Bathhouse Heaven

Bathhouse Heaven

Getting a real taste of earthly delight.

His rimming tongue had brought me to the point of deciding to do a hit of rush, for only the second time today. Several men in the darkroom had already sucked and played with me as I played with them, caressing nipples or stroking horny dicks, or fingering soft asses. After almost cumming a couple of times, it seemed a good point to return to the temptations available in the steambath. But when trying to maneuver a way out through the back opening, trying to move away from a stranger’s hand pleasuring my extended length, my ass and balls ended up near the face of a man that had already gone down on me.

He quickly took advantage of this position. Unable to keep from moaning while freezing in place as he began to rim me, his hand slid along my still slippery horny shaft, letting him know just what sort of slut was above him. This was the second time I’d been rimmed today, remaining as fantastically addictive to experience as an hour ago, or during my first bathhouse visit years ago. Except today, two different men had made me their anal slave, unable to resist their desire to lick my wanting ass.

Even after shifting several times, though only minimally due to how the dim space was filled with bodies, his tongue easily continued to find my obvious weakness, fully exploiting it, making me settle back down on his face helplessly after each attempt to move away. Of course I’d found his erect shaft, often stroking him in rhythm with his tongue kissing my hole, making it even more difficult to break contact.

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Keeping track of the bottle, bag, and sodden towel played a role as a necessary distraction, slowing the unstoppable sinking into giving in to the pure pleasure of being rimmed by another man. For whatever reason, men have shown a much greater talent at anal/tongue games, separate from the particular reality of getting fucked in the ass by a hard cock, something that women can experience as a bottom, but never as a true top. Not that I had that much experience being rimmed by men or women. though this afternoon had added significantly to that knowledge, particularly when I was the one licking someone’s hot and horny ass.

Easily settling into a perfect position for him to tongue my hole after the 3rd or 4th ineffective time trying to get beyond his spell. Getting turned on by looking at his hard cock while jacking it off, time passing in the best way before getting enough determination together to open the bottle. In large part knowing that once the bottle was opened, there would be no way to resist one of the final bathhouse temptations. After the rush entered my lungs, the result would be going down on a man, putting a naked cock in my mouth.

Admittedly, I had sucked a bare cock once before, but that was in the whirlpool, with an entirely different framework. Then, a man had gone down on me underwater, a delightful experience, and we were well matched as partners. Meaning that in the end, I went down on him, still wearing my glasses, surprised at how long I could hold my breath while having his cock in my mouth. That time had been exceptional in several ways, including the brief comedy of losing my glasses underwater when the central jet was going. The only other time (of which there are pictures) was brief, being unable to keep from cumming as my lips encircled a man’s cock – picture taking is always an extreme turn on. Orgasm just overwhelmed me before an actual blow job could be properly performed, driven by awareness of how a stranger kept taking pictures as I came in the booth.

The only other time where the temptation to go down on a man had started to affect me at a primitive level, the stranger in the darkroom proved to be far to clumsy to deal with. Kneeling astride a cock sucker’s head, feeling his mouth surround my hard length, a third man stepped on the platform, soon standing in front of me. Possibly in his late 20s/early 30s, with an erect cock similar to mine, both in how turned on it was and its size and shape. The smell was fantastically enticing, causing me to lean in to appreciate it. However, seeming to think he was in charge, and clearly impatient, instead of letting me enjoy and then surrender to temptation, he reached down to put my mouth over his jutting rod.

Which simply made me push him away as he continued to try, futilely, to have me go down on him. An action that unbalanced him, resulting in him falling heavily. Thankfully, he missed the camera, but did damage my glasses when his knee went down on them. The titanium frame was fine, but a teflon pin was damaged on one arm, along with a lens being chipped. Something discovered in the dim light outside of the darkroom afterwards. The bathhouse is generally a civilized place, where a certain enthusiasm is to be expected, but no one forces me to do something I don’t want, especially when it comes to sex.

This latest visit had been filled with something very different than force, involving already having indulged in other temptations. It only took a couple of minutes after finishing my beer and going to the porn theater to have a man go down on my uncovered cock, right at the start of this Sunday visit. His mouth was exactly what I’d been looking for, and it did not take too long before he joined me on the top row of the theater space.

He began to suck me again as I watched the gay porn, playing with his stiffening rod. Porn is always wonderful, especially ofter indulging in a bowl (or more) and cold beer, but having a stranger go down on me made the experience essentially perfect. Stopping him before cumming into his clearly wanting mouth, he asked why. The simple reply being how it was very early in the day, with numerous chances to have sex involving a lot more men beckoning. His response was simply to slide his mouth over my cock again, forcing groans, helplessly starting to talk about how hot it was to look at the gay porn while getting head from a horny stranger.

Then talking about how the sauna is a place to have sex with lots of men, that being the major reason I was here. Different partners, group sex, getting cum on, finding still another willing partner in the steambath or darkroom. It was a bit of a surprise to talk so openly about my male desires and pleasures, but my cock approved as it remained within a man’s talented mouth.

He withdrew a bit, then had me lean back and open my legs wider. “You’ll like this” he said, his hand sliding along my slippery length as he began to teabag me.

“Oh fuck .. fuck yeah .. I love it .. tongue me.”

Words that rapidly led to his tongue sliding downwards. I began to pant as his tongue ran along my inner thigh, realizing that what I’d said about how good his tongue felt on my sack had been interpreted in a much sluttier, and desirable, way. Counting how many times I’ve been rimmed is easy, it being a still rare treat, even here after years of visits. Rimming is what I consider truly gay sex, even if the person that introduced me to it was my first girlfriend. The luck in having my ass licked that first bathhouse visit had been excellent and extraordinary, cementing a now years long connection between the bathhouse and irresistible gay sex.

He shifted position smoothly, making it much easier for me to play with his cock. After a perfect interval of pleasure, he took a pause, allowing me to find a condom, covering his cock before taking it fully in my mouth. Leading, seemingly inexorably, to being rimmed again. Now, we were evenly matched – as anyone who has been rimmed or blown knows, the true power flows from the mouth providing the pleasure, making the other a helpless sex slave.

Moaning and spreading my legs more, uncaring that anyone could see my ass being licked, erect cock clear proof of just how turned on a man could make me. Years of experience at the baths has pretty much removed all inhibitions concerning having sex with other men, yet this was the first time being rimmed where other people could watch, as at least two other men were, the one on the bottom row clearly stroking a sexy stiff cock.

My partner’s reaction to having his ass touched was delightfully slutty, prompting me to dive deeper into uninhibited gay sex, fully turned on by knowing that this was not a private setting. Pulling gently on his ass cheeks to roll up, it took little time to settle into my first male anal 69. I was greedy, pushing my tongue against his soft anus, beyond finesse, licking each other. The sensations of giving and receiving seemed to merge, as we became mutually and very orally involved, teabagging, rimming, and sucking cock without inhibition.

His finger pushed into my wet ass, soon moving in rhythm with his sucking mouth. Bringing me to the point of orgasm several times, only barely stopping him before falling over the edge.

“Why not cum .. fill my mouth .. just cum” he said, before returning to sucking me. That brief pause had been enough to settle down, starting to watch a male threesome on the screen while a man orally pleasured me. Just as good as before, porn being a perfect addition to sex – watching it with a turned on partner is truly addictive. Especially somewhere like the bathhouse, where the number of interested partners often ensures long running and mutual porn enjoyment.

As time went on, we kept each other hard. He took off the condom at some point, ending my interest in going down on him. A restraint that provided a certain amount of smugness in following my rules. Admittedly, I had rimmed him, which has been something only extremely rarely done in the past.

Something we soon returned to, my mouth finding his soft hole. After another endless interval of animal satisfaction between the legs of another person, he knelt over me. My refusal to go down on his bare cock was easily understood, as we sat jacking off, talking about sex.

“Why not cum?” he asked again.

Repeating about wanting the fun to last for a while, for example looking at explicit porn while talking about sex with another man. He seemed to understand the point, though there is often an undercurrent of some competition involved, almost as the men wanting you to cum are collecting notches. Nonetheless, just having sex with one man is rarely my goal at the baths, especially when several hours are available. “Sometimes, I don’t even cum here, it turns out,” I explained as we slowly began to wind down.

He left, a certain wryness contained in his parting words, talking about my stamina.

After resting a moment longer, I put everything but the poppers bottle and 2 condoms into the mid-level locker, noting that 3/4 of an hour had passed. Quickly getting clean in the 4 person entrance shower room, followed by lightly towelled off before going downstairs. The bathhouse was full, but not crowded. Walking into the steambath, the sounds of sex were coming from several directions. There were two pairs in the front section, prompting a hand to go lower to touch myself, unable to resist a swelling cock when encountering the sight of open sex.

Walking towards the wall opposite the entrance, I turned into the rear section, passing two men, one already hard. Cautiously advancing into the dimness, a hand touched my thigh, soon finding my cock, making me stop while sighing in contentment. It took only a couple of seconds to find his dick, allowing us to make each other rigid.

He bent down, taking me into his mouth, making me moan helplessly while sinking deeper past his lips. A man tried to pass us, pausing long enough to allow both of us to find his willing cock. He turned towards me, his hand pulling my head to his mouth, quickly feeling his tongue enter my mouth. The cock sucker shifted his attention, causing my new partner’s kissing to turn totally slutty, my tongue pushing far inside his now slack mouth.

Undoubtedly he felt the same effect when our mutual cocksucker returned his attention to me, his tongue quickly and greedily filling my mouth, head starting to turn up as I sank deeper into a wonderfully promiscuous cocksucker’s hot mouth.

The cocksucker straightened, leaning over to kiss the new man, our hands fondling each other’s cocks and balls. Soon, beginning to touch cocks together, the pre-cum and spit and sweat mixed in perfect measure on our naked rods. A couple of other men were starting to add their hands and bodies to our threesome, which broke up when the first cocksucker left the heat, though we quickly reformed into several different groupings.

The steambath had grown increasingly filled during the time I’d been intimately involved with a couple of strangers. After taking a half step to the side, clearing the way, a new man’s hand found my cock, with another new set of hands beginning to slide over my chest. I gasped when a mouth covered my cock, sinking deeper into its wanton wetness as my nipples were caressed. The sensations were so good that contradictory thoughts arose – the first being this was a perfect time for poppers, the other, slightly more rational, thought being that I did not want to cum yet.

Which isn’t the same as to say that going cock to slippery cock was exactly a break, particularly as the new cocksucker rose and began to kiss me forcefully, his mouth having the unique smoothness of someone who’d swallowed cum as my tongue explored freely past his. Other hands began to run over my ass, the feel of a questing cock following their path. I turned away to the right, making a lack of desire plain, only to have another man begin to go down on me, one whose cock I’d been playing with for a bit.

Now, it was distinctly time to take a hit, thoroughly surrounded by equally horny men. Breathing in deeply, determined to hold the hit as long as possible, losing control just from the initial scent rising from the bottle, knowing what would now inevitably follow. Looking around as the poppers began to take hold, the scene was one of a wonderfully abandoned orgy, an orgy encompassing all of us.

Including most definitely myself, feeling one man stroke a sensitive nipple while another man took me deeper into his wonderfully welcoming mouth. Someone’s hand was playing between my thighs and balls, matching the increasing rhythm of my face fucking in a room full of other men having sex. The rush reached my horny cock, creating a feeling of ever growing immenseness, turning it into a gigantic rod of pure sexual sensation. A hand turned my head to kiss before I’d even breathed out.

This brought back memories of how my first girlfriend and I used to share poppers while having sex, letting the rush flow into his mouth as he kissed me. Except here, a man was sucking my turned on cock and hands were running over me as I pumped a stranger’s stiff rod. Orgasm approached, causing me to delay its arrival by withdrawing from the cocksucker’s lovely mouth. Only to feel a stranger’s hand begin to close over my slippery length, soon sliding up and down in an ever more tempting motion.

Taking my right hand away from a hard cock, I placed it over the hand jacking me off into paradise, trying to slow it down. When that did not work, I turned to the side, breaking contact.

For only a few seconds, as another hand found my jutting erection. This time, I tried to slow the new man down by playing with his cock, which helped at least long enough for me to indulge in the pleasure of having a nipple be lightly stroked, right on the edge of orgasm. The rush had me in its full grip, though decades of experience has provided a certain ability to not be overwhelmed too quickly.

But what happening now was something entirely different, a merging of hands and cocks and bodies into a sea of irresistible pleasure, all of us turned on and available. A hand came from the left to replace the hand that came from the right, prompting me to turn a bit, reaching out to find another cock in the dim dampness, hopefully from the man pleasuring me. Though at this point, it would make no real difference. A mouth began to perform new magic on my nipple, soon accompanied by a finger sliding up and down my ass crack.

However, it became necessary to turn again when a cock began pressing against my ass cheeks, since as tempting the thought of getting fucked was, unprotected anal sex using poppers in a bathhouse is like riding a motorcycle in rush hour traffic without gloves and a helmet. Hands and mouths continued to pleasure me for a while longer, leading me to touch another half dozen cocks, though a couple may have already been familiar. The sheer satisfaction of such utterly uninhibited sex was entrancing, far beyond rational thought. Forcing the more than unwelcome realization that if I did not leave now, it would be impossible to resist turning into a total slut, like so many of the other men already were. The attraction was undeniable, leaving me mentally reeling while physically staggering to the door.

Cooling off in the shower, the clock showed that more than a half hour had passed, a period far too long compared to the time assumed spent in there. And except for the reality that the clock on the next level said the same thing, my firm belief in how little time had passed was more easily explained by assuming the lower level clock was wrong. After several decades, an awareness that the very best sex creates timelessness is not a new discovery. Yet the combination of so many late 70s elements creating an ocean of bliss meant now experiencing something then mysteriously appealing, part of the background of my youth. Starting, in major part, looking at a hard cock when mutually orgasming with a high school friend after getting turned on looking at the finest of late 70s porn. Porn that provided the hints and half revealed truths of another world of sex entirely – including a Playboy Advisor column which first discussed the mysterious attraction of a particular ‘locker room scent.’

Today, it was possible to be fairly confident about not diving in far too deep, regardless of temptation. Glorious and fantastic temptation, knowing that visiting the baths is something no longer capable of being resisted. And a touch shaken at just how fantastic that interval in the steambath had been, knowing the bathhouse visits would continue, even if such perfection is not a daily occurrence.

This visit had actually started with an experiment, when I went upstairs to the darkroom, carrying a larger bag than usual. A fan is found at the back corner, using one of only two outlets available upstairs. The darkness proved to make the entire process of plugging in and using the coil vibrator cumbersome – taking pictures did not make anything easier. Leaving the fan unplugged, putting everything else away, deciding that a vibrator here was just a bit too much effort to be rewarding, stowing it away in the locker before drinking a beer.

The darkroom had stayed fairly empty, apparently, after returning to it – no one at the gloryholes, and only a pair on the platform. As so often happens in the dark, our hands soon discovered new skin to explore. Getting more turned on, I joined their games, feeling a mouth began to slide over my horny cock. Time slowed as the pleasure spread, only occasionally becoming aware of how the space was filling with other naked men. Sometimes due to the sounds, sometimes from being touched, sometimes from seeing dim forms.

The more distant man of our threesome moved off, prompting the man that had sucked both of our cocks to shift direction. It was becoming hot in the space, feeling another sweaty stranger move against me as I jacked him off, starting to be hemmed in by other bodies on the platform. Not to mention being sucked into another horny mouth, making me moan. Trying to keep my things together was becoming a challenge, in part because for increasingly intense intervals, no thinking was occurring.

My cock was not exactly in control either, as sensations overwhelmed me. A wet finger sliding over my soft hole, a mouth on my nipples, playing with myself while getting teabagged, my body swirling in currents of gay group sex. No woman I have talked to about this understands the primal attraction of just letting go among a group of horny men, how perfectly male it feels to get off like this, among a group of naked strangers all having sex with each other.

However, the combination of heat, crowding, and resulting extended lack of movement finally prompted me to try to move away. This took several moments to start, trying to discover the outlines of several bodies, and where there were empty spaces. Such explorations often leading to distraction, in one case because another man wrapped his lips over my cockhead as I knelt, trying to figure out where to move next.

Carefully moving parallel to the cocksucker’s body, my ass ended up essentially covering another man’s head, though with the full intention to keep trying to leave. My possessions were gathered, including the soaked through towel, making it simple to surrender at the first touch of his willing tongue. My sighing providing a sure signal of my intentions, feeling his hand begin to pump the base of my slippery rod, causing me to settle deeper on his face.

Once or twice it was necessary to move a bit to keep from cramping, allowing him the chance to blow me, changing position a bit between sessions of rimming. Dark desires had been steadily rising the entire time, staying at the edge of my mind, even as my body surrendered to them. Positioning myself carefully, opening the bottle, letting my hole sink against his probing tongue, firmly closing the cover before starting to bend down, hands wrapping around his thighs to pull me downwards.

Poised just above his sexy smelling rod, knowing that I would be going down on him, he abruptly moved a hand to cover his naked cock. Oddly smug again at not breaking a very long held rule, my head sank between his legs, under his stiff and still hand covered cock. Breathing out, I began to rim his soft hole. Finding out in a moaning moment of pure bliss that rush makes rimming utterly addictively, my face burrowing deeper, sliding my own asshole back and forth over his mouth.

This was paradise, of a sort barely rumored about in my youth, generally by people opposed to such pleasures being shared among men. Pleasures they often seemed to simultaneously emphasize even while warning against them. Pleasures so easily found at the baths, especially for married men wishing to remain anonymous. In my 50s, I have realized that a number of married men have always looked for the sort of straightforward sex available at the baths, some of those men being the sort to talk in public about what goes on there in private. Whether to warn or entice becoming irrelevant after a man visits the baths for the first time, the exposure to pure male sex leading to a lifetime giving in to its attractions.

After adding beer, bowls, and poppers to mutual rimming, the decadent satisfaction was utterly rewarding. This was the variety of gay sex that had always filled my most secret imagination, purely physical sensations wending deeper, wiping out all thinking, tongue slathering over a man’s hole as he did the same to me, knees spreading to allow his tongue total access to my willing ass.

In the background of my mind, there remained an odd mix of relief and disappointment at resisting sucking a bare cock, utterly lost in the intoxication of bathhouse sex. I did several more hits, each time putting my mouth at his ass before breathing out. He would wait until I became a helpless slut before pushing his tongue past my well lubricated ass ring, both of us becoming totally dedicated ass lickers.

After an indefinite interval filled with pure oral bliss, several things happened. The first was someone turning on the fan I’d unplugged. The second was noticing just how hot and sweaty I’d become. The third was seeing just how full the darkroom had become. The fourth being that the man I’d been sharing a rim job with moved and then left.

My cock was still hard, and the fan was doing a nice if noisy job of cooling the room, not to mention my wet skin. My eyes had adapted to the extremely low level of light, allowing the chance to see dim forms on the platform. Including a man likely to be one I’d already played with. Carefully, I moved parallel to the first man most likely encountered this afternoon, ass temptingly close to his face. A leg extended, hoping that this hint would be more than sufficient while pumping his stiff shaft as I bent over it.

Considering that it was likely he had known what had been happening next to him, the shiver of pleasure that ran through me as his tongue stretched out and touched my ass should not have been so surprising. Yet it was, as a third man began to rim me. A man whose cock smelled thoroughly enticing, causing me to breathe in more deeply while getting closer. A sexual perfume was enveloping me, almost fully capturing my attention.

The small part that wasn’t sinking into a blissful state was concentrating on getting the rush bottle ready. Breathing in, waiting only long enough to firmly close and carefully position the bottle for further use. Feeling the rush grow with the reality of what was going to happen, approaching his cock with my open mouth, settling down on his ass licking face.

Starting to go down on a raw cock, amazed at how turned on it made me. Cock sucking with a condom is like fucking with a condom – there may be excellent reasons for the condom, but the experience is not the same. What I was experiencing was unbelievably slutty, surrendering to the desire to put my mouth around a man’s sexy shaft. Breathing out, sliding a silky cock back and forth in my mouth, a hand touched my cock, leading me to soon return to rimming him.

Doing another hit, I returned to taking his cock into a no longer virgin mouth, amazed at how immensely large he felt, taking his rod as deep as possible, my hole was being bathed by his tongue. Turning into a sexual animal, burying my face between his legs again, sticking my questing tongue further past his quivering anal ring, while he did the same thing to me.

Though blur is not the right concept for how such intense sensations are experienced, it describes trying to recollect the mixture of poppers, rimming, ball licking, and cock sucking with detail. The platform was full, and the smell of poppers seemed to be coming from multiple places. I brought him to the very edge of cumming several times, discovering just how much I loved teabagging a man, moving my tongue from his ass to his balls, then back again, in ever widening distance, until finally my tongue was sliding from his yielding ass to his thrusting cockhead.

Other men would get involved in a minor way, sliding their hands over our bodies, but we mainly remained a pair, heads firmly fixed between each other’s spread legs. At some point, his hand found mine holding the brown bottle of magic as I did a hit. Closing the bottle, it only occurred to me as I went down on his cock again that he might enjoy them too. After returning to some semblance of awareness, I felt his searching fingers. Taking another hit before giving them to him, hearing him open the bottle as I started tonguing his asshole.

I had never felt so perfectly depraved as now, licking cock, balls, and ass, feeling him pull my hole to his face, both of us sharing the same desires while satisfying them, a pair of bathhouse lovers. I heard him do another hit as a bottle reached my hands – someone else’s, the larger size making it obvious.

Opening that bottle, getting off from sharing a stranger’s poppers, feeling a hand on my cock, going down on a now familiar cock, ass being licked, in heaven at the baths.

Finally, the man underneath me moved, taking my cock into his mouth for a bit before leaving the darkroom. Even without cumming, I was completely worn, though the smell of a man’s cock and ass remained delightful.

Gathering up everything, I though maybe it was as late as 5pm, and hopefully not raining yet. I weaved clumsily out of the space, feeling a sort of drunkenness only rarely enjoyed in the past.

The clock said 7:30pm, an incredible fact, meaning that I’d just spent at least four hours having sex. Yet, in certain distinct ways, it made sense, comparable to the only other time I’d had sex for that long, with many of the same sort of disjointed memories of licking pussy and toes and ass, fucking in several positions, and feeling like this at the end, amazed at the time that had passed.

It was raining as I left, with the smell remaining arousing for hours after coming home, as potent a reminder of what I’d enjoyed as the scent of any woman I’d eaten and rimmed. The last couple of bathhouse visits have shown just how powerfully sexy the smell of a man can be, after going down on one long enough, naturally.

Another irresistible taste of earthly delight

To open the brown bottle now would result in his being in control yet again. I would have to remove the hand sliding my cockhead over the outside of his delightfully slippery soft ass, meaning it would be replaced with a stranger’s hand, possessing more direct intentions. I could not stop myself from doing the hit, knowing what it would mean, wanting it, having already spent a wonderful time rimming and being rimmed, along with fingering his wettened ass as he went down on my cock, with the more than occasionally delightful downwards deviation to tongue my balls. This would probably be my 5th or 6th or 7th hit till now, losing track, having fully sunk into the glorious sensations of bathhouse sex.

To the extent of almost giving in to anything, including till now forbidden pleasures. Regular visitors of the baths are fully aware of what sex with strangers offers at a male only space like this, an institution that seems to have existed in all cities able to create heated spaces for public baths.

I fully understand why that is true, as clearly as he and all the other men who visit the baths. What he was doing with my turned on cock as the rush filled me was something that had only become a concern after I had turned 18. Resulting in never having had a chance to visit the Olympus, a bathhouse I’d likely learned about in the Blade, even while driving by to visit adult bookstores to buy hardcore porn and rush, and often to get off in the video booths.

The feel of my cock against his soft skin was magical, leading to the only complication of our encounter till now – a certain background tension about needing to use a condom, without at any point interrupting my cockhead sliding over his invitingly available hole. Ever since the first touch, it had captivated my cock with a certain sexual sensation only now rising from memory. Types and styles of sex are not gay or straight, but men having sex with other men is definitely homosexual sex.

A point complicated by the fact that my first experience with getting rimmed and anal fucking were with my first girlfriend, her being inspired by a copy of the Joy Of Gay Sex. A book we then looked through together, though it was not as interesting as the Joy Of Sex, apart from rimming. An idea that was a true sexual revelation, as she had me on my back, hips in the air, legs spread, saying she was sure that I would love this, that it was something that gay men did with each other.

Now, my wet cock sliding just past his yielding and well lubricated anal ring, I realized that the two pleasures were intimately linked. Knowing now that if it had been a man introducing me to the addictive pleasures of rimming, he would have undoubtedly also gone on to do what I was doing now, hard cock sliding over saliva coated skin.

My partner paused until I had screwed the bottle tight, letting the growing effects fill me as he pushed back a bit, his fingers sliding over my shaft, slowly circling it, then pressing along it. He took a firm grasp when I breathed out, knowing that desire had overwhelmed caution. The last few bathhouse visits have significantly altered my behavior, and now, another temptation was being enjoyed to its very limit. The hit was the final result of underestimating just how good it would feel, just beyond the edge of fucking a stranger. Or a desire to finally experience what was so common in the late 70s, a time I just missed when becoming an adult.

Fortunately enough, in retrospect, as the experience gained since then is much like the advances in motorcycle helmets – better safe than sorry is not the right perspective, merely that the consequences of a mistake are generally smaller than in the past. Experience that also includes self-control, at least in terms of not cumming quickly in hot passionate spurts. Something which has been indirectly commented on, amusingly enough, at the counter when leaving the bathhouse, after only being there a delightful half hour.

However, my last few visits have shown that my sense of time is becoming very unreliable, which is not a complaint. It is hard to reconcile the clock with the perceived interval, to the extent of still thinking that it is the clock in error.

Not only the sense of time, but my self-control also. I have sucked naked cock and licked hot ass with wild abandon in the darkroom, and now, I was approaching a formerly well defined boundary. Approaching it with lungs full of rush, cock ready to continue its journey of discovery, enthralled by pure male lust.

Fingers kept sliding over and guiding my turned on cock against a wonderfully primal inviting soft wetness, poised at the edge of my cockhead passing inside him whenever the pleasure finally grew too great to prevent. I had been moaning variations of “no .. not naked .. so good .. man sex .. condom .. not naked .. fuck yes .. condom .. sexy ass” for a while, our actions showing how meaningless the words were individually, while perfectly reflecting what was going on. A state where I could not keep my cockhead from being surrounded by his pressing anal ring, a ring loosened by finger fucking, and well lubricated after being repeatedly rimming.

Truly, here was a boundary not crossed for decades, now discovering that an available and wet asshole is as tempting as any mouth or pussy or cock. Rediscovering truths related to two decades of marriage involving no anal sex, utterly unable to stop as reality continued to overwhelm me. A sexual sensation that had kept me under its spell over multiple attempts to have me start fucking him. Attempts which had been at least partially successful, I knew, though it did not matter what happened before as the pleasure continued to control my mind.

Yet the pleasure grew too large, making me pull back even as he resisted, pushing down to keep me in. Orgasming now would be too soon, especially as pulling out was the smarter alternative at two levels, not just one.

Keeping contact though, letting myself be guided by his desire, letting him manipulate me at a most basic level, one of pure sexual sensation.

Making it an easy decision to let him guide my cock again, breathing in the poppers scent as my cock approached paradise yet another time. Knowing that just like the visit before last, I was indulging in things only dimly imagined in the past, with the rush making such encounter even more intensely erotic. This most definitely includes rimming strangers – during the visit before last, 3, and today my mouth was between his legs maybe 5 minutes after he had started sucking me in the darkroom, around 10 minutes after finishing my cold beer.

Since first starting having sex at the bathhouse, condoms played a central role at the start of anal sex with a stranger, but today, I had allowed myself to experience a stranger’s saliva covered asshole, overwhelmed by just how good it felt. Part of this undoubtedly based on the timing – maybe only a half hour before entering the darkroom this Sunday I’d enjoyed a bowl, with the traditional glass of beer adding its own charming looseness. A larger part probably being the reality of how long and deep I’d rimmed him, as he went down on my cock and ass.

I’d gone upstairs first, checking the still empty spaces to the left of the spiral staircase. Walking down the opposite side, I passed a single man, who turned to enter the darkroom as I moved onwards. The porn in the deserted booths and theater area was uninteresting, requiring little time to dismiss. Meaning that the odds of finding the only other visitor upstairs were good.

An assumption that turned out to be truth. Entering the darkness, I encountered him standing in the center of the open space between the platform and the gloryhole wall.

We spent little time upright, as he led me to the platform, easily taking my uncovered cock into his mouth as I let down my towel and bag, laying back as a stranger went down on me. Fully indulging in getting head, this being exactly the sort of sexual encounter I’ve become addicted to over years of bathhouse visits. His towel, however, remained firmly wrapped, making it quite difficult to even figure out where his cock was, much less how to touch it. Only after several minutes of at times fumbling attempts on my part did he loosen his towel.

By now, we were positioned in such a way that it would be easy for me to start rimming him. His reaction was ideal, moving his mouth from rigid cock to quivering hole, causing me do a hit as his tongue touched me. Of course, the rush turned me into a pure ass slut, tongue bathing his softness, spreading my legs wider for him to get better access to what had become a center of pure desire, again uncaring whether anyone could see just how much I loved having a man lick my ass. Or even more obviously from the sounds of contented and muffled moaning, how much I loved licking a man’s ass myself.

We continued to enjoy variations on male 69, ending up with him kneeling over my cock as I finger fucked his nicely lubricated hole. A couple of men had approached, but after a shorter or longer interval, they left, even when I tried to get them involved. As time went on, it became apparent that the man orally serving me had no interest in sharing. This could be considered a bit regrettable, as group sex is something that really turns me on, but his ass licking was so good that it made no difference that he was keeping potential partners away.

At some point, he removed my deeply fucking finger. It was easy to have him straddle my face again, tongue sliding up and down his crack, doing a hit as he began to rim me too. His somewhat small cock never really got hard, but rimming is its own world of pleasure, one that has little connection to being stiff. My tongue was pressing past his anal ring, surprising me at how sexy it felt – and how fantastically depraved to be really rimming a man like this.

The poppers were filling me, creating an intensely animal lust as I buried my face between his cheeks. Finally breathing out, it was a disappointment to have him move away as my cock swelled, lips and tongue still wanting to be pleasuring his hot ass.

Yet, it was my own stiffness that seemingly attracted him when he shifted down, having his asshole touch my erect length as the poppers crested with my naked cock in paradise. As the effects began to recede, I moved a hand down, keeping my cock from entering deeper, experiencing just how good it felt between his legs, his hole wanting to be fucked. Tantalized by the first experience of this sort of lubrication, particularly the fact it was my own spit. Unable to stop from indulging in a previously forbidden game, led on by the fantastically slippery softness of his available ass, saliva being a better lube than any others I’ve used over the years.

Mainly Vaseline, which was the second lube I’d ever experienced on my cock. The first being the lubrication from a Trojan condom, experimenting with condoms with my high school friend, who was also trying one on for the first time as I spent the night at his house. He had taken them from his father’s supply, and we waited until we were sure everyone was asleep before opening the wrappers. After putting condoms on our then extremely inexperienced cocks, we both enjoyed truly mind-blowing orgasms, hearing each other moan and gasp to the liquid sounds of cock stroking.

Along with personal some serious embarrassment a few hours later, since I had not taken the used condom off. Something forgotten when starting to pee, wondering why it felt so different than normal, quickly being confronted with the problems of a pee filled condom, fairly tight against my cock after the lube had dried out. Things could have been worse in the end, but it was an early and vivid introduction of one major disadvantage of water based lubes.

However, Vaseline had the delightful advantage of not drying out, making it a favored lube, both alone and when jacking off with the same high school friend. Later, we also used Vaseline lotion, which tended to force quicker orgasms, as it too would lose its slipperiness: However, the benefits of its silky smoothness in terms of friction and easy clean up led to it becoming common for mutual jack off sessions, especially in the woods.

Though not for private anal games. For those, Vaseline had been used from the first when discovering the pleasures of anal self-penetration while jacking off. First to straight porn, later increasingly to gay porn, though the best was bi porn, something extremely rare to find in the early 80s. After a couple of years, poppers were added into this mix of irresistible pleasures. The first two experiences of ass fucking involving my first girlfriend used Vaseline, followed by essentially a decades long pause in such games. In part due to the knowledge that Vaseline dissolved latex, making it unsuitable for anal sex among strangers.

Today, after enjoying a nice stretch of mutual oral pleasuring, a stranger started introducing my cockhead to what it was like to have a willing partner’s slippery ass slide over it. Aware that he shouldn’t be allowed to do this, while even more aware of just how captivatingly good it felt. Yet again, the baths were allowing a man to weave a spell of pure bliss over my thoughts. Helping him by opening the bottle again, though a bit or remaining caution moved my hand going down to keep things from going further.

As the poppers filled me, my hand couldn’t resist my cock’s desires to experience the yielding softness of his hole. As the effects ebbed, I realized that this superficial exposure had been one of the sexiest moments of sexual contact in my life. But one I broke off, pulling his ass back to my face as he went down on me again. Now I knew why rimming was such a central part of gay sex, a realization that had taken years to reach. Soon, he brought me to such a state that when he moved his ass to slide my erect length along it, my only concession to caution was to put a hand between us, to keep temptation from becoming overwhelming. Which it already had, as reflected in the reality of my actions, getting the bottle ready for another hit, knowing that the sensations would become overpowering.

We continued this way for a good while, me always just in or just out, unable to stop but unwilling to go further than just my cockhead. This reluctance increased as our skin slowly dried out, removing much of the previous magic.

Admittedly, it grew easier to keep him from trying to really fuck me, which was definitely not going to happen without a condom – or a harder cock. After he made his ass wet with licked fingers, the magic returned, followed by another hit. The sensations were unbelievable, my cock ridge sliding over his soft anus, back and forth. Only slowly getting harder, feeling his wettened fingers spread his saliva between us, making all too sinfully easy to let my naked cockhead enter him.

It was impossible to not talk in a moaning cadence as this occurred, talking about naked fucking and condoms and how hot this was, my first time fucking, if only partially, a man without a condom. A man wanting to be fucked, though my cock remained less than rigid, with me being more than content to just enjoyable the sliding sensations.

He had a simpler solution, going down on my cock until it was wet and hard. Becoming lost in pure bliss, enjoying just how slowly his wet mouth moved as I breathed out another hit, moaning again about condoms and hot ass sex as he placed my cockhead right at the entrance of his asshole, letting me be the one to move deeper into it, a true slut. As my cock pushed further into his welcoming ass, his hand slowly encircled my slick cock, moving its deliciously horny head in counterpoint to his own hypnotically swaying hips.

We stayed this for a while, as several men were brushed off by him, something I was only dimly aware of. Finally, he ended up sucking a third man’s cock on his hands and knees. I knelt between his legs, hands on his hips, starting to fuck him the same way I’d ‘fucked’ the only panty wearing cross-dresser I’d encountered – hard cock pointing straight down, pressing it between his ass cheeks towards his balls, thrusting back and forth, taking control of him, riding the edge of orgasm with my hands on his hips, hearing him suck a stranger off in the darkness.

At some point, I needed to shift position, causing him to get up and move out of the darkroom.

Leaving the space a couple of moments after he did, the clock mid-level shocked me, showing that we’d been involved for more than an hour and quarter long, a significant part of that involving some truly hot almost but hopefully not really fucking. Continuing downstairs, I walked unsteadily into the steam room, looking to cum.

Approaching a man against the wall, it took only seconds to start to fondle and caress each other in the steam. He went down on my cock, making it nicely stiff. Along with making it easy to caress another man’s ass as he paused next to us. My cock sucker straightened, and we soon were all moving into a threesome. A surprise being the kiss I joined, a definitely enjoyable three way sharing of tongues and lips. I brought them cock to cock, my own cock more than occasionally involved, but before things got hotter, first one and then the other moved off.

Meaning that we broke apart before being able to cum. Not exactly frustrated, showering with a half hard cock, looking at the men to each side, both of whom seemed curious enough, but not interested.

Returning upstairs, the porn areas were mainly empty, and still playing boring porn.This happens often enough, as the range of what men find hot is much broader than that of any individual. Every part of the bathhouse has its own unknowable schedule, most definitely including periods of inaction or disinterest. However, in my experience, around 4pm on a Sunday afternoon is a reliably good time to get off with other men, the goal of so many visitors to a male only sauna.

I walked slowly into the darkroom, eyes no longer adapted to the dimness. The sounds of sex grew louder after rounding the wall, causing me to put out my hands while moving towards the opposite gloryhole wall. As I neared, my hand touched the shoulder of a man sitting on the platform. Using him as a guide, my left hand reached out to explore the facing gloryholes, both of which appeared to be empty.

Gasping when his hand touched my sensitive cock, it took only a couple of seconds to turn towards him, feeling his lips opening over my cockhead. Dropping the towel on the platform between the wall and him, I only held the bottle of rush. Yes, years of increasingly giving in to the liquid delight of dedicated cock suckers have left me unable to resist their charms, my bare cock loving getting sucked by multiple men while at the bathhouse. Today, after running my hands over his face, this was the third stranger who had gone down on me.

The one I started truly face fucking, knowing that today, the result would be to pump hot cum into his willing mouth. In my now fairly long experience of gloryholes, porn centers, and bathhouses, male cocksuckers always swallow. Something I’ve grown to accept, at least when finally reaching the end of a visit. No one is forcing such a partner to do what they wish, just as in this case, where it was his hand and mouth that had brought me so close to cumming so good.

Another man stepped near, tweaking my nipple. I did a final hit of rush, abandoning myself to orgasming in a stranger’s sexy mouth, pumping him full of hot semen, moaning in fulfilled satisfaction, just another man among the many getting off here today.

Getting licked.

After dropping off a class’s graded tests on a Sunday, I arrived at the bathhouse later than normal. The place was full, with more a social than sexual atmosphere, allowing for the fact that the baths are primarily a place for men to have easy sex with other men.

It took a while to get a beer, which was finished off quickly. I went downstairs to the whirlpool, but after a couple of minutes in it, there was no reason to keep sitting. For the first several years, the whirlpool had been a fairly consistent place for hot sex. During the last year, the hot tub has turned cold, so to speak. Now, no interaction was apparent, even after finding several feet to stroke.

The other reason to go was noticing that someone was sitting in the chair where my black bag and towel had been placed. Stepping down, I saw he had moved them to the window frame of the Finnish sauna, understandably, but considering that opportunity makes a thief, a certain sense of possession led me to go upstairs.

Along with my sense of horniness, increasing as the beer started to make its welcome presence felt in a setting where sex with strangers can be readily found. One of the first booths I walked past had a man on his stomach, causing me to pause before checking out the porn booths and theater area. As has become too common recently, only boring porn was playing, which did not really provide an explanation for why this whole section seemed empty.

Going to the other side, after again pausing to check out the bottom wanting to be fucked, sounds of activity seemed to be coming from the maze section. This being an area of the bathhouse which has been reliably uninteresting over the years, with maybe two uninteresting encounters having happened there.

Walking back, encountering a man leaving, both of us pausing for a quick fondle before going on our ways. Having reached the end of the first corridor, I turned left, aware both of several bodies in the entrance and the intriguing sounds of men having sex. Reaching out, right hand finding a nicely half hard cock, prompting me to step closer. The touched man moved back a half step, breaking contact as a hand began sliding over my chest.

The hand from a stranger in front of me soon found my nipple, causing me to move further into the darkness. Another hand went under my towel, running lightly over my sensitive inner thigh, teasing my ball sack. The entrance area was in motion as a man moved through, my hand only one of a couple that reached for his crotch. The hand between my legs remained in place while turning maybe 60° to make room.

The sudden sensation of a stranger’s mouth taking me into paradise caused a gasp, overwhelmed by the delightful surprise of getting a blowjob after having just finished a beer. One of the rarer pleasures in my life is to be sucked to hardness, feeling how my cock grows to fill the mouth it is in. Today, that being the mouth of the man who had been kneeling in this section. My own sexual sounds began mixing with those of other men having sex as a stranger introduced himself intimately to an, or likely another, utterly willing cock.

Unwrapping the towel in a growing intoxicating haze, putting it on my left shoulder, it took a fair amount of time to get the brown bottle out of my bag. Left arm raised along the door frame, hand splayed against an edge, my body started to move back and force, helplessly horny. The sensations coming from my cock were spectacularly addictive, the gasped ‘oh fuck yes’ providing extra proof of just how turned-on my unknown cocksucker was making me, just inside the truly blackened maze space.

As the blow job continued, the hand that had been sliding underneath my balls and along my thighs now reached between them, starting to glide over my ass, creating a delightfully easy temptation to give in to, cock sinking ever deeper into a wetly welcoming mouth. He drew me in a bit more, into a small alcove, reducing the jostling and interruptions of several men moving through. This was paradise, a talented stranger on his knees sucking a now fully rigid length, a perfect combination of the growing buzz from the beer mixing in with the earlier smoked bowl as his hand continued ever more deeply caressing my crack.

It had taken around a quarter hour from parking the motorcycle to being orally serviced by a willing man in the darkness, providing yet further reinforcement of what has become most willing behavior on my part. Originally, I generally insisted on using a condom before getting head, but years of bathhouse visits have removed that hindrance. These days, as many men as wish can suck my naked rod, having willingly developed into a true bathhouse slut.

One unable to resist beginning to face fuck a man who knew just how thoroughly he was taking control, offering orgasm to someone unseen, without words. However, I did not want to cum yet, enjoyable as it would have been to just let go. Not cumming too fast was also the major reason for not yet doing a hit from the magic brown bottle. Bathhouse sexual games can last for hours, without orgasm, men sharing extended pleasure without needing it to end in glorious jets of hot cum.

But there is also a tension between those who practice such restraint, and cum sluts who want to get other men off. A finger had begun to probe my hole, but the touch was too forceful to become enticing, prompting me to reach down and hold his wrist several times before he understood that this unenjoyable. His cocksucking became more insistent in compensation, aware that he was taking me right to the edge of orgasm.

His hand returned to sliding between my cheeks, creating another series of incoherent moans about how good it felt to be sucked off by a man. After stopping my thrusting, his own motions more than made up for it. He took me ever deeper, his arm now between my legs, his splayed hand pressing against the small of my back to keep me in his wetly yielding mouth. His control became more explicit, creating a certain growing unwillingness to give in.

You can seduce me with pleasure, but when physically forced to follow someone’s will, resistance is the natural reaction. To put it differently, I love sharing, but dislike when someone only tries to take what they want. Of course, power dynamics are part of sex between men, but as good as my cock felt, that a stranger wanted me to cum is not a good enough reason for it to happen.

Especially in a place where the ongoing sounds of sex remained part of what was going on. Men were moving around, my right hand having found more than one cock to explore while being sucked. At least one man had played with my nipple before moving on, and another man stopped next to me as I jacked him off. My cock had reached a certain plateau, the hand on my back no longer so forceful as his blow job slowed.

Offering the chance to finally open the poppers bottle and take a long hit, feeling my cock grow immense in his mouth before breathing out, saying ‘oh fuck, go slow, cock suck slow.’ A request he honored to perfection, making my length feel infinite as it went deeper before he reversed direction, his tongue running along my shaft until his lips reached the flared bottom of my cockhead. I could not stop moving my ass as his finger began to touch it more gently than before.

Words kept pouring out, things like ‘fuck yes’ and ‘cocksucker’ along with ‘sex with men’ and ‘I love slow.’ Like so many men at the baths, he was an expert cocksucker, a fact that my bi friend has asked about, when talking about the experiences of being sucked by several men during a visit, and how fantastically irresistible a stranger giving head can be. A friend who has deep throated me in the past, swallowing all the resulting load, allowing me to have at least a basis for comparison.

One reason is likely practice, I told her, along with the cliche that those of the same sex have a deeper insight about that sex’s pleasures. She has possibly had oral sex with 30 women, starting with a woman twice her age, getting off repeatedly while straddling that first lover’s face. And probably oral sex with twice as many men, leading to her experience based judgment that the best oral sex comes those most skilled in providing it, without a recognizable distinction between men and women. Which is fair enough, as my sample is much, much more skewed – 5 women, and literally uncounted men, though more than a hundred is likely an underestimate by a large margin.

Another true distinction between men and women, I did add, is that men can provide stronger suction, and that in my experience, all men swallow – and a number try to keep sucking even after that first orgasm. Of the women who gone down on me, only her and my first girlfriend seemed to enjoy cocksucking as much as a typical bathhouse visitor. Admittedly, we’ve never discussed poppers, which made a life long impression on me since using them with my first girlfriend.

In the baths, many men know exactly what poppers are like, providing an additional level of experience in creating pure lust between horny partners. Soon, my hands found his head, holding it steady as my cock started pumping into his beckoning mouth. An unlubricated finger began pressing too hard, causing me to shift position enough to make it obvious that I was not interested. Followed by a finger starting to slide over my nipple, making me moan “I fucking .. sex with men .. love.” Hearing the words, and the broken grammar, made plain that my enveloped cock was in complete control.

Decades of experience have provided the ability needed to not cum during that deliriously delicious interval of pure sexual sensation, to stay on the edge as long as possible. However, this time, the cocksucker had returned his hand to the small of my back, preventing me from withdrawing. His strength provided a sufficient excuse to keep face fucking him, only slowly realizing the fingers caressing my nipple were from another man, still hidden in the dark.

The kneeling man began to fondle my balls, prompting me to put my right hand down to the base of my horny rod, moving it in his mouth, letting my circled thumb and finger ride up to his lips. As his fingers left my sack, I could not stop moaning as he touched the curly hairs underneath it. The sensations of hair being lightly stroked is exquisite, sinking into bliss as he continued to tease me with such pleasure, only slowly starting to concentrate on my hole.

However, his subsequent attempt to force his finger deeper was no less pleasant than the first time, prompting me to firmly grasp his wrist and move his hand away. By this point, making clear that I had no interest in experiencing what he wanted to do. Different people have different tastes, but not everyone at a bathhouse is a fast learner – or even interested in the other person’s wishes at all. On the other hand, his cocksucking remained superb, making me decide not to do another hit as the sensations grew ever more seductive.

Another man passed by, prompting me to reach out to find a quite ready cock. After a bit of making him fully rigid, my sliding hand pulled his extended length near mine, offering a new temptation to the man who had brought me so close to cumming. A temptation he hungrily took advantage of, my fingers going to work on the new man’s nipples, pinching and teasing them into hardness as the sounds of sucking between us grew louder.

Right hand going down to my still wet length, my tongue slid over the new man’s ear. Stroking myself, it was easy to position a sensitive cockhead along the base of his shaft. Soon, I felt a familiar stranger’s breath near my cockhead, moaning in contentment as his mouth returned to my rod. Possibly moaning too suggestively or loudly, feeling his hand again flatten against my back. This time, a voice came from the darkness, saying “just cum, fill his mouth, don’t stop.”

Which was more than just a bit irritating, in truth. Already quite ambivalent about the controlling hand, this led to a growing contrariness, together with the fact that I did not want this visit to be finished so promptly, nice though it was to get stoned, drink a beer, and let a talented stranger go down on me. When the same finger began to press my ass with the same lack of any finesse, it just sealed the decision to remove myself from further temptation. Seduction involving pleasure is enjoyable, but clumsily repeated attempts to get me off are unappreciated during a bathhouse visit.

Especially since in this case, ‘removal’ meant maybe a minute interval, involving a distance of maybe ten yards to the darkroom. No one was at the gloryholes, but my dark adapted eyes were able to make out a spreadeagled figure, face down in the center of the platform. I slid onto the platform between him and the gloryhole wall, poppers and condoms already out.

It took only a few seconds for my first tentative touch to grow into a mutually satisfying exploration of each other’s naked flesh. I reached between his spread legs, hand searching for his cock. Encountering his sack first, I indulged in some teasing first, his hand continuing to move closer to my groin. Part of the thrill of the baths is getting hard with a stranger, connecting at a primal level.

As we did. His hand touched my waiting cock, lifting his hips to let me reach underneath his body, discovering a thick and more than half hard cock. A truly thick cock, as it turned out, after both of us grew fully hard. Among men possessing a certain persuasion, or at least experience, such games are always welcome. A group including basically all repeat visitors to a bathhouse, obviously. Like a man laying face down in the dark, clearly desiring to be fucked by any available cock, who today had encountered another repeat visitor interested in having sex with a stranger.

If not quite interested in fucking a man in the darkroom right now. There was no question we had already entered that mutually exciting state so easily shared among men. An enticing state that is a major reason for why bathhouses can be found in many places and times – a male only space where sex is virtually ensured. Often with a freedom and number of partners that people without experience of such pleasures cannot easily grasp.

As a bi male, I somewhat regret that woman are generally not welcome in the baths, though it is understandable enough. The baths represent a step beyond swinging, which is something many women find unattractive already. Even my bi friend, whose active fantasies include sucking multiple men off at a glory hole or being gang raped by six men, has a difficult time understanding the attraction of being sucked by 10 strangers over several hours, often in total darkness.

The complete lack of talking, the sheer bliss of feeling a stranger take your cock from the mouth of another man, kissing and stroking and licking whatever is available, existing in a haze of sexual satisfaction seems hard to understand for women, much less its total attraction to men, particularly those who have experienced it.

Now, having fallen into each other’s intimate embrace, I felt his mouth surround my cock. I continued to play with him, until shifting myself 180°, letting my slick cock touch his. After a nice interval of jacking two cocks together, I change position, after first having found the little brown bottle. Now at right angles to him, right knee beside his hip, left leg stretched out, I took a hit. Closing the bottle, my hands went down to both cocks, bringing them together.

Being on top of a turned on man is always an added turn on – there is something to be said for the idea that top or bottom provides different thrills, ones which flow through sex. I was in total charge, using his cock to pleasure mine, desire filling me.

After a deliciously intense period, I needed to shift position again. Not having a schedule, it was easy to lay back and let him do as he wished. Feeling him kiss all over, licking my armpit or sucking a nipple while I played with myself, returning the favors whenever it was possible to think or move. Which was not often, as the sensual pleasure stretched on and on, with an added sexual layer due to a hard cock being involved, making the distinction less clear, but still real.

Finally, after numerous hits and peaks and extended periods of animal contentment, he left. I was completely worn out, in a most satisfying way. Leaving, I thought that it had easily been a half hour since entering the darkroom. Which made the discovery that it had been an hour and a half shocking. Time spent in paradise moves at a different rate, a reality I’ve begun learning.

Visions from a male paradise

A certain style of visit is like entering a male paradise on earth. Smoking, promptly arriving at the bathhouse and drinking a beer, easily finding a willing mouth to suck my cock hard, enjoying an extended period of male on male sex, often with multiple partners before going back to the bar to start the cycle again.

The way time passes in such a state has become an accepted dissonance, seeing how an hour has passed between entering and leaving the darkroom, still convinced that maybe 20 minutes, at most, had been spent indulging myself in male sex. Poppers, though they play their wonderfully seductive role, were not the reason, as in several of the more intense encounters, there was no opportunity to open the little brown bottle. Or it might have been possible, but unnecessary. Particularly when riding along a wave of orgasm, just barely able to keep from thrusting and pumping cum as two men go down on me or a man rims me as another sucks my cock deep and wet, where having the fun remain uninterrupted was more than sufficient reason to leave the bottle unopened.

Rush is fantastic, having truly addicted me sexually over decades, especially when doing a hit with my hard cock in a wet mouth. This began with my first girlfriend after graduating from high school, and will certainly not be ending after the next time my pumping hot cums fills a cocksuckler’s mouth. What I have only recently discovered is how easy it is to get addicted to doing a hit of rush, followed by going down on a stranger’s sexy available naked cock, filling my mouth with pure pleasure while breathing out, turning into a total cock sucking slut.

Often combining both pleasures in such heavenly visits, more than occasionally finding other men just as interested in slutty poppered up sex as I am. Turning into pure animals, rimming each other, fingering wet asses, kissing a man who had just been going down on another man, while being sucked by the man who I’d been kissing a couple of minutes ago. Losing ourselves in an entrancing haze of male pleasure, without inhibitions when so turned on, unconcerned about condoms as the sensations of bare skin against skin or in a mouth are so delightful.

Discovering, especially after my second beer and an hour or two of sex, just how deliciously tempting it is to rub my wettened cock against a stranger’s asshole. I have even done this a couple of times after doing a hit of rush, careful to keep from going in. The feeling is indescribably erotic, especially when just laying on my back as a man uses my cock to pleasure himself over me.

Over the years, I have tried to stay at least somewhat aware of what is going on around and with me in a bathhouse, but in paradise, numbers do not exist. There are times when it is certain that there was only one partner for a while, even an entire hour, while getting off in the darkroom. Other situations developed so wonderfully that it became impossible to know whose cock was the latest in an unending sequence of sex delight. Again, poppers were not required for such a heavenly state to develop, though once involved, poppers fit into the abandoned pleasure perfectly.

Though poppers certainly play a role in such heavenly experiences at the baths, its use has fairly remained stable over the years, at least after discovering how easy it is to enjoy the little brown bottle in public areas like the steambath. What is receding at this point is using condoms, particularly in regards to getting or giving head. Over the years, a large number of dedicated cocksuckers have finally convinced my cock that the best way to be sucked off is naturally, without any barriers between swirling tongue and flared cockhead or pressing lips and rigid shaft.

The irresistible connection between taking a deep hit and going down on one or more stranger’s uncovered and willing cock has turned me into seriously devoted cock slut after just a couple of experiences. Feeling a cock fill my mouth is an overwhelming turn on, especially when being sucked or stroked at the same time. As has often happened, the darkroom being a place where sex would just stretch on, different men getting involved or cumming. Threesomes, foursomes, extended periods when numbers are meaningless – finding such extended opportunities to get off were often as easy as simply going to the bathhouse, at least for a delightfully high percentage of recent trips.

I now know why there are so many cocksuckers, such visits no longer being ‘merely’ about having men go down on my willing and uncovered rod, basking in the variety provided by letting anyone suck my cock, at least when everything works out in getting off with other men. The scent of sex has filled my nostrils for lingering hours after an extended visit more than once, a heavenly scented reminder of going down on a partner. The continued visits have completed my succumbing to naked oral temptation, fully experiencing it during the first of these several visits. Something even more eagerly succumbed to in later situations, sucking on at least a couple of cocks, with more than occasional times recently where the number is more like four or a half dozen in a single session, particularly in the steamroom.

It remains intriguing how much time can pass when so utterly turned on. These days, visits can be of any duration, though as still occasionally occurs, sometimes an hour or more can be wasted while hoping for something to develop, or what occurs is simply of lower quality. But when having hot sex, this lack of concern just adds to the pleasure, often spending a long time enjoying giving or getting head from strangers, taking advantage of another delightful opportunity to get off with other men.

Particularly when being a really naughty and decadent slut, playing one of my favorite sex games – keeping someone under my control long past their first indication of wanting to stop. He had joined me to the right, as the man to the left and I had been involved in mutual stroking and cock sucking. This was the second man to appear on my right, the first one having left a couple of moments ago, after spurting hot cum all over his body, fingers stroking his nipple while I licked his neck.

Soon, each man was playing with my cock as I jacked both of their hard lengths. We were an experienced threesome, hands and tongues roaming over sensitive spots, nipples being licked and cocks sucked. I sat up as the man to my left took me into his mouth, doing a hit from the bottle before going down again on the man to my right, feeling that amazing sensation of being nothing but shared cock and mouth drowning in pure satisfaction.

After an extended period, none of us cumming, the man to my left got up, prompting me to quickly go down on his still fairly hard cock, hearing him moan as he relaxed. Doing a hit of rush with his sexy cock in my mouth, I felt him lay back, almost whimpering as I took him deep as he began to thrust his hips. Rush helps my cocksucking when it comes to not gagging when being mouth fucked, and he was clearly unable to resist my talent.

He tried to distract me, playing with my cock as he stroked my nipple, but even near the edge of orgasm, I remained in control of his will. He made a couple more feeble attempts to leave, all easily defeated by pleasuring his slippery cock, but finally, his cock as hard as ever, his will grew firmer.

Helped by one of the more absurd incidents I have seen at the baths. Though my now main partner was against the wall, I had also remained involved with a couple of other men, especially the one who kept going down on me. However, towels started to be tugged as a man left the space, soon causing a voice to say ‘that’s my towel.’ As this continued a bit, I tried to find my bottle of rush, but it also seemed missing.

Considering the hurried confusion at one point, it seemed likely that the man just getting off the platform somewhat hurriedly had taken the bottle. In the grand scheme of things, it just didn’t rate highly, especially since as soon as the involved men settled out whose towel was whose, the man on my left was still available to suck. Part of what added to my amusement was knowing that the towel I now had was different from both my original towel, and the one that had replaced it.

Finally, after at least three more attempts to leave, he positioned himself so that my mouth could not engulf him again, and as the saliva slowly dried, my stroking lost its hypnotic effect. I wondered about his schedule – a lot of visitors to the baths are married men, such as myself – but unconcerned, as the point of such submission is how purely voluntary it is on the part of the person, who only needs to stop giving in.

After he left, I moved over to the gloryhole section of the dark room, keeping track of my things. Without my bottle, but still enjoying getting sucked by another man who had settled between my spread legs. Reaching up, I found a cock sticking through a glory hole.

Shifting position, now able to start licking this new cock’s soft and stretched skin, though without taking it into my mouth, and old compromise from my glory hole days, one that still makes sense now that the bathhouse has a gloryhole wall. I do love going down on men, though it still requires either extensive mutual playing beforehand, or a certain aroma filling my being. A gloryhole is extremely intense for the man whose cock is beyond the wall, but obviously, no 69ing will be occurring. Finally, things wound down. Leaving me in a thoroughly drained and wobbly state, amazed to see that another hour and a half had gone by.

The sheer variety of what can occur during such visits is one of the bath’s most powerful attractions. Particularly when it comes to group sex. The steam room is a reliable place for such encounters, though the heat that is generated tends to run up against the heat that already exists, limiting the total time possible to spend in participating in a freewheeling gay orgy. The steamy space is larger than the darkroom, and encountering strangers in all manner of arousal can often lead to what so many male sauna visitors desire, becoming part of a gay orgy of willing men. A group sharing the same interest in getting of with other men, without any women around.

Which makes a certain sense, even when possessing a distinctly bi orientation, not gay. The only way to have group sex is with a group, I have explained several times to my bi friend. Even she, a woman who is as slutty as I, finds the idea of having sex in such a fashion to be unattractive, at best. For her, the explicit directness seems to be part of the reaction. After all, foreplay in the steam bath is essentially the same as hot sex, after a quick determination of whether someone is available.

A gasp, hand brushing in return after the first contact, stopping and turning – there exist any numbers of ways to signal availability on the part of the person looking for sex. Easier is simply approaching a three or moresome in the steamy darkness, often leading to a hand or two reaching out to bring the new man’s cock to full hardness. Not everyone is interested in the same things or interested in anyone there at the moment, but the odds of hot group sex at the baths are more than high enough to ensure a constant stream repeat visitors, all of them men who cannot resist being in such a sexually rewarding male atmosphere.

All equals, no one responsible for anyone but themselves. According to my bi friend’s experience, places where women have group sex involve the woman’s partner accepting or rejecting advances in a way that does not happen in a gay sauna. Advances and rejections are always done by individuals – with a distinct possibility of acceptance, for example when a man bends and takes a cock into his mouth after a moment of mutual stroking.

The Turkish bath and darkroom are not the only places for group sex, even if these last visits have not involved the porn theater at all. The porn playing has been generally unappealing. A more than personal opinion, as the theater and two video booths have been basically empty for a couple of months. However, the proximity of the darkroom to the theater does provide a bit of an opportunity to trawl for partners – or to be trawled.

It is straightforward to follow a man, allowing for certain variations in approaching them after than initial decision. Or just letting them approach you after getting near. It is almost as straightforward to tempt a man to follow you into the space, pausing to make sure he has caught at least a glimpse of a potential partner heading into a public space devoted to sex among strangers. Even first timers are curious, though in all honesty, it remains fairly unlikely that I have had sex with a man exploring a bathhouse for the first time.

Since I have never had the slightest interest in virgins, this is not a problem. Someone who is experienced and willing is always more desirable than a beginner, allowing for the fact that everyone was a beginner at some point. Finding other men to play with who share one’s orientation and tastes just adds to the fun of group sex when opportunity arises.

Such as getting involved in a wonderful serial threesome, with the fourth man fully aware of what a cocksucking slut I had become at that point. We were soon sharing the cock of the man I was straddling, my length in his open mouth. This occurred at the edge of platform, making it easy to take both of their cocks into my mouth as he shifted, encouraging me to ‘do it, suck cock, take it,’ his finger stroking between my ass cheeks.

I did another hit, and as the rush filled me, I took my cock out, settling down on a willing man’s mouth, feeling his tongue on my balls. The man at the edge moved a bit and bent down, his mouth sliding exquisitely past my cockhead. I sank lower, making explicit my desire to be rimmed, while moving my mouth closer to his glistening wet stiffness. Breathing out, I moaned ‘oh fuck .. slowly .. I love .. cocksucking.’

Sensations stretched and multiplied when my mouth enveloped his jutting cock as his tongue began to bathe my asshole in pure pleasure, as another tongue slowly swirled around my cockhead. Being sucked and rimmed at the same time was the sort of abandoned sex that was rumored in the 1970s to be found in certain places called the ‘baths.’ This was paradise, shared among partners fully aware of what it felt like. The rush was slowly receding when a finger found my nipple. We continued to switch positions enough so that each cock was well sucked by the other two men, with seemingly endless kissing and caressing and teasing.

Finally, the man who had so encouraged me vocally when going down left, soon followed by the man that had rimmed me so deliciously. Turning to the middle area, finding a stretched figure in the center of the platform, his cock easily located as I did another hit of rush, letting it fill me before going down on another stranger’s available cock, knowing that the decision to enjoy cocksucking had been made before the bottle was opened. This is often the case these days, poppers being a reliable accessory to my desires, which exist before the bottle is opened.

My schedule has grown somewhat regular enough that I have definitely encountered some partners more than once, particularly a heavy set man that sucks me with skill, and knows how to make me cum so good by finger fucking my ass. Twice now I have spent more than an hour in the dark with him, enjoying poppers and receiving his devoted attention. He is not really not interested in having his cock played with, though it is not only a courtesy to at least try to play sexually with a partner. But not all men are interested, for whatever reason, and by the second time, I was comfortable knowing that he did not care about my pleasuring him in any way except for letting him suck and play with me.

He is a devoted cocksucker, and the last time we were in the darkroom together, as he went down on another man’s cock between sucking sessions on mine, I hovered near his head, licking his ear, telling him things like how he was a ‘sexy cock lover’ and ‘slutty cocksucker’ and ‘don’t stop, take it deeper.’ He seemed to appreciate it, spending a long while pleasuring the other man. Who just happened to be stroking my slick cock as my hand roamed over his chest.

As often happens, he pulled away after a while, unwilling to cum right then, and left. This is an aspect of the baths that tends to lead in unexpected directions – men wish to prolong their pleasure, meaning cumming is generally neither quick, nor casual. Of course, sometimes control is lost, resulting at times in a certain sense of personal failure. The most recent example being a man who came just before I went down on him, who then spent the next minute or two moaning about his fate.

This apparent rarity also leads to a category of men who seemingly keep a personal score, interested not so much in sex as in having a man cum, unconcerned about what their partner desires. Balanced by the appealing reality that generally the longer one holds off cumming, the more intense the orgasm that finally occurs. Leading to an interesting tension, balancing self-control against surrendering to the pleasures offered by the strangers one meets at a bathhouse, suspended in heavenly sexual bliss.

Any man that returns to the bathhouse knows that by entering, one is often rewarded by the chance to enter paradise for hours at a time. Sucking and being sucked by a number of men that is not possible to keep track of the deeper one submerges in the wonderful sensations of men having sex with men. Touching and stroking and fingering and kissing strangers, lost in the endlessly intense joy of group sex.

An offer of paradise.

The first touch was heavenly, a light stroke of a stranger’s hand over one foot, followed a quivering moment later by his hand beginning to touch the other in the same way. A low moan escaped as his hands moved upwards, legs inexorably opening wider in anticipation. His fingers ran expertly over my sensitive hair and skin, only slowly moving higher, causing my pressed cock to grow against the towel, making me ever hornier.

He was skillfully turning me on, taking the lead as I lay passively in the cabin, eyes closed, overwhelmed by how intense it was to have my explicit desire be accepted. Only a couple of times in the last years have I experimented with laying in a cabin with an open door, head facing away from the door, near the rear wall of the padded space. And then each time, after a short interval without any passersby, getting back up, overwhelmed by a certain feeling that such an explicit invitation to have my ass fucked was not something to do, even in a place where men fuck other men. As I have several times in these same booths.

There also existed a certain hesitation, wondering if my ass would be fuckable in another man’s eyes, whether providing another man such a clear signal concerning possibility of putting his cock in me was the right thing to do. It is certainly not always successful in terms of time – I have seen men in the same passive position and booth for more than a half hour at a stretch.

Today, though, my luck appeared excellent, having only been laying for just a couple of minutes after arranging my towel and supplies. Condoms, poppers, and lube near the right rear corner, the black bag holding more condoms and a camera. I was hoping to use it after what has become an extended pause in shareable pictures. In part because of a couple of refusals, though in larger part due to my tastes running in a group direction for months – neither the darkroom with its row of gloryholes nor the steam room are suitable for photography – or even carrying the camera inside of.

His erotic touching followed an intriguing pattern – faster than merely teasing, but also with pauses that left me moaning for more, opening my legs, hand straightening my sensitive and growing cock, pointing downwards towards him. His hands stroked the hair along my inner thighs, ran over my ass, and soon, his fingers began to brush along the tip of my now exposed cock. The turn-on was unstoppable, knowing that by this point, he had thoroughly taken me up on my offer to be fucked, bringing me to a state of extreme horniness merely as a prelude.

An interlude that grew ever more heavenly, something tantalizing touching between my ass cheeks. While it happened, I was fairly certain it must be a beard, having kept my eyes closed as a strange man had expertly started to make me his willing fuck partner. The truth of not having looked at him at all was part of a new kinky thrill filling me, bringing anonymous sex to an entirely different level. One that my bi friend has described regarding her own tastes in such a style of sex, one she considers fully submissive.

Something I was beginning to understand as his hands roamed over my body before concentrating their motion on my ass, a brief sensation of his breath as the only hint of his starting to kiss my willing ass cheeks. Something he did not do for long, as his tongue soon touched my hole, exposed by his gripping hands spreading my crack wider. Of course I positioned myself to provide his tongue full access, my cock not quite too stiff for him to pull it backwards, his touch exquisite as he rubbed its length before sliding his fingertips over my cock head, then just underneath the ridge. Feeling his tongue slide over my balls before it reached the base of my shaft, moaning helplessly, as he duplicated the motions he had just done with his fingers, slowly running his tongue over the head and under the flared ridge, taking me into the heaven of his cocksucking mouth.

At some point, his mouth and hand withdrew, leaving me a panting slut as I felt his body mount the platform. When his steps reached the rear wall, I opened my eyes without lifting my head, confirming his location, and seeing his feet to each side, his front facing me. Eyes still closed, I rose up, wanting to make him as horny as I, knowing that going down on him was one way to ensure that. Opening my eyes just long enough to fix the position of his magnificently aroused cock before letting my lips slide over it. The feeling was enhanced by the fact that my eyes remained shut, with the last thinking part of my mind amazed at what a devoted cock slut the rest of me was becoming, willingly surrendering to the pleasure, hearing him moan in delight after taking him ever deeper into my mouth.

His hands wrapped themselves over my head, hips starting to move now as he started using my willing mouth for his own pleasure, my own cock stiff as I began to jack myself off. His cock seemed similar to my own, meaning that its size was a bit of a challenge. After a long period of trying to deep throat him, it was time to go to the next step, including at least broaching the subject of pictures, my hand having found the black bag as my mouth reluctantly left his cock.

I looked at his face for the first time, seeing how turned on he was, unable to keep this a completely anonymous encounter, no longer able to keep my own desires concealed. Including a desire to make pictures of me getting fucked by another man. There is a real kinky pleasure in being photographed while having sex, one much greater in the moment than the pleasure of actually looking at them afterwards. Having someone else do the picture taking means being able to concentrate fully on whatever is happening, without worrying about any privacy concerns.

In my experience, men either reject picture taking completely, often followed by leaving promptly, or they care nothing about privacy. This is still the best way to make an offer in my opinion, leaving the decision in another person’s hands. But as soon as a couple of pictures are made, nobody cares about privacy while being sucked, going cock to cock, kissed, fingered, or even fucked.

He agreed to the request with a certain bemusement, pivoting a bit to lean against the left hand wall. After handing him the camera, I did my first hit from the magic brown bottle, a process that did not go perfectly, as he pressed the on/off switch instead of the correct button, taking us a moment to get things working properly. Nonetheless, he was ready to make pictures as I finally breathed out, easily taking him deep as the flash went off several times, documenting my mouth pleasuring another man’s naked hard cock.

After several pictures, he let the camera drop to the platform, his hands finding my nipples as he began pumping his cock into my mouth. My hands roamed over his ass cheeks, his motions showing his interest in having my fingers explore his crack. Leaving my lips just at the end of his cock, I began to tease his quivering asshole, sensing his satisfaction. He soon sighed, unable to keep from holding my head as he moved like a sexy slut, hips thrusting as he pressed down on my circling finger, forcing it past his soft entrance as his cock started to lose itself in mouth fucking.

At some point, he moved again, straddling my face as his head lowered itself onto my hard cock, brushing my stroking hand out of the way. He was as skilled at cocksucking as he had been by his first caresses, turning me on fantastically before we started 69ing, touching each other intimately, including ass holes. Enjoying his oral response as he reacted to my finger again teasing and circling his clearly desiring hole. Unsurprisingly, his lips and tongue soon returned to rimming my turned on ass, reminding me just why I had laid face down in a booth in a sauna full of men who have sex with other men.

The pleasure led to further desire, causing me to fumble around right handed, clumsily getting out the lube, and finding a condom. By this point, I had become quite sweaty, unsurprisingly. The sauna tends to get very warm on hot summer days, which is a major reason why there exists a 40% discount on August weekdays. Which turns out to be cheaper than the discounted punch card for 10 visits for those days, with the punch card discount still better on weekends with their full admission price. The savings from the 10 admission deal pretty much covers the cost of a cold beer per visit, though I have only started buying such tickets in the last year or so, another pragmatic admission of how impossible it is to resist the delights available at the baths..

My motions led him to taking charge, putting on the condom then opening the lube, both of us getting ready to fuck, including the camera. He guided my thighs over his, providing a perfect change to take a couple of pictures of his covered cock as it entered me, first with a horny cock as his slippery hand jacked it, with the next image being of my fingers around his shaft as he entered me.

This was only my second time experiencing anal sex as a bottom, and unlike the first time, his cock was comparable to mine. Though I tried to take it slow, and the lube helped, he soon started really fucking. Sometimes with a bit of pain, sometimes with an insanely delightful feeling of being filled by a man’s sexy cock. Also unlike the first time, he often brushed my hand from my hard cock, forcing my to concentrate on what he was doing.

A mixed blessing, as sometimes, the intensity was all consuming, while other times the pain began to grow. We had already been fucking for a while before I did a hit of rush. Its effects were not extraordinary, but certainly added to my slutty pleasures. At some point, he had me on my hands and knees, offering the chance to meet his fucking cock with my own motions.

At its best, this second experience of anal sex was unbelievably addictive in how good it felt, At its worst, the experience provided undeniable proof that a cock cares nothing about anything but its own pleasure. Forcing me to be surprisingly forceful at times to keep the pain growing beyond a tolerable level. This continued easily more than a half hour, until he finally pumped the condom full of cum.

He took off the condom and cleaned up a bit. I was still in an utterly slutty state, so I took his cock in my mouth again, sucking him as he tried to leave. An effort rewarded by having his cock grow harder, though in the end, he resisted temptation, finally breaking the spell and leaving the booth.

It took me a bit to simply return to earth, amazed at how perfectly so many elements had come together, even if my cock hadn’t cum at all.

Sucked into heaven.

It had been a somewhat slow paced visit, though after the 15 minute orgy in the steamroom, things had definitely improved. The steamroom is one of the better places to have sex with strangers at the baths, in large part because it happens so reliably in the dim dampness, undoubtedly since sweaty naked bodies are easily tempted. This time involved multiple men almost from the start, including a good number of hits from the brown bottle as two men shared my cock while I played with their cocks and nipples, bending my head to lick necks and ears.

Sweaty sex is always fun, bodies sliding so easily against each other, but staying in the steambath does have a time limit. A variable one depending on circumstances such as how hot it is, in either sense. I have visited bathhouses where the room temperature is simply too high to enjoy for more than a few minutes, but this bathhouse has a generally more moderate temperature range. One that allows more time to enjoy whatever arises when a group of naked horny men start playing in the enveloping humidity and low light.

A male only sauna involves lots of the sort of contact that visitors to a public mixed sauna generally avoid. In part, because hard cocks are such a clear indicator of horniness – women in public are much luckier in this regard. In larger part because a male only sauna is the sort of place that men interested in having sex visit, often finding themselves becoming devoted visitors, unable to imagine anything but a sexual free for all.

To the extent that years ago, still a more or less baths beginner, I had a conversation with a gay man at the bar of a bathhouse when in another city. One where I explained the etiquette involving mixed public saunas, even among married couples such as I was then. This seemed to leave him somewhat confused, not only due to the couple of beers we’d drank together. A male only sauna certainly offers many of the amenities found in a mixed sauna, but it is also a place to have sex.

In reality, mixed saunas are a place where sex is suppressed, reasonably enough. Much of that suppressing is due to the wishes and presence of women, understandably. But to the gay man I was talking to, who had never visited a straight sauna, the idea of not being able to enjoy sex as part of visiting a sauna was simply difficult to comprehend. After years of experience of visiting the baths, I do understand his perspective, but gay and bi are not the same thing.

Leaving the steam room, I showered off, playing with my soapy cock for a bit, then took a quick dip in the whirlpool to cool off. In the summer, the whirlpool tends to be less of a hot tub, so to speak. During that time, a couple of men entered, one starting to stroke my cock after a bit of preliminary foot play and delightful thigh stroking as he slid closer on the smooth bench. I did the same to him, realizing that this was the first time in at least a couple of months to enjoy jacking off in the water. However, when the central jet started, the splashing was too much to put up with, causing me to dry off and head upstairs.

As often, and still somewhat mysteriously, happens, upstairs was essentially empty, apart from one closed video cabin door across from the porn room entranceway.

Looking in at the porn, I was amazed to see a female form, for only the second time here in a half decade. A couple was running stairs outdoors at a sea or river side park. Two men were watching above a path – though their attention was obviously just for the man. The woman was in thin and smooth clothes, with a tight sports bra that revealed sexy nipples, somewhat erect after their bouncing treatment each time she went up the steps. Jogging back down, her hips and bouncing ass captured my full attention.

I spread out the towel, stroking a rigid cock as the pair continued to exercise for a couple of minutes, intercut with the two men discussing how sexy the man looked. One reason I consider myself bi is that when given a chance to watch a man and a woman, my attention focuses on the woman. Unless the man is hard, in which case, my attention is easily captured by such an obvious signal of availability.

Unsurprisingly, the woman soon left the scene as the day’s exercise wrapped up, with the two onlookers inviting the male runner to go with them. I gathered things up at this point, leaving to look in at the other porn booths, where nothing interesting was playing in their empty spaces. Returning to the porn room, the scene had shifted to showing the three in a fairly obvious red lit gay bar/baths/hook up space, at least from now years long personal experience of such.

The actors were drinking, enjoying flirting in a male only space, yet fully dressed and not touching, offering nothing interesting in what seemed to be some remarkably slow paced porn, even though the woman in it had certainly turned me on, being bi, not exclusively gay. Sex with men is certainly hot, but the female form continues to attract my attention in almost all settings outside of the baths. Or even inside, this being only the second time over a half decade of watching porn here that a woman was shown. And the first time wearing sexy clothing that revealed her nipples and sexy breasts, showing off her rounded ass while going up and down the steps, a view that had kept my cock half hard till now.

Taking time to explore the dark room did not change the fact that nothing was happening. Back in the porn room, after seeing that around a quarter of hour had passed, now pleased that the scene had at least advanced enough to see that the men had started kissing and caressing each other at the bar, though still more or less dressed. Rounding the dividing wall, I saw a man sat in the lowest bench at the far side, offering at least a possibility of fun. Unfortunately, only in a theoretical sense, as I soon left after realizing he was not even touching himself.

Circulating through the upper level again, noting that only a single cabin door was closed, though with the sounds of sex floating through the corridor. Tempting in its way, easily heard in the dark room, which was had apparently remained empty. After relaxing for a few minutes in the darkness, thinking that the porn room had been a real tease to this point, I recognized that not everyone was interested in such a realistic depiction of finding someone to have sex with. The baths make such a process seem boring, though for a bi man, the reality that the baths offer essentially nothing female can be a fly in the ointment, so to speak.

Returning to the porn theater, I went to the top row, noting that two other men were on the lower benches, both with open towels, playing with their cocks. As the scene had finally shifted to explicit gay sex, I settled in, towel spread, poppers and condom readily available. Getting hard was easy, seeing two cocks getting sucked together in a willing slut’s mouths, stroking his own jutting length.

Gay porn is much less ambiguous than most porn involving women, as men generally cannot hide how turned on they are. The same applies to watching men who are looking at porn, as I began to do while jacking off, displaying my hardness with opened legs. It took little time for the man in the middle row to move up near me. It was obvious that his cock had captivated my attention, and our foreplay was deliciously direct- his hand slid along my inner thigh as I reached over to play with his nipple.

We kept turning each other on, beginning to luxuriously explore each other’s cocks, moaning in pleasure as a stranger began to fondle and caress the center of our horniness, drifting ever further into pure male pleasure. I took my attention from his cock when he started rubbing my nipple, as what was happening on the screen filled my eyes. Watching porn like this is truly addictive, especially as I felt him move, gasping in pleasure as his mouth began to cover my cockhead, looking at the gay porn as he took me deeper.

He straightened, hand sliding over my slippery shaft while I leaned back, sinking in pleasure, unable to move anything but my hand on his cock. The porn just made me hornier, now seeing a naked gay threesome getting off, men fondling and kissing and stroking and sucking each other, the way men will when no women are around. I’d seen the start of the movie, when a woman was still around, whose sexiness appealed to my cock. But I knew why they weren’t really interested in having her around by this point, watching how one would suck the other two cocks together, seeing how they switched off while my cock was sucked again.

I placed my hands on his head, allowing me to move his mouth in time with the action on the screen. A man entered, looked intently at the top row action as his hand went underneath the front of his towel, then went to the middle row, watching, removing his towel and stroking his cock, attracting my attention. When the cocksucking stopped, he moved to my side of the wall, hands quickly finding my feet. Giving me a massage as I jacked off, the first man playing with nipple as he kissed my neck.

My pleasure just grew as he begin to lick my foot and then suck my toes, his hand supporting my limp leg. My mind was filled with the vision of the threesome on screen, keeping myself at the edge of cumming manipulating my extended cock, teasing and satisfying it while two strangers played with my available and willing body. At some point, I felt a tongue moving it way up my leg and thigh, feeling lips brushing lightly, making me sigh at both the actual and anticipated pleasure.

Head tilted lazily, turned down a bit to provide a perfect view of the sitting man’s sexy cock as I played with it. By this point, wherever I looked filled my mind with the reality of public gay sex as I shifted to watch my cock go deeply into the new man’s talented mouth, feeling his fingers playing with the hairs underneath my balls, an exquisite sensation. Turning my head again, my lips found the other man’s mouth, sluttily kissing the lips of the first man to suck my cock as I let a finger begin to touch his hole. He moaned around my questing tongue, feeling his now irresistible reaction to my finger at his quivering hole.

Our kiss broke as the new man shifted some of his attention to the other man, leaving me in an utterly helpless state, unable to stop watching a man being sucked as he was fucked, playing with my hard wet length. It was around this point that the thought of finding the poppers arose again, particularly as the man next to me stirred, then got up to leave. As he stepped down, I turned a bit to look for the brown bottle, spying its location just as the man beneath me started to softly caress the hairs covering my inner thighs and balls.

Looking down, I saw how he was on his knees, back parallel to the bench, his face looking intently at my cock as I stroked it slowly, showing it off to a horny stranger, fully aware that he would not long resist the temptation to go down on me again. Much the same way that I would be unable to resist him when he did.

My left hand roamed over his back, occasionally sliding over his neck and close cut hair, feeling him approach at my not so subtle prompting, hips starting to move in rhythm to my pumping fist. Soon, his mouth returned to servicing a willing cock, my head propped against the rear wall while surrendering to his skills. Men are truly glorious cock suckers I have discovered after years of visiting glory holes and the baths, impossible to resist as I’ve grown older and more experienced in having sex with other men.

It did not take him long to bring me to the edge of orgasm as I watched the threesome on the screen have sex, forcing me to reach down to my slippery cock, taking it from his mouth. Unable to stop from playing with myself in front of him, feeling his breath tantalizingly near, yet slowing down the rush to orgasm enough to allow him to start sucking me again in a moment, moaning how good it felt.

The baths are a fantastic place for sluts to meet each other, and soon, we were fully enjoying ourselves. I could not stop from talking as his mouth covered my shaft, saying things about how much I loved a man going down on me, talking like a dirty slut, telling him to ‘suck it so good, slut’ then moaning ‘fuck yes, cock sucker, oh fuck yeah. I love it’ even as I withdrew, not wanting to cum yet.

This pattern continued for a while, giving in and retreating, growing ever harder as it became more difficult to stop from cumming as he continued to worship my willing cock as the porn played on the wall. Finally, I was able to take up the bottle, though needing to use both hands meant my cock was deep in his wet mouth when I did the first hit of rush. Saying ‘slow, god yes, go slow’ as I breathed out, the sensations were overwhelming, forcing me to take my cock from his sexy mouth, hoping to keep from cumming even as the rush filled me with its addictive sensations.

I fed it to him again, holding on at the shaft to keep the skin taut, saying things like ‘take it slut’ and ‘fuck yes, suck me’ trying to ride the wave without drowning in its seductive embrace. Poppers and cock sucking have been a fantastic combination since my first experience of it with my first girlfriend, but here, watching both gay porn and how my cock was being swallowed in a stranger’s mouth, the pleasure grew beyond any fantasy.

Taking my cock out again, looking at his intent expression while stroking my glistening slippery shaft, taking a last glance at the threesome still sucking and fucking before giving in to his desire to have me cum. He was completely focused on my cock, eagerly awaiting orgasm to drown me, watching as I finally entered heaven, indulging in a porn cum shot, spurting freely, no longer able to keep control, watching him react as my orgasm subsided, seeing how he lapped up my cum from the bench, my clenched fist, and now ultra-sensitive cockhead.

Ass licking angels.

Two of the last three visits involved the further indulgence of a pleasure originally experienced after my first girlfriend read about rimming in the Gay Joy Of Sex. My first visit to the baths also involved getting deliciously rimmed in the darkroom, anchored to his skilled tongue, at times while going down on a third man. Surrendering myself to an ass licker, a man who pulled me over his face after running his hand inside and up my wrapped towel, touching my growing cock as he subtly played on a true weakness as he turned me on. Nonetheless, rimming remained uncommon over the following few years.

The bathhouse seemingly has its own cycle, as different situations seem to repeat for a while, then become a background variation again. Often with new elements, some of which could be considered delightfully depraved. Such as no longer using condoms when enjoying oral sex with willing partners, unable to resist the feel of a man’s mouth surrounding my willing cock. Or doing a hit of rush before going down on a man’s enticingly naked cock, swallowing it as deep as possible. I have become utterly devoted to 69ing with men since giving up even pretending to use condoms before getting or giving head.

However, during those last couple of times in paradise, it wasn’t just cock sucking going on during the visit. In each of those heavenly visits, I not only found a willing and talented ass licker, I did the same to their hot and willing holes. Rimming has had an appeal to me since first reading about it, undoubtedly in some of those later 70s Penthouse Forum ‘contributions,’ which sometimes contained bi scenes too. Growing a bit older, the presence of an apparently secret world of gay sex became more apparent, including buying and jacking off to gay hardcore porn, mesmerized by what turned on men could do with each other.

Things that I do now, decades after those first enticing glimpses of uninhibited sex between men. The baths are truly a mecca for those interested in the wide variety of sex that men freely enjoy with each other when the opportunity exists. An opportunity that requires little more than visiting a bathhouse, particularly if the first visit opens the visitor’s eyes to the joys found in a gay sauna. Not every single visit will provide perfect satisfaction, but the chance of it coming more than close enough seems to be very, very good in my experience.

In the past half year, many of these more recent visits take 3 or 4 hours, much of that time spent directly getting off with other men, for more than a 1/2 or even 3/4 hour at a single stretch in the darkroom. Yet even within such spans, a half hour of mutual rimming stands out as the very peak of slutty decadent pleasure. One clearly favored by a number of men, not just myself, when the chance to indulge in it is found. I’m remain something of a tease in a way, fingering a man while sucking him being something now done quite often and easily, to the obvious delight of the man I’m going down on. Yet not starting to even consider rimming him until he starts doing it to me first.

But by the time a man has started rimming me, lost in the sexual fog that swirls through the bathhouse, enveloping so many willing partners, the desire to do the same to him grows ever stronger, overcoming any inhibitions about such sex. Particularly knowing just how good a hit of poppers will feel when beginning to ass lick a stranger, both of us too slutty to stop as the pleasure grows overwhelmingly intense, soft wet tongues sliding and probing over grinding assholes.

Experiencing the sort of sex that was described in glimpses after graduating high school, a world of stoned group sex where strangers licked each other’s asses, men doing things with each other in an orgy of irresistible freedom. Now understanding why so many men throughout history became devoted bathhouse visitors, appreciating the chance to enjoy a space where male sex is the main focus.

Rimming has always appealed to me as the purest type of gay sex, the sort of thing that was talked about as if men couldn’t stop themselves if another man did it to them. Which is gloriously true, even if the process of discovery can takes years.

Gradually, my level of acceptable caution has changed, but till now, no cock has cum in my mouth, something likely to remain at least somewhat constant into the future. Nonetheless, circumstances can arise, ones of truly slutty delights, and one takes a very small step forward along a tricky road.

The first visit with rimming had been fairly typical, starting with me sitting in a porn booth after finishing my customary beer at the counter. A couple of men cruised by, one chatting then departing, the next showing more physical interest. He came in after a quick glance confirmed that I knew he was playing with his cock. My cock was already hard, and his grew rapidly, particularly after starting to touch his thighs and balls. Soon, we were indulging in mutual cock play, both rigid. He approached and took my cock in his mouth. It was gentle, slow, and inexorable, making me grow hornier.

After his liquid mouth started to go up and down on my wanting shaft, I began moaning about taking pictures. He made no response at all, continuing to go down on me deliciously. My mind was fully fogged, and it took a while to even decide the camera was too far away to reach, utterly lacking any desire to stop the sex that was so thoroughly captivating, needing to do nothing but let it a stranger suck me.

Finally, we shifted positions so I could finally could go down on him, enjoying his wonderful cock to the point that he almost came a couple of times. He left soon afterwards, clearly not wanting to cum so soon in the day, it being less than three quarters of an hour since the bathhouse had opened. Leaving the booth, a bit unsteady and still quite hard, I went to the darkroom.

And was soon again being sucked by another stranger, pumping his cock in rhythm to my thrusting hips. The next period of time was filled with the sort of rotating extended group sex that is so good, where it becomes essentially impossible to keep track of how many different men have go down on you – 3? 4 maybe? 5? 6 is probably too high, at least since entering, that is.

As the patterns shifted, growing and shrinking, I became increasingly focused on a single man, one of the newest people to enter the darkroom as the number of remaining men dwindled. Till now, much like in the booth with the camera, I had been too turned on to deal with poppers. Yet, as we settled next to each other, laying on our sides, his mouth sucking me so good as a hand rubbed over my chest, his cock temptingly near, I made the effort to find the brown bottle.

Taking a long hit before going down on his cock, fairly confident in being to ride the wave without cumming, already feeling the horniness spread from my center,surrendering completely to the pleasure of his cock sliding into my wanting mouth, becoming his slutty cocksucker. Lightly touching his ass after the first few seconds, his moans muffled like mine as we sucked each other, mutually indulging in pure gay sex. Using poppers while being sucked creates a feeling of immense size, a cock’s pleasure growing ever larger while time stops except for the overwhelming physical awareness of filling a mouth that seems to be expanding inexorably while surrounding me in infinite sensation.

What I have learned at the bathhouse is that the pleasure doubles when another cock is involved, in a way that never happened while 69ing with my first girlfriend, burying my tongue in her pussy. She was the first person I shared poppered sex with, truly wonderful, addictive, primal poppered sex. Yet it was only after starting to go down on men as they did the same to me that the true magic of poppers was uncovered.

In some unexplainable but delightful way, using poppers while 69ing a man is like having two cocks that merge into a single connected rod of enormous sexual power and size. Taking him deeper, almost fully deep throating him, amazed at how skillfully his tongue slid around and under my flared cock ridge, slowly enough to keep me just on the edge of cumming. We continued this way for a seeming extended period, both of us enjoying the opportunity to play with another slut.

After a while, he rolled over to lay on his back, soon followed by pulling me over, hands guiding my hips to straddle his face. Knees spread on the platform, face above his rigid tool, I took it in my mouth again, brown bottle ready, already anticipating what was likely to occur as my stiff cock left his wet mouth. Sighing luxuriously as his lips began kissing the very top of my inner thighs. Sighs that turned into moans with my lips going down his cock, unable to keep from moving my hips, making my willing ass available, taking a deep hit as his tongue began to bathe my hot hole.

Cock sucking and rimming are distinct, yet somehow intimately related, at least in terms of just how irresistible it is to have a stranger perform them, particularly when doing the same to him. I could not stop from moving wantonly against his wet tongue, deep throating him as a hand pushed down on my head, turning into a complete sex slave, getting my ass licked while going down on his velvet stiffness completely, taking his full length. Lips starting to slide decadently along his shaft, up and down while maintaining suction, stopping just underneath his cockhead before reversing direction. After several times, feeling his cock swell in my mouth, his hand stilled my motion.

I knew he was on the edge of orgasm, and left him there, particularly as it made it so much easier to keep having my ass rimmed so perfectly. In my view, there is no reason to cum quickly at the baths, even if it occasionally happens. Though it is also true that after almost cumming multiple times, it is difficult to get or remain hard, at least without some enthusiastic help.

The sensation of endless frozen orgasm overwhelmed me, poppers and rimming tongue floating me ever further into pure paradise. Straddling a stranger’s face while jacking off, my cock stroking adding to the sensations of having an asslicker bury his tongue between my spread cheeks,.

After a bit, my lips staying in place, he grasped my cock, sticking its length back into his mouth, increasing my own horniness. Opening the bottle and doing another hit, I moved my face down, tongue trailing over his tight sack. After closing the bottle, my hands went to his ass cheeks, opening them as I began tonguing between his legs, feeling his delightful reaction along my cock, inspiring me to rim him like a hot ass slut, probing deeper along his yielding soft skin, sensing how it tightened and loosened in rhythm with his mouth..

We continued this way for a while, sucking and rimming each other, remaining temptingly close to cumming. He stopped me several times, starting to moan about how I wanted to make him cum – which was not actually true. Playing like this need not end in anyone’s orgasm as far as I’m concerned, especially when the pleasure of being rimmed is so unstoppably intense.

However, it was apparent that the temptation had grown too great for him to control himself any longer. Having just done another hit of rush, and taking his cock deep again, I felt his cock swell and pulse. The first two jets of cum were quite small, and breathing out, I went down on his hole again, my hand jacking his slippery wet cumming cock, rimming his spasming ass, spreading his semen over it, as he moaned helplessly, cum splashing over his body. Finally drained, ass no longer quivering, he moved forward underneath me, now able to sit up.

“That was so fucking good – you got what you wanted, didn’t you?” I said nothing, pretty much totally wiped out myself after such a wonderful session of rimming, though also amused at his misperception. Finally, I left, noting that this visit had lasted 1 and 1/2 hours of pretty much pure sex for over an hour, split into two sessions, with the first quarter of an hour spent drinking a cold beer.

The visit after the next provided a broadly similar opportunity, if not with such a delightfully straightforward concentration of sex. The amount of sex and the length of a bathhouse visit are not precisely related, apart from the chance of having sex with strangers increasing over time. Counterbalanced by the strange reality that some days, like Saturdays, seem to often have a decline in sex happening as the number of men grows.

Which can lead to a certain fruitless passing of time, something that still occasionally marks a visit, particularly those on Fridays or Saturdays. One of the most mysterious aspects of this phenomenon, and a sign it is occurring, is a growing number of men hanging around outside of empty cabins, often for what seems to be an extended period. I have never actually noticed those men doing anything but stand around while the cabins remain empty.

But on a slower paced visit, one not involving one of those days, when a schedule is involved it is a bit more difficult deciding whether to curtail a visit. The desire to wait until the very last moment to leave, hoping to get off, always exists, that being the fundamental reason to visit the baths, shared by pretty much who has ever returned after the first time. Obviously, the problem with this approach is if something fantastic occurs, you will likely end up running late, without being aware of how much time is passing.

In my experience, having a steamroom is what makes a gay sauna worthwhile for cruising, as it offers a reliable, if somewhat time limited, way to meet other horny men. The problem of heat does exist, even if it is possible to remain inside as long as a half hour when getting off. This is not bad, even if the darkroom or a booth offer considerably longer periods to comfortably get off with other men – though it has also happened that I become incredibly hot and sweaty in a booth, if not quite to the level of a steambath.

Intending to leave around 5pm, and starting around 4:30pm, my wandering brought no opportunities. I had enjoyed some mutual jacking off in the porn room, a nice period of cock sucking in the darkroom, and a bit of early contact in the steamroom, but in general, this visit had not been particularly memorable. Admittedly, those standards have changed considerably over the years, with this certainly not yet turning into a disappointing visit, as can still occur. Nonetheless, at 4:50pm, after firmly deciding to visit the steamroom a final time, and if nothing was happening, to leave then.

Entering the steam room with nothing but poppers and a condom, I saw one man sitting, but from the number of towels outside, several other men were likely in the back section. Entering through the closer corridor, I encountered two men just at the curve to the left. It took only a few seconds of my touching one, then the other, to be pulled closer, my cock already being touched, causing it to grow quickly. Looking around, there was other pair to the left, and what seemed to be a threesome a bit further away, one man apparently on his knees.

As sometimes occurs, I had entered an enticing sexual wonderland, stepping into its magic without needing to do anything but indulge in its pleasures. Ones of I have now spent years learning and practicing. Reaching down between them, I brought their cocks together, enjoying their reaction to one of the ultimate male sensations as they moaned. I played with their joined cocks, stroking as I held them together, making both of the rigid, then circling their cockheads as one of them began kissing me, his mouth having more than a hint of cum in it as my tongue explored deeper.

The steamy atmosphere, along with having two cocks in front of me, led to a wicked idea growing into reality, squatting and doing a hit of rush before taking both cocks into my mouth. I have rarely been so directly slutty as this, starting to blow two hard cocks at the same time, sliding them against each other in my mouth while holding on to the shafts. Breathing out, knowing that all of us were helpless to resist our primal desires, knowing that anyone who walked in right now would see me sucking two strangers off, my cock rigid.

After spending a heavenly time coating their cocks in slippery wetness, I rose, sliding my cock over theirs as we began to kiss, licking necks and ears, fingers playing with nipples. It became too much for the man to my left, who simply left for whatever reason. The remaining stranger bent down, taking my cock into his mouth, causing me to moan about how good it felt to be sucked by a man, hearing the sounds of sexy sucking around me. The blow job b3became so skillful that I abandoned the idea of doing another hit, as my ability to resist pumping his mouth full of cum afterwards would not be equal to the task.

He straightened, kissing me sloppily while placing his cock along mine, jerking both of us into a mindless state before stepping backwards, causing me to helplessly follow as he backed up to the rear bench, then sat down. I put my right foot up and leaned in, sighing as he returned to going down on me, his liquid mouth creating a paradise as it enveloped my cockhead. His intentions became clearer as he turned, then laid down on the bench. My foot had remained between the wall and his stretched out body, creating a gap that turned out to be big enough to place my leg along his body.

A position that allowed me to place my ass over his face, presenting him an opportunity to lick between my legs, one he was clearly waiting for. Feeling his tongue begin to touch my sensitive hole, I opened the bottle of poppers. Though the back of the steamroom is dim, not all of it is truly dark, particularly the area we occupied. Meaning that as he begin to rim me, the awareness of putting on public display to anyone just how much I love having my ass licked just added to my turned on state.

After a glorious interval, my face sank near his cock, and doing another hit, I took him into my mouth, as he did the same to me. By now, I had become a total slut, making my desire obvious by moving my ass over his face, slippery cock out of his mouth. This time when doing a hit as he bathed my hole with his softly questing tongue, his cock was still in my mouth.

Closing the bottle, I let my tongue slide over his balls, feeling his reaction as he rimmed me, getting into position to put my tongue on his hole. As the poppers filled me, the connection between tongues and asses and saliva coated cocks sliding over sweat soaked skin was overwhelming, the sense of being in public as I rimmed a stranger in the steambath filling me with kinky excitement.

We kept alternating where tongues and mouths and cocks went until my left leg simply could not longer support me without shaking. This position was not quite perfect, lacking any chance to shift. Knowing that this opportunity was drawing to its natural end, I did a last hit, pushing my ass down on his face while pushing my tongue against his quivering and yielding hole.

Finally, nearing the stage of no longer being able to count on my leg, I moved away, then sat on the bench. He joined me, and we were soon playing with each other’s cocks and nipples while kissing, two rimmers joining in mutual bliss.

Steamy kissing.

Some things provide such a reliable sensation that in essence, I have been addicted since experiencing them the first time. Particularly in the cases of poppers with my first girlfriend decades ago, or discovering the pleasures of the baths in one glorious evening. Visitors to a male only sauna often enter a type of paradise undreamed of before experiencing the reality, a place of unimagined sexual freedom. Assuming that a visitor is at least the slightest bit interested in what sex with men is like. And very few men are truly uninterested in knowing what it is like to have sex without any women around.

Or to bring a camera inside to try to capture the experience.

Decades ago, a married woman introduced me to getting stoned and feeling a coil vibrator run over my jeans, cock stiff along my thigh as I helplessly moaned, louder than the porn playing on the large screen, combining several earlier pleasures with a new sensation that was instantly captivating. Much the way poppers had been, the first time I used them, my first girlfriend and I stoned as she went down on my cock after taking a deep hit from the brown bottle, unbelievable sensations of becoming a hard cock filling the universe. Talking so dirty, amazed at how I had turned into a total suck slut, hands along the sides of her head, slowing her mouth’s motion into an eternity of sexual bliss.

Pornography in its many delightful forms is a constant thread through my sexual life, starting with the chance to grow up in a golden age of pornography, with its ever expanding boundaries as I grew older. By the early 80s, adult bookstores were full of a variety of porn, including gay orgies, and even the more occasional MMF porn.

The woman who had so successfully introduced me to the joy of vibrators was married to a man with a varied collection of porn, some of which I watched, at his wife’s sultry suggestion. The first eye opening experience involved his wife and I smoking a couple of her pipe’s generous bowls – for some people, weed is a true accessory to incredible sex. It certainly is true in my case, whether getting stoned with my bi friend naked at a local lake, or smoking a bowl before getting unstoppably poppered up at the bathhouse, involved in cock sucking, or playing with a vibrator while watching hot porn.

I had already experienced gay porn, including a magazine with a dildo using threesome whose memory remains a major turning point in my sexual life. But now, stoned and horny, I lay back on the wide basement sofa as his wife slid a VHS cartridge in, opening with a threesome, one that clearly turned both of us on as she reached for her not really hidden toy, rolling against me as she turned it on, sliding it over my already stiff cock. It was no secret by this point how much both of us loved what was actually her husband’s toy, as she had explained when introducing me to the cock cup attachment, different from the round multifingered attachment she used herself, which smelled so wonderfully of abandoned female orgasm.

Now though, watching a man suck another man’s cock as a naked woman touched herself onscreen was something at a different level, reaching late 70s decadence, getting really stoned and getting off on gay sex. A level that turned out to be just one further step on a continuing path of sexual discovery. Her husband only smoked hash, which had grown uncommon by the mid 80s, though in very rare instances, I was able to acquire small amounts, easily divided so he and his wife could indulge in kinky nostalgic pleasures. I know that they did, particularly after the first couple of times, as they left the door to their downstairs room open, allowing me to hear and jack off as they had sex. Unable to resist the voyeuristic attraction, turned on by the sound of people I knew getting each other off.

Including her sexy stoned begging for him to finally make her cum with the vibrator, then hearing her mindless moaning as her pussy and ass was buzzed with a ‘twig’ attachment, clearly satisfying her fantasies of double penetration. This toy attachment was reserved for his personal games to turn her into a total slut, an attachment that she had described just before introducing me to the cock cup, explaining how coil vibrators could be so versatile, and if I would be interested in experimenting more with one.

Even after many months of getting stoned and sharing porn and a toy with a married woman, it was shockingly dirty and exciting to discover their private pictures, encompassing several binders of Polaroids. And not only of them, but of a married friend of theirs, one I had often gotten stoned and drank beer with, who did not shave and rarely wore a bra – or even panties, depending on how hot the weather became in the humid summer. From that point on, my interest in creating porn was embedded, if only as fantasy. Involving memories of how good it felt to cum watching a man suck off another man, knowing it was another man’s favored porn, his sex toy feeling so good as I watched. Or jacking off to pictures of the two of them playing with the vibrator, including sexy cumshots, looking at her spread cunt as she played with her husband’s hot toy.

I have taken pictures of my first girlfriend, along with my natural and vibrator addicted wife, but working in public, so to speak, was something else. Creating an awareness of just how fantastically erotic it is to be involved creating anonymous hardcore gay porn with another horny man. Pictures, like the stories, that are shared, providing a look inside the life I lead as a true bathhouse slut.

Taking pictures is has also set deep hooks into my desires, particularly in terms of bathhouse experiences. I am not a very good fiction writer, to be honest, though placing real elements together with fictional ones is certainly within my talents. And even the stories written immediately after the experiences, enjoying a beer and a bowl, coming down from the intense intoxication that such total sexual bliss creates, are a melange of memories requiring a certain amount of work to be fit for reading.

Writing from pictures, even when only of maybe a third of a visit’s action, provides a certain check on reality. Especially after taking a 4 week pause from the baths, these pictures coming from my second to last visit, at the end of September, provide a welcome framework. Providing reminders of things that had faded, almost intentionally considering how tempting they remain when occurring. Such as how well he had cock teased me into rubbing my naked lubed cockhead over his willing ass, after having already finger fucked him more than once, taking his cock deep into my mouth as a slick finger played with his hole. The time stamps also provide a record of how long we’d had sex, providing a bit of scale when looking at more than a half hour’s worth of hot male sex, with 5 or 10 minutes missing at a time.

In this case, there had already been maybe a quarter of hour of explicit fun in the porn room. We met only a few minutes after opening, having had just enough time to drink a beer before heading upstairs. The porn was erotic, involving a threesome, prompting me to quickly spread my towel, starting to stroke on the top row. After a minute or so, starting to get harder, another man entered, looked up, and started to watch the porn, hand already under his towel.

My attention moved between the movie and him, approving as he exposed his extended length, soon followed by moving to sit near me. Sliding my right foot out, it was easy to find his leg and start to stroke it. He responded eagerly, hand sliding along my thigh as we began to move closer, already enjoying the sensations of getting truly hornier with another man.

It was at this point I began fumbling in my black bag, finally getting condoms and the poppers bottle out. My fumbling was not helped as he started to play with my cock, making my attempts to keep the camera discrete somewhat futile. We quickly entwined, jacking each other off, his tongue sliding over my neck as I began to play with his nipple.

At the baths, finding such a quickly satisfying sexual connection is one of the many irresistible reasons involved in becoming a regular patron, even when this cannot happen every visit. For example, the times I get sucked for at least a half hour until filling the cocksucker’s mouth with hot pumping cum, like the very last visit, involve something different than the sort of sexual connection which happens when you end up kissing passionately, cock to cock, filled with desire, pleasuring another man, enjoying the chance to share years of experience having passionate sex with other men, without ever cumming.

We were often completely focused on each other, but at times, I couldn’t resist watching the gay action playing in front of us, stroking myself as he pleasured me. Including sucking my cock more than once, so good that I didn’t dare use the poppers for fear of cumming, as he kept me so close to orgasm. The action onscreen having passed its climax, two of the three men having cum, he suggested going to a booth, right after taking his mouth off my glistening cock. One he called a “monster” in a certain fashion, one that just made me even hornier.

“Fuck yes” was about the only thing my mind was capable of saying to his suggestion, so we entered the porn booth opposite. Barely able to spread out towels before embracing, our lips and tongues re-exploring in abandon, grinding cocks together in moaning bliss. We continued this intimately horny re-introduction with the door still open, neither of us all that caring about privacy. Nonetheless, when he indicated a desire to close the door, I quickly agreed, already knowing what I wanted to happen next.

As he lay down, I bent over, and took the camera out of the bag, telling him that I really get off by having pictures taken of me having sex with other men. He agreed to make a set as I went down on him, though the start was a bit hesitant, as he did not know where to press. I had planned to do a hit of rush first, but now was so close to cumming when starting to go down on his naked cock that for a second time, the prudent decision was to wait for a less tempting opportunity.

The flash let me know that he had discovered how the camera worked, making things harder for the photographer, using my mouth on his naked cock. Along with teabagging his shaved balls, my finger continuing its explorations of his pulsing ass, something first done while watching porn with him in the porn room. The picture timestamps show it taking two minutes or so to take 2/3 of his cock deep into my mouth.

At this point, he handed me the camera as he stroked his slippery cock. I was kneeling between his spread legs, cock hard as we began to enjoy some more male to male contact. Including rubbing our cockheads together, feeling the slipperiness of spit and pre-cum mixing into an intoxicating lubricant, one being shared as our cocks kept sliding. Soon, he reached up to play with a nipple as I rubbed my horny cock against his balls, dirty thoughts floating in the background as he jacked himself off.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I heard while burrowing my hard length into his sack, making me moan in helpless desire. I reached back and found the lube, handing it to him while saying “condom.” He opened the lube, spreading it along my shaft, making me moan, hearing him talk about how such a monster cock needed special treatment, getting lost in the slippery sensations as he played with my length. Surprisingly, I kept taking pictures, revealing just how far I let myself be tempted. And much like how after repeated exposure to so many willing strangers going down on my bare cock I now cannot even imagine using a condom, as the same process seems to be occurring in this decidedly riskier area too.

Nonetheless, the pictures stop for almost a 1/4 hour, a time during which orgasm remained tantalizing near, far too close to think about opening the poppers bottle. By this point, having located a condom, though still allowing myself to be seduced into rubbing my cockhead against his lubed hole, aware of how easy it would be to just start fucking him. Something he was apparently aware of, though when I managed to say “condom” while pulling back, he allowed me time to put it on over my lubed shaft.

In part because he really did seem concerned about the size of my cock, though in a definitely mixed fashion, talking about how I needed to go slow as he began guiding my cockhead past his tight ring, then moaning louder about how I needed to still go slow while he started to push against me, taking my waiting shaft deeper into his tight hole, his moaning no longer understandable as words, even as his actions revealed what a willing bottom he become.

Soon, fully inside him, it was amazing how good it felt to be fucking such a tight hole, listening to him moan about my monster cock as I fucked him, causing me to groan about how good it was to be fucking such a long hot ass with my big horny cock. We went through more than one cycle of me getting hard, almost cumming, then getting softer before starting to pound him again. I had become totally mindless, barely aware of how he poured some more lube on my cock before starting to pump him hard while playing with his slippery hanging cock.

Becoming his top, hands on his hips, using the camera, looking down at my cock being willingly taken by an experienced bottom, one who was now being fucked by a rod that had likely attracted him from the first time he saw it. I remain amazed at how many people seem to find my cock sexy, but now riding the man underneath me on his hands and knees, there was no question he was loving my length sliding back and forth in his tight ass, spreading his cheeks so I could go as deep as possible, thrusts pushing him forwards while I kept jerking him off, hearing his moans.

Finally, we stopped, both of us having reached a certain point of satisfaction, without cumming. This is one of the more interesting realities of sex at the baths, as experienced visitors know that orgasm tends to limit the potential fun. Balanced by the reality that there are a certain number of men who seemingly care nothing about their partner’s wishes, just wanting to make them cum as a way of apparently adding notches to their tally. Learning how to ride the waves at the bathhouse includes figuring out the best way to navigate such possibilities and alluring traps.

Yet, once one has mastered a certain level of bathhouse self-control, the pleasures just grow until they involve hours of male sex. Almost cumming is like any other form of intoxication – you just want more, even as your mind grows fogged, barely functioning. Barely needing to, as I put everything in the locker except the poppers and a couple of condoms, followed by going downstairs to the steamroom.

I showered, seeing that the time was after 4pm, meaning I had likely spent 3/4 hours upstairs watching porn and fucking before noticing the time. The number of towels in the cubbyholed wall against the steamroom was encouraging, but I decided to sit in the whirlpool for a while. As it turned out, I spent maybe a minute before the central jet began its irritating fountaining.

As the shower area was empty, it was simple to spend a pleasant interval soaping my cock, enjoying how it got hard with my slippery hand stroking it in public. By this point, having become fairly shameless, at a level that probably would have surprised me before my first bathhouse experiences. It is true, generally, that the showers are not a place for sex. On the other hand, they occasionally are, in part because of such uninhibited displays. I may have been sucked only a few times in the showers, but I have seen a decent number of hard cocks there over the years.

With maybe half of those cocks belonging to men that had recently left the steamroom. This is one of the true cruising areas, even if things get too hot. Unfortunately, that is not a joke, but one of the main problems with a Turkish bath – it is not possible to stay in it indefinitely, regardless of how good the sex is. Though depending on one’s luck, particularly when visiting near opening time, the temperature is not too high.

This steamy and discrete sauna is probably the most reliably enjoyed area of the baths, where group sex occurs frequently, as sweaty bodies slide against each other. Bodies responding irresistibly to circumstances, as any repeat bathhouse visitor knows. The steam room is probably the most mixed visitor area of a bathhouse, at least in my experience, with the broadest range of ages and bodies. Many of whom quickly become engaged with each other in the steamy anonymity.

This ranges from younger men just discovering how hot sex with other men can be to decades long married men who have been been visiting the baths for years. Husbands unable to resist getting off so good with other turned on men, indulging in a freedom their wives would likely not understand. An understanding easily shared by the men they meet, having hot sex with each other.

Entering the steam room, showered and three quarters hard, the sounds from the back area made it clear that the rear space was in full use, in just the way so many men who encounter it cannot resist. Taking the more direct path near the door, I quickly became involved in a foursome, drawn in by both welcoming hands and mouths, feeling my cock being grasped as a stranger bent slightly, his lips closing around my nipple. Surrendering fully and easily to the feel of a second man’s tongue swirling over my ear. Reaching out, both hands quickly encountered erect cocks, one being sucked, as the foursome turned out to be a fivesome, with a cocksucker on his knees, initially obscured by the low light and his position between the others.

However, he was certainly not the only man with a cock in his mouth in the back, and it took only a short time before his mouth began going down on my cock as I started kissing one of the man whose extended cock I’d begun stroking. Fingers easily replaced the mouth at my nipple, completing my surrender into fully entering the shared sexual paradise of the other men. The baths are by far the easiest way to find such male only orgies, knowledge clearly shared among all of us in the back of the steambath. Becoming ever more intricately involved in pleasuring each other, all of us obviously experienced in having delightful male only group sex, unconcerned about anything but getting off. The simple reality is that it is much easier to meet men at the baths who know what men cannot resist than it is to ever meet women who have any idea what such sexual freedom means to a man’s satisfaction.

Odd as it may sound, this is not really about gay sex, as such. Some men at the baths are certainly gay, while others, such as myself, are distinctly bi (I may not understand homo-eroticism, but a hard cock is really sexy). A number of other repeat visitors have simply discovered the freedom that comes when only men are allowed into a space devoted to normally hidden male pleasures. Which the steambath most certainly is, enjoying my slick cock now being held against another man’s, his hand grasping my length against his sexy rod, starting to mindlessly thrust in rhythm to his skilled stroking.

Someone’s tongue entered my mouth as the pleasure from feeling another man’s cock touching mine filled me with dirty thoughts of cumming so good and hard in a hot wet flood, surrounded by other naked men having hot sex. I rode the sensations, finally taking a hit from the poppers bottle when feeling a new stranger’s mouth begin to envelope my wanting cock as he bent down, joining the original cocksucker. It had taken me years to realize that no one in the steambath cared about whenever a poppers slut opened their bottle. Especially considering how many bathhouse visitors cannot resist the opportunity to indulge in using such an easy way to make male sex so much more intense.

Blissfully exposed.

I’d come out of the steambath a couple minutes before 4pm, thoroughly intoxicated in a wonderfully familiar, and very addictive, fashion. Becoming overheated in several ways, I hadn’t spent more than a quarter hour in the steam. With a temperature higher than customary, causing an audible gasp when first entering the dimness, sweat quickly coating my naked skin as I slowly walked, growing aware that sex was occurring in several places.

Though air temperature was not the only challenge, particularly as time passed. It was more the second cock sucker, quite talented and dedicated, that had me on the edge of endurance, so turned on that I wanted to pump his mouth full of hot cum. Yet by keeping the rush bottle firmly closed, temptation could be, barely, controlled. The baths are a place where self-control is definitely rewarded if one is looking to indulge in hours of sex.

As now generally seems to be the case, the steam room provided easy sex, becoming quickly entangled in a threesome, playing with cocks and nipples, using tongues to kiss and nip at ears and necks. It took little time to fall completely under the spell of male only group sex, something that repeat visitors to the baths cannot resist – particularly considering how many of those repeat visitors are actively cruising. Especially in these steamy boundaries, where naked strangers pleasure each other without inhibitions. Orgasm was already too near for me to open the little brown bottle, particularly when my cock started to slide into a stranger’s wet mouth while a second stranger played gently with my nipples.

Listening and looking around, sinking into pure bliss, it was clear I wasn’t the only one getting his cock sucked. Much like how I don’t understand what women find attractive in men, I don’t actually understand what men find attractive in men. But there is no question that I find a hard cock sexy – and that the steamroom often provided plenty of opportunity to enjoy them. Not to mention providing the opportunity for other men to enjoy my own turned on rod. Something many men have done over the recent years, often telling me how sexy my cock looks.

At some point, continuing to surrender to the irresistible pleasures of gay group sex, a second cock sucker seemed to replace the first, though by now, my attention tended to be far too focused on the sensations to keep track of what was actually causing them. Most of my awareness was tied up in trying to decide when to do my first hit of poppers, knowing that there was no way I could do a hit without cumming so good and hard. Soon, the thought of poppers became irrelevant, starting to blindly kiss a questing tongue, surrendering my mouth and cock to oral delights, right hand finding a hard cock to stroke.

In typical steamroom fashion, things shifted without much notice, the threesome becoming a twosome, more or less. The cock sucker stood, then turned his back to me, holding my glistening cock between his legs. It felt fantastic, my cockhead sliding over his sack, his hand reaching down so that the fingers and palm pressed my cockhead wonderfully. Soon, we had shifted position enough that our motion involved my still slippery cockhead starting to slide over his soft and utterly inviting ass.

My first thought was that now would be a perfect time to do my first hit of rush, followed by the more rational thought that fucking a stranger in the baths bareback was not the best idea, regardless of temptation. And it was truly tempting – I have rarely allowed my naked cock to come into contact with an offered hole, though the last 6 months have led to more contact than the last 5 years. An increasing trend, easily explained – a man’s willing ass is a cock magnet, pulling in stiff rods.

I’m fully aware that this is similar to what happened to my reluctance to get sucked without a condom – particularly as it has likely been more than a year since the last time I used a condom when getting sucked off – or doing the sucking, my mouth full with another man’s turned on naked cock. Knowing how it happened in another area at least provides a bit of guidance in the present.

Leading me to croak something like “condom,” and move back a bit, breaking direct contact. His hand rapidly returned to teasing me back, until we were humping again, cockhead again rubbing along his sack. He turned around, going down on my cock as the man I was kissing began to lightly tweak a nipple. Yet another time, the idea of poppers passed through my mind, but the effort was simply too much as my cock was lovingly sucked, a finger beginning to probe my ass.

The first time was too abrupt, but the second attempt was much better, settling down on a finger while getting sucked, moaning. The heat continued to build, and finally, I could no longer ignore the temperature – nor the desire to cum. Deciding to leave, it still took a couple of minutes – already planned in . to reach the exit, the cock sucking slut doing his best to keep me in the Turkish bath.

I staggered to the shower, extended cock swinging, attracting the attention of a couple of other men. Barely able to slap the sensor to turn on the rainhead shower, noting the door to the steam room being opened from the inside. Stepping under the cool water, it was possible to no longer pay attention, so I decided to concentrate on nothing but cooling down. The shower next to me started as I soaped my hands, then feet. Followed by putting soap on my still horny cock, guessing that the man under the next showerhead had followed by out.

I truly wasn’t sure, having not really seen him in the dimness, and when I finally glanced over, it seemed as if he had left. Which turned out to be the case, as he walked into the showers from the left, next to the staircase. Becoming aware of him, it took little time to make my intentions clear, as my soaped hand began to stroke his cock right after he touched mine. Generally, I do not have sex in the shower area, but as he bent over to take my cock in his warm mouth, such considerations became meaningless.

Soon, he sank down, his back against the curved half height wall that separates the shower space from the rest of the basement. My glasses, towel, and poppers were still in the cubbyhole against the steambath wall, a passing thought as I began to slide my length in and out, feeling his lips slide against my taut skin. One man was sitting on the steps, positioned to look at what was happening, his hand already under his towel. It did not take long for the blow job to develop into a proper face fucking, my feet at the wall, holding on to the wall as I thrust back and force, my hand cradling his head.

After a while, he stood up to kiss me deeply, as my tongue explored his wet mouth, my hand holding our hard cocks together, starting to hump in public. Something I had never really done with a woman, but in a men only shower room, I couldn’t resist, grabbing his ass with my left hand.

At some point, I saw that 10 minutes had passed, my cock becoming a slave to his mouth, though one able to resist giving in and filling his sexy mouth with hot cum. The man on the steps began jacking off, a hot sight while having a stranger service my exposed rod. He stood and approached, letting me see that another 5 minutes or so had gone by. He got close, which did not matter to me or my cocksucker, who had begun to lightly finger my hole. We had begun a slut couple, and the other man soon left.

The clock showed just how long I had been using this willing cock worshipper, who had been jerking off the entire time. He turned me around, jutting wet cock pointing away from him. It took little time for him to begin to rim me in public as I jacked off, now moaning as his tongue pleasured my hole. Shifting position to give him complete access to my slutty ass, a couple of other men, both naked and hard, were watching. After a enthralling interval getting anally pleasured by man in the showers, he turned me back around, talking about going upstairs and getting a cabin, starting to kiss as we had several times already.

Just before his finger began to circle my sensitive anal ring, his wet mouth returned to my cock, slowly taking me into his mouth. I couldn’t stop from moving, settling down on his finger as it went in, feeling a matching motion along my erect length. Holding on to the wall again, he turned me into a total bathhouse slut, mouth fucking him as I moved in delight against his finger fucking. Finally, I was able to speak between luxurious thrusting and hip rolling, agreeing with the idea of going upstairs.

If not precisely coherently – “oh fuck .. cabin .. fuck yes .. slut .. upstairs .. hot” and similar phrases, likely over a couple of minutes. This is the sort of state that pure male sex reduces a man too, the mind overwhelmed by primal sensation. The weed and beer beforehand are just nice enhancements, ones that add their own element to indulging in sex with strangers. My first sexual experiences were in the late 70s, where lots of people considered stoned sex one of the highest pleasures available – particularly gay men who got off having public group sex.

He turned me around again, providing the opportunity to see that the time was now 4:25pm. As his tongue licked my hole, I couldn’t stop from grinding my ass against his face, aware of men moving around. Returning to babbling words, with “fuck” and “cocksucker” and “sexy rimming” being pretty much the only ones I was able to say. Particularly after his hands found my nipples, sliding over them, gently turning them harder and ever more deliciously horny. Prompting me to moan about going upstairs naked, hard cocks jutting, a thought impossible to stop.

When he stood up, I saw that it was now 4:30pm, meaning that I had just spent the last half hour getting sucked and rimmed in a bathhouse’s showers. Barely able to think, I towelled off, then gathered my things before walking upstairs, seeing that he was still under the middle shower.

Upstairs, I hung around the stairway, waiting several minutes according to the clock. At that point, I began to explore, quickly, trying to cover the entrance area as much as possible. Little was happening in the first two sections I explored. There were at least a couple of people in the corridor leading to the porn rooms, but the booths and darkroom were empty. By now, between hurried exploration and hanging around the top of the stairs, it appeared as if I had been stood up, so to speak.

Deciding to check out the porn room, I saw a clothed threesome being interviewed on the screen before (or as part of) the start of their performance. The theater area was empty, so I headed to the top row, taking out my condoms and poppers. Fumbling a bit, still overwhelmed by such hot sucking and ass licking in public.

Leaning back, I began stroking myself hard, enjoying the sensation of a growing cock. A couple of men entered and left before one stayed, hand sliding over the front of his towel as he looked at me. I started to show off a bit, staring at him while posing my cock in different ways. He unwrapped his towel, then sat on the middle row, his hand reaching out to lightly stroke my leg. I love such gentle caressing, especially when jacking off.

Another man, younger and heavyset with shortish black hair, entered. First taking in the film scene, causing me to do the same. But when his head turned to look between my spread legs, hairy balls being fondled, it took little time before his hand started sliding over the front of the towel. Hurriedly, he went to the middle row, on my left, his hand easily replacing mine as he bent his head down, taking me into his mouth.

Of course I had been looking for this, though it had probably been less than 10 minutes since another cock lover had been giving me a blow job. Pretty typical for a bathhouse slut, offering a hard cock to anyone who wants it. Years of experience have shown that any number of strangers want to service my cock if given the opportunity – which the baths provide in addictive abundance.

His skill was undeniable, though it was difficult to know whether he had been the same cock sucker who I had splattered with hot semen in this public gay porn space in the last year or so, next to another cock sucking pair. Not that it mattered as he went down on me, easily bringing me close to the edge of orgasm. Enhanced by how the other man was playing with my foot and toes and sole, tweaking his nipple as he played with himself. This drew my attention better than porn, as watching a man play with himself has been a real turn on for me over decades.

Lost in bliss, I barely recognized my previous partner as he entered and scanned the rows. He moved promptly between my legs, rapidly displacing the other two men. One assumes in similar fashion as how he had done it downstairs, though with my cock in paradise, I paid no attention to anything else. This state is something that can become craved easily, as so many of the men at a bathhouse know. Especially since can be found so reliably where men gather to have sex with other men.

He soon made it clear just how much he loved cock sucking, along with displaying a number of male pleasuring skills, such as lightly stroking under my hairy armpits, making me moan in pure delight, sinking into a higher paradise as he touched my nipples like in the shower.

It seemed to take little time to become entwined on the top row. He had a trait that was wonderful, stopping sucking when my hand moved down to my cock, but start again as soon as I made it clear he should. This did not only delay orgasm, but sometimes, jacking off with a spit covered cock is better than being deep in wet softness, such as when circling your cockhead over a man’s opened lips, teasing you and him before sinking back into his willing mouth.

Finally, ready to do my first hit of poppers when he began to go down on me again, breathing in deeply as he slowly and deliciously slid down my horny length. The rush began to make my cock feel gigantic, creating sensations of immenseness filled with pure sexual pleasure as his mouth went further. Breathing out and looking down, my eyes confirmed what my cock already knew in luscious detail – I was being deep throated, a finger starting to probe my willing ass.

At some point, laying back in total bliss, legs spreading wider as my cock sucker began to press his finger deeper into my ass. However, after only a moment of turning my hole into a quivering ring of desire, his finger withdrew. Followed by his hands pushing my raised knees apart, bending down, hand sliding over my glistening length, his tongue beginning to rim me again.

As always, a stranger’s tongue on my ass was completely dominating, particularly when he held my feet, indicating I should rise up. When my legs were up, his access to my hole was total, and I surrendered completely. Repeating my very first experience of rimming, something my first girlfriend did to me, after reading about it in the Joy of Gay Sex – way back in the very early 1980s.

Finally, after a an interval of pure animal joy, I was able to do another hit of rush with a stranger luxuriously tonguing my fully submissive asshole. Rimming is a pure delight, one distinct from cock centered pleasures. Though it is possible to remain hard while being so pleasured, when an ass is being tongued, other things become secondary.

He kept pushing me higher, to the point that my neck began to feel too much pressure, forcing an end things by changing position. He lay on top of me as we greedily kissed, horny cocks rubbing, my hands running over his ass, teasingly. My goal soon became apparent, and his kissing reflected just how turned on he was getting as my fingers neared, then touched his pulsing anal ring.

Slowly, my finger went deeper as my tongue slid over his, my left hand stroking along the inside of his thigh as our cocks continued to slide. The dynamic was beginning to shift, at least a bit, as for the first time, he was clearly the slut unable to resist a stranger pleasuring him.

A shift that did not last too long, as he pulled back, sitting up and then bending over to start sucking me again. As I moved the magic brown bottle to my nose, his hand reached up, so I let him have the stilled sealed poppers. By this point, it was not a surprise he was a poppers lover too, as so many become after their first encounter of poppered sex. In my experience, women love poppers too, especially when getting fucked hard and talking dirty, but the experience seems more intense for men. I don’t think that any regular rush user at the baths is too concerned about making a scale – the effects are far too intoxicating anyways. And at least in my experience, even better when using them with men.

Like now, greedily going down on me while handing back the still open bottle and cap. I did a hit, careful to seal the bottle before being turned into a total suck slut. He was deep throating me again as I finally breathed out, starting to thrust my hips, face fucking him right to the edge of orgasm. His hands had reached under my ass cheeks, making it easy for him to keep me from withdrawing.

However, he did not force me to cum, but instead started to tea bag me. Leading to his tongue starting to lap along my upper thighs, making me moan again, begging to be licked between my legs. He began to rim me again, forcing me to surrender to the heavenly sensations, jacking my wet cock in helpless bliss.

Having spent this much time together, both of us were clearly delighted in having found an equally willing and talented slut. Though you do find clumsy and unskilled men at the baths, they are easily ignored, particularly as so many other visitors have been practicing their abilities in pleasuring other men for years.

Finally, I sat up, playing with his cock, when I found the brown bottle. opening it and taking a deep breath before going down on his hard cock for the first time, handing the poppers to him as my mouth surrounded his naked cockhead. I finally did to him what he had done to me, though after a while, he put his hands on my hand, stopping me. Realizing he did not want to cum, I moved my mouth to his lips, kissing him as I hacked his cock with one hand, and mine with the other, feeling him gently squeeze my nipples as his tongue filled my mouth.

Laying back down, I noticed a threesome next to us, one row lower. Prompting me to do another hit of rush as my cocksucker returned to servicing my hard length, while looking at the gay sex happening next to me. Seeing how the man that had sucked my cock before was laying with his head in the lap of a sitting man, going down on him while the third man knelt on one knee as he had his cock sucked by the sitting slut.

When a tongue found my ass again, I rose myself up, discovering that it was possible to support myself with my foot lightly pressing against the ceiling. Fully aware that the rimjpb I was getting could be seen by at least one other man, the standing one. Who appeared to be looking, as he began to thrust deeper into a cock sucking slut’s willing mouth, turning me on to see.

This time, when I returned to laying on the platform, my cocksucker moved, soon squatting over my face. I began to teabag him while trying to find the bottle. He became a bit impatient, but I love doing a hit of poppers and turning into an ass pig, slathering a man’s ass with my tongue and spit. Finding the bottle, it took a bit for me to get it properly positioned. After breathing the magical scent in, it took a bit for me to position him to feel the tip of my tongue start to touch his soft and yielding hole, meaning that the full effects began to flow through me as he settled down on my face.

I could tell he was playing with his cock from the rhythm he anal ring was performing as my tongue went deeper. Rush turns me into a dirty ass licker, something no man I have ever met has resisted, with my tongue now pressing deeper into his hole, doing its best to provide the sensation of being tongue fucked, and not merely the luxurious sensations of being rimmed.

At some point, details became disconnected, the pleasure drowning everything, as we alternated kissing and rimming and cock sucking.

Growing aware, at first from the change in how he was sucking me, as he became sluttier than before, that a new threesome had formed in the same place as the other one. With one man rimming my kneeling cock sucker. Of course I opened the poppers bottle to let him do a hit. He breathed in and out several times, then I did a final hit, sinking into the delight of feeling both of us became total poppers sluts.

Slowly, I returned to my senses, as my cock sucker, now being drawn into hot sex with the threesome, shifted his attention. A sense that maybe more time had passed than expected filled me, debating with myself whether it was now 5pm, or as late as 5:30pm. My cock sucker was now fully involved with the other men, kneeling at the edge as his cock was sucked by at least the third man today. I patted his leg while leaving, then left the room.

Looking at the clock before going downstairs, it was a surprise to see it said 6pm. Apart from providing another reminder of just how time flows away when indulging in hot sex, it also meant that I had basically spent close to two hours having sex with a single stranger.

Timeless ecstasy.

Having already almost cum before breathing out the first hit of poppers, my cock sucker clearly remained interested in taking me deep into his sexy mouth, to pump hot cum down his waiting throat. I had been riding the waves of sensations, but at this point, the peaks were growing irresistible, my cock feeling gigantic as his lips moved over it.

Normally, my resistance to skilled cocksucking is higher, but after 2 hours at the baths, this was the first real oral session I’d enjoyed, not only today, but for the last 2 weeks. Of course, as I have discovered, the baths are the best place to find dedicated cock suckers that want uncovered cock. Men that get off making other men cum so good, men whose offers of hot oral sex are impossible for a poppers slut to resist.

Even now, the rush making my heavy cock’s pleasure grow ever more immense, it was just barely possible to grasp my length, sliding along the delightfully slickened shaft, making the skin taut, luxuriating in the perfect satisfaction of a man going down on me. There is nothing more purely decadent than letting a stranger indulge in performing oral sex, without any inhibitions, poppers so addictively enhancing the experience.

Years at the baths have turned me into a true poppers blow job addict. Finishing a process that started the first time I did a hit from the little magic brown bottle while stoned, my first girlfriend going down on my cock. Creating a primal sexual response centered on hard cock being worshipped by another, until orgasm overwhelmed me, pumping her mouth full of hot cum. It is only in the last few years that I have started using poppers with men.

Now, time was being stretched as a tongue slid around my cockhead, my guiding hand growing slack. Providing him the opportunity to take complete control again, as I began to thrust my hips, pushing my cock ever deeper into the entrancingly warm wetness.

Just before cumming, I managed to stop, though his determination remained obvious even while allowing another interruption. One that he clearly knew would not last long, pulling his smooth lips slowly over and off my cockhead. No longer quite on the edge of orgasm, I couldn’t help myself from holding my cock, positioning it so he could start to suck me again, rolling a bit on my hip to give him better access to my ass as I swiped my horny cockhead back and forth over his softly welcoming lips.

Decades of experience using poppers warred with the simple desire to just mouth fuck a man until filling his mouth with hot cum while having my ass fingered. This is the paradox of using poppers when male – you only cum once, but stretching out the experience too far leads to a state where orgasm finally becomes unlikely. Normally, it is possible to extend the experience beyond the first temptation, but today was different.

At least twice during this visit, with two different men, the bottle had almost been opened, both times having regained enough control to believe that it would be possible to enjoy multiple hits. And each time, before opening it, the fun stopped. This time, riding the incredible sensations as my cock returned to a stranger’s willing mouth, orgasm continued to beckon, so close to overwhelming my restraint.

Rush is an incredibly tempting drug, one that perfectly enhances gay sex. This hit had been deeper and longer than customary, the effects still growing stronger as he sucked me deeper, finger teasing my ass perfectly. An aspect of what makes it so extraordinary is how large rush can make your cock feel, filling a surrounding universe of pure yielding pleasure, melding with the sensations of one’s hole being played with into a glorious state of sheer animal bliss. Knowing that by this point I could not keep myself from mouth fucking him, shifting my rod no longer quite possible, particularly when he so quickly recaptured my turned on cock with his mouth, pressing down my stroking hand.

Pulling back at the last second, holding my turned on cock out of his easy reach, the pulsing from my balls was fantastic, particularly as his finger continued to press further, the contractions against his finger clearly signalling just how imminent orgasm was. Too strong to effectively resist by keeping my cock clasped, preventing the cum from escaping, as had worked a couple of times before.

“God yes .. mouth fucker .. cock slut” I moaned, helplessly driving into his willing mouth, pushing deep into paradise as he began to make me cum, beyond any possible resistance, pressing hands on his head. Waves rising up my shaft as his mouth surrounded it, taking all of my cum, jet after jet, until he finally swallowed my last drops. I have probably cum in dozens of men’s mouths at this point in my life, and have no memory of a single time that one of those men had not swallowed all of my cum, unlike most women most of the time, in my experience.

After cumming, my cock grows extremely sensitive, to the point of pleasure and pain becoming almost impossible to separate. He kept me inside his mouth, first making me squirm at the sensations, then to start to moan and struggle, trying to stay within the pleasurable boundaries, even as he toyed with me, emphasizing just how painfully intense he could manipulate me post orgasm.

Slowly, I withdrew my cock from his attentions, utterly wiped out. Rarely do I so completely lose myself in cumming at the baths, having become essentially incapable at this point of anything but laying on the platform. He left, but there was no way for me to even rise into a sitting position for the next few minutes.

Part of the crowd.

Only slowly did I become aware of my cock deliciously hardening in a stranger’s mouth, the pleasure drowning awareness of its source. When I first began visiting the bathhouse, I always tried to use a condom, but over time, eager cocksuckers had turned me into a devotee of letting my bare cock be sucked off by strangers. The turning point in my caution occurred the first time it occurred to me that after my cock had already been in a man’s willing mouth, a condom did not really matter. Particularly in comparison to the sheer ecstasy of being sucked.

A reality clearly known to just about everyone in the bathhouse, where condom use involving oral sex is almost non-existent. For reasons that any man who has felt the difference between naked and covered sucking understands, particularly when the person giving the blow job wants an uncovered cock – and hot cum.

Fingers had begun touching now stiff nipples, making me moan and sink deeper into the sensations coming from a wetly surrounded cock. My left hand was stroking a stiff cock, arm stretched over the head of the man on his knees that had so easily managed to make me his willing slut. I was bent to the right, licking a man’s nipple as my hand slid over and around his armpit.

This Sunday mid-afternoon, the steambath was the most crowded I had ever seen, with easily 15 men in the darkened back all having sex, a feast for those with eyes and ears interested in male group sex. To be honest, pretty much all the people that come to this particular orgy room are the sort that cannot resist getting off together with other men. The steambath at a male only sauna has a certain universal appeal, regardless of whether a man is married, single, ‘straight’ or bi – to call all visitors gay is not quite accurate, though. Regardless of how one defines oneself, this means that having enjoyed such a steambath’s charms once, any bathhouse offers the opportunity to repeat the experience. And as has turned out to be true, there are always bathhouses around, because getting off with other men is irresistible once indulged.

However, this local bathhouse remains at the top of my personal list, with its stonework, mixed crowd of ages and types, and surprisingly relaxed atmosphere considering how many men hook up to have sex each day. Over the last year or so, it has felt as if more men are visiting, particularly on weekends. Generally, more crowded times seem to offer less promising opportunities in my opinion, as there comes a point where a larger number of men is inhibiting, not erotic. Not that one cannot have a lot of fun at such times, it is just simply somehow a less free and turned on mood in general. This is the primary reason to generally avoid visiting on a Saturday, for example.

Today was different, this most definitely not being the case now. Much the same had been true in the darkroom beforehand, filled with a dozen men having sex. Including myself, getting sucked by two men while watching and hearing the other men fucking and sucking, all of us sluts for such easily enjoyed sex. Along with going down on one man, sharing his cock with another, sliding my fingers over his balls and ass cleft, stroking myself the entire time, then kneeling and twisting to offer my rigid cock for him to worship. A promptly accepted offer, taking my guided cock ever deeper into his softly welcoming mouth. By this point, my now free right hand found the hard length of the other cocksucker, creating a hot threesome, intense but never dangerously close to orgasm.

When we finally broke up, I wandered around a bit more, passing several booths with men standing outside. This remains impossible to understand, even after almost a decade of getting off with other men at bookstores, theaters, and at the baths. Mainly because in all that time have I ever seen one of those men enter a booth with another man, though it must happen.

The men in at least three other cabins, one on his stomach, the other two leaning back with legs spread, were much easier to understand – and if the mood had struck, to satisfy. However, men just standing around who avoid all contact tend to be offputting, to be honest. The whirlpool tends to have this aspect as well – men who simply refuse all invitations, from subtle to overt.

The whirlpool had actually been this visit’s first stop, after finishing my usual glass of beer. Entering the water led to the sorts of pleasures I remember as being common in the past, the whirlpool also possessing its own delightful charms. Especially when stroking a hard cock, enjoying sex in public, having my nipple played with by the man to the left, while on the right, a man was massaging my foot as he rubbed it against his hard cock. Remembering just how good such mutual play is, sinking into a sensual paradise, shared by two other men, all of us indulging in uninhibited male touching.

It became impossible not to moan when the man to be left raised my foot, starting to bathe the sole with this tongue, before kissing and sucking my delighted toes, soon quivering on the edge of orgasm, a nipple being tweaked as I jacked off. Mind floating away in the pleasure of giving a stranger the opportunity to indulge his own sexual interests, looking at his sexy hard cock as he stroked it, my left hand on another hard cock, moving in the same motion as my jerking off. Group sex like this is irresistible, just letting the sensations flow, completely turned on in a place where men have sex.

Such an introduction, along with the encounters in the darkroom and steamroom, had left me in a truly aroused state when going downstairs for the second time, entering the steamroom, easily slipping into its erotic atmosphere, reaching out to play with cocks and nipples, feeling other men do the same to me. Quickly leading to a man bending down to take my waiting cock in his mouth. The tempting aroma of poppers was in the air, but I was much too turned on to open my own bottle at this point. After enjoying myself thoroughly, the heat had started to become a factor.

Pushing through the crowd, I was near the back wall, moving towards the front section to leave, when a hand brushed my cock, causing me to pause. Then turning towards him, reaching out to guide his cock against mine. The sheer sexiness of turned on cock is hard to explain to a man who hasn’t enjoyed it. A truth that remains probably the single most surprising aspect of having sex with other men. By this point, though they are obviously different, a hard cock or a wet cunt are equally appealing when turned on.

Soon, back against the smooth tiled wall, I started helplessly sinking into the sea of perfectly addictive sexual sensations. The heat no longer seemed so enveloping, the pressing of naked sweaty bodies against mine growing ever more entrancing. I was jerking off a cock, sharing the motion with another’s hand, as at least two hands played with my cock and balls, while another hand played with my nipples. Women do not seem to generally realize just how sensitive a man’s nipples are, especially when already aroused. On the other hand, most bathhouse visitors know very well from repeated experience, and are more than willing to share that knowledge in practice.

As time stretched, we formed a threesome within the larger group of horny men getting each other off, apparently everyone participating in an unrestrained orgy, all of us having completely surrendered ourselves to the sensations of slutty male group sex. It was rare to be surrounded by such uninhibited lust, even as we kept our attention a bit more focused.

We began kissing, first as a pair, but soon, we moved into a position where our cocks and tongues were touching and sliding. The pleasure kept increasing, my mind feeling like it was sliding into a honeyed paradise, only slowly realizing, again, that my cock was being sucked by a kneeling stranger. Of course I let him continue taking my cock into paradise. knowing that my partner could sense what was going on, as another man joined us.

A stranger that soon easily took two cocks into his mouth, leading me to wantonly kiss the other man being sucked. Kissing when so horny has its own special sloppiness, a loss of fine concentration on both sides demonstrating just how turned on each man is, tongues probing and swirling and darting, lips sliding and pressing. Such wet and open mouthed kissing is fairly easy to enjoy at the baths, if one has the least bit of luck and is open to group sex in a crowd, like today.

However, what had been a threesome shifted and reformed, as the man next to the kneeling cock sucker left, slowly pushing his way through the crowding bodies. Watching him open a path let me see more of the steamy action, including a man just starting to be fucked, his expression completely aroused as a cock entered his ass. My left hand slid between two pressed men to reach his jutting rod, playing with his horny dick as he began to be fucked deeper.

My palm slid down, extended fingers gliding over his balls before making a delicate approach to the cock that was fucking him. Anal sex is an area where I have been personally very consistent with condom use. Yet in a way that almost but not quite feels hypocritical, I make no judgment concerning other men having sex bareback, doing my best to turn them on before and during their fucking, too aroused by their having sex to restrain myself.

With my cock having been thoroughly coated in saliva, and probably pre-cum considering the delightful slipperiness, it was unsurprising how addictively seductive it felt when the cock sucker stood up, his cock touching mine as he turned to kiss me. We soon became utterly involved, to the extent that all of the other men in the steamroom became irrelevant, including the man to my right, who was still playing with my nipples and kissing my neck as my tongue entered another cock sucker’s willing mouth. By this point, everyone in steamroom was fantastically and thoroughly turned on, engaging in free male sex, beyond any ability to control themselves as temptation and satisfaction swept through the space.

Today the steamy space was darker than normal, the sheer number of bodies reducing the amount of available light, adding to the sensual attraction, sight becoming less prominent as the sensations of intimate contact increased in intensity. Darkness adds its own less than subtle attraction to sex, as was distinctly occurring to all of us. By this point, men could no longer move past, and none wanted to, as hands and mouths worked their magic, rigid cocks unable to resist whatever opportunities arose.

My newly discovered cock sucker went down on me again, and I had almost decided to open the popper’s bottle when his fingers touched my nipples, causing me to sigh in contentment, unable to concentrate on the effort to do a hit. Which turned out to be fortunate, as he slowly increased the pressure of his tweaking, the pleasure from his mouth keeping the intensity from his squeezing becoming painful, while becoming increasingly erotic.

As this continued his exquisite nipple pinching, it approached what S&M involves, to be honest, pain being irrelevant in the ongoing waves of sexual bliss arising from my cock being enhanced by his perfect control of my willing nipples. For the first time, this truly felt like what my bi S&M loving friend has described, letting him treat my nipples as toys under his complete control. He almost made me cum several times before I finally had to stop him, nipples on fire, desire no longer outweighing the pain.

He rose, kissing me passionately full on the mouth, my hand reaching down to join our cocks as we melted into each other, making out cock to cock. As our kissing swirled and danced, our cocks pressing without needing a hand, my hands reached down to his ass, pulling him tighter, as we started humping. He began to play with my nipples again, slowly increasing the tension as heavenly sensation continued to overflow from the increasingly intense pinching, starting to feel like fire burning my nipples.

A fire that filled my mind with a desire to let it keep going, loving what we was doing to me, almost cumming at the thought of being such a S&M slut. Naked in so many ways, surrounded by equally naked potential or former partners, moaning, brought to the edge of orgasm by addictive pain. I stopped him, finally, wanting to concentrate on something less challenging.

Now, really going cock to cock, grinding each other with male strength, no gentleness needed, being turned on by matched masculine solidness, mouths tight. He bent down to blow my rod at least twice, adding to the lubrication of mixed spit and sweat and pre-cum before returning to kissing and sliding our shafts together. At some point, my finger found his quivering hole, making him groan as he slumped in bliss, finger sliding past his ass ring while thrusting against his cock. Finally, we broke apart, and he staggered off as I patted his ass, then following in his wake through the fully filled steamroom. surrounded by men having sex with other men.

After showering off, I went upstairs to the darkroom, discovering it to be fairly crowded- Going past the gloryholes, I laid out on platform, finding the nearest man’s cock in short order, He left after a bit, to be quickly replaced by another man, whose mouth find my cock before my questing fingers found his. Soon, we filled the space to our mutual satisfaction, his mouth alternating with my hand on my slippery shaft as I stroked his erect rod. Finally, our shifting positions brought his cock in reach of my tongue, prompting me to start to lick his shaft and balls.

He sighed in pleasure, head sinking between my legs, starting to teabag me, tongue bathing my balls. Soon, his finger began to slide along my now quite slippery crack, spreading his spit over my ass, teasing me as I started sucking his stiff cock. We continued like this for a while, a couple of men briefly adding to the pleasure before withdrawing again as we remain focused on each other.

He settled above me, extended cock becoming available as he continued to lightly finger my slick asshole in circles, the motion irresistible. I began to teabag him, bathing his balls. The ongoing pleasure and its temptations had settled into a stable balance, causing me to get the poppers ready. He had begun to settle down, making it a bit challenging to take a good hit. Though since he paused, I was able to close the bottle and keep it in hand before letting the rush carry me away, as my tongue began bathing my cocksucker’s hot ass.

At some point, he started teabagging me. Spreading my legs wider in invitation, I did another hit, feeling his tongue slide into my crack. We were soon totally lost in a dirty hot anal 69, both of us pulling the other closer, using upper body strength to pull against hips, pressing tongues pleasuring a will slut’s ass. When his mouth returned to my cock, I did another hit, still in control of orgasm, if not really anything else, tonguing a stranger’s sexy soft ass in the darkroom.

I was not the only one using rush in the extreme dimness, the sounds of group sex clear around me as I began to wetly lap his now pulsing hole. His legs spread wider, lowering him against my face, his hard cock rubbing along my chest. Now getting truly poppered up while rimming his yielding soft ring, swollen cock surrounded by his slippery wet lips at its base, being deepthroated, experiencing the bliss of being sucked off as orgasm rose and filled his mouth with hot cum, rimming him in time with each pumping jet, giving in yet another of the heavenly dirty temptations found at the baths.

Back in the crowd.

“Cum .. cream my balls” filled my ears while breathing out slowly, pressing my cock down and sliding it over his sack, “fuck yeah .. cum balls .. do me” following as I watched him stroking his hard cock, clearly loving having his balls played with by a stranger’s stiff rod. We had already been enjoying each other for an impossible to judge interval, reaching this fantastic point after mutual cock sucking and teabagging bringing each to the edge. Sharing poppers a couple of times, leading to me now being on top of him, sliding my cock along his, kissing, reaching back to explore, and feeling his slutty reaction when my cock head slid over, then into his yielding sack.

The very first time I had naked sex with a man, at a porn complex in a private room in the gay porn section, part of what made it so extraordinary was the variety of unimagined experiences. Including the sensation of my horny cock rubbing over a man’s yielding sack. That first time was overshadowed by the blazing glory of kissing a man for the very first time, not to mention kissing his cock, but the memory came back with a naughty erotic recognition of just how good it felt to get off with a man like this, in a way no woman could understand.

Cocks are fantastically sexy when played with at the baths, but they aren’t the only part of a man that enjoys a knowing stranger’s attention. I might not be an expert in cock/sack games, but enthusiasm certainly has its own charm, particularly when it so clearly turned my partner on. Along with how thoroughly slutty he had made me by this point, his mouth having brought me so close to cumming after doing my first poppers of the day, after 2 hours of cruising.

Cruising is likely the right word at this point, looking for sex with other men, one after the other, time disappearing while having hot sex. Today was as crowded as last Sunday, with the steamroom wonderfully filled with horny men, all of us easily merging into a scene of group sex. Such as my cock being sucked alongside another man’s while kissing a third, my nipple being perfectly caressed as I kept playing with a man’s hard cock, matching a stranger’s mouth motion servicing two stiff dicks. The other men around us were just as lost in anonymous male sex, everyone clearly the sort of bathhouse regular who cannot resist from coming and enjoying the bath’s delights.

Finding such a place to have regular visit has led to years of having hot sex with men that have sex with other men. The bathhouse is a place were married, bi, or gay men meet, drawn by the opportunity to enjoy bodies like their own, intimately experienced in giving and receiving pleasure. In my opinion, most men at the bathhouse are not strictly tops or bottoms, but have enjoyed a wide variety of getting off. A man going down on a stranger in the darkness knows what that is like, sometimes at the same time he is doing it.

Group sex is addictive when so easily found, even when not every visit is so delightful as this one had already been. Sucking and being sucked in the darkroom by at least three men after coming up from the steambath, I had settled into 69ing with my 3rd – or maybe 4th – cocksucker, each of us clearly skilled at keeping the other on the verge of quivering orgasm before shifting to another focus, whether teabagging or nipple fondling or anal temptations as our fingers and tongues explored. Around us, the space was filled with other men having sex, which my dark adapted eyes could see in silhouette. Connecting the sounds to the sights just turned me on more, hotter than porn as any of the men I was watching could become a sex partner, another among a half-dozen or so today.

We reached a sensual plateau, prompting me to do my first hit of poppers as we sucked each other, moaning around his sexy shaft as he fingered me, finally breathing out and surrendering to the sheer decadence of sex with another man. He shifted, likely having smelled the poppers, and we began to kiss while jerking each other off, his fingers stroking over my left hand, clearly seeking the bottle containing an irresistible magic sex potion. One I have been sharing for more than 3 and a half decades, with both men and women. I brought the bottle up, letting him have it, happy to share its spell.

After opening the top, he used the customary rush technique, breathing in out and several times, then closing it as I started to wetly lick his neck, right hand sliding between his legs as he began to stroke himself. Taking the bottle, opening it one handed, doing a single deep hit, holding it in while sealing the bottle, a well practiced routine by now, whether in the darkroom, the steambath, or a booth. He began jacking me off with the unmistakeable horniness of a man who was starting to surrender to the rush spreading through his whole body.

Just as it was through my body now, leaning over to take his sexy cock into my mouth again, breathing out as I began to deepthroat him, something that still only rarely happens, regardless of cock size. But occasionally, I really enjoy the sensation of taking a man all the way into my mouth, surrendering willingly to his cock filling my mouth. Careful not to make him cum yet, letting the rush stretch the time endlessly in pure ecstasy. In a way impossible to describe, I was pure cock, huge in an irresistible fashion, as gigantic as the hot cock filling my mouth.

We continued to drown in the sensations of poppered sex for a while, including having him go down slowly along my cock after doing a hit, feeling his wettened finger slide over my quivering hole, slowly entering it after I had breathed out. Moaning in pure pleasure, disjointed dirty words leaving my mouth – ‘fuck .. love it .. sex .. with men .. cock sucking .. so good.’ At this point, it seemed we were alone in the darkroom, providing a hint of how much time had passed, measured by other men cumming (or stopping short of cumming, to stretch one’s time having sex at the baths) and going.

He lay back, his hand guiding my cock against his balls, moaning as I shifted position, hands outside of his shoulders, letting my stiff length be guided as he started to pant, clearly turned on. As was I, cock still slippery from being in his talented mouth, sliding over his soft and yielding skin. At some point, and after a couple of more hits, I was no longer determined to keep from cumming, having resisted at least a couple of times as he sucked, and another couple of times when fingering me, along at least one time when played with my nipples so good.

Finally, and delightfully, it became impossible not to surrender to the extremely tempting sensations along my again sliding cock, my hand pressing it down, finding the perfect position as he moaned underneath me. I was taking him by the balls, both of us totally turned on having sex like this, his hands to the side as I let my weight add to the pressure between us. A pressure that soon had him spasming between his legs, thighs spread wide, moaning about cumming on his balls as he started to helplessly orgasm from how I was playing my cock over his sack.

Responding, telling him ‘fuck yeah .. cum .. cum so good .. slut sex .. cum your balls .. slut cum,’ not even sure who I meant as my own orgasm started, hot cum spurting into and beyond his sack, totally lost in sensations that only other men could understand, cock in heaven between a man’s sexy balls.

Heavenly kissing.

Generally, only the very best visits are written about, but the last three visits have had a certain thread running through them, each focussed in a different area, even if one of those visits definitely would not be worth its own story. These days, if a visit does not involve at least an hour or two of pure male sex, it is probably not going to be written about. Though recently, just about every visit has managed to represent an incredibly satisfying period spent in having glorious sex with other men.

The bathhouse represents a certain pure style of distilled sex, understood best by those who cannot resist it. Add in a couple of decades old vices, including organic smoke, poppers, a cold beer or two, the combination makes the bathhouse an exceedingly reliable place to play uninhibited games. Yes, purely male sex, but as I have discovered, men are the ones that best understand just how slutty other men are, far beyond what most women seem to be able to imagine. Or to easily accept, to be honest.

Enjoying multiple partners is incredibly satisfying, and finding a partner as slutty as you is easy. Every visit is different in details, but the overarching thread of getting off so good remains a solid reason to keep returning at least once a week. These days, ensuring that I have no schedule, so I can drown endlessly in the waves of sex around me as long as possible, finally staggering to the lockers, wiped out in sexual bliss, mind utterly fogged by what my body experienced among a group of horny men.

That lovely haze of primal bliss is something that attracts me with a desire that cannot be denied, like all the other men there, a mutual lust that the baths allow to be indulged in.


On the first of those three visits, things had been OK, with maybe a half hour of mutual masturbation watching gay porn and some sucking over an hour and a half wandering through the male only sauna. Returning to the steam room for easily the 4th time, I slowly wandered to the back corner, attracted by the sounds of sucking. Eyes adapting, it appeared that at least three men were standing in front of the smooth stone bench, prompting me to walk closer. The sounds of sucking were clear enough, and approaching the outside third man, he easily found my cock as my hand rose to play with his nipple.

We quickly grew more intimate, starting to mutually fondle each other as the scene resolved a bit more, seeing how a 4th man was sitting on the bench, sucking the cock of the man in the middle, while grasping the erect and glistening cock of the man against the wall. Soon cock to cock, kissing hungrily, forming a pair before feeling a hand move between us, turning my new partner’s body back towards the bench. He turned his head to keep our mouths joined. Soon, mouths still together, I felt how his kissing changed as the sitting cock sucker began to go down on his hard length.

A second hand joined his on my cock. making me moan when fingers began to lightly brush the hair under my balls. Soon, the new hand began to draw me closer to the bench, slowly enough to let the anticipation swell my cock before his lips covered it. As has become the welcome case since giving up using condoms when getting head, the sensations coated my mind in a sort of honeyed pleasure that only gradually allows the realization that what caused it was starting to be taken into a stranger’s wetly welcoming mouth. I have become utterly addicted to naked oral sex, in large part because of that irresistible feeling blanking all thoughts completely, letting my turned on bare cock rule where it goes.

Being a total slut, my cock loves pleasuring a man’s sexy mouth. Very few can resist the temptation not to take a hard cock into their mouths, and those that do learn just how sexy it can be to suck cock, and why so many men visit the baths to just do that. Of course, everyone there knows how good it is to get a blow job. Undoubtedly like the other men lined up in front of a skilled communal cock sucker. He shifted his attentions back to the man against the wall, who soon turned and left, cock still stiff. Like many other visitors, most definitely including myself, cumming becomes secondary to enjoying the variety of experiences as long as possible.

As was happening now, my partner and I turning a bit, no longer rubbing cocks together and playing with each other’s hard nipples, but starting to focus our attention on the sitting man, to whom I moved quite close, putting my leg on the bench. My right hand was raised against the wall, keeping me stable as my left hand went down, to rub over his nipple. Bending further, my hand found his cock, and I began to play with him, feeling him get harder.

My partner continued his attentions, keeping our extended cocks close. Not by accident, as it became clear we shared the idea of putting our cocks into a hot mouth at the same time. The other man also left, likely as there is a certain time limit to how long one can – or should – endure the damp heat. I was not even close to that point, and it appeared neither of the other two was close to that limit either. Steamrooms encourage a certain reliable sexual decadence, one all three of us were enjoying, bodies hot and sweaty, thoroughly aroused.

I watched my partner reach down to guide the cocksucker’s head from his cockhead, pulling me closer, making me moan helplessly rubbing against his spit coated cockhead. Seeing the cocksucker grasp both our cocks, his mouth beginning to create a heavenly sensation, a hot threesome. Turning my head to probe and lick with wet tongue over his opened lips, kissing him in slutty rhythm to our shared blow job. Enjoying a partner willing to be cock to cock, having sex with a man, regardless of who the mouth belonged to. In the baths, there really is no question of how ‘straight’ someone might be when an opportunity arises to enjoy the sensations of group sex.

After a stretched time of pure satisfaction, the standing man turned and began to leave, patting each of us. The cocksucker concentrated exclusively on my cock, and soon had me panting, starting to face fuck him while again reaching down to jack him off. After a delightful period just at the edge of thrusting orgasm, I reached down to his head while bending to kiss him. From the beginning of our lips meeting, his skill and texture and taste were fantastic, making me moan. And soon enjoying his matching moans, mouths joined, tongues playing.

It was not surprising that a talented cocksucker would be a talented kisser. It is always a compliment to find someone that enjoys being kissed, as the best kissing is always a wonderful oral dance. Adding to the pleasure was how he interrupted our kissing at least three times to go down on me.

What became a surprising turn-on was knowing that the man kissing me so good had just had four hot cocks in his mouth, most certainly including mine. Plus whatever he had been doing before coming into the steambath. Sluts love to play with other sluts, and our kissing continued until he too reached his steambath limit. He left with a final parting kiss. I love kissing men, especially the truly slutty ones. We had likely spent more time kissing than anything else since either of us entered the steambath, as finding a partner to kiss so long and good is always a delight that feels like a blissful eternity when it happens.


The second visit involved gay porn and a crowded cabin, starting in the porn theater. Two other men were there as I went to the center of the top row, spreading out my towel, enjoying the scene of a man with a hard cock being rimmed. Getting half hard, I saw another man enter. Easily catching his attention, he came up to my right, sitting on his towel, a small zippered case next to him. It took very little time to start making each other hornier, fingers sliding over the soft hairs found between opened legs, drifting over swelling cocks and sensitive nipples, taking our time, making the scene on the wall even hotter, openly jacking off to gay porn with another man. Hot porn is always better when shared, a truth since the very first time orgasming watching another man cum after we had gotten hard looking at Penthouse.

Leaning against the back wall, the recent bowl and even more recent beer started having its utterly predictable effect, wonderfully enhanced by enjoying it with another person. Who went down on my cock as I watched the rimming become mutual, two ass lickers moaning in front of me as my naked cock was blown. It was so good that I put my hand down to swirl my cock against his lips, teasing him as I withdrew my cockhead. He turned away a bit, but soon returned to going down on my shaft, easily starting to deep throat me. As the pleasure spread throughout me, I smelled the distinct scent of poppers, explaining why his mouth felt so good as it took me deep. Getting even more aroused knowing he was turning into a cock hungry suck slut.

He did a couple of more hits, and after a bit, he asked about going into a booth. I took a bit to recover enough mind to answer, having almost cum several times.

“Sure .. OK .. a booth?” was about the best I could manage, still stroking my hard length, then saying “Poppers.”

He simply started to get up, and I followed in mindlessly turned on fashion, barely functional after being lost in a haze of entrancing sucking, glistening hard cock uncovered by a towel while going to the second video booth. Or first, depending on perspective – it being the first porn space one encounters walking away from the spiral staircase. He was still wearing his towel, waiting for me to enter the booth first. As I did, quickly spreading out my towel, leaving my black bag closed. He stepped in as I settled again against the wall, watching a threesome on the smaller video screen.

This time, he did a hit of poppers before taking off his towel, and bending down to suck my cock. I reached out for his cock, but he moved to make it clear he was uninterested. Somewhat different from me, utterly unable to resist having my cock handled as the rush starts to spread its powerful effect everywhere, but most distinctly throughout an immensely growing cock. His sucking got sloppy in that distinctive and irresistible poppers fashion, prompting me to start face fucking, already closer to orgasm than expected. Part of that was the group gay porn and part was the fact that the door had been left open. We had already been having public sex, yet such a blatant invitation to other men, to watch or join in, was a real turn on.

An even larger turn on was when he opened the brown bottle and placed it under my nose, causing me to breathe in once. It took him a bit to understand this poppers style was different from his, but he soon did his own hit, going back to eagerly sucking my stiff length, essentially feeling him luxuriously deep throating my swelling and gigantic feeling cock. However, the dynamic changed a bit when he stood up and moved to block the screen, doing another hit of rush as his hand reached for my head.

Just on the edge of using too much strength, as I refuse to be forced to do anything I don’t want. Nonetheless, holding the bottle under my nose for a second hit, I knelt on the platform as he teased me by moving back, the desire to go down on him growing. After more rush, be began to talk, calling me his sexy pig. Which in all honesty wasn’t particularly erotic, but taking his cock into my mouth had been the goal before he started to get thoroughly lost in the poppers, something I try to avoid to a certain extent at the baths. Rush is a fantastic sex drug, though as he could not demonstrating, it can turn a man into a horny pig, as he was becoming.

He pulled my head to his nipple, which I started to wetly lick. He did more poppers, saying things like ‘harder pig .. nipple slut .. bite me harder .. cock pig.’ He was jacking off as my teeth closed over his sucked in nipple. He kept begging for more, but at some point I felt that it had reached a limit, regardless of how much he begged his pig to bite his turned on nipple. We had attracted a couple of onlookers, then finally one man stepped forward, bending down to take the other man’s cock into his mouth. Obviously, neither of us minded a new man, particularly when he was clearly a skilled cock sucker.

The new man’s hand began to play with my cock a delicious moment later, and as the pleasure continued to grow, I leaned back. My horniness had reached a decadent peak, one that left me helpless even before the new man began to coat my thoughts in the addictive satisfaction of a hard cock sliding into a new stranger’s soft warm mouth. My first partner sat down, staring at my sucked shaft, playing with his rigid cock. When the kneeling cock sucker moved his head to switch, I heard the other man say to keep sucking his pig, he liked watching, indulging in still more poppers hits as a fourth man stood in the middle of the doorway. This man was already naked and 3/4 quarters hard. I moved a bit, to make more space free on the platform, a somewhat more subtle invitation than the hand that found his cock as the kneeling man continued to give me wonderful head.

At least two other men remained outside, one clearly stroking his exposed cock, the other one playing with himself under a still wrapped towel. Four men filled the space, now unsurprisingly enjoying the start of my first foursome in a booth. I watched as the cocksucker took his third cock of the day, still stroking me, using both hands, bringing me closer to the edge of orgasm than expected several times, with hands as skilled as his mouth. At some point, the first man I’d played with left, prompting the latest stranger to get on the platform, allowing the other man by.

After he left, the door was closed, a minor detail, as nothing mattered to my thoughts outside of the sexual bliss centered on my cock. Rarely have I been in such a purely slutty state, a slave to a man who seemed to want nothing but to play with other men, turning them on. I could not resist stroking my smooth wet length watching him go down on the new man, also now leaning against the outer wall, unable to resist a stranger’s soft lips. Sitting, we began to play with each other’s nipples, looked at his face, so sexy to be able to gaze at the expression of a man as turned on as me, two sluts sharing a slutty cocksucker.

Incapable of motion, slumped on the platform, legs open pretty much from the start of the time in the booth, I remained that way as the other man tried to position himself so our cocks could be sucked at the same time. However, I was simply too gone, having never been so thoroughly drugged by sex before, my only scattered and distant thoughts concerning not cumming yet. Our cocksucker seemed very pleased with the results of his efforts, both of us having gorgeously glistening skin, watching the other get blown, being jacked off in turn.

At some point, a voice in front of me said “Fuck me, please fuck me” followed by a voice to my left asking about condoms. A short discussion ensued, with the cocksucker just wanting to be fucked, while the other man, to my deep satisfaction, insisted on using a condom. Actually, there were condoms in my black bag, though my inability to do anything except have my cock worshipped led to the man standing up and almost leaving to go to the bar to get condoms and lube. A truly good idea, though it would also change the mood, when there was no reason.

Finally, just as he actually unlocked the door, it became possible to say “I .. I have condoms,” followed by fumbling through my bag before finally pulling one out to give him. It seemed to take forever, in part because the cocksucker never stopped using his clasped hands on my cock, leaving me in an entrancing fog of sexual satisfaction, watching the cocksucker go down as the standing man opened the package, seeing him cover his erect rod before stepping against the wall. The three of us were in a line as he started to put his cock into the now moaning man kneeling on the floor.

I was playing with my hot cock, totally aroused seeing how the standing man sank into a stranger’s hot ass, his expression so sexy as he began fucking. I pressed my cock down, close to the head of a willing cocksucker, supported by his arms as he started rocking back and forth. He lifted his head, and seeing my available cock, took it into his hungry mouth. I had entered into a heavenly male threesome, getting a blow job from a man being fucked himself so good, moaning around my cock.

As the anal sex continued, the man being fucked spread and raised my legs, allowing him to stroke my thighs as he blew me, a fantastic feeling of pure decadence, totally lost in the bliss of oral sex. Better than any fantasy or porn, seeing a cock sliding in and out, creating an irresistible connection to what his mouth was doing to me. This was maybe only the second or third time this has happened in almost a decade of having sex with other men, and it was utterly heavenly.

A true threesome, our desires not only obviously on display, but being satisfied by the other two men. I reached down, feeling the bottom’s hard cock, then exploring further. Questing fingers spread over his balls, tantalizingly close to a fucking cock, a thought alone that had me close to orgasm with its kinky appeal. Settling down, still unsure of the reaction, tempted by the motion of fucking, slowly surrounding a pumping stiff cock, moaning as we connected at a level of pure sex, cocks and holes merging into a single glorious shared state.

Finally, the top pulled out, taking off and throwing his condom in the small trash container underneath the paper towels, cock still hard as he picked up his towel and unlocked the door. Leaving the cabin, most likely without cumming yet, still interested in a variety of partners. It is one of the most addictive attractions of the baths, if not guaranteed, that one can always find another willing partner – or partners, if one’s tastes run to the sort of group sex that so often occurs at a male only sauna. Just like the last period.

The slut soon took his mouth from my utterly entranced cock, asking me to fuck him. “Condom first” I said, reaching for one as he went back to going down on me so good, fogging my mind as his lips slid up and down. ignoring the effort of dealing with the lube in my bag. He was making my shaft perfectly slippery to put a condom over, the sensations overwhelming, even after decades of experience in using condoms. He quickly stood and turned as the condom went over my cockhead, his eagerness apparent, just demonstrating what a horny bottom he really was.

It took a bit of mutual exploration before finally getting the position worked out, me with half raised thighs, cock going ever deeper into his tight ass. The sensations were fantastic, but after avoiding cumming several times, my cock inevitably shrank. Leading him to do something I’d only experienced once before. Something so smutty I could not resist, especially as it was so kinky to experience. When my still covered cock left his hole, he turned around, and took my cock into his welcoming mouth. Becoming as entranced as the other time that had happened, several years ago in the steamroom. When his fingers found my nipples, I could not resist their touch. slumping and moaning as they rubbed and caressed. He was truly superb at making me ragingly hard, especially at how wonderfully dirty he had made me feel before my rigid slippery cockhead slid past his yielding hole again, fully aware that I was the second man to fuck this slut today.

An awareness filling me as his soft ass surrounded my slowly moving cock, growing more horny the deeper it went. Soon, I had started really riding him, hands on his hips, talking dirty about how good it felt to fuck him as he moaned, both of us growing ever more aroused as the fucking became more intense, both of us losing our inhibitions as I pounded his ass harder and deeper, seduced by the pure bliss of using him as my willing fuck hole. Originally, I had considered not cumming, but as we kept doing it, I gave in to the temptation to pump his ass with hot cum.

A temptation nicely tempered by taking enough of a break to get my poppers ready, since by now, there would not be any stopping until cumming so good inside him after opening the magical brown bottle. It took even longer than getting the condom for the first ass fucker, as my turned on bottom was more than capable of moving back and forth over my cock, an even more erotic sensation than his cocksucking mouth as he kept me deep inside.

Opening the bottle took all of my concentration, and after closing it, I put both hands on his hips, feeling the rush spread through my body, beginning to thrust deeper into his hot ass, making him moan helplessly. It was possible to keep the pace under some control until breathing out, no longer needing to think about anything. Becoming blissfully incapable of it, slamming an ever more gigantic feeling cock into a slutty stranger, one who was soon going to feel a new partner’s cock cum so good inside.

Of course dirty words were pouring out, talking about how hot it felt to ride him, how much I loved fucking a stranger in his hot ass, feeling my orgasm building behind the words, soon overtaking them. Starting to thrust ever more powerfully, arching my back for better leverage, taking control of his body, feeling its response, clenching around my shaft as the cum started to pump. “Fuck yeah slut, fuck yeah .. make me cum so good slut .. fuck your sexy ass” accompanied my flooding orgasm, filling the condom with cum, slamming him to my pumping balls.

Finally, still hard but completely drained, I pulled out, getting off my knees to again slump against the wall. He quickly turned around, taking the condom before I could, pulling it off as he kept my cock pointing down. Then he held it up to mouth, clearly sucking in some cum before his mouth covered my cock again. The sensations ware both exquisitely agonizing and agonizingly exquisite, yet bearable in rare fashion, as if he had long experience in handling men who have just cum. I couldn’t stop from starting to move my hips to go further into his mouth, amazed at just how slutty I still was, naked cock right on the edge of pain, but wanting still more, Finally, he slowed as my cock grew smaller, leaving with a friendly grin as I lay there, totally wrung out after such hot sex.


The third visit also turned into a really extended slutty day, staggering down to the showers before dressing to leave, having spent something like the last hour and a half at the back of the darkroom, getting rimmed and sucked by two men. Spending the last period jacking my cock while kissing the man who had so thoroughly pleasured me, keeping him helpless as several times he said he needed to leave. I’m a true slut, and when so turned on, quite irresistible, as we kept kissing, without words though our shared sounds continually revealed how thoroughly turned on we remained.

After my other two visits had shown just how exciting it was to have sex with real sluts, I had already given in to several other sluts during this visit. Including to one of the men who I have seen at the baths since my first experiences there. He is fairly short, possibly a decade younger, with a truly magnificently sized cock, who also wears glasses. A man who has sex with multiple partners every time I have seen him. A man, years ago, who refused to go down on a covered cock the first time we spent time together, saying what was the point? As the years have gone by, I’ve now grown to share his lack of interest in using condoms while enjoying oral sex.

Sitting in the top row of the porn room, more than half hard before he came in. I’d already enjoyed some group sex in the steamroom; However, I do like playing with my cock when watching sexy porn. Here, of course, it is always gay porn, which doesn’t mean it cannot be a real turn on. Rimming scenes, particularly when both men are hard, always grab my interest.

He sat down one row beneath me, causing my cock to start stiffening further. As clearly did his, before he turned around to look between my now opened legs. Hearing him say “nice cock” as he got up on his knees, hand reaching out to slide along my thigh, gently touching the hairs underneath my balls, making me moan and pump my shaft. He soon moved off his knees, and this time, I let him take my cock into his very experienced mouth, feeling like a true dirty slut. I knew that he must have sucked hundreds of cocks by now, a thought that just made me even more turned on, sinking ever deeper into his soft mouth, seeing how he began to deep throat me.

Another man came up next to me, easily 20 years younger, positioning himself to watch as he began to jack off a nice cock. Men like to watch sex, another of the undeniable attractions of the baths, at least in the areas where there is enough light to see. My poppers were already out, and the man between my legs took a break to ask if he could use them. “Of course” I replied as he picked up the bottle, doing a couple of hits before handing the bottle to me, I breathed in as his lips slid down my shaft, his sucking getting sluttier as the rush went through him. And turning much sluttier in turn as the poppers began to make my cock feel gigantic in his mouth, taking my entire length into paradise.

Blissfully sinking into the wet sensations of a stranger sucking my entire erect length, returning to the same endlessly blissful state as the last visits, though the bathhouse was less crowded than during those either of them. The younger man also asked about doing a hit, and I mumbled something like sure, quivering on the edge of orgasm. We shared doing a number of hits in short intervals, my cocksucker reaching out to take the bottle again, doing hits without taking his mouth away from my dick. Becoming total sluts, I finally politely turned down the bottle being passed around, being far too close to orgasm so soon in my visit, even as they continued to share hits as I watched the younger man stroke himself looking at the blow job I was getting.

Rush is a primal sex drug, and the baths are full of potential partners who cannot resist its sexual power.

Seeing a man play with his cock is something that goes back to my first shared orgasm, even if it was only looking, and never touching. We would get hard looking at Penthouse, Playboy, Club and such – and after a number of shared sessions, we began opening our pants. We started out masturbating focussing exclusively on the pictures and stories, but as we continued sharing such sessions, we began to interact by pointing out a really sexy picture or talking about what was happening in the scene – Penthouse particularly had a number of artistically styled spreads with three women.

This soon reached an intensely new level, starting to look directly at each other while jacking, no longer caring about the pictures after getting hard together. The first time we came together, fully and openly, concentrating on the other’s horny cock while stroking was fantastic. After that, the magazines just became an excuse for what we were really doing, masturbating together looking at sexy cock.

Leading, decades later, to me still finding it irresistible to look at a hard cock, at a place where all the men knew what it was like playing with other men that way. Of course, back then, I could not have imagined what it would feel like to look at a man’s sexy rod as he jerked off, feeling a bathhouse slut give me luxurious head, unable to stop from continuing to indulge temptation.

Yet still stopping before cumming, in part because it was easy to divert the cocksucker to the other available cock. I watched the younger man get deep throated for a bit, sliding my closed fist over my slippery shaft, enjoying a final bit of jerking off before gathering my things and going down to the steamroom. Where after a quarter hour or so, having enjoyed some sweaty but not quite all encompassing contact, it was time to explore the darkroom.

Entering it, the space seemed empty as I laid out my towel. These days, my favored spot is near the back corner, where there is an entrance at the end of the gloryhole wall. With legs spread, it allows a fair bit of coverage concerning possible visitors, especially as those that make it to the back are likely quite interested in what they discover. As turned out to be the case as a man entered the space, slowly making his way to the back, encountering my foot as he stopped at the platform’s edge.

When his hand moved down my leg, it just made very obvious what was already quite clear simply by being here. Both of us were interested in the same basic desire, having sex with a stranger in the darkness. Direct and unrestrained sex, it appeared, my foot going under his towel, beginning to touch his hard cock. He bent to allow his hand to reach between my legs, making me moan as he gently touched my stiff prick. Removing his towel, he put a knee on the platform, his intentions becoming clear, to my own satisfaction, well beyond the point of avoiding the reality of what I wanted, eagerly waiting to experience it again.

His mouth slid over my waiting cock, led into paradise by his guiding hand, surrendering to his desire to go down on what was likely yet another man. By this point in the afternoon, there was no real doubt that the sluts had been finding each other for a while. Though possibly his first cock of the visit, it was equally likely he had been sucking and getting sucked like I had during this already hours long visit. His mouth continued to lead me on, slowly but surely, and the desire to just pump his mouth with hot cum grew ever more intense.

Another man came into the space, distracting me while cautiously moving along the platform before getting on it, going towards the rear. His questing hand found my chest, and as he shifted closer, his fingers began caressing my nipple. Reaching out lazily with my left hand, I found his swelled cock, making it stiffen after starting to play with it. He easily joined us, and I moaned helplessly as his other hand reached down to circle the base of my cock.

Floating in paradise, of the sort that only group sex can provide, particularly male only group sex. There is a reason that bathhouses have continued to exist for thousands of years, and I was totally drowning in it. There is nothing more addicting than being fully pleasured, as the new man’s tongue began sliding over a hard nipple, his supple fingers lightly playing with the hair under my arms.

After a glorious interval, his tongue slid downwards, and soon, my cock was being shared by two men, creating a state of pure sluttiness, moving my ass as a finger began to explore further between my legs. Making me beg “Fuck yes .. oh fuck .. touch .. touch my ass,” unable to stop myself from revealing my desire to everyone else in the room. As several men were, one group apparently being a threesome sandwich, the man in middle fucking and being fucked at the same time, one of my deepest unrealized fantasies. Which I was watching in the faint light as a finger slid over my ass while two men were giving me hot head.

One mouth left my cock, the reason becoming clear as the sounds of nearby sucking arose. Delightfully apparent as there is nothing like being sucked by a man that is also being sucked. Something exquisitely decadent, particularly when playing with the other cocksucker’s hard rod, easily settling into a shared threeway rhythm. That I turned into a daisy chain, shifting a bit before bending, guiding another stranger’s cock with my hand until waiting lips closed over its smooth head.

I took him quite deep, making it a bit of a surprise when he stood up, standing over both us, stroking himself until his cum began to jet, most of it landing on the other man, though where it touched me, its hot wetness was a real turn on. Laying beneath a naked man, just another display of how completely I’d surrendered myself to pure sexual gratification. After his orgasm was done, he walked unsteadily off the platform.

There was still sex going on around the darkroom as the other man began to withdraw too. A new man moved underneath and along the glory hole wall, soon finding my cock with his mouth, This time, after realizing what was causing my mind to fade away so wonderfully, I finally found the rush bottle. However, his blow job felt so good that not only could I not concentrate enough to open the bottle, it was obvious orgasm would be impossible to stop, ending the primal enjoyment of getting head from yet another stranger in the dark. The baths offer the possibility to string together partners and pleasures, and when it happens, one is in heaven.

When he lifted my left leg and began teabagging me, my growing moaning as his tongue started exploring lower at least as obvious as how my hips moved, offering my available ass. Clearly wanting to be rimmed, one of things that has fascinated me about gay sex since first reading about it after high school. Followed by my first girlfriend doing it to me, her having read about it in the Gay Joy Of Sex, which she showed me later.

As he teased me, begging for the second time that day, helplessly asking him in a dirty voice to lick my ass, to make me a slut, begging for his tongue while playing with my rigid cock, the magic brown bottle in my left hand. A sinking left hand as the touch of his tongue on my hole overwhelmed me. When his hand grasped my cock, it was finally possible to open the poppers. Turning my head, I did a deep hit as his tongue slid along my ass and balls, pumping my slick dick slowly, hips starting to thrust even before closing the bottle.

The sensations just grew better after putting my foot high on the wall, giving him full access to my ass, greedy tongue beginning to bathe my hot hole as his stroking matched the motions. Finally breathing out, talking dirty about how I loved a man licking my ass, even if the words may have been less than coherent – “Oh fuck yes .. lick my ass .. do me .. oh yeah .. tongue my hot hole .. ass slut .. so good .. hot slut.” Unsure myself who I was calling a slut as the rush filled my being with endless sexual contentment, wetly rimmed by a stranger.

His mouth returned to my pre-cum oozing cockhead, so I did another hit before reaching out to grasp his hard cock. He was wearing a cock ring, as a numb of men do, though I have never tried one. Managing not to cum from that hit, he began to alternate between my cock and ass as I kept using poppers each time he switched, turning into a total slut, feeling how his pre-cum was covering his cock in irresistible slipperiness as I jacked him off.

At some point, shifting again to be able to start kissing him, turning into an extended passionate interlude, his skill matching mine perfectly. Kissing like that is really hot, knowing that both of us had been sucking cock before our mouths met, lips pressed, tongues swirling and probing and surrendering. Kissing a man is one of the surprisingly sexiest things possible to do, regardless of what else is going on, such as the fact we were jacking each other off the entire time.

Finally, breaking our kiss, I moved parallel to his stretched out body, doing another hit of rush before starting to rim him as he returned going down on my gigantic feeling length. By now, completely lost in the pleasures of male sex, cock deep in a wet mouth, my tongue pressing against his soft anus, growing ever more aroused as the wave of desire kept building. When his tongue found my ass again, I went deeper, feeling his yielding ring starting to move in rhythm to the probing motion of my tongue. For someone who has never experienced mutual male rimming, it is at least as good as the best fucking.

Soon, paying more attention to his thick cock, letting my tongue run up and down its length, a slick finger began sliding into his yielding ass. Men are intimately familiar with the sorts of pleasures another man cannot willingly stop, particularly any man familiar with the baths. Even more so when completely under the influence of another horny man or a stream of partners. Just as had happened to me, fully indulging in the talents of the third man to go down on me since entering the darkroom – and easily the sixth since the start of this visit.

His hole was well lubricated from the rim job, and pressing a fingertip in, I sighed as he began to do the same to my smooth and willing ass. We were both entranced by the other,but as we continued, his cock betrayed his increasingly turned on state. Over the years, my self-control has improved, yet as any man knows, there comes a point where orgasm is impossible to stop. In his case, the finger fucking grew unstoppable, fully aware that it would make him orgasm helplessly under my control. Which happened as he moaned in satisfaction, cum coating his cock as I licked it, finger moving against his pressing ass.

To my delight, after cumming, he returned to rimming my still willing ass, prompting me to do another hit from the poppers bottle as his tongue sent me into paradise again. Floating in waves of primal bliss, my cock slowly grew less hard, making no difference to his interest in keeping it in his grasp, pleasuring it wonderfully. After another interval of alternating rimming and sucking, he broke off, rising with his back against the wall, saying he needed a break.

Sitting up and facing him, moving my face next to his, tongue easily finding his as we began to kiss passionately. Kissing can be a rare delight, even when neither man is still that hard, and I wanted to continue to enjoy his enticing mouth. Our kissing beforehand had been just a taste of what developed, though near the start, he did try, exceedingly half-heartedly, to say he still needed a break.

“Just a kiss, OK?” I murmured before starting to kiss him with concentrated force, making him submit to what he already wanted. Our kiss deepened before he made the feeblest effort to push me away, ending up with a hand sliding sensuously over my back, holding me closer. This is a game I have loved playing for more than 3 decades, regardless which role I’m in. There are different types of sluts, but those that love kissing recognize how rare it is truly find another kiss slut. And how the temptation to simply keep kissing is irresistible, a weakness being fully exploited to our mutual pleasure.

After a while, pulling back just a bit, grinning as I said “Just a kiss break,” his tongue finding mine easily after moving closer. Fully satisfied at the evidence he could not resist my lips on his, turned on by the recognition of a temptation we shared equally. As we kept kissing, my right hand went down to my now growing cock, adding to the pleasure. Kissing like this in the bathhouse never needs to be coy, and by this point, I was thoroughly turned on.

Getting up on my knees, breaking our kissing just long enough to say “Just kissing” before beginning to play with a now rigid cock, entranced by the sounds of contentment, neither moans nor words, that we couldn’t stop sharing. This continued for a stretched interval, until almost cumming, a couple of drops of hot juice leaking past my tightened fist. Repeating that he was going to take a break, he bent down and kissed my cockhead, getting a taste of cum before he left.

Extended bliss.

Some visits start in paradise, and remain there. Arriving right at opening time on a gorgeous cloudless May Wednesday, I quickly undressed. Wrapping the towel while walking to the bar counter, I finished the customary glass of freshly poured beer, then headed upstairs. The upper floor seemed empty, except for a closed door at the last video booth.

Walking into the porn room, the scene playing on the wall involved gay group sex, with easily ten men. My interest caught, it took little time to settle comfortably on the top row, getting condoms and poppers out of the black bag, that has served perfectly for years. Eight years, actually, since my first visits at the baths. From that introduction to male only sex with multiple strangers, the abundant charms of the baths have an irresistible hold on me, as they do on so many other men.

In part because of a feedback loop based on the past. My ex wife wanted a third child, and simply gave up using birth control. Including no fucking if I was wearing one, while also doing her best to turn me on, and fill her with cum, especially at the peak of her cycle, when her pussy felt and smelled so perfect.

I am truly bi at this point (a category not available here), but the sheer sexiness of a woman at her natural horny best is irresistible at a level that led me me to giving in, often due to her leading my cock to enter paradise. Yet still able to keep from cumming, as a compromise. One that led to its own feedback loop on her part, losing herself in continued fucking, no longer remembering that she wanted to be filled with hot cum. Instead becoming mindless as her wet pussy was pounded.

It turns out, this experience in not cumming has played out well at the baths, as sex stretches on and on. At least among a certain group of men who understood just how good extended pleasure can be, a journey where orgasm is not the real goal. Men with a broad variety of interests and tastes, matching those of many other visitors in a place devoted to straightforward sense. I began stroking, though a bit disappointed as the porn played, that the man being fucked was not hard. I’m well aware of how deeply one can be enjoying something without being hard, but a hard cock is a sign of horniness that is unmistakeable.

And what turns me on. Being bi, it is not really a secret that I find women attractive. However, the only part of a man that I find sexually entrancing is a hard cock. Obviously, after more than a decade of having sex with men, the talents of men as lovers is undeniable. But it is the doing that is arousing, most of the time, not the watching. Unless it involves a hard cock, in which case the attraction is impossible to deny. My very first shared orgasms involved watching my friend stroke his cock and cum as I did. Imprinting me with its incredible intensity, sharing orgasm with another while looking at a pumping hot cock.

The porn had me half hard when another man walked in, looking upwards briefly before moving to the middle row, on the other side of the platform. He unwrapped his towel, sat down, and started to play with himself. He grew hard quickly, soon turning to see me looking at him. We began jerking off in front of each other, making us both hornier. Our bathhouse flirting, basically looking at each while stroking, soon led to a bathhouse encounter. Spreading my legs, lifting my right leg onto the platform, giving him a perfect view of my jacking off while staring at his sexy cock.

Which moved closer as he shifted to the top row, next to me, my leg now parallel to the back wall as he leaned over, breath reaching my sensitive skin just a bit before my mind was coated in the irresistible effects of a man’s mouth sliding over and down my erect shaft. Sex like this is wonderfully addictive, sinking into a stranger’s willing mouth, sighing after feeling his fingers slide over my sack, dropping lower in tantalizing fashion. Reaching out and finding his sexy stiff length, moaning as his finger began to slide in my crack, losing concentration as the sensations grew.

Picking up the magic brown bottle, I gathered enough control to wait until feeling his finger touch my waiting hole before inhaling a deep hit of rush. Holding my breath as long as possible, letting the effect grow, I felt his finger begin to move past my tight ring, Breathing out, lost in the exquisite delight, his entering finger also feeling as if it was somehow simultaneously inside my now wonderfully gigantic sucked cock. Gasping “oh fuck yes .. cock sucker .. fuck yes .. cock slut,” my hips started to move. The porn became enthralling, seeing a man take 3 extended cocks in his mouth, other men playing with each other. Watching hot porn while doing poppers as a finger begins fucking my ass has generally been a private pleasure, though he seemed to understand how hot the porn was making me.

His mouth left my cock, tongue trailing down my sensitive shaft, sliding through my bush as he started teabagging me, finger going deeper. Doing another hit, his finger continued getting more slippery as it started to slide in and out. Putting the firmly closed bottle away, I grasped his cock. Breathing out, I leaned over to take his stiff dick in my mouth as he knelt down over me, hand guiding its tempting head past my lips, feeling his satisfaction merging with my own, sharing the pure bliss of having a cock sucked by a skilled slut. We continued like this, with the addition of my finger first teasing, then also starting to fuck his hole.

Sixty-nining a man is different from doing it with a woman, especially the undeniable feeling that the cock in your mouth is just an extension of the one between your legs, connected through the pure pleasure of mouths surrounding cocks. Finally, both of us no longer hard after almost cumming several times, he left, prompting me to walk unsteadily to the darkroom.

I entered cautiously, not unhappy when it seemed empty, settling into the rear section. The porn theater had been a lot of shared fun, but compared to the darkroom, it tended not to be a place for group sex, or the sorts of delights discovered so easily in the dark. Positioning myself to be available to any cock sucker interested in exploring the ‘hidden’ back entrance to the platform, at the end of the gloryhole row, I relaxed. After just a bit, a man entered, going towards the rear. It took little time from my sigh at his first touch to his mouth going over my wanting cockhead as he settled onto the platform.

Getting head is one of the straightforward reasons to be in the darkroom, as repeat visitors are fully aware. The only surprise is how good it always feels to have a stranger go down on you, especially after a bowl and a beer. Of course, my foot sliding along his hard length meant he was also fully aware of just how good it feels to have anonymous male sex, both of us growing entranced. I moved back a bit to give him more room as he turned and knelt parallel to the wall.

I reached out to play with his sexy stiff length, moaning as his mouth went ever further down my shaft. Soon, clear that he would be deep throating me, I took a large hit of rush before he went all the way down. I held my breath until his lips pressed against the curly bush at the base of my cock. “Slowly .. fuck good .. so slow .. suck me slut” left my mouth while breathing out, already riding the rush. The sensation of my now immense cock filling his surrounding wet mouth was as irresistible as ever.

My hand grew slack, barely able to hold his cock as he blew me so good. Lost in pure delight, at some point, another man joined us, coming from the front of the platform, first playing with my nipple before realizing there was another man also. Leading him to start sucking me too. An experience which remains as addicting today as the first time experienced in a darkroom in a foreign city bathhouse. Then, I had smoked a joint first, and going into the large darkroom, the sights were incredible, seeing multiple men having sex.

Laying in the dark back then, thoroughly stoned and after having drank a couple of cold beers, the mouth that found my instantly willing cock was one of the very first times a man had sucked my naked cock. Surrendering to a stranger, not concerned about anything but how incredibly good it felt, it was even more delightful when I realized a second man had joined the first. The sheer intensity of what it feels like to be sucked by two men at once, especially when freshly bought poppers, was one of the turning points in discovering the previously forbidden joy of having sex with men.

Today, though not having smoked nor drank to the same extent, the pleasure of having two men go down on me was just as good. Especially after getting the poppers ready again, waiting until the intensity decreased a bit before indulging. Which never quite happened, meaning that the bottle remained closed as I remained quivering on the edge of orgasm, my nipple being fingered as two strangers sucked me off. Sometimes one teabagging as the other licked, or both kissing my shaft, or feeling how one would feed my extended dick to the other.

My left hand reached out and found the new man’s sexy hard cock, soon shifting my body lower after finding it. A mouth left my cock, feeling the effects of where it had gone as my first cocksucker moaned so good. The new man had shifted to sucking off another stranger, something that just turned me on more.

Opening the bottle, after inhaling, I went down on him, creating a purely oral daisy chain, something I had helped form. It was fantastic being so intimately connected to two other men, lost in heavenly pleasure, finding a mutual rhythm shared and communicated from cocks to mouths, and mouths to cock in turn. I know we continued like this long enough for me to do a couple of more hits, amazed at how close orgasm remained, without temptation ever becoming overwhelming.

Finally, the man withdrew his cock, rising and standing over two horny strangers, stroking his spit covered cock, moaning louder and lower, until it became obvious he was no longer able to resist cumming. As he came a couple of hot splatters hit my skin. He left very soon after, even as the original cock sucker started teabagging me, finger moving ever more suggestively near my anal ring.

I opened the brown bottle again, moving into a good position to start going down on his already sucked cock, giving in to the irresistible desire to orally pleasure another hot bathhouse slut. Gradually, he began shifting his focus, helped by me lifting my left leg up against the wall. His teabagging was exquisite, causing me to spread and open my legs, moaning around the cock filling my mouth.

As his tantalizing tongue kept sliding lower, I was barely able to find the rush bottle, my mind without any ability to focus on anything except anticipation. Lifting my leg higher as I breathed in, his tongue began to touch my ass. Barely able to concentrate on closing the bottle as the pleasure filled, the words spilled out along with my breath. Saying “Fuck yes .. ass licking .. lick it .. I love .. rimmed so good .. I want cock,” I took him back into my mouth, as my right hand started stroking my stiff shaft, slowly, in time to his tongue and my mouth.

By this point, the sensations from mouth, cock, and ass merged into a single feeling, as if my entire being was nothing but pure pleasure. I knew I was moaning around his cock, slowly aware that I was actually deep throating him as his tongue bathed my soft hole in unbelievable satisfaction. When I raised my hips, he took full advantage of my desire, rimming my fully exposed hole. In return, my left hand rose to stroke his ass as he continued sliding his cock in and out of my mouth.

Both of us knew how close the other was to cumming, yet neither of felt a need to have the pleasure end. However, as time went on, our cocks subsided. Continuing to enjoy mutual caressing and stroking, he shifted position, ending up with his head at the front of the platform, laying on his back. He spread his legs as I stroked his legs, an invitation that I just kept ignoring. Waiting until some stranger entered the room, knowing that he would be very unlike to resist such an intimate invitation, fully happy to tease a cock sucking slut.

A man entered, and soon found his way along the platform, his sigh indicating the first touch of his cock. Prompting me to stroke along my partner’s inner thighs, feeling how he started to move while taking a man’s cock into his mouth. Sitting between his outstretched legs, my right hand began to play with his cock, in rhythm to his own jacking off. My left hand reached down, finding a nipple, fondling it before moving on, hand sliding along his neck.

I was really turned on, starting to talk dirty as desire grew. “Suck him slut .. so good .. go down .. cock lover .. hot sex .. with men .. hot cock” as my hand went over his cheek, starting to touch his moving wet lips. I was jacking off right at the edge of cumming as my fingers felt a man’s sexy cock sliding into another man’s sexy mouth, as I already knew.

The new man started getting really turned on, hips thrusting. The motion was a real turn on, so I did another hit before going down on my partner’s more than eager cock. As the rush filled me, we became connected, my lips feeling the motion of the standing man’s moving cock. His hand slid over my head before I even breathed out, feeling his fingers slide along my chest, gasping each time he touched a nipple. As the touches became more frequent, I held my breath until feeling the heavenly sensation of his finger sliding over my erect nipple.

My middle and index finger were in a V as I felt a spit covered cock move back and forth, feeling it mouth fucking the man I was going down on, my thumb sliding over his slippery cheek, happy to be playing with such a sexy slut. The baths at their best offer the chance to indulge in hot sex with other men for what feels like an eternity. At some point, I stopped blowing him when the standing man left, seemingly without cumming, likely looking forward to finding another partners – or a series of them.

Bringing the magic bottle with me, I knelt by his mouth, forming an ‘L’ as his mouth began covering my cock, my mind sinking into irresistible desire to fill his mouth with my hard length, so turned on knowing that he had just been blowing another partner. Doing a hit, I let him simply pleasure me, feeling his tongue sliding over my balls, his hand reaching up to jack off my slippery rod, knowing that orgasm would not become too tempting by this point, having grown accustomed to regular waves of pure sexual bliss filling me.

Reaching down to caress his head, beginning to thrust deeper into his wonderfully wet mouth, I could not resist speaking. “Sexy cock sucking .. I love .. sex with men .. cock sex .. face fucker .. oh fuck yeah .. yeah .. take it .. cock slut,” just lost in paradise, having public sex with a turned on bathhouse slut, in a place where group sex happens frequently. The baths are a place where men go to have free sex, and the attraction is irresistible, as they all know.

Another man entered, prompting me to pull out and back a bit, right hand on nicely coated cock, left hand stroking the slut’s jutting cock, keeping him horny before he started blowing another stranger. The other advantage is that it would be a slightly subtle way for the new man to discover that he had just found two sluts, not only one. I could dimly see how he approached the platform edge, taking little time to find a waiting cock sucker.

His contented sigh was unmistakable, my cock sucker clearly taking his fourth cock during the time we’d been together. I was jacking his rigid length, keeping him just at the edge of cumming as the new man’s fingers played with one of his nipples. I bent down, found the rush bottle, doing a hit before putting his sexy cock back into my mouth as his hand began to slide perfectly underneath my balls, my contented sounds against his cock a clear guide, so turned on to be sucking a hard cock, jacking off while starting to press a finger against his soft ass.

An unexpected finger started sliding near my nipple, soon playing with it. Breathing out, twisting just a bit, arm loose, he caught the suggestion of playing with my underarm hair, his light touch perfect as I went deeper along a rigid cock, soon finding my lips against the base of his turned on cock. My fingers lid over his balls, getting wetter, before my index finger began to circle his now pulsing anus. We continued this way for what seemed a truly brief yet wonderfully extended time, before rearranging ourselves.

The new man’s hand reached down, playing with my hair as I kept deep throating a stranger, My left hand reached up, soon finding a nipple to play with, then also playing with his underarm hair, finger and thumb outstretched. Enjoying two men like this is addictive, knowing they are as helplessly turned on as I, and that we would be playing together for a while.

Returning to my earlier spot, we formed a T compared to the previous L. Leading me to position my cock to catch attention without being obtrusive, still using my right hand to jack off, left hand stroking between his ass cheeks, feeling how the new man was using his hand to pump a cock still slippery from my spit. As my index finger returned to his ass, he moaned and turned his head, prompting me to move closer, putting one foot on the floor, closer to the new man.

Soon, the pleasure grew heavenly as he began to take my cock back into his mouth. With a new free right hand, I reached out to touch the third man’s cock, discovering that my cock sucker was stroking its slippery length as he went down on me. The standing man bent a bit, starting to run his tongue over my chest, soon finding a waiting nipple as my cock was sucked deeper into warm encompassing wetness. This is the sort of pleasure that only exists with group sex, particularly among experienced and turned on sluts.

We continued pleasuring each other – I bent over to began to lick his neck before starting to kiss and nibble his ear, feeling the mouth withdraw underneath, starting to kiss him as he slumped slightly, his cock sliding back into a paradise I had already been enjoying. Kissing a man getting sucked is always a treat, tongue free to explore as desired, teasing and pressing, feeling sheer horniness overwhelm his being, taking full advantage of the situation.

Which reversed, as the laying man guided my cock back into his mouth as we continued kissing, feeling how both were take complete advantage of my willing sluttiness. Anticipation grew also, moving a bit to make it clear that feeling another cock against mine would be a true delight. The amount of shared pleasure continued to grow, hands wandering over each others bodies, creating a cycle we all contributed to, After kissing and tonguing the sucked man’s nipple, I bent down to start sucking cock again.

A hand was already there, soon guiding the hard length into my open mouth. I was jacking off when a sexy slippery cock began to slide over my head, making me moan helplessly along the cock filling me so good. By this point, having found the magic brown bottle, I began fingering his ass again, though soon shifting my attention to what was happening with my erect rod.

The laying cock sucker was tonguing us both, his hands replacing ours, soon stroking us in exquisite rhythm to his licking. Waiting until it seemed clear he would be sucking us together to do a hit, I breathed in as the other man began to light pinch my nipple, sinking me into a state of pure bliss as our shared blow job began. He started kissing me before I breathed out, and when I finally exhaled, he inhaled at the same time. A trick that my first girlfriend and I discovered early on in poppers explorations.

It is more along the lines of stretching the effects over two people, though the timing and intensity is not aligned. Yet, as became obvious, it made both of us total poppers sluts as our cocks shared a single mouth, kissing, our hands on the others head, throbbing at the very edge or orgasm without ever wanting to give in to temptation. In a sense, this reaching ever higher plateaus is what makes extended sex so enjoyable, at least when shared with other partners who understand how that works.

Our cocks ended up parallel, spit and pre-cum covered shafts pressed together, a tongue sliding over and between us as we kissed in total passionate bliss, tongues entwined, nipples being played with, feeling how first it was his hand holding us together, then how it changed, never breaking our kiss as our mutual cock sucker serviced us in turn, several times. And a final time together, still kissing, before the cock sucker simply left the room. We kept embracing, sliding cockheads together, our cocks slowly subsiding.

He left first, leaving me in a state of pure satisfaction, barely able to think when gathering up my things, then going down the spiral case with my towel held in front of me. I am not particularly exhibitionist, but being naked does not bother me in the least, even at a male only sauna. Still, a certain sense of decorum prevails, as basically no one goes naked on the middle level. Though several times in the last 6 months, my towel has actually been stolen, causing me to go to the bar naked before getting a replacement. The person at the counter has always been very understanding, to their credit in making a vaguely awkward situation into the sort of thing that can happen to anyone.

Having entered the light after going down the stairs, I saw that the clock showed that more than an hour and half had passed in heaven.

Gifted angels and clumsy distractions.

The steamroom was full when I entered around 45 minutes after arriving at the baths. I’d enjoyed a beer, then spent a while watching porn after getting sucked a bit in the darkroom. However, nothing had really jelled to that point, which was no surprise. Over the last few months, I’ve tended to spend more time upstairs, even though contact was uncertain for at least the first hour after opening.

Further, there was yet another man insisting I cum, though they themselves had no interest in doing so, and I continued to talk about having sex with other men, babbling essentially about what makes the baths so enjoyable, like not cumming for hours while having sex with so many turned on strangers. If such a person is at least competent, an enjoyable time is possible, though he was borderline, at best. Apart from possessing a fair bit of practice in resisting temptation, and years of experience in knowing how hours can be spent on the edge of orgasm, generally such partners pay more attention to themselves than the person they are trying to have cum.

Sundays draw a growing crowd through the afternoon, and going downstairs, the number of towels in the cubbyholes was impressive. And promising, to be honest, since the steam bath is a place with lots of hot action. Entering was a bit of a challenge, the front space being unusually full, though without any sex going on. Reaching the far wall, I turned to the right to go deeper into the dim back space.

Taking my time, arm sweeping out front cautiously, a couple appeared in front of me, my finger discovering soft skin. A hand reached for my cock before I had thought of what to do next, making that decision for me. Looking around before losing focus, a couple of men could be seen, with a pair in the corner, obviously enjoying playing with each other while sitting on the stone bench.

Reaching out myself, finding a nipple, slowly expanding the area explored by my fingers over his body, discovering that the man now starting to fondle a delightfully swelling cock was being sucked off. Cock getting harder in another man’s clasp, he easily drew me closer. Bending down to lick his nipple, the fingers of my left hand slid along his sack, middle finger reaching the middle of his crack. I felt another hand join his on my shaft, soon followed by the wonderfully addictive haze filling my mind that means a man has started to go down on my uncovered cock.

At this point, it is impossible to resist just how good it feels when starting to be sucked by a man. A haze that just gets better the longer I’m sucked, something so good I have completely given up using condoms for oral sex, craving a man’s mouth on my naked skin. Moaning, I felt the standing man bend down to start licking a nipple, a sensation so good I gave up on any idea of using poppers. This was fortunate, as he began kissing me full on the lips, utterly turning me on.

We continued to pleasure each other like experienced sluts, hands roaming, getting a blow job with another cock as men flowed around us. A new man entered my awareness, basically completing the last side of a box, 3 hard cocks at 90 degrees. I started licking the new man’s nipples as I felt how the cock sucker pleasured 3 cocks, delighted to find another partner to kiss. The cock sucker stood up as the man across from me bent down, taking the new man’s cock into his mouth.

My slippery cock began to rub against the cock sucker’s hard length, his fingers playing with my nipples as I turned to him, my tongue pushing past his opened lips, turned on to be kissing a sexy cock sucker as I jacked his cock off against mine. Looking around, the room seemed filled with men having sex, just like we were, abandoning any inhibitions as the shared pleasures lead us on.

When the man across from me stood up, his mouth leaving our cocks perfectly coated with his saliva, I began kissing him. Hands were running over my body as our kiss deepened, soon feeling another mouth on my willing cock. At this point, things blurred, the sexual excitement overwhelming all thought, delighted to be so openly sharing sex with other willing men.

At some point, the question crossed my mind of how many men had sucked me in this session, and the number was difficult to determine – definitely more than 3 by this point, quite possibly 5, and maybe even 6. With more likely to cum, though the heat was starting to become a consideration. Finally leaving, having hungrily kissed at least three cock suckers and a couple of other men, felt different mouths on my cock, neck, and nipples, having reached the limit of my ability to keep swimming in this seemingly unending sea of sexual delight. At no point did I open the poppers, being too turned on to handle that extra kick.

I saw that 45 minutes had passed before staggering to the showers, soaping my still horny cock. The interval inside the steambaths had been heavenly, something best understood by those who have had the luck to experience it for themselves. In my case, multiple times in the last years, with a continuing desire to continue to indulge myself in the pleasures offered at the baths.

Going back upstairs to the darkroom, it was fairly crowded, though not with someone on the other side of a gloryhole. Walking to the back entrance, I discovered a man in front of it, and we soon began getting more intimately acquainted. Discovering to my satisfied surprise, that there was a willing cock sucker on the platform, one who took my cock into his mouth. Moving closer, getting lost in the sensations of two men pleasuring me, dimly aware of a third man started pushing by.

It was possible to reach out to find his cock, making him harder as another hand began to run over my ass. However, as time went on, the floor fan was simply too much to be standing right next to, so I made another round upstairs before returning to the darkroom.

Which had grown very crowded, though I was able to find some free space towards the rear. It was possible to enjoy a bit of cock sucking again, though with too much jostling and unwanted grabbing, something that only happens rarely to me, thankfully, as it is something I don’t like. And some men, for whatever reason, seem to require more force than what I generally consider polite. Though part of me finds it appealing to make clear to another man what I do and don’t want, regardless of what they want of me. Sluts choose who they play with, and my preference is strongly directed towards other sluts.

As was the case with a man who kept repeating about going to a booth as I repeatedly said no, and then wanted poppers, though he had done nothing enjoyable. It became a struggle to convince him that he had nothing to say about using poppers, followed by leaving the dark room, cock essentially untouched by someone who clearly had no idea of how to play with a slut.

The porn room was empty, but what was playing with erotic, as men rimming with hard cocks is always attractive. Settling in at the rear top corner, playing with myself, another man entered after maybe a minute, taking little time to decide to sit next to me. And then basically doing nothing while I got harder, jacking off to the porn.

After a bit, admittedly including an interval of him going down on me, he started asking about a booth again, Clearly getting off on the porn, saying that I wanted to stay here, jacking off to the porn. He then asked about the poppers, and kept insisting, which was a bit irritating. So I did a hit, then gave him the bottle. When he returned it, the top was clearly cracked. It seemed extremely likely he was the same man as in the darkroom, and though the rush was filling me, he still seemed clueless.

The porn remained hot, but he wasn’t at all interesting – sometimes, things simply don’t match. Instead of getting more involved, he moved away and lay back, without any contact. To be honest, the only thing that attracted me at this point was the rimming and sucking on the screen, watching the same couple as before he entered. I then left when it was clear that he was as clueless now as before, when struggling to get his hands on my poppers, requiring me to use enough force which is why the top was broken.

Luckily, the bottle was very close to empty, and the top seemed to at least keep a good enough seal. At the locker, I placed the bottle back in its air plastic bag, carefully positioning it to remain upright. It isn’t as if poppers are necessary – I hadn’t used any the first time having group sex in the steam room, after all.

Entering the steambath a second time, without poppers, the space even more filled than before, making it difficult to navigate to the rear wall. Oddly, there still seemed to be no sex going on in this part, something I would have expected. It was a challenge to move towards the back without giving or accepting any invitations, but possible. Seeing that at least some space was free on the bench, I stood to the side o a sitting man sucking cock, first running my hands over the chest of the man being sucked, gradually stroking and caressing him over his body as another man went down on him.

Of course, the whole time I was playing with myself, unavoidably gasping when a stranger’s hand joined mine, not even sure which man was currently grasping my rod. Not that it mattered in the least, particularly here, a place where so many men come to have sex with each other. When the cock sucker turned his skilled oral attention to me, it again made me delightfully sink into the honeyed bliss of being a man’s suck slut, letting his lips and tongue do as they wished on my naked skin. As it continued, it just got better. When the other cock got involved, it prompted me to start kissing the standing man, feeling fingers play so good with my nipples.

Thought was gone as the pleasure continued, moaning about hot sex with men and sexy cocks, in a threesome, all of us sharing the same unrestrained desires.

After jacking off several times almost to cumming, holding his stiff wet cock cock against mine, the cock sucker leaned back, making me bend down to start kissing him full on the mouth, pushing my tongue inside him. Moaning deep in his throat as his lips pressed against mine, I reached down to start playing with his cock, caressing and rolling it, feeling it get bigger.

Since there was still free space on the bench, after teasingly breaking the kiss, I sat down to his left. He returned to cock sucking as I kept fondling his sexy cock, letting his hand’s motions on my cock guide me in turn. Leaning back, it was a minor surprise to feel the cooler rubber hose behind me, a common feature in steambaths to sluice off the bench. This also meant being fairly close to the spigot, as the hoe is quite short. Taking a moment to explore, it turned out that the fixture was above him.

At some point, likely while we were kissing, the standing man left. Focussing on each other was a real turn on, kissing a man is so sexy, especially a slutty man, one as turned on you. Caressing and stroking him, between kissing and him bending over to go down on me as I kept playing with myself. At times, his fingers strayed over my sack, and temptingly lower.

My reaction was obvious, but I did my best to make it clear just how much anal play interests me. Soon, his fingertip began to lightly circle my ass. As it continued, I could not stop from moving my soft hole, pressing and teasing against his willing finger. Putting my right foot up on the edge of the bench, giving a stranger complete access to between legs, getting sucked and fingered in public.

Deciding to enjoy the extra bit of power that comes when being sucked while standing, I stepped between his legs, kissing him greedily. Straightening, he took my cock into his mouth, and we began to play for real. He would do something new, like running his fingertips lightly over the hair between my balls and ass, an exquisite sensation that feels as good as orgasm, yet lasts and lasts. After kissing intensely, my cock would return to his mouth, followed by another welcome surprise.

His finger began to lightly touch my ass, causing me to react by repeatedly moving my hips to pump my cock as he touched me so perfectly, sighing and slumping, hands outstretched over his head, careful of the faucet. Having become his willing slave, I dared to put my left foot on the bench, moaning as his tongue began to wander over my balls. I love being teabagged by an expert, which no woman in my experience can be called. It was especially good while moving my ass in a dirty hot motion, exposed hole begging to be rimmed.

When he began to lick me, words came from my mouth, barely coherent – “Fuck .. oh god fuck .. heaven .. love .. rim me .. sex with men .. god yes .. I want it .. sexy tongue .. licking .. love it.”

Growing slowly weaker but incapable of shifting position, I gradually began using the spigot to support myself as an aid, careful not to hang off of it. I could not stop from speaking out loud, “fuck yes .. ass tongue .. lick me .. oh god .. I love it,” moving my raised ass while he kept his tongue on my wanting hole.

As time passed, I finally needed to move to stretch or rest various muscles. He quickly took my hard cock back into his mouth, his finger now using the wetness to create irresistible sensations between my legs, slowly sliding past my quivering tight anus.

His secret was knowing that a light touch is better than clumsy forcing, especially when going down on a man who remained lost in paradise. When I finally bent down to sloppily kiss him, greedily joining my mouth to his in a forceful probing of his entire mouth, he responded in turned on kind. Our kissing continued to vary, from gentle to demanding, from passive to in control, each of us clearly familiar with the broad range of possibilities available, enjoying kissing someone equally interested in exploring them.

Though we remained a focussed pair, the jostling and mild interruptions were unavoidable, Luckily, these were not irritating like before, as we remained an obvious pair, and a number of men recognized that quickly, It isn’t as if most of them had no experience of a pair of devoted oral sluts, though I really couldn’t figure out who was might be considered top or bottom, considering how thoroughly I had surrendered myself to him.

When he started to play with my nipples as we kissed, my reaction must have been obvious, and he remained perfectly content to lightly stroke and squeeze my nipples as he took my cock back into his soft mouth. The heat was slowly growing to be too much, yet I could not leave, as the chance to keep indulging myself so thoroughly grew ever more addictive.

Leading me to finally begin to truly fuck his mouth, holding on to the spigot so as to balance my thrusting ass, legs bent while ramming my cock deeper, my hands and legs forming a triangle, gloriously pumping my jutting cock into his willing mouth, lost in male bliss. Becoming nothing but a horny cock using a slut’s mouth, unable to stop using a stranger like a total slut. Yet, the heat finally did get to be too intense to continue, so I finally left, even as he kept sitting, undoubtedly being able to find a new cock to such quickly and easily.

Though orgasm did not quite happen, rarely have I ever felt so wonderfully drained. The surprise this time was that the interval in the steam had only been a half hour, as I was certain it had been much longer, being lost in fantastically hot sex the way I had become. Time at the bathhouse is always unpredictable, reflecting what time feels like in heaven.


Writing stories actually takes more time than the already hours long original visits, in part because of how hard writing makes me. Also in part because being in the middle of a story tends to lead me to returning to the baths on a free afternoon, instead of writing. This too is part of a feedback loop which deepens the attraction of spending hours having sex with strangers.

Today was no different, leaving the bathhouse after spending 3 hours there. At least one hour did not involve sex, meaning that the other two did. Though not as quite as prompt as a few previous occasions, the results of smoking a bowl, then 20 minutes later finishing a pint of beer, followed soon afterwards having my cock slide into a man’s mouth remain thoroughly entrancing. With the difference that this time, after a bit, I played with my slick cock while watching two men pleasure each other. Enjoyable on its own, it is not really notable these days to mention spending a while getting off like this.

Leaving after they did, I went to the darkroom, finding another willing mouth and doing my first hit of poppers. However, that blow job just ended after a couple of minutes, without apparent reason. Leading me to the porn room, getting to the top row, settling in to watch two men turn each other on – dressed at the start, something that is never the case at the baths. Foreplay here is very direct, making such porn seem almost exotic, since the two men were clearly enjoying each other getting hornier.

A man entered, and after a short interval, came up next to me, putting his towel down just a few seconds before bending down to give me head. While sucking, he positioned himself perfectly. As he started teabagging me, it was easy to start to rim him until I felt his tongue begin to probe my ass. When that started, I took his cock into my mouth, hearing him unzipper something before doing a hit of rush.

Knowing exactly what was happening, I took his cock as deep as possible, finger sliding down to his still slippery hole, circling it. We continued to enjoy our mutual fun, including my sharing the next hit of rush before taking him all the way, my lips at the base of his moving cock, deep throating him without any problem, a true rarity.

As we kept playing, two men entered, sitting down on the lowest row against the far side wall, soon jerking each other off. I watched the taller of the two kneel on the floor then go down on the other, being sucked myself. My attention drifted from the gay sex on the screen to the real sex going on below, with the sitting man turning his head upwards. We gazed at each other, his expression totally turned on, both of us getting oral sex from a man’s mouth, sharing how good it felt to do it in public like this.

While sucking the other man, I heard then saw how the lower couple moved up, the sucked man moving next to me, promptly taking my cock into his mouth. This is the sort of thing that happens at the baths, easily reaching over to play with his slippery hard cock, horny men enjoying each other’s company in glorious fashion. The baths have been a tradition for thousands of years, and likely will remain so far into the future, as men meet other men to have uninhibited sex with each other.

A pair of hands began massaging my foot with exquisite skill. Feet and toes, like hands and fingers, have their erotic charge, realizing that this might turn into one of the relatively rare visits where foot play would be included. I both given and received such pleasure, and still remember sitting in the whirlpool, leg outstretched, having my foot and toes kissed and sucked while playing with two cocks, hands playing with my nipples and cock, kissing one man, surrendering to the variety of pleasures and strangers around me, sinking ever further into bliss as he took each of toe into his mouth in turn, reversing after reaching an end.

Now, I felt his fingers begin to manipulate my toes while still getting sucked. Sitting up to do a hit, I saw the fourth man kneeling in position to fondle my feet, much as he had been kneeling before. Likely for a similar reason occurred to me while opening the bottle, deciding to hold my breath as long as possible, or until he started kissing my feet, a delightfully naughty thought.

Closing the bottle quickly, I reached out to play with hard cock on each side, watching a man begin to lower his face to my toes, my cock feeling immense as it was sucked. He held my big toe in place before sliding his lips over it, making his desire explicit, my head going back as I exhaled, an unbelievable merging of cocks and mouths, and especially my toe, getting sucked so sexy good, making me moan about how good it felt.

Words were not really possible, but as my toes began to be licked and kissed, I sank into a luxuriously pampered haze, letting a man make love to my foot. As he continued, it felt like each toe was somehow lost in a soft wetness even more deliciously intoxicating than a cock in a mouth or pussy. His focus on my feet was intense, and I could not help falling totally under his spell, moaning and laying back, hands barely able to retain a grip on a cock.

At some point, the man to my right moved to my other side, as I surrendered myself fully, stroking my cock while in heaven. His tongue and lips were heavenly, losing all awareness as he continued. When he rubbed my sole over his hard length, it was unsurprising, as the glorious intensity of his techniques had already revealed just how turned on he was to have feet and toes to orally enjoy.

When he went down on my, the wetness was wonderful, especially as he soon returned to my feet as I played with my now spit covered shaft, pushing right up to the limit of orgasmic release, quivering on the edge as his mouth continued its spell. He had done both feet a couple of times, and gone down on me one more time when I felt him hold my leg, his tongue sliding along my big toe, then continuing down my leg, along my thigh, him holding the other leg open as the journey continued to my other toe, an unbelievable experience, Which he repeated shortly after.

I continued to be overwhelmed by the exquisite sensations, aware that the rare combination of talent and desire was reducing me to nothing but a slut slave. Letting him do whatever he wanted to me, lost in pure lust, knowing he was excited to find such a willing partner. For all of my moaning and jacking off, it was a surprisingly refined experience, at least on his part, as he played me like a finely tuned instrument.

That the sensations remained so liquid was delightful, feeding him cock whenever opportunity arose, jacking off even as his mouth slid over my cockhead. My mind was gone, barely noticing when one man, then the other, left. Some pleasures seem eternal while occurring, something now happening in a way that kept me utterly under his entrancing spell.

Apart from my stroking hand on a rigid rod, my body had gone completely limp while experiencing his unbelievably erotic talents. Moaning about foot fucking and loving sex with men, I just kept riding the waves of pleasure as he sucked each toe repeatedly, spreading them with slippery fingers, kissing and licking tender soles. Enjoying the rare magic of being reminded just how good it feels to have feet treated like a sexual zone.

Time began to return as things slowed, even if my body remained essentially immovable, brain still completely overwhelmed. As he ended, he mentioned that I had really nice feet, prompting me to moan thanks, and say he was utterly fantastic, seeing him leave as I lay there.

The next hour of the visit was nice, but nothing extraordinary at this point, unlike the half hour spent getting a truly wonderful foot job.

Angelic teasing.

The bathhouse has a fairly large sling room, though the sling itself is not really that comfortable, possibly a reason why the space is generally empty. Today, having finished my beer after enjoying some organic smoke, wandering upstairs, it was a surprise to see someone in the room so early. Letting a certain fancy carry me along to him, following a two week break from visiting. In the past year, I have rarely been able to resist going at least once a week, and the current combination of a waiting slut and enhanced horniness was deliciously enticing.

Putting the towel and bag on a chair – something that was missing for the first couple of months after the sling was available – I moved closer. Noticing he had a fair amount of hair, I let my fingers lightly run over his thighs and belly and balls, seeing his cock swell as a direct result. He remained pretty much unmoving, even after several hints concerning my growing cock’s desires.

Nonetheless, I kept playing with his sexy cock, waiting until he was really turned on before starting to touch his ass. His moaning went straight to my cock, causing me to take up the last bit of space between us, pressing a naked cockhead against his offered ass.

Experiencing a pleasure that was unbelievably beguiling, becoming filled with desire to keep touching, sliding hand around my length. This was the sort of contact that had been fairly successfully avoided for years, yet as it continued, the sling adding another set of motions and pressures, I couldn’t stop. When he opened a bottle of poppers, I did an offered hit, before bending down to suck his hard cock.

I have been sucked on a swing doing poppers, providing a fair idea of just how turned on he was when standing back up, cock again touching his sexy soft hole. Beyond control in a sense already, since this was the sort of temptation I’d tried to never seek out. Basically, the other occasions involved the other man taking charge, but today, when stepping into the room, I knew that my cock feeling his ass was something wanted, and so easily available.

What I hadn’t really expected was how good it felt, especially as we continued, with him doing another hit of poppers. What had to be my pre-cum created a fantastic connection at a primal level, beginning to rub back and forth, feeling him respond in turn, bending down to breathe in as he breathed out. I wanted nothing more than to fully indulge in this addictively dirty touching, letting my cock guide me into paradise. His hole grew softer and more slippery, feeling like a gate opening to paradise as the sling moved.

He did still more poppers, but being at the quivering edge of unstoppable orgasm, entranced by the feel of his naked ass against my naked cockhead, I let that temptation pass. The sling’s motion was hypnotic for both of us, as he held my stiff shaft against his, my balls starting to slam between his legs, grabbing his hips, bending down to do another hit with him. The poppers went straight to my cock, making wild thoughts arise.

Luckily, as my intentions became more obvious, he made it clear he did not want to be fucked, or at a minimum not without a condom, which was fine. Normally, neither would I, but as for right now? had now experienced the sensations of my cockhead against his slippery hole, realizing just how truly heavenly this was. It has been at least a year since last giving into to such naked temptation, and now, mutually using poppers, his ass had captivated my cock.

We soon continued as before, two hard cocks rubbing. Though after he did some more poppers, it was his hand that reached down to place my cockhead against his floating entrance, both of us remaining on the edge of temptation – luckily, just barely avoiding doing anything without precautions. Though in honesty, this encounter had already gone beyond my normal limit, rediscovering just how fantastic it feels to have an uncovered cock touching a man’s soft fuck hole.

He was jacking himself off as my cock kept pressing against his welcoming anus, using poppers regularly, no longer so careful about what my cock was doing, losing himself in the slutty rush of a man’s cock pleasuring his pre-cum lubricated ass. Stroking myself, in part to make sure I did not go deeper, the thick leather sling adding its own rhythmic satisfaction to our almost fucking. His hole began to pulse, looser and tighter, my flared cock ridge slipping past his perfectly smooth ring as he started to orgasm so good underneath me.

The poppers were definitely making it impossible for either of us stop, his legs spread wide, a cock stroking slut, moving his pre-cum coated ass against a rigid cock, jets of hot cum splattering his chest and belly as I experienced his pleasure at the very tip of my being, amazed at just how irresistible the sensations of naked cock against willing ass had become.

That first 45 minutes or so of the visit is fairly straightforward to recount. Left in an incredibly horny state, aware that of how close I had come to breaking a fundamental rule. Yet also aware of just how fantastic it felt, and not only for me.

After that, things become blurred, primal sensations leading me on, including most definitely a desire to rub my cock over another hot ass. A desire surprising in its undeniable attraction, especially after what had happened on the sling. For a change, I was not denying opportunities to let my cock play, and remained hoping for more, though without intending to go any further than in the sling room.

I went to the darkroom, laying in the dimness for a while, recovering my wits. The experience had been unbelievable, though nothing untoward really happened on either side, a comforting thought. Almost too comforting in its way, as the thought of doing it again made me really horny. After all, what had been such a turn on was two strangers enjoying intimate contact of a most tempting variety, using poppers to further enhance the experience.

Checking again to make sure my poppers were at hand against the rear wall, a man came in, then left. Another man followed a minute or two later, getting on the platform along the gloryhole wall. He moved slowly, a dim figure that was possible to follow with dark adapted eyes, allowing me to reach out for his cock before he discovered me. A quite large cock, one that grew quickly larger, especially after his mouth found my willing cock.

Stroking him hard as he went down on me, I did a hit, then went down on him, enjoying 69ing. A real delight with a man or a woman, but there is something about doing rush and sucking cock that is really addictive, especially when getting blown at the same time. He had a thick, large cock, one too big to fit a condom around. A thought that arose when his finger started to touch and probe my asshole. He understood that gentle fingering is best, turning me on so good. After doing another hit, I began to rim him, giving in to irresistibly dirty desires, spreading his ass cheeks with my hands, tongue bathing his anus. Breathing out, I slid a finger in, returning to blowing him.

Both of us having turned into total sluts, it was no surprise noticing a third man getting involved. Especially me, as his mouth joined mine on a gorgeous big cock. Things remain blurred in memory, but at some point, the new man positioned himself on hands and knees, soon being fucked with that big cock. Stroking myself, I put my left hand out, touching a cock fucking a man’s willing ass. It was extremely hot, a feeling of being involved in something usually forbidden. No condom was involved, though when the fucking stopped, it did not seem as if he had cum.

After he left, the fucked man turned his full attention to me, sucking until he had me moaning about how hot it was to get off with men. Knowingly overwhelmed by how sexy it was to abandon caution, knowing that going to the limit was impossible to resist. Obviously, he had already fucked another man bareback, but his mouth was providing exquisite delight, like in a dream. Giving in to forbidden lust, followed by letting him guide my cock to his ass, drowning in the amazingly satisfying contact, turned on in deliciously dirty part by knowing my cock was following another man’s.

Generally, caution is something I respect, but occasionally, ignoring it is unavoidable. Especially when my cock felt so good touching a man’s yielding ass as he held it, needing to do nothing except let him manipulate me, knowing what was going on, and unable to stop. To be honest, it was more how willing I was to keep him pressing my cockhead.

A willingness that just grew larger after I did a hit of rush, pushing myself against a very old limit when having sex with men, but also now understanding why men who know what it feels like to fuck another man in the ass don’t want to use condoms, even when they should. Luckily for me, lube was not involved, allowing me to retain a bit of restraint, even if I’m sure my cock head entered him multiple times, if only because how fantastically good things felt at times.

This continued, including my moaning “no” in various ways, allowing my mind to trick itself into thinking it had any say in what was going on. Especially since no arose between other words, such as “fuck yes” and “yeah .. so good.” Of course the man wanted me to fuck, but this had already too far, in a certain sense. Mainly because it really felt so good, just wanting to keep the sensations going, staying at the very edge of full anal sex.

He wanted me to cum, though he was uninterested in being pushed over the edge as I played with his hard cock. I have never really understood this, to be honest – why end the fun by cumming? And considering how none of the men that have begged me to cum were actually interested in cumming themselves, it is reasonable to believe they share the same attitude.

Finally, having been so long on the edge of orgasm, I staggered out of the darkroom, seeing that more than an unbelievable hour and half had passed. I showered, being quite sweaty by this point, then wandered around upstairs for a while before returning to the darkroom. The space had several men in it, but it was possible for me to get to the far wall without awkwardness, noticing a couple of men along the gloryhole side of the space.

Going to the other side of the glory hole wall, it took just seconds for a hand to begin to touch my cock after putting it through the hole. Soon, it felt like a mouth sliding over my cock, causing me to end up pressing against the wall, arms raised, pumping back and forth. My hand discovered an ass available at the lower hole to the right. Starting to finger it, remaining able to resist temptation, partially because of the skill of the stranger sucking me off through the hole.

Too soon though, the mouth withdrew. However, another man was going past me just as that happened, and his fingers on my nipples kept me in place, cock hard, jutting through the gloryhole.

We soon became entwined, kissing, cock to cock, getting really turned on. He pressed my stiff rod under his balls, causing me to grab his hips and start humping him. Changing angle enough to feel a part of my flared cock ridge slide over amazingly soft skin, soon growing mindless again, knowing what that meant. We kissed, played with nipples, rubbed cocks together, but always came back to pumping my turned on cock between his thighs.

Mainly because we had adjusted positions enough that my full cockhead was angled against his beckoning fuck hole. He had begun fingering my horny hole at the same time, a subtle pleasure that just grew more satisfying as my cock continued touching his soft anus.

He stepped back a bit, and it only became clear what he had done after it happened, having been transported to paradise. He had lubed his fingers before touching my ass again. It was extraordinarily hot, an exceptionally satisfying lube creating fantastic sensations as he began to slowly push his finger deeper, my hips moving. Rarely have I felt so completely slutty, his finger moving in rhythm with my motions, sinking my ass to get him to go deeper, talking dirty about men and ass fingering, about how men were better than women for this.

Followed by feeling something spreading over my cock, moaning “oh fuck yes .. fuck ,, oh yeah” as he spread lube down my shaft. It was unbelievably good, pretty much unlike any other lube I had ever felt. He kept stroking me as his finger pleasured my desiring hole, gasping as his finger came out and began to slide over my anus, starting to move my hips in desperation to get him to press in again, turning into a public slut for fingering.

Things grew ever more hazy, kissing and rubbing lubed cocks, getting finger fucked so good as my now slippery cockhead returned to his soft entrance. Like before, the word “no” mixed in with other words, in part helped by stroking myself as the finger fucking continued. It remained unbelievable how good the lube was, drifting in dreamy bliss, listening to him talk about ass fucking as my cock again slid between his thighs.

“God .. love it .. ass sex .. slut fuck sex .. with men.’ We alternated between me grabbing my cock and jacking off with his stiff length squeezed along mine, and him guiding my cock to his ever more inviting hole. This time, poppers were not involved, just the undeniably and overwhelmingly desired sensation of letting my lubed cockhead go post his lubed ass, lubed hand stroking my lubed shaft.

The lube effected me like a sex drug, amazingly fast, from that first contact, and continuing until now. It had no smell, remaining perfectly slippery the entire time, never too much nor too little. I have experience with a number of lubes – Vaseline as the very first, when jacking off with a friend looking at late 70s Playboys and Penthouses. KY dries too fast, and though the old Fourex lambskin condom lube felt great, it really smelled. There is a toy with a ‘bitter end’ that has a fantastic lube, but that was in combination with other features, such as its exquisitely tight fit.

I only noticed another man moving by after he started to play with my nipples. It felt great, but had nothing to do with the intense game being played between two turned on sluts. He left, again barely noticed, this interval being one of the few things that separated waves of glorious sensation. He began to beg to be fucked, words that went straight to my cock. The only way to effectively stop them was to kiss him hard, tongue deep, though that often led to him sliding my cock around his ass as our mouths locked.

His finger fucking of my lubed ass was perfect, as if knowing exactly what I wanted when being fingered. Maybe a year had passed since enjoying such utterly decadent pleasures, but this was even hotter, as truly, the lube was magic anywhere.

I knew that what was going on involved dancing on a risky border, but unlike most times in the past, this was a result of my own decisions, ones that was thoroughly beyond regret now, my cock delightfully involved with his inviting ass.

With lube on my hand, the chance to use poppers never really arose. That probably being a good thing, another point of what was left of my will considered completely fine, not breaking the firm rule of never fucking without a condom using poppers.

Our encounter continued, with him insisting on me cumming and filling his ass, with me resisting, hard and turned on, but in fuller control, with orgasm remaining unlikely. Though that did not apply regarding pumping my cock head, gasping “no” whenever my cock ridge went past his ass ring, always resisting the temptation to go just sink deeper into heaven, even if my pulling out was not immediate.

Finally, cock growing softer, his temptations became less compelling as normal standards returned. Though I knew that in the hazy recent past, those temptations had been fully enjoyed, if not quite fully satisfied.

The lube washed off as easily as one could hope, truly making me wonder where to get more. This time, though in some sense it felt longer, the clock showed 45 minutes had passed in paradise.

The visit had been completely exhilarating on top of everything else, like a high speed ride through miles of traffic, enjoying the thrill. And at least if the last couple of visits since then are a guide, not leading to further hazard. Sometimes, letting go is unavoidable, and afterwards, things settle down. For a while, at least.

Delayed delight from an angelic slut.

His very first touches in the dark were a bit clumsy, though quite welcome so soon after laying down in the darkroom. Something he undoubtedly already knew as we continued to get more involved, his skills seeming to noticeably improve, perhaps merely due to becoming accustomed to the darkroom. We were direct, but unhurried, each step leading nicely to the next, following fairly universal concepts of nipple play and cock stroking. The baths are a place to enjoy sex with other men, an interest fully shared with the other visitors.

When it became fully apparent what step he wanted to indulge in next, it made me get the poppers ready, having decided to be fully decadent, doing a hit at the first wonderful sensations of entering a stranger’s mouth. His lips were soft and smooth, and feeling them on my cockhead was fantastic. Opening the bottle, I took a deep hit, trusting him to prolong the oncoming sexual bliss.

Breathing out, his lips moving on my shaft, saying “oh fuck .. slow suck .. god .. so good .. suck .. slut.” Soon only just able to moan as he began to take my gigantic feeling cock ever deeper into the soft wet infinity of his mouth. Squeezing his nipples, pulsing sensations through both of us, lost in sheer bliss, the very recently drunk pint of beer following a recent bowl adding to the experience of letting a man go down on my deliberately exposed horny cock. This sort of directness is one of the main attractions of the baths, it being maybe 15 minutes since entering before a man’s mouth was working its magic, sinking into the luscious delight of male oral sex.

Moving hands to his head, caressing, soon followed by pulling him up to start kissing, jacking him off as my hungry tongue went deep. Soon, we were kneeling to each other in the dark, my wet cock sliding along his stiff length, kissing in a way that just enhanced what was happening between us. By now, it is impossible to resist playing cock to cock with another man, overwhelmed by how sexy it feels, so different from a woman’s wet cunt, and yet just as desirable. Making the baths a perfect place to discover just how many other men are cock lovers too, wanting to get off that way in male only setting, one where men were free to have hot sex with other men.

Of course the cock sucking became mutual after the third or fourth kissing interval, eagerly going down on his sexy hardness, surprised at how well I could take its silky length deep. It was a real turn on to realize I was basically deep throating him, a skill that is still generally beyond me. Today, things were working out fantastically as his cock filled my mouth. He obviously was enjoying the oral action as I began to tweak his slippery nipples – of course we had already bathed each other’s nipples with our tongues, and the sweat made sure nothing dried off too soon.

I know I was the one to start rimming, after doing a hit of poppers, knowing just how much he would love a dirty ass licking as my cock pushed ever deeper into his mouth, letting my desire to really turn on a man overwhelm me, spreading his ass cheeks wider so my tongue could go deeper, feeling his slutty reaction as his cock sucking slackened. When his mouth left my cock, I did another hit, knowing that his tongue would soon be bathing my ass. Which it did, as we became two rimming sluts, enjoying the sort of deliciously kinky sex that I have always associated with what men did to each other in a bathhouse.

The intimate oral pleasures continued in a glorious blur, kissing and licking and sucking, only lifting a bit when he began to speak about going to a cabin. At first, the words did not really register at all, especially since he went down on me after only briefly waiting for a response. When he asked again, now listening to the words, it was another interval before being able to grasp their meaning. He asked several more times, licking my nipple as I decadently played with the cock he had covered in spit, his wettened finger circling my ass so good. My mind was barely functional, but as thoughts arose, actions in a sequence were decided.

Agreeing as he went down on me, doing another hit of poppers, breathing out, saying “cabin .. oh fuck .. yeah .. sex cabin .. love .. sex .. naked men,” my cock growing so huge in his pleasuring mouth, aware of just having agreed to keep having sex with a stranger, something definitely impossible for me to turn down when so offered. In such a thoroughly aroused state, I am not all that mentally functional. There was also the unfamiliar challenge of dealing with needing to pee, something mentioned while following him out of the darkroom.

The upper level bathroom is fairly new and extremely convenient when required, such as now. Standing in front of the urinal, for a long satisfying time just letting piss flow, aware of just how perfectly the beer had done its job, being drank so quickly.

Returning to the darkroom entrance area, the booth right next to the entrance was no longer empty. Another man, still wearing a towel, stood in the doorway. This was somehow awkward, in the sense that though the man in the doorway was definitely new, it was hard to tell about the man sitting naked on the platform.

Part of this confusion was mine only, being a new member to a possible threesome. Really good sex is pure intoxication, and I was definitely open for more. As was the man on the platform, who had started blowing the standing man, pulling him fully into the space. The standing man was a bit taller and thinner than either of us, though his age was hard to judge, even if roughly equal to ours.

Considering the start of oral sex to be an invitation in a sense, I entered the cabin, arranging towel and bag along the wall. Laying down and stretching out, playing with my cock watching a blow job right in front of me, knowing just how skilled the cock sucker truly was. After a bit, the cock sucker obviously offered the chance for me to suck my second cock of the day, and not just look on.

Doing a hit of rush first, I joined him at the third man’s stiff length, who easily accepted another mouth pleasuring his cock. Of course, getting closer, the cock sucker’s hand reached for my cock, reflecting what I’d already done to him while shifting position.

We continued pleasuring the other man in a number of ways, and ourselves to a lesser extent, but as time went on, it became far too clear that the new man was not actually a slut, and seemingly not all that aware of what really good sex meant. Something that my original partner and I could not avoid continue enjoying, though soon only with each other, easily returning to the same horny state we had shared in the darkroom. To the extent that the third man, no longer someone we were paying any real attention to, finally left the cabin. Apparently unable to grasp why he had been so eagerly pleasured at first, and ignored in the end.

Soon, the same fantastic sensations were flowing between us, teasing and satisfying temptation. We laid out on the platform, 69ing and rimming, fully aware of what men can do to each other when having sex. Sluts are neither servants nor slaves, they are people that understand giving and taking is the best way to play. With the full agreement of the other, enjoying and sharing pleasure, lost in heaven.

As time passed, the roles shifted, his desire to suck hard cock combining with my growing desire to be sucked. Soon becoming less concerned with actively pleasuring him, the sensations he was creating growing ever more tempting, slipping into an entrancing haze. The poppers played their part, a sex drug that goes perfectly with getting head from a talented man, feeling a slippery finger play with my ass, turning into his utterly willing cock.

Of course we also kissed between addictive sucking sessions, both of us playing with the other’s turned on nipples, going cock to cock at least once, jacking both of us while moaning about what a hot slut cocksucker he was, and how much I loved my dick filling his mouth, and how sex with men is irresistible

He did not say much, though several times after breaking a kiss, he would say what a sexy cock before going down on me again. Many men are not as vocal as I, but hearing a partner talk about your cock is always hot. And a cabin is a private space anyways, so speaking was certainly allowed.

Sluts take their time, and slowly, he brought me to the edge of cumming. Generally, this would have been the point to go somewhere else, to find other men to have sex with, but his desire to get me off was simply too powerful. His cock sucking and fingering had been perfect, leaving me suspended in paradise, with the pleasure growing ever more intense.

At some point, I gave up even thinking of resisting what was going to happen, making sure that the poppers were ready, and that it was clear where a condom was, in case. Having decided to cum, it took a delightful while to reach that point, his sucking building in a slow wave of sheer bliss, my hips starting to move as his finger slid back and forth.

Further, he was jacking off, to the point that as he kept going down on me, I could feel him cum, without interrupting what he was doing to me. This pushed me over the edge, finally allowing him to enjoy getting his mouth filled with hot cum.

His wet soft lips moving on my cock, I opened the poppers a final time, knowing that after this hit, he would be in complete charge. The most satisfying cocksucking does not involve suction precisely, it involves letting orgasm build until cum starts pumping so good, unleashing a torrent of pleasure. Something the best cocksuckers seem to understand, possibly because at this point, all of the very best blow jobs in my life have been performed by men.

All of whom have swallowed every drop of cum they could, in contrast to my experience with most blow jobs from women. Now, as the rush began to fill me, suction started to make its hot presence felt. Men are simply able to suck with more power than women, and feeling my cum rise in response was glorious. My cock started filling his mouth with hot pumping cum, an endless sense of cock centered size and power creating an overwhelming orgasm, starting to face fuck him at the end, thrusting my cock inside his swallowing yet still cum coated mouth.

Normally, after cumming like that, my cock is hypersensitive, but he seemed able to handle that fact easily, knowing that the border between too much and perfect is possible to obey. It is no longer a shock to realize that many men are totally addicted to sucking cock, and not just until cumming, but afterwards too.

Expertly remaining just inside the limits of what could be withstood, his ongoing oral mastery was undeniable. And he knew it, having taken complete control, balancing exquisitely between intense pleasure and unpleasant intensity. This became the sort of unbelievable cock loving that I had first experienced at a gloryhole, beyond orgasm, total surrender to another man.

Finally, he pulled away, gathering his things, saying “Fantastic – that was fantastic – amazing.”

Barely able to think, doing my best to respond with “extraordinary – wonderful – great.” Words were courtesy, a sharing of what had become memory. Before he left, I raised myself for a last kiss, then lay back again, totally wiped out.

Taking several minutes to re-enter reality, including mopping up our sweat with paper towels, I carefully went downstairs to shower and leave, I saw almost 2 hours had passed, almost all of it spent having sex with a single stranger.

A liquid visit.

The contrasts between visits can be striking. Sometimes, everything flows in glorious fun, and other times, one realizes just how much a role luck plays in the best visits.

The memories from this visit are even hazier than normal, having spent easily more than an hour with my cock in several men’s willing mouths, and at least a further half hour with a man’s tongue on my body or mouth.

Arriving at opening, after finishing the now customary beer, I’d gone upstairs. The porn was not interesting, leading to going into the darkroom. Laying down, towel spread and poppers out, beginning to enjoy how the pint was starting to mix with the quite recently smoked weed.

Being stoned enhances sex at the bathhouse, adding an enthralling sensual edge to the various pleasures found among other men. Most definitely including the effect of poppers. Something discovered the very first time my first girlfriend and I experienced their irresistible effects more than 35 years ago. Using them with other men is one of the reasons leading to having become such a consistently devoted bathhouse visitor, rarely able to let even a week go by without spending a couple of hours there, indulging in delightfully decadent sex with other men.

In just a couple of moments after returning my empty glass to the bar counter, and going upstairs, someone entered the darkroom, taking little time to discover an outstretched leg. His hand travelled up my leg, contented sighing resulting from his fingers brushing my cock, providing a clear invitation to continue to touch me. The way we were positioned offered little opportunity to do much for him, apart from stroking his head and playing with his nearer nipple.

Cock continuing to grow, mind starting to sink into the rising wave of sexual sensation. Aware of how his head moved, knowing that he was going to go down on me, wanting it so badly. I love having a stranger turn me into a horny slut, as he was now doing so perfectly. “Oh fuck yes” I moaned as his lips touched my cockhead, his tongue flicking at my slit before his wet mouth slid down slowly.

“God yes .. suck me .. suck slut .. take it .. so sexy” was the sort of thing flowing from my mouth, as sex tends to make me quite vocal. Though not really teasing, he soon had me thrusting my hips to drive my hard cock deep, coming much closer to orgasm than normal right at the start of a visit. Of course, it is not common to get sucked so soon after drinking a beer, adding its own lovely buzz to the thrill of getting head in the darkness,

After a heavenly while, I struggled to shift position, bending over to finally find his cock with my hand, making it grow still harder, enjoying stretching soft skin over a rigid shaft. Now knowing where his sexy cock was, I opened the magic brown bottle, doing a deep hit before taking his hot length into my mouth. Not quite as large as mine perhaps, but as the rush flooded through me, it felt as if we had merged into a single intensely connected and huge source of male sexual sensation. Breathing out, beginning to circle then touch his ass, intimately feeling how he was turning into a slut too. 69ing with a man is fantastic, one of the reasons a bathhouse is better for male sex than a simple gloryhole.

He moved away, and we soon found ourselves kissing as our wet cocks touched. His kissing grew distracted as I jerked us off together, fingers playing with one of his nipples, delighted at how thoroughly turned on he had become having sex in the dark with another equally horny man. When his hand began to lightly touch the hair under my balls, it was my turn to become completely distracted while getting lost in the sensations. Especially when his fingers began to play with the hair further down, making me moan as his tongue filled my mouth.

A soft wet tongue that started to bathe my sensitive nipple as his fingers continued to play lightly with my hair, bringing me into a timeless paradise. My cock was now between his legs, and as we continued to pleasure each other, my cockhead slid over his yielding asshole. It felt so temptingly good that I reached around to press a bit, amazed at how wonderfully naughty yet perfectly natural it felt to have my naked cock touch a man’s soft anus. Growing delighted at how the luxurious sensations began overwhelming me completely, moaning about how fucking good it felt, fully aware of how my own desires had gained control. It just felt so good to give in, my naked cockhead touching his seductively soft ring.

Clearly, he too was falling under the enticing spell of such intimate male contact, hips shifting to give me easier access. To this point, everything was still under control on my part, after deciding that using poppers would just be too much of an interruption – and temptation. His motions began to sync perfectly with my own as we began kissing passionately, his moans another indication of how turned on he had become feeling a stranger pleasuring his sweet hole like this. Particularly as I began to move back and forth, sliding my length along his ass.

Finally breaking our kiss and pulling back a bit, his fingers returned to delightfully playing with my pubic hair. Soon, his intent seemed clear enough that I got the poppers ready, waiting for the moment when he would touch my waiting hole. He surprised me, though, by going down on me first, keeping me quivering in anticipation as his mouth surrounded my hard shaft.

As his finger started to stroke over the hair around my ass, I did a deep hit of rush. By now, he had turned me into a total slut. Breathing out, words just poured from my lips, talking about what a good cocksucker he was, and how hot it was to feel a stranger play with my ass. He did something I’d never actually encountered before, which was to just touch, with a firm but restrained pressure, and not press his finger deeper. This was fantastic, so much better than the considerably more common, often enough clumsy, attempts to push a finger in.

After a heavenly interval, he pushed me back, still playing with his cock as I began to jack off, enjoying the slippery sensations his saliva provided. Using my left finger, I started doing the same thing to his hole that he had done to mine. Followed by surprise at how quickly he came after touching his ass the same way he had touched mine.

His cum spurted everywhere as he stroked uncontrollably, but most ended up on my towel. He left quickly afterwards, a bit surprisingly. I waited several moments, still filled within the afterglow of pure sexual bliss, something which I am completely helpless to resist at this point, especially knowing where it can be so reliably found.

When able to actually start thinking, it became necessary to consider what to do. The towel had lots of cum splattered on it, and there was cum on the platform and my body, a reality that was more than a bit of a turn-on. Something like this is rare enough in personal experience, but it had never happened at the start of a visit. Finally, after things were reasonably cleaned up, I went downstairs naked, asking about getting a new towel at the bar.

Walking through the locker area to get rid of today’s first towel, I saw a fairly young man just about finished getting dressed, with a certain blank expression, one quite common in the locker area at the end of a visit after cumming so good. Though the evidence was not exactly strong, his age provided an explanation of the helpless eagerness with which a man had recently jacked off over me as I touched his ass, unable to withstand just cumming so good while having anonymous sex with another man. This is also likely with someone just becoming a regular repeat visitor to the baths, as sluts with experience know how to extend their visit for hours.

After getting a new towel, I returned to the darkroom. Only couple of minutes later a man entered, going behind the gloryhole wall. It was simple to position myself at the back entrance so as to be easy to take advantage of. As quickly happened, when a hand slid along my thigh as his knee settled on the platform between my legs. The touch of his hand on my growing cock was delicious proof that my luck was still running very well.

In this case, it was easy to let him take my more than half hard cock into his enveloping mouth. Of course it grew harder as he went down on it. Nothing coy at this point between us – I wanted to be sucked, and he wanted cock. My first blow job of the day still has a certain leftover hesitation, a thought of using condoms, or not being too eager, A hesitation that makes no difference in practice, but which disappears after getting sucked by that first stranger.

“Yeah .. suck me .. so good .. slow .. fuck yes .. so slow .. I love sex .. so hot .. with men.” He seemed to know exactly how I felt, turning me on without bringing me to the brink of orgasm. He took off his towel before settling down on top of me, sighing as we felt each other’s body. Of course I kissed his neck as our cocks rubbed, one hand playing over his chest and underarm, the other over his soft ass cheeks.

His mouth soon found mine, our kissing growing as intense as our grinding. I moved his cock downwards, lifting my legs, feeling the pleasure of a naked cockhead touching my ass, unable to stop myself. Yet still in control, as he was not very hard, nor was he very large. Which made no difference to the incredible feelings that having a cock on my hole caused, understanding perfectly why my first partner had let me do the same to him, especially when already thoroughly turned on. Knowing that this time, it was my hand pressing a stranger’s cock against my hot and horny anus.

Not for the first time, as this situation is becoming ever more common, understanding grows for why condoms are not really used – and how easy it would be to ignore using them in a haze of irresistible sensations. I had grown shockingly close to pressing him in, just wanting to be fucked. Much the same way that beforehand, I was the one wanting to fuck. This is a double edged discovery – on the one hand, showing what must be avoided, but on the other hand, when it occurs it feels so addictively good that I just want to give in completely.

He had grown enticingly hard, meaning though it felt so good to rub his ready cockhead over my ass, now it was necessary to change the game. I placed his cock up against mine, pulling his head down to kiss him greedily, feeling him grow still harder. He suddenly shifted position, playing with his cock as he stood, followed quickly by feeling his hot cum on my body. It was exciting to realize that this was the second man who gotten off with me today, and even more exciting to realize that anal play had been the reason for both orgasms.

He too left fairly abruptly. Finished cleaning myself with paper towels, I stopped at a porn booth, settling in, watching some rimming action, door open. After a short time, a man stood at the entrance. It was easy to tempt him in while stroking myself, openly watching hot gay porn. Just looking at his crotch for a bit, then seeing him looking at mine was a more than sufficient invitation to get involved with the third man of the day. After touching his horny hard cock under the towel, he took it off, then stepped up onto the mattress, cock hard.

Lusciously stroking it in front of me, clearly expecting that a stranger would go down on him given the opportunity. A very reasonable assumption when cruising the baths, something repeat visitors are well aware of. Doing a hit of poppers before blowing the second stranger of the day, loving how the scent filled my nostrils, soon turning into a total suck slut as he pumped my mouth full of sexy hot cock. For those who have never experienced it, the thrill of straightforward anonymous male sex is hard to grasp. Those who have experienced it thoroughly understand the attraction, indulging themselves when the opportunity presents itself. With the bathhouse being one of the finest places to take advantage of such opportunities.

My hands held his ass while starting to go down on him, taking his length deep. Breathing out, fisting my hard cock, fully aware that the door was still open. Voyeurism and exhibitionism are different at the baths, if only because public sex is part of what openly occurs there. Not everyone wants to be disturbed, and not everyone wants group sex at a particular point of time, but the explicit reality of men having sex with other men is shared by just about everyone who visits the baths regularly. Men like looking, and I have certainly been turned on watching other men having sex openly.

After a good while of receiving enthusiastic sucking, he stepped off the platform, turning to close the door, then knelt between my legs. Knowing what was going to happen, entranced by the porn on the screen, a third man took my willing jutting cock into his mouth. “Fuck yes .. cock sucking .. take it .. cock porn .. fuck yes .. pictures .. camera” I moaned, mind barely functioning, but determined to take pictures this time.

The last visit had been less successful in this regard, as the man sharing the booth with me simply ignored my babbling about pictures and having a camera. His cock sucking had been so good, and the porn so arousing, I simply remained unable to even get the camera out of the bag, mind lost in a haze of pure pleasure. Today, that recent failure added to my determination, helping me manage to fumble the camera out. When his mouth left my cock, he started to play with my balls. I was able to bring his cock into contact with mine, then actually pick up and turn on the camera.

Taking pictures is always an incredible turn on for me, a somehow kinky pleasure, knowing that such pictures were not only proof of having hot sex with a man, but something that can be shared, particularly with other men who know how good cock can feel. After taking several pictures, he took the camera from my hand. I didn’t care, especially after he started going down on me again as the porn kept me captivated. Besides, it felt like enough pictures had been taken, distracting me from more intense games.

He was one of those cock suckers that want no distraction from having their own cock played with, making it even easier to sink completely into the seductively addictive sensations of feeding my bare cock to another man. We shared control, remaining quiveringly rock hard, without getting overwhelmingly tempted to cum, sometimes stroking my cockhead against his lips before pulling out. Or as often happened, plunging deeper, thrusting my hips to drive a now fully enveloped cock deeper, mouth fucking him until taking things back in hand.

After a mindless interval like this, lost in his cock worship, he picked up his towel, and left. I was in a truly altered state, and knew just what would add to my continued enjoyment.

Prompting a return to the bar, quickly drinking another beer. Generally, because of riding a motorcycle, I try to avoid drinking more than a single beer at the start of a visit. But today, after being there for more than an hour, another beer seemed perfectly suited to my current frame of mind. Finishing the glass took little time, knowing that the effects would be noticeable in a short while.

Returning to the darkroom, I stretched out again near the rear. And for the third time in a row, a man promptly entered and soon ended up playing with my soon swelling cock. He began positioning himself, making it obvious that soon I would be going down on him. The rush bottle was in hand, the beer buzz going wonderfully with how he took my cock into his wet mouth as I did a hit, bending a bit to starting giving him head.

I swallowed his cock, deep throating him even before breathing out, feeling my cock grow huge in his mouth as we started 69ing. There is a connection that occurs in such male sex that is undeniable, filling and being filled, as if mouth and cock were connected, mine and his, sharing mutual satisfaction in cock sucking. Particularly mutual deep throating, my nostrils filled with his sexy scent as his lips pressed against the base of my bush.

Changing position, rolling on top of him, hands spreading his ass cheeks, he obviously knew what was going to happen next as he started to teabag me, licking my balls as the brown bottle was opened again. Closing it firmly, knowing that it would be too much of a distraction in my current state, my slutty tongue began to slide over his soft hole before the effects took hold. As they did, I buried my face between his legs, losing myself in the pleasure of rimming a stranger.

Rimming is one of the most intensely satisfying sexual techniques that men (and women, one reasonably assumes) can indulge in, giving or receiving. For me, it has always been associated with sex between men. My first girlfriend did it to me for the first time after reading about the practice in the Joy of Gay Sex, and my very first bathhouse visit involved getting rimmed for an extended period of time. Both experiences representing some of the best sex I have ever enjoyed, lost in letting someone bathe my ass in pleasure, turned into a helpless slut.

Today, I was the one determined to turn him into a hot moaning bathhouse slut, unable to keep from licking a sexy available ass. For someone so interested in rimming, my experience is relatively limited, but he seemed to enjoy me spreading his cheeks open so my tongue could circle his soft anal ring, beyond any attempt to tease as the poppers caused me to devote myself to tonguing his smooth skin. Breathing out, my tongue now pressing against his yielding hole. totally lost in the horny satisfaction of ass licking, probing deeper.

Doing something that feels forbidden but is so enjoyable to indulge in that you cannot stop remains one of the reasons for visiting the baths, lost in having sex with other men. He took my cock back into his welcoming mouth as my tongue fucked his slippery wet ass, fingers lightly stroking the sensitive hair between my balls and ass, so much better when someone else does it than doing it alone while masturbating. Both his sucking and caressing were distracted, a true compliment, letting me enjoy without losing concentration on what was really turning me on – tonguing his willing ass.

At some point, beginning to play with himself, he moved away, making it impossible to keep rimming him, regardless of my own continued desire. Though still able to suck him for a bit as he stroked his shaft, the focus shifted. He kept the full length of my cock in his mouth, his fingers skillfully pleasuring my nipples, making me moan about how fucking good it felt to have sex with a man, how I loved hot cock.

My luck today had been extraordinary, a distant thought as he kept skillfully going down on me, even more wonderfully playing with the hair under my balls. This creates an exquisite state of pure delight, one that overshadows orgasm as it goes on and on. Alternating with his equally perfect nipple play, his heavenly talents had me riding waves of unending bliss, stretching time.

He moved again, first spreading then lifting my legs, followed by feeling his cockhead slide over my ass. Reaching down, already lost in the exquisite, no longer quite as forbidden as in the past, awareness of what a turn on it is to feel a man’s sexy tool between my legs. Rubbing it over my hole, keeping enough control to keep him from pressing deeper, while not having enough control to stop from starting to jack off, playing with a naked cock and becoming so horny.

Finally, realizing just how close I was to giving in and just letting myself be fucked, I brought his cock against mine as we kissed, tongues pressing and yielding. Soon, he returned to sucking and tea-bagging, leaving me far too turned on to deal with poppers, Extended sex like this is better than any drug for losing any ability to think, becoming ruled by sensation, wanting nothing but to keep letting another man to use me however he wanted. His mouth left my cock, and as he stroked my slippery length, he began talking about cumming. It took me a minute or two to reply, saying that there were still so many other men to have sex with.

So close to paradise.

A bathhouse steamroom likely remains the easiest place to have group sex with other men ever invented, and entering one often allows a visitor an opportunity to indulge in such addictive pleasures. Sunday afternoons at the local bathhouse can get quite crowded, though arriving at opening time provides some insurance to avoid the crush in the later afternoon. Though after having been here for an easy 30 minutes, without any particular contact, a crowd was hard to see.

Though part of the reason may have been due to the time spent exploring the new expansion upstairs, which added an easy half dozen new booths. It did not really impress me, if only because my tastes tend to run in a more public direction in the main, and so many new private spaces would likely take away from available partners spending time in the porn theater area, or darkroom. Further, none of the new spaces seemed to have a screen, or other creative additions, such as gloryholes.

This made the bathhouse more typical of others I have visited in other cities. Likely, this also makes sense in terms of visitors – the baths are generally a very inexpensive way to have private sex with other men, without complications. Wandering around today, it was hard to gauge any changes, apart from having more space to wander around in. After a fairly long and relaxing stretch on the darkroom platform, I put the black bag away in my locker, then headed down to the steamroom.

Several towels were in the cubbyholes, unsurprisingly. Going in, deciding to head straight for the back, merely glancing around as my eyes adapted to the dark. One man was at the door, and a couple of others were in the dimly lit front section. Cautiously entering the darker section, confident that opportunity would arise at some point, the first sweep was disappointing, as the back space seemed empty. This happens, so after completing that first quick steambath tour, I looked at the whirlpool, which seemed full, though the way someone had hung their towel blocked the view to a notable extent (there is also now a sign on the Buddha figure saying not to put any towels there).

Returning to the steamroom, one man was leaving as another entered, with a second man putting his towel into a cubbyhole. After putting away my towel, I opened the door and entered the enveloping steam, again going directly to the rear area. After a couple of non-committal brushing encounters, a man started to play with my cock. Reaching down to do the same with him, I felt he was wearing a cock ring. As we both grew harder, he leaned in, as if to kiss, something I like to wait a bit to do.

Apparently sensing this, beginning to lick a nipple, making me moan, bending down to kiss his neck and ear, right hand starting to play with his nipple. Continuing like this for a while, he then lifted his head, causing me to start kissing him deeply, bringing his hard cock against mine. Turning our kiss into a intimately sloppy one, both of us moaning, jacking off cock to cock. I was the one to start jerking us off like this, but he knew how to distract me, starting to rub and squeeze both my nipples.

Sharing the same interests and talents resulted in both of us growing extremely horny, revelling in the entrancing magic of hot sex within a bathhouse steambath. When he drew back a bit, it was clear to both what would be happening next. As he bent down, my hands went to his head, feeling how it moved down as his lips slid over my quaveringly ready cock, delightfully drowning in the pleasure of getting sucked by a man. Following deliciously blissful interval, he straightened, returning to kissing and cock rubbing.

This pattern repeated itself several times, never providing a break in which to use poppers. The sex was so good that even opening the poppers would undoubtedly lead to unavoidable orgasm, something worth avoiding so soon in a visit. However, when he rose this time, my cock erect and wet, he turned around. I reached out for his erect cock, turning him back to me, quickly finding his mouth and kissing him deeply. However, part of me started to consider his offer, a part that is not only getting ever easier to tempt, but one which exists beneath rational thought.

Continuing to kiss and grind, I began to slide a spread hand over his ass. Exploring and pleasuring him, my fingers discovered his crack was already lubed, leading to even dirtier thoughts. But like the poppers, using condoms was beyond my ability. Not that he seemed to care about condoms, his slippery ass so easily available for fucking. As became obvious after sliding a finger past his soft and yielding anal ring, his reaction reflected through his suddenly sloppy kissing and more intense grinding. Leading me to start to finger fuck him, something he clearly wanted.

A third man joined us to my left as my cock was being sucked, his hands on my cheeks, turning my head to kiss me full on the mouth. I couldn’t resist opening my lips to let his tongue explore, hips starting to pump my length into a willing stranger’s wet open mouth. This was the sort of sex I have grown to crave, surrendering to the mindless sensations of pure male sex. A hand went down to the base of my cock as it filled a stranger’s mouth, bringing me to the edge of orgasm while being kissed.

As my cock sucker stood up, likely having sensed how close I was to cumming, my head turned back to him, seeking and finding his willing soft mouth. As we began kissing, the second man’s mouth began to envelop my rigid cock. In a wonderful haze, it was easy to lead my original partner’s cock close to the oral action. Soon, both of us were being sucked off while kissing so good, the sort of slutty wet mouth pleasure that occurs when utterly turned on inside a cock sucker’s mouth, cock to cock.

So turned on that certain nasty thoughts became irresistible as they arose. Ones that seemed in control of my actions, a hand moving down over a waiting bottom’s horny smooth ass, aware that this was only the first step. Fingers soon slid into his crack, exerting a bit of pressure to have him turn his ass to my cock, wet from the saliva of two men. The remaining rational part of my mind accepting the undeniable reality of how such an entrancingly horny state was impossible to override. Yet still able to find a compromise even as his hand began to guide my cock to his hole, which felt so fantastic at first contact. A contact helplessly desired from the discovery of his lubed rear.

This is something becoming harder to avoid, especially since during my last visit, my cock had enjoyed a series of experiences in the steam room. Involving a minimum of two men, likely three, and possibly four, all offering my cock the opportunity to slide over their welcoming holes between kissing and getting blown, though none were lubed. I am starting to fall under yet another bathhouse spell, it seems, and today, it felt so good to let it unfold.

However, luckily for me, he was not interested in seducing my cock deeper, but just wanted to start fucking. As this remains a serious boundary, I pulled back a bit. My right hand, which had been stroking his cock, moved to my now slick cock, left hand continuing to pump the third man’s hard shaft as we kept kissing passionately. After making sure my cock would not be pulled into further temptation, I put a finger inside his inviting ass, pleasuring him while preventing myself from easily going deeper even as my cockhead could feel his soft entrance.

The pure sexual bliss filling me was incredible, and only slowly did it even become possible to realize that a large part of it was caused by my own ass being finger fucked. The combination revealed how heavenly one of my longest held fantasies could feel, being fucked and fucking at the same time. The deep kissing just added to the glorious delight of my cock sliding around my finger over his unbelievably smooth anus.

As the man to my left continued his exquisite finger fucking, I removed the blocking finger, finally allowing my horny naked cockhead to feel another man’s willing opening, a heavenly sensation. The head of my cock fit his soft hole perfectly, with just the slightest pressure necessary to open him wider, until the cock ridge slid past his anal ring. One of my longest held fantasies was happening, being in the middle of a sandwich, just like I had seen so long ago, so turned on.

Thankful that poppers had not been involved, since that meant I would not have had the restraint to keep from riding his tempting ass, just fucking a man with my naked cock for the first time, my own ass being filled by a stranger. The part of me wanting to mindlessly surrender to the pleasure of filling his lubed and available hole did not win out today, but what was going on had already gone quite a bit further than ever expected. As it was, my flared cock ridge only slid inside briefly a couple of times before starting to finger fuck him again, using two fingers at this point, pushing in deep while rotating.

Soon, I began to ride the man bent in front of me, nicely lubed cock sliding between his ass cheeks and over his balls, a slippery right hand jacking his rigid cock off, from just under his cock ridge and down to the cock ring at the base of his shaft, my thrusting cock and hand moving in the same rhythm. One matching how the third man’s finger – or maybe two – was fucking me. I was in paradise, of the sort first revealed in my early 20s, after buying my first gay porn mag at the same adult bookstore where I bought poppers and watched porn in the video booths.

Just picking up such an explicit magazine had sent a certain forbidden thrill through me, adding to the intense initial excitement caused by seeing a naked male threesome on the cover. This was my first time actually looking over the gay porn section, helped by the weed and beer I’d enjoyed beforehand, along with the fact that my cock was already hard when deciding to ‘experiment.’ Leaving the store, my rigid length undoubtedly obvious underneath my jeans, a sense of pure horniness filling me, having taken an actual step in the direction of getting off by looking at men having sex with other men.

Getting home, smoking a bowl before getting undressed, filled with nervous anticipation, a sense of uncertainty about looking at such porn, even privately. All these feelings being combined with an overwhelming horniness that had become irresistible after first noticing the hardcore group sex on the magazine’s cover. Representing what I imagined male only sex to be – hard cocks being pleasured openly.

Instead of going page to page in sequence, I let the magazine open in front of me. Resulting in my hand grasping a waiting erect length, captivated by what had appeared – scenes of three naked men with hard cocks having hot sex in variations I had never considered. Scenes that were like magic in their effect, drowning me in pure desire. The weed started to have its own sensual effect, making it so easy to imagine what it would be like to be part of such a threesome.

The poppers bought at the same time as the porn added to that first impressive wave of uninhibited lust, fully entranced by seeing what it would be like to be part of a male only menage a trois. Orgasming so long and hard, cum jetting so good. The second time orgasming that night involved fingering a Vaseline lubed ass. The next morning, after waking up several times during the night to play with my stiff cock, the pictures made me cum a third time, going through the entire magazine front to back, fantastically turned on seeing how three men could have sex with each other.

Now, lost in the steamy darkness, the scenes from that magazine were becoming magically real. The bathhouse is a place to have group sex, something true since my first visit, going down on a hard cock while being rimmed. Not that the basic rules had changed, except for condomless blow jobs, but these pleasures were even more fantastic than imagined, decades ago. What was most amazing was how skillfully someone kept finger fucking me, along with being so tempted to just mindlessly fuck a man. Being balanced on the edge of that opportunity for far longer than anything that could be considered accidental, or explained away as ‘it just happened.’ This was what I desired, amazed at how close things had come to fucking a stranger bareback.

My first partner left the heat just as the finger (fingers?) inside me withdrew. Making me beg ‘Finger fuck me again .. please .. in my ass .. finger me.’ His mouth met mine as I felt his finger start to go inside, unavoidably slumping in response, wanting it as deep as possible. My hips began to move, right hand at my cock, wrapped around his stroking fingers, utterly lost in paradise, entranced by how good it felt to have a stranger finger me. He was by far the most skilled man for this encountered at the baths, a rigid cock showing how much he enjoyed what he was doing to me.

Finally, the conditions were simply too much to remain, even while kissing with such passion. Regretting the need to cool down, a part of me just wanted to remain enslaved by the sheer delight of being finger fucked so well by a stranger. A man who had been skilled enough to start fucking me without my awareness, cock sliding over a man’s lubed ass. Realizing, a bit surprised, that he had taken full advantage of my sluttiness to make me even more horny.

Showering after leaving the steam room, it was impossible resisting soaping and playing with a still horny cock. Generally, the downstairs showers do not seem to be a place for sex, but the wonderful feeling of slippery soap on jutting cock is far too tempting to avoid whenever leaving the steambath to cool down. Especially after such a delightful encounter, demonstrating how incredibly hot it is to have sex with other horny men, especially uninhibited kissing mixed with intimate naked anal play – as first seen in that gay porn magazine decades ago.

After drying off, I returned to the darkroom. Laying back, condoms and poppers easily at hand, well positioned to take advantage of any visitor interested in exploring. Something that quickly happened, with a man coming in, who easily found my spread leg, soon following where it led upwards. It took little time before he went down on me, my hands soon guiding his head up and down my erect shaft. No longer pretending that getting sucked like this was just a coincidence, instead making it clear from the start that I wanted to be oral sex from a man.

Beginning to simply surrender myself to his mouth, the sensations so delightful, aware that yet again, I was allowing myself to be used by a cock sucker. With a certain awareness that this time, resisting his skills, if things kept going in the same lovely direction, would be impossible. Today, after would had already occurred, my mind was uncertain about how much longer I could stay with my legs spread, moaning, as he went down on me without giving in to what still feels like forbidden temptation. Something along the lines that if orgasm doesn’t happen, then what occurred was not really sex, regardless of how good it felt or how long it went on.

And sometimes, being something like a tease is just too much work.

There is always a certain tension in having sex with multiple partners over a couple hour visit, since at least one or two individual cock suckers want their mouths filled with cum. This is not true personally, as cock sucking itself is a real turn on, without feeling any need to make someone cum, especially if they don’t want to. As I have discovered, many bathhouse cock suckers are notably better than a woman, in large part due to how much they want an uncovered cock in their mouth. A feeling I completely understand, being an avid cock sucker myself, one that definitely prefers an uncovered cock.

The attractiveness of their desire is hard to overstate, particularly when already naked and horny. Further, every single man who has gone down on me to the point of orgasm has swallowed, whether at a gloryhole, a porn theater, or the baths. Something generally rare among the women who have sucked me off, making cumming in a woman’s mouth often feel somehow interrupted. Or worse, knowing that simply letting my hot cum flow is not what she wants, removing any interest in doing something someone else does not want to happen. This is just one of the areas where men are better.

Practice certainly plays a role, as many bathhouse visitors have had years of experience in orally pleasuring other men. Something now pretty much taken for granted when getting head, as the third man of the afternoon kept sucking my wanting length. Men also know just how impossible it is for a man to resist a wet open mouth, as every man knows the truth that the best blow job in the world is the one you are getting right at the moment – and as the baths have taught me to fully appreciate, with a bare cock and no worries about cumming in my partner’s mouth.

After what happened in the steam room, there seemed little reason to look for more group sex, leading to concrete thoughts of just giving in to filling a man’s mouth with cock and hot cum. Though not yet, taking my cock out to stroke its wet length, withdrawing instead of cumming too fast.

His devotion to cock sucking was extremely satisfying, even as the darkroom space became more crowded. I needed to push away a couple of men while getting blown, surprised at how clueless they seemed to be. Nonetheless, it made no difference to the man between my legs, who continued to lead me ever deeper into temptation. He seemed to understand that seduction works with a slut better than demands, allowing me to sink ever more into the exquisitely delight of oral sex, only slowly making it more difficult for me to pull back from the edge of filling his mouth with hot cum.

Finally, no longer able to completely stop from going too far, I knew he could now taste the result of his efforts. Cumming is hard in a way, though getting ever easier at the baths, where so many men are just waiting for the chance to suck another man off. And this sort of preliminary release tends to lead in one of two directions – certain orgasm, or a certain break which can last for a while, and depending on fate, the rest of the visit.

Today, the decision to simply pump his mouth full of hot cum was beyond my ability to stop by now. Sometimes, mouth fucking is fantastic, but the best orgasms involve doing nothing except letting the other person make me cum. Saying things like “fuck yes .. suck me .. fill you .. cock sucker .. cum slut .. I love .. sex with men .. god yes” as the heavenly pulses rising from my balls to the tip of my cock entered his mouth. Being drained while drowning in fantastic liquid sensations, feeling cum surround my cock as he kept his lips sealed on my shaft.

After orgasm inevitably receded, he kept sucking a now ultra-sensitive cock, balancing it between pain and pleasure, until finally rolling over. Leaving me utterly and completely limp, mind blank, having experienced the sort of intense sex which is more easily found at the baths than anywhere else.

In paradise part 1 – pictures.

This is a description of one extraordinary visit, in two parts.

Riding home against the coming rain, enjoying pushing the bike near its limit, feeling the rain start just a mile or so from home. And the entire time, smelling the scent of several partners, particularly the sexy reminder of how good it smelled while rimming a man, one who had already sucked my cock, and fucked two men before I licked his sexy ass.

This was as memorable visit as the very first one to the baths years ago. This one started by being sucked off in the hallway between the porn booths and the porn theater. I had stopped in front of the first video cabin after noticing a man inside, deciding to at least look at the porn, having just finished off a pint a couple of moments before. Which had been recently preceded by enjoying a fair amount of organic smoke. As it turned out, the porn revealed an ever larger group sex scene, prompting me to start pressing a growing cock down along my thigh.

A man walked by in the hall, stopping next to me, running his hand over my thigh in fairly obvious invitation. Responding by running my hand over, and then under his towel. A towel tied much better than I am ever able to do, taking me several distracted moments to finally start touching his naked cock. Our kissing and caressing was delightful, both getting really turned on, in typically unstoppable bathhouse fashion.

Soon followed by his starting to suck my now exposed extended length in public, something never really encountered here. His slutty eagerness fit my mood perfectly, the beer adding its familiar looseness to my behavior. Feeling his hands begin to touch my nipples as the same thing happened on the video screen, his mouth surrounding my stiff length, totally turned on watching hot porn as a stranger went down on me.

He pulled me a bit away from the booth entrance after we began kissing again, my tongue happily exploring his mouth as our naked cocks touched. His hand began jerking both of us off, our kissing growing ever sloppier and hornier as our minds went between our legs. When he bent down to start blowing me again, I pulled back enough to keep watching the group sex on the screen.

Gay group sex is a turn on that stretches way back, including a couple of times when stroking with three – once with several more – other men, looking at porn mags. There was never touching involved between us those decades in the past, but seeing other men touch their cocks as I touched mine was an incredible turn on. Especially when watching each other openly cum, no longer caring about the pictures compared to the reality we were experiencing, looking at each other’s faces and cocks. A factor that motivated me the first time I bought a gay porn mag.

Of course I’d heard about bathhouses roughly around the time that magazine was bought, though only in the last half decade or so of actually visiting the baths have those rumors about group sex have been wonderfully confirmed. Not every visit by any means, nor every opportunity, but more than enough to realize the truth concerning how much hot sex men can have with each other. Along with understanding, in a fashion that is starting to create a bit of wariness of my growing bathhouse enthusiasm, why men are so reluctant to use condoms.

Rising from my horny cock to kiss me, his hand met mine as they wrapped around our joined cocks, my eyes fluttering closed. The feeling on my cock changed, prompting my eyes to open to see that he had begun to try to pull me forward. Which turned out to be awkward enough that after actually realizing what was going on, I reached down to play with my cock, separating his hand from the shaft. Making it much easier and faster to follow him to the new section, going into the corner booth at the back, the same one that a couple had used my very first time exploring here.

At this point, even as he began to suck me so good after getting on the platform, preparations were made – condoms and lube, the camera, and finally the magic brown bottle. Though since he first went down on me, using poppers seemed a bit daring – the attraction of orgasm remained intense. Particularly since with the camera out from the start, there appeared to be a solid possibility that pictures would be involved, providing their own distinctively addictive kick.

The door had been left open, suiting the mood perfectly, and certainly fitting with his already demonstrated public style. Sitting up, telling him I had a camera, further saying he could take pictures as I went down on his hard cock. Picking up and turning on the camera, he seemed unconcerned about photography, so I took the first pictures of the day giving him head, tongue sliding over his enticing cock ridge. Of course I was playing with my slick cock as the flash went off, feeling so wonderfully dirty documenting having sex with another man.

The baths are a place where sex runs free, hoping that with a bit of luck, these pictures would provide an extra thrill, both in taking them and later sharing them. Considering what happened recently with the camera, this time intending to make sure that a solid number of pictures were taken. Starting with sucking my first cock of the day, masturbating at the same time.

Generally, these stories are started after getting home, drinking another beer to relax. They continue to be written over time, as the immediate recounting tends to be sketchy, the recent pleasures still fogging recollection. Memories grow or fade, events are described as remembered, based on impressions of events when often in a totally mindless state. This time though, with more than an hour of group sex recorded in 107 images, a different way of writing is possible. From this point, memories can be checked independently, in parallel with reviewing and editing the pictures. Along with getting rid of those pictures which are hopelessly bad – having hot sex can certainly make concentrating on pushing a button at the right time difficult.

It took less than a minute from that first picture of my tongue and lips on his cock head to him between my spread legs, going down on my cock in wonderful fashion, a true public bathhouse suck slut. Leaning back against the wall, enjoying how openly I was displaying the undeniable pleasure in getting oral sex from a man. The camera remained in my hand, though more or less forgotten while growing aware of someone else having entered the cabin.

This is where impression and time stamps collide, with my memory being it took a while before this new man started to touch my cock as the other man moved to the side. True, I was showing off my glistening cock as he stretched out on the platform, but mentioning the camera led to a tiny hesitation before my slutty invitation was accepted. He soon started blowing me, and I almost lost control taking more pictures. Along with realizing that for the very first time, a chance to take group sex pictures had actually materialized.

One of the more enticing aspects of the baths is how easily cock worshippers can be found, and how dedicated they can be in turning a man into a total slut. Especially when the man is already more than willing, as just about every repeat bathhouse visitor is. Such circumstances lead to a different state, one experienced and remembered in a different way than that recorded digitally. For example, what had felt like an extended period, taking pictures and almost cumming each time the flash went off, overwhelmed by the decadent awareness that all this was happening in public, so to speak.

Yet the pictures only cover a couple of minutes from that first blow job pic to taking those first fantastically explicit pics of male group sex. Some wonder about my apparent obsession with time, but part of the explanation is connected to the fact the more disjointed my sense of time becomes, the more it is a reliable indication of how wonderful the sensations that caused such a desirable state.

The variations of luscious sensations continued as both men sucked me. The new man was rimmed while going down on me, his mouth providing a fantastic distraction as I pumped the man doing the rimming. Taking pictures of a daisy chain where everyone was receiving a different pleasure than the one they were providing. At some point, that sexy stiff cock moved away, with the third man starting to take my cock ever deeper. A major reason for that being how he was now being fucked bareback by my first cocksucker. I was able to take a picture as he took my full length into his soft wet mouth, almost cumming while doing it, feeling how he was being ridden by a man.

Then taking more pictures of his being fucked so good while he kept going down on me, being filled at both ends by naked cock. By this point, the camera was being more or less blindly pointed, capturing what was going on, such as the third man being further rimmed before getting his ass filled with hot cock again, his clasped hands jacking my slippery shaft off.

The original cock sucker returned to orally pleasuring me, taking my slick rod back into his mouth. It is truly strange to compare memory with recorded time, as this entire sequence had take less than 5 minutes to unfold. Whereas my impression at that time was of endlessly stretched pleasure, taking pictures, each one bringing me to the edge of orgasm knowing, that I was making porn of having sex with other men.

Soon, I realized that the third man had positioned himself next to my coated cock, on his hands and knees, wanting to be fucked. At this point, saying “not naked – condom,” pulling myself out of the entrancing temptation enough to pick up a condom as the other man picked up the camera. A spell that rapidly returned, as after opening the package, they both started to go down on me. However, there was no way to tempt me into not using a condom, particularly after already seeing a potential anal sex partner being ridden without protection. (Part two of this story reveals that any smugness on this point needs to be treated warily.)

My first partner was intimately involved in my starting to fuck a slutty bottom, kissing and sucking my nipple hard while holding and guiding my shaft deeper into heaven. My hands were on his hips, pulling him deeper, but it was his motions that were in charge of my cock. The other man held the camera, but took no pictures as I started to fuck a man.

He did talk deliciously dirty, finger sliding over the wettened nipple, saying things “fuck him” and “take his ass” and “sexy cock.” As the bumping grew ever more distracting, I started to beg about pictures, and when the flash went off it almost made me cum deep in his hole. For the first time, someone else was taking pictures of me fucking a man, sharing his ass with the photographer, a really kinky reality.

However, I was unable to open the lube package picked up at the bar downstairs, meaning that as time went on, things became less slippery, to the point that without further lube, the pleasure would be minimal.

Pulling out, sitting down on feet and knees, not quite erect, it was a delightful surprise when the man I had just been fucking turned around to suck my still covered cock. This was not the first time someone had done that at the baths, and though not something I would do in his place, it is certainly something easily enjoyed, taking advantage of a top’s privileges, letting anyone suck a cock that has been fucking. Particularly as the other, quite talented, man began playing with a nipple, making any attempt to take more pictures impossible.

Soon, the pleasure began increasing rapidly, creating a glorious haze that kept me from realizing what was happening as the sensations continued to grow ever more irresistible. Opening closed eyes and looking between spread legs, I saw that he had rolled the condom up, almost off my cock by this point. Of course it didn’t matter, though this was another example of just how difficult it can be to stop having sex when a condom is no longer there. One providing my first experience of what it felt like to go from covered to bare when getting blown.

Which was fantastic, of course, something that such an experienced bottom was certainly aware of. However, this was quite different from my other experiences of a condom slipping off or breaking when fucking. The very first time that occurred was with my first girlfriend, as the fucking went from wonderful to totally uninhibited, enjoying pure animalistic sex, holding her hips as I pounded her pussy, filling with hot cum as deep as possible. Only after pulling out of her cum filled cunt did the reason why it felt so good become clear – the condom had slipped off.

Luckily, that experience proved useful the other times a condom no longer covered my cock, both with women in the past, and one time fucking a man here. Generally, condom are always there for a good reason, but in this case I didn’t care that someone had removed it, particularly someone who had already sucked my naked cock. And had already shared my cock with another man. Enough control returned after figuring out why a wave of pure bliss had rolled through me that he would not be able to mindlessly take my cock into his willing ass. Which he offered, unsurprisingly enough.

Soon, both men began to share my cock, both starting to demand I cum, which was not my desire in the least. Not that I was going to stop letting my hard cock be licked and sucked and jacked off, but this was simply too early in the visit to let go. Along with the fact that the open door had attracted other men, though none seemed to want to join in. I had seen several men jacking off their hard cocks while I was being sucked publicly, but generally, they did not approach further.

Partially because any time when noticing a potential partner, I would use the camera to let them know what was happening among the threesome they were welcome to join. I have never been so public concerning my interest in creating porn, and unsurprisingly, the first couple of men watching drifted away after realizing pictures were being made. One man approached, and made clear he was not interested in photos of him having sex with other men, so there is a more than six minute gap when being sucked by yet another bathhouse slut.

One getting rimmed by my first partner of the day as the fucked man kept sucking and stroking me. The new man brought a welcome break from partners talking about cumming, The booth is actually quite large, as at least four people fit very comfortably together, along with space to stand without the door interfering. A space able to handle group sex easily, well suited to taking pictures at the same time.

When the fourth man left, I took more pictures of the fucked man being rimmed as he lay on the platform, sucking my cock. A new man appeared in the doorway, unwrapping his towel to expose an already stiff cock. Quite likely because he had been jacking off watching us, getting turned on enough to get involved.

Which he soon was, being treated much the same way I had been when gloriously starting to fuck a bathhouse bottom. To my complete satisfaction, watching it happen, feeling how the bottom was being fucked from his mouth’s motion, controlled by the cock filling his wanting ass.

In a way, the next 10 minutes of pictures are disjointed enough to merely know that I was taking pictures while having hot sex, getting sucked by men as turned on as I, watching them have sex. The bottom left, which made no difference to my original partner, who continued to go down on me, my cock starting to grow coated with spit.

Another man entered, unconcerned about the camera. Which I was starting to have problems handling, as another man went down on me, feeling his sucking change as he started being rimmed. When the man giving me head went up on his hands and knees, my foot began to play with the rimmer’s cock, feeling it grow stiffer,

There is another gap of almost 6 minutes, involving another session of me getting blown by a man getting fucked by the man that had led me to this place. After he left, the fun just got kinkier. Deliciously dirty, giving in to my most animal instincts with another man.

The next pictures were taken after doing my first hit of rush, starting to rim his sexy soft ass, bathing it with my tongue, pressing and sliding over it, getting really dirty as the rush filled me, making him moan helplessly. This sort of sex is what I have always associated with men having sex with each other, and having experienced it at the baths, I knew why. It feels so good to tongue a man’s soft ass, to take such complete charge of him, making him get lost in anal pleasure.

In a way hard to describe, as getting rimmed is very different than cock play. In part because only rarely is a man able to stay hard while getting licked like that. Something that doesn’t matter to the man being rimmed at all, grinding his hole against a wet tongue.

Moving back to do another hit, he changed position, laying on his back, legs in the air. Doing a second hit, able to take more pictures before losing myself completely in tonguing his ass.

The next pictures, after another minutes long pause where taking pictures was beyond my ability, show me getting rimmed, after doing my third hit of poppers, laying on my back, legs spread in the air like his had been. Unlike me with him, though, he decided that my cock should be sucked to full hardness. Something done extremely well, as several useless images prove, my lack of skill completely tied to what his magical mouth returned to doing between my opened cheeks.

Switching back to cock sucking, leading to me talking while feeding him my horny length – “suck it .. yeah sucker .. so hot .. slut .. take it .. hard cock.” I played with his nipples, turning them on nicely. He moved upwards, making it easy for my slippery held cock to start to fuck his chest like in the past with women. Of course my cock has felt a number of men’s nipples over the years here, but this was the first time to titty fuck a man, even if he had no breasts really.

After being sucked by four men, and almost cumming repeatedly, my dick was coated with a glistening natural slipperiness that felt fantastic, and not just when rubbing my cock over hard nipples. I like mutual masturbation, playing with myself openly in front of one partner – or many. My first orgasms with another person involved jacking off and cumming watching a friend do the same.

Though then, we never touched, something gloriously different now. He had no problems with me controlling my cock and using him like a slut, uninhibitedly playing with himself. He rose to his knees, stroking in front of me. It was easy to bring my wet horny cockhead into contact with his shaft, creating wonderful mutual pleasure. Like watching him play with a nipple while jerking off, his expression getting ever sexier. His mind was clearly between his legs, losing control as I continued to jack my cock against his, becoming more turned on thinking about him cumming over me.

Feeling him give in to orgasm, completely content to be playing with myself as hot cum splattered my body, taking several pictures of what was happening. Including the following couple of minutes where he went back down on me, my dark bush pearled with white cum. With balls as wet as my cock, it was an incredibly decadent luxury when he started to play with them.

After he left, I could not easily stop pleasuring myself, taking a final picture to end the photo session. After pulling scattered will together, I gathered my things and left, followed by showering and heading to the bar.

Where the second part of diving back into hot sex in the second part of this tale starts. At home, it was gratifying to see how many of the pictures were actually of acceptable quality, not that their quality had been a serious concern while taking them.

In paradise part 2 — steamroom.

This is the second part of a recent bathhouse visit story. The first part describes taking my first pictures of group male sex, in a session lasting over an hour and involving 3 different men on camera.

Following that extraordinary experience, I went downstairs to shower and have another beer. Returning to the bar is starting to become more common, especially when the sex is really hot, cock wanting a bit of extra relaxation before submerging itself in further uninhibited male pleasures, found so easily here. The baths are a temple for cock worship, filled with men devoted to having sex with other men in heavenly bliss.

Finishing the beer, I went to the empty dark room, stretching out and relaxing. A couple of men came in and out, including one who spent a couple of minutes caressing my body before leaving. The darkroom is an inconsistent place, much like the porn theater. Sometimes, the action is fantastic, other times there are men around but nothing sparks between them, and then there are times where no one comes in at all for an extended stretch.

Today was completely typical for the darkroom, making it impossible to judge whether the new booth section, where an hour had just been spent with an open door and multiple men and a camera, was having an impact on public group fun. Another man came in, taking his time to explore the darkroom before discovering it was not empty. Finding my outstretched arm, he seemed unable to orient himself to my position, including running a hand over my face clumsily enough to almost push off my glasses.

However, he was able to place his mouth on my cock, making me sigh in contentment. Sighing that soon ended, as he too surprisingly left, for no obvious reason. This too has happened in the past, but having two men act the same way in such a short period was unusual. Though a part of me thought it might just be a balancing of the scales, considering how fantastic the previous session in the booth had been.

At least one, and possibly a couple, persons entered and then left, making me wonder about going myself. Playing with other men or simply relaxing in the warm darkness are both attractive, but with visitors apparently uninterested in sex coming and going, neither of those options could be enjoyed. Another man entered, starting to walk behind the glory hole wall, now making sure that my left foot was so positioned at the rear entrance as to be unavoidable.

As turned out to be the case, a hand running tantalizingly up my leg, then along my inner thigh. He began to lightly brush my cock, causing it to grow. He shifted, placing his knee on the pad, making it fairly clear what would happen next. Yet as almost always happens, the sheer delight of a mouth enveloping my cock head forced a slutty moan, followed by saying “oh fuck yes .. suck it.”

When his mouth left my cock, I found and opened the poppers bottle, doing my fourth hit of the day before going down on his thick stiff cock, taking him deep into my mouth, lost in the pleasure of sucking a stranger’s dick. However, we never quite got into the proper position for 69ing. A couple of other men had entered the darkroom, but the proper spark seemed to be lacking. Though I did go down on him again, poppers making me a total suck slut, he did not return the favor, soon leaving the way he had come.

It was a bit complicated to leave, with two men in the way, and though the time had been enjoyable enough, it was nowhere near the earlier sheer pleasure of the mini-orgy in the cabin. Deciding to stay at the baths a bit longer to let the beer clear a bit, I went to the steambath.

Reaching downstairs after going down the spiral and long straight stairways, a few towels were in the cubbyhole wall. In the interest of completeness, I walked over to the whirlpool, discovering it completely filled. Deciding that the steambath would be the last stop of this visit, I entered, almost bumping into a man wanting to go through the door. Walking directly to the rear, I needed to dodge another leaving man, and soon discovered that the back was empty.

Taking a quick shower inside the steamroom’s shower space, I rinsed off the last soap that might have still been on my cock and balls. Going back out, cock swelled after a bit of jacking off in the shower area, my luck changed, as a man approached as I stood at the dividing line between dim and pitch black. One of the better places to hang out if interested in having sex with strangers, as both men walking through the dimness and those concealed in the darkness can take advantage of a person standing there.

We grew quickly entwined, tongues exploring, our hands fondling a new cock, starting to submerge into a mutually desired state of horniness. The second beer and following less intense period had been good – the preceding half hour in the darkroom now seemed to be the ideal interval for regaining the same edge that existed from the point of getting sucked openly at the start of this visit.

A visit that, till now, had been mainly spent letting other men pleasure me in public fashion. And enjoying pleasuring them, as was happening now. Until he bent down, taking my cock into his mouth while straddling the line between the dim and dark sections, to my left side in the soft light, providing an interesting view of him going down on me, making interesting shadows as my left hand reached out and began sliding over his ass.

His moaning reaction along my shaft was a real turn on when starting to touch his hole after my fingers had teasingly explored his crack and balls. His cock sucking was heavenly, and when his fingers began to play with a nipple, I started to push a finger into him, both of us lost in the addictive satisfaction of finding another skilled man to play with in a male only sauna.

He rose, and we started kissing again, my tongue going deep before he moved, breaking contact. While clearly trying to create another form of contact. One that did not lead to an immediate rejection, saying “condom first .. fucking .. naked cock.” He moved against me as I jacked him off, still moaning to him about how naked sex was to be avoided even as starting to stroke my cock between his soft ass cheeks.

Still holding the shaft, guiding it between his ass cheeks, getting off on the sensations of tempting myself with the forbidden, gasping at how good it felt when my cock head slid over his waiting hole. Poppers were out of the question if I wanted to stay safe – or to not cum immediately, reluctantly but firmly deciding not to use them. This is the sort of binding decision that is possible to make at the start of a session, and follow through on.

Though poppers are really enjoyable, the effects tend to be the same. Wonderfully the same, but variety is one of the main attractions at the bathhouse. And poppers do require a bit of care, something unnecessary when not using them. As much of the bathhouse is actually tiled, it remains one of my fears that a bottle will slip and break, and spilling them would be even easier to imagine. At this point, having become a regular customer, it could be possible that such a situation might not lead to banning. However, I do not want to take the chance.

Particularly as the chances I was now taking advantage of felt fantastic, continuing to jack off his stiff rod as my own went up and down as he stood in front of me, definitely enjoying the yielding invitation of his soft entrance. I’m sure that the second beer played a role in how easy it became to have my cock experiencing such direct delight, and in truth, that had been one of the reasons to drink it.

Another man walked near, stopping in front of us, hand reaching down to find another stranger already playing with a hot cock. He bent down, allowing me to guide a turned on cock head into this new man’s mouth, feeling his lips slide down. As always amazed at what a forbidden turn on it is to be so slutty with other men, and how wonderful it was to experience the forbidden. I continued to keep my cock on the glorious edge of temptation, as the blow job clearly began having an effect, feeling how his hips moved to fully capture my cock.

Something I partially allowed, playing with my cock while keeping my cock head from going deeper. Too often, that is, knowing that our game was mutual, with me fully thrilled to add to the pleasure of a man getting sucked. And not so coincidentally, for something like the fifth visit, enjoying a beckoning temptation that is really starting to have a hold on me – the baths offer plenty of opportunities for anal sex.

I only realized that things had changed when the motions of the man in front of me became even more enticing. Looking over his shoulder, it was clear that he had started fucking the new man bareback, making me press against his back, teeth beginning to nip at his ear and neck. Talking really dirty about fucking another man, how hot his hole felt against my cock head, turning him on as much as possible. I make no judgments about people at the baths, unless it directly relates to myself, playing with anyone or everyone, turning them on as much as possible.

As he thrust deeper into the other man’s available ass, my cock was becoming especially captivated whenever our movements resulted in touching his invitingly offered hole. To the point that I adjusted position to have it happen as often as possible, still able to constrain the desire to just let my naked cock slide in and start to deliciously fuck a man with an uncovered cock, having already enjoyed covered ass fucking earlier today.

Clearly, this was precisely the sort of situation requiring a condom, yet utterly unable to stop experiencing my cock moving along and against his ass. Knowing that it would be so easy to just fuck him, my cock driving his cock’s motions in the other man, fucking two men at once in a certain sense. Prompting me to press against him, talking dirty about how hot it was to watch him fuck like a steamroom slut. Licking his neck, kissing it ever harder, using my teeth, listening to both of them getting off.

When the fucked man left, he was very quickly replaced by another man, going down on a still rigid length. By this point, the fog of sex had filled my mind as the first partner started fucking his second ass. It had become impossible to keep from playing with my cock, particularly feeling his soft yielding hole. Wanting more, I made sure that my cock was between his thighs before grabbing his hips and beginning to ride him as he fucked. Imagining how good it would feel to let my cock free to fill him.

One of my most desired fantasies is to be fucking and fucked at the same. However, this was not going to happen today, unless I was willing to throw all caution to the wind, like the man in front of me obviously had. I knew why, and definitely understood why getting condoms on my own and another man’s cock in such a situation would be a challenge. Demonstrated by the sheer inability to put one on right now, as the pleasure was far too enticing to interrupt, my hand having brought my cock back into position to feel his soft and inviting anal ring.

The pair in front of me separated, providing a necessary chance to gain a bit more control of my cock’s desires. When the first steambath partner left, I felt completely drained in the most satisfying way, though my cock was still hard. Today had been extraordinary, riding right on the edge of abandoning myself in a sea of endless sexual pleasure in the steambath, only now growing slowly aware that the heat had become overwhelming.

Leaving the steambath for the showers, half erect, the clock showed a half hour had passed. The shower area was crowded, all four being used, meaning it took a bit to reach one when it became available. Of course I looked around, and saw one man was hard. Which made it even easier to start playing with my slippery soaped shaft, looking to my left to see that the man there had stepped closer.

The soap dispenser is easy to use one handed, and using it left handed, I looked down at his sexy swelled cock before looking at his face. Feeling his hand move along my thigh as my soaped hand found his cock, seeing how turned on his face became as I started jacking him off. Knowing that the same was true in reverse, as he began to play with me, making me start to moan. Though as quietly as possible, this being a more public space than most where I have sex.

Today, however, things were more uninhibited. When he bent down to suck me, it felt as good as always, adding another man to today’s list of cock suckers. Lifting his head before starting the water, pulling him up to kiss his mustached mouth. A fairly small mustache of a sort not unusual in the late 70s. As we kissed, another mouth began to surround my cock in irresistible pleasure. Undoubtedly the change in my kissing was obvious enough to prompt my partner to bend down, starting to share my cock with another man.

This continued until pulling up my first partner a second time, starting to play with his length, causing him to step closer to my cock, kissing him deeply the entire time. Soon, I was pressing his cock against mine, then both of us started to be sucked off, shared kissing fantastically slutty. Considering that we were part of a male threesome openly getting off, sluttiness was a given. Getting more soap, I spread it over his ass, starting to touch his ass.

We continued like this for a while, yet at some point, it seemed as if only my cock was being sucked. Not that it mattered to me, but it did seem part of the reason why the other man started to suck a nipple, with a finger sliding over the other, making it grow hard. Slowly, my thrusting turned into face fucking, while pulling up the mustached man’s head for a third time, to kiss him while getting head.

The sounds of cocksucking started to become more obvious, and for the first time since feeling his mouth, I looked down at the man kneeling on the wet tiled floor. The sounds had already been a clue, making it less surprising to see that it was the same man that had started today’s visit sucking my cock in the upstairs hallway. The one that had cum on me, cock to cock, an hour ago.

Sometimes, an entire bathhouse visit is spent among other sluts, lost in the freedom of male sex.

Between extremes.

Different visits have different rhythms and different interactions, and this visit seemed to be straddling an unusual line.

Sometimes, there is a strange aloofness in the air, with nothing much sparking even as the baths get increasingly crowded. Generally, avoiding getting caught in such periods is avoidable, but it does happen.

The start of the visit had been promising enough, though possibly also providing a foretaste of much that followed.

Entering the porn area, a man was jacking off along the top row on the opposite wall. Going up to the same level, I spread my towel and dealt with condoms and poppers. The porn was not that interesting, but watching a man stroke his turned on cock were the way that I achieved my first orgasms shared with another person, and being able to enjoy the experience again while looking and touching a variety of cocks at the bathhouse remains a pleasant surprise.

Enjoyable though it was, the lack of returned contact most the time was notable. No question we were watching each other, and that our hands were moving at a rate that blurred vision, but after a while of pleasuring him without any contact in response, I left. Over the decades following those first shared orgasms, my standards have changed. Touching needs to be mutual at some point, at a minimum.

Yet there are times at the bathhouse where other men are simply not interested or engaged, even when hard. After that initial porn room experience, I spread out in the darkroom. A man entered and soon, my hand had found his stiffening cock. He got hard when being stroked, yet with zero response. This is always a bit bizarre to me, as playing together is always so satisfying, yet it does happen that your partner might as well not be there.

I let him enjoy himself for a good while, until it was obvious that he was completely self-absorbed.

The next period was spent wandering, including bit more time in the darkroom, enjoying a fleeting few minutes of gloryhole fun. Getting another man hard turned into a repeat of the first experience, something I decided to consider amusedly, recognizing how sometimes sequences just turn against you.

My first visit downstairs to the whirlpool and steambath became equally frustrating, in essence. As was returning upstairs and not really making any contact, though flickers of pleasure certainly tempted me to remain. It has been a long time since having a visit where those flickers were the only thing that happened, even after staying an hour longer than planned.

Finally deciding today to go back to the steamroom, and leave if nothing happened. The cubbyholes held a couple of towels, as the strange rhythms of the bathhouse continued to swirl – today was a full day, but the actual visitors were hard to find.

Entering the steambath with a pair of condoms and poppers, the heat was warmly pleasant, not excessive. In part because in the rest of the bathhouse, the heating had not kept up with the changing season. Here, the temperature was ideal, steamy but not hot. A couple of men were in the somewhat better lit front area, but in general, the back is the area that fun is found reliably.

Unsurprisingly, it happened that a stranger temptingly reached out for my cock when passing the end of the curved front entrance corridor, now at least somewhat in shadow. The touch was entrancing, making me pause and moan, followed by reaching out to find his horny cock, starting to jack it off as he did the same to me, both of us easily getting hard.

Turning towards each other, stroking and playing with nipples, both of us obviously experienced in enjoying male sex. This is one of the hidden realities of the baths, something a first time visitor cannot be truly unaware of. Most men at the baths have years or decades of experience pleasuring other men, something that is magically overwhelming for a new visitor – and which almost always turns them into regular visitors after becoming aware of just how hot letting a skilled partner bring you to into heaven is.

As my new partner started to do by bending over and starting to suck my thoroughly willing cock. Starting to helplessly moan about how fucking good it felt to have sex with a man, soon pumping his wet mouth, almost cumming before reaching down to pull his face up to mine, kissing him passionately. As we kissed, decadently and enthrallingly cock to cock, a third man came up behind him.

Shifting to start sucking me again, it was obvious that he was cruising to be fucked, and that the new third man was likely offering what he desired. This is how things work at the baths, after all, men getting off with each other, just giving in to the addictive pleasures of male sex.

After a while, the third man left, and as we started kissing again, he played with my nipples in way that was fantastic. As I continued to let his tongue roam past my lips and into my yielding mouth, it became clear that his fingers had been coated in lube before he began to caress my sensitive nipples.

This was something delightfully new, and feeling him play with lubed nipples as we kissed and rubbed cock was incredible, in the way so much of the sex discovered at a bathhouse is. Along with leading to kinky thoughts about how his slippery ass would feel, leading to me fondling his ass cheeks before exploring his crack. Which was slippery and horny as my finger began to slide past his pulsing anal ring, feeling the reaction in how he was going down on me, both of turning into pure sluts.

At some point, he stood and turned around, hand on my slippery cock. Giving in to temptation, I allowed him to start placing my cockhead at his soft entrance. This is becoming ever more common, though the basic boundary is still respected. Nonetheless, the combination of lube, saliva, and sluttiness was wonderful, letting myself submerge in the sensations of my cock touching a stranger’s inviting hole.

This continued for a while, and after regaining a certain degree of control, I did a hit from the brown bottle, cock head moving over and around his ass. Even before breathing out, the sensations shifted until it felt like fucking him in essence, even if no penetration was occurring. Yet I knew that by giving into the temptation to have my horny cock against a willing lubed ass, that it would be more difficult to resist in the future – and also knowing that part of me just wanted to do it, without restraint.

This was a similar process to how I gave up all resistance to being sucked without a condom, except to a major extent, I was the one conditioning myself, It simply feels so good, different from a pussy or mouth, and the thrill of doing something on the edge just adds to the attraction. The fact that he wanted it just increased the pleasure, especially when he started to go down on a man standing in front of us.

Finally, the heat grew too much to take, so I left to take a shower, cock half hard. Cooling down in the less than warm whirlpool, I decided to return to the steamroom a last time, and if nothing was happening, to leave.

And soon got lucky in a way that made up for the first part of the visit. I encountered another slut, one who went down on me as I jacked his hard shaft. We soon began kissing cock to cock, and the sensations just kept growing, becoming phenomenal at a fundamental level. Our kissing was mutually greedy, irresistible, drawing us both into a shared state that only men who kiss other men enjoy, somehow different than kissing a woman.

In part because men are simply stronger, and able to use that fact to shared advantage. As time went on, we both became incapable of using words, while recognizing in each other the same heavenly state from kissing a man while so turned on. To be honest, kissing another man is thoroughly addictive, which certainly has been true for me since the first time I experienced it. And now, I was losing myself in his mouth, unable to stop even as the heat built up again.

Yet again in the steamy dimness, a man approached my current partner from behind, and when he started to suck me again, it seemed as if the new man was taking advantage of the situation, especially in how the sucking became so lazily slutty. I pulled his face to mine again, both of us completely turned on, kissing so intimately, in paradise.

Yet again, the heat grew too much, and when leaving, seeing that almost a half hour had passed, an incredible interval of exquisite satisfaction, both of us clearly unable to resist the spell of male kissing.

Time flies so wonderfully.

Riding home in the deepening twilight, having spent considerably more time than intended inside the bathhouse, cock extremely sensitive, pressing against jeans while weaving through traffic. Though after years of experience, it is true that men are better cock suckers, they also have the potential disadvantage of whiskers. Not that one necessarily cares about that while getting head for more than an hour at a stretch.

This visit had started out a bit unusually, with one of the largest lines I’ve ever seen waiting to get in. Generally, such a crowd is not a good sign actually, as a crowded bathhouse tends to have less sexual opportunities oddly enough. However, almost everyone seemed to be experienced visitors, many having a 10 card like myself, with all of us able to share the locker area without difficulty.

Due to the crowd, it did take a while before finally being able to order my customary beer. I went upstairs, wandering through the new section, then to the other side, walking past the first video booth. And pausing, the screen showing a group of men having sex with each other. This is the sort of porn that thoroughly turns me on, men with hard cocks playing with each other, licking nipples and cocks and necks and asses. I spread my towel and started stroking.

Soon sinking into a proper bathhouse state of mind, of the sort that is so utterly entrancing, giving in to desire. Helped not only by the beer, but also by some potent organic smoke. Anybody now walking by could see what I was doing while watching explicit gay porn, naked, legs spread in invitation. Everything was still in my black bag when a man walked by, peering in. He stopped, and causing hopes to rise along with a stiffening prick in anticipation.

The porn remained the main attraction, even when making my interest in cock more obvious, looking directly at his towel covered crotch with obvious attention more than once. He moved out of view a couple of times, but always returned, the third time by stepping into the video cabin and closing the door. His hands began to slide lightly over my legs and thighs, an exquisite sensation as I kept stroking myself, watching gay group sex on the screen. My extended foot parted his towel, running over his bare thigh, then higher. Such explicit invitations are part of what makes sex with strangers so hot – there is no need to wonder about whether someone is interested.

He got on the platform, hands now exquisitely exploring over my chest, seeing the same thing happening among the men on the screen. Men who have sex with other men know just how hot nipples can get when hard, and how good it feels to slide fingers over hair over thighs, under the balls, along the crack. Jacking off like this, another man pleasuring me, has become utterly spellbinding. This first occurred after going to porn shops with video rooms, of different sizes, some with doors that could be locked. I’ve watched porn with women over the years, including when both of us were stoned and using poppers, but a skilled man is truly irresistible.

The joy continued, my foot sliding over his sack and swelling cock, moaning about porn and hot sex, until his shifting made it clear he was going to go down on my available naked length. Positioning my cockhead right at his lips, saying “Take it .. sexy cock .. suck me .. oh .. fuck .. yeah .. yeaahhh” until unable to speak as my length slid past soft lips into his wet welcoming mouth. Watching the oral action on the screen the entire time as a stranger started going down on me, the merging of porn and reality overwhelmingly sexual, shameless in letting myself enter this irresistible sexual state.

This sort of pure sexual delight is why I have become such a regular bathhouse visitor, this being a place that allows me to get so slutty, sharing and being shared among other sluts. The haze of sex filled my mind, only occasionally letting me realize what was happening as his mouth went from my erect cock to a nipple, allowing me to play with myself, unable to stop. Which he knew, of course. He went to his knees, and bringing our cocks together, waited with opened lips until he began kissing me, his body now starting to block my view.

We continued to explore and enjoy each other, a finger playing with his ass as he licked my neck, his hand on my shaft while I squeezed one of his nipples. He went down on me again, then moved over my opened legs. After a bit, I turned and got out the poppers and condoms, making sure the camera was available. Our cocks were touching, moaning about gay porn and having a camera, barely concentrating enough to turn it on and then point it to where we jacking off together.

He moved several times, allowing me to start sliding my turned-on cockhead over his nipple, a wonderfully erotic sensation, taking pictures, babbling about nipple sex and porn pictures, getting a huge sexual thrill each time the flash went off, knowing that the pictures would show me having hot sex with another man.

Followed by the new experience of my horny cock in a luxuriously soft beard, rubbing against it, amazed at how it felt. Moaning about how hot it was to play with my cock when surrounded by beard hair, lost in sensations which could only happen when having sex with a man. Demonstrating another variation on the delights a male only sauna provides, of the sort that have been known for thousands of year, bathhouses as a place for male sex being a very long tradition.

After going down on me again, he moved his legs outside mine, hand on my cock as he began to talk about doing more. Knowing what that meant as he started to make his intentions obvious. Able to say “condoms” a couple of times, but not preventing his hand from bringing my stiff cock between his legs as he lowered himself. Frozen in anticipation, honest enough to admit that I wanted my naked cock to feel his soft ass, though determined to keep within boundaries that have yet to be crossed. And hoping that he would take the lead in covering my cock before any fucking started.

After my cock first felt his soft hole, I put a hand down on to my length, playing with myself while feeling a man’s ass, so close to cumming, even more tempted by that than entering. The sense of the forbidden was powerful, even including the idea of pumping cum on his ass. Though only as a fleeting fancy, as cumming so early in the visit would limit potential fun.

The teasing became more serious, as did my refusal to do more than touch and rub, regardless of how often he would coo how good it would feel, my cock knowing he was right. When he went down on me again, I started to seriously play with his hole, feeling him respond, his cocksucking reflecting how much he was getting off on it. Having managed to reach a certain stable condition while sucking and finger fucking, I got the rush out, did a hit, closing the bottle tightly, letting my finger go back to fucking his soft hole. As the rush filled me, I started to move deeper into his mouth, setting up a rhythm between my cock and finger, feeling so dirty and slutty to be sucked with a finger being squeezed inside a stranger’s willing ass.

Breathing out, unable to keep from talking about sex with men, how I loved it and cannot stop from enjoying it, humping into his wet mouth. Feeling how his soft tunnel pulsed around my finger, a substitute for my cock. Pulling him up to kiss greedily, knowing that my wettened cock would begin to slide over his soft entrance, hand already jacking off. I love kissing cocksuckers, playing games with them mouth to mouth. Still, barely, I was able to keep from fucking, in part by using two fingers to fill his ass as we went cock to cock.

The porn continued on the screen, but less interestingly than what he did to me, such as licking my nipples as he jerked off my cock, right to the edge of orgasm, then again positioning his yielding hole against my horny cock, leading to another extended session of resisted temptation. Or, as I was honest enough to realize, giving in to the temptation of letting my cock touch a man’s sexy hole, especially when wet with spit and pre-cum.

Finally, we parted, allowing me the chance to put the camera away before going to the steamroom.

Like the rest of the bathhouse, it was full, and soon I was enjoying being part of a group of turned on sweaty men playing with each other, kissing and licking and stroking. Strangely enough, little cocksucking was going on, including those men who try to force others to suck them off. It was easily 10 men I played with until the heat grew too much to bear, and only a couple had sucked any cock, much less mine. Yet the number of mouths that I kissed, and which had pleasured my nipples was easily over a half dozen.

By this point, I had been at the baths for almost two hours, still far from ready to leave. Cleaning myself at the showers, cock horny while soaping its extended length. Drying off, then feeling a bit chilled going up the spiral staircase, another sign of the changing season.

Upstairs remained full, including a number of men waiting outside empty booths. The the number of opened door booths with men in them, in a variety of positions, was notable, even if my desire was running more along the lines of group sex. The porn area was also full, though not really tempting, sitting there for a couple of minutes among a half dozen other men not having sex with each other.

I went into the darkroom, now more than a bit chaotic, but after a couple of fleeting opportunities, a man whispered to me about going to the wall to get sucked off. I tried to follow his progress while finding the hole and putting my cock through, gasping with the first contact of his soft lips on my cockhead. Soon, I had become a total slut, banging against the wall, trying to go ever deeper into the wet softness of a stranger’s mouth.

Things grew ever more confused, several men coming up behind me as the sucking became irregular, possibly because he was sucking off another man. It took a while to thread my way out of the crowd, finding upstairs still full, both video cabins with closed doors, and the room where I first photographed participating in male group sex remained unavailable. Oddly, that room almost always has a shut door, except for the time I spent in it with multiple men where the door remained open for more than an hour while taking pictures of a number of turned on partners.

Returning to the dark room, needing to wait for at least 5 people to leave before entering the dimness. Able to find free space in the middle of the platform, I went towards the back wall. Thinking the rear area empty, I then discovered a man to my left. We soon began to touch and stroke, and it took little time before the 4th man of the day took my cock into his mouth. A reasonable assumption, though there was no question that by now my mind was fully clouded by all the sex I’d enjoyed, precise numbers retaining an element of guesswork.

A man was settled on my right, near the rear entrance, making me reach out to begin playing with his nipple before sliding the other hand down to make his cock hard. The man to my left sat up as another man settled on to the platform, his hand sliding over one thigh, then the other as it went further, finding my cock. The new man replaced the now leaving cock sucker, taking my cock deep, in a familiar fashion. Reaching down, I discovered it was the first man of the visit, his soft beard very distinctive.

The man to my right loved having his nipples played with while he jacked off, and when my original cocksucker left, I began to think about positioning myself to be sucked by a man. One who was in an ideal place to encounter willing partners, whose hard cock I was jacking off. However, such thoughts took too long, though there is no question he loved being pleasured by my squeezing and fondling fingers. A man approached from the other side, and fed his cock to the laying man.

He too was vocal, a surprise as generally men do not really express themselves audibly at the baths. Something I am unable to stop myself from doing, most of the time, and something which is a real turn on to listen to. The new man added his own framework, talking about filling a girly mouth with hard cock. Before the third man had joined us, we had each moaned about how good nipple sex felt, as he played with my nipples too.

Now, in a darkroom, hearing the standing man feeding his cock downwards start to talk, saying “Take it you girly cock sucker, deeper – like a girl” as he began to pump a stranger’s mouth, enjoying being in a dominant position. I kept playing with the cock sucker’s nipples, twisting and rubbing, fully aware that he was hard and stroking himself. Bending over to have my face at his naked chest, I added a few words of my own – “Girly tits, sexy tits, girly licking.” There is something really erotic when a man fantasizes about being a woman, and it seemed like he was falling under a certain spell. A spell that oddly works best when your cock is really turned on.

Only once have I been with a cross dresser in my years of having sex with men. It started in the hot tub here, all of us naked. When we went upstairs to a cabin, he brought along a gym bag, and after getting really turned on again, he said he wanted to get dressed – putting on stockings, panties, and a bra. I spent quite a bit of time licking his panties and bra, soaking them through as he got so turned on, talking how hot it felt to be played with like this. Wanting to know how sexy it felt to play with a woman as I got on top of him, humping his still covered crotch.

Returning to mutual masturbation, I told him about my couple of experiences with female underwear, including how good it felt getting jacked off wearing my then girlfriend’s panties. Talking this way led to naughty desires, easy to say when he started sucking me, moaning about how hot it would be to wear panties and a bra, and to be felt up like a slut. To my delight, he had a bra and panties available, though in honesty, they were not the sort that a woman would wear. Not that I cared, as the fantasy unrolled, acting like a female, feeling my cock and nipples be played while wearing panties and a bra. The sex we had for over an hour was hot for a number of reasons, but one was definitely talking about each other as women.

Saying “I love kissing girly tits,” my tongue began wetly gliding over his hard nipple, reaching down to start touching his hard cock, my hand replacing his. He was thoroughly enjoying the nipple play, a spell so easy to fall under, lost in the delight of totally pleasuring another man.

The third man did not take much time to cum, though it was hard to know where precisely. He promptly left the darkroom, as the other man got up and went to the towel holder at the darkroom corner, using several paper towels before returning to his spot, a bit to my surprise. But as we went back to playing with our cocks and each others nipples, I could not stop talking about girly nipples, and how good it felt to lick and play with them.

We both had been slowly shifting position, the fact that his mouth might have just been filled with cum was not a problem. Instead, it was a turn-on as my hand began feeding cock into his wet mouth. After the first couple of fantastic strokes, it did not feel as if he had just swallowed a load of semen compared to a couple of hot experiences in the past. As my mind began to haze in that magical bliss, I realized this was the fifth man to suck my cock today.

Playing with his hard cock, not really able to remember the number of touched cocks, certainly more greater number. Fully becoming a bathhouse slut, unable to resist enjoying the company of other sluts. We played for a while, his fingers rubbing my nipples as he sucked me, and me jerking him off – until at some point, he began to move my hand away, to keep from orgasming. Something easily communicated, completely understanding the attraction of not cumming too fast – or at all. And indulging in the attraction of keeping him so close to cumming without ever pushing him over the edge.

A new man approached from the front, between us. Easily deciding to see if he would be the 6th man to suck my hard cock, mainly by making sure to attract his full attention, spreading my legs as his hand began to stroke, jacking off a slippery hard cock, pointing it at him as began to move closer before going down on me. Of course I groaned as his mouth and tongue pleasured my cock, playing with his hard cock at the same time, my right hand continuing to play with the other man’s nipple, knowing he was still on the edge of orgasm, touching his cock.

Getting the brown bottle out was easy, doing a big hit before going down on my latest cock sucker. 69ing on poppers is indescribably alluring, as if both cocks were connected while being sucked, merging into a immense rod of pure sex surrounded by endless soft wetness. We continued enjoying each others hard cock, until he gently pushed my head away.

Followed by things shifting even more, at least for me, with a stranger’s mouth leaving my cock coated in spit when he moved away for whatever reason. The sounds in the darkroom made it plain that several men were having sex, Returning to the previous partner, placing a newly sucked hard cock on his lips, feeling them open around my cock head, saying “Yeah .. suck it .. suck my cock .. better than a girl” as my fingers played with a hard nipple.

The baths allow for a freedom that is indescribable when indulging in it, starting to hump a stranger’s face, talking about how men are so good at cock sucking, better than any woman, and how much I love getting sucked by a horny man. No question that hot sex includes fantasy, but generally, I prefer the real over the imagined. Such as the reality that basically all men at the baths are fantastic at sucking cock, much better than a typical woman in my experience.

Settling into a luxurious pattern, neither of us quite cumming or making the other cum, enjoying how temptation changed into contentment. We both cycled from hard and soft, until the pleasure reaches a level where that is irrelevant, the timeless sensations becoming something like an ongoing orgasm without release.

The space had grown crowded, and during a short pause, looking around, it appeared that leaving would be a challenge. One that was delayed as he went down on me yet again, mind disappearing in luscious liquid pleasure. When able to think again, I actually made it over him and through the entrance.

Only to discover that this side was packed, without any way to get past different men entwined with each other. Still wanting to, but unable to go this way, planning becoming impossible as my cock re-entered a familiar mouth. Making me let go, starting to face fuck him, hands holding his head. Slowing a bit, reaching down to play with his cock and nipple, talking about how it is so much better to be sucked by a man than any woman, how much I love my cock in a man’s talented mouth.

After another heavenly interval, a way to leave appeared. Carefully placing my hands and feet in the free spaces to thread through the platform until reaching the hallway.

It was a shock to see that an hour and a half had passed. Meaning that my cock had likely been sucked for more than a half hour by a single man, along with the time spent in a couple of other mouths. The baths are truly heaven for cock sucking, fully aware that this is why so many men are regulars.

Oral delights

Different visits have different moods, with this Saturday turning out to possess a fantastically oral one. The bathhouse was not very crowded, and for the first half hour there, I seemed to be pretty much alone upstairs. This pattern seems normal maybe 2/3s of the time, just part of arriving around opening. Plus, it allows time for the beer to add to the effects of the smoke enjoyed immediately before riding. This combination makes the baths irresistibly enticing, enjoying sex with a group of equally horny strangers.

Returning to the porn theater section, the scene on the screen was intriguing. Even more interesting were the two men in the top tier jacking each other off. Going to the top level near the wall, I placed my bag, condoms, and magic brown bottle to the left. And seemingly inevitably quickly became part of a threesome, first taking a bit of time to get really turned on watching them, then slowly moving closer to the man in the center as I stroked my now stiff rod. Touching and caressing the first man of the visit, finding his nipples so sexy, dark and quite hard, licking one, each of us getting more turned on. Soon, I was able to get the other man more involved, my stretched right hand fondling his stiff cock.

Willingly submerging in the sensations of watching the sexy porn, stroking and being stroked, knowing there were other men nearby, and not caring as the sex kept getting hotter. Letting my head loll, looking at what had become a hot blowjob, I couldn’t stop stroking seeing a sexy hard cock swallowed by a stranger’s mouth, left hand playing with the sucked man’s nipple, moaning as his shaft went deeper into a slut’s willing mouth, “sexy cock .. sucker .. hot sex.”

We slowly shifted and rearranged positions before my cock was surrounded by the slut’s horny lips. This sort of satisfaction is why I come to the baths, after all, getting completely turned on and having sex with other men. Such as here, watching hot gay porn in public, horny hard length being sucked deeper, a nipple being licked by the aroused man I’m jacking off. The cock sucker returned to his first goal, providing a fantastic view of his going down on another man, my hand stroking a now slippery length. Fully entranced, fascinated seeing the same sort of sex I had just enjoyed, knowing that the sucked man was now in the same paradise.

Several men came and left underneath us as we continued pleasuring each other. The porn steadily became a lesser attraction as the blow job continued in front of me, with intervals where the wettened cock between us was on display, making me moan about how sexy it looked. However, it was not precisely offered for sharing, which suited my mood – and provided the time needed to get the poppers ready. Knowing he was being watched, our mutual cock sucker went down to the middle tier, on his knees, providing a serious voyeur thrill, seeing two men have sex.

A man had sat down in the middle tier near my feet, causing me to notice that a smallish crowd had gathered below. Soon, the man beneath me turned, taking my rigid shaft in hand, starting to go down on its willing length. My left hand stroked the head of the first cock sucker while the right hand played with the sucked man’s nipples. Watching two men suck cock at the same time, both kneeling a level lower, especially considering how both had taken me into their mouths, was an amazing turn-on. With a serious feeling of sexual power, being serviced in front of other men.

Continuing to play with the first two men, my new cock sucker started using a new manual technique, his wettened hand running over my cockhead while the other jacked a slippery shaft. This brought me to the edge of orgasm several times, yet it was possible to remain in control, riding the unending waves of satisfaction. Even when the first man skillfully went down on me again, often letting me feed him cock as I controlled the pace. The man next to me kissed my sensitive nipple, nibbled on my neck, and let his hand stroke along my thighs, much the same as I had done to him since our first touching.

When the second cock sucker left, his position was quickly filled. By now, the sitting man’s rigid cock was more often openly exposed as I bent closer, looking at its glistening sexiness while jacking off a rigid shaft, groaning about hot cock. Still aware that other men were watching just added to the thrill of preparing to go down on a sexy naked cock. The first time bending near its entrancing length, I lightly held the root, slowly licking my tongue over his lusciously soft skin, feeling his reaction to a second man’s lips and tongue. I could not stop from licking the entire sexy length, up and down, multiple times.

Leaving my cock unattended to better ride the coming flood of pleasure from going down on a man, I sat up and did a hit of rush before taking his luscious full cock into my mouth. A sensation that soon grew hotter and utterly enveloping when the man beneath me started to take my cock into his mouth. A completely unexpected, and perfectly timed, delight. I have read about how poppers are used for anal sex, but for me, poppers make oral sex unbelievably erotic. Your cock feels gigantic, surrounded by an infinite wet smoothness. And doubly so when being in the middle, sucking and sucked, sinking into pure male bliss, surrounded by hot slut angels giving in to shared desires.

Breathing out, saying “oh fuck yes .. god yes .. love .. cock sucking” before going down again, my jutting and incredibly immense cock in this visit’s third man’s surrounding mouth. His non-verbal querying led me to spread my ass, leg lifted, making it obvious that it would love attention. He licked a finger, then started to touch my hole, an extremely enjoyable sensation, particularly when combined with head.

My attention more than occasionally strayed to the man to the right, seeing how he was being sucked, again from the side, at our level. I kept playing with his delightful nipples, fairly often letting a hand flow over both of their bodies. Becoming completely lost in the pleasure of group sex, just like my partners were. We continued to pleasure each other as the porn scene reached its end, a minor detail by this point.

Slowly, the intensity faded to the point that we were no longer a mindless group of men lost in the delights of oral sex, an inevitable outcome, even if all of us were undoubtedly looking forward to further encounters.

Downstairs, the whirlpool was full, with apparently no one doing anything – typical when it gets crowded. I put my towel into a free cubbyhole along the wall of the steam room, and went into it, quickly finding someone to play with.

He went down on me after just a couple of moments of mutually enticing exploring. Such a direct start to having hot sex is a turn on itself, something clearly known to those who do it in a place filled with men only, where men are free to indulge themselves. Like now letting a stranger take a horny cock into their welcoming mouth.

He rose and kissed me hungrily, cocks sliding as we humped each other. He went down on me a second time after breaking that first extended kiss, his skills delightfully enhanced by his desire for more, something offered only by a man. The transition from his mouth to ass was heavenly, enjoying the sensations right to the edge of what is now allowed during a visit. The feeling of my cock against such soft inviting skin is so good, too good to avoid just because I’m not wearing a condom. Or especially because my naked cock is not covered.

To be honest, it had been clear for a while that he wanted my cock, a thought that grew more thrilling, just part of the intense wave carrying me along. To the point where the coated cockhead was perfectly positioned just outside of an ass I could so easily fuck, submerging in how his hole felt just at my cock tip. Including a couple of times my cock ridge slid past his anal ring, loving the forbidden sensations, impossible to stop from taking advantage of the opportunity to again understand why a naked cock is such an enthusiastically poor guide in making rational decisions.

After it became clear that we would not be fucking, regardless of a couple of teasing moments, he pulled me to the bench along the back wall. He sat down, and I placed a foot on the bench next to him, cock temptingly near his mouth. Still hard, the feeling of his lips sliding down my shaft wonderfully enhancing the awareness of how many men were having sex around us. As he went down on me, a few other men made brief contact, but we were basically a pair, something the potential partners quickly realized. Except for one man who thought I would be interested in his quite clumsy fingering, requiring the use a bit of force when holding his wrist for the third time to make plain my utter lack of interest in what he was doing.

The steambath’s heat creates a limit to how long one can stay in paradise. Something clear as he stood, kissed me a last time, then left. Following a minute later, I showered, then went back upstairs. In the darkroom, it was possible to enjoy a few minutes of rest, since the space was empty. Soon, though, another cock sucker found me. Another partner who then wanted my slick hard cock rubbing against his yielding hole, something we enjoyed a bit. Including the now stylized moaning of “no, not naked .. god yes .. so hot,” much like in the past, getting my bare cock sucked when still trying to use condoms before simply surrendering to the pleasure of a mouth sliding over my turned on cock head, moving ever further down the shaft.

A fact from the past that keeps me cautious in the present, though at this point, I love surrendering to the temptation of having my naked cock sucked by six strangers in a visit. Plus often going down on at least a couple of strangers myself. Luckily, he soon switched to jacking off cock to cock, almost making me cum with his rhythm. Another man approached from behind him, providing an acceptable reason to disengage and leave the darkroom.

Downstairs again, after entering the steambath, it took little time and no effort to join an orgy, something easily said in retrospect. The only woman I know who has been to a swinger club has talked about how women are almost treated as property, requiring not only her acceptance as expected, but that of her partner too. It also seems true that many swinger clubs frown on any male to male contact at all.

The baths provide a place for straightforward intimate male contact. Stepping into the dim rear space though the curved tile entrance to the right of the door, a mouth quickly found its goal – an available cock. I slowly realized through the honey like haze filling my mind as another stranger’s mouth started to go down on me that the back was filled with men having sex. Everyone free to enjoy without needing permission, a man to my left grabbing my head as my cock was swallowed so good by a stranger. Groaning in blissful surrender as the standing man forced his tongue past my parting lips, his fingers playing with my nipples, the two of them turning me into a total slut.

Reaching down on the left to start playing with a hard cock, easily bringing it closer to mine, kissing him forcefully the entire time it took until his cock was against mine, submerging in mindless pleasure with the other naked men in the steamy darkness. Continuing to kiss and play with each others nipples as a cock sucker held our cocks together, going down on both. Any man who has been in such an orgy knows how one’s awareness changes – you become little more than a turned on slut, wanting nothing but for the unceasing pleasures to continue.

When things are right, like this afternoon, joining an orgy is easy, finding paradise so easily among the mouths and hands and cocks of equally horny strangers. Group sex is not quite the same as being part of a freewheeling orgy, an event where everyone is involved because it feels so fucking good to have sex with other men. Where group sex is like being in a pool, an orgy is like being in a surging current running over smooth rocks, making getting swept away unavoidable.

As was certainly happening, with the third man bending down to start sucking also. Mind wonderfully lost in my cock when the first man stood up, offering his mouth to mine. It is always such a turn on to exchange tongues this way, and even hotter when the new cock sucker started doing both of us at the same time. Much like earlier upstairs, simply letting other men do what they wanted with me, turned on cock available to anyone who wanted it.

But this had an entirely different force to it, with an entirely different level of intensity. Upstairs had been almost like a stately procession in comparison, men wanting hot cock taking their time to approach and share. Now, the sensations were overwhelming, cocks in total control, everyone getting off. A good orgy is not only about cocks, of course. The kissing was extraordinary, hungry mouths and tongues discovering new opportunities to drown in.

I’d already kissed both cocksuckers, but when the third man stood up, the kissing was shared three ways, our cocks and nipples being stroked and caressed as time stretched, tongues entwined. Such hot shared kissing is extremely rare in my experience, and utterly irresistible. Standing, playing with whatever hard cock was closest or available, the other two men alternated between sucking and kissing.

This continued until a hand from behind turned my head from passionately kissing one of my cock suckers, placing a new mouth against mine, tongue going delightfully deep, surrendering myself to its temptations. Reaching out for his cock, lost in the pleasure of being sucked while indulging the desires of yet another man wanting to kiss a turned on stranger. The thrill of finding an equally excited man, one who shares the same talents and interests, is hard to imagine until it happens – and at an orgy, it happens over and over again.

At some point, the kissing became shared between three of us, even if it was impossible to know which of my three cock suckers was joining in, the other continuing to go down on me. When the situation changed, it simply meant kissing two men while the kneeling man went down on all three of us. Other men were experiencing similar pleasures, the entire rear area of the steam bath having become a space where another orgy was in full swing. Of the sort that occurs often enough here that most men knew exactly what they wanted to experience again when coming to this area.

The deep kissing and delightful cock sucking continued over a heavenly interval. A fourth man entered to my left, joining the kissing in a different three some, forced only in the sense of no invitation before feeling a new tongue share my mouth, undoubtedly the tongue of the man who had just approached. This was the glorious reality of the fantasies of my youth, now being fully submerged in a gay orgy – a variety of types and ages, all participating, creating an ocean of sex, unstoppable, carrying us along irresistible waves of mutual pleasure.

My cock remained in paradise, enjoying at least three different men’s mouths and hand and cocks, nipples being licked and caressed, questing tongues swirling between open mouths. A state of such animal satisfaction that no thoughts exist. A state finally overridden by an awareness of heat, the first bit of awareness of anything but pure sex over an extended interval.

Staggering out to the showers, hoping to cool down, mind scattered, thoroughly drained, I soaped and rinsed off, then took my time leaving, concentration only slowing returning. This afternoon had again demonstrated just how extraordinarily potent the pleasures of the baths can be, something introduced to me during my first visit, and happily reinforced over the years.

Written By: Glory First

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More to come! Let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to comment me ideas of what you’d like to read next. Thanks for reading, I hoped you enjoyed it.

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    After reading this story and playing with my ass, jerking my dick , and fucking my ass with my dildo and clamping my nipples.

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