A Dark Ride

I was trying to make the best of it. There just wasn’t enough alcohol at the bar to make me forget I was a fish out of water.

It wouldn’t hurt to try though.

“Can I get a vodka and cranberry?” I called to the bartender.

The gruff looking guy shot me a look that should have been enough of an answer.

“Look, man, we got beer and whiskey!” He shouted over the music. “Best I can do is a rum and coke or something!”

I nodded, and the guy pushed himself away from the bar to fetch the drink. The thought of beer made me sick, so whiskey was definitely out. I should have known better than expect anything more from such a shithole bar in the middle of nowhere. It was where Leah had begged us to go. I was still cursing myself for even considering it.

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The band on stage was insanely loud. I couldn’t even think straight. The light show was pretty impressive for such a little place. It wasn’t my style of music, but they weren’t a bad band at all. Leah supposedly knew the drummer. It was one of the reasons she’d wanted so desperately to come. I scanned the crowd of dancing bodies but I couldn’t see my sister anywhere. It crossed my mind that the long line for the bathroom across the way could very well be Leah’s fault if she had gone in there with someone and-

“Here you go, dude.”

I glanced down at the drink the bartender had all but tossed on the bar in front of me. Just from the smell I was getting a headache. With a sigh I took a careful sip and watched the jumping crowd near the tiny stage. I looked at my cell phone. We’d been here for well over three hours, though it felt like an entire day to me.

My gaze drifted across the crowded bar. Countless slurred conversations were being shouted across the ruckus of the band. I watched the flirty women drape themselves over the men. Of course Leah liked it here. It was exactly her kind of playground. It definitely wasn’t mine.

I spotted a guy at the other end of the bar, grinning at his friend. They were sitting entirely too close just for a mere friendly conversation. It caught my full attention. All I could do was hope anyway. The two men laughed at some joke, and I felt something flutter in my chest. The blonde I had noticed had an amazing smile. He looked almost as out of place as I was in this redneck bar in his collared shirt. He had the cutest looking dimples. Those eyes… they were just breathtaking. Sure, they were a little glazed, but they were as clear and blue as tropical waters. The handsome guy was the most interesting thing I’d seen in the room full of sweat and beer stains.

It didn’t occur to me that I was staring until the man glanced up and looked right at me. I blinked and turned my head. A wave of warmth washed over my body. I tried my best to keep my eyes on the dancing crowd, even nodding my head to the rock music I didn’t like. Eventually I couldn’t help stealing another glance toward the blonde.

He and his friend were both looking at me, but it was the worst type of look I could hope for. I saw how the cute blonde’s face had soured into a flat glare. I didn’t miss the sheer disgust in his friend’s expression.

It was yet another reminder that I hated myself for agreeing to join my sister on a night out.

I took a generous swallow of the rum-and-whatever and slid away from the bar. Even after walking away, I could smell the putrid odor of the glass. It wasn’t the rum. Probably a filthy glass no one had bothered to wash. I fought down the feeling of sickness and headed for the crowd. Leah was amongst the sweaty heap somewhere. I had to find her. It was well past midnight.

“Leah!” I called.

My voice was lost in the crunch of the guitars. I bumped my way through the crowd as best I could. It wasn’t a huge group of people, but the place was so small that everyone was on top of each other. Each person gyrated or swayed, most of them looked oblivious to where they even were.

I saw a face I recognized at last. Squeezing through the crowd, I came up behind her and took her arm.


The redhead turned. Her face lit up even she saw me. Cheryl had to peel herself off of the man she was dancing with, then flung her clammy arms around my neck.

“Sam!” I could smell the whiskey on her breath. “Hey this is wild, huh? You having a good time?”

It should have been obvious, but I saw the same drunken haze in Cheryl’s eyes that the rest of the zombies wore.

“Not really,” I told her. “Where is Leah? I haven’t seen her in a bit. I need her keys to get in the car!”

The look on Cheryl’s face was all too telling. She continued to bounce along with the guitars, but bit her lip.

“Didn’t she find you?” Cheryl yelled, leaning in close.


Another grimace. “Dude, she took off like an hour ago! She was supposed to tell you!”

I stared at my sister’s friend. “With a guy?”

Cheryl smiled sheepishly but nodded.

“And the keys?!”

“She was supposed to find you!”

I ran my fingers through my hair. “What the hell, Cheryl? How are we supposed to get home?”

Cheryl’s mouth fell open like she was going to speak, but instead she glanced from the guy beside her to me. All I could do was gawk at her. My heart felt like it was sinking into boiling water. I shook my head and turned to claw my way out of the crowd.

“Sam!” I could barely hear Cheryl as the guitar solo started and the crowd cheered. “Sam, I’m sorry!”

I headed for the exit without looking back.


It was relatively quiet outside, though the music could still be heard booming behind me. I shivered at the chill in the midnight air. The gravel parking lot outside was aglow from both the blinking sign of the bar and the brilliant full moon in the sky overhead. I clenched my jaw angrily staring up at its beauty.

“Damn it, Leah,” I hissed.

Scanning the rows of cars in the rundown lot, I easily found Leah’s yellow car. I peered across the lot but I couldn’t see inside the windows from here. There was the faintest hope that my sister wound be in the car, but of course, probably not in the shape I’d have hoped to find her. I started across the gravel toward the car.

I spotted a hooded guy in the parking lot, sitting on the tailgate of his pickup truck. He regarded me briefly as I passed, but quietly smoked his cigarette. After the stares I’d been getting the whole night, it actually surprised me that he didn’t at least do a double take as I walked by. I was so sick of the place. The conversation with Leah kept surfacing in my mind. Why in the world I agreed to accompany her to a redneck bar in the middle of nowhere was beyond me. Had I expected it to be different?

Shaking my head, I trudged onward. I could see inside of Leah’s car now. There was no one in the car, back seat or otherwise. I sighed. A spare key came to mind. Leah used to keep one near her gas tank on her old car. Maybe she still did that. I walked around and flipped open her gas tank. I looked. I felt around. No key.

I heard some laughter coming from a few cars over in the lot. When I looked, my heart skipped a beat. The two guys at the bar were walking between the rows of cars. I remembered the awful looks they had given me. I remembered the sharp sting of hurt and fear.

Trying not to draw attention, I turned and checked the doors on Leah’s car. Maybe one was unlocked. Maybe I could just get in and go to sleep or something. When I found that the car was locked for sure, I crouched by the rear wheel, clinging to some hope that Leah had hidden a key elsewhere.

“Oh shit, Neil! It’s that queer from earlier!”

My heart dropped. A solid knot formed in my throat. I didn’t turn around, but kept feeling around for a key.

A voice called from behind me. “Hey! What’s goin’ on man!”

Still I ignored them, but I was out of ideas about getting into Leah’s car. I was stuck. A warm swell of dread started to pulse inside of me.

“Hey, femboy!” I heard laughter. “Hey man, I’m tryna’ talk to you!”

I slowly stood and glanced at the two men. The handsome blonde didn’t look so handsome anymore in the moonlit parking lot. That dreamy gaze of his looked like just another drunken glare. His whole body looked tense now. Once I might have wondered what it’d be like to touch him. Now I wondered how much he could hurt me.

The two men were chuckling, but I could see the cruelty in their eyes.

“You, uh… you trying to figure out how to change a tire, Femboy?” The blonde asked me.

I licked my lips. I tried to think of something to say back to them, but my dry throat only cracked. Again my anger started to build. If only Leah hadn’t fucking left.

“I think he wants you to give him a hand, Neil.”

Neil, the blonde, never took his eyes off of me. I saw the way his body was poised.

“Why the hell was you staring at me in there?” Neil asked flatly.

I licked my lips again and swallowed, hoping I could find a way to talk my way out of this. Again my lip quivered. Again I couldn’t find a word to say.

“Why the hell you dressed like that, huh?” Neil was walking toward me as he spoke. “What was you gonna do, sissy? Buy me a fuckin’ drank?”

My eyes burned. He was just a few feet away, and not slowing down. I clenched my fists, but I knew they’d stay at my sides.

“Or was I supposed ta’ buy?”

I finally found the words, but they were completely wrong.

“Just fuck off, asshole,” I told him.

Neil shoved me so hard I thought I immediately had whiplash. My head snapped forward while the rest of my body went tumbling backwards. The force of his hands actually hurt my chest, but not as much as when the back of my skull hit the gravel.

My heart was pounding. I wanted to jump to my feet, but Neil was still standing over me. His buddy was cackling somewhere behind. I wanted to spit and curse at him, but all I could do was grimace. My face twisted into pain. The hurt was much deeper than my head. My night was officially as bad as it could have gotten. I felt the knot in my throat swell. My eyes started to sting a lot more.

“Hell, don’t lay down and cry, pretty boy,” Neil taunted me. “You was’ justa’ smiling it up at me earlier, wasn’t you?”

Something in the atmosphere changed right then. I heard the laughter stop, and I watched Neil turn around confused. Propping myself on one forearm, I watched as another stranger walked up between the cars.

I recognized him… where… the guy in the hoodie. He was smoking earlier on his tailgate. What was he doing?

I heard him speak from the shadow of his hood.

“Turn around, and go back inside.”

His voice was bored, flat, and almost raspy. The hooded guy was talking to Neil.

“Hey, won’t you mind your own business man?” Neil said scoffing.

Petrified on the ground, I watched the man sigh and take down his hood to reveal his a head full of straight dark hair. He spoke again, leveling a dead glare right at Neil through the strands of his hair.

“Turn around. Walk away. Go back inside. Buy a drink. Just get away from here, now.”

The finality in this man’s voice was chilling. My widened eyes darted between the three strange men. I couldn’t see Neil’s face, but I could see the pause in his body language. The expression of his friend was a clear one. I saw recognition, and fear.

The friend spoke. “Alright, c’mon Neil. Let’s just go chill inside.”

Neil still seemed to hesitate for several moments. The stranger that had interrupted them seemed… unconcerned. He simply stood patiently, biting on his bottom lip wearing a bored expression. I watched them all, hardly breathing.

At last, Neil grinned and put up his hands harmlessly before straightening his collar.

“Alright,” Neil said. “You wanna’ put up for this sissy, that’s fine by me, Killer.”

Both Neil and his friend started toward the bar again. I didn’t move. It shocked me that the two had immediately lost interest. It was because of this guy. My eyes darted over to the man in the hoodie. I could see his shoulders settle when he sighed. His head turned toward me. I couldn’t see his eyes. Fear crept back inside of me. I could only stare up at him as he slowly walked over to me.

My whole body tensed. Something made me want to start crawling away.

The guy ran one hand through his black hair. He offered me his other hand.

I hesitated.

The man scoffed and grinned. “Dude, c’mon get up.”

I realized that I hadn’t taken a breath for quite a while. Without thinking I grabbed the guy’s hand and allowed him to pull me to my feet with incredible ease. He swept his hair over one of his ears again, and I was afforded a look at his angular face. For some reason, I thought his black hair framed his features in a mysterious but alluring way. I still couldn’t clearly see his eyes, but for a glimmer in the moonlight. It made me feel odd… unsafe in some way.

For a moment, neither of us said anything. I felt like it was my place to speak first. Clearing my throat my eyes flitted from the man’s dark face to the gravel and back.

“Um, th-thank you, I um…” It was difficult to find make the words come out right. “I don’t know what I would have done, if… I mean, they-”

“Don’t worry about it,” the man said with a wave of his hand. “They’re assholes. And posers. They wouldn’t bother anyone bigger than them.”

I expected the man to turn away, but he stood there with me. He even pulled out another cigarette and struck a match. I was able to catch just a glimpse of those eyes. The guy blew out a plume of smoke into the cool night air. His hood was down, and yet his black hair seemed like yet another shroud. I couldn’t stop staring at him. There was something…

“You, uh… lock your keys in your car or something?”

It took me a few seconds to realize he had spoken.

“N-no… no it’s not my car and the keys aren’t in it.”

I immediately realized how strange it sounded. The man raised his brow.

“Shoppin’ for one you like?” The guy said with a chuckle.

I waved my hand at the car. “It’s my sister’s. I came here with her tonight. I was hoping she left a spare key. She took off sometime earlier.”

The man stared at me. “What, she left you here?”

I nodded.

“Wow,” he said. The man pulled out his phone and glanced at the screen. “Do you need a ride? It’s late as hell. Pretty sure the band is about to stop playing.”

“I wasn’t really into them anyway,” I told him, managing the tiniest smile.

He continued to study me. I licked my lips and crossed my arms over my chest. It was hard to meet his gaze. A full minute must have passed before he spoke again, and I realized I hadn’t answered his initial question.

“I could give you a lift if you want,” the man repeated. “I mean… it’s kinda messed up, your sister leaving you in the middle of nowhere. It’s like twenty minutes to anywhere, unless you are trying the interstate or something.”

Still I balked at his offer. I glanced toward the desolate highway. I was not interested in walking down a desert road in the middle of the night. Something gave me pause about this guy though. The way those two assholes had just walked away from him. Would I be better off calling someone? Anyone? Maybe a cab? The fare would be ridiculous. I could always demand Cheryl find me a ride somehow.

I licked my lips and blew out a steady sigh. As much as the man made me uneasy, he did so in a way I wasn’t used to feeling. I was at my wit’s end. At this point I just wanted to get the hell away from the disgusting bar. I was ready to try something new.

Like riding with a mysterious stranger in the middle of the night. Right?

“Uh… you’d do that for me?” I asked. “I mean, I knew it’s really late, and really far, I just-”

“Don’t worry about it,” the man said. He glanced toward the blinking sign of the bar. “I think I’m done with this dump, anyway. C’mon. Truck’s over here.”

I watched him casually walk away. With one more breath to steady myself, I followed the stranger to his truck.

The air was getting colder. There was no wind, but the chill was starting to gnaw at my skin more with every passing minute. I started to regret wearing such tight clothing, both for the unwanted attention it had gotten me and because I could feel goosebumps all over my skin. I could only hope this stranger had a strong heater in his truck.

It didn’t look promising.

The truck was an older model, and was flat black with no shine or polish. I couldn’t see into the side windows. They were tinted apparently. It didn’t make me feel any better about riding with this guy. The thing looked more like I’d find it barreling across the open desert rather than driving down any highway.

I followed the man to the passenger door. He was already sifting through the keys in his hand.

The guy stole a glance at me over his shoulder.

“Sorry. Gotta’ unlock it from this side,” he told me. “The knob is broken off inside.”

Great, I thought. Even more comforting news.

He pulled the door open with a loud clunk. Turning toward me, the man paused to study me. I stood patiently, but held my breath. This close to him, I realized how much taller and larger he was compared to me… and how frail I must have seemed.

“You cold, man?” The stranger asked.

The question took me by surprise.

“Uh… a little?” I licked my lips.

“Oh, shit. Here.”

I watched as he pulled the dark brown hoodie over his head. Before I could even decline the offer, he’d already tossed the sweatshirt toward me. I had to catch the thing or rudely let it hit the gravel.

“Probably doesn’t smell the greatest, but that thing’s a beast,” the man said.

He was already making his way around the front of the truck. I caught a glimpse of the tight green t-shirt he wore, and the way it hugged the smooth arch in his back. It was too dark to completely make out the markings on his arms, but they traveled from his wrists all the way up into the sleeves of the dark green shirt.

“You’ll probably need it,” the stranger said. “I have a heater, but I’m not saying it’s the greatest in the world.”

I sighed yet again and stared into the open passenger door. It was like a deep cavernous pit, beckoning me to my doom. Why was my heart racing? Was it the danger that I sensed? A thousand alarms sounded off in my head. Was I fearful of riding with this strange dark man?

Or was it the smell? God, just holding that hoodie in my arms made me want to melt into the rocks beneath my feet. I couldn’t pick it out… cologne? Maybe, but it was mixed with a myriad of other odors, both natural and not. There was the obvious musk of cigarette smoke, but there were other things, richer, and sweeter than I’ve ever known. I felt the warmth of my own bloodflow in places I couldn’t control.

I nearly jumped when the truck roared to life. It rumbled and shook like a poised lion. I glanced again at the bar and the highway, weighing my options once more. My hands tightened on the pullover in my arms.

Climbing up and into the truck, I pulled the heavy door shut and accepted the dark within.


For several moments after we’d pulled out onto the empty highway, we rode in silence. Well, almost in silence. The roar of the truck’s motor was endless, though after it settled into a higher gear, its constant rumble was actually very soothing. I stared off into the dark desert and let it lull my thoughts into nothingness.

I rarely looked over at the stranger. For some reason, it had only occured to me after the bar was long out of sight that I didn’t even know this guy’s name. I stole a glance at him a few times, pretending to stare out the windshield near the driver’s side into the night. The full moon overhead cast a pale glow through the windshield, right onto the stranger’s arm which was resting on the top of the steering wheel. I didn’t have much time to study the tattoos, but I saw no color there. The markings were too busy to distinguish any kind of detail. Still, they looked very… exotic.

He had been right about the heater, confirming my worries. The truck blew hot air, but not nearly enough to keep the cab warm. It didn’t help that the stranger always kept his window cracked even when he wasn’t smoking. I kept the man’s hoodie pulled close over my arms and chest. I didn’t feel right just putting on some random other person’s clothes, but I draped it across my body and was thankful of the warmth it provided.

I tried again to study that arm of his, but when I cut my eyes over I saw him glance at me. He cleared his throat.

“So, you guys come out here from the city?” He asked.

I nodded absently. “Yeah. We’re from just outside.”

“Huh. Weird.” The man must have noticed the look I gave him. “It’s just sorta backwards. Usually people go into the city to find a place to party, instead of driving out here.”

“My sister knows one the band members,” I said. “The drummer. I think she likes him.”

I realized the stranger was staring at me past the sheets of his black hair. It surprised me when he started chuckling.

“Dean?” He scoffed. “She likes Dean? Why? Guy looks like he’s stuck in mid-transformation between a man and a giant bird.”

I couldn’t bite back my short bark of laughter.

“Look,” the man said tossing his cigarette out the window, “tell your sister she has pretty shitty taste. And a pretty terrible sense of priority.”

Thinking of Leah made me annoyed, but it also made me feel grateful to this guy. I still wasn’t ruling out any danger, but I felt like I needed to tell him again.

“Listen, thank you for… well, everything,” I said. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t showed up back there. Those guys probably would’ve given me a really nasty beating.”

The man shook his head. It made his black hair sway.

“No, probably not,” he told me. “They’re just a couple of spoiled dorks driving suped up trucks and sports cars their daddies pay for. They were just drunk and looking to make their bloated ego’s a little bigger. They wouldn’t know a good ass whipping if it was handed to them.”

I didn’t see the sense in arguing the point with the guy.

“That guy,” I said. “Neil? He called you ‘Killer’. Is that like a nickname or something?”

The stranger gave me a smirk. “No, uh… heh, he was being a smartass. He did say ‘Killer’. My name is Kellar. Well, that’s my last name. No one uses my first name since I got back. But it’s James.”

I nodded. “James. Well, it’s nice to meet you, I guess. Be nicer if it were different circumstances.”

James didn’t reply, but simply stared out the windshield. I spoke up.

“I’m Sam.”

James nodded to me as though he approved. I didn’t know how to take that. Feeling slightly more comfortable, I adjusted in the bench seat tucking one of my skinny legs underneath of me. Tucking James’s hoodie closer, I studied him a bit more closely. He wasn’t incredibly built, but he just had this natural kind of figure about him. I still couldn’t clearly see his eyes. His hair fell to barely rest on his thick shoulders… where I noticed my eyes lingered for a bit too long.

“You said when you got back,” I said. “What did you mean?”

James stared straight ahead. For a while I thought he wasn’t going to answer me.

“I was stationed at Pendleton,” James said. “The military. For a while I was overseas. Came back a couple years ago. Still go by Kellar. The old me is… I dunno, kinda gone.”

I thought about the way Neil and his friend had acted. In the dark I imagined I could just make out an eagle in the swirl of tattoos on James’s arm. I shifted in the truck seat. Something was making me itch deep inside. Looking at his straight black hair that shrouded much of his face, I tried to imagine James with a shaven head. Already the cab of his truck was seeming to grow warmer.

“Why did they back down so quickly?” I blurted.

James looked at me. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you basically told them to go away and they did, immediately after they saw who you were. Why?”

He shrugged, but made the strangest face. “Ah… bunch of long stories and even more tall tales and bullshit. It boils down to what I said, though. They’re fake and I’m pretty sure they know it, no matter how many beers they’ve had.”

I watched his fingers fidget near the steering wheel as he spoke. This only drew my eyes back up and down his tattooed arm. James wasn’t saying everything, that much I could tell. Against my better judgement, I gave in to my natural curiosity. Maybe it was the intoxicating smell of the hoodie, of the inside of his truck. I wanted to know more of him.

“Why did you help me?” I pressed.

James hesitated. Then he shook his head. “I… I dunno. You looked like you needed help. And they were being pricks. Tiny victory in the world, you know? Not everyone out there is an asshole. Pretty sure they thought you were an easy target.”

I frowned. “Meaning?”

He looked at me again. For some reason, I enjoyed getting him to do that.

“C’mon, Sam,” James said. “It’s kind of obvious that place was not your scene. An extremely feminine male at a redneck bar in bumfuck? Southern rock and guys that are swallowing as much chaw as they are beer? You might have stood out to them a little bit.”

I blinked. “Well, yeah, but that shouldn’t mean they get to fuck with me in the parking lot.”

“I didn’t say it did,” James told me. “That’s why I helped.”

Watching him watch the road, I inhaled the sweet smell of his hoodie again. It was like a drug, even forcing a tiny grin onto my cheeks.

“You think I looked ridiculous in there?” I probed.

“I wouldn’t say that,” he replied.

I nodded. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

“Not ridiculous,” James went on.

I grinned a bit more, but looked out the windshield attempting to hide it and waited silently.

“Not at all,” he continued. “You actually look really good. Just surprises me to let your sister talk you into coming out here.”

James hit the nail on the head, but I didn’t show him that. I’d heard exactly what I wanted, but I decided to keep on playing. I let my eyes wander in the dark again. My skin tight pants were starting to feel a lot tighter in certain areas. I felt an ache even deeper than that.

“What makes you think she dragged me here?” I asked him. “I could be trying out new places, seeing what all is out in the scary parts of the world.”

I couldn’t believe the ironic truth in what I was saying! Was I actually trying to flirt with this guy? A stranger I just met? I was in a truck in the middle of nowhere!

James shifted. His arm extended to lie on the top of the seat. I eyed every curve and bulge in that arm, and even shivered at the thought of how close his fingers were to me at the moment.

“Well, I guess I can call you crazy if you’re out this far looking for that kind of guy,” James said. “But I hate to tell you, there’s nothing but more assholes and rednecks out here.”

“Yeah, I found that out,” I agreed. “I guess I was just… I dunno. Looking for something a little different. Maybe something more dirty or rough around the edges. I didn’t plan to be stranded of course, or assaulted.”

A pocket of cold air was stuck in my chest. My skin was starting to flush hot, though. The more I spoke, the more I wished I hadn’t… but I couldn’t stop. I could see James’s tight midsection now with his body opened to me as it was. All I kept thinking about was raking my fingers across that hard flesh. Every time I glanced at him in the dark, my imagination built more and more twisted little hallucinations. And god, I could smell his perfectly enticing aroma. It was like the barest taste of his skin that I had yet to savor.

I realized when my eyes finally looked up that James was looking at me constantly now. He was watching the road, but also watching me… a bit too closely. The glimmer of his dark eyes was fixated on my face, my hair, my lips, and much lower.

My lips. Damn it, I was licking my lips. It was the slightest little habit, but James must have taken notice because he’d spotted the tip of my tongue.

“You said I look really, good, didn’t you?” I asked directly. “Is that why you helped me?”

I could see he was doing his best to hide a smile behind his hair. My heart was pounding, louder than the hum of the engine. But I kept going.

“And is that why you gave me your hoodie? Something you totally didn’t have to do?” I said. Even as I spoke the words I fidgeted with the fabric in my hands.

James still said nothing but I could see that my words were having some affect. I couldn’t believe it. Something inside of me was glowing brighter and brighter. I decided to take a chance. I’d already come this far. The thought of it was still terrifying. James was still a stranger without a doubt… which made me want it even more.

I was trembling. Maybe from fear, maybe from excitement. I gathered my nerve and slid myself across the bench seat until my legs rested against James. Through his body I could feel the vibration of the truck. I was so close to him now. I could smell the smoke in his hair, the spice under his arm, the sweet musk of his breath. God, what was it? What was in that smell?

I could see the stubble on his hard jaw. I saw the tiny tangles of his hair. I could practically taste that long curve of his neck that swooped down to his bulging shoulder. When James turned to look at me, it stole the breath from my mouth.

The tint of green in his eyes was so sharp that I thought I remembered the taste of mints on my tongue. I saw so much beneath those eyes, all of it bottled together. Worry, anger, fatigue, kindness, remorse, and darkness… all of it swayed together like windblown green pastures.

I felt his arm close around me and pull me even tighter to him. James’s hand didn’t stop though. I felt his long fingers fan out across my straightened back. They slid down, further and further. The tips of his fingers just barely teased at the edge of my pants before his hand squeezed the back pocket of my tight jeans.

Before I knew what was happening, my own hand was on his thigh. I wanted to squeeze it or to explore his leg slowly. Feeling his hand groping my ass spurred me onward. My tiny hands moved deeper into his lap. I found what I was wanting. I felt the warm bulge along his thigh. My eyes nearly rolled into my head when I felt the tip nod stiff beneath his jeans at the touch of my fingers.

I was so close to him now, and he held me there as he watched the highway in front of us. I felt scared but reckless… it was so confusing. Allowing my body’s needs to take over, I brushed James’s black hair past his ear and brought my lips in close.

“Were you watching me when I walked past?” I whispered against his ear.

I felt his body tense and his hand tightening on my ass.

“Were you watching me in the bar?” I let my lips brush the soft tissue of his ear. “Was this what you were wanting?”

James’s lips parted and I heard the breath that escaped them. I grinned but kept going.

“Were you looking for a way to get me out of there?” I whispered. “Do you like the way I dressed? You like that I looked pretty to you?”

My hand was rubbing the bulge in his jeans. I could feel my own erection begging to be freed.

“Were you planning to rescue me from that place all along?” A terrible and exciting thought left my brain. “Were you planning on abducting me?”

“O-oh god,” I heard James say.

“Well you did it,” I whispered. “Here I am. How can I ever thank you?”

I was already too deep in the daze. Before I could even consider what it was I was doing, I was placing soft wet kisses on James’s face, while my right hand began to undo the zipper of his pants. A part of my brain was screaming at me, but I was hooked. The knowledge that this guy, this stranger from a rundown bar, admittedly wanted to fuck me was too much. All I could think about was his cock. It was mine, right here for the taking. He wasn’t stopping me. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted it in my hand. I wanted it so badly.

James’s zipper was down. I heard him tighten his grip on the steering wheel. My lips found his neck. It tasted so good, twice as enjoyable as the aroma I’d been ensnared by earlier. I worked my tiny hand into his pants and dove deep toward his thigh. I felt his hair, the soft flesh… the shaft.

I literally groaned when I tugged James’s rigid dick out of his pants. For a moment I bit down on his thick neck and squeezed his shaft in my hand. When I started to gently stroke him, James adjusted into his seat a bit. He was starting to exhale slowly.

It wasn’t enough. It just wasn’t. James felt so good and thick in my hand, it left me wanting more. I backed my body across the seat and sank down into his lap. James’s hand swept my shirt up and caressed my bare back. I heard his breath quicken.

Briefly, I smelled that lovely, manly musk. Then, the plush tip pressed against my lips.

I couldn’t tease him or make him wait any longer. I wanted it. My mouth opened and I slid my head down into the dark of his lap. Pulling back, I let my wet lips drag back up the sensitive skin of his cock to the very tip. Then in a slow rhythm, I bobbed my head on his dick, coating it with a layer of saliva.

James throbbed in my lips, his cock nodding hard against my cheek. I heard him moan. His tip prodded my tonsils as his hips rose out of mere reflex. I moaned onto his dick, voicing my arousal. I continued to work slowly, occasionally adding a swirl of my tongue against the sensitive skin of his shaft.

It was impossible to maintain such a maddening pace. Already I was dick drunk. My head bobbed more quickly while I tugged at the base of his cock with my fingers. With every lick of my tongue, his engorged dick would swell.

James ran his hand up my spine to the back of my neck. He caressed my head gently as I slurped and slobbered in his lap. I felt that same hand slide all the way back down to my ass. This time, James plunged his fingers right into my jeans. His hand groped at my ass cheek, squeezing hard every time his cock hit the back of my throat.

I couldn’t see a thing. I imagined what his thick cock must have looked like. I pictured the look on his face, contorted in pleasure under the glow of moonlight through the windshield. James was thrusting ever so slightly. I wished for him to do it harder. When I rolled my tongue around the bulging tip, I heard the roar of the truck and felt it lurch from acceleration. Just hearing this made my own cock strain in my pants.

James massaged my asshole with a single finger, and I couldn’t help but match his pace with my head. I moaned loudly and dove deep onto his dick… he’d just slipped that long finger inside of me. My eyes rolled. I knew the head of his dick was down in my throat now. I twisted and shook my head. James must have been assaulted from the sensations. His finger plunged deeper into my ass and his hips drove upward hard.

I took it as a challenge. Letting my eyes roll again, I bounced my head into his lap. James’s stiff cock slid into my mouth, up and down over and over again.

I needed more. Using both hands, I hovered over James’s lap working frantically to loosen his pants completely. When at last I tore the button and belt free, I began shoving his pants as far down his thighs as I could. At last I had all of him. My tongue raced right down the underside of James’s shaft to the soft skin of his balls. Here I let my tongue go wild. I sucked and bit gently at the skin, ignoring the thin bit of hair coating the flesh.

When my head rose back to his swollen tip, I dropped my jaw and shoved my lips as far down James’s dick as I could manage. I heard him cry out in ecstasy. His finger worked tirelessly in and out of my ass while the roar of the engine grew louder. My left hand explored the hard flesh under his shirt. I was gasping and groping and groveling in this stranger’s lap as he no doubt sped down the highway.

His cries became frequent. God he was pulsating in my mouth. It wouldn’t be long. I wanted it so bad. I was already so hooked on the flesh, I needed him to explode.

Without warning, I felt James jerk his hand from my ass and pull me up by my shoulders. I wasn’t eager to let go of his cock, and it popped loudly from my lips. I sat up so quickly I grew dizzy. I had wanted to flash him a grin, but I was confused. James had his foot mashed on the brake. The truck was all but sliding to a stop.

Through the windshield, I scanned for anything he might have seen. When I saw nothing, I searched his shadowy face.

He didn’t look at me, but James responded anyway.

“Not this way,” was all he said.

I watched as he pulled the wheel to the left, guiding the truck off of the highway. At first, I braced because I thought he was steering us into a ditch. James had selected a relatively level stretch of desert. He clutched me close to him as the truck bounced into the barren desert.

As we sped off into the middle of the desert, I glanced nervously back toward the disappearing highway. I then looked back at the shadowy face of James once more.

What was he doing? Had he lost it? Where was he going to take me? I could only hang onto him as the truck barreled across the dusty desert landscape.


James finally brought the truck to a stop. I still clung to his side. Peering through the windows, all I could see in any direction was ghastly moonlit desert. I thought the bar was out in the middle of nowhere. Apparently I hadn’t seen anything yet.

My mind was racing but I had no time to put any of my thoughts in order. James took my chin in his hand and turned my lips to his. I was met with a firm, desperate kiss. For what seemed like minutes I fell limp in the seat of the truck. I tried to get a grip on what was happening. I’d not been kissed by a guy in so long, and here I was kissing a complete stranger.

Letting my mouth fall open, I allowed his tongue to spill inside. I let him take full control. He cradled me in the seat, and I felt suspended in his arms. The scent of his hair was all around me as it brushed my face. My soft cheeks were assaulted by James’s stubbled jaw. As his tongue dove deeper still into my mouth, he cupped the crotch of my pants and rubbed my sore, hard dick.

When our lips parted, it felt like I was staring into the murderous eyes of a wolf. James planted a few more kisses on my lips, before he spoke to me.

“Get what’s in the glove box,” James panted. “We’re going to need it.”

In seconds, James had slid out of the truck, leaving me alone in the cab. I tried to catch my breath. My heart was galloping in my chest. I looked over my shoulder into the dark. I saw him outside near the tailgate. I watched as he pulled the tight green shirt over his head and tossed it in the bed of the truck.

My head snapped back around. I couldn’t keep from shaking. For some reason, the gravity of the whole situation started to pull me down from cloud nine. I looked around again. My god… I was really in the middle of the desert with a stranger. I could still taste his cock on my lips. Hazy lust was clouding my eyes once again simply thinking of his thick meaty shaft in my mouth.

I blinked. I had a good idea of what was next… or did I? Could I really be sure that I wasn’t about to become a corpse? Would he use me, then strangle me, and leave my body to rot? My eyes fell to the glove box. Even as my mind screamed these horrible thoughts, my fingers popped open the small compartment. A tiny bulb lit the contents within.

When I saw the pistol, I froze. The chill of the desert air came creeping back into my lungs again. I could feel my stiff nipples against the soft fabric of my shirt. He had a gun. James could just put a bullet in my head. What the hell was I thinking taking off with him? Was I just as stupid as my sister?

All the same, I still felt the throbbing in my jeans. I adjusted my cock, and I swore I could feel my pulse racing just from the touch. I was stuck between terror and arousal. It was worse than any drug.

I spotted the condoms in the glovebox. Of course. James had said we’d need… yes. Of course. I licked my lips. The way he’d felt in my hand, in my mouth… I took a deep breath and tried not to think about how crazy it was. I snatched the small silver package and scooted out of the open truck door.

James was standing several feet away from the truck relieving himself in the open desert. His head was tilted toward the moon. Even such a simple posture made my insides flutter. I could see that his tattoos continued onto his shoulder blades. As I stepped around the back of the truck, I couldn’t pull my eyes from the curvature of his back. The way he stood, the way his dimpled lower back sloped into his jeans, the way his hair was draped over those hunks of flesh on his shoulders… it was all making me squirm.

I wasn’t sure what to do with myself so I just leaned against the tailgate of the truck. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t steady my breath. I’d never slept with someone I’d just met. I’d certainly never slept with a stranger. It kept racing through my mind. I fidgeted with the condom in my hand. My cock was still trapped and stiff behind the soft fabric of my stretchy jeans.

He turned around. James had made no attempt to button his pants or stuff his semi erect cock away. He merely walked over to the truck, to me, with his beautiful dick bouncing free and his jeans barely hanging from his waist.

I wasn’t sure what I was about to say, but before I could even get the thought out, James had my head cradled in his hands and was kissing me. I craned my neck upward and returned the kiss, once again washed away into the ebb of lust. One of my hands found it’s way around his waist, and slid into his pants to grope his partially exposed ass. My other hand seemed to find a palm full of James’s cock, which was nodding harder as we kissed.

James pulled away and that wolven face stared right into mine.

“Do you want this?” He asked.

For all the conflicted feelings I’d been battling, my answer sure came quick.

“Yes,” I said. “I want you.”

I thought I saw a grin begin to form on James’s face. He reached around me. I heard something metallic click before the tailgate bounced open behind me. James took me by the arm and spun me around. Immediately I was locked in his arms though. Every motion was forceful, powerful, and I loved the way it felt. His chest heaved against the curve of my back with his every breath. Black hair danced on my neck when his warm tongue slid up to my ear. Cradled in his arms, I allowed my body to sink into his.

My pants were being unfastened. There was just one button, and no zipper. James hooked his thumbs into my stretchy jeans and began to force them down. I gasped when he reached even further and pulled my stiff cock free. My bare ass pressed against his bare crotch. I could feel him pulsating between the cheeks of my ass. The warmth felt twice as amazing in the cool desert air, and made me shudder.

James bent at his waist, which forced me over as well. Soon I was on my forearms. I spread my legs as best I could, but my pants were pulled to my thighs. James plucked the condom from my fingers. I’d forgotten about having it. For a moment, he moved away. I knew what he was doing. The cold metal of the tailgate stung my arms. My ass felt exposed to the night air. All I could do was wait to feel it.

A single hand was placed on my back. I breathed a little harder.

Something bulbous and slick pressed against my asshole. My breath caught in my throat.

The tip prodded me. I leaned further and opened myself.

James pushed his cock inside of me.

There was the initial burst of pressure. I moaned. None of this was new to me. I simply smiled and squeezed myself onto the delightfully thick shaft. I rocked backward as James gave me a push inward. His cock slid further into me. My mouth dropped and I moaned again against my tightened lips.

I felt his jeans on my ass cheeks. Biting my lip, I pushed back one more time, feeling James’s warm balls mash into my ass. His cock nodded inside of me. It made my eyes roll up into my head. I gave my ass one more little wiggle. As James pulled back and slid into me again, I could feel myself spreading around his girth.

He understood his cue to start thrusting. James eased his dick back until I thought it might fall right from my ass, then he plunged it into me again. I swore I saw fireworks in my eyes at the sharp probing pain.

“Oh… ugh, god!” I heard myself say. “Do it ag- oh!”

I didn’t need to tell James. His hips slammed against me over and over until he’d built a slow rhythm. The entire truck started to rock. The condom on James’s cock was slick enough, but there was a lot of friction. Without even seeing him, every motion of his hips was transferred right into me. I felt it in the way his shaft dove into my ass. Something about it made me stand on my toes and arch my back even further.

I wanted to spread my self wide for James but I couldn’t. My jeans had my thighs locked. I simply closed my legs and bent as far as I could. His thighs beat against my own. Strong fingers dug into my hips, jerking my ass back to meet his every thrust.

Dropping my head, I ran my fingers through my hair and groaned. I managed to steal a glance behind me. James was like an oil painting come to life. The moonlight was shining down behind him, making his hair and face a black shroud. Grey and blue hues gleamed at every bulging muscle, while shadows accentuated every single one. I bit my lip when I saw the tightness in his body, where the flesh of his shoulders, neck, and chest were all clenched.

The sting of his palm clapping against my ass made me yelp. It caught me off guard. I’d never been spanked before. I immediately learned that I loved it, and silently prayed he’d do it again. I could still feel the warmth of the blow.

James was thrusting faster now. My hands tightened into fists. I tried to ignore the cold metal of the truck bed against my cheek. Instead I focused on the way my dick flopped beneath me. I was rock hard. Every bounce of my cock seemed to shake an orgasm loose bit by bit. The warm burn was starting to glow hotter. It became harder to breath right.

Another slap on my ass, the other cheek this time. I cried out into the night again. If he kept this up I’d be coming soon. My palms tried to find a place to settle on the metallic bed beneath me but I kept sliding. I felt James adjust his stance. His hips beat against me more frantically. At last I heard him start to suck in huge gasps of air.

James slowed his pace but his cock dove into me deeper with every forceful thrust. I could barely see straight. My body grew tense. I knew it was happening.

“Oh… oh god, keep… o-oh…”

I didn’t know if he heard me, but James never stopped or slowed down. The tip of my cock started to feel incredibly hot, and my entire lower body seized. I yelled with every thrust of James’s cock. I could feel the cum shooting wildly out of my own; falling away to the ground, dripping onto my balls, dangling and swirling around my throbbing shaft.

It didn’t seem to end. I knew I had finished coming but the sensation in my ass and my cock wouldn’t go away. It was as if the engorged tip of James’s dick had found a sweet spot that it kept probing and prodding. I didn’t stop moaning either. I couldn’t. My chest heaved. My poor legs felt like spaghetti noodles.

James hooked his arms through my elbows behind my back and tugged me into a standing position. Once our bodies were pressed close. James was hunkered low. His lips found the nape of my neck while he continued to fire his hips up against my ass. I pressed myself into him. The feeling of his shaft twisting and diving inside of me was like nothing I’d ever felt before.

“Your body is amazing.”

My eyes opened at the unexpected compliment.

“I… can’t believe how incredible your little ass looks,” James hissed into my ear.

I grinned and tilted my head, giving him access to my neck and my ear. I certainly wanted to hear him sweet talk some more.

“I wanted you… the moment I saw you,” He continued, panting heavily. “Your… cute innocent face… the… way you twisted your… ass when you walked. I knew… oh… I knew I wanted to pluck your delicate petals.”

My cock was already standing stiff yet again, bouncing at my waist. As James bit down on my neck my sex glazed eyes wandered across the starry sky. Everything seemed like a strange dream. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

Again I could feel my lower body begin to coil, ready to burst into another orgasm. I could feel the urgency in James’s thrusts. His cock seemed deeper and harder than ever. My eyes rolled into my head. I honestly could not tell if I was cumming again or not. I was going through spasms though. That warm orgasmic burn never seemed to leave.

James slammed himself against me. I lost my balance and yelped at the sharp pain inside. My palms hit the bed of the truck hard. I felt him rear back once more and drive himself against me. Another jab of pain nearly caused my knees to buckle. I must have looked ridiculous scrambling to stay on my feet and sliding in the dirt. James clutched the sides of my ass so hard I was sure they would bruise.

And I felt it. I’d used toys on myself before. I’d had romantic flings with some of the other little twinks at Danica’s in the city, and felt their erections inside of me. Nothing could compare to the throbbing meat of this man. James was buried to the balls in my ass, which felt like he was in my throat. As he came, I tightened the muscles of my ass around him and let out a shuddering moan. God I could feel it pumping in me. I could feel every twitch of his pulsating cock. Against all sanity, I actually wished he hadn’t put a condom on, so that the warmth I was feeling would spill inside of me.

I coughed, realizing I was out of breath. The cold in my lungs was as though an icicle had burst in my chest. Still, my skin felt clammy from a thin sheen of sweat. Behind me I could feel James’s body heaving. I didn’t move or look back at him. I didn’t even have the energy to care about how awkward the moment was.

James slid out of my ass. I felt hollow and beaten. For several moments I just stayed there bent over the tailgate with my face against the cold metal. When I finally did push myself up, I nearly stumbled on weak knees. I stared past my glistening little dick in a daze, and with trembling hands I tugged my pants back up to my waist.

I turned to see James fling something into the desert and button his own pants. As he approached the truck again, I started to get an old bite of fear again. His eyes were shrouded by his stringy black hair. Retrieving his shirt from the bed of the truck, he hopped onto the tailgate to sit.

As he struck another match and lit a cigarette, I remained silent, standing awkwardly off to the side. James looked over at me.

“I’m sorry,” He said.

I gave him a puzzled look. “For?”

James blew out a plume of smoke and grinned at me. “I was supposed to take you home. I’ve failed at that so far.”

I couldn’t help but smile. Levity invaded our little scene, and I stepped slowly up to him.

“Well, it’s really more about the journey than the destination,” I said. “Isn’t that what they all say?”

He shrugged. “They say a lot of things.”

I was surprised when he hooked a finger in my belt loop and tugged me in close between his thighs. Turning around, I leaned into him. James put an arm around me and I shivered. Staring off into the open desert, I distantly wondered what time it was before realizing I didn’t care. The darkness far ahead of me looked less ominous and intimidating, but rather quite serene.

“Can we stay for awhile?” I asked him. “I’m not exactly in a hurry to leave anymore.”

James pulled me tighter. “I got nowhere to be.”


It was the strangest feeling in the world pulling up to our house in the quiet cookie cutter suburban neighborhood, mostly because of the rumbling of the old truck in which I rode. Both James and his beastly truck seemed wildly out of place. He put the truck in park in front of my sister’s house, but didn’t kill the engine. I wasn’t exactly sure he’d have wanted to walk me to my door or come in for a glass of water.

For a long time, I just sat there staring into the dark of the floorboard. I wasn’t ready to leave for some reason. In a way, I was afraid I’d suffer from Cinderella syndrome, that this completely strange and mystical night would abruptly end, and it’d forever just become a saucy little memory that would fade over time.

I could feel James staring at me. Still his face was shadowed in the depths of his black hair.

“Do you have a key to the house, at least?” He asked.

I smiled. “The back door stays unlocked.”

James shook his head. “The good life.”

I looked at him. Licking my lips, I decided to take a chance.

“We always leave it unlocked,” I went on. “My sister usually goes out on Friday and Saturday nights. Just like tonight.”

James said nothing, but he was staring right at me. I could feel that wolven gaze peering right through me.

“I d-don’t get many people stopping by,” I stammered. “It wouldn’t be so bad if occasionally… you know… I got some unexpected visitors dropping by in the middle of the night.”

I waited for what seemed like an eternity under that shadowy stare. Watching his lips, I finally saw them turn up into a smile.

“Maybe you will,” James said.

I grinned at him, and couldn’t help but lean across the seat and place a kiss on his cheek. Not wanting the moment to turn awkward, I opened the door and slid out of the truck. I stopped and turned toward James one last time.

“Wait, I meant to ask you,” I said, “do you want my number?”

James shook his head. “I know where you live.”

A chill slithered down my spine and I felt a throb in my pants. I gave James a smile then shut the door. I’d only taken a few steps into the yard before I heard the engine of his truck roar as he drove away. I turned my head and watched him disappear at the end of the road.

It was close to three in the morning. A thirty minute drive had turned into and all night adventure. I was exhausted to say the least. I still felt hollow and wet down below. I squeezed, wishing I could still feel the thick flesh of James’s shaft inside of me. As I walked, I thought about what he’d said in the desert, how my ass twisted when I walked by him. I’d never had a guy tell me anything like that, but I was sauntering through the wooden gate into the back yard.

When I reached my bedroom, I fell into my bed immediately. All I could muster was the strength to kick off my shoes. I didn’t take off any of my clothes. I certainly didn’t want to remove the hoodie I was wearing. God, it still smelled like him. I snuggled into the bed and curled into a ball. I imagined hearing the back door opening. I pictured a tall shadowy figure stepping into my room and staring down at me. I couldn’t wait for that night to come. I didn’t want to know when it would arrive, but already I craved it.

Before I fell into the warm darkness of sleep, I reminded myself that I’d have to thank my sister when she stumbled home in the morning for leaving me at that bar.

Written By: Second Circle

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