Bait a Hook

Bobby has to switch high schools weeks before senior year – Chapter 1 – Relocation


“I can’t believe you are doing this to me!” I shouted as I stormed up the stairs to my room. My parents were sick of the city and wanted to move somewhere with a slower pace.

“Bobby don’t stomp away while we’re talking to you!” My dad bellowed up the stairs. I slammed the door and quickly changed into some board shorts wondering what had happened, wondering why I deserved being snatched away from my home and all of my friends a couple weeks before starting my senior year of high school. I put on a t-shirt and flip flops before making my way downstairs. On my way through the kitchen I grabbed the keys to my Jeep and shouted to whoever wanted to listen “I’m going for a swim.”

“Be back by dinner,” I heard mom’s calm response as the door shut behind me.

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I unzipped my windows and turned the radio on as I headed towards my school, thinking that this might be the last time I made this drive. The trip was short, only 10 minutes or so with no traffic on a Wednesday afternoon. The school was still open for kids taking summer classes, but I turned to the gym and went through the locker room to head to the pool. The locker room was pretty empty; only a handful of athletes using the weight rooms preparing for the upcoming season. I put my t-shirt in the locker grabbed my chamois and headed into the jungle like steam of the pool. Thankfully it was quiet and there was only one other soul in the chlorine filled haze, a girl from the swim team. I waved as I walked over to the lane on the opposite end of the pool.

If this had been a meet, I would have had my tight Speedos that housed the school’s bulldog logo over my butt, but I was happy just to swim some laps and relax. Letting my mind wander and trying to see If I could make some sense of the new life that I was about to lead. I went towards the deeper end and eased my 5’10” frame into the semi-cool liquid. I was in shape being on the swim team as long as I could remember. My short light brown hair almost blonde from years of chlorine glued itself flat to my head as I submerged myself into the water, my bangs almost reaching my eyes. I lost count of time and thoughts as I swam lap after lap. It hadn’t been that difficult to make friends, but I didn’t want o be newly 18 in a whole new town with no support system, well I had my sister, Emily, and I loved her, but she was my sister. Emily of course was the only one I trusted with my secrets. I was shocked out of my contemplation when I felt someone’s hand when I did a flip turn. I splashed out of the water to look at Lisa, the girl who was swimming when I arrived, as she said, “they’re about to lock the gym.” I glanced at my watch and was surprised to see I had been there an hour. Nodding in recognition I waved as she headed towards the girl’s locker room.

I hopped out of the pool and put on my flip flops and quickly tousled my hair with my chamois, I much preferred soft terry cloth towels, but this was quick, easy, and didn’t take up much room. I made it out of the school nodding and waving to the few people I saw on my way out.

I expected to see my parents waiting for me with meaningful expressions as I walked in, but was surprised to see just Emily sitting on the couch watching a talk show.

“Mom and dad went out,” she informed me as I closed the door behind me. I wondered why mom had told me to be back by dinner, but Emily, as she was prone to do, answered my thought. “I heard mom whispering to dad about giving you some time and space. They left $20.00 for us to order a pizza and said they would be back in a few hours.”

“Alright, I’m going to take a shower, you can order a pizza if you want, half pepperoni,” I suggested as I headed for the stairs. “I already did,” I heard her shout as I opened the bathroom door.

I jumped in the shower and turned the water on as hot as I could stand it. I kept my board shorts on just long enough to wash out the chemicals, so they didn’t get bleached, stepped out of them, and hung them on a rack in the back of the shower. I closed my eyes and leaned into the soothing spray and just stood there thinking. Would I fit into this new school, new town? I wonder if they would know that I was… I shook my head to clear my thoughts and shampooed my hair. As I was washing myself I realized that what little chest hair I had was growing back on my flat belly, it had been a couple weeks since my last swim meet, so I didn’t have a need to remove it. I wasn’t one of those guys who shaved their legs and armpits, but I did like the look of my smooth defined lean chest. I rubbed the soap over the rest of my body and was startled when my sister started banging on the door to let me know that the pizza had arrived.

We ate on the couch and chatted about what we thought of the move. Emily was actually excited, she never liked the suburbs of D.C., thought the people were snobs and fake, which to be fair, a few of them were. I liked being in the city, being able to drive 10 minutes in any direction and find whatever it is that I needed. I didn’t know much about the eastern shore of Virginia, except that it was rural.

“When is the moving truck coming,” I asked as I finished my third slice of pizza.

“Day after tomorrow, around noon.” Emily answered and I grunted. “I’ll help you pack Bobby, I know you haven’t started.”

“Thanks Em.” I shrugged and waved my hand for her to follow.

Emily took a detour and trudged up the stairs with a stack of flattened boxes refusing any assistance, stating she could do it. She plopped the stack on the floor in my room and trotted to her room for the packing tape.

We sat there assembling the boxes in silence until she spoke. “This could be good for you.”

“This could be bad for me,” I rebuffed.

“It’ll be good for you to go somewhere that you can relax a little, let down your guard, not worry about trying to fit in or impress people, not worrying about your image.” She stated matter-of-factly.

“I don’t care what people think of…” I started before I nodded my head in defeat. Em knew me better than anyone and knew that I was scared what people would think of me if they knew. I could mostly be myself, I just had a one aspect of my life that I wasn’t quite ready to share with the world, for fear of the response. The more I thought about it, I didn’t care what most people thought about me, I was worried my family and some friends would not be supportive.

After a couple hours of packing away clothes, and various odds and ends I had accumulated over the years, we heard the garage door opening, a tell-tale sign that our parents were home. I didn’t feel like talking to them so I just got up off the floor and plopped in my bed while Emily skipped down the stairs to meet them.

I must have dozed off because I was jolted awake when I felt someone nudging me in my ribs. “Quit it,” I moaned as a rolled over and opened my eyes to face my parents gazing down at me. “How you feeling Bobby,” came from my mom as she gazed at me with a concerned expression. “We’re not trying to upset you Bobby,” my dad filled in, ” we just think a change of scenery will be good for all of us.”

“I know you aren’t trying to upset me,” I mumbled, “I am frustrated having to upend my life when I’m starting my senior year. All new places, people, no friends, it just seems…difficult.” Was the only word I could think of to describe my emotions in my groggy state.

“Get some sleep kiddo, we love you.” Came their response as they flicked off my light switch and softly shut the door behind them.

The next day was a blur of packing and getting things ready for the move. Our parents had a cookout and invited their friends as a final get together before we moved. I handful of Emily’s and my friends came and we chatted and had a good time. It would be sad to leave a few of these people, but I didn’t have a choice. I was more worried about starting a new life.

Bobby moves into his new town and quickly develops a crush – Chapter 2 – New Beginnings

We left before the moving truck, trusting that they would finish loading up and get on the road as soon as possible. My parents each drove their own car; they decided the best route would be through Maryland and across the Bay Bridge onto the Delmarva Peninsula and then all the way to almost the end of peninsula. After searching maps on the internet and seeing that without traffic it might be quicker to head south through Virginia, down to Norfolk, and across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Em and I hopped in my Jeep, we said bye to the ‘rents and waved as we headed out, with just a quick stop by the gas station to fill-up and get the much needed Big Gulps for the journey.

After finally escaping the omnipresent DC traffic we headed south on 95 towards Richmond. It was a typical hot and muggy summer day in Virginia and the fact that the air conditioning in my older jeep didn’t really work, just spat out luke-warm air wasn’t helping. Em cursed her luck several times at not riding with one of the ‘rents. I goaded her about just wanting to sings oldies songs with dad and that got a chuckle from her.

After a couple of hours we stopped at a rest area on 64 east to stretch our legs and answer natures call. It was almost noon and the heat was exhausting. After buying a couple bottles of water from the vending machine we continued on our way. It was smooth sailing, until it wasn’t. Bumper to bumper stand still, curse our luck, no AC and stuck in traffic somewhere between Williamsburg and Norfolk. We chatted about what we expected the new school and town would be like to pass the time. After 30 minutes of creeping along we passed the wreck that had created this backup and traffic immediately started flowing at a reasonable clip. Traffic started picking up again around Norfolk, but we hopped of the interstate and took our exit and headed towards our new life.

“$12.00?” I repeated in disbelief. I knew there was a toll for the bridge-tunnel, but $12.00? I reluctantly handed the attendant the cash and received a receipt and what appeared to be an ad for a restaurant on the 23 mile long bridge-tunnel. Em snorted at my shock and patted me on the back.

Using the GPS on my phone we navigated to a town that could only be described as quaint. Pulling into the empty driveway and turning off the Jeep, we looked at each other and exhaled. It was a cute, old, two-story colonial. The door was locked so we put our cargo on the front porch and walked around the house. To our surprise there was a fairly wide creek in the back with a wooden dock. Giving the old wooden beams a quick kick to see if they could be trusted, we walked to the end and kicked our feet off of the dock. We could see a couple docks around us a little ways off, one with a man in a lawn chair fishing. We waved but he just turned back to his fishing rod.

“This is nice,” Emily said disturbing the peaceful quiet. I nodded and reached my foot down to touch the cool water. There was a sandbar about 20 yards from the dock and I took of my shirt and removed my phone and keys from my pocket and motioned over there. Em shook her head, “No suit.” I jumped off the dock it was about thigh deep and I guessed it was low tide, judging from the water marks on the docks. The bottom was sandy and felt good between my toes.

“I hope a crab bites you!” Emily shouted, I wasn’t in the mood to correct her about claws not teeth, I’m sure it would be painful either way. I saw what looked like an oyster bed and made sure to stay away as I didn’t want to cut my feet over there either. The sandbar was nice and I just plopped down on my back and gazed up at the sun while it warmed my body as my legs were cool halfway in the water. I had a decent tan but didn’t want to get burned without sunscreen so I headed back just in time to hear our parents pull into the drive.

They brought lunch and we sat at a picnic table in the backyard in the shade and had a quick lunch. Emily laughed at the fact that our first meal in our new house was in the backyard. A couple hours later the moving truck had arrived and unloaded most of the furniture. I went to my room which was smaller than I was used to but it did have two windows that looked out onto the creek, which wasn’t bad. I was starting to plug in my TV when I realized no cable, I did see an old satellite dish in the front yard, but I doubt that worked. No high speed internet. Dad answered my anguish and let me know that the satellite company was scheduled next week to install a dish for TV and internet as no cable companies ran lines to this neighborhood.

Tired of unpacking and bored I decided to venture around and see what this town had in store for me. I walked a couple blocks passing nothing but houses, getting a few odd glances, and a couple sincere smiles. Five minutes later I approached what I could only assume was downtown. There was a gas station, a bank, a tiny grocery store, an insurance/real estate office, a liquor store, an antique store, and a seafood market. I headed into the gas station as I was parched and in need of an ice cold drink. The station had a little gift shop that I glanced at while walking to the drink coolers. I grabbed a Dr. Pepper and noticed a guy a little taller than I was, but more substantial. He was solid, around 6’ tall, with short cropped brown hair. He was standing at another fridge, grabbing what looked to be a box of Chinese takeout, which I silently hoped it wasn’t, and glanced at the door he was holding to see ‘bloodworms’ written across it. I lost grip of the door I was holding and it slammed behind me causing me to jump and him to look at me. I froze. He smiled his straight white teeth gleaming, bright green eyes looking at me as he walked by. “All the doors slam here, don’t worry about it.” He said and patted my shoulder and walked to the register.

Did that hand just touch me? It was warm and reassuring. I shook my head to clear the clouds that had fogged my mind. I heard the bell ring on the door which signaled the strangers exit. I started to follow him out the door before I remembered the drink in my hand and headed to pay. As I walked out the door I saw him in an older Chevy pickup he had a friend in the passenger seat and there were some fishing rods in the bed of the truck. A small beagle stuck its’ head out the drivers’ side window as the truck pulled out of the parking lot.

I walked home and couldn’t get those grass green eyes out of my head. I walked in the door and tried to suppress the thoughts of the mystery man and wipe the slight grin off of my face. I kept busy around the house helping everyone get settled in.

The next morning I went down to the ocean which was on the other side of downtown, and about a 15 minute walk from my house. The beach was empty when arrived, just an older lady walking a tiny dog. I swam near the shore and tried not to worry about sharks attacking. I was dreading starting school next week. I was a pretty good student; I wasn’t worried about the classes. It was the not knowing a single soul in my grade that I was dreading. The only person I would know in the school was Emily, who would be a sophomore.

I swam a couple more laps around the imaginary boundaries I had created and trudged through the small break towards the shore. Facing the bay, I bent over to pick my phone up and see if I had any missed calls when I heard a wolf whistle. I quickly turned and saw a group of teenagers 20 yards away, there was a girl blushing and giggling with a couple of her friends. I stood stock-still, there was the guy from the gas station, sitting there shirtless his tan, sculpted, furry chest glistening with either sweat or suntan lotion, but looking delectable either way. I knew behind those black sunglasses those sea green eyes were looking at me. He nudged the giggling girl who turned to her friends and ran off with them into the waves.

I picked up my towel and feigned drying off, turning around trying to hide the tightness that was beginning to form in my trunks. I sat down on the sand and played with my phone pretending to text, but really just waiting for blood to return to my brain before I had to walk by the group on my way back home. I grabbed my t-shirt and slid it on, which I soon realized was inside out, but shrugged and left it that way. I put on my sunglasses and picked up my stuff and headed off the beach. I kept my gaze straight ahead until I heard the girls giggling again and I tried to fight the blush creeping up my neck as I made the short walk home.

Arriving on the porch the front door flew open and Emily looked at me grinning as she came out with a net, string, and for some reason chicken legs.

“We’re going crabbing Bobster, mom’s going to steam them for dinner.”

I looked at her and shrugged, I’ve always liked steamed crabs, never caught them myself. We headed towards our small dock on the creek and she made quick work of tying a piece of chicken to each string. “Oops forgot the basket,” she yelled as she darted back towards the house. She soon returned with a wooden box with narrow slats and a lid.

“Dad said there should be crabs in here and they’re easy to catch. The lady at the grocery store recommended using chicken necks, but that was a little too weird.” Emily said as she tossed her string about 10 feet out in the creek and slowly inch by inch began pulling the line in. “I think there is one going after the chicken,” she grinned as she eagerly, but carefully, pulled in the line. “Grab the net” she whispered as if not wanting to scare the crab away. She slowly started pulling the crab off the creek bed and I swooped in and caught it in the net. She opened the lid of the basket and cheered loudly when the crab was secured. She then put the basket in the water and tied it so it wouldn’t get too far away.

“So did you see anybody at the beach today?” She asked as she threw her line back in the water.

“The beach was pretty empty when I started swimming, but when I got ready to leave there was a group of kids around our age hanging out.” I felt a blush creeping to my face, thinking about the tan shirtless stud, and I turned my head hoping she wouldn’t notice.

“Did you talk to them, try to make friends?” She questioned bringing in another crab for me to scoop with the net.

“No I was embarrassed,” I responded, “one of the girls whistled at me and I got flustered and headed back home.”

She cackled, “Only you would run away when a girl starts whistling at you.” She retorted.

“Shh keep it down,” I whispered “it was awkward, they were all staring at me and the girls were giggling.

I finally felt a crab nibbling at my chicken and motioned for Em to get the net and scoop it up. Crabbing wasn’t too bad, kind of relaxing.

“Was it just a group of girls or did they have a handsome group of guys with them?” Emily started back with the questions.

“There was a group of guys… only one I found handsome.” I barely whispered the end of the sentence and she grinned and nodded. After an hour or so we had about 14 large crabs, we threw back the small ones. They were steamed with Old Bay and were delicious.

In the middle of the night I awoke with a start, the thought of the shirtless stud flashing in my brain. I knew I was gay, but I’ve never acted on it. Never had a person that I had met had this affect on me. Yeah I’d jerked off to porn, but never to a person who that I had actually interacted with. I glanced at my clock and the blue lights showed 3:46 AM, I groaned and started to roll over before I realized my 6 and a half inch cock was hard as a rock in my tight boxer briefs.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep in this condition. I slowly rubbed my hands down my chest feeling the lean but pronounced muscles as I worked down to my crotch. I pictured the now shirtless stud patting me on my shoulder, wrapping his strong arms around me, pressing his muscular furry chest into my back. I let out a soft moan as I worked my way out of my underwear and saw the drop of juice that had formed at the end of my dick. I rubbed my finger over the slit and I don’t know what came over me, but tasted the clear liquid for the first time. I imagined his hands tracing down my stomach and could almost feel his hot breath on my neck. That ghosting breath did it and I erupted like never before, blasting jet after jet across my stomach and chest. I was almost panting as I grabbed my discarded underwear and wiped up the mess before falling into a contended and sound sleep.

Bobby’s first day in a new school – Chapter 3 –Back to School

Labor Day in Virginia is pretty much the last day of summer. Most public schools go back the following day. This sleepy little town had a final summer celebration with a concert and vendors downtown. The few local businesses were all decked out and ready for the last of the few tourists that came through. The stage was set up a couple blocks from the beach; Main Street was roped off so no traffic could interrupt the celebration. Emily yelled at me to hurry up so we could head out and partake in the last hurrah of the season. I put on some board shorts, a tight fitting, but not too small t-shirt, grabbed my sunglasses and headed down the stairs. Emily and I walked chatting on the way to the festival. She spotted a group of girls she seemed to recognize.

“Do you mind if I go hang out with them, Lindsay, our neighbor, is going to be in my grade and I want to make some friends. You should go make friends too, don’t want to be sitting at the lunch table alone do you?” She asked as she started sliding away.

“No problem, I’ll meet you later.” I waved as she skipped over to the group.

I could hear the music as I got closer; the band was singing a Beach Boys song. I shook my head and chuckled to myself as I made my way into the small crowd of people. I saw my mom and dad eating soft-shell crab sandwiches and waved to them as I walked by. They smelled good, but I didn’t want to stop where my parents were, so I kept walking down the street.

I came across a little booth that had a long line. The banner hanging above the line read ‘crab muffins,’ I headed towards the end of the line and the elderly gentleman in front of me looked up at me and declared “These are the best crab muffins in the state, well worth the wait young man.” I nodded and he turned around to talk to who I assumed was his wife. The line moved very quickly and I jerked my head up at the sound of familiar girls giggling. At the front of line and near the condiments was a familiar group of teens. I caught sight of the short cropped brown head as he turned around and took a bite of his crab muffin, a look of pure delight on his face as he headed down the road with the rest of his pack. I was gently nudged forward and out of my stupor when the man behind the counter shouted “Next!”

I now understood the look of delight on the guys’ face as I bit into the crab muffin. It was fantastic. The older man and his wife looked at me knowingly and grinned as we all took another bite. I kept my eye out following behind the group of teens heading towards the stage. Emily came up behind me and startled me as I watched the group disappear on the other side of the crowd. I slowed down and stopped to talk to her. She was with two girls her age. Introductions were exchanged and they moved closer to the band that was now doing a terrible rendition of Billy Ray Cyrus’ ‘Achy Breaky Heart.’

Having lost sight of the group, or really the guy I was fascinated with, I decided to head around the stage and walk on the beach. There was a nice breeze blowing and the beach was empty with everyone on Main Street listening to the questionable music and enjoying delicious food. I had wandered a little way down the beach when I accidently stumbled across the group of teens. They were sitting in a circle around a cooler drinking out of red Solo cups. I wanted to go over there, but was nervous with my newly found fascination, that had me almost dizzy and drooling every time I saw him. One of the girls leaned against him and had her arm around his waist. I winced and cursed to myself for being so stupid. He would probably kick my ass if he saw the lusty look in my eyes. I turned around and made my way back to the stage to listen to some more cover songs before heading back home.

I was the first one back so had plenty of time to think. My old school and city were fairly conservative; I could only imagine how this small farming and fishing town was. ‘You’ve made it this far,’ I thought to myself, ‘you can make it through another year maintaining the status quo.

The alarm rang way too early as I was just tossing and turning all night. I quickly showered and got dressed in an outfit that I wanted to look good, but not that I was trying, so I settled on khaki cargo shorts and a tight light emerald green Polo shirt. I slid my feet in my leather flip flops and grabbed my keys. Emily was at the table eating scrambled eggs mom had made as a nodded towards the door.

“Bobby, you need to eat before you go to school.” She stated matter-of-factly.

“Mom I’m not hungry, I’ll eat lunch at school, and I’ll be fine.” I replied.

“Fine but you’re eating breakfast tomorrow.” she declared. “Have a good first day of school you two.”

We waved and headed out the door to my Jeep. The town was so small that there was only one high school in the entire county. We made the fifteen minute trek up the county in comfortable silence, both of us nervous of our new lives. Reaching the parking lot I thought about how small the school was. Coming from a school where I had 300 kids in my grade, to this school that looked like it held 300 kids total, it was going to be different.

We checked in the office and picked up our schedules and locker assignments. “I’ll meet you at the car to go home.” Emily nodded and walked off to find her locker in the sophomore hall. I made my way down the hall to find my locker. I got there and looked at my slip of paper for the combo and was twisting the last number when I heard an annoyingly sweet giggle. I turned around and to my right was one of the giggle girls opening her locker. She smiled at me as I put my sunglasses in the top of my empty locker, just so I wouldn’t look weird opening and closing my locker for no reason. I smiled and headed off to find my first period Honors English class.

I found the room as the bell was ringing. I was apparently the last one in the room as all of the seats, except for the one right in front of the teacher’s desk were occupied. I hastily mumbled an apology to the teacher as I tried to reach my seat with as little embarrassment as possible as all of the kids stopped chatting and stared at me. Right before I sat down I caught a glimpse of eyes that looked remarkably the same color as my green shirt a row to the left and two seats behind me. I tossed my backpack under my desk and sat down.

“Robert Thompson.” The teacher spoke and I nodded adding, “I go by Bobby.”

“It’s nice to meet you Bobby; I hope you will enjoy your new school.”

“Thank you.” Was all I could get out before she started handing out syllabi and talking about what she wanted us to accomplish this year. I wanted desperately to turn around and catch a glimpse of the guy who I couldn’t wash off of my mind. I got my chance when a stack of papers landed on my desk and I turned around to pass them back. I grinned when he smiled at me and faced forward as I felt heat rushing to my face and I knew I would be blushing.

Nothing eventful happened in second or third period, as he wasn’t in either of those classes. Forth period I had elected to take gym, because I didn’t want to take another year of French, and that was the only thing that would fit in my schedule. I headed to the locker rooms which were smaller than I was used to, and changed into my gym shorts and t-shirt. There were only 12 or so guys in the locker room so I figured this must be a small class. I kept my head down, but almost let out an audible gasp when I saw him pulling off his shirt and replacing it with a t-shirt. I tried not to look but it was like my gaze was drawn to him as he pulled down his shorts exposing his gorgeous thighs and as he turned around I got a glorious view of a mouth-watering bubble butt trapped beneath black tight boxer briefs. I knew I had to get out of the locker room before I got caught staring. I headed out into the gym; I would tie my shoes once I got there.

The gym teacher was an older man with a slight gut in his mid 50’s. He had probably been in good shape when he was younger. There were another eight or so girls in the class and he said we were going outside to run on the track today. I was in good shape, but I was a swimmer, not a runner. I was disappointed to hear that this school didn’t have a swim team, let alone a pool. Guess I was going to be pretty free this year without a sport to keep me occupied.

I ran around the track at a decent clip, only a handful of kids passed me and I assumed they were on the track team, or just liked running. The whistle sounded and we headed back to the locker room to shower and change. I had worked a healthy sweat running around in the 85 degree humid weather. I walked slower than everyone else on the way back to the gym. When I got to the locker room most of the guys were already in the shower and I stripped down and grabbed my towel and headed in. The guys were loud and laughing around, I went to the back corner away from most of the commotion and showered as quickly as I could, not daring to turn around and notice the firm round buttocks and the nicely toned bodies of some of the guys. Most of the guys had headed back into the locker room and were mostly changed when I came out. Mystery man was sitting on a bench with the towel around his waist looking in this locker. I took one last mental photograph of that gorgeous face, chest, and those arms before I forced myself to get dressed before I popped a boner and got the crap kicked out of me.

I guess the tradition for first day back in the cafeteria was pizza. The kids were pretty excited as we waited in line to be served. One of the cafeteria monitors came up to me in the back of the line and asked if I was a senior. I nodded and she said that I was allowed to go up front with the rest of the seniors and not wait in line. I thanked her and walked to where she directed. I grabbed my slice of pizza and chocolate milk and headed to the tables looking for a seat. I went to the end of an empty table and was about to sit down when I group of guys, probably offensive or defensive lineman on the football team, walked up and one grumbled “Seats taken.”

“Sorry I didn’t know,” I muttered as I turned to the next table. I sat down and began opening my milk when one of the guys turned around and pointed at me. “You can’t sit there either.” I didn’t want to get into a fight on my first day in a new school, but I wasn’t going to be pushed around either. “Why the hell not?” I bristled in response.

“Cause we don’t want your kind sitting near.” He answered. I started to panic; did someone catch me staring in the locker room? Oh crap here I was getting called out on my first day of school. I took a breath and forced myself to speak, “What do you mean my kind?”

“A damn yankee,” was his response and I chuckled in relief. “I’m from northern Virginia, which last time I checked was south of the Mason-Dixon Line.”

“Well you’re close enough to it yank” he said as he stood up and got a little too close for comfort.

“Sit your ass down Chuck and leave him alone, it’s not like he’s from mars.” Chuck was nudged back into his seat by the green eyed creature that has been haunting me since I moved here. My savior sat down across from me and held out his hand. “Sorry about them, they can be dicks. Names Rob, nice to meet you.”

“Thanks for that,” I smiled and he nodded, “I’m Bobby.” He chuckled and said he knew as he was in my English class first period. I pretended I didn’t notice him there, but in reality he had been all I was thinking about. A couple of his friends came and sat by us, introductions were made and I smiled and nodded as the once empty table filled in. We ate and made small talk before the bell rang signaling the start of AP History. I said bye to the group and headed off to class which was only a couple doors down from the cafeteria, so I found it pretty easily and was one of the first there. I had my pick of seats and chose one in the back row. I was pleasantly surprised when Rob walked through the door with a strut in his step and sat down right in front of me grinning. “Ok smarty pants Bobby, I bet you’re in all of the honors and AP classes aren’t you?”

I admired the ease in which he spoke to me and replied, “Yeah, I guess I am. You must be pretty smart yourself to be in English and history.”

“I do alright in English in history; I don’t like math and science though. He shrugged but kept a light-hearted smile on his face.

“I’m not looking forward to calculus next period.” I admitted and that got a chuckle as he turned around and the teacher got us ready for class.

The rest of the day trudged along until finally the dismissal bell sounded and I headed out to my locker. I left the books in which I didn’t have any assignment and put my sunglasses on the top of my head. Closing my locker I was greeted by the smiling face of giggle girl. “How was your first day? I’m Becky by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Becky, it went pretty well, no complaints.”

“Well I’ll see you around new guy.” She grinned at her nickname and I saw her walk over to Rob and wrap her arm around his waist. I felt a tinge of jealousy and turned to head out of the school. Emily was already at my Jeep and I grinned when Rob peeled Becky’s arm from him and jumped in his truck.

Bobby finds a new sport. Rob goes fishing – Chapter 4 – Pacing the Field

I woke up in a decent mood, still trying to figure out how the year would go, but cautiously optimistic.

“What do you think of school so far?” Emily asked as we made the drive.

“Not too bad I guess,” was my response as we pulled into the parking lot. “I’ll meet you after school.”

“Volleyball tryouts are today, I’ll catch a ride home with Lindsey.”

“Good luck Em!” I smiled at her as we made our way to our separate classes.

I kept getting the feeling someone was staring at me in English, but the few times I dared turning around to glance behind me, no one was looking. Right before the bell rang, I thought I might have seen Rob turn his head, but he was staring at his notebook, seemingly fascinated by the blue lines that ran across the page.

Chicken nuggets were on the lunch menu today and I eagerly grabbed my tray and headed to the same spot as yesterday. I was glad when a couple of Rob’s friends just came over and filled in their seats. Rob made his way to the table and was greeted excitedly by the rest of the table. He greeted his friends and added “hey Bobby,” to me. “How you getting along? This small town school not overwhelming you is it?”

“It’s been pretty good so far.” I nodded as he took a chicken nugget and ran it through his mashed potatoes before eating it. He must have seen a funny look on my face as he chuckled before speaking, “sorry about my table manners, I’m starving.”

I grinned at him “No worries,” I said as I dunked a nugget in my mashed potatoes before eating it. “not bad.” I smiled sheepishly at him as he laughed at my mimicry.

“Your house is on the creek isn’t it Bobby?” He asked a few minutes later.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“Would you mind if I came by and went fishing off your dock sometime?”

“No I wouldn’t mind if you did that.”

“Awesome” he exclaimed pulling his phone out of his pants, “what’s your number so I can let you know and see if it’s a good time?” I gave him my number and was surprised when my phone started vibrating in my pocket. “Now you have my number, so you won’t be surprised when a random number wakes you up at 5 AM.”

I made an exaggerated groan, “if you’re coming over that early, please don’t wake me up.” I said in a sarcastic voice and he chuckled as the bell rang.

I was glad to be in History class sitting behind Rob. Even just staring at the back of his head was awesome. He even smelled good. I was surprised at the end of the class when the teacher, Mr. Brown, asked me for a minute of my time, I saw Rob glance behind him, but he headed out the door with the rest of the class.

“Bobby, I asked your PE coach if he knew of anyone who would be interested in joining the track team. He mentioned you ran pretty well yesterday. I doubt you know, but I’m also the track coach and we have tryouts today after school.”

“To be honest sir, I’m a swimmer; I’ve never run for sport.”

“Swimming is a lot like track Bobby, I would be happy if you made it to tryouts this afternoon.”

“I’ll think about it.” I said as he handed me a note so I wouldn’t get in trouble for being late to my next class.

I had decided by the time the dismissal bell sounded that I would at least go to tryouts. I liked swim meets, and since there wasn’t a swim team here, I’d give track a shot. As I walked through the gym Emily was with a group of girls stretching and getting ready for volleyball tryouts, she waved and I gave her a thumb as I headed to change.

“Glad you could make it Bobby.” Mr. Brown nodded as I made it out onto the track. After a couple warm up laps I noticed that the football team was heading to the center of the track to start practice. I glanced around looking for Rob, but it was hard to tell who was under all the helmets. I ran around in a couple of mock races and seemed to fair pretty well. I’m not sure why there were tryouts, as I’m pretty sure everyone who tried out made the team. I did embarrass myself, trying unsuccessfully to clear some hurdles at full speed. I got distracted when I heard a thump from the football guys, as the team hollered a good play, I looked up to see #47 removing his helmet after he flattened the running back. He had a huge grin on his face and I about went head first over the hurdle. Despite my hurdling technique the coach handed me a bag that had several track uniforms in it and waved me on my way.

The locker room was pretty full since multiple teams had tryouts or practice today. I looked up just in time to catch Rob pulling down his tight football pants revealing a glorious, slightly hairy ass, framed nicely by white straps of a jock. I quickly took a mental photograph, sat down and started to untie my shoes so I wouldn’t get caught drooling. I decided to wait and shower at home as my heart, brain, and cock were in overdrive.

I was glad at the end of the day Friday for a chance to relax. My feet, not used to all the running, had blisters on the heels. Classes had been going well and coach told me I was a natural runner. I dropped my backpack on my floor and headed for a quick shower. I put on some gym shorts just to relax for the afternoon. My phone started vibrating and I fished it off of my bed. ‘Hey Bobby, it’s Rob, just wondering if it’s cool if I came by to go fishing this afternoon.’ I typed out ‘Sounds good,’ at least I’d get a good view of him fishing as I gazed out my window. I was half asleep half daydreaming when I heard the doorbell ring.

“Good afternoon ma’am, I’m Rob. Bobby and I are going to cast a line off of the dock if that’s okay.” I set up hearing Rob talking to my mom.

“Oh that’s nice dear, a pleasure to meet you, and so polite. I’ll see if Bobby is ready.”

I expected Rob to come fishing, but I didn’t think he wanted me to go with him. I pulled on a t-shirt and put on my flip flops as mom called from down the stairs.

“Bobby your friend is here.”

I tried to control my racing heart so I didn’t tumble as I plodded down the stairs.

“Hey Bobby, ready to get a line wet?” He smiled as I headed out the door with him.

“Ready as I’ll ever be” I nodded as he smiled and grabbed two rods and a small tackle box out of the back of his pickup. We walked to the end of the dock and he handed me one of the rods as I sat down on the edge. He opened his tackle box and pulled out a brown paper bag and set it beside me as he sat down. He removed a familiar Styrofoam container and pulled a bloodworm from the brown moss like substance and grinned, “Careful, they bite,” as he deftly attached the worms to the two hooks on his rig. Help yourself he said handing me the little container they were in. “I, uh, I’ve never handled bloodworms before,” I blurted out, slightly embarrassed at the novice fisherman I was.

“Can’t even bait a hook,” he chuckled shaking his head and quickly attached the worm to my similar rig. After a few minutes of sitting and having a comfortable conversation, his rod started flexing and he brought in not one but two fish. “These are spot” he informed me and I laughed noticing the spot on the side of the fish.

“I wonder how they got their name?” I teased as he unhooked the fish and kept them secured as he refreshed his bait and replaced his line. I caught one next and was pretty damn proud. He showed me the easiest way to get it off the hook. Two hours, six spot, one catfish, and a croaker later we were finished. I was surprised at how quickly the time passed and how comfortable I was with Rob.

“Bobby, go ask your mom if she wants to eat these for supper, I’ll stay down here and scale and fillet them.” I headed to the house and asked mom if she was in the mood for fish. Rob stayed and ate the delicious freshly caught fish with us. My dad seemed to really like him and talked about fishing and football. I think Emily liked him too as I saw her glancing dazedly at him before mom discretely elbowed her. I chuckled and she glared at me, but I had probably been doing the same and luckily wasn’t elbowed for it. Rob helped clear the table, which got a “such a polite young man” from mom. I headed out the door with Rob and thanked him for taking me fishing. He thanked me for letting him come over and shouted “see you later Bobby” from his window as he pulled out of the driveway.

I went up to my room followed shortly by Emily.

“It’s him isn’t it?” She questioned as she plopped beside me on the bed.

“It’s him what?” I responded knowing exactly where she was going.

“You like him.” She stated matter-of-factly while making childish sounds and poking me in the ribs.

I sighed, “Yeah I do, he’s smart, friendly, out-going, and handsome.”

“He is handsome,” she admitted as she rolled onto her stomach and put her elbows under her chin kicking her legs behind her. “Is he dating that Becky girl?” She asked, “I always see her hanging on him down the hallway.”

“I’m not sure, but I’ve noticed her doing that too. I guess I need to stop thinking about him like that before I make a fool of myself and he outs me, and the town decides to lynch me.

“Oh don’t be so dramatic” she snorted as she rolled off of the bed. “I haven’t seen him all over her, I’m not sure if he fancies her advances.


Two weeks had passed and Wednesday was my first track meet. Three schools from the district would be here for a long meet Wednesday afternoon. Luckily kids on the track team got out of class after lunch as they needed to start fairly early so the other schools could get home at a reasonable hour. A couple people wished me good luck as I headed to my locker to drop of my books. I was surprised to see Rob at Becky’s locker, but she was grinning ear to ear at his presence. “Give ’em hell Bobby” Rob said patting my back, “run your little ass off.” I felt the blush creep to my cheeks and said thanks and bye to the two as I headed for the locker room.

‘It’s just a saying,’ I said to myself shaking my head. ‘He wasn’t really thinking about my ass.’ I stripped off my shirt and put on the slinky little sleeveless shirt that was part of my uniform. Most of the track guys must have already changed because there were only a couple of guys on the other side of the lockers. I pulled off my shorts and boxer briefs and quickly slid on my compression shorts, adjusting little Bobby, who was still thinking about Rob’s comment, and then quickly slid on my track shorts. I slid my flip flops back on knowing better than to walk across the basketball hardwood in my track cleats.

Coach had signed me up for 3 solo races and one relay. I did pretty well getting a respectable 3rd place in two of them, and even managed a 2nd place finish in the 400m. I had time to relax before the relays started. I sat off to the side eating an orange chatting to some of the guys on the team, congratulating a teammate who placed first in a hurdles race. “Good thing you weren’t doing hurdles today” he joked nudging my side. “Asshole” I responded laughing with him.

The dismissal bell had rung and most of the students streamed out to their cars and headed home. A handful of kids came to sit on the bleachers to watch. A few minutes later the football team headed out for practice, they would be on a field next to the track today as the center was used for the field events. I saw #47’s cute ass as he ran towards the other end of that field.

“Thompson your relay is in two races, you guys get ready,” came one of the assistant coaches’ voices. We retied our shoes and headed over to the side of the track. I was going to anchor the relay and was worried about dropping the baton. There wasn’t a baton in swimming. I dropped it in practice a couple times and coach made us practice the hand off for an hour yesterday so I wouldn’t screw up.

The gun sounded and the lead-off runners took off. Our team and another school were neck and neck as the other schools were a little ways back. After two laps the seconds got onto the track, ready for the handoff from their teammate. We were in second but only just, as our runner took off chasing his prey. The third and forth teams dropped back a little more as our runner seemed to be losing a little ground to the leader as he handed the baton off to the 3rd runner.

By the time it was standing on the track waiting for the baton I was a ball of nerves, bouncing nervously on the balls of my feet as I could tell we were still behind. The front two runners were approaching and the leader got the baton a couple of seconds before I did. Just two laps I thought as I sprinted as fast as I could. I can beat this kid I thought but he was still in the lead. The cries from the crowd were loud, my heart was pumping in my ears, parents and friends of the runners were screaming, I faintly heard “Go Bobby Go!” and tried to find some extra energy in my body. There was a half of a lap left and I was gaining almost neck-and-neck around the final curve I pushed myself passed him and stretched to the finish line .2 seconds ahead of second and throttled down almost jogging another half lap before turning around and walking back to my relay team, my winning relay team, my first 1st place finish as a track athlete.

“Johnson get your ass back over here” I heard bellow and looked as I saw #47 running back to a coach who was berating him. I smiled at the thought that he was watching me and was greeted with high fives and cheers from my teammates and coaches. The team placed second in the meet but only barely beating the 3rd place team. The coaches congratulated us and said we’ll win the next one. Exhausted I headed back into the school to grab my backpack out of my locker and headed home.

Bobby hopes to find something more – Chapter 5 – Something More

Thursday at lunch Rob told me he saw my relay race. “You did awesome Bobby, I didn’t think you were going to catch him, but you just put it another gear and ran by the guy.”

I nodded modestly, “thanks man, I wasn’t sure I could catch him either. I hope you didn’t get in too much trouble watching the race.” His face got shy and I thought he might be embarrassed, but I smiled warmly at him.

“It’s alright, coach just told me to get my head out of my ass and back to practice.” We both laughed and finished eating our lunch.

Friday was the first football game of the year; unfortunately, it was an away game and an hour drive to the opposing school. The school was taking a “pep bus” for students who wanted to go and I signed up with some kids I was friendly with, and smiled when I saw Emily’s name already on list. The guys wore their Jerseys all day and Rob looked sexy as hell. The blue jersey with orange lettering said crabbers over his chest and had his number underneath. The back had his surname ‘Johnson’ and the #47. He had it tucked into jeans that were snug in all the right places and showed off his perfect plump ass. The cheerleaders were also dressed up and Becky was annoyingly close to Rob every chance she could get. As I headed to my locker to drop off unwanted items at the end of the day, Becky asked if I was headed to the game.

“Yeah I am” I nodded and she smiled saying, “see you there, Go Crabbers!” She hurried down the hall and I’m sure she was looking for Rob.

On the pep bus I sat next to my friend from our relay team and my sister sat across the aisle with her friend Lindsey. Becky came on the bus with the rest of the cheer team and tried to get us rowdy and ready for the game. I chatted with the friends and family around me until we arrived in enemy territory. We filed off of the bus and headed towards the visitor section of the bleachers. It was pretty full, not nearly as many fans as the home team, but a respectable amount of Crabbers fans made journey.

Our team took the field and a chorus of “Boooos” drowned our applause. The first quarter was okay, we trailed 3-7. The second quarter both teams scored a touchdown so it was 10-14 at half. The third quarter we closed the gap and scored a touchdown and a field goal, to their one touchdown to make it 20-21 with the final 15:00 left to play.

The defenses held strong and it wasn’t until 2 minutes remained in the fourth quarter when we started a drive making it all the way down to their 20 yard line. Unfortunately, our dreams were dashed when our quarterback, maybe feeling his nerves, threw the ball to the other team and they had the ball on their own 10 yard line, up by 1 point, with 1:37 remaining on the clock.

Our defense held on first and second downs and our coach quickly called timeouts. 3rd and 10 with 1:01 on the clock, they called another safe run up the middle. Out of nowhere I saw Rob’s #47 flash through the line and he flew to the ball carrier hitting the ball with his helmet, causing a fumble that another linebacker landed on. Our section erupted and I screamed “Go Rob!” which was quickly drowned out by the moans from the home team crowd.

We ran the ball twice up the middle and let the clock tick down to 2 seconds before the coach called our final timeout. The special teams unit trotted out on the field and kicked the winning field goal as time expired. We cheered on the way home and it was a great night.

Saturday afternoon I got a text from Rob saying the gang was going to have a bonfire on the beach tonight and asked if I wanted to go. I quickly accepted his invite and he said he would pick me up at 7:30. Emily poked her head in and saw the grin on my face.

“What’s got you grinning?”

“Nothing just got invited to a bon fire tonight with some kids.” I replied.

“Oh, lucky, I heard some upperclassman talking about that yesterday. Who is going?”

I shrugged, “I dunno, Rob just asked if I wanted to go, and said he would pick me up at 7:30.”

“Oh that’s why you’re grinning, careful brother, this isn’t a date, he’s just taking you to hang out with some friends and relax. They’ll probably be drinking so it’s a good thing you aren’t driving, dad would be furious.

I got dressed in some jeans that I thought showed off my butt nicely, but weren’t too tight in the legs. I put on a green hoodie as the fall chill was starting to creep into the area. The doorbell rang and my mom was tickled pink at the flattering tongue of Mr. Rob Johnson. I said my goodbyes and headed out the door surprised not to see Rob’s pickup in the drive. “I let the guys use my truck to haul wood for the fire” he said answering my confused look. “They dropped me off as we couldn’t all fit in the truck.” He had on tight fitting long sleeve thermal shirt and a pair of jeans that was made for his body. We chatted as we made our way down to the beach.

“I heard you cheering for me last night” he said breaking the comfortable silence between us.

“I’m surprised you heard over all the ‘boos’,” we chuckled at the thought; “you saved the game, such an awesome play.” I said praising him.

“I got lucky, but it was awesome,” was his humble response.

We could see the orange glow coming from the fire pit as we headed onto the beach. “I’m glad you moved here Bobby” he stated as he tousled my hair. “I’ve never had a friend this easy to talk to before.” A dumbfounded look must have crossed my face and he noticed because he added “I dunno Bobby, it’s just really easy to be myself around you. I can tell you are laid back and I feel like you wouldn’t judge me or look for a fault in me just so you can rub it in my face later. Some of the kids are brutal…” He trailed off and I wondered what he meant. He was one of the most popular kids in school and was never bullied from what I had seen.

“I’m actually glad I’ve moved here too,” I admitted for the first time to anyone, let alone myself. “If it wasn’t for you I’d probably still be getting bullied and eating lunch standing up. You and your friends have been very nice and made me feel welcome, so thanks for that.”

“They would have backed off eventually if I hadn’t of stopped them. Everybody likes you, Katie, one of the cheerleaders, blushes every time you walk into her vision. You would have been fine on your own.” Rob continued, “she’ll probably be here tonight, so be on the lookout.” He gave a half smile that faded away as we reached the group around the fire.

“Rob you made it!” Becky cheered as she ran to him handing him a can of beer and a red Solo cup. “Thanks Becky,” he said as he reached into the cooler and grabbed another beer and a cup, which had Becky looking on, wondering what he was doing. He handed the extras to me and Becky relaxed as she headed back to the gaggle of girls chatting merrily by the fire. Rob came back around to me and apologized, “you don’t have to drink that, sorry. I don’t want you to think I’m peer pressuring you to drink with us.” I waved him off laughing as I took out the keys from my pocket and shocked him when I punched a hole in my can and shotgunned the beer. I started laughing merrily when I finished, quite a few people stared at me wide-eyed. I winked at Rob as saying, “kids drink in Northern Virginia too.” That got a couple chuckles and I got another beer and poured it in my cup to sip on.

I sat and chatted with the people I knew and tried not to be too clingy around Rob. I ended up talking to Katie for a few minutes and she shyly gave me a kiss on the cheek. I thought I caught an angry look on Rob’s face when I looked up, but it quickly disappeared as he rejoined his conversation with a guy from the football team.

A couple guys started getting rowdy and a couple of the cheerleaders took their keys and drove them home. People were starting to leave in groups as the fire was down to embers. “We’re going to head out Rob,” one of the guys said, “I’m gonna need your truck in the morning to clean up the trash.“

“Just take it, I’ll walk home. Swing by in the morning and I’ll help you clean up the fire pit too.” Rob responded as they left and headed for his truck.

“I’ll give you a ride home Rob.” We turned as we saw a way too excited Becky.

“Oh hey Becky, didn’t know you were still here, don’t worry about it I’m just going to walk home.” Rob politely declined her invitation. It seemed like he was trying to spend more time with me and it made my heart flutter at the thought.

Becky headed out casting a last hopeful look at Rob who simply waved as she headed out. Rob went over to the cooler and dumped the ice and water from the cooler on the fire, extinguishing the few embers.

“You ready to head home Bobby?” He asked as he started filling the empty cooler with some empty cans.

I shrugged non-committal “yeah I guess it’s getting late.”

He stood beside me for a second and looked into my eyes; I saw a glint in his eyes as I closed mine. I could feel him moving closer until I was shaken out of my anticipation when he cleared his throat and turned his head abruptly and said “Let’s go.” I was so nervous on the walk home, I thought by that look that he was going to kiss me, but clearly I’d misread the signs. I was on pins and needles, worried that I was falling for him, and it would never be reciprocated.

“Thanks for hanging out Bobby, it was fun as always.” Rob said as we approached my house. “I’m just a couple blocks passed. I’ll see you at school. Take it easy man.” And he disappeared into the shadows at a much faster pace than we had taken to get here.

He left before I could tell him that I had a great time and to thank him for inviting me.

I headed up to bed undisturbed and collapsed onto it with my thoughts. That look in his eyes, he wanted to kiss me? I wasn’t sure. I exhaled loudly. I decided to text him before I fell asleep. ‘Thanks for inviting me Robbie, I had fun.’ Short and simple I thought. I laughed at the thought of using the nick name not sure how he would respond. I headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed. When I got back to my room I noticed the notification light on my phone and opened the message ‘No prob Bob.’ I grinned at the reversal of our names and stripped off my pants and hoodie and got under the sheets.

I slept fitfully with vision of Rob leaning in to kiss me. My cock was aching and I realized I would never get any sleep this way. I reached my right hand under my tight boxer briefs and began to fondle my balls in my hand and slowly move my hand up and down my rigid tool. I closed my eyes and envisioned Rob standing before me, with that look in his eyes. I moaned in anticipation and let my left hand slip inside my underwear to aid the fantasy. My breathing was getting shallow as my lust egged me on. I don’t know what started guiding my left hand, but suddenly it was doing something I had never considered. It lightly moved down to my tight hole and brushed against it. Another soft moan escaped my mouth as I continued working up and down my shaft. My left index finger was lightly tracing circles around the tight entrance causing my body to shudder. Rob’s eyes sparkled in my head and the pleasure was too much. It felt like a rocket was shooting out of my slit as I filled my underwear with a torrent of thick white cream. I lay there gasping before I removed my boxer briefs and wiped my hands. My brain turned off and I fell asleep as soon as I pulled the sheets back to my chest.

The following week was spirit week which culminated in a pep rally, a Homecoming parade, the homecoming game Friday night, and the dance Saturday. All week long the cheerleaders were in uniform and had different events to get the student body ready for the big game. On Wednesday before I headed to lunch I was at my locker, I looked up as I heard the one beside me slam shut.

“Everything alright Becky?” I asked startled at the look on her face.

“Ugh, hey new kid. I’m just frustrated is all.” Came her exasperated response.

“Wanna talk about it?” I volunteered as we made our way down the hall for the cafeteria.

“I just thought Rob would’ve asked me by now, but he hasn’t. I wonder if he’s taking someone else to the homecoming dance. You hang out with him some don’t you? Will you find out what he’s doing?” she started to perk up at her idea.

“Um… I dunno if he’s asked anybody, but I’ll ask him about it.” I was suddenly nervous about this conversation, secretly hoping that he hadn’t asked anyone.

“Thanks Bobby, you’re not too bad. I think Katie doesn’t have a date,” she gave me a wink as she entered the cafeteria and walked away.

I was pretty tired after school and running a couple miles for track practice, so I took a long hot shower and was prepared to just sit and relax the rest of the day; the teachers seemed to be pretty nice and hadn’t given much homework this week. My vision was drawn from the TV when I saw my phone bouncing on the coffee table. ‘Fishing?’ was the message from Rob. I quickly sent back ‘sure,’ trying not to look too eager and headed up stairs to change my shorts for sweats and put on my green hoddie. The fall was on us and it was getting colder by the week. I met Rob outside before he had a chance to knock. He smiled in greeting and we headed out to the dock. It took me a second to realize he hadn’t brought any fishing stuff down with him. I turned the couple lights on that lightly illuminated the dock. He sat beside me on the edge of the dock, a little closer than what he usually did, and just sighed.

“How’re we gonna fish without rods?” I finally asked trying to break the silence.

“Is it alright if we just sit here and relax?” Was his response, which was odd because I knew fishing was relaxing for him, but I didn’t press the issue.

“Sure, it’s a nice night I don’t mind just sitting here.” He gave me a small shy smile and leaned back putting his arms behind his head as his back hit the wood beneath him.

“You wanna talk about it?” I asked not used to leading the conversation.

“Not really, just wanted to sit and relax, couldn’t think of a better spot.”

I wasn’t sure if he meant being with me or sitting on the creek, but let it go before finally getting up the courage to break the silence again. I leaned back like he was but stopped when my arms landed on top of his. He didn’t move but I put my arms by my side my hair touching his elbow as I settled back down.

“Becky is driving me crazy you know,” I started, “she has enlisted me to find out why you haven’t asked her to the dance. She thinks you’ve asked someone else…” I trailed off not knowing where to go with this conversation. There was an awkward pause that seemed to stretch out until I felt his arm shift as he turned his head to look at me. I shifted my head to face him and the soft flannel of his shirt brushed against my cheek.

“I haven’t asked anyone,” he started, “I know Becky likes me, but the only person I would want to take…” he paused and I barely heard the end of his sentence, “I can’t.”

I sat thoughtfully for a moment, not quite sure if I could gauge where this going before I spoke. “Sure you can Rob, anyone you asked would go with you, and you could date anyone in the school that you wanted.”

He averted his eyes and stared longingly at the stars and few clouds above us. I kept my cheek rested against his elbow watching him ponder what to say. “You’re probably right, but this is all new to me, I don’t think the school would allow it, much less my parents.” He shifted his head to face me with that same look in his eyes and I set mesmerized, trapped in the green pool of his eyes as they glistened at me.

“I almost kissed you after the bon fire” he admitted in a soft, unsure voice. I rolled onto my side and propped up my head on my elbow looking at him before answering “I know, I could see it; I can still see it in your eyes.” Without warning he pushed me back down and followed my head down with his. I closed my eyes and felt velvet soft skin barely touching my lips. A soft moan left my mouth as I felt his hand touch my chin, begging me to look at him. My body shivered at the contact as I slowly opened my eyes to gaze into his wanton face.

“You’re okay with this?” he whispered. I nodded and his lips were pressed into me as he lowered his strong body on top of me. His tongue slowly drifted across my lips seeking an invitation. I quickly opened my mouth accepting him willingly as his tongue explored every corner of my mouth, playing chase with my own. The taste of him in my mouth had me practically drooling. I sighed as he put his arms on either side of me and pulled back from the suffocating kiss. I was almost gasping, but instantly missed the contact. I admired the view as he stared down at me as if I was his meal, and he hadn’t eaten in weeks.

“I’m not going to the dance,” he stated plainly, “I was hoping maybe you’d wanna go out with me Saturday night, just the two of us?” The expression on his face was hopeful as I nodded my head at him and he placed three or four chaste kisses on my lips before rolling over and sitting back up. “I’ve never been with a guy before,” I tried to speak but he continued, “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before, I think it can be something special.” I opened my mouth but he put his finger to my lips to silence me and continued “I’m not ready to tell people about us, but I hope you would still like to see me.” He averted his gaze and dropped his head to look at the reflection of the stars in the still creek water.

I sat up and scooted next to him, I wrapped my arm around his waist like I had seen Becky do countless times. He didn’t recoil; instead he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his strong, warm frame. “I’ve never had a relationship with a guy before either Rob,” I sighed as I leaned my head to rest on his shoulder before continuing “I’ve known I’d been attracted to guys, but the first time I saw you buying bait in the gas station, I was hooked.”

He chuckled at my bad pun before kissing the top of my head. “I’ll admit when I saw you in the store, I hoped you were part of the new family that moved in. I thought you were so cute. When I saw you at the beach and the girls kept giggling when they saw you bending over, I wanted to join them, but nudged them to be quiet because I could tell you were getting embarrassed.” He stood up grabbing my hands which sent chills through my body as he helped pull me to my feet.

“I’ve got something for you in the truck…if you want it that is.” He held my hand until well got close to house and he let go leading his way to the pickup. He opened the driver’s door and leaned across the bench seat to grab a neatly folded blue t-shirt. He turned and couldn’t quite keep his eyes intent on mine as he shifted his weight, moving his legs back and forth before finally spitting it out. “The guys on the team are giving these to their girlfriends to wear on Friday, I know you’re not a girl, and I’m not ready for you to wear it around in the open, but I want” he hesitated, not quite sure this was the right time “never mind it’s stupid I shouldn’t have.” He grimaced taking the shirt back and turning to place it back in the cab.

I reached around him and took the shirt and unfolded it to get a better look. It was a dark blue shirt that on the front said Crabbers and had an Orange crab logo on it. Turning it around I read the name Johnson and saw the #47. I hugged it to my chest before speaking “I’d love to have it. I’m not ready to be out in the open with this yet either, but knowing you want me to have this means a lot.”

He hopped into the cab of his truck with a new spring in his step; he rolled down the crank to lower the window as he closed the door and leaned out. “Thanks,” he said leaning out the window “I had a great night.” He kissed me on the forehead and I stood on my tip-toes to reach up to the slightly jacked up truck and kissed him sweetly on the lips.

“Me too.” Spilled out of my mouth as we broke apart, he tousled my hair before he pulled away and I watched his taillights disappear before heading up to my room. I laid the t-shirt down on my bed happily staring at it before folding it up and tucking it neatly in my dresser. I was happier than I could ever recall and slept soundly having sweet dreams of the two of us cuddled up and kissing.

Bobby and the school get ready for homecoming – Chapter 6 – Homecoming

Thursday I noticed Rob waited until my sister and I pulled into the parking lot before jumping out of his truck. He walked in with the two of us as we entered the school. He patted my back saying “see you around Bobby,” as he started passing my locker to head to his own.

“Rob, Rob, hey come here Rob” I winced as I saw Becky pulling Rob back to stand by her locker. She made a show of pushing out her chest, and bending over a little more than necessary to pick up a book from the bottom of her locker. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to homecoming with me?”

“Sorry Becky, I’m not going, I have plans out of town.” He replied while cutting his eyes at me with the quickest of glances. He headed off down to his locker as Becky slammed her locker and stomped off. I smiled inwardly as I got ready to head to class.

At lunch we sat in our usual spots, but Katie nudged somebody out of the way and sat next to me. Rob chuckled across from me as I kicked him under the table.

“Hey Bobby,” She said batting her brown eyes at me, “I heard you haven’t asked anybody do the dance and was wondering if you wanted to go with me.” She said as she leaned a little closer so I could get a look down her top.

“Sorry Katie, I can’t, I have a date.” I heard Rob snort the milk he was drinking and I’m sure it was close to coming out of his nose as I continued, “Yeah it’s one of my best friends from home and it’s the only time we can hang out for a while.” It really wasn’t a lie as Rob was my best friend, we were going on a date, and I was starting to consider this as my home.

“Must be a lucky girl,” Katie shrugged as she sat straight up and ate while looking for the next guy on her list.

“Oh she is.” I chuckled as Rob kicked me in the shin and tried not to react. We had another track meet after lunch and our relay team won again. I also managed to get 2nd in two events and 1st in another. I caught Rob trying to sneak glimpse of the meet when he had a break in practice.

I spent most of the night texting him before I got tired and took a picture of my face on my pillow. He sent me a picture of him under the covers with just his arms, neck, and face showing, a little bit of his chest hair was peeking out. I smiled contented and drifted off to sleep.

After my Friday morning shower I decided that I had to wear Rob’s shirt. I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror smiling before buttoning up an orange and blue flannel shirt to hide Rob’s t-shirt. Emily and I pulled into the parking lot and Rob was conveniently getting out of his pickup at the same time. After exchanging pleasantries Emily excused herself to go catch up to a group of friends some 30 yards in front of us. Rob glanced at me as if thinking something, but didn’t say anything until I got to my locker and took off my backpack.

“You’re brave,” Rob almost whispered, smiling as his hand traced over his name on my back through the flannel shirt. I shivered at his touch and turned around grinning.

“How’d you know?” I asked grabbing my book and closing the locker.

He smirked at me as he started walking away, “I wasn’t sure, but I was hoping.” He disappeared around the corner heading to our English class; I shook my head and followed his steps through the classroom door.

At the start of the class our English teacher passed around ballots for homecoming king and queen. I smiled at him as I turned around to pass the rest of ballots back. I had no trouble deciding who to choose for king. I couldn’t bring myself to vote Becky for queen, so I voted for Katie. I wondered if Rob would vote himself as I handed our completed ballots to the teacher.

On my way to lunch I was grabbed and pulled into the handicap bathroom. Rob locked the door and ravaged my mouth. His tongue wrestled with mine until I was breathless. Regaining some composure, panting I pushed him back. “Rob that was awesome, but we’re going to get caught.”

He licked his lips in response and leaned back while straightening out some wrinkles that had formed on my shirt. “I know, sorry, I was staring at your back first period, knowing that you had my shirt on under this flannel got me so hot. All I’ve been thinking about is kissing you. His eyes went to my jeans and he noticed they were tighter than usual.

“Let’s skip lunch” he said as he pressed his steamy lips against mine and took his hand to slide down my zipper. Lust filled my brain as his scent overwhelmed me trapped in the confines of the small bathroom. He pushed me back against the wall as he fished my trapped cock from its cotton confines. He broke the kiss and looked down at me, my body was on edge and he could tell as he ghosted his fingers across my now aching cock. The electricity coursing my body was almost unbearable. I felt as if I would catch on fire as he slowly rubbed up and down the silky skin on my shaft. The fact that neither of us had an experience like this combined with the worry of being caught, it was almost too much to bear.

“I’ve only touched myself.” Rob admitted, “let me know if you want me to do something else.” I grabbed him behind the head and forced my tongue into his mouth. Passion coming out of my ears like a teapot ready to explode. “It’s perfect, “I said before attacking his mouth again. He started unbuttoning my shirt and I threw my backpack down so he could get it off me. He grinned and turned me around so he could see the back of the shirt, admiring his name and number as he rubbed his hands across my shoulders. My jeans hit the floor next as I reached out to undo his. I have seen his perfect ass framed in a jockstrap, but I wanted to see what was filling out the front so nicely.

He helped me push his jeans and tight boxer briefs down while I stared open mouthed. It was just perfect. Almost 8 inches long, hard, thick, I almost drooled at the dew drop that was hanging on to the tip like honeysuckle. I couldn’t contain myself; I took my thumb and rubbed it off before bringing the delicate string with a drop at the end to my tongue. We both moaned as I licked it and he ravaged my mouth. We were slowly jerking each other off, moaning into each others’ open mouths. I tried to break the kiss to let him know I was about to shoot, but he held me still jerking me faster. I exploded on the bathroom floor as I felt his cock somehow get even harder before he started shooting jet after jet onto the tiled floor. We slumped against each other for what felt like hours trying to catch our breath.

“That was” I started but couldn’t find the breath or words to finish “amazing.” He chimed in. He quickly grabbed some damp paper towels to mop up our joint mess before pulling up his pants. He helped me button my flannel shirt and straightened it out again before kissing me on the nose.

“When the bell rings we need to sneak out separately and blend in with crowd.” I nodded as he kissed me again lightly pressing his lips to mine. “You’re so cute when you blush.” I felt my cheeks get warmer as the bell sounded.

I know I had a dazed grin on my face as I was walking around. Everyone headed out to the bleachers after lunch for the start of the pep rally. I sat next to some friends on the bleachers and was in a blissful daze staring at the field while the team and cheerleaders did silly stunts. A kid from my relay track team nudged me “What’s got you grinning so much?” I shook my head to clear the lust filled haze that was filling my brain more and more frequently. “Just glad it’s Friday, and I don’t have to sit through Calculus.” I managed to say. He just patted my back and shook his head.

All of the seniors on the team were put in seats facing the bleachers. The cheerleaders lined up behind them with shaving cream pies. They darted around to slam the shaving cream on the guys’ faces. Rob and another guy rolled out of their seats before getting pied but there was shaving cream everywhere. Becky was the one trying to pie Rob and fell down getting herself covered in the shaving cream.

After everyone was cleaned up the top three candidates for Homecoming King were announced, they were: Rob, the quarterback, and one of the receivers. Rob should definitely be crowned as he was the most handsome of the bunch. He also got along with seemingly everyone. I applauded with vigor as the crown was placed over his head and he grinned and waved to the gathered crowd. Becky was crowned queen and promptly glued herself to Rob’s side. He had a Mona Lisa smile on his face while the pictures were taken.

The crowd headed towards the parking lot as the homecoming parade would be downtown in about an hour. I wanted to wait for Rob and congratulate him, but didn’t want to look suspicious. I reached my Jeep just as I felt my phone vibrate and saw him Emily approaching. ‘Can I hang at your house before the parade?’ I read Rob’s message and quickly gave him an agreeing response as I hopped into the Jeep.

“Looks like you’re all smiles today.” Emily said as she climbed in the passenger seat.

“Can’t complain.” I responded as we headed home.

Rob showed up 5 minutes later and sat near enough to me on the couch to be close, but not too close as to arouse suspicion. Emily sat in the chair and just watched TV as we just lounged, Rob and I just enjoyed being near one another. He put his arm on the sofa and gently rubbed my neck every chance he could. His phone beeped and he looked at the screen, giving my neck a final squeeze before standing up. “Gotta go meet the team. See y’all later” he said before heading out the door.

The parade was everything a small town would be proud of. They had the marching band lead a rousing rendition of the fight song down Main Street, the fire trucks flashing their lights with every siren blaring; a large diesel pickup pulled a trailer that held all of the football team. I noticed Rob wasn’t on it and wondered if he had been late because he was at my house. I started to feel bad until a little blue corvette pulled up that housed Rob and Becky wearing their crowns and waving to the crowd. The sight of Becky holding on to Rob, and that perfect smile on her face made me cringe. I knew he wasn’t interested, but I couldn’t control my jealousy at the fact that she could hold him. Rob’s false smile turned real, and his face lit up when he picked me out of the crowd, time stood still as we gazed at each other, him even turned his head back a little, before facing forward realizing we had been lost in each others’ eyes. I felt a pinch on my arm and turned around to see Emily mouth the words ‘What was that?’ I shrugged and looked confused before saying “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She just shook her head as she scooped up a lollipop that was thrown by the cheerleaders as they danced by.

The game was great. The crowd really roared as we stomped our neighboring county 31 — 7. The game was over kind of late; Rob texted me about a party but I told him just to go ahead and have fun, I was beat. He texted me an hour later ‘it’s not a party without you there’ with a picture attached. I almost licked the screen he was in bed again, but this time the covers were down to his waste and one of his muscled arms was behind his head. The gorgeous muscles on his stomach and chest stood out and the soft layer of hair was captured beautifully. I suddenly had to urge to lick his armpit and breathe in the intoxicating scent.

I was surprised to find that he was in bed thinking of me and not out celebrating the victory, and being crowned king. I copied his pose and took a picture to send him. Glancing at it first to make sure it was flattering and captured my slim but firm and smooth body before sending it to him with a message ‘Can’t wait for tomorrow Robbie.’ Within seconds my phone vibrated ‘Me either babe.’ I smiled at the term of endearment and drifted off to sleep.

Bobby and Rob skip their homecoming dance – Chapter 7 – Skipping the Dance

I woke a little after 8 AM and checked my phone. Rob had sent me a text at 6:30 AM ‘I’m going to pick you up at around 6 tonight.’ I stretched and yawned before sending back ‘sounds great, do I need to dress up?’ The phone vibrated before I even had a chance to put it down ‘Morning babe, just wear what you normally wear.’ I smiled again, I never thought I would like being called ‘babe,’ but it made me happy thinking he was.

I was practically pacing around the house when after lunch my mom told me to go for a swim to get rid of my energy. “There are no pools open and the bay is freezing.”

“Well go run and train for your next track meet.”

I conceded and put some sweats on and tied up my shoes. I ran downtown nodding and waving to the few people I passed. I had been running about an hour when I heard a car honking and turned as it stopped. I was surprised when Katie pulled up and rolled down her window. “Thought you were heading out of town?” She said as I noticed the curlers all over her blonde hair. “Yeah I’m leaving a little later tonight.” I answered “Who’s the lucky guy that’s taking you to the dance?” I asked as she blushed, “Billy Knowles, he’s on the soccer team.” I nodded and smiled, “Have a great time Katie, I’ll see you later.” I heard her shout “You too Bobby!” as she rolled up her window and pulled away and parked in front of the nail salon.

I cut through the alleys as I walked home, not wanting anyone else to question me on my story. The first thing I heard as I walked through my door was my dad asking me “Why didn’t you invite anyone to the dance son?”

I tried to cover my groan, “I just don’t wanna go dad.”

“You went last year. Your sister is going she thinks it’ll be fun.”

“I’m sure it will be fun dad, I just don’t want to go.”

“What are you going to do tonight then? I’m sure all of your friends will be at the dance.”

“Rob isn’t going either. I’ll probably just hang out with him.”

A puzzled look flashed across his face before he started speaking,, “Rob? You’re telling me the homecoming king doesn’t have a date?”

I shrugged before I spoke, “I don’t think he likes dancing.”

“No drinking tonight Bobby,” He stated frankly. I nodded, “if you want to stay the night at your friends’ just text your mother or me and let us know.”

“Yes sir, I will.” I stated as I headed up the stairs. I took a shower before heading to my room to decide what I was going to wear. I picked out my favorite jeans, thinking that I was probably going to get some action pulled them up without bothering with underwear. I pulled out a tight fitting t-shirt and pulled my favorite green hoodie over top. I headed to the bathroom and took extra care brushing my teeth. I heard the doorbell ring and bounced down the stairs as my dad opened the door. Standing in the frame was Rob in his letter jacket which fit his sculpted frame like a glove and jeans that were snug in all the right places.

“Good evening Mr. Thompson, how are you?” He said extending his hand to my dad. “Bobby and I were going to hang out tonight if that’s alright with you.”

“Thanks Rob, I’m doing well.” Dad said while shaking Robs’ hand. “I’m curious as to why the homecoming king decided not to go to the dance.” I rolled my eyes at my dad’s prying.

Rob just grinned and said “two left feet,” with a chuckle he looked down at his feet as he fanned them for effect.

“Alright you guys go have fun.” Dad said patting me on the back as we headed out the door. I was kind of surprised when Rob held the truck door open for me, but smiled as I hopped in. I reached across and pushed open his door before he got there; he smiled at me as he slid in. He grabbed my hand and gave it a firm squeeze before he started the truck and backed out of the drive.

“Where are we heading?” I asked looking out the window for clue.

“Only one way to find out,” he smiled and laced his fingers with mine. I returned his smile content with the contact between us. About 20 minutes later he turned down a dirt road which I didn’t recognize. He picked up our linked hands and kissed my fingers before letting go.

“This is a wildlife refuge.” He said as he pulled into an empty gravel parking lot tucked in a grove of trees. I walked to his side of the truck and his hand slid right into mine, like they belonged together. After following the path a short distance we came to two large sand dunes that led on to a flat secluded section of undisturbed beach. He gently pulled me left as I was gazing out into the Atlantic Ocean. We walked in silence around the shore when I saw a faint light flickering tucked in a cove. He stopped and took my other hand in his before placing a chaste kiss on my lips.

“Come on babe.” He said as he tugged me back beside him. He had called me that before via text, but to hear the word come off his lips filled my heart. I followed him to find two straw mats with an oil lantern and a small cooler. We sat down with our legs touching, I wasn’t sure if it was the cool breeze coming off the water, or the proximity to Rob that caused the shiver that ran through me. He pressed closer to me before asking “want some soup?” He opened up the cooler and pulled out a thermos and two Styrofoam cups carefully pouring some in each. “It’s crab chowder,” he said handing me a cup.

The cup felt warm in my hands and the steam rolling off the cup wafted into my nose. I could smell the bay seasoning as I took a quick sip testing the temperature. “Mmm,” I managed before taking another sip. He smiled at me and began drinking his own cup. The soup was warming me up, but it was still quite chilly on the coast this fall night and I shivered as a chill swept though my system. He scooted over behind me allowing his legs to go on either side of me as he pulled my back into his chest. “Nice and cozy,” I said leaning into his embrace.

We sipped our soup and dazed into the ocean. I could sit like this forever.

“Something to drink?” He asked breaking the silence as he took my empty cup and stacked it with his.

“Sorry Rob, I told my dad I wouldn’t drink tonight.” He chuckled reaching into the cooler and pulled out a different thermos and two more cups. He opened the thermos as poured the steaming chocolate brown liquid into the cups handing me one before returning the thermos and the soup cups inside.

“Hot chocolate,” he said as he nuzzled his face into my neck, I could feel his light stubble tickle my cheek which sent another chill through my body. “I don’t need booze when I’m around you babe, just being with you is intoxicating.”

I blushed at the slightly cheesy, supremely sweet comment and felt him kiss the back of my head. I placed my hot chocolate to the side, turned around facing Rob. I was practically straddling his lap as I wrapped my arms behind his head and pulled him into a kiss. The chill from the night disappeared as he brought his arms behind me and pulled us closer together. His tongue sought entry and I greedily allowed him access, letting our tongues reacquaint after what seemed like ages. He broke the kiss with a gasp trying to catch his breath. “Your kisses are powerful,” he said kissing my forehead before he leaned his on mine looking at me. “I get winded every time we kiss.” I knew I was blushing but I was glad to hear that I had that effect on him.

“So what else does the king have planned this evening?”

He got a smirk on his face as he reached behind me and rustled something else from the cooler. “I voted for you.” He said as I felt him place his oversized crown on my head, gently pressing his lips to mine before leaning back and grinning. I let my hands fall from behind Rob’s head and felt the fake velvet crown. Lifting it from my head I placed it in its’ rightful spot.

“You keep it, you earned it.” I whispered in his ear as it let my tongue trace his earlobe before lightly nibbling on it. He moaned at the contact and leaned back pulling me on top of him. He returned the favor and had my earlobe between his teeth the sensation was great, but I needed more. I tried to roll over; I wanted his weight on top of me. He happily rolled over and pressed his body into mine. The crown fell off his head and he had a sideways grin on his face as he let go to rip my hoodie off. I leaned forward to help him but shivered as the cold air hit my newly exposed arms. He apparently found what he was looking for as he began licking down the side of my neck before kissing the hollow in my collar bone. I wriggled in pleasure underneath him as he began sucking on my neck. I was sure he knew he was leaving a mark, but I just pulled him closer egging him on enjoying the attention. He pulled back and surveyed his work. Seemingly satisfied he gave me another soft kiss on the lips before handing me back my hoodie. I sighed as he got off of me and the chill really sat in. “Put your hoodie on, you’re shivering.” I sat up and pulled my jacket on back over my head.

Rob sat back behind me pulling me into his chest. I leaned back against him. “I wish you could stay the night with me.” He proclaimed next to my ear as he ran his tongue around my earlobe. I swear every time he touched my skin electricity coursed through me.

“Dad said I could stay out tonight as long as I texted him and let him know where I was.” I announced leaning my head back on his shoulder.

“If you’re up for it we can have a sleepover at my house. I’m gonna warn you though, my room is in the basement so it’s a little chilly.” He said as he cocked his head to look at me while a mischievous grin slid across his face, “I’m sure we can find ways to keep warm though.” He said as he started tickling my sides and I squirmed with laughter trying to escape the torture. He finally relented and pulled me back into him.

I broke his embrace as I stood up. He looked disappointed until I held out my hand to him before saying “what are you waiting for stud.” He grabbed my hands and let me help him up. He quickly rolled up the mats, extinguished the lantern, and threw the crown in the cooler before he practically chased me back to the truck. He tossed his cargo in the bed of the truck and was disappointed when I opened my own door. He walked over to his door as I pushed it open for him. He started the pickup but looked concerned as he spoke “you don’t have to spend the night with me Bobby, I don’t want you to feel pressured, or we can just cuddle if you want.”

His concern touched me, and cuddling was awesome, but after that frantic experience in the bathroom I was ready to explore more with him. “I love kissing and cuddling with you Rob. After what we shared the other day I’m ready to keep exploring with you.” I reached a hand out and squeezed the bulge in his jeans while flashing a bashful smile. He gasped and quickly got us on the road towards his house.

His house was dark as we pulled into the driveway. He waited at the front of the truck for me and took my hand as I approached. “I have my own door around back,” he said as I followed him around the corner. There was a small light shining over the door. Watch your step he said as we took the concrete steps into his room. Aside from the concrete steps, you wouldn’t be able to tell this was a basement. There were a couple of doors and he led me through the first one which opened into his room. His room was neat and his bed was made. He pulled off his jacket and hung it on his desk chair. “Make yourself comfortable,” he said, “bathroom is the door right next door.” I nodded at him as I kicked off my shoes and pulled my hoodie over my head. He moved in front of me rubbing his thumb over my neck where he had been sucking earlier. “I might have gotten a little carried away.” He admitted and I shuddered at the contact.

“How’d I get so lucky?” I asked as I took my hands and wrapped them around his waist pulling him towards me.

“I was asking myself the same thing.” He replied as he started nibbling on the other side of my neck. He licked slowly up my neck before he licked a circle around the edge of my lips. I stuck out my tongue to meet his and he quickly engulfed it with his mouth. Using my tongue I sought out any part of his mouth I had yet to taste. He began untucking my t-shirt and I put my hands in the air not breaking the kiss until the last possible moment. He observed the lean muscles on my chest and his light caress had me sighing as his fingers roamed over my body. He took a second to pinch my tiny nipple and I winced and let out a slight yelp before he bent down to kiss and lick the hurt away. He stood back up as I pulled up his shirt and stood on my tip toes to get it over his outstretched arms.

I bit my lip at what I saw. I repeated his actions and slowly moved my hands on his hard chest. I loved the feel of the soft hair as I ran my finger around it fascinated with the texture. I felt each ridge of his abdomen before finding his pink nub and returning the favor. He didn’t yip, but he moaned. I bent down and kissed and licked the tortured part of him. His skin tasted too good, I didn’t want to lose contact with him. I let my tongue roam through his chest hair over to the other nipple. I lightly nibbled at it and smiled when that got him squirming. I licked up his side and paused near his armpit. I inhaled deeply and was drunk on his scent. I licked around the edge of his arm and he lifted it for me to explore. “You smell so good.” I moaned as I buried my nose in his armpit savoring the smell. I couldn’t take it anymore and licked his pit deeply before breaking away to attack his mouth.

I pulled him back with me towards the bed slowly leaning back with my wanton mouth so he would follow. He grabbed my back and gently laid me on his bed. He stood above me gazing at me with lust in his eyes. He reached for the button of my jeans, glancing at me before continuing. I nodded and he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. I heard him moan as he realized I wasn’t wearing underwear. I lifted my hips so he could slide my jeans down to fall on the floor. He started licking my inner thigh and the feeling had me begging for more. A string of liquid was hanging from my shaft, demanding attention. It was torture as he worked up my thigh and across my abdomen with his tongue.

He glanced at me once more grinning, seemingly asking permission. “Please.” Was the soft word that barely escaped my mouth. He leaned over and licked the end of my cock, tentatively tasting the liquid leaking from the tip. He licked his lips and gently licked around my needy head. He slowly worked his tongue down the base of my shaft, a blissful torture. He licked back up while taking my balls in his hand and gently rubbing them before he took the head of my dick into his mouth. I moaned with pleasure at the feeling. He slowly took about half of my shaft into his mouth and worked in a little more, slowly bobbing while his tongue swirled around and greedily licked up any flow that managed to leak out. He started moving faster and added some suction. I frantically tapped him on the shoulder to let him know I was going to spew. He didn’t back off, but worked harder, trying to coax the release from my balls. “Holy shit! Ro—” was all I managed to get out before my pent up passion exploded out of my cock and into his mouth. I felt him swallow as blast after blast of the largest, most explosive orgasm I have ever experienced entered his mouth. My tension gone I limply collapsed back into the bed as he lightly licked me clean until I was so sensitive I grabbed his arm and pulled him on top of me.

This feeling was so nice; I was helpless and panting under his warm and perfect body. I felt so safe and secure. Slowly I started to recover and I kissed his arm and looked at him with a smile. “That was fan-freaking-tastic!” I said as he chuckled at me and kissed me on my lips. I opened my mouth and let his tongue mingle with mine; I got a slight hint of my leftover flavor in his mouth. “Thank you Rob.” I said as I tried to push him off me.

“You taste delicious.” He said as he rolled over so we were side by side on our backs. “I didn’t think I would like it, but once it hit my lips I needed it all.” I pushed myself off of the bed and stood above him. I reached for his button, but following his lead, I looked at him, getting an enthusiastic nod from the wide eyed stud as I unzipped his pants. I couldn’t help the wanton moan that escaped my lips when I slid down the zipper and realized he was also going commando.

“Great minds think alike,” he chuckled. As he lifted his hips off of the bed so I could shimmy his jeans off and leave them discarded next to mine on the floor. His magnificent cock was also dripping wet and stood proud out of his pubes. It should be proud I thought, it was just like Rob, handsome, strong, and solid. I avoided the temptation, wanting him to feel the same torture he caused me. I licked his inner thigh getting within an inch of his substantial sac before licking across his hard abdomen, my tongue tracing the firm lines on his stomach, enjoying the feeling of his fur on the tip of my tongue. I continued across his belly button and gently tongued the small pool before continuing down the opposite thigh. Continuing to follow his example I gazed up at him, his face was flushed and he nodded “Oh God, Bobby I can’t take anymore teasing.” I grinned and lapped the pearl that had formed on the glorious swollen mushroom tip. ‘Delicious’ I thought as I heard him moan and he started squirming on the bed. I licked down the base of his cock which caused more delightful moans and squirms on the bed. I lapped all around his sack before licking back up to enjoy another pearl that had formed.

“Oh babe” he gasped as I took him into my mouth. His dick was thicker and longer than mine. I worked about four inches into my mouth before I realized that’s about as much as I could get for now. He couldn’t take it anymore and rested his hands on the back of my head, urging me forward. He wasn’t forceful, but he was pleading. I picked up the pace and realized I was also moaning around his cock. I used my hand to smooth some of the spit that had slipped out of my mouth down his shaft that I couldn’t get in my mouth. I stroked my hand in time with my mouth and he bit into his arm and I heard a muffled “Bobby!” as his dam broke unleashing a torrent of liquid that flooded my mouth, he was delicious and I eagerly swallowed blast after blast. I could feel it dripping out of my mouth and I licked the remnants from his deflating cock. After I was satisfied I had milked him dry I stood up and pressed myself against him. I kissed him deeply letting our flavors mix.

“Thanks babe,” he said kissing my nose. “That was the best.” I tried to push myself off of him but he pulled me closer and rolled us over onto our side facing each other. “I gotta piss Rob.” I admitted as he smiled and let me go. When I came back he was on his side snoring lightly. He looked like an angel sleeping uncovered on his bed. I gently got in the bed reaching for the comforter at the foot of the bed. I slid my back against his chest and his arm immediately pulled me closer as I covered us with the blanket. I was so comfortable in his arms. It was like his body was made to be next to mine.

I don’t know how long I slept, but I woke to a strange feeling. I could feel his hard cock wedged between my ass cheeks. It actually was a nice feeling, but I wasn’t ready for that yet. I could tell Rob was still sleeping as he wasn’t squeezing me to him. I still wanted to have some fun, even if I wasn’t ready for that. I silently crawled under the covers and gently licked the head of his morning wood. I had been slowly sucking up and down his shaft for a few minutes before he woke up and shifted, lifting up the covers to take in the view. “I thought I was having a great dream, I can’t believe I’m living it,” Rob moaned as I continued working on him. He grabbed my waist pulling my hips where he could have better access. I felt my own now hard cock engulfed in a warm furnace. The vibrations of his moans combined with his mouth had me close. The intense feeling of giving and receiving pleasure was phenomenal. We were both moaning constantly and I exploded into his mouth. He quickly swallowed it down before he followed with his own release. We licked each other clean before I slid back to face him. He leaned in for a kiss and again we exchanged our releases.

“You are the best babe.” He said as he rolled over onto his back with his arms outstretched. I slid over and rested my head on his chest and enjoyed the afterglow. This time he pulled the covers up and I drifted off again.

I woke up and Rob was gently rubbing my head, brushing my bangs from over my eyes. I looked up and smiled at him. “Morning babe,” he smiled as he kissed my forehead. “Wanna go get some breakfast?” he asked as he started to sit up. I pulled him back down. “Yes, I’m starving, but I’m not ready to leave the bed yet.” He smiled at my response and kissed my cheek before heading up the other set of steps into his house. I sat up and scooted back to lean against the headboard. Shaking my head I couldn’t believe that I was here with Rob. A couple minutes later I heard Rob running back downstairs, he was wearing some shorts that he didn’t have on when he left, he understood the look on my face and answered my thought “grabbed these out of the laundry, couldn’t go upstairs naked.” He slid them off and climbed beside me in the bed with a large plate containing scrambled eggs, bacon, two biscuits, and two forks. He held the plate and handed me a fork. We ate pressed together under the blankets in a comfortable silence. It wasn’t long before the plate was clean. He took my fork and placed the plate on his bedside table.

“I should get you home.” He said as he pulled down the covers and chill washed over my body.

“Do you have to?” I said as I got up and pulled on my t-shirt, jeans, and hoodie. He put on a pair of boxer briefs before grabbing a pair of sweats pulling them on. He grabbed a hoddie out of his closet and put it on, not bothering with a shirt. I walked over to him and snaked my hand under his hoodie, letting it rest on his chest as I leaned in for a kiss. It was sweet and slow and I could feel his strong heart beating faster under my touch. We put on our shoes and headed up the back stairs and around the house to his truck. He beat me to the passenger door and opened it for me, closing it behind me. I was leaning across to open his door but he beat me to it with a gloating grin on his face. “Not this time Bobby.” He tousled my hair as he closed the door and started the truck.

The ride was over too quickly and I could tell he restrained from kissing me out in broad daylight. He squeezed my hand before speaking. “That was the best night of my life babe. Thanks Bobby.” He squeezed my hand again and I nodded and grinned.

“Me too Rob, I just feel so connected and comfortable with you. You get me so horny.” I blushed and his laugh filled the truck. I gave his hand a final squeeze before getting out of his truck and heading into my house.

Bobby and Rob see fireworks from a different angle – Chapter 8 – Fireworks

Rob and I snuck off every chance we could to kiss and cuddle, our bodies begging for as much contact as possible. We hadn’t managed a sleepover since the night of the homecoming dance and we were almost desperate for some private time. Fall weather was firmly entrenched and winter was on its way. The end of October our town had its’ annual seafood festival. From what I had heard, it was bigger than the Labor Day festivities. Friday night would be a concert with several food vendors culminating with a fireworks display at nightfall. Saturday there would be craft and food vendors, pony rides, several bands, and a parade.

The buzz around school was high as all the students and faculty seemed to be ready for the celebrations. The Thursday before I had an away track meet and Rob had a football game. We were sad to learn that we couldn’t watch each other. Our team placed third out of 5 schools. Our relay again placed first, and I won the 400m again. I didn’t do as well placing 3rd and 4th in my other two events. I got a text from Rob on the bus ride home learning the football team lost. I was sad for him, but he said it wouldn’t count against them as the school was twice the size as ours and not in our region. Our bus stopped for fast food, which seemed to take forever when all I wanted to do was talk to Rob.

It was almost 11:00 PM when I finally pulled into my driveway and I doubted Rob was still awake to chat. I was surprised to see my phone flashing when I got out of the shower. It was a picture of Rob with a goofy look on his face and the message ‘wanna play?’ I chuckled at his face and left my towel on as I closed and locked my bedroom door before reclining on the bed. ‘What do you have in mind sexy?’ I typed before taking a picture of me in the towel and sending it to him.

Within seconds a video chat window popped up on my phone, we had never done this before, could be interesting. I pushed the accept button and was greeted by his smiling face. “I can’t see you babe, turn a light on.” I reached over and flicked the switch to my bedside light. “Much better.” He said as I saw my face in the corner of the screen. “I was just going to text you sexy things,” Rob said, “but seeing you in that towel gave me this idea.”

Rob slowly moved the camera from his face to his shirtless chest and down to a noticeable bulge tenting his tight gray boxer briefs, before his face came back into view. I gulped before saying “I see what you mean.” I slowly shifted my phone down my bare chest and held it still as I opened the towel and let it fall to either side of me. I heard him moan as my erect cock came into view. I brought the phone back to my face just in time to see him licking his lips.

“Maybe this is a bad idea,” he said. “It’s almost torture; I want to taste you so badly.” I propped my phone on my pillow and scooted towards the end of my bed so my entire body could be in the frame. I heard his moan again as I turned around and got on my hands and knees, shyly looking back at the camera before sticking my finger in my mouth. “So fucking sexy.” I heard Rob say before I turned back around and sat on my butt a little closer to the phone. I took my spit covered finger and began stroking my cock up and down and could tell he was doing the same. “Lose the shorts handsome.” I told him as the camera shifted and I saw him slowly lowering his underwear inch by inch before revealing his manhood. The sight made my mouth fill with saliva as I moaned. He placed his phone in a similar position as I saw his hot furry body and face come into frame. We slowly jerked watching each other until we both came. He took his underwear, and I used my towel to clean up. We sat up for a few minutes talking about how we wished we could be cuddling tonight. I finally fell asleep to his whispered endearments.

I woke up strangely refreshed, my bedside light still on. I picked up my phone still lying next to my head and noticed it was dead. I don’t know if he stayed up watching me, but I plugged it in as I headed to the bathroom.

Rob waited for me in the parking lot and admitted he stayed up watching me sleep for several minutes before he turned off his phone. I blushed as he said how sweet and innocent I looked when I slept, he nudged me saying he knew that I wasn’t that innocent. We laughed as we headed to first period.

At lunch we ate in our normal spots, trying to hide our glances and avoid being found out. Halfway through history class Rob discretely stretched putting his hands behind his head and dropped a small scrap of paper on my desk. I silently opened and flattened it before reading ‘I have the best spot to watch the fireworks, nice and private.’ I grinned and slid the scrap of paper into my pocket. I poked him on the spine to let him know I had read his message.

Rob came by my house around 5:00 PM so we could head downtown for the celebration. The two of us waited in line for some crab muffins when his group came up behind us.

“Why haven’t you been hanging out?” One of the guys asked Rob. I silently cursed myself, knowing he had spent much of his free time with me, and not his friends. I ordered a couple of crab muffins as he had an animated conversation with the group. I stepped away from the table and handed Rob a muffin he took it muttering thanks before he continued talking.

“It’s just weird that you’re best friends with the new kid and don’t hang out with us anymore.” I took that as my cue to walk away but Katie grabbed me and walked with me until we stood 20 feet from the others.

“Hey Bobby, don’t worry about them, they’re just jealous that Rob hasn’t been hanging out much lately.”

“Yeah, I guess I didn’t realize it either, I mean we are good friends and I didn’t think anything of him coming over to fish or just hang out.” I tried to think of some excuse for us always being together.

“It’s ok, play along, I’ve got an idea.” Katie said as she dragged me back to the group before announcing “Bobby is going to come to the bon fire with us tonight.”

Rob cut his eyes at me and I gave him a nervous shrug.

“Should be fun.” Rob said calmly. I knew he would be upset about not getting to show me his secluded spot. We walked around with group barely getting a chance to talk to each other and It drove me crazy. Every once in a while we would catch each others’ eyes as we exchanged pleading looks. We listened to the crappy band singing cover songs. Katie dragged me out in the crowd for a dance and I heard my dad whistling and glanced over and saw a confused look on my mom’s face. Becky tried to drag Rob out, but he stood immovable like a statue with a sour look on his face.

By the time the group made the trek to the bon fire I saw the teepee of wood that hadn’t been started yet. The girls ran over giggling and I finally got a chance to speak to Rob. “Enjoy the dance?” He asked smirking.

“About as much as you did.” I said as I punched his shoulder. He laughed and we shifted closer to the newly lit fire. In the distance I faintly heard the music as I looked longingly into the Bay. Katie brought me a beer which I took and nodded my head in thanks. I sat off to the side and finished my beer. To my surprise Katie came back and handed me another one.

“Trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?” I teased. She blushed “I’m not one for taking advantage of a handsome young man.” She sat beside me and we chatted as I finished my beer and walked over to toss it in the trash. Out of nowhere Eric, the guy who had confronted Rob earlier, handed me a mason jar.

“Wanna sip?” Eric asked.

“Don’t drink that Bobby.” I heard as I saw Rob sipping on a beer. I didn’t like him calling me out for drinking when he was. I looked at the jar and as I moved it was hit by a strong smell that made me wince. I put the jar to my lips and took three large gulps before almost choking and handing the foul liquid back to its’ owner. Eric laughed as he took a small swig before passing it on.

“That was fucking moonshine Bobby, you don’t chug it.” I hadn’t seen Rob upset, but he clearly was as he headed over to me.

“You should have warned him.” He said glaring at Eric who handed me the jar. “That’s really strong Bobby, you feeling alright?”

I shrugged, not daring to open my mouth for fear that my rebelling stomach would escape the confines of my body. “Come on, sit over here,” he said. I did as directed and he went over to the cooler and came back with a green can. “Take a sip of this; it’ll help settle your stomach.” He opened the can of ginger ale and I took a cautious sip. It did help and I relaxed a little. Taking small sips and deep breaths I calmed down.

“Thanks Rob. I think I’m alright. Sorry about that, I could tell from the smell it was probably a bad idea, but I didn’t like you not wanting me to drink while you had a drink of your own.”

Rob shook his head, “Bobby I don’t care if you drink, I just don’t want you to get drunk, or worse sick. I can see why you would think that because I didn’t have time to explain before you drank half the jar.”

I nodded admitting he was right before I got up to grab a beer to sip on. I felt a little wobbly on my feet. Rob reached up to stabilize me as I headed towards the cooler. I grabbed a beer and really felt the effects after I leaned down and stood back up. I stumbled back over to Rob who took the beer out of my hands and eased me back beside him.

“Don’t get mad Bobby, but I think you’ve had enough.” Before I had a chance to argue I turned around and my rebelling stomach finally won and I hurled in the sand behind me. Luckily at that moment the fireworks had started, drawing everyone’s attention into the night sky. The colors looked pretty reflecting on the sand, but the booming sound combined with my wrenching stomach made me miserable. Rob sat close by, bravely rubbing my back. I sat up and he helped me stand. “Let’s get you home babe.” He whispered in my ear as he wrapped my arm around his neck and his behind me, and guided me towards the road. We walked through the alleys trying not to draw attention to ourselves as I stopped and heaved again in a bush. Rob was patient and my mind was fuzzy. The fireworks had subsided by the time we got home as my ears were no longer being assaulted with loud booms. I barely remember seeing my parents sitting on the porch, but Rob was talking to them, apparently explaining my behavior as I fought to stay conscious. My dad was carrying something upstairs in front of me as Rob slowly got me to my room. Dad left something on the floor before he exited and my mom quickly replaced him carrying a glass of water and what looked like sheets. She closed the door behind her and I remember being placed on the bed before passing out.

I woke up with a throbbing head and tripped over something on my floor before making it to the toilet throwing up whatever remained inside. I washed up in the bathroom and slowly walked to my room. There was an air mattress blown up in the floor that had sheets on it, ‘weird’ I thought. I was startled when i saw Rob sitting up in my bed shirtless. I looked at him confused and realized I was just wearing my underwear and socks. I closed the door behind me and grabbed the glass of water.

“Just take a couple sips.” Rob said and I listened to his advice before putting the glass down. Looking at the clock I saw it was 5:33 AM.

“What happened? I feel like I was run over.” Rob explained as some of the fog lifted on my memories. He explained that he told my parents someone had given me moonshine and I didn’t know what it was and got a little too excited at trying new things. He said that dad told him he could spend the night. He told me how my dad brought up the air mattress and my mom sheets. He explained removing my shoes and clothes and getting me in bed. He stayed on the air mattress watching me until I started shivering and he couldn’t stand it, so he climbed in the bed with me to cuddle. He held me rubbing my head until he joined me in sleep.

“Thanks Rob, I’m an idiot.” I said taking another sip of water before climbing back in bed.

“I’ll always look after you babe.” He said squeezing me close to him. We slept a couple more hours until there was a knock on the door. Rob jumped out of the bed and on the air mattress before I said, “come in.”

“Morning Bobby, Rob.” Came the way too cheery voice of my dad. “Breakfast is ready.” He left the door open and headed downstairs. Rob went to my dresser opened and closed a few drawers before throwing me a t-shirt and a pair of sweats. He thought about putting on his own clothes, but went back to the dresser and got a pair of my sweats and a t-shirt.

“Get dressed babe.” He said as he slid my way too tight t-shirt on. He was sexy as hell, but the shirt was too small. My sweats weren’t as tight on him as my shirt, but they were nice and snug, had I not felt like crap I would have moaned at the sight. I got dressed and we headed down to the table.

The family greeted us with smiles as Rob and I sat down. Mom brought over two plates and set them in front of us.

“Mmm scrapple.” Rob said as he saw his plate. I looked at my own and recognized two over easy eggs, a piece of toast, and a pan fried gelatinous blob, that assumed was scrapple. My mom rejoined the table and my dad made a show of cutting his eggs letting the yolks flow like a river across his plate. My stomach rebelled and I gagged at the sights and smells in the kitchen. I picked up the toast and slowly nibbled on it as I saw Rob inhaling his food. The rest of the family cleared their plates and set watching me, barely halfway through my piece of toast.

“If you don’t want that I’ll eat it.” Rob said eying the brown square on my plate. I nodded and before he could stab the, was it meat, I slid him my plate and he handed me his empty one. My mom took Rob’s empty plate and placed a glass of milk in front of me before leaving the kitchen. The rest of the family took her lead while Rob sat happily eating my breakfast. I sipped the milk which calmed my stomach. I was able to get the rest of my toast down and finished my milk as Rob put the last bit of that strange substance into his mouth. He picked up his plate and my glass and placed them in the sink. We headed back upstairs and he changed back into his clothes.

“I should go babe, I’ll check on you later. Get some sleep and maybe we can make it downtown later.” I got back into my bed and he pulled the covers over me gently kissing my temple before he walked out. I got a few hours of sleep in, but was now staring at my ceiling, lacking motivation when I heard a small knock on my door. My mom walked in and closed the door behind her before gently sitting on my bed.

“You feeling alright Bobby?”

“Better, yeah.”

Her voice was almost a whisper this time, “why didn’t you tell me?” she asked looking intently into my eyes.

I pondered what she was asking before saying “I didn’t know it was moonshine mom.”

She shook her head before continuing, “I mean about you and Rob.” I gulped, sure by the look in her eyes that she had figured our relationship was passed the friend stage. “Don’t worry Bobby, I’m not mad. I love you regardless. I haven’t told your father. He should be okay, but it may take some time. You can tell him when you are ready. I assume your sister already knows, as you two share everything.” She finished speaking and bent down to kiss my forehead.

“How’d you know?” I managed to get out as she sat back chuckling.

“I’d have to be pretty naïve not to figure it out Bobby. You’re a different person when he’s around, smiling, full of life. I’ve seen the way you look at each other. I was pretty sure you were a couple when I learned that two of the most handsome men in the school didn’t have dates for homecoming, and were “hanging out” instead. I was positive when you came home the next morning with a hickey the size of a silver dollar.” I blushed and she nudged my shoulder before continuing. “This morning around 4:00 AM I peaked in your room to make sure you were ok, the air mattress was empty, and Rob was snuggled up behind you holding you to him, as if protecting you. He really cares for you.” I’m sure my face and neck were completely red as I heard the latest revelation from my mom. She gave me a hug and walked out of my room. I texted Rob to let him know I was up before I headed to the shower.

Rob was sitting on my bed blushing as I came in and closed the door behind me.

“Why are you blushing?” I asked as I sat beside him on the bed in my towel.

“When I walked in, your mom told me you were in the shower, but I could head on up and wait for you. She whispered in my ear for me to keep the door open before patting my back.” I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my lips at hearing that. I told him what had happened before my shower and he blushed and nodded at our obvious affections. I made sure he knew that my mom and sister could be trusted, and that my dad didn’t know.

I stood up to get dressed, feeling slightly playful after the events of the day; I dropped my towel and looked over my shoulder as Rob moaned staring at my tight little ass.

“Too bad the door is supposed to be open.” I said as I slid on a pair of boxer briefs and got dressed.

“Tease.” He said slapping my ass as we headed downtown to enjoy what was left of the festivities. I made sure we spent plenty of time with Rob’s group of friends as we walked around checking out the vendors. When the group stopped to watch a band I pulled Rob away. We decided to split a funnel cake, which after one bite, I realized was a bad idea. I enjoyed watching Rob finish it himself as he was covered in powdered sugar. I had to fight the urge to help him clean up with my tongue.

He walked me home around sunset and we went and sat on the dock. Holding hands we admired the pink and orange sky as an occasional orange or yellow leaf fell out of the trees. He squeezed my hand to get my attention.

“I love you Bobby.” He said as he kissed my forehead. My heart swelled and fluttered at the same time.

“I love you too Rob.” I said as I kissed his needy lips. We shared a slow and passionate kiss trying to put our feelings into the action. He sucked my bottom lip and an audible ‘pop’ was heard as we separated.

“I’ve gotta head home babe, but I’ll see you tomorrow.” He stood and helped me to my feet. Placing one last kiss on my lips before he headed home.

Rob comes bearing gifts – Chapter 9 – Pumpkins

The following morning after I finished eating breakfast there was a knock on the door.

“Well good morning Mrs. Thompson,” Rob’s cheery voice sounded as he entered the room with his hands full. “My uncle grows gourds, and I thought you might like some to decorate the house and cook with. This is a pumpkin pie pumpkin.” He said handing her a medium sized, light orange, almost tan pumpkin. He set a basket down that was full of tiny little pumpkins and squash before heading back out and returning holding a rather large pumpkin.

“Wanna go outside and carve a pumpkin Bobby?” he asked as my mom gushed over Rob’s gifts.

“Thank you sweetie, you shouldn’t have, but I love it! Tell your uncle thanks.” Mom said before placing a kiss on Rob’s cheek and turning around to examine her stash.

I followed Rob to the picnic table out back where he had already placed a large knife, a small knife, and a fine tipped permanent marker.

“My mom is going to want to date you if you keep this up.” I said laughing as I sat down across from Rob. Rob smiled as he deftly removed the top of the pumpkin. He walked over to the creek and dumped the contents into the water before heading back taking his seat across from me.

“Do you want a scary or happy pumpkin babe?” He asked as he handed me the marker and placed the pumpkin in front of me. I removed the cap and started to draw, Rob moved to my side of the table in an effort to see the face I drew.

“Can’t go wrong with classic triangle eyes.” He chuckled at my unoriginal design. I laughed and handed him the marker.

“You don’t like it, you do it.” I said sliding the pumpkin in front of him.

“I was just teasing babe. I don’t care what the pumpkin looks like. I was just trying to spend some time with you, thought this might be fun.”

I squeezed his thigh before saying, “It is sweet and any excuse for me to be with you is fantastic. I’m just not a very a good artist.” He looked like he was going to touch my cheek, but I shook my head after I saw the pumpkin guts on his fingers and he laughed before looking at the pumpkin. He studied it like it was a slab of marble and he was Michelangelo trying to find the David hidden inside. He quickly scribbled a square nose and a goofy buck-toothed mouth before placing the cap back on the marker and releasing a satisfied sigh.

“You wanna cut it out babe?” he said handing me the tang of the smaller knife. I carefully cut out the eyes and the nose.

“You better do the mouth Rob, I wouldn’t want your creation to lose his only two teeth.” He grinned at me and skillfully removed the remaining bits of the pumpkins mouth. I stood up and kissed the top of Rob’s head before I grabbed the water hose and rinsed off the table. He rinsed his hands before helping me wind the hose back up. We walked up to the house with our pumpkin creation. Mom came out with a couple small candles and matches. It wasn’t midday yet, and the sun was shining brightly, but apparently Rob was eager to see his new friend come to life. He placed the pumpkin beside the top step, removed the top, lit a candle, placed it inside the pumpkin, before sealing the top of his head. Mom came down the steps with us and laughed at the buck-toothed pumpkin.

“It’s perfect.” Mom and I said together as Rob chuckled.

“Well I gotta run some errands. I’ll see you later Mrs. Thompson, Bobby.”

“Thanks again sweetie.” My mom called after Rob as he walked to his truck. She squeezed me by the shoulders as we waved him off. Mom gave me a knowing smile as we headed back inside.


The middle of November brought with it a lingering cold rain. I had a track meet cancelled, but the football team played in a freezing, sloppy mess of a field. I shivered huddled up on the bleachers and watched the team win 10 – 0.

The next week all of the students and teachers were in Holiday mode. We would have a half day Wednesday, and then off through Friday for Thanksgiving. On Monday as I walked into school with Rob we learned that there was an assembly for the seniors first period in the cafeteria. Rob and I sat next to each other looking at the tables full of pamphlets and the handful of adults standing around.

Our guidance counselor informed us that this was a meeting to discuss plans after high school. She told us about the many advantages and disadvantages of traditional 4 year schools, community colleges, job training programs, and apprenticeships. I knew I wanted to go to college, but this is the first time I realized that I had no clue what Rob wanted to do, as we had never talked about it.

I noticed Rob paying close attention to the speaker from the Newport News Apprentice Shipbuilding School. After the several presenters had finished, we were allowed to get up and collect information on various things that were offered in the state. I grabbed 4 college pamphlets that I thought I was interested in they were: The University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, The College of William and Mary, and James Madison University. Rob was holding a pamphlet and speaking excitedly with the shipbuilding school representative.

Tuesday night after school and practice I started a video call with Rob. I could tell he thought we were going to have a little fun as I watched him pull off his shirt, exposing that delicious, sculpted, furry, makes me want to lick it, chest. I shook my head both to clear my thought and let him know that this wasn’t one of those chats….at least not yet.

“What’s up babe?” He asked noticing the worried look on my face.

“Just wondering what’s going to happen after school. I think I’m going to go off to college, but I don’t want to be away from you.”

“Bobby, babe, I don’t want to be apart from you either, but we need to go and get ready for the real world. If that means we need to video chat and drive hours to meet each other on the weekends, then we’ll do that.” I sighed; glad to hear that he didn’t want us to end after high school. “Let’s not worry about it right now Bobby, this is the kind of conversation we need to think about, and have in person” I nodded knowing he was right. With that out of the way, I needed to let him know of my plans for tomorrow.

“We have the early release tomorrow, but coach still wants us to practice. My dad is going to be later than usual with a meeting after work, and my mom is taking Emily to a dentist appointment and to do some shopping, they should be gone awhile.” I shared with Rob, hoping he would catch my drift.

“Coach is making us practice too, but we should be out of there by 1:00 or 1:30.” Rob smiled realizing I would be home alone.

“You should probably come straight to my house after practice. Don’t shower. Don’t change. Just come.” I told him wondering if he could see the lust smoldering in my eyes.

“Damn babe, you get me so hot when you talk like that.” Rob murmured as I saw a familiar glint in his eyes.

“Save it for tomorrow.” I told him. “Get some sleep handsome.” I pressed end on the video chat and thought about what tomorrow would bring until I drifted off.

I didn’t understand how an early release day could drag on as much as it had. I was practically watching the clock all day. Rob flashed me lust-filled glances every time we saw each other. I was constantly checking my watch during practice, pleading with it to move faster so I could get home. Rob practically ran me off the road as he followed me to my house. I drove exactly the speed limit; I knew it drove him crazy as he wanted some alone time as much as I did. I pulled into the driveway with Rob hot on my heels.

We practically sprinted through my house and into my room before slamming the door behind us. He was still in his football gear, tight blue pants, stained with dirt and grass, dirty muddy cleats, I would have to clean up the mud we tracked in later, and a t-shirt that had cut off sleeves that was almost see through from his sweat. I had sweats on over top of my short running shorts, and a blue track hoodie over top of my sleeveless tank. We collided like magnets; the force alone combined with building lust took my breath away.

We kissed frantically as he removed my hoodie and shirt, pausing to get a better look, before reclaiming my mouth. We kicked off our shoes, not wanting to break the passionate embrace. His smell was egging me on, manly, spicy, hypnotizing. I lifted his arm up so I could attack his hairy pit. I was lost in the smell and began slowly nibbling and licking it, bathing it with my tongue, inhaling every pheromone that radiated from his body.

“You must really love me Bobby.’ I heard in some distant corner of the world. I paused and looked at him with a confused look. “I stink babe, we need a shower.” I just grinned at him and went back to my lust filled ravaging of his pit. He helped me remove his shirt before I licked across his hairy chest, loving the moans and squirms that his body made as I nibbled on his hard nipples. I worked my way over to his other pit and gave it the same bath as the other. He grabbed me by the arms and briefly pulled me out of my lust induced haze.

“Shower?” he said as he slowly peeled the tight fitting pants off, revealing a glorious well-worn, straining jockstrap. I moaned as I kicked of my sweats and shorts, following his hot framed ass into the bathroom. Our intimacy continued as we kissed and rubbed our hands all over each other. My cock was trapped and leaking in my tight compression shorts. I could feel his hardness rubbing against me through his jock. I broke away, desperate to get a taste of him. I dropped to my knees and moaned at the sights and smells of my man. I began licking the pouch that held my prize. He moaned as I gently licked my way down enjoying every smell and taste I could find. I licked the spot where the pouch ended and he released a needy moan. Feeling braver I slowly licked up his crack, lost in the intense aroma that escaped. I lightly teased his hole with my tongue, which really had him squirming, before slowly licking up his crack, spine, neck, and finally resting nibbling on his ear.

I was so turned on in what I was doing I hadn’t realized I was driving him crazy. He set me on the edge of the tub before stepping out of his jock, releasing the glorious beast that lived between his legs. I licked my lips, but ne knelt in front of me licking the large wet spot that had seeped through my compression shorts. He licked and nibbled on my manhood through my tight shorts, I was moaning and squirming. Rob picked me up, hastily pulled off my compression shorts and pulled me into the shower.

I jumped as the cold water hit my body; it did nothing to cool down my libido as I quickly turned the knobs to heat up the water. We were both half in, half out of the spray. He stood behind me; we were both facing the shower head. I felt fingers running through my hair, smelled the scent of orange shampoo as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his strong hands running through my hair. They disappeared briefly and I guessed he was doing the same to his own head. He leaned forward and rinsed off the shampoo, before doing the same for me.

Next his strong arms wrapped around me and I felt a bar of soap being lathered against my skin. He massaged my neck sensually, scrubbed my armpits, which tickled and I squirmed until he relented. He continued with my arms and back before rubbing the soap across my stomach, pressing it against each ridge of my abdomen. He ran the bar and his fingers around my groin and I groaned at the torture. His soapy hands gave my aching dick three slow pulls before he was below me picking up my feet and washing up my legs. He cleaned my balls and every nerve in my body pulsed with pleasure from his touches. He ran the bar of soap up the crack of my ass and I jumped when it hit my puckered hole. He gently rubbed my round cheeks with one hand while with his other he traced lazy soap circles around my hole. I had to brace the wall for support at the sensation. I gasped when I felt his finger enter me, startled at first but that quickly faded and I moaned as his finger gently prodded inside of me. My cock was aching, begging for attention, I don’t know what switch he found in my ass, but when his thick finger rubbed against it, I almost collapsed as I unleashed strong jets of my juices onto the shower floor. My ass clamped and pulsed around his still finger as I slid down to the shower floor.

“I think I found your prostate babe.” Rob said before slowly removing his finger from my hole and pulling me up into his strong embrace. I stayed slumped over, still not able to speak. He held me and gently rubbed my body until the soap was gone and I started to regain my composure.

“You found something” I managed to get out. “That was amazing.” He had begun to soap himself but I took the bar of soap from him. Turning around I saw he was extremely aroused as I lathered up his hairy chest; I was fascinated at the soap bubbles in his manly fur. He grabbed the soap and turned me around to face the shower head again. I felt his hardness pressing into the small of my back and leaned back to meet it, trapping it flat between our bodies as he slowly thrusted up and down.

“Let me try something babe.” He begged rather than asked.

“I don’t think I’m ready…”

“Trust me.” He said and I leaned against him nodding my agreement.

He began soaping up under my balls and my inner thighs, my ass and crack soon became rich with lather as well. He wrapped his strong hand around my dick which quickly returned to full hardness. I leaned back more as he held me and I was practically standing on tip toes leaning against him before I felt his manhood slide under my balls and between my legs. Realizing what he was doing I squeezed my legs together eliciting a moan as he sucked on my neck. He timed his long thrusts with his hand on my cock. He fucked my thighs long and slow until the passion built and he increased his pace thrusting and moaning until I felt him pulsing between my legs. I felt him sucking hard on my shoulder as I watched spurt after spurt of his precious nectar flow down the drain. The sight of his release and his hand still gripping me drove me to my second release. I don’t know how he supported both of us after that but somehow he managed.

“I can’t get enough of you.” His deep southern voice whispered in my ear as I turned off the shower.

We stepped out of the shower and I toweled off every inch of him I could reach. He returned the favor as we headed back to my room. “It gets better every time.” I said reaching up for a kiss. He happily returned a slow lazy kiss.

We got dressed and when the rest of my family arrived we were sitting downstairs at the table looking over the brochures we picked up from the assembly.

An accident leads to unique therapy – Chapter 10 – First Aid

We were going to spend Thanksgiving at my mom’s sister’s house in Williamsburg, about an hour and a half away. Mom said I could invite Rob; unfortunately, his parents wanted him to spend time with family and not go with his “friend.” The journey there was fine, and the food was abundant and delicious. The trip home wasn’t so pleasant. We were in traffic for over two and a half hours, and only about half way home. We were all fairly grumpy as we arrived, stuffed with food and happy to be out of car I collapsed on my bed and passed out almost instantly.

Rob came by Friday afternoon and wanted to go for a jog to burn off some of the calories from yesterday. I put on my sweats and sneakers and jogged around the town with him. He turned onto the beach and we leisurely jogged into the fading light down the peaceful shoreline.

“Son of a mother damn it bitch.” I screamed as my left foot fell into a hole. Rob was quickly kneeling beside me with a worried expression on his face. I wondered what human or animal had dug that hole, because I wanted to strangle them. Rob helped me into a more comfortable position and took my foot into his lap. He pushed up my pants leg to look at my ankle, carefully moving my foot as I winced at the discomfort and pain.

“I don’t think its broken babe, just twisted or sprained. Let me help you stand up and see if you can put some weight on it.” He stood up and pulled me up under my arms. I stood on one foot before gingerly placing my other on the sand.

“Hurts.” I winced jerking it back up. Rob went into action and gracefully scooped me up, carrying me like I wasn’t a burden.

“I’m sorry babe. I shouldn’t have turned on the beach at night. It was stupid.” He said as he kissed my forehead.

“It’s not your fault Rob, it was an accident.” I said as I enjoyed being in his arms. Maybe I’d have to do this more often if it meant Rob carrying me around all day. “Coach is going to be pissed though, we have regionals next week.”

“Oh God Bobby, if you can’t run. I’m so sorry.” I wrapped my arms around his neck, touched that he was so worried about me. As he carried me off the beach I could tell he was getting tired, even if he wouldn’t admit it.

“Put me down, if you help me I think I can walk.” Rob gently placed me down, my good foot hitting the ground. He wrapped his arm under my shoulder as I snaked mine behind him. He half carried me as I hobbled the rest of the way home, looking like the losers of a three-legged race.

My parents were concerned at the sight of us coming into the house. Mom said we would go to the doctor as Rob, not for the first time, aided me up the stairs. He placed me on the bed before closing the door. Rob gently took of my shoes and socks not wanting to cause any more pain.

“Looks like it’s starting to swell Bobby.” He flashed a mischievous look as I pulled my hoodie over my head and placed it beside me on the bed. “We’ll have to force this blood to other parts of your body.” He said as he pulled down the front of my sweats and underwear. I guess he was trying to distract me from my pain, and man did it work.

“Oh, Rob.” I moaned as he started attacking my soft cock. Within an instant he had coaxed it to life. He worked quickly sucking and licking, twisting his hand around my base, I was lost in the sensations.

“Shit.” I heard Rob as someone knocked on the door. I quickly pulled up my pants and placed my hoodie in my lap as Rob jumped into my desk chair.

“Brought you an ice pack Bobby.” My mom said as she entered the room. “The normal doctors’ office isn’t open tomorrow, but the urgent care 30 minutes away opens at 8.” I nodded as she glanced suspiciously at me, and then Rob as she backed out of the room, closing the door as she went.

Rob let out a relieved sigh as he stood up as if to leave.

“Don’t start something that you can’t finish Mr. Johnson.” I said as he turned to the door. I watched him lock it as he flashed me a large toothy grin.

“Didn’t plan on it babe.” He said as he climbed on the bed and immediately had my sweats around my knees. He quickly revived my cock from the shock and had me as hot as ever. He reached his finger into my mouth while he was sucking me. I licked and drenched his finger in my spit as he moaned on my dick. I sighed displeased as he pulled off my dick, but was sated as he tongued my balls, pulling them one by one into his mouth. He removed his finger from my mouth and gently rubbed it around my puckered hole. I squirmed as he teased and played at my entrance.

I gasped when I felt his tongue lapping at my door. He was spitting on it and tonguing with abandon until I felt his stiff tongue gain entry. I tried to thrust into his mouth begging for more, lust and need overwhelming my control. He returned his mouth to my cock and let the prodding finger replace his tongue. The sensation of being filled as he sucked me was intense. I needed more as I pushed into his finger. He quickly obliged as I felt a sharp pain, and then more pleasure as I felt two fingers wriggling inside me. I felt my dick hit the back of his throat and couldn’t contain my passion any longer.

The volcano that was my manhood exploded, releasing rope after rope of fire hot lava into my lovers’ mouth. I could feel my insides clamping around his two fingers. My cock jerked and spurted, stars flashed in my eyes. I couldn’t describe the feelings he caused. I babbled something as Rob gently removed his fingers from my now impossibly empty hole. He tenderly licked me clean before he pulled up my pants and plopped beside me on the bed. His kiss was gentle and his gaze was filled with love.

I scooted back and leaned against the headboard.

“Come here Robbie.” I said as I patted my chest. He gave a quizzical look as he straddled me, placing his knees on either side of my body. I started pulling down his pants and with his help his cock was facing me, looking happy to see me. I pulled his ass towards me urging him closer. I licked the dew drop from his mushroom head before I took his cock in my mouth, bobbing happily. I opened my throat and for the first time managed to take him all the way in. His moans of passion egged me on as I felt his pubes tickle my nose as I eased off gasping for breath.

“Holy shit babe.” He moaned as he placed his hands on the top of the headboard and began thrusting into my mouth. I held still as he fucked my mouth. I placed my hands on his hips trying to help control the thrusts. I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat enjoying the sensation until I gagged. Rob slowed down but I pulled his ass against me taking him all the way in one more time. His body stiffened and he moaned as his load shot down my throat. I pushed him back desperately wanting to taste his essence. I let it swirl on my tongue, enjoying the taste of Rob, until I swallowed and gently kissed his softening cock as it slid out of my mouth.

Rob collapsed beside me on the bed panting. “Gets better every time.” Rob held my hand as he sat there catching his breath. “Thanks babe, I’m really sorry about your foot.” He stood and pulled up his pants as he picked up my spare pillow, folded it in half, and gingerly placed it under my injured foot. Rob picked up the ice pack my mom had left and placed it on my foot, before placing a kiss on my lips.

“Goodnight babe. I love you.”

“Love you too.” I answered as he headed out the room.

Saturday morning mom got me up early so I had plenty of time to get ready before heading to the doctor. It was 7:30 when mom and I were headed out the door. I was surprised when Rob pulled in and hopped out of his truck and grabbed some crutches out of the back.

“Morning Mrs. Thompson, it was my fault Bobby got hurt, do you mind if I take him to the doctor?” Rob said with a sad expression on his face.

“That’s fine dear, such a sweet young man.” Mom said as she kissed Rob’s cheek before doing the same to me. “Good luck Bobby.” Rob grabbed my arms and helped me down the porch steps and into the truck. He grabbed the crutches and put them back in the truck before hopping in the drivers’ seat.

“Rob it’s not your fault. You have to stop blaming yourself.” I said as I took his hand as we headed down the road.

“Babe, I took you jogging on the beach, I just feel so bad. If you can’t run in regionals then you can’t qualify for states.

“Rob, it’s not a big deal. I’ll feel bad if I have to abandon the relay team, but I don’t really care about the rest. I’m not a track star. You have to stop blaming yourself.” I squeezed his hand which got me slight smile.

The doctor said it was a sprain. He told me to use crutches, stay off it, keep it elevated, and ice it for another day or two. Rob asked if I would be able to run in my meet and the doctor didn’t sound too optimistic, but didn’t rule it out.

“Well I’m going to wait on you until you’re better babe. What do you want to do?”

“I’m sure we’ll think of something.” I gave him a wink and squeezed his hand. Rob stopped at a diner and we got a quick breakfast and they filled up a bag of ice for me to keep on my ankle. I propped my foot on the dash which wasn’t very comfortable and let the ice numb my foot.

“My parents went across the bay for awhile; we can chill in my room if you want.” I nodded and called my mom to tell her about the doctor visit and that I was going to watch some movies at Rob’s. Rob grabbed me out of the truck and carried me down to his room and placed me gently on his bed. He put a DVD in but I was focused on him. The way he carried me to his bed had me horny as hell and I just stared at him until he realized the look in my eyes.

“Babe, doc said you have to be careful on your foot, we shouldn’t.”

“Damnit Robbie, you got me so hot when you caveman carried me down the stairs and put me in your bed, you better come over here and do something about it.” I half demanded, half begged.

“You are so fucking hot Bobby.” Rob said as he sat next to me on the bed and slid his tongue into my mouth. “What do you have in mind babe?”

“I’m ready.” I stated as calmly as I could. We hadn’t talked about it, and he hadn’t pushed. I knew he had been getting me ready every time he let his fingers slide inside me. I knew I was ready to feel him inside me.

“You sure babe?” Rob’s eyes widened as he watched me nod. Rob ripped my clothes off as quickly as he could. His soon followed and he was standing above me naked. He climbed on top of me kissing me as our cocks started dancing creating a slick surface for them to thrust on. I knew I was ready and I was so turned on at the thought of Rob’s cock entering me. He slowly licked down my body. He licked the liquid pearl from my cock head before he started lapping my balls.

I moaned and squirmed when his tongue starting darting around my hole. His tongue danced into my opening and I was awash with pleasure. I was on overdrive; the slightest touch would set me off. Rob sensed my unraveling and placed his mouth over my cock just as it started pulsing into his willing mouth. He did something I didn’t expect, instead of our usual kiss he pulled my good leg up raising my ass in the air, I slowly felt hot lava dripping onto my hole. He was using my release to lube me up as his finger slid in pushing my spunk into me, letting it fall into my needy hole.

“You still okay with this Babe?” Rob asked as he slipped his finger out of me.

“Oh hell yes Robbie, get back in there.” He rubbed my slick hole and then two of his fingers were ballet dancing inside me. I was squirming in delight with a hint of pain, desperate for more, he started brushing my prostate and I was instantly hard. “Now.” I demanded desperate to feel him inside me. Thankfully he obliged, he grabbed me off the bed and sat on his desk chair. I reached down and rubbed the pre-come over the head of his drooling cock. I held it still as he slowly lowered me down until I felt his head at my entrance. I winced as his large head started opening me up.

“Go slow Robbie.” I moaned and winced as I felt him pop into me. The pain and the pleasure were intense I closed my eyes and hissed. Thankfully my release had provided a slick surface for his entry.

“Shh babe, relax.” Rob cooed in my neck as he started nibbling on my collar bone. I slowly slid down his thick cock until I was sitting almost flush in his lap facing him. I was so full, there was a dull pain, but I welcomed it. He kissed me passionately as his hands dropped to my hips. He slowly lifted me up and I felt his mushroom head rub against that switch inside me. I moaned into Rob’s mouth as he slowly slid me back down. I pulled his ear into my mouth and whispered “fuck me” before I licked his jaw and reclaimed his mouth. He held me still and I felt his hips pushing harder and faster into me. I was dizzy and desperate but I held on for the ride. His long steady strokes became short and harder. He stopped thrusting and pulled me up and slammed me down on his cock repeatedly, the furious assault on my prostate triggered another release, I felt my ass clamp and pulse on his grinding dick, my cock shot ropes of come almost to the ceiling, hitting Rob’s chin before coating between our hard stomachs. Rob’s body tensed and his movements faltered as I felt his fire hose shooting his white hot release deep inside me.

I was content, I was sated, and I fell asleep in his lap. I awoke on the bed and felt safe in Rob’s grasp. He was letting his fingers run through my hair.

“You okay? Your ankle?” Rob asked concern in his voice.

“What ankle?” I managed to get out as I took a deep breath and pulled his arm closer to me.

“You are amazing Bobby.” Rob said as I felt his strong hairy pecs press harder into my back.

“You’re not so bad yourself handsome.” I said as I rolled over on my other side to look at my man. He placed gentle kisses on my lips.

“Come on babe, I’m gonna give you a bath and then we’ll go to your house.” Rob said as he clamored out of bed.

“My ass is sore.” I said and Rob had a concerned look on his face. “It’s okay; it’s not bad, just different. You’re going to have to carry me to the bath; I don’t think I can walk.”

“You know what happened last time I carried you.” Rob smirked.

The bond between Bobby & Rob gets tested – Chapter 11 – Troubled Waters

Monday morning when Emily and I headed out the door Rob was in the driveway. Getting out of his truck he grabbed his backpack and helped me down the porch.

“I’m going to drive y’all in your Jeep until you’re better Bobby.” I handed him my keys as he guided me to the passenger seat which he slid up so Emily could hop in the back and then helped me in. He took my crutches and wedged them awkwardly in the back by Emily before he started driving us to school. He held open any door that I needed to go through and kept asking me if I needed help to go to the bathroom, which I didn’t. In the cafeteria he made me sit down while he came back with two trays. He was watching over me making sure I had everything that I needed.

“What happened to you Thompson?” I heard as I hobbled into history.

“Sprained my ankle.” I replied, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to run Wednesday coach.”

“Crap.” Mr. Brown muttered. “Well, let’s hope it gets better.”

On Tuesday at lunch I was sitting at the table waiting for Rob to bring me my tray. Katie came up with Rob, took the second tray from him, and handed it to me before sitting next to me with a wink. I wasn’t quite sure what that was about, but I thanked them both before eating.

Wednesday morning when I rolled out of bed I knew that my short track career had come to an end. I could put some weight on my ankle, but I could not put pressure on it, certainly not sprint. Rob’s optimistic look faded from his face when he saw me come out still on crutches.

“I’m so sorry Bobby; I was really wishing you would be better.” The disappointment in Rob’s voice was genuine.

“Coach will find someone to take my spot, it’s not that big of a deal, I was just doing track because I couldn’t swim.” I shrugged trying to brush aside his sadness. After lunch I hobbled to wish the track team good luck before they headed off to the meet. Rob was coddling me so much I was glad when he headed to practice. Emily headed off with a friend and I was in the library working on a college application when he came to find me after his practice.

“Where were you applying?” He asked as I saved my progress and shifted to look at him.

“William & Mary. It’s a great school and not too far from the shipyard.” I said as he helped me up and placed my backpack on his shoulder.

“They’d be lucky to have you.” Rob said as he walked beside me to my Jeep.

I got a text from my friend on the relay team; they got second and qualified for the state meet. I congratulated him and was really glad that they pulled it off. The state tournament was the weekend before Christmas break, in the mountains at a university, and the football team would have their first round match at the same location. I decided I would go and support both teams if I could manage it.

The following Monday my foot was starting to feel almost back to normal. I went to school without crutches and was glad to be free from that burden. Monday was also my first day back that I would have to participate in gym. I went in to change clothes and headed out to the gym. It was cold and windy out so we were playing indoor soccer. I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance on my healing ankle so I volunteered to be one of the goalies. Rob was on the opposing team and I tried my hardest to keep him from scoring. I faired pretty well only letting another on their team score. I blocked two shots from Rob, but I couldn’t help but thinking he wasn’t trying to score, as they both came right to my hands. I watched as Rob glided and maneuvered around the court, I was amazed at how Rob’s body, built for football, ran around court. He was a true specimen and I let another goal in because I was distracted by Rob.

Leaving the hardwood, I was putting on my clothes dazed, thinking about how hot Rob was.

“Keep your eyes to yourself queer boy.” I heard and I jumped realizing I had been staring at Rob. I saw Rob turn around and his face was red. “I knew there was something weird about you, took me a while to figure out you’re a little fairy cock-sucker.” Eric’s voice was filled with venom as he spoke.

“Wha-, Sorry I was just zoned out.” I said trying to cover my actions and anger.

“Chill out man, he wasn’t looking.” I heard Rob try to defend me.

“It sure looked like he was staring at your ass, practically drooling.” Eric said as I hastily finished getting dressed. “You like him staring at your ass or something?” Eric asked Rob.

“Fuck no!” Rob said a little too eagerly.

“Hear that fag? Don’t go looking at us while we change.” Eric said as he walked over to me.

“I would never look at you asshole.” I said as I stormed out of the locker room. I was furious. I couldn’t believe I was so stupid that I let Eric catch me staring at Rob. I couldn’t believe that Rob didn’t do more to defend me. I skipped lunch at went to the library and tried to do some homework, but I couldn’t focus. I was stewing. I decided in the library that I wasn’t going to hide who I was anymore. In history class Rob looked at me with an agonized look on his face. I ignored him. I heard one of the guys who had been in the locker room whispering and snickering with another kid, and I knew they were talking about me. Rob tried to slide me a note; I just threw it away without reading it. When school ended I walked straight to my Jeep and Emily and I drove off, not waiting for Rob.

“Eric is telling everybody you’re gay.” Emily shared in a serious tone as we sat on our porch.

“I know. He’s an ass hat. He’s not wrong, but he’s a shit turd.” I said shaking my head.

“You need to learn how to cuss Bobby.” She said chuckling at my vocabulary, which got a slight smile from me. “What did Rob say during all of this?” She prodded.

“At first he told Eric to leave me alone, but then when Eric told him I had been staring at Rob, and asked if he wanted me to be doing that Rob said ‘Fuck no!.'” I said bitterly as I started to shiver from the cold winter evening.

“He didn’t?” Emily said in disbelief as she held the door open and we headed up to my room to finish our conversation.

“He did, and then in history one of the guys was telling people and snickering and Rob didn’t say anything.”

“Oh Bobby, I’m so sorry.” Emily said patting my back. “You know he’s just scared of being outted too don’t you?”

“I know.” I sighed, “but for someone who is supposed to love me, he sure didn’t act like it.”

“He does love you Bobby, I can see it every time he looks at you. It’s just going to take a little while to work it out.”

At that moment my phone got a message. ‘I’m so sorry Bobby, I should have defended you. I should have done something. I’m coming over.’ I read Rob’s message before typing out my own. ‘Yeah Rob, you should have, but you said “Fuck no!” don’t come over I need some space and time to think.’

“Em, if Rob comes over you or mom tell him I’m not here. I don’t want to talk to him right now.” Emily nodded as she headed downstairs. Twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door and I heard Rob talking to my mom.

“Evening Mrs. Thompson, I need to speak to Bobby please.”

“I’m sorry dear, I don’t know what’s going on, but Bobby said he doesn’t want visitors tonight.” I nodded my head agreeing with my mom.

“Please ma’am, I screwed up, I need to try to fix things.” Rob’s pleading almost broke my heart.

“Just give him time Rob, he’s got a good heart, but it takes him time to forgive. I don’t know what happened, but if you’re serious you’ll figure out a way to make it right.” I heard my mom say before the door closed and I no longer heard Rob’s voice. I was dreading going to school tomorrow. I turned off my phone, not wanting any messages and crawled into bed.

Tuesday morning as i was getting dressed I decided that I didn’t care anymore, I wasn’t going to deny it if I was asked. It was time to let all of me out of my shell and get over the bullshit. Rob’s truck was parked behind my Jeep as we went outside.

“Please Bobby, talk to me.”

“Move your truck Rob.” I stated calmly as Emily and I climbed into my Jeep.” Rob was standing outside of my door staring at me through the window. He looked like he had had about as much sleep as I had. I started my Jeep and pulled forward and turned into the yard before driving over the ditch to get out of the driveway. I knew my parents would be mad at the tire tracks, but at that point I didn’t care.

I knew the rumor had reached just about everyone. The whispering, pointing, and dirty looks started as soon as I was in the parking lot. I held my head high and walked into the school. I heard a couple of ‘faggot’ and ‘queer’ jabs as I walked to my locker, but I didn’t let them bother me. I ate my lunch at one of the tables in the library away from all of the gossipers. I was surprised when Katie came into the library with her lunch and sat beside me.

“I’m sorry Bobby, you don’t deserve this.” She said as she patted my shoulder. “He’ll do the right thing Bobby, he’s a good guy. He looks miserable.”

I looked at her questioningly, “What are you talking about?”

“Rob.” She said plainly. “I know you two have had something going on.”

I put my face in my hands before speaking, “Key word ‘had’.” I sighed and looked at her. “How’d you know?”

“It started at the fireworks, I turned around and saw you getting sick and he was rubbing your back before he helped you walk off. Then the way he was mother-henning you when you were on crutches. The glances you share. It took me a while to figure it out, but once I did, I realized how clear it was.”

“We’ve been together since homecoming.” I admitted and I saw another piece of the puzzle click in her brain. “He wasn’t ready to be out, and I didn’t mind hiding either. When Eric outted me, I guess it was too much for him. He’s been trying to talk to me, but I’m not ready to listen.”

“Let him talk to you Bobby, he’ll make it right.” Katie said solemnly. “You can talk to me Bobby, anytime.” She finished as she picked up her tray. “Thanks Katie.” I followed her and returned my tray of barely eaten food back to the cafeteria. I saw Rob watching me as I walked by, but I didn’t look at him.

Rob must have skipped practice because after school his truck was in my driveway. I parked beside him and headed in the house. I didn’t see him so I headed upstairs to my room figuring he’d be there waiting for me. He wasn’t. I put my backpack down and saw him sitting on the dock as I looked out the window. ‘Might as well get this over with,’ I thought as I put on my heavy coat and headed outside. He was sitting on the dock staring into the creek and I sat down beside him, not looking at him.

“Bobby, babe, I’m so sorry.” He said as he turned his head to look at me. I stubbornly stared straight ahead, just listening, not actively participating. “I never want to hurt you, or anyone else to hurt you Bobby. You mean so much to me and I was a real dick. I should have told Eric that I loved you staring at my ass…” He paused for a second taking a deep breath before continuing. “I should have told him that I love you.” I was still upset but hearing his sadness as he spoke of his love for me filled my heart. I was starting to shiver from the frigid air and he pulled me into his side, I didn’t resist. “I’ll come out of hiding for you Bobby, if that’s what it takes.” He kissed the top of my head before continuing. “I can’t stand you being mad at me. I love you so much; it hurts to see you sad.”

I couldn’t help the tears that slipped from my eyes as I looked at him. He gently wiped them away with his thumb as he gave me a sheepish smile. How could I stay mad at this man. “You don’t have to come out Rob. I see how bad some of the kids are. You shouldn’t be harassed just because I am. I love you so much Rob. I was really hurt at what you said.” I squeezed my eyes shut trying to hold back the tears. “So hurt that you didn’t do more to stand up for me. I understand Rob. I know you aren’t comfortable with letting people know. Just so you know, Katie figured it out, I didn’t tell her. I’ll stay in the shadows to be with you, but not if you are going to treat me badly. Not if you make any more “Fuck no!” comments. I forgive you, I do, but if it happens again, I don’t know if I will be able to do it again.” I buried my face in his chest inhaling his aroma feeling comforted as he pulled me in closer.

“Thank you Bobby, I won’t do anything to hurt you ever again. I’m so sorry.” He said as he gently rocked side to side. I slowly lifted my face to look at him; I could see unshed tears in his eyes as he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on my lips. My body warmed at the contact and I just held the chaste kiss.

“Come out when you’re ready, I’m okay with the way we are.” I said as I followed him to his truck. He gave me a hug and kissed my forehead before he drove away.

I let Rob renew his routine and walk with me into school Wednesday morning. There were a couple derogatory slurs thrown at me, but not as many as yesterday. Rob looked at me apologetically as we headed into school. I sat in my usual seat across from Rob in the cafeteria chatting normally until Eric walked by.

“I can’t believe you are still sitting with the queer Rob.” Eric said.

“Fuck off Eric, he’s my friend I don’t care what you think.” Rob spat out.

“Oh I bet that little bitch boy can’t wait for you to give it to him up the ass.” Eric said as he started walking away.

Rob stood up and stopped his retreat, “If I hear you say one more thing about Bobby, you’re going to regret it.”

“If you hit me Rob, you will be suspended and not be able to play this Saturday.” Eric just snorted laughter as he walked out of the cafeteria.

“Ignore him Rob.” I said as he sat back down with a scowl on his face.

“I’m sorry that he’s such an asshole Bobby.” Rob offered.

I was surprised when I was called to the office over the intercom as school ended. I went into the office and there was a small vase with a single orange rose in it with my name on the card. I took it and I headed out to my car. ‘I’m sorry Bobby. Look as much as you want.’ I read on the card and smiled as I walked over to Rob who was standing by my Jeep.

“Who’s the flower from?” Rob asked grinning at me.

“A secret admirer.” I said as I laughed and hopped in my Jeep. Rob came over after his practice and we chatted in my room.

“Do you think you’d be able to spend the night out Saturday night?” Rob asked me.

“That’s states, we’ll be in Harrisonburg.” I replied.

“Well I was thinking, if you drove up Saturday, we could get a hotel and stay the night somewhere and head back Sunday instead of on the bus Saturday night. I have to take the bus up there, but they don’t care how I get home.” Rob said smiling, hoping I would go along with his plan.

“I was planning on taking the pep bus, but I’ll ask my parents if I can do that.” I answered.

“Let me know babe.” He said as he placed a quick kiss on my lips before heading out the door.

Saturday morning I was ready early to make the four hour drive to Harrisonburg. The busses pulled out of the school parking lot at 6:30 AM. I followed them most of the way, enjoying the drive in the mountains. As I reached the top of Afton Mountain, snow started to fall and I noticed lights embedded on the road as traffic slowed in the low visibility. I took my time and used my GPS to guide me to the designated parking lot on the campus of James Madison University, which was in the Shenandoah Valley. The campus was unique; it had old traditional bluestone buildings on the original campus and futuristic new buildings on the new side of campus. I met up with some kids that had taken the pep bus up and we ate breakfast in one of the dining halls. I headed over to the track which was on the new side of campus across I-81.

I walked over to Coach Brown and he let me stay with the team as they got ready for the races. I found my relay guys and went over to chat. I talked to the three I had been running with all year and I wished them luck. I noticed the guy who took my spot was glaring in disgust at me.

“We don’t care if you like guys Bobby.” One of them said patting my back.

I chuckled, “Well thanks for that. Run your asses off!” I told them as I headed to sit in the bleachers as they smiled and headed over to the new guy. I brushed the snow off of my seat and was surprised when Katie came up and sat by me on the bleachers.

“Feeling better Bobby?” She asked.

“I am Katie, thanks.” I replied pulling her into a hug. We sat and chatted watching and rooting for the few track kids from our school that made it this far as the snow tapered off.

“Most people don’t care ya know.” She said as I nodded. “There are a few d-bags around, but they aren’t the majority.” I smiled at her as I heard the gun go off, signaling the start of my relay team. Katie and I stood up screaming and rooting for our team. The new guy went first and we were in third when he handed the baton off. The rest of the team didn’t hold anything back and I was ecstatic when they came out with the win. Katie and I ran over to congratulate them and my three friends shared a hug with me while my replacement stood off to the side. I really appreciated the fact that these three didn’t abandon me. I slapped them on their backs as I headed off to the football stadium. Katie headed to the locker room to get ready to cheer and I smiled as I left her to it.

The game wasn’t going to start for an hour or so, so I decided to walk around the campus for a little while to pass the time. I stumbled across a small lake tucked away behind the stadium and just sat on the bank watching the geese swimming and the large illuminated fountain splashing on the surface. I noticed ice starting to form on the edges. I sat thinking how good of a friend Katie was being to me. I felt bad for not telling her sooner. I shivered as I headed to a concession stand to get a slice of pizza and a large hot chocolate before I headed up the stands of the newly renovated stadium.

“Don’t sit over here gay boy.” I heard as I saw a snarling Eric.

“Hey Bobby, come sit over here.” I was relieved to see some of my track friends and I went over to sit with them.

“Thanks.” I said settling down into my seat.

“No worries Bobby, don’t listen to Eric, he sucks.” I nodded along and focused on the teams as they ran out onto the field. There were flurries starting to fall again and my classmates and I cheered loudly as our team trotted onto the field. The school we were playing was from southwestern Virginia and seemed to have more fans, probably because they were only a couple hours away from home.

The game was a nail-biter. With three minutes remaining in the contest we were down three points and they had the ball with 3:48 remaining on the clock. They ran the ball on first and second down and our defense held. 3:01 was on the clock as their quarterback dropped back for a pass over the middle. Rob was in coverage and he jumped the route and intercepted the ball and returned it for a touchdown. Our fans went crazy. I was jumping and screaming as we had a 4 point lead with fewer than 3 minutes to play. After the kickoff they were on their 28 yard line and their quarterback dropped back for a pass, Rob was in on a blitz and sacked the quarterback for 4 yard loss. The crowd erupted at Rob’s second great play. The opposing team threw up a Hail Mary as time expired and when the ball was batted to the ground our fans ran out onto the field to celebrate with the team.

I was jumping and celebrating when I felt someone grab me from behind and lift me into the air. I knew it was Rob and when he put me down I gave him a hug through all of his equipment and padding before we continued celebrating. Next week the team would play in the semi-finals. I waited for Rob to come out of the locker room and we headed with the rest of the students towards the parking lot. We slid away from the crowd and slipped behind the busses to my jeep unnoticed.

“Let me drive Bobby.” Rob said and I handed him my keys. He unlocked the passenger door with the key and I jumped in. I reached across and was unlocking the door as he opened it smiling. He placed his bag in the back seat next to mine.

“Where we headed Robbie?” I asked as he drove south on the interstate.

“Only one way to find.” He said chuckling, reminding me of our first date. I smiled warmly at him and reached across to hold his hand. He happily laced his fingers with mine as we drove. We talked about the game and I told him about the track meet. The snow started picking up and I noticed we were heading uphill. The two lane road twisted and turned and I noticed several truck pull-off lanes with large sand piles at the end.

“Wintergreen Mountain.” Rob said as I noticed the snow starting to stick to the narrow roads. We pulled into a lodge and Rob ran in and got the key. We headed to a room on the ground floor with our bags. The room was rustic with a single king sized bed and a bathroom. Rob opened the curtains by a sliding glass door and I was in awe at the view. It was dark, but I the lights were on for the ski runs and I gazed out on the snow covered mountains. It was beautiful.

“It’s perfect.” I said as I wrapped my arms around Rob, he greedily pulled me into a tender kiss.

“My uncle used to work ski patrol in the winters; he got me a good deal for the night.” Rob said before returning his lips to mine. We walked onto the patio and sat down hand-in-hand admiring the view. After several minutes I stood up and pulled him to his feet.

“I’m freezing Robbie.” I said shivering. “Come warm me up.”

“yes sir.” Rob chuckled as he slid the door closed behind us. He quickly closed the distance between us and started ravaging my mouth. We quickly were free of our clothes as we fell onto the bed.

“Fuck me Rob!” I panted catching my breath as he reclaimed my mouth. I was bewildered as I watched as he jumped off the bed and headed towards his bag. I smiled when I saw him pull out a bottle of lube as he jumped back onto the bed, causing me to bounce a few feet in the air laughing. He pulled my legs so they were hanging off the bed and his hot breath was breathing on my asshole. I whimpered in pleasure as I felt his strong tongue seeking entry into my tight hole. When he pulled back I felt a slick hand wrap around my aching shaft. He gave me a few strokes to lube me up before he went to work on my entrance.

I moaned as I felt a slick finger slip inside. I bucked my hips towards him needing more contact. I groaned as he slipped another finger in me and twisted it and scissored his fingers trying to stretch my insides. Rob stood up and wrapped my legs around his waist. His eyes locked with mine and I saw the lust and desire in them. I gasped and shut my eyes as I felt his head pop through the tight muscled ring. Rob slowly eased into my desperate ass. He paused and I felt his hefty sack resting on my ass. I opened my eyes and took in his muscled body as he slowly withdrew his cock. He paused before removing it completely and filled me to the hilt. He was slowly brushing against my prostate with each stroke and my leaky cock had a string dangling almost to my balls.

I reached for my cock desperate to stroke it, but Rob pinned my hands down behind my head as he leaned in for a kiss and slammed hard into me. I moaned into his mouth and began thrusting back to meet his hips. I was desperate with need. I let out more whimpers as he began slamming into me with abandon.

“Come with me Bobby.” Rob panted as he continued his hard assault on my ass. Electricity was coursing through my system. He started sucking on my collar bone. His command and his relentless pounding had me screaming his name as I felt a blast of come land on my lips as he fucked my release out of me. My body was convulsing as my orgasm finally subsided and I was covered in my mess. My ass was clamping tightly around Rob’s dick and I felt him falter as he screamed my name and I felt an intense heat filling me to my core. Rob collapsed on top of me and licked my spunk from my lips and placed soft kisses on me. I wrapped my arms around him not wanting this feeling to end. I clamped down on my ass trying to keep his member corked inside me. Against my will it slid out and I felt a river of come trying to escape my ass. I whimpered at the emptiness and pulled Rob closer to me as he continued kissing me passionately.

“I’ll be right back babe.” Rob said and I sighed as his weight lifted. He came back with a warm wash cloth and gently rubbed my chest, thighs, and ass before wiping my essence from his own stomach. “I’ll do anything to keep you Bobby. I can’t let you go, I need you too much.” Rob said as he slid in behind me and pulled the covers up to our necks.

“I’m yours.” I whispered as I drifted off to sleep. When I stirred awake I saw a pink sky signaling sunrise. I felt so comfortable next to Rob. I moaned when I felt his morning wood nestled happily in my ass cheeks. This time I knew what I wanted. I pushed into it and rubbed against Rob’s crotch. I sighed when Rob pulled me close to him.

“You sure know how to wake a man up.” Rob said huskily into my hair.

“You woke me up, poking me with that.” I laughed and moaned as he thrust into my ass crack, brushing against my puckered hole. He fumbled for something on the nightstand and got on all fours above me. He flipped me over and pulled up my waist so I was underneath of his hot body on all fours. I felt his slick, thick cock head press into me, I was still opened from our earlier coupling. He squeezed me into his chest. He began kissing my shoulders and neck as he started pounding me doggy style. I was whimpering and panting as he held me tight to him sucking on my shoulder as he humped my ass strong and fast. I felt sweat drip off of him and my back was slick and his chest hair was rubbing against me as he rocked in and out of me. I was under Rob’s spell as he ravaged my body. I was hypnotized by the pleasure he was causing. He shifted his angle and found my prostate. He moved one arm and grabbed my deprived cock and started jerking me with his thrusts. My elbows collapsed as I slid face down into the mattress. Muffled noises escaped my mouth and with the intense pleasure I was pushed over the edge. I shot onto the sheets below me. Rob bit my shoulder as my ass clamped around him causing greater friction. He gave several more deep thrusts before he collapsed onto me leaving a hot geyser trapped in my slick hole. I felt slow warm kisses down my neck and across my shoulders. I moaned in agony as he softened and slid out. I squeezed my hole tight trying to keep his remaining seed inside, where it belonged.

He rolled me over on my back so I was beside him. We both just panted in the sweaty afterglow. He grabbed my hand as he leaned over and placed a quick kiss on my lips. “Marry me.” Rob joked as I rolled over on top of him nibbling his ear.

“One day my love.” I said as I began peppering his neck and chest with kisses. I felt his release trickling out of my ass and saw it plop on his rigid abdomen. I took my hand and rubbed it into his hair causing a thick creamy mess that fascinated me. He laughed as he looked at the mess on his stomach.

“Shower time babe.” We showered and packed my Jeep to begin the journey back home. Christmas break had started and we were out of school for two and half weeks. We held hands and talked merrily on the way home. Rob pulled my jeep into his driveway and got his bag and hopped out of the car. I walked around to get in the driver seat as he looked around before giving me a gentle kiss.

“I love you more than anything Bobby.” Rob said as he held the door open for me to get in.

“I know the feeling Rob.” I said as Rob closed the door and said “I’ll call you later babe.” I pulled into the driveway in a happy daze. I returned to reality when I saw my dad sitting on the couch, TV off, seemingly waiting for me.

“Come sit down Bobby.” I gulped and walked nervously to sit in the chair across from him I could feel the tension in the room. “I ran into Eric Evans’ dad in the store yesterday. He said I didn’t raise you right. Anything you want to tell me Bobby?” He asked and I panicked, I guess this was time to tell him.

I steadied myself and looked him in the eyes before speaking. “I’m gay dad. It’s not a choice…” Dad got up and walked out the front door slamming it behind him before I could finish talking. I was crying in my hands when my mom came in to comfort me.

Bobby and Rob experience ups and downs – Chapter 12 – Ebb & Flow

I was in my room sitting at my desk when I heard my dad come back home. I heard him as he marched up the stairs and barged in my room. My heart was pounding and my eyes threatened tears as he walked straight to me before pulling me up and into a hug.

“I love you Bobby. I’m sorry if I scared you.” I let out an audible sigh of relief as he continued. “I went over to give Mr. Evans a piece of my mind. I told him how proud I was to have you as my son, and if he or his son had a problem with you they could take it up with me. My heart stopped aching as I was flooded with relief. I cried on my dad’s shoulder as he patted my back.

“Thanks dad.” I said wiping my eyes on my sleeve. “I love you too.” He tousled my hair and gave me a final hug before he headed out the door. He stopped in the frame and turned around before asking “are you and Rob…?” I nodded and gave a nervous smile to my dad. “He’s a good kid Bobby.” Dad said as he headed out the door. I collapsed into the bed and felt like every burden had been lifted from my soul.

Rob came over the following morning and we went for a walk downtown, bundled from the winter cold. We stopped in the gas station and he got a coffee and I got a hot chocolate before heading out of the station.

“Well if it isn’t Rob and Nancy.” I groaned as I saw Eric heading towards us. “What brings you and the fairy out this morning?” He said and made sure to emphasize the word ‘out.’

“Don’t you call him Nancy, or fairy Eric. His name is Bobby and he deserves your respect. He’s a great person.” Rob said pointing at his chest.

“Respect, for the queer?” Eric laughed maliciously as he spat on the ground beside me. “Honestly Rob, if you want people to have respect for you, you’ll quit hanging around this fag.”

“Fag? Fag. I’ll show you fag!” Rob’s eyes were wild and his face was red. Rob grabbed me and pressed a possessive, needy kiss onto my surprised lips. “I don’t give a fuck what you think Eric; you’re a piece of shit.” Eric’s jaw dropped open and he sat staring as Rob grabbed my hand and pulled me down the road. I know a look of shock and awe was on my face, but when Rob finally looked at me he looked relieved. He just started laughing.

“I’m sorry Bobby. I just thought that might shut his dumb ass up.” I shook my head smiling at him as I reached up and kissed him.

“Thanks for sticking up for me Rob… This is going to cause some drama. I guess you’re out of closet.” I said as we walked back to my house sipping our drinks. Rob headed home after lunch and I just lounged on the couch watching movies with Emily the rest of the day.

We were sitting down to dinner when we heard a pounding on the door. Mom got up and answered the door to reveal a distraught Rob.

“I’m sorry Mr. & Mrs. Thompson, can I talk to Bobby please?” Rob asked, his eyes glazed and blood shot.

“Sure sweetie.” My mom said, “we’re about to eat dinner. We’ll set you a place. Come down when you’re ready.”

Rob followed me up to my room and sat beside me on my bed. “Eric’s dad told my dad.” Rob said as he hung his head. “He kicked me out, said he wasn’t going to have a queer living under his roof. Mom tried to defend me, but dad wouldn’t listen. He said he didn’t have a son.” Rob was almost crying as I wrapped my arms around him and tried to comfort him.

“I’m so sorry Robbie. I’ll always be here for you. I’ll talk to my parents, I’m sure they’ll let you stay here. We’ll go pick up some of your stuff after dinner and you can stay here until you work things out with your dad.” I said as reassuringly as I could manage.

“Thanks Bobby.” Rob sniffled as he tried to hide the evidence of his tears and rubbed his face in his sleeve. “I don’t think I will be able to work things out with my dad. My mom seemed to be okay with it, but she won’t go against him.” I just sat there holding him until finally he stood up trying to regain some composure.

“Come on Bobby, supper is getting cold.” He smiled half-heartedly and we headed downstairs.

“Everything alright Rob?” Mom asked as she gave Rob her warmest smile.

“Not really, but I’ll manage.” Rob answered with chagrin. I squeezed his thigh under the table before speaking.

“Mom, dad, is it okay if Rob stays here for a while?” I asked with a pleading look on my face.

“I don’t mind if you stay here Rob.” Dad began, “but I need to know why you need a place to stay, what happened?”

Rob took a few seconds to compose himself before speaking. “Eric Evans has been picking on Bobby for being…” Rob hesitated.

“Gay.” Dad said plainly as he nodded for Rob to continue.

“Well I just couldn’t take Bobby bearing the burden alone. Eric was harassing Bobby this morning calling him names and I kissed him in front of Eric to shut him up. It worked too.” Rob gave a mirthless chuckle before continuing. “Well the little shit–, sorry for my language Mrs. Thompson.” Rob apologized as she waved him off. “Well he told his dad, who told my dad. My mom seemed to be okay with it, but dad disowned me and kicked me out. I don’t want to impose, but I don’t have anywhere to go. Maybe my uncle…” Rob trailed off looking down at his plate.

“Oh honey.” My mom got up and gave Rob a hug through the chair and kissed the top of his head. “Of course you can stay here, as long as you need.”

“I will let you stay here Rob, but we are going to need to figure out the sleeping arrangement. I can’t have you two lovebirds shacked up In Bobby’s room.” Rob and I blushed as Emily laughed.

“I can’t thank you enough.” Rob said to my parents, “I’ll earn my keep.” After we ate dinner we headed to Rob’s to pick up the stuff he needed. After a couple of hours we had packed up most of his clothes, his books, and computer and were making the last trip to his truck.

“I’m so sorry Rob, I love you. You know your father; he’s stubborn as a damned mule.” We looked up to see his mom looking sadly at Rob. “You going to stay with your friend?” She asked looking at me.

“Yes ma’am.” I answered nodding, “my parents said he could stay with us until Rob and his dad worked things out.”

“That’s sweet dearie, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.” She came down the stairs and gave Rob a hug. I was surprised when she gave me a hug. “He’s very handsome Rob; I think you made a good choice.” Rob grinned and I blushed as he tousled my hair.

“I made a great choice.” Rob said as he held open his truck door for me to get in. We waved bye to his mom before heading back to my-, our house.

“Your mom is sweet.” I said grabbing Rob’s hand.

“She has her moments.” Rob answered lacing his fingers with mine. We were hauling some boxes and bags upstairs when we heard a strange noise coming from my room. Peeking in we saw my dad with a mess of tools, screws, and lumber strewn on my floor. My full sized bed was no longer in the room.

“What’s going on?” I asked as my dad looked up at the two of us.

“I was going to make Rob sleep in the attack, but your mom thinks it’s too cold. She thinks you’ll end up sneaking to see each other anyway. So I got bunk beds. I know you’re both 18, but if you’re going to be sharing a room, you won’t be sharing a bed. This door is going to be opened a lot more than it’s closed. Do you two have a problem with these rules?”

“No sir.” We said in unison. Rob walked in and immediately started helping my dad organize the parts for the beds.

“Do you want two twin beds, or bunk beds?” Dad asked looking at me.

“Surprise me.” I said as I grinned and headed down the stairs. I hauled the rest of Rob’s things to the upstairs hallway before settling down to watch TV. I knew what a pain dad was when trying to put something together and I didn’t want to be around during his frustration. I felt bad leaving Rob with my dad. That fear faded when they came down the stairs an hour or so later, they were happily chatting and I saw dad pat Rob on the back before heading to the fridge. He grabbed a bottle of beer for himself and handed Rob a Coke.

“Thanks for the help Rob.” He said as he sat on the couch.

“It was the least I could do Mr. Thompson, I can’t express my gratitude to you and Mrs. Thompson.” Dad waved him off and Rob led me to our room to show me the new addition. The beds were stacked on top of each other.

“I got top bunk.” Rob said laughing at me.

“Oh I know how much you like being on top.” I rebuffed and he burst into laughter.

“You got that right.” Rob said as he pulled me into a hug. “I was upset at being kicked out, but now I realize I get to spend all of my time with you.” He kissed my forehead before heading into the hall and bringing in one of his boxes. We rearranged my room the best we could to fit all of his things in with mine. It was getting late when we finished and Rob gave me a sweet kiss before he climbed the ladder to his new bed. I closed the door so it was just opened a crack before climbing on the bottom bunk and drifting off to sleep. I don’t know how long I had been asleep, but something caused me to stir.

“What the hell?” I mumbled as I was startled out of my sleep by something soft hitting my face. I pulled the soft fabric off of my face and looked, using the moonlight, trying to focus. I moaned when I realized Rob had thrown his boxer briefs to me. I heard him chuckling as I inhaled deeply, groaning at the wet spot I found. I was hard in my own underwear now moaning and lapping up any taste of Rob I could suck out of the cotton. I was jerking my cock with one hand, while with the other I pinned his underwear to my face, engulfed in Rob’s manly aroma. I was sucking the underwear into my mouth as I shot my load into my own boxer briefs. I kept Rob’s underwear over my face as I removed my own, wiped up the remnants of my mess, and tossed them in the top bunk.

“Thanks babe, I needed a late night snack.” I laughed at Rob’s silly comment, slipped Rob’s underwear on, they were a little too big, but I didn’t mind. I fell asleep thinking of him coaxing my load from the fabric.


I heard Rob jump down from the top bunk and rolled over as he stood up stretching.

“Morning babe.” He said as he pulled out his gym bag and took some clothes out before replacing them with clean ones.

I moaned and laughed at the sight. “Robbie, my underwear is too small for you.” He laughed as he came over and pulled me out of bed.

“Yours are a little too big babe. Wanna switch back?” I shook my head, I liked wearing his used underwear and wasn’t ready to give them up yet. “Have it your way.” He chuckled as he started to get dressed for football practice. They would have it every morning this week before the semi-final game Saturday.

“Rob you can’t wear those, you can see a stain.” I said as he was pulling on some sweats.

“I’m going to switch to a jock anyway for practice, no one will notice. I like wearing your skivvies babe.” Rob said pulling up his sweats as I chuckled at him.

We went downstairs and ate some cereal and chatted. “I’m going to run a quick errand after practice, but I’ll be back by lunch time.” Rob said as he looked around before wrapping his arms around me a giving me a sweet kiss. I followed him to the door and watched as he headed out of the drive.

I helped mom in the attic locating boxes of Christmas decorations and hauling them downstairs for her to go through. I had just finished untangling strands of Christmas lights, and was about to start putting together the artificial tree when a grinning Rob walked in the door.

“Do not unpack that tree Bobby. Come outside and help me.” Rob said as he waited for me at the door. In the back of his truck was a beautiful 8 foot tall Christmas tree. He handed me a tree stand. “Go put this where you want the tree and I’ll bring it in.” I smiled and skipped into the house where mom and I found the perfect spot to place the tree. Rob came in the house carrying the tree with ease and placed it in the holder.

“Rob you are so sweet, you didn’t have to.” My mom attacked Rob with a hug, squeezing him tightly. “I’ll be right back.” Mom said as she jaunted off and out of view. Emily came in and admired the tree with us.

“It’s awesome Rob. Where’d you get it?” I asked gazing at the tree; it had been years since we had a real tree.

“There’s a Christmas tree farm up the county, they cut it down today when I picked it out.” Rob answered.

“I was going to save these for later, but it’s the perfect time.” Mom said as she handed the three of us a small wrapped box. Emily and I ripped the paper off of ours while Rob carefully removed the tape and revealed his package. Mom had gotten us each a Christmas ornament. Emily’s was a volleyball with Emily engraved on it, mine was a track cleat with my name across, and Rob’s was a football with his name on it.

“Thanks mom.” Emily and I said in unison and we hugged either side of her. Rob grabbed my mom into a hug and didn’t say anything. When he pulled away I saw his eyes were threatening a tear.

“Thanks Mrs. Thompson, I love it.” Rob said as he looked at the ornament in his hand.

“I’m glad sweetie.” Mom said patting his back before she headed into the other room. The three of us made quick work of stringing the lights and decorating the tree. The three new ornaments held a prominent place in the center. Mom brought in a tray that had mugs of hot chocolate and sugar cookies. We sat and talked merrily as we admired the Christmas tree.

Rob and I headed off to our room. “How were the guys at practice today?” I asked, nervous that he would be harassed after Eric had outted the pair of us.

“It was okay. Most of the guys didn’t care, teased me a little about not turning their backs on me in the shower and crap like that. A few were shitheads about it. Saying they don’t want to be in the locker room or shower with a ‘butt pirate.’ Rob said smirking at the term. Most of them realize I’m the same guy, and am not going to try to jump their bones. You on the other hand…” He trailed off smirking at me.

I closed the door before pulling him into a hug. “We’re going to be ok.” I said squeezing him tight to me.

“Yeah babe.” Rob kissed my nose before continuing. “We’ll be ok.”


Saturday morning Rob got up early to head to the school to take the bus to Old Dominion University, where the semi-final matches were to be held. I wished him luck as he headed out the door. Thankfully ODU was about an hour away in Norfolk, so it was no problem for me to make the drive. Emily rode with me as we made the trip to the campus. After we parked we realized we were running late, so we headed straight for the stadium and took a seat in the section with our fans. I saw Eric glare at me as we walked by, but thankfully he didn’t say anything.

Rob had another great game as he recorded two sacks and a fumble recovery in the 17 — 7 victory. Our school went crazy as we would be heading to the championship game for the first time in over twenty years. Rob rode back with Emily and me and we congratulated him on his strong performance. When we got home mom pulled Rob into a hug and congratulated him before speaking.

“Your mom came by and dropped off some stuff for you.” She said as she handed Rob a box that had some clothes, a few knick-knacks and some mail.

“Thanks Mrs. Thompson.” He said as we headed up the stairs. Rob put the box down and sat in the desk chair as he pulled out two official looking letters. I stood behind him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders, resting my chin on his head. One had a seal that read ‘Christopher Newport University,’ the other read ‘Bridgewater College.’

“Open ’em Rob.” I squeezed him before stepping back and sitting on the bottom bunk.

He looked at me confused. “I didn’t apply to these schools, just the Apprentice School. Why would they be sending me mail?”

“Only one way to find out.” I grinned and encouraged him to open them. He opened them one at a time and carefully read them over. He set them down on the desk before turning to look at me with a look of shock on his face. He stood up came towards me and pulled me off the bed and into a hug.

“I never even considered this.” He started squeezing me tighter as he began to spin in circles. “They are Division III schools, and they’re offering me full football scholarships.”

“Holy crap!” I screamed as he put me down and I started jumping and bumping into him. “That’s awesome; do you think you want to do it?”

“I mean, I had never thought it was possible. I’m in shock.” He said and I squeezed him again.

“What’s all the commotion in here?” My dad poked his head in the room.

“Rob got two scholarship offers to play football.” I said as my dad walked into the room. My dad’s face broke out into a grin as he walked over to Rob and pulled him into a hug.

“Congratulations! That’s tough to do. You did good son.” Dad said as he pulled away. Rob’s face lit up, but had a hint of sadness. “You’re a good kid Rob. I’m happy for you. You deserve it.” Dad said patting him on the back before heading out the room.

Rob was shaking his head dumbfounded and I saw a tear fall down his cheek. I rubbed it off of his lightly-stubbled cheek before pulling him into a hug. We just held each other for a few minutes before breaking the embrace.

“I think Bridgewater is really close to JMU, and CNU isn’t that far from W&M.” I grinned thinking how close we could be to each other. “I won’t hear back for a couple of months, but I’m so proud of you Rob.” Dad came in and said we were going out to eat to celebrate Rob’s victory and scholarship. Rob said we didn’t have to but dad insisted.

Later that night we shared a final hug before getting into our separate beds. Rob fell asleep quickly and I sat up and listened to his soft even breaths before I got an idea.

I silently climbed out of bed and closed the door. I climbed the ladder to the top bunk as stealthily as I could. Rob was sleeping on his back and I started to climb on top of him. He started to stir and I kissed him softly. He seemed to come to life as he pulled me down and deepened the kiss.

“Well this is nice.” He whispered and I put my finger on his lips as I slid down the sheets. I pulled down his tight underwear and was greeted with a happy thud as his erect penis slapped against his tight, fuzzy abdomen.

I quickly swooped in with my tongue and engulfed it with my warm mouth. He put his arm over his mouth and moaned while I worked him with my mouth. My tongue was twisting and laving around his member as I bobbed enjoying the feeling of his hardness in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his head and tasted his leaking juices. He started squirming as his hands grabbed the back of my head forcing me engulf him completely, shoving his meaty cock down my throat. His fingers lightly knotted in my hair as he began thrusting his hips and held my head still. With one last thrust he collapsed and his body jerked as I had to swallow several times to contain his release. I savored the flavor of my man. I lightly lapped my tongue over his cock cleaning what traces remained before kissing him tenderly. He pulled me tight to him before I kissed him once more.

“Get some sleep babe.” As I started to pull away he tried to follow. I placed my hand on his chest. “This was to celebrate your win, and earning a scholarship. I’m sure you’ll find a way to take care of me later.” I kissed his nose and he sighed as I headed down the ladder before climbing into the bottom bunk. Pleasing him in that moment was all the satisfaction I needed. I heard soft, steady breathing above me before I drifted off to dream.

I was slowly brought back to reality by a glorious pleasure. I opened my eyes to see Rob kneeling beside my bed with his mouth full. I moaned and he placed his strong hand over my mouth to silence my sounds of pleasure. He must have been working a while before I woke up, because I was on the brink. He sucked hard and worked his hot, wet, mouth in quick long strokes up and down my needy shaft. My toes curled and my muscles tensed as my pent up love gushed into Rob’s skillful mouth.

“Thanks love.” I panted as Rob climbed behind me in the small bed.

“I love you so much Bobby, you’re perfect.” Rob said as he pulled me into his warm body. Within seconds we were sound asleep, snugly cuddling in confines of the bottom bunk.

Bobby & Rob exchange Christmas Presents – Chapter 13 – Christmas Surprises

The family, Rob, and I were sitting down having a light lunch on Christmas Eve. Rob had only been here a short time, but It seemed that my family actually enjoyed having Rob around. I definitely enjoyed having Rob around. After lunch my parents switched topics to our plans for Christmas day.

“Bobby, you know we are going to your grandma’s tomorrow. Your mom and I have been talking and we’re unsure of how to tell her about the relationship between you and Rob.” Dad said as he glanced at the two of us across the table. “I want you to know that we are not ashamed or embarrassed by you in any way, but I’m not sure how grandma will handle this news being sprung on her. I think it would be best if you visited her one-on-one and not at a family function with this revelation.” He paused and looked at Rob. “Rob, I don’t want to make this uncomfortable, but if you want to stay home, or you and Bobby want to stay home, that will be okay. I would like for you both to come, but I know this situation is unique.”

“I’ll do whatever Bobby wants.” Rob said looking at me.

“We’ll go visit grandma later. I think it might be a little stressful explaining Rob to the family like that. If you don’t mind, I think we’ll just stay here.” I explained trying to sound rational.

“That sounds fine Bobby.” Mom said nodding at us.

After lunch Rob said he needed to go run some errands. I had already gotten Rob his present from the antique shop, and I was sure he was off to find something for me. It was a few hours before he came back and told me I wasn’t allowed in the room until he said. I grabbed my laptop before he locked me out and was surfing the web downstairs until he finally let me in. There was a small wrapped package on the desk and he just smiled as I walked in.

“If we don’t go to sleep soon Bobby, Santa won’t come.” Rob said chuckling as he got up and gave me a hug. I gave him a light kiss before heading to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Rob was on the bottom bunk holding the covers open for me when I returned.

“I don’t like sleeping in the bed without you babe.” Rob said and I smiled as I pressed my back into his warm and welcoming embrace. I tilted my head back and was rewarded with a sweet kiss.

“Me either.” I concurred as I felt him kiss the back of my head as he squeezed me tight to him.

Christmas morning I woke up and Rob was already in the bathroom. He seemed to be taking a long time. When he finally emerged he grinned as he saw me. He was carrying his backpack and he gave me a shrug as he walked by and dropped the bag off in the room. We headed downstairs and had a quick breakfast with the family. Rob was squirming in his seat with a funny look on his face. After breakfast, Rob was surprised to see that he had a stack of presents under the tree.

“Guess you going to bed early was a good idea.” I nudged Rob as we sat around the tree. My parents had gotten us mostly clothes and a few trinkets. We thanked them and Rob gave my mom a hug and was reaching to shake my dad’s hand, but he was pulled into a hug. I smiled at my dad as I gave Rob his present. Rob opened it and he smiled while looking at me. Rob kept shifting the way he was sitting and that strange look was momentarily back on his face. I was trying to figure out what was going on with him.

“Hand carved fishing lures. I love them, thanks Bobby.” Rob said handing me my gift. I opened the small box and there was a mahogany colored leather bracelet with an etched crab on it. I smiled as I flipped it over and read the text that was engraved on the inside of the band. ‘I love you Bobby -Rob.’

I smiled at Rob and he helped me put it on my right wrist. “Thanks Rob, it’s awesome, did you carve this?” I asked.

“Yeah it took me a couple of tries to get it to look right.” He answered smiling.

“It’s perfect.” I exclaimed.

After we threw away the discarded wrapping paper we helped my parents and Emily load up the car for the trip to grandmas. We waved and smiled and watched them pull away. We headed back inside and closed the door behind us.

“I have another present for you babe.” Rob said looking at me with that special glint in his eyes. “I’ve gotta go get it ready, but come upstairs in 10 minutes, not a second sooner.” I nodded and watched him jog upstairs, his gait was abnormal as he rushed upstairs, but I guessed he was just excited about his surprise.

I paced around downstairs waiting for the time to pass. I eagerly headed upstairs in anticipation of what was to come. The bedroom door was closed so I knocked to make sure he was ready.

“Come in.” Came the sultry voice and my eyes were assaulted by the most delightful scene in front of me. Rob had pulled the mattress off of the bottom bunk and had it in the middle of the room. He was facing away from me on all fours. He was wearing a sexy pair of underwear. They were navy blue in color with a bright white waistband and elastic on the legs. They appeared to be briefs from the front, but from the back they were cut out kind of like a jockstrap, leaving a hole displaying his perfect ass. Where his hot hole would be he had a red bow covering his vulnerable spot. I closed the door behind me and half moaned half growled at the sight of him.

“You are so fucking hot Robbie.” I said as I closed the distance between us.

“Come here and unwrap your present babe.” Rob said as I licked my lips. I crawled behind him on the mattress and rubbed my hands over his muscular back. I let my hands drift to massage his perfectly plump ass cheeks. When I finally took the bow off I was surprised by what I saw. Underneath the bow was a small black circle flush against his hole.

“Uh, um, Rob? What’s this?” I asked while lightly touching the circle, eliciting a moan from him.

“I want you to take my cherry babe. I bought a small butt plug and put it in this morning. I’ve been so freaking hot and leaking in these briefs all morning. Just touching that sends shivers through me.”

I pushed lightly against it again, enthralled by the sounds Rob was making.

“Does it feel good?” I asked.

“It feels better than I ever imagined. I’ve never had anything up there except your tongue; I was worried I wouldn’t be ready. Yesterday I went into the adult bookstore and had an awkward conversation with a lady who worked there. She recommended this with lots of a lube for a little while before I let you have me.” Rob informed me of his reasoning behind the toy.

I crawled around to meet Rob’s face and we kissed passionately.

“That’s very sweet of you. It’s so hot when you fuck me Robbie, but I have been curious about being on top.”

“I’m ready to see what has your grunting, whimpering, and moaning babe, if it’s anywhere near as good as you look when I make love to you, I’m sure it will be great.” Rob said before giving me another quick kiss.

“How do I take it out?” I asked as I maneuvered back around to his ass.

“Just slowly pull it out and lightly twist.” Rob answered. I wedged my fingers around the ring and slowly maneuvered the plug in Rob’s ass, he was squirming and I teased him by pushing it in and out a couple of times before dislodging it. It wasn’t that large, about four inches long and not as thick as my dick. I gulped at the sight of his open hole. I dove head first shoving my stiff tongue in as it closed around me. He was moaning and squirming as I replaced my tongue with a finger. It slid in easily into his loosened hole and I prodded around searching for the place that would have him squirming. With the tip of my finger I felt a hard walnut sized surface, as I rubbed it he moaned and collapsed on his elbows.

“Oh fuck Bobby.” Rob moaned and flipped over. His cock was straining in the jock-briefs and he clearly had been leaking. I dove in and started lapping at the spot and nibbling on his trapped member. He pulled me into a kiss as he wiggled his way out of his underwear. I quickly discarded my clothes and we were both naked and needy on my mattress on the floor. I picked up the lube he had strategically placed on the floor beside the mattress and let a large sized dollop ooze onto my fingers. I rubbed it onto his pulsing entrance before allowing my middle and pointer fingers to slide into Rob. He was tight and winced as I pushed to get them passed his tight muscled opening.

“Oh my God.” Rob moaned and twisted on the mattress. I twisted my fingers in his guts and leaned over to capture Rob’s mouth. “I need you in me now.” Rob’s voice was gravely and needy. I rubbed an ample amount of lube on my leaky head and down my length. I was so hot from the process and the sight of Rob waiting for me. I placed my head at his entrance and felt the heat escaping him. I lined up and pressed my head into his tight canal.

“Fuck.” I moaned as I pulled back trembling and shot my load onto his desperate asshole. Rob moaned at the sight of me losing it and shot all over his chest. I watched fascinated as Rob’s asshole clenched and my release started seeping inside of him.

“Sorry Robbie, I am so turned on.” I leaned over him and kissed him deeply feeling my chest rubbing against his release.

“Don’t apologize. It’s hot that you go so excited.” Rob panted as I pulled away. I was still hard, I managed to compose myself and get ready to be inside Rob for the first time. I realigned my head at his entrance. I pushed forward trying to breach his defenses. He was so tight I groaned as I tried to put enough pressure to get through. Rob’s body tensed as he winced and I felt his muscles tighten around my shaft. I rubbed his thighs and pulled his legs over my shoulders. I was on my knees and lined up ready to go. I felt Rob relax around me as I slowly pushed my head deeper into his warm embrace.

Rob was so warm. The feeling was intense. The velvet soft, skin tight, warm furnace was outstanding. I had to focus on not losing it again so quickly. I rested on top of Rob kissing his neck while Rob wrapped his legs around my back. Rob started to squirm below me as I slowly eased out of his canal I accidently withdrew all the way so I realigned before continuing the slow decent into his bowels.

“So good.” Rob moaned as his legs tightened around me. I put my arms on either side of his body and braced myself to give Rob what he needed. I continued the slow motion assault on his hole but I was on sensory overload. The sight of my sexy, hairy, muscular man giving himself to me was almost too much. He was so tight, so hot. I shifted my position and started shorter faster thrusts into my willing mate. I felt the head of my prick brush against that special spot as he trashed around below me. I focused all of my attention on repeating that move and attacked it with precision.

“I’m gonna, I’m gonna, oh my.” Rob started moaning and I felt a vice grab my dick, it was too much I gave one last desperate thrust and slammed into Rob one last time as his insides strangled my cock. I shot and pulsed everything my balls had to offer inside of Rob. I watched the last drop of Rob’s come slide down his shaft and used my thumb to wipe it off and bring it to my tongue. I leaned back down and reached for Rob and was desperate for a kiss. He squeezed me tightly and we both moaned when I softened and slid out of Rob’s sloppy hole. We were still for several moments not saying a word. Rob recovered first and took my face in his hands.

“I love you so much Bobby that was out of this world.” He placed a kiss on my lips before I rolled off beside him. He reached for my hand and I looked in his eyes.

“Thank you Rob, that was special. I think I like you on top better, but both are fantastic. I love you with all of my heart.” I said as he reached over for another kiss. I got up and went to the bathroom to get something to clean up the mess we had created.

“We’re going to need to change the sheets.” I said laughing as I started wiping Rob clean. “I want to try that plug Rob.” I told Rob and watched as his toothy smile glistened at me.

“This will be fun.” Rob said. “Assume to position.” Rob stood up picking up the plug off of the corner of the mattress as I got on all fours in the position Rob was in earlier. I heard the top of the lube bottle open before I felt Rob’s slick fingers teasing my hole. He rubbed slow slick circles around my hole. He fingered me a few times, which had me panting, before I felt the plastic rubbery plug at my door. He twisted it lightly and was teasing my hole as he slowly inched it in. I felt the stopper flush against my body and Rob tapped it lightly. It wasn’t nearly as big as Rob, but the constant fullness was good. I had just had two orgasms, but was ready to go again.

“Get dressed and we’ll let you keep it in a little while.”

“Rob I’m freaking hard, just fuck me now.” I whimpered and Rob stood up and slipped on his sexy briefs and went over to put on a pair of sweats.

“You wanted to try it out, I think you should experience it a while first.” Rob said sliding on a t-shirt grinning at my neediness. He threw me some sweats and a shirt. “Get dressed babe, I’ll take care of you later.”

I groaned as I got up; now I knew why he had been squirming and walking funny all morning. Every movement was delicious torture. I got dressed and headed downstairs with Rob.

“Come sit in my lap babe.” Rob said as he turned on the TV. I moaned when I sat down, feeling the plug pushing inside me. I was hard and dripping in my sweats and Rob took pleasure in torturing me. When I had settled down into a comfortable position Rob would shift causing the plug to dance inside me. I was so horny and I needed Rob to take me. I turned facing him, reaching for a kiss. Rob turned so I could only reach his cheek. I began licking his ear.

“Please. Robbie, I need it.” I whimpered. Thankfully he stood up and I followed him. Instead of walking upstairs he walked into the kitchen and started making sandwiches.

“You’re killing me Rob.” I said exasperated. He grinned and slid a country ham sandwich in front of me.

“Sit, eat, you need your strength.” Rob said as he sat on the stool next to me. I sat on the stool and whimpered from the feeling as the toy brushed against some nerves inside me. Rob knew he was driving me crazy as he slowly ate his sandwich. Mine was finished as quickly as I could eat it and I watched as Rob slowly licked his fingers clean.

“Thirsty?” He asked standing up and grabbing the pitcher of sweet tea from the fridge. I shook my head as he filled his glass to the brim. He plopped back on the stool beside me and looked into my eyes as he took a long slow sip from the glass. I couldn’t take it any longer, I reached over, grabbed the glass and chugged every drop before placing it on the counter. The fire grew in his emerald eyes and he stood up and picked me up from my stool. He held me over his shoulder and slapped my ass, causing a moan and a whimper, before he carried me upstairs.

“Sorry babe, you’re just so fucking sexy. I tried to delay it as long as I could, but you’ve got me so turned on.” He brushed what was on the desk aside before he lowered me on it. He ripped off my sweats and dropped his pants and briefs. He leaned over and kissed me and I gasped as he quickly removed the cork from my needy ass. He removed my shirt and his mouth trailed kisses down my chest. He slowly nibbled on my nipples before gently licking the wetness from my manhood. I groaned and moaned and thrashed under his touches. He bent down to retrieve the bottle of lube from the floor and coated his meaty shaft. He didn’t bother with his fingers; he knew I would be opened enough from the plug. I watched as he lined up and gasped when he pushed straight into me. There was a twinge of pain and he leaned in and kissed me deeply as I took him to his root. He pulled the front of his t-shirt behind his head and I rubbed his magnificently hairy chest and tweaked one of his nipples before he stood up and fucked me hard. It was rough and sweaty, but felt incredible.

“Oh, damn, Robbie, you’re so big, fuck me, harder.” I whimpered in spurts as he jack hammered into me.

“So tight, so hot.” He moaned as he continued his assault. I reached for my dick, but he swatted my hand away. He spat on my dick and took me in his meaty paw. I moaned and groaned from the feeling. He was so hard and deep in my ass. I clenched my ass muscles around his shaft.

“Your ass is sucking me in.” Rob panted as he began to quickly jack my desperate cock. I moaned and my muscles tensed, my arms reached for Rob who leaned into my embrace. I squeezed him tightly to me as he released my dick from his grip. His hairy torso was thrusting against my neediness. I arched my back pressing harder into his thrusting torso. The friction from his furry, muscular abs set me off.

“Robbie!” Was my muffled cry as I shot between us causing a slick mess as my tunnel squeezed tightly around Rob.

“Oh Bobby, you’re milking me dry.” Rob collapsed on top of me and I felt his muscles contracting as he panted into my neck. His hot seed shot deep inside me. I held on to Rob as if I was going to slip away. He sucked on my neck as he softened and slid out. I felt his seed dripping out of my hole and felt empty. Rob put his hand on my chin so I would look at him. Our eyes were focused on each other; no words were needed to express our feelings as he started placing quick soft kisses on my lips.

We cleaned the desk and changed the sheets before taking a shower. We were snuggled up on the couch watching ‘A Christmas Story’ when the family returned from grandmas.

“How was grandma?” I asked as they settled in a removed their coats.

“She was great. Everybody asked about you. We told them we took in a stray.” Dad said as he chuckled and gave Rob a noogie.

“Oh hush.” Mom said. “Rob we did tell her about you, but we didn’t discuss your relationship, just that you were living with us. She is expecting you to visit her before break is over Bobby; she said you could bring Rob. We have lots of leftovers, so go get something to eat.”

Rob and I munched on leftovers and chatted with everyone. We finally made our way to bed, both exhausted from our earlier couplings. Rob closed the door and climbed over me in the bottom bunk before pulling me close in a warm embrace.

“Merry Christmas Bobby.” Rob whispered, his breath was hot in my ear.

“Merry Christmas Rob.” I replied sliding closer to Rob.

Bobby & Rob adjust to a being out – Chapter 14 – In Plain Sight

Rob had practice every morning starting the day after Christmas. The state championship match would be held at the University of Richmond on New Year’s Day. My parents surprised us by saying they wanted to come to the game to support Rob. Rob was touched and happily gave them hugs upon hearing the news.

Three days before the championship game, Rob and I went out to lunch at the deli. The deli was quiet with just a couple other people drinking coffee and eating at the counter. We sat in a booth by the window. We were eating our sandwiches talking happily. I realized that this was the first time we were out in public after people knew we were a couple, though I doubted anyone in the deli knew. We weren’t overtly sexual, and there weren’t any public displays of affection, but it felt good.

“I was thinking we’d go visit grandma on the 2nd; that is if you wanna come along…” I mentioned, putting down my sandwich. Rob put down his sandwich and grabbed the top of my hand with his.

“Of course I want to go with you Bobby.” Rob said as he gazed into my eyes. Our gaze was broken when we heard a throat clear. One of the old men at the counter got up to leave and saw Rob holding my hand and gave us a scolding look as he headed to the door. He was older, in his seventies or eighties. His brow was furrowed as he put on an old green trucker hat that had an emblem of a brand of fertilizer. Rob patted my hand a couple of times before he returned to his sandwich.

“Don’t worry about him Bobby.” Rob said after taking a sip from his drink.

“I know. I just wish people wouldn’t judge us like that.” I said before wiping my hands on a napkin. “Let’s go home Rob.”

“Let’s get some pie before we go babe.” Rob suggested and I reluctantly agreed.

We were finishing our last bites of pecan pie when the waitress came to retrieve our plates. She appeared to be in her fifties with dark hair in large curls that had a tint of gray. She was petite, maybe five foot four inches tall.

“Don’t worry about that ol’ coot. I think you two make a very handsome couple.” The waitress’ grey eyes conveyed her honesty, I read ‘Shirley’ on her name tag and we smiled and thanked her as she walked away. Rob went up to the counter and was talking to Shirley. He came back with a piece of paper and we headed to the truck.

“I’m going to try to get a part time job after football, save some money for college.” Rob said as I buckled my seat belt.

“Rob, I’m sure my dad will help you out.”

“I know Bobby, I just feel bad being dependant on your parents. It’ll be good for me anyway.” I understood how Rob felt, but couldn’t help feeling bad, maybe I’d try to get a part-time job too.

Rob wanted to rent a movie, so we headed to the store. There were quite a few people waiting in line at the vending kiosk. I missed the stores with racks of DVDs on the walls, where you could take your time and peruse in peace. I started to shiver as it seemed to take forever for everyone to pick out the movie they wanted to see. Rob unconsciously pulled me into a sideways hug and held me against his larger, warmer frame. There was a twenty-something year old guy in front of us. He had longer blonde hair down to his ears, and an earring in each ear. After he picked out his movie he smiled at us and winked as he headed off. I was still huddled against Rob as he went through the selection of movies before finally settling on an action flick. We hopped in Rob’s truck and quickly headed home to warm up and watch the movie. I was snug on the couch with my head resting on Rob’s shoulder watching the movie. I must have fallen asleep because Rob nudged me awake and we both headed to our room to go to sleep.

The following day Rob was cheery after practice.

“Coach said we had a great practice today Bobby.” Rob spoke as he closed the door behind him. “Coach gave us vouchers for the movie theater in Onancock, wanna go?”

“Sure, should be fun Rob.” I replied. I got ready to go as Rob looked on the internet to see what was playing.

“It’s only a single screen theater, but this movie looks good and starts in 45 minutes. If we leave now we should make it. In the driveway Rob quickly opened the passenger door for me before jumping in the drivers’ seat and pulling onto the road.

I bought a large popcorn and Cherry Coke for us to share before we headed into the theater. It was a matinee so it was mostly empty, just a handful of people scattered around the back of the old movie theater. We got a seat in the middle of the third row as the last preview ended. We scooted the arm rest between us up and I leaned against Rob. We shared the popcorn and drink as we watched the movie. Halfway through the movie I felt Rob rest his hand on my thigh. I put the dregs of the popcorn and soda on the ground below our seats as he started rubbing my thigh. I looked at him and saw my lust reflected in his glistening, gorgeous, green eyes as I placed my hand on his thigh.

Our hands got more intimate and we were soon groping each other through our jeans. I was hard and leaking in my tight underwear. I felt Rob’s hardness under my grasping fingers. “Let’s get out of here.” I whispered in Rob’s ear.

“Thought you’d never ask.” He said as he eagerly jumped up and we rushed out of the theater, throwing our trash out on the way. We were in the truck driving back towards home. I was still occasionally groping him, just enough to keep him aroused, not enough to cause a wreck. I knew where we were going when he turned down a dirt road and pulled into the empty gravel parking lot of the wildlife refuge. Rob parked and turned his truck off.

Rob scooted from behind the steering wheel and was beside me on the middle of the bench seat. His lips were instantly on mine and his hand was checking my arousal through my jeans. With the heat off in the truck it was starting to get cold, but I knew Rob would keep me warm. I deepened the kiss as I fidgeted with the button and zipper on his jeans. He lifted up and I managed to get his jeans and boxers down to his knees before he sat back down. We were cramped and in awkward angles as he slid my jeans and boxer briefs down to my ankles. Our shoes were still on and kept our jeans trapped around our legs. I rubbed Rob’s beefy, hairy thighs before I was slowly stroking up and down Rob’s hard, long, thick, velvet-soft shaft as he moaned into my mouth. He was doing the same to me. I was so horny and needed to feel Rob deep inside me.

“Fuck me Rob.” I moaned when I broke our kiss.”

Rob shook his head before speaking. “Sorry babe, no lube. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I whimpered in disappointment until I got an idea. “Do what you did the first time.”

Rob pulled me back into a deep kiss. “God I love you so much Bobby.” He put one of his hands under my shirt and was tweaking my nipple which had me whimpering again before I felt his welcoming mouth on my dick.

“Oh Rob, suck it.” I moaned as he attacked my come-tube trying to quickly coax my release from me. He was twisting his other strong hand around the base of my manhood as he quickly bobbed up and down. I felt one of Rob’s fingers start tickling me around my puckered hole.

“Rob.” I groaned. “I’m gonna, you’re gonna.” I felt my seed gushing from me into Rob’s hot mouth. I was wedged against the cold fogged up window and panting. Rob tried to pull me up and shifted me into a position so he could get to my ass. I braced my arms against the window as he rubbed my release along his thick shaft before I felt a slick finger slide inside me.

I still hadn’t recovered from my orgasm and was trying to support myself as Rob slid another finger into my ass causing my dick to jump back into action. Rob was twisting and teasing my hole and had me moaning and panting pressed against the cold door of his truck.

“I need you Robbie.” I moaned as I turned my head to look at him.

“You’ve got me babe.” Rob answered as he reached for a deep kiss. I felt his large glans at my waiting hole. I held my breath and closed my eyes as he slowly pushed deep into my tight sheath. He licked my neck and began to suck on it until I started to relax.

“So hot, so tight.” Rob moaned into my skin.

“So big, so good,” came my breathy response. Rob kept sucking on my neck as he rocked long, strong strokes into me. His hand snaked back under my shirt and when he pinched my nipple I whimpered and my cock dribbled a blob of pre-come.

“Harder Rob.” I begged as I started rocking back to meet his trusts. He squeezed my torso tight to him and the only sounds that could be heard were our moans, pants, and the sloshing of my release around his jack hammering cock. Every window around the truck was completely fogged over and the truck was rich with sweat and pheromones. Rob’s strong hand engulfed my needy cock.

“Come for me Bobby.” Rob moaned into my ear before he started nibbling on my earlobe. With a few strong stokes down my shaft, my elbows gave out and I collapsed against the cold window. My face was smashed against the window as I lost it, shooting a thick white pool onto the seat below me. My sheath constricted and pulsed around Rob’s ample cock. He collapsed on top of me giving me an erratic final thrust before submerging completely. I felt his boiling hot release journey deep inside my gut. He squeezed me tight to his chest and panted in my ear.

The silence of our afterglow was broken abruptly with a solid knock on the drivers’ side window.

“Shit!” Rob exclaimed as he fumbled to pull up his pants. Adrenaline coursed through my system as I secured my own jeans. “Roll down your window Bobby.” Rob whispered. The scent of sex was rich in the truck and I knew Rob wanted it to air out a little before he rolled down his own window.

The face of a game warden came into view as Rob cranked his heavily fogged window down.

“What brings you two here this afternoon?” The warden asked. I was nervous and shifted in my seat as I felt Rob’s juices seeping out of my ass. I also knew that the backside of my jeans was sitting in the pool I had created earlier. I started to shiver from a combination of my nerves and the cold air.

“We were going to go for a walk on the beach, just about to head home officer.” Rob said as calmly as he could.

“Looks like you never made it to the beach.” The warden spoke and Rob made an audible gulp.

“Uh, no sir, I guess we didn’t.” Rob answered, his nerves starting to show.

“Listen boys, you’re not the first couple that I’ve come across.” He chuckled before continuing. “Well it is the first time I’ve caught two guys.” He paused for a second before finishing. “I suggest you take it somewhere else next time. Now go on, get outta here.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.” Rob said as he started the truck. When we pulled into the driveway we both looked at each other and started laughing.

“I love you Bobby.” Rob said before placing a soft kiss on my lips.

“I love you Rob.” I replied as we hopped out of the truck and headed inside.

Rob stood close behind me as we walked up the stairs. “Good thing no one saw your ass Bobby, it looks like you’ve had some fun back there.”


After Rob’s final practice he came home with a stack of newspapers and a DVD.

“What’s all that?” I asked as Rob plopped them on the desk.

“Coach gave us these newspapers to motivate us. Only the Eastern Shore News picked us to win, all of these others said we won’t be able to handle the speed of the other team. Coach gave me a DVD of some of their games this year and I’m going to study it.

I sat with Rob for a while. He was studying the other team’s offense. He would rewind and mutter to himself and make notes in a composition book. He was studying so intently that I decided to leave him alone. I kissed him on the top of his head and felt his short hairs on my lips and he made a grunting sound in acknowledgment before I headed downstairs.

The house was empty. Emily was at a friend’s and my parents went to celebrate the New Year with some neighbors. Rob didn’t want to go out because the big game was tomorrow, but I wanted to do something to get him to relax. He had been studying for hours. I went to the fridge and grabbed a couple of things before heading back up to drag Rob away from his studies.

“Take a break Robbie; you’ve been at it for hours.” I said as I sat on my bed letting the snack fall beside me on the bed.

“Just a couple more minutes Bobby.” Rob said. I opened up a cup of chocolate pudding, got a big spoon full and sat on the desk next to the TV. I sat there slowly eating and licking the chocolate pudding as seductively as I could. Rob’s eyes started paying more attention to me than the television. I picked up the remote and hit pause. He pushed his chair back and I sat on his lap facing him.

“Want some?” I asked as I held a spoonful of pudding in front of Rob’s mouth. He moved his head forward and slowly licked it clean.

“I’ve got whipped cream on the bed.” I drawled and got up before he could grab me and hold me. I quickly slipped out of my shirt and sweats and was standing by my bed in just my tight green boxer briefs. Rob almost tackled me on the bed and was kissing me with such passion that I lost my breath. He pulled away and slipped his shirt off before sticking his tongue back in my mouth. His tongue was ravishing my mouth, exploring every crevice. We moaned and twisted on the confines of the small bed. Rob got up to slide out of his sweats and underwear.

“Go sit back in the chair Robbie.” I suggested as I slid out of my underwear. Rob obeyed and I walked over to him shaking the can of whipped cream. I lifted his left arm and heard the can hiss as I sprayed a hefty amount of cream onto his hairy pit. I moaned as I lapped up the cream from his manly crevice. I continued my taste test and sprayed whipped cream on Rob’s nose, the hollow of his neck, both of his nipples, his belly button, before coating his hard-on with a healthy amount. I stood in front of Rob and bent down to lick the cream from his nose. I let my mouth trail down to meet his and I licked around his lips before he opened his mouth to me. I kissed him deeply letting our tongues tangle before sliding down his neck and sucking up the cream waiting in his collar bone.

“Oh Bobby.” Rob moaned as I engulfed a nipple and began teasing it with my tongue. He moaned and squirmed as I nibbled on the small hard nub with my teeth. I nibbled across his chest through his soft, curly hair until I found his other nipple. With a free hand I squeezed his freshly cleaned nipple while I licked and nibbled on the other one.

“I can’t take it any more Bobby, please.” Rob pleaded as he kept squirming in the chair. I quickly tongued the pool of whipped cream from his belly button and used my two hands to tease his nipples. I tongued the bottom of his rigid shaft and slowly worked my way to his tip. The cool whipped cream around his hot cock was a pleasant combination in my mouth. I decided I needed to taste one more area and he moaned when I pulled away. I crouched down on my knees and sprayed some cream between his luscious ass cheeks and right on to his tight pink hole. Rob groaned at the cool sensation, but quickly turned to moans when my tongue was at his door licking and nibbling my way towards my prize. The sweet cream smell mixed with Rob’s manly musk and I was lost as I stiffened my tongue and began gaining entry through the tight muscled ring.

“Bobby!” Rob panted and I pinched and squeezed his nipples. I let my tongue lick its way over Rob’s heavy sac. I opened my throat and swallowed Rob to his root, his thick pubes rested under my lips as I licked around the base of his erection. I removed my left hand from his nipple and fondled his meaty balls as I worked my way back up his cock.

“I’m going shoot in your mouth babe.” Rob moaned as I quickened my pace before Rob hardened further in my mouth. I felt the first blast shoot and ht the back of my throat. I pulled back almost gagging. The second and third spurts coated my cheek and chin as I was trying to catch my breath. I took him back in my mouth and his manly taste mixed with the remnants of the cream. I moaned as I swallowed every remaining drop. I stood up and sat back in Rob’s lap, straddling him, pulling him into a deep kiss as my hardness rubbed against his hard, furry stomach.

“Damn you’re sexy.” Rob proclaimed before he licked his release from my chin and cheek. After several minutes of passionately kissing Rob, he stood up with me still in his lap and placed me in the chair.

“Now I need some dessert.” Rob said as he sprayed whipped cream on my drooling cock. He didn’t tease; he knew exactly what he wanted. He quickly engulfed me and the sensation of his warm mouth combined with the cool cream was incredible. Rob moaned with me as his tongue circled around my head with every upstroke of his mouth. He took his warm palm and began rolling my balls in his hand.

“So good.” I moaned as his pace and suction increased. He was working his tongue around my needy dick. I bottomed out hitting his throat.

“Gonna shoot. Take it Robbie.” I tried to warn Rob of my impending undoing before my body tensed. My head fell back behind my shoulders and I unleashed my fury into Rob’s hungry moth. He swallowed quickly and I felt light kisses on my softening cock as it exited Rob’s oral embrace. Rob climbed on my lap and straddled me before giving me a slow passionate kiss.

“You are the best babe.” Rob sighed breaking our kiss. “Thanks for the study break.”


When Rob had finished scouting the opposing team we turned the TV to watch the ball drop. We sat and cuddled in the bottom bunk.

“I am so happy I found you Bobby. I love you so much.” Rob said at the stroke of midnight and gave me a slow sensual kiss.

“Happy New Year Robbie.” I sighed when the kiss ended. “You have my heart.”

Rob pulled me tighter to him and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning Rob rolled over me early to get ready to meet the team and head off. I gave him a hug and wished him luck before he headed out the door. My family and I piled in my dad’s car and made the two hour drive to Robins Stadium on the campus of The University of Richmond. It was a pretty campus and I was surprised that this school was hidden, secluded from the busting of The River City. The game was a blowout and Rob was fantastic, forcing a fumble and returning it for a touchdown, having an interception, two sacks, and I lost count of the number of tackles. The Crabbers won 35-7.

We ran out on the field to celebrate. I saw Rob running up to me with his helmet in his hand. He was so handsome and I was lost in the intensity of his green eyes. His strong arms wrapped around me and he picked me up and spun around a couple times. I was dizzy, not from the spinning, but from a victorious Rob embracing me. I was engulfed in his aroma and when I felt his soft lips on mine; I was blown away, lost in the kiss. I was brought back to reality when I heard whistles, cheers, groans, and hisses and realized we were in the middle of the football field. Rob broke the embrace and gave me a nervous smile and shrugged. He slapped my ass as he ran off to the trophy presentation.

I was surprised that he had done that, but I think he was just lost in the moment. I couldn’t help but think that there wouldn’t have been any moans or hisses if Rob had been kissing a cheerleader. I walked over to the rest of the fans who were watching the trophy presentation. My dad came up to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“I’m very proud of you Bobby. Don’t worry about what other people think of you. Just stay the good person you are and do what you feel is right.” I stood with my family and the fans as we watched our team claim the championship trophy. Rob was named MVP and our little section roared with approval. I couldn’t have been prouder of Rob, he deserved the MVP accolades.

Dad took us to a restaurant in Cartytown to celebrate. We found a spot in a parking lot and would have to walk to the restaurant. My parents and Emily walked in front of Rob and me. Rob grabbed my hand and I happily held on as we walked down the city streets. There were some smiles and funny stares, but Rob held on. One man was grumbling under his breath which caused my dad to look around and Rob quickly dropped my hand. My dad didn’t miss a beat; he intertwined his fingers with mom and looked back giving us a wink. I smiled when Rob retook my hand for the remainder of the walk.

Bobby & Rob begin a new year – Chapter 15 – A New Year

“Come on Rob, we’ve got a long day ahead of us.” I said as Rob finally finished getting dressed.

“Sorry Bobby, I’m just being lazy.” Rob answered as he followed me out the door and out to my Jeep. I opened the passenger door for Rob and gave him a wink before I walked over to jump in on the driver’s side. This would be the first time I would be heading back to my hometown since I’d moved. I decided to drive north and head up the Delmarva Peninsula on the way to visit my grandma. The scenic route would be more relaxing than the interstate. Thankfully there wasn’t much traffic and we made the rural drive with relative ease. Rob was thirsty and I needed to use the bathroom so I pulled into a gas station, we were only 10 or so minutes away, but this would give us a chance to stretch our legs.

Rob followed me into the bathroom and we walked to neighboring urinals. I couldn’t help but glance over at his flaccid penis as the strong flow eased out of it. I don’t know why but my bladder got shy and couldn’t use the bathroom. Rob winked at me and went to wash his hands. The sound of the running water finally eased my shyness so I could take care of business. When I exited the restroom, Rob was getting a fountain drink and I walked over to join him.

“Bobby! Bobby Thompson!” Startled, Rob and I turned around to see who was calling me.

“Hey Lisa, how’ve you been?” I asked, surprised to see Lisa from my old school’s swim team.

“I’m pretty good Bobby. What brings you back in town?” Lisa asked.

“Rob and I are just going to go visit my grandma.” I replied and watched a devilish smile cross Lisa’s face.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Rob.” Lisa purred to Rob. Rob held out his hand and Lisa shook it. “You single Rob?” She asked continuing her seduction. I looked at Rob and he grinned and nodded his approval.

“Actually Lisa, Rob’s my boyfriend.”

“Get out!” Lisa exclaimed. She surprised me when she shoved me against my shoulders and forced me back into Rob’s grasp. He held his hands on my hips, steadying me while I tried to compose myself.

“I’m sorry Bobby, I just… I just had no idea. I mean… Wow.” Lisa stammered. “Good for you Bobby.” She added as she eyed Rob up and down.

I heard Rob chuckling before I spoke. “It’s okay Lisa. It was good seeing you, but we need to head out.”

She gave me a quick hug. “Bye Bobby, it was good seeing you too. Nice to meet you.” She added to Rob as she blushed and turned her head. Rob quickly paid for his drink as we headed out to my Jeep.

I decided to fill Rob in on some information on my grandmother before we got there.

“My granddad died before I was born.” Rob nodded and intertwined his fingers with those on my right hand. “She’s hilarious. She’s always been very supportive of me, but she’s very conservative. I don’t know how she will take this.” Rob pulled my hand to his face and kissed my knuckles.

“It’s okay Bobby, we’ll get through it.” I was reassured by Rob’s confidence as I pulled into the driveway. The neatly manicured lawn and flower beds complemented the two story Victorian style house. She hired neighborhood kids to cut the grass, but she meticulously maintained her flower beds to perfection. Rob retook my hand as we headed up the driveway. I reached out and rang the doorbell as Rob released my grasp. I shook my head and took his hand.

“Let her see.” I said. Grandma opened the door with her typical effervescent smile.

“Bobby! Come here my boy.” She said as she pulled me into a tight embrace. If she had seen us holding hands, she didn’t let on. I squeezed her back until she finally relented. Her white hair was done in perfect curls and she had a slim figure, but wasn’t frail. She was a several inches shorter than me.

“Grandma this is-,” before I could introduce Rob she had pulled him into an embrace. Rob’s face was a mix of shuck and humor. “Rob this is my grandma.”

“Nice to meet you ma’am.” Rob said smiling down at my grandmother. She quickly rushed us inside and we were sitting at her kitchen table where she had an assortment of cakes and cookies.

“You boys want lunch? I can make you something. I have some country ham biscuits.” She quickly placed a platter in front of us. Rob happily took an offered biscuit.

“These are delicious.” He said looking warmly at grandma. We exchanged small talk and ate entirely too much food before I decided to let her know about my relationship with Rob.

“Grandma, I need to tell you something.” I nervously said.

“Okay Bobby, go ahead, you can tell me anything.” She encouraged, the smile never leaving her face.

“Well the reason we didn’t come over for Christmas… Well I didn’t want to do this in front of everyone. I thought it would be better if we told you one-on-one.” She looked excited but nodded for me to continue. I looked at Rob and was rewarded by a strong, secure smile. “Rob is my boyfriend.” I almost blurted it out anxious to share the news.

“Oh Bobby. I’ve been waiting for you to tell me.” Grandma got up chuckling and walked across the room to her refrigerator. I watched as she removed a magnet and retrieved the piece of paper that was under it. She smiled as she sat down at the table placing a photograph in front of me. “I’m so happy you’ve found someone Bobby. I prayed for years for you to find a nice girlfriend, but I’m so happy you found Rob.” She gave Rob a sincere smile as I looked in shock at the photograph. It was from the state championship football game the previous day. Rob was holding me as I gazed into the endless depths of his eyes. Thankfully, it was before the infamous kiss.

“How? Where did you get this?” I asked dumbfounded as I handed the picture to Rob.

“Can I get a copy of this?” Rob asked and grandma laughed. I smiled at Rob’s humor and let the nervousness leave my body.

“I’m sure Emily will print one out for you.” Grandma answered smiling at Rob.

“Emily…” I was dumbfounded that she had shared this secret with grandma.

“She emailed it this morning. Don’t be mad at her Bobby.” Grandma started. “Last Christmas when Emily stayed with me for a week I learned a lot about you. I was trying to figure out why you didn’t have a girlfriend, and she finally broke down and told me that you weren’t “into girls.” She made me promise that I wouldn’t say anything to you or your parents. I’ve been waiting for you to tell me Bobby. She’s been keeping my abreast of you two for a couple months now.” Grandma got up and motioned for us to follow her into the living room.

Rob was trying to hide his smirk and I was just shaking my head. We followed her into the other room. She was sitting down in the middle of the couch.

“Come sit beside me boys.” She said as she patted either side of her. We took the seats sandwiching her between us.

“Bobby is very picky Rob, so I know you must be something special.” She gazed at Rob with an intense gaze. “If you do anything to hurt him, you’ll have me to answer to.” I chuckled and Rob smiled and nodded. “Bobby.” She said as she turned her gaze to me. “I’m so glad you’ve shared this part of your life with me. Remember this, no matter what happens, I love you.” I could feel my eyes starting to water as she pulled me into a hug. “I’m so happy for you Bobby. Love is a beautiful thing.” She patted my back as I tried unsuccessfully to fight the tears from escaping.

The remainder of the visit was very upbeat, but it was starting to get late so we said our goodbyes. We headed back to the kitchen and I watched as grandma proudly displayed the picture on her refrigerator.

“You boys come back and visit.” Grandma said giving us each a hug and a kiss on the cheek before we made the journey home.


Rob suggested that we all ride to school together, and it made no sense for us to take two cars. Emily decided she was going to catch a ride with a friend and I rode to school with Rob in his truck. It had been a fun and eventful winter break, but it was time to get back in the daily grind of school. There was a fresh coating of frost on the grass as we headed into the school. I didn’t hear any sneers through the commotion that came with the first day back. Rob swatted me on my butt and headed off to his locker as I stopped at mine.

“Hey Becky, how was your break? ” I asked my locker neighbor.

“Fine.” Becky’s response was short and she immediately closed her locker and trotted down the hall without another word. The first half of the day went as usual. It wasn’t until lunch when I noticed some changes. Rob and I sat in our normal seats. I was happily enjoying my grilled cheese sandwich when I noticed a few people who used to sit at our table were no longer there. Katie sat beside me and her boyfriend Billy had joined our table for the first time. He sat across from her and beside Rob. I looked around wondering where the others had gone. I was surprised to see Becky and two of the guys who usually sat with us sitting next to Eric. I cringed inwardly and nodded for Rob to look.

“If they want to sit and be hateful with Eric, there’s nothing we can do about it.” Rob said as he placed his feet on either side of mine under the table. I was sorry that some of Rob’s friends didn’t want to hang around with us anymore. Becky was alright sometimes, but to be honest, I was glad that she wouldn’t be stalking around Rob anymore.


We were about to pull into the driveway when Rob noticed something odd.

“Why is my uncle here?” He asked as I noticed the old red and white Chevy pickup truck pulled in the driveway behind my Jeep. I shrugged as we pulled into the driveway and parked. Rob’s uncle was in the driver’s seat of the truck, seemingly waiting for Rob to show up. Rob opened his door and I slid out and waited by the passenger door as Rob headed towards the back of the truck and towards his waiting uncle.

“Uncle Charlie, what’re you doing here?” Rob asked as his uncle got out of his truck and reached for Rob’s hand. Rob obliged and they politely shook hands.

“Can we go somewhere and talk Rob?” His uncle asked as I nervously shuffled to the front of the truck.

“Sure come on in.” Rob said smiling and I followed them into the house.

“Can I get you something to drink sir?” I asked trying to be a good host.

“I’d love a Coke if you have one, and please call me Charlie.” Charlie said and I quickly went to the fridge and pulled out a Coke for Charlie and Rob.

“I’ll be upstairs.” I whispered to Rob as I handed him the drink. I started to walk out of the room but felt Rob’s hand grab the waste of my jeans, stopping me before I could exit the scene.

“Stay Bobby.” Rob whispered. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he wanted some moral support. I glanced at his Uncle Charlie who gave a small nod before I took up a seat next to Rob on the couch, as his uncle sat in the chair opposite.

“Rob, your dad came to talk to me, and to be honest I was surprised by what he said.” Uncle Charlie quickly shifted his gaze between the two of us and I felt Rob’s body tense before Charlie continued. “I’m very sorry for the way my brother treated you, but I’m not surprised. You didn’t get to know your grandpa much before he passed, but he was a real hard-ass, your dad picked up many of his traits.”

“Uncle Charlie, I don’t mean to be rude, but why are you telling me this?” Rob asked with confusion in his voice as he was trying to figure out his uncle’s motives.

“I just don’t think your dad did right by you. In all the years I’ve known you Rob, I’ve always thought you were a great kid. I’ve never had a bad thing to say about you. You’ve always helped me around the farm when I needed a hand. I think you are very brave.” Charlie’s green eyes shifted to me, and I noticed that Rob and his uncle had the same eyes. “Both of you.” Charlie returned his gaze back to Rob before continuing. “Rob, I’ve been denying myself for years, but I’m gay.” Rob’s mouth was agape as his uncle continued. “I’ve never told anyone, or ever acted on it. After hearing what happened to you, well that was the final straw.”

“Uncle Charlie?” Rob started but was cut off.

“I tried to explain to my brother that it wasn’t a choice. He went off on a tantrum calling me an abomination. I decked him in his eye. I bet he’s got a right good shiner about now.” Charlie chuckled. “Well he knows you’re not the only different one in the family. I just hope it helps him accept it. I dunno Rob; I just thought you needed to know.”

“I, I had no idea.” Rob managed to stammer out.

“I had no idea about you Rob. Guess we’re good at keeping secrets. I’m just sorry that I waited all of these years to accept that I wasn’t a freak. In a way I owe the two of you a lot of thanks. I’ve been a coward, unable to accept who I was. It took you two to realize I was being stupid.” Charlie shrugged and grinned at us. “So thanks for that.” I scooted closer to Rob now that the tension seemed to leave the room.

“Well thanks for trying to stick up to me. Do you think dad will ever come around?” Rob questioned.

“You’ve always been my favorite nephew Rob. I’ll do anything I can for you. As for your dad coming around to accepting what you-” he paused before rewording his statement. “What we are, I don’t know, I think he was worried that it was somehow his fault. He doesn’t understand how it is. We were raised to think that it was a sin, and unnatural. He doesn’t, or chooses not to, understand the nature of things. ”

“I’m your only nephew wise guy.” Rob chuckled. “Well I’m glad you’ve decided to share that with us Uncle Charlie.”

“Well I can tell that you’re happy here, but if you ever need a place to stay, my door is always open to you Rob. You too kid.” Uncle Charlie said nodding at me.

“Oh my God. I’m an idiot. Bobby, this is my uncle Charlie, Uncle Charlie, this Is Bobby, my boyfriend.” Rob said shaking his head and I patted him on his back to let him know it was okay.

“Nice to meet you Bobby.” Charlie said with a genuine smile on his face.

“Nice to meet you too, Charlie.” I replied as Rob put his arm around my shoulders.

“Well I better get going.” Charlie said as he stood up from the chair. We rose as well and shook hands and walked him to the door.

“See you around Rob, Bobby.” Charlie waved as he hopped into his truck and drove off.

“Well I wasn’t expecting that.” I sighed and plopped on the coach as Rob walked into the kitchen.

Rob chuckled, “You weren’t? Imagine how I feel.” Rob handed me a bottle of water as I picked up my legs and put them on his lap when he sat down. “That’s a hell of a revelation.” I nodded in agreement.

The front door opened and we both looked as Emily came in and sat in the chair beside us, discarding her bags on the floor beside her.

“Eww, this chair is warm. Who was here?” Emily was showing disgust at the warm seat below her.

“Rob’s uncle came by to talk to Rob.” Emily nodded, settled back into the chair, and turned to the TV, deciding not to interrogate further.

“I’ve got a bone to pick with you Em.” Rob cut his eyes at me and I smirked before continuing.

“Uh, what’s that Bobby?” Emily asked as she shifted to look at me.

“I cannot believe you told grandma. I can’t believe she’s known all of this time. She even has a picture from the other day on her fridge of Rob and me. Why didn’t you tell me?” I was wavering expressions and feelings from betrayal to happiness.

Emily erupted in belly laughs. “I’m sorry Bobby, I can’t lie to her. She kept asking me if you had a girlfriend and I got tired of making excuses for you. She seemed like she didn’t care. How was she yesterday?”

“She was great!” Rob answered smiling between the two of us. I nodded in agreement.

“Well next time I have a secret that I don’t want grandma to know, I’ll have to tell Rob, not you.” I mused.

“Oh, I’ll probably tell her if she asks me.” Rob chuckled as he rubbed my shins through my jeans.


The following day after school Rob pulled into the deli to talk about a job. I watched as he ran out to my side of the truck and I rolled down the window for an excited Rob.

“Drive home babe, I’ll be off at 8:00!” He turned around and ran back inside before I could utter a word in response. I smiled as I rolled up the window before sliding behind the steering wheel. ‘Of course Rob got the job, who wouldn’t hire him? He’s perfect.’ I thought as I made the drive home. When I returned home there was a familiar car in the driveway but I couldn’t place it. Sitting in the living room across from my mom was a lady that I couldn’t place until I heard her speak.

“Good afternoon Mrs. Johnson, how are you?” I questioned as I sat beside my mom on the couch.

“Hi Bobby, I’m good, thanks. I came to speak with Rob and drop off this letter that came for him.” Rob’s mom smiled warmly at me as she patted the legal sized envelope in her lap.

“Oh, Rob just got a job. He’s working at the deli until 8:00.” Both my and Rob’s mom looked surprised at the news. “He wanted to save some money for college, today is his first day.” I tried to fill them in on the situation.

“Well that’s nice. I’ll leave this here with you Bobby, please tell Rob that I came by and that I love him.” Mrs. Johnson said as she stood up. “I better get going. Rob’s father will be home soon.” Mom and I smiled warmly at her as she placed the envelope on the coffee table and headed out the door.

“When did Rob apply for a job?” My mom asked shifting her position to look at me.

“Um, well, he picked up an application over break. I didn’t know he had turned it in. We drove there after school and he ran out and told me to pick him up at 8:00. I didn’t have time to talk to him about it.”

“That’s very responsible of him. He didn’t have to though. Your father and I really like Rob.” She shrugged and took a sip of the tea she was drinking.

“I know.” I said smiling at her admission. “I told him that, he feels like he’s taking advantage of you, wants to save money for college so he doesn’t have to be so dependent on you. It’s a good idea, I was thinking about getting a job too.” I stated as she patted me on the knee.

“If that’s what you want dear. If either of your grades start suffering I will make sure you both have more time to study.”


I was in my room sitting at the desk working on some homework when my phone started vibrating. ‘Don’t forget to pick me up babe.’ I smiled at the message, like I could forget picking up my handsome boyfriend from his first day of work. ‘Who is this?’ I texted back and actually laughed out loud at my joke before looking over at the clock. I still had ten minutes before I needed to leave. I finished the calculus problem I had been working on and headed down the stairs. I had parked Rob’s truck behind my Jeep because Rob’s mom was in my usual spot.

“Crap.” I muttered to myself as I headed inside to exchange my keys for Rob’s.

The journey to the deli was quick and Rob came out the door when he saw me pull up. ‘How was your first day Robbie?’ I asked as he climbed in the passenger seat of his pickup.

“Good babe. I made fifty bucks.” His grin was huge as he looked over and took my hand.

“In four hours? That’s awesome Rob.” I smiled and strengthened the grip between our hands.

“Yeah they had me doing a little bit of everything. I was making sandwiches, sweeping the floor, cleaning tables; they even let me wait on a few tables. The salary isn’t good, but they let me split the tips. I got a $10.00 tip from two old ladies eating pie and drinking coffee. That’s almost what their whole bill was.” Rob was gushing with pride as he spoke.

“Oh I’m sure you were flirting with those grey hairs to get such a tip.” I laughed as I turned onto the road to our house.

“Jealous Bobby?” Rob laughed as he squeezed my hand.

“Tremendously.” I smiled and pulled his truck behind my Jeep.

“Your mom came by to see you Rob. She brought mail and told me to tell you she loves you.” I smiled as we headed inside.

“Mail? What was it?” Rob questioned closing the door behind him.

“Um, I dunno, I didn’t look. It’s over there on the coffee table.” I motioned as I headed into the kitchen to get a couple bottles of water for us to drink.

I followed Rob upstairs as he twisted the envelope in his hands. I sat on the desktop as he twisted it n his fingers. I hadn’t looked at the envelope earlier, but now that it was clutched in Rob’s hands I noticed the intricate seal and the year 1693. Rob carefully opened the packet and went through the papers.

“I have to get my SAT scores up 100 points, and maintain my GPA this term,” Rob started and I eagerly waited for the news. “But If I do that, The College of William & Mary is offering me a football scholarship.”

“Holy freaking crap!” I whooped as I jumped off of the desk and into his lap and pulled him into a hug. “That is freaking awesome! I am so proud of you Robbie.” He squeezed me tight before speaking into my ear.

“The coach even wrote me. It says their scouts saw me at the semi-finals and state championship. They’ve been getting information on me since.” Rob sighed into my ear.

“Looks like someone needs to study to take his SAT again. ” I spoke before giving him a final squeeze and standing up.

“Ugh, guess you’re right.” Rob sighed and looked at me.

“You need to shower Rob, you stink.” I added as I flared my nostrils at him.

“I though t you liked my stink babe.” Rob rebuffed chuckling.

“I love your stink, but you smell like weird deli meat and grease.”

“I’ll give you some deli meat.” Rob and I both burst out into laughter as I punched him on his strong bicep. “My uncle called while I was working, he left a message saying he was going to Maryland to look at a new horse. He’ll be gone Friday night ad wants me to look after his animals while he’s gone.” Rob added.

“That’s fine; I’ll help you if you want.” I answered as Rob tossed his smelly shirt in the hamper.

“I was counting on it.” He smirked as he headed down the hall and into the shower.

Rob came back wearing a towel and I watched as water droplets dripped down his hard hairy chest. Damn he was sexy. Rob quickly pulled on some pajama bottoms. I watched as Rob took his cash tips out of his discarded pants pocket and counted it. He separated it in three piles. I watched as he slid one pile into his wallet, one he placed in a mug on the desk, the remaining pile he put in a white envelope.

“Whatcha doing Robbie?” I questioned, intrigued by his actions.

“I’m separating this into spending change, savings, and I’m going t give some to your dad every week.” He answered placing the envelope in the top drawer of the desk.

“Rob, you don’t need to give dad part of your income.” I was shocked that he was thinking that.

“I know Bobby, but I want to.” He closed the drawer and gave me a look that said I wasn’t going to win that argument.


Friday after school Rob headed to work. I volunteered going to his uncle’s and making sure the animals were fed and watered, but he insisted that he wanted to do it together. After I finished my homework I went to the library and checked out all of the SAT prep books that I could find for Rob. Rob instructed me to wait and eat with him so I just listened to some music waiting for Rob to appear. It was 8:30 and I was surprised that Rob hadn’t come back home yet so I sent him text. ‘You get lost?’ Within seconds I received his response: ‘be back In 5.’ I smiled and changed out of the sweats that I had been lounging in. I went in Rob’s underwear drawer and found what I was looking for before sliding into my jeans and putting a hoodie on overtop of my t-shirt.

I saw Rob’s headlights pull into the drive as I reached the bottom of the steps. I hollered to my mom to let her know where I was going and was quickly in the truck beside Rob.

“You’re clean.” I mentioned after reaching across and kissing Rob on his stubbled cheek. He gave me a wink and grabbed my hand.

“I showered at Uncle Charlie’s. I left work a little early and did most of the chores. We just have a couple things in the barn we need to check on.” He squeezed my hand, and I happily held on until we pulled down Charlie’s long dirt drive. The sky was lit by a large full moon as he pulled behind the house and headed towards the barn.

“We just need to make sure the water isn’t frozen and I need to check the hay loft.” I nodded and followed him out of the pickup and into the side door of the barn. Rob pumped some water into the troughs as I wandered around the barn. I walked over to the ladder and looked up; I saw a faint light coming from above as Rob’s hands pulled me tightly against his chest.

“What’s up there.” I asked.

“Only one way to find out.” Came Rob’s familiar line and I smiled and turned my head and was rewarded with a sweet kiss from his luscious lips. I clasped a rung of the ladder and started climbing up. A few steps and I felt Rob clasp his hands on my ass as he feigned that he was supporting me. I smiled and kicked my leg aside and rolled into the hay loft. Rob quickly followed as I took in the scene before me. Rob had cleared out an area and had stretched a wool blanket out that had a LED lantern and his small cooler. Without warning I was flat on my back with a feral Rob on top of me. He was attacking my mouth like a wild animal. Rob’s larger body melted into mine and I pulled him closer to me, needing as much contact as possible.

“Damn you’re hot Robbie.” I moaned as we rolled onto our sides. Our limbs were a tangled mess as we tried to get out of our shirts. Finally free our chests reacquainted and rubbed sending electricity coursing through my system at the touch. Rob moved his mouth to my neck and was nipping, kissing, and sucking aw we wriggled on the wool blanket with stray straw particles stuck to our bodies. There was a chill in the barn, but our building passion created an instant inferno between our bodies. Rob began working his hot mouth down my body and I squirmed when I felt him nibbling on the hard nub of my nipple. I felt his stubble brushing against my smooth skin and with each caress my body shuddered at the contact.

I ran my fingers over his short cropped hair as he began fumbling with the buttons on my jeans.

“Fuck that’s hot babe.” Rob almost growled as he worked my jeans down and revealed one of his jocks that I was wearing. He licked and lightly bit on my drooling dick that was trapped in the pouch. I whimpered when he relented and I felt him jerk my shoes off before pulling my jeans off completely.

“Flip over babe, I wanna taste that tight ass.” Rob demanded and I quickly obeyed his request. His meaty paws were kneading my ass cheeks causing me to pant.

“Oh fuck Rob!” I almost screamed when I felt his strong, hot tongue making my tight hole slick. I thrust my hips back into his face allowing him to devour my most intimate region. His stubble rubbed across my ass sending shivers through my body. When his tongue breached my outer defenses I lost all control.

“Take me Robbie!” I begged as I pushed further back into his face. I heard his jeans unzip as he quickly slipped out of his jeans and his boxers. He quickly rolled over to the cooler and withdrew a small bottle of lube. I was squirming with desire when I felt the super cooled liquid trickle on my puckered hole. Rob didn’t waste any time and quickly slid one of his large fingers deep into the recesses of my body.

“I need your big cock Robbie, give it to me!” I begged as his finger grazed my prostate and I felt my dick lurch trapped in the confines of the jock.

“You are so fucking hot Bobby.” Rob was quickly over me and I felt my chest being pulled into a tight embrace. He was pinching my nipples as I felt his hairy chest caressing my back. I was so desperate to have Rob inside me that I didn’t let him get me ready as much as I needed. I winced when he gained entry.

“Shh babe, relax.” Rob whispered into my ear, willing me to accept him. I inhaled his manly aroma and instantly relaxed and pushed back with piston like speed and speared myself on his steel-hard tool. If Rob hadn’t been holding me up I would have collapsed. I missed the feel of my man’s hard, thick shaft inside of me.

“Oh fuck me with that huge cock Robbie!” I whimpered in a gravelly voice.

“Your ass was made for me babe, so tight, so fucking hot.” Rob proclaimed as he began to fuck my tight ass with long, strong, deep strokes. My cock ached with each thrust and I felt the glorious friction of my trapped erection in the jockstrap, but I needed more. My hands were supporting me and I thrust rapidly meeting Rob with each thrust. He was tweaking my nipples and sucking on my neck and I could tell he was rapidly approaching his release. He was nibbling on my ear before he sucked hard on my shoulder and finally biting it before his trusting stuttered and I shivered as he made a final furious assault on my bundle of nerves. His huge dick expanded and I was filled with a glorious heat as his massive load shot into my steamy canal. Rob collapsed on top of me and I supported him enjoying his weight on my back.

“Oh fuck Bobby!” Rob moaned as he rolled off of me. I climbed on top of him and rubbed my needy erection on his chest. I was still in the jock and I was desperate to come.

“Rob.” I tried to hide the desperation in my voice, but I needed him. He quickly came to and recognized my need. He leaned up and slid the pouch to the side, finally freeing my cock and balls. He pushed me down as he climbed on top of me assaulting me with passionate kisses. He pulled away and quickly my meat was in the oven of his mouth as he twisted his skilled tongue around my throbbing member.

“Stay there.” Rob motioned and I was frustrated as I saw him looking for something on the floor. Thankfully he hurried back and I felt his slick hands sliding up and down the length of my engorged member.

“Eat it babe.” Rob said before his perfect bubble butt was hovering over my mouth. I inclined my head and was awash in Rob’s scent and moaned as I quickly lapped at his tight puckered hole.

“That’s right Bobby, get me ready.” Rob was squirming and had to brace himself as I was lost in the buffet of Rob’s hairy trench and quickly had my tongue wedged inside his muscled opening. Rob stood up and I was mesmerized as I watched him squirt lube on his hand. He quickly had one finger inside his hole which caused my bone to drip a large strand of pre-come. It felt like hours as I watched Rob getting ready for me sliding two and finally three fingers deep inside his gut. I bit my lips when I watched his re-hardened cock ooze a strand of pre-come as he finished getting ready.

“I need you Bobby.” Rob said as his green eyes burned into my soul. His gaze never left mine as I watched him lower himself onto my rock-hard dick. It took every ounce of will power not to thrust up into him as he slowly bottomed out. He sat still and I felt his tight ass relax around my shaft. When he was ready he started riding me like I was a bull at the rodeo. Knowing he could take it I thrust deep inside of him meeting his down strokes. His balls were slapping against my tight stomach and I thrust on auto-pilot. My libido took over and my balls begged for release. He leaned over and I felt his hot cock rubbing against my stomach as I pulled him into a ravenous kiss.

Using the remaining focus I had I flipped us over so Rob was on his back. I started pile driving as deep into Rob as I could, bottoming out with every stroke. He arched his back so his dick didn’t lose contact with my thrusting stomach. He moaned when my helmet stroked his prostate and I zeroed in on the location.

“Oh, shit Bobby, right fucking there!” I strained to keep focused and had lost all control as I attacked his ass.

“Shit, fuck, you’re making me!” Rob moaned and I felt his ass clamp as his first shot of his second release splashed onto my chest. I pulled his neck to me and sucked deeply as his constricting tunnel sent me into overload causing my balls to explode, shooting every sperm deep into Rob’s tight channel. I thrust and thrust until I could no longer support myself and collapsed onto Rob in a sweaty tangle of limbs.

“I love you so much Robbie.” I proclaimed as I took his fuzzy face in my hands and gazed into his eyes. I saw the same love reflected back at me and knew how lucky I was to have found my better half.

“I love you more Bobby.” Rob admitted as he softly placed three or four kisses on my swollen lips. “I brought dinner.”

I laughed and rolled the blanket and wrapped us up like pigs in a blanket. “Maybe later Robbie.” I sighed as we cuddled. I don’t know how long we stayed cocooned but Rob broke the silence.

“I hate to be a downer babe, but we need to be home in 20 minutes.” I gave Rob a sweet, slow kiss before I rolled away from him and looked for my clothes.

“Guess we’ll have to have a picnic when we get home.” I said as I started tying my shoes. “Thanks for tonight Rob; it was very special to me.” Rob gave me a kiss and swatted my ass before answering.

“You’re very special to me Bobby.” He smiled and rolled over to climb the ladder. I followed him down knowing that I had found the love of my life.

Bobby learns about Rob’s past -Chapter 16 – Past, Present, and Future

“Robbie this is very sweet, but never, ever do it again.” I sighed as I climbed into the passenger side of his pickup.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Bobby.” Rob feigned ignorance as we headed out of the school parking lot. I clutched a large vase that held a dozen orange roses in my lap. The card attached to them said “I hope you never stop looking.” I couldn’t help but grin when I read that. I had been really embarrassed when I was the only guy called to the office after school along with what seemed to be every girl in the school. Today was Valentine’s Day and I was corralled into the office waiting for my name to be called. Thankfully, I knew exactly which was for me and walked over to the orange flowers in the sea of red and pink.

“Here you go Bobby.” I smiled and thanked Mrs. Harris, the secretary, and quickly exited the chaos that was in the office. We pulled into the driveway and I grabbed my bag and flowers and headed into the house.

“We need to go change babe.” Rob said as he headed up the stairs. “We need to leave soon in order to make the reservation.”

“I’m coming.” I answered as I placed the orange roses in the middle of the kitchen table, grabbing the card before I headed upstairs.

I walked in as Rob was sliding on a tight white t-shirt over his perfectly sculpted body. Every time I saw him partially clothed I felt like I was sneaking a peak. His hairy body drew all of my attention and I still blushed when he caught me ogling him.

“What should I wear?” I asked Rob as he pulled on a grey sweater.

“I already picked it out.” Rob answered as he pointed over to my bed. Rob had picked out a long sleeved blue dress shirt and a pair of brown corduroys. I knew he picked the pants because he liked the way they showed off my butt. I started to change into the clothes that Rob had picked out and I recognized the same look in Rob’s eyes as I revealed my body to him.

“I know why you picked these cords Robbie.” I grinned as I walked over to him. He had put on a tight pair of blue jeans that looked nice with his sweater. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him towards me. He placed a chaste kiss on my lips as he cupped my ass with both of his hands. I couldn’t help the snicker that left my lips, at least he wasn’t coy.

“Where are we going Robbie?” I knew what his answer would be before the words left my mouth.

“Only one way to find out.” We spoke in unison as we headed down the stairs. Rob had switched shifts with someone at the deli and would have to work a double over the weekend in order to take the night off. I told him that I didn’t mind, but he insisted on taking me out for a Valentine’s dinner. After about an hour Rob pulled into a restaurant on the water in Chincoteague. The sun was just starting to set as we walked into the restaurant. Rob gave his name to the hostess and she smiled and led us out into a large glassed-in dining room with a view of the magnificent orange and pink sun setting and glistening over the calm water. Rob held my chair for me and I laughed and smiled as I took my seat next to the window.

“Pulling out all the stops Robbie.” I smiled as he sat across from me.

“Only the best for my man.” Rob grinned as he trapped my feet under the table between his legs. I ordered one of the specials, a filet mignon, cooked medium-well with steak fries. I saw Rob smirk before he ordered a filet cooked medium-rare with a baked potato. He also ordered a chocolate soufflé for dessert, knowing it would take a while to cook.

“Don’t like a little blood babe?” Rob chuckled as the waiter left.

“No Rob.” I said trying not to roll my eyes. “You know I don’t like raw meat.”

“Oh I know one raw meat you like.” Rob’s response was barely audible. I kicked him under the table as he bit his lip and we both tried to restrain laughter. The dining room was full and I was surprised that our meal came out as quickly as it did. My filet was cooked perfectly and was fantastic. I saw that Rob’s was very red when he cut into it.

“Delicious.” He exclaimed before he took another bite. We were happily eating and chatting in our own little bubble. We had finished our filets and I was trying unsuccessfully to fend Rob off from eating the remainder of my steak fries.

“Rob? It is you!” Both of our heads darted around and I saw a very pretty blonde girl walking towards our table. She was leaving a long table that had four couples and two empty seats. She was around five foot eight inches tall in her high heels. She had a slim figure with a very perky chest. Her hair was long and curled slightly at the ends. She had a devastating smile and her blue eyes lit up her face.

“Hey Jen.” Rob announced as she stood next to our table. “What brings you into town?”

“Oh my cousin is getting married tomorrow at noon. We’re having a pseudo rehearsal dinner tonight.” She gestured over to the group seated at the long table.

“We should hang out tonight Rob; I’ll be in town all weekend.” She suggested, still pretending I wasn’t at the table.

“Jen…” Rob almost whispered. “You do know it’s Valentine’s Day don’t you?” A light bulb turned on in the recesses of Jen’s mind and she finally glanced over to me before returning her gaze to Rob.

“Oh…, you’re… on a date?” She questioned, disbelief was heavy in her voice.

“Yeah Jen, this is my boyfriend Bobby, Bobby this is Jen, she graduated last year.” Rob mentioned glancing between the two of us. Jen quickly dug through her purse and pulled out her phone.

“Is this still your number?” She inquired holding out her phone for Rob to look at it. Rob shook his head in response.

“No I got a new number.”

“Well give it to me and maybe we can catch up before I head back to school.” Jen handed the phone to Rob. Rob glanced at me and my gaze remained stoic as I watched him enter his number into her phone.

“I’ll call you later Robbie.” Jen smiled as she turned to head back to her table.

“Nice to meet you.” I managed to get out before she left. My stomach and heart were in jealous knots. As far as I knew I was the only one who had called him Robbie. There was something between Rob and Jen and the insecurities in my mind started coming to the forefront.

“Who was that?” I prodded, trying to remain calm.

“Jen Fisher, she was kinda my girlfriend for a while I guess.” Rob shrugged but kept his eyes on me. I don’t know how I had never thought about it before; of course Rob had been in other relationships, he’s a stud. I got really nervous and self-conscious as my imagination ran wild. I knew I wasn’t being rational, but my body was almost shaking with nerves. “Are you okay Bobby?” Rob asked reaching for my hand on the table.

“I don’t know Rob. I guess we need to talk about it.” I said honestly as I tightened my grip on his hand, needing some support.

“Okay babe, well let’s talk.” He replied squeezing my hand tighter.

“Not here.” I whispered looking around at the intimate atmosphere. “Can we get out of here?”

“Sure Bobby, let’s go.” Rob signaled over to the waiter who reminded him of the soufflé. “Can we get it to go?” Rob questioned and the waiter nodded and headed back to the kitchen. “I’ll go pay the bill and get the soufflé, you can go sit in the truck if you don’t want to wait babe.” I nodded and made my way out of the restaurant. I tried not to look at Jen’s table as I passed, but I saw her studying me out of the corner of my eye.

I was sitting in the truck trying to understand what happened. My brain was inundated with questions. How many people had Rob been with? Did Rob love me as much as I loved him? Was he only with me because we took him in after he was kicked out? My heart was racing and my feet were nervously tapping on the floor. I was driving myself crazy with worry. Several minutes later Rob came out clutching what looked like a to-go soup cup.

“They had to take it out of its dish, so it kinda fell apart, Should still taste good though.” He handed me the container and smiled at me. Rob started the truck and I reached, almost desperately, for his hand. He looked at me and smiled before leaning over and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for dinner Robbie, it was great.” My expression must have betrayed my conflicting emotions because he looked concerned.

“Out with it Bobby.” Rob pried before he pulled out of the parking lot. I looked out the window trying to organize my troubled mind.

“How many?” I questioned, squeezing his hand.

“How many what babe?” Rob posed.

“How many-, you know, how many people… before me?” I knew it wasn’t a fair question, but I needed to know.

“Two.” Rob kept his eyes on the road but squeezed my hand as he spoke. Two wasn’t bad, I could handle two.

“Tell me about ’em.” I prodded trying to figure out Rob’s love life before I knew him.

“Bobby, babe, you’re the only one I’ve ever loved.” He braved a glance over at me and had a sincere smile on his face before continuing. “The summer before junior year I dated Sarah O’Reilly for a couple of weeks.”

“I don’t know a Sarah?” I thought, tilting my head and trying to place her.

“She moved to North Carolina halfway through junior year.”

“Go on.” I nodded, wanting to know what went on.

“Well we made out a lot. She gave me a couple of blow jobs, and I ate her out once. It fizzled out, probably because I didn’t like going down on her.”

“And Jen?” My stomach tightened thinking about how she acted around Rob at dinner.

“I dated Jen for a couple of months. I took her to her senior prom.” The silence stretched on for several moments before he continued. “Well she didn’t want to go off to college a virgin.” I gulped and braced myself for Rob’s newest revelation. “Well it was that night that I knew I wasn’t like the other guys Bobby. I got off, but it wasn’t as great as all the other guys said it would be. It felt…forced. It was nothing like it is with you Bobby.”

“Did you, uh, you know, use protection?” I stammered out.

“Well we were both virgins, but yeah, I didn’t want to get her pregnant.” Rob bluntly answered.

“So you don’t have any feelings for her?” I nervously asked shifting in my seat to face him.

“Bobby. I’m gay. I’m gay for you. I love you.” I melted when Rob smiled at me before speaking. “They would have to drag me kicking and screaming away from you babe.”

“I’m sorry Rob. When I heard her call you Robbie, it made me cringe. I was stupid and jealous.” I scooted over to the middle of the cab to be closer to Rob. I didn’t care what it looked like, I needed contact with him. He wrapped his arm around my leg and held me.

“I cringed too Bobby, she did call me that when we dated, but hearing her call me that now didn’t feel right. Don’t apologize, it’s okay to ask, I don’t mind sharing that part of my life with you. I was in denial then Bobby, playing the part and hooking up with girls. They didn’t mean anything to me. It wasn’t until I met you that I knew what love was. Don’t forget Bobby, I gave myself to you, you were my first.” I warmed at the thought of being Rob’s first, but had one more thing I needed to know.

“So you’re not just with me because we took you in?” I hated to ask, but it was still on my mind.

“Bobby?” Rob pulled my leg closer to him. “I can’t believe you would think that.” I hung my head in shame as he continued. “Bobby, I am grateful that you took me in, but I was in love with you from the first time I came fishing on your dock. I couldn’t imagine living my life without you babe. I love you so much.”

“I’m so sorry Robbie. I love you more than anything. Seeing you talking with Jen, perfectly pretty Jen, made me second guess things.” I kissed him on his cheek, even though he had shaved this morning his stubble was starting to poke through. I opened up the to-go container and the rich chocolate aroma filled the car.

“Smells good.” Rob licked his lips as he inhaled the aroma. I scooped up a bit of the soufflé and licked my fingers clean.

“Tastes good too. Want some?” I licked my lips as I scooped up some more of the delicious substance onto my fingers, holding them in front of Rob’s mouth. Rob answered by inhaling my fingers into his mouth. I moaned when he licked them clean and pulled his head back. The sensation sent a jolt directly to my groin. I reached across and squeezed Rob’s hardening bulge. A mischievous grin spread across my face as I slowly slid down the zipper on his jeans. I fished my prize out of the fly on the boxer briefs he was wearing. I heard his breath hitch as he quickly hardened to full bone in my hand. I took my thumb and ran it over the slit, rubbing the slick substance over his large helmet.

“Maybe you shouldn-” Rob’s words were cut off when I replaced my hand with my hungry mouth. I paused and prodded my tongue at his slit and lapped up all of the nectar that was flowing. I loved the feel and the taste of his rigid manhood leaking in my mouth. I was moaning with pleasure when I felt the truck jerk.

“Shit.” Rob groaned and I glanced up at him and saw he was straining to focus on the road as I worked my skillful mouth around his engorged shaft. I had planned on savoring every taste of Rob for as long as possible, but decided to make this quick and taste Rob’s seed as quickly as possible, to avoid an accident. I took Rob all the way into my mouth, causing a moan, feeling his mushroom head in my throat as his muscles became tight.

“Oh shit!” Rob panted and I increased my suction and speed and was rewarded with a blob of pre-come. Rob’s thighs gave an involuntary thrust and within seconds he unloaded his juices into my salivating mouth.

“Fuckin’ shit Bobby.” Rob was almost breathless and my taste buds were filled with the flavor that was distinctly Rob. I savored his release as I swallowed three times trying to contain his seed. I sucked on his deflating cock until Rob practically pulled my head off of his sensitive dick. I looked at Rob and he almost looked drunk. I carefully returned his member into the confines of his underwear before zipping him up.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Robbie.” I sighed before kissing him sweetly on the cheek.

“You’re going to kill us babe.” Rob chuckled. “Thanks Bobby, that was great, scary, but great. Happy Valentine’s babe.” Rob and I shared the remainder of the dessert and within a few minutes Rob pulled into the driveway. We sat there holding each other, sharing light, slow, lazy kisses until we headed up to our room. We caught up on our homework before getting ready for bed.

“I’m so glad you chose me Rob.” I proclaimed as I climbed up the ladder to the top bunk to get in bed with Rob.

“I’m glad you chose me Bobby.” I felt Rob’s mouth placing warm kisses on my neck, his stubble rubbing my skin in all the right places, as my body melted into his comforting embrace. His arm was wrapped around my chest tracing light circles around my now hard nipples. I suppressed a squeal when he pinched my right nipple hard. The feeling sent an electric jolt straight to my crotch and I felt my growing erection trapped in my tight boxer briefs.

“You need a hand babe?” Rob whispered in my ear, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine.

“Please Robbie.” I murmured lost in his caresses. He pulled my back tighter into his chest and I felt his strong, fuzzy pecs pressing into my back. His rough fingers slowly traced down my chest and stomach. My body shuddered and he chuckled at my reaction to his touches. I felt his right hand grab me through my underwear and squeeze my trapped cock.

“Robbie.” I moaned as he played with me through my underwear. He began nibbling on my earlobe before I felt his hand slip inside my waistband. I gasped when his meaty paw wrapped around my throbbing erection. My hips thrust forward; needing friction as I felt his finger spread my natural lubricant around my head and shaft. His mouth moved down to the base of my neck and began sucking as his hand worked furiously around my aching member. Rob always knew how to get me hot. My back arched as my eyes fluttered shut. I erupted a healthy white cream that gushed around Rob’s hand and made a highly contrasted mess on my dark underwear. My body instantly went limp as my head was engulfed by the pillow.

“I love you Bobby.” I faintly heard and I felt secure spooned up in front of Rob before succumbing to sleep.


“But I’m not hungry.” Rob grumbled as we headed down the stairs.

“Come on Rob, you need to eat something, you have to take the SAT in a couple hours.” I prodded trying to get Rob to eat. “How about a bowl of cereal?” Rob relented and we sat down and ate a bowl of cereal. Rob insisted that I didn’t need to drive him, but I knew how stressed he got driving in traffic. The SAT was going to be held at a high school in Norfolk. While I wasn’t from Norfolk, I was used to driving in city traffic. Rob was a nervous wreck when he was in traffic and I wanted him to remain as calm as possible. Rob grabbed his calculator, phone, and a handful of pencils and we headed out the door to my Jeep. I put the address into my phone and let the mapping application lead the way to the school. Thankfully, traffic was light and we didn’t get delayed. Rob left his phone on the dash of the Jeep and gave me a weak smile.

“You’ll do fine Robbie, you’ve been studying and you know what to expect. Just do your best.” I flashed him my warmest smile as he got out of the Jeep muttering.

“Yeah, yeah.” He waved as he headed into the school. Rob was grumpy this morning and I hadn’t had much to eat so my stomach was growling at me. I found a Waffle House in my phone and decided that would be as good a place as any to kill some time. I made the ten mile drive and sat at the counter. I ordered a waffle, a side of bacon, and a sweet tea. I liked that I could watch them make my food and in no time I was enjoying my breakfast. I was sipping on my tea when I decided I should do something for Rob when he got out of the test around noon. I smiled at the waitress when she took my plates and refilled my glass.


“No problem sugar. Anything else I can get you?” She asked.

“I’m great for now, thanks.” I answered and she smiled before leaving to fill up other patrons’ coffee mugs. I was looking through restaurants to find a place to take Rob for lunch. Finally I found one that I knew Rob would love, and the prices were very reasonable. I paid my bill and headed back to the Jeep. Rob still had a little over two hours of testing so I found a Barnes & Noble bookstore and pulled into the parking lot.

I explored the store, taking a few minutes to play with the e-readers and tablets. I found a display for a new Dan Brown book and decided to get it. I took my new book and got a hot chocolate from Starbucks before settling in to read. Like most of his books, I was wrapped up immediately. It wasn’t until I took a sip of cold hot chocolate that I realized I had lost track of time. Rob would be ready in about in an hour so I discarded my drink and grabbed my book and headed to the parking lot.

I was buckling my seatbelt when I heard Rob’s phone beeping. Out of habit I looked at the screen. ‘New message from Jen.’ I briefly thought about opening it, but decided to put the phone back and let Rob tell me about. I couldn’t deny that I was curious, but I felt like I would be betraying Rob’s trust if I read it. After I pulled back into the school’s parking lot, I pulled out my book and again became absorbed in the story. It wasn’t until I heard Rob open the door that I snapped back to reality.

“Hey Rob, how’d it go?” I was smiling a little too broadly, hoping that he would be in a good mood.

“I dunno Bobby.” Rob shrugged before continuing. “I hate taking tests, I always feel like I get everything mixed up and forget things. As soon as left the room I remembered a couple of things that I had forgotten. ”

“Well it’s over, and I’m taking you to lunch.” I felt his hand clasp mine as I made the drive to Virginia Beach.

“Even if you don’t get the score W&M wants, you still have two awesome scholarship offers.” I pointed out as Rob nodded along.

“I really wanna go to school with you Bobby.” Rob admitted.

“I want that too Rob, but W&M Is really hard to get into, and I won’t hear back from any of them for a while. In a way you’re lucky, you have two, maybe three schools lined up waiting to take you.”

“You’re right Bobby. We’ll figure it out.” Rob nodded and I noticed him pick his phone off of the dash. “Did my phone ring while I was in there?”

“Uh, yeah I think you got a message or something.” I responded intently watching the road.

“Jen messaged me. She wants to meet for lunch or dinner before she heads back to school tomorrow.” Rob’s voice was neutral and he didn’t sound excited at the notion.

“Oh?” I replied, thankful that he told me about the message.

“Yeah, I’ll just tell her no.” Rob shrugged like it was no big deal.

“Rob, I don’t mind if you go and catch up with Jen.” I was relieved to hear the truthful tone in my voice. I did trust Rob and I was glad that the jealousy monster had left my system.

“You sure?” Rob had skepticism in his voice as he spoke.

“Yeah Robbie, I trust you.” I squeezed his hand before finishing. “She probably wants to ask you how you snagged a stud like me.” Rob’s grin turned into an infectious laugh, that I couldn’t help but join in.

“Damn right she does.” He admitted. “I’m still wondering how I hooked you myself.”

I was grinning when I pulled into what looked like a shack on the beachfront. We were seated at a table on the porch. The screen had been covered with a clear plastic that kept the winter chill out. We had a wonderful view of the ocean waves crashing on the beach. I was gazing longingly at the water. I used to swim almost every day back home; I hadn’t been swimming since summer.

“What are you thinking Bobby?” Rob raised his eyebrows and I turned away from the waves to look at him.

“It feels like it’s been forever since I went swimming.” I shrugged and turned to watch the water again.

“Remember when we saw each other on the beach?” Rob asked and I smiled and nodded at the memory. I had been embarrassed at the time.

“Yeah I remember; I got a chubby when I saw your glistening, hot, sweaty, hairy body and had to sit down for a few minutes to hide it.” I half blushed, half smirked as Rob laughed.

“That was the first time a got a glimpse of your smoking hot body.” Rob smiled and we had a delightful meal eating crab cakes before we headed back to my Jeep.

“Do you care if I run in Best Buy real quick?” Rob asked as we passed by the large electronics retailer.

“Nah, that’s fine, whatcha need?” I answered.

“Headphones.” Rob stated simply.

“Headphones?” I repeated.

“Yeah babe, you snore.” Rob shot back.

“No I don’t.” I was shocked at his accusation and he erupted in laughter causing me to laugh. I parked the car and we headed into the massive store searching for the headphones.

“Naw, you don’t snore Bobby. Sometimes when you’re reading or studying you get so wrapped up in what you’re doing that I don’t wanna bother you. Like today, I sat outside the car and watched you read thinking you would eventually notice me, but you were so engrossed in that book it wasn’t until I opened that door that you snapped out of it.” Rob apparently found the section and he pulled me down the aisle with headphones. “Sometimes I wanna listen to music, but, you know, I don’t wanna break your concentration.”

“Sorry Rob, I do get lost in what I’m doing. You can listen to music; I’m starting to come around to your country music.” I grinned as we looked at the hundreds of pairs of headphones. A worker in a blue shirt came by and recommended a $300.00 pair of headphones that we both scoffed at and thanked him for his help. I saw a pair of hot pink headphones and pointed them out to Rob chuckling.

“You think I won’t get those?” He questioned raising his eyebrows like I was daring him.

“No, I know you will.” I laughed as I pushed him down the aisle to find another pair. He selected a pair he liked and after he checked out we started the journey back home across the bay.

“What should I tell Jen?” Rob asked looking at his phone.

“I dunno, if you want to meet her I guess your choices are dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow.” I restated the options that Rob already knew. Rob groaned as he typed something into his phone, erased it all, and then stared blankly at it.

“Maybe I’ll just tell her no.” Rob spoke; I caught him looking at me out of my peripheral vision.

“If that’s what you want.” I felt like that was something my mom would say and shivered a little at the thought. “I’ll go with you if you want, but I don’t think she wants to catch up with me.”

“Ugh, I’ll go to dinner with her and get it over with.” Rob pecked out a quick message on his phone before placing it n the cup holder next to mine. “I wouldn’t want you to suffer through that babe, but you can come if you want.”

“No that’s ok, maybe I’ll see what Katie and Billy are up to tonight, you can come find us after your date.” I snickered teasingly until he playfully punched my arm. Rob’s phone vibrated a few minutes later and he made plans to catch up with his old girlfriend for dinner.

“You sure you don’t care Bobby?” He asked as we got out of my Jeep.

“Positive Robbie, go catch up with your old gir-” I decided to reword my thoughts, “your friend.” Rob grunted and we headed upstairs. I started texting Katie to see what she was getting in to tonight as Rob paced nervously around the room.

“What am I going to say to her?” Rob asked as he flopped beside me on the bottom bunk.

“Just be honest Rob, she knows you’re dating me, so I doubt she’ll try to seduce you.” I glanced at my phone disappointed that Katie was out of town, but she told me Billy would probably hang out.

“What should I wear?” He grumbled as he got up and was looking in the closet.

“What’s wrong with what you have on?” I questioned thinking that Rob would look sexy in whatever he had on.

“I dunno, it’s just plain.” He shrugged as he turned to face me.

“Well if you’re trying to get hot for you wear one of your tight thermals and some tight jeans, that always gets me going.” I smiled as he turned around practically growling at me.

“I don’t want to get her hot babe.” He closed the distance between us and bent down to give me a kiss before he started riffling through the dresser.

“Where are y’all going to go anyway?” I asked standing up and swatting Rob’s plump ass before taking a seat at the desk.

“I think I’m just going to take her The Crab Shack or something. Don’t want her to think I have any romantic intentions.” Rob answered as he hopped on the desk beside me.

“Just wear what you have on and stop worrying about it.”

“Do I have to do this?” Rob groaned as he looked down at me.

“No, but you told her you would.” I gave him a half smile and he nodded at me.

“Well what are you going to do tonight?”

“I dunno, Katie isn’t in town, I might hang out with Billy, haven’t talked to him yet though.” I answered as I picked up my phone to send Billy a quick text.

“He’s cute, no hanky panky Bobby.” Rob said with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Like I would.” I was affronted with his joke. “Katie would kill me anyway.” We both laughed as I looked down at my phone to read Billy’s message: ‘Yeah, come over and we can play ping pong or Nintendo or something.’ I shared the message with Rob.

“Or something… watch your back Bobby.” Rob laughed as he hopped down from the desk.


“Wish me luck.” He pulled me into a hug and placed his warm, soft lips onto mine. I deepened the kiss and slid my tongue into his mouth. I kissed him passionately, just to remind him that I was here for him. We separated with a pop. “Great now I’ve got a boner.” I chuckled as Rob adjusted himself in his jeans and we headed down the stairs and outside together.

“G’luck Robbie, call me if you need me, I’m heading to Billy’s.” I said as we each got into our own vehicles and headed off in opposite directions.


I had a great time shooting the shit with Billy. We played ping pong for hours and eventually chatted like old friends. It started out a little awkward as that was the first time we had hung out one-on-one. I had spent almost all of my free time with Rob, but now that Rob was working a lot I found myself missing some of my old friends. While a few of Rob’s friends had basically abandoned him, he didn’t have the same relationship with the remainder that he once had. I realized it was probably a good thing that I told Rob to reconnect with an old friend. It would be good for us to be apart from each other and do things on our own. I knew Rob was working a double shift tomorrow so made plans to hang out with Billy the following day before I headed back home.

I was surprised Rob wasn’t back because it was just after eleven when I walked inside. Emily and her friend Lindsay were sitting on the couch watching a movie. I sat in the chair and chatted with them for a second, before I realized I that I had no interest in watching the sappy movie that was on TV. I said goodnight and curled up in my bed and picked up my new book and began reading.

I woke up when Rob came in the room and closed the door behind him. I picked the book off of my chest and placed it on the bedside table as I stretched and a yawn escaped my lips. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was 12:15 AM.

“Hey babe, sorry I’m so late.” Rob said as he slipped out of his clothes and climbed over me to snuggle on the bottom bunk. I could tell that he wanted to talk so I tried to shake the sleep out of my head as I rolled over to face him.

“How’d it go?” I asked trying to stifle another yawn.

“Good, bad, happy, sad, weird.” Rob chuckled as he brushed my bangs off of my forehead. “Dinner was weird at first, we talked about old times, but it was awkward. By the end of dinner we were able to talk naturally. She wanted to go somewhere and keep talking so we drove down to the refuge and sat and talked.” I raised my eyebrows in a questioning manor, but Rob quickly answered. “No, not like that. We just talked.” I relaxed and moved closer, placing my head on his arm as he looked down at me.

“She asked me if she turned me gay.” Rob laughed which caused a smile and chuckle to leave my lips. “She said that of course her first time was with a gay man. I ended up apologizing for leading her on and we’re in a good place now I think. She even said that you were very handsome, to which I eagerly agreed.”

“I’m glad you had a good dinner Robbie, I think we need to make sure we maintain our friendships.” I was struggling to keep my eyes open and I felt him brush the hair off of my face again.

“How was hanging out with Billy?” Rob asked as he rubbed his thumb across my lips and down my jaw.

“Good we played ping.” I yawned in his face and he laughed. “Pong.” I finished and felt his lips lightly pressing against mine before I succumbed to sleep.


Rob somehow managed to climb out of bed and head to work without me noticing. Sunday mornings were the busiest at the deli. It seemed like half of the town went there for breakfast. Rob was working a double so probably wouldn’t be home until the afternoon. I got dressed and ate breakfast before I started on the homework that was due tomorrow. I was almost finished when my phone stated jumping on my desk.

‘Katie is back in town, she bought a deli platter, come over and help us eat it.’ I read Billy’s text and thought that sounded like a great idea. I put my schoolwork back in my backpack and stood up stretching. My parents were at church and I had no idea where Emily was, so I left a note as to my whereabouts before I grabbed a jacket and headed to Billy’s house.

“Hello Mr. Knowles, how are you?” I greeted Billy’s dad as he opened the door for me.

“Fine thanks Bobby, go on they’re in the kitchen.” I thanked Billy’s dad and headed to the kitchen to find Billy and Katie sitting around the island counter with a huge platter of food.

“You really did want help eating this.” I said as Katie popped a cube of cheese into her mouth.

“Yup, dig in.” Katie smiled and stood up to give me a hug. “Where’s the mister?” She asked sitting back down.

“Rob’s working.” I said as I put a piece of ham on a cracker and ate it.

“So that’s why you’re hanging out.” She smirked and tossed another cube of cheese into her mouth.

“He woulda probably come over if he didn’t have to work.” I shrugged. “I dunno, we can hang out without each other.” Rob had bad timing texting me at that exact moment. ‘I’ve got a surprise for you later.’ I smiled and Katie shot another jab at me.

“Oh and now you’re going to tell me that wasn’t Rob?”

“Fair enough Katie, it was Rob.” I tried to hold a glare, but smiled at her face, she was smiling and teasing, I couldn’t be mad at her for that.

“Leave him alone.” Billy nudged Katie and she shot him a glare.

“Thanks Billy, besides, you two spend an awful lot of time together too.” I said defending myself. We had been chatting amiably for a while before I realized that only half of the platter remained and I was stuffed.

“I can’t eat another bite.” I patted my stomach in a satisfied sort of way. I watched Katie put the plastic lid on the container and put it in Billy’s refrigerator.

“We’re gonna head across the bay and watch a movie later if y’all wanna come.” Billy said.

“That’s nice, but-.” Katie laughed knowing I was declining. “Rob said he had something planned.” I finished, I thought about pushing Katie off of her barstool, but that would be too extreme.

“What’re y’all gonna see?” I asked trying to take the focus off of me.

“She’ll probably make me see some chick flick.” Billy groaned but smiled warmly at Katie, letting her know he didn’t care.

“Oh we wouldn’t have gone anyway. Neither Rob nor I like sappy movies.” I smiled as Katie poked me in my ribs.

“You could come for the company you know.”

“Maybe next time.” I pushed her ringer away that was still jabbing me in my side. My phone started bouncing on the counter again so I picked it up to see Rob was calling me.

“Hey Robbie.” I answered and I heard Katie and Billy snickering in the background. “What’s up?”

“Come on home, I wanna take you somewhere.” Rob sounded excited as he spoke. “Tell Katie and Billy I said hi.”

“I’ll tell them hi.” I spoke and watched Katie and Billy nod and say ‘hi’ back.

“Alright well come on home when you’re ready, bye babe.”

“Bye Robbie.” I replied and hung up my phone. I sat and chatted with them a few more minutes before we said our goodbyes and I headed home. I didn’t have a chance to go inside because Rob met me outside carrying his backpack and led me to his truck.

“Hold on Rob, I gotta pee, I’ll be right back.” I broke away and headed inside to take care of business before I jumped in his truck.

“How was work?” I asked as he pulled out of the drive.

“Busy, but good.” Rob answered smiling at me.

“Well are you going to tell me what you’ve planned, or is it an ‘only one way to find out’ sorta thing.” I smiled but was surprised when he pulled off of the road into one of the few hotels in the area.

“You did not get a hotel room?” I asked in disbelief, thinking it would be silly to rent a room so close to home. “We have school tomorrow you know?”

Rob smiled and grabbed his backpack before exiting without a word. I stepped into the nearly deserted parking lot and quickly caught up to Rob as he walked into the lobby. He headed straight to the reception desk.

“Lesley?” Rob questioned the girl at the counter who nodded and looked up from her computer. “I’m Rob, I work at the deli with your mother-in-law Shirley, did she call you?”

“Oh yes Rob, you wanna head right down this hall.” Lesley smiled and pointed down an empty hallway.

“If you could give us a heads up if someone is heading our way.” Rob winked at Lesley who blushed and nodded as Rob took my hand and led me down the hall

“What have you done?” I was looking at Rob wide-eyed and embarrassed at his conversation with Lesley.

“Quit worrying, you’ll like it, I promise.” Rob stopped and pushed open a door and the chlorine hit my nose and I smiled when I walked into a deserted room with a steaming hot pool. He put his bag on one of the chairs and pulled his shirt off revealing his beautiful body to me.

“You said you wanted swim. I asked Shirley if there were any indoor pools around and she set this up. Most of the people who come to this hotel off season are here to fish, so they barely use the pool. I watched as Rob pulled down his jeans. To my surprise he had found one of my old swim team Speedos. It was red with a large white bulldog face on the ass. It was a sight to behold. The tight suit was stretched to cover Rob’s assets. The suit was filled to capacity and Rob grinned before doing a shallow dive into the pool.

“I’m not skinny dipping.” I shouted to Rob when he emerged from below the water.

“Look in the bag.” He replied before submerging again. I opened Rob’s bag and pulled out the two beach towels and a matching swim team Speedo, but in opposite colors, it was white with a red bulldog face covering the butt. I heard Rob laugh as I held it in my hands and turned around to look at him grinning at me. I hadn’t worn one of these since my last swim meet almost a year ago. I pulled off my shirt, shoes, ,pants, socks, and boxer briefs before pulling on the constricting swimsuit. After I adjusted my goods into a more comfortable position I dove into the pool straight for Rob. I relished the feeling of the liquid as it engulfed my body. I swam around Rob a few times before I came up for air.

“Thanks Rob, I needed this.” I smiled before I submerged and swam underwater to the other end of the pool. I swam a couple of laps freestyle before Rob grabbed me and flipped me over so I was floating on my back.

“Come swim Robbie.” I said as I kicked the water and started a backstroke away from him. Rob spluttered from the splash and dove after me. I stopped at the wall and let him catch me.

“You’re fast.” He panted as he leaned in and gave me a kiss, pinning me to the edge. I was feeling playful so I quickly ducked and pushed off the wall holding my breath as long as I could and barely making it to the other end before breaking the surface gasping for air. I turned around and saw Rob was still at the other end looking shocked that I had left him there.

“Swim first, and then play.” I smiled as I swam back to his end of the pool. Rob met me in the middle and pulled me under and we wrestled a little before coming up sputtering.

“Not fair.” I laughed as I climbed onto his shoulders and he started carrying me around the pool.

“I can’t catch you fair and square, I need to… improvise.” He laughed and leaned back causing us both to splash into the water. I floated on my back and did a lazy frog kick until I reached the edge. Rob was stalking behind me with a predatory glint in his eyes. This time when he pinned me to the edge, I didn’t want to leave. I felt his steaming hot lips press into mine. I moaned and felt his stubble brush against my cheek.

“Robbie we can’t, not here.” My will power was broken as he pressed his hardness into me. I moaned and deepened the kiss feeling our trapped cocks struggling against each other in the tight suits. Rob picked me up by my waist and placed me on the edge of the pool. I looked down and met his hungry gaze and watched a bead of water drip down his Adam’s apple onto his furry pecs. He reached for the top of my Speedo and began to pull them down. I looked around making sure we were alone before I quickly lifted my hips and let him pull them down.

“Oh Robbie.” I moaned as I felt his mouth swallow my throbbing bone. Rob worked his skillful mouth and tongue over my stiff tool until I was on the verge. He sensed it and let my cock escape his mouth. My dick plopped against my stomach causing a strand of pre-come to stick to my abs.

“You’re so sexy Bobby; those noises you make get me so hard.” Rob hopped up beside me on the edge of the pool and his tongue was quickly wrestling with mine. I broke the kiss and licked his stubbled jaw line, letting my tongue cross his Adam’s apple. I leaned forward and took one of his hard nipples in my mouth. I knew he would start squirming and wasn’t disappointed when I lightly nibbled on his hard tip. I quickly licked across his furry chest and gave the other the same treatment before sliding back in the pool.

“You get me so hot babe.” Rob moaned.

“Lift up.” I said as I released Rob’s come-tube from the tight prison of the Speedos. I enjoyed the thud when it flopped against his fuzzy abdomen. I took his long, thick cock into my hand and gave it a few strokes, taking care to spread the free flowing lubricant across his helmet.

“That’s it Bobby, take it.” Rob’s voice was strained as I took his head into my mouth, letting my tongue toy with his slit. I was happily working for Rob’s release when he stopped me.

“Move over to the stairs.” Rob groaned and pointed over to the shallow end that had stairs into the pool. I smiled and swam as Rob pulled off his Speedos and practically sprinted to meet me there. He climbed back in the water behind me and motioned me where to go. I had my hands and knees on the top step at the perfect level for him to fuck me while he was standing below me, submerged to his knees, exposing his muscularly hairy thighs.

“Oh fuck.” I almost screamed when I felt his rough tongue licking my tight puckered hole.

“Eat it Robbie.” I begged as I felt his tongue gaining entry into my tight hole. He pulled back and spat a couple times before I felt his finger gently probing. Within minutes he had me squirming as he rocked two fingers deep inside my gut.

“Enough Robbie. I need that huge cock up my ass.” I panted and looked at him, trying to maintain my balance on the stairs. I watched as Rob spit on his dick and lined up at my gateway. His dick felt enormous and it almost burned as he entered me, clearly the spit wasn’t enough lubricant. I fought through the pain and relaxed as he was submerged completely in the tight confines of my body. He leaned down and kissed me passionately. He pulled away and I saw nothing but love in his eyes and I relaxed completely. Rob slowly withdrew and when he eased back in he brushed my prostate which had me begging for his dick.

“Do it!” I pleaded. “Give it to me.” I was ready for a good, hard fuck, and Rob answered the call. He grabbed my hips and started thrusting hard into me. I was driving my hips back, meeting his thrusting body, the smack of abs on my lower back and the splashing water were amplified in the enclosed room.

“Flip over Bobby.” Rob commanded as he pulled out. Within in instant I was on my back on the top step. He picked up my hips and I intertwined my legs around his ass. The sloshing water was around me this time and provided an easier entry as he attacked my ass. Our eyes locked as we were in our sex-induced, lust-filled bubble and nothing else existed. I was lost in the sensation, watching Rob as he gave me pleasure that no one else could. Rob had a map of my canal and focused his assault on my prostate causing my cock to drool pre-come. Before I knew it his arms were behind me and he pulled me up into his chest and stepped down the stairs. He was submerged up to his chest as he held me and fucked me standing up.

“Oh fucking crap!” I bellowed as this new angle was hitting all new nerves inside me. I wrapped my arms around Rob’s neck and helped meet his trusts.

“Too good, can’t last.” I panted before exploding. Like an underwater volcano I watched as thick white cream bubbled and splashed to the surface between us. My tight tunnel clamped on his thick torpedo and his grip on me faltered and I squeezed tighter to him.

“I’m going to fucking blow!” Rob almost hollered into my ear as I felt his muscles tighten, his cock thicken, before I felt his body contracting and feeling the molten liquid surge deep inside me. Rob leaned his head and started nibbling on my neck and collar bone.

“So fucking good babe.” Rob managed to get out while he released me from his grasp. I kept my legs wrapped tightly around his torso as I let the rest of my body float on my back. His dick softened and slipped free. Rob fingered my ass a few times trying unsuccessfully to keep his seed trapped inside me. Rob watched as his seamen floated out of my ass and reached the surface in marbled swirls.

“Stand up babe.” Rob asked and I stood up. I scooped up some jizz still lingering on the surface and rubbed it into his rich pelt of fur. I smiled when the fur lathered before he pulled him into a steamy kiss.

“Thanks for the swim.” I grinned at Rob and kissed his chin.

“No thank you babe.” Rob grinned and took my hand and led us out of the pool.

Bobby experiences a case of deja vu – Chapter 17 – Memory Lane

My legs were cramped, I was tired and beyond ready to get off of the charter bus. The first few of the almost eighteen hours went quickly. The students were rowdy and excited about the team making it to the National Championship game for only the second time in school history. I sat up straight when a sudden outburst rumbled through the bus. We had taken the exit for the city of Frisco, which was part of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in Texas.

The sun had long ago set and the city lights sparkled as the line of three buses weaved their way through the city streets. I stretched as best as I could in my sardine can of a bus seat before pressing the palms of my hands into my eyes to rub away my lethargy. The team made the trip three days ago, and the cheerleaders, some of the football staff who couldn’t travel early, some faculty, and students were on these three buses.

“Bobby!” A heavy hand thudded on my head and I flinched before turning around and looking over the seat behind me.

“We’re going to check-in, drop off our bags and head to the hotel bar.”

“I dunno Colbs. I think I am going to take a shower and go to bed. We’re going to tailgate all day tomorrow.

“Nope you’re coming out.” Colby, one of the football managers, smirked and I turned around in my seat and pulled my backpack out from under it.

“Maybe.” I mumbled, as he snickered behind me. There was no drinking technically allowed on the bus, but it was clear that many people had spiked their drinks by the way they stumbled off the bus a little too clumsily. Six of us crammed into a room with two double beds and a cot. I set my backpack down on a bed and went to pee. I heard the guys shouting and when I came out of the bathroom they all looked at me.

“What?” I checked my zipper wondering if I had left my fly down.

“Not bitch.” They all shouted in unison, clearly staged.

“What the fuck.” I groaned realizing I would be sleeping in the middle of one of the beds.

“You’re the skinniest anyway, don’t worry, we’ll drink enough you’ll pass right out.” Colby wrapped his arm around my shoulders and led me grudgingly out the door.

*The next morning*

I blinked the grit out of my eyes and immediately regretted that I let the guys talk me into the shots of cinnamon whiskey before we left the bar last night. The room sounded like a factory where they produced only snores. I squirmed out of the bed and noticed Colby was drooling and chuckled. I checked the red LED clock by the bed and saw that the Student Duke Club tailgate started in less than an hour. I owed my buddies a little revenge for making me sleep three deep in a double bed. I turned the volume on my phone all the way up, pulled up a folksy, loud song that had become an unofficial theme song for the JMU Dukes, Gogol Bordello’s ‘Start Wearing Purple.’ Our school colors are purple and gold, and the pep band, and later the JMU Royal Marching Dukes, had started playing it to great fanfare.

I hit play as I opened the curtains and then turned on the overhead lights. The slow beat was quickly followed with rough vocals before the tempo kicked up.

“Start wearing purple for me now.” I screamed as I jumped on the other bed and woke everyone up laughing.

“Okay, okay, we’re up.” They groaned before pillows started to be thrown. I laughed and jumped down from the bed and we headed to fill up on hotel breakfast.


We didn’t have to look hard for the JMU fans. The purple tents and flags drew us in the right direction. Not only was I not surprised that this many people had turned out this early in the morning, but I was equally not surprised to see everyone was bright-eyed and bushy tailed, with purple and gold plastic cups in their hands. Some smokers and grills had been fired up and fragrant wood chips and cooking meat teased my nostrils while we lazily drifted from spot to spot, laughing, catching up with friends and playing corn hole, beer pong, flip cup, among other games to pass the time and get properly primed for the game.

“Alright guys, I gotta go. See you after the game.” Colby fished a Gatorade out of the cooler and headed off for his managerial duties. He made his way around the circle, giving out fist bumps before jogging off in the direction of the stadium. I felt my phone buzzing and found a message from my William & Mary Tribe buddies, Clint and Matt, wishing us luck and they said they’d be watching from Matt’s house in Virginia. That’s good sportsmanship, I thought and sent a quick reply.

I ate entirely too much, it seemed every tailgate group had something that “I just had to try!” Not wanting to be rude, I tried them all. Some were better than others, but I pretended I loved them all. I’m not sure if it was mixing the beer or liquor last night, or the beer and food today, but I needed something to settle my stomach. I looked around the tailgate and thankfully saw one of my friend’s dad with a bottle of antacid in his hand. I made my way over and he smiled and handed me the bottle as I tried unsuccessfully to hold in a belch.

“How’d you know?” I questioned laughing and he shook his head.

“I know the signs.” He replied. I thanked him and handed the bottle back to him.

“Nice jersey, did you get it at the bookstore?” Mr. Martin asked.

“Not exactly.” I stalled, and I’m sure I looked a little daft. The truth is that it was one of Rob’s actual jerseys and not a replica. I looked him in the eye and put on my brave face, bracing myself for the worst. “It’s actually a real jersey.”

“Oh I see. One of your buddies on the team?” He continued.

“No sir. My husband.” I clearly answered at the wrong time and the beer he was sipping on spewed out of his mouth and I barely avoided getting showered in it.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” He wiped his mouth and tried to hide the shock, or was it embarrassment from his face. “You must be Bobby. I think we’ve met before.” He held out his hand in a gesture of kindness.

“Yes sir. ” I gave him a firm handshake, maybe squeezing a little stronger than necessary.

“Rob’s a good player.” He added before scratching his belly.

“Yeah. Well thanks for the antacid.” I smiled and started to turn away.

“Anytime Bobby.” He had a sincere smile and I headed back to the group. Game time was quickly approaching and people were beginning to pack up and head to the stadium. We weaved our way through the vendors as we made our way to the entrance.


Our purple and gold student sections was clearly visible and the border between the purple shirts of JMU fans and the green shirts of the reigning, four time, back-to-back, favorited to win, North Dakota State University Bison. They were overconfident and jeered as we walked by them to get to our seats. The JMU fans were fun loving, nice, we didn’t sneer and jeer the NDSU fans. It was easy to find someone who had smuggled in a flask, a mason jar of moonshine, or even cans of beer. Our section was in good spirits and the bleachers slowly filled to capacity while the national anthem played.

The sea of purple JMU fans may have been smaller than the mass of green, but when the teams were announced we definitely let out a louder roar. Unfortunately, we were silenced when the Bison’s kick returner returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown and an early 0-7 lead. The vendors were selling hotdogs and drinks, the cheerleaders were leading spirited cheers, the announcers were giving inspired play-by-play and butchering the pronunciation of the players’ names, but the rest of the first quarter passed without further scoring.

During the TV timeout before the second quarter started, I saw Rob and a couple of the other seniors on the team walking down the bench slapping helmets, talking, and trying to pump up the rest of the team. The second quarter started and NDSU still had the ball. Rob was in at inside linebacker. I knew how much Rob and the rest of the team had prepared for this game. Rob watched every game from their past four winning seasons and I had even watched many of them with him, looking for any hints that might give him an advantage. The Bison’s quarterback called an audible, trying to exploit a weakness in our defense. As if in unison I could tell Rob noticed the same formation that I had. Rob quickly called an audible of his own and realigned the defense. He crowded the line to feign rushing the passer. The quarterback was prepared and tried to lob a screen pass over Rob’s head, but at the last second Rob retreated, expecting the play. The quarterback didn’t account for Rob in coverage and he jumped the route, intercepting the ball. Rob returned it for a 27 yard touchdown which tied the score 7-7, giving the JMU fans a reason to erupt in applause, and silencing the fans in green. After I finished jumping up and down and high-fiving everyone around me I felt my phone buzzing again in my pocket. I quickly checked the message and swelled with pride as I read Clint’s message: ‘That’s our boy.’

At halftime the teams ran into their locker rooms, the score was still tied at 7. We were in good spirts as we watched a famous country and rap star sing mashups of their songs accompanied by the marching bands, cheerleaders, dancers, and flag teams. It was entertaining to say the least. Halftime ended and the teams streamed back onto the field, each wanting to be the national champions.

The third quarter was a punt fest, neither team could make a dent and the score remained level. All of that changed in an instant. One of our cornerbacks blitzed NDSU’s quarterback from his blindside, he wasn’t picked up in protection and the quarterback didn’t stand a chance. The ball bounced free and both teams tried to pounce on the loose ball as it bounced awkwardly and erratically on the field. Our section turned raucous when somehow Rob emerged running down the field with the ball cradled, both of his arms protecting it. One of their receivers was faster and cut him off, diving between his legs at the exact same time their running back chased him and pulled him down from behind. The roaring crowd turned into thudding as my pounding heart echoed in my ears, slowly drowning out the crowd which quickly silenced as they realized something was wrong. The players on the field took to a knee around Rob creating a circle revealing Rob curled up in agony.

“Rob!” The word was drawn out and muffled, as if it were being screamed from miles away, and not from my own mouth. The medical staff rushed and quickly surrounded Rob and an unnerving hush fell upon the stadium. I was on my feet and rushing down the steps toward the field. A man in a bright yellow jacket reached out his arms to block my way, I ducked under his reach and sprinted onto the field.

“Bobby no!” Colby grabbed me and turned me around. I shook free and only stopped when I heard the loud beep of an ambulance backing onto the field. Colby caught up to me and stood by my side. He was no longer trying to restrain me, but seemed paralyzed by the scene. Rob’s left leg was bent at an ungodly angle. I tasted bile and fought the urge to vomit on the field. The EMTs were pulling a board out that I could only assume they were going to use to brace Rob. I steeled my jittery nerves and walked into the circle of people that was surrounding Rob.

“Rob.” I whispered, determined to keep the fear out of my voice as I kneeled just inches from his contorted face.

“Hey Bobby.” Rob smiled before gritting his teeth in pain.

“Hey kid you can’t be out here.” Yellow jacket guy started tugging on my arm.

“He can stay.” Came a gruff voice beside me. I looked up and Rob’s linebacker’s coach nodded solemnly at me and I focused back on Rob. His face was pale and ghastly and my heart and stomach were tangled and twisted in knots.

“His knee is dislocated and then there’s the break.” The EMTs were attending Rob and I noticed that there was an expanding bloody stain on his football pants near his shin.

“You’re going to be okay Rob.” I reached for his hand and I saw him reach for mine, but at that moment the medics stood and raised the gurney before they lifted Rob into the ambulance. I followed around to the back of the vehicle ready to climb in after Rob. The driver and one of the medics were already in the ambulance.

“Family only.” The remaining medic yelled at me before closing one of the doors.

“He’s my husband!” I screamed, fighting the tears that threatened to fall.

“He’s your husband?” The medic repeated, not quite believing his ears. He turned to face the medic inside and I saw her whispering to Rob, but couldn’t hear what she said.

“Let him in.” She yelled down and the man shrugged his shoulders before letting me in the ambulance.

***Five Years Later***

The bright morning sun had filtered through my eyelids and I awoke squinting. Rob’s robust arm was draped over my chest and I could feel his rhythmic breathing on the side of my neck. The faint, but distinct smells from last night wafted into my nose and I felt my hardness growing from the memories. Glancing right I was greeted by my husband’s sleeping face. His face was darkened by a thick, dark stubble and I leaned over and kissed his forehead. Rob snuggled deeper into the pillow, but didn’t wake up. I finally drew my gaze away from Rob and let my eyes find the blue LED lights on the alarm clock.

“Rob!” I gasped. “Get up, you cannot be late for your first day.” Rob scrunched his face and blinked several times before his eyes focused on me. “You have to be at school in thirty minutes.” I squeezed his hearty bicep that was draped over my chest. Rob mumbled something unintelligible before leaning in for a quick kiss and rolling out of the bed. I crawled out of bed and felt Rob’s seed caked and dry around my hole and unconsciously shook my butt, like a dog shaking the water off. I heard Rob chuckle at me before he disappeared into the bathroom. I slid back into my briefs from last night before I ran into the kitchen and put a few eggs in a skillet to scramble.

I didn’t have to be at work for another hour or so, but Rob needed to be at school at or before 7:15. After years of being an assistant football coach, and substitute teaching at our high school, he was hired full time as a PE coach and head football coach after our old coach retired. The hiring caused quite a debate and several of Rob’s college coaches came to his defense and spoke of Rob’s professionalism and qualifications. Rob had a degree in Kinesiology and was MVP on a National Championship winning football team. Sadly his football career ended early after a severe leg injury, which healed fairly well, but no NFL team took a chance in drafting him because of his injury. Several of the parents demonstrated that they did not want an openly gay man to coach their children, or be in the locker room with their sons. It was a very long and stressful time, but after much debate, and a few concessions Rob was hired.

“You’re going to be late.” I poked my head into the bathroom and Rob had a towel wrapped around his waist. Water particles still clung to his burly body. His chest hair was matted down and I wanted to drop to my knees right then and there, but he was late as it was. Rob smiled at me around his toothbrush before winking at me and rinsing the toothpaste from his mouth. I headed back to the kitchen and slammed two pieces of toast into the toaster and poured two glasses of orange juice. I had just finished buttering the toast when Rob came into the kitchen. He was dressed in fitted khaki pants and a short sleeve blue polo with the schools crab logo on the breast.

“Don’t have time for eggs.” Rob hadn’t shaved and I felt the sensuous graze of his whiskers as he kissed my cheek and then my lips. He took a sip or orange juice and grimaced as the orange juice collided with the minty fresh toothpaste. He grabbed a piece of toast and held it in his mouth as he hurried out the door. I smiled watching his plump butt walk out the door, turned the burner off before fixing a plate of eggs.


My life had turned out better than I had ever imagined. I never thought all of those years ago that this is how my life would have unfolded, and I couldn’t be happier. Thinking about my old life in the hustle and bustle of northern Virginia seems like a foggy memory. My life turned upside down the day I first saw Rob in the convenience store all those years ago. He was still as handsome, kind, and caring as he had ever been. We are renting a small two bedroom farmhouse about 10 minutes outside of town. Last year I was offered, and gladly accepted the branch manager position at our local bank.

“Mr. Thompson.” I was brought out of my reminiscing when I heard Tara, one of our tellers knock on my door and I looked up and smiled. “This was just dropped off at the window, it has your name on it.”

“That’s weird.” I stood up and walked to take the envelope from Tara. “Who was it?” I asked.

“Not sure they used the pneumatic tube didn’t get a good look.” She answered.

“Thanks.” I shrugged and walked back to my desk as she walked back to the window. One glance at the envelope and I knew exactly who it was from, Rob. I could tell he tried to write neatly and carefully, but it was clearly his penmanship. I smiled and leaned forward over my desk and unsealed the envelope and unfolded the note.

‘Happy homecoming Bobby. I figured I shouldn’t be the only one with game tonight, so I’ve arranged a little one for you. It all starts at the place we first met. See you soon -Rob.’

I grinned broadly and folded the note up and put it back in the envelope. I had literally just been thinking of the first time I had seen Rob, I was buying a Dr. Pepper and spotted him through the glass door. The memory sent chills shuddering through my body. I checked my email and voicemail to make sure I didn’t have any pending transactions that needed to be finished before the weekend, I didn’t. It was only 3:30 and we didn’t close until 6:00 tonight, but I had already put in more than my 40 hours for the week. I turned off my computer and light and closed my door.

“Tara.” Text me if you need me, I’m heading out.

“Yes sir Mr. Thompson.” She smiled and nodded.

“Have a good weekend.” I called over my shoulder as I made my way out to my Jeep. I made the quick drive down the road to the gas station and it wasn’t until I entered the door that I realized I didn’t know what I was supposed to do there.

“Good afternoon Bobby.” The lady behind the counter said with a friendly smiled. I had seen her before, but was surprised that she had known my name.

“Afternoon.” I repeated and walked over to the drink coolers. I walked over to the one that held Dr. Pepper and I let my eyes explore up and down the case. I’m not sure what I expected to find, a note stuck to the glass, maybe on a bottle. I didn’t see anything that called out my name, but I pulled out a cold Dr. Pepper bottle and let the door slam shut with a thud. I took a cursory glance at the other coolers, just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I started thinking of a way to ask the cashier if someone had left me something, but when I placed the drink on the counter she took it, and instead of ringing it up placed it under the counter.

“I think you’d rather have this one.” She said with a grin and handed me another bottle that had a piece of twine tied around the cap and a small rolled up note.

“Thank you very much.” I said reaching for my wallet.

“It’s been paid for Bobby.” Rob had planned this out well.

“Thanks.” I smiled and headed out the door and climbed back in my Jeep. The October day was mild and sunny and I noted that the drink was still cold as I untwisted the cap, to take a sip, but as soon as I twisted the cap, a geyser of soda shot out, covering my face, my dress shirt and tie. Thankfully I didn’t have on a jacket today. I grumbled some profanities under my breath and took off my tie and wiped my face off with some napkins I had in the center console. I would have taken my dress shirt off, but unfortunately, today I wasn’t wearing a T-shirt. I simply couldn’t find one this morning, which was bizarre, but I hadn’t had time to search. I unbuttoned the collar and tried unsuccessfully to wipe up the drink. I took a sip of the remaining soda before unrolling and reading the note.

‘Well that one was an easy one. You need to stop letting the door slam shut though, it shakes up the drinks. Your next clue is waiting where we had our first kiss.’

It was in that moment that I realized that Rob had hidden my shirts and either had shaken the drink himself or asked the cashier to do it for him. Rob really thinks he’s funny sometimes. I’m not sure how that fit into his plan, but I smiled as I thought about our first kiss. We had been sitting on my parents dock talking when Rob shyly at first, and then hungrily pressed me down into the dock and kissed me. The next thing I knew I was pulling into my parent’s driveway. Mom’s car was the only one there, dad hadn’t gotten home from work, and Emily was away at med school.

“Back here Bobby!” I had been walking up to the house to let mom know I was there, but I heard her call from around back. I walked around and gave her a hug. She was sitting at the picnic table, seemingly waiting for me to show up.

“Guess you’re in on this?” I laughed.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She winked and I saw her send a message on her phone before she stood up. “Have fun tonight Bobby.” She grinned and headed around the house and I walked down to the dock. The water was still as a mirror and reflected a tangerine colored sun. The dock was a little more weathered, a little grayer in color than it was almost ten years ago, but it looked basically the same as it ever had. I glanced what at first I thought was an orange basketball, but as I got closer realized it was a pumpkin sitting near the edge of the dock. He had taken the time to carve out triangle eyes, a nose, and even a familiar goofy grin. I’m sure my grin matched the pumpkins as I remembered the first time we carved a similar pumpkin. Sticking out from under the bottom of the pumpkin was a sliver of paper.

‘Sorry I couldn’t be there to kiss you this time, but I figured this pumpkin might do. I know a special little place, it’s perfect for watching the fireworks.’

I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the note. No way was I going to kiss that goofy pumpkin. Rob was going to make me work for this so I headed back to my Jeep and drove to the beach. There was a group of high school kids being loud on the beach. I took off my dress shoes and socks and left them in my car and walked by the teenagers who got quiet as I walked closer. I walked around them and down the beach, trying to find the hidden cove in the dunes and grasses. Finally I spotted it and ducked into the secret spot and squeezed through the undergrowth before I came out in a small clearing. Sticking up out of the sand was a scroll of paper tied with a string of twine. Carefully, I plucked the paper out of the sand and made my way back onto the beach and walked towards the parking lot. The group of kids stared at me suspiciously, I’m sure I did look strange going into the dunes and coming back with a scroll of paper, wearing rolled up slacks and a soda stained dress shirt. I chuckled to myself and climbed barefoot back into my Jeep to read the note.

‘Brush off the sand, your journey is almost over. All these years later I still regret not sticking up for you to Eric. Why don’t you come now and I can show you how much I love you.’

I had long ago forgiven Rob for that and we had even befriended Eric. We had been in high school. Rob was a football stud. I had foolishly gotten caught staring at him as he changed in the locker room. Eric, who turned out to be gay, had caused a scene, and at the time Rob hadn’t defended me, but he has more than made up for it since. Well, it looked like my little scavenger hunt was coming to an end. I started my Jeep and quickly drove to our old high school, where Rob was the PE teacher and football coach. It was a little strange every time I walked back into the school, everything looked a little different. After opening the front door I stopped and I poked my head in the office.

“Just go on back sugar.” The secretary smiled. “When you leave make sure you go out the gym exit, I’m about to lock up here.”

“Thanks.” I called after her, already heading down the hall towards the gym. The students had gone home and the empty halls were decorated for homecoming. The doors to the gym were propped open and I looked through the glass of Rob’s office, he wasn’t in there so I made my way around to the guy’s locker room. It was open and my nose was immediately tickled with the wet, musty, sweaty, men’s locker room smell. Rob was in workout clothes sitting on a bench in the back.

“Hey babe!” He called. “Lock the door.” He winked. I turned around and twisted the latch on the door.

He was so fucking hot. He was as muscular as ever, his green eyes flickered to life and his grin lit up the dim fluorescent lit locker room. He wrapped me in a hug and lifted me off my feet before he placed me on the ground and gave me a sweet kiss.

“Hey Robbie.” I smiled and he patted the stains on my shirt.

“Looks like I shook it a little too well.” Rob laughed and started unbuttoning my shirt. “Come on, you need a shower.” I shuddered as I felt his gentle, but rough fingers slide across newly exposed stomach. “No T-shirt?” Rob’s eyebrows lifted and as he watched me, I could tell he was trying not to laugh.

“You hid them!” I broke out into a laugh at his smile and unbuttoned and kicked out of my slacks leaving me standing in just a pair of black boxer briefs.

“Where are your shoes?”

“I took them off before I went to the beach, they’re in my Jeep.”

“Fair enough.” Rob grinned and pulled his Crabbers Athletic Dept. T-shirt over his head.

“Fuck.” I moaned. His body got sexier every day. His round shoulders and toned hairy pecs were joined by a firm stomach that was coasted with a soft brown hair. Then he pulled down his shorts and I don’t know what kind of noises I made, but my admiration was broken when Rob laughed at me and I hesitantly drew my attention away from his bulging black jockstrap and gazed into his lusty eyes.

“Sorry.” I mumbled, slightly embarrassed.

“Don’t ever get embarrassed Bobby. I think it’s so sexy, you’re sexy, and when you go into that little lust filled zone-out.” Rob picked up my hand and kissed the wedding band on my finger. Then he placed my hand on the pouch of his bulging jockstrap, it was straining to contain his long, thick member. “This is what you do to me babe.” There was heat radiating off of his bulge and I involuntarily swallowed the saliva that was forming in my mouth. He pulled his jock down and stepped out of it, his cock was standing proudly, engorged and beautiful. I pulled off my underwear and Rob retook my hand before guiding me into the showers.

The tiled floor felt cool on my feet and I felt first cool, and then warm water rain down on me as Rob guided me under a shower head. He squirted some shampoo in his hands and I felt his warm, firm body press against my back. I felt his rigid member flat against the small of my back, pointing straight up.

“Robbie.” I groaned.

“Close your eyes.” He whispered in my ear, his lips barely brushing against my skin. I closed my eyes and felt his strong hand massaging shampoo into my scalp. Slowly his hands drifted as he massaged suds into my upper body.

“Hey watch it buster!” I squirmed when he started tickling my armpits. He held me still and I felt his cock harden further as he pressed his body even closer to mine. I felt him give three or four slow thrusts with his manhood slowly sliding up and down the small of my back. I leaned my head back on his shoulder and he met me with a kiss. His strong fingers shocked me when he grabbed my own raging erection and give it a slow, soapy pull. He broke the kiss and released my cock. His magic fingers began kneading the muscles in my back before he started to massage my firm ass cheeks. A soapy finger traced a delightful line up and down my trench before gently outlining the circle of my puckered hole.

The attention was short lived as he made compulsory work out of washing my legs and my feet. He made a weak attempt at tickling my feet, but thankfully he relented. I turned around, pulled him to his feet and kissed him deeply. Our tongues had danced this dance before, but it was always to a different beat, and this one was heady and full of love. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer. Our slick cocks rubbed sensuously together, they were raging hard and trapped between our bodies. I reached back and got a handful of soap with one hand that I rubbed into Rob’s back as we performed our erotic shower dance under the small shower head.

“Let’s go to my office.” Rob whispered before playfully biting my earlobe.

“Okay coach.” I answered, grinning.

“Bobby, may I see you in my office, we need to talk about your performance.” Rob joked as he turned off the shower and grabbed fresh towels from the bin.

“My performance.” I drawled, “I thought I was eager and excelled at pleasing you.” Rob tousled my hair with the towel before giving me a quick rub down.

“That’s the problem. You’re too good, you distract me and I cannot focus on anything else.” Rob grinned before drying himself off and tossing the towels in the dirty laundry. “Come on babe.” He led me back through the locker-room and we quickly scooped up our discarded clothes and headed into his office.

“The windows.” I panicked and held my clothes in front of me.

“No one will be here for at least another hour.” Rob laughed and pulled the shades on the windows before locking both of his doors. I sat in his chair and felt the cool leather against my bare ass. Rob jumped onto his desk and cleared a spot before sitting right in front of me on it.

“Fuck Robbie.” I cried, his proud cock was inches in front of me and I immediately leaned forward and gobbled it up. Rob moaned and his head fell back while I savored the flavor of his dick in my mouth. It was warm and weighty. Everything about his manhood was perfect. The shape, size, taste, smell, even the veins were sexy. I swallowed until I felt his bush around my lips and sucked hard. I slowly pulled off and licked the underside of his engorged shaft until just his swollen glans was between my lips.

“Bobby.” Rob’s hands were gripping the desk and I pulled off and licked the sweet pool of pre from his slit. He pushed me back and leaned in for a soul-searing pre filled kiss. His weight pushed my chair back against the wall and he fell between my legs, mouth open he started lapping at my balls, they were tight under my shaft. The heat and wetness of his mouth and tongue had me leaking copious amounts of pre. He greedily licked it up before going back to tonguing my balls. The feel of his lips as they wrapped tightly around my cockhead was glorious. He eagerly began bobbing up and down on my rigid shaft.

“Robbie.” I panted as I twisted my fingers in his short hair. “Fuck me!” I moaned and felt the rumble, almost a growl, in his throat at the mention. Instantly, he had us both on our feet and turned me around to face his desk. He pushed me against it and my hard bone was trapped, pressed almost achingly down against the desk and his paws were spreading my ass cheeks apart. The next thing I knew his face was buried in my ass and my torso collapsed onto the desk when I felt his magnificent tongue prodding at my wanton hole. Electricity jolted from my muscled ring as his tongue first lapped, and then prodded, working its way deeper into my needy heat.

“Robbie please.” I begged, my cock was straining desperately against the desk and I felt a string of pre dangling down that had hit the inside of my leg. One of Rob’s hands wrapped tightly around my cock and maneuvered it so he could lick the pre and suck on my blood-filled mushroom tip. I heard something unzip and then a cap pop before liquid coolness was dribbled down my crack. I couldn’t help but sigh as a slippery, thick finger primed my desperate hole. “Rob.” I gasped. “Give it to me.”

“Fuck Bobby!” Rob whispered and I felt his swollen mushroom pressed tightly against my tight entrance. I tried to push back to meet him, but he held me down and entered me in one smooth thrust.

“FUCK!” I moaned as my body went limp and rigid all at once. My cock lurched against the desk and my lungs emptied of air. My body was tantric as his long, thick manhood slid in and out, deeper and deeper, brushing my p-spot with every thrust. “Harder, faster.” I pleaded I was so close and my swollen dick was leaking, leaving a trail of pre against the desk. His arms pushed me down into the desk and he grabbed my hips and began thrusting, pumping his heavenly member into my needy cavern. “Robbie I’m close.” I encouraged, but to my dismay he slid out, leaving me feeling hollow, empty. “Robbie?!” I begged, pleaded, questioned.

“Flip over Bobby.” He ordered and I scrambled to position my back against his desk, I accidently sent his calendar and a cup of pens tumbling to the floor. My dick felt liberated no longer trapped by the desk and stood like a mast in the air, swollen and red. Rob put my legs over his shoulders and held my hips as he reentered me. This was it. This was the best position. I loved seeing my sweaty, handsome husband horny and needy. I needed him just as badly. His genuine, gentle green eyes locked on mine, they were filled with nothing but love as he slowly slid back in. I felt his bush brush against my hole and he leaned down to claim my mouth, just as he had claimed my hole. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer. My swollen shaft was pressed tightly to his washboard stomach. Out mouths were locked and I whimpered when he began to thrust into me, each thrust sending jolts of pleasure inside me, my sensitive shaft begged for just a little more friction between our bodies.

“You are so sexy Bobby.” Rob rasped, his voice was heavy, lusty. He pulled back and let my legs fall before sandwiching our bodies together. Rob’s engorged glans pegged my prostate in this new position and I urged him on. Pulling him closer, reclaiming his mouth and kissing frantically while he continued to piston his rod into me. The sensations were overwhelming. Rob’s mouth sealed against mine, tongues frantically frolicking, his warm, strong, slick, furry buddy rubbing against my sensitive, swollen, slippery cock, his thick, long dick pounding and pleasuring my swollen prostate.

“Robbie.” I gasped as my toes curled and eyes closed. My balls tightened, my glans swelled even further and my slit fired a geyser of moist heat between our bodies. Rob leaned back, still thrusting and I felt his lips wrap around my cockhead, sending my overly sensitive dick into overload while he continued pumping my ass, my body shook and tremored with each blast of seed and Rob somehow managed to swallow it while his cock was still buried deep inside of me. I gasped and collapsed back onto the desk and Rob took frantic, erratic, deep thrusts, burying his member completely inside my steamy hole. His lips met mine and I tasted my flavor in his mouth as he made his final jagged thrusts deep inside my gut.

“Bobby!” Rob broke the kiss and I felt his body tense, his cock swell, and then blasts of molten heat as volley after volley of seed painted my guts. I’m not sure how long we stayed like that, but our breaths finally calmed. His spent dick reluctantly slid out of my used hole. The scent in the room was thick of sweat and sex. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Rob smiling down at me. His lips met mine and we shared 6 or 7 sweet, short kisses.

“I need to shower before the game.” I laughed and Rob picked up his jockstrap and wiped my jizz and our sweat off of my stomach and his.

“No time, the team will be here in 10 minutes.” Rob said checking his watch.

“Rob!” I gasped, I couldn’t sit in the bleachers in the shape I was in.

“Here I’ll get you some fresh clothes.” Rob said, he was sexy as hell as he walked naked over to a file cabinet and pulled out a new Crabbers Athletic department T-shirt and threw it to me.

“Have any underwear in there?” I laughed and Rob got a sneaky glint in his eye.

“Nope, you’re wearing these.” Rob grinned holding up his black jockstrap that was covered in our sweat and my glistening white jizz.

“No way buster. I’ll just wear my boxer briefs.

“Nope.” He grinned and pulled on my underwear. “These are my lucky underwear, need ’em for the big game.”

“Lucky? You’ve never worn them before.”

“Well they worked for you, you got lucky.” Rob grinned and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Rob.” I sighed and he threw me the jockstrap. “What the hell.” I shrugged. I held the jockstrap to my nose and an inhaled deeply. “Fuck.” I sighed, I could smell our mingled sweat and jizz and I felt my cock twitch. I slid them on.

“Come here Bobby, you’re going to have another adventure tonight.” Rob said as he rifled through his bag on the floor. I walked over and he turned me around so he was standing behind me and I was again facing the desk. “Bend over babe.”

“We don’t have time Robbie.” I started but I felt his hand on my back as he gently guided me down. “Fuck.” He whispered and I felt his tongue exploring my hole, licking out his seed. I moaned before I felt something against my hole. He quickly pushed it into my opened and slick hole.

“Robbie.” I felt a shockwave that went through my body and exited my sensitive dick. I reached around and felt base of a butt plug in my ass. “I cannot sit here for three hours in a sweaty, jizzy jockstrap and a buttplug in my seeded hole.

“Why not?” Rob shrugged and grinned. “Here I’ll get you some shorts.” He went back into his cabinet and threw me a matching pair of gym shorts.

“You’re bad.” I answered, sliding on the shorts.

“Love you Bobby.” Rob said swatting my ass and pulling me in for a kiss, I groaned when I tasted his spunk in my mouth.

“I love you Rob.” I answered kissing my husband with everything I had. I knew that his knowing how I was a dressed, and plugged would have him just as eager for me as I was for him. It was certainly going to be an interesting homecoming, and it wouldn’t be the last.

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