2 Farm Boys

2 Farm Boys

Reese was sitting in the swing on the back porch slowly rocking back and forth as he looked around his folk’s property, the way the house sat under three old oaks keeping most of it in shade during the day and over to the side of the property, across the drive his mom’s garden with its caged tomatoes and rows of corn a backdrop to the beans, squash, pepper and other vegetables she was growing. Directly behind the house was the main barn, an old wooden structure over a hundred years old built by his ancestors when they first moved to the region from the east coast and to its left the chicken coop and to its right the barn his father had built fifteen years ago, a steel framed building with metal panels for wall and roof. It didn’t look as good as the old barn but it was more open and the tractors and combine fit inside much easier than in the old barn.

Behind the barn was over three hundred acres of farmland and his father had more land in other locations in the county. It was low rolling land with rivers, creeks or dry gullies cutting across it defining the edge of the fields and pastures, grown up with trees and underbrush on their steep slopes. One small creek ran along the right side of the property and the woods along its steep banked sides provided a natural barrier along the property line that separated his parent’s place from the McCoy place.

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Reece thought of the McCoy’s as he looked toward the trees along that strip of land, and how they farmed nearly the same acreage as his father, the only difference is they also raised some cattle and some vegetable crops for the farmer’s market up in Montgomery. Reese thought about the times he spent in those woods, a narrow strip of land no more than a hundred yards wide and how he hadn’t been allowed to go into them when he was young but when he was about ten or so he began to venture into them, to play in the creek, building dams and pools along its banks, and when he turned twelve and got his first mountain bike he built trails, their paths cutting across the creek, angled down steep banks and jumped over small natural ditches in the lower sections. He used the trails for a couple of years, adding to them and making them more difficult as he got older, until he turned sixteen and got his driver’s license. It was during this time he began to ease up the steep slope to the fence along the McCoy’s field and watch Winston as he worked. He knew he shouldn’t have done it, the way he hid in the bushes or behind a tree and watched him. He was four years older and Reece knew his attraction to Winston was something that would cause him so much anguish if he let anyone know. So he hung out with his friends, dated a couple of girls and helped his father on their farm, playing the role he knew he was suppose to play, but when he could get away for a while, he’d slip down into the woods so he could ease along the property line fence as he looked for Winston. Tall and muscular, Winston had played baseball in high school and when he was out working in the field Reese had watched him, especially when he was working the rows of vegetables with a hoe, usually his shirt off, his skin glistening wet in the sun, skin that had a natural dark tone. Reece had studied his body, the small round nipples and the way his pecs had just enough definition to stand out and his stomach was so flat and smooth, with just a small trial of hair from his navel down, disappearing into his jeans, a trail of hair usually only visible when he was sweaty his light brown hair almost blonde with exposure to the sun. He wore cheap old jeans in the field, with their poor fit and fabric that was soon worn and frayed and on his tall frame they just hung on his waist, positioned real low, seductively low and Reece had spent many a day hiding behind a tree or bush, just staring at how the jeans seem to fold away from his hips making it look so enticing, so easy to slip one’s hand down inside them and he wondered what Winston’s cock would look like or what it would feel like in his hand. Reece has spent so many evenings hiding out of sight, his jeans open, or more daringly, his shorts pushed down to his ankles, stroking his cock as he watched Winston, fantasized about him, his thoughts sexual, him submissive, willing to do Winston’s bidding. He had held his breath to stifle his moans and desire to cry out when he had masturbated while he watched Winston, pumping so many loads of his cum on the ground.

This went on all the way to graduation. He would ease down into the woods whenever he could get away, looking for Winston, watching him as he worked in the garden. Winston had graduated high school four years earlier and while he took some classes over at the community college he remained home to work with his father on their farm. In church Reese had tried to speak to Winston, tried to be friendly, but their age difference had seemed so large, a barrier he couldn’t scale, and when he was around Winston he’d get tongue tied and he’d try to avoid looking right at him, afraid he could see it in his eyes, this forbidden desire or worse know how he let it play out in the woods between their farms.

Winston had been a quiet boy, didn’t talk much, and although he had been very good at baseball, one of their better players in years, so much so a few colleges approached him about moving to the collegiate level, Winston had turned them down, stayed home and mostly kept to himself. Reese knew there were many of the community’s girls after Winston, tried to get him to go out with them, but he would politely begged off and quickly disappear. Reese thought he was just one of those guys who wanted to farm and relationships didn’t interest him for he seemed not to connect with anyone, didn’t even try too. Reece has fantasies of Winston just waiting for him, was really like him, but time and time again, his spent cock deflating in his hand all slimy with his load, he would crash back to reality and think how stupid he was acting.

Now he was home after his first year in college, studying to be a vet, for he liked living in the rural countryside but didn’t have the same natural skill or the desire to farm. His younger brother seemed destined to do that and it was fine by him. He let the swing rock back and forth slowly till it would come to a stop and he’d push off again, his mind wondering from one idea to the next, over and over, he would come back to Winston, living just beyond the trees, so close. He had seen the mobile home to the side of the McCoy’s house, one he had heard was Winston’s, where he had set himself up with his own place and when he got home yesterday he had seen the new truck sitting to the side of it and he thought about going over, using the excuse of wanting to see his new truck, but the sense of guilt at this deception made him wary to go over, afraid his true motives would be visible on his face.

Reece got up and went inside to use the bathroom and thought how Winston had talked to him more in the last year whenever he was home, their paths crossing in church, down at the general store or in town at the diner. Reese thought about how attractive he found Winston with his baby face, how he tried to grow a goatee once and was unsuccessful; he couldn’t even grow sideburns. He did let his hair grow longer than most of the other guys, it sticking out around his cap, curling slightly when it dried from begin sweat soaked. Reese finished and washed his hands looking in the mirror as how he had the ability to grow a full beard, his face having a light stubble covering it and his sideburns slightly long, his black hair standing out in sharp contrast to his light skin tone. He wiped his hands and went back outside. He started toward the swing again but instead he stopped aware he could hear a tractor, its faint roar coming from the McCoy’s and he stood still so as to better hear. He listened to the sound of the tractor come toward the trees and then turn and move away and how long he stood like that he didn’t know but when the tractor approached the trees and fell silent, its engine cut off, Reese stepped off the porch.

Reese didn’t really think about what he was doing, just went to the steps down to the ground and heading toward the trees. He made his way into their shadows and walked along the old familiar path, snaking down to the creek, crossing at a shallow section he could walk across and made his way up the other side. He eased quietly up to one of his old places he liked to spy on Winston, felt his old guilt, anxieties and even that anticipation of seeing Winston come over him. He moved into place dropping to his knees and looked through the limbs of the scrub brush and saw Winston was walking along a row of beans, the tractor parked to the side of this particular plot where he had been cutting the grass strips they used for drive lanes between them. Winston was in an old sleeveless shirt, his muscular tanned arms visible as he made his way along the row coming toward Reese, almost in a direct line to him. Reese watched as he moved along the row, his tall muscular body still evident within the loose shirt and jeans.

Reese felt his old stirrings, his cock harden in his shorts, his mind full of the images of his fantasies, sexual fantasies involving Winston. He looked at Winston’s face, a smear of dirt on one cheek, his sparse uneven stubble from not having shaved in a while and Reese imagined his lips touching it, feeling its smoothness as he brushed his lips over a cheek and down to his mouth and he found he had his hand on his crotch squeezing his hardening cock. Winston used his hoe a few times and continued along the row getting closer and closer and Reese didn’t think about what it would look like for a nineteen year old to be hiding in the woods playing with his cock as he spied on his neighbor, and he unfastened his shorts letting them drop to his knees. He pushed his boxers down on top of them and felt the warm breeze blow over his nakedness as he took his cock in hand and began to stroke it with images of Winston pressing his body against his own. He watched as Winston suddenly stood up straight and moved up close to where Winston was, leaned the hoe against the fence and proceeded to unzip his jeans and reach in. Reese held his breath, afraid Winston would hear him breathing hard, as he watched him take his cock out, the flaccid dark skinned cock still looking thick between his fingers as he held it. Soon a steady stream flowed from the head and splashed on the ground and Reese watched as Winston relieved himself, stared hard at the exposed cock in his hand. He looked at it, studied how it was darker in tone than the rest of him and the head was flared out some and as he finished pissing Reese saw his cock swell up some, thicken and enlarge as he shook the last few drops from the head and Reese was slowly stroking his cock smearing the slick pre-cum over the head and down the shaft. He closed his eyes for a brief moment, stifling the need to cry out and when he opened them Winston was gone and he panicked for a moment leaning forward so he could see along the fence either way for several yards and he didn’t see Winston. He thought maybe he was at the tractor and he looked around it, but didn’t see him there. He realized he needed to leave and struggled to pull up his boxers and shorts, his balance thrown off by his anxiousness.

“What the fuck?!” Winston’s voice came from behind him and he spun around without thinking only to find Winston standing there.

“W-w-w-win-st-st-ston…listen…I can explain” Reese stammered as Winston looked down at him seeing his hard cock bob into view with his boxers and shorts falling back to his knees.

“Explain? Explain what? Were you were watching me?” Winston asked; his voice more questioning than accusatory. “Were you masturbating while you watched me?” he asked after a moment’s pause, his voice low.

“Listen…I wasn’t watching you…I was just…” and Reese stopped, realized the futility of the situation, how he was caught, cock in hand, and he struggled to get his breathing back to normal as he looked up at Winston, afraid in a way he had never been before. “Okay…” and he looked down, his cock gone flaccid with his fear and tears pooling in his eyes, “I was watching you.” When Winston hadn’t commented, had not even moved, Reese slowly raised his eyes up and saw him standing there looking at him, and his expression appeared pained. “Please don’t tell” Reese asked, his voice sounding hoarse.

Winston finally moved, came up close to Reese, so close he could smell the sweat on him, the scent of his body with its current exertion and Reese waited, wondering what Winston was going to do. Was he going to hit him, push him down and mock him with his shorts pushed down and his slimy cock now flaccid? Reese saw Winston raise one hand and he watched as it moved to his head and ran its fingers through his hair.

“It’s okay, Reese” he finally replied, his voice so low Reese could barely hear it. Reese turned his head up and looked at Winston who was smiling at him, a smile not of humor but understanding, and Reese nodded his head as he felt Winston’s fingers comb through hair.

Reese felt embolden, a sense of relief that the truth was coming out and he reached up and took Winston’s wrist and moved his hand down across his face, felt the calloused hand over his smooth skin and he kissed the palm.

“I’ve always liked you, Winston, but you were so much older, more…mature” Reese began to confess, “and you didn’t even notice me; I was just the Duncan kid next door, but I noticed you all the time, and…”

Winston put his fingers to Reese’s lips and stopped him from talking as he moved down on his knees in front of him, his body so close he could see every detail of his face. “Reese, I noticed you. Noticed how you grew up and became a man, went off to college, with goals and ambitions, saw you in town with your friends, the girls you dated and I assumed you had everything you wanted and I…” Winston hesitated, smiled at Reese with the mixed confused feelings he always had, “and I didn’t think there was another guy around here who felt this way. I thought I had to choose between the farming I wanted to do or leave, go somewhere I could find someone…like me.” Winston looked off into the woods, his focus somewhere else, and he began to talk to Reese without looking at him. “I still feel that confusion, even now.”

Reese reached out and touched Winston lightly on the chest, his hand shaking, and Winston turned back to him and leaned toward him, bringing his lips against Reese’s lips, pressing them together. Reese ran his hands up Winston’s sides, felt the firm hard body within the thin frayed shirt as they kissed. Winston pulled back, holding Reese by the arms.

“Not here…this is too rough…not the way I imagined it” and Winston smiled at Reese and glanced back toward his home. “Will you let me get the tractor put away and then come over to my place? I can fix dinner later.”

Reese suddenly smiled broadly, his face lit up and he nodded.

“Good…go on home and let your folks know you’re coming over and come on back, and by then I’ll be at my place. I need a shower, but I’ll leave the door open.”

Reese had rushed home, jumped in the shower, changed into clean clothes and telling his parents where he was going, he ran out the door. He drove over and was soon parked behind Winston’s truck. He looked around the McCoy’s place, how so similar to his own it was and he saw Winston’s dad heading toward his house and he waved at Reese just before he disappeared out of sight. Reese walked up to the door, took a deep breath and opened it. The interior was simple, the kind of furnishings one would expect in such a home and it was neat and clean. He looked around the room noticing the few personal effects that spoke of Winston, the photos on the wall from his grade school years Reese remembering him at most of those stages of life, photos of his family and a few from the mountains with Winston sitting on some rock outcropping or with a waterfall in the background. There were magazines on farming, organic gardening and tractor parts catalogs lying on the coffee table. But overall he sensed the place was temporary, not really Winston’s for it seemed more like Mrs. McCoy’s hand and not Winston’s. He could hear the shower running down the hall and he eased down the narrow hall, anxious, thinking he was pushing too hard, but he couldn’t stop himself and he was soon at the door to the last bedroom, the master, and he went through the open door, seeing the unmade bed and over in the corner the hamper still open and the clothes Winston was wearing earlier lying on top. He went into the dressing area and saw the bathroom was open and he could see in the mirror Winston’s reflection, his body visible through a clear plastic shower curtain, soaping up. Reese moved to the doorway and looked into the room. He watched as Winston rinsed the soap from his back, turned and held his head under the spray. Before he moved back out of the spray of water Reese stepped back out of sight.

Winston turned off the water and pulled down his towel, drying his head and then his body. He thought he heard a noise and stopped for a moment listening and when he heard no other sound he finished drying off. He brushed his teeth and ran his hand through his wet hair. He hung up his towel and went into the bedroom. He was lost in thought to the point he didn’t register what he saw at first, but quickly he came to a halt and looked down on his bed. Reese lay across it, naked, his lean body with his fair skin contrasted sharply by his jet black hair, the thick fan over his cock, the thick underarm hair and the thick unruly hair on his head. Reese’s chest and stomach were so smooth, still the lean body of a teenager not quite filled out like a man. His cock was half hard, even though he wasn’t touching it, afraid he’d want to come too quick if he did.

“Reese…I see you let yourself in” Winston said with a small smile on his face.

“Yeah…I hope it is okay I made myself at home.”

Winston moved to the bed and eased down next to Reese. “I think it is okay.” He put his hand at the base of Reese’s neck, lightly holding him down as he put his lips to Reese’s lips with their bodies side by side. Winston let one leg slide over and between Reese’s legs, pushed them apart as he pressed his hardening cock against Reese’s thigh.

They made out for a long time, touching and kissing each other’s bodies: the curve of a hip, the hard muscle of an arm, the soft skin over the stomach, and the smooth hard shaft of their cocks. Their passions increased losing all sense of time as they rolled over the bed, bodies intertwined together. Winston had Reese sit on his chest and pump his cock in his mouth then he eased Reese over on his back and moved on top of him sinking his own cock into Reese’s mouth while sucking his cock. They moved gently over each other making each other so hard with their yearnings overpowering.

Reese found himself on top of Winston, rubbing their leaking cocks over each other, and he rose up looking down into Winston’s brown eyes as he twirled one finger through Winston’s hair, pushing it out of his face.

“Fuck me, Winston.”

Winston wrapped his arms around Reese and rolled them over putting Reese on his back where he wrapped his legs around Winston’s waist, opening himself up to Winston. Winston pushed against him, pressed his wet slick cock against his hole and Reese pushed back as he hugged their bodies together.

“Do it…put it in me” Reese whispered in Winston’s ear as he rimmed it with his tongue. Winston drove his hips forward as he bore down on Reese and his cock penetrated, breached through the tight ring of Reese’s hole and sank into him a couple of inches. Reese gasped for breath, hugging tightly to Winston as his body quivered with the pain of entry. Winston began to pull back, thinking he should back off some, but Reese held him in place using his legs.

“No Winston…I’m okay; keep it in me” Reese uttered as he felt his hole loosen its tight grip on Winston’s cock. Winston waited until he felt Reese pull him downward with his legs and he moved his hips slowly, pushing his cock into Reese, inch by inch. Reese moved under him, accepted the penetration, his torso undulating to work his hips, to push up as much as he could taking Winston, opening himself up to the cock sinking into his hole. Winston keep pushing till his cock was completely buried in Reese, till he could feel the soft warmth envelope his cock and he kissed Reese hard, tongue exploring his mouth, as he held Reese’s hands in his own, pressing them down on the bed holding him down, making Reese’s submission complete.

Winston moved his hips, pulled his cock back and sank it back in all the way, and he did this over and over, his pace increasing as he worked his cock through the tight ring of Reese’s hole, felt it milk his cock, squeeze it as it moved back and forth. He rose up on his hands, still holding Reese’s down, and gave himself room to move his hips up in full long strokes, pulling his cock almost out and then pushing back in till he was pressing his hips against Reese, pushing down on him letting him feel the weight of his body, the heat of it against his skin.

Reese grunted and moaned with every penetrating plunge into his hole and he pushed upward with his hips, took Winston’s fuck, every stroke, as he felt the sensitivity of his own body, the heat of it, this uncontrollable need, a need to feel Winston in him, his fuck, the strength of it, the exertion of it. Winston was working his hips with a primitive rhythm, his body tight with its exertion, his skin slick with sweat, and he shifted up, moved Reese’s right leg over next to his left and moved down on the bed beside Reese holding his body tightly as he drove his cock from a different angle. The bed rocked and squeaked and Reese twisted his upper body around and put his right arm on Winston’s body, felt the smooth slick skin, the heat of his exertions, the movement of it, muscles tight and hard under the smooth skin.

“Fuck me…fuck me, Winston” Reese uttered, his voice reverberating with the rocking of his body as Winston drove his cock into him.

Winston felt his cock swell up, his body respond to his need to cum, and he held tightly to Reese, pulled their bodies together as he thrust his cock into him, harder, faster, he drove his cock into Reese till he slammed his hips against Reese hard, pumping his load deep in him.

“Fuck…I’m coming” he uttered through clinched teeth as he pumped his cock in short stabbing thrust, pumping it through the load he was depositing.

Winston soon settled to a stop and moved his face into the crook of Reese’s neck, put his lips softly to his skin, kissing him, feeling him relax in his arms as he slowly moved his spent cock back and forth through his slick cum filling Reese’s hole. His cock became too sensitive and he eased it out of Reese and let him lie back stretching his body out. Winston looked down his body, the fair smooth skin, slick and shiny with sweat and he put his hand on Reese’s chest, rubbed his warm skin, feeling its firmness, and he rubbed over the hard erect nipples, pinching one with his fingers making Reese push upward and give a faint cry out, and he ran his hand down over the flat stomach till he could grasp the hard leaking cock arced up, hovering over his abdomen. Winston leaned over and kissed Reese as he shifted his body on top of him, moved till he was sitting on Reese’s lap feeling his hard cock press against his own ass and he ground his ass down on it, rocked his hips back and forth. He leaned forward, his hands coming to rest either side of Reese’s head as he leaned down and kissed him again.

“I want you in me” Winston whispered as he rose back up, reaching down to take Reese’s cock, holding the wet slick head to his hole as he rocked his hips back and forth stroking his desire for this fuck, for Reese’s cock to be in his hole, to feel it buried deep within him locking their bodies together. Reese rested his hands on Winston’s thighs, felt them tighten up as Winston moved over him, then he felt Winston stop his rocking back and forth and he felt the pressure on his cock, the weight of Winston pushing downward till his cock breached the tight hole and Winston let his body descend, slowly, taking inch by inch of Reese’s cock. Reese leaned up and watched his cock disappear into Winston, watched the slick shaft sink into his hole.

Reese had laid back, submissive, and let Winston fuck him, let him feel the stroke of cock in his hole, and he was still on his back, still submissive with Winston the aggressive bottom, working his body up and down on Reese’s cock. Winston rode him hard, slamming his body down on his cock, rocking the bed. Reese threw his arms over his head and held the headboard, pushing his hips upward trying to get more of himself into Winston. He looked up, watched Winston move on top of him, the sweat running down, out of his hair and over his face, dripping off his chin, rivulets cascading down his torso making his dark skin shiny. Reese sensed the heat of Winston, his lust, this desire for him and he put his hands down on Winston’s thighs, firmly giving them a little squeeze and Winston moved down and stopped as he gazed down at Reese, a smile on his face. Reese pulled Winston down on top of his body and hugged him tightly so he could roll them over putting Winston on bottom. Reese kissed him, and knowing his role now he shifted up and began to fuck, to be more aggressive, to let his desires, his yearnings take over, and he drove his cock into Winston hard, plunging with force deep into him. He pulled up quick and without hesitation drove it back in. His pace was fast, and he pumped his hips as fast as he could, slamming his cock into Winston.

“Oh FUCK…fuck…” Winston uttered, his voice trailing off as he rubbed his hands over Reese’s back, felt the slick skin and the shifting, flexing muscles as Reese exerted himself, as he fucked his cock into his own hole. Reese didn’t last long, his urge to cum to stroked and he thrust his cock deep into Winston and held still for a moment as it pumped the first of his load into Winston, then he pumped his hips, worked his cock through his slick cum, lubing his cock as he pumped the last of his load into Winston until he was spent.

It was late by the time they stopped and Winston fired up his grill and they sat at picnic table under a tree eating their late night dinner, supper really, it was so late, and they talked quietly amongst themselves with only the noise of the night filling the air. The moon shone bright over the treetops and the upper sky was full of stars and Winston and Reese sat outside till it was after midnight and they made their way inside, cleaned up in the kitchen, one washing and one drying, then Winston led Reese down the narrow hall, down to his bedroom. It would be much later before they fell still, exhausted from their exertions, and drifted off to sleep.

Written By: Bob Newberry

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