him. Aaron almost went berserk. “Why the fuck did you do that?” He cried out in frustration.

With a growl that startled an already confused Aaron, Kyle picked him up fireman style and headed for the bed. He threw Aaron onto the bed when he got to it and crawled over him.

“I wanted to see your face.” Kyle said softly, brushing Aaron’s sweat-damp hair from his forehead. Then as he bent to kiss away the tears of frustration on Aaron cheeks, he slammed right back into him.

Then Kyle proceeded to show Aaron just how much Aaron had him by the balls. Aaron wanted him to give it to him hard and fast so Kyle was sure as hell going to give that to him. He could never turn down something Aaron needed. What his baby wanted, his baby got. Simple!

Aaron had to bite his lips till he tasted blood to stop himself from screaming. It would have been embarrassing for the door of their chalet to be knocked on by management of the beach resort.

‘We heard screams coming from in here….’

‘Oh it was just my boyfriend…fucking my brains out.’

No, Aaron couldn’t risk that. He’d screamed enough already. He would wait till they were back on Kyle’s private jet, revisiting the Mile High Club. Aaron knew he could scream all he wanted just as he’d done on the flight to Accra. His screams, he hoped, had gotten drowned in the sound of the engine. Well, if the pilot and his crew had heard his screams, too bad.

A whimper escaped Aaron when Kyle lifted his arms over his head and captured both of his wrists in his large hand, restraining him. Kyle pinned Aaron’s wrists to the mattress by a firm grip, leaving Aaron completely at his mercy. Then Kyle began to gyrate slowly, maddeningly against Aaron, enjoying listening to Aaron’s cries of pleasure. And when those cries turned to chants of ‘harder’ and ‘faster’, Kyle began to thrust even harder into Aaron, pounding into him with relentless drives, deep-dicking Aaron with the thickly veined length of his big cock. Kyle just took him. He possessed him.

“Fuck.” Aaron moaned and rocked up, meeting the thrusts of Kyle, enjoying the deep-dicking Kyle was subjecting him to. It was hard, deep, fast, intense and pure bliss.

Kyle’s heavy sac smacked against Aaron’s arse as he grunted on every plunge, mirroring Aaron’s cries, watching the sheer ecstasy on Aaron’s face the whole time. With a growl he leaned forward and kissed Aaron like he couldn’t possibly survive a second more without those delectable lips.

“Damn, I can’t get enough of you, baby.” Kyle growled against Aaron’s lips.

Then Kyle took it up a notch by virtually folded Aaron in two…with Aaron’s legs almost touching his ears…and then fucked him even harder. Aaron loved it!

In that new position, Aaron’s prostate took a pounding like it had never taken before. Aaron heard screaming but it didn’t even register that it was coming from him. When he felt his cum hit his chin forcefully, his tightly shut eyes shot open just in time to see Kyle lean forward to lick it off his chin.

“God help me, I love you Aaron…” Kyle breathed, watching Aaron come undone.

When Kyle felt a powerful orgasm rip through him and his cock shoot his thick hot seed into Aaron’s still spasming channel, he wasn’t surprised. Seeing Aaron lose it and feeling his channel grip his cock like a vice was definitely enough to floor him. And even as Kyle shook with his release, spilling his load into the love of his life, Aaron’s channel kept squeezing Kyle’s cock, milking him till Kyle thought he would pass out from all that pleasure. Shudders rolled through him like waves, leaving him drained, weak and exhausted. When his shudders subsided, Kyle released his hold on Aaron’s wrists and legs and collapsed onto Aaron, burying his head against Aaron’s neck till he got his breathing back under control.

“Fuuuuuck!” Kyle swore as he slid his fingers into Aaron’s hair, fisting it to hold him where he wanted and then sought Aaron’s lips for a soul-shattering kiss. He devoured and plundered Aaron’s mouth as though he was never going to let him go. “I love you, baby.” Kyle finally released Aaron’s lips long enough to murmur. “So fucking much.”

“I love you too.” Aaron breathed, still trying to gather his scattered senses.

Then Kyle went right back to kissing him senseless. “Happy birthday, my love.” Kyle whispered against Aaron’s swollen lips.

“Hmm… Thank you.” Aaron smiled dreamily, looking thoroughly fucked. He wouldn’t be able to move even if Kyle’s body wasn’t pinning him to the bed. He felt lethargic, as if he had no bones, no strength, no ability to think. All Aaron could feel was his overstimulated body and the pounding of both their hearts. Hell, he could barely move his arms and legs. Even his eyes wouldn’t open. As for his arse, that was the price to pay for mind-blowing pleasure and ordering Kyle to give it to him hard and fast.

“Hey, are you okay?” Kyle combed his fingers through Aaron’s dishevelled hair.

“This was the best birthday ever. Sorry for ruining yours, baby.” Aaron whispered, opening his eyes. Though they’d made some really great memories on Kyle’s birthday, Aaron’s abrupt departure had ruined it for Kyle and Aaron knew it.

“Oh you ruined it alright.” Kyle murmured against Aaron’s lips. “But that glass room fuck…damn!” Kyle groaned, making Aaron laugh softly.

“Tell me about it. I still get hard whenever I think about that.” Aaron moaned. “We’ve gotta do a repeat.”

“That can be arranged.” Kyle chuckled, rolling off Aaron. “Be right back.”

Kyle dashed to the bathroom to clean up. Then he came back with a warm washcloth to clean Aaron up, wincing when Aaron gave a soft groan.

“Did a number on you huh? Sorry.” Kyle had the grace to look guilty.

“Nothing to be sorry about.” Aaron laughed softly. “I asked for it. And I loved it. Call me weird but I just love it when you get out of control and fuck the shit out of me. Pun not intended.”

“Silly boy.” Kyle laughed and left the bed once again to return the washcloth and his soiled boxers to the bathroom. Before he got back on the bed, Kyle’s gaze slid over Aaron’s post orgasmic sated body, his mouth curving in a ghost of a smile laced with undeniable masculine triumph. He opened the bedside drawer and took out a box. Then he handed it over to Aaron. “Now, before you open this, I don’t want you to freak out or get worked up over what is in there. Okay?”

Aaron’s eyebrow shot up in confusion. “Okay.” He murmured as he sat up and tore off the wrapper. Aaron’s eyes widened when he saw a beautiful gold box. It looked like a watch box but was slightly bigger and longer than an average watch box. “Wow! This is…”

“Pure gold.” Kyle interjected. “I thought it was cute. You can keep little things that you cherish in it. Now open it.” Kyle looked even more excited than the birthday boy himself.

Aaron opened the box to the most beautiful watch he’d ever seen. “Oh my God. Kyle, this is beautiful.” Aaron whispered. “Oh wow! A Patek Philippe Ref 5016P?” Aaron gushed. “Kyle this is fucking expensive.”

Kyle guffawed. “For you, nothing is expensive…”

“Dude, I’ve read about this watch.” Aaron exclaimed, not even hearing what Kyle had said. He remembered clearly reading about the Patek Philippe Ref 5016P. Of course the P stood for platinum. It was more expensive than a fucking Ferrari. “Kyle, not only is this watch expensive, it’s damned complicated.” Aaron couldn’t take his eyes off the watch.

“Don’t worry, there’s an app for it. If you keep it well and running continuously, it won’t need adjusting until the year 2100. That’s something our children’s children’s children will most certainly appreciate, don’t you think?” Kyle actually looked amused at how fascinated Aaron was with the watch.

“Children?” Aaron’s head snapped up.

“Oh yes. Children. Have any problem with kids?” Kyle locked eyes with Aaron.

Aaron shook his head slowly. “I’ve always wished I had lots of children around me because I never had any brothers and sisters to play with, growing up.” Aaron lowered his eyes and sighed. “I’ve never been around any though. So I don’t know whether they’ll like me or I’ll know how to handle them.”

“You’ll definitely know how to handle your kids when the time comes. Trust me.” Kyle leaned forward to press a kiss to Aaron’s forehead.

Aaron turned the watch over and read the inscription on the back. The emotions which filled him were so palpable his eyes instantly filled. It read;

‘Today, Tomorrow, Always…Eternally yours! You have my heart, Ron Hunt. K.P.’

“Like it?” Kyle grinned.

“Like it?” Aaron gasped. “I love it.” He gushed making Kyle burst into laughter. “You used Ron Hunt.” Aaron’s eyes were alight with amusement.

Kyle shrugged and pointed at the plaque Aaron had given him. “You sighed off as Ron.”

“Touché.” Aaron chuckled. “I’ll always be your Ron, Kyle. Always.”

“I know. Go on, open the second compartment.”

“What second…oh right.” Aaron murmured when he saw a smaller compartment which he hadn’t even noticed. When he opened it, all the blood drained from his face. “Kyle…”

“Now, don’t panic.” Kyle said quietly. “You know I love you, Aaron. I just can’t see myself living life without you by my side. I want to kiss those lips forever. I want to make you mine in every way possible, baby. I would very much love to make this official…if you’ll allow it. No pressure. Whenever you want to do it…tomorrow, next week, next year…whenever you’re ready. Well, tomorrow can’t be possible but…” Kyle chuckled when Aaron laughed. “Just know that I’m not taking no for an answer.” Kyle paused to give Aaron that killer smile that never ceased to melt him. “It’s SO gonna happen, baby.”

Aaron blinked rapidly and looked back at the rings in the box. He didn’t have to be told they were very expensive. Even to his inexperienced eye, he could tell. The stunning eight millimeter wide ring was Meteorite and had a Sterling Silver Lining, with tiny exotic grey sapphires around the edges. It was simply exquisite.

“God, it’s beautiful.” Aaron breathed.

“You are beautiful.” Kyle whispered.

Aaron couldn’t tear his eyes away from the breathtakingly exquisite contents of the box. He was hopelessly in love with the rings already. He finally cleared his throat and looked up at Kyle. “So… You’re not asking me to marry you?” Aaron asked in a hoarse voice.

“Hell no.” Kyle growled. “I’m telling you. Hell, I made a wish and you came true…well, you did run first.” Kyle laughed softly. “But I got you back. And I’m sure as hell never going to let you go, darling. “So yes, I’m going to marry you. Better get used to the idea.”

Aaron laughed and shook his head. “You’re such an asshole.” He chuckled, knowing that Kyle’s attitude of taking charge was never going to stop. That’s what made him Kyle. And Aaron loved him to bits. He picked up the biggest of the rings and reached for Kyle’s hand. Then mouthing the words ‘I love you’, Aaron slipped the ring onto Kyle’s ring finger. “Oh boy!” Aaron murmured. “It’s off-the-fucking-hook.”

“Now you.” Kyle grinned and took out the ring meant for Aaron. But instead of slipping it onto Aaron’s finger, Kyle held it out to Aaron. “Wanna read what has been inscribed in there?”

“I’d love to.” Aaron nodded his head vigorously. Then he took the ring from Kyle and looked at the inscription. It read;

‘K&A – 1 room, 1 bed, no PJs. Your arse is forever mine!’

Aaron burst into uncontrollable laughter. “Oh my God, Kyle you’re nuts. Seriously?” Aaron couldn’t stop laughing.

Kyle laughed too, enjoying seeing Aaron laughing his head off. “Yes. Seriously. Your arse is SO mine, baby. Don’t worry…your wedding band will have the mushy stuff. This one is more like what Araba and co said yesterday. What did they say they usually do before the marriage again?”

“Knocking.” Aaron laughed. One of their new friends had told them how the Ghanaians do their traditional marriages. Knocking was supposed to be a sort of an introduction, and that was done before the actual marriage.

“Thank you.” Kyle chuckled. “Consider this, my way of knocking.”

Aaron wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes. “What’s in yours?” Aaron asked, giving his ring back to Kyle and extending his ring finger.

Kyle shrugged. “Just, A&K. You have to engrave whatever you want in there when we get back home.” Kyle said as he slipped Aaron’s ring onto his finger. “Fuck, this looks good on you.” He leaned forward to kiss Aaron’s ring as though he were paying homage to a mafia boss. Then he took Aaron’s lips in a spine-tingling kiss.

When they eventually came up for air, Kyle heard Aaron murmur something against his lips.

“What was that?” Kyle whispered, flicking his tongue at a corner of Aaron’s mouth. God, he loved the guy so much it scared him, Kyle thought, amazed at the intensity of feeling within him.

“I don’t want to change this ring.” Aaron murmured, looking at his ringed finger. “I don’t want to ever take it off. I won’t take it off, Kyle.”

“Consider these our wedding bands then. Too bad you’re going to live with what is in there.” Kyle chuckled. “At least I get the mushy stuff.” Kyle sighed dramatically, making Aaron laugh softly.

“I need another hour and a day so I can love you 25/8.” Aaron murmured. “That’s what I want to engrave inside your ring.” Aaron sat back and looked at Kyle. He still looked dazed.

Kyle laughed, impressed. “25/8 huh?”

“Uh-huh.” Aaron nodded.

“Move in with me, Aaron.” Kyle’s voice suddenly sounded serious, all traces of laughter gone. “Please.” He added in a whisper.

The fear and hope in Kyle’s eyes was Aaron’s undoing. Seeing such a hunk with his heart in his eyes was somehow…unnerving. Kyle looked like he expected Aaron to turn down his request but at the same time looked like he was hoping for the best. Aaron didn’t understand why Kyle thought he would say no though. Aaron already had a problem with having to sleep alone without Kyle’s arms around him and Kyle knew that. His greatest wish was not only to be able to see Kyle’s face first thing every morning, but to also see that gorgeous face last before he fell asleep every night. The man was granting him his wish and he was actually scared he was going to reject him? Aaron almost laughed. But the naughty streak in him reared its head. Why don’t I stretch this a bit before I put him out of his misery, Aaron thought mischievously.

“I don’t know…” Aaron started and heard Kyle’s breath hitch in his throat.

“Baby please.” Kyle’s eyes looked like he’d just lost all his family or something.

“Come on.” Aaron said, moving from where he sat. “Come and sit here.” Kyle moved to sit against the headboard like Aaron instructed and watched as Aaron came to sit between his legs with his back to Kyle’s chest and his head on Kyle’s shoulder.

Kyle automatically wrapped his arms around Aaron and inhaled the sweet scent of his hair. “Now what?” Kyle murmured into Aaron’s hair.

Kyle was almost hyperventilating. If he had to marry Aaron immediately they got back home to get Aaron to move in with him, Kyle was willing to do that. The only thing that was stopping him from insisting they got married as soon as fucking possible was the fact that he didn’t want to come off as pushy. He simply wanted to allow Aaron to get used to the idea first…didn’t want to scare him off. He was trying to be a gentleman here, Kyle thought to himself.

“Sing for me.” Aaron said softly.

“For real?” Kyle sounded so hilariously incredulous, Aaron burst into laughter.

“You want an answer or not?” Aaron tried to control his laughter.

“You’re a jerk.” Kyle murmured. Aaron hadn’t rejected him outright so there was hope yet, Kyle thought with some joy. “Okay, what would you want me to sing?”

“Sweet Sensation. Now I want you to sing it to me. Just me.”

Kyle chuckled. “Okay, here goes…” Then Kyle started singing ‘Sweet Sensations’ in that sexy voice of his that never ceased to turn Aaron into a puddle. It was so good, Aaron smiled throughout.

‘I can feel those thrills walking over

When you hold me tight

Now I feel those pains taking over

When you say goodnight

Oh, my sweet sensation

Lord, what strange emotion!

You’ve got love and devotion

And I won’t forget your touch

Now there’s nothing left for me to say boy

But stay in your world

You’ve got so much soul deep inside boy

And love richer than gold

Oh, my sweet sensation

Lord, what strange emotion!

You’ve got love and devotion

And I won’t forget your touch

And I won’t forget your touch

Oh baby please say, you will’

Aaron burst into laughter at Kyle’s final line. “Dude, that’s a lie.” Aaron laughed even harder when he felt Kyle shaking with laughter behind him.

“Wanna bet?” Kyle laughed. “Come on, give me an answer. I’m dying here.”

Aaron reached up to draw Kyle’s head down for a sweet kiss. “Just try and stop me.” He murmured against Kyle’s lips.

Kyle buried his face against Aaron’s neck and just held him. “Thanks.” He murmured. “But you’re so gonna pay for what you did.” Kyle murmured, making Aaron laugh softly.

“I’m sorry, love. It was too good to resist. The look on your face.” Aaron laughed. “Now we’re even.”

“And what the fuck did I do?” Kyle sounded surprised.

“You pulled out just when I was about to come. That was cruel.” Aaron shot back.

Kyle laughed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were that close.”

“Bullshit.” Aaron laughed. “You knew exactly what you were doing, Kyle.”

Kyle nuzzled Aaron’s ear, making him squirm. “You should see the look on your face when you come.” Kyle murmured. “The way your eyes lose their focus as pleasure takes over.” He bit lightly on Aaron’s ear lobe. “The way they turn soft and dreamy immediately you’re done releasing.” Kyle soothed the flesh he’d nipped with rhythmic strokes of his tongue. “I didn’t want to miss that. Sorry my love, but I just couldn’t.”

Aaron moaned as a shiver passed through him at Kyle’s words and erotic assault. “You wanted to watch me lose it huh?” Aaron breathed, turning his head to suck Kyle’s lower lip into his mouth.

“Uh-huh.” Kyle moaned.

“Well, you sure did make up for it.” Aaron murmured against Kyle’s mouth. “Fuck, that was some amazing shit.” He shivered, making Kyle laugh.

“You’re such a slut. You’ll be the…” Kyle trailed off when his phone started ringing. It was Chris.

“Sup man?” Kyle greeted.

“Dean popped the question.” Chris said without preamble. “The Drill Sergeant accepted. Of course with that bump, she didn’t have any choice. Put Aaron on the line.” Chris said, ignoring Kyle’s laughter.

“It’s Chris.” Kyle said handing the phone over to Aaron. “He wants to talk to you.”

“Chris.” Aaron couldn’t mask the smile in his voice.

“Hey buddy. Happy birthday.” Chris boomed.

“Thanks.” Aaron laughed.

“Having fun?”

“Massive.” Aaron gushed. “You should come here sometime. You’ll love it.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Chris chuckled. “You guys decent? We’re at Cole’s. He’s going to Skype you guys now so…”

“Shit.” Aaron muttered and heard Chris laugh at the other end. “Give us a minute, Chris.” Aaron threw the phone on the bed and jumped out. “They’re going to skype, Kyle. Get dressed.”

Kyle groaned and got off the bed to pull on a t-shirt and jeans just as Aaron had done. Then they went to sit on the couch with Kyle’s ipad, which had already started buzzing, and placed it on the center table. When Aaron saw the squad singing happy birthday to him, he actually joined in, making Kyle roar with laughter. Afterwards, each person took turns talking to Kyle and Aaron. It actually felt like they were all in the same room and not miles away as they really were. Kyle said congratulations to Dean and Kayla and asked them when the wedding was going to take place.

“Ow come on.” Aaron groaned, when Kayla gave them a date. “I’ll be in India by then. There’s this conference Chris said I’m to attend.”

“And you’re not getting out of that, young man.” Chris bellowed from behind Dean and Kayla.

“Don’t worry, Aaron.” Michael called out. “There’ll be many other weddings. Cole and Briana’s, Matt and Jen’s…your own…” He trailed off when all the guys roared with laughter.

Aaron turned to look at Kyle. “They know.” It wasn’t a question.

“Yes they know. I told them I was going to…tell you.” Kyle’s eyes were filled with amusement. And when he saw Aaron shaking his head with amazement, he laughed.

“How about Chris and one of his blonde bombshells?” Dean deadpanned.

Kyle, Aaron, Kayla and some of the guys who heard, burst into laughter.

“Fuck off, asshole.” Chris laughed. “Why don’t you talk about Ty and his bombshells?”

“Because everyone knows that Ty is not going to get hitched anytime soon.” Tristan retorted. “In fact, I like the bimbo I saw you with last Wed…” Tristan couldn’t get any further because Chris coiled an arm around his head in a headlock.

“Shut up, Tristan.” Chris gave a mock growl. “Why can’t you twerps mind your own business?”

“Help, somebody.” Tristan screamed as if he was actually hurting but everyone knew Chris wasn’t hurting him at all. “Damon.”

“Next time don’t bite more than you can chew, darling.” Damon guffawed, going off to pour more drink for himself without rescuing his husband. “Besides, didn’t someone once tell me he was a black belt?”

“Pick on someone your own size, dickhead.” Dean growled, pulling Chris’ arm from around Tristan’s head and shoving Chris playfully.

“You’re sleeping in the guest room tonight, Damon.” Tristan announced loudly, making everyone laugh.

“Yeah right.” Cole smirked. “Let’s just say that guest room bed will, without a doubt, have two people in it.” He added, slapping his raised palm against Damon’s. Everyone erupted into laughter.

“Oh Kyle, have you been told I’m going to be the maid of honour for the wedding?” Briana, Cole’s beautiful fiancée gushed. “Yayyy!” She squealed before Kyle could even answer, making everyone laugh.

After chatting for almost an hour, they finally said their farewells. “God, I miss them.” Kyle laughed.

“They obviously miss you too.” Aaron said softly. “I noticed your phone flashing when I took it from you earlier. I think you have a message.” Aaron picked up the TV’s remote and switched to CNN, whilst Kyle went to pick up his phone from the bed.

“It’s Ken.” Kyle said, sitting down beside Aaron. “He wanted to know whether you’re awake now. I called him earlier whilst you were sleeping.” Then Kyle chuckled, still reading the messages left by his brother. “He says he has news that will blow my mind. I wonder what it is.” Kyle said whilst he dialled his brothers number.

“I suppose he’s awake now.” Ken said when he answered the call. “Call me via Skype, Ky. I have something to show you.”

“Okay. Give me a sec.” Kyle said as he dialled Ken via Skype.

The first thing Kyle and Aaron saw wasn’t Ken’s face but his fingers…well at least they thought it was. The only strange thing was the ring on that finger.

“You went and got married without me?” Kyle bellowed, startling Aaron.

“Calm down, Ky.” Ken laughed. “Stephen asked me to marry him. But he wants to ask you for your blessing before…”

“But you’re already wearing a fucking ring.” Kyle looked…pissed.

“Come on, Ky.” Ken cajoled. “Who proposes without a ring?”

“Dean.” Kyle deadpanned.

“What?” Ken didn’t understand.

“Dean asked Kayla to marry him…without a ring.” Kyle explained, making Aaron and Ken burst into laughter.

“Aaron darling, happy birthday.” Ken said.

“Thanks.” Aaron said delightedly.

“I’ll give you your present when we get back home okay?”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Good. Now Ky, can you please be nice when Stephen calls?”

“Why won’t I be nice? I’m not an asshole like he obviously is, you know…”

“Ky…” Ken groaned.

“He should have asked me before asking you, Ken. That’s how it’s done.” Kyle fumed.

“Err…Kyle?” Aaron said softly beside Kyle. “You didn’t ask my mother before asking me to…”

“I didn’t ask you to marry me, baby. I told you I was going to marry you. There’s a difference.” Kyle purred. “Besides who said I didn’t ask your mother?” Kyle asked, making Aaron’s eyes widen.

“You did?”

“Uh-huh.” Kyle leaned over to kiss Aaron’s slightly parted lips. “She gave her blessing.” He whispered.

“Hey, cut it out you two. I’m still here?” Ken said sternly, drawing a chuckle from a surprised Aaron. Kyle still looked pissed. “Ky, listen. Last week I told Stephen about your impending… warped proposal. Apparently the idiot…”

“He also knows.” Aaron stated.

“He’s my twin brother.” Kyle deadpanned.

“Are you two listening to me?” Ken growled.

“Yes.” Both Kyle and Aaron responded, with Aaron trying to hide his smile.

“Okay so as I was saying, Stephen apparently bought a ring, with the intention of asking me to marry him six months ago but was scared of rejection. Can you imagine?” Ken waited for the two people he was talking to, to say something and when they didn’t, he went right ahead. “Well, so he decided to propose today too when I told him what you were planning on doing. Please forgive him, Ky. He’s still shaken as it is.”

“Why the fuck is he still shaken? You accepted.” Kyle growled.

“No I didn’t.” Ken shook his head. “I told him to ask you first.” He sighed.

“But the ring…” Kyle pointed out.

“He’s out, Ky. I only wanted you to see it that’s why I put it on. He doesn’t know I’ve taken…Oh my God, he’s back.” Ken groaned and turned to look behind him even as he tried to take off the ring. “Shit. After telling the man I’m only going to accept his ring and proposal on condition that he asks my brother, he catches me wearing the ring? How mortifying!” Ken moaned, pulling his finger with all him might. “Fuck!”

Aaron couldn’t hold in his laughter. Even Kyle grinned at his brother’s predicament. Ken looked like he wanted to die. What made the whole scene funny was the fact that Ken couldn’t seem to be able to pull off the ring.

“Get some cream, Ken.” Aaron shouted, hitting Kyle who had erupted into raucous laughter.

But even as Ken raced towards the dresser in the room, Aaron and Kyle saw the door behind him open and Stephen, looking every bit like his military self in a tight t-shirt, cargo pants and combat boots, stepped into the room. Ken froze. Stephen merely stood and watched as his boyfriend’s face heated up and dropped his eyes to Ken’s ringed finger. At that point, Kyle and Aaron went quiet, waiting to see Stephen’s reaction.

“It’s a lit…little tight.” Ken stammered.

“I know.” Stephen said quietly. “I had it made at the time you were very sick. I tried it on you once whilst you were fast asleep. It was perfect.” He explained. “You’ve put on since then. If…if you accept my proposal, we’ll go and get it…”

“I accept.” Ken surprised both Stephen and the audience Stephen didn’t know they had, by blurting out shakily, tears already spilling from his eyes.

“Oh God, baby are you serious?” Stephen looked totally humbled. Ken nodded his head vigorously, obviously feeling too emotional to talk. “Oh Ken, I love you.” Stephen said closing the distance between them and wiping at Ken’s cheeks. Then he wrapped Ken in a tight embrace. “I love you so much. Thank you.” He picked Ken up and Ken immediately wrapped his legs around Stephen’s waist.

Stephen sounded like he was crying too. The two were obviously lost in each other at that very moment. Till…

“What the fuck happened to asking me first?” Kyle bellowed, making Stephen turn his head towards Ken’s ipad and the faces of Kyle and Aaron.

“Oh shut the fuck up, Kyle.” Aaron groaned.

“Kyle?” Stephen said, wiping at his eyes. Then he moved closer to Aaron and Kyle, with Ken still in his arms.

“Wasn’t expecting me where you?” Kyle growled, making Aaron roll his eyes. Kyle sounded as though he’d actually walked in on Stephen and Ken, when in fact, he was sitting thousands of miles away. “Isn’t there something you want to ask me?”

Stephen flashed a grin and sat on the chair that Ken had been sitting on earlier. He didn’t let go of a still shaken Ken for even a second. He hugged Ken to his broad chest, making Kyle smile despite himself, remembering the reason why he’d always liked Stephen. The man totally adored and love Ken to death. And Kyle knew he couldn’t ask for a more fitting husband for his brother.

“I do actually.” The soldier said in such an authoritative voice, making Kyle wonder whether it was the same man who hadn’t had the balls to ask his brother to marry him six months ago. Love could make the strongest of men act like wimps, Kyle thought amused. He should know. “Oh, happy birthday, Aaron.”

“Thanks Stephen. And congratulations.” Aaron grinned.

“Congratulations to you too.” Stephen winked.

“Waiting…” Kyle growled. “What did you want to ask me, Stephen?”

Stephen’s brilliant smile could have lit up a dark room. “How about a double wedding?”

Kyle, Aaron and Ken froze. Ken was the first to recover. “That is the best suggestion I’ve heard in a long while.” Ken gushed, dropping a quick kiss on Stephen’s lips. “Baby, that’s brilliant.” Then he turned around to face his brother and Aaron. “Well…”

“Kyle?” Stephen looked at Kyle and Aaron expectantly. “Aaron?”

Kyle was so startled by Stephen’s question, he forgot that that wasn’t the question he’d been expecting. He turned to look at Aaron, surprised at the twinkle in Aaron’s eyes. “We can do that.” Kyle said slowly, looking at Aaron the whole time. “Immediately Aaron here, gets comfortable with the idea.”

“Who says I’m not?” Aaron retorted with a smile, his eye so filled with love for the man beside him.

Kyle’s eyes widen in surprised. The joy that filled him at that very moment was so intense and overwhelming he didn’t even hear when Ken and Stephen started cheering as though their football clubs had won a cup. He only had eyes for Aaron.

“Really?” Kyle whispered. And at Aaron’s nod, Kyle gathered Aaron into his arms and held him as though he was never going to let him go, his body trembling with reaction, against Aaron’s. “You just made me the happiest man alive. Thank you.” Kyle’s voice cracked.

And just like that, Aaron knew Kyle had been bluffing the whole time. All that talk about ‘telling’ and not ‘asking’ had been Kyle’s way of shielding himself from rejection. He’d obviously been scared Aaron would say no. Apparently Stephen wasn’t the only chicken after all, Aaron thought with a smile.

“You were scared weren’t you?” Aaron whispered when he felt Kyle shaking and sniffling against his neck.

Kyle nodded against Aaron. “Terrified.” He whispered.

Aaron tightened his hold on Kyle. “You big chicken.” He whispered, making Kyle shake even harder…this time with laughter. “God, I’m crazy about you.”

Kyle raised his head and wiped at his eyes. Then he gave Aaron that smile that never ceased to get Aaron’s heart to pound faster and turn his insides to mush. “I know.”

And even as Ken and Stephen looked on with delight, Kyle kissed Aaron with a fiery passion. Each man knew the other owned him, body and soul, and there wasn’t any way they would change that. They were not just blissfully hooked, they were hooked for life.


‘To err is human, to forgive, divine!’ – Alexander Pope (1688 – 1744)

Written By: Adjoaq

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More to come! Let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to comment me ideas of what you’d like to read next. Thanks for reading, I hoped you enjoyed it.

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